Fake emails could cost you thousands

Think you got an email from a business you know? Scammers sometimes use emails that look legit to trick you into sending money to them.

The email might say it’s from a real estate professional you’re working with, telling you there’s a last-minute change and you should now wire your closing costs to a different account. Or it could seem to be an email – with an invoice – from your utility company, telling you to wire payment. Whatever the story, if you wire that money, it goes to the scammer – and you may never see your money again.

These scammers might get your information by hacking into a business. Once they know about you, they send an email that seems to come from the business, telling you where to send money.  So, how can you spot these scams? 

  • Never wire money to anyone who emails – or calls – and asks you to. Instead, check it out.
  • Contact the company through a number or email address you know is real. Don’t use phone numbers or links in the email.
  • Don’t open email attachments, even from someone you know, unless you’re expecting it. Opening attachments can put malware on your computer.

If you’ve already sent in money to a scammer, act quickly.    

  • If you wired money through your bank, ask them right away for a wire recall. If you used a money transfer company, like Western Union or MoneyGram, call their complaint lines immediately.
  • Report your experience to the FTC and to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at ic3.gov. Give as much information as you can, including all requested banking information. The sooner you get this report in to ic3, the more likely they can help you.
  • If your bank asks for a police report, give them a copy of your report to ic3.gov.

Also, learn more about protecting yourself from phishing


recently I got what appeared to be an email from a friend. I knew it wasn't him. It was in my spam emails and I hovered my mouse over it to see the address, it wasn't him. I also got one from supposed my son. I did the same thing as I knew he didn't send me things. I just left it in spam. My server does a pretty good job of catching the spam ones. Sometimes too good. That is why I check my spam emails once in a while. I have had emails from almost all of the ones that you mentioned. I never open anything unless I'm sure it's from a reliable contact. Thank you for your articles in keeping us as safe as possible.

Our school just received a bunch of fake emails appearing as QBO invoices. Most were caught by our email filter, but some made it through. Thankfully, no one clicked on any links.

Hello , I have never received an email but in february this year a company from california has deducted from my credit card 788 €. I reported the same to my credit card company and they have my card immediately it was internet fraud

I got this email after I was scammed from Family support.

Re: Scam/Fraud TH Todd A Hoffman <> Reply| Sat 13/05, 7:19 AM You You replied on 13/05/2017 1:49 PM.

<>Madam, From my last email to you, You can understand your compensation payment is approved and will be remitted into your bank account as soon as you are able to meet up our payment requirement. Be informed that all the money you have lost to these scammers will be recovered including your approved fund here. We are doing our best to also make sure all these scammer are put behind bars and prosecuted as soon as possible. Like i said on my last email to you, As the beneficiary of the said fund you must sure a Non-Residence Permit that will grant you an authorization to receive your fund from the European nation because you are not a Citizen of any of the European Nation. Be informed that without the Non-Residence Permit you will not be able to receive a cent. So i will advice you to follow instruction and have your Non-Residence Secured as soon as possible to enable us start the wire transfer processing of your fund. Be advised that the scammers have no power to cancel anything. Securing the Non-Residence permit is the only requirement needed from you and as soon as that is done we shall proceed to have this matter resolved. I will advice you of the cost of the Non-Residence when i hear back from you. I need you to send me the bank account where you will like to receive your fund along with your direct telephone number for fast communication and more advice. I wait your email Thanks Todd.

There are a lot of these scams and scammers on Craiglist.

Excellent article, keep up the good work

I get lots of offers; from The Federal Bureau of Investigation, from the department of Justice, from aphilanthropist in Nigeria, from someone telling me I have won a major lottery prize. Should I forward those fake emails fo "ic3.gov" or just delete them?

You can forward the phony email to spam@uce.gov, the FTC’s email address for spam.  This database helps the FTC bring cases involving scams promoted via email. Then, delete the email. Thank you.

A few days ago I have received an email from a loan company it had my full name, address and email and a bank I use to have. They have me if I had appy a loan from them and will be deposit in my bank account soon as possible. The loan is $5,000- The strange part of this I have never even had applied a loan from this company. They wanted me to pay them $100 if I don't received the money in a timely fashion. Now I feel sick because I have open the email. Do no make the mistake I did by opening up an email unknown to you. I have been scammed​ before back 2016. You can't trust no one.

In Illinois they require wire transfers for purchase of homes. I can only suggest that you request your closing agent provide a hardcopy of their request so they or the bank can be stuck with the loss. Give the hardcopy to the bank and keep a copy. That is what I did and they had the gaul to say they did not get the money at closing...

If I don't want a certain emailer in my spam I block them and I hardly have any in that box now.

I have registered my number on the Do Not Call List 6 times in the last 3 months. Why is it no longer working?

The Do Not Call list is working, but scammers don't obey the rules.

Scammers call people, even if their names are on the Do Not Call list. If you put your name on the list, and you get a call from a number you don't know, it could be someone who is ignoring the Do Not Call list.

I never got any robo-calls on my cell phone until I registered it on the Do Not Call list. Now I'm getting calls constantly. I also refreshed my home phone number on the Do Not Call list and those calls have not increased. It looks to me like people are using the Do Not Call list to actually make calls. Personally, I think the list should apply to ALL calls. I don't trust anyone that calls me whether they are legitimate or not.


I almost got scammed. The scammer had names of people I (know) They said if I send them $1000--or more--I would get 200.000.
I almost bit, but luckily could find no place to send it. When I got home I couldn't get into My computer, so it ended that!!I know better,and I could kick myself for almost falling for it.

Been fairly lucky till the past couple of weeks. Have has fake emails from Capital One and Capital One 360. Have had fake emails from B of A. Now we are getting phone calls from the IRS, which are bogus. And they call and call. We blocked their phone numbers and then they call from a second, third, or forth number. The worst one has been one of these scammers saying they are looking for my daughter and they are going to come after us for her debt. She died in 2014. I hope Karma gets them.

Most of those emails appear in my spam folder, and I couldn't click on the attachments anyway, though it wasn't as if I was planning to open up something that I feel is suspicious either.

I have been getting calls one with recorded message if you don't answer . IRS to call back and the other call is supposed be from Microsoft the infected computer scam they will ask if sitting at your computer now they've e-mailed you with no response.


A valuable service, BUT IF you went after the spammers/scammers with the highest volumes first, I think it would make for easier identification of the criminal elements; then you can go after them. A cohesive plan would do both. And the 'net would be a less dangerous place. I can't imagine being a newbie these days!

Received an email from someone with name Kevin Johnson from a company by the name Cash Net Us Group stating that I owed $money plus attorney fees and interest, it even had a case number.. Also that I am in violation of federal banking regulation act 1983, collateral check fraud, theft by deception and they are going to contact my employer and they want me to resolve my case with the Bureau of Defaulters. the number on the emailis 805 314 1252 They also left telephone number of 855 265 2634 at my office.


I am leery of any emails I received in my personal and those in my spam I do not tar granted they are legit. Majority of time I will not open an email unless the regular email tells me to do. Then I am leery of that also. Thanks for continuance warnings. We seniors need to be alert & very careful with our emails and personal information. I am leery of giving business my personal information. They sell everything today for a $1.00.

Be careful I have seen fraudsters using similar domains either leaving out a letter or substituting a letter and registering complete domains names, replicating your business structure, then having the fraudulent CEO e-mail account send a convincing e-mail to the accountant requesting to transfer money to an account. Always have a verbal ok before transferring money from e-mailed requests. Have a look at your processes either automated or manual and make revisions to stay safer, think outside of the box, search the internet for other scams and become aware.

I recently got an email from United nations in New York telling me I was entitled to $7500.00 they asked me to send $1650 to a bank in China I never sent money as I don't know if they real or not how can i check it out I have all details of names addresses an email adresses

If you get an email about a prize or getting money, but they want you to send money first, it's a scam. If you send money, they will keep it, and you won't get the money they promised. Stay safe, and don't share personal information or bank account details with someone who emails you out of the blue.

All of this started for my husband and myself when the president decided to sign a bill to allow scammers to see and purchase peoples information off of the internet again from other entities. We constantly get calls. I have my cell phone block unknown callers now. I do not open emails from anyone until I check the actual email address that they are sending it from. In the beginning, I had been called and threatened with a warrant for a loan I never applied for from a scammer if I didn't pay them almost $700. I called the FBI and reported the phone number, because they had claimed to be calling from the FBI Cyber Crime Unit. I then called back, told the guy that the FBI knew who he was and that if he ever called my house again, HE would be arrested. He has never bothered me again.

I received phone call or emails that asking me to pay with a promise..i sent it to them and never got back..

Thanks for your reply, it's so I do not have any e-mail it just from my credit card genomen. I have a police copi which I got 2014 I have sent the money was not not on the names of the that it has passed over vermitler for the that. So I had to be at the police right, that I do not make money laundry. Got thanks, I was banned for the transmissions via westernUnion as well as Moneygram. Thanks if they need something they just ask me.

The (IRS) called Me and said I owed $800 in back taxes. I am retired and don't even pay taxes!! I didn't know the IRS doesn't call, and went to My bank figuring they would know it was a scam.They had a document that told all about it. A teller answered My cell phone and told them they knew it was a scam, but they were consistent. They kept calling back even though they were found out!!

I also got a call from a bank that said I made an inquiry about My credit score. I contacted equinox and they put an alert on it and I also notified My bank, and lifelock.

Lifelock is a waste of money and is not a preventative approach. almost all of what Lifelock does, you can do for free.

Be sure to read the FTC's blog on:
LifeLock agrees to pay $100 million for allegedly violating FTC order from December 17, 2015

I'm getting several notices, via email and voice msgs that my recent applications for Loans, was denied! I haven't applied for Loans in nearly 15 years! I've reported them, to FTC, but I haven't heard back, from FTC! The calls and Emails continue! ARGH!!!!

I like to answer (from a dummy email) and I turn the requests around to asking THEM to pay ME using Western Union with just a password. I waste a lot of their time as a response to those who have been scammed. If everyone did this sort of thing we would drive them out

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