Fast-talk from Straight Talk and others about unlimited data

Unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 per month with no contract? That sounds like a great deal, but according to a recent FTC lawsuit, millions of people who bought unlimited mobile plans from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America didn’t get what they paid for. And now they may be eligible for refunds.

Here’s what the FTC’s complaint says: Despite ads that emphasized the promise of unlimited data, the company behind these brands — TracFone Wireless — set data limits that customers didn’t know about. When customers reached these limits, TracFone slowed their data speed or cut off their data service entirely. In some cases, TracFone terminated all services to the phone. And it didn’t take much to reach the data limit. TracFone Net10 Adgenerally slowed data service when a customer used one to three gigabytes, and suspended data service at four to five gigabytes.

Reduced data speeds meant users couldn’t run popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Skype. Even simple tasks — like checking email or visiting a web page — were often very slow.

Tracfone has agreed to settle FTC charges that its promises of “unlimited” data were misleading. If you had an unlimited plan from Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, or Telcel America, you may be eligible for refund. Visit for details.

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I used to pay the $45.00 a month unlimited but did not need all that so I downgraded to $33.31 a month and I have had no problems as of yet ! Thank God !

How'd you get it to #33.31??? I want mine mine!

They only sell one phone the30 dollar plan works on...and it does even have internet. One more thing y are we washing our 3mgs on a website like this. Lol

I have had great service with straight talk I've never had slow service at all!! My data also never slowed down I was alway havering at least 896 kilo bits of upload speed and 20 meg of download!

Haha, a shill says what? What are they paying ya, bud? By the word or by the hour?

I used 17g of data before mine got slow. But when it got slow, it really got slow like almost non existant. I feel asleep with youtube videos playing.

You got it, this promoter is an Employee-I'm bogged allll of the time!!! Haven't used half, and I am getting warnings!any times the streaming stops- even with 3 more bars/4G showing!!! Not impressed! Why can't they offer 60.00 at what ever amount of usage????

I got to 2.2GB and my data speeds are so slow that I can't order an item from Ebay! My calls are getting sent straight to voicemail too. STRAIGHT TALK IS A JOKE!

Same here, after over a year of great service ST throttles me after using less than half my data limit. Did their new 10MB plan use up too much of the highway? I plan to drop ST, go to cheaper phone service & use cable internet again. For the money 40GB is hard to beat!

I just changed to net 10 already regrets!!4g dropped to 2. Signed up for auto pay! Which company should go with that stays in 4g as promised. help please

Their 10gbs is a joke. Two weeks after i bought the plan they were sending me messages that i had to renew my service in a wk. Then the 3 day warning came to me. I hadnt even used 5 gbs by that point.

I literally just used up my 5GBS tonight and my data symbol on my S7 went away. I don't have wifi so I couldn't activate my reserve card. I restarted my phone and I have the LTE symbol again and things are loading normally. My straightalk app says I have 0 mbs left of data. Should it say 2G instead? This is my first month of using Straighttalk though.

I'm with StraightTalk and the so-called 2G throttle speed is a STRAIGHT lie. It is taking 10 minutes or more to pull up webpages. I do not stream videos and hardly ever go to Facebook. I've never gotten anywhere near 5 gigs of data usage, much less go over it a week before my plan ends. They state that anything over the first 5G of usage will be throttled to 2G speed. Can someone look into their throttle speeds? Where do I complain?

If you think a product isn't living up to its advertising, you can file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the database.

Bridgette I was given a claim number and don't know if I missed my check. During the time the checks went out I had found out I had cancer so in was not keeping up with the lawsuit. Between surgery & treatments my mail was thrown away in bulk because it had built up so much. Can you help me or tell me who can.... Sincerely BDV.

BDV, I’m responding on behalf of Bridget. I hope you’re doing better.
Yes, refund checks were mailed to eligible consumers starting on March 22, 2016 through March 29, 2016. At this point, it’s best you contact the FTC redress contractor, Analytics Consulting, LLC directly at 1-855-312-3327.

I have the unlimited plan for straight talk and can even check my dam email for my business I have lost jobs because of them.

I recieved a check last month from this lawsuit for $15.00. I've had ST for over 5 years and at first it was awesome. But as time went by it was worse every month. I started restricting background data to save my data every month. Now, as of June 2016 my data is slowed down to nothing almost with a week and half to go. I feel they are retalionating because I cashed that check. I called and got someone who obvisouly is from another country who I couldnt even understand. No help there. I feel as though Im being ripped off again, and they arent providing what they say. Unlimited.

Unlimited should mean UNLIMITED!! Enough said. False advertising

Before the factory restore I was compatible how is that posable

I have had straighttalk for 5 yrs now and I just bought a new expensive phone and I completely regret it! 2g? Seriously? I can't do anything and I pay $45 unlimited on the first every single month and I wish I hadn't bought the phone and switched companies like my daughter said I should! I'm extremely disappointed with straighttalk and might as well toss the phone in the garbage and never ever go back to straighttalk! I will never recommend straighttalk to anyone again and trust me I talked many into going with it and I regret that even more! You have become frauds to us long-term customers!

im tired they are rip off my phone cos me over 129 99 each ever 4or so month they crash they wont replace last 5 months but more then 1 45 card as they saying im using it all up last month said use 5 gb in 10 day never was able to use my date i was told at least u can tlk on it then phone heat up shuts off can tlk right on the phone what a nite mare then wants give refurbish phone where someone else already had a headache with it i bought not refurbushish phone i shouldnt get one back this unfair

My calls always get sent straight to voicemail and doesn't even show me I have a call. And my internet is always slow when I reach a certain limit I get a text saying I'm over my date? How when I have unlimited?

What areas do you guys live in?? In a lot of areas the data goes super fast , so if you are streaming anything it goes twice as fast. My area I have not had any problems I have the $60.19 plan with 10gb. It has been wonderful really has. There is a trick to saving your data. I watch shows on my phone almost everyday and am able to watch 5 whole seasons of tv shows a month and facebooking and web surfing plus games and everything else on my iPhone 6s Plus. When you are done using anything on your phone if you have the option in you settings turn it off all of your apps on your phone. When you want to use one turn only that one on and shut off when your done. Also turn off your data so it absolutely cannot use anything until you turn it on again. This helps tremendously with data saving. Turn off background app refresh if you have that option for everything. Yes I know this is highly inconvenient but every single company does this no matter what plan you have and yes even if it is "UNLIMITED". It's in the fine print. When you go over a certain amount of data they slow it down to 3G or 2G. For straight talk they have a pamphlet that actually says they can terminate your services at any time for using to much data on certain things. Yes it it true promise I always read the fine print. If anyone needs any help just let me know.

Yeah, Kristen.I don't know if this is regional or what. I'm in Florida and have had my Verizon Galaxy Note 4 running off ST 10 gigs a month since they started it. I've got everything I was promised without problem. I set my limit warning and it works and ST texts me when I'm close also. And yes I do turn my data off when I'm not done, huge difference. Also, I wonder if different phone make a difference.

I was never informed of this lawsuit and have been with straight talk. I have complained about service in past. I had to call today to trouble shoot this same issue that occurs from day 1 of service monthly. They said I've used 8.8GB so far this m9nth and I have 2 days left. I told them that must be total data including wifi. They deny and clam it is h8gh speed total, and if I want them to check my straight talk ph9ne antenna reception, I must buy more data 9r renew early. I'm tired of this, I also informed them that my data can't connect to server during daylight hours and asked 8f their provider of signal throttles straight talk down during heavy use. Again they encourage me 5o buy more data to check. So no refund and no justice.

I had net10 bought the 4o.00 plan lasted one week.couple . was bought at family dollar for ten dollars . well was at my mom the phone started reading discharging and was very hot. I just put 40.00 plan on that phone of course they said they couldnt return the money or tranfer I went to straighttalk no better there internet last a week to. it is so wrong how there doing us. it s aids unlimited not one week false advertisement and this 10mg. is for the birds they should just say one week.I'm so upset ,angry and hurt cause i trusted straighttalk not to lie to me.just showing the American people that they can't be trusted which gives Wal-Mart a bad name . for the first time in five years I shopped Kmart cause i was mad about straighttalk and Wal-Mart lying.

Straight talk should have been required to inform their users of this. I found out too late to act. And now they cut people's data FAR short of 3gb! I monitor my usage carefully, I've used >250mb all month, and just got a text saying my 'high speed' was used up despite this, and my data was disabled all day leading up to this! Wow!

I just got this phone a week ago and received the message today. My phone has been working really slow and its practically useless.

That's right! My daughter has had Straight Talk since 4/7/2014 and has had nothing but problems with her phone since they changed the data plan, and didn't even have enough respect to let her know, after we spent $150.00 on a new phone for her! As soon as we can afford it, we are getting her another phone and service and never going back to straight Talk! they are the worse cell phone provider ever! Thank God I have Verizon! And mine's only $30 a month! We can't afford to get another plan or service yet. For now, we are going to file a complaint against them to BBB! I hope that helps!

Straight talk is deceitful. Because I called and said to them my Internet is going very slow. It's taking forever. He your near your limit. Then I said aren't you in the middle of a law suit for slowing speed. He said actually your over. When I hung up I was immediately denied any access to Internet with a box coming up saying your phone is not connected to Internet. I called back he said oh we cut your Internet off because your over on GB. I said you can't do that maybe I should have went in on the lawsuit. One month I let it run out and they renewed by data before I added a card on. I said why did my data start over before I added the card. My Internet started going faster after being slowed for a few days. This month I didn't use 5GB and they slowed me a week before my renew date. I believe that they started me at less that 5GB because I compained. Then he said we cut your Internet off even though I had 5 days left. Told them I will be leaving them.

That's just what they wanted to hear. Really. They ID users they deem "problem users." Fact. I just reupped for 6 mo, 5 weeks ago. First mo was great. According to my galaxy s4 built in data usage monitor, I used 6.5 GB, it was throttled at 5GB, as advertised. 2nd month, 6 days in they throttled me to less than 10kb/s! Now I'm just 2 weeks into my 2nd mo. and my phone has me measured at less than 1GB usage for the mo. but my phone is still throttled @ less than 10kb/s! You could fry eggs on my head. There is no way that anyone uses 5GB reading google news, facebook, and email. Even if one did it all day long. I can watch one youtube, 100MB in size and my phone says I've used 300MB. If you tried to watch a netflix movie w/5GB plan w/them you wouldn't get half way thru it. After this one week in I can't even make or recieve a phone call! But I have 4 mos. left on my card, and they know it. They would be delighted if I went somewhere else even if I waited till my six mo. was up! I am a problem user according to them. Because I take full advantage of what they claim to be selling. My phone is rooted (admin rights), of course they know that and really, really don't like it. Because I can get get apps that have been shut down by Google Play Store. Like Adblock Plus, removes all ads. LTE Discovery which keep me on 4G LTE. Greenify, hibernates hidden apps that consume bandwidth like crazy. Selling data about everything you do on your cell phone.I even have my own bandwidth monitor. And guess what? When my screen locks my phone uses 1.5MB/s upload/download combined! Consistently. What does that tell u? You know what the different is between that and 10kb???
All cell carriers do this but particularly the budget companies who have to lease use of biggies cell towers. Their customers come first. None of them are worried about class action lawsuits. They are all prepared for that. Believe me. They've already saved up for it. You might get $20 over 2 yr contract or no with every/any one of them if your lucky. Which wouldn't even pay me for the trouble of writing this note. The feds (ftc), law firms, and providers all know it. They feed on the rube peeon, laughing all the way to the bank. The government for the people by the people. Sad it is.

How you get it 33.81 per months. Straight talk prepaid was 45.00 for unlimited but issue not 4lte. It was 3g was bit slow. But you said downgrade to 33.81 not bad deal. But how I get it? I'm deaf.

My husband and I both bought the 45$ unlimited cards. Less that two weeks later it has slowed to a crawl. Takes 20 min or longer to update anything. Trying to search the web, or email or even Facebook is pretty much a no!took me 15 minutes to be able to reply. Thinking of going else where. Never had this problem till Trac phone, and other companies merged with straight talk and screwed it all up.

Not a happy customer!

They cut off my text and data :(

Can someone explain to me how I'm using half my data for uninstalling apps

If you read the fine print, it did explain the data slow-downs, etc., but of course the sellers rely on the persuasiveness of their advertising and the fact that most people don't read the fine print or if they do, they can't understand it. Only reason I could is that I'm a lawyer who deals with this kind of stuff regularly. The averger person doesn't stand a chance with this kind of "disclosure."

It didn't always say that they would lower the speed. When they first came out, they claimed unlimited. It's only recently that they started disclosing that. Even now, they say "unlimited" but they do flash the disclaimer

Incorrect. I've had straight talk for 4 years and the cards and website always said high speed till xgigs then low speed for rest of cycle. In addition they also warned that unusually high or u authorizes use of data could result in termination of service.

Excuse me, I've had Straight Talk for 7 years and no there was no a disclaimer until this year. Besides, why slow down speeds if it makes customers so upset, or at least provide an option where we can add more internet data separately from phone plans like add ons. What's wrong with makingcustomers happy especially if a solution can be resolved.

Ive used almost 10 gigs in about 2 weeks with no slow down yet...I hope it keeps going.

I read it so I knew even before I bought my is a pain when it slows down but still worth it vs $100+ for Verizon contract.

I read the fine print and no where in it did it say anything about the BS they pulled on me which was not un throttling the speeds during new months start date, and then cancelling account without refund which was prepaid for 2 more months

Its not the fine print thats the problem , its pulling alot of bs scam and fraud that wasnt in writing anywhere thats why their lawyers lost the case to the tune of $40 million dollars.

I would be okay with the slowdown if it was, indeed, 64 kilobits per second. But what I have experienced today was from 4.5 to 7.8 kilobits per second. That is ridiculous.

I used net 10 prepaid mobile 2 times my data was cut off 2 days later & the man say I needed more pay to have more data I just kept talk & text then let my cell with net 10 go but of course I didn't fall for the extra pay.

Yes, I've saved text messages every month where Straight Talk slows my unlimited service like a snail. False advertisements.

From the start of using Straight talk it's been a major problem with services. Calls would drop unexpectedly, In sending texts the only thing the recipient was receiving were a bunch of gobbledygook! It was showing up for them 1's and 0's!!! Ended up having to purchase 3 separate Straight-talk phones from Walmart! Via; there suggestions. I am definitely a good candidate for a refund as far as I can see. Thank you to listening!

Virgin Mobile USA does this also. Please investigate. Thank you.

Would like to be apart of this claim or lawsuit against straight talk

no wonder it got so slow ,and i couldn't view web sites or some items on the web site,just the border of the page ,and couldnt interact with them ,ive been using them ,for 2,or three years now,and recently i bought the 60.00,international unlimited plan ,and i couldn't even make one call,how do i get my money back i buy that unlimited plan every other payday my name is steven

Yes I wouls

Sadly this is the ignorance of the consumer. All wireless carries have a similar policy. If you will be a heavy user with data consumption of > 3 GBytes your speeds will be slowed so that those of us who want to get our email, can. All to often people don't think about the volume being consumed by showing off their new phone by streaming a 1080P video from Netflix.

It's unfair to single these guys out when they are providing a huge reduction in cost from the ATT and Verizon types. This action won't help the consumer at all. The consumer will make the same mistake regardless of carrier and list of paper they sign warning them of this.

Oh by the way I am a Straight Talk user and in the first month I was throttled because I used > 3 GBytes due my own stupidity. I made adjustments on my phone and now I routinely use < 1.8 GBytes per month.

I'm a consumer and I read the fine print; however i did not receive any data...Most carriers will slow the speed down after 3gb. I paid for 3gb and I got 0gb.. Consumers are not ignorant, we just want what we paid for. I had t-mobile for 10 years and I did not have an issue with data...

I agree I want what i payed for to i payed for my unlimited service like i do every month and about 2 months ago i brought a unlimited card put it on my phone I have Straight talk and my data wasn't working at all i called and spoke to somebody and then gave me a bogus number that nobody ever answered and they couldn't tell me what was wrong about 3 days later i had data and about 4 days after that they sent me a txt telling my data had been slowed and iam not a heavy data user it is false advertisement i think it's a beat

Also the "fine print" claims that your speeds be as low as 64kb a second when you go over but every time i have been throttled I have been cut down to 7kb a second, and on the statement that all wireless companys have a similar policy this statement is false most of the big company's do not have this they removed their unlimited plans because there was a lawsuit against them to that is why Verizon, sprint, and at@t do not offer the unlimited plan anymore

Iwireless is sprint isn't it, and I think they still have unlimited

Its 64 kbps which is equal to 8 KBS. Bytes and bits are two different measurements.

i dont use it up to 3g. it still is POOR service. data usage flag up ENTIRE month. no interuption w grooveshark. usually it is. HORRIBLE service.upgradn afta i get my money back not changn now, more documentation for 6/23/15):false advng

the slow data happens but why this matter

If this is true than credit it back to my phone. No application no contact that's why I choose this brand. Want a refund than fill out this application, tell us who you are. Really funny not falling for it.

A third-party settlement administrator is handling the refund process.  You can read more about the Straight Talk Refunds in this article.

I have some of my refill cards, & they do not specific reduction in service. The cards started stating that in my area by November 2014. I refilled my unlimited plan two days later they slowed my service down so much I couldn't load my email. When I call customer service they wanted additional money to restore my data speed. GIVE ME MY MONEY!

not only do the they have issues with sservice, straight talk also have secirity issues!!! How do they allow individuals to still your minutes?!?!?!

Multiple times i needed to buy extra cards to start up my plan again because of mislead charges and the irresponsible negligence of the company. Its not the tine you find a reasonable phone that has a competitive monthly price and good service. I really wasn't pleased with my accessibility with this service.

If you read all your pages it does say after using so much usage your data will slow down and if you go into your settings it shows you how data you have used so then you will know when it will be slowing down...they did not deceive anyone...I'm talking about straight talk only.

They added the disclaimer after the lawsuit (about Nov. 2014) on both straight Talk and Net10. Prior cards, and the books that came with the older phones do not have that in the fine print. I have been with Net10 4 years, and my brother and mother have used straight Talk for 3 years.

I am at 720mb and I cant even load facebook. check my setting and everything just so slow
Straight talk

it is true that they say that in the "terms and conditions" but they are lying about the speed for which they throttle you to.

I had my service completely shut off without warning. This was before the disclosures. When I called customer service they said I should have gotten a text message about using too much data, which I never got. Then when I went to go add another card, it wouldn't renew either. Switched carriers and am much better off. Yes it's a bit more expensive, but we get better service and if we go over our data, it slows down only marginally. Also, we can renew it at any time.

I bought a straight talk didn't know much about it now my high speed Internet has slowed down gave around 500 for it downloaded to much music I guess but I didn't know it would slow down don't know what to do now

Yes I would like to had known that I put a lot money into it because I was comeing back from Texas to mich ,it would of help me ,my daughter had a baby early and she was 16 oz at birth but today she great but to get back to this and at the same time my mom got bad ,so I was coming an go and I put more money into my phone so my could get me in case of anything ,but my mom past and I still have my phone but I've had two other numbers but I still have the phone and yes I would like to know how to go about this Thank u for your time

The reason why there is the big problem with the bandwith and usage is cellphones are not designed to handle or manage network traffic. The expa.sion of bandwith work with a modem without the modem the is no way to expand the vibration of for data and applacation without interference. Even with the more powerful devices it became a problenm because they were drawing thr resources fron other devices. Causing congestion and delays. With the moden it allows for ajustment for rendering and speed the 56k modem were already designed to handle prttey much all internet activities that was intendend to allow users to access information,receive e-mails,music,entertainment,games,and social media.the home PC allowed for storage of personal information and documents,files. They allow the individual users to control their internet experience. The only thing holding up the progress was denying people telephone services. They offerd no other way to make payments except check or credit card or directly. Even today the only way to pay for utilities are directly in the office or credit card their are people how just want to pay their bill's and not have to worry about not having their services disconnected. My srvices have been disconnected switch and still have not service excep $45.00 for internet with data cap for fast data. This is ridiculous. 3Computer countless phones and devices that use more data than an average user uses. Access to the internet is all that's needed the device you use to connect is what makes it all happen.onceyou are connected thats it their is no need to interfere with the flow or disrupt services. People the have the choice to seek find surf download upload create innovate and compete. The fabrication that advertising is how we are able to access services on the internet is absurd. Ever step of the way it was a steo by step invesment years of work and development to create what we already had access to an open a free internet. The notion of no exoectation of privacy also meant no expectation of security as well. Yet no one seemed to think that was a problem. It would make sense though to simply ignore obligation and respinsibilty for something that seemed more exciting or profitable. Howeve
However,at that moment it may have sounded like a hood deal. If it was it sure as heck was not inclusive for all Americans.

I have had straight talk for a little over two years. I do agree the consumer should have read the fine print. But I also believe that straight talk came across unfair by putting "unlimited" on the phone cards because they are most definitely not unlimited data. My fiance had a problem with his straight talk phone where he would run his time out and refill it, and it would take another week from that time to receive his data which is ridiculous. I have also encountered that problem a couple times but his does it almost every time. I'm all in on the lawsuit. I have paid too much money not to get what I was promised. '

I used straight talk in my big rig driving business. It had good coverage and I used a few app's to get load info. More than once I was forced to buy a new card when it showed I still had data left. This was inconvenient to say the least , but straight talk had it's pro's and con's. I do feel they were misleading in their definitely was not an unlimited plan !

my service varies as well. i agree with u the unlimited is a bold face lie. i just want to trust the service i agreed to. if they cant do it because of lack of hardware then they should not promise it.

I have straight talk and have for years. My data drastically slows after 7 days of adding a service card regardless of how much data I use. I keep my data turned off when I'm not using it to prevent this and hopefully extend the time for high speed data with no change, and I don't use my phone often for data anyway I have a tablet and a laptop that I use.

I have used StraightTalk. For over 5my yrs I have had to upgrade lost my number my husbands phone he had for 2 yrs took the 45. Or 35.00 plan stopped crashed I have fought with these people I thought it was just me thank goodness something is being done.

I get the whole 3GB throttling thing. It sucked but I understood and continued to be a customer. What I don't get is that now that they are advertising the limit, they are throttling me and many others at 2GB instead of 3GB. If they could just keep their word...

I say that it was cheap when compared to atnt and Verizon but then ur also buying the quality which is cheap so ya we lose phone calls and slow we didn't wanna pay the price for more lol...I didn't know for the longest time that there internet was not really unlimited and I thought it was just super slow haha..glad peoples getting back there money..

corporate america is nothing but crooks anyway these days just look at what volkswagon did with there emissions scam

I had a job where I was along in the woods and this was the main reason I got a phone so I could be safe , I worked where there was wild animals and also where ppl was coming from out of town to take a rest I was 8 mles from town and needed a way to et help if needed by internet or phone one day I came across a wild animal and was in a place where I had to stay put and I tried to get help thru a text ,,, set as a pre message and it was like a week of renewel the text never made it and thank god I was able to get away
now I have cancer and I use for help on maps to go to drs and it at times says no data here I am in a new town lost and in need of help

Hears my thing. I fully understand the data limit, and for me its no issue. What I do not understand is how they can claim the internet speed is "high speed". Even after buying a new plan, and updating my service..etc Doing a speed test, before I have even used any data, the speed tests at 0.09MBPS. That is not even double of dial up. Id like some clarification of just how "high speed" this "high speed" is suppose to be. Even after a fresh plan is bought, it is very difficult to watch any kind of video regardless of the source/site. Just simple things like getting on facebook or checking emails, takes a lot more time than it should. Meanwhile Ive watched at&t, verison and other carriers have users that are over there data limit, still have faster speeds than I do on a fresh plan with no data used. To me 0.09mbps is in NO WAY high speed.

Started with ST in 2009. Had data shut off, accounts cancelled, lost phone numbers, had phones which I bought and could not port elsewhere. My family of 6 plus extended family all got ST, and it was one huge headache. ST advertised unlimited data and voice and text.

Merely refunding some small settlement does not cover the countless hours trying to figure things out, and deal with the lies that ST employees were instructed to tell us. Even the "Straight Talk Forum" is full of lies and only really serves as a site to vet service problems to private mail, so that no one else knows any solutions.

Other problems with ST include the inability to get MMS to work correctly, the constant dropped calls, even though the signal was 4 or 5 bars. The lost and delayed SMS messaging helped me relearn unreliable communication.

Where are treble damages for the consumers who had to put up with this? Where is RICO?

I go through straight talk and my data always stops working after a couple weeks.

Actually I get no Internet unless I'm on someone's wifi

I see all this about AT&T, T-mobile, etc...but when are they going to open up a similar lawsuit against Sprint for the very same thing??

I always have issues with my phone. Dropped phone calls, texts won't send, slow loading pages, our pages won't load, my service would end before it was suppose to, texts come 2 days later won't let me download data and the list goes on. I call them and they always day my phone needs reformatted so here we go sure on the phone for 45 min to start all over. I did try the 30$ card but within 1 week I had no min left. It's a bunch of crap. Very digusted.

I signed up with Cricket, who has unlimited voice. I read the T&Cs prior to signing up.

Now I find out that I cannot make conference calls, call my bank's automated teller, sit on hold, or anything else which doesn't involve ONLY TWO PEOPLE ENGAGED IN CONTINUOUS VERBAL COMMUNICATION.

So I have a phone, and service, and I can't use it for 60% of my calls!!!

Oh, the Acceptable Use Policy was made available in a text message welcoming one to Cricket. After all the fees were paid.

I purchased a Samsung s4 last year, specifically asked if it was 4GLTE compliant as noted on the back cover of the phone. they said yes. now I've received text from Cricket saying the phone service will be turned off do to there upgrade to 4GLTE conversion. I go to the nearest Cricket center to discuss this and they offered me $160 on a $600 phone explaining that my phone is only a CDMA network phone. this is truly false advertising. the phone is labeled Cricket 4GLTE, when you turn the phone on the screen reads Cricket 4GLTE. yet the service is not.

I have an iPhone 5 for striaght talk and I just paid it And still didn't get my high speed data back . Oh when I say still I mean last month I paid my phone and didn't get my high speed data what's wrong ?

Did u happen to figure this bug out?.. I jus put a unlimited plan on my phone and i stil have the 2g pull from the web.. I have tried to figure this out all day.. If u fixed this could you please help me..

how do you know if you get a refund! signed up awhile ago and heard nothing

The FTC page explains that if you had an "unlimited" data plan with Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile, or Telcel America before January 1, 2015, you can file a claim to find out if you're eligible for a refund. The page where you file a claim is the third-party settlement administrator’s website. The FTC doesn't own or operate that page. Check that page for information about the claim process.

My straight talk data has been slow and practically useless almost all month of March 2015.
I've check my data usage periodically.I suspect I am being throttled before I used 940MB of my 3GB and seem to continue being throttled now at only 1.3GB,my speed is so slow this month that it's almost impossible to do anything,so Ihave just now filed a claim in a class action lawsuit against straight talk,I'm sick and tired of big companies treating me and others as though they are crap..No appreciation of the very people who pay to keep these companies in business.
When I spend my hard earned money for anything,I expect to get what I paid for,not recieve poor quality,poor and useless customer service.Straight talk has been slow slow slow almost all of the month of March 2015.
I will not accept mistreatment and poor service from straight talk or any service provider and neither should anyone else.
If you're getting ripped off by any company,file a complaint,a lawsuit or whatever it takes to make the company accountable for it's actions.Do not accept lousy service or less than you were promised and paid for.

well I use the 45.00 a month and every month I get a text telling ne my time has run out and I can not make anymore calls or receive anymore calls. And I can not use the internet because it will not let me on. Even if I am sitting right next to my rotor.

straight has given my phone number and account away while it was still in service. iv had the same nubmer for over 5yrs.. the lady thought i was lying and obvi couldnt answer the security questions because they guy they gave it away to was spanish lol.. still locked out of that account. lost everything. ha to start over, money an number ..horrible customer serice.. they swear they never accidentally give away numbers or accounts. but iv heard others say this as well.. what gives.i filed claims for myself, my mom and dad ..we've been loyal customers for around 7-8 years, yet they could care less

i still have my book that came with my phone when i bought it, back in march of 2013 there was no disclaimer at all of a slowing of data, though one day i received a phone call from straight talk about going over my data limit to which i replied to them that according to everything they have there is no actual limit to the data. This was well before the disclaimer about the data ever came out. Not to mention i am trying to file the claim through the site that is supposed to be done at and the page is having loading issues.

I noticed theY would slow down my data after 7 days every month. I've had the same number since 2010. Once the smart phone era hit & I upgraded my phone, that's when I also got 4G data. When I would receive notifications saying my data would be reduced I decided to test it out. I waited until it was time to pay my bill again & reduced my data usage. Exactly 7 days later I still received a text notifying me that my high speed data was no longer available.

Instead of giving me a refund, I just wish they would enforce Straight Talk to live up to their agreement with the customer. When I signed up 3 years ago it was unlimited 3G, when they went to 4G was the only time that they ever mentioned your data would be slowed back down to 3G if you reached your 4G limit.

I have been with straight talk since 2013 and I have never had unlimited of anything which by the way the my service only works good for only 2 weeks, so I have tried to refill my phone so I can have good service but the operator won't let me. Idk why I never left this company.

I understood the part about throttling data speed after 3GB, but I had 3 or 4 months where a week into the month, they would notify me that I had reached my data limit. (which is entirely impossible because at the time, I used my laptop as my only source for internet) I attempted to contact "customer service" several times, only to be told that it was an error in their usage monitors, that they could do nothing to help me, and I would have to buy another 45$ unlimited card if I wished to use data on my phone, otherwise I was SOL. Scammy much?

I have the same problem, after 10 days, my service is so slow, I can't get on any sites before it times out. pictures will not load. I only have service for about three hours a day, rest of time, it says "no service". But, still paying $45.00 a month. I have called them several times, ( which, in itself, is a miserable experience.) I am trying to find a service that doesn't do this, so far, no luck.

the same story for me as all of yours, slow speed for everything even with a new card added, upgraded phones didn't make a difference and customer service is absolutely terrible. txts sent takes forever to send, and receiving txts even longer. Drops calls all the time, other times my grandma or whoever it is trying to call is very upset when I answer saying they had been calling me and why wasnt I answering, freaks them out.... I have three small kids! what if was stranded and with no service to call out... shouldn't be that stressful, I should be getting what I pay for. glad something's going to be done.

They do have some slow data it's ridiculous they tell you onne thing and it's totally the opposite of what they say Ibeen with them since Dec.of 2013 and every month before my time is up my data slow down

For all the money I've spent hope Ican get enough back for a couple free months anyway that would be nice.

Say what you mean...mean what you say Straight Talk...The Fixx sums up your company's ethic.

We have been experiencing this same problem. I do believe we've been with them since DEC 2014. Can anyone say if we should still file also or is it too close to call type of deal. Thank you for any reply

If you had an "unlimited" data plan with Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile, or Telcel America before January 1, 2015, you can file a claim to find out if you're eligible for a refund. Visit for details.

I have had several numbers and don't remember most of them. They want to know the numbers and beginning g mo th and end month of swrvi e on each number. Is there any way I can find this information

Your service provider might have that information.

I have sent straight talk numerous calls and emails about this. Furthermore calling customer service gave me no answers, which led to the emails.I had no knowledge of the throttling until my service was throttled. I had a hard time finding out the actual limilt. After that I sent emails to straight talk about how to monitor your data usage. Their estimates are totally off until this day. Hopefully this goes well and we straight talk users get refunds. I may use the money to switch providers because this is not the first issue I have had with straight talk

The data was slow from day one. I was with StarightTalk, My husband with a different provider, we have the exact same kind of phone; we would stand beside each other and go to the same web page at the same time. His web page would load within seconds, I could walk to the mail box, make lunch, watch a TV show and hope my webpage would load by the time I checked again!! From day one!

Thank you to all the Republicans and Conservatives in congress for shooting down Obama's actual unlimited (and when I say unlimited, I mean with no data limit and slow-down point, and actually having the rich pay for it), so now, we're all screwed. I can't watch 5 30 minute full episodes on my Straight Talk $45 plan phone without going over the 3GB and then ... BOOM! It stops the video and I'm screwed until a month later when I get my 3GB back. I went to Straight Talk's $45 plan cause I kept getting 1GB per month on Verizon's so-called "unlimited data plan" and had to pay $10 per GB for every 1GB I went over. I limit myself to only 5 videos/audio per month and update only 2 apps per month, but still get charged for going over. That was a ripoff. I did read the fine print, it DOES say it slows down AFTER 3GB limit but it shouldn't ... So again, thanks to all you politicians in Washington who shot down Obama's actual UNLIMITED AND FREE nationwide Internet service and Cellular Data Service! You screwed us minimum wage people out of a service we ALL need & rely on!

wouldnt have got passed anyway. no money in it. lol

I don't see how they can place names with numbers anyway. I purchased several phones and just bought a phone card for servicebut never had to use my name or information to turn in Ibadan. There I just submitted the number that I had during this time.

I knew something was up with this cellular provider! Unlimited my a**! But What if their still slowing my data each month? I just got a text message saying NET10 Msg: Your allotted high speed data limit has been reached.Your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of your plan's 30 day cycle. Thank You.Which it is just in like 2 days but still I thought this is why their being sued in the 1st damn place!?

Same here. 2 days into the new cycle and BOOM - I have the same message which is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

I've switched most of my family to straight talk all though the "bring your own phone" using at&t phones since switching phones is very easy. I've never had one problem with my service I've worked at every cell phone company and long as straight talk is an option and prices stay were they are I will never sign another contract!

This is the exact same issue I'm having. I completely understand that after 3 GB of high-speed Internet is used, it's going to throttle back to 64 kB per second, or lower. The only problem is I haven't gotten 3 GB of high-speed Internet. It's so slow it took 45 minutes to download at 300 MB file but I keep getting told that it's my fault, it's my phone's fault,it's the towers fault, a hundred other seasons, and yesterday they told me it was all AT&T's fault. But my favorite excuse, is the one I was told yesterday. I was told that it mattered where I was located in my home and if my phone was stationary. I asked stationary, like I'm sitting in one spot or stationary where it needs to be sitting on a table or flat surface. And to my surprise she said sitting on a flat surface. I laughing then, just like I'am laughing now, and the very nice man at AT&T's corporate office that I also spoke to, laughed too. Oh, and they never would give me a estimated speed for their high-speed Internet. I decided to download a Test your speed App. It was a 16 MB app. I put my stopwatch on, and it took 44 minutes to download. That's right 44 minutes to download a 16 MB app. That breaks down to about 5 kB per second.That means it averages about one megabyte per three minutes. Unless I've completely screwed up the math. But after waiting 44 minutes to download the app, I did a speed test with kilobytes as my measure. I took 20 test over a period of time, and then average them out and it came to 5.5 kilobytes per second. That's not even close to 64 kBps. And I think it's funny that they're called straight talk. It should be no straight talk from straight talk. Going to find another carrier. I just want them to refund me for the last two months I have had their service. But did not receive the service I paid for.

I have straight talk from the time i påy my bill until it is due it shuts off data is real slow about to switch.

Net 10 sucks I recommended no one use this company I am giving up on net 10 on the first they are bogus

I think the government should do more about Tracfone, they are not doing customers right, in other areas, such as selling defective phones. And then its almost impossible to get your money back. Please do something to stop this.

I have had the same unlimited plan for 3 years. My calls have dropped, I've heard nothing but weird noises while making calls, access forbidden while trying to access the internet, phone being extremely slow all the time despite just adding a new unlimited plan, and last but not least not being able to receive text messages. And spending hundreds on purchasing new phones from walmart. I tried switching to the $35 plan but was told I couldn't because it doesn't work on smart phones. Ugh, this has been a continuous nightmare!! And you get no help from representatives when you contact straight talk directly......I was told I would receive a refund in a couple months after filing the online claim application.

Totally ridiculous. I've gotten used to the throttling...and not knowing when exactly that reduction occurs. Until this month. Last week, I checked my speed-before the renew date. Yesterday and today...after renewing my plan...I checked my speed: it's EXACTLY the same, confirming what I suspected over the last few months. There IS no increase/decrease in speed with my ST service, other than typical fluctuations from interference our the lack of it. 3gs is a TOTAL sham on this phone. They have ONE speed:SLOWWW. The phones suck. The plans suck. The interaction between phone and apps suck. ST SUCKS. And as soon as I'm able to afford the purchase of a new phone, I'm OUT!

Prepaid for 3 months, throttled first month & after 2nd months start date was still throttled after a week contacted Scam Talk & they cancelled my account. Happened to both accounts we had.

i have been just doing month to month its finacialy safer

When I first got straight talk 10+ years ago, I NEVER lost my data speed period, but since last summer I have been & I get the unlimited talk text & data....this isn't right & no I don't have to be a lawyer to understand the small print like someone above said......

I am be concerned about the way that this company fores it's users to agree to let them decide what type of content they can access on the data plan. If they don't like a user accessing Netflix they can cut off the services at will to that user. This is conversion. Meaning theft of the property/product for the companies own use rather than the customers use. It's one thing to say if you use Netflix you'll reach your 3gb high speed max fast and to slow it down after 3gb, it's another thing to convert the service and cut it off because the customer has used the service the way they wanted to.I don't see how that isn't conversion and fraud?

i do believe the government did do us good on that one. i don't think they can dictate your usage or tell you you cant tether anymore so that one turned out in our favor

I had straighttalk from 2012 to 2015 and every single month they would lower my data it is on record that i called them several timesa months through out this period i had a site on my phone and had to close it becausr of this i can guanntee i fought with them many many many many times and got no where i was distrastrous.

Data is slow because straight talk doesn't use 4g they use 3g the first 3 days then they cut you down to 2g I found that when my smartphone broke I switched to a basic sliderphone and my data was very very fast it stayed on 3g and seemed faster then 4g speed with no throttle I them switched back to a new smartphone and my data was very slow slower then it normally is I also moved to a new town I notices as soon as I leave that town and go back to where I used to live my data was back to normal so it also depends on where you live and what tower you use

I know it may seem u fair but actually they aren't liying ,I've had my strait talk 4 a yr now and I have unlimited, they aren't lying when they say 'unlimited' bc even tho it slows down after 3 gigs u still have data so technically it is unlimited.

but they are lying. i am looking at last months card and it says "first 5 GB data at high speeds then 2G*". i looked up 2G speeds and i am nowhere close to 2G.

I've never hit 600 Mb before I get throttled. Can't even read or comment on news articles and that's all I do. Slow downloading dropped calls and I blame Walmart because they sold the phone and one year service to me then bury their head in a hole like an ostrich. Le hen my year is up Walmart can stick it where the sun don't shine.

They cut mine to. I have to call them at least 2 times a month asking where's my high speed internet. Sometimes they fix it and other times not. What gets me is I can't understand the person on the other end of the phone. I think there all from India and with there accents I didn't know what there saying half the time. I have the same problem with the nonstop I got from Wal-Mart . I have to call about it not working then they reset it. One time I just put 5gbites on it and still it said I had 0 I had to call again. They done something and I got internet but every time I checked the useage it said I had 0 browsing left. Get someone in there that speaks English so people can understand what there saying and they can understand what your saying. I think that's a problem with part of it.

They need people that you can understand. Everytime I call it'd be someone from India and I can't understand what there saying and I don't think they understand what I'm talking about.

I have a VERY serious question/concern...Who regulates the mobile and internet service providers on the usage. It seems to me that using 1g in 6 hours is extreme and simply just NOT right. Especially when I am not on the internet for the entire time AND I was not streaming videos or playing an advanced online game.

I was simply using facebook and checking e-mails, composing an e-mail (without attachments), etc. I truly believe they are using my home network to calculate my data usage and I have a router doing that. Something is just not right.

It seems that there is no accountability for this. Please someone tell me the language to use in my complaint.

You can contact your service provider for more information about how it calculates your data usage. If you believe you were charged for something you didn't receive, or a product hasn't lived up to its advertising, you can file a complaint with the FTC at, or contact your state Attorney General’s office.

i noticed this too so for the heck of it i looked into my apps and found several that were auto updating regularly. i think these apps are designed to use up your bandwidth faster

I had straight talk for three years and every month my data would barley work a week after I Bought my card. And I could understand the darn costumer service people either.

I had just signed up for service and tryed to use my phone to find out that after that charged my card. I still didn't have service so I called them back and that said to wait a couple hours then I should have it only to find out I still didn't have service and now that wear closing so I called back the next day only to get hung up on and told it wasn't going to get service so I called up again and told them if that didn't give me service or refund my card I was going to turn them in and I finally got service but my internet hasent really worked at all and now there telling me I reached my data limit its bull crap I haven't been able to hardley use my data

how can i get info from some affected people as how to proceed with my present ongoing battle with tracfone about failure to honor airtime cards i don't care one bit to include my name email or any pertinent info

I bought a net 10 $25 prepaid card from Walmart, so when i try to get service in my phone, it never, they told me i need to by more minutes. crazy!

These new android phones are equipped to allow mobile companies to limit data by means of interfering with your service. Basically now you are paying these companies for the amount of service unrestricted before they take it away. The opposite of paying to have a service, now you are paying them not to take away your signal.

That is a very interesting point. Thank you. Obviously, I am having the same problem. What can we do?

Straight Talk is worst company ever!! Last night was last straw after 8 days & over 50 hours on the phone with Straight talk I was told not only can I not get my number but third person I was transferred to said my phone hasn't worked because he figured out the sim card in my phone someone else has same sim card number activated. This phone also has same issues as other 2 Phones ive had in last month. All huawei Raven phones did home button doesn't work, keeps saying unplug charger when no chargers plugged into it, the icons keep turning into white Androids and say the apps aren't installed this is exactly what other two huawei ravens did before the just had black screen or quit booting up all together. Noone has called me. I was told last night I could be sent the zte lever overnighted then I could send phone back. Only to be on phone over 3 hours transferred 3 times and made promises went thru whole order process then guy backed out said no I'd have to be sent airbill send this phone back and then I'd be sent phone. I've been without a working phone for a month! It took 3 weeks to get this replacement phone & just got airbill yesterday to send other phone back. I've called straight talk every day for 8/9 days spent over 50 hours on phone with straight talk (that's more than a full work week on damn phone with ST. I'VE been lied to, hung up on, promised things , and they lost my other zte quartz i sent in July to be replaced so they refuse to send that replacement either. I had to buy another $180 phone this is 3rd one that's broke and now this is treatment I get. I was told last night by St sorry nothing they can do & they said I'd have no other choice then to contact a lawyer so guess after this holiday weekend Tuesday I'll be doing that as well as letting everyone know what happened. I will post on every blog forum social media and websites I can find .including any stores that sell your phones. Amazon, Walmart ect. I will report ST to the FFC BBB RIPPOFF SITES ECT I've seen countless posts from others that have had same issues I've had so I'm sure when I file suit thousands will follow.I know someone who works in corporate at Walmart he's been involved with the problems I've had with ST from day one. He also was hung up on by a supervisor. So I'll be contacting him as well. I'll contact every news station as well as their blogs twitters, facebooks & forums. Please copy my post put it everywhere. Straight needs to pay for what they've done to me and countless others.

I had scam talk .... I mean straight talk from 12/13-02/15 and it was horrible!!!!!! I could barely use the Internet and my phone wouldn't ring at times. People would have to text me to call them. I wouldn't recommend this company to ANYONE!!!!! $45 a month for nothing is basically what I was paying for. This service is the worse EVER!!!!

I have had my service cut off in two service plans data restricted many times . made so many complaints I can't count. More than ten times over three years Or so . if you can't back it up don't advertise unlimited. For them untrue.

Well there are a thousand entries with the same problem...straight talk shady data throttling. Lets fix it. How can we solve this, has to be a way.

I have had the same problem. Not to mention I use my data the same all the time, and this month it's gone in a week!!! Such a scam! Let's continue to complain, make a Facebook page...ect. If nothing else keep others from being ripped off.

I told people for years that they would figure out a way to charge people to breath air. Getting close. I still recall the days when we had RSVP phone tools in or PC operating systems. Free phone calls to anywhere and data didn't even exist. You simply purchased an internet provider for a set price ( think I paid around thirty dollars a month. THAT includes everything including so called DATA and phone. Cable TV 8-10 bucks a month with no boxes or modems and no commercials!!!!! They will soon figure out a way to make us pay for E-mail on a per email basis. I'm with the cricket people now(AT&T) and I downloaded a 411 gb movie and the registered it as 844 gb. All I can say is get ready.

Just received text from straight talk stating that I should use Wi-Fi to reduce my data usage. What wi-fi? I'm experiencing very slow data.

Just bought yet another phone from Straight Talk and I've just ran out of data already. I never ran out of data with my other phones. This one has a sims card and at first I loved the speed of the 4G but now sad to say my unlimited plan isn't so unlimited. Kicker of all this is my husband just bought the same phone and does not yet know that he too will run out of data. His job requires it so...try to make it work until I can do some research on a carrier that doesn't require a contract. NOT HAPPY WITH STRAIGHT TALK!!!!!

Hey peps tracphone owns net10 straight talk and a few others straight talk has no educated peps working for them they prob don't even speak English plus they tried to send their signal across the widest parts of oceans no tower dah that company's a loss how tracphone keeps it going ? Lol should have filed bankruptcy I call tracphone tell them fix my straitalk no prob but I've had net 10 and others with them 5 mins on phone fixed but Motopcs now done with them just call tracphone they know straightalks ate up worker wise they in Ohio main office they know what to do sometimes yu gotta think around the box come on America use your thinkers just like army go higher in rank find out answers?!!

My phone has been working fine. I was watching a short Facebook video and it just stopped. I looked and in the corner where it shows if you have data or not just had my bars. LTE/3g would not show up at all. I've cut my data on and off, restarted the phone, and I even typed my number in on their website to get help and it said not available at this time. What the crap?? Now it's saying I don't have service at all!!

Had Straight talk for years. And no gbs don't give me unlimited and are out in two weeks of gbs. You buy unlimited you should get what you pay for.

Can anyone plz tell me if there is anything i can do to get straight talk to add more high speed data to my phone for free? I have only had it activated now for 3 or 4 days with the 45$ plan and it's already saying I've used all of my high speed data up. I don't understand how i have, when all I've done is stream movies/videos from Netflix and YouTube. Every other time before now, my high speed data use to work for weeks not days.

I added a new 45 dollar card and my data still not back up why??

I used 3.7 gigs of high-speed data and got told that I use all five gigs of data before smart phone come out data was truly unlimited and now smart phone are some common they are saying that we use to much data duck to u straight talk net 10 and Trac phone I'm going to mobile truly unlimited data and u don't use up you data by streaming music or videos because they allow to stream will out use data at all

they prob count upstream signals too like when you click on a web page data gos up to tell server what you want then downloads it to your device

I had just paid my $45 plan of unlimited talk text and web today & my Internet does not work . I've turned it off and on a couple of times, restarted it.. what should I do?

It might be best to contact your service provider.

i am using Straight Talk, as a matter of fact i just refilled last Dec 19. Right now i cant use the internet when im anywhere without wifi. How is it possible when in fact they said its unlimited.

I just literally refilled my service yesterday and it already says "you have your allowed high speed data limit" thanks a lot straight talk

they count your previous prepay card right to the last minute unless you specify differently. i found that out from straight talk app on my phone when i reupped once.

I haven't even used 2GB yet of data and when I visit my friend after aboit an hour of playing games I drop to 1x which reminds me of the old dial up days. What is worse I am within .5 miles of a Verizon tower.

sorry dial up is way faster than 1x. lol. some of the problem is probably the haarp like towers all over the world interfering with radio communication. don't let em fool ya there are around eleven world wide i think.

thank you everyone for your input its good to know that im not the only one having these problems

i will say that if the "little man" pulled this crap they would pull your buisness licence or threatin it at least. 40 million dollar lawsuit is a drop in the bucket to these organisations. not enough incentive to improve themselves. they will keep on screwing people

Are they going to fix this issue and have there been any mentions of refunds?
I just renewed my plan and the very same day my service plan kicked my data worked for a whole 3 seconds and have been down ever since ive called customer service everyday and they keep telling me to call back in 24 hours.

i just renewed my $45 service plane this morning and my internet speed is still slow,

To all you people who are complaining about the service read the fine print......I've had straight talk for 9 yrs. Yes I said 9! They have always done this. If you use up your data that's on you not will slow down if you use it all up....o well....if you don't like how the phone company works than go to a different.

Also along with my other all need to think about how many people use the same company and same tour for their service. Weather also has an impact. If a satilite is down it'll slow everything down... Don't complain about the service you are with...if you don't like it...go elsewhere.

I went one day before applying a new straight talk card, no surprise, Internet not working when reactivated. They assure me there is no hold or restriction, and send me new APN. Repeat 3 times. It seems part of some ritual to waste everyones energy.

The problem this month is the internet speed is throttled from day one. Who knows if mms is working or not.

Checking out cricket tomorrow. If Straight Trash is throttling me because i downloaded some tvs shows at 5kb after my 4g ran out last month, they would at least tell me, right? But no, the fake accent on the customer service live wants my street address, says my zip isnt good enough to check for outages? It was the first 4 times i called?

New service, locked at useless "2G" speed. Gprs is eating MB doing NOTHING. So I investigate... StraightTalk HAS BEEN HACKED! Thieves are downloading your info over straight talks gprs and they are covering it up! Please get technical proof as i have pulled off my phone; data is being sent 24/7 since applying this new card! There is NOTHING wrong with my device or yours, it is using your idle connection to send information! And charging you for it! This is the first time this anomalie has lasted more than a few MB. Normally wastes 5mb at service connect, so far Im at 170mb and cant even get a search engine to load! 170mb has been sent FROM MY DEVICE I HAVENT USED and Straight Talk is REFUSING to acknowledge or address the issue.

I just my sat 19,2016. Sun they told I used up all my high data? Bull! Last card I'll buy done!!

Omg just got a text from them saying I am close to my data! Less than 8mgs used do far and on a 45.00 card. One week into my card really??? Honestly this company is getting ridiculous! When you reach your limit there is no internet or anything but texting. Slow down my butt they shut you off! I smell another law suit!

My internet still isn't working and I ha e called multiple times

I'm done with straight talk, I have used them for almost five years (first three w/Nokia phone that gave no problems with reaching the data cap and last with iPhone that always reaches data cap), I recently bought a plan before the end of my cycle and still have slow data, they can keep their money and I won't renew, infact twice I have been added to the auto update even though I said "no" during the automated call. I'm done straight talk, you can ripoff someone else b

Seems like a lot of y'all got paid to say " I never had slow service " Bc I use few apps and Google occasionally and after two days ... I'm down to crap speed! Then was told I couldn't add data. Using the app to manage it is a joke too Bc it is never accurate and up to date nor does it send me text notices that I'm running out. Ridiculous and can't wait to get a real plan. Might as well not even have data when it goes down to 2G. Barely will pull up Google. Impossible to play any video and takes forever to text photos.

Can't manage calls... Can't make conference calls... I have to end all calls if someone call while I'm on the phone and I click over....can't manage call

They don't care that they were sued. They planned for it. I know this sounds unbelievable, but they've done the math already; they gain more profit by using scammy practices WITH THE EXPECTATION of being sued and losing loyal customers than they would if they advertised what they actually provided, provide good customer service to make people happy, and not fraudulently cutting people's services for little to no reason.

More loyal customers aren't exactly good for them. They take up lots of bandwidth, bandwidth they have to buy. What they want are people to pre-pay, THEN LEAVE. They have your money, but you are not taking up precious bandwidth. The math says they will make more money this way than actually trying to gain more loyal customers. The best customer is a customer that doesn't use what they paid for, for them.


Its time to notify FCC FTC BBB etc. Straighttalk in partnership with Tracfone and Google intend to load users with unused or barely any usage of applications that automatically come with the $45 plan then they trump usage to justify the no speed. For instance a youtube video that airs for 3seconds then throttles for 2min. Its so American. Its such an "inside" job they are so the "wolves" of this prepaid data era.

it's all about screwing the American people over. they think American will believe anything . there screwing us over and Wal-Mart of all place sell straighttalk guess I'll won't go to Wal-Mart like I use to.I go to target or Sears bye bye wal.arts for being so greedy you can only by straight talk at Wal-Mart's how sad. how do we know if we used that much data. I SPENT ONE WEEK @SONS AND HIS FAMILY USED HIS DATA GET HOME HAVE ONLY COUPLE DAYS OF DATA .WOW THEY THINKIM STUPID SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE DATA UNLESS IT ON A TIMER FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. ALREADY HAD ONE NET TEN PHONE GET REAL HOT LOST PICTURE .

Cheat us now lose later. We may not benefit now and you may get richer but you will suffer in many and other ways and your part in this will always remind you.

I added a straight card card over the phone on April 3 at 12:10 a.m...I used the phone for an hour and then my service ddisconnected.. It was off all day with no way to call them..I took my phone to Walmart, and the sweet girl that works there was on hold with them for almost an hour..finally the got it straightened out, and my phone speed has been as slow as it was after they cut it down the month before..I don't know what to do as I can't understand the people that answer when you call..very frustrating! Does anyone know a better service provider to change to? Sick of this every month!

I have had several Straight Talk phones that have canceled mobile data entirely. Now when it says I'm over the data limit at throttled speeds,I download a video or two just to see the icon spin!! Wahahaha!! But seriously this is just sad. We live in a nation that actually invented the internet and we have some of the slowest speeds in the world. In an age where everything is online (job apps,etc.) it really makes NO sense to throttle speeds. Ah First World problems.

I got the 10Gb high-speed which slowed to Zero speed at exactly 9Gb. I cancelled my auto renew just in time. Bye bye Straight talk.

Funny..I have tried to go to the website to see the "fine print" in what is the the "service agreement" that they only refer to as "terms and conditions", but I cant get it to load, maybe its my phone, But even after I got a brand new phone...smooth sailing till the dreaded data limit is reached...Im ready to poke my eyes out just to see this spinning orb go away...oh, and on two occasions in recent past,I was trying to make a payment...suckered into a 2nd payment per-month, the 2nd payment releases the "god switch" that gives just enough bandwidth necessary to accomplish the miracle of a somewhat functional browser experience..until they their self admitted corrupt and inaccurate data meters determine somehow I suppose through RNG Random Number Generation that it is have arrived at your destination..starting immediately, as far as Internet ANYTHING?...see ya next payment, ol buddy ol pal...but, but ,just make it work!!!!...go ahead...wheres my Debit card? Go ahead and refill....but of course...I'm unable to even do Internet is unusable, No I cant load their own company website to make a payment, now only a truly stupid and backward company policy would be the sole cause of It's own customers unusable,useless service, and the brainchild of a blockade used against customers that are trying to make a payment, but have a product so defunct, that a customers data service is so intentionally degraded It's totally impossible to make a payment using the internet or the website..If I could actually access the site, I have contacted by phone to express my concerns about the complete shutdown of all functionality related to internet access after the data limit is reached, and the service rep acted as if the fact that the limit had been reached was in itself enough reason for the poor useless service,and after lots of excuses for my phones internet being unusable for anything, I sharply refused to accept that as a proper response, The terms and conditions as I read them word for word with the service rep, does not convey, imply or account for degredation of service to the point of browser malfunction, or support the idea that the browser will be inoperable or will not function for any type of use whatsoever, But on the contrary only details the scenario that High data usage sites only "May and only "MAY" be affected.
Certainly this is a misrepresentation of the service provided, and a breach of contract to stall my connection to a unusable state for 15-20 days of a 30 day plan... I would Appreciate getting what I'm Paying for, and not having to deal with the aggravation of straightalk intentionally withholding and degrading service that is already PRE-paid for...

My high speed us not working and I haven't used it.

I don't know how they get away with this!!! Every month about a week before I need to buy more service they throttle my speed. I have a counter on my phone, I know it says it may differ from my carrier, but my phone counted 4 gigs last month when straight talk said I had said I had used 5. This month my phone says I used 3.8 and it useless again. That is WAY too big of a discrepancy! I'd rather give my money to an honest company!!!

Ok so I pay 45$ a month on my phone and it tells me when I'm supposed to refill it I went ahead and refilled two days earlier and it said that it will renew on June the 1...well it's June the 1 and it said I had zero dollars in my account !!!!!! Why ????

I have used my 10GB data but i never recieved my 2gb that suppose to get this is the second time it has happend i tried asking walmart cell phone center why is this so but they could not ansewer my qeustion can you please help

Every month I've been getting their new 10gb plan. I use barely 3 gb every month, wanna know why? Because my service is always slow and I can't use the data I paid for. It takes forever to load pages. I have a phone through ATT for my work and it doesn't have the slow issues like straight talk. What is the excuse for having slower data and not going over your limit? I haven't read an excuse for that yet besides the weather. Pretty sure they're taking our money and slowing the data on purpose. And if this is the case, why offer more data? That's another lawsuit. I called them and they told me to take my sim card out for 2 min. Didn't help. Gave me APN settings, same settings as I have now. You can barely understand their technical support people and they are no help. Probably finding a new provider soon.

I was thinking about getting Straight Talks $55/m 10GB data plan thinking if I ever used up my 10GB i could settle for the 2G connection, most the time I would be on Wi-fi at home or work anyways.

Then I came here.

I've read a lot of these comments from current or past customers and while at first I was skeptical about all the negativity thinking these are just idiots who streamed Netflix or music too much and didn't know or read about the clause that they throttle after you use up your LTE.

Now, I believe them. Because who would take the time to write here if they weren't pissed off and felt wronged by Straight Talk/Tracphone?

There is no excuse for having your data speeds lowered when your not going over your limits. Until you think about it.

First they claimed 3GB then it went to 5GB and now it's advertised at 10GB? And if this is the case, why offer more data if they still practice the same throttling at <2GB of data usage?

Here's why:

This Is Standar said, "...What they want are people to pre-pay, THEN LEAVE. They have your money, but you are not taking up precious bandwidth that they then have to pay for."

It only makes sense.

I won't be buying a Straight Talk thinking I'm getting some kind of deal with 10GB of LTE data for just $55/month and unlimited 2G data after that runs out.

That's just not true, it doesn't happen.

Demadness | September 21, 2015 | said, "That's just what they wanted to hear. Really. They ID users they deem "problem users." Fact. I just reupped for 6 mo, 5 weeks ago. First mo was great. According to my galaxy s4 built in data usage monitor, I used 6.5 GB, it was throttled at 5GB, as advertised. 2nd month, 6 days in they throttled me to less than 10kb/s! Now I'm just 2 weeks into my 2nd mo. and my phone has me measured at less than 1GB usage for the mo. but my phone is still throttled @ less than 10kb/s!"


Done | May 26, 2016 | said, "...Every month about a week before I need to buy more service they throttle my speed. I have a counter on my phone, I know it says it may differ from my carrier, but ... This month my phone says I used 3.8 and it useless again. That is WAY too big of a discrepancy! I'd rather give my money to an honest company!!!"

I too would rather give my money to a company like Verizon who offers a similar, if not unlimited, plan for $45/month.

Why should I think/trust Straight Talk to give me 5GB or now 10GB of advertised high speed data when countless customers have shown they are not getting that high speed data? They are throttled well before that mark!

Verizon Wireless Prepaid is $45/m too and gives you 1GB but Walmart claims you get another 1GB through a special they have and if you sign up for Auto Pay you get a third 1GB. So i can get 1-3GB of data from Verizon and you can always buy more at the rate of $5=500mb, $10=1gb or $20=3gb whenever you need to add on. If you're like me and use Wi-Fi at home/work you probably won't even reach the 3GB of monthly data limit but if you do who cannot afford $10? or $20 to re-up your monthly amount? $45+20=$65 for 6GB of data sounds fair to me.

I would rather pay Verizon $60 a month and receive 6GB of data then pay Straight Talk $55 and not even receive the 10GB they claim...

I won't fall victim to their trap.

And I tell people every chance I get to not believe them either.

I have the $55 / 10 gig plan. Just received a text that my data had reached the max and would be cut back. I have an app that keeps up with my data ussage. It showed only 5 Gigs used in 16 days. I believe that Straight Talk has mixed up the $45 /5 gig plan. After two phone calls they still say that I have used 10 Gigs of data.I do not believe this. I will find another carrier.

Got my ST phone contract July 6th now it's July 15th and my 5G is gone!!! I'm on WiFi mostly, this is cap and I'm pissed

I had straight talk for a few years. At the beginning I had no problems. Then my internet started going so slow I couldn't do anything. And the customer service is terrible. I had to send my phone in and they sent me a replacement phone that was worse than the one I sent in so I had to send that back. Then they lost my phone which was sent in the package they sent me.It took 3 mo. before they found the original phone I sent in to get fixed. For 1 1/2 mo. I was without a phone since I had to send in the replacement phone too. I never even received a refund for the time I had on my phone or the minutes they said they would add to it for the time it was taking and the minutes I lost. All they did was block my account from being able to access it from the internet or if I called from a different phone they would block that number so I couldn't call from it again.

Today is august 4th and as of a few minutes ago straight talk has illegally throddled my account 4 times in the past 30 days not to mention the illegal acts in other areas of the service agreement.I need a attorney bad and have plenty of evidence if anyone knows of one please contact me at 5752149747,

I have the 10gb Unlimited plan for $55.00. When I hit 10gb, my internet speed was reduced as expected. However, when I hit 10.5gb my internet service was disabled. I called and spoke with a supervisor named Jan (Employee ID 511667). Jan stated, and I quote, "your service speed was reduced to 128kb per second when you hit 10.5gb of usage. 128kb/sec is the SAME AS 0kb/sec, meaning you will not be able to access the Internet AT ALL." He also refused to provide me with a copy of the phone conversation that he was recording. False advertisement.

I usually buy the 45 unlimited but they tell me I use my high speed data up within 2 weeks so I decided to buy a 55 unlimited with 10gb and I only got a couple more days for that extra 10.00. It's aweful. I know I don't use all of this data.

TODAY 8-5-16 I paid for a 10 mg I can't even check my mail or log into Facebook--- wtf. Today at 2pm it's now 11:26pm. Really a bunch of thief's. I want my money back so I can get service with someone else!!! This sucks! Will I tell anyone how great you are heck NO

Literally last month my service was exactly what it has been for over a year, good up until the third week of the month when naturally I get message of data usage beginning to slow. Normal for straight talk. But this month, my phone has only been on since the 10 of August, it's now August 18th and my data is already slowed significantly. It's ridiculous. I haven't done anything different. Last time this kind of ridiculousness occurred was exactly the reason why I received my refund check from the lawsuit this March 2016. I'm going to research other carriers to see who can surpass straight talks no contract service.

I just changed to straight talk and also bought their Samsung galaxy S5. It is supposedly a 4G Lte network. I have not been above 3 with about 1 to 2 bars. Sometimes I have none. Downloads are sometimes slow and sometimes I cannot reach the internet at all. I live Tampa FL so service should certainly be available. A phone call takes what little power I have and I cannot talk and surf the net at the same time which I owas easily able to do on Verizon and my Windows Lumia 822 phone. The battery life is also inferior to the Lumia. Buyer BEWARE: STRAIGHT TALK DOES NOT ENABLE THE MOBILE HOT SPOT IN YOUR PHONE RENDERING IT USES LESS AND I DID NOT FIND THIS OUT UNTIL THE DEAL WAS DONE. NOT EVEN THE SALES GUY KNEW. THERE IS NO DISCLOSURE THAT I COULD SEE AT THE DISPLAY SO I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW BEFORE THEY BUY! I have been told that Straight Talk uses the Verizon network but if that is true something is getting lost between the two. If you use your phone primarily to talk and text you will be OK, but if you like to surf the internet and especially if you like to talk and surf at the same time you will be disappointed except maybe if you live next door to the cell tower. Take me back to Verizon and a Windows phone. I could do so much more so much easier.

i cant use the wi fi ot hot spot on my phone staright their data to save how can they get away with just like there was issue with my phone they had be reset to factory lost all my pic i ask if would bother my pic said no they lie thats all they do multi billion bussniess takes advantage of us consumers i ill find away for my self and other to get justice from this company

I have had ST for 5 years. I have never had a problem with my data slowing or shutting off. I have 4g all the time.

I'd like to know what happened to StraightTalk Reserve. I purchase the $45 for 30days but on the 23rd of this month they want renewal which was done on 8/27.... so it shouldn't be renewed until 9/27. But since the 'Reserve' is NOT available as a plan any longer I'll have to trust them. This whole thing is SCAMMING the public. We should start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them AGAIN!

If a product or service doesn't live up to its advertising you can report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I AGREE they say i use ll my data then they have u put another card on u lose the 18 n
day of tlk time as they claimm ou use the data i called them ask the send me all the proof i use 5gb in 10 day as i couldnt get on the net all month never send e nothing they are scammers BEEN NITE MARE WITH THEM

You cant go by what your phone says is your data usage. You have to text USAGE 611611 to get what Straight Talk says you have used.

I'm using straight talk and I'm getting a iPhone and i have a Android and I want to keep my phone number will my data speed (10gb) stay the same

I just filed my complaint against Straighttalk Wireless as Bridgett Small-FTC suggested and I have already received my reference number. I suggest everyone else does the same, I have two phones with this very deceptive company, one for business and one for personal. Straighttalk completed deactivated my phone around the Dec.12, 2016,without any warning, without my knowledge and without any reason. I complained and just received service today Dec.17. I like many others spent hours on the phone , speaking to 4 different people, two different Supervisors and NOONE will give me the 5 days of service I lost. I even pleaded for at least one day of service and of course, I was told that there was nothing that could be done, even though it was there error. I did not know anything about the class action law suit that was just settled this year MAR. 2016 for 40 million dollars or I would have definitely taken part in it. This is the second time this has happened to me. A friend of mine who is also military will be also filing a complaint because his phone is throttled down every month. I also experience the same. People please fill out the complaint form with the FTC, maybe its time fro another class action suit but even larger this time. Prayers for everyone....

I downloaded their app today. It said I would receive a new phone because they were upgrading. When I got ahold of support due to a broken link, they told me I was not eligible. They said I should just ignore the message or buy a new phone, amd I would not get the special bonus as promised.

I recently switched from version prepaid unlimited and SO SHOULD NOT HAVE. This Internet service is horriable. I need ran out of Data with Verizion.

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