Fast-talk from Straight Talk and others about unlimited data

Unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 per month with no contract? That sounds like a great deal, but according to a recent FTC lawsuit, millions of people who bought unlimited mobile plans from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America didn’t get what they paid for. And now they may be eligible for refunds.

Here’s what the FTC’s complaint says: Despite ads that emphasized the promise of unlimited data, the company behind these brands — TracFone Wireless — set data limits that customers didn’t know about. When customers reached these limits, TracFone slowed their data speed or cut off their data service entirely. In some cases, TracFone terminated all services to the phone. And it didn’t take much to reach the data limit. TracFone Net10 Adgenerally slowed data service when a customer used one to three gigabytes, and suspended data service at four to five gigabytes.

Reduced data speeds meant users couldn’t run popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Skype. Even simple tasks — like checking email or visiting a web page — were often very slow.

Tracfone has agreed to settle FTC charges that its promises of “unlimited” data were misleading. If you had an unlimited plan from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, or Telcel America, you may be eligible for refund. Visit for details.

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I used to pay the $45.00 a month unlimited but did not need all that so I downgraded to $33.31 a month and I have had no problems as of yet ! Thank God !

How'd you get it to #33.31??? I want mine mine!

They only sell one phone the30 dollar plan works on...and it does even have internet. One more thing y are we washing our 3mgs on a website like this. Lol

I have had great service with straight talk I've never had slow service at all!! My data also never slowed down I was alway havering at least 896 kilo bits of upload speed and 20 meg of download!

Haha, a shill says what? What are they paying ya, bud? By the word or by the hour?

I used 17g of data before mine got slow. But when it got slow, it really got slow like almost non existant. I feel asleep with youtube videos playing.

You got it, this promoter is an Employee-I'm bogged allll of the time!!! Haven't used half, and I am getting warnings!any times the streaming stops- even with 3 more bars/4G showing!!! Not impressed! Why can't they offer 60.00 at what ever amount of usage????

I got to 2.2GB and my data speeds are so slow that I can't order an item from Ebay! My calls are getting sent straight to voicemail too. STRAIGHT TALK IS A JOKE!

Same here, after over a year of great service ST throttles me after using less than half my data limit. Did their new 10MB plan use up too much of the highway? I plan to drop ST, go to cheaper phone service & use cable internet again. For the money 40GB is hard to beat!

I just changed to net 10 already regrets!!4g dropped to 2. Signed up for auto pay! Which company should go with that stays in 4g as promised. help please


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