Fla-Grant lies

Growing up, we all learned that money doesn’t grow on trees. Here’s another hard truth: the federal government is not giving away thousands of dollars in grants to people who pay their taxes on time, have no criminal records, never declared bankruptcy or were ‘selected in a demographic survey.’ Anyone who claims you’ll get ‘free money’ for those reasons is trying to scam you.

The scam starts with a call from a ‘spoofed’ phone number that seems to be from Washington, DC. The caller gives an official-sounding agency name like the ‘Federal Grant Education Department’ or ‘US Grant Commission’ and may know your name and address. When he finishes blabbing about the money you’ll get, there’s a catch: he wants you to pay a transfer fee or application fee, give him your bank account number, or send a check before he sends the ‘grant.’ Save yourself time and money. Don’t respond.

If you get a call like this, hang up right away. Remember:

  • if you didn’t apply for a federal grant, the government won’t call and offer you one
  • the federal government doesn’t charge a fee to apply for educational or other grants

These sites address federal financial help:

  • StudentAid.ed.gov tells how to qualify and apply for grants, loans and other federal financial aid for education beyond high school
  • Benefits.gov helps you find money and benefits you might get for job training, childcare assistance, health care and other needs
  • GovLoans.gov lists federal loans available for housing, disaster relief, education, veterans and other purposes.
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Thanks for that info just like I suspected. Keep an eye on me

I was told I could get help because CTIA it's hard to read small letters but I Changed my mind I'm to proof to ask government for any help I tried just for sight hearing never again

ASo new number. Very important they are also calling from California number they all start 818-337 something most are 2205,2206,2207.I.and so on. They called me from 818-337-0207

This is some real crap I'm broke needed this money in the worst way these ppl called with the answers to my prayers yeah rite now they want the hundred more for me to get this cash whatever

received 2 call 9/18 & 9/21 from a spoof ## and was told i would receive $8.500 from a gov.grant. Was referred to the following#'s (1) 2063172870 -Susan Brown (2) 2063172871 Simon King I knew both were scams and they hung up on me when asking question got complecated for them to answer. :)

These are good details to include in a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go in to a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

Beware of phony refund calls that get you to open your bank online account just to check wich one is the best target (pretending it faster this way to deposit the money)

and when they spot it,they pretend this is the one they can only access now and the audacity of telling you the former transactions are still under verification and the rewrite all your bank info while they black out your screen

and when they are done they tell you you see,we deposit the money into your account go return the difference wich the calculate to be the your original balance.That's what they did to me,and when I check directly from the bank,there was no deposit.SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Be careful to on sight you go on you will get in trouble

I applied obline for a government grants, I was contacted from two different parties claiming I was granted monies. They gave me a name of RONNIE KINGSTON GOVERNMENT ID:USFG2069. I received this call on Tuesday, November 3,2015. I received calls last week also claiming the same thing.

we are asking loan on Parkinson's research pass one year.But not answered yes or no.If you say no we will be happy people on this earth.Because we have lot of work to do after getting loan.we have to work hard on our research to bring raw-medicine to America to save many life there.we are going to private medicine company to sell our Parkinson's disease project how we cure Parkinson's disease.please leave us we can not wait like cow for grass.Day are passed.thank you.


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