“Free” products weren’t really free

The story: a company says its product will help you lose weight without diet changes or exercise, and you can try it free — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The reality: the company can’t support — or deliver on — those weight loss claims. If you give your credit or debit account number, you get charged $60 to $210 every month — and it’s almost impossible to get a refund. On top of that, you get enrolled in offers you didn’t ask for — with more monthly charges.

Add it all up, and you’ll understand the FTC’s case against Health Formulas, LLC and its network of companies. The companies advertised products from skin creams and “green coffee bean” weight loss supplements to virility and muscle-building products. Ads ran in print, online, on radio and TV.


According to the FTC, the companies used “buy-one-get-one-free” promotions or offered a free month’s supply for a small shipping and handling fee to persuade people to hand over their account information. Once they did, the FTC says, the company started charging them every month — not just for the original product, but for other products they hadn’t agreed to buy. Despite a “100% satisfaction guarantee,” people found the quest for a refund an exercise in frustration.

The FTC has information about “free trial” programs — and the hidden charges that might come with them. Before you try a new weight loss product, read Weighing the Claims in Diet Ads.

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This has happened to me.I watch my statement every month If they don't correct it and take off I tell them I will report it to FTC or Consumers-Attorney General of FAIRFAX,Va.Sometimes it works some time it doesn't.I ave lost of moneythis way.Dr. Oz was the worst.and noneof them worked.

Dr. Oz tells you when you watch his show that is the ad says it comes from it, it is not true. To see what companies and products he does recommend, go to his website.

This is Definitely a SCAM do not order.... Customer service Agents are really rude DO NOT ORDER GARCIANIA CAMBOGIA

This is the WORST. DO NOT GET sucked in to the BS because its nothing but a lie and the customer service will pretend to get financial approval when really you will NEVER get a 100% refund. The most i could get was 50%. #VERYANGRYCUSTOMER

I JUST GOT THEM TO REFUND 100%! FIGHT FOR IT! I called to get my bank statement explained, why I was charged $87.47. The kids told me the reasoning and tried to get me to buy more at a discount, yadda yadda yadda... He said he COULD NOT refund anything at all but could cancel my subscription. I felt screwed over and said fine. Got my cancellation # and decided to google this nonsense.
Read all this on this page. Called back, told the young lady I had just got off the phone with my attorney and he informed me of the law suit involving the ftc and that she needed to refund my account for the full amount or I would start my own car against them and get the BBB involved as well. She started that because my account had been closed out there was nothing she could do. At that point I was more forceful and inform her that I will contact my lawyer in the morning and there will be a case brought to you I need 100% refunded back to my card immediately. She put me on hold come back and said she could refund 25% back to my card.
I said that will not do it needs to be 100%. She put me on hold again come back and said she could put 75% back on my card. I said that will not do you will refund $87.47 to my bank account right now and she put me on hold and come back and said I was able to get 100% approved to be refunded back to your card. DON'T GIVE UP! DEMAND A 100% REFUND! DON'T LET UP UNTIL YOU GET IT!

I had called, more than ready to get my 100% refund and guess what? Not only did she speak English perfectly fine, but informed me that there was no way she could give me the refund. Zip. Apparently in the tiniest script ever in the terms and conditions WHICH IS ALSO WRITTEN SO SMALL AND IN ANOTHER COLOUR CLOSE TO THE WHITE USED ON THE PAGE ITSELF UNREADABLE AT THAT - that I agreed to being billed. Why is it you ask? They send you a 30 day bottle for a 14 day trial, and if you don't cancel or send it back within those 14 days, then they charge you 90+ for BOTH products even if you didn't open them. The fourteen days are from shipment not from the day I received them, which means it came in the mail since I live in a remote area already halfway through the 'free trial'. I am absolutely furious over this.

She wouldn't transfer me to anyone whatsoever despite my asking, then further demanding and even bringing up the case. She said she had the power to help me and that she couldn't do a damn thing.

So here is what I have to say about this. If you venture into lands, maybe highlight the entire terms and conditions section, since they like to hide things in plain sight. And I mean literally hide. Amazes me that they can write such crap like that in white, small as hell, and get it away with it despite it being legible. My paycheck is out the window, and I am stuck scraping pennies for my family and I. Thanks.

If you enrolled in a free trial offer from a marketer that overcharged you, contact the company.
If the company won’t give you a refund, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't intend to order the additional merchandise. If you were wrongly charged for a free trial offer, report it to the FTC.

I just got my email confirmation stating I was getting my 100% refund back to my card. Do not stop fighting them. Tell them you will join a in a class settlement law suit in they don't refund you 100%. I had to call twice, ask to speak to a supervisor and of course there was none to talk to. The second person claimed to be a manager. I told her that unless she was ready to be sued personally for the scam they were running that she either had to get me a supervisor or get the full amount back. They both tried the 25%, then the 50%, then the 75% refund and I declined all. I told her I needed the full amount or they would be sued for the scam they were running. And that I was going to continue to call every day until I got to the top. They are trained to tell you they are trying to help you with the partial refunds. I even noticed one of them was typing and talking to someone else as to get feedback. They finally gave up. They said it would take 3 to 10 days to get my refund but I told them that my money better be back in my account by Thursday or I will be calling again. They type notes on your file, so most of what you say is seen by the next person you call. DONT GIVE UP!

Call your credit card company they will cancel your order

THANK YOU! I had called and got the NO REFUND spill and I'm broke! I then began to research and came across your blog. I called them back, told them the exact same thing you had typed verbatum, IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY! I am ever so greatful, thank you for sharing.

Did they give you your refund back? I am in the same boat and I demanded a 100% refund. The customer service rep said he would give it to me (after I pressured him) and I got a confirmation email.

This happened about 10 minutes ago, but I just want to make sure I get my refund. Did they fully refund you?

Im dealing with this right now. I have a charge of 87.47 on my card statement and i was freaking out. And i finally realized it must of been from the bottle of garcinia cambodia or whatever its called. It took forever for me to get it in the mail that i completely forgot about ordering the bottle. My problem is i did research and things after it came and decided not to take it. I wanted to send it back but there was nothing in my email so i could see even which website i ordered it from to be able to contact them by phone or even an address to send back the bottle.. So what do i do. Just dispute it through my card.. Grrrr so angry. That charge came at the worst time.

After calling 3 times to cancel and each time they refused to cancel, they extended the trial time, then lowered the price. So the next time I called I told them that the conversation was being recorded and they cancelled! Scum! Shame on Dr Oz and Melissa McCartney for promoting these frauds!

Thank you so much for posting this! I had to be very firm but because of your posting i knew what to say and i didn't give up and I got my 100% refund! Their a bunch of crooks!

Where can I call to get a full refund for mine?

I called 844/321-9422 and spoke to a representative who advised all supervisors were in a meeting but after 20 minutes I got my full refund and account has been cancelled so my card is removed from their system. I was told to make sure to advise them to remove the card.

Please help me, Jenny. This company changed me 400Cad, but I didn't get any products from them, except 2free trial. Thank you

This same exact thing happened to me!! I'm glad I found your comment and read it before I called! They did the same thing they did to you, it started off the lady said she would give me 25% of my money back but I kept DEMANDING my full refund of $86.94 back and told her I would report her to the fraud department and that I know they are scammers due to what I read online and eventually I got her to refund the whole amount back!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!! They're scared to be reported and they WILL give you your money back. I actually did already report them to the fraud department who is going to make sure that they follow through with my 100% refund.

You really do have to fight. I got 100% back. You just have to be honest with them, maybe cry a little bit. most of us can't afford a gym membership, much less this. That's exactly what I told him. They were stubborn, but eventually I got my money.

If you were to cancel your bank account and open a new one is there anyway they can charge you for it?

Yes I spoke with the bank and they said even though you cancel your credit card and issue you a new one, they will still be able to charge your new card!!!! SO in the meantime monitor your account. I just got done arguing with the merchant on the phone. They kept saying they will give me a 35% refund. Then another discount and I will have to pay a restocking fee of 10.49 and 11.99. I argued until she finally gave up and she will give me the full refund because she no longer wanted to argue with me. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE SCAM YOU.

Thank you so much for this post! I got sucked into this scam as well and thought that money was long gone! However after reading your post I immediately called at 1:30am and fought to get my full refund back! I got the name of the person and made sure to ask them for a confirmation email, I let them know if I didn't receive the email/ the money in 3-5 business days as promisedI would call back and ask for the same representative. I mentioned that I would get a lawyer and report them to FTC because although they try to fight you and say that it was in the terms and conditions box that we checked I questioned why I never got a conformation email for the multiple charges of $77.84 and $86.94. They try to say that they are not authorized to do the refunds but make sure you don't give up!!!

Hi I have tried to call the number on their website but not saying for me to check the number :( it's an 11 digit long number.. what can I do??

Yes this is just a scam to get your money and it's not free. They hid the fact that they charge your card $79.95 after 2 weeks and will only refund you some of your money back, therefore it's not a free trial.

What number did you use because I have called the number on the bottle 888-240-9246,and there is no answe I have having been calling for hours. Worst experience ever.

1-888-597-0128 t  his is the number i called.   I was charged $79.99 on 2/26 and $89.99 on 2/27. I recieved a confirmation email that i am getting 100% refund. fight it! dont settle for half you money back!

I called the number that you posted twice. The first guy said they don't handle that but guaranteed me the number he was giving me did. So he gave me 800-990-9597. That number was nothing but ads. So called again and the next jerk had it on speaker and you could hear people laughing and the song thriller in the background. I replied twice not so nicely to the email I received this morning of a so called order confirmation. Made it very clear in email that this was unauthorized and money to be back in my account or FTC and attorney was going to be contacted. I'm lost..

If you enrolled in a free trial offer from a marketer that overcharged you, contact the company. If the company won’t give you a refund, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't intend to order the additional merchandise. If you were wrongly charged for a free trial offer, report it to the FTC.

Terrible people ..this company kept taking of my $78... $79 from.my acct doe product i saw $4....scam scam scam..pls DO NOT BUY..very mean customer service

The marketing strategy of Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract is a new low in the business of SCAM and deceit. Because of my negative experience with Garcinia Cambogia, I have decided to never accept an offer for a "Free Sample" of anything from any online company ever again.

The page GreenNaturalsForskolin.com has a big button in the middle that says "Free Trial Bottle Here". We received the product on 1/18 and were billed $84.71 on 1/26. Terms say "10-day trial begins after product is received." No answer on 1/26 attempting to cancel. Call on 1/27 we were told that since we opened the product, they'd have to charge us $19.95, there is no such thing as free. Refund policy in Terms states that unopened Product excludes trial product, so customer service lied to us on several points and refused to refund our money during the qualified 10 day period; even stated that if we canceled on the first day, we'd still get charged $19.95. Stay away from this cheating company.

how did you get out of it?

How can you cancel that montly charge? I have to cancel my card or something?

Depends on the card you used. Credit card? Contact the agency and say it's a disputed charge, you didn't authorize it. Debit card? Contact your bank and have them block the vendor. If you gave them checking account and routing number, you may have to cancel the account and open a new one. Again, I suggest visiting your bank in person or contacting your credit card agency.

February 2017: I am going thru the same thing $98.18 was taken from my acct: with out my consent plus having no money in the bank(my acct.) I got it with a service charge of $30.00. The bank will try to get my money back but I think I used my card for shipping and handling but the company did not have my consent to take more then $4.00 dollars out of acct.I will continue to fight this! Read what others have said, Good Luck! Your right? Fight them

So someone just called me and said they had sent a free trial and that I had to pay for the shipping. I agreed on it at the beginning and said I didn't have my card info at the time and to call 3hrs late. They called and I told the I wasn't interested in the products anymore the lady got mad and said you have to pay we already sent you agreed on it and everything is recorded. I told her well I'll pay when I receive the product I didn't know what to say but for sure didn't want to givey card info after all...
Can they do something against me for agreeing to pay and not paying after they supposedly had already send the product ( which I don't remember them saying they were going to send it either way)? She reminded me many time everything was recorded...idk what to do

Federal laws say a business can't send you merchandise that you didn't really order, and then demand that you pay for it. This FTC article about unordered merchandise explains more.
If you get merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. You don't have to pay.

I was gonna give the trial a run and see how it went but the company added another product to what I had agreed to and when I received it with my busy schedule luckily I hadn't opened it yet when I started seeing large charges to my card both of which was from.this company. 88 for one bottle and 94 a few days later for the other bottle. I was told they could give me 50% back or since I hadn't opened the product I could send it back for a 9.95 restocking fee per little & I pay shipping.They said it could take up to 30 days once they receive the product back before I'd see a refund and u better be live I will be getting shipping insurance so they can't make excuses saying it never arrived

my son is 14 he received an 100 elgible reward I have no information except 1866 4315 459 claim number 2466 19 33 this information came on a postcard

just recieved this same scam in the mail

there are the same scam on e-cig,value 99.95 you just pay 4.95 shipping ,then they charged me 99.95 then i was charged 99.95 for green coffee,what i never heard of.it ended up costing me 4.95 plus 49.98 ,the bank said in fine print it was free to try ,then return in 15 days or pay 99.95,how can you try it with out opening it,the banks are helping scammers but don't check them out good.???

OK so can't you change your banking information to stop the charge

This just happened to me I ordered some garcinia pills and just yesterday they took $100 as well as the 5.95$.what can I do?

You could contact the company to say the charges were not authorized, or contact your bank (if you used your debit card) or credit card company (if you used your credit card).
This FTC article explains how to dispute credit card charges.

Hi there. I fell into the same trap. Just pay $5.95 shipping for a two week trial of Total + Garcinia, I should have known better when I went to check out and they "automatically" included a bottle of Easy Green Coffee supplements "complimentary 2 week trial" as well, they just automatically included that shipping charge too. No big deal, but when I got my bottles 6 days later, I started using them and realized that there was a months worth of supplements in the bottles. I thought this must have been an accident. At day 14 from order date (not the date I received them), my card was charged $93.99 and $93.63 and I called immediately and asked them how this was possible. After being on the run around, with a lady who is barely spoke English, she kept apologizing and asking if she could send me just one more free something or another, or she could add a discount, or she could reduce the price, also she she is so so sorry, I asked to talk to the manager, three times!!! And she claimed they were too busy, so I told her I would hold as long as it tech tech. After I finally got the supervisor on the phone, I explained to him my frustration, and he tried offering all of the same things without refunding my money. Then it was he could offer me 25% off, then 50% off, then 75% off, before I was so fed up… That I told him he would refund me 100% of my money or I would be leaving a review on the website, contacting the better best business bureau, my bank, and my lawyer need be. This was when he finally told me that he would totally cancel my account and the money would be back in my account and my bank in 2 to 3 business days. Success. My lesson learned, if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is. Also… I didn't really notice the product really worked.

I am dealing with this same issue!

My mistake was that the first time they charged my credit card over 150.00 I did not really notice it amongst other charges and I paid it without question.

But today when I received another bottle of the stuff, I got suspicious.

I immediately called my credit card company. I am disputing the charges and have no intention of paying them.

I have sent emails requesting to cancel these "automatic" subscriptions, and have also put a block on the credit card.
They will not be able to charge anything further, even if they choose to ignore my emails. What a scam!

Do you still have contact info for them? I'm 100% sure I went through the same company but can't find the original order info.

I also was a victim, but was lucky enough to be refunded 100%. Call the number that is listed on the bank statement transaction. In a nice but firm way, let them know that their advertisement is very deceiving & that you are requesting a full refund or else you are going to report them to the BBB, and FTC. The representative may offer a 50%, refund, but be firm with 100%. Be sure to get the name of the person and the confirmation # of the refund. Being passive-aggressive works!! Good luck!

I received 4 charges on my credit card... $4.94 $4.95 89.97 $69.97 I answered a Costco survey for a $50 credit... Once I finished the survey, a bunch of free gifts were listed with only shipping needed. Total scam. Here's numbers on my statement... "Order my Garcina" 800 846 0677 Also... Received some type of cleansing pills that I did not order... Charged $69.97 plus shipping 844 318 3369

I'm very sorry that this happened to everyone but thank you for sharing. This site kept me from having this headache. Wish everyone will in getting 100% refund back. Again thanks for posting.

How do I contact them? I just have a statement with my bank saying I was charged 150$ from a website that doesn't even work. Any help would be amazing

If you enrolled in a free trial offer from a marketer that overcharged you, contact the company. If the company won’t give you a refund, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't intend to order the additional merchandise. If you were wrongly charged for a free trial offer, report it to the FTC.

Hi I'm in this situation right now and I don't know what to do. I messaged my bank telling them I didn't buy anything that was $79 and they haven't gotten back to me yet but I was going to email the company but it said my mail didn't send to them! What do I do?! I need help please and I don't know where to call the company cause I don't have the number

I'm going through this now, I can't find a contact number. How did you contact them?

8556035177. I just called them to cancel and get a refund on 2 charges on my account. They tried telling me it was a 14 day trial period and I could cancel when it was over I said no cancel it now and I want a full refund 100% or I will join in on the class action lawsuit he(john) said I can FL give you a 30% discount I said no it will be 100% or a lawsuit he said let me see what I can do he can do he came right back and said good news I can do 50% I said that's not good news because I said 100% or a lawsuit and i want an email confirmation. He put me on hold for about 3 minutes and while on hold I began to get cancellation emails and refund emails. He came back on and said he was able to get 100% and it would be back on my card in 3-5 days and I said it better be or I will be calling back and filing a lawsuit. He assured me it would be there

can I have the number you called? I noticed I have lost too much money on my account.. my bank statement just came in now and they have charged me $89.96 twice in a matter of 10 days I'm so angry at myself right now

I got hit by just that. It's not just weight loss formulas it's also wipe new products for headlights. and car cleaning products. Thankfully I got a refund on the weight loss one.

How did u get ahold of them?

I was refunded $357(estimate) I called my credit card company(capital one) and told them I didn't authorize any monthly payments and the advertisement said free trail only pay for shipping which was like 4.95 and I explained to her that it said nothing about if I don't cancel I'll have to pay 89.95 a month and I was crazy to order both products they were advertising so they got me for 89.95 and 88.95 for two months which totaled 357. Anyway my credit card lady called the company on three way and stayed on the phone and said just holler when I want her to jump in. First the metabochoice company told me the will issue me a 50% refund but I have to pay a restocking fee .. at first I was like okay just give me some of my money back then I went in and told them how they wrong for stealing from people money I told her if I would have known they were gonna charge 89.95 after the free trail I would have never signed up because I probably would have forgot to cancel and 89.95 is and outrageous monthly fee then I told her I'm reporting them to the BBB. She put me on hold and came back 2 minutes later like okay man we are going to issue you a full refund and we not not charging you a restocking fee and the products that are on the way that I can keep them and she said I'm going to cancel your membership. I gladly thanked her and said have a nice day...and yes my credit card lady made sure to get a conformation number from them and repeated her so you are refunded her for all 4 products in full and canceling the membership and that just made my day. I don't like people who has to deceive you to get money jot right, I hope everyone get their money back

I just did the same thing but I cancelled my card because my credit union was issueing me a new card so i wonder will i still be charged if my debit card is no longer active

What number did you call ???

I would like to no whst no.yuo used to get your money back from garcinia

Me too! I have been charged almost $200 for something that was supposed to be a free trial. I called to cancel it and they told me that the 15 days had passed. I told them because of the holidays I just received my order. They said that doesn't matter your 15 days starts from when you order the product. How is this legal and how is the company getting away with this? Is there anything I can do to get a full refund? They told me they will refund 25% which is nothing compared to what I paid. I haven't even opened the bottles and told them I will send them back. They said I can't do that. This has to be illegal. Who can I contact? Help!!!

You could contact the company again to say you want a refund, or contact your bank or credit card company and report the unauthorized charges. Please report your experience to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.


I am looking at talking to an attorney to file a Class action lawsuit against the company Health Vitality Group LLC who I did a trail for Active Garcinia.

OMG! A few weeks ago I ordered a free 30 day supply just pay for shipping $4.95 of garcinia slim and they also threw in the green coffee pills for free just for $2.95 shipping. That's it, that's all it said. NOTHING on their site said to cancel or be charged. I got one email that was super basic just showing who the charges would be from on my credit card, again nothing about cancelling. Today I check my bank and see 2 separate charges on it. One was from New Day Diet and the other said Plus Fitness and it was $87.47 & $89.31!! It's a rip off! I even looked up the stuff online that day and weighed the chance that it would work because it was everywhere I looked and no one said anything bad. After I got charged today I go and try to look them up and wouldn't u know it they can't be found anywhere nor could the deal I got, except by a different company claiming the same thing. It could be them I guess and they change their name every month to keep this scam up. My bank gave me a temporary refund and is listing it as fraud since I agreed to nothing they charged so I'll let them deal with it. I'm so stupid but it sounds as if I'm in good company here, lol.

Please report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. You can give information about the company, and it will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

This same thing has happened to me and I have no idea how to fix it. When I called the number on the bottle they were very rude and hateful. Not sure what to do.

The very same thing just happened to me! Exactly! I shop online a lot, because I am disabled and housebound and I hate having to ask my boyfriend to get and do everything for me. I always research any new product especially consumables and I also found rave reviews for garcinia camboa. I have never purchased a diet product of any kind and was able to loose 80 lbs on my own. That was 3 years ago and I have been unable to get rid of the last 25 or so lbs of pure belly fat:/ and figured this garcinia camboa is a natural supplement that may help
according to Wendy Williams Dr Oz and others according to multiple websites and reviews. I too read the fine print (terms and conditions) and saw nothing about any subscription or monthly billing. I live on a very tight fixed income being disabled and would never bother with a sample if it came with a monthly subscription bill of $89.97(prime time naturals) and never mind the additional $89.97 (ABC Perfect Health Plus) for some additional green coffee complete that I only bothered with due to the "deal" that was offered. When I went back to my email receipt I still was unable to find any mention of additional future charges
so I went through my Internet history and found https://  my-diet-offer. com it even has the secure site lock symbol before the address. I found the shady,tricky, scheming language there... By checking this box I certify that I am at least 18 years old and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and enrollment in a recurring billing system. That very last sentence after the links (that I did click on) for terms and conditions and privacy policy. When I searched the term recurring billing system schemes I was shocked to see that the first page of results was all advertising from companies promising to get you a "monthly revenue stream" with their proven systems. Followed by a page of ripoff reports and scam alerts pertaining to the very same scheme. How is this even legal and what ever happened to success through honest and transparent business practices?! 
Why is everyone so eager to scam poor people out of what little they have? If they would put half that effort into real honest business they would be rich without any shame. Doesn't anyone have any pride anymore? Shame on all of them! (and no I am not from a bygone era of mythicaly moral individuals I'm in my 30's). Now I am hoping to get my bank to help as according to their website help section they aren't fond of scammers either.

You can report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Did you get your money back from your bank?

This DEFINITELY worked for me! Please let everyone know your instruction works for FULL refund! Thank you-blessings from Texas!

Bianca you said that this instruction definitely worked for me...could you please pass those instructions to me? I am in dire straits here and need your solution. Thank you so much. Ronnie

Just dealt with the same thing from a company called Green Natutals. The deal was just pay shipping $4.95 for a 30 supply. When I first made the order they chArged me for two other products I didn't want. Then 2 weeks later I found a charge for $84.91. I called the number that appeared on the charge on my bank statement, which is just a 3rd Party Customer service. The first person I talked to refused to do anything and said I can either get 60% of the $84.92 I was charged or return the pills and pay a $19.95 restocking fee. SUCH A RIP OFF!! So then I called my bank and told them what happened and they filed an unauthorized transaction claim for me. I then called back the Customer service number and told them I filed an unauthorized claim with my bank. I also said I would report them to the BBB, and after a 10 min hold, the lady immediately refunded my money. I proceeded to scold the lAdy on how unethical this is and that they are stealing money from unwilling people. So to get your money back you have to threaten them with the BBB and they'll be shaking (the lady's voice was literally shaking when she told me she needed to get authorization to refund me)

Same thing just happened to me!! On the phone right now with my bank. They (Healthy Fitness 26632 Towne Centre Dr Suite Foothill Ranch CA 92610 844-902-1300) stole $93.99$ from me!!!!

This is EXACTLY what happened to me and when they realized they were on a 3-way call with Barkleys Bank they went for the refund pretty quick. I received refund and cancellation number. The next day there was a charge for $87.47 and I went thru the process al over again. Fortunately I was able to lay into them how they should be ashamed. This is what our country has come to. Why not? we have such honest role models in our Government...


Same thing happened to me. $87.14 at a time. Shameful company Fitness Super (phone) 844-965-3246

Did you find an answer on how to get ahold of them? I'm trying to figure out how to contact them other than some lame support email address

The number is on your credit card statement. Doesn't look like a phone # until you realize it is all run together with an area code. I'm fighting like hell but will probably have to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. Pisses me off!!!

Call your cc and file unauthorized transaction

The number to reach them is also on the bottom of the bottle in very small print. Trust me it takes forever to get through and when you finally do they will tell you your 14 day trial started the day you placed your order and by the time you receive the supposed 14 day free trial offer the 14 days is over and they have billed your credit card or if you use a virtual visa they will have taken the money from your account. Biggest bunch of scam artists around. When I finally got through they directed me to their web site where in very small print it states that you agree to be charged for the product 14 days after the order date not the received date. I got charged 260.00 for two little bottles on Friday August 19th 2016 and received the product today Tuesday Aug 23rd 2016. I explained this to the so called CUSTOMER SERVICE REP on the phone but they don't care. Only offered be a 50% refund and tried to talk me into keeping the auto ship portion. I am going to contact my bank and have these bogus charges reversed. I will never ever again order anything on line and certainly will never trust a free trial again.

These details would be useful in a complaint. Please report your experience to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

This same thing has happened to me as well! I just got off the phone with their customer service (what a joke) and was told that since I did not cancel within the 14 days 'from date of order' that she could only cancel future shipments.
I told her that I only agreed to their 'free trial' and only had to pay the shipping charges of $4.95, some small dollar amt.for trying the product. I did not read all the fine print (stupid me) which they are saying is where I agreed to receive the product on a monthly basis along with the mthly charge of $99.95.
I told rep. that I did not agree to this and that I wanted the charge credited back to my account. She refused! said she can only cancel future shipments. She said I could go back to their website and re-read the agreement. I told her I would but that I still want my money refunded, even more so since I have not even received product! She then informed me that it was back-ordered and it should be delivered today.I told her WOW ! your company did not inform me of this nor did they send an email to confirm my so-called ongoing order,etc.
I then requested again that my money be refunded and that I also want a confirming email or letter sent related to the fact that future orders have been cancelled I also said that I was not done with the issue of obtaining my refund and that I would be contacting the BBB and FTC,etc. Representative then hung up on me! Needless to say no refund and now I have to contest the charge thru my bank as fraud, Yea. These companies are SCAMMERS! and they purposely do not send anything to you via email or any other method to confirm your order! they DON'T WANT want too! You may come to your senses I have learned my lesson, and that old saying is true "BUYER BEWARE'!

These details would be helpful to law enforcement. 
Please report what happened to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The exact same thing happened to me!! I usually read reviews, but dud not on this company or their "free" sample. It is exactly as the claims made here. Said there was a 14 day trial period- I never saw that!! Found they were going to charge me $89.95 for a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia, which I can purchase at WalMart for $9.95. GNC wanted to rip me for $39.95, reduced from $49.95 ! Thanks GNC, the old reliable! Greed and scams is the status quota these days- total greed. The phone # for Health .. is 800-588-3149. I fought off the hard sell and refused to accept anything less than a total credit on my credit card, and I had to return the product - no problem!!

The 800 number you have listed is for the Garcinia and Green Coffee Complex ?

this happened to me as well i just tried that 30 days trial and i thought after purchasing them everything will be done but no, they charged me $121.00 so i called them with this no. 18882551750 and explained that i never signed up for any monthly charges so why am i being charged? they told me that it says on the "terms of agreements"im agreeing to this condition. but i insisted and told them i never read anything like that at all and they were only able to give me $50.00 back and thats it! i am never buying anything that says free because now i know for a fact that its a total fraud!

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. You can tell us what you saw in the ad, and what happened when you asked for a refund. This information can help law enforcement with investigations.

What number do you call to get help?

Who did u talk to for a refund? These people are full of crap

Please help me, how did u get ur refund because I'm facing the same thing.

I have seen these ads for everything from diet products to well, almost anything you want to buy. I've even filled out the information requested to the point of Credit Card info and that's where I stop. At this point I always kick myself and repeat my mother's words in my head "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is" and yet the next time I'm filling it all out again hoping against hope that there truly is SOMETHING out there that is really free. You deal with this type of thing a lot, please tell me, there's nothing free out there, right?

I was burned years ago by one of these offers. I am glad that you all are looking into this; especially because these company's are stealing from the consumers.

This scam runs rampant in news pspers, magazines and definitely TV. Why arent there laws to stop this and punishments dolled out? If there are laws they should be published more often to keep innocent, including the elderly, from this deception.

Your credit card company cannot help you either as the fine print is worded so they are able to get away with the scam over and over. You can cancel with them but are out the $79.95 that they have already billed you. It is very deceptive. However, a high price to pay to be affirmed that online ordering has just become too unsafe anymore.

I saw an ad about weight loss tablets that said," pay only shipping and handling fee for free weight loss tablets. They were advertised by people from TV so I thought I'd try them. Well a month later I got more with money taken out of my account. It was with Global Resources Products

I got hit by the same thing. I was in the hospital when they took the money out so needless to say this company called Natural Green Cleanse scam me also. I never saw where they could take money out of my account but my bank said it did. I'm so darn upset that this stuff is allowed to go on even when the bank is made aware that this is a scam. I'm done with ordering online now.

Right on target. I got stung with a similar add for natural sleeping pills. Took 3 months and Citi Cards to extricate me from the clever trap set by the seller. They use lawyers to take advantage of any loop whole or questionable areas of law to set you up. Glad to see our federal Govenment is involved. People need protection.

very helpful and on time, as usual. Congrats and THANK YOU

this is stupid

What is stupid?, the article or the blog. You need to re-evaluate and heed advice that is very sensible!

Ditto. I am a college educated, retired computer professional. Although I regularly read new articles about current scams going around, I have been "bit" a few times, and feel totally embarrassed.

Some of these FTC blogs might sound so obvious, but as another scam targeted consumer, I believe you can never be reminded too much about the electronic dangers we all face in this modern age.

I appreciate the FTC taking time out to publish consumer friendly blogs to help educate us all. The more we are all educated, hopefully the less $$$ the bad guys will scam from innocent consumers.

Wait till you get burned by one of these scams then we'll see if you still think they're stupid.

Call your credit card company. Tell them about the fraudulent charges . They will investigate and not hold you liable . Then tell them to change your account number. You can't be billed anymore.

Beware of credit karma.com. All they want is your credit card number or debit card number. I still havn't received my "FREE" credit report. I've complained several times to no avail. Thank You.

You don't enter a debit or credit card number on Credit Karma and the credit report is instant, nothing is sent to you. Sorry, it seems you didn't use the real Credit Karma.

i never had to give credit karma my credit card number. are you not able to print your credit report from online. any problems with being billed illegally contact the bbb in that state, the attorney general consumer fraud and your bank. most of the time the banks and credit card companies will return your money. my advice for people is to realize you get nothing for free, and most of these companies bill you later, so don't order the products no matter how great they sound.

You can't blame Dr Oz, he tells you right on his show that people are using his name when it is not him. If you want to know what he recommends, you need to go to his website.

I have read the above statements about the free coffeebean,face cream etc. It's called double -pilling by some actors in Hollywood. I always read the terms before I try something free. They say 30 day trial and it ends 14 days and starts the day of order and if you don't cancel before the 14 days and get the unused product back within so many days they charge your credit card. Now I can imagine all the women who don't read the terms, and bingo can't get their money back. Also, my complaint added to the above one is Dr. OZ said he was going to take his name back, because it was loosely being used to push product. Well he himself is pushing the PROUDUCTS, I just wonder how he sleeps at night an what kick back he gets. Even T.V. reporters interviews Hollywood gals and they stand behind the products. STOP the SCAMS this is an urgent matter, for all who fall for it. TOWORDS COMSUMERS!!! or at least tell them to READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PRIOR to ORDER. Dr.OZ is on T.V. and in print everywhere. Thank you so kindly of reading a double complaint from someone who wants justice for the Consumers. And thier money from being taken away until they fight to the ends of true justice. Of course thier is always something fishy behind FRE FREE!!!

I just went through the same experience with a "free trial". However, I did read the terms and conditions. But, I found a new twist. I tried to contact customer service to cancel on the 12th day. It rings and rings. I put it on speaker and it says you can leave your number & someone would call you back. I kept holding until it no longer gave me the option and said to leave your number. Big surprise, no one called back. This scenario happened four more times, I never got a call back and gave up. Of course, I got charged. I got a different phone # from my bank (one associated w/the charge) and surprisingly I got a live person. I told him how many times I tried to cancel and had phone records to back it up. We haggled and he was "authorized" to give me 30% credit. Haggling went on--it went to 50% and then 75%. When I said I planned to contact FTC, he gave me 100%. Do not order from Metabo Green Coffee Cleanse! You won't be able to cancel!

Well you were able to cancel weren't you? you got your money back right?

Sounds to me that cancelling was nearly impossible this time. How many others were never able to cancel? The laws need to be changed to favor the consumer and stop these automatic re-ups.

you must work for the bunch or somethin g because you are the very first comment I have seen and have nearly read them all that has taken up for them so you are in the scam someway for sure their mel?

Same thing happened to me. I cancelled my credit card first, had them issue a new one and new account number. I read about it after the fact and was able to at least stop further charges from occurring. I then called to cancel and they told me I had to wait until January 18th to cancel. I'm going to mail back pills certified and I'm going to call on the 16th to tell them I did that and to tell them I am cancelling all. I will also mention bbb as well but thankfully they won't have my new cc # or acct # to run it anymore. I suggest everyone do that and maybe they will stop the scam. Cards get lost every day;)

I have recently had the free trial offer, which said nothing about the auto billing but after 10 days you have to cancel-nothing given about that. The product is AuraVie - skin care products- said I would only be charged for free shipping and handling, then charged $97.88.
Has anyone had success getting their Credit Card company to reverse the charge or allowing you to dispute the transaction? If you have please add a comment.

The FTC has tips to help you reverse fraudulent credit card charges.

pat the best thing you can do is what I just did and cancel your credit card and have them issue you a new one? should have it in 7 day's is what I was told so they will be no more charges on my card and I want do this crap again you can take that to the bank also they only got less than 10.00 dollars off me but I didn't take a chance for them to bill me again I have cancelled before they could is the only reason i can tell you that

Actually the best thing to do is call them and tell then you are gonna call the attorney general then there probably gonna offer you 30 than 50 just decline then and say you want 100 percent of your money out your going to call attorney general trust me I use to work for a call center like this and remember don't take it out in the agents there just don't there job and earning a living

My complaint is much the same, 'VYDOX' is free for only a
small (less than $5) fee. They have your credit card number and started billing me for $90.00/month. Tried to
call the company, no phone number. Went to my bank to tell them I did not approve of it and don't allow it any
more. (That company got $180.00). The bank looked up the
phone number for the company. I called them, They said if I had returned the unused product within 14 days that they
would have refunded my money. How are you going to try it
for free and they bill you $90 a month? I am turning in a
complaint with the FTC TODAY.... BUYER BEWARE OF 'FREE'
pills, etc. PS. THEY DID NOT EVEN WORK...

I just had the same thing happen to me with the Green Theory Garcinia Cambogia. The add said "free 30 day trial" so of course i assumed that i would be able to use the product for the full 30 days and after that if it worked perfect maybe ill order another month worth, and if i didnt now i know what doesn't work. Well i woke up and check my bank account and i was charged for 71.95! I called my bank and had them cancel my card because i thought i was hacked by someone in california! I went to the bank and they told me to call the number listed to see what is going on. So i did. They informed me that if i did not want to get charged for the mo th or be continually charged every month following i should have sent the pills in after 14 days. I of course cancelled the billing because the product did not work for me. I then called them back telling them that their add said a free 30 day trail and i should not be getting charged, their customer service rep then proceeded to tell me i was wrong and they dont give their stuff out for free. After about 5 minutes of going back and forth she hung up on me! NEVER USE GREEN THEORY GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. Dr.Oz even approved this one and is getting heat for everyone getting scammed by them! Remember nothing is ever free!!

I just recently called the Garcinia Cambrogia outfit and 4 different people hung up on me (one had said I was black listed) since I had called my financial institution when I saw one charge for almost $80 on my bill, then another bottle was shipped out without my knowing it, and sure enough they charged another $80 on my credit card. It is cancelled now, but being hung up 4 times and their not willing to take the 2nd bottle back, I'm out over $160 + the 4.95 shipping...which they say was printed on my receipt, not so, I would never had agreed to a bottle of 60 pills for 80.00...no way, and if the fine print said that, they made the fine print so small no human being could ever read it. I'm retired, no extra income and did not take but 12 pills of the original bottle sent me, had surgery so had to stop all vitamins etc. beforehand. Thus, nothing worked for me. I'm out the money, they're off the hook because they told my credit card company that I agreed to this nonsense...NOT. Any suggestions, as they refused to talk to me on the phone -what are my options?

Here's information from the FTC’s "Free" Trial Offers:  If you see charges you didn't agree to, contact the company directly to sort out the situation. If that doesn't work, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't actively order the additional merchandise. If you've been wrongly charged for a free trial offer, report it to the FTC. You also can contact your local consumer protection agency, and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I purchased Perfect Age anti-wrinkle cream and Beauty Labs instant wrinkle reducer. I was told that both products had to be used in order to achieve the best result. The terms indicated that there would only be a nominal shipping charge. If, at the end of the 14 day trial period I changed my mind about the product, I should call within this period. If not, I would be charged the full price of $87.63 for Beauty Labs and $87.63 for Perfect Age. I cancelled within the 14 days, and Perfect Age said they would remove my name and I would not receive or be charged an additional amount. Beauty Lab, whose terms and condition were the same as for Perfect Age, said I would have to return the remainder of the product and will be charged $87.63. When I complained, I was told I would be given a $40 discount if I return the product. I returned the product and, of course, they charged me the balance. Don't get suckered into this as I did. The products don't work. It's deceptive because, as the creams dry, they tend to tighten the skin. It looks o.k. for a few minutes, then the wrinkles and sag return. Of course, after you wash your face, it's back to the ole wrinkles.

Jan 3rd So I ordered my "free Bottles" from Green Theory of the garcinia and a cleanse, liked the cleanse so ordered a bottle then looking at my bank I notice I was charged $170ish when I called they said it stated that it was only a 14 day trial! then you would be charged. So went back to the site and did see way below where it said to order you "Free" bottles that is was a 14 day trial and then you would be charged, I did notice that no where did it say the amount. I called them back and said that ok my bad for not reading the whole page but that they knew nobody did read that. I was told that it wasn't their responsibility but mine. and was informed that it also stated that in a small paragraph at the ck out. Funny how they put the "free" in large bold print but that it is going to cost in small print! Beware!!!! Go to Walmart and get the same thing with better results for $13 a bottle. I was told that it only worked better because it wasn't 100% natural. but the bottle I bought there states no fillers and works better. ok done with my rant:)

How do you contact these people to get these charges taken off??? I checked my CC and it was charge $89.00 instead of the $3.95?? What a scam.

Here's information from the FTC’s "Free" Trial Offers:  If you see charges you didn't agree to, contact the company directly to sort out the situation. If that doesn't work, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't actively order the additional merchandise. If you've been wrongly charged for a free trial offer, report it to the FTC. You also can contact your local consumer protection agency, and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I just got ripped off by GREEN GARCINIA PRO and NOX FACTOR with this FREE trial bull.

I couldn't return the product with in the 14 days as it took 10-12 days to get to me so I was charged $120 by each company.

I have made a complaint with the FTC and cancelled my credit card and will be asking the bank to reverse the charges

Others beware of these two fraud deals.

I recently did the same thing with Monticeto Skin care, after I had already entered my card number, I got out the magnifying glass and read the fine print which said I had 14 days to try it and every 30 days after the trial I would be billed 99,00 for another month's supply. It was so small I could not see it without a magnifying glass. Within 5 minutes I called the number listed and the number was an Engineering Co. in Californiat. I did get a person and told him it had only been five minutes and I wanted to cancel my order. He told me I would have to pay 38.00 dollars anyway, he was not able to cancel it. I became livid because I realized what had happened, and I screamed at him and told him to cancel it and if he didn't I would call my bank and cancel my card. He finally conceeded and said goodbye. A few days later I got the product in the mail and I called them and told them I had already cancelled and that I was not going to pay for something I didn't want, they again told me I had to pay 38.00 dollars anyway, whether I returned it or not. I again became livid and hung up on her. Today is the second month and I saw the charge for shipping on my account and immediately called the bank and cancelled my card. So that is the final solution, and now they can't charge me. I will never fall for this kind of scam ever again. Don't order from Monticeto Skin Care.

Were they able to still charge your account after you cancelled your card? I ordered a free trial only to find out several "scam" things about the ascend garcinia, so I called to cancel and they told me I could not cancel because it was already shipped out and I didn't even have the product. I immediately called my bank and cancelled my card and ordered a new card number to be issued. My "trial" is almost up and I have a new card number which they don't have. But still wondering if they will be able to charge me. They are not allowing me to cancel.

The same thing happened to me today. I should've known better. Skin care regimen called Royal Serum. Free trial. There was no mention of the 14 days return on this website. The company claimed that it was Christie Brinkley's new skin care regimen. Well that wasn't true, because right after I placed the order I checked online and her skin care regiment is a different name. The advertisement disappeared from Facebook. I had no receipt via email. I called my credit card co and told him to block my credit card. I also got phone numbers from the credit card company that were with the pending charges. I called this afternoon said I wanted to cancel. The girl said it's too late shipments ready to go out. She did however cancel automatic shipments but only on one of the products. I called the other number and I got a lady that really knew her stuff. Got a total refund. I asked her to email me all this information. I took good notes and got the cancellation numbers for the credit card company. I got the lady's name and the call center that she works out of. I think she was a supervisor. Lesson learned .

Coffee pure supreme and garcinia combodia pure extract from Neutron Diet got me! They charged me a total of over $240 until I checked my credit card activities to find out. I called these two fraud businesses to complain that I didn't allow these transactions. They told me that I should have read their terms and conditions. My argument was that even if they are going to charge me as their terms and conditions, they should have called or sent me email to confirm the charge. Dishonesty is on their part.
After unable to talk to these businesses, I contacted my CC company to dispute these charges. At the same time, I will report this kind of practice from Coffee Pure Supreme and Garcinia Cambodia Pure Extract by Neutron Diet to the Better Business Bureau.

I have been in a dispute with METABOGREENCOFFEE for months. Returned my free trial and the 2more items they sent after canceling and they billed me after I cancelled. Doesn't anybody go to jail anymore??????

If you were billed for merchandise you returned, you can contact your credit card company to dispute the charge.
First, please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint so it becomes part of the FTC database that investigators use. Find out how to dispute credit card charges in this FTC article. You can dispute items yourself, you don't have to pay someone to do it.

This is terrible, these people think they can get away with this. I ordered the metabo garcinia and green coffee cleanse and that was around 14 days ago. Thank god for Google wallet. Little did they know I used my prepaid Google wallet debit card for the transaction so since there was no money on the card, it didn't go through when the charged me 180 dollars for the two bottles.I am happy that I did it like this because I easily canceled my card and have a new one on the way.

So, then why not just by a gift card for the set amount, so they can't charge anymore?

I ordered the two weight loss products and received two face creams instead. Thank goodness my bank caught the large charges about go come through and cancelled my card. I'm an idiot. Thinking Dr. Zoo approved them and now they are trying to charge me and send all kind of stuff. Wow!

Their scam is actually written into their Terms of Service. Thing is they are being misleading to the consumer in the up front information. "Free trial" means what it says it means, "Free trial". You got to try it for free then you will be billed the full price if you did not return it within 14 days.

Due to it being written in plain English in their Terms of Service, there's no legal dispute and you need to just eat the charges. Worse of all, if you don't contact them they will keep you on the subscription, and have your card stopped, they will continue to add up your bill which will eventually lead to a legal dispute between you and them.

They are manipulating a broken legal system to screw people out of money. US Law SHOULD require companies to be specific and more up front with how they are screwing people but as long as it's written 'somewhere', they can do whatever they want.

I recently had an exact problem happen to me through AW*gcoffer.com Trafalgar Squ. I had done a "free" trial & they only charged a processing and handling fee of 4.99. I then saw later I was charged $119 & went about with filling out an "unauthorized charge" paper to get a dispute. The bank says they can't do anything because it probably said to return after a certain amount of days, although I don't remember reading anything like that. I'm not sure how to go about it anymore due to the bank saying they can't help. I tried looking the website up & I don't have the product on me right now to look it up either. I have no phone number & no way of contacting whoever pulled the money from my account. Any advice?

Hi there!! I just signed up for a free trial for garcinia Cambogia pill, stupid decision on my part.. I noticed in my email after my order was placed for one charge of 4,95$ and soon after an other item that I never wanted for 5.95$. My gut feeling told me something wasn't ok. I called the toll free number in the email a knew right away it was a scam. Right after that call, I contacted my credit card company and cancelled my credit card. My advise to everyone is too cancel your credit card and refuse future orders. Good luck

This company is a scam!!!!!!! They say 14 day trial, by time it gets shipped to you its 5-7 days and then they charge you for the product which was supposed to be a free trial! $89.95 per bottle! in order to get your money back you need to send back the entire bottle! LOL! What a joke

If you know of a scam, please report it to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Did you get any money back? They didn't want my second bottle which was not even opened and I had 48 pills left unused in the first bottle. Are they off the hook for a total of over $160.00? I'd like us to really bombard this outfit with our comments and see if it might get some attention!!! I've posted my comments in another post so you can read it.

If you want law enforcement to know about your complaint, go to FTC.gov/complaint and report what happened. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

was wanting to know if someone will tell me will after they have refunded my money on my card and have an e-mail saying the account is closed will they or do they the next month charge your card again I would just cancel it and might just go ahead and do it but I have several things taken out every month it would be a hastle but wouldn't be nothing like this if they keep on charging your card this it has only been about 2 weeks now since the refund and suppossedly closed account

Watch out for Bella Fleur Skin Cream! I paid $4.95 for a FREE SAMPLE of the anti-wrinkle cream, and they used my CC number to send me another jar of the stuff, charging me almost $200 for the total of 2 jars! There was nothing on the web about signing up to receive this stuff every month, and I had a hellava time getting the account cancelled. You better believe I will NEVER, EVER sign up for a free anything again! Those two jars cost me over $80! And I am sending the second one back. What a horrible way to get people's money! The stuff is no better than anything I have ever used. DON'T DO IT!

You can file a complaint about this with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I just ordered a free trial from Garcinia. 15 days after, I get a credit card billing of $84.00. WHAT!!!I called and they said I did not cancel before the 15 days. It said FREE - and what is the definition of FREE? You should not own anybody except for the shipping the you signed up for. Nothing was said in the initial application that we have to call within 15 days to cancel. All these fine prints should be up front before we push that button in our computer. Also, nothing was signed that our credit card will be automatically charged after for re-orders. I still am trying to get my money back.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I was a victim of this scam. I felt so stupid for falling for it because once it happened and I researched it, it seemed everyone knew it was a scam. I ordered green coffee and garcinia combogia diet pills. It was $3.95 shipping for both and I though that was it. Two weeks later, they charged my $177. I was like what the hell?? So I researched it and found that it was a scam. I spent a half hour looking for the phone number of these people and eventually found it on my bank account statement. I called them and waited like ten minutes to talk to an actual person. When I did, it was some Indian guy, which led me to believe that this company isn't even based out of the U.S. I explained my situation to him and he told me "We will cancel your account and not charge you further." Well, I got very angry and was like "Don't you dare cancel my account until you refund me for things that I did not authorize." We were fighting (mostly me yelling and this guy and him saying yes ma'am) for about twenty minutes until he said that he would give me a full refund. I made sure that he sent me an email saying this, and that my account would be cancelled, so I had it in writing. I also will be going to my bank to explain the situation and make sure that if that company ever tries to take money out again that it will be denied. Moral of the story: Research before you buy!! I felt so stupid and it's likely that a lot of people don't get their money back. Be careful!

Can someone tell me the contact info for these morons my sister ordered this product via my bank card and over drafted my account I need to speak to someone she claims no paperwork came with pills. Not happy. Anyone have a phone number?

The press release about the FTC action has more information about the group of marketers the FTC sued.

Got scammed......free trial not true....got charged two times, one for 49.95 and 93.57. Right away called my credit card company, and he got on it right away.... Come to find out this happens all the time... Plus was on hold for 2 hour... That was upsetting

Scammed by Metabo. Paid shipping for a "free trial". 14 days later two charges of $89.00 appeared on my credit card. I called to complain and was offered a 30% credit. Disputed the charge with my credit card company. This company should be shut down!!!

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Here is a warning. Do not purchase anything or any product from Metabo Garcinia or Metabo Green Coffee Cleanse. They are scammers. I ordered the trial products of each bottle for a shipping charge. There was nothing on the site that said they would auto ship. A month later they re charged me and took the money out of my credit card. I tried numerous times to call the number on the bottle and numbers listed on both websites and kept a log of each call...Never did anyone ever pick up the phone. I held on hold once with music playing and a automated voice saying your call is important to us...please stay on the line...and no one ever answers the phone ever. I finally went back thru my emails and found the email from them when I originally purchased the product and emailed them. Got an answer and they wanted they told me they would send me a courtesy refund of 50% within 2 to 5 business days. I didn't see any money go into my account....emailed them again. They give me some bs story that I did not let them know I would agree to that 50 percent refund....lmao. Are you freaking kidding me. Their email to me never stated I needed to contact them again to proceed with 1/2 of a refund. I am totally livid. Every one beware. I am going to make sure this gets out on blogs all over the internet. Im furious!

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.
You also may find help information in our consumer article, Disputing Credit Card Charges.

I am in the UK and this is happening EVERY day by these scammers and nothing is being done! The offer is for UK residents only but they are being conducted from the USA and products come via Cyprus - these people need to be stopped, they are causing misery all over the USA and UK and I wonder where else ? Maybe they have a Global income because they use and change many of the companies names - In the UK I have found 13 up until now and only started investigating seriously this morning ! Why are our Trading Standards in both our countries dragging their feet? I can trace all these complaints back to 2013.. It has even been highlighted in our UK Watchdog apparently. Please Trading Standards help protect your consumers ! I thought that was why these bodies were introduced in the first place.

I cancelled my Debit card Browning Solutions,Inc green coffee and garcinia cambogia.They called I told them I had developed a digestive problem had not opened the package and will mail it back at my own expense. They hung up on me immediately charged my card and mailed another one.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

I signed up for a diet pill and I'm havingredients trouble getting ahold of the company I went through. My card has been canceled but how am I sure I still won't be charged.

You see free with postage. Next your charge $79.95 and when you call them they claim you clicked on agreement. I know better than to check a box without reading first. They refunded half back but I want all refunded. Should I call credit card co or report them??

If you are charged without your permission, contact the company If the company will not fix the problem, you can call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you did not agree to the charge.
If a company charged you without your permission, you can  report it to the FTC. If the company gives you a refund of half your money, or all your money, you can tell the FTC in your complaint.

Call company back until you get a old woman. I cried a lot and got everything back except $25.

I got charged with almost $400 worth of charges plus over draft fees from my bank. I had to call the tiny print phone # on each bottle to only get 35% of my money back and wait for my bank to dispute each case to try to get the rest of my money back. I even offered to send the unopened product back and they didn't want it back! I'm disabled i can't afford over half my check going to these ppl! So out of almost $400 I'll be getting $116 back! Hopefully my bank will get the rest.. No longer will i buy anything on line! O and don't forget to cancel your subscription or they will continue to charge you, i didn't know i was signing up for a subscription, just a trial offer...how very wrong i was. Get your confirmation number and if they give you a problem mention your bank will be looking into it, they change their tune real quick! Good luck

Please DO NOT participate in the "free" trial. They will bill you for the total amount of the ORIGINAL product you were sent for shipping charges only. They will claim that you were "told" it was just a 14-day trial and you would have had to cancel before then to not be charged the remainder of their normal cost (I did not have any such information on anything I filled out or was sent). You will be placed on an autopay program which will automatically send out new bottles of the pills each month and you will continue to be billed the full cost. I called to complain and get a refund. They refused and would not put on a supervisor. I told them their program was a bait and switch and that they were thieves. I hung up and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission since the "parent" company (Volcan Health or VL Health) is not registered with the BBB (surprise!) and I'm also trying to follow up with my Attorney General and the local Consumer Protection Agency.

I have been the victim of the same scam. You mentioned some things that you did as a follow-up. What process did you use, who did you talk to, and how did that go?

Same thing here... thought I would get a trial for my wife who is struggling with losing some weight and saw the "celebrity endorsements" so figured I would give it a shot. When I placed order my card notified me of possible fraud because there were 2 charges attempted - I only authorized 1 charge and a sample bottle arrived. I didn't see anything in offer about having to cancel within 15 days and today saw a charge of 89.98 which was 14 days after the first.
I called my credit card company, Chase Bank and they are refunding that charge and blocking that company from any further charges. I replied to the email confirmation indicating I reported fraud and someone replied they would cancel my subscription and no further charges would occur. He then went on to inform me of their terms and that by reporting fraud I was breaking the terms I agreed to.
I still only have the first (unopened as of yet) bottle so if anything else arrives I am returning everything and nothing more should happen. I should have known better than to try a "free" offer. I guess if they pursue anything I can look into whether those celebrities actually endorsed their products or if they lied about that. The bait-and-switch they are trying has to be illegal.

Please report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The messages you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I ordered some Forskolin extract and am not sure who through (Dr Oz ad) I received no product and have payments taken from bank, all that shows up on my statement is "healthsupplement pro" and I don't know how to track them down...

This FTC article tells what you can do if you were billed for something but never got it. It explains your rights when you shop by mail, phone or online.

Yes, this is happening all over US and UK, tens of thousands of people affected. They change the names of the products continually. Another face cream is Dermarez. Same container. Eye serum and anti wrinkle cream.

In the Terms and Conditions agreement it did state that after 14 days they would charge my credit card the full amount for both bottles (being around $190 for both). I made sure to read it because last time I got myself into a "free trial" offer the company started taking monthly payments from my card without me even knowing, so now I am careful to actually read what I am agreeing to. I ordered the Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Cleanse bottles 2 days ago, and I just called customer service to cancel any further payments charged to my credit card. The man I talked to was very persistent in trying to make me try the pills before I cancel with them and saying that he will keep my information (including card info) until I call again...something along those lines. I had to firmly say "NO. I do NOT want that. PLEASE remove me from any further payments", at least 3 or 4 times until he finally gave in. So make sure to call and cancel before 14 days since your first purchase are up, and to be VERY bold with customer service.

After checking my credit card balance I found 2 charges. One for 99.99 and the other for 95.99. I did order the Skinny Garcinia "free trial" but did not cancel within the 14 day time frame. This was not from lack of trying. I called the number from my cc statement and couldn't get through prior to the 14 day expiration date. Finally I get the bottle, do some online research and find a different number. First person I spoke to stated that I knew the terms & conditions but as a courtesy would refund 35% of my money and send me an online gift card to use which I had to use within an hour of getting it. I declined that right off stating that I would take my chances by disputing the charges. After several hours I decided to call again. This person started with the same scripted crap as the first person but offered my a 50% refund. After politely interrupting her I explained that I was not going to accept anything but a full refund to my credit card. If they choose not to refund it then I would dispute the charges then file a complaint with the FTC and BBB. She kept asking if I had disputed the charges yet. Can't dispute the charges while they are in a "pending" status but I assured her that I was going to as soon as they posted to my account then I would file the FTC complaint. After being put on hold she talks to her supervisor. Low and behold they are giving me a full refund. Couple tips....1)Get the name of the customer service rep and be nice to them. After all, they are just doing their job trying to make a living 2)get cancellation confirmation numbers for each item "subscribed" to 3)get refund confirmation numbers for your credits back to your cc.

I also noted the time I called. I guess I feel lucky that I'm getting the full refund but a little foolish I even did the "free trial". It's all a bait and switch scam.

Hope my post helps others.

I just called and canceled mine !! They took out 94.15 !!! I'm so glad I caught it when I did !! Like I have car payment and everything else

Just went through same thing. Garcinia burn.. They refused to give me back my almost 80.00 and I did cancel. What a scam..this is one old lady who lost money I could not afford to lose. I'm on social sercurity and they took my last doller out ofy bank .

Call them back tell them you're going to call the Better Business Bureau and the federal trade commission and the manager of your banking institution. it worked for me

I am so LIVID!! I checked my balance on my debit card and see a charge for this also, I called them up after googling and finding you nice people and read some comments and I they told me the same thing how I ordered the 4.95 free sample and pay just the shipping. the lady says because I did not cancel or return the unused portion they charged me 87.95! I told her I was going to be getting in touch with the FTC and file a complaint, she put me on hold and came back with a transaction number and said they will refund my money. How can these people get away with such deception? No where did it say on the website I would be charged no where! Grrrr I am still fuming!

Thank you for sharing this information. You can still report the company to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I ordered a "free" 30 day trial. When I got the bottle it said 14 day supply. Nothing about 14 day free trial. On day 15, thinking I still had a couple of weeks to cancel, I called #'s given to me. I cancelled. Well, on that same day, they also charged my credit card. I could not get my money back after filing with my bank. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!

I ordered a free trial of a face team from Facebook, at $4.95 just to try the cream. Signed nothing , never sent or read anything that these people would actually scam me out of $200 on my credit card. They had the nerve to claim I had signed that I had read the disclosure.......wrong ! I read everything, and this was not disclosed. The company also said I signed up for monthly delivery of this smelly cream . NOT! They offered to refund me if I sent it back to them, but didn't use it because it had an unpleasant odor. Hoping my wonderful credit card company (Citibank) can deal with these thieves.......

I ordered it on Facebook two weeks later they charge my card 89.00 and 88.00 they said no refund you signed up for this. after a while they are giving back half if i didn't call back in so i disputed it with my bank for unauthorized charges, they also over drew my account so now 68.00 of that to deal with . DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ,SO WRONG

Thank you. I was wondering about that because every ite I have sen that says free trial is not actualy free. they always have an S/H chargeand any time there is a charge for any reason the ite is not free. Free means absolutely no charge for any reason.

if a trial doesnt say risk free or isnt asking for your debit or credit info it isnt free

I also experience this kind of situation recently, I ordered online for Garcinia Cambodia and after 15 days, I just notice in my CC that I was been charged twice for a product that I did not approve. I only purchase a free trial bottle for only $4.95, but the CC lady told me that I have received two different product which is the green coffee & garcinia... So I called up the toll no. that is attached to the email, I ask one of the representatives to give me a full refund for the two products but what she offer me is only a 35% refund, So since I really don't know what to do,, I decided to accept the offer instead of not getting any penny from them.. My advice to everyone is never trusted to free trial offer, who knows it might be a SCAM. Regards Karl

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I just went through the exact same thing! First got charged $4.95 shipping each for 2 different cream (which I did sign up for), but nowhere on the ad did it say anything about canceling after 14 days! Two new charges of $95 each showed up after 2 weeks. I did some research on the web at that point and found this article, which was really helpful on how to deal with the situation.
I call the number that showed up on the credit card statement and got through after a few tries. The rep I talked to kept insisting that they are a trial product and I should have known they would charge me a monthly fee if not canceled within 14 days. I was really firm and insisted that they were charging me fraudulently and without my consent. I wanted a full refund and will be reporting them to the FTC if they don't agree to my demands.
The rep then put me on hold and transferred me to a supervisor. At this point, the supervisor first tried to give me a 30% life-time discount on future products, which I declined. Then she offered 65% refund... then 75% refund... then 100% refund but will charge me $9.99 restocking fee. At each point I firmly declined and insisted on a full refund with no fees. I told her that they were in the wrong for fraudulently charging my credit card without consent.
That they had not sent me any confirmation emails or communications, and there was no way for me to cancel even if I had known. I said on principle I refuse to pay any money for their wrong doing and I wanted all my money back! Finally she agreed to refund my money 100% and I wouldn't have to pay any restocking fee. I made sure that any future orders were canceled and got a confirmation number from her. So far one product has been refunded and I am still waiting for the other refund to post to my account. I then called my bank and notified them of the situation. The bank rep told me to call her back if the second refund does not post within a week, and they will take care of it then. I plan on canceling the card after the refund posts just to avoid any future charges... because with these scammers you just never know.

i am a victim of this, too :( this is so evil!! can someone please give me the company's toll number please??? i deleted their email already and i can't find their contact number anymore :( please help

Number if from an email I received from them. It does work as of today. Be belligerant if necessary. Do not let them hang up...they will try to cut off your call. Said NO more times in 40 minutes than I have in a year. Good luck. (844) 252-8201

Unfortunately, I got caught on this scam and am embarrassed as I know better. I realized something was off when I got an email confirming the green coffee but not the original product. I called them back and after 30 minutes of screaming at the 'agent', threatening legal action, demands for supervisor, and scathing social media....I finally got a cancellation number from them and the agent ID. Whether any of it is legit for the cancel, time will tell but I'll be watching my account like a hawk. The 'agent' was persistent but stick to our guns. Keep any emails, note times called and name of person speaking. How could I be so dumb! Duh. Good luck to us all.

I purchased the "free trial" for $4.95. I want to cancel my account and return the second bottle. The phone numbers I have called have no record of product or my account. How can they charge me if they cannot find my account?

I got snagged by this company also. I was also embarrassed, LP, by getting sucked in. I'm on the phone with them now - 800-637-1092, the distributor. Hawksburry Group, Inc. It was on the bottle.
I've been offered 35% discount for one month - now being connected to supervisor. I said I could not cancel because there was no information listed anywhere for customer service or cancellation. I had to research the internet to locate one, and finally called a number in small print at the bottom of an unopened bottle.
They said they can't accept returns, but I'm putting "Refused" on the bag and dropping them in the mail anyway. I was told it won't do any good to call the bank because they'll just dispute the charges and will lose (my words) - -- The saga continues. I was put on the phone with a man (Deondre H) who said I had called the wrong number, this was a skin care product. After back and forth debating, he accused me of calling him a liar (when he told me the agreement was for 30-day supply, with a 4 day processing and 10 day free trial period) I said, "You and I both know that's misleading". (In truth, it's fraudulent.)
He reminded me several times the call is being recorded and repeatedly told me I was accusing him of being a liar. I reminded him that I never used that word, nor implied it, and only he had said it. Long/short. I hung up, saying I'll call someone else. I will receive a refund for 2 bottles. I couldn't get far enough to discuss more. I have NEVER been treated more disrespectfully by any customer service representative anywhere. It feels like I may even have a legal case. In fact, considering all of us on this site, we might have a case for a class action suit. I think they try to make the customer angry on purpose. I know one thing - I'm copying what I'm writing you and forwarding it to the FTC and whomever else I can think of. My son is an attorney, and my bank will love to hear about this. The service reps are not allowed to give their last name, I'm told. I just wonder if he spelled his first name correctly.

One more thing: I was not given a cancellation confirmation number.

Follow-up: I received an e-mail today offering me a 75% discount on the previous merchandise. I told them I would consider it. After consideration, this is what I replied: "I would like a 100% refund, which covers both the product and my time and trouble. 75% is not sufficient.
By the way, I am sure you understand that 14 days is not sufficient time to try out a 30 day product and determine its effectiveness."

In a short time, I received a reply giving me a full 100% refund. I've already received confirmation of refunds of both products (Garcinia and Green Coffee). $89.00 for one, $88.00 for the other. I let it go that that doesn't include shipping, if any. According to my calculations, my bank should be credited $708.00 (can you believe it!) within 5-7 business days. I am watching this carefully.

I believe they responded because I CC'd both my attorney and bank. I'm sure a class action lawsuit will be filed, probably soon.

Please file a formal report with the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. You have a wealth of detail to provide. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I am another victim of this so called "free" trial. I ended up paying $144.98CDN + $145.53CDN = $290.51CDN for a bottle of both the cam & coffee beans. Needless to say, I am one pissed off customer. When I called, they agreed to reduce $46.97USD big deal! I also called my bank to see if this could be voided. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it. They did inform me that they have seen a lot of these charges. Please spread the word and take every opportunity to inform future victims. That is about all we can do.

Go through your credit card company dispute center.

I, too, got the "free" trials of empire garcinia and green coffee bean pills. I was not aware that they had to be notified within 14 days of shipping for these products to be free. I am now in receipt of 2 credit card charges for $93.59 and $93.95 from fithlt and lovebty. I have disputed these charges with my credit card company. I also called the scammers to no avail. What an underhanded way to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Any suggestions if my bank fails to resolve this issue?

Same thing happened to me, the lady was so rude when I called. This is the number (888) 930-0942 I filed a claim for my bank said that I never authorized it and all that I'm hoping they fix it if they don't I'm just gonna callback to the place and give them hell

Another victim! My credit card company is dealing with them now. Advised me to notify company to pick up products at their expense and not send back at my expense. I'm hoping to get a full refund of the $268 CND. Called company twice but they are not cooperative so I'm going through credit card company dispute Center. This experience is upsetting but lesson learned. Nothing is free! Unfortunately the world is full of scam artists!

One day after contacting my credit card company I was refunded the full amount! Yahoo.

Dear lord, what a nightmare! Thanks to this article, I followed the advice of commenters & got back my 186$! I called the number on my amazing garcinia bottle, and mentioned fraud, attorney general, FTC & BBB. The rep immediately gave me refund confirmation numbers, etc. I was expecting a big fight, but there wasn't one! Thank you!

i have been charged a total of around 180 dollar...for things which i have not subscribed. and now tnbey are saying that they cannot refund the money. please help!!!

If you used your credit card, you could dispute the charges. This FTC article explains how to dispute credit card charges.

Tried "free sample" Alpha Fuel and started getting billed $80. My credit card co. denied the charge and I never authorized further charges.

Another victim right here! I had ordered "FREE Trial" of Garcinia Cambogia ($2.95 shipping) and Green Coffee ($3.95 shipping). I wasn't aware of the 14-day trial thing so after that period, I got charged $89 for the Garcinia Cambogia and $88 for the Green Coffee. I called the number on my bank statement (855) 393-3514 & (855) 686-1545. The first time I called those numbers, I had my subscription canceled. I asked for a refund and they said they weren't able to give me one. I called three times and every time, they hung up on me, SO RUDE. Thank god I found this page, thank you for those of you who shared your experience. I called the fourth time told them that if I didn't get my refund, I will be reporting this to the FTC. This time she put me on hold and came back saying they will be giving me a full refund. I will never order a free trial again. I learned my lesson. Thank you again for all who contributed to this page!

I just experienced the same thing yesterday! I had ordered "FREE Trial" of Garcinia Cambogia ($2.95 shipping) only. When I checked out the charge for the Green Coffee ($3.95 shipping) wasn't included. I didn't mind since I was under the impression it was a 'free' trial. My account was charged $92.97 for the Garcinia Cambogia and $92.99 for the Green Coffee AND I haven't even used the product. I called the number from my packaging (844) 965-6856. I kept going in circles with the rep on phone. He was just repeating the same lines to me. I asked to cancel and requested a full refund - he indicated he would cancel but could not refund full %. And then told me to call back again before December 29 to avoid charges again! I asked to speak with a Manager or escalate to a consumer relations department. He refused and said this was all that could be done at the time. I have since contacted my bank (Chase) and placed a dispute claim indicating their BAD business practices, along with locating this page and consumers that have experienced the same. They placed a temporary credit back to my account and decline the charges. I then called the (844) number back to confirm that my account was canceled and let them know what my action has been. I agree, I am never ordering a free trail again. I learned my lesson. I too appreciate everyone that has posted on this page!
This was the info on my packaging slip:
Dynamic Nutra
4231 Balboa Ave #105
San Diego, CA 92117
(844) 965-6856

I was scammed by of course NOT reading terms and conditions...which of course mentioned the $89.00 fee AFTER a 14 day $2.95 trial. I tried calling the number the bank gave me from my statement. Tried to cancel within 14 days and could not get through to ANYONE!! Multiple times. After almost giving up, I called the number on the actually bottle. Lady answered and declined being able to return any money, stating I should have read terms and conditions be for checking the box. I explained that I would have my bank look into the charges more. She then told me there was nothing my bank could do since I had to agreed to terms. After trying to get more info out of my otherwise quiet a agent at the other end. I repeated that I did not want the product. She told me that she would cancel my order that had ALREADY been shipped. I let her know that I wanted my money back since she was cancelling my order and that my bank had encouraged me to go to the BBB or FTC. She then asked me to hold. She came back and told me she could refund 30%. I was not happy with this and asked for full refund. Then she came back and said 50% refund. I asked to speak to a direct supervisor. At one point she told me I could return the product for the full amount and was ready to give me and address, when she asked if she could place me on hold. After a minute she came back and let me know that my subscription had been cancelled and that my full refund would return to my account in 5-7 business days. I was only on the phone for a total of 2 minutes!! Keep at it, and threaten to use the BBB and FTC. What they are doing is wrong.

P.S. Don't forget to ask for the conformation number after everything is said and done, just in case money doesn't come through!

I'm so glad I found this early on before any further damage to my account! I check my bank account often since I buy stuff from online and saw that $88.64 has been taken out of my account! I ordered the ResVibrant anti aging serum and HydraMatrixMD anti aging cream for a free trial. I paid around $3 for each item for SHIPPING. Of course I didn't read the terms and conditions because I'm lazy so I went ahead and ordered it. Around 2 weeks later, this happened. I went to call my bank account first (Chase) and got transferred to the customer claims and they told me to call the merchant and gave me their phone number (800-236-1571). I forgot to mention but I received these items but I never opened the packaging! I call the number and a man with a hard to understand accent answers thank god! He canceled my account and said he'd email me the address where I can ship back these products! And hopefully I'll get back my $88 dollars! I was so sad and depressed about this and I'm glad things will be okay for me. Just like most of you, this will be the LAST time I ever order anything online from a sketchy website! I

346 rue Aimé-Vincent
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
J7V 5V5
Canada------this is the address of these scammers, there company is called big dog payments.

I purchased a "free trial" of Garcinia Cambogia in November and just had $89.95 withdrawn from my account. They reused to give me a full refund stating it was listed in their terms and conditions. What a shady, disgusting company that preys on people! I have informed them to cancel my account but I feel that I will need to keep an eye on my statements! This fee put me into overdraft because it was not something I was expecting. They only refunded me $67 of the $89.95 that was charged, there has got to be something to do about this!
Also, their customer service support email does not list a company support@ customerservice123. com, how is this legal?!?!?!

i got scammed too by these low lifes, i called and spoke to a lady that cant speak english very well hell i dont know if im gettin a refund or not.....people like this make me sick to my stomach......there should be some kinda law to protect the consumer but guess there isnt.. any way CONSUMER BEWARE!!!! good luck every one that got scammed like me!

It is time that credit card companies be held responsible for this avoidable situation. They could stop these huge consumer losses so easily, yet they have not, and will not. They are ultimately arguably as shady as the scammed by turning a blind eye to this situation, and continuing to collect their fees on the scam. This is shameful and inexcusable.

Thank you everyone who has posted on this blog and the FTC lady and her link.
My woe began when I clicked on the Trial Offer for Enchanted Garcinia (merchant Choice Garcinia) for $5.95. No where on the web page was a link to terms of agreement stating a 14 day cancellation policy or that after the shipping charge of $5.95 you would be billed full price of 87.95, nor that you would be entering into an auto ship agreement. The company also sent a second product which I did not order called Enchanted Cleanse, billed separately by a company called Ivy Skin. Once I realized I had gotten a second package I attempted to call the company and was spoken to very rudely by the sales representative and I went to Capitol One to dispute the charges. The first representative there was helpful, I filed a complaint to unauthorized charges. I have now been sent a letter stating that the merchant won the dispute and I am now being recharged for product I did not order. When the first CO representative helped me in a three way call she was able to facilitate the cancellation of the recurring billing and shipping of the product and get a confirmation number for me. I got CO's decision letter in the mail dated December 23rd, and I opened it today Jan 1 (was in the hospital for the last two weeks). Called CO and did not get the same quality of assistance as the first time. Basically the representative told me to write a response to their decision, fill out the enclosed form and fax it or upload it and send it in an email attachment. I am unable to do a signed letter upload, so I came here for guidance. Plan on writing my response and will have a friend fax it as I am now housebound due to the surgery. I am livid that theses types of scams go on and will follow up with the FTC complaint. I also plan on closing my CO account and will just have to deal with paying off a debt for a product not wanted, nor ordered.

This company is a scam and are basically theives. They set up people by taking their credit numbers and then auto-enroll them. And they won't refund.

Same issue here. Company now calling itself: SR SKIN,844 9656726, OH, and 8449654406DIETAWAKE, AURORA,OH
Ordered a bottle of Pure Life Garcinia for around $5 on Dec 27; they also charged another $5 for Green Coffee Bean (that I did not order). Overnight today they (under two different company names) made new charges of $87.47 and $89.31.
I cancelled my card and disputed. Also called the "company" and got the runaround about how the fine print said that if I didn't "cancel" within 14 days they would charged said fees.

When you disputed with your bank were you able to get your money back?

this is where they run there call centers from, and this is where the owner of these companies operates from. His name is Anthony ferguson. BIGDOG PAYMENTS 346 rue Aimé-Vincent Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5 Canada

Fool me once....so on shame on me.. Beware, products have different names with different celebs, but all the same marketing scheme and will bill you monthly. If you cancel you pay for the "free" sample and the first month without a fight. Had to cancel credit cards and get new numbers with help of credit card company. Sites I visited all mentioned Dr OZ, etc

Happens with lots of differenc products. I found always read the FULl TERMS AND CONDITIONS and it is buried somewhere in all of those pages that you have 10 days from order to cancel, but then you will be billed for the "free" item and probably the first month and/or ship them back. It it hard to find the full terms and conditions because it is an obscure reference to go to.

Guys if you need a refund for these products it is very simple use buzz words for the refund and keep on using them until you get a full refund...use buzz words like ( Attorney General, FTC, Bank, CPA,) and stay happy

I ordered the trial offer and now they are charging my credit card $79.95 for something I never even received and if it does come in the mail it is getting returned.

I ordered Premiere green coffee and garcinia 14 day trial at 5.97 and 5.99 respectively for a total of 11.96 with the expectation of determining their effectiveness, not really expecting to purchase more, at least at this time. I was shocked to find charges to my account about three weeks later of 101.34 and 101.36 indicating they were to be recurring charges from ULTBEAUTY and STRICTLY FORSKOLIN PATHCOMMERCE. There was a number associated with the charge that turned out to be close to the phone numbers, each slightly different, on the product bottles. I called it to learn that far from a free trial, I had signed up for recurring purchases at these extravagant prices of a product that I had just started to take and have no indication of its effect as yet, and certainly no knowledge of this financial commitment. I saw an infomercial on tv and went on line to check it out and decided to try it so placed the order for the 14 day trail deal. At no time did I see any indication of this extended purchase deal, and I cannot call up the web page concerning these products to check out this supposed agreement. Premere Green Coffee and Premere Garnicia as brands seem to have vanished from the internet. When I called the number associated with the billing to my account. I got someone whose job is apparently to read a statement saying that if during the 14 day "trail period" I did not notify them that I did not want to continue receiving the product at its "regular" price, I would automatically be enrolled in their monthly recurring shipment and my account would be automatically billed. None of this was clear to me at the time placed the order for the trial product. In fact I don't believe such a statement exists on the web page from which I ordered, but I cannot find the web page any more to verify it. There certainly is no mention of it on the order page I printed out as a receipt.I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told none was available, but I would hear from one within 48 hours. Today someone did call and left a message saying just what the previous person said. They will cancel my order. I will not receive any more product other than the 14 day trial supply and will not be charged a recurring fee, but they will not refund the 202.70 charge already deducted from my account. I called back the supervisors number and got a message that they are all busy. I left a message asking for a return call. I want to see the order web page wherein I supposedly agreed to this. What do you think my chances are? Ha! You know this is their whole strategy from the beginning. This devious marketing strategy either never had a statement about their automatic enrolment or it was well hidden or disguised. STAY AWAY FROM ALL PREMIERE PRODUCTS AND PROBABLY ANY "FREE TRIALS"

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Thank you for this information. I called Garcinia Cambodia and they said that any previous charges before the date I requested for an account cancellation could not be refunded. It wasn't until I argued over again that I did not sign up for the next month's supply and stated that I would dispute the charge with my credit card company and submit a federal trade commission complaint did they agree to give me a refund. They will try to offer a partial 30% or 50% refund but be persistent.

I'm on the phone with this same situtation right now. I'm threatning them and telling them I'm flagging this as fraud on my credit card and she keeps putting me on hold to see if she can get some kind of approval to give me a full refund. I'm so embarrased and frustrated

I can't report this scam to the BBB because I don't even know the website or the actual company name. Their emails were so vague, no number, no website address, nothing! I would like to get my money back but am scared that I agreed to the terms and conditions. I am embarrassed as well but this is happening to so many people. Any tips? I'm going to call my bank whenever the transaction is posted.

whatever the name of the product you received is the actual name of the company, there should be a call back number on the back of the product, if not google the product name along with free trial next to it and you should get a customer service number

I was just hit with the get your 30 day free bottle of Garcinia Cambogia for just shipping and handling of 4.95 then they don't give an option of whether you want the cleanse that goes with it so you just assume if you would want it you would check box so you choose not to have it you just want the garcinia then they charge you for both which is 10.95 so you let that go and then you look on your bank account two weeks later and you have been charged 193.00. so I called them and the guy was speaking so fast I couldn't understand him and asked him to slow down told him I did not order anything and he told me hey we got our money it is what it is you needed to call us 14 days after ordering it even though you've only been on it for one week because it took seven of those 14 days to get to your house to tell him you don't want it do that anymore he said it was in large print just as large as when you put your information in that is not true it's in the terms and conditions on the second page after you put your information in Lessons Learned what a scam

These details would be useful in a complaint. Please report your experience to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Want to take advantage of these "free trial offers" without the risk of companies having your card information? I do this for EVERY free sample I get. Get a prepaid visa gift card in any amount they have.. use it for whatever you want BEFORE you enter that card information into form.. Make sure you only leave just enough on the card for the free trial cost and if they try to give out that card info or charge you it won't go through because the balance will not be there. YOURE WELCOME!

I was charged without authorization on my card. The sample I paid shipping for did not do anything for me and I'll stop payment if they don't refund me. Scam.

Premier Garcina Now is a total scam. If you don't call before the end of 14 day trial you will pay $92.97 for the "Free Trial" with a reoccurring monthly membership! They also auto set up me for their Green Tea with the same deal and $92.99 reoccurring monthly membership. It took 30 minutes on the phone with their customer service and Capital One. They pretty quickly offerred a 25% refund, then after demanding a supervisor they came back with a 50% refund, but of course their supervisor couldn't speak to me because they were in all day training meetings. Finally I insisted that she find another supervisor of any kink within the company. She finally came back with a 100% refund. Be persistent, they will cave once they know you mean business. I did not have to send back the product and they promised a full refund posted within 7 days to Capital One. So frustrated by this type of scan and unmoral business behavior!

The pre-paid card is excellent idea, also, you can go to your bank, cc, and have them issue you a new card (with new #'s_) to stop any further charges. Its what I did, when I fell for the green coffee diet.

I just ordered the 4.95 free trial of Garcina weight loss supplements. My card was charged 84.52!!! These people at customer service claim the information is in the terms and agreement but during no point in which it says they're setting up to be charged! I was so angry! After calling and complaining they came with a 75% refund and said I couldn't get my full refund back!

These details would be useful in a complaint. Please report your experience to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Another thing I noticed - when you get the shipments, there is only a "packing slip". It does not include any amounts that you will be charged! That was what caught my eye today when I opened the packet.
I even had to do sleuthing to find out what credit card I had used because I could not remember! As soon as I discovered the card with the charges on it, I called the credit card company.
I am disputing the charges and they have blocked my account.
Why can't these companies just be shut down completely?

I have to say that I was the latest victim of this product. I saw the trial offer, which I should have read about first, and made the "one" purchase of the product. When I saw my statement, I saw that I was charged for the garcina and mango cleanse which was NOT mentioned. The total charge was $9.95. I quickly emailed them and told them that I do not want an auto shipment so they said ok. Today, I saw a charge of $79 for the mango cleanse! I call and they said they could not refund me because it was on the itty bitty little disclaimer that they have. I told them I would call the bank and they said my bank won't do anything for me.They gave me a 35% refund out of the total. Definitely one of the worse experience! This came from Premier Diet. So, just a head's up to all, if something is too good to be true on the trial offers, it probably is.

These details would be useful in a complaint. Please report your experience to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Same thing happened to me and i'm trying really hard to get my money back. I ordered it on a whim, however when I ordered it a popup came for Infinite-cleanse. I was trying to see what it was and clicked continued, but then I realized when I clicked continued it automatically ordered it for me and I could not back-out of it. The cost of the two products came to about $14 CA, so I said whatever. I ordered this on January 24. I later read this was a scam and people were being charged, so on February 6 I called to cancel but they could not find my account. I sent them an email the next day and it took them a full day to respond. By this point, I was charged $164. When I called they said that you are charged on the 15th day and it is on their website. When I made their ordered there was no terms stating that I would be charged, no warning. All they kept saying on the phone was sorry and repeating the policy. At first they'd only offer me 25% back, then the girl said she'll talk to her supervisor and they could offer me 50% but they won't go above it. I doubt she talked to her supervisor, all she said was it's policy. I've called twice now and they still won't give me all my money. I repeated to them several times this was clearly a scam, that looking online hundreds of people had this problem with them and I was going to report them to the BBB. He wouldn't respond, and then say something else about the terms and conditions and would just ignore what I said cause they know it's true. On top of it, in order to cancel the account for the infinite-cleanse, I have to send the product and they advise you to have a tracking number. This means I have to go pay more money to cancel the account. That's the only way to cancel the account, or I could cancel the account and pay 50% of the fee. The customer service is ridiculous. I looked up the address they gave me for the return, and it's just an apartment so obviously it's not a real business. I feel stupid that this happened to me, and it's pissing me off. just reported them to the BBB and FTC. Also, when I called back the second time he was saying that I agreed to 50% off, but the lady didn't give me anything else so I took it the first time. When you mention anything to them they just are scripted and repeat the policies. I was also told I would get a email saying i'd get the 50% refund, but I did not so I told them about it. They said they would make sure I get it. I want to cancel my credit card .. but I wanna wait to make sure I get at least 50% back. I'm trying for 100%, and when it's all done i'm cancelling my credit card and getting a new one. I don't trust them. Does anyone have any advise to get my money back?

You can report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I saw that and then saw the coffee thing at bottom but I don't like coffee so I tried to pass on it but it wouldn't let me and I couldn't get out of the page. I tried to exit but couldn't. I wasn't at home at the time. My husband received an alert from our credit card company that a fraudulent purchase had been made on our credit card. He said he hadn't purchased anything and cancelled our credit cards immediately. Iafter reading all this I'm grateful he immediately cancelled our credit card and that the credit card company knew it was fraud and a scam. I just want to double check that I don't need to call the company. I never received an email saying I purchased the premierebgarcinia nor the premiere green coffee but they arrived today. Do I need to call the numbers or just forget it.

Don't order free offer it is a scam. I called before my 14 days where up and the lady (sounded like overseas India) said she doesn't have my information told her you charged my card and I am calling to cancel before 14 day free trial up. I called three different phone no nobody had my info Called my bank told them and they filed a claim so they can't take any money from my account. Total scam!

This is the biggest scam I have ever heard of, & they got me for over $500.00! I had been in the hospital for almost 3 months and came home to this mess in my checking account. The person I had handling my monthly payments thought is was something I had set up. " Supreme Garcina" had been billing me since 12/16 a charge of had $89.47/mth., under the name "SIL*TRYFITTODAY" and then another "company" called "TOTAL HEALTH" was billing me for $87.47/mth. I only received the "trial" offer of one bottle each of Garcina and Coffee Bean. The woman I spoke to said my 100% refund would show up in my account in 3 - 5 business days. We'll see if that happens. She thinks they are only responsible for 60 day refund, however, the bank told me I have retro to 12/16/16 to collect. The bank is going to follow up for me on the December charge and issue a new card to me. I am reporting all of this to the FTC as Bridget Small suggests. BTW, thank you Bridget for your advice. These people need to be cut off at the knees!!

I recently ordered what I thought, and what said, was a "$6" bottle of supreme fit Garcinia from some unknown website because I could not get back on afterwards. They said I would get the bottle and have a 14 day trial and then each bottle after at each month would be ful price and to cal and cancel if I wanted. Well I look in my account and I have a negative amount because they STOLE $89. I talked to several people and got nothing but blame and excuses and wrong websites and was told I would not get a refund even though I haven't used the pills. I talked to two men and asked for the website since a rude women told me "it said it on the website when you ordered" after I told her I was never told or seen that I would be charged full price for a "$6" bottle. Both websites each gave me were not able to be found and one of the men I asked to stay on the phone with me told me he was "past the limit to talk on the phone" and hung up. Do not buy supreme fit garcinia or ANYTHING from these fake scam websites. I will be going to my bank to report fraud.

This company is a complete scam.. don't order anything from them!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so today I ordered the garcinia "Free Trial" and was charged for only shipping and handling. I found it completely strange that THE SECOND I hit submit a lady with an accent called me and had already had all of my info on file. She kept trying to make me give her my debit card information over the phone but I told her I would prefer doing it online. After being so sketched out, I checked my online banking statement and I had two pending transactions from both garcinia and another account named "lesliegarcinia". The first transaction was only the $2.97 and the lesliegarcinia was $1.00. Dumb me didnt even think to check for online reviews like this but only if the pills really worked. Needless to say, I had already contacted my bank and was given two phone numbers to try and cancel the transactions. I called one of them and a lady who spoke english answered and said that she was able to successfully cancel my product charges and prescription. But as soon as I hung up the other lady with the fake accent called again from the different number and was trying to get me to pay for the other 30 day free trial of a product that most of their buyers get too. Then as soon as I said that I cancelled my order from the second number, she said was that it wasn't cancelled! So I asked her for a refund and told her that I was only trying to cancel my purchase until I received a new debit card in a few days and she said NO! She said that I agreed to the terms of use and when I demanded for her supervisor she hung up on me! This all happened within 20 minutes of me first ordering the product and I have already contacted my bank which said if any of the transactions go through they will be able to block all future transactions from both accounts. As a follow up I called back the first number to double check that I was both payments were already cancelled and that it will take 2-3 days for it to show on my account. If all goes wrong I will be continuing to call these numbers every day up until my 14 day trial is up! Anyone else with advice on how to put a stop to this before it gets worse???

total scam. As the saying goes nothing in this world is free. These people take advantage and make you think that, while hammering you for $99/mo. When you call, the rep is so rude she just ignores the purpose of your call until you can get her to clam up and listen so a refund can be issued. She questions you hard as to why you don't want their product instead of adhering to their no questions asked policy. The product is a joke, I pump iron 5 times a week and it does nothing better than drinking a lot of water.

Thank you for the advice of not backing down. I firmly, not angerly said No you are going to refund me the full amount. After several tries on there behalf of saying let me talk to my supervisor and offering a % back each time. I firmly said No you are going to refund me the whole amount, or I was calling my attorney and the Federal trade commission, and I didn't think he wanted me to do that since there's a on going case right now! I now have the Full Refund! Thank you!

I am another victim.

I am now in line to be evicted from my own home that I fought extremely hard for while my husband was on life support and my 1 yr old son in my mothers care while i ran around looking desperatly for a new home. My husband was BRUTALLY attacked with a steel hammer 12 times on the head an how has lo live with a Brain Injury. He is learning to walk, talk, write and LIVE.

my birthday just passed and it was a hard one, so I found this article of a girl in Cornell university who mixed the Apple Cider Vinegar + Garcinia Ultra Body Slim and ofcourse lost weight.
Since the attack i let myself go snce i focused 24/7 on my family and barely on myself. I am ashamed to look and feel the way I do. I thought this promotion and good deal was a chance for me to get back to whom i used to be and to whom I WANT to be. Mentally + physically.
I paid not for the product only for the shipping (I live in New Zealand and product was from the USA) it costed $10 total roughly for two bottles of one month prescription each.
I read the term and ocnditions and it mentioned NOTHING of deducting monthly payments after receiving the product. I had researched the product for hours to make sure it was worth it, i was feeling guilty since i was spending money on me for once and NOT my son or husband. Since we are drowning in bills AND debt. I received the product on Thursday or Friday and had $148 removed from my account WITHOUT authorization on Wednesday morning. I called my bank and they simply suggested to get in touch with the company and ask for a refund. thats all.
I was robbed two weeks ago and that ALSO stunted my ability to pay rent so now this 'scam' has gotten me to be evicted.

I have been emailing the company but they haven't really been helpful. just keep giving me a number to call that is in the USA which i cant afford to call!!!!
I am stuck. what can I do? In NZ we dont sue so I cant call them up and use the best threat in the book; the lawyer, court and suing.
And from my emails explaining my bad situation in my family economically, phycially and menatally they know I cant afford a lawyer.
I dont want to sleep on the streets, I dont want to lose the best home I have ever lived in - safe - my husband was attacked in our property in our previous home. which is why i worked so hard to claim this safe, clean and mold-free home.

help, me.
any advice please. I really am desperate. I never thought that it would be by my own fault that y family would become homeless.

If you enrolled in a free trial offer from a marketer that overcharged you, contact the company.
If the company won’t give you a refund, call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Ask the credit card company to reverse the charge because you didn't intend to order the additional merchandise. You may want to contact your bank and explain that the charge was made without your permission. You can search online for information about local consumer laws and your rights. The Ministry of New Zealand has a consumer protection site.

I tried the 14 day free trial with an ad that this is all you card eill be charged now they too out 89.00. When I called I was told there is nothing I can do

Call them back and demand a full refund or tell them you will report them to the FTC. That's what I did and it worked. Don't give up and get your money back, don't let these kind of companies win. I cannot believe people operate their companies this way, it's crazy.

Did anybody actually use the product?? And did it actually help you lose weight?

There are 3 years of complaints to the FTC on this scamming company, and I have been taken as well. Out over $180.00. Why hasn't anything been done yet?

I wouldn't recommend this brand to anybody!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE! If you signed up for the free trial beware they will be drafting from your account within 14 days. Call your credit card fraud department right away and have them call the company on three way. This is the only way that worked for me. I had tried several times to fight the charge on my own and nothing worked until I called them with the bank on the line. Do not give up! Don't let them get away with stealing your money!!

I ordered the Garcinia product and have tried calling for hours and was wondering if there is another number to call. I just ordered today and am trying to cancel before I get scammed. Any tips???

I ORDERED A FREE TRIAL FOR $4.95 SHIPPING. THEY CHARGED ME :$34.87 Thank you STEVEN ZANE ROTHSCHILD! ORDER#: 8D8C8BC4DB Items Ordered Product Price Qty. Amount #TrimFit Garcinia $0.00 1 $0.00 #TrimFit Forskolin $0.00 1 $0.00 #TrimFit Green Coffee $24.95 1 $24.95 SubTotal: $24.95 S & H: $9.92 Grand Total: $34.87 FOR PRODUCTS THAT I NEVER ORDERED OR CONSENTED TO. WHAT A FRAUD ZANE ROTHSCHILD, ESQ.

These offers are total scams! They charge your credit card, then you get the shipment 2 weeks later. I called today to get a number to return the shipment, but because a new shipment is in the mail, I cannot return the product. A TOTAL SCAM! I feel so stupid for falling fit it. And - I did not loose one pound! Unfortunately I did not know they charged $88 until I got my credit card.

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