Fake Government Grants — Real Refunds

money wrapped in a red bow made to look like a giftNearly 23,000 people who lost money to scammers promising they could help them get free government grants will be getting $1.7 million in refunds, thanks to the efforts of the FTC.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid a similar scam:

  • Don’t give out your bank account information to anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t pay any money for a “free” government grant
  • Know that scammers can fake phone numbers to look like they’re calling from Washington, D.C.

If you have to pay money to claim a “free” government grant, it isn’t really free. A real government agency won’t ask you to pay a processing fee for a grant that you have already been awarded — or to pay for a list of grant-making institutions. The names of agencies and foundations that award grants are available for free at any public library or on the Internet. The only official access point for all federal grant-making agencies is grants.gov.

Read Government Grant Scams for more.

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I was scammed and I am a single mother and those people ripped me off and that is very upsetting too how people don't care that they are taking money away from my children!! I am so devasted that was the last money I had for the month too. so please catch these stuiped irrogant people. GOD IS GOOD...

I've been scammed recently by someone making fake checks and taking payday loans out in my name thank you for the info

I was actually scammed the same way .. How did you go about this matter I have no idea where to begin but these people called and said I was approved for a $10,000 grant witch I did apply for a grant then 2weeks later ive been contacted by law firms about payday loans ive never excepted

Thank you for this tip. I have been swarmed with letters offering huge prices for payment of fees. I have to bin all. This includes foreign lotteries.

We need real careful with that. Scams there are in all places. But no everyone is that way. We have out there honesty people.Just need real careful.

People lose money every day with scams. The precaution is the best thing.

People losing money every day and lawyers/other companies making just as much to "fix" the problems. It's a double edged failure of a system we have no one wants to fix it because there's to much money in it being broken.

Otherwise you'd see more laws that prevent disputed claims from being used against your credit report until the matter is confirmed. Instead they allow companies to use it as leverage against consumers.

Scam takes advantage people that do not have knowledge on scams and master mind plans. I have learned my lession from scammers, after recieving serious no questions asked letter, that give the make believed facts that its true. Now I know if they mention western union and money tranfers its a scam.

Okay I had someone call me with an internet number today...When I explained to them that I was going to report them...And got off the phone to call the number to who they said was an account manager...I tried calling the 800 number given 800-518-4726 for a second time and it was quickly out of order...the call back number for this fake acct. manager was (206)462-5509 and the internet ID number that showed up when my phone rang was a 63660....They gave a fake confirmation #FM7121 then a fake Security Code of 3525 everything was fake...When I called the 800 number and threaten to report them they sworn I had written the confirmation number down wrong and they needed to check my file and wanted me to call back in 30 minutes but instead they called me back and said the confirmation number was #SM7121 However they mentioned that I need to pay $10.00 to the Western Union to get the $8000 they didn't realize that I already knew that you pay no money to get money on a Federal Grant and also who ever heard of paying only $10.00 get $8000 through Western Union...BS

Got a call about a $8,500 US Government "grant". Called me back numerous times, very, very poor English. I'm on the Do Not Call list, got by using what the caller ID says is a cell phone, the numer is 828-303-5558, immediately I called it its a non- working number.

im in north carolina i had someone with broken english tell me about same thing called couple time kept saying asking if i had 210 to pay for transfer fee beforei could get money i told them i checked internet said you are scam he try to confirm he wasnt what ithought was odd i told him i dont have money or bank acct anymore it been closed after i gave him information of my acct

I just received the same type of call,the name the he gave me was Jaden Suzuki (202)697.7222.He knew my current address which is not my home address. That was creepy. I am on the do not call list and have a non published cell number as well. I reported it to the local Police and posted it on my facebook page.

I was victim of one of these bogus government grant scams. I was approved for 7,500 grant, but I didn't seem to buy it at first nor the second time. I kept hanging up, but these people were persistent in calling me up. I very curiously decided to follow up, and the dummy created rapport with one of the males named John Spencer who promised me something I never received. It ain't worth specifying the amount I lost, but there are bad people out there waiting to invent a fake English name for themselves and using an area code that seems legit coming out of Washington DC. I feel dumb for paying through Western Union and following up on their numbers without consulting helpful resources on scams nor speaking to anyone. God Bless you all ten times for your honest labor, and seeking to earn money in the most deceitful, dishonest, and cruel manner.

I got a call about 8,400 dollars, they wanted me to send 235 dollars by western union, but I did apply for a grant about 2 months earlier, I paid an app fee of 28.13 and was told I would get it back but I never received it. So I called FTC on them, I haven't tried to call the solicitors back yet. But I will.

I was also scammed by this phone number 281 671-5357.His name is Steve Smith. With a Middle East Ascent.Said he is a federal agent if I dont send him 300.00 dollars I will have a want for my arrest.

I was scammed also today embarrassed to say so but it is what it is i also applyed for a grant then exactlly two days later i was contacted by a woman askin my name and conferming my address claiming that i had been approved for a grant of 8,400 and gave me a con for mation code to give to the man who would be contacting me that day so not thinking twice i waited and when he called i procied to give the information then he told me that all i needed to recieve this money was to pay an application fee of 211.00 but i didnt have it so i told him i would contact him once i did and i asked around and my brother told me he had never herd of anyone sending money to recieve money from the government but i did it any way you know it sounded really good at the time you know a way out for me and my kids but now im in deeper than i was a month ago ive given these people over 2,000 dollors i dont have and now have to pay that back but i will be calling in the morning to get this situated hopfully god willing these people called me by the name of pamela stevens 3153521357 it said new york james brown 2024077222 i know, the name screams SCAAMM... and last but not least brandon ward 2028083678 these last two numbers said westchester,DC and waldorf,MD Ive learned my leason.

Also, beware of 202-436-9770 same type of scam,same Washington,DC location.

I just received a phone call saying that I would be awarded government money because I've never filed bankruptcy. 202-436-9770. I told the guy that I knew he was scamming people and he hung up on me. Besides,no government agency ever calls back that fast when you call and don't leave a message. They have caller ID.

it just happened to me today. oh my god the problem is I sent the money that I have to pay for my car insurance. what should I do??

If you think you've been a victim of a government grant scam, file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You also can report it to your state Attorney General.

I am glad to have caller ID, because when I look up some of the numbers I see on my caller ID, I see complaints about them receiving such calls from many numbers that they must pay $$ for whatever service the gov't requires, etc or they will be arrested. I just never pick up.

I have been called several time by someone with a foreign accent about the money grant scam and after I listen He said he would call back but I call him at my phone id number and he answer the phone no secretary than he requested a fee for the needy people because I had to donate some money from the grant for the needy people??? Him of cause. Then he said that if I did not accept the money because according to him the "goverment" was verifying that I was the person that someone had contacted to issue the money. If I did not accepted the money some agent was going to serve me we a warrant. Yeah right. I am still waiting for some "agent" to serve the warrant so I can call the authorities on his ass.

Received call from 1-805-202-2011, California, and the man was talking fast, hard accent, telling me I have been awarded a grant but they needed information. At the end he wanted $3.95. I told him I would send him a check! He would not accept a check. (I hung up because if I would give my credit card number or my check information he could have cleaned my account)!

I just received a call from a woman with a foreign accent telling me that I just received $9,200 grant money which I did not have to pay back. I was given a confirmation # and a telephone # (202-738-1453) and that I have 45 minutes to call. This very same woman called me a while back and when I said I was not interested, she said F--- You and hung up. I stayed on the line this time hoping to get information that may incriminate them.

just received a call from 202 210 0054 from a man with very poor english saying he was from the government trying to give me a $9000 grant and eanted me to confirm my bank details i told him to tell me what my bank info was and i'd confirm it that way had the same number call my husband's phone i never applied for a grant and both my cell phone and my husbands are on the do not call list and no i didn't give my banking info

July 26 2013 just received call from 202 210 0054 same other person saying 9000 dollar grant one time in life time help fix my place pay bills than give approval number have call Alice Parker at 202 7384169,talk har asked how can tell this scam she replayed that would give direct line number gave green dot number i don't use .told like check in said fine but want me to go to western union send $250.00 she step me threw told her I needed talk to friend she said ok call back if want $9000 grant like the officer to caught them use green dot track them that be great before scam people handicap I am but I at least look up number 1593 people wrote how its scam let get them please

Did you call and cancel your card any way

Yesterday I got I call saying I was approved for a 10,200 grant from the government and that it was a once in a life time grant so I said on the phone talking to this guy named Charles Luu that had a mid East ascent he took my info and at the end he asked for my bank info it sounded odd so I told him I didn't have one so he asked me if I had a debit card and all he need was the 16 digit number along the front of the card and that as soon as I have it to him my my grant money would put into my card I told him I did not have it on me so he have me a another number to call (202)470-2437 and said that when I found it to call this number and I would get my money I found my card and called the number where a women answered wit another mid East ascent named Jennifer Hackens I fell like a dumb but now cause I did go on to give her my card number and at the end of it all she told me that she needed me to go to western union and pay 185 dollars to receive my 10,200 dollar grant but that the 185 will be donated to any charity I choose
I didn't have the 185 so she told me to call back when I did and he would walk me through the steps and I would get my money
.........I guess the good thing is that I didn't pay the 185 and the cared number I have her was from a green dot card that I don't use
I went into this Web site today to do a lil research on government grants and I glad I did now cuz I was really thinking about calling this number back when I got the 185 dollars together. Now Iam glad I checked it out
The other number is(202)470-2437
Please be careful always remember that you don't pay for money that already been approved for you and that the government don't go around cold calling people for grants that they never applied for
These people don't care if they are taking away from families

I am a government employee and have been put in a situation with sequestration. today I received a call from a 202-210-0054 number that the woman who could barely speak English stated as part of the government furlough that I was entitled to a $9000.00 grant that was being given to furloughed employees and ALL I had to do was either give my checking account number or a credit card number where they could send the money. So government employees beware if they are trying to play on the fact that we are losing money as is with furloughs don't lose none to this scam....if the government had the money to give away like this why would e be furloughed?

I was fooled by a stupid Indian people, and I paid 291 for them and I never received anything from them. what should I do???

Because most of the people on this page are on the Do Not Call list and because these scammers have unpublished cell phone numbers, not to mention personal information; for instance, that you were on furlough or that I am disabled; could these scammers have gotten this information from hacking into government (HSA particularly) databanks?

I also received a call today from a heavy accented man offering a government grant of $9000. I asked which department he was from and he said the Government Grant Department. I asked to speak with his manager and he said I have to verify information and get a confirmation number in order to speak with his manager. I refused to give him any information so he hung up. I went on the internet to try to find out if there really are government grants being offered and, after finding this, I am so relieved that I didn't give any information. I am so sorry that so many people lost money.

I have received a call today from a heavy accented man stating I was pre-selected for a 10,000 dollar grant from this number (212) 121-212 his name was Alex. He then gave me this number to call (202 239-8451. I told them I don't give account numbers out over the phone. They told me to get a dot green card thing for 180$. I lied and stated I have 1 dollar to my name. I knew it was a scam. The second lady I spoke to said there was lag in the call..that is what made me think this is not real. Then she handed the phone off to a man... he was the one who asked for the money. These people are taking advantage of lower to middle class people in the USA. This group is working over seas. I hope our government does something fast.

i recieved a call today from a 1 212 121 212 number from the govermant loan deparment and a man with a middle eastern accent offered me a 10,000 doller loan and they gave me a conformation number and asked me to call 202-239-8451 where a woman with a better accent ansewerd they wanted a credit card number so a gave them a card i don't use anymore but still valid when they found out that i was unemployed they wanted me to get another card with paypal on it and to put 180 dollers on it to get my money witch i'm not gonna do now

I just got call within past hour about how I am to receive 7000.00 USD from the government (grant) because I have always paid my taxes on time and I have no criminal record. the number comes in as unavailable and a chinese or asian person (woman) tells me a few details and then when I informed her I don't have a visa or credit card account #'s she says to call 202-470-3539 and speak to a supervisor (Jacqueline Lee) to furnish "file approval # JK135" to request my 7000.00. Then Jacqueline proceeds to repeat same as (Jessica Gates) but says I will need to send a security deposit of 290.00 before they process the 7000.00 with the refundable 290.00 added to that as the amount I will receive today.

Received phone call from 984-514-2254, he said his name is Jay Silba. He stated he is working at U.S. Grant.gov, and I will receive $7,000 for personal grant. Then he gave me a phone number at 206-201-2329 to call.
When I call while I speaking with Jay Silba, a man his name is John pretend to working at Washington D.C., and I should go to Western Union to receive Government Grant. But if I want to receive $7000, I should deposit $265 for charge of Federal Reserve Bank Fee. It was really prepared professionally and it may large organization. They had my address and phone number, and fully identify about me. I didn't believe from beginning of this call, because government will never call individual grant for personal cellular phone. So after I finish conversation with those scammer, I called immediately to FTC.gov. How evil people existing.

I just got the same call and the guy gave out the same information except under a different name...luckily after the call I checked if it was for real or not. They made the conversation sound so real.

what can i do plz help me out i lost 265 it sound it so real

If you think you've been a victim of a grant scam, file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You also can report it to your state Attorney General.

I'm so glad I just found this page while I was on the phone with them.. Lucky for me I gave them a prepaid card with NO money on it. Now I'll just rip the card up and apply for a new one!

202 2398451 How I can report this number, its sad that a woman pick up the phone and she is scammer too.

I just received a call today saying I had won a $9200.00 Government Grant also. I listened to the guys and told them to just send it to my address which he already had (Strange) had a Middle eastern accent also. I called western union to see if they had processed any similar clams the person told me not to trust this type of deal and to go to FTC site and their site and post this info. No money lost and no info given to the culprits.

I Just recieved a call 10,000 dollar Government Grant, want Bank accounts or credit card gave him nothing. same MO middle Eastern accent. number202-241-3817 with an Id number given.

Anyone calling and informing you about the amount of Grant you have been approved for is a SCAM.

No one will call and inform you. If you have been granted a grant it will be sent to you in black and white on your registered email address.

So take care of scammers and frauds

I just got a call from a 202# stating they had a government grant of $10000.00 and I was selected by the u.s. government as I had no criminal record (which I do) and have never filed bankruptcy. I asked her if they selected me was it by my name or address? She rudely stated mmask listen to me...I couldnt understand her very broken English and too much static.....she said they picked me geographically. Ok so then how do they know my background? Anyway then she stated she was going to give me a confirmation code and phone number to call all I had to do is give her my card number and it could be a green dot or credit or debit card or even a Ross card and I would get $8000.00 deposited into my account in 15 minutes. Ok so the difference in amounts plus they chose me personally because of background but yet it was geographical area. And damn lady I just got this number 3 days ago. Plus no-one deposits on a Ross card. Wth? I'm going to report this now. I'm broke and jobless I have a criminal background. Good luck with that LOL

I just got a Call a few minutes ago saying I Got a Government Grant Loan of 10,200 and they gave me a Comfornation number as well then said I had to pay Donation to Red Cross if 180.00 before they would release the money from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.... I have the Chasing my Email and they won't stop ,, I even talk to FBI... Becare Out There... 1-202-697-7222 , 1-292-470-2437... Scammers #s!!!

i just got a call from them saying i got 7k and then as he was talking it became 8k and they want me to call ba a sean williams at 202 407 9059

Hey I experienced the same thing today and was going to pay them when I got the money until I saw these stories. The number they called me from was 347 573 9347

I just got my call about 20mins ago. I didnt give my last name. They sent me to call the "boss/manager" in which he was trying to get me to tell him my last name but I told him I think it's a scam. I told he he should tell me more about the money and how I will get it. Then he put me on hold and was gone lol lol. They had confirmation numbers and everything, but I wouldn't give that last name. I am up to the games I AM A NEW YORKER! they can't fool me that easily!

After months of receiving these calls, I finally answered on October 17,2013. I was told I had been "selected" to receive $7500.00,tax free,no repayment required, but first I had to wire $280.00,and I would receive $7500.00 from the "U.S Free Grant Funding Dept.",after the $280.00 was received!When I started questioning them about this so called "grant money",the call was disconnected! If it's free, then why would I have to pay? IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE,QUESTION IT,BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!

What can we do? I want money back. Anybody know how to go about this? Im lost and feel helpless

this morning i recieved a call from a lady saying that i had won 7000 for being a good citizen paying my bills on time. they had me load a prepaid money card with 255 dollars in it. i did it and then after i gave them the pin to access the card they told me that something was wrong with the funds. that the IRS wasnt letting them release the money because i have never recieved a grant before and they were taxing me 900 before relasing the check. there is it 255 dollars of my hard earned money down the drain. becareful people this is not a joke. dont me ignorate during desperate times. 206 866 5705. becareful

I jus got a call today telling me that I have been awarded of 9920 today but before I received it I have to pay the amount of 300.00 to the western Union bank, I was so excited when I heard about that I even left my class today and I call my dad and he told me that it was lie I should not buy it, but I still wanted to fin out so I call the number they give me the information to sent the money to stanley, but thanks to God and my day who saved me from their bullshite!!! Be aware of 2026979849

I was called like 30mins ago and was told that i was selected by the government and due to he fact that i have a clean record and that i was going to be given 9400$ the lady with very poor English gave an account# and a phon# (360-214-3317) i dont know if its a scam or not help?

Here I am struggling to find employment for almost six months now and I received a telephone call on today from some one who speaks very, very, very, poor English. Ironically it also happens to be one day before Thanksgiving and I am just about to being preparing my desserts and prepping for tomorrow menu. The call came from a blocked number in which they made 4 attempts to reach me. The first time, when I answered the phone it hung up, the second time when I answered the phone it rung as if I was the one who placed the telephone call to them. When the person came on the line I could tell it was a male but I could hardly make out what he was saying through to his poor English; therefore he hung up. Several hours later I received the call again for the third time but it hung up as it had done the first time. About 30 minutes later the call came again and it was a better English speaking person but you can tell that English was not the main language. Nevertheless, all of this was odd because I never receive that many phone calls in any one day. The man on the line informed me that I was chosen to receive a government issued grant for paying my taxes and bills on time. He stated that he was calling on behalf of the US. Government Grants Department and my grant amount was to be for $5,700.00 He said this he went on to say say my name and my email address. I agreed that it was correct. He asked would I be interested in the free money and of course I said yes. But I asked him what were the attachments? He stated no attachments and that I did not have to pay back the money or claim it on my taxes b/c it was a grant and free. (As if I did not know what grant status meant) Any who, He asked me for verification information "to ensure I was who I said I was" he wanted to know my age and that my email address was correct. He also wanted to know if I was self-employed or an employee? He informed me that they are not allowed to ask for my banking information b/c of the many scams and schemes that occurs; therefore, he asked me how many minutes do I live from a CVS or a Wal Mart? He asked that I go to CVS purchase a Green Dot Money Back Card for $4.95 b/c the money have to be loaded onto that card since they were not allowed to take personal information such as bank account or card card account info. He informed me to call him when I get into the CVS parking lot so he could walk me through the process. In order to receive the money he wanted me to expand the credit amount to be allotted on the card b/c upon purchase the maximal amount could only be $500.00 Therefore, they wanted me to pay $130.00 to expand the limit to $6,000.00 so they could load the "$5,700.00 grant" onto it. Of course, I was completely suspicious. So I begin asking questions. I asked for contact information, address, to speak with a manager. The following information was provided.

Telephone number: 214.506.0166
Location: Call center in Dallas TX
Address: 200 Independence Avenue, Washington, DC 20201
Manager: Paul (spoke with him) He became hostile...
Call Representative: Michael Wilson (spoke to him)

Michael stated that over 3000 people was selected for this grant for the following reasons: Education, Disable, Over age and Paid taxes/Bills on time.

He stated that all applicants names would be aired on this Saturday night on FOX TV Chanel at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

I was then told that I could go right away to a check cashing place to redeem all the money ($5,700 and the $130.00 that I was to place on the card)

Their story begun to come apart when Michael stated that I did not have to pay the check cashing place to get any of the money off the card. But when I spoke with Paul, I asked him how come you just can't mail the money to me. He stated that for security reasons they could not guarantee that the money would get to the right person if mailed which is why the green dot card had to be used. I then asked well why do I have to go to a check cashing place to get the money oppose to the bank and he said that the Bank will charge $9.00 in fees oppose to the Check cashing will be $2.00. (You see where they went wrong?)

So I asked how did they get my information they said that it was provided to them by the government. That the government collected the information from my tax return. To end this information, Paul "the manager" became hostile from all my questioning. So I told him that I would go to CVS. Before hanging up he said make sure you call me when you get in the parking lot before you enter the store b/c I do not want you to get the wrong card. When I hung up the phone and got dressed, I felt that something was not right so I got on the internet and google'd. "I received a call from someone who said that I was awarded a government grant and to purchase a green dot money back card". And this site of information can up. Therefore, I decided not to go and type this complaint. As soon as I being typing this complaint, Michael Wilson called private again and stated "Sarah we are about to close for the day, are you going to receive the grant money or not?" I said "I guess not" He stated "may I ask why" My reply "I have been looking on the internet and I just don't trust this or think its real". He then said. "Ok" and hung up.

When Paul was speaking in his hostel tone, he said if you don't want the grant just say so, so we can award it to another person.....

I hope this information helps someone. After all, I have stopped my thanksgiving cooking to write this up while all the facts were still fresh.

Happy Holidays.

I was called today from a man saying that he was with the federal government and that i was one of 75 other people that was approved for a $7,500 grant and he just needed to make sure he had the right information so that the money that. I was to recive would go to the right person. I was told to go to western uio. and i have to give them $300 dollars to recive my $7,500 and the thing that gets me is i just filled out my application for school one day ago so what i gather from this is our info is not being handled in the right manor. we as students need to have our info kept private between us as students and the school itself. I did not get scammed but i won't people to know this.The #202-683-9875 is the number that they called me from so please don't be the one for these thieves. Thank u and have a great night.

They called me today & they all most got me if I didn't goggle the number plus my girl was getting mad cause she knew they were a scam cause she heard them say something bout go get a greene dot money pak card an send them $ to get the 10,000 grant $

My husband received a call from an Internet # today. Some guy w/ a heavy accent who could barely speak English. He stated he had been approved for a Government grant of $10,000 and asked for his address, bank account & routing #. Without any hesitation lol my husband gave out his info (yeah big mistake). The guy then gave him a FAKE confirmation code of #F(and some #s) as well as another # that has a Cali area code (202). He was instructed to call and give the confirmation code to receive his money. He called and there was another guy with the same heavy accent and broken English. .he also asked for the same things again. Then he asked what the loan was for..my husband says "I need to pay some bills" (it's ok go ahead and laugh lol). The man says he will need to get a greendot moneypak w/ $190 on it. When asked why did he have to send money before getting the grant..the guy says because Georgia is not a free tax state (REALLY?). I tried telling my husband it was a scam, but he hushed me so that he could hear more about his $10,000 lol. Anyways he soon realized I was right and rushed to the nearest bank and changed all his info. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFO! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! They continue to call.

i received a call tonight saying i had been selected for a $10,200 grant. The initial number was
202-697-7222 then they gave me this other number and a confirmation number where they said call the other number give them the confirmation and they would give me more information. I called the other number and they told me that if i sent $180 it would go to charity then my money would be released. I declined. I knew that at no point would the government give me grant money that i had to pay for. they both had middle eastern accents.

be aware of the number 202-738-1655 also i didnt pay anything but i wanna help others by giving this number they called me just 5 minutes back and told me to call tommorrow morning i will see what they wanna tell........crazy fellows

who should I contact for help. I just recently get rip off by the same person. =(
Why am I so stupid..

They called me saying i won 10k grant cuz i have no criminal record and some other reason. Go to walmart and buy a green dot card load money and a tranfer for all the money will load.
First of all im a felon, and the real US gov would kno. When i asked y do i have to pay my money to recieve money. Sounds like a scam i said, and he said well its not its ur choice and hung up. So i googled it and found i was right

so i recived a phone call today from a man who tells me that tells me that i got a free 8400 grant, he will tell you all of your information: where you live your phone number wheather your employed or not, and tell you you need to hang up with him n call the same number he called from 12024703920 and speek with amanda lee she will then go on with this speel and towards the end of it she then informs you that you will need to donate 215 dollars before you can get the 8400. she will tell you that the money is being donated to the homelss vets, the homeless children and the americacn red cross, if you ask amanda lee to speek with her supervisor, she argues with you puts you on hold for ten min, then a man gets onthe phone to tell you that you need to load the money to a green dot card so the bank can recive it. ITS A SCAM, the goverment will NOT call you n tell you u are getting a 8400 but you have to pay money first, if you havent put in for a grant there is no way you are eligable for one. So please people please dont give these monsters any of your information!!!!

Please be careful. Carol Adams from the us government grant/personnel.org. Scammers. My fiance is accepted for $8000 "free grant money" only if I load a green dot money card with $250 on it and give them the card number and pin number. No....free grant money doesn't involve putting money on a green dot card and paying to have it processed. Don't be a victim

214-347-9848 and 518-821-9848 these are the #s of the people who called me with a $50,000 grant they could only transfer 42,000 the other 8,000 needed to be picked up at western union but I needed to send $200 first they even called from Bank of America but I called the# back they spoke perfect English and have no middle easterners working there

I gave my card info but that's it will they take my money?!

Just received a call and while the person was telling me about it, I kept him on the line while I looked up the phone number and any information he would offer, leading me to this site. When I found this, I simple said, "Shame on you, I hope you have your day of reckoning, sir!" and hung up the phone. Use your resources and try not to make uninformed decisions. I was very tempted as we are in dire straits financially, but as has been said many times, "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

December 14, 2013 Today I received a call from and unknown number from a woman with a Middle eastern accent who claimed to be named Stacy Johnson. She told me that I had earned a grant of a 10,200 dollars for being an outstanding citizen and paying all my bills and never declaring bankruptcy all I had to do was give them my bank account information and a routing number and I could receive this once in a lifetime grant as long as I did not spend it on drugs gambling or alcohol. Then I was told a conformation number and a phone number (206-866-5693) so I called the number and the guy on the phone with a middle eastern accent who said his name was Jake Will told me to call back in 15 min so I called back and after an extensive hold I finally got him on the phone and he tried to tell me because we were having phone problems that it was my fault and that He was concerned if it was a prank call I assured him it was not and then he commenced to telling me the same information that the lady told me from the previous call after he verified the fake information that I provided he told me that he would release my money after I paid him a one time fee of 185 dollars and then I hung up on him.

They call me today and told me that i was selected for a 9000 grant from the Gov. But the weird thing is that they told me that i fill up an application a time ago saying that i was on bankruptcy ( an i do remem
bered i fill up an application for that). But they knew my whole name, my old home address, and the town where i'm living now,
And it sound true and all, but they told me to go to western union and brough $310 to get the 9000
But they will give back the 310=9310, so i really dont know if is true plis help me

This just happened to me!!! I almost fell for it, thank GOOGLE I didn't!!! the number was 202.407.9059 and they gave me some 5 digit/letter confirmation code, and had some of my info already. They said they were the US grant dept and even made me call back to confirm it wasn't a scam. BUT IT WASSSSS