FTC cracks down on tech support scams

screen shot showing "errors" on computer“Your computer is damaged ... we’ll help you fix it.” It’s the latest twist on tech support scams: Scammers sell software online that claims to increase your computer’s performance. They lure you to their websites with pop-up ads or web searches. Then, they tell you to call a phone number to activate or register the software. On the phone, they ask for remote access to your computer and then tell you that your computer has many errors that need to be fixed immediately.

It’s all part of their plan to sell you bogus “security” or “technical support” products or services. Really, your computer is fine. They want to charge you – possibly hundreds of dollars – for software and services that you don’t need and that doesn’t help.

The FTC sued several of these phony tech support companies – New York-based Pairsys, Florida-based Inbound Call Experts (ICE) and Florida-based Vast Tech Support – for misrepresenting that they found security or performance issues on consumers’ computers. At the FTC’s request, three federal judges halted these alleged scams pending trial. 

What can you do to avoid similar tech support scams?

  • Don’t give control of your computer to someone who says they need to activate software. Instead, look carefully at the software instructions to learn how to activate the software yourself.
  • Don’t give control of your computer to someone who calls you out of the blue claiming to be from tech support. Instead, hang up and call the company at a number you know to be correct.
  • Never provide your credit card information, financial information, or passwords to someone who claims to be from tech support.
  • Learn how to protect your computer from malware.



What if you think you might be a victim of one of these tech support scams?

  • If you paid for bogus tech support services or software with a credit card, then call your credit card company to reverse the charges.
  • If you think someone may have accessed your personal or financial information, then learn more about how to lower your risk for identity theft.
  • Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.
  • If you think you may be a victim of a tech support scam, let us know.

The FTC’s website has more information about how to spot and stop tech support scams.


I have had these calls several times over the past year-some even claim they are with microsoft. I fell for it one time and they added tons of viruses and then wanted me to pay 499.99 I just hung up the phone and shutdown my system

I just hung up from a scammer of this nature. After telling him I wasn't falling for this, he began saying sexually disgusting things to me like I have never heard before! I told him I was reporting to the FCC, but he just laughed. Went to make a call a few minutes later and he was still on my line and erupted into even more filth. I have the number he called from, but I don't know where to turn it in. Or if it would help. Anyone know?

I started with my local police department. They referred me to Homeland Security, and that is where I obtained help. Homeland Security referred me also to the Federal Trade Commission. This is a good way to combat these people who are nothing better than pond scum.

Why do you feel a need to insult pond scum?

Look up & call the FTC.

Yes, the number does help the FCC they are blocking the number now. I have received the same call many times and after I argue about them miss using Microsoft brand and license they cussed me out too.

Wow, I just had the same issue with a guy named "stephen" from a company called Tech Vantedge. This guy called me names like you wouldn't beleive. Just filed a complaint with FTC.


Well it seems to get worse with our current administration. People have got to speak up, start writing and calling your idiot congress and senators. The government spends so much wasted time and big time money on projects that can wait or maybe not even needed. People need to wake up and think, if we can put a man on the moon, run cars with no gas and all the other great things we do but we cannot stop this? We have to go through a darn bunch of senseless morons who dont seem to care. Very upsetting to me. What are we getting for or taxes? Close to nothing. There needs to be a panel constructed to make these decisions and get it out of our political morons need to step away.

You have no idea how this works. Even if the government were to launch a full scale investigation on this, they still can't pinpoint where the calls are coming from. These are folks who are using software to automatically dial phone numbers and have software to mask incoming calls. The person calling you is most likely some poor Indian who is trying to make money to eat. The IT guy is at a different location and most likely can't be tracked.

First, anything can be tracked. Where it gets fun is when they start using a proxy through a country that doesn't have agreements to hand such information over. It is kind of like spam email; if they edit the header to look like something else, the email STILL had to originate somewhere to get there.

The issue i have with all of this is that the people in the higher levels of government really do not care about the every day man. That is the real problem. Solve one issue and the other gets solved automatically

The govt are trying even the FBI are often coming in my country .

Why do conservatives find it necessary to turn everything into a political discussion? This has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with politics, Washington, D.C., or the "current administration." Use some intelligence and stop acting on all your fears, prejudices, and inadequacies for once in your life.

These people are THIEVES. Plain and simple. Thieves have been around prior to the George Washington administration and will still be here long after we're gone. Take your ax somewhere else and grind it.

I applaud your comment, it's right on target. 2/11/2017 Caller ID gave name as Alvin Smith 423 348-6454 claimed my computer was infected & downloading dangerous information & he wanted to scan my computer. I spoke to a supervisor and told him to put me on the do not call list and to never call this number again then I hung up. How can we block and report these people from calling my home phone? I called the number recorded on my phone (423 348-6454) and got the message "You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no loner in service. If you wish to make a call, please hang up and try again". This just another scam.

Don't tell me you're blaming Pres.Obama.

just got call from 457-561-0916, i was outside and my elderly father took the call, i stood at the garage door listening, dad told him he doesn't do computers and that his son does. got a return number and a name. and he wrote down their reason they called, "your son needs to call us immediately because someone is trying to hack into his computer." I walked in and read the note, i was ticked off for one that my dad would even talk to these guys for one, I've pleaded with him not to. Then saw another number, 800 903 1361. And a name, Jack Dremmel. Wasn't that leslie neilsons name of his character in the spoof cop movie? So i called back, some india sounding guy answered the phone, i could hear many foreign voices in the background, not talking english. I asked for jack dremmell, he pretended to transfer me, the phone never losing that background noise. Then the same guy came back on with a british or australian fake accent and proceeded to tell me that microsoft sent a warning to his company that someone is trying to hack into my computer, well for one, I have a mac and told him that would be pretty hard to do. I hung up on him but felt compelled to follow up on this thing.

This just happened to me. 12/02/2014. Call the Federal Trade Commission. 1-877-382-4357. Claimed they were Microsoft. Were furious when I would not disclose my credit card information. They filled my computer with Malware and viruses. Then wanted $200 to remove them!! Shut your computer down. Change all passwords.

I just let loose with a stream of the standard cuss words and blew a whistle in the phone and hung up.

I do the same,except I use an air-horn ;-)

I was also targeted recently online and I had to do a system restore to get rid of the malware as well as malware scans! I thought I was in the clear and I received a phone call from windows tech support on my home line! NOT! Very savvy scammers! BEWARE!

I received a call from 929-232-2804 call about 2pm today, saying the caller was from "Windows" and that my computer is generating errors. I told the caller I know this is a scam and hung up on her. I have received 5 more calls from the same number in the last 4 hours, with no voice on the other end, it just disconnects.

Just got the same call 11/13/2015. He didn't ask for money. He wanted two things: 1) for me to make changes to my computer (I said no) and 2) my permission for him to disconnect me from their server. He was so insistent about getting my permission that it gave me pause (hmm, maybe there is something real here). He also told me to make my decision quickly because he had to get to other customers. This "permission" aspect was a new twist, because it would seem to be a waste of their time.

I am a solicitor for a company that raises funds for multiple charities, so I'm aware of how telephone soliciting works to some degree. When these calls come I tell him take me off the list, do not call this number, etc. My concern is for every 50 or maybe less no's these guys get. They are also getting many yes's. It's probably a full time job for them, which means every hour there scamming a number of people. They need to be stopped, and charged legally.

But.... if you know they are a scammer - you can keep them spinning and save a person who might fall victim

Well… I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth to this, & also do a throw out just in case someone else comes along with this company & has the same problem. Starting back in August/September of 2014, I was contacted by a company that claimed that they were Windows Tech Support. It was the holiday weekend, & they got a hold me saying that my computer pinged them saying that there was something seriously wrong with it. Up to a few years ago, I used to work in a radio station, & worked with computers that were much more complex than your standard PC. I had a # of programs running for protection… but 1 of my programs expired & I didn’t have the money at the time to update the program. It was the holiday weekend, & my check didn’t clear with the bank yet & I didn’t want to charge anything until I had cash in hand. I have been living with my mother for the last few years because I had come down with cancer, & I didn’t have any other place that I could stay. At time, there was somebody else that was living with us that wanted to use the computer to look for jobs… & I had a problem with him because instead of looking for work… he was looking at free porn. And loaded a whole bunch of stuff into the computer that he shouldn’t have. I fixed all the problems that he created, but when I was contacted by these scammers; it was something that I pretty much believed because of how all these electronic devices are connected & exchange data with each other without us really knowing. Like your smart-meter on the side of your house. So it made sense to me that my computer could have sent something.

I didn’t have a problem with them infecting my computer. That ended up being safe. But they did get a hold of my credit card. Which was canceled by the bank a couple days later because someone had used it to charge a membership at some North African dating site. I had gotten a hold of Microsoft themselves… & they looked over my computer… which was okay in the end. Microsoft couldn’t find any malware. But the scammers that I was dealing with seemed to be targeting bank accounts & cards as their main M.O. What they did with me is that they bought a legit program (Like Norton, McFee), & use it to get some card #... & continue billing it.

When I filed my fraud claim with the bank… the teller that I was working with told me that this was something that had been going on in the neighborhood for the a # of months. I filled a fraud claim with them because of the fact that they kept trying to bill me, & I just simply reversed my charges. She had told me that she had closed 15 separate accounts in 1 week because of guys like this. Like I said, it looks like they were specifically hitting the area. She said with 1 account that she had closed, these scammers had stolen almost $6,000 by slowly taking money out of the account that they were attached to.

I’ve since upgraded my phone service with caller ID & block… but I still receive phone calls from these guys. At 1st it was a blocked #... & now they show up as being “New York Met.” Phone # - 607229687. I haven’t had a chance to report the # to the FTC yet… but I just wanted to post the # here in case they try to use it with someone else. They normally call me 2-3x times a day every other day, & called today 2/7/2015 around 3:12 pm. My mom got on the phone with him, & he said some pretty vulgar things to my mother.

Just so as a heads up… watch out for a phone # of 607229687 or a company that goes by the name PCCARE

PHONE NO :- +1 210 591-7800 / 786-220-3237 ( USA )

:- +44 161 298 9922 ( UK )

EMAIL :- support@southendenterprises.net

Name Will Appear in Card Statement :-PC REPAIR PRO

Just as a head’s up!

We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. You can add the details from the blog comment to a consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.ftc.gov/complaint.

My friend was conned by someone from a company listing of: Savntel Technologies
Don ont trust anyone using this company name and never trust anyone who wants control of your PC. They do give you the impression that they are Microsoft represenatives--they are not!! Microsoft takes this very seriously and if they use their company name to gain your trust, they want to know about it. Document (write down) every detail if one of these scammers contacts you so they can be prosecuted. With any financial transaction if it is not a trusted and padlocked site--never give your account information. If you get a phone call from someone--never give credit card, bank account #'s, or your social security # over the phone. Never. Period.

My aunt just fell victim for this she gave a check over the phone does anyone know how long it takes for the check to clear so she can cancel it with the bank. The bank she used is in another state and is a small branch so its not like BofA where you can call 24/7. I feel so bad for her we had to close all the other accounts to make sure they didn't install key loggers or anything. the number they used is from jupiter,fl and we live in ca. she is calling first thing in the morning to let the bank know I just hope it isn't too late they charged her around 500.Or is all hope lost?

If you give someone your bank account number over the phone, they can withdraw money. Contact your bank and explain what happened. You might need to close the account.

i was just contacted by Alex from ITEC Alert in Jupiter, FL (Tel. 1-855-210-3300) saying my computer was sending alert signals to them as the are an authorized agent for Microsoft. What Through me off was the Asian (Middle Eastern Indian) accent. I told him I did not have a windows computer and when I questioned if he was really in Jupiter, FL based on his accent, he hung up on me!

What a scam artist! I'm glad the conversation did not progress further. I went with my gut and started interrogating him and his company.

Same problem on 8/15/2015. They are a fraud! See comment below with summary.

I maintain my friends computer and she said she had received a call from this same number. I called the number back and grilled him. This had scam written all over it and after interrogating him, I proved right.

I too just got a second call from "ITEC ALERt" at 855-593-3163, claiming "my windows computer has a virus". They told me they "got a message from my server at", that address is in melbourne, FL apparently. I hung up on them. Please shut these people down!

To file a complaint with the FTC go to ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into the database law enforcement uses.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I TEC GEEK is at it aghain. They attempt to get you to load remote access software on your machine.

I had a similar incident a couple of times from a company called Live Technician. They claim to be authorized agent for Norton and Microsoft and offer support plans for 2 to 3 years. When they get access to your computer, they add malware to your computer which triggers to call them again for support so they can charge more for the same. Please beware of this company.


Unfortunately I have fallen into the same scam. I gave them remote access. Now I get all these popups (popup blocker enforced) about my laptop needing help from the Windows Support Team and to call them. HELP. How do I get rid of these popups? Now I have to shut down and reboot. Help..

If you paid for bogus tech support services or software with a credit card, call your credit card company to reverse the charges.

If you think someone may have access to your personal or financial information, learn about how to lower your risk for identity theft.

Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.

Change any passwords you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, change those too.

If you think you may be a victim of a tech support scam, report it to the FTC.

Got scammed by Solidtech and the almost got , if I didn't by Toler Tech . Beware of both with Indian speaking techs

Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I have been getting calls from people who have a Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft and that I have a virus. They say that they need to have access to my computer to get rid of the virus. I know better than to do that. I have also told them several times that I do not want them to call me again. But that request fell on deaf ears. I finally called the FTC and spoke to a Human being of all things about this. So now they have a report from me. But I don't know if this alone is going to keep them from being harassed again. I certainly hope so. If not I don't know what I can do to put an end to these relentless calls.

what cant the FBI or whoever trace these calls or follow the money when paid by the people who have been scammed

I just got scammed with a a big sign covering my computer screen. It said it was from Microsoft, and do not shut down the computer,but call this number immediately. I was fooled into purchasing their computer plan, but after i realized it was a mistake so today I stopped payment on my credit card and I changed all my private log-in info for my bank. I will also be issued a new credit card.

I thought so, but had to pay $195 to competent tech to spend 7 hours on my computer to fix malware invasion. Be sure they are the top, and now have on my PC a coverage to protect me, and i am sure this is the best. any one besides Microsoft for windows is fraud.

That is why you should always have your pc continuously backed up! I have done pc tech support since the early 80's and learned that lesson ages ago! If you would have simply purchased even a cheap flash drive or thumb drive and kept your system backed up, you would have been fine!

I've had over 7 calls from people telling me they are calling from microsoft, and that my computer is infected with ,malware and other viruses and they say they need my permission to control my computer, i listened and when he kept saying give him permission to control my computer and i said how much is this going to cost me...he said 260.00 for them to go in and clean it and download the software, i started laughing at him and he said whats so funny , i said you are and ..hung up!...now when they call i just hang up...glad to see i was right in doing so...

Yes, they said Windows Service Center, but they are not from Microsoft. check the Microsoft site and it says they are frauds.

I have been called many times by a person claiming to be from Windows telling me my computer needs repair, I have hung up.

get them keep up the good work you are all ways looking out for us thank you

Thank you so much for the info. I constantly receive messages like this. keep up the good work thanks again

Go after omni tech

It is extremely important that all type of scams should be stopped globally and there should be a global agreement on safety and security of the computer users whether in government or in private sector.

I completely agree that we should stop all of these scammers. I am going to petition the government to open up scam defense portion of the NSA because basicly these people are terrorists, in essence they terrorize innocent people and make us fear even using a credit card online or over the phone anymore. So I do believe that the NSA and other government entities should go after these people with the same force and energy as they do fighting foreign and domestic terrorists. And I believe that we should have this not just be county oriented but have all nations participate as well. The laws are just too lax and most of the time all they say they can do is fine them and shut down the phone number\website etc. But I know they have the technology and the resources to actually track and take these people down. And I know that for a fact, the government could use a satalite to find an m&m on a beach if they wanted to so why is it then that they say they have a "hard time finding" the scammers and taking them down for good? I person ally think they are too lazy to and that it's not as big of a deal as a terrorist with a bomb would be. I believe scammers and frauds and terrorist's are essentially the same in most aspects and sometimes they are worse then actual terrorists because they cause fear and terror in the privacy of my own home where I'm supposed to be safe and protected, but my country and the government that is supposed to protect me has let me down and essentially let these "terrorists" into my home and take advantage of me. And all the government wants to do is impose a fine on them, that's a huge dissapointment for me because I love my country. So like I said I will be petitoning to see if we can get a branch of government to take down these "terrorists" once and for all. I know its a big task but anything is better then nothing at all.

this idea does express concern for the user, that is a plus.

Very useful information...thank you!

Yes, I am very much aware of these bums.
Every few seconds literally I would have a pop up with the same message, II would be forced to shutdown my computer to keep this message from coming up.
I had a free version of a computer anti malware and virus program called "Avast" and after enough aggravation with these pop ups I bought the premium version of this anti virus program I believe it was some 30 dollars it has not helped and i am still getting the exact same screen image as you have shown in your example.
I don't know when they were sued but as recently as yesterday they were still popping up on my computer screen. You know I do not believe that simply a fine is enough to break these charlatans, I believe jail time or prison time is the only way to stop them.
After all they make so much money doing this without any investment in Capitol that it is all profit for them and they have the money to pay the fines with no problem
Put the bum is hard time prison and at least during that time they cannot do their scams.
Cordially, and thanks

Have you tried running a boot scan? I just use the free avast and I dont't have any problems with malware

Dear Person,I subscribed with Avast and they are the real deal and many way better than Norton's software. Maybe you are a novice and research so you are more knowledgeable.

For those that are a victim of PC Health Boost software (Malware), PC Optimizer Pro (Malware)and PC Tech Hotline (Malware) there is a fix out there which I used to clean my parents PC after they accidently downloaded it.

I researched and scoured the web and my personal IT contacts for a solutions as these things are nasty and very hard to get rid of once installed. I finally came across a posting on bleepingcomputer and after researching, scanning the listed files, checking all the logs, I felt that this would be a valid solution. I was correct in that it cleaned their PC, it removed the malware, found several malware apps the afore mentioned program had also installed and after following the steps in the post (minus sending the log files) my parents PC is now malware free and those 3 programs no longer exist on the PC.

I was scammed by Boost Software and after months of emails I was at the end of my tether trying to get a refund. So I went to the Facebook page of Amit Mehta, one of the owners......and pasted all the info from the court in the comments sections to his posts, and did same on twitter. He soon responded telling me he'd give a refund if I took the defamatory comments off. I told him they were not defamatory as they were TRUE! Next email said "check is in the mail". I paid it into my bank yesterday...... Now waiting to see if it will bounce. Have made a copy of it in case I need it, together with all emails. He is trying to sell a book on Amazon and promotes this on his Facebook page too. I also let his friends know about how he scammed people.

I had the same annoying Avast pop-ups. After being told that an AT&T tech supposedly removed the Avast because we weren't sure if we had a virus, it was still there. I Googled it and took the info off of Avast forum- To remove Avast from Windows 7 requires different steps. I was trying to locate the exact info but I'm unable to at this time. It did finally work though.

I've had another issue with Avast. I bought their paid product, but could not get it to work on my computer, so I called the customer service number on their website on two different occasions. On both occasions I ended up talking to a scammer instead who said that Avast wouldn't work on my computer unless I paid $179.99 to clean up all of the problems. He claimed I did not have Java downloaded, showed me a page full of windows error messages. I declined and hung up, but have since found out, this "representative" lied about everything. The rub is that a real employee of Avast sent me to the scammers and the scammers are using a "legitimate" anti-virus software company. Avast is negligent in my opinion. They are allowing their own customer service routes to be infiltrated by scammers and since this happened to me twice, it's not an isolated incident. Come down on these companies who outsource and don't take responsibility for the outcome. I'll never do business with Avast again!

This happened to me when I attempted to use Norton 360's Symantec support team...guys with Indian accents asking for control of my PC, finding lots of problems, wanting 150.00 to fix...but reached them FROM INSIDE SYMANTEC's real website. What good does the padlock icon do if it can be easily faked?

Great tip. Please post any follow up information, especially company/software names. Thanks.

They also call and tell they need to fix your computer and to give them the number on the back of your computer. I don't even have a computer just a Apple?

I received an e-mail from Microsoft inc. offering me a refund. Is this a scam.I would like to send you a copy of this email, if possible.

Really love and appreciate all the up to date scam information. It's such valuable information for all us senior citizens. Keep up the great work FTC. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone at the FTC!

I've had this happen to me and FTC did nothing about it and the scammer got away with it because FTC needed more complaints coming from the same source.

I get these calls all the time,they must be calling from pakistan or India cause they all sound like the cashiers from 7-11, I always tell them to go sell some slurpys or big bites !!

I've been taken by these companies more than once. Will try to figure out how to eliminate the charges from my credit card with your suggestions. I'm getting tired of all the scams.

I watched a bunch of "Event Viewer Scams"videos on YouTube. Last Saturday, these scammers called and I was ready for them! I played along for a couple of minutes and acted like I couldn't find certain keys. Then, Ithey me to type www, I would type "daubloo, daubloo, daubloo""dot" "e as in Edward" "v as in Victor" (you get the picture)! It frustrated the guy to no end! After about 20 minutes of this, the guy handed me off to his supervisor. The supervisor got right to the money and asked what card I wanted to use. I told him the only card I had was a library card. It took him several minutes to get that thru his skull. I told him I only use cash and he said it would be $200. I said OK and I told him I had just given the money to my son. Next thing I heard was a click! My son and I got a great laugh out of the deal! I never turned my computer on and I figure that was 30 minutes they would not be able to use scamming someone else!
I highly recommend watching the videos and use those ideas to mess with these jokers!

I have a similar approach, Rufus. I try to keep them on the phone as long as possible. In this way at least the caller will not be scamming somebody. I actually asked one of them to hold while I went to the bathroom.(I didn't actually go.) One of them had the audacity to say they received a security message while my computer's power was off. That would have been some trick if true. When I got very tired of these scams, I called 911. They referred me to my local precinct. I was advised that nothing could be done about these calls because they are very well hidden. The officer recommended I just hang up. I was angry with her response. Our laws being so openly violated like this is reprehensible. It is an affront to our law abiding society. We found out years ago in NYC what a difference it made when simple quality of life crimes like panhandling were no longer tolerated. Kudos to the FTC for addressing these very important issues. Federal employees like those in the FTC do important work every day. As these comments indicate, it appears that the public recognizes this. It is doubtful, however, that many Congressional Representatives feel the same way judging from their inclination to threaten federal government shutdown rather than rely on a free and open debate to back up their issues.

This mob got me several months ago. Same scam as pictured here above. I couldn't get rid of the pop up messages and my search engines were being hijacked. That scan screen came up every time I opened my computer and wouldn't shut down in the end. I ended up registering. Sucked in. Called the number. Ended up worse off. Told I could pay $260 for remote access there and then. Fortunately, I didn't have that in USD. A trusted friend got rid of everything by remote access. He said nothing was wrong, except what they'd added to scam me.


Inbound Call Experts/Advanced Tech Support has beaten the FTC and is reopening for business. They are and always have been a legit service. And yes, good, honorable people worked and continue to work there.

I did call them, however they had control of my computer for4 days. Every time they would try and sell me something. I had asked they remove the norton antivirus,they didn't when I went to remove it all my standard apps disappeared one at a time.

I received one of these calls fom a gent with a Middle Eastern accent. He would not give his name or the company he represents & caller ID showed UNKNOWN CALLER. When I refused to talk with him, he began to yell at me. I loudly told him he was yelling at the wrong person & hung up.

The last time someone tried this on the phone I told him all he had to do before I would give him the info he wanted was his name, address, phone number, SS or other national ID number, driver's license number, mother's maiden name and father's maiden name (at that last point he banged down the phone!).

Thanks for all the info you provide !!! Glad to see you got some of these scammers. I think there should be automatic LONG TIME SENTENCES for anyone convicted of any sort of Internet fraud / scam / deceit !!

I don't know what cracking down means, as I just got yet another call tonight, from phone 850-785-9004, a "Sam" saying he was from IT dept and something is wrong with my computer- scam. had these annoying jerks call a couple years ago, and theyre back just like always. would love cracking down to mean jail time for them. moral of story to everyone is don't give a phone caller any information or money. period. then file a complaint on ftc and fcc websites.

got a call from 979 333 0305. jack williams was the name he gave (but he understood hindi insults perfectly which eventually he hung up from. tried to get my wife to relinquish contol of her computer. he said he was from windows.

Comcast did this to me last year & charged me $100 that was only good for 3 days. They tried that same thing again this year but I did not fall for it a second time. I asked a family member( who is an expert technician)to check my computer. He thoroughly went through it & found NO malware, virus, etc! I believe Comcast purposely infects our system just so they can charge consumers hundreds of dollars! BEWARE of Comcast!!!!!

I just had a lady call me from "Microsoft" claiming that my computer was sending her signals that it had a virus. She wanted me to get on my computer and press different commands and that was the red flag...so I asked for her name, company name, website address, and phone number. At first there was a pause then she actually provided me with everything I asked, but then she got really pushy. so I told her to call back and that never happened. Be careful because scams are an ongoing problem that will only get worse. Be smart when you are online and now you have to even use caution just picking up your telephone. The lady gave me Teckstork as her business, though the site may appear to be legit, if she is representing that company they are anything but that.

I have had 2 calls. Knew it was a scam so I messed with them for a bit. Told both I was on the do not call list' latest guy actually said 'I don't care'.

I never answer any call i do not recognize as i've found out they're all scams. Occasionally i will answer & will get the same foreigner who starts talking about my computer. I hang up in his face. Not worth the time of day to even talk with them.

SmartPCfixer has charged me twice, and has promised a full refund if they solution did not work. Their solution did not work, and I am unable to obtain my refund from them. It has been a month. I don't know if I have any recourse. I just keep on sending them email stating that I will contact the BBB, FTC and put up a ton of bad reviews. I don't know what else I can do....

So I finally received my refund back. It took over a dozen emails to get them to finally refund. In my opinion, they make it not really worth your time to track down the refunds. Their refund process was not clearly laid out, and for a post-secondary educated person not to be able to figure out their process tells you something is wrong...

I was struck by Yelp tech service and had to get
the credit card company to help and then changed
our account number. not nice

contact the FTC

I have received so many calls claiming to be from Microsoft. When I ask for persons name and their company they got abusive which is a great warning sign. Now I thank them for wasting their time and to get a life and a real job.

I just received a call indicating that my computer was generating errors and could he assist. Caller ID indicated "Marsh & McLennan" (212) 345-6251 which is ironic since I used to work for them. Called number back and got recording that it was not a number associated with Marsh & McLennan.

Caller seemed to have Indian accent. I told him that he called the wrong guy since I work in IT and that he must have flunked out from Scammer School. Very disturbing how these maggots operate and try to prey upon less technical or elderly folks - my main concern is that if my wife answered she might have divulged some compromising information.

I just received one of these calls - caller ID said "ITSQUAD TECHNO". I guessed it was a scam and told the caller I didn't believe him and hung up. He called back EIGHT consecutive times. Each time I answered and hung up right away, and each time he called right back. Finally, I let the call go to voice mail and the caller left a sexually explicit, disgusting, and threatening message. He called right back and left another one. What an awful way to end Thanksgiving Day.

The picture of the software you have above. I just went to the web site downloaded it and purchased it? hows that possible if you shut them down? http://www.pchealthboost.com/

Although the Court found that the FTC and the State of Florida established a likelihood of success on the merits against Boost Software, the seller of PC Healthboost, and its owner, Amit Mehta, it did not enter a preliminary injunction against them. The Court noted that, based on Boost Software and  Amit Mehta’s assurances that they would discontinue any problematic marketing practices and be more diligent in their future business associations, it “would be inequitable to enter a preliminary injunction which would effectively close the Boost Defendants’ business before a trial on the merits based on past problematic business practices that are not likely to continue during the pendency of this proceeding.”

where did you read the information with the boost not going into a preliminary injunction? Ive been looking everywhere online for a update on this case.. thank you

My father in-law feel victim to this about a month ago. A pop up came on the screen saying the computer was infected and gave him a number to call. They claimed to be a third party hired by Microsoft dadada... They requested to have control of our computer and my father inlaw not knowing much about computers at all gave it to him. We walked in about half way through the call and I saw the alert on the screen and him on the phone. I told him to hang up!!!They then called back and I answered he said yes I think we got discontnected. I said no He hung up on you because I told him you were scamming him. He tried giving me the "No you can verify on the Microsoft website that we are affiliated with them". By that time they had charged his account $300! We quickly shut the computer down and he called the bank. I called microsoft myself and got the problem fixed. The "first choice tech support" scammers had control of out computer for about 6-7 minutes and in that time they had downloaded over 27,000 files and many virus'. DONT EVER RESPOND TO A POP UP! Find the numbers yourself.

Like everyone else I keep getting these stupid calls but now instead of hanging up on them, I have some fun at their expense. on one call I asked them to keep talking as homeland security is checking my lines and this will help them in identifying them. On another call I asked them which computer was causing the problem as I have 15 computers. He asked me if I didn't have a personal computer and I told him no that I couldn't afford one so HE hung up on me. I change my story each time and get a variety of reactions. As long as they have bothered me I feel like I can mess with them. I even had one call from a woman with an Indian accent just like the rest of them who asked me to get on my computer. I told her that my husband is with the FBI and I would like their number so we could check on them. she gave me a number something like 123-456-7890 which was actually my phone number with some area code.; when I told her that is my phone number the gal just hung up on me. It's a lot of fun to mess with them because when you go outside of their scripted conversation, they just hem and haw and hang up. wonderful feeling.

I love it, I had kept the person on the line and finally got him to hang up. I told him I was hungry and had to eat one of his relatives who had passed away, I told him I was going to get a hamburger!

My usual response is unprintable but the second word is "OFF"

I keep getting calls repeatedly for your 'windows computer' and occasionally they say 'microsoft' - I tell them remove my number and the last one responded by telling me 'f-you' - seriously! The worst part of that was they called my son's cell. So annoying!

457-561-0916 was the caller ID on the scammer. I just tell them I have Linux and they hang up. I get these calls about once a month.

Had a popup that I called that was from Microsoft Tec. Support. The # 1-844-952-7315 and a person named Larry from you know were was on the phone. And like a dummy $249.95 later he was to fix my pc that he did not. so now I'm talking to my credit card co. to fix this bad scam. Now I'm learning at 71 I'm slow. So FTC go get them people.

Watch out for PAD PAD 1-209-631-2059. More of the same.

I also got one of these calls, with a barely intelligible accent, claiming to be from Microsoft. Caller asked for my father, and claimed that his computer was sending them error messages. I told caller that my father died 25 years ago, and never had a computer. Caller repeated that they were getting messages, perhaps somebody else was using his computer. I said "put me on your do not call list", he said he would. Somebody else called a few days later - same pitch. It's a scam!

advanced tech support had technician who were trying to romantically fraud lonely women.

My friend gets phone calls often from these so-called computer fixers. She does not even own a computer!!! I think the FTC is taking way too long on this serious problem!!!

I today 12/11/2014 got a call from 855-509-5512 on the very subject. Little did he know I am an IT Security Engineer and know better than to believe Microsoft would call to tell me I had a problem with my computer.

DO NOT fall for this ridiculousness scam. Microsoft is never going to call you.

beware of phone calls from - 800-550-1496 and from 308-872-9085 claiming they are from microsoft and the are getting an alert that someone is trying to steal bank and personal information from you and you need to install software right away !!

hang up and block the number they will keep calling !!

Add phone # 207-598-4867who called saying there was a problem with my computer he needed to fix and I should turn it on so he could do it. I hung up.

I got a call tonight. Again! Told "Fred" I was calling the FTC if they called again. The nuMeer was 656-528-5654.

Obviously, these pr**ks are targeting senior citizens. My mother also got a call from 207-598-4867 last week. Some indian sounding guy told her they were 'from Windows' and that she had some illegal software on her computer. They convinced her to CTRL-R run AA_v3 malware enabling remote access, then tried to hold her up for $199 to fix her computer. When she told them no, they made her desktop disappear. Turned out the "display desktop icons" parameter was just turned off. I deleted the AA_v3.exe files and ran Norton Security scan to make sure the computer was clean. One of mom's friends wasn't so lucky, totally whacked her system.

I know this is a scam, but I am receiving so many calls from them it is now harrassment. Today they called me at 7 AM, on the east coast.....how to make them stop?

Watch out for a 212-345-6251 number with caller ID Marsh McClenann...also a scam. Same computer virus nonsense.

Another scammer phone # to watch out for is 212-345-6251; caller ID on your phone will say 'tech support and the individual calling will identify him or herself as calling from Microsoft Tech Support.

They have been calling my landline but now are calling my cell phone. I told the guy I am on the DO NOT CALL list, then he yelled at me. I told him I had reported these calls the the FTC and that I am willing to help prosecute this activity, he yelled at me that I can expect him to "keep calling and calling you until you finally get it." I hung up as he was still yelling at me.

got a phone call from guy saying he was from windows support team . that my had bad virus and hacked. Next thing i knew the mouse was all over the screen. and the he wanted 199. buck . the name he use was savntel from london England . i was taken but not for long i cancled and my charge and card . then he call back told he was taking me to court . remember you called me . watch out for 760-933-1530 it's calif number

I've been getting calls on my cell from 917-732-1559 "Telegency LLC NY,NY. I looked the # up. They claim they are from either microsoft or windows and said there has been malware downloaded on my computer and to login and they will assist me. I told them I was not near my computer. And they said they will wait. I hung up the 1st time. The continued to call me for 2 weeks so I answered the call and asked them to stop calling me. They stopped for a couple of months and now they started again. I asked them a 2nd time to stop calling me. Let's see what happens now. I entered my name on the do not call registry. Hope this helps. Be careful!

Stole my yahoo contacts, sent out a mass email while misspelling my name. The dumb ass also left at the bottom sent from yahoo Ipad. I have never owned a iPad. Please catch him!

Advanced Tech Support is STILL scamming people under a differect name, and they are STILL using the same malicious software.
The new name they are under is USTech Support
here are a couple of links to prove that they are the same just under a different name

Just got a call from "Microsoft" He wanted me to give him my client I'd. Said my computer has been conflicting with another IP address on the Internet. I could not stop laughing at him. Anyways. He kept asking me to go to my computer and press the Windows and R. Uh no. How can these people sleep at night. But I guess some people will do these things to people. Sad. Never got a company name. Tried *69 and it said the number was 1-000-000-0000.

I hope this helps someone.

The safest way to close a pop-up ad is to hold down either [Alt] key and press the [F4] function key, then release them simultaneously. Most of the dangerous pop-up ads are generated by Conduit Search Protection browser hijacker software. The pop-up ads usually contain an "x" to mislead you into believing you can safely close the ad by click it. Instead, the "x" actually activates the malware. It will invade your computer in multiple locations (Registry, Program Files, etc.). It will add several new search engines using different (fake) names, making one of them your default search provider. It will change your browser home page. Many anti-virus programs detect it as "PUP" (Potentially Unwanted Program) or "PUA" (Potentially Unwanted Application), or they do not detect it at all. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) is free. It will find the malware and remove it. It can even be run after starting your computer in Windows Safe Mode.

Do I really dare try your advice about Malwarebyte Anti-Malware? Scammers know all the tricks to get you to believe them. I hope you are really trying to be helpful.

I got a call yesterday from someone claiming to work for Itec Alert in Jupiter, Fla. He said that my computer was sending infected messages to their "network" and he was calling to fix my computer for free just to get it to stop infecting others. He then turned me over to a "Microsoft Certified Technician" who made it sound like he was actually with Microsoft because he claimed to be the one who was receiving the error messages my computer was sending to Microsoft. He showed me all of the error messages in my Event Vewer (I was well aware of the errors & what was causing them). He said his name was Alex Perez, but his accent sounded like he was from India. He gave me instructions which I followed and I then had TightVNC, PCCheck & ShowmyPC3161 on my computer. Unbeknownst to me at the time, they are remote control software. He then took control of my computer. When I saw the cursur moving I freaked & held the power button down until my computer shut down. I also hung up. He called back saying he was only trying to help me and said that I needed: 1. ESET, McAfee or AVG 2. anti-hacking software & 3. junk cleaner (C-cleaner) totalling $140.00 and that I needed to take my computer to a computer fix-it shop to clean all the bad files off of it and that they would charge over $100.00 an hour. He said that I could avoid that if I bought some sort of "lifetime software" from him for $200 & let him remotely fix my computer. I hung up on him again but he called back and left a voice mail message to the affect that he was only trying to help me and the $200 was hardly worth the trouble he was going thru to do that.

I have deleted PCCheck & ShowmyPC from my computer but can't figure out how to get rid of TightVNC. The online instructions to do that are no help.

Is there a legal authority to which I can file an official complaint to stop these malicious scamming creeps & get them prosecuted? I did not give them any money, but still . . .

I also had a call from itecAlert. They gave now method to verify it was authentic except to look up and verify that they have a website. What was especially suspicious was that the technician and his supervisor both had Indian accents but said their names were James Kelly and Frederick ...
Interestingly, they agreed to have me call back to the number on the web site. The web site looks real, but the area code is toll free, so there is no way to check location. The Better Business Bureau also has quite a numer of complaints and they posted a warning on their web site.

I have fun with these people.
The fun part is they assume everyone uses windows I use that to my advantage as I run Linux. They usually get pissed off and hang up on me.

Today Jan 6 and yesterday Jan 5 I was woken up at 8 am by some guy with a fake name and a bollywood accent. They hung up on me when I told them I was reporting them to the FTC, which I did.

Do you have anything on a company called LAP Technical Support?

I just experienced this attempt but it was thru AT&T customer support. They referred me to 888-959-1458 which connected me to "Mike" with a strong accent who declared that my IP address had been hacked and my identity was being stolen as we spoke and only his level 6 certified friend could save me from losing all my banking and personal information for fees from $199.99-$599.99 depending on how much assistance I wanted.

Also beware of 231-545-8711. This is an invalid no they called me from.

How many yes's are they getting? They wouldn't keep doing it if they weren't making a small fortune. It's a sad state for the many people, they need to be charged legally.

Jan 15, 2015 - and still getting the same calls. Wonder what the police/ftc/homeland sec/fbi guys are doing? crooks operating freely and thumbing their nose at the 'law'. sad to see this happen in this country.

I have an unknown number coming up claiming they are "Alex" for Microsoft Technical Support. Have filed complaint with do not call registry and my cell carrier, and have explicitly told this a@@ four times I am on the do not call list and not to call again. Two days ago told jerk I would have number traced. He called again today. Time to maybe call local police dept. I do have certain unknown/private numbers that are legitimate calls that I need to take, so this is absolutely harassment. two weeks now of this garbage is more than enough.

I recently started receiving phone calls from someone who claims to be with Microsoft Tech Support. This caller is persistent and nasty. The first day he called me 5 times even though I told him that I knew this was a scam he continue to call. I hung up on him and he called back and asked "why did you hang up on me?" I finally changed the settings on my phone not to accept private calls and he unblocked his number and called again. The caller ID identified the person as Arthur R. Sawyer, 989-792-9494. I reported this to the local authorities and noticed that he called me Friday evening.

I have received many of these calls over the last two years. I always get the name of the caller and note the time and date of the call and tell them the call will be reported to the FTC. I ask to be put on the "do not call" list and the guy always says they don't have one. The call is from a different number for each call, usually from an eastern area code. Luckily I have never had abusive callers or language, unlike so many people here who have.
Yesterday I got a call and the caller ID showed Wells Fargo Bank. I answered, and it was the same "Windows Tech Support" call. I hung up and called the listed number to see if it really was Wells Fargo and got a lady's home phone.
Beware! How can someone now show up on caller ID as a legitimate company when they are not?

Rcvd. my 1st Microsoft Windows call from Indian/Pakistani "Alan Parker" of "Windows Service System" of Colorado at 303-351-7053. Didn't fall for it. And reported it on Microsoft's & FTC's sites.

ALSO, don't fall for any phony state or IRS tax acct. problem/EFTPS payment-related calls. Get the caller's name. You can always call the tax agency yourself to check on your personal or business related accounts to see if you have any problems. (You probably know if you do, already.) Also report these calls to FTC, and forward phony IRS emails to phishing@irs.gov.

I received a call from Windows, guy says his name is John Parker (Indian/Asian accent) Tel # 800-220-8851. Says he is from Windows Technical Support. I don't believe him hang up and tell him I'm calling my companies tech support. Did not let him get into my computer, be he persistently called me back 3 times.

This is my second Computer Tech Support Scam as they say my computer is infected with a virus, their tel # 804-571-1877.

That is exactly what they do I have check for viruses and security problems I am looking at one right now 855-856-1053 brought to by PastaLeads and the other # is 844-248-4193 also PastaLeads

Have received over 20 calls today from 802-332-6892, Daniel Wilson with Microsoft Technical Support. He wants into my computer and I have told him repeatedly I can verify who is or where he is calling from and to stop calling me. He just won't give up. He has middle eastern accent and the background noise is of people speaking Hindi, I work with a large group of Hindi speaking individuals so I recognize it when I hear it. he has been told to stop calling me.

Jan 29 2015 I am receiving 2 to 3 calls a day for the past week from 2 different numbers one shows up as Kavish Technsof 1-952-467-6390 and the other shows on caller ID as Out of Area 1-000-000-0000.My Telephone Service provider is AT&T,they told me for a one time fee of $3.99 I can block up to 10 numbers by using *60. I think I might try this if I get another call, but not before I tell the scammers to call me at my business and give them the number of the FTC.

I received a bogus "Microsoft" call from 944-695-9397 from a person claiming to be Gerry on January 16th, 2015. She tried to convince me that my computer was as risk and they "Microsoft " was obligated to help me. She wanted me to press the control key at bottom left hand side of the key. I asked the name of her company, she said it was Tech Support America. When I asked what country she was in, all I got was a CLICK! I attempted to call her back, but, it was "not a working number". Please, hang up on these calls. By the was she had my home phone number and my name as the owner of the computer in question. Who's giving these people our information?

I just got a call from "Tech Support America" too. Thick Indian accent; she claimed they had done a "survey of all the windows and mac users in [my] area" (that's probably everyone) who "surfed the web or downloaded files" (ditto) and they were offering a free service to protect my computer from malware. My husband works in IT, so I just hung up on her, but when I got home I looked up the area code (422) she had called from, and it is definitely not based in the US, as this code is unused.

I just received a call on my cell phone today from a guy (also Indian accent) saying he was from Tech Support America. The number he called from was 363-466-3575. He said they were seeing many damaged files coming from my computer. He said he would wait for me to get in front of my computer so he could help fix the problem. I asked him again what company he was with, and then I told him I did not know the company and to never call my number again. I immediately called my elderly mother to warn her of this scam - these scum bags prey on people who aren't strong technically. It really makes me angry. Thank you for this blog - when I googled Tech Support America I found this and was glad it confirms for people that these jerks are scum bags and not to be trusted. I hope the FTC can close them down.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. These are useful details for a complaint.  Please go to ftc.gov/complaint to report this. We can't address complaints you write about in blog comments.

Just had a call from Tech Support America. Woman got very upset when I questioned which company. I asked for her phone # and she said I could not have it because I was "not yet a member." She was very rude, loud, wanted me to go to computer, etc. When I told her goodbye, a man immediately came to phone & began trying to talk to me. I hung up & then after checking Tech Support America on my cell phone, I shut down my computer. She had my home phone & address (which she said were public record when I asked) What concerns me is that we have Comcast & the Internet had been irregular. When I last re-set the modem, the code to protect our WIFI had disappeared. I hope they haven't been able to access my computer. I do have it set so that no remote access is allowed, but still! How unsettling! The phone # she called from was 368-296-7269. Now I need to call my 91 year old dad to make sure they don't get him. He doesn't use Internet, but they might convince him to let them into his computer. Oh, and yes, she had the accent, and there was the background noise.

Thank you for posting such an informative blog.

I received a similar call from "John Parker" at (800) 220-8851, pressuring me to take care of a Windows problem. I asked where he was calling from, and he said "Forest Hills Queens". I know the area, so I asked for his street address. He repeated that a Windows problem had to be fixed immediately. It is obviously a scam; please shut down this bogus 800 number.

212-345-6789, a spoofed caller ID number, person stating that she represents WINDOWS and that wanted to check my WINDOWS license, heck, I just may have a Mac. Told her I knew it was a scam and would report it, she continued with the fraud and I hung up.

(209) 631-2059 Merced, CA
Strong Indian/Pakistani accent, "Windows tech support", told me my computer was replicating itself. Needed urgent action, i told him i was not mear my computer, he asked when he could call back at a time I would be at my computer, called at the appointed hour,said he was from Windows, who? Windows tech support. Who do you work for? Microsoft. Where? Rialto. Is that near Merced? Click

I just got a call from 212-345-6789. I did not answer, but did a look up and found this forum. thank you for the info. Two weeks ago I got a ransomware virus. I'm still recoving from it and still trying to find out how I got it, despite being very careful.

We've been called several times a day concerning our windows causing trouble . Phone number is Texas 940-594-9906.

well now i am part of this scamming,got taken twice by these con artists,an know the calls have started again this week either i do not answer the phone or i get Skyped,an you cannot not call them back,luck today i got disconnected from them with no call back from them.i then called the FTC,which i knew nothing about,found the number on here,an filed a report an will keep calling them each time i get these phony techs,an now they are saying they are from Microsoft,i am smarter than that statement.

good information about Microsoft tech support. really helpful.

435-109-7321 "Peter Williams" (heavy Indian accent) Employee ID PW732 (yeah right) from "Windows" lots of people in background speaking Hindi. So loud I couldn't hear him calling regarding my computer. When I asked Pella or Anderson "windows" he was confused . . . He proceeded to yell into the phone so I yelled back. He called back 3 more times . . . told him he was going to be reported and to no call again he was harassing . . .

Received a call from Jack of so called Tech Support (Caller Id was mrniteshji 1-661-748-0240), claiming that they are receiving a software error message from my computer- I ask how they know that it is mine- they said thru our Dell Tag Service number. Wanted me to hit key "window" and R on the keyboard.

I told them I would call Dell directly. The caller continued to insist that Dell only troubleshot hardware, not software. I called Dell-they confirmed that "Jack" is a fraud and referred me to FTC (1-877-382-4357) to report this. I talked to the live agent and gave him all details and numbers.

Thanks for the phone numbers everyone has listed in this blog! I have entered them on my phone and blocked them. I have been harassed for a year and a half from Omnitech by men with extremely thick Indian accents who flippantly refuse to remove my phone number from their calling list. In the last few months they've been using "No Caller ID" so I can't block their numbers, and have called as early as 5AM. Here's some of the phone numbers I have had to block: 866-733-9977, 800-762-3201, 703-272-4699, 661-748-0240, and 919-692-6063.

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. We can't address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I care for my 90 year old grandmother daily, and just received a call. The man had an Indian accent, so when he asked if I was her I said yes. He said "ma'am, my name is John, and your computer is broken." I said John, I don't have a computer so stop calling here. (She really doesn't have a computer). He hung up right away, and I immediately dialed the call return service so I could write the number down and call him back. When I tried calling back it said that the number is not in service, and then the operator recites he letters spok. The number is 612-650-6111. This is not the first time this has happened.

iyogi , one of the big scam tech support company , but us government is not doing anything to stop them . why so , these companies are giving money to government , or to internet service provider . these type of calls must stopped completely

I keep getting calls from a source claiming to be technical support for Windows. I tell them I'm on a Mac - doesn't matter the individual keeps rambling on and on. I have gotten these calls from different area code - the voice and accent always sounds the same... I tried blocking some numbers but these jackasses come back with a different number. I always tell them do not call me again - but they always do!

So, I got a call on the way home from "Michael, from Tech Support" with the strongest Indian accent ever. I had fun with him, asked him where he was physically located. He said he just wanted to help me get rid of viruses and things. He ended up getting his "supervisor" on the phone, who said he was Steven, not as strong of an accent, but still...asked him where the company was located, he said Las Vegas, NV. How long the company had been in business...20 years. What the name of the president of his company was, yeah, he didn't know that. Anyway, it was fun messing with them on the way home. They ended up hanging up on me. Tried to call the number back and it was a non-working number, so they do know SOMETHING about technology. My advice, have fun with them.

Apparently the FTC lawsuits against these phoney tech support companies has had no effect, because I've received two calls during the past month. It hasn't slowed them down at all.

Their use of English is so poor that they are barely understandable. I had to ask the person calling to repeat himself several times.

I'd heard about their scam before, so when he asked me to go to a web site and download some remote control software, instead I went to Google and typed in "Microsoft Windows scam." When he asked me what I saw on the screen, I read him the first sentence that said, "Don't trust these scammers.' He hung up on me.

I really wish the FTC would take more action against these creeps. Find their IP address and knock it down.

We found Osama Bin Laden--we can find these guys too.

On April 1st, I also received a call from a lady with the name of Ann representing Itec Alert from Jupiter Florida claiming to be a certified Microsoft security response partner and that my Windows machine was sending out virus alerts. I have a number of Linux, Apple and Windows systems so asked her to be specific on which one. When pushed for the specific MAC address, IP address or computer name there was a lot of attempted redirection and vagueness. Old them to not call again and advised them I had added their number to my Sentry call blocking system blacklist.

I received that faithful call from India with promises of clearing up all the virus's on my computer. They used a CLSID from a microsoft process as my computer ID as usual. They walked me through installing Team Viewer and requested my User ID and password. This is where the call go fun. I gave them a fake ID number several time and the call was escalated to a high level tech. When the connection still did not take place I asked for their user id and password. LOL Team Viewer User ID: 501-603-334 Password :3098 I went on to tell them that I needed their IP address to enter into my router so that we could have a live connection. There was a bit of hesitation on there part. There was a bit of discussion in the back ground and then they hung up the phone. I can appreciate their efforts and the game continues. I loved the idea they gave me their team view ID and I will pass it along to their corporate team to let them know. I am sure with a bit more effort I might actually get their IP next time. Silly Scammers ;)

OK.. I've gotten a lot of these calls.. I'm tech savy so for me it's more humorous than a headache. If they call about a PC well I've got a Mac.. Other times I ask them to hold and hit the wrong button so they get a tone but can still hear me as I say loudly my mouth by the phone "Start the trap and trace!" CLICK! Thing is one thing all have in common is Indian accents.. Which for me begs the question Could this influx of Indian Accented Scammers be connected to the fact that almost everyone it seems these days is using an Indian Phone bank for their support needs? Think about it... you buy a new _________ and register it, then something goes wrong and you call support... and Bingo.. Your friendly downtown Bombay help desk person with their americanized script... and now they have your home phone number.. and they know you own a whatever electronic device you called about... Now just how secure are those Indian call centers? How much do they care about what happens to information about you?

So... I got a pop up ad on my computer saying that I have a virus and I need to call this number. It's 855-875-1572. It turns out to be 1st Choice Tech Support. They tell me that in order to get rid of the virus it will cost 250 but then they lowered it to 200. It seemed a bit suspicious to me but the "evidence" that they gave me about my computer being infected seemed pretty solid. So I gave them my credit card number and they are now working on the computer. I then did some research and as soon as I found this site, I called my credit card company to dispute the charges immediately. I assume this is a scam?? I am so unsure as I am not very tech savy. Please give me your thoughts when you get the chance. Thank you.

If you think your computer has been involved in a tech scam, get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.

Then, change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too. Please let us know what happened by filing a report at ftc.gov/complaint.

- Although I didn't give out any of my personnel- information, I had a strong feeling that this was a bogus call. His name was Peter Parker: phone number:888-414-1542. His company name : P C Support Plaza, in California. He hung up at this point after I asked him for the full address. He had a foreign accent. End of call as he hung up. I called the sheriffs and they told me to report to this web site.

Thank you for sharing your experience. The FTC can't address complaints that come through the blog comments. Please go to ftc.gov/complaint and file a complaint so it goes into the FTC database that investigators use.

Got add's that popped up Microsoft when you see that you update well i got Broswer hijacked Taplika I can't get it out of my computer. i already paid for a scam i ordered a removal tool for 30.00 and they got remote access to my computer how can i get them out.again saying they are Microsoft you would think the company would get this stopped my poor mother Inlaw just got a new computer and they got her to and hers is junk just wondered why Microsoft is letting this happen Does not say much for them

I want this group stopped and stopped now. I don't need to go to a website to help spot a scam, this calls are scams. Phone number is 850-785-9004 and the caller said his name was Alex. They call about every ten days or we can go about two weeks before they call again. They are rude and it has gone beyond what we should have to put up with. Calls come at all times of the day and night. The FTC and/or the FCC need to step in and stop this now. Sue the phone companies as accessories to the crime that these callers are perpetrating. Do it now.

If you're getting repeated calls from the same number, you could contact your phone provider. Ask your phone provider if it charges for a service that blocks a particular number. Remember that telemarketers often change the numbers they call from, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change.

I just got another call from "Technical Support America". I too just mess with them now. I tell them I have Pella windows not microsoft. "No sir, your operating system." I say that my computer doesn't have a system that operates it, I operate it. Then I say that my computer has a keyboard, mouse and screen. Why would I need a window in it? And I just keep up this crap with everyone near me laughing until this person just can't handle it anymore and hangs up. For as long as this has been going on, they must be getting takers. Oh gullible people!

Had this problem last fall, calling multiple times a day telling me there was something wrong with my computer. I told them I had a Geek Squad contract for a year (which was actually true), and that "I would run over there tomorrow" and have it checked out, thanks for the heads-up. They tried to insist that the Geek Squad was not equipped for this, but I said I would check with them first. It went on for a month or so before they finally gave up. Today it started again, with a girl's voice, Indian accent. She asked me if I was the main subscriber to our Microsoft account. I said No, I am not. She sounded confused for a minute, then said Oh, ok, I'm sorry and hung up. : - ) Laughed for 10 minutes, then decided to see if anyone else was posting yet. Marsh McKenna comes up on the Caller ID, 212-345-6789, Notice it is literally a 2, then 123456789? Not a coincidence, bogus number for a bogus company. I'm sure Microsoft would like to stop this, but they do not have access to the information that Homeland and the FCC do.

Look out for a company using the name of a real technical support company: LIVE TECHNICIANS. They will ask for $ to be wire to them!
We became victims of their scam but are now aware and smarted! Luckily our bank credited our $ back.

Beware of Avast employees Jorge #6435 Andrew #OTS0023 phone 800 457-6839 Gabriel 877 204-9327
Mark 818 399-6035 and Orange Tech Services Inc. They scammed me into entering my computer and sevral days later Mark called and tried to blackmail me into giving him my bank account info so he could refund $229.99 back to me. He said their sattelite system crashed and could no longer support their corrections to my computer and did not have the ability to credit my cc or write a check. When I refused to give my bank info, He crashed my computer. I reported this to Avast who claimed they had no record of a third party (Orange) and I said obviously one or more of their employees is a scammer. Avast was not interested nor inclined to credit me for the scam that was done through their company. Phone #'s involved: 661 748-0240 (from Mark of Orange Tech) 760 726-8500, 760 806-1645, 760 806-1644, 617 612-9825, 818 399-6035, 888-216-0235 These are from calls I received from either Avast or Orange Tech. Some of programs they used (Avast)C:windows/system 32sfc/scannow by Andrew then Orange used Team Viewer id#224 360 49 password 7432. I hope this helps you to avoid these monsters. By the way, they were all from India getting away with duping Americans.

I never answer the phone, not ever. I let the machine pick up on all my calls because I'm sick of scammers, robo callers, etc,etc. but on Thursday, February 4, 2016 I was expecting a call from a roofer and picked up on the first ring. A woman with an Indian acccent told me she was from Dell and needed access to my computer right away because somebody was trying to access it illegally. I'm normally very sharp but I do have a premium contact with Dell and I bought it. I went to the computer and she had me do a few steps before finally requesting direct access. I was about to give it to her when I read a warning on my computer DO NOT GIVE ACCESS EVER WITHOUT VERIFYING THE PARTY FIRST and I said to her that I needed to make sure she was who she says she was and she hung up on me. I immediately called Dell and they told me it was a scammer but no damage was done because she never got access. I did a Mccaffee run right away to make absolutely sure and thank God nothing happened but she had the nerve to send me an email which I reported spam and deleted right away. We live in a terrifying world due to the fantastic technology we now have and that has woken up the monsters of the world, the maggots of the world who want to suck our blood. DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, GET AN ANSWERING MACHINE AND SCREEN ALL YOUR CALLS. THIS WAY THEY HAVE NO CHANCE TO GET YOU. I WENT AGAINST MY OWN RULE AND I ALMOST, ALMOST GOT SCAMMED BY THIS WORM OF A WOMAN. BE CAREFUL AND DON'T FALL A VICTIM TO THESE DISGUSTING INDIVIDUALS.

My wife let someone from Orange Tech Service take over her laptop but she had called them. She googled up MS to get them to stop asking for Win 10 updated and called someone on an 800 number. Woman said computer was fine but she should buy network protection from them. Now I'm concerned that her computer is at risk. The Orange Tech Service pop-up came for her to respond to how she liked the service.

Personally I get the MS call numerous times and have googled up a couple of Hindi swear words which has them hang up on me.

Got the "I'm from Microsoft Tech" call yesterday on my cell. Indian accent. I was in my garden when he called. Told me "it's about your computer, do you understand that?" I said "Yes." He repeated, "I'm calling from Microsoft, this is about your computer's security." I started to laugh and told him I don't have a computer, F off. I hung up.

Got 4 more calls today. The numbers showing on the phone are:

1 (855) 336-0212, 1 (209) 631-2059, 1 (800) 978-5603.

Got us today too. Tech Support America in Las Vegas he told my wife in a thick Indian accent. She told him he was a scammer and he got belligerent. "You people think you are so smart." you people? "You americans..." Click. He kept calling back so we left the phone off the hook. Submitted complaint with FTC online. This guy needs to be found, and fixed.

I was called by "Tech support america" I hung up the phone considering scammers

Tech America just called my cell# today and after he told me that there was suspicious activity coming from my computer, I told him that was impossible because my day job is tech support. Click. Okay, I lied, but he obviously was looking for someone less sophisticated when it comes to computers. Never ever believe someone when they call you offering to help you for a fee.

Got a call on my cell phone from 942-374-6592. The guy was difficult to understand due to a heavy accent. He said he was from "Tech Support America" and that he had received a report that my computer was downloading malware. I asked him how he knew it was my computer, did he know my IP address. He did not. I told him I had 35 years' experience in IT (true) and that I thought it was a scam. I then added a few more choice words and hung up.

Keep getting at least one of these calls a day. This time they blocked the number. There was silence then a bonk then background noise of static and many people in a room. Guy with a thick accent started swearing at me and telling me I can't hang up on him or block his calls.

I got a call today from Tech Support America, and the odd thing is, I had given my cell phone to the tech support team from Verizon and was expecting their call. So I talked to him more than I should have. If they had access to our screen for a bit, are we compromised, or are they just looking to sell their product? I'm worried they have access to private stuff, now, but maybe they will just move on to another possible sucker. Thoughts?

Better do some thorough scanning of your computer.

I left a comment yesterday about being scammed by Boss Tech(855-602-6550 or 855-416-2677) But I don't see my comment. Was it posted? I wanted to know if anyone else dealt with or heard of Boss Tech?

If you lost money to a scam, please let us know. File a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint.

If you paid for bogus tech support services or software with a credit card, call your credit card company to reverse the charges.

If you think someone has access to your personal or financial information, read about what to do about identity theft.

Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.

Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.

Just received a call from 648-392-6746 claiming to be with a company called Tech Support America. This is the third call I've received, with the first two calls from different numbers. They are very aggressive and argumentative. With the second call, I told them to hold while I connected with local Law Enforcement. Surprisingly, we were disconnected. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! IF you Google the area code, you will most likely find other complaints. Beware! It's a scam! Even with the threat of reporting them for violating Federal Law after being told repeatedly to remove me from their call list and not to call me on my call phone again, they do not care because they are most likely not in the U.S.

I had a call May 11 from an arib guy who transfered me to himself. I recognised his voice and his so-called-name. He was a University of Phoenix Tech and his name was Alex. I am still a sutdent and never had anyone like him help me before or since. He was verifying every single aspect of my identity, possiblely. The usual questions they are rutinely asking then verifying my IP address to my computer and the IP address to my internet connection too. I didnt know there was an IP address for the internet until he asked me about it. I dont remember if I stated that part in my complaint to the FTC at the time but I may have to report another one if I cannot find an update on my first one.

When this guy called, he muffledly, said he was a Windows tech but would not at all admit he worked for Microsoft until I said if he didnt, hes not helping me. He guided me into my computer to show me the 43,000 viruses and trojens I had since mid Aug. (6 months they call and I hang up) He was arguing with me throughout the whole call. I kept refusing each step until he explained he was a Windows IT guy. I yelled at him when I realized he was walking me throught the steps to connect to my computer. Which is so similar to UOP tech support when they connect. Without my permission he connected. I have no idea what was going on from his side but I kept seeing him take control of my computer as I kept on yelling at him. He stopped when I started crying. Then when I stoped crying he was trying to do it anyway. He told me I would have to allow him to download Malwarebytes and other security softwares if I didnt want all thoses viruses in my comuter. I had over an hour to hang up on him but I had been scared from actually believing him and seeing 43,000 trojens and viruses listed. I dont know where he told me to go to see the list but when I went to the geeks at BestBuy they said that if I had any hackers or viruses in my computer it would be listed as a program in the uninstalled list of the Control pannel.
I found a guy on Youtube- Eli the Computer Guy. He said he has been an IT guy for 15 yrs. So I did every single little thing he said; including downloading only the software he suggested; and never ever trust thoses out on the market because they have wholes in their program plus they have the same codding for years on end. Plus I went on identitytheft.gov and have been working on everything listed on there just to keep them from comming back. There is more to my experience but as far as I have read from this blog I can see the same story change slightly so I was thinking they are all related to a group of people who had or has connections and has to get caught. I seriously pray to GOD they are judged fairly and learn from their evil acts upon others.

I received a call about having a problem with my computer from an indian sounding person. I tried to mess with him as long as i could (got about 4 mins in)...but he figured out that I was onto him and them gave me a big F-U and hung up. Oh well I had a little fun. BTW I would insult him by calling him stupid and all that ... but oh well.

Watch out for 1st Choice Tech Support out of Florida, 855-875-1572. They just got my 88 year old father for $250. A popup said it would be dangerous to open his browser, and to call tech at that number immediately. We have asked the bank to reverse the charge and cancel his credit card. This company is different, so beware. I talked to a guy at the number who sounded mainstream-nightly-news American, and had a spiel down perfectly. "We are a legitimate company, we are listed on Microsoft's website , we did work on his computer . . ." Still a scam. Their listing is in pinpoint.Microsoft, which I understand is very easy to get on. There payments are run through safepaze.com in Nicosia, Cyprus. I maintain my Dad's computer--there was nothing wrong with it. There may be now.

Poppy - nearly identical experience w my 87-year-old father. Except they got my dad for $550; I found out by sheer luck a day and a half later while helping him with his computer. The bummer is that my dad handed over an "electronic check" - i.e. read off his checking account number...

Seems like I talked to the same bright-sounding guy at the other end, who after 20 minutes of trying to talk me into a reduced charge, said he'd reverse the charge, citing the same "safepaze" payment processor.

I didn't tell this guy that, AFAICT, no ACH transactions have actually yet hit my dad's checking account, which I had immediately frozen.

Now I'm trying to figure out whether we're going to have to close the checking account. What a hassle.

Unethical operation; should be shut down.

It would be really helpful if you'd report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you provide go into a database that law enforcement can use for investigations nationwide.

Blog comments aren't part of the law enforcement database.

So when are you going to put First Choice tech support of Florida out of "business"????

Tonight their phone number was 877-592-3547. I called them to find out who had taken over my browser, but recognized it as a scam by looking at the quaint take-off on the blue screen of death they use on the browser while their malware is active.

The man I spoke with denied it was even possible that their software was at fault. I told him I was going to investigate them (yeah right -- I suspect he muted the phone to laugh at me).

I lost nothing but a little time and a little of my temper, but I consider the blue screen takeover itself to be theft of services.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint. We can't address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I got a call about the same issue. I thanked the caller and told him I was having computer problems and did not know what to do. He started telling me to enter my windows and I followed his instructions. I kept going along with him, then he asked what message my computer was showing. I told him the message read " the guy on the phone is about to rob you" he said " it really says that"? I just hung up.

I have never fallen for the "We're from Windows" scammers, but they keep calling (India or Pakistan?). If I block their number, they eventually migrate to another one, calling after 11PM and before 7AM, sometimes three or four times a day. This has been going on since at least 2013--not as long as "Rachel from card holder services", but it seems nearly as long.

My call blocking service allows for only 25 numbers. Between them and the "back brace" and "merchant services" calls, those 25 slots get eaten up pretty quickly.

I'm pretty certain that all of these "spoofed" calls are VoIP origin. How about revising the rules for spoofing call numbers? It should be pretty evident to the telcos whether a call actually originates from the number claimed in the caller ID.

At any rate, area code 989 spoofs seem to be a popular target.

I just had a call from Tech Support America (384.266.4953) and I was given the line about how computers in my area code had been targeted with Malware and my computer was downloading programs....But he first wanted to confirm that I was the computer user and that I paid the internet bills. I'm a former tech and know this is a scam but I like to play along to see what they are after. He then asks me again about if I am the computer user and pay the internet bills to which I reply asked and answered, why are you asking again. He tries to tell me since I obviously didn't understand the nature of the call it had been transferred/escalated and I was talking to a different person. To which I called him on. He assured me that it was someone different. So in the meantime I google Tech Support America and verify they are a scam. After has me bring up the 'run' screen he asks me what I see on my computer. I tell him that I'm looking at a screen that says his company is a scam and I would appreciate it if he didn't call me back and to remove me from his list. He then threatens me and says that he will call me back over and over and over again even at midnight. That there aren't enough hours in the day for me to avoid him. I hang up. He promptly calls back, I answer and say a few choice items and he gives it all right back to me and then some. I hang up. He calls back. I answer/hang right up. He does this another 5 times and I have just taken my phone off the hook so to speak. I did try to call the number back and it says it is not in order. Seriously? Why don't they just get a life??

Ive owned and operated a successful on site pc repair business for over 17 yrs. Almost daily I get a call from a concerned customer that someone from windows has contacted them. I wish someone would make this national news so everyone knows Microsoft or the people from "vindos" doesnt watch your machine for you. I could tell you horror stories on what customers have experienced and as far as the ftc cracking down on them? Its getting worse. All the ftc would have to do to find these idiots is to google hp support or norton support or anykind of support. Google lets these people pay to have their websites ranked high in the search rankings so as far as Im concerned google is also responsible

My son bought a new PC yesterday, went online and the screen froze and gave a 855 number to call saying it was his new antivirus help. He called and let the technician go onto his computer, who showed him files that were corrupted and then went into his spiel about $399.99 for a 3 year service and his computer would be running free and clear. He hung up, but by letting the guy on his system, could he have installed anything to let him back in? He said he was from Afore and had an Indian accent.

I got a call three days in a row that came from numbers I could not call back to. The first number was 1 271 386 4976. I said hello three times with no response then it hung up. The second day the number came up as +1 384 266 4953. This time a man with a India style accent asked if he had reach so-and-so, (my name). I said yes. He started into a speech but I interrupted and asked him to hold while I got paper and pen to write down the details of the call. He said OK then hung up. The third day the call came from # 1 958 369 5729. I answered it. A man, again with a India style accent said he was calling to help me with my computer. That his company had identified there were issues with it and he was calling to help. He asked if I was at my computer. I told him not at this time and asked him to repeat the name of his company and to give me a phone number to call him back at when I got to my computer. He said there was no number to call back to. I badgered him for a while pretending to really want his help then he hung up. What I don't understand is why our government and phone service providers do not close the loophole that allow these call to be made. It is simple in my mind. I cant create a number and just start using it. Why should scammers. IF the companies that are in business to provide phone services REALLY cared about us the consumer they would go at this topic with all they have. The smart ones would then advertise what they are doing and get more media coverage and potentially more customers then ANY add campaign with cutting paper or smashing glass or hyping speed or price. Oh, I guess since I am not a bi9g time corporate executive or political hack I am too stupid to understand and too dumb to think that a business should put customers first and the money will follow.

I forgot to mention in my previous comment that the person said his company name was Tech Support America.

I just received a call from 505-398-3355 claiming to be Dell Computers. Said I called in an issue, I said no did not, I said I don't believe you are from Dell, he hung up. I called Dell they looked my computer ID number up, they didn't call me. reported 505-398-3355 to the FTC. Searching online the number came up as pctech7.com/

This just happened to me. I was trying to get some forms for my 5 year old to practice his writing when all of a sudden the computer was telling me to stop & I need to call the support number cuz there was a chance I was hacked. I called & the guy said he can run a diagnostics on my computer. There I made the mistake letting him onto my computer. He "found the problem" of why my computer was telling me to stop & call this support number. He said he can see that the reason why my computer is running slow. He told me to take it to a certified computer technician at Best Buy or to Apple Store & have them install Malware software. My computer is brand new. I told him it doesn't run slow. I should of hung up & disconnected him. I'm so nervous to plug my computer back in & try to use it. The phone number was 866-399-6365 the guy's name was Mark & his id number is 1536392.
Any advise on what to do next?

If you allowed a cybercriminal to access your computer, don’t panic. Instead:

  • Get rid of malware. Update or download legitimate security software and scan your computer. Delete anything it identifies as a problem. 
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use these passwords for other accounts, change those accounts, too.
  • If you believe that someone may have accessed your personal or financial information, visit the FTC’s identity theft website. You can minimize your risk of further damage and repair any problems already in place.
  • File a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

For more information, see Tech Support Scams.


My computer owning but not very tech savy folder riend has been getting calls on her cell and home phone at all hours from 844-620-1714. They call several times a day, and if she hangs up as I have instructed her to do, they call right back 7,8,9 times. She is afraid to use her computer now and these calls are stressing her out. Recently I answered a call on her cell and on her landline. I advised the callers to stop harassing her. I was met by the most horrendous behavior, horrific language and threats! They are so brazen that they laugh and curse when threathened with a report to the FTC. They claim to be "Superior Tech Support." DO NOT GIVE THESE RUDE, DANGEROUS PEOPLE any information or the time of day. But DO report these scammers to the FTC. Hopefully they will be shut down, fined, imprisoned and receive the awful punishment that they so deserve.

If you're getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

For more information, see Your top 5 questions about unwanted calls and the National Do Not Call Registry.

I too am a victim of a phone skam. I got a call from a guy saying he was from Tec Support America, they made my computer worse, were rude, harassed us, cussed, called me a liar and kept calling from several different phone numbers, so it didn't do any good to block the number. Don't accept anything over the phone if they call you, be sure and call someone you trust if you need computer service or anything else. The numbers they called from are:584-359-7529,202-559-7930384-266-4953,384-266-4953 and many more.

Just got scammed by a 1st Choice Tech Support out of Florida who claimed to be contracted agent for Microsoft to take care of its customers. Later Microsoft confirmed they had no association with this company. Hope Federal Government goes after these weasels, as well as Microsoft, to shut them down for misrepresentation.

Just got a call today from someone claiming to be from "Tech Support America" and calling me on behalf of my computer's IT department. Indian accent; lots of people talking in background. I knew it was a scam. Since I have home builds but since I'm on the no-call list, I never get these. I decided to play dumb and see what he wanted me to do. It was go to my computer, crtl-R to bring up the run menu, and go to event viewer. Then I was supposed to be mystified that there were errors (every windows install probably has some). So then I realized it was a malware install plot, and let loose on the guy. He got abusive and threatened "to call me every day, at different hours of the day." Either these peoples' lives are hell; or, they are malicious b-st-rds, or are hopped up on something. How do you think someone is going to buy your product after that? His response to my recording him, reporting him, etc. were more arrogance: we're not going away. So we'll see if he calls again tomorrow.

they are a scammer..operating from india......

Adding this phone number to the scammer list: 888-723-1065 which identified its firm as "US Tech Support" The adware impersonates a Cox Cable browser warning message that is created by Norton - even if you don't have Norton installed.

These same problems are happening to me now. I received a phone call from these people to speak with them. They told me that my computer was highly infected with viruses and that they needed me to go in front of my computer to clean them. They were using something called teammember or something i believe to get control of my computer. I let them and at first i thought it was cool but then it got weird when they started asking me to fill out credit card information. I gave them it and they said they would charge me more than $200. I paid it then somehow the money seemed to bounce back into my account when i called my bank. People now are so cruel i cant believe this is happening to me now. Guys be careful who picking up the phone with blocked unavailable numbers. These people always have a strong indian accent and their supposedly company name is VapeSecure i believe they are a fraud .

I just spent a whole hour on the phone with these guys it was awesome and I had nothing else to do. I got them so aggravated, they switched to 3 different people. They couldn't understand why it wasn't working on my computer, maybe because I wasn't really typing what they were telling me too. If you have the time, play dumb and see how long you can keep them on the phone. They will start to get super frustrated and mad, then when your done just ask them if it's a phishing scam and the line will go dead, Haha. Good clean fun.

A friend of mine was recently the e second time, but after following my instruction she knew better not to fall for it. The phone number associated with the scam is: 844-749-57819

Received a phishing call from number: 855-210-3300 on 8/25/2015. I called back and no answer 3 times but went to busy. Called again and without ring tech picked up. After much questioning, tech admitted that they were calling from Itec Alert and that my IP address had been compromised. Tech provided name as Ashley Williams. When asked, tech said that they got my number from Genuine Windows registration and that they were level 5 tech support. I inquired as to how they determined that my IP was compromised and we debated about 15 minutes on how the IP was secured by my ISP, Comcast. Tech suggested I knew nothing about IP addresses until I pointed out I had a degree in computer science. Tech refused to allow me to speak to supervisisor and have my phone number removed. I asked to be put on hold which promptly hung up.

As a tech support person myself I know that Microsoft or any other legimite company will never call anybody out of the blue to remotely "fix" a problem. While a Internet Service Provider (ISP) may send you an email stating that your computer is adversely affecting the network & you must fix it or they will disconnect you, they will NEVER call you & ask to fix it themselves remotely! If you recieve a call like this you should report it to the FTC & spread the word about this scam to your friends & neighbors. Let's face it, these folk are criminals & by definition aren't really too concerned about laws or even common decency. They prey on the igornant & uninformed & take them for all they can. Knowledge is the best, easiest & fastest way to stop them. If people kept their computers updated with the latest antimalware & made regular backups the number of computer "leaks" & "incidences" would drop dramatically. If computing devices came with a warning label clearly explaining that they should NEVER let ANY unknown voice that calls them over the phone uninvited access their computer or give them any personal information at all such as their address, any kind of social or financial numbers or even your name then it would not be worth the scammers time & they would become as extinct as the Brain or Ambulance DOS computer viruses from the early 80s.

I have received three calls in the last two weeks from different people (heavy accents) claiming to work for Dell computer. Two of the calls were from restricted numbers. Today's call was from 505-398-3355. Today's caller cut right to the chase without introduction or explanation- he wanted the service tag number for my computer. I told all three callers that they were not entitled to any information about my computer, and then I hung up.

I got scammed on the blue screen micro soft window techs fraud and let them in my PC and charged $350 , 200 in repairs , and another $150 for anti virus coverage that works. They said mine didn't. I'm a sr citizen and know nothing about PC 's .i found out that evening after them having access to my computer for a few hours o shut it down and called my CC company. Bank of America told me I can't get a refund being I agreed to the service. ? Yes, I did not realizing I was being scammed and thinking they were from micro soft. I can't believe we can't cancel the charge for a fraud. I don't get much money to be scammed and not covered by Bank of America for it.

What was the name of the company you paid?

I know where they are located !

September 17, 2015 I began receiving calls from 866-286-6162 which I chose to ignore. Sometimes the caller ID says ‘unavailable’ but it is them. By September 20, 2015 I could not take it anymore and answered. A person with an Indian accept said he was from PC Top Speed (which I did have). I started out the conversation with, “you are not going to ask me for money right? You already sold me a lifetime protection package.” These people have called me before I believe under the name of Prime Tech Solutions in Greenwood, SC. At that time the Russians had hacked my PC and used the LogMeRescue.com to access. I did give them payment via credit card which apparently is traceable and did not work out for them. He assured me that they would not be asking for money, however, they had been picking up strange things from their office on my PC. This time it was the Netherlands that were hacking my PC.

He got control of my computer and started asking me bizarre questions such as why don’t you see if you can sign onto your bank accounts. I told him I was uncomfortable doing that. How much money do you have in your bank accounts? What are the first numbers of your credit cards? He said that my computer was hacked and would crash in 1.5 hours. They kept insisting that my network was unprotected.

They wanted me to send a cashier check in the amount of $989 (a discount according to them) to Divine Tech Solutions LLC in Greenwood, Mississippi . A technician named Mohamed began making configurations and I tried to get control of the session but he literally kept controlling my system to create a new password – locking up my machine – until they received their money . After my cashier’s check came they would give me the password to my own computer. This is extortion. It was a hostile and aggressive action. I figured out how to return my system to the time before they hijacked it but am terrified of these people. They never give up. I feel vulnerable and afraid that they could potentially get my social security number and banking /credit information.

Divine Tech Solutions LLC Phone: (877) 769-2427 771 2nd Street, Secaucus, NJ 07094 THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED.

Prime Technologies, LLC Additional Locations Phone: (866) 286-6126 220 Hertigate West Ct., Greenwood, SC 29649 ! THERE IS AN ALERT ON PRIME TECHNOLOGIES, LLC ! Additional Complaint Information BBB files indicate that this business is contacting consumers stating their computer has been infected with a virus. For a fee the company will debug the computer. The company is asking for passwords to access the computer. The company states they are located at 720 Montague Ave. Ste 202, Greenwood, SC 29649.

According to the City of Greenwood this company does not have a business license and the address is a USPS Drop box. The company also claimed to be located at an apartment address in Greenwood. Last contact they used was for me to send them a certified check was 2969 Nail Rd W, Hornalake, MS 38637 855-605-2323; 855-662-9936; 844-620-1714

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigatios.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

A company called Yoder care out of Fla, flashes a warning on your computer saying "you have been hacked, call # (239-491-4155). This is a scam. They time up your computer for 24 hours and ask for payment of $369.00. My spouse fell for this. said they would refund money, but ask for more money to receive refund. The man spoken to had a distinct Indian accent. Got very argumentative and rude when confronted with the fact that this was a scam. was told to go to CVS and receive refund, a reference number was provided, which of course was bogus.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigatios.

Blog comments don't go in the database.


I was working on my computer when I received a Windows pop-up stating that my computer was probably infected and it gave a toll free number to call for tech support. I called the number and the person (who had a foreign accent) just answered the phone "hello." I was a little skeptical but he said he was from Microsoft support and that he could clean my computer for me if I paid $150.00 for one year's worth of tech services (he wanted me to use my PayPal account to purchase the support). Is this legit or can hackers make the pop-up look so real that you just think it is a Windows system generated msg?

Sounds like a scam. The FTC’s website has more information about how to spot and stop tech support scams.

October 13 2015 USA: UGGGGGG : NEW ASUS LAPTOP: for school, I needed to download free astrology software to do my homework or buy software. I choice FREE: and it was a zip file that would not open or work: what I found out it did work and opened a HUGE MESS on brand new laptop for school. not an Apple laptop! obviously! "INSTANTSUPPORT" IS STILL ON MY COMPUTER EVEN THOUGH I DELETED IT FROM MY PROGRAM FILES: THEY STOPPED INSTANTMESSAGING ME! BUT THEIR LOGO STILL IN MY TOOL BAR: I REMINDER FOR ME REGARDING MY NIGHTMARE YESTERDAY FOR OVER 12 HOURS:
NO I did not have Antimalware on my laptop until 10pm last night and tonight I will have spyware loaded. I had "Accelerated PRO" blowing up my desktop every 15 minutes: I had video ads poooping up every 10 minutes and many many ads. (while trying to complete my homework for school that still is not completed)
Today my computer is running better: if you go to program files: I able to delete the FILE for Accelerated PRO. and yes I did have a thing yesterday asking me if I wanted to call "Microsoft help support" (so I did! scam! I said is this Microsoft and he said no and I said are you going to charge me to help me and he said YES: and I went off on him- calmly! he hung up!
WOW I feel sad for older people who might fall for this and I have learned a valuable lesson! (I was able to safely download my free astrology software from a proper reputable website; thankfully!) Wow WOW WOW what a dishonest shady selfish cruel harsh world I live in : people stealing and scamming other people and causing others much anguish.....evil dark humans: they create the pop ups and ads to turn around and pretend they are tech support to HELP FIX the issues they created.. awesome: karma karma karma

I am grateful that I only use my computer for school and my gmail email. I have nothing stored on my laptop but school work and there is no money in my bank account for them to steal: but wow I see this a huge issue: I am glad to see today that Iam not alone with this issue..... I wish peace to all. I was extremely frustrated and a little sad because I need my laptop for school & homework.... Namaste

Just received a similar call for tech support. Apparently there company name is something like Tech Support of Jamaica or Tech Support of America. Guy accent sounded like chinese, hard to understand, but somehow had my exact name. The call was originated from phone number 472-372-5187

Caller claimed to be a Microsoft Solutions agent and lucky for him my computer had been restarting itself for some time and I could not find the bug or a fix no matter how I tried. They got me as far as remote access to my laptop showing me BS error files that mean nothing trying to say they are Trojans. These guys are good. They had me paying 178 bucks to get rid of it. Maybe 10 minutes after I finally end this I realize my mistake and canceled the card they used and reset every password I had ever had and totally factory reset my laptop. These creeps are soulless and can trick almost anyone, especially those of us frustrated with the computer's current performance. Know that if they call late and have no caller ID, bad sign 1, if they say they received messages, bad sign 2, if they ask for access to your pc by remote, get the hell out of there. If they get you to leave credit card information, you need to go into fail safe mode and reset all and cancel and get new cards immediately.

Microsoft will never, I REPEAT NEVER , call YOU!! Heck you can never get their real telepohone tech support department without several dropped calls and clueless support drones.

Depending on the mood I am in I will sometimes engage these guys. Since I am running Linux I get a kick out of hearing "there is a problem with my Windows" Lately I like to tell them that I am a computer security expert and I am recording their voiceprint to send to the FBI. Then I try to get them to admit to the falsehood.

I got a "blue screen" message saying there was an error on my computer and I panicked. I was in the middle of editing a midterm paper for grad school and was terrified I'd lose all my work. I called the number, gave the tech control and paid the $149. Luckily a friend told me it was a scam. I contested the charge, cancelled my credit card, changed all my passwords and removed their installs from my computer. Then I got new malware and anti- virus protection right after filing a complaint with the FTC. Now the scammer is calling me to see what he can do to make me happy. I blocked his number but would tell him "quit ripping people off". That would make me happy.

my mom got a call from this number - 210-888-9106 - saying that her computer was sending their tech support cries for help. I grabbed the phone and told the guy to give me his name (supposedly 'Victor'), company (supposedly 'Windows Tech Department'), and phone number and I'd call him back. My husband called back and you could hear that the guy was called from a call center - heard phones in the background and people talking. The guy was saying what company are you calling for and wouldn't say anything but that. We gave him a hard time and asked him a bunch of questions but he just kept answering with questions. Then we just hung up.

How many of these puke "businesses" and scam artists are there? And why can't our government lock them down? Or make it so hard and expensive for them to do their business that they give up? Because this is a capitalist country. The scammers buy phone numbers. That generates revenue for the phone companies. It generates tax revenue for the government. And lobbyists take congress on junkets and buy them free dinners and golf rounds. So everybody turns a blind eye. And America gets fleeced. Americans get fleeced, by the companies, and the lobbyists, and the government, and Congress, and the law enforcement that acts as their stooges. Don't pay your taxes, and the government will come for your money, and you. Start up a business scam, and you just disappear into the night with thousands of people's money. Sickening. Now this scum is using 855-335-3363. Is the IRS going after them? Probably not, as long as they pay a little tax to the man for turning a blind eye.

You can help law enforcement by reporting scams.

Go to ftc.gov/complaint and report what happened. The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

Open letter to the FTC: YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. I have gotten six calls in the last 2 days, my phone is off the hook for the weekend.

Keep getting calls from someone claiming to be from Windows Technical Support....They claim Microsoft licenses them to provide technical support for windows. Problem is I don't own a windows machine...they just keep calling. They did give me a number 760-933-1353 and the Indians name was J. Watson. SCAM CITY. Files complaint with State Attorney General...don't expect any help.

I have a weird situation. I went to a website to buy a product, when I went to buy it I wanted to ask questions so I called the number listed on the website. I got a person with an Indian accent telling me I was entitled to a 100 dollar bonus. I said I called to ask about the product, he insisted I talk to him about the 100 dollars leading into him wanting my information. I googled the company, got their local phone number and contacted them. I told them the phone number that had given me a problem. They said it is not our number. I went back to the website and when it opened it momentarily had the correct number and then it changed to the scam number. Not sure whose problem it is but the company opened it and it had their correct number. I've opened the website on 4 different computers and the number changes on all 4. I ordered the product on the phone with the company, since these scammers could change the telephone number I wonder if I had ordered online what the result would have been. Scary stuff!

I received a call today from a man named David from phone number 205-863-9569 who claimed he was with a company that receives signals from my computer. He said that they are getting error code signals from my computer and he wanted to do some troubleshooting on my computer by screen sharing. I told him no and he got mad and hung up. I called my carrier and we did a scan on my computer to find out that I had a potential virus. Please do not take any calls from the above number because they are hackers.

I received a call from "Aaron" on 27 November. He told me my computer was infected and that "Karen" had been complaining about problems somehow traced back to my computer. He then told me that "Robert Jones" had hacked my computer and that I should not do any on-line banking, or on-line shopping for several days.

He then tried to get me to go to  support.me. Since I am a network security professional, I knew this was a scam and I was curious to know what kind of scam it was. I put him on hold and quickly looked up IT Alerts and found several complaint sites. I asked for a call-back number in case we were disconnected. He gave me 855-593-3163 which is alternately listed as inactive or associated with known computer scams if you google that number.

At that point, I told him I wasn't falling for his scam, he got argumentative and I hung up. I checked my caller ID log and he called from 855-210-3300. A google search also confirms it is associated with known scammers. I'll call Microsoft early next week and see if Itec Alert is a Microsoft partner and report them if they are. Don't fall for these scams. It may result in your computer becoming totally compromised. Also, don't visit the website listed above. It is likely that the website could plant "drive-by" malware on your computer just by visiting the site. Some of these are quite nasty and difficult to remove. Do take a look at consumer.ftc.gov/blog/ftc-cracks-down-tech-support-scams which has more information on these scams.

Got a call on 11-30-15 from Nigel (Southeast Asian accent) at "Itec Alert" claiming my Windows PC was sending alerts about malware. He knew my name, address, and -obviously- my phone number. I kept pressing him for details, but all he would say is "your Windows PC". When I said there are several Windows PCs here, he said the one with "mac address", which looks to be an IP address not a mac address.

Told him I had to go out and would call him back. He told me to call 855-593-3163 and ask for "Nigel".

I used to tell these people that i had a Mac but that didn't stop them. Today I said I don't have a computer. End of one would think but an hour later another call. Told this one I don't have a computer and was he going to give me one. He said goodbye. I don't know why we can't block these numbers. They show up as all 0's or as 6 digits. I'm close to cancelling my land line!

I have been getting these calls for over a year! First time I told them it was a scam, 2nd time I just laughed at them. Then I started telling them I didn't have a computer. The last time, just days ago I told them I couldn't fix their computer and they would have to call someone else. He insisted I had a computer and I asked him where it was. Messed with him awhile then hung up. I think the next time I will just put him on hold until he hangs up. The caller ID has shown THOR

Back in September, while searching online to find the Photography Studio that did my wedding several decades past, I got what looked like an Apple system message saying Safari was compromised and I should stop using it until I called a tech support number. Since I always run with pop-up's blocked, this seemed like an actual Safari warning. I called the number: 1-855-619-0707 thinking it was Apple, and was lured into an "Incidental Computer Fix" by "Superior Tech Help" for $199 (yes they did try to sell me on a 1-year or 3-year package). I feel foolish for allowing them remote access, but I watched most everything they did (ran diagnostics, cleared cookies, caches, and downloaded Sophos...yes I did have to enter my admin password to let them install, tho since changed it). I have an email receipt, which matches my credit card statement, and they are found at . Their Customer Support sent out a warning in November that many impostors were using their name and cold-calling. I thought it was legit, if predatory, but JUST TONIGHT I got a call from "Frederick" from "TecFixNow" (or something like that, I am terrible at discerning Indian accents) who said he had helped me back in September (he knew my name and email address), and wanted to give me a free re-check as their tech's had "found something" on my computer that was a new threat targeting people's online banking, especially in California. I made my excuses being the weekend and asked for his info and would call back on Monday, and he gave me a different number to call: 1-800-311-5954, and advised I not use my Mac for online banking until this was resolved. Not sure how (or if) they "Found something". But I'm curious what info I could get out of him when he, no doubt, calls ME back on Monday. I suspect he phished some data back in Sept, left Superior Tech Help, and is coming back for more.

Meanwhile, time for a complete wipe, new passwords, and new virus/threat software.

I was also facing the same issue like a pop up was there in my system with a number to call on that number.I thought it was some kind of scam so I searched for HP support and Got the number ..The guy sounded Indian and said they are support partner of HP and I asked for the name. It was Support-Nerds and the guy was very humble. So,I gave the remote access and he told me that these pop-ups are sent by some scam and he will fix them for $199.99. I asked that I don't want to pay,so he gave me a year support with that. I had some important work so I gave the details and the Issue was fixed in next 30 minutes. And later when I tried to call the these people were actually there. And 1 thing that I came to know from this experience is that people who call you are scammers rather that people whom we are callling.

We have been getting the calls from 800-135-7575

While doing ordinary work online, somehow my computer froze. Then a blue page came up saying my computer is infected with a virus and I need to call Microsoft Technicians at 1-855-982-3262 and to not shut down my computer or all files will be lost and my computer won't work. Looked like it came from Microsoft. Had a code on it 0x80073b01 or something similar.

I called the number and they asked for thee code dll and I gave it to them. Instantly they were able to send me a box where they asked me to sign in my computer password so they can show me what was wrong and that they would fix it right then. Stupid me fell for it and did exactly that. I saw them going through my computer and when I told them to stop they just tried to distract me with pop-up windows showing me how my computer is infected from outside the network. When they pulled up a file, I'd try to move my cursor to delete that window, they covered the file with another window so I couldn't click out of it. They moved so fast, too. They asked me if I had accounts on the computer, thank god I don't. Told them it's a play computer, nothing important here.

In the end, they told me for $499 they will protect me and my network for 6 years and to please fill out my information for purchase. I told them I can't just do that, I have to ask my husband first. He gave me 2 other phone numbers to use to call him back on and then I noticed in the LogMeIn window TechXoid.com. I asked him if he would please log out of LogMeIn and the window suggested that the session was over. Hours later, I checked my task manager and sure enough, the program was still running. I stopped it, of course.

I checked TechXoid.com and the phone number he gave me to call back on was also on that webpage. I called that number and sure enough, the same guy came on. I did a google maps to look at the address of this so called business and it is just a house. The photo of a tiny house in Florida. I doubt that's where they are.

My computer seems to work fine for now with the exception of when I went to Microsoft.com for the free tools of spyware removal, I couldn't download them. My next step is to call my local Microsoft office in my area and see what goes from here. Gosh, I feel stupid.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

But still companies are active and daily scamming lots of customer not only in US canda but also in australia and other countries. Is it possible to stop completly this type of scam?

I've been getting calls like the above from an Indian speaking man in the past several months! Today, I got 3 calls. lst call said my computer is compromised, when I asked what Company they from, I GOT NO ANSWER yet just trying to tell me my computer compromised so I said take me off you list and don't call me anymore. 2nd call, Within minutes later, same guy, saying he from Microsoft and my information is being compromised, when I said how do I know you from Microsoft, he hung up the phone. 3rd call, Indian guy, said he from Comcast, he verified my email address actually in which concerned me. I stayed on the line briefly to which he said, open your computer for me and I will prompt you through the process to fix your computer against people that are trying to steal your identity and also are sending crude emails from my email account he said other unknown people getting from my email? He said are you aware of this? Then he asked if I know anyone in NY or CA? he continued to say, hackers got my information from NY or CA and he must fix this problem fro me again asked me to open my computer to go through the prompts to fix the problem. I said if you from Comcast, I'll just write down what you want to tell me on a writing tablet, but I'm not going to open my computer no. I'll then run what you tell me to write down and give it to my own IT Tech. He said sorry mamam, we cannot tell you how to fix computer over the phone when writing down as everything recorded and not secure. I said what's the difference if I open my computer or write what you tell me down instead? I then said, I don't believe you are from Comcast, I believe you are the scammer and he hung up and the call was ended. These people just never give up! Total acam. Scarry part is that he did have my correct email address. I just said I don't have that email in many years! The calls I got today no incoming phone number showed up. So I can't report any number. In any event, everyone should be careful and not give out any information if someone says they are from Microsoft or Comcast,etc,etc.

I just got this, it's disturbing. It appeared be a scam, they claimed to Apple computer contacting me, they said my computer was locked, because of detection of malware and adware on my computer, blah blah blah, and said to call Apple at 877 398 5247. One disturbing thing was that i was not able to use my computer, i was stuck on the fake website in Safari, the website url was soemthing Mac-Apple_error.in.x or somethng like that, and i could not get off of that page with the warning alert thing on it,i couldn't bring another webpage to the front, neither in safari or in another program. i wanted to google this apparent scam, but they had done something were my computer was "locked" and i couldn't us it. Then, i force quit Safari. Then i started back up again and an even more elaborate scam page came up, with a very long alert message, repetitively talking about the dangers this posed to me, immediate dangers and i had to call "Apple" at the same number. This alert was agianst the background of a page that on it, Powered By Apple, with a big white Apple log on it. And again, i couldn't use the Safari browser, i was stuck on this page. I opened Chrome and it showed an odd page about virus protection on the the page that opened. Then i was able to get google and then i found this discussion.
I also, against my better judgement, called the scam number. First i turned off my caller ID. i wanted to see if it was in fact an Apple number. Instead of "Thank you for Calling Apple on the auto answer voice," it had a more generic "Please hold for the next available agent. So, i hung up, feeling certain it wasn't Apple. Then almost immediately, my phone rang, with caller ID still turned off, and it was an Indian sounding guy, and when i asked why he was on my phone, he said that he had gotten a call from me but he wasn't able take the call and now he was calling back to find out what i wanted. i said that i don't know who he is or why he's calling. He said "We are Premium Technical Support." i asked why he was calling me. i said why? He said "I don't know, maybe you got a message on your computer?" I said that i got a message telling me to call Apple with this number and i said "you're not Apple." He said 'yes, we are a company that works with Apple to do technical support." So i said, "OK, i will call Apple to check on this and will call you back." He immediately hung up. Unfortunately, every time i try to re-open Safari, it opens that same scam page as the top page and i can't get to any other page. They are literally blocking and locking up my browser so that i can't use it at all. I will keep playing with this, i guess ill try rebooting the computer, this makes me so mad, one, that they have made my browser not usable and i am going to lose stuff i was working on, or have already lost it, and two, they got my caller ID even though i had it blocked. Who do i report thiese people to? Is there some kind of phone police? They are clearly not in this country, apparently in India because the website ends in .in and the guy's accent sounds indian. i just want to report them to whoever might be able to look into them, if possible.

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

my family from canada i usually take remote of their computer & do the cleanup & chk their computer for problems & help them out with software but today i took remote there was a adware or malware in your computer system your computer is locked blah .... .... To fix dial toll free number 1877 398 5247 well if I or you having same pop up / ransom ware u call this number it will be a sales pitch why don't FTC do something abt it

You can tell the FTC about the problem you had. Report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.


I have received calls from these elusive Indian scammers several times within the past month. Complained to the FTC about it, they're powerless to stop them because the calls are from overseas. Finally called my phone company, who placed a blocking device on my phone to block one number. However, they hide behind another NYC area code number to call me, and I block that, although I told the guy he had the wrong number when he called. The area codes are 212 and 646. I feel that this is more than a standard crime. It's terrorism, and the perpetrators have to be brought to justice.

I couldn't agree more -- it IS terrorism. But it's not just international; it's also domestic. All they need to destroy your life is a free account with Tor. Then no one, not even the FTC, can help you.

You can add Mashpoint.com to your list of scammers. Their name is included in blue screen popups, and the number on their website leads to "Indian accent" Microsoft technicians who will sell you free MacAfee software for $100.

I am so tired of these calls! Why can't they stop them!

Number from a fake malware scam site. It claims your computer is infected and plays some MP3 in background with really loud, shrilly voice, and tries to convince you to call this number. Don't do it! They'll try to pull the security alert scam - good thing I block Javascript by default! If you look for "Your personal and financial information might be at risk" on Google, you find tons of examples of this and people reporting it! BTW: "CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected"?

My iPad just showed the blue screen virus "debug browser spyware 895-system 32.exe." It said contact apple support at 855.866.8528. I did and some guy from India tried to get my credit card "to fix the problem". I hung up... but beware that this happens on iPads too.

We just experienced the exact scam as everyone else, a company claiming to be Microsoft and then referring us to SAPPHIRE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (888-573-4222)to fix our infected laptop. We fell for it and paid them $199. We are now working with our credit card company to dispute this transaction. Feel so stupid we were sucked in to believe this was real! We're smarter than that! Lesson learned. We will be reporting this to the FTC as well.

I was browsing in Chrome when I got a pop-up warning that my Surface 3 had a virus. Several warnings and a loud bell. One said to call 855-527-6316 for MS approved technician to help fix the problem. I could not turn off the loud bell or exit any of the error windows. I called the number and allowed the technician to remotely access my computer. He told me I needed to purchase software "Realtime Protection" from Best Buy for $120 and I needed an FSO for $300. I became suspicious and told him I needed to call him back later. He gave me a call-back number 855-580-0831. Restarted my laptop. It booted OK. I'm concerned that he did harm to my tablet or stole information or installed a virus. I store all my files in the "cloud", and use Windows 10 Defender so I think my financial and credit card information is safe. I do not allow any browsers or online stores to save any passwords. I feel stupid that I was so gullible. The pop-ups looked legit. The "tech" guy was really slick but not too slick to make me suspicious -- at first. I would like to report this to the FTC, but not sure, since I didn't suffer any financial damage.

I received a call today from these same people calling to say they were from Viatitech Support.

Caller: Jack Root (when I refused to answer after hanging up after being scammed: he referred to himself as Chris Martis in the voicemail with the number:18006805162)

Recently I had bought internet security because my computer was having major issues and still is. Like a gullible fish I took the bait. He was offering to install Microsoft Defender onto my computer to fix issues that were pinged to their tech support. After being ripped 100 He took control of my computer sent a email to himself about me willfully buying the item and proceeded to mess with and install things onto my computer! I am disappointed in myself for not going with my gut feelings, and I have immediately canceled my card, changed my passwords, and have logged a complaint to FTC.

I received a call today saying they were from Dell support. They knew all the information about my laptop. Was Dell hacked? They said my IP address was compromised and being used by scammers around the world. He wanted me to give him access to my computer. I said no and hung up.

I fell for this scam. It was a company names Ewinsoftech that scammed me out of $100.00. I disputed the transaction, got a new debit card, and reported this incident already. Although, what can they do with my information (they didn't get my ssn) and how can I prevent it?

You can read about what to do if your information was lost or exposed.

This guy with number of 844-887-3598 is a scammer. Block his nnumber

Hi, I spoke to Kaushik on the phone and let him take over my computer. I was suspicious when he used a program called any desk to do it. He swears he did not steal any info from my computer, but i can not be sure.

This article tells what to do if you may have allowed a criminal to have access to your computer.

If you bought in to their scam before, you will be on their calling list. I blocked all of their numbers, pretended to be someone else without a computer. Finally, they called on my private home line, which infuriated me and I told them never to call this number again. Luckily when I was scammed about a year ago, I kept all of the information of the company. It doesn't matter what the company name is, they change it frequently. I called the one of the numbers listed, got Kathleen, and asked her to take me off their calling list. She said she would....so, we shall see!!!

tech support scam - 18883113841. Please beware

Got a call from 1 888 311 3841 claiming they are Dell Tech support

Hi FTC, I would appreciate if you could modify the information to include above what consumers who were scammed need to be aware of, to protect themselves (a WHAT TO DO IF), as you are probably in the best position to know, since you get the related complaints.

For instance, vene if one changes all passwords to relevant account immediately afterward, has there been any indication that while those thieves had control over the scammed individuals' computers, files were stolen, which led to subsequent ID theft. So basically, depending on how far the scam went, what additional precautins do the victims have to take. Delete the downloaded file for the remotecontrol acccess, I guess that's obvious, in my case, it was in the downloads folder. Virusscan the computer, malware scan the computer, obvious. Reformat and reinstall entire computer? Engage ID theft monitoring service?

If you think someone may have accessed your personal or financial information, then learn more about how to lower your risk for identity theft.

Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.

Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.

Why doesn't the FBI or interpol close down these scams (just got one of the fake IRS calls this morning).....they always use indians probably calling from india via a switcher in the US.....which is why it's difficult to shut them down, but it's gotta be an international crime....get interpol involved....it's very annoying...

I have been getting phone call the person will not give their name they said that they are from the credit bureau and they said that they are going to get warranty for me if I don't call the telephone number back. I want to know how I can stop these calls.

If you're getting multiple calls from the same number, you could try call blocking. This FTC article has information about call blocking. You can also call your phone service provider and ask if it offers call blocking.

A senior friend of mine, who has a computer was called by a computer tech scammer. When she was called and asked to get on her computer, she would say "what computer? I'm 83 years old and don't have a computer." After a couple of conversations like this, the scammers quit calling, ha ha ha ha.

If you gave them access to your computer, and you still have any access to your computer, immediately turn off Remote Access. You can Google how to do this for your computer setup. If you upset them and they still have access to your computer, they can destroy it!

I logged on to my computer Oct 8, 2016 and the screen had stuff flying all over. It was replaced by a notice to call 877-694-1841 and since I could not move the cursor, I called.

They claimed to be Microsoft Techs, very thick accents and without thinking it through, they took control of my computer and after about 2 hours later it was "fixed". Two of the names I wrote down was Bob Sullivan and Steve Jerry with accents. They "gave" me a guarantee of a year of $444.72. Does anyone know if this legit? I've already called the credit card company and my bank to see if I can alert them that this may be a scam. I can't believe I was so gullible.

It's likely that this is a scam. Please report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

About 15 minutes ago, a pop-up tech support from "microSoft" popped up. I finally was able to get to this screen to report it.

Since these scams are clearly a form of extortion, I don't understand why Federal agencies continue to allow them to exist. It seems obvious to me that it would be very easy to identify, arrest and prosecute these scum scammers. Some of these are now attached to facebook pages as "sponsored links" on the sidebar. Its time we shut down this continued practice once and for all - come on Feds DO YOUR JOB!

hi i was victim of this scammer.
i have tried to get my money back but my bankers want to know what those scammers promised to install in my computer so that the bankers can claim the money back. but i forgot what they even promised me to have installed into my pc. somebody help please, i have some time to call back my bankers about it.

Has anyone dealt with MyTechAdvise. I called them a couple of months ago and they told me that Norton Security didn't protect your computer if you had windows 10. Well, I fell for it and paid for 5 years protection with unlimited support. I felt that they were legit. Now tonight I got a pop-up that my computer had been blocked and to call a certain number. I got someone with an Indian accent who said his name was Jack Wilson (lol)from something called www. webio-tech-help. He told me that MyTechAdvise was bogus and he wanted to fix my computer for $127.95. So I called MyTechAdvise (which I should have done in the first place) and they cleaned out my computer by using Malwarebytes which is a free program. They seem to be helping me but I'm still not sure if I didn't pay for something I didn't need. The tech said that if you get the pop-up "Your computer has been locked..." you should just re-boot the computer. Any thoughts and/or advice?

This FTC article has information about malware and tips about what to do if someone installed malware on your computer.

My computer just froze with a box with a # to call so I did because it was completely frozen. They charged me $189.99 to fix it and take mu security off and put some other on. The next day another "tech" called and said I needed this $500.00 software to keep it from doing that again. I told him no-just put McAfee back on. I called the bank the next day and cancelled my debit card and filed a claim. When I tired to call the # back the call was rejected. I finally got another # off the internet and they told me they would refund y money if I would withdraw the claim! They all had heavy accents-one guy I could not even understand.

Unfortunately, my father fell victim to this same scam earlier this month.... After speaking with him today, I learned that while he was on his health insurance's dashboard - a pop up came OUT OF NOWHERE - claiming that he had a virus and to call the 1-800 # immediately. He ultimately was scammed out of $500 for a two year service contract. My father is elderly and is completely not familiar with computers - so when he saw the pop up claiming a virus - he panicking and called immediately.
The companies he spoke to were Webroot and Yes Tech - so beware!! My father won't take the initiative to have this resolved, so Im going to try and do anything to try and get this money back.

Thank you all for your help in the recent onslaught on telemarketing and unwanted solicitation calls. Live PC Solutions is still calling despite my being on the no call list, blocking unknown numbers, and every other precaution available to me. I'm once again reporting them to the FTC, and I urge everyone who has fallen victim or been targeted by them, to do the same while the agency is still available for the protection of the individual against dangerous schemes. ftc.gov/complaint


I'm AMAZED at how many people fall for this type of scam... I mean come on where is the common sense? Anyways, why are the SAME phone numbers still in operation? I've been watching youtube videos on people pranking the Scam phone number, and the same numbers have been around for YEARS, How many people need to get scammed before this is shut down? Where are you at FTC?

I just filed a report with the FTC against Geek Backer LLC and also filed a scam report with Microsoft Tech Support. Apparently, Geek Backer masquerades as or are in collusion with scammers who pretend they're Microsoft Support. Either Geek Backer or the 3rd party scammers they're working with use malware to put a pop-up window that looks like a valid Microsoft Support Web page on my web browser telling me that my computer was being blocked and would be disabled because it had been compromised and would mess up Microsoft's servers. At the bottom was an 844 area code number and under that was a legit-looking logo indicating that it was Microsoft support. I was in the middle of something and distracted and didn't pay close enough attention, so stupidly called the 844 number. A woman with a thick foreign accent asked for the error code on the message and then transferred me to a "Senior Technical Support Engineer" who also had a thick foreign accent. While I watched, he ran some diagnostics and pointed out the message in my command prompt: "trojan horse.... gateway". He told me that it wasn't my computer but rather my whole home network and all the devices connected to the home network that were compromised, then proceeded to do a netstat -p which showed some strings of alpha-numerics in the Foreign Address column. The "senior tech support engineer" told me that those strings meant Russian hackers and that I had to get the problem fixed and that since Microsoft doesn't deal with network issues, he was transferring me to Geek Backer LLC. I challenged him all the way not only because I have a secure router with high encryption but also because I felt that either my Internet provider or Best Buy's Geek Squad could deal with the problem. Somehow, he convinced me that they couldn't and that Geek Backer LLC is CISCO-certified. He also told me that it would cost me $700 to fix because it was a lengthy process, which I challenged. When he switched me to someone at Geek Backer, they quoted me a price of $999 and they switched me back to the other scammer when I challenged the price quote discrepancy, who then confirmed that it's $700 with a senior discount. This is a total scam because how do they know if someone is a senior? Apparently Geek Backer LLC preys on senior citizens. And, the first set of scammers I dealt with are very likely part of Geek Backer and tell you it's a network problem in order to drum up business for Geek Backer. Unfortunately, I stupidly allowed Geek Backer to remotely work on my computer, but after googling and realizing I had been scammed,I demanded that they get off of my computer immediately because I knew they were a scam, which the tech argued with me about. The tech then switched me to a supervisor who argued with me about cancelling. I told him that this is a scam and to get off of my computer immediately. I also told him that I'm not paying them a cent. The supervisor, who like all of the technicians, etc, has a thick foreign accent, then lowered the price to $199.99 because he stated that their technician had spent time working on my computer. I've even gotten a bill from them, but will ignore it on the advice of a real Microsoft Support technician who had to clean up my computer. I watched the real MS Support technician clean up my computer. He pointed out to me and got rid of the malware and spyware and other crap that the Geek Backer LLC tech put on my computer that could have either screwed up or slowed my computer down or even caused it to crash or worse. Fortunately, Geek Backer LLC asks you to pay by check, not credit card. So, they don't have my credit card info, and since I'm not paying them anything, they won't have my checking account info. either. I believe Geek Backer LLC has people pay by check, rather than credit card, because with a credit card,it takes awhile for payment to clear, and when you realize you've been scammed, the credit card company can stop payment. But with a check, it goes through immediately and there's no way to recoup the money since the transaction happens quickly. And fortunately, I don't keep financial info on my computer, and I watched the Geek Backer tech the whole time she was working on my computer and didn't see her clicking on files, etc. But, apparently she planted some malware, spyware, adware, etc on my computer, so easily could have retrieved info about me. But, the MS tech found the stuff that had been injected (he went deep into the operating system to find things) and deleted/cleaned it all out. So, hopefully, he didn't miss anything.

So, beware of Geek Backer LLC-- they are scammers or use 3rd party scammers as a front in order to drum up business. If you get a pop-up message on your browser from Microsoft, it's a scam because Microsoft doesn't do this. Ignore the message, but take a screenshot of it and report it to both Microsoft and to FTC.

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