Fake IRS collectors are calling

This time of year is often taxing for many consumers. Scams aimed at stealing taxpayers’ money make the season more stressful.

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) warns that crooks posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials are contacting people claiming they owe taxes. The caller demands a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or a credit card number for payment. If the person doesn’t comply, the caller threatens to arrest or deport the target, or take away their driver’s license or business.

Thousands of victims have lost money to these tax scam artists. But there are ways to recognize them and foil their attempts to steal your money.

These scammers often:

  • call you. But when the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone 
  • use common names and fake IRS badge numbers
  • know the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • demand payment via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. The IRS doesn’t ask for either of these payment methods, nor will they ask for credit card numbers.
  • rig caller ID information to appear as if the IRS really is calling
  • send fake emails that look like legitimate IRS correspondence
  • make a second call claiming to be the police or department of motor vehicles, rigging the caller ID information  

To protect yourself from imposters who call, claiming to be from the IRS:

  • don’t provide any account or other personal information. Hang up the phone.
  • never wire money to a person or company you don’t know. Once you wire money, you can’t get it back.
  • if you owe - or think you owe - federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions. You also can visit the IRS website at irs.gov.
  • if you’ve already paid your taxes, call and report the incident to TIGTA at 800-366-4484.
  • forward emails from the IRS to phishing@irs.gov. Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails. 
  • file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint. Include “IRS Telephone Scam" in your complaint.
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IRS Telephone Scam
They called me house!
The # is 325 500 0533

Got a call from 202-506-9418 stating he works for the IRS and for me to contact him ASAP and do not ignore the call.

I got a call from 202-506-9060. Kevin Brown was the guy's 'name'. Losers...little boys afraid to actually work for money

I may not get my $214.99 backbut here is the name of the scam pccaressupport-home ut a1-16000001044heaq

Git a call from irs julie smith with a second call warning and next is action.got a call from 415-506-1667.should i be scared?

Got a call from Julie smith also with the same BS.
These people should have their fingernails pulled out
with a pair of plyers one by one and their butt cheeks
super glued together.

Yes!I got a automated call from Julie Smith!! That is crazy!

I just got an automated call from Julie Smith as well..I figured I would first research the number, and now I know who these people are its time tohave some fun...

I did as well! Im kinds freaked out.

I also got a message from a Julie smith telling me to immediately call back and no charges will be pressed against me at this time. Its freaky. The person called from (415)852-9235 from san francisco/north bay area.

I just got a call from Julie Smith at the IRS, but when I tried to call the (415)852-9235 number, it wouldn't go through. Glad to see others got the same call. Nice try, Julie, or whatever your name is.

I got a call form Julie Smith's office 415-742-6974 today stating I need to call ASAP. I have IRS dues and needs to be deposited soon from further action. Called the number back from another phone, the picked up the call, asked for my social (which I didn't provided) and told me to hold and the call got dropped.

Me too. Called from 415-234-9981

Got my two calls today from Julie Smith 415 506 2409, saying I needed to call or action will be taken, called back went straight to voice mail and got hung up on.

Got this same call yesterday from Julie Smith - same phone number 415-506-2049. It was an automated message stating that I needed to call back before further action is taken. I did not return the call.

Me too, from Julie Smith Woodland Hills, CA. Called back went right to voicemail. Twice. Like everybody else, at first I was freaked out. Who wouldn't be, right!?! But then my spidey senses started saying it was a scam. Glad to hear that word is getting out about "Julie Smith". Disgusting.

I just received a call from 415-234-0491- San Fran bay area and said to call back and do not ignore this call. The voice mail at the end said take care.
I called back and the line is constantly busy, but I am glad that I felt something isn't right. Can't believe they got my phone number.Tell all of your friends to not call back!

Got the same message from Julie Smith. No way did we fall for it. But I do worry about older people getting taken. These people need to get off the phone and try getting a life.

You can file an online complaint at www.ftc.gov/complaint. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. The FTC's complaint database is available to law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating these phone numbers, your complaint could be helpful.

It would be useful, if they weren't spoofing legitimate numbers. Filing complaints with those numbers will do nothing but get innocent people into trouble.

Julie Smith called yesterday 415-251-5731….something sounded off, glad I found this blog!

I have also received my 2nd voice-mail from a Julie Smith with a phone number of 1-415-234-9730 telling me to return the call. When I did it said it was re-directing to a voice-mail. I'm glad I looked to see if this was a scam!!!

I got that call today from that same number, although my phone answering service did not get the first part (probably when she states her name?). I thought the woman had a slight accent that made me think Chinese origin (not surprising from CA), and she so "charmingly" ended the call with "Take care". I am SURE that is part of IRS threatening call etiquette, eh?

I got a call from a Julie Smith too but the phone number was 415-735-7101 - number listed as YMax

Had a robo message on voice mail today from Julie Smith from irs to call hotline 415-829-9423 saying not to ignore message or they will take action. Called back and phone just rang until it disconnected. Glad I checked and found out it was a scam.

Got a voice-mail from a Daniel Smith (with a thick foreign accent, yea right) 212-216-0702 says he's from the IRS and he knew my full name and my cell #. That wasn't convincing at all if the accent is so thick from this supposedly American guy that no one can understand the details of the scam. loser.

Call from 646 470 9956....Detective uhuh Mathew East. If he wouldn't hear from me, and this was my last chance, he treathened to do....something with boots hahahaha, bad voicemail. No suprise to get a v-mail when returning the call. Thanks for posting these scams, it surely calmed me down :)

I received a call from the "IRS" who stated It's a time sensitive issue and to call back with the court case number or my attorney to contact the IRS or I could be put in Jail.. I found it funny when I told them I worked for the Gov't in a Law Enforcement Capacity which I do & they immediately hung up!

I got the same call this guy name is steve white then he puts in officer steve white

I also got a call from Julie Smith today as well -she left a message, ha ha ha ha ha...people need to find jobs to keep themselves busy..

I recieved a call from Julie or June Smith on October 15,2014 who stated that she was from the IRS and if I didn't call back that they would seek further action against me.

Got one from Julie Smith #415-506-1284
Somebody needs to catch these crooks!

I got a call from Julie Smith on October 22nd as well.

Got a call from Julie Smith supposed IRS agent out of Novato Ca 415-234-9585

Just got a call from Julie Smith too. 202.241.8586. My call was about a lawsuit against me by the IRS. First call was a recording....I called back and Officer Keith Morgan answered....badge number 7140546...heavy accent....hmmmm. When I said this is not something the IRS would do over the phone he hung up.... catch these guys

Phone has been ringing all day, but no message left. After about 8 calls, finally a message from 935-569-3671 was left. It was a recording stating IRS is suing me and to call 202-657-5512.

So much effort, just get a real job!

Stop them before they get a hold of someone more vulnerable and fully exploit them.
This is nuts!

Got recording stating IRS is suing us twice yesterday and we were only home a short time. Got another call around 8:00 EST this morning. Numbers called from were 716-201-0216 Lockport, NY then 931-567-3601 with unavailable ID, and this morning 937-560-3671 Elsevier Reed. All 3 times they gave what appears to be an extension 02436990 which appears busy. Really wished they would talk to me!
Hope this info will help someone.

This is still happening as of January 9 2015. Got automated message stating IRS was filing a lawsuit against me, and to call 202-580-8423 - Washington code. Original call came from 585-599-3948 -- Corfu, NY. Did not return call.

Webinar on Tax Identity Theft and IRS Imposter Scams
Hosted by the FTC, AARP, and TIGTA. Open to everyone.
Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2:00-3:30pm EST. Find login information, as well as articles and other resources, at ftc.gov/taxidtheft.

Received a VM from a recording of a man saying to "put aside my business right now and respond... do not ignore ths call from IRS Dept. of Crime" Then a recording of a woman saying, "Goodbye". The ID was a 202 # from Wash. DC Pls. catch these lowlifes. I got a similar call several years ago. Don't fall for it.


I got that same call today. Same name given and same number

I received a call also from Officer Marcus 202-241-1011 stating that if i did not pay $2,190 I would be arrested in the morning. I hung up and called the IRS but they were closed. Glad I googled the phone number he called me from!! I hope somebody catches these losers!!

I also just received the automated call from a"Julie Smith" with 585-444 xxxx return number. Personally glad to hear this is a scam

I got 2 calls today from Julie smith (automated call) and to call her back. I knew it was a scam as the irs doesn't call. I hung up both times. I guess I will count on getting more calls. The other scam is from Microsoft and they called 3 times one morning before 7 am. It was from someone from Mumbai and said they were calling from Microsoft and wanted to fix my computer problems..... SCAM!

I also received 3 calls today from this same 585-444 number. I called back but it would ring a few times then hang up. So I blocked the number. I'm glad I checked this site because I knew something wasn't right. Same name and everything. That's crazy!

I just got a call today, Jan 11, 2016, same thing, told me to return the call to a 585 number. I hung up.

I also received 2 of these bogus calls originating from 2 different phone numbers with the same automated message stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit on me and that I was to contact 202-506-9736 for further information... When I called the phone number I got a message that it was from a magic jack account which had not been set up yet. WTF??? I also proceeded to try and call the 2 phone numbers that had called my phone number 1-845-786-8730 and 630-582-0473. Neither phone number answered. Seems to me something wicked this way comes...lol they need to go to jail for this.Hopefully nobody falls for this or loses their money to these scums.

This is still going on as of June 27, 2015, automated voice mail indicating the IRS was filing suit against me. Told me to call 202-580-8423 ASAP. I didn't call back.

I got a voicemail a few days ago that directly me to call a CA number immediately, so I did so today. A man with a thick accent likely from the Indian Subcontinent answered, I asked to whom I was speaking, and he said "Allen Morris," gave a badge numnber,and claimed he was with the "IRS." I asked him to confirm that he was referring to the US Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency in Washington, D.C. He claimed this was so and proceeded to tell me that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. I knew there was no reason for them to do so, and he claimed I owed back taxes from 2008 - 2013, which I knew was impossible. I asked him, "What state did I live in in2013?" No response. I asked him, "What state do I live in now?" He said, "Texas," where I grew up and left long ago. I told him that I'd long moved away from Texas. He insisted I lived in Grand Praire, which is a town quite far from the town I grew up in but that caller IDs will usually name when a call from the cell phone's area code that my cell phone has included since I was a teenager. I told him that I was reporting him to the real IRS and that his real name obviously wasn't Allen Morris. He said, "You're a bitch" and hung up. I am almost amused at how foolish this scam is.

1:06pm 12-17-14
robocall woman's voice stating "This is the IRS. You have a lawsuit filed against you."

I recieved two calls this morning, both a recording,from Julie Smith 415-234-9604. Called back and it went straight to voice mail, and the box was full.

I received two messages claiming to be IRS officer Julie Smith with the same phone number. I called the number and a foreign guy told me that she was at a meeting,he than told me that he's needs my lawyers address and than I told him I don't have a lawyer and I asked him what am I being sued for he hung up on me. I called again and I got the same recording that you did about the voice mail box being full.

Julie Smith 415-506-1282 called me. I returned call and Julie was in meeting. Person I spoke with had poor English skills, but insisted she was with IRS.

We got the exact same call this morning at what would be 5:40 a.m. California time. Same poor English from the person who answered our call back- they hung up on my husband. Total scam.

We got this same recorded call today nov 7 AT 5:45 am that said IRS is filing a lawsuit against us and they left a 202 phone number. I hung up.

Same thing from number 202 241-7388, it was a magic jack recording.

I received 2 calls from an indian accent guy saying he was IRS and they had sent a package to my home which came back when I said I never received anything in the mail. He said the officers would have to come to my house. I said no and asked for a supervisor, he said there weren't any. That I was owing a large sum of money for "fraud", for 2008-2012. I asked why I had never heard of this before, that the IRS aways sends mail, he said no. I hung up on the guy.

Received similar call and spoke to guy for about 10 minutes. He never asked for any money but knew my home address. When I told him that the tax return he was talking about was a joint return and why had they not contacted my husband or I, he was very quick to get off the phone. (916)872-9947 was the number he called from and I returned

I got a call from a Chinese or Vietnamese guy saying he was from irs audit number is 9298004572 his name was Joseph Brown..its funny how they give themselves american names ,....I tired calling the real irs hotline but of course couldnt get no one on the phone, very busy time of year ..at first I was so worried ...

I got a call today from a a man with an Indian accent. he said hos name was Franknumber 7038280309. He said that I was in need of an attorney and that I was being prosecuted as a criminal because I was accused of tax evasion from 2008-2013. He said I underpaid my taxes. When I started asking him questions, and telling him how ridiculous what he was saying was he hung up. And of course, I called him back, but I got no number. I wanted to ask for hid badge number.

I just heard twice from Indian guy 7038280433 used same words as "ant" about tax evasion arrest warrant in my name or something, sounds like Frank, two calls today, started today.

I also go two calls from Julie Smith at 415-506-1282. When I returned the call, I was threatened with arrest within 2 hours and the seizure of my bank accounts, cars, etc. I was to go to the nearest drug store while on the phone and get a money card. It was very frightening until I understood it was a scam.

Got the same call from 415.506.1297 that ended with "good bye and take care".
Did not seem right at all!
Thanks for posting everyone.

That "good bye and take care" was a dead give away when I got the call today on my machine. Deleted it-case closed. Too bad there are people who fall for these stupid scams but WE aren't one of them!!!!

"Goodbye, and take care" ..... Yeah, seriously? That should be a clue it's NOT the IRS. Julie's a busy girl.

I got an automated call that the IRS is suing us. Have you heard of any automated calls???

Recieved a call from IRS number 1-234-304-5130 saying that this is a final call and IRS suing me did't give the reason and asked me to call 201 area code number

have received at least 2 automated calls from IRS with same story- final call from IRS before Iawsuit will be filed. I was instructed to call back immediately. I have written down the phone number 2 times: 929-800-2893, the other 210-410-5059. No name. I owe no taxes so I am sure this is bogus- but one of the calls came at 7 AM Sunday. very irritating. Is there a way to block these?

I also just got a robo message with the same 'final call from IRS regarding the lawsuit against me' and was also instructed to call back immediately. I looked up the number who called me, it was 1-284-304-5530 which came up as from British Virgin Islands and the number that I should call back is 1-210-418-5726. Did some research and among others also found this site confirming that this is a scam!! Needless to say, will not be calling back any of these crooks!

I got the same call yesterday. It's unnerving!

Received the same call at 6:55am this morning. Did not return the call to the number that called or the number given--would just encourage more calls. Submitted a complaint to FTC which I hope you all do.

Thank you for submitting a complaint to the FTC. You're right; the IRS will never call you to threaten you. That’s a sign that this is a scam. If you get calls like this, please file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at https://www.ftc.gov/complaint and give the details of the call. It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint system.

I got a automated call also from irs 800/8291040 they must have spoof the caller id told me to call some 888 number I couldn't get the number because they said it to fast ... So I called the irs and they said they never contacted me

I Have tried to call Irs to get a voice after two hours I quit

Yes - I am getting 2 a day, this morning they even called at 6:30 am…I am reporting this to proper authorities to see if this helps because they are annoying me now.

Yes, I got a automated call from a Indian sounding man. Saying that I was being sued for back taxes or fraudulent issues. That I needed to contact a 202 number at once before charges were filed against me. That they could do it.

I got two automated calls saying to call the IRS is this for real ?????

Same here! twice now!!! I am so frustrated with SCAMMERS!

I also received a call from a Julie Smith. It was clearly automated or the person was having a stroke while leaving the message. The phone number was 415-234-9501. When I called the next day the person who answered had a thick accent and I couldn't understand anything he said. I asked to speak to someone that had clearer communication and he said no one else was in the office. I also asked why I hadn't received anything in the mail and he dodged the question. When I asked where he was calling from he said the United States of California. I'm pretty sure this is a phishing scam but now I am concerned about a lawsuit against me. I have had taxes filed professionally every year so I will contact my tax repairer. I am a hard working tax paying American and this is harassment!

You should have no reason to be concerned. I just received the same message from Julie Smith today. 1. The wording in the message does not sound professional -the automated message makes a wording syntax error that indicates the call is not legit. 2. Several people report getting the same message here, always from different numbers. 3. The IRS clearly states that if they have an issue, you get notified via snail mail. There are numerous reports right now showing that these are scam artists trying to get you to pay them. You can find the details for these scams on legitimate government websites. If you are still worried, go to the IRS website and call them directly.

I just received 2 calls from 'Officer Julie Smith' on my cell phone. When we file taxes, we use our home number...Someone needs to stop these peeps. Seems the DNC doesn't work!!!!

March 21, 2015 (9:30 AM) I just received same call from San Francisco 415-234-9501. I founded suspicious since I have paid my taxes. So I went and type question in goggle to get info and found this useful post. Thank you!

I just received a call from the IRS from 202-552-5753,stating I had a criminal lawsuit fore to call ASAP or I will be incerated .I returned the call ,phone number rang then dropped the call.Guys name was Daniel Weidman from the Legal Dept.

Officer Daniel Weidman or Wyman is at it again. This time the number is 202-747-0946. Called the wrong person this time. Wouldn't you know they called someone that works closely with the IRS. I receive calls from clients all the time in regards to this type of occurrence. The IRS will ALWAYS MAIL YOU A LETTER! I recommend when they call to ask them for their name and badge number, Also, tell them you will call them back. Don't call the number they give you if you really want to call them back to check out their story but you will most likely find that they are not real. Call IRS directly and ask for specific person and badge number. I will say that there has not been 1 occurrence where the call was real. Definitely report it to the FTC.

I've been reading everyone's comments. I also have been getting numerous calls this past month, left on my answering machine, from alleged Officer Lauren Matthew 347/704-5836 threatening me with possible lawsuit if I didn't return her call. I file and pay my taxes every year so I figured it was a scam. I also think that if there was a legitimate problem that I would be contacted by mail from the IRS. I am going to report this as I hope no one else falls for it!

I got a call saying that the message was FOR Julie Smith...weird.

I got the same name. How low do you go before you hatch a plan like this? I;ll get the superglue and the pliers.

got 2 calls today from IRS officer Julie Smith, said I needed, or my attorney of record, to call 415 506 2391.

I have been getting lots of calls from Officer Julie Smith also at 415 506 2392 UGH!!! So annoying

Same garbage here today - they called twice. 415-506-1297 was the number.

No, scam artist

Got the same thing from Steve Martin, twice--robo calls. First call was a live person. Definitely not native-English speakers. Threatened me with the cops coming to get me (cops, exact quote), then Grand Jury. Reported twice to TIGTA.GOV. Sick of the harassing messages from these creeps.

Got Steve Martin etc. calls, two or more a day all week. Claims treasury enforcement with threat of criminal charges.

I recieved that exact phone msg. From Steve Martin who spoke broken English.I called and was threatened with treasury agents coming to arrest me in 45 minutes,lien on house,bank accounts levied.The number comes back to a California area 5103558902.He somehow had info that my return was done wrong yrs ago.Contacted irs nothing more than scam.I argued with him and aka Mr Martin stated he had 2 detectives on the way in 30 minutes and I would be facing 6 months in jail.

For the past month we've received about 8 voicemail messages on our home phone from Steve Martin with Indian accent stating something about tax evasion and if we don't return the call we'll have to appear in from on the Grand Jury. Annoying!

Got a second (voice mail) call from "Steve Martin". Indian guy, no way he is "Steve Martin"... Total scam. He never said my name or either time he called. No way I am calling him back - SCAM!!! Here's the exact transcript:

"This message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin and I'm calling regarding enforcement Actions executed by U.S. Treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a Judge or a Grand Jury for a federal criminal offense. My number is 650-739-8031. I advise you to cooperate with us and help us to help you."

I just received a call from ph# 510-355-8807 leaving the same exact message

I got the exact same recorded message. Thank you for posting a transcript. I couldn't understand him because of his accent. This clarifies what he was attempting to say. He called twice this morning. I have blocked him but it leaves automatic voice mail. Does it ever stop or do they keep contacting you?

He is currently using this number: 858-206-2684

Steve Martin is at it again. 2 robo calls this morning. phone number is 858-266-9032 After reading all these comments, debating on calling to have some fun. I have better things to do with my time.

We just got three messages with the exact same thing above today. Phone number per caller ID was 904-410-3395 while the call back number he left was 904-410-4568. I work for the IRS and I'm not even safe from this garbage. When I called the phone company to complain, the rep laughed at the name used by the scammer. It is a joke and hopefully no one answers this.

I received the same voice message 4 times within one hour around the same date!!!! One time the computer call was stuck on a loop and kept repeating the message....

Just received a call from them.Some guy claiming to be from the IRS and hat they are suing me for fraud on my return for 2009.I started to ask questions and when he didn't answer to my satisfaction I asked for a supervisor.He then called and hung up.I reported the phone number to the TIGTA.Here is the number my call came from.1-915-282-5645.Hope they catch these people.

I also just got a call from Julie Smith. Two people hung up on me and both had my phone number and asked for my criminal lawyer's number. He asked if I was aware of my case, and then he hung up.

Julie Smith just called me too. 202-241-8270, caller ID of Wahington DC. Robo-call, hard to understand. Skin these crooks!

I've gotten two calls now two days in a row. Scared the crap outta me when I listened to the message!

Just got a call from Julie Smith!!!! Number 415-334-9583.....People have guts!!! Its a total scam!! BEWARE!!

Julie Smith called me too and her "computer voice" relayed a threatening message ... 202 241 8730

Now I should expect more calls from these bots? Good to know.

I just received a call from Julie Smith as well Number 415-506-1303

I received a call from Julie Smith as well from 415-234-9704. I was working from home and both my home number and my mobile rang at the same time. These folks seems to have now changed the voice. Earlier this year, it used to guys with a heavy middle eastern or eastern indian accent.


I got robo call from Julie Smith as well, told me not to ignore this call and call back ASAP at 202-241-8730. When I called back, it goes straight to voice-mail saying, voice mail is full.

On Nov 1 2014, we got the same message not only on our house phone but on one of our cell phones as well. How did they
get our phone numbers? I booked a hotel through Expedia two days before. I'm wondering if they got our phone number some how.

Just got a call from Julie Smith also with the same threatening message that if I ignore the call they will take action against me.

I got a message from Julie Smith and the phone number was 202-506-9962. This is what it said. Be warned that if you are an impatient person, you might not want to read this because it is long. I didnt pick up but it left a voice message. This is what the voice message said. I need you, or, your retained obterdient return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I am off with Julie Smith from eternal revinal service and the hot line came back is 202-506-9962. I repeat. It is 202-506-9962. Dont disregard this message and do return this call before we take any legal alligation against you. Good bye and take care.

I just received 2 calls today within an hour of each other with this exact same automated message. When I listened to the first message, I got a lump in my throat, but then as I started thinking about it, I know that the IRS would never try to contact me by phone. I did a reverse lookup of the phone number 415-506-1298 and got this VMAX as the owner of the website. People are truly evil, preying on honest citizens this way. I hope they catch these creeps!

Same here!...the number though is 506 2398 and belongs to Y MAX communications in Ignacio. I intend to go and knock on their door, with my friends from the rugby team....

Three robocall voicemail messages left on the same day within 3 hours. The real IRS does not flood you with calls like an impatient teenager.

"...record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I am Officer Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my position is 4155061297. I repeat, it's 4155061297. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Good bye and take care."

I just got the same computer voice message from Julie Smith at (415) 234-9730 listed as YMax Communications Mobile in Ignacio, CA. I thought it might be a scam and I'm glad I researched and confirmed it is a scam. These people are scum!!!!

Received two voice messages from a Julie Smith claiming to be from the IRS and that I owed money.
Called from Novato, CA (415)234-9863. Exactly how many different phone nos. can she have?! Called back b/c I was curious. No answer. Won't answer the phone or call back again. Figured it was a scam. Wish these people could get caught and hung !!

They called my moms house today threatening to have her arrested if she did not give them money. They initially called from a 206-855-5833 number. Then she was told to call a 202-241-8281 number and ask for 112. She talked to someone by the name of Damien Simons/Summons.

Got a call from a Julie Smith like everyone else at 415 234-9635. claiming there is a warrant for my arrest today for not filing my taxes correctly and an audit was done that I owe money to the IRS.

Just received a call from "IRS AGENT, Julie Smith". Sounds like a scam to me. IRS contacts us by mail, NOT phone. DO NOT CALL 415-234-9703

I got a call today December 22 stating that it was office of Julie Smith from IRS And not to ignore call or they would take further action.this is number they called from (585)364-6540 its a call from New York.It was scary hearing this but now thAt I've read all these scammer reviews,feeling much better!

2015 Jan 3- looks like IRS scam continues even on a Saturday. Officer Smith, Robo call. Phone # given and on Phone I.D. does not match the ones listed by others. San Francisco area code 415

Burner phones and spoof caller I.D. make call block useless.

Just spread the word to young IRS Filers, and English second language folks to not worry, and contact IRS separately by phone if they are really concerned. Never give out SS# or personal info. IRS has that already. They do not need it for verification.

Happy Scam free New Year to you all.

Do not be scared, especially after reading all of these comments. This is still happening, I received 2 calls 1/10/15 (on a Saturday - the "IRS"/government works on a weekend haha) from "Julie Smith" with the same robotic voice and basically the same info as all the others. The number was 415-234-9703 and the messages were 3 hrs apart. Out of curiosity I called back and got a voicemail but did not leave a message. I think the next time they call, and I'm sure there will be a next time, I will answer and play along just to mess with them so they do not call back!! I'm sick of phone solicitors and criminals, expecially lazy ones that don't even go outside and "work" for it, they just sit on a phone and scam people!! I'm not falling for it but I feel bad for the people that do, especially the elderly!!!!!

I just got the same call from the same person and same phone #. I called back and got a bunch of threats. I kept arguing and asked for them to mail me something and they disconnected me. thieves

Julie Smith is still alive at 415-506-2410….

No! Don't be scared! I saw the number on my phone and called back thinking it was a telemarketer, I wanted to tell them to remove my number from their list. It was some guy who used my maiden name (suspicious) and his name James Anderson was suspicious because he had an Indian accent. He said I was being investigated for tax fraud. I knew it was a scam. The IRS doesn't contact people by phone, maiden name etc. I asked for his badge number and he rambled off some number. He told me I'd be arrested tonight and I said no, you will be arrested for taking part in a scam and impersonating an IRS agent and I hung up...

no do not worry

I have been receiving nuance calls from (408) 239- 4037 demanding immediate action for an IRS lawsuit. The scammers are leaving recorded messages. When I returned the call I insisted they were a scammers and that I was reporting them to local police and the caller hung up. Beware this is an ongoing effort to scam Americans out of money!

I also received a call yesterday from a Roni Cooper saying I owed 2,900.00 for back taxes from 2008-2012. I knew it was a scam right away but played along to see where it would go. He wanted to know if I had cash on me and said that I needed to leave my house and drive to a address he gave me and wait for further instructions. He said I was to stay on the phone with him and get there within 30 minutes. He wasn't aware that my daughter was listening and we switched phones while I called the police. Since my daughter and I sound alike he never noticed. He new exactly where I lived and how long it would take to get to that location. He got very mad when I didn't arrive and kept stalling him. After all that effort the police weren't interested in doing anything because a crime had not been committed.

i just got a call from a shawn mack 202-239-7019 told me he was an officer with the I.R.S I asked him again whi he was and he hung up the phone.. i called the number back and he again stated he was officer shawn mack with the irs and he asked what did i want i told him he just called me then he hung up the phone...again nuber was 202-239-7019 i did call again and he had his answering machine pick up....

My mom got a call from the same person! But he said his name was Ron W something..

I received 2 hang-ups and then a message from "Crista? Taylor" IRS Agent from the Dept. of Tax Audit. She had a heavy indian accent and spoke very haltingly and was difficult to understand, lots of background noise. She was "warning me of urgent business" and I should call if I needed any further assistance. This made no sense whats so ever. Then wishes me patience and good luck. The call was from an unknown number and the number she left to call back was 866-978-6292, which does not work.

Received the same call. A woman who spoke very broken english left a message stating she was from the Dept.of tax and audit. Also lots of background noise. I googled it and it came up a scam. The return number I was to call was 866-978-8112. When you call that number the message says "thank you for calling the irs",for personal income taxes press 1, business taxes press 2, I pressed 1 and the call went to a busy signal. I cannot believe someone hasn't caught these fools yet???

This is still happening, except he is using a different phone number of 7864629539

I received the same similar call also added i would go to jail for 90 days no bail no deal warrant issue to you already go deposit i will clear the warrant office Sean Cooper and David William from number 571) 482-1919 i been contacting the police and FBI and personally i think something needs to be done people work very hard to make a living so someone off the street comes to take people money

Add 202-506-9962 to the list of bogus numbers. Guys robo'd me this morning saying I owe the IRS money and that it's urgent I get back to them. Yeah right.

We got a call today from 202-803-5028. Left a message that there was a criminal IRS investigation against me and I needed to call back immediately. I don't understand how it's legal for them to continue doing this!!

It's not

i just got the same call from a lady named Carrie Smith from 202.241.7592.

These people have called my house 7 times yesterday. They left three messages and spoke with family members four times always with similar messages that they are calling from the IRS, someone is suing us; they are calling about an urgent legal matter. All the callers have a heavy accent - Carrie Smith left her name. The numbers are 202-241-8402; 202-241-8271; 202-241-7402.

I had the same situation like you. I got a phone call from 310 7427302 and his name is office Ben MaCoy and he doesn't sound american. He sound like indian from India. I want to fight back against these scammers. I hope they get arrested and go to jail.

I have received a call a day for a week now. I have saved all the messages. I was put into a depression by this and am so glad I looked it up. The number is a 202 #. His name is MELVIN. He talks loud and fast and I believe he may be from India. I am in WI. They are everywhere! Why can't they be caught?

I got two voice messages from IRS Tax Audit Officer Melvin. His tel#1-888-369-8791 (was disconnected) and 1-888-393-2421 (still working). He sounds like an Indian. I called back this morning, he said IRS sued me for Tax fraud and will arrest me. He wanted me to find a criminal attorney within 45 minutes.....He got my personal info.

This fake Officer Melvin left me another message today with 1-202-864-1389. How come no one can stop them after 60 minutes reported it on Sunday?

I received a phone call from Officer Melvin saying he was from the IRS and that I owed taxes and he was about to issue a warrant for my arrest. He spoke incredibly slowly and with either an Indian or Latino accent. The callback number was #202-864-1390. When I called the number it was routed to an automatic answering machine saying all lines busy.

That happened to me as well! It seemed quite odd that he sounded Indian! They said I was being sued by the IRS for tax fraud! told me I had to pay a little over 2,400 dollars. Told me to go to the nearest CVS and get a cash card to transfer the money or else I would go to jail for up to 5 years!

I received two calls today from 202-864-1627 stating he was Ricardo Rodriguez from IRS and I was being investigated for tax evasion and fraud. Same stupid automated message.

Omg!! we got the same guy "Brian Jones" sounded like indian i got scared i was about to go to 7 eleven good thing i found this website

I find a few calls back with an immediate blast from a compressed air stadium horn gets them to stop using that particular number anyway. If we keep calling and harassing them the less time they have to call other more trusting folks. If we get them to disconnect the call back numbers on their messages less people will fall for it. Lets screw em at their own games.

Let's harasse these mother f@&$. I have been calling every 2 minute using magic app

I've been calling playing Christian music at them. Also a mantra from their god of vengeance I found on youtube.

I've gotten several messages on my answering machine recently. I have been calling the # back practicing my "Profanity". It feels GOOD !!

We've received 3 of these calls in the last couple of days from (415) 251-9782 at my home in CT. I've read a couple of comments where people called the police, but they don't want to deal with it.

I would like to know why such a blatant scam impersonating a Federal Agent is not tracked down and stopped by the government? I'm going to report the number, but I've really lost faith that anyone that's paid to stop this type of fraud cares and will do anything about it.

I truly feel bad for the older people or those that are too trusting that are going to get tricked into handing over hard earned money.

got a call too 202-506-9835. same thing urgent and must call back.

This Julie Smith is starting to be active scamming people with the same number 202-506-9835. Just received a call leaving the message: time sensitive, allegation crap...

I got a call from "Officer Julie Smith," too, only the number was 202-506-9461. Again, some kind of foreign accent, weird pauses and intonation, some mistakes in her English (such as threatening me with "legal allegations").

I got a call today from 202 506 9461 says will take legal action against me. Can somebody stop this?

Julie Smith seems to get around and likes to use different numbers. Her "Division" phone number is allegedly 202-241-0880. Left a message and it sounded computer generated. I know I don't owe taxes and if I did, I'm pretty sure they would send me something in writing.

Her new number today is 202-241-7215. Same name, call back goes to voicemail...

got a phone call from 202 241 7174. Left a voicemail. Female with spanish accent. couldnt hear the name, they only said my first name and said i am under invetigation and should call back at 202 241 7174.

Just got the same automated call from "Julie Smith" phone number came up 415-506-1667

Got an automated call from Joe Gonzales who said he was from the IRS and that I was being investigated for tax fraud. The call came from 202-8641619. I called back and told them I was Inspector Ersken with the US Marshals Office and that I would like to speak with Mr. Gonzales. Well, the guy said I couldn't speak with him, so I said I'd like to speak with him right now. The idiot quickly hung up on me. I did this about 5 more times and then I called acting like I was an old lady wanting to pay my taxes. This guy began chuckling and then hung up. I've called them around a dozen times and now some of my calls go to a dial tone or dead air. Let's put the pressure on them. Peace and protection to the good people of the world!

Got a call from Julie Smith @ (202)-241-7215 same SH@T..

Julie really gets around. Got 4 calls from her today. #415-506-1286 - Ignacio, CA. YMax Corpoaration owns these numbers and takes no responsibility for any of this crap. So would suggest you report it to your
state attorney generals office.

just got a call from Julie Smith (really creative) with the same info for a return call to 202-241-7006. They should line these dirt bags up against the wall.

This is Julie Smith. with the IRS.. 415-506-1297....Don't disregard this...will take action against you.

I got a voice message this morning at 9:26am NYC time the # is 415-251-8821 on my cell phone. i checked the number from CA, i live in NYC who is IRS worker calls CA time 6:26am? You'd think the scammer smart...lol....after half hour i called back the he sounds like an Indian guy. He said IRS sued me for tax owe back will arrest me and wanted me to find a criminal attorney.

Somebody keep on calling me from 202-906-9749. Talking about some kind of case saying something local cops and sheriff departments. Every time they are calling using different names using different kinds of language. I want to know what is being done to stop this all.

I just received a voicemail today from 202-241-0403, said his name was Manuel Jackwen (???) from the Criminal Investigation Unit at the IRS. He had a very heavy accent, so I didn't catch all of what he said. I did a reverse lookup on the number and found that it is associated with a group called Ymax Oration.... Further investigation found that this group is tied to multiple IRS phone scams... I reported my case to the FTC.

I just received a call today from 202 241-8301, she left a voice mail, telling me to call this number back before IRS bring my case to the court.

continuing the scam in MA, an additional # it is 202-506-9775.

another one from MA - Number listed is 202-506-9705 and its a robocall from Julie SMith (real creative there). If I am around to answer it I am gonna play a fun game with them. I am a cop.

I just received a call from the same number. Robo call threatening law suit. Are there any means for bringing these criminals to justice?

I original y recen de a call from the same number 202-506-9705 when I called a woman told me it was the IRS. Then there was a call again claiming that it was from some collection physician office.

I got a different phone number -- 202864-1319. They were gong to enter a warrant for my arrest for tax fraud. Said I needed to call back immediately (this was voicemail) I will not call back or take other calls from that number

I just got a voicemail from the same number letting me know there was a petition for my arrest for tax fraud or evasion. I also got a call on my house phone but lost the number that called. Sad part, I work for H&R Block so knew it was a scam, but my nerves still jumped. I feel for the poor souls that fall for this crap!

Just got the call from Ms. Smith from the same number. You'd think the scammers would at least be smart enough to know that government employees aren't working on Saturdays :)

Same one called me just now. Scammers.

Just got a call from 202-506-9983 from Julie Smith stated she from the IRS. Glad I found this website, now I can sleep tonight

Just got one about an hour ago. Very thick accent, hard to understand. I had to replay the msg 4 times just to get a name and number, which were "Officer Mark Watson, #202-239-6927". Just a bit bizarre! Wonder if I should answer if he calls again?

I received a call from the same number 202-506-9705 and told them my name but instead put the reference officer so and so from the san jose police department, he asked for my phone number and then said is your name ( he then spelled out some Indian name- probably his) I told him again my name was office so and so from the San Jose police department and he said he would take my name off his list. I am actually a nurse but Nurses dont usually frighten crooks!?

I just received a call from someone named 'Patrick'. I didn't catch if he left his full name. He said something about fraud and tax evasion and an arrest warrant. I was pretty sure it was a scam. The number he called from is (202) 864-1319.

Got a robo call today from "the IRS" calling from "hotline" number 202-506-9012. They left a message saying to call back before they take legal action. When I called the number, it was a Magic Jack recording. Clearly, these scammers have hijacked some Magic Jack numbers and are now making their way through Massachusetts based on some of the recent comments I've seen here.

I just received the same call from "Julie Smith" at 202 506 9983. I presses 2 thinking I was saving a voice mail and heard a message about "continuing.." I then realized that it was not the IRS. ON reverse phone look up the number belongs to Ymax Oration Landline in Beltsville, MD. I called back and got a person with a heavy accent. I said I had just gotten a call and wanted to know if this was the US Government IRS. He did't answer me and said that the call was for and he named my husband. I asked what was it all about, asked again if it was the US IRS and then said I was on a no call list. He hung up. I called back and now get an answering machine instructing me to leave a message. I am delighted to hear that as a police officer you will be able to do something to disrupt and stop this scamming.

I just also rec'd a call from this Julie Smith. I was urged to call back - time sensitive - to avoid legal action. I can't believe that this is still happening - with NO change in phone # even. Sure hope they get these people.

I too received a call from a so called Mrs. Turner (Robo-voice) from (202) 506-9720, since I did not recognize the phone number, I did not answer, however they did leave a message. Same message, time sensitive - to avoid legal action.
I Goggled the number and sure enough, the scam is to believe to originate from Pakistan or India.
Someone or an agency needs to step in and close these B??????'s down.

I have received two 'robo' messages from number 202.239.1424 from a foreing-sounding Officer Wyck or Wyett, cannot make out the name. The first one was on Sept. 19, 2014 and then on Sept. 20, 2014. The messages state that 'my physical location has been targeted for criminal investigation by the IRS and that a warrant for my arrest has been issued. It is imperative I call him right away in order to find out why I am being contacted by the IRS." I did call and got a recording stating the officer's name, left a message stating that if the call is from the IRS, I have not received an official communication by mail. I did a telephone reverse lookup and the number (202) 239-1424 belongs to Ymax Oration Landline in Washington, DC. While it is not a pleasure receiving such bogus calls, it is a relief to find out I am not alone.

Julie Smith called me this morning. A robo call like yours. If there is something I can do to help stop them from doing this to others, let me know. I work hard and pay my taxes. I would hate to have fallen for this or see someone else get hurt by it. This is a ruthless way to prey on a persons financial fears. To verify, I google searched the name and irs. That search brought me to this website and your forum entry. I hope your plan can give them a dose of their own medicine.

Just received creepy sounding message from Julie Smth. Same 202#. Such losers!

I got same call from Julie Smith @ 202-506-9705. Message she left sounded suspicious anyway. I'm not a cop but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night...

I got a robo call from Julie Smith too. The new phone number that was used was 415.506.2392.

yet another one from MA this time Julie Smith 202-506-8682 said do not ignore this call the IRS will take legal "allegation" against you. That's when I knew.. legal allegation.. hello???

The same wording tipped me off too. I did take the phone number with me to work and called it from there and of course someone with an Indian accent answered. I am pretty sure the US Government hasn't started to outsource the IRS to India .... at least I hope not! Phone number used was 202-506-9962, robotic message said her name was June Smith, maybe was Julie.

Got a call from the same number today. Julie Smith.


Got two calls and voicemail from "Julie Smith" today

I got two robocalls today a half hour apart from Officer Julie Smith of the IRS - phone number 415-251-5800

Got 4 messages from a Sean Mack spoofed #'s
They don't use your name in the messages. I am tempted to answer and just mess with these people, this is a crime! Come on FBI!

I don't answer my home phone & only check messages once a week or so. I too got Julie Smith. I thought it was very odd. I googled IRS agent Julie Smith & came up with several scam websites.

Same name and phone number. Can't someone stop this person? There are vulnerable people out there who will be scared and fooled.

got 2 calls from "Julie Smith" yesterday and today, she left voice mails saying "time sensitive" asking to call back to "prevent legal action" by the IRS, the number used was 202 506 9835

Hi Tryshf
i got the same Julie Smith, and the number is 202-506-9750. She did say "don't disregard this message and return my call before we take legal ALLEGATION against you". That made me laugh because i have a law degree. Even so, i still wanted to make sure, so i googled the number, and sure enough..... it is a scam. I do feel for those who actually fall for this kind of scam and lose sleep and money over it.

Yup, this Julie/June Smith sure gets around. 202-241-9750 and 202-241-0906. Guess she has multiple extensions at her office. Been calling me for weeks.

Got the same call form Juile Smith. ROBO called my grandfather. Knew it was a scam right away. May call them back to harass them.

I got one today. Claimed to be Officer Julia(e) Smith of the IRS. Came from number 202-506-9775. Sounded like a scam to me right away. It was a recording as well.

I also came home to a voice mail message from "Julie Smith" from the IRS (415)251-9782, but the caller ID said it was Susan Mead. It was a recording threatening me to "not ignore the message" or further action would be taken against me.

I received automated voice mails from (415) 823-9230 instructing me to call "Julie" (415) 829-9230 regarding an IRS investigation. "Officer James" answered and told me I had outstanding taxes from the past few years and that a warrant would be issued for my arrest 30 minutes after the end of this call. I was told to contact "Michelle" at another number (415-251-xxxx) to see if I could pay my outstanding dues and avoid arrest. Michelle told me to stay on the line and withdraw $5684.80 in cash and let her know once I've brought it to a nearby grocery store where money could be transferred. I called the police to ask what to do and they told me it was a scam.

Call from Officer John Pauper (ironic) from the Text Crime Investigation Dept. of IRS stating that the IRS has issued a warrant for my arrest at this physical address. It is under criminal investigation. To get detailed information about this case, I am to call back to his department at 202-241-1042. Vital I call back today!

If you get a call with this kind of script - IGNORE IT!!!!!! They're just a bunch of dumb scam artists.

I also received a message on my home phone stating she was Julie Smith. She said she was with the IRS & that it was very important I contact her immediately at 202-506-9903. I called the number back & after 8 rings a recording came on saying "You have reached the office of Richard Huffman & to leave a message with my information". I didn't & won't, as I know now this is a scam. My suspicion was up due to the fact our social security #'s were stolen while filing our taxes. The worse part of this was all the problems we suffered with financial aid for our 2 college students.

Got multiple calls from this same number (415) 829 9230 stating they are IRS and agent Julie Smith. Get my blood boiling for a second before finding info here about IRS scam

I got the same voice message from this number "Julie Smith"

We received the exact same message with same names and phone number.


We received the same message from the same person. It's awful what people are doing. But forewarned to forearmed. This is their first attempt. Now I know this message is linked to Susan Mead and it looks like there is more that one number attached to this person. If an actual person calls I will have to share my thoughts about what they are attempting to do to everyone else who are working hard and paying their taxes. Looks like you are not by yourself. Thanks for posting.

I've gotten four calls in the past two days from two different numbers: (202)506-9750 and (202)864-1327. Apparently they've realized that Julia Smith has had enough of a run in Massachusetts and are now using the name June Smith.

Add 202-506-9761.The guy is persistent. I can't make out his name clearly as everything is rushed except ID and call back immediately. I hope something is done about this foolishness.

I received a call from this same number 202-206-9962 on August 6. Good thing before I even called back I checked online for scams!

I forgot to add the call from this number was also from office Julie Smith with a computer generated voice as opposed to a real human voice. Interesting that "officer Julie Smith" is using so many phone numbers. This scam must be really working for them!

I got a similar call form 202-506-9962 today. When I called back, he refused to identify himself to me until I first provided him my name and cell number. That was a pretty big giveaway.

Thanks skierguy, I just received an automated voice from that exact number. This relieves us considerably.

I got a call from the same number - I called back and the voice said to leave a message. NOT - thank you for listing this number!

Most people who owe the IRS these days don't give a s&*(. The IRS has their hands full of the Lois Lerner Tea Party scandal, and the Treasury Depts is not following up on any of the identity theft complaints. We've filed three times to the Treasury Dept and haven't gotten an email confirmation or telephone confirmation regarding since that time. The Federal gov't can't even track down all the illegals that walked away with those Obamacare subsidies that weren't supposed to get a subsidy. Those people are long gone, probably in Mexico or Canada by now.

I received three of these robo calls today starting a 6:45AM...they left messages on my machine they were criminal investigation for IRS. Urgent and to call them at 202-803-5028. Very annoying!

Haha - I kind of like playing with these idiots. I got Hugh Johnson from 202-506-8119. I did a reverse search on the phone number and it comes back with a company called YMAX Communications. Google that name and find your scams! He hung up on me 4 times. Gave me the wrong phone number for the true IRS. Duh

I received the same call form the same number today. My experience was the same as everyone else. I got scared and upset about it but was smart enough not to fall for it. They tried to get me to pay $7,980 - big shark appetite. So many people get affected and distracted by this type of harassment. Why isn't any legal action take place to catch these culprits

I got a call from 202-769-7777. Is this a scam number that called? I called back and it said that its not a working number and to check the number and dial again? Can soneone tell me if its a scam?

i got a number that says 202-239-7034. it was from a indian guy saying they are threatening me. i type that number in and it comes up ymax communication. scammers beware please.

got a msg on answering machine today from an indian guy, claims he was from IRS and would have the IRS threaten me if I didn't resolve $$ discrepancies from 2008-2012. Number was 202-239-0537..knew it was a scam right away but checked number, originated from ymax communications. What a scam, do these people think we're idiots???

My youngest daughter got a call today from a 202 # they said she owed from 09-2013 and that a warrant would be put out for her arrest, she called me and was so upset, these people need to be stopped. I knew right away this was a scam but the damages to my daughter were done already on her nerves and mental stress.

Try complaining to the ftc, then filing police report.
the police should have tried to help you.
also get callers email and send virus.

Holy s**t! The police should be interested in following up on that. That is horrible!

Isn't impersonating an IRS agent and scamming a crime? I keep reporting these numbers, but wonder if it is doing any good.

Me too!! Spinless pieces of !#$%

I also got a call from the number 202-506-9759 saying that it is a call from IRS and call back.

I received two calls from 202-241-2071,
same guy left the same 2 threatening message claiming he is from the IRS, etc.
I am the type, if I do not know who is calling, I do not answer the call, and simply listen to the message, then decide
It is just a scam
I remember receiving similar message back in March when it was IRS filing time.
Just ignore it

Got a call from 202-506-9983 office of Julie Smith from IRS. I KNOW this is a scam. Just want to warn everyone else too.

I got today August 13 the scam call from the same nr 202-506-9983 (Julie Smith claiming she is an IRS employee). It seems from the prior comments that most of the calls originate from 202 area code. It would be great if people will report all these calls for FTC to help catch the crooks!!

I received the call from Julie Smith today from 202-506-9983.

I have now had two clients that this happened to. The second one today. The call was from "Julie Smith" 202-506-9983. She claimed that they were putting a warrant out for his arrest for tax fraud and the sheriff will be there today to arrest him. I hope they catch these people!! We are located in Oregon.

We received a call from 202-506-9983 @ 3:34 in the afternoon today. I was in the other room when my husband went through voice mails but heard a woman's voice and something fishy about a serious matter. He deleted it before I had a chance to hear the whole message. Probably the same "Julie Smith"

Recently, there was another similar message that said something to the effect of our house being under surveillance.

How do the people making these calls sleep at night?

They just call from this number and made a threat of sending my father to jail for tax fraud.
I hate when they pray on the elderly. The name of the supposed officer was Steve Clark.

The moment I got this message from Julie Smith 202-506-9759 threatening for legal allegation. I went to google and searched the number. I got the info here.
Thank you for posting this info. I won't call SCAMERS.

I just received a call from the same number this afternoon. Stating from a machine not to disregard this message that my account needs to be taken care of or they will take legal action against me. I have not called the number back yet. The machine's voice is not clear and I did not hear a business name or a person's name. The machine speaks with a loud unclear voice.

I received two telephone calls from some one saying he was from the IRS Tax and Audit Department. Stating I that if I didn't return his call, I will be in trouble with the IRS and to call him immediately. He gave me two telephone numbers of 1-703-828-0433 and 1-703-828-0419. I did not return any of his calls.

Also today March 26, 2015 I received another call from a person named Dennis Quaid telephone number 1-386-338-0464. He stated that he was from the US Treasury Department and I should return his to avoid an I encroachment Action. I did not return any of his calls today.

I hope you can find these scam artist soon.

I got a call today from Brandon Brown, must be Kevin's cousin.214-628-5348.

I have received a call from this number, he was introduced himself as Brown and saying that some criminal case has filled on us which is criminal case for some miss tax returns calculation. But I was immediately consulted my lawyer, he said that call was some fake call, please don't provide any information.

I got a call from Officer Kevin Brown today stating he is with the fraud department of the IRS. He was of middle eastern accent and I could barely understand him. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he hung up. Ive tried calling the number several times and keeps hanging up on me. Is there anything that can be done about this.

I knew a person received a call from Kevin Brown....so called IRS person, wanted him to send some monies or he'll go to jail. I to him instantly SCAMMER! So people be aware. Don't fall for these idiots.

Got call from same number yesterday asking for 2500$ to settle.be aware.they yell when you say don't pay

It is big fraud should be caught these crooks

I received a call from the same number yesterday. The recording said that the IRS Officer's name was Heather. Little do they know that I have enough common sense to know that if I really owed the IRS I wouldn't have received a refund when I filed my taxes a month ago. Stupid...get a job, because I work too hard for my money to just give it away.

I just got a call from Office Heather Gray with a 415 area code. It was automated message saying to call back and not to ignore the message. I was worried because I'm self-employed and filed an extension which I haven't completed yet. Called back and the VM was full. I figured it was a scam since I've received similar calls in the past.

Received a recorded call from Officer Heather Gray as well this morning. Call back number was 202.506.8738. Figured that I should check online to confirm my suspicions and I'm glad I did. And yes, these scammers should be caught!

I got one from Heather this morning from the same number. Busy girl, she is.

Got the same message from Officer Heather Gray (supposedly) two days in a row. I'm in Massachusetts. Same phone number.

I got a fake IRS call from 202-506-8649 Friday 7/25/14

my boss got the same call from the same number the same day, but i had enough sense to call the IRS and alert them of it!!! i guess they were busy calling all day that day!

I received two voicemails this week from Officer Heather Gray with a call back number 202-506-9967.

You can file a formal complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Yes .. this "officer" Heather Gray is going around in Tucson, Arizona with identical message as yours. It sounded "robotic" .. definitely not a real human voice .. the call was dated on June 11 and the number she wanted me to call back was 415-251-9738. I think 415 is the Bay Area California zip. Tucson has a big senior population and I thin that's why the scammer targeted this area. Can FTC trace this number to arrest these bastards?

Got the same voicemail from Heather Gray this afternoon from Novato, CA, #415-251-1037, and I live in NV.. It's great to know we are all concerned individuals posting so others can be forewarned.

Same exact voicemail and name. I'm in Ohio. Confirmed this is a scam. Do not call the number back, answer any questions or pay anything!!!

got call from heather gray today, charlotte nc are recorded message. not calling back thanks for heads up

Thank you for all the posting one thing about the internet is we can find out that there are scumbags out there ... my heart was beating so fast when I heard the message from Heather Gray... again thank you all for posting ..... we need to ban together and get these scumbags arrested.. unfortunately there are senior citizens etc that do not use the technology we do.

Thanks to everyone for posting this warning. Agent Heather Gray left a message on our machine today. It makes me wonder: how can these scammers afford all of these different phone numbers?

They fake the caller ID information that you see on your phone. That's called caller ID spoofing — and new technology makes it very easy to do. Read more about robocalls in this article.

Same message this morning.202 506 8657...Knew it was a scam since IRS DOES NOT call. They will hound with mail, but, never call.

I received a VM called the number 415-251-9738 it was answered by someone with an accent Named Officer Matthews with the IRS Investigation Division. I asked for his badge number and what this was about. He told me I had received a letter dated June 2 and had not responded and that the payment agreement I had with the IRS had be revoked and that on Monday morning I would be arrested for Tax Evasion that a warrant was issued for my arrest. He had my mailing address and then when I was like I did not receive any notice, he hung up on me. I called back and he answered again and I played dumb and said we were disconnected he told me that no he hung up on me as he had no further information for me and that I needed an attorney and that the attorney could call back. I was like well this has been handled by the Oak Brook Illinois office and then he got even more rude and told me that when I was arrested on Monday they would have all the documentation to explain it all, but that their have been changes to the recent IRS collection agreements "dont you watch TV or read the news"?

Got robocall from 202-506-9812 this morning, saying it was Heather Gray with the IRS, and I needed to call her back immediately at this number. Since I have been on Social Security for several years, and have not been required to file a tax return, I was suspicious. I researched on the internet, and found this. Has anyone reported her to the IRS or any other government authority?

This message appeared as a visual voice message today: "Time sensitive. My officer Heather Grey from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 2025069860. I repeat it's 2025069860. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care." "Officer Heather Grey" is at it again! Thanks for all the comments here from others as warning.

Same exact name and message received today 7/11/14. incoming number was 2025068650 from heather gray. Why can't these scam artists be found and jailed! Unbelievable. She would have been more believable if she said her name was Lois Lerner. Thank goodness for the internet and public blogs.


Let the answering machine get that call, same guy you described; he said his name was Shawn Stifford and there was a "legal petition notice" concerning a tax fraud and that I needed to call back or have my attorney call back before this goes to court. Called ID read: 1-888-325-0960.

Hahaha I think I got the same guy
He said his name was jack Johnson and I told him he surely doesn't sound like Jack Johnson. Lol

Yes, he said the exact same thing to me. It shook me up. He got my last 4 digits, but I was told he can't do anything with them, to be safe, I alerted all my account info. Same thing, heavy accented Indian man, who told me the exact same thing. I asked for a manager and the SAME moron got on the phone. I called the police right away.

I just received the very same call and this David Brown told me the same exact thing and when my husband and I started to question him he hung up on us.

I got one one too, using the same taped message....Get a real losers!

So glad I found this! Just listened to an identical voicemail as transcribed above from "Officer Heather Gray" of the IRS threatening "legal allegation" against me if I don't return her call! Scared me for a split second, glad to know for sure it's a scam! The number that called me was 415-251-8730

Also got the same automated call from Officer Heather Grey. Phone number this time (202) 506-9906.

Let's keep posting, so Google picks up all the fake numbers and names!!! Plus, it gives a reference to the timeline and other victims can figure how current these scams are.

We also got the same phone call today 7/28/14 claiming to be from IRS and call back number IRS hot line 202 609 7006.Called our tax preparer and adviced us to ignore it.. it's a scam. My husband felt nervous about it for split seconds but then as they go along with the conversation and started threathening him,he will be arrested by the local police as soon as they hung up the phone.

Nearly identical message from a robotic female voice message of "officer Heather Grey" received in PA, including the words "legal allegation", but with a 415-251-8730 return number. Twice, on 7/10/14, I had this same call! 1 @ 4:07 and 1 at 6:21 (voicemail time stamp). Likely called my 2 different telephone lines.

It sounded like a hoax, but, I did initially try and return the call, which rang with no answer, then found this site.

In a culture of abuse and corruption, how could we get these scam artists to focus their talent on honest work?

Just got a call saying "the IRS is suing you. We've been trying to reach you. Call back right away at (something like) (272)-864-1166 I couldn't find a pen to recall correctly. Seems they may be learning, because NO name was given, the recording sounded more "pro," though I knew the IRS doesn't call like that. Finally, this call was from "private number," so we can't trace it back! This really BUGs me, as people still fall for it. The complaints are made to an IRS fraud site, and the scams can be very convincing. I want as much info as possible to file. Anyone else get the same?

Same exact thing happened to me. They called and claimed the IRS is suing me and provided a case number. Couldn't get to write the case number since they were pretty fast. I checked with local IRS office and they confirmed I don't own any money to the IRS. The number they called from was 217 398 9755. I'm going to report it.

"...take any legal allegation" doesn't even make sense.
She called me numerous times on 7/8 (202-506-8649), and started up again today(202-506-9679).

Yes, Heather Gray is a very busy girl. When I listened to her message it scared me a little bit, but since I don't owe the IRS any money I figured it was a scam. Sickening, how they can't seem to find a real job and make their own money. Thank goodness I found this site. I didn't think the IRS would call and leave a message.

Got a call from 202-751-2556

Got a call from 202) 506-8418,very similar number to the others. Got voicemail from Jessica Leubin, making claims theres a lawsuit filed against me blah blah blah.

He asks, "do you remember the student loans you took out?" im like, "which ones what year?" he said 2010-2013? I didnt even take out loans during those times. He says DONT call the IRS you'll just be wasting your time. His name is Jesse James. Anyone else get calls from him? GRR!!!

Got a call claiming a lawsuit as well. Keep getting different people calling w this message including a robocall

Got a call from 202-506-9746 . . . Ms Gray is busy in Michigan as well. Have received that same call before and just ignored it . . . .

came home from vaca to have 2 messages on my vm from officer Heather Gray from 415-251-8730 to call back and not avoid her calls. Thanks for keeping me calm!

We are from NH and ""Received a call from female identifying herself as IRS Officer Hannah Gray stating this is time sensitive, with directions to call this hotline number and not "disregard" this message "before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care."""

CALLER ID: 1-415-251-9782

I just received the exact same message and completely panicked! THANK GOD for google!! I immediately flipped and called the number to get a NON-IRS recording.....I then thought wait a minute, the IRS usually sends mail and doesn't make phone calls. PHEW! Thanks for posting!

Yes, also there is NO SUCH THING as a "legal allegation". Lol! That's like saying a "legal illegal claim" - it cancels itself out. They either meant only allegation OR legal action, but since these scammers are from India, their English grammar is poor. Glad you figured it out in time.

Got an automated call from "officer heather gray" -- 202 506-9983 -- says Beltsville MD .. boy she gets around the country. Same day got a scam phone call from a "Mitchell Feld" 425 233-8747 -- this is Bellevue WA number. Scams all the way.

They just tried to scam us. It started with a message from a "Heather Gray", calling from (202) 506-9835. We were then given another phone number, (202) 506-8096, to call back, which we innocently did. We then talked to a man, and then later his "supervisor", "Anna Jones". (Everyone we talked to had an Indian or Pakistani accent, and wouldn't likely have names like Jones and Gray.) Said we owed $6,874 and insisted that we stay on the line, go to Safeway, get a payment voucher, and give them the payment voucher information, or my wife would be arrested. We contacted the IRS Local Taxpayer Advocate service and was told that this was a scam attempt, and that they heard of examples like this frequently. We then looked up both of these phone numbers and found the helpful comments cited, which we used to confront the scammer. (She got quite upset and threatening when we confronted her, claiming that all of the people who commented on this web site were behind bars.)

I received the same robotic SCAM message from IRS officer Heather Gray today 6/27/14 in Florida. FYI

My elderly parents received a call from an "Officer Scott Wilson" and his supervisor, "Officer Eric Foster" (both heavily laden with thick Indian Accents. They said to call 202-241-4054 immediately and pay $1795 in monies due to IRS today or Charlotte, NC Sheriff's Office would take them to jail. I called Clt Policy to double check and they confirmed this was a SCAM

We also received the robotic message from Officer Heather Gray to call "instantly" at 202-506-9108 "before we take any legal action against you".

Got same message from same number today.

We just got the call today from robot Agent Heather somthing from 202-506-9812 warning us not the ignore the call or they will take further "action against you". I hung up and tried to call the number but it just rings busy.

Got the robotic call from Heather Gray too, got suspicious, googled the name immediately. This is a scam! these people should be in jail. Leave the hard working citizens alone!


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