Fake feds get people to pay

Have you ever gotten one of these calls? Someone says they’re with a government agency or the sheriff’s office and threatens that you’ll be sued or arrested if you don’t pay a supposed debt.

But really, the people contacting you are imposters looking to scare you into sending them money.

Today the FTC announced a case against a group of third-party debt collectors for allegedly deceptive and abusive business practices. According to the FTC, Federal Check Processing and its related companies would accuse people of check fraud or other criminal behavior and threaten lawsuits, prison, and bank account seizure if people didn’t pay their supposed debts. Instead of telling people they were debt collectors, the companies would emphasize words like "federal" and "U.S." in their company name, the FTC says, or even claim they were federal or state officers. What’s more, the companies allegedly failed to give people information they’re legally entitled to, or to investigate the legitimacy of debts, even when they were told the consumers didn’t owe them.

If you get a call like this, you might be unsure of what to do. Here are some things you can be sure of:

  • Federal government agencies don’t ask people to send money for unpaid loans. If you still feel unsure, look up the official number of the agency the caller is pretending to represent so you can get the real story.
  • There’s no legitimate reason for someone to ask you to wire money or load a rechargeable money card as a way to pay back a debt.
  • Even if a debt is real, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the debt is legitimate — but you think the collector may not be — contact your creditor about the calls. Share the information you have about the suspicious calls and find out who, if anyone, the creditor has authorized to collect the debt.
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Woh scamers all over what world are we living in.i am so glad i join this site

I have been receiving a call from an India man calling himself Gary Parker and that I owe money from a payday loan this guy has been calling me for over 2 years and has left me along about a year as of today he has called me repeatedly 330-614-7144 and called my job about 10 days this a.m. I asked what is the name of agency he was calling from and he would not identify himself [flag] so he said he will call me all day and night so I register my number again and gave this info crossing my fingers

omg! somebody called me a few days ago and left a message on my voice mail and telling me that I have a lawsuit because of tax fraud...He sounds indian but his name is american kevin parker...and gave me his phone # that I have to contact him or else I will get arrested...His phone # is 2025069509..I tried to contact him but he doesn't answer...Suspicious, for if he is really working for a govt...there's no greeting from answering machine for IRS...That's weird...

The samething just happened to me today. he Call from a #2022418661.....Saying i was being sued for tax fraud from 2010-2014 which is crazy because i was 17 at the time given the dates i was supposedly doing tax fraud and the bad part it i was given the call at work. Im not sure how it works because its a irs in Washington (i guess) but the man was a middle east voiced guy and so was his "Officer Webster"

Thank goodness for the internet! I just received two phone calls from numbers just like yours. I called immediately this morning. I was getting worried when I checked the noticed that they claimed would be sent out and they were valid. Now I couldn't understand why I hadn't received anything. Something like this occurred to my sister as well. This world is full of scam artist!!! What a relief to hear this was a scam.
Thank you all for your post, they have all been very careful.

same thing happened to me, a couple of messages were left and today i grabbed the phone, it was the same scam - indian man with american name, i owed money to the irs for errors in my tax return from a couple of years ago.

thing is, he didn't ask me for money. he simply said treasury officers were coming to arrest me in 45 minutes. so if it's a scam - fine. but if they're not asking for the money in all instances - why are they doing it? is it for some crank call comedy show that we have yet to see? very strange.

Exact same thing happened to me today. Messages stating Errors in my prior tax return and if I didn't pay today warrant would be issued for my arrest and they would be at my home to arrest me within 40 min of ending phone call. American name but eastern indian man.

I just received a call from an 818 627-0156 area code . I played along for a few seconds I suspected foul play I told I would call him back he gave me a phone number and a name and extension. I resorted to my local police. They were kind enough to call so I could ease my nerves. Eventthough we know it's a scam , it still bothersome to know they are getting away with these scams. I was threatened with an arrest as well. My local police called to no avail. The call picked up then hung up. I still feel uneasy about this. Just the thought they have my number and other info.scares me. Something has to be done.
I wish the authorities would be able to trace these numbers and catch these idiots.

Same as Mari, we received a message on our home phone one Nov. 18, 2014 from 818-627-0156 from a male of foreign background claiming to be John Synder from the Dept. of Legal Affairs. We do not answer our home phone unless we recognize the number. He left a message and said it was regarding, what we could understand, a enclosement action. We needed to get our attorney to call back and if he did not we could be looking at a legal mess. My wife called back but no one answered. We did not fall into this trap so I hope no one else does. I, like Mari, wish the authorities could stop these people. Maybe if the big government would focus on US citizens being attacked by people like this instead of how to keep their jobs, these people would be stopped. Who knows, these people may actually work for them.

We received a message today that was most like Tim's scenario except for the name and number (still from CA though). Daniel Baxter called from 818-627-9271, but also said "Department of Legal Affairs" "enclosement action" "a legal mess" "my attorney should call back and if they couldn't....(blah blah blah)" and like some of the more recent posts ended the call with "God bless" or "have a blessed day" ~ either way what they are doing is wrong!

I received a call from today, April 1, 2015. Caller left a message with the same info...Carlos Warner (foreign accent) Department of Legal Affairs, enforcement action, legal mess, attorney should call, aND eneed wit "have a blesser day!" THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. I tried calling the number back 951-643-8943 but it is continually busy. I work in a legal capacity for the government and know they won't contact you by phone, it's always by certified mail. Turn these complaints into the attorney general of your state.

exact samething for me today -- same name -- Carlos Warner -- same company. Sounds like the exact same wording you have here. different number though. I have not tried calling. Thought I would look it up on the internet first. I have done nothing wrong so I knew it was probably a scam. 562-297-0509

I received a call from 562 297 0509 today, April 21, 2015. Caller left a message with the same info...Carlos Warner (foreign accent) Department of Legal Affairs, enforcement action, legal mess, attorney should call, and ended it with "have a blesser day!"

I just got the call from Carlos Warner number 562-297-0509. Again, dept of legal affairs. When I asked what company he said US treasury. He said I'd received a certified letter, which I hadn't. He said I could call back and talk with Chris Walker who was working my case. When I asked how he got my number, he hung up. I've call the number for Chris Walker (the same number above) and there is no answer. This is a scam.

Received voice message for my son and it said from Dept of Legal Affrairs: need to have your attorney call ASAP.. with that message and my son not home, I called the number. There was a lot of static on the line so it was hard to understand. But I he asked if we hadn't received notification and stated my address. I said we had not rec'd notification and he asked what my name was and I said this is the Mom. He hung up. I tried to call the phone number again and no answer.. Thank you for this Blog because In the back of my mind I have been wondering about this call and now I know it's a scam..

The same message was left on my answering service "this is Chris Wilcox from the U.S. Treasury Law Enforcement Legal Affairs department. Said my real name and said I must call back 949-596-7486 or I'll be in big trouble" (really, do they talk like that?). He continued to say "get your lawyer to call and if you don't respond to this message"...more threats, of course. He hung up saying "good luck". I did call the number and it rang and rang and rang. Now, if this was a legitimate phone call, there would have been an answering service picking up messages. He also had an accent.

OMG!! I just got the same call same thing but made me laugh at the end of her call to hear GOD BLESS!! It is huge scam but it does sound legit.

I just recevied the call and called back. Mine was from a man with an Indian accent. Boy he tried to sound scary. So I called back with my best Indian acent and left them a message to contact my local police so we could figure things out

Same as Tim, on my home phone on March 5,2014 from 323-238-3878 male person with middle eastern accent said his name was John something or another, I couldn't understand what he said. I could tell he was reading from a script & stammered when giving the phone number I should have my attorney call because it was the last warning, blah, blah, blah. At first I was taken back then I thought I've never done anything that would prompt a call from the Dept. of Legal Affairs. I really wish there was something that could be done to stop this kind of thing from happening.

Just received a call from John Davenport of US Treasury dept for my daughter.She should call him back at 760-790-4132. Man had eastern accent. My daughter does not live here. Yesterday, 3/09, had a call (on same home number) from IRS stating 2nd warning and to call back immediately. I didn't write down the rest because it was obviously a scam.

You can report the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I received a call today with a message like yours stating. The phone number is different it is 866-907-7851. The guy sounded foreign.

Like Mari, my son received a call from 818-627-0156. We spoke with William who passed us off to John Marshal. "John" said he was from the Dept. of Legal Affairs, U.S. Treasury. He said my son owed $1295.00 from his 2009 taxes. Made a threat of an arrest warrant issued in the next 24 hours if we didn't pay.

I to received several calls from someone named Jack Dealer , from Legal Affair's for the US Treasury !He told me to put down my work and call him immediately to avoid arrest today !Out of sheer shock to this message, I called the number ( 352-404-5816) in Claremont Florida . I was told I had fraudulently filed my 2004 taxes and was going to be arrested after we hangup the call . He stated the payment plan I had with the IRS was cancelled and that my disability checks were being seised as of that moment! I asked him what was he looking for from me and he said he was just informing me of my imminent arrest !He asked me what did I want to do about it ! He told me there was nothing he could do to stop it and that I needed to find a criminal attorney ! I have since spoken with the IRS and other legal agencies and have been advised of this type of scam call . Nobody from any Federal agency would call threatening arrest , especially if there was an arrest warrant actually issued for you for any fraud .That would be a stupid move , for an agent of the Government to tip you off about any Law enforcement action against you . It would be like telling you to run !!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly ,this number and the person in this call had called in the past over a year ago looking for someone with a similar name claiming they were debt collectors seeking to have me arrested and brought to court for a debt that was unpaid . At that time I had no unpaid debt and informed them they had the wrong R Davis and to take me off their calling list , i guess their inventive !

I got the call from "Johnny Walker" too. It was on my voicemail & could clearly hear lots of noise in the background and his Indian accent only difference was the phone number 1-866-985-8070 Certainly a scam!

I have received a few messages from an india man with an american name supposedly frm the IRS. He would just leave a brief message with a phone number. I would never call back because 1: I know I do not owe the IRS any money and 2: because the call did not sound anything like a legitimate call. Anyone receiving these calls should not fall for the scam!

Possible scams are every where as laws are pretty strict in USA that's why when you get threatening scam call you tend to fear but do not worry report this concern with FTC

Can't tell how happy I am to see I'm not the only one dealing with these people. I have gotten a ton (literally) for over a year now. Every few months the scam changes though, first it was check fraud and I gladly gave them my attorney's name but when asked for THEIR contact info..I was told that THEY would contact my attorney, never happened! My attorney told me then to just ignore the calls if it were legitimate they would contact him otherwise it's a scam. No such contact has ever happened and for a few months of giving my attorney info the calls stopped but...they have returned although the scam changes. It's been check fraud, IRS about taxes and seizing my account, lawsuit filed and I'm going to be arrested, etc. I have documented so many numbers from so many states and blocked them from my phone that I've lost count. Contacted the IRS as well as the authorities hoping for a solution. Although the authorities weren't able to offer a solution, they did let me know that they were aware of phone scam's going on outside the US and were affecting a big number of people. I honestly thought someone had stolen my info or something but after typing a few numbers into Google, I realized they were right about the scam's and how many others are dealing with the same issue. Aside from changing my number which I'm not sure will make a difference for very long, I feel like I'm being repeatedly harassed for debts, lawsuits, with threats of disrupting my life for things I didn't do AND don't owe! Hope authorities will put their business out of order soon and more people are made aware so they don't get scammed out of money they don't even owe until then. Sad world we live in where people make a living being thief's!

Same here- got one this morning also. It was automated thou- Guess Kevin Parker figures his voice isn't convincing enough people .. they called my sisters business line - she said when she called back the guy couldn't even tell her the name he was calling about. Yet he was screaming at her tip pay 3,000.00. Smh be careful out there. My caller I'd also said Washington DC

I am receiving such calls from last 2 years mostly from a Florida number, probably because my cell no. is register in Florida and might got leak there. He present him self with American name and represent himself from federal. Although I don't pick calls from unknown no's now. Definitely he's not American but since I am from India so I can say they either from Pakistan,Nepal,Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka or India. I guess they are using virtual phone numbers Which are bind/Tap with a voip service so virtually they can use any state no. allotted to them on voip package which can't be redial by us since they are not assigned to any specific person but given in a lot to voip consumers. But someone with right authority can still track them.

I got the same call from a similar # 202-241-8234. I laughed, called them back as the voice mail sounded like an east indian man and he sounded like he was in a boiler room. Of course, no one has called me back. I've got something for them the next time when/if they contact me again!

Just got three messages from an Indian named "Steve Martin" (a wild and crazy guy) from the US Treasury. What a joke!

I have received 5 calls since 8:30 this morning from an Indian guy claiming to be from the treasury department, also named Steve Martin 863-318-7078. We have been audited before...they don't call. You get a letter in the mail. Very non-descript process. Gee Whiz!

Same Indian guy Steve Martin 863-318-7078 left 5 messages on our VM yesterday he stated he was with the US Treasury Dept yada yada yada...Here in the US there is a law called misuse of a telephone. I think he should be arrested!

i too received a phone message from a guy named Austin black or black I couldn't understand him he too sounded like he was from india and said I needed to return his call immediately because of court proceedings against me. he claimed to be with the "dept. of legal affairs" and his phone number is 909 562 1778 which is a California area code. he ended his call with "God bless" what a dirt bag. My elderly mother received two calls from a guy claiming to be an attorney from California about her grandson being in jail and they needed money to get him out. she has no grandchildren in California and that phone number registered out of niagra falls and when I called back and played dumb and asked questions the guy got mad at me and put me on hold which disconnected me, he probably thought he was being traced. please tell your friends especially elderly friends to be aware of these predators because they have no morals at all and will take their money with no remorse.

I just received a call from "Austin Black" from the "Department of US Treasury" regarding a financial mess and that my attorney would need to contact him immediately. He too ended his call with "god bless". He called from 925-953-8820 which is a California area code and he has an indian accent that was hard to understand.. these people are unreal!!!!

I just received a call from an Indian man who would not give me his name, however said he was with the Department of US Treasury and I was going to federally sued, he never asked for anyone I asked who he was calling for after he threatened to sue me, he asked for me using my ex husbands name so I advised him I managed a collection department, he laughted and hung up.

Received two calls within 10 minutes from Steve Martin (w/ a very heavy Indian accent). First time they left a vm message-second time I answered to get the same recording as what was on voicemail. Left a callback # of 754-999-5434 which is a Florida#. I called them back several times just to get busy signals Finally I got thru to someone who asked me my name-which I would not give. I said who are you calling, He didn't know who he was calling, all he knew was that they were taking me to federal court (for something!) and/or I would be arrested. I said ok & hung up!

Same voice mail as the rest,but Adam Walker (209)565-6371, same guy, east indian. What Im concerned about is they had my name that I go by but not my legal name. They had my home number that I do not use and is listed under my partners name. How are they getting these numbers. Trying to figure out where I used my abreviated name and land line number. I think the only place may have been facebook. I feel sorry for the older generation that don't have internet so they can check on scams so as not to fall prey to these miscreatants. But I guess if you do not put any information on online you probably wont be scammed.

Steve called me twice today from 678 743-6759. Claimed to be from the US Treasury and threatened legal action. Really heavy accent.

I received a call for my daughter who doesn't live here anymore and is married (they used her maiden name). James Howard said that they were beginning enforcement actions and she would be in a "legal mess" if she didn't call back or have her attorney call. They are issuing an arrest warrant for tax evasion and tax avoidance. When I asked him a couple of questions, he got angry and started yelling. I told him this was a scam and hung up on him.

I received a call from Steve Martin and his supervisor last night and today telling me there was a miscalculation with my taxes and I was being charged with tax evasion by the US Dept of Treasury and agents were enroute to arrest me unless I paid 3500 via Stater Brothers US Tresury vouchers. I was scared. Thank you all for posting your terrible experiences. He said, "If I didn't pay the money I was going to be arrested and serve an automatic sentence of two years
He told me to stay where I was so the agent could come and arrest me. Merry Christmas huh.

This morning I received a call from a Steve Martin, who sounded either Chinese or Korean, informing me of "An enforcement action by the Department of the Treasury for a federal crime". The callback number was 786-429-8305 and was answered on their end by the same individual who identified his office as the Department of the Trasury Legal Aid. I provided my name, asked for his employee ID and was promptly hung up on. I am guessing that since I called him back from a phone not registered to myself, the caller ID didn't match whatever list he was workig off of so whatever he couldn't follow his script.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

I am very embarrassed to say that I received a message today from the Federal Bureau of Investigations stating that there was a complaint made against me. I wasn't thinking clearly because I have been unemployed the last 4 months. I called back just to be sure that I wasn't blowing off anything and he was very convincing. Labeling off all of the charges of tax evasion stating that I was being made an example of in my state and stating the amount I owed and that the cops were going to be at my place in a little amount of time to drop off the affidavit and arrest me. Again I feel so embarrassed but I fell for it, I was crying when he asked me questions if I had ever been convicted of a felony or filed for Bankruptcy, but if I could pay the amount off they would be able to "overlook" the problem. Still right now with being unemployed and the state of mind I was in I asked for 24 hours, he said he would give me 30 minutes. I immediately called my brother and he assured me it was a scam. I feel so stupid really and hope that whoever this is that they are caught, booked and put away for a long, long time. They caught me in a vulnerable position that is for sure and luckily I had back up to help me thru this. I feel for those who do not. The #'s above are similar, all starting with 202 and the guy I talked with was Officer Daniel. What a BUT!
Called the cops and was informed that this is being worked on, but from the looks of this, it looks like it has been going on for a while. Everyone out there watch out, don't be me and hang up right away.

Simply amazing, I had a similar experience, actually still dealing with it they email me every day, and ask if I have sent money, they claim money laundering along with a list of other charges, so in short, who does a person talk to about this kinda stuff . suggestions please...

To find out whether a legitimate agency is trying to reach you, look up the agency's number and contact them. Explain that you've been getting calls or emails and want to know if they're trying to reach you.
If you know you're getting calls and emails from a scammer who's pretending to be with law enforcement, you can report that to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.
Send spam emails to spam@uce.gov. That's the FTC's spam collection website.

Today April 13th 2016, I got that same call from and he was an Indian man but a name like Nathan Connor from #718 873 9062, from NY. Same scenario saying that I owed taxes to the Treasury Dept in the amount of close to four thousand dollars, but when asked to speak to his suppervior he would let me, so I said to him I will call the IRS he quickly hung up. So I called him back and he put my # block. So I used another phone to call him back and asked to speak with Nathan Connor they hung up and put that number that I called him back with he put that number on block also! So from that moment I knew that he is trying to scam ppl. So everyone be aware.

Same thing happened to me today...John Washington was the name, he sounded indian also. # was 2132836752. said tax fraud in 2009 and they repeatedly tried to send letters, obviously they didn't. bad scam, but be careful!

This company is owned by John Jack Joesph. Located in Concord NC. They tell everyone they are going to jail.

Same exact name, same exact scenario happened to me this week! So glad you posted this!

OMG is right! I have been receiving calls for the past 2 weeks from 646-658-3039(New York) Department of Legal Affairs US Treasury. There is a warrant out for my arrest. I called the number twice and the same guy answers. This is ridiculous/

Received call from someone calling themselves John Darcy, 323 786 0487, about a legal complain and to call back. This is now the second scam call received in the past 3 month. There has to be something we can do to shutdown this scammers.


I've been contacted today (10/01/14) by that exact number! (323) 786-0487 he has an accent but he stated his name was David Johnson. Saying its a legal action charge against me and that he recommends i contact him with my attorney present. First call ever like this. So glad I googled, "legal affairs David Johnson". Thank you guys for posting y'alls story, it really helped me. I'm going to contact the credit bureaus right now.

He's still doing it. I can't remember what name he used, just that he had a middle eastern accent. Got a message last week saying I'm getting sued for tax fraud and he was a lawyer and if I didn't call him back I was responsible for the WHOLE amount all by myself. He called back and I told him that he had the wrong number...he just hung up and I haven't heard back from him. I had already figured he was up to no good but I'm glad I found all this online.

I am also very tired of getting these phone calls. They don't seem to stop. We usually just let the answering machine pick up. What is really irritating is that I received one this morning at 5:26 am so I picked it up thinking it was important. Really?! I do wish these phone calls would stop.

Yup, "David Johnson" called me too. I hung up on him when he started to bluster.

Omg! I received numerous calls from someone that calls himself Ray Harris from a company name R H group 844-797-8699 about legal complaint even went as far as giving me a case number this is disturbing he has called me my mother that frightened her to death over the phone call she thought I was in trouble and my job that I told my supervisor just say I don't work here so they can stop it's been really wrong what these people are doing. This can't be legal?

Danny, thanks for posting this. My relative just got a call from RH GROUP based in Seattle at 1-866-207-1967. A guy left a very rude voicemail on my phone, not my relative, regarding a "formal complaint & summons" that was filed against said relative. Hey prompted my relative to call RH GROUP and give the case number he referenced in the voicemail. A few things that seemed suspicious: 1)The caller identified himself but not the company, if any, that he represents. 2)The caller stated a summons was made to my relative but when I checked in Seattle, Washington there was nothing. 3) I call this RH GROUP after said relative gave permission to release info to me. When I requested validation of debt documents, it was refused. The rep started hollering then hung up. I'd like to speak with you further on your experience with RH GROUP if that's fine.

Just got a call from 2028108171 on my voice mail from Ed Ward William calling from Department of Affairs. I suspected the call wasn't legit because of the deep accent that i had to listen a few times to understand the message. My curiosity brought me here. Thanks for posting everyone. I still call the number back and see what they say. The operator said "Thank you for calling the Law office of Steve Anderson. Batch number 3031989. What is your last four digits of your social security number so we can pull up your account?" I refused to give them the number and asked him what is his real name, where is he calling from, and confronted him to quit scamming people. He responded "My name is Osama Bin Laden. I'm from Pakistan. I love scamming people."
Be careful everyone!

I was left a message today. John Darcy from legal affairs wants a return call. Same 323-786-0487 phone number, same spiel, but the recording was of such poor quality it was hard to understand. The red flag for me was that he said "from dept. of legal affairs". If he was legit he would have specified which/whose legal affairs dept. he represented. So I didn't go into panic mode; I googled it! And here I am. Isn't the internet great! Now if I could just get the guy that says he's from Microsoft to stop calling to tell me my computer is running too slow…

I never answer my home phone because of politicians and telemarketers and now scammers. I listened to my voice mail and a VERY hard to understand foreign man said he was John Davis from the Dept of Legal Affairs... blah blah blah". Just as everyone else is posting here. The caller ID was 323-669-9090 but the # he left for me to return call was 323-786-8560. Thanks for posting, I was a teeny tiny bit concerned too. Not any more.

Just got call from John Darcy right!!!! indian guy - but 213 number. I agree - now lovin the internet. I am now thinking of getting rid of my home phone. Seems only telemarketing and scams seem to call. Would like to keep it for the convenience factor - Comcast should get on this so more people don't get rid of the home line.

Got a voice mail from a 213 number based in LA threatening legal action will be enforced against my son. The man has heavy accent and identified himself as David XXXXXX (could not hear clearly to spell the name) from the Department of Legal Affairs. We had similar voice mail with the caller identified himself from the IRS threatening legal actions against my son about tax matter. When I told my older son who is an attorney, we just laughed. What a joke!

I also was left a message from a woman from Dept of Legal Affairs with a deep accent and couldn't understand what she said. The caller ID had a number from La Verne 9095751003 and she said to call back 9095751003- a California number from La Verne. The message said something about an "accident"(I couldn't understand her if that is what she said) and to have my attorney to call or there would be a legal matter. At first I was concerned but googled "why would I get a call from the Department of Legal Affairs" and saw all these postings and that this was a scam. I didn't call back.

I received a phone call from the following number:
415-234-9569, and frankly couldn't understand the recording that was played - something about Taxes and I had to call back and I shouldn't ignore the call. Anyway, I didn't get the call back number, to I attempted to return the call to the call-from number...that didn't work! Was told on the recording not to ignore the call. Guess what? I'm going to ignore it!

I've been getting calls all week. A gentleman with a Indian accent who said he was, "Philip Smith with the department of legal affairs calling about the grand jury." And,'Steve Martin' also left a message but it was the same guy. I called back and he identified himself as a member of the US Treasury Department - complete with ID number. He was a bit snippy with me and said he will see me in court when I said I don't believe him. Then he hung up on me. Caller IDs: 585-542-5186, 559-853-1507.

omg! just got that call from Indian Steve Martin using the number 941 244 6216 he left a message saying that i was ignoring a federal Magistrate order if i did not call back.....so glad for this site..not calling back..why isnt the government doing something about this! why not abscam them!

Thanks for posting this. Got the same call today from guy using same name.appreciated you posting it.

Glad FTC rep told me to check this out. Made me feel better. Also heavy Indian accent. Mine was Roy Burnett for Dept. of Legal Affairs. 831-250-8070. Would not read notice supposedly sent to my address. Said get a criminal attorney.

I got the same call 3 times in one hour! It has to be fake!

I just got 2 messages from Steve Martin at (559)800-7175. When I called back, it was answered by "Mark Evans" with the US Treasury Dept. Even gave me his federal id #11537. Would not speak to me about anything without me giving my phone number, told me they'd proceed with legal proceedings in magistrate court, and hung up on me.

Got 2 messages from private name/ private number..stating that I was having a lawsuit filed against me...wanted me to call them at (559)800-7183. I called...a man with heavy middle east accent answers Hello...I state I am returning his call..He says hold on..comes back with are you Sharon...I say yes...He begans to tell me that I have a lawsuit pending with the IRS due to money I owe them...I say ..I don't know what you are talking about..if I owed them money I am sure they would have mailed me a letter...he says they don't use the mail in this instance..they sent someone to my door with the papers but I was not at home...He asks for the name of my lawyer...I say..I don't have a lawyer and have no idea what you are talking about...but WHATEVER...he appears to get mad at my response..and says fine..you'll be receiving your papers from the court..I said ...OK ...and hang up on him...LOSER!!

I received that same call ph number close to the one you mentioned, 323-786-0493, thick Indian accent, claiming I've ignored "several letters and form cp503 Notice". When I laughed he told me the police had been notified and would be coming to get me within the "next two hours".. Scammers are Unbelievable.

Received a message today from John Baker, 909-666-8731, with a heavy accent from Department of Legal Affairs, stating same message "a legal action has been started against me and to call back with attorney." Thanks to all who posted.

I got the same call today from John Baker and same phone and same script! Wow. Yes thanks to all that have posted.

Got the same call tonight from John Baker from Dept of Legal Affairs with the 'ya better get retain an attorney when you call back...delaying will be result in a legal mess, and God Bless." I, too, thank folks for posting.

Same script used on my home phone today from "John Baker, Dept. of Legal Affairs of the US Treasury" Phone number was 213-536-0603. Thick accent. Clearly reading from a script. Told me if I was "smart," I'd call back with my attorney to avoid the "big legal mess I was in" with the enforcement action filed against my by the US Treasury Department.

same dumb call from "John Baker" asking I call back at 213-536-0603. He left a message on my answering machine (twice). I stupidly tried to call back, but the number is not in service. Not sure how scammers make money off this waste of time, but at least this website makes it clear this is not legit.

Anyone else get a call from this number (214)702-5010

I just received a call from a Gary Mott (heavy Indian accent) stating the SAME THING! "A legal action has been started against me" I reported it. The number was 913-937-7714

Received a call from John Baker today, 925-478-6221, very heavy accent stating he was from Department of Legal Affairs. Said legal action was being taken by the US Treasury and call back with attorney, Thank you all who have posted.

I also got a call from 925-478-6221 Department of legal affairs at US treasury. Giving me a final verbal notice hoping I call him back before. Delayed in calling will end up in a legal mess for me. This is totally a fraud. So don't call back and let your family and friends know of these scams. Take care.

I just received a call from a man named Ryan or Brian Maxwell (sounded like from India) and he said he was with the department of legal affairs 909 237-9697

I got a call from a woman who said her name is Diana Forster from the drpt of legal affairs withthe US treasury dept that there was a legal case against me. She said that they mailed me a legal notice 3 times and since I had not replied they sre calling me. I never received anything. She had an Indian accent. Told me to call the officer assigned to my case at 408-543-9125. I called the # and went to voicemail of a man with an Indian accent. Five minutes later the woman cas again adking if I had called that # yet. I yelled at her asking who is this and she hung up.

I have a call from a John Durphy from the same number telling me the same information.

Same phone call, number slightly different: 323-828-8074 (CA area code) with a new name: Alan Clark-thick Indian accent left a message on my home VM. He was from the Department of Legal Affairs with a "verbal notification" that I was going to be arrested if my lawyer did not call back to get me out of this mess. RED FLAG! Gotta love the internet...it was the first place I looked to research "Department of Legal Affairs". Hum, no such thing-imagine that! Received another VM mail today and deleted it as soon as this guy could not pronounce my last name either. There is a special place in H3&$ for people like this.

Same thing here only it was an Indian Aaron Rodgers.

I received a phone call from a John Darcy #408-372-3072 stating that the Treasury Department of Legal Affairs had sent me a letter warning me about legal action that will be taken against me. This is untrue I have a locked mailbox & received no letter. He then threatened that I never got back to them and they will take legal action against me.

Me too but his name was Steve Martin!!!
He told me the exact same thing and threatened prison!!!

Just got a call from a person with a very foreign accent #2022418234 saying he was from the Department of Revenue. I couldn't understand his name. He said he needed my attorney's name to discuss my legal proceedings. I told him I didn't have any proceedings and he said he would transfer me to his supervisor. I then spoke to another heavily accented man. I asked him to confirm my address, which he did, and I said then go ahead and mail me any information you have. (I knew something like this would never take place via phone call). He said he would have a Sheriff hand deliver it and arrest me. Good grief. Even though I knew it was a scam from the moment I answered, it is still unsettling. BTW, for the "Microsoft" people, I have found the perfect answer. Tell them you don't have a computer and they get very quiet and then hang up. So funny!

SCAM ---- Since I saw the name John Darcy in your post, I wanted to reply that he left a message for my wife at 408 372-3072. That was just this morning -- 12/5/14. Happy to see these are being reported. He mentioned a legs complaint against my wife, too. But he did ask for an attorney to call him back. I called back from my cell phone only to find out he wasn't there.

I just got a phone call saying I won a business grant for over 8,000 US $ it would only cost me 210US$ to clam it I told them I didn't have it to mail it they said I would have to pay fees and they didn't mail the money they could only send into my bank account (witch I don't have )or western union I told him again I don't have $210. And ended the call he has not called back

I realize you posted this last April but if he's still calling, stay on the line and annoy him till he hangs up, or call the number he gives you and start singing songs, If we can't catch 'em best we can do is waste their time!

I got this scam call at home. It came on my answering machine, but the guy sounded different from the usual telemarketing calls. So I picked up the phone. He wouldn't tell me anything except I was being sued by the US Treasury Legal Affairs, and that I needed to call Agent Jack Wilson at a 909 number. I asked about the nature of the lawsuit and he just kept repeating himself after that.

At first, I thought it had something to do with the IRS. I had just gone back-and-forth with the IRS for months to settle a case from 2012, where they ended up sending me a check for $40. So, I thought they may have screwed up and triggered some lawsuit. After hanging up the phone, I wondered why I was being threatened over the phone without getting anything in the mail.

I called my wife and she "hit me on the head with reality" and said it was a scam, and then sent me this related link. Now I feel like calling and telling them what to do with their lawsuit.

I got a message left for me from a 909 area code threatening me with legal action. His name was "David Johnson" and said he was with the legal department of the US Treasury regarding lethal action to be taken against me and to listen to my conscience and call back with my attorney. Very next message was from the same guy, same accent, and instead of my name he was trying to teach someone else worth a last name very similar to mine, add if he was going down an alphabetized list. How do I report the call? The number was 909-271-2073.

If you get a call from a government imposter, file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. Be sure to include:

  • Date and time of the call
  • Name of the government agency the imposter used
  • What they tell you, including the amount of money and the payment method they ask for
  • Phone number of the caller; although scammers may use technology to create a fake number or spoof a real one, law enforcement agents may be able to track that number to identify the caller
  • Any other details from the call

This seems to be still going on. I received a voicemail from an indian guy this morning. Name kevin parker asking me to call him on a 210 area code number. Phone rings no answer . He is saying there is a warrant for my arrest and that he is with a department of justice .

I am glad too! I have received two calls from what sounds like the same Indian man . The man was demanding that I call him back claiming that he was Officer Paul Brown. He said that he had pending information using my identity and information and that if I didn't respond he will take legal matters. The first call came from a different area code than the other call and has been disconnected. I tried calling the other number and what a coincidence that the mailbox is full.
The numbers were 202-241-9142 and 646-503-1422.

I just got a voice mail from a guy with heavy accent goes by the name Eric foster from a number 646-658-3039 said he's from legal affairs.....same are code lol

wow i had a call just a few min ago from la saying they were calling me from dept of treasurey that i had a tax case pending he sounded like indian i think, i told him off hand hung up after i told him that i was going to call dept of treasury he said he's not from there that if i wanted to get more info on this matter he tell me & told him off then hung up LOL how can i get taxed when i'm not workin for 2 or 3 years lmao

I got the same call the last today's saying I got tax fraud an I have not worked in 9 yrs.

I received a call from this number 951-898-8434

I got a call today, same thing it looks like but it was a "David Parker" and the number he left was 818-813-8495.

Yeah, I got called by "David Parker" as well, they said my last name, but got my first name wrong. It was a 267 Area code. I looked it up and the area code is in Philidalphia

Steve Martin called me today, wants me to call him back at 707-674-5847

Nelson Martin called me today at wants me to call him back at 415-926-4075

Some guy left message named Ron Jackson from Dept. of Treasury wants us to call him back at 818-945-8310

i got a call from a Jack Lewis at 818-945-4211, very heavy Indian accent, couldn't understand, said its very important i call back or have my attorney do so and have a blessed day and god bless, i don't think they are allowed to say those kind of things, since state and church are suppose to be separate. Did anyone call these people back or at that number?

I got the same phone call, also from a Jack Lewis with a very heavy indian accent, but this came from phone 818-668-5373. He left a message on my voicemail saying that he was with the department of law enforcement and I need to call him back ASAP due to issues I had in California. I've never even been to California! I live on the east coast and have only been on the east coast. Needless to say I did not call back.

I received a phone call from the same number today 415-926-4075 except the name was Ronald Taylor. It comes up as a San Franciso number. He said I needed to call this number back he wouldn't tell me why. He knew my name and my address. He called my husband's company line. I couldn't get a straight answer out of him other than to have my lawyer call back this number. I hung up on him. Creepy.

Nelson Martin called *me* today, left a message saying he was from the "Department of Legal Affairs" and wants me to call him back at 415-506-2408. I could *barely* understand what he said with that thick Indian accent. I have no outstanding/bad debts. Knew it had to be B.S. one way or another (scam or a real debt but they've got the wrong guy).

He called me too and asked for me to call back at 209-992-5739. I called back and no answer. I don't have any debt at all so I know it's bogus. He also never said who the message was intended for which let's me know he doesn't have any info and is just phishing. He called again I picked up but he didn't say anything so I hung up...

Steve Martin called me today from 213 289 5034. Seriously, who falls for these calls?

Me too.

"Steve Martin" left me a voice mail. 7/11 accent, 760-298-7641.

Steve Martin called me too ("Department of Legal Affairs") but the number is 213-289-5032.

Steve martin called me 4 times yesterday. Number was 213 289-5034

Steve Martin called me on 9/19/14 and left a messeage about a Judge or Magistate with the US Treasury and grand jury on a federal criminal ofense and that I need to call him back at206-497-1628 so they can help me. He noted this was the second attempt to contact me.

Steve Martin from US Treasury. 949-873-8412. Said I would have to go before Magistrate Judge if did not respond to his phone call. I dialed the number & he answered "US Treasury." I hung up.

Stop laughing at me and just give me money. Stop laughing. OK I'm sending the police to arrest you and your wife!

Yep -= Steve martin is bored again so he's making phone calls. Got 2 messages in a 12 minute timeframe using a California Number same thing as people have stated - and then got another with a Florida phone number about an hour later. Then, got 2 more message from teh same Florida number. First message- it was funny, their recorded message kept replaying and replaying and replaying so I heard the same stupid guy 4 times (or more) before my answering machine cut him off. I'm contacting my local Attorney General and putting in a complaint. Some older folks (or younger naive person) may really get scared and fall for this. Pass the word to your friends so they know this is bogus.

Steve is bored again today. Called me on both my cell and home phone. He is calling from 509-723-0991. He claims to work with the Department of Legal Affairs with US Treasury - blah blah blah. I think it is funny his name is Steve Martin yet has a strong Indian accent.

I recieve a call from the same guy he could tell me nothing told me a warrent was issue for my arrest when I haven't recieve no loan.This his number pass it on and take all your info off the internet .He had a Cali number he was a indian man.Non talking and those who do that will be punish you can't mistreat or accused someone of wrongful doing may he get caught and let him feel where many people he calling like that.He a Scam 951-775-4347.He wanted me to send him 2489.46 really .He didn't know who he was dealing with pass his number along bring him to justice .Don't answer and don't respond report him to be flag.His time running out.Just so he know he has been reported .Have a Fantastic day .

Steve Martin called from Us Treasury. 509-723-0991.

Steve Martin called me today its amazing that the feds cannot help why do we pay taxes?

I received a call from Steve Martin Yesterday threatening about a felony and something about a grand jury..... bad quality call, from a 509 number asking me to cal a 213 number.

Steve Martin just called me too! Said I committed fraud and I was going to jail and a lawyer wouldn't help me cause he and the IRS has sent out letters of notice due to tax fraud!!! WOW!!! He called me from 415-735-7998. He apparently changes his numbers! Its December 2014.
I hope the cops get him.. I just wonder how he got all my name and number?!

Mr. "Steve Martin" called my phone 4 times from phone number 408-882-6503. I was with patients 2 times when my phone just kept ringing and ringing so I finally went outside to listen to the message. (I have family in CA so I just wanted to check in case it was an actual emergency.) I got the call-back number after listening to the message and dialed back from my work phone (which does not show my name but rather my employer's company name). Right off the bat, this guy fumbles over his name first saying his name is "Ray Stevens" then when I asked him his name again because there was a lot of static on the line, he says his name is "Raymond Martin". I played along to see what the call was about and he said he was ordered to call me about an outstanding debt I "owed" the government, something in the $3000 range and that he was the last resort for me to pay restitution for the money owed to "government agencies". I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and he asked if I had not received some form in the mail validating his phone call, saying it was the notice of debt and did mention that I would be getting a phone call from a debt collector, blah blah blah. I asked him to be extra specific of what was owed to whom and where the debts were accrued and he started stumbling over his words. Then I asked his name again and he told me it was "Bruno Screeton". I told him 1) he has to seriously get help with all those different personalities going on in his head, and 2) how did he know I was the person with all this debt when I never gave him my name.
At this point he hung up on me.
So I called him back since I wasn't done talking. When someone finally answered I asked who I was talking to and the guy said "Ray". I told "Ray" we must have gotten disconnected somewhere and I didn't want him thinking I hung up on him seeing as hanging up on someone when they're talking to you is kinda rude. I asked if I could get his personal number and we could continue this conversation when I was not at work. I told him I can call him any time of day or night and he said no "thank you". I said if he doesn't want me calling and bothering him he needs to get off his shit and stop calling and trying to scam money out of innocent people and that I now had his number and was going to call him each and every opportunity I got to remind him what it's like to be bothered by somebody.

He called me 4 times in a matter of 30 minutes. It has now been 4 hours since our last conversation.

I also received 2 calls this afternoon within 15 minutes from STEVE MARTIN about appearing before a judge or magistrate. I hung up.

Steve Martin called me twice in the last two days using words "federal magistrate" "US treasury" definitely Indian from number 760-666-1516

I receive serval calls from this number 855 number and a 408 area code stating they are investigations I thought it was legit but the more they talked the more I noticed it was bull..
They used the nave Steve
David turner
Mr.Hernandez and even had a lady play along .. I googled it and here I am.

WOW!!! Ihave been getting calls from him since 8am this morning, says his name is Steve Martin and is from the US Treasury Department and says I commited tax fraud in 2012.Also,said I would be arrested in 45 minutes, due to fraud WoW!!! this is outrageous!! And he just called back! This is December 6, 2014 Oklahoma City,someone needs to put a stop to this guy and his number he called me from is (415)735-7998!! I hope the cops get him for this!

Yup! Just got a call from "Officer David Parker" from US Treasury (with an Indian accent)from 805 314-1275. I knew right away it was BS and I told him so. Then he threatened to send the authorities right away if I hung up on him.. I told him I would love to see him try and then hung up... This also happened to my mother-in-law a few months back.

Wow. This has been happening to me for months. I even reported to the NYPD and nothing has ever happened. The newest number they've been using is 202 241 8434.

How lame is our govt? I'm told the NSA can snoop anything ... the Fed Govt is on top of the war on terror.

However, they can't even track down a bunch of fraudsters?

They called me today and spoke so fast I had to listen to the message twice. It sounded like they said Text fraud. I live in California. The callback number was 202 241 7398

These scammers have been hard at it with me for about the last year now, calling my home relentlessly -- up to seven times per day -- numerous days per month. / First, it starts with offers of cash for payday loans I have NOT applied for; THEN, it escalates to threatening calls from a man IDing himself as "David Parker" -- U.S. Treasury Officer David Parker from the "investigations division" -- who claims I owe back taxes from 2006 and I MUST PAY TODAY or he will "call the sheriff, have me arrested in front of my neighbors" and seize my bank account, freeze my SS disability payments -- and other assorted woes. Very scary. / When I ask for a phone # to call him back, he gives me one, but when I call it back, it's -- surprise -- disconnected!! // TODAY -- a recorded message -- supposedly from the IRS: 202-241-8440 -- which leads me to an unidentifiable voicemail (No IRS ID'ing info) with no name -- saying the "person who you're trying to reach is unavailable, pls leave a msg."/ I've reported ALL NUMBERS to the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY and BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU -- to no avail. / This has GOT to stop. It's causing undue stress in my life, always having to field these calls. And when I do answer, these men (always with a deep, Indian accent) are so MEAN and harassing!!!

Received call and answered yesterday, October 8, 2014, after receiving numerous calls from a Michigan number 810-000-2040 over the past 3 or 4 days. Answered yesterday as I figured it was a political call--there is a Governor to elect in Maryland. Some Indian guy, gave first name only (American name, I can't remember) and said he was from the "Fed. Dept. of Student Loans" and they have identified that we have an outstanding balance on Federal loans..., at which point I hung up. Over the past 3 or 4 months, I have had a number of these calls including the one where the "DEA is on their way to arrest me" because they intercepted a package that was addressed to me. These are extremely scary and people need to just hang up and not fall for these scare tactics.

Just got a call very similar to this today from 323-786-0493 very weird. Except it was Jack Lewis...

Got a call from 818-945-8343 claiming to be a legal matter from US treasury.

I got a text from them today. Recently he called my house. I have learned to ignore and give him grief. the phone # is 347-960-6502.Washington DC Crime bureau!

Just started to get the phone calls, today. He's using a new number, 323-375-8732.

I got the same call today. Roy something from dept of legal affairs, saying legal action has been taken against me. I should call him back at 323 375 8732.

I received a bogus scam call as well from Erica Peterson saying that the us treasury department has taken legal action on me and to call them back at 323-786-8560

Just got the call from Frank Lewis, supposedly from US Treasury. Number was 323-786-8560. I was sort of buying the story until he said "I really hope you call me back so this doesn't all become a big mess."

Same deal same number.

second time this person has called me, same scam script that others are posting here on this website. sounded like same man to me. Not sure of the name but sounds like Donald Smith. Same no. though that you have listed. Husband kept saying it's a scam. I decided to google it. And here I am. How do we report this no., person etc?? I really would like to know. Thank you all for sharing. Relieves my mind.

Received a call from 4 different people...one of the main guys name was MR. Joseph. said his credit place was in Georgia...The name of this company was called Green Fill Processing...the numbers are 18773739176 and the other is19122898805 this was his direct line...threanted to serve me..left me messages say to call and pay as soon as possible or I will get sued. Said I owed 1400 the first time...the second...they said I owed 1800 then the third I was 1600 from a laon place 4 years ago that I only owed 100 left... (which I called to confirm from there main corporation. What idiots. so tired of this crap...can someone please catch these people!!

A "tax collector" came to my fathers door and asked about me, I have not lived there in over 15 years. He did not offer ID or anything to confirm his identity. He did not have a car or any kind of transportation either. I called the tax office and they said I was fine and to call the police the next time something like this happens.

Just got a call from Roy Burnett from the Department of Treasury and said there would be a warrant issued within 24 Hours. He mentioned that he mailed something but it was returned. Number they called from was 213 437 6046 but that is just a voicemail when you call back. They are total jerks on the phone. I told them they could call my attorney if they wanted to.

Here's transcript of a voicemail left on my machine:Voicemail from (760) 897-3189 for phone number (206) 522-0251
62 seconds
"This message is intended for jason(?) Steven Jake this is Mike Anderson with the Department to offer legal fifth at US treasury. My boss trying to reach you in regards to a very important issue. This is a Waterbury notification for you in regards to the enforcement actions that have been started on your name. My number is 760-897-3189. Again my number is 760897318984 and the reason you are busy to call back. I would suggest you to have your greeting(?) the children to eat for you as you-ain't(?) calling I might end up into a legal message for you. I hope you would take this right and call me back. This is Mark Anderson with the Department else as you can the fifth. Looking forward to speak to you until then. Good night."

This is definitely the same spam.

Just happened to my wife this morning! "Eric Smith" called her and went through the entire script - I found it on another site (exactly this!) Called him back and told him I knew it was a scam and was reporting the number - guess I shoulda kept that part to myself. Oh well

I got a call from a 911 emergency say that if I don't get in contact with them I will be sued is this real or a scam to get money.

I keep getting calls that show up as "Emergency number" 911 on my caller ID on my cell. If I let them go to voice mail no messge is left, but if I pick up a recording states that I have 30 min to contact the Florida AG's Office as there has been something filed agaist my SSN and if I don't call my local sheriff will be out to arrest me. They only give the call back # once and it is so fast I can't get it. I know this is a scam, but I want to get the # to turn into the Florida AG's office and the FTC. I filed report with both. HATE these people!! Want to stop them.

I get these calls two-three times a day from 202 and 688 and 689 numbers. I usually just tell them, awesome, see you when you get here! And they hang up after telling me I really need to take this seriously. Haha. They will never stop.

I too got the same message. A guy with an Indian accent from the Department of Legal Affairs. Phone number 818-863-9204

Just got a call from an Indian man,Alex White claiming to be from Dept.of Legal Affairs, uS Treasury. He said my husband needed to contact Officer Bryan King at 323-786-6507 because a legal actions suit had been started in his name. We have a very common last name so I started questioning him in depth. He kept repeating the same info. he said he wasn't allowed to give me any more info but needed to call the officer. He said he had my address and other info to try to "convince" me that this was serious and that he was not a telemarketer. He had me worried so I got on this website to check. I'm glad I did. It's a scam! Slime!

I got two calls in the last 2 days. One yesterday and one today around the same time. Both went to my answering machine. Same guy - Indian voice but American name: Steve Martin. Both times he indicated that he was from the US Treasury and there was an enforcement and if I didn't respond asap it would go to Regisrate Judge and to a Federal Criminal Offense. The first time he left phone # 914-412-8006. The next day same guy Steve Martin & left phone # 801-742-7925. I have not called him back as I knew right away it was a scam. I wish they could catch this guy.

The IRS communicates via letters. They would not call and leave a message. You can report the IRS imposter to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also provide these details to the FTC at www.ftc.gov/complaint. We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint.

Well, they are using a different tactic now...saying they are from "Federal Law Enforcement" and saying there is a lawsuit pending. Definitely foreign accent with a 646-808-3071 phone number. Said I would be sued if I did not return the call. This is a definite scam. Posted my resume on a job site, I'm convinced this is how they are getting our numbers. DO NOT return the call - report these to the FTC!

I received a call from a woman whose Indian accent was so think that I could barely understand what she was saying on the voicemessage she left. Her name is Tina Brown claiming to be with Department of Legal Affairs and to call her back. When I called a man answered claiming to be Dept of Legal Affairs and he wanted me to give him my home phone # and when I wouldn't he just said I would find out what they are calling me about when they arrest me...he would not tell me anything and hung up on me twice, the third time I called he blocked my number....

Does anyone here know a David Johnson at 917-484-6611 he promised me a loan of 3000 USD with only a 130 USD verification and said that the money would not be withdrawn then withdrew the money and now I can't reach him for three days now as well as telling me that I would have to send the entire loan amount back to boost my credit any one know if this guy is a scammer.. Thanks

If someone took money from your bank account without your permission, contact your bank. Someone who has your bank account number may try to take more money.
You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You can contact your state Attorney General to make a complaint and see if they have information about that person.
It’s best to stay away from lenders who ask you to wire money or pay them before you get a loan. This is a sign of a scam.  The article Advance-Fee Loans provides six sure signs of an advance-fee loan scam.

Getting calls from a James Haddis/Harris from the Department of Legal Affairs, states there has been an enforcement action started against me and I need to call 347-464-9912, Hard to understand with this accent and sounded very scripted.

Got a vm message on my home phone (land line) on 9/25/15 from Jennifer Lincoln at Dept of Legal Affairs with Indian accent and background noise sounds like a call center. Says to call her back about a legal action started against me - her phone is (347) 321-8224. I did not call back.

Received phone call from 678-649-1020. Threatened me with summons to appear in court.

This is the text msg I got from them - (1/2)This is to inform you that we have received a case to take strict and strong action against you and take you down into custody from your employment tomorrow by 11:00 AM , .You can contact us back on 347-960-6497 ASAP failing which we will not be responsible. Washington DC crime bureau This is some serious accusation. Wow

I received A TEXT MESSAGE of all things. To: "my name" SSN last four ****
This is financial crime enforcement network. We are sending you copy of arrest warrant regarding your Outstanding pay day loan $711.00 We have prepared civil suit against you with pressing legal charges and they are 1 Intentional misappropriation of funds 2 Non Committed dues loans and installments 3 and third which is most serious one is acceptance of third party finance with the intention of non payment.
Warrant of arrest is applicable after 48hours. If you have any intention to resolve this case, you may contact us back. If we don’t receive any kind of response from you regarding payment, we will contact your current employer, references and family members. Senior officer--Danny Taylor For text: +1 409 440 4622 For Call: +1 814 209 7339

"This is James Haddis, and I am with the department of legal affairs... This is a verbal notification for you, in regards to the enforcement action that has been started on your name. My number is 347-515-6003. If for any reason you are too busy to call back, I would suggest you to tell your retained attorney to do it for you, as delaying calling us might end up into a legal mess for you. Have a Blessed Day." Called back, no answer. Then "James" called back, and I demanded to know from what city or state his department of legal affairs he was calling from. "New York," he said. Voice sounded like "Ted Cruise," kind of a mid-western drawl with Bronx slurring, if you can imagine. This is way too similar to calls reported on your site, so I thought it should be reported.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

We have received numerous calls from 716902 6407 threatening that unless payment is made to pay a debt to the "government" drastic consequences will befall my wife. Seriously violates our right to privacy and should be investigated and stopped in it's tracks. Many older people are taken financial advantage of with this sort of fraud.

My son recently purchased a car from a local car dealer and he is moving to a new home. He contacted DirectTV to have a dish installed and now he is receiving calls supposedly from DirectTV asking for his social security number. He said he has been receiving all kinds of calls asking for his social security number ever since he purchased the car. Why would DirectTV or any other company related to the car purchase need his social security number? Is this a scam?

Absolutely not, the only company that would require his social security number after buying a car is the financial institution if he is financing the car. If he paid outright for it in cash or credit, then no company should be asking for his SSN and certainly not DirectTV. I would suggest making a trip to the police station to file a report and have it investigated.

Ok I posted too quickly, on DirecTV's website they DO mention that they require the SSN number to make sure they aren't getting a second account and to ensure they know exactly who they are talking to if they need to take legal action afterward if the account holder stops paying and doesn't return equipment. Sorry about that, but my suggestion is for him to call DirecTV and speak with someone about his account and see if they still need that information. He should never give his SSN to anyone claiming to be from a company if he is called. If they need that information, he should tell them that he'll call the company back at the number that is publicly posted on their website for the safety and security of his SSN number.

I have had phone calls twice in the last week saying I have committed tax fraud and owe $4000.00. They ask me to wire it now so I am not arrested.

I too received this type of scam calls. When I got the first one, I asked about specific details as to what type of tax and for which year I supposedly have not paid and he would fax the information. Instead of providing those details, he threw bunch of non-sense that I could be arrested by a sheriff, my bank accounts would be frozen, blah blah.. I asked him that where I should send a check. He asked me go to Walgreen and get a card.... I sensed the scam early on during the conversation. The only reason I continued conversation because I am accountant and found it humorous. But I can easily see that many people may be getting victimized. I approached US District Attorny's office but they indicated that they can't pursue these scammers because they have few resources.

I got almost identical call on 07/03/2014 from person calmed to have a batch, named himself as Christopher Paul and tailed me about a criminal case against me for miscalculated taxes for period over 4 years. He try to threw a bunch of non-sense accusations and also stated that I could be arrested by a sheriff, my bank accounts would be frozen- the same "BS". AT the end he mention that I have to make my choices in 30 seconds otherwise I will regret that: my first choice to go to courthouse and another one to settle it down. Over the phone--ha? That conversation was over and that obviously to me stammer was not to happy and said that did not like my behavior. Just in case I called to a friend, who works at Police Department and he confirmed that they had a similar cases. I also checked out with local IRS and Feds- NO report was there ever. Please be aware and do not give them any money.

All I have to say as online on time bill payer isSCREW THEM!

Today I was called by Michael, Michael and Green Associates. We have already paid $1200 to Barker, Healy & Associates. It was a scam and you all (Federal Trades Commission) have not helped me yet! Thanks a lot!

The FTC does not make up for your gullibility. Contact an attorney to sue for the fraud you claim.

Your bank should be able to track the routing number and account for where/ who cashed the check. That should give you a start as to what to do next, or contact police about it.

Thanks for the information on fraudulent people representing an FBI, CIA, Sheriff, & Police Officer. They are not into debt collection agencies, but people will try this trick unless we out smart them and ask for a badge number or phone number and office address & names. This can be stopped when these questions are asked.

yes i had this phone call they even call my job then they call me saying that i owe online advance loan of 1,896 and i had two cycles with this that i haven't pay nothing and that they suing me or wants me arrest i send them already 50.00 so next week they taking 100.00 because they miss two weeks of the 50.00.. they made me sign agreement of the payments.. i think been fool again..

Even though on my phone caller ID said Peter Bernacki, phone number 5129653277, this individual said he was from Microsoft Technology informing me how my computer had serious viruses and he wanted me to download a program called Ammyyl which would have given him access to my computer. I told him before downloading any program, I would need to call a few numbers to assure his identity for my own protection. He said that would be fine and hung up. I looked up Ammyyl where a message came up saying if anyone called your home saying they are from Microsoft, it was a definite scam. I of course did not return his call.

Today we were contacted two times via phone messages and threatened regarding a notice against us by the IRS. And that my wife would be arrested. The name of the person calling said " John Smith" calling from Washington DC. They left a phone number for us to call back. 1-202-803-4817
This is probably a Scam of some sort since we already filed our taxes and received a return. My wife is disturbed with this phone call. Please help!

You might be interested in this warning from the IRS. You can file a complaint about this with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Had to ay the voice recorded 10 times to understand what the indian man said. Claiming to be an IRS agent threatening if I don't call back to 202-506-9142
Will put a complain tomorrow to get this scumbag off the streets

Hi officer Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 202-506-9142. I repeat it's 202-506-9142. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care.” This was a recorded message I got today. Harassment. Can't even leave a msg.

I received the same message and called back the number 415-506-1828. S. F. number, argued with a Indian man , couldn't even understand him, he kept hanging up on me. And then wouldn't answer his phone cause I wouldn't answer his questions. Kept getting put to voicemail. Funniest part it's a cell phone number..

I got a similar call yesterday leaving me a voicemail in a very thick Indian accent and when I called the number back at 202-506-9044 the man who answered said that he was with the Investigation Bureau of the IRS. I asked for his name and he was clearly cagey. I Asked why they called me and after he "looked up" my phone number he said he didn't find it, so I hung up. It was a clear scam.

we received three calls on march 7,2014 at 5:35 pm,at5:57pm then at 6:13pm from phone number 202-241-2787 regarding notice against us by IRS.And that we would be arrested.The name of the person calling said "Martin Blake" calling from Washington DC. Already reported to FBI office and rto local police department. AGAIN we recived another call on march 19,2014 from phone number 206-436-4774 at 5:16pm named mark Watson.also reported

also contacted by Paul Martin, @ 58563331814, telling me that he is with the IRS, and for me to contact him at once, to keep from being arrested. What a laugh, I am retired and owe IRS nothing. I ask him to stop his calls before he was arrested, his call came from Rochester, NY. I did White pages reverse number.

yeah, we got a call last month and then today from Brandon Hills of the Criminal Investigation branch of the IRS for my step-daughter who has an Indian name. I hear they are targeting immigrants who may be insecure about their status here and don't want to get in any trouble. They threaten. The IRS, as much as they have a bad rap, would not do this.

thanks for the alert; scammers are up here in Roc city. fun stuff. I guess area codes help a lot when tracking numbers from "D.C."

I received call today from IRS Phone 202-241-2787. They ask me to buy four money order $500 each or I will be arrested in 48 hrs. After I purchased money orders I need to call them back and Some one will stop by my house and will take care my problem with IRS . They also warn me that I should not discus about this with any one. I new that this was a scam and I start playing along, after 10 minutes I was able to negotiate from $2000 to $1800. I wander if any one actually get in this trap.

This Indian emailed me today with an arrest warrant.I called and he didn't even say Anderson and associates he just said hello.Then he said to go to cvs and get some government voucher..this guy is a creep and is calling me now from a 202 area code.

I am getting the same sort of calls with the guy saying i needed to get a green dot voucher card for an unpaid loan. I paid the requested and the nexct morning I got a call saying i owed another $1400 in court fees. I feel like an idiot but got scared and acted in the moment

I got an email today from a daniel anderson claiming i have charges against me for a loan from cashnet usa and he ask i calle his office the number is 202-201-1547

I received several calls from Justin Black who he said works for the Dept of Legal affairs 760 592 6191 regarding he stated that I was in some sort of legal problem and to retain a lawyer and then ended it with G-d bless.

I received 2 messages, left on my answering machine, from Andy Gibson, Dept of Legal Affairs, US Treasury, 213-375-0942 (Caller ID Los Angeles, Ca) regarding a legal action that had been started on me, I should have my retained attorney contact him or I would be in a "legal mess", ending with "have a bless-ed day". He had a heavy Indian accent. I called the number back, did not answer but got a recording "This is David William, Dept of Legal Affairs, ID 11738, I am busy, leave your name and phone number and I will call you back". I left a message, telling him that if the US Treasury was filing a legal action against me, they would contact me by mail, not by phone, and told him he was an "Idiot". This was on April 2, 2014. I filed a complaint with the FTC on April 5, 2014. I left another message, telling them they should get on the Internet, look up their names, and that they were on the Internet as Scammers and I told them again that they were "Idiots". The number 213-375-0942 was still in service, with the same message from David Williams as of April 5, 2014 at 1900 pst.

Yes I got the same call but from John and he could not give me the information I wanted.the number is from la 213 533 0434 and I told them they were fraudulent he told me I was not American and to ask my dad what country I was from. What a joke I come from a military family of over 200 years

I received the similar call from 323-786-0487

Received similar call today, for my husband, from 323-786-0487

I just received a similar call for my husband on my work # from Jordan Miller at the Dept. of Legal Affairs, 213-221-8472.

Got the call today from a "Ryan Maxwell" Dept of Legal Affairs. The number calling was 714-607-6431 and the number he left to call back was 415-742-6882.

Also got this one! But it sounded like "Ron Maxwell" Dept of Legal Affairs. Heavy Indian accent, number he wanted called back on had a (202) area code.

I received a similar call from (203)347-5670. The called named himself Jack Johnson.

I just got a similar call from an "IRS" person, Maxwell Smith, which has really strong India accent. I bet the name is not real. His phone number is 203-347-5657.

Same here. Thick Indian accent. "Ryan Maxwell w/the Department of Legal Affairs...verbal notification... enforcement action that has been started on your name...my # is 213-536-0603...if for any reasons you are busy to call back, I will suggest you to have your legal attorney to do it for you... might turn into a legal mess for you".

Same message from Jordan Miller from "Legal Affairs" 323-786-0714. Any would-be fake Fed worker with broken English telling you "God Bless" or to "have a blessed day" hasn't got a clue. Lock these morons up!

My husband received a voice mail on his cell today, July 1, 2014, from "Charles Hendricks" with a definite Indian accent, claiming that he was from Dept. of Legal Affairs and that there was an "issue" and that "enforcement action" was to be taken against him (husband) if he didn't have his "retain attorney call him (Charles) back. the number was 914-364-9546. Not sure what to make of this but to me its definitely a scam. My husband hasn't used the cell phone called in over a year and has only used it in recent weeks because it still has time on it. It's a TracFone too. My husband had to be reminded by me as to what his number was to retrieve the voice mail.

This was much help! I got a call about 40 minutes ago from a lady named Anne, did not have an Indian accent but definitely some type of accent, claiming she was from the Department of Legal Affairs & that my name had come up in a serious legal issue & that I should have my attorney call and if I don't call back I would be in serious "legal mess". I am only 17 & was very shocked being that I've never been in trouble with the law. Thus, I looked up "Department of Legal Affairs" & instantly saw a bunch of links that showed people claiming they got the same call & that it was a scam. I came across this page & this just so happened to be the last one I was going to read & when I saw the number I instantly knew it was definitely a scam! It's the same exact 914-364-9546 number. This post & website helped me so much!

I got a very similar call last week from a guy saying he was from the Dept. of Legal Affairs with the US Treasury threatening legal action, etc. Tried calling back 4x and keep getting a voicemail (still saying Dept of Legal Affairs), but that the mailbox is full and can't leave any more messages. The number was the same 914-364-9546

i got a same call from a woman no name said was department of legal affairs that if i was off work to pull over and call this # 585-318-1107 right away or if i didn't that in 72 hrs. there be a knock at my door and be in criminal cousdty so and have a lawyer present i called that number back every time it was a busy signal and my neighbor said too! so today 1-22-2016 called again all day still busy so i got on interent too itis a scam thought let others know

I had a person with a foreign voice call before 7:00 am and said they were the iRS and asked for my husband. I told them to go to hell and they might want to check their time zones more closely because the iRS would not call someone at 6:50 am and besides they don't call people anyway. I called the state attorney general's office and gave them the number.

They called a wrong person ME. I told them to pack up their bags as the FBI was on the way. They hung up the calls so quick like a hot cake.

I believe my immediate action coordinated with IRS, FBI lead them to get arrested. They spoke broken English. They need to be deported.

If you get a call from 229-513-1302....SAME SCAM!

Tax scammers are hitting my area in Michigan. My caller ID states a local municipality but the number is a D.C. number - 201-241-3957. I called my local police department to report the number and call. I asked why my caller ID names a local municipality and not Washington. He said these people use apps to aid in their duplicity.

been receiving calls saying I'm guaranteed a gov. grant for $21,750 but need to pay a retrieval fee of 10%. IS THIS A SCAM OR WHAT?

If you have to pay money to claim a “free” government grant, it isn’t really free. A real government agency won’t ask you to pay a processing fee for a grant that you have already been awarded — or to pay for a list of grant-making institutions. The names of agencies and foundations that award grants are available for free at any public library or on the Internet. The only official access point for all federal grant-making agencies is www.grants.gov.
Read Government Grant Scams for more.

I had a number of calls this week threatening me of jail if I did not pay the debt by wire transfer. He also asked to not disclose any thing to anyone before paying them and resolving the issue.

I received a call from this number. He introduced himself as Jim Walker from Federal Crime Investigation of Canada. He was saying that I owe Revenue Canada , State division X amount . He said , dept. issued three notices to you and now they are proceeding to court. The court cost will be Y amount. He wanted me to pay the amount right a way so that the dept. does not proceed against. He wanted my cell and wanted to guide me how to pay the amount. I asked him the dept. name so that I can go and pay there if I owe any amount to govt. He got frustrated when he found out that I know Canadian system .He started to speak foul language and threating to issue arrest warrant and deportation etc.

I am surprised that these kind of activities are carried out from the Toronto ph.no. It is pretty scary , if someone new to Canada does not have that knowledge , they will get money from him on cell phone.

I am being called by #213 533-2183. It is a very stern sounding Indian man that said I will be arrested for my 2009 taxes and owe over $3,000. Was very rude and said I would be arrested tonight or tomorrow morning. Don't owe a dime for 2009. Keep all my tax returns but he was really scarey

It has to be the same rude indian guy that told me that I will be arrested with in 30min put and put in jail for 6 moths.The only difference was that I owe $2045.00 and that he was getting my husband fire from his job.

Have been receiving calls from several numbers. Latest is Michael Shaw 817-400-4063 stating either I call it my attorney call because of time sensitive issue. Tells me nit to disregard call. Implied threat that something will happen if I don't respond. Then says god bless. I don't know why he is calling. Lately been receiving similar calls. For instance Charlie Wilson Alabama State Police called & told me police would be at my house in thirty minutes. How do you stop these calls?

Call from a supposed government official indicating that I had owed the government money and to not disregard the phone call. Call was from an Ignacio, CA phone number. I'll let them wait to call me back again (which won't happen)

Understand i am not a kid or fool

i am trying too put in a complaint- to the right agency,or persons that should know this.i see that im not the only one,that this has happened to.if i can get my hands on an a questionnare,i would like too send it into see if i can get help for myself. Eric Swain,--thank you.

You can file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

WE just called the local District Attorney's Office, and she put us on three-way calling. We heard the DA ask the perpetrators a couple questions, and there was silence. The D.A. said: "I now have your Phone Number, and your current address; shall I call the police in your area now, or should I wait a few minutes, so you can decide?"

they cons using private off shore lines keep calling representing the IRS

IRS telephone scam - if you get a call that they (some faked IRS agent) have discovered tax deficiency in your income tax and to call them back at 415-251-6162 or there will be litigation; it's a big scam! They even provide a reference number! It's all hoax!

Yes,and here it is December 2014 and he called me ..says his name is Steve Martin from a 414-735-7998 . He's wrong!!!
Someone need to put a stop to him!!

"IRS Telephone Scam" - My father was contacted twice where the scammer actually left a message with a return phone number. The number is (321)352-6893 and his name is David Cooper. He sounds like he is Filipino. I spoke to him personally and asked for the address to his IRS field office and he refused. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he was unavailable. He did say he was in Florida and I did hear a lot of noise in the background as if he was calling from a busy call center. Maybe this information will help you catch these jackoffs and maybe the next time we watch our local news we can actually take joy in seeing a story about how you made some arrests instead of hearing about people getting taken for their hard earned money.

If you haven't yet, you can file a formal complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Got a call from (786) 235-9483 from a Jennifer Moore (fake name?) from Actufile saying she was calling for the sherrifs department, and i had to call 1-800-829-1831 to discuss a complaint summons. The call came from 1500 miles away. I was given NO information except the phone number and a case number.

Where can I make a formal complaint? I have had this happen before and it went on for 7 months, all from different numbers, and the people were rude and cussed at me alot...

They are fake, and the police department page on facebook is warning people about them, don't give out any personal information, and simply hang up; they are looking to scam you

Be aware of this phone # (202) 803-4825 they are imposing themselves as IRS investigation office

3/18/14, 12:15 pm
Just received a phone message at work from a man with a heavy Indian accent stating he was a legal representative and if I did not call him back to find out the fact, I would be arrested and lose my job.

I have been receiving calls from (202)751-2539.
says his name is David Garcia (Jamaican Accent) and works for the IRS and they have received a legal petition notice with my name and my SSN#, before it goes to the Federal Claim Courthouse. To contact him or i will be arrested if i don't comply. Now reading some of these posts i can see i'm not the only one involved in this mess..

If it walks like a duck and quakes like one to It’s not a pig..know what i mean

Also called from (978)443-2076

I got a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, and they said I owed money (I don't). They gave following phone number to call them: (202)751-2453. Can someone stop these callers?

Internet posting a "National company that will for free block all adverttising calls arriving on your cell and/or landline phone(s). How say you about this internet transmittal by The Motley Fool website?

I just had a phone message from (202)-751-2536 from a 'Mark Jonhson' who left a message that it 'would be in my best interest to call them (he was saying he was calling from the Legal Department of the IRS. I returned this call & was spoken to by a 'John Wilson' who said he was an IRS Agent & that there had been a legal application regarding my name & SSN & that he needed the name of my lawyer or legal representative. He also stated that this call was being recorded and I was to remain quiet & listen to what he was saying.....I demanded up front to know exactly WHY I was being contacted, that I had not received any previous notice regarding any type of problem with my tax filings....I started to go off on him & told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor, he then informed me that according to their records, that in my filings I had maliciously intended to defraud the irs.....baloney!!!!! Again, I demanded to speak to his supervisor, this 'John Wilson' said my name (not my legal name that is on anything I have ever filed or purchased) and he spewed out that I lived in Memphis, Tennessee......WRONG, I have never ever lived in Tennesse....he said obviously they'd (suspisedly the irs) had made a mistake, so I said, that's not me and you are telling me you're looking for someone in Tennessee that is not me.....he confirmed again that it was not me and their mistake so I hung up. I just wanted to warn others about this scam......

Today I received a phone call from someone stating they were with the IRS the phone number was 415 251-6162. he stated that he needed my attorneys information to send legal documents. He stated I owed money to the IRS Little did he know I spoke to the IRS yesterday and they actually owe me money! I did a reverse look up on the phone number and it is a phone associated with majic.jack I dont think the Internal Revenue Service uses magic Jack

I got a call from 9047019868, stating I owe $6000 in taxes and was yelling at me. Please be aware.

My wife received a similar call yesterday and out of panic she called me while I was at work and it all sounded like a scam to me so I asked her to calm down and ask that jerk to show us a proof that he is a legit. He came up with all the random complaint IDs etc but the thing that caught my attention is that first he ask her to go to cvs or walgreens to wire the money and secondly he gave us a USPS tracking number of supposedly certified mails by IRS that were sent at our home address and the number was JRS 676. Now I know uSPS does not have 6 digit tracking number so that is the point I asked my wife to hang up the phone immediately. We called up IRS and filed a complaint.

A man with heavy indian accent called from this number left a VM, he claimed that he was Daniel Brown from IRS and want me to call back that number. In the VM He also threatened that I should not discard this message or could face serious legal allegations. thank GOD I found this very helpful message board talking about these scams!!

My family and I received calls back to back from an unknown number. I called the number that they left and they said I owed a payday loan for 2012. They gave the name of a company I did not recognize and they said they were going to be dropping papers at my house. The person who was suppose to drop off papers was Collie Austin. I asked her where she was located and she claimed she lived in my area and was hired to drop off these papers. I called the number of the person she said hired her is Jennifer Martinez of UCG. The phone number she gave is 855-553-6350 ext. 516. The scam is for $710.00

I got several calls from 202-751-2537. March 18, 2014 Mr. Hoffman called me and said he was from IRS and I ws audited for tax fraud. I asked him several question regarding this matter and he hung-up. Today, March 19, 2014, mr. Steve White called and said same thing. He was trying phish some information from me. I told him I would call him within an hour. But, he said we have to to attend the matter immediately. I told him I did not have time now, as I was doing some urgent work. Then he told me to call in an hour. I reported it IRS and FTC. I never received any letter from IRS regarding this matter and I knew this was a scam.

Got a call from Ed Robinson from the Federal Trade Commission with a very accented voice (India?). the telephone number to call back was 410-390-9007, and they even answered "Federal Trade Commission".The person who answered also had a very deep accent (India?). All she/he wanted was my name. I told them to get a job and quit scamming honest hard working people. Just google the telephone number I listed and you get other people complaining about the same thing!!! lol So annoying when they call your work and cant even pronounce your last name right.....

Please something about these scammers they took my money for a loan did not get nothing 646-396-7187 they are using a magic jack

Curious, as my name is not in too many places with my phone number - was your magic jack phone number with your name on Monster.com? Where else may you majic jack number be listed/posted with your name?

An Andy Watson claiming to be from FTC has e-mailed me about a refund of 199 pounds I spent on Malware in 2012 with an Indian Company. He claims you are refunding £9 billion ! I am suspicious !

I got 3 calls on my answering machine stating to call them back asap. It was an austraillian accent Ibelieve. I could not understsand all of it. But sounded like he said I will be arrested since I haven't called back. The number was 202/803-4825. Each time this man called he used a different name. Dan walters, mike jones. He even readvoff my address.

I received a call from a man claiming that he was with the Prince George County Maryland sheriff's dept and a warrant would be issued for my arrest for unpaid red light camera tickets unless I went to the local Rite Aid to put a $2,000 bond payment on a rechargeable card. This is a scam. He gave me a fake badge number and address. The police dept had no such officer and indicated it was a scam. He called from 301-395-7123.

I got a call from 202-241-2787, it was a Markus King with a very heavy indian [India] accent claiming to be a federal agent with badge ID #, saying he was from the Criminal Investigation Dept. in Washington DC, that their was a warrant for my arrest, even had a warrant ID #, claiming I has been issued this warrant because I had committed some kind of tax fraud from 2003-2013 with DHS and TAS and I needed to pay him a figure of $1800 dollars, to resolve this matter. During the conversation the amount of the figure changed to $1500. It had to be resolved today, there was no time to have documents sent or lawyers contacted. It was an urgent matter, according to him. If I decided to not cooperate, he was going to "push a button" & have me arrested within a 1/2 hour, I was instructed to wait for the police.
I kept him on the phone by asking alot of questions and he eventually he got tired of me, even indicated that I was impossible to work with & got frustrated that I was asking about all this information because I was the one that committed this "crime". I did notice that in the background of his call, I could hear other people talking some kind of foreign language I faintly heard some kind of cheering or commenting like they were watching some kind of sporting event. This was a very strange event, I was very annoyed and frustrated!

Be aware of fake collectors trying to scare you into paying debt from ace cash loans they use different business names and calling from a 678 831 3949.. Georgia number!! They sound African American and are very rude and if you let them know you know it's a scam they continue to call and harass!! One female is using name mrs. Mcmanson... Saying their taking me to court and I'm in violation of the FBI nrs codes!!

I've been getting calls from that same number for the last few days. I just let calls from unknown numbers go to voicemail. Strangely, the name they ask for is that of my ex-son-in-law's brother. I have no idea how they ever could have connected his name to my phone number.

Received one today saying I was charged with theft,and fraud and going to federal prison! Due to receiving money and not paying back a payday loan! They really got to me! Saying I have court in 5 to 7 days! How and why to these people do this?

I got 2 calls calls on my answering machine stating that they are Internal Revenue Service agents and that I must call them back or they would take legal action against me. They had Middle East or Indian / Pakistani accent. Their number was 202-506-9044. They were 1 male and 1 female. The male used the name "John Chamber", the female "Inkla Matthew". When I called them back, they said that they will charge me with defrauding the IRS if I don't pay them. I said I will contact my lawyer. "John Chamber" got angry and cursed me with profanities.

Received a call this morning from 850-810-5348 Milton, Florida. A man left a message saying his name is Officer Alex Morgan from the Tax Crime Division of the IRS. He spoke English with a very thick Indian accent and had a belligerent attitude, and said either my attorney or I had to call him back immediately or there would be dire consequences. Ended by saying if we don't call there was nothing he could do and wished me good luck. We got a similar call a month ago and this man with a very thick accent said he was from the IRS and from what I could understand I owed money and would be in a lot of trouble if I didn't pay up. I immediately said he was a scam and hung up. He called right back, my husband answered and he began arguing with my husband that money had to be paid. My husband also told him he was a scammer and hung up. These people have such audacity. It bothers me that all of our personal records are in a foreign country and anyone can get a hold of them and harass us.

I got a call yesterday leaving me a voicemail in a very thick Indian accent telling me they are from the IRS. He said I should call immediately or faced a serious legal allegations. The number came from 415-251-6162 so watch out as this a SCAM.

I received two telephone recorded messages and 3rd which I answered. the caller identified himself as police officer John with IRS. He informed me that that my paper work was sent to them from IRS to collect back taxes from me. I must pay or they will issue an order for my arrest and many threats if I do not pay at least the minimum. I have recoded the phone call. I also called the IRS and informed me that it is scam and I do not owe IRS any taxes. I also was advised informed call TIGTA, which I did by leaving message, but haven't heard from them.
I also informed my neighborhood officer at PVE, CA and friends. Let me know how to send u the voice recordings. I have on my computer, if u which

I got a call from a Mike Wilson saying that he was from the federal grant department asking me to send him 213 for registration and he will deposit 9,600 dollars in my bank account,scam scam scam he had a thick Indian Accent come on with a name Mike Wilson really 619-798-6778 if the government is sending me money money why should I pay taxes on money that's being giving to me

I really don't believe that there's such web criminal people trying to scare people by telling them self that they.Somebody call me this morning and said MY name is officer Mike and I'm FBI officer and told me that I had not paid my taxes last year,then I said what taxes and he change his mind again and said you have paid less taxes last year so you're going to be arrested if you're not going to pay that money right now and I said OK waiting this is the number 2022390306

I'm a small business owner with no delinquent debts and no history of audits or other financial wrong-doing and I just got targeted by this one. They didn't get a rise out of me, I'm forwarding this information to you in the interest of letting you know that they are not just targeting people and businesses with bad debt problems. They are also targeting healthy businesses.

I do not answer calls shown on my caller ID as unknown name. My answering machine now has three calls from three individuals (although the voice on the first two sound the same). The persons claim to be "officers" from the IRS: Jason Miller, 585-283-8485, Thomas Brent, 716-210-8028, and Sebastian Hops, 202-754-8077. The first and third message were almost identical. They instructed me to call back as soon as I received the message and "If I don't hear back from you the only thing I can do is wish you good luck. This situation badly enfolds upon you." The second message claims I have ignored their attempts to contact me for over a month and a warrant would be issued.

Guy with foreign accent (maybe Jamaican or Nigerian) calls and leaves a telephone message with a deep voice (hard to understand), but said he was John Couver from the Center of Federal Bureau of Investigation, and had a certified check for me if interested in claiming my money to call him back at: 876-548-8254. The caller ID showed from Kingston JM on March 21, 2014. Also recently called on March 14, 2014 from 876-482-6204, caller ID: Kingston JM, and numerous times this month. He's probably the scammer, "fake Fed." posing as FBI who is trying to get people to pay, that FTC warned us about. He never quits trying to call and has left numerous messages to call him back. You can tell by the message he's a scammer.

For 3 or more years, a tv cable company has been ruining our credit because they say we owe them $300.00, for a bill that we don't owe. They are accusing of ordering the service, using it, and refusing to pay. AT that time, we never ever heard of the company and insist that we fill out 'fraud' papers, and when we do, they say they can't find them and suggest we do it all over again. This is time consuming, and hard to read/understand what they want. They've sent this to the credit bureau and will stay there until we pay the bill. what does a person do?

Hi, Marg,
If working with the company directly doesn't work, try disputing the bill with the credit reporting bureaus. We have tips and a sample letter that can help. Keep copies of any documents you've sent to the company, and include a copy in your letters to the credit bureaus. You also can file a complaint about the company with your local consumer protection agency and with the FTC.

Unfortunately for me my partner was convinced to pay for rent , council tax etc while I was illegally confined by the dark forces operating behind the scenes on my account. The threat of eviction with the active collusion of ( virtual Camden Council) with letters from ( bailliff-named EQUITA) still threatning to raid my current address (out of over 25) to remove goods to pay for Council Tax owing. In my abscence she was forced to PAN her jewelry to pay for phantom debt I owed. The criminal activities resulted in installing her in my business account as the principal . This means that my account will remain under their perpentual control. This saga is yet to be concluded.

i have had this number 800-628-1460 calling me for over a month (since i applied for a car loan) the first time the guy matt was very rude and bullying...wanted me to set up arrangements for payment for a payday loan in 2008 that i do not believe is mine, i agreed i would pay if debt was mine but i wanted something in writing and that i would not give bank information, he got very "strong" with me and when i asked for documentaion he said he wouldnt send me anything until we had set up payment! They JUST called my job asking about protocol for serving me????? and some docket number from the county..i looked up my info in the court system and nothing! wouldnt they just serve me...not call and ask permission? im not trying to not pay a debt IF its mine...i wanna see written documentation! i think this is a scam..

For over the past month we have been getting call from individuals claiming to be from the IRS. 1st caller was Jason Stuart 201-506-9166 claiming my husband owed money. I told him if this was true we would have received notice in the mail from the IRS - not a call. He hung up. Since, I've noticed numerous calls on our caller ID that we can't identify. Today, a Richard Johnson (Indian Accent) called me me.(this time it's me, not my husband) He said I owe the IRS money & charges are being filed against me as we speak. He told me I could be arrested. I asked his badge # & he told me IR 7648273. I told him if there was any truth to this I would have been notified by mail. I told him I would call the IRS directly to see what was going on. He hung up. His phone was 979-705-5132. Then about a 1/2 hr later same number calls but I didn't answer. This time it was Patrick Cooper (again Indian Accent)In his message he says this matter is time sensitive & if I don't return the his call he wishes me good luck after the situation unfolds. I reported these last 2 calls to the IRS & then saw I could also report here. I wish there was something that could be done to track down these individuals. These calls are very distrubing.

Have been repeatedly called by "Kevin Parker" of the "IRS" leaving messages saying there's a deficiency in my taxes over the last three years and I or my attorney of record needs to contact him right away before the allegations are acted upon. South Asian accent. Number 347.509.2538

Got another message right after from some guy saying there were allegations regarding some claim on an order and to call him back right away before action is taken. American accent. Number he gave was 855.258.6274

At least 4 other calls were hangups.

I received the same call today from a Mr. Davison #114 from the Crime investigation unit of the IRS in Washington DC. I owe the IRS 1200 dollars and I needed to pay in order to not face federal charges. he called from 202-241-2126. He said that he was placing a lien on my house and confiscation my accounts if I did not paid by debit today on a secured line. He also gave me a warrant #. Since, I have been through an audit with the IRS and the only correspondence I received was through the mail. I knew this was a scam. I entertained the calling for a while then when he said I have been trade over seas and homeland security was involved. I hung up and called IRS and have since filed a fraud claim on IRS.gov/tigta fraud and abuse to fail a claim. and called 1-800-366-4484 and left a message detailing the incident.These people are relentless he called me back from the same number threatening me. I called T-mobile and added a security service where I placed the number in a do not call list and they will never call me again from that number unless the change the number.

I just got this call this morning from 202-241-1818, said he was calling from the crime investigation department in Washington and needed to talk to my husband. I asked him why he would be calling at 7:25 am, he said again calling from main headquarters in Washington.I said whatever scam your up to give it up, and if your not a scammer put it in the mail, and hung up.

I got a phone call from a woman with south Indian accent named Angela Mathews and left a message with Indian accent, saying that if we don't call back or inform our attorney, we will face a legal consequence...after researching online, I called back and some guy picked up the phone so I told him that I will be complaining about them to the police - which I did - Local Police suggested I call my Phone provider and have them block this number - IRS WILL NEVER CALL PEOPLE LIKE THIS - THIS IS A DEFINITE SCAM...

I got a few calls from someone calling himself Officer Kevin White and also David Johnson claiming to be from IRS and saying it is regarding some tax fraud and legal actions will be taken. they also said "have your attorney call me." They have very thick Indian accents. A big scam is going on.

I don't trust foreign countries handling our personal information, even if they are working for a big corporation from America, especially our banking information. I think banks are breaking the law to let foreign countries handled our very sensitive information. Who gives the bank the right to let other countries have access to our accounts. Something to think about.

Phone number 202-506-9166
This person call my home saying they are with the IRS and that there was a problem with a tax return and that we owed them money. They asked for my mother, who draws Socical Security and does not pay taxes.
SCAM BUSTED/ but beware they could call you!

Wow, don't know where to begin. These jokers called my employment and talked to an associate as I was off that day, stating that I needed to contact them immediately as I would be going to jail if this serious matter wasn't taken care of. My boss, being the concerned citizen, called me immediately.........she just wanted to make sure I would be able to work but anyway. Of course, I immediately contacted the number she provided.The man stated he was from Alford and Marshall Law Firm. They totally know how to play on your emotions! They didn't initially ask for money but informed me of the criminal allegations against me which consisted of theft by deception and a couple other things......as a result of an unpaid payday loan that was obtained online. Now, when they said this took place my ex husband had stolen my checks and obtained two payday loans online I have recently found out so it honestly sounded ligitimate.Long story very short, they got me for over $2400 playing on my emotions and I'm an intelligent woman. They know so much personal information and I'm not only referring to financial information.They also played on the fact that I was traveling to see my autistic son 12hrs away. These people are relentless. So, thinking that everything was ok, I get another call today from an "emergency number" stating they were deputy such and such and to confirm my address so they could serve a subpeona and arrest warrant again playing on my emotions as we were just about to enter a family counseling session wanting another 2200 dollars for another payday loan that had been unresolved. They said that I was welcome to contact my attorney but I'm thinking now they were all involved together. They even went so far as to piggy back off my local police dept number stating they were deputy such and such and it was the accent that threw me the most. I told her she didn't sound like anyone from Greene County Jail I know and I'd been there (long story there)........again yet another emotional tactic. She even rattled off some badge number and gave what I'm sure is a fake name. So, I contacted the Sheriff dept to ask if I had an arrest warrant and guess what? There is none!!!! Jesus, I feel like such an idiot but people please beware.......DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

Scammed number 2022419018 watch it guys

They just tried the scam on me from 1-786-235-9483

I also receive these calls. My relatives and coworkers receive these calls. My ex-wife receives these calls and believes THEM! She is now using this as a means to terminate my visitation rights!!!
What can be done to stop this?!?!?

What does the FTC say we CAN do to prevent these callers? We've filed complaints with the AG and FTC and there are hundreds of comments on this page from people who are just as frustrated as we are and there are NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to deal with these people or stop the calls from coming in.

I understand that this is frustrating. Subscribing to our blogs and receiving information from the FTC on new and old scams is a way to stay on the alert and protect yourself. This article provides tips on how to identify government imposters and five things you can do to avoid this type of scam.

This number 806-977-9514 started calling my home today leaving very threatening messages about how I or my attorney must contact him immediately. He didn't say what it was regarding, but had a very thick Indian accent. Being the suspicious type anyway I wrote the number down and looked it up and what do you know I am sent to this site and many others...thanks for the knowledge

from (914) 364‑954‍6 - called received yesterday, recorded it, demanded money 'or else!' - from Verizon # in Brooklyn NY - beware - hope they don't scam the innocent gullible, elderly folks!

Got a call from the same number just now. Guess they're still using it.

Received the same thing.

My wife has been getting calls from people claiming to be "stateside mediations" a company that doesn't exist or even have a website. In fact they linked me a website that doesn't exist. They told her that she owed $500 to cashnet and that if she didn't pay it she was going to jail for two counts of check fraud. My wife got really anxious and nearly paid them. I was able to calm her down and show her that this was a common scam. I told the company that they were a scam and that I have reported them but they just keep calling leaving threatening voicemails. I made a complaint with the ftc and I hope they can get these guys.

Tody I received a call from Brianna Scott - phone number 917-652-8604. She said she worked for the Department of Legal Affairs in Brooklin, New York and wanted to talk to my wife regarding a pending legal case. She sid my wife shoud call that number and speak with Michelle Jones, who would give further detais. I immediatelly detected the call as a scam, since I know my wife for 40 years and we have nothing to do with Brooklin, New York. We have received this type of call before and disregarded it. Please put these people behind bars, where they belong - and do not allow them to ever own, or use, a cell phone to harass people.

Just got the exact same call from the exact same number with the exact same story.... Funny I just had a background check completed for work... Idiots!

Calls stating I have criminal charges against my social, stating check fraud, money laundering etc. States he is from a lawyers office. So I then request to speak with the lawyer himself as I was having trouble understanding his thick Indian accent. He hung up on me. So called the number back, asked for name of the law firm and the address, hung up again. lol

add this number, claims you have charges against your social, check fraud, etc.
985-886-8014. Claims from a law firm, when asked to speak with lawyer himself, got hostile and hung up. When called back and asked for a name and address, hung up again. Very thick Indian accent

You can file a scam complaint with the FTC at www.ftc.gov/complaint.

Add this person to the list of scams. The name to add to this is a fake name called, Julian Marshall, the phone number is: 786-619-0911. This person claims to work for the U.S. Attorney's office. They claim they have incriminating information against the person they are talking with. When you asked them to send you the information, they refuse to do so. Call your local FBI office, and they will give you the number to the Federal Trade Commission.

Wow! I found ~50 phone numbers in these comments that are linked to this scam. I'm compiling a list of scam related numbers to share with my HQtelecom. com clients. My list now has over 200 numbers posted by victims (or potential victims). I made it my mission to help as many people as I can prevent these types of scams. I become the sole distributor of a great call blocker product that can block up to 1,500 numbers. To learn more please visit hqtelecom. Thank you for sharing these numbers, please keep posting them!

Here is one more number to add to your list. 202-239-2680.

numbers with the same heavy indian accent...
347-457-3810 and 800-660-4026

Here's another for your list - 202-239-6518. Said he is "Michael Jones" from Homeland Security and had a federal warrant out for my arrest regarding something about my taxes (my poor mom ended up getting the call and it freaked her out - she called the authorities about it though).


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