Fake checks: The nanny or caregiver scam

Do you offer your professional services as a babysitter, nanny, or other kind of caregiver? You may have used websites that can match you up with potential clients – sites like Care.com or Sittercity.com. These sites can be a convenient and efficient way to drum up business. But scammers may misuse these sites. FTC staff has seen complaints about con artists cheating caregivers with a counterfeit check scheme that asks you to send payment to a third party. Details may vary, but, in general, the scam works like this:

Someone replies to your listing on the site, saying they want to hire you to care for their child, parent, or even a pet. They often say they live out of state and are moving to your area soon. They may ask you – with a very persuasive story that tugs at your heartstrings – to accept delivery of special items or medical equipment their loved one will need while in your care. They send you a check to deposit and ask you to keep some money as payment for your services and then transfer the rest to a third party – supposedly to pay for the goods.

What’s the problem? The check and the third party turn out to be fake. It takes only a day or two for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine a check is phony. If you already withdrew that money, you’re on the hook to pay back the bank. If you’ve already transferred the money to the third party, it’s gone – like sending cash. And, since the recipient can pick up the money from a different money transfer location than the one you sent it to, it’s nearly impossible to find the recipient. That’s how these con artists avoid detection.

So how can you protect yourself? If a potential client urges you to transfer money using a service like Western Union or MoneyGram, it’s probably a scam. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a money transfer service. Likewise, don’t deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then transfer the money. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie. And, as always, don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.

If you or someone you know was tricked into transferring money – for any reason, report it to the money transfer company:

  • MoneyGram: 1-800-666-3947 (1-800-955-7777 for Spanish) or at moneygram.com
  • Western Union: 1-800-448-1492

Then, report it to the FTC. And you may want to notify the site that’s being misused. The scammer is likely trying to prey on other caregivers looking for work.

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Just wanted to now if scammers use EVO Bank in Spain? Because I had been asked to transfer money there.

Don't do it!!

I wish I had checked here before I put this check in my account. Now that the check is there, what can I do? The bank says it might take 7-10 days before they can find it is a bad check. If it is bad, it will take the money back. and it will cost me $16. As long as I don't pay for the wheelchair that is supposed to arrive, will I be ok?

The FTC wants you to know that counterfeit check scams are on the rise. Some fake checks look so real that bank tellers are reporting being fooled. The scammers use high quality printers and scanners to make the checks look real. Some of the checks contain authentic-looking watermarks. These counterfeit checks are printed with the names and addresses of legitimate financial institutions. And even though the bank and account and routing numbers listed on a counterfeit check may be real, the check still can be a fake. These fakes come in many forms, from cashier’s checks and money orders to corporate and personal checks. Could you be a victim? Not if you know how to recognize and report them.

What do i do if i sent the money back? Can i be held responsible?

If you deposited a fake check and sent money from that check to a scammer, the bank will contact you when it finds out that the check is fake. You will have to pay the bank back for the money you withdrew.

What ended up happening?

has anyone actually cashed the check at a check cashing and it worked? i just deposited the check and now seeing this site

The check is in my account but haven't move the money so can I do just wait and inform the police or what????
Please help me

If you think the check you deposited is fake, you could talk to someone at your bank.

What should i do? I replied to an ad on craigslist for a house cleaning position. The person said they were relocating soon from illnoise and their mother and daughter where moving in to their new apartment. The person wanted me to receive a check from them in a an amount and wanted me to take the portion for the first weeks pay then another for ther materials and tje other to send to some agent so they can give me the address to the home and the key. I thought it was too good to be true. I did not give them any of my personal like social or bank information but i did give them my address and phone number and email. What should i do if i cet the check?

If you aren't sure if the check is legitimate or fake, you could show it to someone at your bank.

I have, it worked until a week later when it was fraudulent. 3,000 court fees included that my fiance and I are now responsible to pay

Omg why the 3,000 court fees? Court for what?

I too am being scammed by a tiffany Smith seeking care for her mother. The spelling was correct, yet the grammar was off...yes I have been scammed before so I have an idea what to look for. I have been playing along, but the check for wheelchair was really set me off. My profile was on care.com beware!!!!!

I too am being scammed by a Emily Goad. Got the check yesterday and they are begging me to get it to the bank. Which is not going to happen. I am playing around with them. Did you all take this to the police or what did you do?

Hey Gladys I happen to read your comment and saw that you were being scammed by a Emily goad which is the same person that try to scam me I recently just received her check that she is begging me to hurry up and deposit which I am not now knowing that it is defiantly a scam what did you do with the check after she sent it?

Denny yes i just let my scammer know i knew it i pretended to go along like i deposited it and busted them with knowledge and they never replied anymore rush me to deposited but at the end let them know i was smarter than them that wheelchair deal and being deaf pissed me off

just got scammed today with the whole deaf and wheelchair story. i am a college student and started having a gut feeling that this isnt right. I decided to look up care.com scams and i found my story. the grammar, deaf story everything was exactly the same.

I got contacted by the same story! wow I can't believe some people.

I just got contacted by an annie williams... told me her husband just died on a long vacation, her son is in a wheelchair from the injury and she is hearing impaired... very weird in their responses both in email and text. after reading the above article, i am very suspicious as she wants me to accept a wheel chair to keep at my house and is "moving to the area" to escape the area her husband died...

does anyone have experience with this name?

I just recieved an email from her today. SCAM! I'm glad I googled before I responded.

I just received an email from a Rachel Carter with the same story. Everything sounded so unreal that I decided to google it. I'm glad to find this article before I send her my address for the wheelchair.

Does anyone know which risks we are on once they got our address?? I am afraid to be chaised! I deposited the cheque and tried to cancel it after 2 days but couldn't do it. The guy got my picture too. Do they want just money or I am in risk?

I just recieved a txt from a Tiffany Smith says she is in Ohio and moving to my area and wants me to be house keeper. Isent a msg asking how she got my info she says ti rroky to her email because she is havung trounble with her phone.glad I checked this out not that I trust anyone these days.

I got a email from a Jennifer Krags/ krag who said she is deaf and graduated from the Texas School for deaf. Sob story about the husband dying and wheel chair and $20 an hour. Glad I followed my first mind and knew it was a scam.Then texted me I asked for her info so I could run a background check lol

Jennifer Krags Emailed me too. Same sob story of being def, dead husband and her daughter being in a wheelchair. Almost fell for it out of pure sympathy but when I received the checks I could tell they were fake. Definitely watch out for any of that! People are sick now a days and would do anything for money

A few weeks ago a "Tina Robert Daniel" sent me a text claiming she got my number off my Care.com profile. She asked me to please email her. I automatically knew something was off. She told me that she was partially deaf and a stock broker from FL and would be moving to my area at the end of August. She said she would need care for her daughter "Kate" and companion care for her elderly mother. She claimed that she went to the Texas school for the deaf in Tyler Tx. She offered $20/hr for my services and wanted to send me money in advance without ever meeting me in person or having a telephone exchange. I was to keep $500 and use the rest of the money to pay other people. SO MANY RED FLAGS!! I didn't cash the check and also told her or him that i have already notified the appropriate authorities. Haven't received anymore texts or emails just yet. Please be aware of tons of grammatical errors in texts and emails. Also be aware of people that say they are moving to "your area". IT IS ALWAYS A SCAM!!! Protect yourself!!

Yep I got the same exact story. Her name is Arlene Lucas though. Different state. I knew something was up because after a couple days of emails it turned into text messages and I couldn't find the emails anymore. After that I started going along with it. I asked her if she had a fb and she was like she hear bad things happen on there . That was completely dumb on account of my whole family has a fb. I started trying to look the name up, now I see why it's not searching Bc according to this website she uses different names. I decided to do more research before I even thought about cashing her fake check! Then I ran into this. I busted her and threatened to turn into police. So thanks for having this website. And she was so aggressive to getting this check deposited!

I received a text from the # 8443345822. It said that their supervisor was moving to my area and to email "Hillary Wright". I have emails from this person asking for assistance with her to dogs when they move to my area on December 20th. Stated in detail what I would be doing for the dogs. Lot's more in the emails. Last email said she was going to have her estate agent send a cashier's check. I looked up the phone number and nothing. I google searched Cassidy Wright in Canada and nothing. I emailed this person asking for proof of who they are, phone numbers, addresses. I am certain at this point that this is a scam. It is very unfortunate that people like me who need to earn a good income are subjected to scammers who bring out hopes up.

The same thing happened to me. A person named Mary Murphy from #866-587-3366 sent me a text saying here Manager Hillary Wright needed a pet sitter for her pups near my area .Her email address is hilwright03@ .She said she was coming to my area from Canada and needed someone to set up her apt. run errands and take care of her dogs Misty and Razor. She was going to have her Financial clerk send me a check and I would take $400.00 for the first week for my self and use the other money to take care of her errands and dogs. She was going to have her estate agent send me keys and her address to get the appartment ready and buy dog food. She also stated she wanted me to purchase 2 gold fish. One an Fancy Goldfish and a Auratus Cichild. She said bonus will be paid if any over time.My husband looked under Scams and guess what her name came up. I texted her and her counter partner and told both of them I was turning them in!! It's really sad that someone would try and scam something who was looking for a part time job and thinking this would be perfect job for them. Shame on Mary Murphy and Hillary Wright!!!

Contacted via text today from: 216-799-0586. Stephanie Coopman Steppcoop.ndsu@ 
Said needed help for Mom "Bridget" who would be moving from Colorado Only have to work 4 hrs per day,my choice days/hrs. Will be paying my first week pay via Certified Check in advance, as would need to ready apt, obtain medical equipment.
No mention of anything else but It smelled WRONG...I shut them down when the second email had a lot of the same information copy and pasted. BIG CLUE: English written Communication, but sentence structure is VERY CHOPPY, omitting commonly used Tiny words in the English language such as: is, as, a, the, do,if, can...
My profile is on Care.com BEWARE...If it sounds too good to be true....Well it probably is!

I received a similar scenario from a Ruth Stone regarding her and her husband Peter who were moving to my area and needed a dog sitter for Butch and Jasper. Initially I received a Text from Elizabeth and reached out to Ruth via Email. Tried to look up Ruth on line but found nothing. Glad I came across this. Who can I report this to? I'm nervous because I sent my address to them before I found this like an idiot.

I just received a email from the same person good thing I googled info first an came across this page

Jennifer Kragg got me too!! Grammar is weird and the same story was told. I believed it and now she's asking to send the wheelchair, but I haven't said where yet. I googled her name and saw this. Thank you guys, this saved me a lot.

Watch out for James Powell claiming to be moving to area with his son perry saying he's going to forward money to me for items the seller will be sending, are you serious, get a real job this is crazy! I guess care.com is no good

Did anyone get one from a Catherine Compton?! Basically the same sob story! Deaf and has a wheelchair bound son!

I received an email last week from "Jasmine" (email address jasmine ) with the same story stating they "wanted me to start June 26th" to which I replied saying I could not start then, but if she needed any help in the future to let me know. On Sunday (the 19th), I received a text from 281-603-8106, claiming it was Jasmine and they would be instead moving into my hometown July 3rd and said I received the position and she was going to send me a check for $3,495.90 for the wheelchair and first week's pay.
After looking more into this, I started to catch on that she was scamming me. I googled the email and found a compliant linked to this email     . I then called the number provided and it just rang for almost two minutes with no voicemail, no answer. I then sent a text and said "I'm not interested" and blocked both the phone number and the email so I am not sure if they have attempted to contact me since. Yesterday morning, I received a "check" for $3,495.90 and the check was from a bank and company in Washington, and the name of the "sender" was not even Jasmine. I'm going to turn the check in and definitely am not cashing it. I deleted my Care.com, Indeed, and Monster accounts after this.

Wow. I am amazed that I'm reading this and this just happened to me. I received the check and like a dummy deposited the check. Good thing the money was on hold. The person used the name Harvey Owen. I'm making a visit to the bank tomorrow to see what I can do because the bank has closed my account and said I can't reopen. That's not fair to me because I am a victim.

This is crazy, I just had the exact same story from a woman named Kin who is deaf and graduated from the Texas school for deaf, and her husband died in an accident and her young son is now in a wheelchair and will pay 400 a week for caregiving services. It was a completely believable story, but then I searched online at care.com scams and realized it was a scam. People are just sick out in this world, it is a shame.

I had the same story but from a Linda Payne and now she's threatening to sue me I haven't checked my mail for the check. Should I bring it to the bank? & have them handle it

Got one from Jennifer Krags this morning beware using wheelchair story and husband dying.

I just got an email from a woman namrd Evelyn Parker and she said she was in Texas and about to move to my area. She offered to pay me before I even did anything. I was already suspicious. She asked for my address to send a cashiers check and I asked her why would she need my address before she even interviewed me and we got to know each other. She hasn't replied since so after visiting this site, I know why, thank goodness!

We just received a check from this woman.... thank you for posting this.

wow I just almost fell for this same woman's lie! I can't believe I almost believed this crap.

stormie, be carefull that's the same name that scum my friend.

She has recently been messaging me and today she sent me a check for 4,000+ dollars I'm so glad I seen this before I actually deposited the check. Thank you guys so much like I'm over here in tears

Has anyone ever heard of or from a Bryan Hestilow?? He found me on care.com and wanted to send me a check this week and have me cash it for my amount of $450 for two days of work for 2 hours daily which is running errands and mailing things for him like personal-professional items what toys for orphanages so on and so on. He says he is an interior decorator designer and artist with a large client base and his last personal assistant got married to move to Canada so he needs someone urgently. He wanted to hire me and then in 3 weeks he said he wanted to meet me formally. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard that name. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

I'm literally talking to a "Bryan Hestilow" now who gave me the exact information you just put....

To RSW46 I received an identical message from Mr, Hestilow yesterday July 2, 2016 after he found me on Care.com. Very interesting! Have not responded and do not plan to,

I was talking to Bryan as well! He had found my info on care.com. I am so happy you posted this because I was very suspicious on his story and the whole situation so I did my research and found this post! Glad I am not the only one who was scammed by this...

Im in contact with the same guy. Can anyone confirm whether he is a scammer or not?

this is interesting, I got the exact same email message, But it was from a guy named Fred Petterson.And it was after he first responded to my babysitting profile on care.com and I told him I wasn't available for it.Then he told me his wife already filled that position, but he had another position to offer, and gave me the "his assistant got married and moved to Canada and hes in need of a new one" story. There wasn't any mention of toys for orphans, but he did say he was an interior decorator/designer/distributer and he needed things mailed for him. I just got the message today, is this another scam?

i got the same email but from someone named albert paul.. is this a scam? he even texted my phone help!!

Just got done talking with "Albert Paul". Luckily I already knew it was a scam. Same story, wife filled the position. He needed a personal assistant. He's an interior designer. Wanted me to pick up packages and mail them to him. I asked why they couldn't be mailed directly to him. He stopped answering.
Another "lady" Patricia Donato tried scamming me. I knew something was up the whole time. Got a check for 2,950$. Knew it was fraud. Tried to play along to get as much info as possible. We go on care.com to get a job, we know never pay up front for something. It tricks you when they pay you up front. Then bail out and say oh send the money back. Patricia didn't give me a sob story, just she was 6 months pregnant and needed someone to take care of her dogs. She was moving to my area in 2 weeks. I feel bad for the people that fall for it and are now in debt $3000.
Trust your instincts. If it's sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I've had wonderful jobs through care.com - meet the family first. Meet the kids. Exchange info. Then accept the job and do not get paid in advance!!!!

Someone by the name of "Edward Gray" emailed me with the same info! First he contacted me on care.com then he emailed me and said the caregiver job was just taken buthe was a pastor and was looking for an assistant and first he sent me a check and it said the credit union of colorodo, then when the check sent I wasn't there so they sent it back and now it says sun trust bank. He gave me 2 people to send it to from the art world gallery. And I'm assuming the people he told me to wire it to are the people that's doing the scamming.

The same pastor edward emailed me with the same story. His email was a bit too detailed since I hadn't even accepted the assistant job, so I googled him and all scams cam3 up

Wanted to comment on this because I'm experiencing the same issue. Says he's a Pastor named Edward Gray, currently in Canada and was needing a nanny but when I responded he responded back saying he had found a nanny and needed personal assistant. 10-15hrs a week to get his mail etc. seems so weird! Didn't give out any personal info or bank account info.

MY friend is experiencing the same thing! she took the job but realized early on it was fishy. Said he would send her money to send out to some art work agents but when the money wasnt there he wanted her to send her own money which she refused. He called her and she said he had an asian accent. I looked up the people on facebook that she was supposed to send the money to and they sure do not look like art gallery agents. Super sketchy stuff

I just received an email from a person claiming they're Pastor Edward Grey and his wife Jennifer asking me to watch their 2 y/o son 4 hours a day for 3 days a week and offering to pay $500 per week... I'm new to Care.com so I'm not sure wh
at's real and what's a scam but this had red flags written on it when they said $500 per week.

I had recently encountered this same man "pastor Edward gray"'claiming to need a nanny for his son but when I replied he said he had already hired someone and offered me the personal assistant job also.

The same happens with me today

I got the same message Pastor Edward Gray this week about nanny his 2 years old son, then said this job is filled but can provide another personal assistant job, will pay $500 10-15 hours,~~ away from the email. scam~~

My daughter got almost the same story Bu it was a woman named Kristin Cox. She was supposed to be an art dealer that traveled to diff countries selling high end art. She wanted to hire my daughter as her personal assistant. She then sent 2 postal money orders for $980.25 each and told her to do a mobile deposit then run to Walmart and get a money gram to send to an artist for some art work for a client. My daughters bank even thought they were real money orders! My sister went to USPS and verified that the numbers on both money orders were fraudulent! No damage done here but be vigilant to protect yourselves guys! Scammers will take advantage of students looking to pay student loans or anyone else just looking for work! If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

The same thing happened to me. What did you do with the check?

i received 2 different offers in june from paula july from karen both job offer 81 year old mother deaf, wanting to send me a check to pay for wages and wheelchair

Confirmed. Same story. Deaf, etc Figured it out once they deemed it cool to uh send me money without meeting me.

I also got an email from Jennifer Krags. I almost fell for her scam but had a gut feeling something was off. I began doing research and came across this site! I txt her back saying that before she sends the check I wanted her info so I can do a background check of course no response.

ii also got that e mail same exact story but thank god i felt it was to weired and Googled her name and found this site ,

I emailed her back and gave her my address and date of birth. Should I be worried! I didn't give her any other information at all. I just read this and emailed her back that I can't take the job. Should I be worried about giving my address and birthday?

Information like your name, address, birthday, phone numbers, previous addresses and people who live in your household is usually already available on public websites.

Did they contact you anymore? They contacted my son and asked for a picture. He was smart enough to send the email to me. But some woman called him. Did you report it to FTC? Did they do anything? I'm contacting our Attorney General's office.

The one asking me cash a ck is named Megan Hayes. I too was asked to take cash for a wheelchair delivery and take my part, then forward rest to the wheelchair company due to the fact her mom will need it when they arrive from out of town..and I too am on care.com.

I've recently been scammed by someone claiming to be Debroah Hernandez and with wheelchair seller Alngelica Mavrikos. Unfortunately I didn't not fully realize that it was a scam until it was too late. She used the story of relocating to my area with her sobb story that she was deaf and her husband recently died in a car accident which made her daughter temporarily in a wheel chair. She asked if I would send the money to the wheelchair seller once she sent me a check. Her spelling was fine but the grammar was off. She kept saying "I need the special chair for Anna" I never thought that the check was fake since I deposited it in my account and took out the money. Keep away from things like this!

Wow!!! A "Deborah Hernandez" recently emailed me... Her husband, so she says... Is named "Thomas Hernandez" says they are from Canada, have a little girl, and She is "expecting"... Says they are looking for housekeeper 3x a week, and will be relocating to my area due to her husband's work. She said she would send a check of 2,980.00. to pay for a week of my cleaning services in advance of 400.00, $50 for gas/transportation & said to use the rest to buy groceries, etc.? lol luckily she hasn't send the check, etc.

lol I just got a message from someone name sarah who gave me the same story about her husband and child, but it was a boy named Josh. Same thing about her being def. She said she was relocating to my area from texas. Lol. I almost feel for it but something told me to google care.com scams and I see her exact same story just with a different name. She even sent me a picture of what was supposed to be her 6 year ols son. She gave me a big song and dance about being a "strong catholic" and her bishop advising her to move. She asked for my address and to pay me $240 in advance to make sure i didnt cancel. I told her I did not feel comfortable with that. she asked if a wheel chair could be delivered to my house and asked me a bunch of questions as if she really was a parent.

the women name was sarag grealish sons name jeff, but just got a text someone wanting my resume they saw me on care.com said they lived in texas and they was deaf her son and father was in a accident the father died was willing to pay me 450 a week for 30hrs but was going to send me a check and i take 450 out then sent the rest to a wheelchair seller but for one i dont have a bank acct so they are screwed but wanted other people to know and phone number she gave me is for a text free app and one of the numbers was from texas the other from Arkansas

Thats odd I have a similar story with a person named Shirley moore she messaged me September 5 claims to be an architect and said the same exact thing as your story except she has a daughter with broken leg and she would pay an advance and I would pay the wheelchair person . Wow so glad I didn't cash any check!

My daughter has been receiving the same text messages from the so called Shirley Moore. You cant trust anybody !

I received the same email from Shirley Moore! I almost quit my other job for this, good thing I didn't.

Thank god I just read this. I recently got contact by the same person, with the same story. I messaged them today about receiving the check and found it weird that the address that they sent was from California, when she said she lived in Texas. Thanks so much for posting about this! I don't know what I have would have done if I would have deposited this!

Got the same info from a lady named Shirley Moore. She sent pictures and everything from an email. Haven't received a check yet but will definitely check the address when I do. Never know who to trust today.

I just received a check from Shirley Moore with the same story!! I was trying to figure out what to do with this Cashier's Check and it brought me here! So glad I saw this.

Mine too! Shirley Moore said daughter name is Tara! And her leg is brook and she sent me a check for $4850. I'm so glad I looked into this because I was legit about to deposit this check.

We are selling a couch on Craigslist. I just got a text from Shirley Moore. She says she is moving to Los Angeles and wants the couch, but wants to send me a cashiers check for payment and needs my name and address, then wants me to deduct my payment then use the rest to pay her movers. Her # is 731-###-4460, watch out people, "Shirley Moore" is on the prowl!

Have received a few text from "shirley moore" wanting to send me cashiers checks for big ticket items I'm selling on Craigslist. So I say yes, and give her the name and address of a Lieutenant at our local sheriff department LOL Shirley Moore phone number

She claimed to be Jennifer shepherd to me and sent the pic too. This person is as sick as someone to get to be so desperate. Thank god for these smart phones & me researching it bought me to this site! Also James Powell with his 4 year old son perry , watch out people! I almost believed them

I just received a similar message where the person is deaf, moving from Canada and in need of a babysitter...

So how much did they send you?

I recently got scammed as well. Some woman by the name of "Mary J. Cox" texted me telling me to email her friend because he needed a caregiver for his child "Jamie". I emailed him and he said he is from Canada and would be in my area for 3 months and would like if I'd take care of his 2 year old son Jamie. He said he worked for the Special bureau of canada, I sent the email screenshots to my aunt luckily she told me it sounded like a scam. And I searched him up on Google and the special bureau of canada as well and nothing popped up. Turns out Canada doesn't even have a special bureau. My profile was on care.com as well. Please be careful !

I am currently getting bullied by David Bush. I started getting very suspicious about the "store manager". I am a college student in Chicago and I just turned 18 he gave the exact same story . Mary messaged me and I replied. His son is his "world" but wouldn't tell me any thing about him? When I refused to put the check into my account and questioning him he immediately went crazy and he said that "sincerity is key" and that I'm obviously too young to understand that... when I obviously got defensive again he put his guard down. I just wanted to take care of a child because I love kids and obviously I was easy bait. But I'm as smart as I am nice

I too had this happen the exact way as you described. Thankfully, my red flags were going up so nothing happened. I didn't know how the scam worked but my profile was on care.com. I have since removed my profile.

I too received a text from a deaf lady... Mrs. Lori Smith from phone 1-505-876-9074 and an e-mail to: deaftori123@         She said she found me on "Houzz" and wanted me to be her Interior Designer. She gave me her soon to be address moving in in a month, yadda, yadda, yadda and of course asked if I took a certified check. Something sounded off so I looked up the house the family was buying on Zillow-it was NOT sold and in the worst neighborhood. I replied with a "please give me your realtors info, your house is not sold, I am not available and do not accept checks" etc. So, I called the realtor and gave her a heads up and then found this website.

I got the same email -- super happy i found your post. Thank you.

Have you found out yet if its a fake check or not?

Was this person named Jessica James ? I recently got an email from her and the story is very similar . She was sending me a check for the wheelchair and to deduct my money out of it because she needs it in time of her arrival .

literally went through this exact story, wheelchair and all. total scam and now i am forced to pay $2,500 out of pocket. please beware of people like this!! they're life ruiners, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Sooooo Glad i read this! I LITERALLY Just got an email from a Jessica James & got the EXACT same story! You guys just saved me a lot of trouble!!!!!

Smdh yes I'm about a week old to the site and my sister in law found this page for me because we couldn't figure why it is that someone would be willing to pay me double the amount before even meeting me or anything ! A lady that went by the name of Kela Moore told me the same story about the wheel chair ! This is just sad

Same here someone name Caroline she's deaf and I have to pay $1950 out of pocket. Pure evil

I did this and the full amount was in my account and I haven't touched it and this morning there's less than half in there

I don't understand how these checks are even going through. Did you do it by ATM or go inside your bank? The same thing happened to me but my bank teller could tell the check was fake and did not take it.

This actually happened to me today. When I went to deposit the check, the teller also could tell it was fake. She proceeded to tell me that this has been happening a lot. I can't believe I missed the warning signs but I'm thankful the issue was caught in time.

thankfully for this website bc I literally was going through this with a woman named Cynthia Morgan. The mother and wheelchair story and all.. Thankfully I never deposited the check. Straight to the shredder!

I got a check too! You just put it in the trash or just shred it??

I got a email from this cynthia morgan saying she was a lawyer and she was needing to go to Turkey to care for her son who fell ill. But she will be moving to my area.glad i saw this before i emailed her back

Beware SCAM!!! From care.com. BEWARE of Clint Donald says coming from Canada needs caregiver for 3 yr old son. $450. Per week for only 15 hours a week. Sending a check to pay me ahead of time and then wants me to Western Union money to his supposed furniture dealer in Brooklyn who is getting them furniture in NV and groceries. Won't tell anything about the kid. Can hardly spell at all when he is supposed to be a high ranking diplomats of Canada. BEWARE SCAM. DON'T FALL FOR THIS!! FROM CARE.COM

I received a text from a lady named Agnes Levy. After I wasted countless hours through correspondence on email, I realized it was fake. She wanted to send me 200 bucks to get stuff for their new apartment. Said her and her family were moving from Canada. I told whoever was emailing me that they have wasted my time and I pitied their lack of drive in life. LOL also scammed from care.com.

I also received this scam from an Agnes Levy where the same story happened on the same day I started to get skeptical when the grammar in emails was incorrect and weird and I was being contacted from 2 different numbers. I was sent a check today in the mail and when I started to realize that this was all a scam when I googled all the names and the people did not exist and the area codes were from Los Angeles and Atlanta Georgia- not even remotely close to Canada. Then I googled scams and this came up.

I have been talking with Agnes too. It started to sound too good to be true as well. I can't believe people do this to people that really want to take good care of children. This is my first client that I have even responded to on care.com and I am very wary of using this site now.

I had been speaking back and forth with Agnes Levy. I found the situation to be kind of sketchy, but I went ahead and played along. She then asked me for my personal information to send me a check in the mail, which was $3,000 dollars. She told me to deduct $200.000 dollars out which was for my personal use, she then wanted me to split whatever was left of the check and send it to her 2 realtors that she was working with for her new "apartment" that she was moving into in my area. She even included a family picture of herself, her husband, and their daughter i would be taking care of (which it clearly wasn't actually them since it was a scam)! These people are SICK! I am just so glad I didn't cash the check and realized before. The nerve of some people.

Beware of Brandy Albert as well.. she just tried to scam my daughter. Same sob story about her son in a wheelchair and needed my daughter to pay for the wheelchair to a local seller out of the check deposit she was going to send her. Luckily I saw this and other websites before my daughter gave out too much info. Oh, and she said she was catholic... like that's supposed to make a difference... Scammers SUCK!

hi there this is happening to me as well i was told from someone
from care.com the same thing here and you know what they are fake as well they send me a check for a certain amount of money and i had the check review neither of them are valid will send them back to them wow how come there are people who will do this to honest people

this sounds similar to a guy that I contact on craigslist he was looking for a nanny for his 3 yr old son,goes by the name Paul bridges says his wife is 5 months pregnant hes in france now but will be relocating to WA next month asked me for info to run a background check said he would pay $400 weekly and gave me this really long to buy for their new apartment list has a phone number he uses to txt me from as
(386) 742-5085 I looked it up and it's a Florida number he sent me a bunch of pics of him and his son ryan but i did a reverse image search and found they are pics of a wealthy gay guy that owns a restaurant in France he had taken all the pics from the real guys FB as well as the child's saying that was him and his son. he went from emailing me daily to now txting I have yet to reply he said the apartment is almost all renovated and he's going to talk to the landlord to give me the keys.gave me a tracking number for the check but it showed a error so ya I think this might be the same guy.

I got an email about the wheelchair thing also and I gave out my information but they haven't sent me the check. Now that I know jay it's a scam, what can I do?

Hi, This wheelchair that you speak of. Is it for a young girl that lost her dad in a car reck and got hurt while he was driving? I think this person just tried to scam me. Then said they where moving to Pittsburgh from Texas

I,too have been getting messages from people (3 different ones so far) claiming to want me to keep a child when they move to my area in the near future and advising me that they want to send me a check to purchase particular toys from a specific website to have on hand for the child when he arrives, plus take out $500 for myself for my first week of babysitting and then send the remaining money back to her. I immediately asked the age of the child and name of the community they were planning to move to and was then told to email her at a Gmail address for more information, yet she didn't answer those two simple questions so I knew then that this was a scam. I've since deleted that particular message so I can't provider the name used by this con artist. But the latest one I received was yesterday from a Heather Dosch stating she wanted to pay me $520 a week to babysit and asking me to email her at heatherdosch    for more info. I immediately asked her how many children, their ages and what general area was the job in. I got a reply back right away telling me to email her for info. I then told her that I'd previously been contacted by scammers via my care.com info and if she couldn't give me the basic info I had requested without having to email her that I would have to assume that this was just another attempt at a scam. Didn't get anymore replies. I hope everyone will be very careful when dealing with anyone who contacts them concerning being a caregiver. Always ask them lots of questions and someone who is legitimately seeking a caregiver for their children, parents or pets will gladly answer these questions without hesitation. Best of luck to everyone !

Pittsburg, Delray beach, Vegas...etc! Where ever you live. That's where she is moving to with her now fatherless 5 year old who looks about 8 in the picture but I guess thats how they grow them out there in Texas! LOL. Karma is a B..ch!

What was the name of the person sent you the messege do you have a copy

Care.com Scam! "Abigail Perry" Unfortunately I ran into the same situation with this site for a nanny offer. She offered me $25 an hour weekends 9-5pm. She asked for my schedule and pictures of myself, contacted me through text message and emails. She said she is deaf and has 2 children and one needs a wheelchair after an injury. She said she would send me a check including my first weeks pay along with the wheelchair cost. I got a call from a friend with an identical offer with different locations and names. Thank god my friend called me and I saw these posts or else I would be in fraud with that check and meeting a stranger. I will be filing a police report and having the cops meet me at the location and filing the check information so these awful people can be stopped. Because I thought this offer was too good to be true and it was.
Please post if this is happening to you so there can finally be a case reported and these people can be stopped! :-(

I just recently recieved an email from Karl Taylor, stating his sister from phillipines will be moving here and needs companion due to her old age. Soumded great lol. Very sketchy. Said he was sending a check, once cleared he wiuld send instructions on how to send to his "real estate agent" that is getting her rental set up. I asked for the original post i responded to, he said he already took it down. I asked why cant the renatl agent clear it, and give me payment. No answer. I told him i could be abserial killer, im suprised he didnt want more information. Just messing with him, but I really want to report this somehow because some people are not as intuitive. Very sad what this world has come to.


I need a caregiver if you are interested please get back to me for more details on: marcyjacobs Scammer emailed me saying she needes a sitter. Then saying she would be mailing me check to wire transfer and I would be making 10%. Lol I am glad I checked.

So I got a message from a alady named Kimberly ramond... Has anyone else got a message from her?

I received a text message from this woman saying she has a friend that is moving from Ireland and will need a caregiver for her child. Attached was an email(bunniebug@ )for me to Contact her friend lisa. They replied Saying they will send a check for security to make sure I'm available for them. However it didn't feel right so I decided to Google the name Lisa Follmer which I got from the email. This is how I found this page. Please don't reply back to these scams.

This was sent to me by a member claiming to be a woman , but a make picture, wanting someone to clean house, figured out it was fraud. When I won't give him or her my physical address sarahsmith001 Full name (as it should appear on paycheck) Address (no PO box), City State Zip code Mobile phone number. Primary email address, If you are underage 18, do you have an employment/age certificate? YES______,NO______ How often do you check your email: ___weekly __________ Days/Hours Available: from 9:00am to 12:00pm What date are you available to start work? Sept. 29,2015 How often do you text or reply or call of your Phone: Respond when texted or called I shall be in touch with further information upon receipt of the requested information. Regards

I received the same exact email! today!

I received a text message from a lady named April saying I have a friend who is looking for Childcare in your area. The email was something like Jane@           one83@  . Well I emailed Jane and she first started off saying she needed someone to take care of her daughter then by the time the last email arrived, her daughter turned into being a son. Lol!! I already had a few red flags when a person who doesn't know me at all wants to send me a check to my address (in which I never obliged) and use part of the money from the check to pay the lease on the house they will be moving into from Dublin Ireland and I keep $200 for my part plus the check they were gonna send also covers the setting up house with the movers when they deliver all the items to the house.
Well me and my boyfriend checked out the address which they sent me and when we got there, we saw two police cars sitting outside the home next door to the house. No sign in the yard saying for rent or for sale it did however look vacant. The bad thing is it was in a high crime area. So I sent an email back not realizing when I sent the email back they first mentioned me watching their daughter, then it turned into a son. Lol!! The real estate agent knew nothing about anybody trying to move out or move in. I'm just glad I didn't give out my pertinent information.I will say this in which it has always been told to me. "If something seems too good to be true, it almost always is."

Yes but the name I got was Kimberly Mary s Williams. She said she an interior decorators. That lives in Dallas but is working in Nigeria. An now she's broke can cazh her 40,000 dollar check an asked if I have a check card so she can wire sum of the money to me and I can western union money back to her.lol which I did research on KKimberly,s in Dallas an I friended another Kimberly sellers. Different pic same line. Make sure u look at both of them.

So a lady contacted me and I'm so dumb i actually deposited the check to my account and then the bank contacted me telling me that the check was fake so they were going to close my account or whatever, so my question is should i file a police report? because the person sent me the check through mail and they know my address so i don't know what to do because at the same time i don't know the persons(nanny supposedly) address name or anything so basically i have nothing to really to go by?

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. Even if you don't know the sender's information, you can report what her email said, and details about the check. Information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Our small family owned business became the victim of the caregiver check scam on Christmas Eve. I had to close our account and now have to wait until Monday to open a new account, change all our online banking. What a pain.
I don't knits how the scammer dud it but they got a copy of our checks and altered it and mailed checks fir $1750 to at least 7 people who were "hired" to provide caregiver services in NJ--we are in CO!
Lucky I had a check cashing place call to verify the check and one if the hired caregivers called as well before she deposited the check. Once you deposit the check you become liable for the funds , once a check us cashed whoever cashed it is responsible. Lucky fir us we caught it fast so we are not responsible and our bank wasn't either.
But it is a hassle I am unable to file a report on the FTC web site but I did file a police report

idk if i am being scammed, now looking at all these things i think i am, but i need opinions... this woman living in NM offered me a job housekeeping because i had my resume posted on indeed, she said she was moving to maine but had to go to turkey to pick up her kids, and tells me she will pay me $600 a week to work 30 hours, in a town near me. I accept and she tells me she will give me one week ahead of time, but she is going to include the movers fee and i have to go to the described address and pay the movers. She emailed me this morning and said her son is critical and needs to go to turkey today and told me that my payment, the movers fee, and the keys to the place are being sent out today. I am also looking for an apartment, and while on one of the sites i noticed that the address the woman gave me was up for sale. I contacted the Realtor and hopefully they will get back to me soon, i just dont want to be scammed im just now finally starting to live my life, and people are so ignorant as to only want to f!@#$ up other peoples lives for no reason. i thought i had landed a good job but now it seems like im kinda screwed.

My 17 year old daughter got almost identical story from a lady in Hawaii moving to our area. Wanted to send a check from her " financer" because she was so busy moving. She demanded honesty and told my daughter that my daughter was chosen above 20 other applicants. Total scam. Thank God my 17 yr old daughter spoke up. Btw... This was a connection through care.com

I have been on care.com......I have recieved 3 of these///this week...I thought ssomething was wrong as just like everyone else ....they want to pay up front send a key ....the one today sent a picture of her and her MOM,....I recognized the picture because the fraudster ha sent the same pic using a ifferent email account and name ...I ha recived a request in December,,,,something about paying up front with a check and then deducting the amount for the wheelchair after the money was sent. Same picture from december and the whole wheelchair thing came in today. There was no mention of how to make payment arrangements on this one today ,,,but the fraudster posted the same PIC today as a different person.....as they did in December ,,,,,, Horrifying !! They only have my email address,,,but thats plenty . I have had NO activity on care in 2 years ,,,then all of a sudden Im receiving texts everyday somehow. when I called the phone numbers using star 67 first so they could not aee my name...these are text phones..,. not even real phones,,,,like VOIP....the names have been James Akande .....(wanted to send keys and a check ),,,and Marlina hutson and kelly denning.....the 2 female names are the ones that had the same picture floating from the December text ....name is December was Marlina, name today was kelley . James had this long ridiculous email about mailing me keys etc...to get "food stuffs " all set up for he and his family's arrival..... it was for pet sitting and bathing 5 days a week....450.00 a week, anyway so glad I found out what they are doing. Thank you and I am so sorry to hear of all of your postings on this site.

Thats crazy i got a similar email but the guys name was joseph freeman
But his wifes name he said was marlina.i know its the same person becouse of when you said he sent a long email about getting apartment ready for his family and the words you mentioned about getting "food stuffs" plus the name marlina was used he just used a different email adress and nme.and same for me i havent been on care.com in awhile and all of a sudden i got texted on my phone saying to emsil them.ceazy.i also tracked the ip adress and found it listed on some spam sites.i have been trying to figure out how to get them in trouble.one website said to report or forward the email to the isp of the email adress i also posted the ip adress on a few differnt spam reporting sites..

I got a text message from a Haley Weber saying she was hard of hearing and had a 5 year old Son named David who some months ago got into an accident and is now in a wheel chair. She told me to reply to an email address and that she wants me to get a wheelchair for her son for when they move out. She asked for my information and I asked her a few questions first. If icould being my son with me to work what payroll system she was going to use where they were moving to in my area. She would answer any of the important questions even though I asked her several times. That should have been a huge red flag but I didn't catch it even though I told my husband I was feeling sketched out a little. I gave her my address (stupid) and she said she was sending a check. We got the check today and it was under a different name James Mary and it was from Arkansas when she told me she was moving from Massachusetts. Thank God for my husband. He did some research after he got the check and found this sight. We haven't deposited it and are planning on reporting it. She also texted me from 2 different numbers! I can't believe I didn't trust my gut and I almost went through with this. Please be careful!

same thing happened to me. A Haley Weber from Arizona with the EXACT same story. Makes me sick

this same story happened to me, the two sons David and Kelvin and one is in a wheelchair, their using the name Emily Smith, so beware! I was suspicious as well but fell for the story of sending a picture, due to them sending me a picture, i thought it was safe. ( i also used care.com) DO NOT SEND PICTURES, I THINK THEY'RE USING THESE PICTURES TO LURE OTHERS, IF YOU SEE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN FAMILY WITH A LADY IN A CAP AND GOWN THAT'S ME, DON'T BELIEVE THEM THEY MAY BE USING MY PICTURE ( I feel like a total idiot) they also prey on you if you believe in God, DON'T TRUST THEM! Thank God, i didn't get to the point where they were cashing checks, but i'm afraid they will be using my picture, i don't know what's worse, Lord help us stop this criminal!

I got an email from a "James Brenard" but the said her name is "Doran jeshua " and her husbands name is Mark. She is also hard of hearing and went to the school in Texas. She said she was moving to my area with her husband. That she's a stock broker, a member of a nonprofit charity, 39 and 6 months pregnant, and she needed my help Watching her 7 year old daughter Megan. I did send her my address and I just now called her out in the email. I'm hoping to no longer receive any contact from her and if that check does come I will be sure to turn it over to the authorities.

I got the same exact story to the T! They just sent me a check in the mail but won't answer questions I have so I got spooked. What should we do?

My daughter just got the same scam. Lady just said she is on her way to Turkey to get kids and her son was seriously ill. Said check and keys were in mail.
Total scam and my daughter won't be cashing that check!

I heard a similar story. Was her name Belinay Sari by any chance?

Same story just a different name...Dawn Baxter....just tried to run this same scam on me. My profile was on Indeed.Com...beware 03/05/2016

Same story. Different name. Contact name was Haley Weber, received a check from James Mary. Terrible communication. We'd given up on the job opportunity until they text my wife today (Jun 13,2016) that the check would be arriving today and they needed it deposited ASAP. Now they won't stop texting.

I got the exact same emails from a Emily Mora

WOW This lady is a real winners i wish i would have found this website a couple of weeks ago.Did this lady use the name as Melissa Gabrial ? She found my resume on indeed and offered me a nanny job for $25.00 for 6 hrs a day. i was so looking forward to my new job . She used the same storie moving from new mexico and going to Turkey to get her kids because her son is in critical condition. Sounds like she is using the same storie except i live in utah where she says she was moving she wanted to pay me also in advance and when i recieved the cashiers check to cash it at my credit union and then go to a money gram store and send the rest to her dad in turkey to pay the movers. To many red flags. I am so glad the credit union caught it. The cashiers check is now at the fraud department. Now I know after reading your comment it is a fraud. What i have been through lately has been very emotional . One thing for sure if it sounds to good it is to good to be true.

My wife has received two emails recently each wanting to pay 300 dollars per week. One even said they were moving to Virginia from London. They found out we live in NH and changed their story saying they were moving here. They even gave us a phone number which we googled found out it was a landline in Long Island, not London.

What ever happened ?! I have the same exact email same exact amount and everything ?

How are you? I hope all is going on fine over there.
I didn't get to email you as fast as i was suppose to e-mail you.
I'm Kayla Torres, my husband is late,he passe-d some few years ago, and I have a son and a daughter,my son is 10 years old of age,while my daughter is 7 years old of age,they are friendly kid,seriously they won't give you any problem,they both stays in Turkey with my parent.... I came to United State 2 years ago,i came to work on contract basis with United States Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work,now am relocating from Atlanta(US) because i was just transfer from Atlanta ..I just got a new apartment there,which i included below in this email,i heard that my son is sick in Turkey,am planning on going to Turkey to take care of my son and then bring them along back to United State,so i will be staying in my new apartment with my family(my son and my daughter)....Here is the apartment address below:
1515 Hogansville Road, Lagrange, GA 30241. i hope its near to you...
So i need someone who could help me take care of my house by doing some light cleaning and taking care of my children while am off to work just a little babysitting and I believe you are fit for this position inasmuch you will prove yourself to be a reliable and hard working person,(Monday-Friday) no weekend for now,we can talk on that later,am paying $20/hr,and we need you to be working 6 hrs daily, your work schedule is from 8 am-2 pm Mon-Fri... We are going to arrive by the Mid of August,You will start working on same day we will be arriving.You will help us to arrange and clean the apartment in the morning of our arrival date,I can tell the estate agent to mail the keys to the apartment to you so that you can be able to clean it on the day before we arrive. I want to know if there's any equipment that you will need me to provide, if there's any let me know how much it will cost. I know you will be committed to the work,you will also have a nice period of working with us and you are welcome to our family.e-mail me and let me know if you are interested.
Hope to read from you

What email did she used...idk if I'm getting scammed. Employer said the can wire my bonus. Hasn't asked for $... Yet...

THE same thing has happened to me,first I got an email from a "Jessica Amber" looking for a nanny for her friend Helena Winn for their 3 year old daughter. She then asked for a picture and my address I did not respond because it sounded like a scam. Apparently they are moving to the us from "sweden"

I have also been targeted. I am not even picking up the usps package sent. The devil is a lie. I put a postal hold on it. So I'm already out $12.55. This dose suck. I could have really used the opportunity.

I recieved an email from (jbarcena68) after I applied at sittercity.com. she said she needed a babysitter and asked me many questions having to do with the job. She even texted from (1-631-604-4787). Everything seemed fine until she sent me my "first weeks pay", I received a check of $2784 & since it was so much I asked if it was for the first month or what. She said to depisite the check and stay with $700 then deposit the rest into an art worker account. Everything before the check seemed legit, she even sent me pics of her, the baby, & husband all together. But we have never met in person because she is "out of the country". I have the check and don't want to touch it until I know what to really do. I just feel strange and bummed out.

Don't deposit the check; that's the best way to avoid a fake check scam.
The scammer hopes you'll deposit the check, then withdraw money before the bank can find out the check is fake. Once the bank learns that, you would have to repay all the money you withdrew.
You can ask your state and local consumer protection agencies what to do with the check.  Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you provide will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Just happened to me! check for 2,150.00 reported it!

It happens to me at the moment, I m just curious how far they can go with this, they ve just asked me to look for a Nintendo system which costs between £100 -£250 and said they ll send me the money to buy it for their son. I ve realised it s a scam because some details are on repeat and I also looked for the name on internet, no information found. Also, the fake mom keeps writing "we re gonna move to your city" :)))

This happened to my friend. Was asked to buy a Nintendo for the son. The cheque came through and it was a fake. They said they were from Mexico and can't come over until she sent the rest of the money bk.

This just happened to me from someone off of sittercity.com named George Moxon. He wanted me to buy a Nintendo DS and 7 games, said he was sending the $350 for it, sent $2,150 instead said his associate made a mistake and that the rest was going to the movers (he's from Germany "supposedly") what's scary is he gave me an address to the house he was moving to with his family and it was 5 minutes from my house (without him knowing my address) and he sent photos of his wife and kid and then together. People are scary.

omg. this person just messeged me 2 weeks ago. so this thing is just a scam!

who can we report this fraudulent activity to?

You can report to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You can also report to your state and local consumer protection agencies, or file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Has anybody ever gotten their money back? Will law enforcement ever catch them?

I got an email from a lady named Ashley Soriano and shes sent me a check for $2100 telling me to w.u to the wheelchair company. Saying she has a 2 year old son. And how he was in an accident that he needs to be in a wheelchair.

Well anyone got Mariah zubak or Maria she sent a check for 3,700 450 for me to despoit in an account bank America then saying the rest is going towards furniture NANNY JOB MARIAH ZUBAK

im in the middle of a scam right now i just know it is expecially after reading all of this thank god for this site. ive been talking to my scammer for two weeks now i kept all the emails his name is REV.JEFF GILBERT yea a rev.he found me on i need money.com so he sent me a check for 1,700 im supose to keep 500.00 out of it and he said after i cash it he will tell me where to send the rest of the money. but first he sent me a check for 2,000 i told him i had gotton it then he said oh dont cash that one he said i wasnt suppose to get that one he said after i cash the second one he will tell me what to do with the first one. but the thing about this check is the top has gentle dentle clinic and then the amount like payroll check anyways i told him i dont have a bank account he told me open one and cash it and to hurry cause the other person im suppose to send the money to really needs it so i guess the scam is im suppose to cash the check keep 500 and send the rest to whoever he tells me to which is most likeely himself and then ill have to pay all the money back. but i lied and told him i put the check into the new bank account and they told me i had to leave it in there for ten days his only question is what bank did you put it in i didnt answer so he thinks were waiting for me to cash it im not that stupid. see where i was asking for money on my site he was sending me a check and it seemed real i wanted it to be real but its not i know its not. thanks for listening and for this site.

That is too crazy! This same number was used in a scam for a personal assistant with a friend of mine. same scenario... I was like, why do you need a Personal assistant that lives in Atlanta when you live in California... lol

I got an email & text from Stephanie William basically the message goes the same as everything I've seen posted on here . Care wanted . Relocating. Wheel chair . Check . Pre pay for services . The only difference in my story is that she offered to meet me , before I even asked even tho I already "had the job" she wanted to meet face to face on Dec. 12 2015 at a public location at 6:00pm here where I stay (Atlanta) she also didn't tell me to wire any money after I cashed the check just to pay my $350 & buy a wheelchair and if I didn't want it sent to my address have it delivered to the post office. She didn't even ask if I had a bank account she just assumed . But ya know clearly it's a scam just wanted to post my story ( and this was via care.com)

Exactly same here. The phone number he/she uses is (304) 699-1207. I almost bought it too, so thanks for this post.

Same here, very persistent. In the emails and text messages she sent there were a lot of misused words. She texted at all hours of the night too, one text was at 1:30 AM. I have all documentation and I am going to report this. Her name is Lindsey Mitchell phone number is 785-403-4126. She want the money sent to China via Western Union. She used the Care.com website saying she needed care for her mom. I have all documentation including a copy of the fake check.

I need your help catching this person I am certain I know the culprit

I just got the SAME exact scam the other day. Pamela Williams, who is moving from Texas and her son needs a wheelchair. In her first email she explained to me that I'll be needing to cash her check and send the rest to the wheelchair company. I told her she must send me more information than that and I haven't heard from her since. I was also contacted from care.com. Wow I can't believe I almost fell for that. It seemed so legit at first, once I got to thinking I knew I had to research this situation more.

I got a text msg from a fake kate barnsworth today who says that she lives in Boston and that her husband recently died in a car accident in Boston and that her son Andy is now paralyzed and that she needs a weekend babysitter. She says she is relocating to my area and that she will send me a weekends pay on advance as well as a wheelchair for her son to my house and she wants to know all of my personal info. She also claims to be hard of hearing and a graduate of Phoenix School for the Deaf. She is a fake .

I got a Sharon cowell and she too was hard of hearing. And graduated from Texas school of deaf. Son was in a wheel chair. Sick individual. That's why I never spoke to her cause I thought she couldn't hear on the phone

Oh man! I'm new to care.com but I thought something was fishy about Sharon cowell I got the exact same Information! Her latest email asked me for my personal information but I'm so glad I looked up the name before replying back to her! How do I report it?

Sharon Cowell is now James Favor and lost both her husband and new born and only has her son James who is in a wheel chair. She's still deaf and a stock broker moving to my area as well to escape painful memories and needs someone 3 days a week to care for her son. $20 an hour.Way too much detail in her introduction, spelling issues, total scammer!Found ad on Craigslist.Heres the new text number:1 708-232-3238

Got the message from James Favor too from wyzant. She wants to mail me a check in advance to tutor her 13 year old son James. She insisted to pay me in advance and asked for my resident address to hold my availability The number she used is 708-325-8259. Be careful. I didn't provide her the info. and she stopped to respond

I recieved a wheelvhair story similar but from a person named Paulina Smith.

This happened to me while I was in Los Angeles looking for a babysitting job. Same exact story except the child wasn't in a wheel chair. That was a mess with my bank account.

This person is also going by the name Ashlea       , using the number (408) 740-6184 and email, I received the same type of email yesterday in response to my indeed.com resume. Ashlea was relocating, needed a nanny, husband died in car accident, daughter in wheelchair, mom is hard of hearing and recently graduated from Texas school of deaf... I'm glad I did research before responding and giving out my personal info, so I was saved from the scam but I am definitely reporting her!!

I just got the exact same email! Ashlea's e!ail was in my response to my indeed. resume. I thought it was odd that I would have to go get a wheelchair and that was she wanted to pay me ahead of time. Though this person didn't want to meet on the 17th. But that probably would have ended up with me just sitting somewhere being stood up. I'm reporting her as soon as I can!

This is the real Ashlea and I'm wondering if you could remove my name from this post? I can understand if you do not want to, to let people know, but I really do not want my name associated with this horrible scam!

Just got a very similar message from a "Kehla Moore." She got my information from care.com. She had the whole wheelchair story and everything. I even wrote out my information and address and then felt my gut tell me to not send it. So I decided to look up "nannying" scams and I found this! Terrible that people like this are out there.

I got one from Sharon Cowell too! Creepy!

This happened to me today. Sharon Cowell said she got my information from care.com Was going to send me a week salary and the money to pay for a wheel chair for her son. Wanted me to deposit check and pay pay the wheel chair. Glad I google her on the internet and went to my mail and deleted information sent to her on where I live

i totally just got the exact same email, except the names are different. the nerve of some people. i am really glad that i found this website.

I got the exact same message from "Kate" I almost fell for it but I never sent her my address or information and she stopped replying

I got the SAME exact story about the son dying in a car accident, and the child is now paralyzed etc.. so glad I didn't buy into it! "Jennifer Smith" I sent her my resume and now im even sketched out about that..

I just got the same exact email except from a Jennifer Pickton ? Her son is in a wheelchair she is also hard of hearing. She is moving from Texas to Vegas where I am located. Asked me to take care of her son. I gave my address though, what should I do if the check arrives. I created a Care.com account just recently

If you get a check that might be fake, you can take it to your bank. If the scheme involved the U.S. mail, you can submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.
You can also file a complaint with details about the messages and check you got. Report it to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I just got the same e-mail! Im so nervous now. We have been talking all day and I decided to search her name and I found your post. Were you ever contacted again? Should I report her to something?

I got the exact same story from a woman named "Lisa Spencer" BEWARE!!!!!!!! it's a scam!!!!

I got the same exact email from Jennifer Pickton who is looking for a dog sitter for her dog "ZEUS". She even sent me pictures of her family so I fell for it. I gave her my dress but I am so glad I found this thread.

I received the same email, same pictures, and same story. She told me she was deaf and could not speak on the phone. I run a dog day care so I was home and saw a car park in front of my house, she didn't knock just walked up the steps with her head down and put the mail. I thought it was a dog owner picking up their pet so I opened the front door. She looked very nervous. Didn't say anything and left.

Same story, moving to Chicago. Used the Name Melissa Jones

I got the same story from a lady named Maggie Wilsom

I just got a text from a stephaniewilliam008 saying she was moving from PA to NY and wanted to hire me to watch her dog. I had a bad feeling immediately, and now I'm glad I followed my gut.

she texted me under the name paulina smith and sent me a check of $1950 to pay for me, and the rest for the wheel chair...

I'm glad I found someone that's talked to "Paulina Smith" too. This scammer actually made me feel like I was talking to an actual person with interests in having a nanny for her wheel chair bound, fatherless son. The nerve of some people. I gave my address and everything and the check popped up today. At first I felt guilty for being rude for how I we acting bemused her responses were pleasant and understanding. But now, I want to find this person and give them a piece of my mind. The nerve of some people. Now I'm skeptical about using care.com.. Disgusting.

This just happened to my 19 yr. old daughter via care.com. She too wanted to meet her and gave a location. I thought it was more of a kidnapping thing. She just received the fraudulent check today but with no instructions and no contact with the "woman Evelyn T. Parker for two weeks. Why would they have wanted to meet and what are they wanting with her if they gave her no instructions? This person had tons of spelling errors too and said her son needed a wheel chair because he broke his legs then later on in the conversation said her son was handicapped. We told her we wanted to skype and have an interview with her and her son before accepting the position and they never responded until receiving this check today. If we didn't know better and deposited it but didn't spend it is there a way they can get my daughter's bank information? Otherwise I can't fathom what the purpose of this is.

I also got a message from someone saying they were Evelyn Parker. She emailed pictures of her daughter and had initially said she was handicapped and then the story changed to she broke her legs. I didn't think anything of it at first but when I told my family they told me it was a scam and to stop responding. I've gotten really angry texts from them as well as a check for well over $4000. I haven't been responding and today they texted me saying, "you should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of the condition of a small kid just to satisfy your greed ....you will regret ever scamming me you thief"
Since you didn't wire anything, there isn't a way for them to get her bank information. I ripped my check up when I received it.

I got this msg for this lady .
Thanks for your quick response to my email,My Name is Mary Forbes from Canada (Ontario) I'm moving to your area for 4 weeks having contract with N.G.O Non Governmental Organization that takes care of children living with HIV/AIDS we are sponsored by UNI AIDS and A.S.O Aids Service Organization ,
i want you to help me Care for daughter from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks but i have to make sure everything is well organized and arrange before leaving. My daughter's name is Wendy is 5 years old, she likes to play around with kids and like to be pampered with toys. My daughter is healthy, i just need someone to take care for her while am at work, all necessary contracts will be filled when we arrive to the state.
You do not have to worry about transportation, I have negotiate with a cab Driver that will be driving her down to your place go and come I would like you to get back to me with your total charges for 4 weeks during your available periods because my affiliated company will make an upfront payment for my 4 weeks in the states to help me settle down.
Kindly send the following details to get your paycheck processed . Full name to be on the check :- Street address (not P.O Box): - City:- State:- Zip code:- Total charges:- Mobile number for easier communication: I will await for the information from you as soon as possible. Remember she is all i have and i really want a conducive and pleasant atmosphere for her. We will arrived to the state on 9th of Nov, start on the 10th Nov 2015.
Mary Forbes 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 9Z7,

I got the same email..good you can check nowadays the web for stuff like that

I got the same email! But it seems real? She's been emailing me consistent and being very real about it..?

I would always ALWAYS ask what is the first language of the parent(s) and child ("In order to be sure we can effectively communicate, what is your native language?"). If the sender says English and then sends a text full of spelling/grammatical errors, they're likely lying. Especially if they hold some high position within a company willing to pay up front for the childcare of an employee. From the text of the Mary message, you do not have a native English speaker. A SURE SIGN OF A SCAM!!!

I just received the same email but from Susan William. I figured it was a scam and here is the proof. Thank you!

I received the same email from a guy on sittercity they just updated me saying he was terminated from the website. Had a feeling he wasn't legit because after he promised me the job he put up the same post a week later with a different name and email. So I made a different email used a different name & he wrote the same thing to my personal email on this one. My boyfriend just told me the day before something was up & he was right..

I got same one

Just got this email her name is now Kate.London 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 9Z7,
Thanks for your quick response to my email,My Name is Kate from Canada (Ontario) I'm moving to your area for 4 weeks having contract with N.G.O Non Governmental Organization that takes care of children living with HIV/AIDS we are sponsored by UNI AIDS and A.S.O Aids Service Organization ,i want you to help me Care for daughter from 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks but i have to make sure everything is well organized and arrange before leaving.
My daughter's name is Wendy is 5 years old, she likes to play around with kids and like to be pampered with toys. My daughter is healthy, i just need someone to take care for her while am at work, all necessary contracts will be filled when we arrive to the state.You do not have to worry about transportation, I have negotiate with a cab Driver that will be driving her down to your place go and come I would like you to get back to me with your total charges for 4 weeks during your available periods because my affiliated company will make an upfront payment for my 4 weeks in the states to help me settle down.
Kindly send the following details to get your paycheck processed . Full name to be on the check :- Street address (not P.O Box): - City:- State:- Zip code:- Total charges:- Mobile number for easier communication: I will await for the information from you as soon as possible. Remember she is all i have and i really want a conducive and pleasant atmosphere for her. We will arrived to the state on 10 of July, start on the 11th July 2016 Kate.London 3600 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 9Z7, I would anticipate your response,Thanks for your anticipated service.

Omg this is just happening to me same storie just different names. I just told him to not send anything and that if he does I will return it back.

So I just received a similar email from a "Michael Buckner ", I unfortunately gave him my email, phone, address and after he sent me pictures of his "family" and "daughter", he asked me to send pictures as well. So being desperate, I did, but I have felt uncomfortable ever since. Turns out the number is scam. However, my concern is if I should be scared of any potential harm. They offered to pay upfront and told them it wasn't necessary. If I get the check, I know not to deposit it.
Should I report it?

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
If you give a stranger your name, address, phone number and email address, he might misuse it. Read about what to do if your information is lost or exposed.

i received an email exactly like that, and did the exact same thing sent pictures back, but luckily i did a reverse image search and found out that the picture they sent me was from a magazine article, my worries are that they have all my personal information, including all of my references personal information.

What did you do? I got the same thing and I sent pictures as well..

Wow I'm glad I checked this cite. I got an email from Michael Buckner too plus two others. I emailed them back and even made the mistake of giving my address to one of them. I will not deposit any checks but I'm afraid how they might use my personal information.

Please be careful with a Nikolas Muller aka Nikass asking to take care of his dad who lives with him in Kansas. The fathers name is Phillip Muller supposedly. I almost fell for this. He had my name and home address. He stopped texting me as soon as I said I didn't have a bank account. I responded to a caregiver add on Craigslist that read personal Senior care. Do not give him bank account info please.

Beware of Nancy and Alexander Melberg supposedly moving to the States from Denmark. I became suspicious and contacted them saying I felt it was a scam but I just got a text stating the funds should arrive today ( Christmas Day). I will be contacting the FTC after the holidays.

Got the same message from this couple. Yes,they are scammers.

Just got a check yesterday, thank you all for the info!!! This is the address they used

Two years ago, I got a very similar e-mail about a job I posted for on Craig's list. It was for a Restaurant Manager (FoH) Grand Opening New Brazilian Steakhouse type in Downtown Center City, blah blah. We exchanged numerous emails, with a very courteous Head Chef Extraordinaire Jose Leon. Very professional sounding in emails & calls. I asked for a Website/Location of this Job. They gave me an exact address, I actually went down and it was a really nice building with a "Coming Soon" Grand Opening sign on the doors. So the next email, they say We need you to order the POS Microsoft Machines for the servers/bartenders. Can you be @ the restaurant next wk and sign for them? I obliged. Then they overnight me a huge official looking package with books about the micros systems and a check for $2450. I was to pay the Micros company $1750, sign for them on delivery, and keep the rest as my pay. He calls me back and says, I got word you received our check, things are moving along faster than expected, please go cash check tomorrow and head over to restaurant either the next day or nite. The check looked legit as hell! My bank cashed it, I figure if the bank cashed it, it's good right? WRONG! Anyways, I was young & dumb and was all excited about this job. The Head Chef calls me the next day and says to wire the money today, goto restaurant tomorrow. I stupidly sent the money - Moneygram to a Desiree Jones, Micros Manager. Of course, there was No Job, No restaurant opening.. NOTHING BUT A SCAM! Now a month later, my bank calls me about a fake check!? I was soo pissed! They prey on people! BEWARE!
Here's a new one - A company calls, leaves messages telling me they received my case from the IRS and I have a bench warrant out for Tax Fraud! I call the number back, they say they can help me get outta trouble by paying a percentage. If not, Police will be arriving with warrant!! Unbelievable! The number was
(202) 524-8877 BEWARE!

I applied to a job posting from indeed and received a text message stating that I was emailed a job offer. I checked my email a few days later to find an email from Kate Balmforth. She offered me a position to care for her 6 year old son, whom was injured from a car accident where the father was lost. They were moving from their state to my state. But indicated she would pay me for a weeks work beforehand to secure the nanny position wih a check. And also asked if a wheelchair could be mailed to my house, since her son was in one. I ended up googling the name and found a bunch of similar cases of this being a scam.

Watch out for Elizabeth Ervin. She found me on Care.com. Offered to send me a check for 2450$. She wanted me to keep 550 as deposit for first week of work. The rest was supposed to be for hearing aids that would arrive COD. I want this stopped. I have emails and a phone number!

You can help law enforcement by filing a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

What was her email?

Ashlea                almost got me her email said exactly this... Thank you for replying to my job posting. I received your resume and i`m interesting in hiring you for my daughter. My name is Ashlea             . I recently lost my husband in a car accident on our way from a long weekend holiday. I am hard of hearing. I attended the Texas school for the deaf where i archived my highest qualification. I own a business and i`m a strong Catholic member.
I need a responsible nanny for my 7 year old daughter. Her name is Lisa. She is currently suffering a leg fracture sustained from the accident that took my husband away. She is placed on a wheelchair as recommended by the specialist. Although; she can walk and carry out some necessary cores by herself. However; the Surgeon advised she uses the wheelchair as a precautionary measure and also to prevent injury set back. The job duties include: Light house keeping, watch and care for her to ensure safety, initiate games, arts & crafts projects, cleaning her room and washing her clothes. I will like you to tell me about yourself.
I will also like for you to provide me with your information so i can run a background check on you. I am assuming you already have the job if only your record comes out clean. We are moving to Indianapolis so as to start a new life. Staying here brings back memories of my late husband so i thought about moving and discussed with my Bishop who considered it enough reason to relocate. We shall arrive Indianapolis on April 16th but the babysitting job begins on Monday 18th. Do you consider meeting on Sunday 17th reasonable? We are going to be available to meet you anytime on 17th. Just let me know where you would like to meet and the time. The job schedule is 9am to 4pm, Monday`s through Friday`s only. Compensation per hour is $18 and i`m wondering if you could assist with receiving Lisa`s wheelchair in your house prior to our arrival. She is currently renting one from the clinic here and i found someone in Indianapolis with the specified wheelchair she needs at a great deal but she has only one left in stock. If you re willing to help, I`m going to find out the delivery procedure and let you know. More importantly, I have seen cases where people book a nanny and they end up not showing up on the start date,I am hard of hearing and its going to be tough for me to find someone just right away. I understand you might be a different person but i do feel more comfortable booking you for the first week by sending your payment of $630 for the week of 18th to 22nd. This is to confirm you booked for the position to avoid disappointment. I hope my disability isn`t a problem and my child being on a wheelchair too? I will like to know if you are available permanently or temporarily.
However, I`ll like you to respond to the below questions : 1. How would you describe yourself? 2. why should i hire you? 3. what are your strengths? 4. What are your weaknesses? 5. Do you have a CPR or willing to take the classes going forward? Please provide your name, street address including apartment number, city and zip code, date of birth and your primary cell phone number so i can text you back with further details as soon as i`m done with the background check. I await your quick response. Thank you! Ashlea               (fake!!!!)

What about a Della Martinez? I just received a check but I'm not depositing it

They almost got me, and I won't say how I figured it out so I don't give them critique on how to do this better because I can tell they've improved their method after reading some of these. Her name was Cynthia Milner (not that it matters because it will change its alias), hard of hearing, moving to my area, said she put me on some payroll and sent a check, never used my address in the first place, will take the check to the bank and maybe police with her email and see what they can do--hopefully they can trace it or the email to stop this scammer. I'm trying to get a second job so I can pay for my family's medical bills and my college debt, I'm 22, and turned down three lesser paying REAL job offers for this scam. It's just sick to me that there are people that can honestly sit in a cozy chair trying to get easy money. For scammers reading this (caps for emphasis): IF YOU PUT THE SAME TIME YOU'RE PUTTING INTO FAILING AT BEING A CHEAT INTO LEARNING/DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE THEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY START MAKING A DIFFERENCE, MATURING, NOT HURTING PEOPLE AROUND YOU, GAINING PRECIOUS MEMORIES, FINDING LOVE IN AND FOR PEOPLE, AND GROWING. That goes for all of those who cheat. There are real consequences for us real people who are honestly trying our hardest to make ends meet for those we love. You could be messing with someone who finds the cure to YOUR cancer (I work in a research lab). Don't let cheating be your cancer--it's draining your life, your time, and everyone else's.

After opening a Care.com account two days ago, I got a text from someone (phone number 419-776-4106) who wanted me to email her at Cynthia.miller007@-----. She wants to pay me $400 to work 2 hours a day, 3 days a week as a housekeeper.
I emailed her last night, asking what days, what hours.
She texted me AGAIN this morning with the exact same text, and I responded that I had already answered her.
Checked my email and she said she was moving here from Ohio to do some research with an herbal supplement company, needed a housekeeper, part time to start would be fine, could I reply with my address, full name and phone number so she could calculate the distance between us.
OK woman, you already have my phone number, you sent me two identical texts! And I had signed my email with my full name!

I just received a fed ex of a check in mail for 2400+ dollars. Then emailed about depositing check and keeping 6oo.00 and sending rest to the " foster home" but as I went to Walmart and attempted to cash it was told it "can't be read".

I just fell for it too. $4700...bank says I'm liable. Its hard to believe there are people in this world that really do this with their lives. What life is that?

Received an email from a Rose Henry. Similar story wanted me to babysit in the future and wanted me to send her my information for a background check. Also wanted me to pick up a wheelchair for her. After reading other comments on here I now know it's a check scam. So sad that people would do this. Story goes: deaf wife in wheelchair, deaf husband after long weekend, young child needing care.

I have been scammed by a Michelle Tabb. She took 2800 from me and she was trying to take 10,000!

I got an email from a Tyler James from sitter.com. Claiming she's a single mother of two boys. She said she was out of town and will me money in advance so I can start upon her arrival. Then something just didn't feel right so I goggle his/her name at sitter.com and immediately found this page. I'm glad I did. Sorry to hear what happened to you, people nowadays don't have hearts anymore.

very useful, thanks.

I agree, as my Mom turns 90 soon~ people are always calling and asking her for her information!

I got the EXACT same email but it was from a jessica smith instead, I already gave her my address and name what should I do?

Didn't you read paco?! It is a scam! Please don't send these people any money no matter where it is to!! Never respond to a stranger asking you to cash a check and/or wire money.

I received one of these checks. I knew better than to cash it. Maybe being from the UK makes me clever;

I just received a fake check from an ad I placed on Craig list. I told the guy I don't accept checks, he sent it anyway. I put it back in the mailbox with return to sender, I hope he gets it. This guy is agressive I hope he doesn't become a problem?

What were the repercussions of your actions? I found myself on the same situation.

Thank you for your adviced. Without these information I would have been rip off by these people. Luckily i have got nothing for them during these day. Thanks again and I wish you with my best wishes.

I am currently dealing with the very convincing "Charles Harris" in a caregiver scheme. It is a mirror image of someone else's ordeal. He still hasn't sent the check to me that will include a weeks pay, supplies reinbursement, and money to pay for a wheel chair that supposedly will come to my home. I almost refused another job because of his convincing story.

I also am dealing with "Charles Harris" in a caregiving scheme. Same scenario lives in California needs help with his mom who wants to come back to her home. Will send me a check for supplies and wheelchair and a weeks pay. He did send me a check my bank is aware of this I don't know what the end game is.

Hi, I am dealing with the same situation as you are now. I received an email after posting my resume on Craigslist for a job. The woman told me she needs a nanny for her children. She sent me a check to pay for a wheelchair and a week pay in advance. I was not thinking correctly, I deposited the check into my bank. Now the bank realize it a fake scheme check. They put a hold into my account for further investigation. Now I have no cash to use and no debit card. What sh I UK I do? Will I be able to use my bank again? It crazy situation.

Did you spend the money from that check you had deposited into your bank account? and now your account is in the red meaning you owe the bank the money you spent? If you answer is yes, let this be a lesson to you, never spend money that you have not yet earned. It would get you in trouble everytime because your are living on borrowed money, and if you don't have a regular constant income coming in to pay for your bill, housing, food etc. etc.. You will never be a ble to save money and get ahead. If this the case then let it be a lesson for the future to live by. Do not spend money you have no yet earned. Good luck and I wish you well.

your answer is yes,

Was her name mary Wesley?

Omg this happen to me today I received a check earlier today from a guy name ray roseline. He wanted me to deposit the check as soon as I get it,I tried calling him but it just ring and goes to voicemail every time he would make up excuses about him not having phone service or he couldn't hear me.

yes this same man did that to me he told me his name was ray roseline and that he was deaf and sent me a 2,785,18 and was arguing me down to deposit that check . thank god I tricked him into talking to my boyfriend and we found out he was scamming..

I got the same thing except for they changed their name to Roseline Ray.

Me too exact same name. I'm playing around with this "woman" with a fake email asking for a babysitting job

I almost fell for this too. I am in very bad finances atm, and this was a dream job---too good it turned out. I tried sending the western union/money gramhams but both were flagged. I feel so foolish! I contacted both W.U. & M.G. immediately once I saw this and cancelled the transfers(successfully), and reported it to the police and FTC both. I feel so sick...health care workers are the most caring and hard working people who want to help people, only to see this. :/ I hope no one else fell victim to this scam.

Dreammirror,so sorry it happened to you to. I am a nurse retired and was just looking for something to supplement my Social Security. The lady contacted me on Aug 29, her name is Katrina. Aug 29 was the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I lost everything and I think she is playing a sick joke. Still dealing with issues from the storm and for a few days I felt great, thinking I was goin back to work Did the police do anything for you? At least we didn't lose any money.

I just received a private call telling me I won 3,200 million and they proceeded to say my address and them asked if I was single, I told them I was widowed and they said I needed ID and was not sure if I needed money up front. and they would call me back tomorrow morning at 9:00 The man gave a name Ashton ph #254 340 2940. Is there somewhere I could check if this is a scam. Thank you

I applied for a child care position on sittercity for a Felixs Smith and his wife Amanda Smith who claim to live in Bakersfield, Vermont.He claims I am hired to care for his 3yr old son (and hasn't even met me yet) and he'll send me a check for payment in advance and the remaining money I am to wire via western union to his sister! It all sounded ridiculous so I did some checking and learned it is a SCAM.

I have receive email from someone said that they are moving to Orlando from somewhere I can't remember now but they will like me to take care for their 2 kids age 3 months to 1 years old and they will need to take care of them why they get their place ready and they will send me money the money now $400 dollar week but the husband will be here working with the kids and he will need to take care of them why the father work and the mother will be down later she have to sell the house where ever they was from. So all I need to do is to send them my information so that they can send me the money rite away. My full name, address,date of birth.

I got a email from a scammer I talked to him by email he sound convincing, I told my husband, as soon as he asked for my info I knew it was a scam. ugh... these people have nothing better to do...

I had scammers already, one stated he worked with the CIA and would be relocating to the area in 1 month but wanted to set-up pet sitting for his 2 dogs. He gave me an address in Canada and then asked me to fill out this form. I knew he was a fake by everything he was saying. He gave me a name and address and everything. I went online and googled the address, it was a Rehab center in Canada, I then emailed the CIA and questioned them about this person, they were very nice getting back to me and stated they do not have anyone by that name employed with them plus they would only email with their own professional mail. Well I got back to this person just to let him know I was onto him and to think twice about doing this to someone else, I told him my accounting dept. checked the address and there was a problem, never heard back. Yea whenever they want to know where they should send the check or they want you to fill out a form they emailed to you or it just sounds too go to be true go with your gut. One guy said he was a doctor and would be in the area in 2 weeks, needed a sitter for his dog while he was site seeing, *L*, there isn't anything to site see!!!! Just beware, don't give information out on you or your bank.

I am currently contacting someone with a similar story. 2 dogs named misty (Australian Terrier) and razor (German shepard). Except the name is Hillary Wright. Said would send $400 check and use rest for "foodstuffs" and other items they would need. Also from Canada. Lmaooooo this is pathetic!! I'm thinking of playing along so I can catch her and have her put in jail!

I had received a few from this site, offering wonderful pay and weird histories. So I knew it wasn't true, so I wrote back telling them that I wasn't idiot and I told them if they keep sending me letters I will report to the police. So they stopped it.

After having nothing but fraudulent job offers on this site www.sittercity.com it’s my opinion that my personal information has been severely compromised, along with personal information of others using this website. Having been a private investigator for 15 years, I know first hand that the government is not going to do anything about this problem and it should be up to the website owners to have strict if not background checks for the solicitations of any job postings/listings. Simply writing on a blog and posting the same information that everyone has gone through, will not keep our information private nor give the entire picture of these crimes to your clients. It should be up to www.sittercity.com to offer opt-out of solicitation's of private information for your members and opt-in information of the people wanting to hire anyone on this site. I will be forwarding this email to the appropriate government authorities and keep any correspondence from them up to date with www.sittercity.com. Furthermore, this has become a complete waste of my time and having to find work on top of dealing with a website that doesn’t follow any type of protocol for it’s members is very discouraging and costly.

I feel people who post on websites like this and Graiglists sometimes need to be investigated on their backgrounds and if they are looking for attention, I know a lady like this she was removed from home for abuse to her mother. Put in a rehab center her own father kicked her to the curb, the Mother felt bad took her back sad thing if mother don't give her money she don't take her church, buy her food , in fact her words were I'm here and I can't wait to put mom 6 feet under some nanny if getting paid by the state take money to buy booze, sit at slot machines need to be locked up forever

So what do you really do then if your a victim of this? My bank closed my account. Do I file a police report or talk to my bank?

If you deposited a fake check and withdrew money, you need to repay the bank for the money you withdrew. Contact your bank about the repayment. You can also report the scam to your state and local consumer protection agencies, and to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

I answered an add on sittercity. Turns out the "woman:Morgan James" is away in Australia and needed me to be "her" personal assistant instead. She was emailing me long lists of job descriptions and sent a fed-ex envelop with the 'check' for over $2000. I was to take $500 for my salary and send the rest to an art dealer.
I became very suspicious for two reasons. The text message was not consistent With the English that was well written in the emails. They sent a text full of spelling/grammatical errors, and they claimed that I needed to use my own money $1500 first and they'd pay me back! WTF! They were lying to me and I told them they were not genuine and to stop bothering me. B'm soooo glad I did not open the package but dropped it off at my post office with " Return to Sender." I'm so disappointed because I was hoping this was real. I need the money to supplement my social security. But at least my bank account isn't closed and I don't have to pay back anyone. Thank God for this site and others like it. Before that package with the check came I was already on to them!

I literally had the same thing happen to me. Morgan James offered the same position as a personal assistance for 500 hundred dollars a week!!! I was stupid enough to give my address and such but I'm going to call the post office and have them send the package right back!!!! Glad I googled the name Morgan James personal assistant.

I'm such an idiot too ... I hope the same email about being a personal assistant... But from a Hope Carter . I have this person my address so now I am a little scared . Do you still get mail from this person?

I received a check last month from Susan Lampard and her accountant, Edward Hauser and her husband. They said they were in France for her dad's funeral and would be back int he states. Shwe wanted to pay me for 2 weeks pay, but the accountant supposedly sent me her airplane fare with it, so i was to cash it and send her the money, minus my fee. I let my bank check the check out first, I was scammed in 2013 , so i was not about to cash that check!She needed childacare and said she lived up North, Colo. Springs. I told her the bank said the check was bad and even after that , 'SOMEONE' texted me and said she was still trying to get a hold of the accountant. I suggest if the Sittercity account is not current, then do not reply to them on the site. I did reply to her ad, then i deleted it, BUT.. IT WOULD NOT DELETE! So that's how she contacted me and because of all the waiting, i missed out on about 7 jobs within 3 days, on the site, and one off of the site. I hate Liars and i hope to God they ALL get caught! So sad!!!!

Same thing happened to me by two people trying to send me a check but I didn't cash it. One by the name (John stone) and I forgot the other name. Everybody needs to be careful of these scammer.they are very good at what the do.so watch out people

I had an email from some guy from Korea from care.com to watch his two year old son and my bf said tell them to meet face to face first so i did I got nothing back

I believe this is a scam. I applied and thee guy answered me, needed my email and phone number so he can interview me by phone or email as he was out of town. who leaves there elderly dad, puts an ad in Care.com and interviews over the phone or email?
In need of a caregiver for my dad,he's 81 years old and a war veteran. Has all faculties intact and has non allergic asthma. Caregiver will be needed for companionship and running of errands. The fee is $25 per hour on weekdays only.
Care Recipient. Male. Very receptive to outside help. Age range: Over 85 years old

I just had this happen to me a guy names Andrew revira on craigslist asked me to be his baby sitter and told.me he was sending me a check and I ignored him for two weeks got an email saying.I would have a check today so I notified the nearest police station and they told to wait and bring them the check. Stupidity these days.

I just had 2 similar things happen to me as well from care.com....both were going to be moving to the area & wanted me to babysit for there kids & they don't even know me.I did contact care.com, they will look into it. Here are the name's/e-mail address's I have in case it can help others: Lisa Hall for www.esthermcconnell1225 & Stephanie William, www.stephaniewilliam001 I have both there #'s, when you call its a recording saying can only recv. text messg. I am going to the Police dept. tomm.

I just got an "offer" from Stephanie William as well. Same pay, same email, etc. only I was wanted for care of her elderly mother. I'm glad I trusted my first instinct and checked further. If anything comes of this I will keep you all posted!

Lisa Hall contacted me too!!

Did anyone get anything from a woman named Paloma stolee?

Is this person a scammer , she contacted my sister. She seems fishy to me. Wants to send check,key to her place. Lives in Portugal,coming soon.

I got one from her. She gave me some long history about Portugal which was weird, so I immediately looked her up since it seemed really sketchy. I was desperate enough to believe that I would get 25 an hour without even questioning it.

I got a text message from someone who claimed they got my number from care.com though I never put my number on there needing a babysitter the area code was from Vancouver and I live in Iowa. His name was Mark Vinson anyone else get this? I never responded.

I got a text message from someone who claimed they got my number from care.com too! I thought it was strange because I thought I had put that on private...but I was like well, maybe I forgot to? So they sent me an email..well I emailed that person who was their "friend" who needed dog sitting help and was relocating from australia..ready to send a check to me early so I can get their apartment ready with "foodstuffs" ...what is foodstuffs? So I told them I'd need a reference or background check before I gave them any of my information for the check to be sent. They never replied. So how did they get my number in the first place?? We tried calling the number and it went to an automated message..didn't even ring..that said the person is unavailable but we will let them know you called. WEIRD and creepy!! what if i had gone to the apartment? or would they have just stopped after receiving my name, gender, and address?? what can they do with all that? it wasn't even bank information. My lady's name was Wendy Johnson and even had a pic of her with her dog...

I've also received a check from Claire Smith. It's iver 4 K dollars. She wants me to purchase selected pet products as they are moving here from Australia on Oct. 25. Now that I got the check today, she says to deduct the $400 for me and western union the rest to a person who will take care of getting the pet supplies.

i just got a text message from someone claiming that they got my number from care.com and that their brother needs someone to pet sit his dog and gave me an email. i emailed him and he replied back with all this stuff about $300 a week, and said the same things about "food stuffs" and needing me to go out and buy certain things before we met in person. this is definitely a scam. the name he used was RICHARD MURRAY

I received the same message..this persons name is perez anderson..he said he and his wife Deborah who is 6 months pregnant are moving to my town from Canada and they need a housekeeper . They want to send me a check for my services and to get their house ready for them to arrive. It's a shame that people victimize others who really need jobs...I'm disgusted by this behavior .

whats the phone number they use? i believe i might be talking to the same scammer but his name is paul bridges claims to be in France have a 5 month pregnant wife and needs a nanny for his 3 yr old son promising $400 a week plus wants to send me keys to go get there new apartment ready and a long list of things to buy this is the number he uses to txt me from
(386) 742-5085

I got the same email. But it was from a Vicky Anderson

I got the same message also, its all a scam they never gave me a phone number so we could talk.

I have had two scammers contact me about babysitting jobs right after I signed up with care.com last week or so. I was (and still am) pretty unfamiliar with the site, still getting used to it. "Mary" and "Ruth Wesley" were the names. I wasn't sure about "Mary" because the story was so convincing....until "Ruth" contacted me with the same story with different names and immediately asked for my address, etc to mail me money. I had not even told her about myself or anything, so I ceased to correspond any longer. "Ruth" did have help in the crime though. I was contacted first by a "Kim Rogers" who was supposedly helping her friend to search for babysitters... lies. all lies. Good thing I never give my information to strangers.

The person with the email above (Stephanie) above also contacted me, like they did with "Really" but because I am in the law enforcement field, I absolutely noticed there was something shady about it. These people need to be found and prosecuted and websites like care.com need to take steps to also protect the service providers by running criminal history reports on people requesting services just like how they run criminal history reports on providers. I think we all are probably adults and we picked up on the fraud issue but there are several young adults that sign up to these websites to provide a service, Lord forbid, should one of these young adults was to show up to a "job site" and they are killed. In this case, the fraud issue would be the least of the worries.

Referring back to the comments already made, I have also been through the same situation. I was honestly desperate for a job and at first it did seem sketchy but I went through with it. I ended up getting a check and it was mailed from a whole foods place different from where the person said he was from. My bank ended up telling me that the check was fake. I didn't use any of the cash, so my bank just took it out like it was never there. The story does seem believable and whatnot but yes it is indeed a SCAM! Don't go through with it. They will come up with so many names and stories to make them sound real. They first contacted me by my phone number and then asked me to send their friend (who is the person wanting a "babysitter") an e-mail and they go from there. Their vocabulary and sentence structure is very unusual. I ended up just blocking them from contacting me, and a few weeks later it started happening again but they changed up the story but I noticed by how the wording was that it was almost the same person as before. This has taught me an important lesson and never will I do this again. Next time, I will do my research.

After reading all these comments, I believe I am in the process of getting scammed. I was caught up in the excitement of getting a job right away that everything sounded legit. After a lot of thinking and feeling uncomfortable when all the person talked about was a check that I have to deposit for furniture to furnish for her new home she moving into, I came across this site/blog for help. Reading all the comments and concerns, I am sure this is a scam! They also contacted me via text after requesting her contact# and said they weren't able to talk on the phone because she is hard of hearing. What should I do with the check if I do receive it? I replied to her via email and told her I declined the job. She hasn't responded yet. Is there anything else I should further do to keep me from receiving anything else from her?

If you got the check through the U.S. mail, submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. You also can alert your state Attorney General and file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

This person also contacted me from my ad on care.com. I received a check today via ups for $2750, $250 for my first week's pay and the remaining amount to pay for furniture! THIS IS A SCAM! AT A GLANCE the check looks real but if you look at the check closely the word 'authorized' is misspelled! This person goes by the name Perez Laura, 909-939-8764, I also received a text message from a Julia Allison, 509-262-3593, and I got another text message from Nikolas Muller, 913-543-1116, perfect bridal. ALL SCAMS!!! DO NOT POST YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON CARE.COM! Every single text message I have received from my ad on care.com has been a scam!!!!!!!

I am on care.come as well for childcare and have gotten text messages only by these out of state numbers looking for care for a month. For a licensed daycare, this is not some thing we typically consider anyways as we want long term clients so it's always a red flag when you get more than one of the same from different numbers. Typically always California, or East coast numbers from my experience for all services.

My 18 yr old daughter has been looking for work and filled out a profile on CARE.com. She was initially tested and asked to watch this lady's pets for $350/week. She's been very excited about this opportunity and emailing "Melissa Cardona" back and forth. We got a "Cashiers Check" check today for $2750.44. Of course I'm disgusted with this scam and scammer but I'm even more disgusted with CARE.com because this is where these scammers got my daughter's phone number!

Same here. Every email that I recieved from Care.com has been a scam. Anyone that is interested in hiring you before asking for an interview, is a scam artist.

I am CNA certified an med certified license to help out people that really need help. I answered a ad on Craigslist for a position to help out a elderly lady that was 71 years old. I was so thrilled about getting a second job for extra Christmas money for my kids. He said that his mom will be moving to my city where I'm from in a couple of weeks asoon as the realitor finds her a house closer to where I stay. He emailed me back an foward about the position. The 1st thing I noticed is that he kept txing me from a tx plus number an if yall don't know what a tx plus number is its a app that you can download an it gives you a free number to tx unlimited on all day an sometimes you can talk to the person on it for a short period time. He was misspelling a lot of words I didn't know what to think considering he is suppose to be a business man. He even sent me a picture of his suppose to be 71yr old mother behind the wheel of a car. I asked him when can we meet due to I am suppose to be taking care of his mother you would think he would want to see me in person to know that I'm not a mass murderer or anything. He said he couldn't meet me due to his nature of his job. I'm still like the money sounds good. He ask me for my name an address to send the check to an that I'll be payed 400$weekly. He sent the check for 2,500 an told me to deposit it into my account an 400 was for me plus a extra 100 for my Christmas bonus. Instead of me depositing it into my account I took it to the store where I cash all my checks at because they know me an they said that the company name Associates Tiles Inc is not a legit company. I'm like wow is that right. I'm glad I knew the girl at the counter as she was my friend to lmk that it was a scam. The scammer name or email is Gregory m Redden beware of him people it's a SCAM

These are useful details to report to the FTC. Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Care.com reference and name Lundy Seabolt moving from Australia needing Pet Care offering to send checks in advance. I've just received another text about a similar sitiation-care.com as well ... all beyond suspicious.

I signed up with care.com and this is what happened.
I received a text requesting caregiver services for a 76 year old woman. It paid $25 an hour. I was requested to send a resume. So, I did send it. Next, I received a request for my address to send a check for a weeks wages plus money for a wheelchair to be delivered to me. I am suppose to cash the check and send the remaining balance to the wheelchair seller. I also received an email with a picture of a woman and her mother. I am aware that this is a scam. I would like to know how to report this.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

Was her name Sheilla Ross? I just received the same letter with the same details. And pic!


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