FTC stops robocall scam

Tired of robocalls? The FTC just shut down Payless Solutions, a scam using illegal robocalls to lie about lowering your credit card interest rate.

Here’s the scam: A robocall – often from “Card Services” – says that you qualify for a special program to lower your credit card interest rate, save thousands of dollars, and pay off debts sooner. If you press a number, a representative might tell you they work for your bank or credit card company. They don’t. 

It gets worse. Next, they ask for your credit card information and Social Security number. Then, they charge $300 to $3499 for their interest rate reduction services – often without your permission. Most of the time, you don’t get a lower interest rate. And you lose your money.

The FTC and the Florida Attorney General filed a lawsuit to shut down this scam. Why? Payless lied about lowering interest rates, lied about working for consumers’ banks, and unfairly charged consumers’ credit cards without authorization. And those annoying robocalls? They violated the Do Not Call rules.

How can you guard against phone scams like this one? Here are some suggestions: 

  • If you get a robocall, hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to an operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Keep your credit card, checking account, or Social Security numbers to yourself. Don't tell them to callers you don't know – even if they ask you to “confirm” this information. That's a trick.
  • Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry. If you’re on the registry and get a sales call, it’s a scam.
  • You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.
  • Report your experience to the FTC online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

Looking for ways to lower your interest rate and pay debts? Consumer.gov has tips on managing debt and using credit. For example: when comparing credit cards, don’t just look at interest rates. Also ask about the annual fee, other fees, and the grace period for late payments. Want more help? Check out the FTC’s advice about choosing a credit counseling service.

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Calls quit for a while, the week of 11/15/2015 started up again. Same, exact robocall message from before-sounds like it is starts up mid-message. Pressed '1' to talk to a person- she said they are "Credit Assistance". Of course she hung up when I tried to ask another question. Why can't the FTC stop them for good??

I've been getting them this week as well.

I got a call from them this morning. When I pressed 1 and told the guy with a foreign accent that I have complained about this company to the do not call list, and asked him to remove us from their call list, he hung up. Then I tried to file a do not call complaint, and the website went down. I don't have any credit card balances, and it is so annoying to get these calls. I was wondering if the company is connected to Citi Bank or Chase, because it seems like that is how I make out the check when I pay off the balances each month. If it is, I will close out those cards and replace them with some obscure local bank that may have nothing to do with them.

I just got one of these calls, too. I hung up after it said "press 1 to speak to...". FYI: If a legitimate company you do business with is calling you, they will identify the company they are calling from and they will abide by the Do Not Call list or your "opt out" selections. Additionally, they do not need to speak with you to change your interest rate (up or down). Unfortunately, these scams are like a game of "whack-a-mole"; as they bust one another pops up under a different name/location. It sucks.

YES YES YES YES YES IT IS!!!! I know for a fact these companies contract with your credit card companies, that is how they get your number!!! It is not some random robocaller. CHANGE THE PHONE NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD! Boom, calls stop.

Uh, no. Your telephone number is publicly-available information. Even if it's "unlisted", marketers can still get the information through a service the phone companies offer. Your phone number is not "your" personal information in any case - it's the phone company's, not yours.
You can change the number on your credit card as much as you like - you will still get the calls.

I don't HAVE any credit cards. So how can they get my number from the credit card banks?

I get them constantly at work on a phone number that is used for a help desk, so several phones ring. And there are a few offices that have sequential phone numbers close together... they all get calls around the same time. So annoying.

FTX doesnt do squat on individual call reports. They send a message saying that they will "include it in the database" to "access trends" that guide their enforcement. This is really almost a scam by the FTC to make us think they're actually doing someting. A scam with the same phone number for five years is still operating. Wow - our FTC really helps protects us...

I agree, I have placed numerous complaints wirh the FCC, they do nothing. This part of the government should be dismantled, they do nothing to protect the citizens of the USA. Our elderly get scammed and absolutely nothing is done. It angers me so,Ftc, you should hand your head low, you get paid for doing a horrible job.

I've been getting harassed by these calls several times a day. They are spoofing their numbers and so blocking them does absolutely no good as the next time it just comes from some other random number. This has obviously been going on for way to long! I've done a reverse phone lookup on almost every single number and the comments go back years.

This company, Consumer Services is still at it. I get calls daily from different numbers. HELP

Got 1 today and when I asked a question they hung up on me and I called the number back it didn't exist. If our government can tell when we flush our toilet why can't they stop this? I mean they do get plenty of funding for it.... I say cut thier funds by 90% until they prove useful again....

AMEN. I totally agree. They could stop these calls if they wanted to.

It is May 16, 2016 and these calls are still coming. FTC's action hasn't made a bit of difference.

I started answering all my calls at home. I keep them on the line just as long as I can. I tell them all kinds of silly stuff. I make a game out of it because it won't stop so I just have fun!!

I do the same. So far I've kept some schlub on the phone for 21 minutes. It's an art to balance how long to make 'em wait while you "find" your credit card versus not wanting them to realize they're being plonked.

That's funny, I do the same thing...sound really interested and keep them on the line as long as possible. Then eventually inform them that I hoped to have wasted as much of their time as possible.

Thats funny. I do the same thing...My wallet is in my backpack in my car...they sit and wait...I pick up the phone after ten minutes and tell them im back.....and hang up...

Sept 2016 getting hundreds of credit card services calls. I think they are using the do not call register as their calling list because they know they can't be stopped. I only started getting after I registered my cell number.

Now when they call, it states hit #9 to talk to someone so I did. The broken English speaking lady asked me, how are you doing so telling her the truth I say, you woke me up because I just had a heart cath done today so she hangs up on me, well the next time they call I will have a air horn for them. They are also changing their phone number, I live outside of Detroit, Michigan and me area code is 313 so my caller ID showed a Detroit area code 313 and a Detroit number.

I just received a call from a "Sarah" from "Card Services" seeking to let me know how to lower my credit card rates. These calls were supposed to be banned by the FTC in 2015.

Got a call yesterday from these people. Blocked the number. Got a call today from a Texas number. Blocked that one and just got another call from United States. Last one had a different woman speaking same message.

Me too. I told them to call back later. Gonna mess with them when they call back.

I got the same Sarah from consumer services call today with a disconnected number. It seems our complaints get us no where.

Yep, the same "Sarah" is calling on January 9th, this time from Texas (probably a spoofed number).

I've kept my phone number(s) in the Do Not Call registry for as long as it's been around. Doesn't seem to help much, so I end up with a giant list of blocked numbers on my phone. Aggressive action by the FTC (instead of whatever it is they do or don't do now) and long prison terms with no parole might help.

Yes they are back again! they have called everyday for the last 3 days. Calling from 605-651-1178 "South Dakota". I don't answer but they leave a long message on our answering machine. Between these fools and the Auto Warranty scammers, I must get about 15 calls per week..and thats on a slow week

These calls are showing up from *fake* phone numbers. I'm simply not going to answer any more calls from a number not present in my contacts...

As of 1/17/2017 - Just got my fourth call this week from different numbers.

As of 1/17/2017 - Just got my fourth call this week from different numbers.

I get seriously 10-15 calls a day for everything under the sun. My home and my cell are business phones. I am on all the do not call lists. When is the government going to stop this harrasment? It's a shame!!!!
What I do now is I make the company come to my house....say for windows and as soon as they get here I send them home.....boy do they get mad, but I tell them to blame their lead router service.

it is absurd that companies, even companies that you do business with sell your phone number. all this hoop la about privacy act is a bunch of baloney. They even have your birthday so as with my problem I am now getting plagued with calls and mail wanting to sell supplement insurance because I just turned 65 and eligible for medi care.Could it be that Social security gives out your address? Also sick of all the lawyer ads on t.v. every 5 mins.

FTC needs to do their jobs or close down and save tax payers money. I have been on the list for a long time and as of 4/10/17 still receive 3 to 4 calls per day.

The FTC has seen a significant increase in the number of illegal robocalls because internet-powered phone systems have made it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to hide from law enforcement by displaying fake caller ID information.

To date, the FTC has brought more than a hundred lawsuits against over 600 companies and individuals responsible for billions of illegal robocalls and other Do Not Call violations.

The FTC also is leading several initiatives to develop technology-based solutions. Those initiatives include a series of robocall contests that challenge tech gurus to design tools that block robocalls and help investigators track down and stop robocallers. We’re also encouraging industry efforts to combat caller ID spoofing.

For more information, please see Robocalls.

THANK YOU!! I've been getting these calls for 5 years! I hope this is the one that has been calling me. Sounds like it. They always hung up on me when I asked questions.

These folks drive me crazy. Rachael, from Card Services.Press 1 to speak to a live person. So, I finally did that, and he could hardly speak English. He asked some question, and I said, I don't have a credit card, are you going to give me one. He hung up on me. She called again today and today, I called the do not call registry and reported it, yet again. Looks like the only thing to do is have my phone disconnected. I would love to be able to file a legal law suit against these people.

I thought it was a legal thing to do. Isn't it called the telemarketers who needs a day job to pay their bill? I used to follow a telemarketer forum where people complained about their scams, and a telemarketer answered, hey we got our family to feed... Hummmm, common sense tells me that no one should be that stupid to share their social number and credit card info over the phone to a stranger. I would think that they obtain your info through a hacked internet system. Sounds more realistic to me. And so you know, there's always those answer machines you can install to your phone that shows you where the call is coming from and if you don't recognize the number, go to trace phone number, it's a free service that will tell you if its a spam call, scam call, or a reported fraud phone company by you guys, the Federico's. Thanks for the run down, I hope my comment helps you too.

No, it's not legal to charge someone without their authorization and to not carry out the service advertised. That's fraud.

Now you want me to check my answering machine and take the time from my day to clear it, etc? We are the folks who signed up on the NO CALL LIST...That's what makes it illegal. Many older folks still believe in honest telemarketers. That's why they give their info, I suppose. Trace their phone calls? If you dial #69, you get the no such number message. What honest telemarketing company needs to do this? My suggestion... get another job before the company gets closed do to illegal calls. Do your homework and good luck to you. Those calls drive me nuts.

"Hummmm, common sense tells me that no one should be that stupid to share their social number and credit card info over the phone to a stranger. I would think that they obtain your info through a hacked internet system. Sounds more realistic to me. " ----- I'm sorry, but you make absolutely no sense at all. You need to get out of that box you live in. I would school you here, but I don't have that kind of time. Please do yourself a favor and have a conversation with someone who can give you some perspective.

Thank you so much.

Great job that's one down 1 MILLION more to go! If u would help pass a law making caller ID spoofing illegal then u wouldn't be so swamped with complaints from me.

Nope. They're still at it. The FTC hasn't done anything to stop them.

Hello, I'm getting calls stating I owe loans and if I don't pay they're coming to my door serve me and send me to court. I asked for the information on the loans, they never privide the information to me. How can I find out if these are scammers? I did in past take a loan but I'm sure they're paid back.

If you ask him in writing, the debt collector has to give you verification of the debt in writing. It's against the law for a company to not give you proof of the debt.

Report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The article Fake Debt Collectors provides tips to help you handle calls like the one you describe.

That just happened to me. I was persistent about getting the information about this loan I didn't pay back in 2008 when I lived on Melrose. I haven't lived there for years and years. He hung up on me and said something like "well you will find out who it is when you get served". I just called my bank to alert them. Thank you for posting. I have been searching the internet to see if this is a scam that has been tried on other people.

Thank you for this very timely advice. Although we are on the Do Not Call Registry, we still get lots of robocalls, and I did not know how to deal with them, other than to hang up on them.

Good going! After over 3 years we've already seen a downtrend in the robocalls we get.

Good ,should have been done along time ago.

Thank you for stopping the "Card Services" scam. This has been going on far too long. Please keep doing this. Now start working on those who call saying they are from Windows Technical Service.

So do I get scammed?

Nice, Thank you.. but what took you so darned long to do it. It was so obvious a scam.

This is great, I get these type of calls all the time, different numbers, etc. I never give any information, and in most cases hang up, the usually do I ask them questions. great job done on robo calls.

I no longer accept interstate phone calls because of your lack of enforcement. The second call without a voicemail gets the caller blocked.

I have been receiving telephone calls from a person with a heavy Eastern/Asia accent asking for my e-mail address in order to "FIX" a problem I am having with my computer. I asked where the call was coming from. The caller said Chicago. I asked the name of the company: Global Tech. I asked for the caller's name: Danny. I asked for the telephone number and the caller replied, "I cannot give you that". I told the caller adamantly: "DONOT CALL THIS TELEPHONE NUMBER AGAIN. I DID NOT REQUEST HELP FOR MY COMPUTER". I see that the caller's is 844-732-8398...no answer.

Got call from 970-650-3912 This is all the info I could find without paying a fee to get more hope you can track this down. See as follows: Landline Commpartners,LLC-CO either in Plateville, CO or Gilcrest, CO BandwidthSMSEnabled VOIP in Gilcrest, CO

You can report this to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Blog comments don't go into the database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Dee, I get these all the time. They say that there is something wrong with my computer and it is Windows Security. I tell him that I have a Mac and hang up. Three calls per week.

these computer calls keep coming at least one time per month ; I now tell them I tell them there is no computer in this home . These callers either move around a lot or have the ability to indicate differant areas of USA . Glad to have this info .

The FTC deserves gratitude for shutting down this operation. I am an elder lawyer and I tried unsuccessfully to find the source of these calls, but lacked the subpoena and investigatory staff of the FTC. You see, the ones who most often lose the most are the elderly who have cognitive impairments which affect reasoning. It seems that even the most active adults undergo this change, and it is the responsibility of society to protect them from from harms like this

This same scam is still going, now under the ID "Consumer Services". Our land line gets 2 or 3 per day from all different numbers and our cell phones one or two per month. All these phone nubmers are registered so what good does it do? The one time I went through all of the paperwork to file with the FCC they came back and said there was not enough evidence. Really? When the internet is full of blogs complaining about the same phone numbers?

I just got the same robocall from 302-724-6955

The robo message says they are "Credit Assistance".

Caller ID displays "INFO SURVEY" and when you pick up the call the robo call immediately goes into the economic stimulus recording asking the receiver to press 1 to take advantage of their offer. There is a sense of urgency that this is the last time they will call.

I just received my daily call from Info Survey, 217-210-0347. They have called almost every day for almost 8 months. I must have been the only one that saw on TV last month the Federal government was making it mandatory for your phone carrier to block these calls. Apparently AT&T does nothing. So tired of these calls

I have call blocking on my phone at home. if I don't recognize a number, I don't answer. If the caller doesn't leave a message, I block the number. Seems to work as I get fewer calls every week.

No. you did NOT block them! Now they're targeting cell phones. Received robo call from Heather from Card Services just two days ago. Back to the drawing board.

On 6/26/15 and 6/27/15 received calls from Card Member Services from 800-847-2911 and after getting their names, Winnie James and Daphne respectively and telling them to put me on their do not call list (they stated they could not) now am continuing to get their calls from a different number 214-974-9635 on 7/22/15, 7/24/15 and 7/27/15. There has to be a way to stop recorded calls to individuals. FTC prohibit prerecorded calls to individuals!

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. Don't call back. That can lead to more calls.  If you're getting a lot of calls, you have useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint.

Still getting calls from "Card Services". It's not resolved. Got a call from "IRS' saying they are sueing me and to call back to a number. Also got a call from "Life Alert' wanting to mail me a free system and also wanted my C/d card. The guy got made cause I told hime I didn't have one and he told me 'go yet your f'ng card.. or get my check book. I know you have a banking account and it's fed law when you open a bank account that they give you a debit card, so please...go get you f'ng card. I have a very bad temper'........and on and on... This if for real.

The "Card Services" scam is still alive and well. In the past 2 weeks we've received calls nearly every day on our landline as well as on our cell phones. Just too irritating for words.

I really want to know which department can help the internet scame victims. I went to FBI 2 times, police office 3 times, sent my file to Secrect Services, Postal investigation depart, IC3, and UK police and EFCC, all they only said they can not do anything for me, or no response, I feel bad is that everybody told me our IC3 is the right depart to send my file, but IC3 only sent me a NO_ERPLY email(you even can not reply to that email), I try to call IC3, but in their website, I even can not find a phone number to call, I emailed few additional emails to ask them to call me or email back to me, no respone at all! I feel dispointed deeply, our goverment can not just keep warning people, need to do something for victims! They want our file to only get a big statistic number, that their job, not do investigation for us! I have to hire private investigate teh scammer's hiden IP address and phone location, finially found he is in Nigeria (he said he is in USA and UK)

Calls have come to me with recordings saying your bank accounts have been frozen, and to press 1. So I don't.

These calls are still happening; they just change the caller ID info. I am constantly getting calls from "info survey" and "Florida Call" or "California Call. So, I guess this company has not been shut down.

I've been getting calls from these people over the last 3 days (I think I've been getting calls for over 10 years, in spite of being on the do no call list). I went to file (yet another) complaint, and it asks what time the call came in. To my surprise, none of the calls in the last 3 days appeared in my cell phone's call log. I'm not sure how they are doing it, but I am sure that was purposeful on their part. Verizon Wireless & Andriod phone, if that matters.

It does no good to block a number for robocalls because they will just make up a different number (it's called "spoofing"); they can even use your phone number as theirs. The government "no call list" doesn't work for these calls, either, because you need a good phone number and company name; you will have neither one. Also, IRS doesn't call you on the phone for legal problems - they will notify you by mail. Microsoft Support won't call you out of the blue, either - you need to call them first if you have a problem.

every day around 10-1030 i get a call from consumer assist for about 2 weeks now so either there back or there a new one with the same script. we need a law that all the workers get fined too no employees violating the law no calls

Credit card scammers call me almost daily Monday through Friday from 248-215-0437. In fact, online research reveals calls began from this number at the end of June 2015. Ridiculously, the Microsoft/Windows scam has revived and is now as active as ever.

I have been getting calls every 20 minutes from some company called Vexaros for the last 15 days. I cannot get them to stop they start at 9 a.m. and go until 9:30. I have not answered the phone except one time when I had had enough and told them to stop calling me that I was on a do not call list, I didn't want to get a mortgage, didn't want a credit card, wanted nothing from them but for them to stop calling me. I contacted the local District Attorney's office and they said they would try but they were not hopeful. I have been ill the entire time and have been trying to get some rest but the phone calls just keep coming. I finally just took the phone off the hook so I could get some rest and try and get well. Verizon and the other big phone companies should step up to the plate and stop these calls.

I just got called by one...
I like to press 1, talk with a fake accent, and waste the person's time... after about 10 minutes I ask them if they feel good about what they do, call them a scammer and hang up on them lol!

They are still calling me under the auspices of Rachel,Carmin etc, under the name of Card Holder Services. I just hang up. My phone company which is owned by Wind Stream still refuses to install FTC contest winner's NOMOROBO. What can I do ?

I hate to tell you, but the Credit Card Services scam is still operating as of December 2015. A lawsuit may have been filed, as stated above, but how long does it take to get a ruling? We fell for this scam. We even signed the electronic payment contract, but then immediately got cold feet and closed the several credit cards whose numbers we had given them. Our credit union assisted us in closing my husband's checking account from which their "first of four payments of $200" was to have taken place on 12/29/15. They will not be able to get any money and they did not provide us any service. We wonder why they waited so long to try to get payment as we "authorized" it on Dec. 4th! But they have our electronic signature, and one follow-up phone message stated mildly (at that point) that if they could not collect their fee they would turn the account over to a collection agency. We hope we have heard the last of this. We did not even print out the supposed "contract" (available to download for only a limited time) because we feared greater damage. So we do not even have a paper copy of what we agreed to. We are hoping this outfit does not want to involve the court system and is just using scare tactics, but only time will tell. We also hope we have protected ourselves adequately by closing the affected accounts. My husband has always been a total skeptic about these calls, but they are very slick and he fell for it. I am a college professor who walked in on the middle of the conversation and believed he was talking to someone legitimate with whom we usually do business. ANYONE can be a victim, eventually. We will be VERY gun shy from now on. If anyone knows whether they will actually employ a collection agency, please respond.

Did they ever sent you to collections? I never signed any agreement nor did I agree to such terms for they didn't do anything. They in fact told me to go along with their lies to the credit cards.

We can complain, issue complaints, file complaints all over and all we get is the daily calls from them again and an email from FCC or do not call say thank you we will look - - - in other words - BAU for goverment

Still active as of Jan 14, 2016. I received a call from a NY number identifying themselves as Credit Assistance Program as the "final notice" to be eligible to lower interest rates under a gov't program. Their first question was "Do you owe more than $2,000 in debt?". I simply asked for their company name, which they did give (so it may be fake). No, I i didn't fall for anything, but they did violate Do Not Call, as well as WA State consumer law. There must be a way to go after them. I've filed numerous complaints at FTC and WA authorities and never get any sort of response or follow up.

Just received one of these calls to lower my interest rate. This scam came from (517) 208-0392 in Britton, MI. I didn't hit any numbers but knew this couldn't be right. Either someone else took this liars spot or this isn't shut down entirely. January 19th, 2016.

I just received a call from them, today Jan. 29, 2016, So they are calling again. Their phone number is 407-376-0921. Wanted to lower my interest rate due to my excellent credit. they hung up on me when I started give them a hard time about all the questions they were asking.

Got a call from Credit Card Services today, 2-8-2015, at 10:58AM. Caller ID said "Restricted", so it seems they've gotten bolder.

They have not stopped. Now it's Heather or Bridget, same spiel. Used to just call landline, now getting calls on cell. I block one number, they call back with another. This needs to be stopped once and for all!

They have not stopped. I must have had hundreds of calls from them in the past year!

No FTC, you have not stopped the robocall scam, it's 2016 and we're still getting them!

I get a calls on my cell from Sarah at consumer services daily, along with other robo calls from spoofed numbers, Its to the point that i don't trust anyone that calls anymore. FTC, please stop this.

This won't stop the calls but it's very satisfying. Answer the call and engage the caller in conversation for a bit. Then... Blast them with Vincent Price's spooky laugh from The Thiller by Michael Jackson.

I get this scam call at least once a week. The number changes almost every time, Oklahoma, Florida, today Iowa(515-460-2739). Consumer Services, robocall, nothing wrong with my credit card, push 1 to speak to a customer service rep. I push 0 and a male voice says that I will not be called again, but next week same thing from another number. I have pushed 1 and when I say please remove me from your call list, they hang up.
This is my cell phone, it's total BS. Unfortunately, this is why we need regulation, it needs to be tighter.

If you get a robocall:

  • Hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Consider asking your phone company whether they charge for blocking phone numbers. Remember that telemarketers change Caller ID information easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will change.
  • Report your experience to the FTC online

I just got a call from them too, from 563-579-5562. I had to laugh when I read this article, the calls haven't slowed down one bit! They're even calling my cell phone now. As usual, the FTC is asleep at the wheel, only concerned with torturing law abiding citizens.

352-348-2633... claimed to be Consumer Services... same as described above. FTC, keep up the great work.

You have NOT taken effective action. These schemes and calls continue unabated.

we are being harassed by the same spam here in Mich. I have called the FTC 3 times now and it seems like they are getting worse. they need to do something about this, it is getting ridiculous. please start helping the citizens who pay their taxes.

You may want to sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com.

Yeah, the article attached to this comment talks about how the FTC "shut them down", so why am I still getting the exact same call? Twice in less than 24 hours, and more than 8 times in the last week...I don't even HAVE a credit card!

The number they used on me today was from Texas. 832-435-4904. Said they represented Experian.

Just got a call from "vexaros". The FCC is useless and run by more than useless politicians. Our government "watchdogs" looking out for us. Yeah. Right!

"Vexaros" was calling up to six times a day last year. Very annoying. Finally when I saw "Vexaros" on the caller ID, I picked up but didn't say anything. An apparently live female voice then began to greet me, but I just said "Please stop calling us" and the calls stopped...until a few days ago. Today when they called I picked up, saying "Please stop calling us. This is the second time I've requested that." We'll see what happens. (We are on the National Do Not Call Registry.)

Ok. I'm getting two calls a day from this scum. I've reported the calls. I've asked to be removed from their lists. The agents that I have talked to have informed me that the FTC can't do a thing about it. C'mon guys, how hard can it be to shut these groups dpwn? Don't you have any pride in what you do?

Received a call today from a local phone number of 847-804-2688. When a rep got on the phone saying he was from credit services to lower my rate, I knew it was a scam. I refused to give him the info he wanted. He used vulgar language and hung up on me. This call came to my cell phone.

I am getting the calls from Consumer Services constantly and have lodged numerous complaints on the Do not call register. It is a pain but it can get you paid "sometimes for you troubles" if there is ever a law suit. I had a similar thing happened before with a mortgage refi company and was included in the settlement because of the Do not call list. I also stopped the calls by sending a letter informing them to stop calling or else I would take them to court. I made sure the letter must be signed for so I knew they received it. Unfortunately in this current case the is no address for Consumer Services.

You stopped nothing, i get called from them every day. What a useless organization.

This is still going on. I get multiple calls a day!

THey're still going

Want my vote for president? Promise to get rid of Heather and her kind. And don't tell me it cannot be done.

Robo call from spoofed # 501-473-9285, this is Sarah from Consumer Services.... Searcy AR

I've been on the 'DO NO CALL' list for years. It in itself is a scam that I'm sure tax dollars are funding the program. These Robo calls are illegal and could and should be stopped. Maybe a guy like Trump as President would do something about it. SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

Called me a few minutes ago-I did not answer. I only answerbcalls from mine/my wife's family. All other calls are ignored.

Can't they be stopped? They call me every day! Send them to prison!!!

Nope, they didn't stop them they are 218-316-6037 & 218-297-0718 in my area. They are ruthless & I had to fix my blocker due to them.

Stopped huh - well it is April 28th, 2016 and I just got ANOTHER one - they have never stopped only the phone number this number was 315-000-1234
sound weird. How about telling India to stop them or no money from U.S.

You (the FTC) are apparently just as bad as they are. You make claims that aren't true. You have not stopped this company from making their fake calls. I still get them daily and every one is from a different phone number. There is no way to block them. Why are you powerless to stop them?

2 calls today.4/28/16 Looks like the FTC did not shut them down permanently....Glad to see we have a judgment against these scum bags. Too bad we will never collect any of the funds. Not much of a penalty when these companies never have to pay...

Of course folks, the only reason they are still operating is because there are ignorant people who willfully give them credit card info. TROLL THEM! I constantly get the calls too, but if I'm not busy when they call I go as far as I can pretending to be interested in their services. Today I had the guy on for 30 minutes. That's 30 minutes of their time that they could have spent scamming someone else. Instead of hanging up, he launched dozens of expletives at me, to which I responded in kind :)

No I believe they still get away with this scam is our wonderful employees at FTC won't do their jobs!

CAlled me today and I did the same thing, I hit 1 and played along. When I asked questions about why they needed cetain information the Haggie asked me if I was stupid to which I replied the stupid one will be him because I told him every time they call me I will act like I ame interested and waste as much of their time as possible. At that point we exhcange not so nice pleasantries and I told him he could swear at me all he wanted because the more time he splent on the phone talking to me the less time he had screw somebody else over. He swore at me for about 5 minutes until he hung up.

I tried registering with Nomorobo, had second thoughts about registering and tried to delete the information I had entered. After some more thought I decided to go back and register but now I cannot do a proper registration because it says my phone number already exists...I've private messaged them on Facebook and they said they will correct the situation. It's been a month and a half since I first contacted them and, to date, they have done nothing to remove my phone number from their database or allow my phone number to be associated with my name.....It seems Nomorobo is as worthless as the Feds National Do Not Call List.

How do you stop this outfit from calling you 6 or 7 times a day and then not saying a word?

For all those complaining about the ineffectiveness of the FTC you should be calling your congressperson and getting involved in your government. Over the past 30 years the FTC has been underfunded and understaffed (thank you President Regan) so if government doesn't work for you on this level imagine what it would be like "smaller."

Actually the FTC is WELL funded. In fact they have changed their directive and are now only taking notes so to speak. Unless a company actually steals tens of millions they won't go after them. Instead the just make lists. Once a company steals billions they will do nothing..they are like the banks then.

Do NOT blame conservatives at all. Blame Congress for NOT MANDATING criminal prosecution, incarceration and PERSONAL fines for the owners/operators/managers/officers of these companies. I guaranty that if you send 20 to prison it will stop. Word gets around quickly and I think that 3 years is a reasonable time..just for the call....any criminal fraud another 3-12 years.

Your lawmakers are the ones that need to MANDATE the arrests and convictions of INDIVIDUALS. Remember that companies by definition can NOT break the law..it is not possible..and therefore only fines against companies happen. It is INDIVIDUALS who violate laws...and they can be criminally tried and convicted....from the sales person to the CEO...and they should be.

this scam is alive and well,i was a victim, some times you have to take things into your own hands, the ftc should be ashamed of there selves, ps are you hiring, who wouldnt want a job like yours embarrasing, help theses people find some of these scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've a concern about an outfit called HFS. They call and just hang-up. No one says anything. I think it's a Hacker of the Black Hat variety. Anyone have a solution or answer for this problem please contact me.

This Consumer Services has not been stopped. I get them weekly from different numbers. They even SPOOFED my number so it looked like I was calling myself. Report to FED's too many times and still NO action.

Got another call from em today. And Dan rather than throw more money at a dept that is accomplishing nothing. I plan on calling my congressman and senator to ask why we are funding the ftc at all. Typical alphabet agency response every time they fail to do their job "we need more money" I wonder how my employer would respond if I told him I can't do my job anymore cause I don't have enough money.

I am sick of getting calls from HFS several times a week. When machine picks up they hang up. This is obviously a scam! As much of my hard-earned money goes toward taxes (which pays salaries to federal government agencies) it looks like they could be more diligent in trying to figure out a way to stop these unwanted calls.

Please do your job and bust these people. I get at least 5 calls a week from robocall scams. It's ridiculous that this has been going on for a decade and you still can't get it stopped!!

I have been getting calls from 252-302-8559 and when I start asking questions or don't "properly reply" they hang up on me! What can I do!! "No" my phone doesn't have the BLOCK feature. :(

I've been getting these calls VERY OFTEN and they only hang up when I ask to be taken off of the Do Not Call list. They call from different numbers. I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Please advise. This is my work phone as well so I can't just not answer unknown numbers.

You have options for blocking robocalls and other unwanted calls. Please see our brand new publication, Blocking Unwanted Calls.

Blocking unwated calls is STUPID. most of the numbers are SPOOFed..... numers that are not even valid. How do u block 000-000-0000 and so on. You all need a better answer

What we need to do is find the folks that manage the company. Just start going to the same church they go to, comp[ain to their clergy,,, stop a the ball game at their kids school, root for their kids,,, call them at 2 in the morning asking if they want some stale girl scout cookies for a dollar. We just need to find them, where they live, and just do passive awareness with them.

just got the call from 252-193-0109 Consumer Services. American accent. When i asked Consumer Services with what bank or company as in Bank of America, wells Fargo..they hang up. lol Not the first time Nor will this be the last time I assumed. Makes me wonder why we pay taxes.

I will share what I do in case it can help someone. Turn the ringer on the house phones off, log into your phone providers website and enable 'simultaneous ring', enter your cell phone for the phone to ring, set your cell phone default ring to 'silence', give everyone in your address book a distinct ring. Now people you know can ring your phone (you can still answer on the house phone) and people you don't know have to leave a message (or just go away). If you do this then check phone log regularly. Enjoy the silence.

I have had 12 calls from Vexaros (847-201-4109) in the last three days. I have call blocking with Nomorobo.com and while the calls don't ring through the scum still keeps trying. It's getting to the point of being harassing. There were 2 calls on 6/6/16 and 6/8/16 and then 2 calls on 6/2216 and then 5 calls each day on 6/23/16 and 6/24/16.

Why can't these people?? be stopped from annoying everyone??

Unbelievable that the government does absoluteltely nothing to actually shut down those who flagrantly break the law,

I have received two calls this week. I press the number and give them a piece of my mind, since it will be the only satisfaction that comes of this.

This one company is going to force people from not taking any more phone calls until the FTC puts them out of business and throws the bastards in jail! I have already dropped my hardline and block all incoming calls on my handy except for whitelisted calls

Received my first Vexaros call yesterday, 7/21/16. I have listed my phones on the Do Not Call list several times and things always seem to get worse after I do. Still receive all the junk mail after asking them to stop, twice. No results. Thanks for nothing.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.

The FTC is fully capable of identifying these criminals and fraudulent robo callers. I am getting calls from all over US and when I interrogate them they provide false information about their business. FTC is pparently in bed with these scammers - thanks for nothing!

I'm still getting calls from VEXAROS so obviously nothing has changed. Twelve years of scammer calls is ridiculous. They've gone from the landline to the cell phone now. I received 3 scam calls on my cell this morning alone.

I've been getting these calls from "consumer services" everyday, multiple times a day, since January. It's driving me insane. The numbers they call from are all across the country. I almost never answer my phone anymore and leave my phone on silent so my day isn't constantly disrupted. Something needs to be done about this.

Why should there be a "fee" for a consumer to protect themselves from unwanted scam phone calls? If ever there was something that should be paid for from the community chest, rather than the victims, this is it.
Otherwise, you're just an economic leech. [I'm looking at you, telcos.]

Same problem, Sarah from Consumer Services calling about lowering interest rate on credit card. I don't even own a credit card. They call all the time. I've reported them multiple times.

The newest scam caller is VEXAROS. They call my home at least twice a day using number 240-329-9428 however by reading other blog sites I find they are using multiple state and "800" numbers. No one should ever respond to this company no matter what phone number they use.

Considering the ineffectiveness of the FTC, FCC, or other Government agencies in stopping the calls, I can only conclude that one or more of them are actually responsible for one or more of these "scams". While they may be used as another income stream, I suspect it is more for data gathering and/or an attempt at psychological conditioning. The "do not call lists"? At best these only limit calls from legit. telemarketers, so as to not push everyone into never answering the phone again... but is more likely another data gathering tool for their nefarious program. [Makes as much sense as anything else going on here.]

I press 1 and then ask the person "Are you naked." Then THEY hang up on me. I love wasting their time. ;}

For their latest trick they are calling from Restricted numbers. It is laughable that the FTC can't shut down these deceptive criminals.

I just complied a list of all the blocked numbers on my cell since July 15th, 2016 and as of today, 9/2/16, I've had 45 calls in 49 days. This has been going on for years. The FTC has done NOTHING to stop this. Every call froms some city/state every time and once from freaking Jamaica mon! This doesn't get stopped because in my opinion, the phone companies (AT&T are you listening?) makes a crap ton of money from this and THEY are to blame.

I decided to answer the call today after receiving an over abundance of calls from "Credit Relief". I asked to be removed from their calling list as I am on the do not call list. She told me there is no way to remove my name as long as I carry large balances on my credit cards. I asked her how she got my information and wasn't given an answer. I then told her that I would like to speak to a supervisor so that my name can be removed or I will be reporting them as I am on the do not call list. Can you believe she then hung up on me. OMG. Sure wish this would stop. Sure wish the FTC would do something about this.

My question is...how many of these comments is this going to take, before the FCC is going to do something?? This is a very big problem in the United States and involves our Home Security. You would think this would be a priority topic. Find to root cause that allows these scammer to use fake phone numbers from their phones. If you don't know how it's done, look on line and it tells you. That may a place to start. You would think our government would have put a stop to this but it's there. This problem is out of control and something must be done now. So, please take time out and fix this or has it gone so far, it can't be fixed???

Just got yet another call from these people! I am so fed up! I've tried literally everything except changing my phone number!

good grief - I get at least 2 of these calls every week - now they are freaking out numbers from my own city so I think it is a local call. Maybe the FCC can tell us how to report them.


Just to add to the list. Still getting them. Started back at his Summer (lucky me). Calling my cell now as Card Member Services out of Florida. I have been hanging up weekly, blocked various numbers, etc. Finally pressed 1 today and asked which of my cards they were calling about. Was told they represent MC, Visa, AmEx and Disc. I asked to speak to someone who could take me off the list... CLICK. They hung up.

what number did they call from? i would like to compare to the number im getting calls from, thanks

They are calling me as well and I am on the Do not call list, 708-299-3483 was the number they called from today. They call me every few weeks.

Received a call from Consumer Services. Hung up on these people, spoke to a person about being removed from the call list (who promtly hung up in my face the second I mentioned it), manually blocked the number, it continues to happen. So, FTC, thanks for nothing?

FTC just *thinks* they shut this down. Got a call yesterday. At least the one's who has been call me about a home security service got shut down, again. I played along like I was interested until I got the company name and corporate address and turned them in to my Congressman.

I receive these robocalls regularly. If I'm not busy at the time I press 1 and keep them on the line for 30 minutes or so. I give them a fake 16 digit credit card number. After they put me on hold and call the credit card company, they come back on the line and say there's a mistake. When they read the number back to me I tell them they transposed two of the numbers. They put me on hold again, then come back and say it's still not correct. I do this until they give up or I get tired of the game. If we would all do this, it would no longer be profitable for them and they would go out and get a real job!

I am so glad to hear that someone else does this. I enjoy these calls. You have to play along to the point of giving them a false card number, but I like to talk to them about how I cook my ham or how the kids today don't understand hard work. It's also fun to argue about the numbers you read to them.

I get these calls all day long. If I have time I make sure to waste their time. About a week ago I received a call and let loose on the guy for calling me now he started calling me directly just to shoot the S%$t. He says he logs out of the system to call me to see whats going on like we are best friends. Unfortunately our new found friendship is not enough for him to remove me from the system. Its easy to tell when the automated system calls me because it spoofs the first 6 numbers of their phone number the same as my number. When my buddy calls its always a random number.

It baffles me that the US government cant stop this. As someone else mentioned if everyone wasted their time and did not do business with them then it would make no financial sense to keep their business going.

I have started talking to them only in German. Learn a few phrases in a foreign language and just go through them until they hang up.

I think you idea is terrific. I'm going to share it with my friends, thanks.

Just wanted to report that Sarah is alive and well. Received a call from her this afternoon. She's been calling regularly for a couple of months now.

I just received 4 calls from them today 10/19/16, labeled Vexaros, 405-217-4552. Annoyingly persistent!


Yep, 'Sarah' is in fact, back at it. Same story as everyone else, press 1, ask to be removed and 'click'. Seems like nothing is going to stop these guys.

The FCC and FTC are unable to enforce the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and other laws that are supposed to prevent these scams. Hanging up, telling them that you are on the do-not-call list, etc. just don't work so I have decided to deal with them differently. I got two different calls today offering lower interest rates. First, know their conditions. Generally they expect you to tell them you owe more than 5-10k in credit card debt. They also expect you to be paying some absurd interest rate. I tell them 18-24%. Then they ask for your credit card expiration date or credit card number. I tell them I have to go get the card. I put the phone down and go about my business. From time to time, I might tell them I am still looking for it. More often then not, they hang on for 10 minutes before giving up. Sometimes they will call back and say we got disconnected. Repeat the process with some variation.

By the way, this happens on my three home phone number (all do-not-call, two unlisted) as well as my cellular phone (inherently illegal plus on the do-not-call list). All we can do is make this as expensive a proposition as possible for the scammers. Laws and threats mean nothing to someone who feels no qualms about lying and sending phoney caller-ID information. In that regard, I have seen some telemarketers use a phone number in my local exchange. I make believe I recognize the name of the caller and start a long discussion about his horrible medical conditions and arrest record, asking him how he got involved in telemarketing from prison.

Sometimes I make up credit card numbers to keep things interesting. The mathematical constant Pi looks like an AMEX number. Now, if the credit companies were smart, they would play along with the scammers and start making believe they were validating the bogus numbers and catch them when they started charging to the numbers.

Another call from "Heather from card services." Today from 419-208-7961.

Great job of shutting them down, FTC. Maybe you can hired the people who keeping hacking into Hillary's e-mail to stop this thing for you.

They are now using a computer that selects a known number from the area code and exchange they are calling, expecting you will answer because it is a "local" number. BEWARE! If you do not recognize the number send it to voice mail. Then check the message if one is left. A ligitamate caller will leave a voice mail you can then call back - if you really want to talk to them :-).

I received the sixth call from Mack from the USA Consumer Services that is mandated to help me out with my debt due to a settlement from the government and the fair debt act. That my name was part of this settlement agreement and kept trying to get my information, I know that one can get personal information by looking up my number. This makes me worried that since he had my name and number. He finally after seven minutes he laughed at me and hung up on me, then he kept calling back and making noises and laughing at me. This is not only harassment but I feel threatened with me and my wife. What do we do from here? Please contact me and let me know. Thanks! These calls where from 202-439-5069, and another person keeps calling from 202-439-9976. Please leave a reply if someone knows what if anything can legally be done. Thanks again,

You did the right thing by not giving out personal information. The caller might have been trying to get your bank or credit card information, or other personal information.

Scammers can use technology to make it look like they're calling from any phone number they want. They can make it look like they're calling from a 202 Washington, DC phone number, or even from your local area code. If you get more calls, you can hang up.

We've been getting variations on this call for years. My wife got the "Sarah from consumer..." call today on her cell phone. If they actually wanted to, the FTC with cooperation from the phone companies (and maybe lawmakers) could shut these scams down for good. It would probably involve some more serious consequences for breaking the laws.

I was recently in Europe and received calls in the middle of the night from Sarah at Consumer Services. Please put an end to this ASAP

A public service announcement advising against buying anything from telemarketers might help.

1. Nomorobo works if you have VOIP phone service; not copper line phone service (unfortunately).
2. Turn off ringers of most of your landline phones during the day and early evening.
3. Block odd numbers calling on on your mobile phone.
4. Taken together, this more or less makes the problem go away most of the time.

FTC, I'm still getting these robocalls on a weekly basis. Please enforce the laws already on the books and throw individuals in jail. They spoof local numbers.

I am getting around 1 to 5 robo calls a day on my cell phone, the me at work, they call me at night, they call me when I am sleeping, either Racheal or several other names from call services about my final chance to lower my Intest rates. I keep adding them to my rejected list but they keep calling from new numbers. Today at 9:45am ID said Ohio 234-307-7528, Today 12:52pm California 915-791-7219 I got from New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Montanna...these are to my cell phone...it is getting crazy, seems the only calls I get are from these people, why am I paying for a cell phone so they can reach me anywhere at any time to listen to their scam sales pitch. So frustrated.

I wonder if there's a common thread as to who they're targeting & how they're getting our info. My robocalls began approx 18 mos ago. The most notable changes with my info sharing are that I became a Comcast/Xfinity customer & switched to Verizon cell service. Any of you guys notice a link to either of these services?

In the several decades I have had credit cards from my credit unions; I have never had a call about interest rate or card limits.

In the case of interest rates; they just seem to get lower as our business relationship grows longer (I have a good FICO score). In the case of increase in credit limit, the credit union just sends me snail mail.

No financial institution has ever called me unless I specifically asked them to; usually concerning a loan application answer.

So a cold call from a third party claiming they have any power over my credit card is totally ludicrous! Rachael Card Services is on top of the scam list of Whack-a-Moles.

here we are in 2017 and I have receive not one but two of these calls just this morning from two separate numbers. I hang up naturally but I'm really growing tired of them. I get the calls at least once a week.You guys need to step up enforcement clearly.

2 cell phone calls from "Heather at account services" from 202-844-1646 today on 2 different phones, and 1 last Friday - despite both being on the Do Not Call list.

I finally decided to press 1. I got transferred to an "Indian" sounding individuals. The questions that I asked resulted in a "closer" to get on the phone. They ask you for things like the last 4 digits of your social security number. They ask for an expiration date of a credit card. Then they ask you for the credit card number as which point I laughed at him. He did not like it. They swore that they were not phishing for information but just needed to confirm the information with what they have for security purposes. FCC, this is a robocall problem along with an illegal venture.

I'm still getting these stupid calls myself. Several a week. FTC has done nothing to stop them.

"Credit Card Relief" called today, from 757.245.0147
Press 9.. Blah, blah.

I'm so sick of these rubbish calls!

I've been on the donotcall registry for years. I honestly feel like they do very little to find and fine these jerks. -_-

To add insult to one's irritation, they abruptly hang up on you rather than apologizing and properly disconnecting the call.
..Rude, scamming, (insert choice word here)!

I'm still getting them on my cellphone...sometimes 2-3 times a day from different numbers. I immediately add the numbers to a blocked contact on iPhone, but they just turn around and use a different number. #FTCFAIL #donotcall.govIsAJoke

Just received this call from 248-989-7635. I've been receiving them from various phone numbers on both of my phones for the last 3-4 months. In total, I've received 6-8 calls in that 3-4 month time-frame.

The recorded Heather call that this FTC site says has been stopped recently by FTC filing on Payless Solutions is back in full force. I am called at least once a week but today alone I got one on the land line and 2 on my cell. Calls are coming from 406-315-4172 Montana and 442-256-8015 USA 908-664-1029 NJ, 323-593-7885 CA 708-490-0016 IL 978-350-8012 MASS in 4 days on my cell.On the 12th of Jan. 442-282-6026 USA 323-540-5157 CA I hope the FTC reads these blogs.

The FTC hasn't shut down anything. I continue to get calls from Heather on a daily basis. Some calls are about my "Current Credit Card Account" (which one? I have several cards and they are all current). Other calls are about my "Vehicle Warranty that is about to expire" (my newest vehicle is a 2006, what warranty?). These calls are always from a different phone number so blocking them doesn't work. If you try to call the number back it's a non-working number. So much for the do not call list; it's not doing anything for me.

Yep, it just continues. Two from "Heather" of "Credit Services" in two days! I've used the online complaint form to report these to the FCC - for over a year! And the same company is still at it.

This if Feb 2017 and they (Credit Services) ARE STILL CALLING! Weird, different tel. number every time. Today - a "private caller." Called TWC/Spectrum. No help there.

Receiving multiple calls a day about lower interest rates or my warranty expiring, different numbers sometime even shows up as my own! Sick of this!

I don't feel I should have to pay for a service to stop robocalls. We should have this done for free from our phone companies.

It is only 12:30 pm and I have received 3 calls from "Heather from Account Services." Every time I hang up and block the number but just like everyone else says, they call from a different number. Something needs to be done!

Annoying calls from Heather - Robo Call - Card Services, getting more than 4 calls per day, and it is just bothersome. My wife's mobile phone is also getting 3 to 4 calls per day.

I received 3 robo calls today all from Heather from Account Services all from different numbers, one even from a town just 10 miles from here where I live in SC but the other two from Florida and Texas. This is ridiculous. Have never pressed a number or spoken. Always hung up. I also received today 5... 5 different calls from people that want to sell or get me involved with Stocks/Bonds that always greet me with my name, "Hello <name>" and they've always got some great stock or bond investment.... they obviously get people with this kind of crap, otherwise it wouldn't be economical do this.

Getting 4 or 5 calls a day from credit card services. Please shut it down!!!

5 calls so far this week from "Card Services" to my private unlisted and do not call registered cell number that only my children, grandchildren and close business associates have the phone number of. Every time my cell number rings, I answer it because the call is important and this means I usually have to leave the meeting I'm in. The call today was from 575-746-6585, but they are likely spoofing a number to appear in caller ID. If the Do Not Call List function will not work, why can't it be possible to jail any business caller for at least a year if they spoof other people's phone numbers, refuse to inform you truthfully of the company they represent, accurately explain the service or product if they insist on calling about and/or representing, promoting or selling fraudulent services or scams.

These calls and I get them constantly on both my home and cell phone, are a direct result of our democrat leadership that is more interested in bringing these lying scum into the country than helping taxpayers. These are total scams eminating from India. The last one I got came with a caller I'd of our police department. No call list do nothing against them. The new ones I get are now coming from "member services". They are scum dogs who want to prey on the old and poor.

Heather is back... calls me every day. Too bad Trump plans to shut this agency down.

I generally tell them I know this is a scam and they should be ashamed of themselves. What would their mothers think? What if this happened to their mothers and they lost all their life savings? I like to think I might be shaming one person into changing their ways, but I doubt I am. Sometimes I enjoy putting one of my kids on the phone with them.

I've been getting scam calls for over 10 years now. Phone companies need to get involved, not just the Feds. Can't believe we can find new planets in our solar system but we can't/won't stop these criminals from harassing us daily!

Don't even bother with the FTC, they're as useless as the robocalls. You fill out the complaint form, they compile them, sue them, and reap the benefits. You never see dime one of the lawsuit, instead you get a header at the bottom of your response telling you you can sue the offender in court for $2500 per offense. Funny, they don't tell you if you file in your state, the state the offender is located in, or how you actually collect a judgment against them. Sure, we all have time to file lawsuits don't you? But wait! You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge. Hum, pay for a service the FTC is supposed to be providing for free? See the big picture now?

No telling how many scum scammers are calling me now for at least 9 times a day every day most all with the same routine about lowering credit card interest rates. I do not even have a credit card. Now I also starting to get several daily of other type of phone scam calls too.
Used to be our gov protected us from this illegal crap on a phone line. Failure! The FTC nor the FCC does nothing. No point at all filing a complaint about receiving a redundant scam call with no tracking information. The number is hidden from caller id or a false number is used.

Every day! Now they spoof my area code and exchange! Why do these idiots continue to call knowing you're not interested, and why in the world can't the FCC shut these clowns down???

Receive 1 - 3 calls a day usually originating from SC from "Card Services" claiming an urgent matter and steps need to be taken to "reduce the issue".

Today's call was from 803-630-3715

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