Don’t let tax scammers get away with it

tax identity theft awareness week logoTax season is getting close — and for some people, so is an experience with tax identity theft or IRS imposters. Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund or a job. You usually find out something’s wrong after you file your tax return.

Also, IRS imposters work year-round — posing as the IRS when they call and say you owe taxes. They even threaten to arrest you if you don’t put money on a prepaid debit card and tell them the card number. They might know all or part of your Social Security number, and can fake caller ID information to make it look like it really is the IRS calling. But it’s not. Ever.

Want to know what you can do about these scams? January 26th-30th is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. That week, the FTC, AARP, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) will be hosting a webinar. Join us to get the facts about these scams and learn how to protect yourself and those you care about:  

Webinar on Tax Identity Theft and IRS Imposter Scams
Hosted by the FTC, AARP, and TIGTA
Open to everyone
Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2:00-3:30pm EST

Find login information, as well as articles and other resources, at


I had an identity stolen. Someone sent a false tax return to the IRS. They knew just what to do. They knew how to work the numbers. They kept total income just under $20,000 and the tax return just under $10,000. I reported this scam. We never found out who filed the false tax return. I found out because I need a tax return for a business transaction. Too my surprise, I was sent the false return.

rec'd a call from 916-872-9423 from a "Mark Johnson" saying he was a legal representative of the us treasury deptpartment AND SAYING HE COULD FIX MY LEGAL PROBLEMS - OBVIOUS SCAM ASKING FOR MY INFO. YOU GET A CALL FROM THAT NUMBER HANGUP

I always received a call from "Mark Johnson" He had a very thick Indian or Pakistani accent. That was my first clue. I yelled in the phone, "this sounds like fraud to me!" He said, "What?", I yelled it again, and he said, "Have a nice day" and hung up. His number was a 909 area code.

I received the same call but the caller ID number was 760-782-6852.
I asked him if he was aware that his scam was being told all over the internet as well as on the news and then he started calling me foul names then I just hung up the phone on him.

I've had my ID stolen via folks filing my tax return and collecting my due. What a nightmare. When I refile after the fact it can take the IRS UP TO A YEAR to pay money owed. Trust if we owe there is a high price to pay. I use a rotating PIN but other bloggers are right. The new division on Andover is huge, just dealing with ID theft and already swamped! Also, when dealing with the IRS, Kansas Andover and other offices have significant inter departmental communication problems. Once they get you, your risk level skyrockets especially between January and April 15. FILE FAST and use the PIN ID SYSTEM,

So did you have to file by paper? Someone used my social security number the year of 2012 and I haven't filed since, until now (2015) but I was wondering if I would still be able to get my return if I never filed in person. I e filed this year and it's been a month since irs accepted it but the status still says we're still processing your return. A refund date will be provided when available. Will I ever get my return or do I have to go somewhere in person even though it's a whole nother year. Please help

Our tax return was printed out handed tonus by our cpa when we walked out the door he helped his self to our return by adding his family chase bank account where he stole 8,000 from our family tax preparers can be sneaky we called police he admitted to the bank supervisor of his doings but...spent the money its up to chase if they return our refund. This was feb were now a day from april our march 18th wedding cancelled and this guy thinks its over weve been quiet but we are working on filing a suit and pressing charges on him! He most likely has been doing this a long time in tampa on waters ave ! He even threatened my bf telling him he was calling immigration on him if he told on him lol. My bf isnt undocumented this fool steals immagrints tax returns then tells them irs rejected them or someone stole their returns but tells them dont call I.RS YOU WILL GET DEPORTED what a fool!

I received a call from 203-485-2086 (foreign accent lady) claiming from IRS saying I will be arrested because I was doing a tax fraud under the ABC law. She had my personal information and gave me the case PIN also. Called the IRS back who informed me it was a scam/fraud.

I received a similar call (I let it go to voice mail) from a man also with foreign accent claiming to be "Officer Kevin Peters" with the IRS informing me that I was under investigation for tax fraud and they were about to issue a "non-bailment arrest warrant" for my arrest and I needed to call a direct line to his desk at 571-290-2026. This guy did not say my name or give any personal info about me on the voice mail.

Someone just called here too' didn't say a name or nothing to who they were calling for' just this call back no.-276-321-9306

I just had the same thing done to me from tal# 760-284-3381

I have been receiving calls from (305)532-9109. A foreign man is telling me he is with a fraud investigation unit for the IRS. He is quoting me $7000 debt I owe for tax fraud.When I tell him that I have no idea what hes talking about he just keeps asking how I plan to take care of this debt. I tell him I am not paying anything until I see something in writing and can verify its authenticity. At which time he says weve attempted delivery twice but no one was home and they cant leave it. And he also cited my address. I told him he was a fraud and he told me not to get abysive with him. Raising his voice and getting upset with me ibviously not professional.
It so happens that many years ago I mistakenly made a mistake on a tax return that ended up costing a good sum of money. I know how rhe process works, they cend certified letters and definitely leave it at that time whether I am home or not
Im not sure how to get ahold of the IRS, so I called his number back and it wss busy. I called again and it rang and then flipped to a busy signal. I had tried to return the call before and its always a busy signal. Obvious fraud and now afraid to answer me. This is a Florida area aware.

Please visit this FTC page to learn more about imposter scams, and what to do if you've been victimized.

Your comment identity stinks. I took the time to write about a tax scam and I could not get through your security. I will not take the time to write it again. You missed an informative scam.

I'm with you, I also took all the steps asked of me! Most calles were voice recorded, my Idenity has been stolen @ least 3 times in 2014.
The IRS knows who it is but (WE) don't have the RIGHT TO KNOW!!
May GOD Bless You.

wont the scammers see these messages too?

Some one is taking money out of my social security check.................

Do you have Medicare? The Medicare Part B Premium is deducted from your Social Security benefits.

Great timing for this especially for seniors

What we need is a way to report these calls. I have had several, even had some fun with them. They say there is a problem with my return...I ask them which one. They sit quiet and I add, well are you talking about my 1040, 1120 or my 941. I just use any tax form number I can think of. They don't generally know what to say and hang up. I had one said all of them, and I just reply that I know you are a scam since the IRS never calls. They send letters.

We all need to pay more attention to what information we give out to anyone. The IRS is already hopelessly understaffed and just today announced that it may have to start furloughs. That presents opportunities for scam artists to get away with their crimes for a long time and some of them will probably never get caught. Also, don't use passwords to log into online tax services without first checking the credentials of those services. For fraudsters hackers, our tax returns are a treasure trove of identity info.

Kudos to you hope not to experience it how to prevent someone from scamming in advance


You can report calls from IRS imposters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at You can also file a complaint with the FTC at


I have been contacted by an individual that says they are an agent of the consumer protection agency is there a number i can call or site to verify this individual is actually an agent of the consumer protection agency

Thanks for the heads up! I've read several cases of this particular scam and it's pretty obvious. It's a wonder why some people still fall for it, but since they do, it's best to keep spreading the word about the scam.

I know people whos identity got stolen. There was a lot of fake tax returns being filed from jale in the past. Who knows how they get the information. IRS took an extra step and is sending out a code by mail to use when filing. Thus measure seems to work.

Yes, the IRS does issue Identity Protection PINs (also called an IP PINs) to tax id theft victims.  To get an IP PIN, tax id theft victims should:

  • Contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490
  • File IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (Form 14039)

Pins are not the cure-all for identity theft especially when brain interfacing occurs, perpetrators at that point have access to everything. Because the brain interfacing is not acknowledged by the legal system, those people who have access can do so Carte Blanche.

just got a call from an officer marcus from the tax audit dept 804 554 3035 saying a warrant for my being issued.

It's a scam...I got the same call. SCAM CALL - 805-530-2468 supposedly from Moorpark, CA - Caller has a thick foreign accent and claims to be from the US Treasury and Internal Affairs and that there is a lawsuit currently filed against you. They inquire as to who your attorney is and claim that they need to confirm your information. I was skeptical from the beginning and told him I did not believe he was legit. When I asked for his info so I could report him, he refused to give it to me and threatened that this was "legit" and "you're going to be arrested...just wait the police will come for you. Just listen, I have your information..." He then started rattling off what he thought was my current name and address - which was wrong, he had data that was quite old. When I told him his info was wrong and again told him I on on the no-call list, that this was a scam...and demanded he provide his contact information...he hung up on me.

I received a similar call from 805-727-1936. Once I heard him say that there was a lawsuit being filed against me for tax fraud, I told him to send the documentation to my home of record and hung up.

I received the same fraudulent call from 804 554 3036

I got similar call from 571-308-2455.

Similar call from same number today

I just got the same call from this number 30 minutes ago...

I got a call from a David Jones, thick accent he said there was an action started against me from the dept of the Treasury. Number left was 909-575-1008x84882.
Has to be a scam, right?

A number called me @ 804 554 3036.. today saying the same thing..This is a very sick scam!

This same guy calls me multiple times daily threatening to have me arrested for tax fraud. Over and over again. Always without my correct address or any other information.

today while I was out on my phone a message from a officer marcus called from the tax audit dept 804 554 3035 and that a tax fraud had been committed by me and that a warrant for my arrest,IF Idont call back. WHAT

corv, don't call back. (an online phone directory), report for that number,
"Another threat for tax fraud. This time it was Officer Marcus, different area code/number. However the voice sure sounds like James Anderson who called me several times last month from 571-281-8702. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK. I checked with the IRS the first time and this is a SCAM!!!!!!"

Scam. Do not call them back.

I just received the same phone message this A.M. And, I did not call back but I reported the message and the phone # to the FTC I may report it to the State's Attorney General office too! Maybe more action can be taken through that route.

Corv that is a scam. Do not call them back. The same exact thing happened to me in Nov. Scared the crap out of me for a minute.

Corv Don't call them back it's a scam. The irs does not work that way. Report number

I got a call from an indian woman named Cristina Brown informing me that a legal acton was sent to their office about some criminal allegation. She did not want to give me more info when i asked her to send me the paper to see it she said we do not send paper but we will come to pick you up from your house. when I raised my voice to her she hung up. It is very frustrating as long as you know you are a good taxpayer and those scammers get somehow your info and scare you. i wander what would be next!!!

IRS Telephone Scam.
Just got a second message (voice recording) from someone claiming to be from the IRS, saying they have been trying to reach us and it was a final call that they were going to file a lawsuit against us. They said to call 202 470 6830. The call came from 728 591 6534. We received this same call a few days ago and they left a different call back number. We know its a scam so we are not returning the calls. Just hope no one else falls for this.

I just received the same recorded message today, January 28, 2015 -- said the IRS had been trying to reach me and to call 202 470-6830 immediately. Then the recording hung up, never mentioning (or asking for) a name. It's a safe bet that if IRS is looking for you, they already KNOW your name -- and will verify that they're speaking to the right person.

I just received the same call saying to call 206-462-5501. I knew it was a scam but wrote the number down because my husband likes to have fun with these scammers. He called them back and they asked for his phone number and he gave them a fake number and they couldn't verify who we were so they ended the call. Oh well he couldn't have his fun.

I received a call from supposedly the IRS saying I owed $4630. and that a law suit had been filed against me for fraud and that my bank account would be frozen. That If I got the $4630. in the next hour and a half I might could call off the lawsuit. I was to stay on the cell phone the entire time with him until I got the "TAX Voucher" I was to buy with the cash. I was to scratch off the pin number on the voucher and give the number to him. That IRS agents would pick up the voucher at my house. My husband called the number and told the man that this was a fraud scam. The supposed IRS agent told my husband I would be arrested in 30 minutes. He then called my husband a MF-My husband ended the call-

Received call same idea from 202-596-1241 saying we had defrauded the government, and owed them 3689.26 plus 1080.00 in penalties. He gave me 45 minutes to get the $$ in the Tax voucher, to be handed over to his agent. He told me once he hung up, the process would start for my arrest, and police would be here by 5pm, and I would have to stay in jail at least a week awaiting trial. i told him i would have my sheriff awaiting his agent when he showed up...He hung up. They did not have accurate info, nor did they know who I was. I called the number above, and it had been removed from the list of DC phone numbers. I posted it on social media, so more would be aware.

SCAM CALL - 805-530-2468 supposedly from Moorpark, CA - Caller has a thick foreign accent and claims to be from the US Treasury and Internal Affairs and that there is a lawsuit currently filed against you. They inquire as to who your attorney is and claim that they need to confirm your information. I was skeptical from the beginning and told him I did not believe he was legit. When I asked for his info so I could report him, he refused to give it to me and threatened that this was "legit" and "you're going to be arrested...just wait the police will come for you. Just listen, I have your information..." He then started rattling off what he thought was my current name and address - which was wrong, he had data that was quite old. When I again told him I on on the no-call list and that this was a scam...and demanded he provide his contact information...he hung up on me.

got a phone call from 909-237-5351 said they were calling cause I was going to be arrested for 6 months but they could transfer my call to the IRS where they could work something out..

I was called today from an irrate man obviously from India saying he was from IRS. I was accused of defrauding the govmnt of taxes from 2009 to 2013. We have a tax accountant do our taxes & havn't had to file since 2000 because we are both disabled & retired on fixed income. I was told to hire a lawyer. A specific amount was mentioned. I said my lawyer would contact him. The phone number isn't even realo. I reported him to DoNotCall.

We received calls today from 202-239-6007, 202-239-7121, and 202-470-6830. They left a message each time saying, "This is the Internal Revenue Service calling. This is your final notice that we have filed a lawsuit against you. Call us at..." These calls were directed at an 87 year-old man who is vulnerable because he believes that people who call are who they say they are. He was scared to death.
These people need to be in prison.

I had a call from 4159264171 portraying to be IRS. I haven't filed any taxes for 2014.

That was good

I was called by 818367-2550 and told a new Sotuh West airlines office just opened near me. I asked the woman where she was calling me from. She repeated the line about calling form a a SWA office....and then hung up. When I tried to call back, it says "we are sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed..." what is this??

Received a call yesterday from phone number 415-926-417 stating they were calling from the IRS and that I was being investigated. They asked for my social security number and stated if I didn't pay that they would have a warrant for my arrest in 2 hours. The person had an Indian accent and could not be understood very well. He asked if I had an Attorney or pay the balance. Then I was asked to call another number for a Mr. Webster 415 506 1293. He asked what I was going to pay. I explained my situation and he hungup. I tried to callback and I got someone else ( all foreigners) and he said call me back when you are ready to pay and he hungup.

I get the so called IRS tax scheme a few times a year, last year took the time and wrote down what the man said the reason he called, owed back taxes, and if I ignored this would be taken to jail etc and to send them money card. Told him point blank once done to never call me again and I knew it was a scam. He had the audacity to call again here today and told him to go away with his bogus IRS scam. Will see if he calls me again . reported him again to and IRS

I received a recorded (robo) message from a Joan or June Smith stating she was from the IRS to call back this is a time sensitive matter. I didn't think they would reach out this way so I looked into the scams. Phone # was 315-519-8019.

Don't just comment here! File a complaint here, but more importantly report the scam. I called the IRS right away (use 1-800-829-1040); they assured me that it was a scam by checking my tax account for issues and any calls from IRS, and told me to report it to the Treasury Inspector General at (or 1-800-366-4454). The form was super user-friendly, and there was an article about IRS scams that directed to file a claim here. Scammers CAN'T see your report to the IRS or your claim. Scammers use fear to induce compliance and many people give in to that, but you all sound like you remained composed in the situation. That is a great help in solving and stopping these crimes, if you take time to report them.

robo call from Steve Martin (first clue) a US treasury agent to no one in particular (second clue) about an enforcement action, grand jury, state or federal magistrate appearance warning this was a second attempt and would have serious consequences if ignored. Caller Id said Buffalo NY call back number 716-279-6240

716-279-6240 this caller called me stating if kids had a attorney because I need to do tact them about back taxes never paid. I was curious so I said explain further he said I was in a tax law suit and I am in a legal mess he said there is a pending law suit and if I corporate they would drop the law suit . The middle eastern man was clear he said his name was Chris Cox he was a agent from the US Treasury I was being executed for a law suit and if I ignored this call I was going to be jailed for tax fraud . He asked me by my name so I was like go on further explain he was rambling off BS saying he was a Irs agent and he was going to come with the police to arrest me. The man also told me to get a money pak card to pay them he said I had 24hours to come up with 24,000 or I was going to be charged for being disobient and ignoring this important call I asked for a badge number he says he was not at liberty to give that sensitive information and that I am not at liberty to question him.I said yeah nice try crook I hung up on him I did not give this loser a chance to come back with a come back. I reported it to the the middle eastern punk was in a coffee house how I could tell it as with others slamming coffee cups down on dishes I think it was a coffe house or a Starbucks some place like that. Some place that had free WiFi. Their sip address can not be traced and their magic jack number they get for free can not be traced. All these calls either were coming from NY, or Washington D.C.. he even swore some saying God ramming listen to me and told me to shut the f up many times. So I knew it was a scam I wanted to record it to send it to tigta what n keep filed my report. F these scammers I am not losing they are . I wish the Fed's would attack these people and make laws to protect us like cell and phone companies. I think it is Isis behind this BS.

I got a call from a man with a heavy accent stating that I have tax fraud and could be arrested.
his number is 804 433 3151.

I attempted to file my taxes yesterday and to my surprise I was rejected stating someone had already filed my taxes.. So I called the identity theft line and made them aware of this and I was told to mail in my tax return along with the form 14039 identity theft affividavit and a form of gov't id.... Wow is all I have to say....

Just got scam call from 414.506.2411, supposed US Treasury regarding legal action against me. I told them they are a fraud and they told me I was a fraud! Ha! I told them I will report them to police. I immediately tried to do and called police department from where my phone said call was from (Novato, CA), they too said it's a scam, they get a caller a day on it, and to report to FTC. Did just that. My heart goes out to those who get caught in their net. May be they be brought to justice someday, if not this world, the maybe the next!

Just received the same "Steve Martin" call... call back number this time was 315-519-8070.

Got calks today from206-658-9369 asking if I gad received papers delivered to my door from the IRS and HOMELAND SECURITY. I suspected it was a scam but he never asked for money. He was on a bad cell connwction with thick accent. Hus name was Frank Murphy and I asked him to spell it. He gave me a warrant ID number and an IRS number. I finally hung up, called back and of course, got a recording that the number had been disconnected.

The number 916-872-9525 is a scam. "Richard Walker" claims to be from the US Treasury and says you owe the IRS. Threatens to "stop by."

Here is another number they are using 415 506 2411

I have been getting these scam call from 909-666-8785 stating there the irs i looked up the number and its a scam

I got one saying I owed money, I told them to serve the warrant on me. Then got 3 the same day saying the IRS was calling about my pending lawsuit.

Got also a phony IRS call of a guy called David Jones a criminal investigator at the IRS, with a heavy indian accent, about a warrant against me and threathening to arrest me. Very obvious a scam. He called from 202-239-1412.

Got one of these calls today. Seizing assets etc., call the number and an agent will come take your money and help with the paper work. Reverse number says that number is nonexistent, yet is on caller I.D. and recording. 844-271-8465.

Received a phone scam where 206-414-2898 number claims the tax return was made out improperly and "Alex Rodger" provided a badge #, Case # and warrant ID # and threatened to have the police at our door - told him to get the $%^& off my phone.

FATCA was ostensibly passed to catch tax evaders but has inadvertently ensnared everyone else. Tax evasion is certainly a problem. $183 billion dollars sits offshore in U.S.-owned accounts. The bill's founders, Senators Baucus and Rangel, receive much of their campaign contributions from the biggest abusers of offshore holdings -- Goldman Sachs, AIG, Citi, and JPMorgan. It's a shame the little guys have to take the fall.

"Laws are like spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught." -Honore de Balzac

I received a telephone message saying that the IRS was in the process of filing a lawsuits against me. This is the final warning.

got a very similar call the number it came from was 210-485-5006 claimed to be in San Antonio Tx and also claimed i would be arrested when I told them they were a scam and they hung up. filed on as well as with FTC, contacted IRS and after an hour and 20 minutes a real rep there verified that I have nothing outstanding on my tax files. Would like to contact the San Antonio Police and the FBI but am not sure they can do anything

I received a recorded call from 415-506-2413 directing me to call another number so the IRS officer would not take further action against me. Of course, it is a SCAM.

I have received three of those calls from that exact number today.

The question I want answered is: "Who actually does fall for the scam?" The elderly? The fearful? The less educated? It is sad that there are any victims of this at all, but it is certainly a worse tragedy that the most vulnerable are also the most at risk.

Received the recorded call today from Julie Smith at 415-506-2413. Be aware.

571-308-2455 number is active and calls being taken by an Indian call center. Somebody from IRS please pursue this with the Indian government, there are call centers in India that are at the heart of the scam.

(804) 554-3036

Another scam

Phone number 661-829-3571 called from the US Treasury Dept of Legal Affairs called to say there was legal action against my wife. He gave his name as Richard Walker (#1141). He had a thick accent. I called back immediately and it wen tot voice mail stating that they were closed.

Just contacted by the same person; different number. Fits the description. Are we sure it's a scam? I am very disturbed that this has happened.

Just called me today from 213-426-8175. Wanted my attorney info. Ha!

I had a similar call today for 929-800-4572 verified as a scam.

My wife received 3 copies of an email, all from the same person, who was a friend. It contained an attachment which was opened and found copies of our personal files even Quicken Financial records. These were mostly older files. We did not notice any new files or banking action. We contacted the sender who we knew and they said they had been hacked. Given all the stores that have been hacked we felt you should be advised. We have taken the computer to examine and clean of any viruses etc. Bert A.l

1st call a couple days ago was a voicemail message, from some Indian sounding lady named Lisa, 203-340-6889 claiming a tax warrant in my name could lead to pressing charges against me. I reported it to the FTC & IRS as an IRS tax scam. The same lady called today again, this time I answered and I told her I reported her to authorities, caller ID name this time Dany Roger, call traced to Cablevision, CT, her reply was "are you trying to scare me", I told her don't call me again. The nerve of these people.

I was scammed by Alan Magliocca and he promised a work from home business in the news industry: channel 365 subsidiaries. I paid the fee and was never given any info as to how to set up the business, received no license, and none of the other features he offered. He says he is the owner of Spawn Hosting Company which was supposed to host my website. I asked for my refund but never received on.

So sick of these scumbags. More numbers they're using recently: (202) 657-5061 and (949) 945-7136

Agree, one more number to add. 914 265 1199. The guy called me saying that he is an officer from US treasury dept and that they have sent me notices and did not get any notices. I poked for additional details and he couldn't provide even my correct address.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at Please add in your complaint notes that this is an "IRS Telephone Scam." We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint.

Someone call me and left a voice message from 202-596-1241- They said If I don't call back I will get arrested - because tax evasion- lol- I ignored them.

I just got a telephone scam from phone number 203-112-3336. They said they were from the federal government offering a tax refund for $5,000. I was "randomly selected" because I have paid my taxes for so long. They were going to deposit in my bank account within 45 minutes. Or send me a plastic card with the money on it. Beware!!!

I just got a call from 202-697-9213 saying that I was going to be arrested in 45 minutes due to tax evasion. The woman (who spoke terrible English) yelled at me when I told her I knew this was a scam and then she hung up. I apparently have about 15 minutes before I get arrested so I thought I better post this right away:-)

Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

I had H&R Block do my taxes today and about one hour after I left their office the tax person who did them called to say when they attempted to file the returns they were notified my SSN had been used on another return as the secondary or spousal claimant. I was told there would be no problem getting my refund but I have to mail them instead of having them e-filed. Although I'm sure I will never find out who the bad guy is..if I do that person has a real problem.

just received a call from a ' Mark Johnson ' saying he was with the US Treasuries office.. i asked for his badge # he gave 80826. LOL I yelled at him. He told me in 45 minutes I would receive a list of all the charges. I kept yelling at him , i know this is a scam and fraud. he hung up.

We received the same phone call today, 14 May 2015. The phone number was 202 770-2275 which is a Washington DC number. I ignored the call and then searched the internet arriving at this website. Just letting you know this guy is still out there. We are also going to report it to the IRS.

I received a call from 323.617.3802 claiming they were filing a lawsuit against me and asking for my attorney's info. when I call back the number the line no longer works.

This man (William Johnson) called twice. He has an British Accent. He stated that he is with the IRS and a warrant (for tax evasion) will be issued for my arrest in 2 hours unless I pay a fine. I immediately began to challenge him. I asked for his badge number (253618) and his supervisor's name (Eva Adams). I asked him where his office is located and he mispronounced Florida. I told him that I did not believe him and asked when did the IRS send a letter to me because I never received one. He stated that they sent a letter in March. I explained that's impossible because I've never received one. Then I asked how much do I owe and how does he propose I pay? He said that I'm being combative and he will issue the warrant for my arrest and the police will come within 2 hours.

I had a message on my phone to call back an Officer Jonathan Knight badge number O6719 from the IRS. Phone number (202)470-0142. So the next day I call and he answers IRS (not "internal revenue service" for English please press 1) Automatically a sign this is a scam.

I ask for Jonathan Knight. He tells me he is officer Jonathan Knight. He proceeds to tell me my name, address, and email. He then tells me that I am going to be arrested for tax fraud unless I take care of the bill today. He told me that after being audited, they found that over the last 7 years I had filed fraudulently on my 1040A and 941C forms. I never file a 941C and don't even know what that form is.
I ask how I filed wrong. He never would tell me, just stated that I owe $2795 and if I wish to go to court on the matter I could. But it would cost me $45,000 plus court and lawyer fees. He then asked me if I had a criminal lawyer. I told him no. He then started questioning me on my past, "have I ever been arrested by the state police or any sheriff department, have I ever been convicted of a crime, have I ever had a traffic violation." When I continued to question him about how I owed this money he kept telling me that I needed to pay this amount today to make the warrant, and all this to just go away. My warrant, (#00-100-3636)was already issued and the police would be by to arrest me any time. He gave me my case number (CN14161)and asked if I could pay this today. I told him no, I am currently unemployed. He then told me if I could pay $1000 today, he could set up payment arrangements for $200 a month. I told him that I couldn't. I didn't have the money. He then told me " you have credit cards and bank cards". I told him that I had joint accounts with my husband and would have to discuss it with him. That we would just go to the local office and set up the payment arrangement. He then told me his name again, Officer Mark Jones badge number A5793. And told me not to talk to my friends, my kids, my husband or my father. This was my tax fraud therefore my problem.(couldn't even give me the name he used in the beginning) and told me he was going to have me talk to his supervisor. I hung up.
Immediately my phone started ringing (202)470-0142. I declined 3 calls in a row. Then an SOS emergency came across my caller ID (911) 3 times. declined those as well. 911 does not call you unless you have disconnected a previous call from them and then it is a regular number not 911. I got several more calls from both numbers alternating between the two. I declined them all.
For one the IRS always sends you written notification of their audit finds, not a phone call to collect money. If you truly owe money it is taken out of your paychecks, not an over the phone transaction. Unfortunately I know that this scare tactic scam has probably worked on some of the elderly and people who don't speak English very well. But the two names he gave me did not go with the middle eastern accent he had. Just glad that I have a brain and know that I haven't filed taxes committing

Received a threat call just now from L.A. and need to report it. I supposedly owe taxes and there is a warrant out for my arrest (Tualatin, OR)

 The article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

A caller may be a fake debt collector if he:

  • wants payment on a debt you don't recognize
  • won't give a mailing address or phone number
  • asks for personal financial or sensitive information
  • tries to scare you by threatening to have you arrested or to report you to a law enforcement agency.

 You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

I received a call on my answering machine from Mark Johnson from the US treasury department. He asked me to call him at 786-259-0001. It sounded like I was in trouble with the government and legal action would be taken if I did not call. I tried to call and got a machine message that said the person I was calling was not available.

We received a message in our landline (twice, ignored the first one) saying he was from the US Treasury and his name was Thomas Gray. He said to call this number 505 273-5353 so he can help us and ignoring his call is a criminal offense. We did not call him back.

A Mark Jones with phone number 786-708-4620 left a message in my answering machine this morning, Oct. 27, at around 10am. He claims that there is a tax fraud against me and that I should call him to settle this.
I knew it was a scam because the IRS sends letters if you owe them money. I did not bother to call him back. Although I am tempted to do so and give him a wrong credit card number.

I received call from those people and the number is 613-707-2825. It's very scarry and discusting

This is completely being ignored by Mr Barrack Hussein Obama. IRS and FBI are doing nothing. Go figure.

My dad got scammed today :( $2400 gone....thanks "Omar Haynes" :( he sent the money via moneygram. I'm so angry, these people need to be taken down.

Hey guys. Just got a call this morning from somebody claiming they were with the IRS saying I owed them $3600. They started treating I would be arrested if I don't pay them at least $1000 before the 9th of December. So of course I was freaked out. I did some research and of course found out it was a scam. They know my name, but I didn't give them any information. Is it possible that they know my SSN? Do I need to worry about identity theft?

This FTC article has information about government imposter scams. 

You'll find information about identity theft at

just received a similar call from (347) 923-9538

(347) 923-9538 has left me multiple voicemails in the past week threatening "big legal trouble" if the call was not returned immediately

Here is another number 240-284-8330 they are using.

I really need advice.

My former employer owns a successful bar in the state of NC and owes the IRS over $6 million. But instead of paying it, they chose to secretly put the tax information in my name.

Now the IRS is saying I owe them over $9 million.

I contacted the IRS and they continue to tell me I have to take it up with my former employer.

When I confront my former employer, they tell me they'll get right on it, but never do.

Should I file suit? I don't have much to hire a lawyer. What should I do? Please help.

Jamie Lee

I don't know which office within the IRS you contacted, but you might want to try the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service.

I had a call from Mark johnson from the treasury legal dept. He gave me the same action being taken. Then a week later my tablet wouldn't work. It said the cyber police lockked my tablet for using illegal websites. It said I need to pay a fine to the treasury dept to unlock my tablet. Then 5 mins layer mark johnson called me again. These people are very good at what they do.

I got a call from 8042503690 saying that I was going to be arrested if I didn't call 8042523690. When I called the number they answered IRS they asked for additional information. After I indicated that I was recording their call they said hang up you must hang up now and they hung up.

After a number of calls I harrassed them and asked why they were calling the person on the line said they were calling me to get money and it was a scam.

I have a question i fill my taxes last year but i didnt get it back becuase the tax lady said my grandfather had me as a depending but this year i file it and found out someone using my ssn in another state and i went to the irs and the ask me for my taxes forms so i call the lady who did my taxes last year an she got mad becuase i didnt file it this year with her and she dont wont to give me the copy of the forms i fill last year what can i do to get them

I don't know which office within the IRS you contacted, but you might want to try the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service.

You also may find helpful information at


423-539-8746 watch out fake IRS rep caller

2 calls from cdifferent numbers! Both saying the same thing, "last notice, IRS will sue!"
I called my CPA. He said ignore it. IRS does not call, they send mail. These are the numbers.. 585-588-0913. 207-475-5931 A woman with an Indian accent, wanted to speak to my husband and said his name! How she knew that I have no idea! Not me but him!! Her name is Carol Brown badge #IRM560284

Just got a call from 209 850 2912 Same thing! Threatened to have an arrest warrant out for me if I did not pay them right then. Glad I said Well do what you got to do. Then looked this up on the Internet

Had a phone call today from 1(609)986-2519 Princeton NJ, name of caller was Alan Walker ID# 85019 Employee # 1706 my case 00-100-3636, first of all why would anyone from the IRS call my cell phone to tell me I am being investigated for tax fraud from 2006? The IRS would send a letter what does this guy from India think?

I just got a call from the same number. A woman with a thick Indian accent saying she was with the IRS regarding my tax investigation. Crazy!! Why would they call me early on a Saturday morning on my cell and not through the mail?!

I just got a call saying about tax evasion supposedly from irs 2 nd call should I call back or call irs?

If the real IRS needs to reach you, it will start by sending you a letter. The IRS does not start contact with a phone call. If you have questions about your IRS status, call the real IRS.

recieved message on 8/1/16 landline recording "ron snyder" with the irs. your under investigation for tax fraud.there is a warrant out for your arrest please call 9728658852 immediately. when phone call made the person answering identified themselves as a agent of the irs. i've called only with unidentifiable cell. there are many different india sounding people mostly men answering the phone maybe a few women. if you listen closely it sounds like a commercial call station in the backround. i've been calling them and not talking every change i get to mess with them. yesterday i was so annoying one of the female agents told me to go to hell. they are not to bright cause they have no way of blocking calls. last night one fellow answering was so fed up he started to talk. stating when you have a home and the money you need to survive you'd never stoop to this but he has nothing and it's a about the money, money, money. i asked him if he realized this is a federal offense and he relpied yes casually like it didn't matter. i told him in this country we're taught to be honest upright hard working people that care about others. he said when your someone like he is without anything nobody cares for you. i've contact every authority locally, dallas, fbi irs. and 6 days later they're still up and running. give it a try if you do a free reverse look uo it clearly states this number to be a landline in the dallas area. and dallas police nor anyone else doing anything. i dare you give it a try from a cell phone. maybe we can harrass the creeps out of business, no one else is doing anything

it me again, have tried scam number 9728658852 every day from unidentifiable cell since 8/1/16 initial call. it's now 8/11 and they are still up and running. i think they are using the landline as launching number but i think these calls might be getting routed there from india. i hope they get caught and i hope both countries make a statement in there arrest and sentence in jail that this is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated globally. why is it taking so long to find them and prosecute. they found osama bi ladin i'm sure they could find these imposters through high tech means? don't understand why this type of thing still exsists since it been going on for years. there should be a technical department designated to squash these scams as soon as they pop up i'm sure it would not cost as much as people, good people, have bee swindled out of. weve got to do something.

So today I had a missed call from a 646 number my called ID said it was from New York the voicemail said that a warrant for my arrest was being issued because of taxes I called back spoke with someone with a accent they say they called and a warrant has been issued he said they have tried calling several times but I've never got any other calls so he said it was from 2010 taxes before I lost service I told him that I did H&R Block peace of mind that is supposed to do all my work when it came to audits I lost service tried to call back late and got a voicemail from a cell just with the number so if this is the IRS would they not have had a business recording

I got a similar call today from phone number out of washington 509 570 1938 he said there is an warrant for my arresst for writing bad checks and nor paying or filing taxes, he said i do not have any choice but to go to my local irs office and straighten this out or I will be aressted. He also had a very thick indian accent. I was truly scared out of my mind , then I looked this up .lol nice try but im not falling for it,hope these scum bags get caught.

This just happened to me! I received a call from 888-346-3651 stating that they were the IRS with homeland security listening in and they issued an arrest warrant today for taxes owed between 2009 - 2015 in the amount of $2537.889 Case ID: 00/100/3636.

"Officer Richard Smith" and some lady with a thick accent I couldn't understand said they were able to forcefully recover taxes under IRS 63318. They told me not to interrupt them when speaking, and even told me they would not answer questions or repeat themselves until they were done talking. I explained they needed to talk slower because i couldn't understand them with the accent. I was then told that i didn't need to write any of this information down, to just listen.

They gave me 3 allegations - Violation of IRS Act 1956, Violation of USCIS Act 1989 and Providing misleading information to government, begin neglectful and not innocent. After they were done explaining all this, and finally answering my questions, asking what I was going to do to resolve this, they said I was being cooperative and could provide me with a resolution. They were not able to take my money over the phone but can transfer me to their finance auditing department who can. I asked multiple times for them to send me this information in writing and they said that was too late, they already had. First they said they sent me a letter in the last 6 months that was returned. Then they said they already sent two letters that were returned. Then they said that they sent three letters, including had an officer at my door to serve me when I wasn't home.

They had my home address and said I must have been at work when they came by, and they would be sending another officer to my home to arrest me today. When I asked who would be serving my arrest warrant, what police station had my information, they said they just issued it this morning and have not sent it to the police yet, that there was still time before they send it today.

I received the same phone call from 888-346-3651 stating that they were the IRS with homeland security listening in and they issued an arrest warrant today for taxes owed between 2009 - 2015. "Officer Richard Smith, was going to serve me a arrest warrant. I hung up on them and call them back multiple times back , in which they stop answering my call.. Such a scam!

I just received the same call from a private caller named Roger Finch (very southern accent) telling me to call the IRS at 888-346-3651. To decuss legal issue for owing money to the IRS.

These people are crazy! They have called and left threatening voice mails saying I have committed fraud, yadda yadda lol!! We need a phone number to report these morans!!

Got a call from 206-596-0728 and 312-967-3645. In both they are threatening in a law suit and consequences. "This is the Internal Revenue Service calling. This is your final notice that we have filed a lawsuit against you. Call us at...". But I already got 5 calls in the last two days!

305-501-2731: I just received a call from this number (I let the answering machine take the message). It stated that I was under investigation for something related to my tax return and that I had to call back within 24 hours or they would take legal action. Sounds quite unscrupulous to me.

Just received a call from 270-479-3044. They told me that I had frauded the IRS and after a 20 min rambling of so called laws I broke, I asked them, "which tax return are you talking about?" And they said, 2016 and 2015. What? Haven't filed 2016 taxes. The lady had a thick foreign accent, what appeared to be filipino, and the guy also had an accent, quite hard to distinguish. I googled what they were saying and it led me to this page and same complaints. I kept them on the phone telling them I was on my way to get my phone and pleading to let me pay by debit card, to which they said, we don't take credit cards or visa cards, but only vouchers from national something. Anyway, scam continues. Finally hung up on them, and they called me right back 3 times although they said, if the line drops, we'll send the cops to your apartment. Cops haven't shown up yet. :D Oh, and 911 also called me identifying themselves as the police department. My ex used to work for 911 and yea, hmmm... they don't call people identifying themselves as the police department. :D

my dad just got a call from 844-819-8492 telling him he had a warrant out for his arrest for tax evasion.when he called back an indian accent man answered and hung up on him when he told them that wasnt possible. they didnt have his correct address either.

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