FTC sues AT&T for limiting “unlimited data”

“Unlimited data” sounds great, right? Browse the Internet, stream videos, use GPS, even make video calls – all to your heart’s content. But what if you bought an unlimited data plan and then weren’t able to do all those things? That’s what happened to some AT&T customers.

From 2007 until 2010, AT&T offered unlimited data plans for smartphones. Even after it stopped offering unlimited data, AT&T allowed customers who already had unlimited plans to renew them. 

But here’s the catch: AT&T then began slowing the data speed for “unlimited” customers who used large amounts of data. As a result, those  customers with “unlimited” plans no longer had the bandwidth to do everything they wanted to do on their phones. That’s called data throttling. 

Data throttling isn’t always illegal, but when it’s done in a way that’s deceptive or unfair, it most certainly is.    

Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued AT&T Mobility LLC for deceptive and unfair data throttling. The FTC’s complaint says that AT&T’s data throttling is deceptive because the company promised unlimited data, and then reduced the data speed without telling consumers. The FTC also says that AT&T’s data throttling is unfair because it kept people from using data they paid for, and then made them pay early termination fees if they tried to leave AT&T.

The FTC’s case, filed in the U.S District Court for the Northern District of California, seeks to stop AT&T from using data throttling on customers who have been promised unlimited data plans. It also asks for refunds for people who paid early termination fees when they cancelled their unlimited data plans after their data was throttled.

The lesson to mobile companies: if you promise unlimited data, you’re on the hook to deliver.

The FTC’s website has information on a variety of mobile technology and consumer issues.

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FTC/FCC do something right

Finally, I am still on unlimited data and has been limited to about .3MB Download while other people on the same network on the same sport got 10MB download.

Below is a T Mobile representative responding to a customer about her data slowing down.
5. Re: why is my unlimited data being limited?
tmo_maxwell Jan 16, 2014 7:52 AM (in response to greens_bean)All good advice here green_bean. While it can be annoying to experience the slowdown, it's surely better than the overage charges, like richmonddan was saying. If you're finding that you are hitting that 5gb cap regularly, reach out to us over the phone or live chat and we can look into getting you on a truly unlimited data plan (no high-speed cap). Maxwell (tmo_maxwell)T-Force Specialist T-Mobile Support is also on:

Someone from AT&T called me about two years ago telling me that they were going to be slowing my data services because I was an unlimited data user.

STRAIGHTTALK doing the same thing. I called them when my phone would not upload pictures to FB.
He told me I had used up my data for the month and at the time my month ended it would renew back to full speed. I said, " I thought I had unlimited", he said, "Mam, there is no such thing as unlimited."
So they are doing the very same thing that AT&T did.

T-mobile has unlimited data Is used over 20 gb of data and never slows down

I have an unlimited plan with T Mobile and my data has slowed down drastically. When I asked them about it I was advised to purchase a No Limit data plan for $20 a month. T Mobile says unlimited data does'to mean unlimited speed.

I'm having the same problem. They have taken to even limiting me in the future. While alredy limiting me for the month, with a couple days left, they inform me that I'm nearing my 3G limit. Lo and behold 3 or 4 days into the next month, they tell me I've reached my 3G limit. WHAT?? The month has just started...but they have the handle.
So I reluctantly decided to upgrade to 5G for $5 more per month. But when I go to pay it turns into $10. That's Walmart family mobile through Tmobile...low very low.

Which is a lie. If you reduce the speed to lower than the standard for other uses, you reduce the data use. That is how unlimited becomes no longer unlimited. The word unlimited is by its own definition meaning "without limit."

Finally, I am still on unlimited data and has been limited to about .1MB Download. I cannot even sent emails or text out.

I feel cheated by AT&T. I have a few unlimited plans, international data that gets throttled on every trip making devise almost unusable, unlimited on domestic data that got throttled for the first time after moving from galaxy note 3 to iphone 6 plus. It was so severe that I moved back to galaxy 4 because the data issues. Also. regarding the throttle on domestic, never had the problem before with going over and being throttled, Notified after the fact and we had been on vacation internationally so data was off for 2 weeks and still went over, I am wondering if the default settings on the iphone 6 plus are set to consume a lot of data. Net effect was that I went over in about 2 weeks of billing cycle. That had never happened before and I am not happy about it.

Now, can we see how the other providers are treating mobile signal in the same fashion. Sprint may be a candidate for this, as my download speed has been obsolesant recently, while I pay for unlimited data and roaming, and it indiates hi-speed wireless signal.

You have to read the fine print, I can only find one mobile unlimited data provider its metropcs all the others are limited unlimited...

I am also one who got in early on the unlimited data when the iphone first came out. I was happy when I was told that I would be grandfathered into future phone upgrades but able to keep the unlimited data, but when my phone went to a grinding halt after 5 gb of data in a month. It would take more than 25 mins to see a 2 - 3 minute clip from you tube (with a full LTE signal, 5 Bars/dots!! less than 30 seconds of video then minutes! of buffering when i called to complain the first time a representative gave me a discount but the next time (month) and others times they said there was nothing they could do, that I should upgrade to a new plan with limited (but more than 5 gb) of data of course that would cost me more money per month. I just went to rationing my unlimited data up to 4.5 gb then would wait until the day of the month when my data usage would reset to zero. If you remember the first network called (EDGE) before the G's and LTE. I got better speed with that. I definitely felt like ATT had went back on their promise, So I hope that you get the executives who came up with this loop pole arrested for fraud and fined, imprisoned and have them give classes to others on what will happen to those who LIE, CHEAT, and Steal from the American public......... WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE POLITICIANS!!!

Thanks for your comment. The FTC lawsuit against AT&T for allegedly failing to disclose to its customers adequately on unlimited data plans is ongoing, but you can always file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and report your experience at ftc.gov/complaint.

A T T bogus made up bogus charges then shut off phones.. they bogus place my service in collection .Att says owe then 1400.00

That's like Verizon's $45 dollar unlimited yet once you go over 500mb you have to buy what they call bridge data that is $5 for an extra 500 mb of data if you dont by the extra data then your out of luck using internet for the rest of the month because they shut your data off when you go over 500mb unless you keep paying $5 each time you reach the 500mb mark I would be more than happy if they just throttled down the speed when you go over instead of taking it away from you altogether they treat us like prisoners or slaves so they can fill their pockets and make a mockery of the everyday working class man striving to make ends meet in this world the only way the will change what they are doing is if everyone stood up and protest and not use their services for a good amount of time so they make no money that is when they will come begging back for the people to trust them again and make things right same with the video game consoles not providing backwards compatibility to their systems making all the money people spent on their products useless and outsourced instead of allowing them to continue using them so they keep growing their collections instead of filling landfills with games that everyone still wants to play but can't because of greedy corporate executives who only look to their pockets and not the people

I also stuck with AT&T with the unlimited data but when the throttling started I was not notified prior to it and was very upset as I was suppose to get unlimited. No YouTube video without taking many minutes to see it! They are a fraud and hope they get fined and forced to deliver what they promised!

Recently my laptop REALLY slowed down so I did all the usual things like a defrag and ran CCleaner a couple times but it didn't help. I started looking into data throttling and sure enough, Cricket has taken my "unlimited" data and slowed it down. How can I sue Cricket over this matter? Should I just find another carrier? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I was just told by AT&T representative that Unlimited plan users have a cap placed on their LTE streaming at 5 Gigabytes. If you go to a mobile shared plan that offers 30 Gigabytes a month, you would not have that cap and would be able to use your full 30 a month. That is illegal and morally wrong for AT&T to do that. But that is big corporate business for you. Always trying to screw the average customer.

I have been holding onto my AT&T unlimited data plan in hopes of this lawsuit being filed on behalf of all those who feel cheated by this unethical buisness practice. I recently renewed my 2-yr contract to grt the iphone 6 plus and I was being pressured like never before to give up my unlimited data package and to switch to the shared plan that offered 30gb for the price of 15gb. Apparently those who are on this plan are allowed to use wifi hotspot and they don't have a cap on their montly data usage. Sounds to me like AT&T is using sales schemes to lure you out of your unlimited data. Can't wait till they lost this lawsuit and I get my True unlimited data plan back.

I wanted to upgrade to a new iPhone (have the 4G now) but on the Att website, I was told that in order to upgrade my iPhone, I would have to get a new data plan because the new phone did not support my old (grandfathered/unlimited) plan.
It seems they will not let me get a new iPhone without giving up my unlimited plan. This is not fair at all!

I have had unlimited since the iPhone 3G, I have the 3Gs, 4s, 5. I have kept my Unlimited data at each upgrade. If the tell you NO then they are lying, go through Apple and they will keep your exact plan on every upgrade. Beware if you add anyone to your line, AT&T screwed me by not adding a msg plan to my Mom's phone was charged $20 extra, because they original sales person was too busy trying to switch me off my Unlimited plan. Told him I was keeping my plan about 10-15 times. End up screwing up my Mom's plan because he wasn't listening. HINT: ATT LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

AT&T actually shuts me down several days a week for entire days. I have had "unlimited Gigs plan" for many years. I run an online business and rely on day to day internet access. SHAME ON AT&T. AT&T rep. told me on one occasion that Durango CO is too small a town for them to concern themselves. OH NO!!

don't let att win with their throttling bs. Don't ration your data. Use as much as possible. Since I learned about throttling I have started playing videos all night while I sleep out of spite. I currently average about 50 gigs a cycle. Before throttling I used around 3 gigs. Eat it att! Fight the power!

While I applaud your veracity to get what you pay for , you must also consider that this behavior does actually contribute to the problem of excessive data consumption that merits slowing the rest of us down. Completely unnecessaly.

When i signed up in 2007 ONLY BECAUSE CRICKET WAS TRULY 'UNLIMITED' I expected to receive u n l i m i t e d service. I should be grandfathered in as I've been a very very loyal customer for this long without ONE complaint. i was patient as they build new towers, widened their coverage, improved their facilities and started to get better service..only to be screwed in the end.

I truly hope there is a class action suit for customers like myself.

Apparently i went over for the month this month last night and i was shocked at the slow speed i received last night. What got me angry was when i was trying to watch a 240p Green Eggs and Ham video on youtube before my daughter was to fall asleep and it refused to load!

FCC … do something about this and reinstate my 'unlimited' service to what I originally signed up for!

I've had a big problem with the whole cell phone tower problem ok I remember 3g tower s were over usage limits so they put up 4g towers I know cause I had 4g wimax it was fast as landline from Comcast it was USB mobile then without any explanation given 4g lte is what we are forced to use why 4g towers I thought were the solution to 3g but we never even had much of 4g before lte which I expect is short for light well its not fair.... I currently have cricket (over10 years) (now at&t)and found out recently my new windows 4g phone only gets 4g when I have data 5 gigs then after that it is only 3g which is bs how is that a unlimited 4g plan its fraud.......

My ATT unlimited is so slow now that It took me 30 minutes to download a Facebook messenger app. I can't even watch a 1 minute video clip online without to press play 20 times. Hope fcc can do something for us. Feel like want to switch to sprint, at least they don't throttle my speed.

Because people were running massive amounts of data from their phone and offering shared services and getting paid for it. Not att fault

you must work for at&t. AT&T sold me the service they said I would be getting 10 gigs of high-speed dated before I will get throttle my speed slowed way way way down point to point 03 weird stuff like that can't watch a video can't do anythingI have got no hi spead Dats this month and I paid extra for high speed data

Just got throttled today. 0.10 Mbps download. I can't even browse a web page.

Keep in mind that if every company offered unlimited data it would be more hazardous than second hand smoke will ever be. My wife died of brain cancer and my brother is in stage 3. I wish someone would sue Sprint for starting this unlimited crap. When the tower is on the right side of your head and the phone is on the right, that beam is passing through your noggin.

There is absolutely no proof of that....people just say random sh$! these days I suppose

That's totally unrelated, the amount of radiation your phone gives is so small, that you couldn't die if it was by you for 200 years.

all AT&T employees should be fired and or sent to jail. They all knew what was going on.

This is shameful. I hope someone can do something to stop this illegal practice. I barely use my phone. I've only streamed one half of soccer match now it's crawling slow. I've had unlimited since day one they started offering it and lately I've been throttled without warning. It's funny they want you to pay for something they don't provide. I HOPE AND PRAY THAT SOMEONE CAN STOP THEM!

The only reason I got rid of my Unlimited plan last year was due to the slow speeds compared to my wifes phone. I figured it was due to throttling!!!

Could you imagine going to an all you can eat buffet and the staff saying "Wait a minute, you need to slow down. You are eating to much." That is EXACTLY what AT&T is doing. The whole reason I got the unlinited plan, which was the top tier plan was so I could enjoy all of the things they advertise without worrying about going over a limit and I paid/pay a premium for that. A premium AT&T was happy to accept. Now, I'm lucky to get .3 Mbps once they throttle me and sometimes that is three days into a cycle. That is only a couple of videos and some streaming music. Then, for 25+ days I can't do anything with my phone. No streaming video, GPS is problematic, web pages never load... Basicaly a worthless device at this point. I am a business man and I rely on this device as a business tool and it is essentially non functional. They lied about users being throttled when they are in the highest percentage because it happens at the same amount of data threshold each month. Please set this company right!!!

I have been an ATT unlimited data user since 2010. Have paid the fees. I just received a message that my speed will be slowing down-- at 5GB well this is not unlimited data. If ATT wants to change the definition of unlimited then they should reimburse me for 5 years of payments and replace my phones to a career of my choice. This is totally deceptive and I am very upset with ATT

Last time I renewed my contract and they tried to get me to drop my unlimited plan I told them "if I lost all my money and became homeless....I would live in a cardboard box under an interstate bridge collected cans and selling my plasma before I give up my unlimited data plan." The statement made a visual impression on the recipient.

Now since they talked me out of my grandfathered in plan of unlimited data last year and I had unlimited data since 2009 since they said the unlimited has too many that's why it's slow.. oookk Now we got on a 10gb shared plan for 10 months no problem. Now since in June 2015 att got slapped with 100 million dollar fine I have started to go over that 10gb anf got charged in june for 60.00 in overages. Now in July again 10 to 12 days left in billing cycle I started to go over again. 15.00 added for every 1 gb they add. This is even after we raised our data to 30gb had a rollover of 17 which made it to 48 gb of data now we over that? Something is wrong and wirh all of us who got talked out of unlimited plans cause of the slowing speeds on their part. I feel they need to return it back to us who was actually grandfathered in. This getting g ridiculous.

At&t not only promised unlimited internet plans to wireless users, but to home internet plans also. At&t changed my plan from a unlimited home internet plan to a 300mb plan per month without notifying me of any changes. Then when I called about it I was told that I never had unlimited internet because they never offered an unlimited plan. Then they asked if I wanted to change my current plan from 300mb to 600mb for a price increase of course. I told them no because I never changed my unlimited plan, but if I agreed to change what they forced on me then they could say it was my choice to change plans. They even reduced the internet speed I'm suppose to have to 6mbps (but when I ran my own speed test it was at 3.5-4.5mbps). My original unlimited home internet plan was at the highest speed for my area at that time which I think was 12 or 18mbps(most likely 12mbps). At&t has gotten horrible with their service. I have been with them for years because the area I live doesn't have much choice. It took me almost 2 hours 10 days ago to type and send 1 email because my home connection kept dropping, I had to use my phone to send it eventually. I have had to change multiple routers because AT&T always says that is the issue in the end, after they have kept me on the phone no less than 45 minutes running all their tests. Well I do hope someone will see and read this because the problems are not only with the cellular service customers it is with the home service customers as well. Thank you for your time.

Now only if the FTC would do something about them charging extra for when you decided to tether your mobile data connection to another device, such as a computer. Data is data. I was forced off of my unlimited data plan in 2011 and onto a more expensive plan with just a little bit of data because of it, without receiving any prior warnings. Cost way more in the long run.

THEY HARASSED ME ABOUT IT! That I hung up on them thinking it was a prank but their rep called me right back and said I shouldn't hang up on them and that they'll switch me to a 'regular' data plan without warning just a big-ass bill.

Funny... AT&T has repeadiatly calls me telling me tht I used my phone to feather to another device!! Since I haven't a clue as to what the flip that is, ( I was told it is basically using my phone as a hotspot) I told them I never have ! He proceeded to tell me that I will be charged extra for the data usage ( I am unlimited from many years ago) , and my next Bill would reflect a Change in my plan services. I said he can't change my plan without my permission ( this is ileagle ) and I refuse to give such permission. How is it that , I pay for unlimited data ( which I bought to use , eventually with my Laptop ) and my phone is designed for usage as a hotspot, yet I am prevented to use this as intended. Which is why, I paid for this in the first place!

I was too!! I am paying extremely too much money now. They refused to let me keep my unlimited plan... Why ?!

I have an unlimited data plan from 2008 and I flatly refuse to give up that plan just to be able to use my smartphone as a hot spot. So, have my smartphone data plan with AT&T and my iPad data plan with Verizon.

Read the contract. One of the services they do not offer to unlimited users is tethering. (I wonder why.) So if you are tethering, . . . you are using your phone in violation of your contract agreement.

Same thing happened to me. I tethered my phone once on a beach trip and only used 7gigs for the month. Next thing I get a letter saying they are switching my unlimited plan and that I have no other option.

What I do with my UNLIMITED DATA is none of AT&T business and the FTC needs to stop this fraud.


that's the way it goes with big business, they think all is okay for them.

Not only ober-charging, limiting data, but charging for taxes they CAN'T OR WON'T explain! BREAK AT&T UP THE WAY MA BELL GOT BROKEN UP A FEW DECADES AGO !!! It's way past time for competition and this is the only way we can get it! Then, BREAK UP THE BANKS AND ALL THE OTHER MONOPOLIES !!!

Monopolistic company's stinks up the market. As consumers the power rest in our hands. These companies are authorized by the government to manipulate prices as they please. Money mean a lot to greedy individuals with power to control sectors of others wants and needs. We need to stop giving our money to companies which we find issue with their pricing, services, or products. We give them the power on all ends...and we damn sure can take it away.

wasnt only at@t net ten also did the same thing

about time someone brings those crooks to justice probable is they to big and just a small slap on the risk for them I have there service but if i had an altate i would use them cause i get tired of att bullcrap .

them great at appoligising i don't need appoligizes just wish they get my bill straight for 207 billion dollar company and its all done buy computer .they still
keep adding lit but steady boges charges on to your account .i dont always look on my bill every month but every six months or so they keep adding extra charges for numbers i call most of the time its a att costomer also which is suppose to be free .but with all that money they charge i should have to keep calling them for those kinda corrects period

Thank you FTC for standing up for us. I have been throttled down to unusable speeds by AT&T after using 6gb of data in a single month when I have an Unlimited plan from 2009.

Good! I never felt what AT&T was doing was appropriate given what I had paid for.

I just signed up for U-Verse, Internet & T.V. and wireless for a free small tablet. Several things they said were not true, like for instance, the GB usage, they didn't tell me my GB were being used up so fast, they did not inform me of the not a 30 day to cancel, the cancellation days were limited to 14. I was quoted approx. 176. monthly for everything listed and I'm paying close to 300 per month and their cancellation fee would be 700.-800.! Can you believe that? They prey on people with their discount schemes when you call and address these issues. They will tell you they will discount the installation fee or some other discount but then adds up to the same amt. So if you think you've resolved or have been given a discount, you haven't! I so feel taken advantage of. I'm a 60 year old woman with limited income. This was such a bad decision on my part.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.ftc.gov/complaint and report your experience. If a trend is detected the company could be investigated.

I too have had problems with the internet being used up a lot faster than normal. I have a cricket phone, and when AT&T took over Cricket, my 5GB internet that usually lasted all month through Cricket now only last from about a week to a week and a half. I called them about it several times and they said it was because I am still using the old towers, and that I could purchase more high speed internet, or I could go ahead and buy a new phone and switch over to the new plan and get 10 GB high speed data. I don't want to do this yet because my phone isn't even a year old, and I have mobile hotspot on my phone and I would lose that by switching over because Cricket will not be offering hotspot any more. I feel like I am being ripped off because once the high speed is gone I can barely do anything at all except search. I can't even load the information after searching. I started to get home internet through AT&T, then when the lady started reading me the terms she started talking so fast that she almost sound like she was at an auction. She started saying that I would receive a video explaining how the service worked for a one time fee of $, never could catch the amount, and that I would be charged another one time amount for $199.00. She named off at least 3 charges that I would be billed for that I was not told about in advance. I cancelled my order.

this happened to me just last week.

This happened to me in June. Here's the text message I received:

ATT Free Msg: Your data usage on your 4G LTE smartphn is near 5GB this month. Exceeding 5GB during this or future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds, though you will still be able to email & surf the web. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. Visit or call 866-344-7584 for more info.

This happened to me also, They would profit more if they were honest. Now I don't even have a cell phone. I traded mine in & went back the same day to ask for my phone back, they said it wasn't there. I was suppose to have seven days to change my mind.

what about the intentional ripoff of no information about a pricing choice with AT&T, and perhaps other carriers, when you "qualify for the upgrade" to a new phone, IPhone 6 for example, and are billed monthly additional charges by the carrier, making them a few hundred dollars extra per transaction, not a real good business practice. People should be informed about their choices from anyone authorized to sell the product.

I have been using att for year,and still em have unlimet prepaid everything, exept data but having trouble with sending pictures. And feel att as a bigger company as it is second largest,compare to smaller companys who offer unlimeted everything $50 to even 35 a month is also very unfair, for a company who's been around longer then other competitors.

I had been with ATT for 30 yrs and when they started doing this to me, I called and went to different stores to find out the problem. Different answer every time. I even ask several different times was it my unlimited and was told "no". They said if I closes my current number it would be fixed. I didn't want to change my number so I ask them to change my plan, they wouldn't. So then I was forced to go to verizon, against my will. Thanks for standing for us!!

I am charged $1, 495.00 for services, but I left ATT on August 8, 2014. I was charged every month for extra data for two phones. ATT advertised a phone for $49.00, for a two year subscription, but charged me $450.00. I lost a phone, and ATT charged me $200.00 dollars for the phone, but I had insurance on the phone, which I paid very month.

I was paying up to $600a month for those iPhones i purchase from at&t for $1.99,that was the catch i had 9fones on my account

What I don't understand is that cheaper cell co.like net 10 ...use att towers and they have unlimited data plans..I find that a little strange..

Those unlimited plans are slow, very slow

Trac Phone which is the company owns the Net 10 and Straight Talk names. They Buy minutes in bulk like millions of them to sell bundled in a Pre-paid service to consumers. At&t by sure numbers and the load of traffic they can have allows them to do this. So the speed of data that is sent and received is the same speed as if you bought a contracted plan or Pre-paid plan from them directly. All Trac Phone is doing is renting use of their towers in minutes used or mintues that could be used.

Att lies, bait& switch, keep you on hold forever. God help you if you hang up. They charged me because I hung up, I told them to tape the call the I gave the lady the information. I told if she had any question to listen to the tape.

Great just changed plans because of data trotting can we get our unlimited plan back

Where do I sign up to get in on this, I was grandfathered in on a plan, and get absolutely poor service.

Did you find out where to sign up for the lawsuit at? I've been dealing with this issue for years.

You can file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. If the FTC is successful with its lawsuit, there will be another announcement that will include information about refunds.

Refunds aside, will the lawsuit punish them to stop the throttling of unlimited data plans as well?

Have been a customer with AT&T for a long time. this issue has happened to us. We had unlimited data and when we got to a certain number they would reduce the speed. their data speeds to the point that many common mobile phone applications – like web browsing, GPS navigation and watching streaming video – become difficult or nearly impossible to use. yes they did this to us, they told my son they were eliminating this plan, they very frustrating

I don't believe wireless companies when they say they have to do this to manage traffic on their networks. In reality, they are trying to force people who have the "unlimited" plans to switch to the shared plans where they can be charged for overages. In addition to throttling, they also don't allow people on the "unlimited" plans access to features others have such as tethering, or FaceTime calling via the mobile network. Perhaps we should throttle our payments and send them in a few dollars a week. When they complain, tell them our terms of payment changed. Did they not read the fine print on the last check we sent in?

Thank you, so much, FTC! It is about time AT&T hears from our regulator about AT&T deceptive practices. I am an AT&T unlimited data plan consumer and felt so alone in this struggle until I read about this today. Bravo, FTC....thank you for doing the right thing.

Thanks TedJ!!! I am with you on this!!! I called AT&T and complained and was given excuses on the throttling. Bogus!! I kept names of AT & T CSReps with time and dates. Even my Netflix movies were throttled.

I was with at at four 10 years I was wondering way my bill went her and her each time

Yes I had the unlimited data and I was eventually kicked out of Att bc my phone suddenly started to "roam" no matter where I was.... I was sent a letter stating they would either put a throttle on my account or I would have to leave... I would Love to see a resolution to this

I have it done to me all the time but what is even more funny that voice and data are on separate channels voice goes over older 3g and data uses LTE i know that the end result is data but, voice or call quality should not be effected by LTE. I think the FTC is doing the correct thing by bring this to light.

About time they do something I been getting throttled and complaining about it for years on something that I pay for

FTC I'm one of those customers! Keep up the great work. Add me to the lawsuit.

How about AT&T and HULU charging money for kids cartoons that have been in the public domain for 50 years ! That is ill and illegal.

I have ATT unlimited data plan and many times have they attempted to get me to cancel it. I have seen throttling happen personally I only was notified AFTER I noticed for a few months it seemed my connection would slow down at the end of my billing cycle and called ATT on it.

I would that FTC prevent scams...Thank you

Thanks FTC. Every point against AT&T is true. I cannot wait to see the proof you have against AT&T who obviously said they did nothing wrong. My phone is unusable 25 out of 30 days a month unless I am on wifi. Thanks again!

I was elated to read about the FTC's decision to stand up for the 3.5 million customers affected by At&t's fraudulent business practices. I have been throttled to the point that my internet is nonfunctional. When I spoke with AT&T they said I should try to use WIFI more often, but I do not have WIFI at home because I already pay for unlimited internet. Of course AT&T offered to sign me up for their home internet plans, but I should not have to pay AT&T twice for the same service.

Thank you, FTC. I have patiently waiting for this for a long time now. Thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!

Yeah I had got an unlimited phone and the bill was $150 00 from 69.99. I really didn't understand but now I do.

Thank you FTC! Have a grandfathered unlimited plan and recently got a text saying I hit a 5GB limit and would be throttled. I called them on the number listed and they tried to sell me a new plan.

Please let me know where to forward the evidence!

The week before Christmas they throttled mine to the point I couldn't send or receive photo texts . After numerous phone calls the night before Christmas they fixed by telling me they had to remove my phone from the network and then put it back on the network to remove the throttling. The made sure to sound all bully like by telling me it was a one time thing they would never do again .

We use AT&T home Internet. When we signed up, we were offered unlimited Internet service. Unfortunate for us, they do not really offer unlimited Internet service, at all. I tried to get a copy of the phone conversation, proving we were offered unlimited Internet service upon signing up. How fortunate for them, they do not keep their phone records past 3-6 months. Our bill was actually what it was supposed to be for the first couple months. Their records even show this. We called the retention line, they gave me the same Internet service for just under half of what we are supposed to pay; however, we actually pay, at least, double of what we were told our bill would be for unlimited Internet, that they do not really offer.

it's about time they have been doing this to me since 2011 been a customer since 2008
when I called several times to complain
I was told to switch to a different plan
I told them to call your plan some limited

hope they sue the piss out off u

Please check Sprint for the same violation. We have experienced significantly slower data in recent months, and we are on an unlimited data plan.


I have been a customer of AT&T since 2003 and purchased an unlimited data plan for my daughter around 2008. The throttling got so bad my daughter could not use her data at all we were finally forced to switch to a data sharing plan so I could be sure she could use her gps when she was away from home at college.We called the company and complained but all we got was a suggestion to switch to the shared data plan. I was mad because I felt I paid for something I did not receive. I also lost my grandfathered plan which I had for years and was happy with that I cannot get back. I hope they have to refund money because we were squeezed out of our plan by this deceptive practice. Now I have to pay more for our plan and I dont get to use the data because the Gigabytes are so low and i cant afford more.

Solavei with T-Mobile did this to the users in Puerto Rico USA and I am almost sure in the states as well. We all lost lots of money and there traps and tricks.

I have had AT&T for years and I have had the unlimited data. I have been throttled and I have called and complained and advised them that I pay for unlimited data and that they legally can not Throttle my phone. I was given a bogus reply. I feel AT&T owe me since the beginning of my service. I have service with them from Beginning changed company names Suncom to AT&T To Cingular to AT&T again. I have notes names, dates, & times I called with in the last few years. Even when I watch a movie on Netflix. I called AT&T and complained. I was advised to go to McDonalds and sit in their dining area on use their WiFi. I have walked into AT&T offices/stores and given same bogus answer. I feel that AT&T needs to pay all their customers back to beginning.

Now what about them blocking data use over the network. Unlimited data users were blocked from using FaceTime video data unless connected to a wifi for "unlimited" data plans

Now, if the FCC would do something about the limiting of land line data. This used to not be done, now that the Internet competes with Cable TV all the cable companies are limiting data to keep you from watching only the internet video. This is just as bad.

I was on an unlimited plan up until last week when our family switched to the new Family Share plan. I never realized any slow downs but because I use WiFi whenever I can I never come close to using 2 gb of phone data. If you read the fine print on the unlimited agreement, it states that if you use an excessive amount of data it will slow down or throttle the service. Because of the ones that used an overly excessive amount of data, probably because they either didn't use WiFi when it was available or just aren't smart enough to use it when they have it instead of the phone data plans, AT&T had to stop offering the unlimited plan. If you are going to use that much then you should be paying extra for it. I can't believe that the government doesn't know that AT&T has to follow FCC guidelines when it comes to things like this. As far as customer service goes, I feel that AT&T has every other company beat! I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and taken care of in a timely fashion with just one telephone call. Never have I been told that they couldn't take care of any issue I had to my satisfaction. I would recommend AT&T over any other company out there! That goes for phones, phone service reliability and customer service. If you don't like them why are you staying with them? Just so you can complain about them? Go ahead and try Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or one of the little ones. I am positive you will be switching back to AT&T as soon as you can. No I don't work for AT&T but I would if I was looking for employment!

Thank you FTC for doing this. We're among "those" users, and yes they seem to throttle us to a trickle. All while we pay approx $80.00 each month, since 2010. About time ATT sees some sweet sweet justice.

I'm glad that this is happening I looked through every bit of documentation I have from att (which is everything they have ever sent me, yes I'm kind of a pack rat with paperwork) and there is nothing describing any type of "throttling". I signed up for this program for the exact reason of UNLIMITED DATA. Thank you FTC.

The FTC needs to sue Verizon too. They are guilty of the same sin. All these carriers are ripping of their customersoff . I had to increase my data plan to prevent from being charged overage. The next suit should be for unlimited calling. I used to have a unlimited for 69.00 dollars no problems. I switched to ATT next with unlimited calling, and texting; and now my calls drop four or five times a day.

I have been with ATT since Sept. 2008 with my purchase of the iPhone 3G! I too was promised unlimited data at the same speed! ATT brushed me off when is called them back in June 2010! I have been ripped off! Please Help! A promise and a proformance should be just that!

Thank you FTC! I have been a AT&T customer for 8yrs. I too have unlimited data. While my son last year was in AIT for the army. AT&T decided to throttle is data! When I called to complain AT&T told me even though I have unlimited data they will slow it down after 2gb. I asked them how can you do that when I have been paying for unlimited! Thank you again FTC!

This is baseless. The government restricts the spectrum therefore causing att to throttle.

AT&T actually changed my plan, didn't tell me and sent me a $399 bill. I was so mad, I discontinued my service and they tried to charge me an early termination for terminating 14 days early, really?? I am on board with this law suit. I want my money!

Thank you FCC. I was throttled down to 0.49mbps during a trip in Feb. I was so shocked at the speed I had to take a picture of the speed test. This throttling was the direct reason I was forced to switched plans, I would have love to keep my unlimited plan. ATT should be forced to return any unlimited customers plans back. Go get them FCC!!!!

As soon as they got rid of the $30 per month unlimited Data plan, my internet was never the same. If they are found guilty which will for sure be that case. How does one go about getting back the money they owe you?

AT+T is very dishonest, unethical and each person you ask the same question gives you a different answer.

Have had an unlimited AT&T plan since 2009 (currently usage approx 3Gb/month), not much for conspiracy theories, but I am entirely on board with this. In Orlando AT&T's network cannot be as bad as it is at times. My wife and I have been sitting next to each other using our phones and you can visually see the difference when I hit a certain usage per month. I used to get text messages stating that my bandwidth was going to be reduced due to usage, when I called AT&T about it they told me that it did not apply to my plan...

Ive been battling with At&t over this issue for months! It's an act of deceptive unfair business practice and justice must be served. Please let me know when I can use my unlimited plan the way it was intended!

Way to go FTC! With all the comments and justifications here, FTC should know it's the right thing to do...protect the consumers from these crooks.

I hope the FTC is investigating (Sprint owned) Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go $40 Unlimited-data month-long plan. When I started, in 2010, there was no throttling on the unlimited plan. Then, in 2011, they started throttling the "unlimited" plan, and still do. Throttling can occur within days of a new month, down to a max speed of 128kilobits per second.

I am so glad this issue has been acknowledged. I notice one day as I was at work and wanted to watch a video on YouTube. I had all 5 bars with 4g and the video kept on stopping. So I called at&t to see what was going on and they told me that I had unlimited data but after 2gb of data is used, the service is slowed downed. I asked if there was a certain amount of data that can be used before the internet completely shuts down. Of course the representative tried to get me to get in a different data plan. So basically, they notice that there can be more money made if they throttle our data service. They can't penalize the att customers that has been grandfatheredin so they slow us down. I HOPE THE FEDS GET YOU GUYS FOR THIS! !!!! I REALLY DO!

I've been with At&t for a long time and my data plan is unlimited "grandfather". I thought that it was just me who was questioning why my data get so slow when I use more than 3gb. I just deal with the slowness because i did not want to lose my unlimited data plan. I am glad that FTC is doing sometime about this and making it right for us consumers. Unlimited should be Unlimited. Not Unlimited with a Limit. Thank you FTC.

I had this happen to me after I got a faster phone last month. I was calling them and asking what was happening. I asked about my unlimited service and why was I getting slowed down. First people u talked to didn't know why my phone was slow on the videos. But they knew. They we're lying to me. I called 3 times before someone told me that I had reached my data for the month. I had to download my apps to my phone so I told them I was being penalized for buying anew phone. I have been with this company for mire than 15 yrs.

Hate AT&T, but it's what I have......nothing but problems and excuses, but they want their money on time......

what we need to do is to get the FCC to force the cell phone company's to go back to the unlimited data

I called AT&T shortly after I received a notice that I would be throttled back for overages and at the time I maintained that this was unfair... The deal had been made and the money had changed hands. What right do they have to change the plan? Do I have the right to change the amount I pay them? No. But according to what they think is "fair" if I send them notice after the fact that I've decided to arbitrarily reduce my payments, that's just business as usual ....and that's ok. I'm sure they would take issue with receiving less money from me in a heart beat...! In other words, they can change the deal with impunity but we cant! It's not a question of their lack of understanding the hypocrisy, unjustness and lack of empathy in their position... they simply place profits they can make over any penalties they may incur... the same reasons all big businesses like car manufacturers systematically hide defects until enough people die. Did the FTC bring this because 190000 people including myself took action with a letter or call...while the rest suffered in silence? Did the FTC get tired of watching the FCC not do its job and stretch its jurisdiction to bring this suit on behalf of us? It's AT&T throttling back simply because they can ... and they don't care for a second how much collective lifetime they've wasted from all of us. The only way they will care is when the judgement comes back and they actually feel some financial pain... and hopefully some of that money will make it's way back to the consumers. I still have my 3GS from 2009 and I've stuck with the unlimited plan for a long time because for a long time people who got off the unlimited plan were eventually forced into a higher plan and for a time were paying $130.00 for LIMITED plans... Twice victimized : once for being throttled back then again for no option except the higher costing plan to satisfy their data needs. I currently pay approx $100.00/month for my grandfathered plan....thought I had a good deal with unlimited ... Then they lowered the price to $50 for unlimited with Sprint and the AT&T 2G plans ... I thought they were trying to pressure me out of my grandfathered plan and then jack me up on an unlimited plan... But I held on hoping for a suit like this because I knew it would come... But look how long it took? 2011 is when the throttling started and its been 4 years!!! Complaints were filed in 2011 but were ignored by ATT AND the FCC!!! Thank you FTC for finally bringing this suit...hopefully for the right reason..... If fairness was the reason it would have been brought long ago in my opinion. No my friends the cynicism in me says the prospect of high atty fees drives this case... and maybe it should... Capitalism has as it hallmarks supply and demand... a high supply of atty fees may mive this in the right direction as long as a high supply of lobbying fees (synonym for BRIBERY) doesnt move it the weing way....as long as the consumers end up with JUST compensation! And what would that be? For me:
How about 4 years of FREE unlimited data at 4LTE speed for all unlimited customers who were throttled down AND while we re at it... ALL customers who had to pay early termination penalties to get out if their misrepresented unlimited plans. Certainly there is a lot of traction and Inertia within the FCC but better late than never for the FTC . Sorry for the rant but I'm very upset! Looking forward to see how this plays out and hopefully more than a token reparation will find its way to the consumers. Goodluck to us!

Amen! Well said.

Where I live, I get around 18 Mbps with LTE on my iPhone. When AT&T throttles my data, that speed goes down to 0.25. That means they throttle my speed by 98.7%. At 0.25 Mbps you can no longer watch videos or stream audio. You can barely load a web page or send an email, each of which takes about a minute. What happens is that your data connection is to the point of useless.

The throttling that AT&T does is beyond crippling and over aggressive.

I believe they illegally charge people for data they don't use as well. I am constantly going over my data, but rarely use it. I'm always in wi-fi range. One time the charged me overage charges and I was only a couple of days into my new bill. How is this possible?????

I've been att customer 14 years, little choice until lately (Alaska). Wished I could sue att, ty FTC for stepping in. They have larger plans than 5 gb. They don't even let us reach add high as their largest plan, before our "unlimited" becomes unusable.

I been ripped off by At&T on a landline service, T-Mobile, Boost and Version. Who can help me?

I thought that was a scam for years they have beensending exts to all 3 phones on the plan saying the data is 65 percent used the 2nd day into the new month, what a joke, I just got another one today we pay over 300.00 for 3 smartphones on the family plan and then they charge another 15 dollars per phone when we go over, this has been going on for years, thanks and we would love to see a chunk of that $$$$$

let's not forget about the prepaid customers who get cheated out of their days(instead of thirty days i only get 27 to 28 days when i pay for 30 which is a total of 65.00 dollars a month i only get 2.5 gb on my prepaid plan. It's not really worth it.Hard to make phone calls and use website extremely slow some phone calls never go through god forbid if i had to call 911 yeah i want some of that payback too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the unlimited data plan dating back to 2008. One of my first questions regarding the unlimited plan was.. is there a data cap?... the answer was no. Use as much as you like... then they did away with it.. I still have the unlimited plan but get throttled to near edge speed at 3 gigs!!! Not right..

Ummm, it's not "only" at&t, people & the fcc.....t-mobile does it too. If it weren't for being able to connect to my home wifi at times, my phone would "think" indefinitely..and i would venture it's safe to say other carriers employ this practice too.

This is no way for any business to treat their longest and most loysl customers!! I have contacted them many times about this practice but of course nothing was done.
Thank you for stepping in and holding them accountable.
As a customer service manager i would NEVER think to take advantage of any customers but especially my long time loyal ones!! Get a clue ATT...

I didn't even sign up with ATT. I got my "unlimited" plan via Cingular whom I was very happy with. All the bad practice happened after ATT bought them out. Now I'm an unhappy customer without another option. :-(

AT&Ts claims of "network optimization" ring hollow.
If we are throttled because the network can't sustain our data usage; then why are we offered non-throttled data plans at significantly higher data rates with no throttling?

Ultimately I'd like to see the throtteling caps go away. I don't care about re-reimbursement if the caps go.

Thank you FTC,
I don't believe in big Government but do believe in fairness and the need for a Government to monitor the rights of it's people. This is a great example of a Government program doing the job that the majority of the people believe to be appropriate. I will follow this in it's entirety to see if FTC is successful in not ONLY changing bad business policies but applying an appropriate disciplinary action to ensure AT&T understands "not to do this again". Also, it is important to see how other companies receive FTC's message as well.
Now let me tell you about my father's experience with AT&T and why I'm not surprised by this investigation but was wondering how to "make a difference". My father has AT&T Universe, a home, land-line, and is experiencing the exact same thing. This seems to be a policy that extends throughout AT&T's various corporations. As these conglomerates get bigger and bigger, they seem to also get more brazen with the law. (Lobbyist might be the problem here.) Previously, many business use to talk about ethics but lately it seems the level of ethics has been blurred by our Governments history of inaction, week-action, or "bailouts". My hope is that FTC will extend their investigation and let corporate know that when you deceive or fraud people there is a debt to be paid back. Enough is enough.

I had unlimited as well & complained often. Their shameless bushiness tactics worked on me. How do we get in on this lawsuit or complaint? It's not the point of money ...it's the point of being scammed and not able to do anything about it.

At&t is not the only company I have virgin mobile and they do the same thing and I don't believe that it's fair......... Just recieve this text yesterday... VMUFreeMsg You used 85 percent of your data usage cap. Once you reach 2560.000MB of usage, we'll reduce your data speeds through 11/22/2014.

My phone is throttled so bad most of the time, i need to hook up to wifi to revive all my emails, and browse the web, if you are not on wifi forget about trying to use YouTube, it buffers until you lost intrest in what you wanted to watch! I could go on,and on.

AT&T is just money hungry and wants to take your money any way they can. I have "Unlimited" and I am always on WiFi and when i do use my LTE its great for a while then slow down and i cant use my gps or internet to look up a location check my work email and so much more. Thank you FTC let AT&T HAVE IT!!!!

Is there any way to join this sue? My phone has been real slow due to Netflix use and I bet this has a lot to do with it.

This is an FTC lawsuit, but you can file a consumer complaint at www.ftc.gov/complaint and report your experience.

I still have a grandfathered (& severely throttled!) plan with AT&T, and have been a customer for approximately 15 years. I'd like to thank the FTC for suing over this issue, but what options do we the customers have? I will look into filing a consumer complaint per your suggestion, but will it be tethered to this larger lawsuit? In the event the FTC is successful in its lawsuit against AT&T, what happens for the actual consumers who were affected by this issue as customers of AT&T?

As part of its lawsuit, the FTC is trying to get money back to people who were affected. If the agency is successful, there will an announcement about how people can apply for a refund.

Thats good, a refund is due for all the time I was promised unlimited data. Are they then allowed to keep throttling customers who are still grandfathered in? The FTC needs to hold them to their promises of "unlimited" not continue the "kinda sorta unlimited"

How can we get our money back? I'm leaving ATT because of this issue and switching carriers, but for YEARS I paid ATT and I'm pissed off.

For 9 months I have fought AT&T on data and cellular signals in Miami. I have opened several cases with the FCC and the FTC regarding AT&T's practices (4 of which AT&T called asking Why I did it, my response, because I won't stand by). It has become atrocious what AT&T thinks they can get away with... the long and short of it, I live within 2 miles of 3 towers and can't even get text messages since their so called upgrade to the network in December 2013, their solution, upgrade me to a Microcell, OH! it'll cost you $199 then you'll be able to call and text, OH! also we are going to charge you for any data pushed through the Microcell EVEN THOUGH you're using your own high speed data carrier, yeah we love raping our customers! Long and short of it, I DID NOT PAY for the Microcell, which now hasn't worked going on 4 weeks now and suddenly I am able to make phone calls and receive text messages again in my home office like I did before December 2013. AT&T even assigned me a special envoy to talk to anytime I had issues with the Microcell. I also received several phone calls from the "Executive Office" of AT&T who were flat out disrespectful and rude in so many ways. If I had another GSM carrier to switch to I would've a long time ago, however, the other GSM carrier isn't any better and I need to have both voice and data available when assisting my customers. I have documented AT&T's network signals religiously so as to provide our watch dogs the information they need to help us fight the battle. At this point all we can do is hope and pray we get some sort of resolution.

Frustrated 20 year customer of AT&T

I have Cricket, owned by AT&T. They falsely advertise their data plan. They sell you a plan for certain amount at high speed. Then Unlimited at slower speed. They repeatedly shut down my Internet access, sighting over limit. This is false advertising and poor business. Something needs to be done about this.

MetroPCS does the same thing. They slow the data down several times a month and demand another $5.

I've been on AT&T's Unlimited plan for years. I never gave it up because I it's clear that more and more bandwidth will be needed in the future due to services like streaming music, streaming video and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and thousands of other services. And, as expected, my data has gradually crept upward and I've started noticing the throttling. AT&T should be ashamed of itself. Other companies like Virgin Mobile (I use this company as an example because I have used their personal wi-fi product when traveling home to Texas where data service is spotty) are upfront with their data packages. It was very clear that my plan was not unlimited data and even at a certain data download point, they MIGHT throttle the data speed, which they did. It was annoying but atleast I knew what I was getting. I'm glad the FTC is taking these steps and I hope other retailers understand that when they use the word "unlimited" to describe a product, that they have to back it up and not just use it as a ubiquitous marketing term that doesn't have to mean anything.

Att mislead me into believing that I'm on unlimited data which in fact I'm not. Yesterday my data was throttled to an unusable speed. It's less that .3 GBPS from up to 20. I could not listen to online music or watch any videos. I spoke with 4 att representatives. Last 3 stated they are supervisors !? Derrick Ale, Clifta Smith and Kevin Dailey. All of them pointed to the issue but failed to offer a solution. Actually they tried to lure me off my unlimited plan to go to a shared plan. WHICH COSTS MORE. They are offering less for more. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE. Also they lied telling me that they informed me about the data cap. They failed to provide proof. All the conversation was recorder if anyone is interested in that.

Hi, I also have an supposedly unlimited plan since I believe 2010 or before. Suddenly with no notice they started reducing my internet speed after using 3g of data. I called so many times to ask them to fix this problem, but after many failed attempts I just gave up. I hope with the FTC help we can all get our plans back to was it was before.

Yes, we have the "grandfather" data plan too. Only recently (2 months ago) found out that the reason for the slooow internet because for the unlimited data plan that we have, any usage above 2.5gbs will slow down after reaching that. And again, we were only informed and found out about that recently. We were "surprised" to hear that all these while we were not informed about this.
We never received any email notice or whatsoever from AT & T. And of course, we were not happy to hear about this at all.
But the customer service managed to convince us to go for the alternative of changing plan to 2Gbs plan, according to them better and cheaper. We agreed to try that for 30 days and finally decided to go back to our old plan in less than 30days. Felt like being tricked to that options. When we called AT & T gave us a HARD time about changing the plan back to the old ones. Where they promised us it can be done just for the 30 days trial period to the new plan. They're just full of bogus!
Thanks FTC for looking into this issue - big time!
AT & T has to change/honor the unlimited data plan to at least a reasonable like 10GBs datas to the existing customers! 110% agred!

I actually don't mind being throttled so much, it beats the days when their mission objective was to bump you into a measured plan. The throttled rate is a reminder who AT&T are as a company.

I am an ATT customer who had an unlimited data plan from 2008 until 2013. In 2013 I started to recieve text messages from ATT advising that I was in the top 5% of data users and that if it continued my data would be throttled. It was a bit like telling me I could make unlimited calls, but if I hit a certain level that I could count on enough static during the call that I couldn't use it. If in fact I were in the top 5% and myself and all the rest at this level were to stop using data the next month, then of course the 90 to 95 percentile would move to the top spot, the next month the 85 to 90's until a little old lady who checked her email once a month would be indentified as the top user/abuser of data plans. All ATT was trying to do was force us off the unlimited plan on to a new, more expensive defined plan. I hope ATT pays dearly for these deceptive pracitices.

first att was going to start throttling at 2 or 3 Gigs and when everyone Started raising hell about it they stopped the warnings once you reached that limit. Just last month after ordering the new iPhone I had a message they were throttling at 5 gigs. First time I had seen it on there. So unlimited is whatever they want it to be no matter if you complain. After they found out they could rape customers with data plans it was time to get rid of the ones with the unlimited plans or make their service so slow they would have to buy another one !

Like most of you, I too have an original unlimited data plan. I've called multiple times to complain about download speeds, only to have them explain that they throttle my data back for overusage. Some months I use upwards of 8-10gb worth of data, watching Netflix on my lunch breaks and listening to Pandora while at my desk and on the drive to and from work.
I think I may have my original contract, but I'm going to venture a guess to say that no-where in my original contract did is say anything about their ability to "throttle" back my data.
To the best of my recollection, I've never received a text message that indicates they are going to slow down my data service because of overusage. Heck, when I called to complain once, a representative of AT&T admitted they receive many complaints of this and that he was sorry for not having the ability to reset my data usage. I believe that post 2011, for a period of time, managers had the ability to go in on your account and reset the statistics and provide full flow data service. That flexibility has been taken away from them by their management overlords...
Thankfully, I work for an amazing employer that provides Wi-Fi at work for no expense, so after getting sick and tired of calling every month to complain, I just turned on my wi-fi and called it quits. No more! Screw you AT&T. You'll be hearing from my people at the FTC. I have no expectations of getting a big refund check in the mail, but I can say that I would love to see AT&T having to take all the restrictions off their data for us old school users. I mean, c'mon, we've all been paying our bills religiously for years, as evidenced by us all having the original unlimited data plan. Haven't they made enough money on us over the years to pay for unlimited data for everyone?

According to the contract, AT&T is allowed to throttle to manage network congestion. Dear AT&T, network congestion does not start when I reach 5MB of data use, and you network congestion doesn't magically clear up at the beginning of my building period. And if you have network congestion, are you throttling your "Shared Data" plan users too. They have the same contract term that we unlimited data users have. AT&T you really aren't managing your networks, you are aggravating your unlimited data plan users so that they will switch to a shared plan, or leave AT&T.

I've been on their grandfathered unlimited plan for the past 8 years. This throttling happens to me every month like clockwork. Serves them right that the FTC would step in and stand up for us since we as individuals cannot. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Long over due!! Crooks!

T-Mobile does the same thing. They sell an unlimited plan that gets choked to nearly unusable speeds once you hit a set number of mb's that depends on which "unlimited" plan you pay for. For more money your speed bumps get spaced slightly further apart. I always thought unlimited meant no limits but apparently not if you are using the word for advertising.

Same thing is happening to us. One cell phone dtr uses and we have shut down everything we can that uses data and use wifi everywhere possible and they have been charging from $10 to $40 extra every month. At their rate, Taxes and Fees we shut have the highest speed and unlimited everything. They have a monopoly on the cell phone and should be stopped

They claim unlimited data on their network but when I try to use my phone as a hotspot they won't let me. Even if I say ok charge me for extra data on top of my "unlimited" data they say I have to give up my "unlimited" plan.

I am a victim of AT&T's Data Throttling Scheme. I am so relieved that the government is stepping in to make this right. AT&T has unfairly and illegally throttled my phone's data to the point to where I couldn't even load a picture on my Facebook App for days! This is not what I legally agreed to on my contract with AT&T, and this has to be made right for the consumers involved.

Straight talk does the same thing so can something be done about them too it's nonsense

This is great that it's finally happening. I have been a customer with AT&T for more than 5 years and have had the unlimited data plan ever since. Now whenever I go over 5GB of LTE data my speeds drop to 0.5mbps both download and upload. This results my data plan to be essentially useless. AT&T should release the limits and as a goodwill gesture should allow Legacy Unlimited Data plan users to tether for free and without limitations. AT&T does not care about their network structure as they are offering twice the data for half the cost yet those plans do not get throttled or have to pay extra for tethering.

Good Job FTC and FCC, your our only hope

They do it to Staight Talk customers too when their phones use their towers. Couldnt do nothing with my phone. Was pissed off!

I feel consumers have been scammed with the AT&T unlimited data plan. I have had a plan for years - since smartphones first came out. I primarily use wifi so most months I don't use much data at all. It irritates me when we travel for extended periods and count on unlimited data only to be throttled. It is total misrepresentation on AT&T's part. They made consumers honor their end of the contract -- it should work vice versa. Not a happy consumer!

I have been an AT&T cell service customer since Hurricane Andrew (1992). I have been on the "Unlimited" plan since my first smart phone (iPhone). When I upgraded to a Samsung S-5, they wanted to cancel my "unlimited" plan but offered to keep it in place for an additional $5.00 per month, to which I agreed. NO PROBLEM...But then this past month my data slowed down so much (.54 meg download, 1.1 meg upload) I took my phone to the AT&T phone store. They said they couldn't help, I needed to go to a repair center. Which I did...After checking the phone operation with another SIM card, the tech told me that it must be something wrong with my phone. He then called AT&T and was told that I was over my 5 gig limit and the data was being throttled. I went several rounds with customer support. Being a computer tech, I asked was there any way they could reset my usage as unlimited meant unlimited, and I had never been told that they would throttle my data. They said "NO WAY" I'd have to wait till the end of the month. I said "UNLIMITED IS UNLIMITED, YOU CAN'T DO THIS" This was all documented in the Text messages to and from AT&T. Don't know if the FTC can fix this, but I can. I'm going over to Sprint where their unlimited plan is UNLIMITED. See ya AT&T!!!!!

I knew something was wrong, every month I am charge b/c they say she have gone over her data when was to be unlimited all those over charge fee on the bill, hope something good come of this for us the consumer, like our some of our money back

I feel cheated by AT&T. I have a few unlimited plans, international data that gets throttled on every trip making devise almost unusable, unlimited on domestic data that got throttled for the first time after moving from galaxy note 3 to iphone 6 plus. It was so severe that I moved back to galaxy 4 because the data issues. Also. regarding the throttle on domestic, never had the problem before with going over and being throttled, Notified after the fact and we had been on vacation internationally so data was off for 2 weeks and still went over, I am wondering if the default settings on the iphone 6 plus are set to consume a lot of data. Net effect was that I went over in about 2 weeks of billing cycle. That had never happened before and feel cheated.

When I first complained to AT&T about their throttling practice they had the nerve to tell me I was still able to download as much data as I wanted just at slower speeds. The person with whom I spoke was from the office of the president and he said that slowing my speed did not limit how much data I could download. I was shocked at such an idiotic claim!

I have been told by AT&T representatives on numerous occasions that the reason they were throttling data speeds to some users was because there wasn't enough throughput to go around and they wanted to make sure that all of their customers had access to data. This seems to be nothing but a lie. If there was a shortage of data throughput how come AT&T will sell you as many data buckets as you want without throttling your bandwidth a long as you're willing to pay for the additional data? By 10 GB of data and use it up, then buy 10 more, and ten more etc. ad infinitum and your data speeds won't be throttled as long as you keep paying for the additional data. That would seem to support the notion that there's no shortage of data throughput but rather that AT&T really wants more money. If AT&T wanted to be fair to all of its customers as it claims it would honor their agreements with all of their customers and allow those of them with unlimited data contracts to actually have unlimited data.

Another thing that supports the notion that there's no shortage of data is that AT&T is currently "October 2014" advertising data at half price. For example,if you buy 50 GB of data they'll give you 100, Something like that. Well, if there was a shortage of data or data throughput capacity why then would AT&T be giving it away or trying to sell more of it? That wouldn't make sense now would it?

I am of the opinion that AT&T is a bad actor, that they entered into agreements that they no longer wish to fulfill and will try almost anything to wiggle their way out of that position, including fabricating stories about data throughput shortages and telling lies. I am also of the opinion that AT&T should be fined heavily, forced to make public apologies on television and in newspapers, forced to refund in full customers for every billing cycle during which they throttled that customers bandwidth unless they throttled everybody's bandwidth due to a bona fide shortage of it, and that they should be compelled to stop throttling the data speeds of their customers. Nothing short of this would represent justice in my opinion.

I would like to say the ftc could use google seaches to locate the trending swindles going on and speed up their litigation efforts against all these crooks. Tmobile "upgraded " millions of accounts to another two years without permission from those people. FTC has done nothing as fara s I am aware. Yet TMo is able to put things on my credit. So unfair. Credit should be a two way street and then the fraud would come out ...so plainly visible. So do more FTC , I realize it must be insurmountable tasks you guys do. But we would love to see more , faster. Sign me Screwed yet again by those with money

My friend just told me about his ATT iPhone 6 plus with unlimited date being super slow. He called them and they tried to get him to switch to a 15gig a month plan and they told him they would double it to 30. I then downloaded speedtest app onto his phone and checked his speed. .3 MB per second lol that's a joke. He also said he couldn't get a hotspot either cause of having unlimited data. I bet att would allow him to pay 30 bucks a month for a hotspot then say goodluck once you hit 5 gigs. Thanks FTC for doing the right thing. I'm pretty anti government but you guys are really doing the right thing here and standing up for the people. WTG. BTW I use Verizon and have unlimited data. Bought my LG G3 out of pocket for 648 after taxes because I was not giving up my unlimited plan. I also use a hotspot and use it for my home connection. I pay the extra money so why wouldn't I take advantage of it.

Ive been with them for 8 years and I want to fry them what do I do to recieve refund contact numbers please so pissed

Is it the throttling that the FTC takes issue with or the lack of disclosure? I have an unlimited data plan with Virgin Mobile that reduces the speed from 4G LTE to 2G after a usage of 2.5 Gbs, however they have made that clear from day one and they do send texts out once I reach 85% of the 2.5 GB threshold.

Hey FTC Go get Sprint too while you are at it! They are slowing everyone at certain times of the month. And I get more dropped calls certain times of the month too! They charge you more for 4g that I rarely have! My phone is useless with data unless I'm in a wifi area!

There are many carriers who face issues with providing data to their customers. I had a similar issue with my phone carrier this year when I purchased my first iPhone and was told that I had a contract with unlimited data, but later found out that this data was unlimited 2g after my limited 4g ran out which was almost equivalent to not having a data plan at all.

I am curious to know of how substantial the speed of the unlimited data was for these AT&T customers who were faced with the limited data issue. The data throttling seems very similar to my situation in which I needed to get important projects done on my mobile device but was held back by my phone carrier who was not completely upfront about the level of data that I would be receiving. A situation like this in which we cannot trust our mobile devices, is a serious issue in today’s society that is so dependent on technology. Work, school, and social lives are dependent on the new applications and features that are now available to us as consumers, but when we are restrained by the providers who are supposedly allowing us to have access to these options; it makes me wonder if paying so much money for these devices is worth it.

I am very interested to see what the outcome of this case would be. It would be beneficial for AT&T to take away the unlimited data plan all together, even for the people who previously had this plan, especially if they cannot provide it accurately. Obviously there will many consumers affected by this but at least they would know what they are paying for.

I know someone paying for unlimited and not getting any data at all. ATT states that they offered the unlimited to his first phone that has since died. They will not carry it over to another phone. So wrong.

By definition
1. not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.
"the range of possible adaptations was unlimited"
synonyms: inexhaustible, limitless, illimitable, boundless, immeasurable,incalculable, untold, infinite, endless, bottomless, never-ending

There is a limit as to what technology can do and we understand that but that is it. Simple example, If I were to start streaming video at the beginning of the month for 30 days straight continually I would consume "X" amount of data. That would be my "baseline" for "unlimited data. Now with AT&T throttling the speed of my connection, if I were to do the same thing with throttling in place I would only be able to use "Y" amount of data. By throttling AT&T is in fact "Limiting" the amount of data i can use in that set period of time. This negates the "unlimited" data clame promised by AT&T to make the sale.
When I was "up sold" the unlimited data plan by a AT&T employee, it was so I could "take full advantage of the new smart phones capabilities". It is not the consumers fault that AT&T had or has a network that could not handle the demand they were selling. They let there alligator mouth overload there humming bird butt.

Would include the ability for users to switch immediately - regardless of end-of-contract fees (hence 'penalty') - to other carriers. I'd drop them in a NY minute if I could but I'm locked in for 2 years due to a recent upgrade (with an unlimited plan that I've had since 2007 which is now being throttled). I doubt I'd be able to get unlimited elsewhere - but I could get a new phone and leave ATT a nice message of what 'penalty' means. It doesn't mean a fine that they can (and will) pass to the consumers. It's means allowing the subscribers to leave who are being held hostage.

Straight Talk is doing the same thing. My 3g was cut off and not renewed even after paying the next months $45! It is NOT unlimited as advertised!

Thank you FTC for recognizing this and standing up for the paying customers, I still have the ironic unlimited plan. They are on the hook for this, because I'be been on the hook for the bill since 2008. Why should we be punished for being a loyal paying customer. The phone is barely usable after 2-3GB, we all know this. This is a total breach of contracts, and I hope the FTC wins and we get what we paid for back to us.I don't know why it is legal for them to change rules anytime they want to.

We can all thank Michael Powell for this issue and many others. Cable/Sat. rules were also put into limbo thanks to his "leadership". Like father like son. Both should be arrested.

I have had the unlimited plan for many years, and I am throttled almost every month. When they do my service is so slow that pages time out making it is unusable.

AT&T has gone as far as telling me If I continue to use more then the 5 gig(my throttle limit) I would be considered an abusive user and my service would be shut off. Then they try and up sell me to a more expensive plan so I can get "more data".

Apparently they have plans that offer more then unlimited data.

I noticed a huge change in my speed. I called a few months ago and found out this about them cutting down my usage. I was so mad and was told oh well. They need to pay up. I have always had the unlimited plan since it was offered and this was changed without me knowing.

I called to AT&T today because I notified my data speed is very slow. They answer me that we drop your speed cuz you have unlimited dada and use more that 5G at this month. I am disappointed. She was very rude. Please someone advise me how I can sue them or to be part of sue team.

The problem is this is a case where they have told a lie so many times they believe it themselves now. What's sad is how many people believe it. If you think data can still be "unlimited" if it's throttled, you have no clue what the word unlimited means. So for those that haven't bothered to actually look the word up, I will post it now - From Websters-Full Definition of UNLIMITED

: lacking any controls : unrestricted <unlimited access>
: boundless, infinite <unlimited possibilities>
: not bounded by exceptions

Now let's take a look at what "throttle" means :

1. lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits

2. place limits on (extent or access)

3.to reduce the flow of (fuel vapor, etc.) by means of a throttle
to lessen the amount of, by this or similar means; slow (down)

So plain and simple, you can't have unlimited data if it is throttled, period. It doesn't matter if they say in the fine print that after a certain amount the data will be reduced in speed. It's still not "unlimited". The correct word is "FRAUD".

So what calculations are used to determine how much fast speed data is used? My point is its,not based on an actual individual usage,the apps alone, if you look closely use the most data just to function,by the way that means even if you dont use them at all if their on you phone they are using data under you account,most user are unaware that these apps are not free,when you use them,their claim is you are giving developers and their affiliates permission to access your device as well as your presonal information.

Proof ATT is STILL misleading customers. See below IM chat with ATT today...

ME: ... is it true that unlimited plans are being throttled if they exceed monthly data threshold?

ATT-1: No throttling data is not possible since you are enjoying unlimited data.

... I get transferred to tech support to troubleshoot why my phone is slow.

ME: on oct. 14th I got a text from ATT...
ME: "Your data usage is near 5GB this month. Exceeding 5gb during this or future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds..."
ME: ATT-1 says I shouldn't be throttled because I'm on an unlimited plan.
ME: this seems like a violation of my contract.

ATT-2: Thank you for giving me that information (name). I apologize for the misinformation with the previous rep. When you reach around GBs during a bill cycle on unlimited there will be throttling in the attempt to keep traffic of data flowing smoothly. The terms and conditions of the contract do state that we are allowed to restrict or throttle data and if you'd like a link to that information I can provide that. I do apologize for this Brant and if you wish we do have other deals that will give you more then 5GBS high speed data for lower pricing because we have our double data deals going on so it's definitely a deal and another option to consider as well

I am under contract until feb. 2015 with early termination cancellation fee. I plan to cancel my service.

My data is throttled every month I'm so sick of it. They did not honor unlimited data that I signed up for. They turn my phone into a paper weight monthly. I need this phone for work and personal use and that becomes impossible. Can't even use gps correctly. Thank you ftc for finally making these corporate crooks responsible for this bs!

I have been with AT&T since 2011, and consistently an iPhone user. I haven't changed my plan and remain on the 450 minute 2GB data, even though they keep trying to get me to change plans. I upgraded to a 5S about a year ago, and still kept the same plan. For the past 2 billing cycles, I keep getting hit with data overage charges. I have remained consistent in the way I use my phone. I use very few apps and don't play games on my phone. It's ridiculous. I feel like they are deliberately doing this in an attempt to get me to change my plan. I got a text one day saying that I was over my data and they added another GB, then THE VERY NEXT DAY, got another text saying the same thing! FU AT&T! I'm not paying you, nor am I going to change my plan!

let's not forget about the prepaid customers who get cheated out of their days (i pay for 30 and only get 27 to 28 days for a total of 65.00 per month)not able to use my phone because of the throttling that att is doing. phone calls take 1 to 2 minutes to dial and sometimes does not go through at all. god forbid if i had to call 911. don't forget about us prepaid customers i want some of that payback too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate att. I had unlimited. I asked before I went from htc to iPhone. If my data was going to change and if the monthly bill would change. The boy said no. Then I lost my unlimited. And my bill went up. I called and called. Spoke to many people. Then managers were gonna call me back. They were looking into it. Now I can't take online school. I can't participate in work webinars. I can't entertain my 2 yr old with videos while in meetings. My family can't subscribe to netflix. I find myself half the time researching crap that had to do with my phone / service. Continually checking data. That isn't current. I'll get a 90% notice on my phone then 6 hrs later on my email. Them on my computer. It's way way off. How can u be charged when it's not even in real time. Att is going to be so screws with infinity or a dream company gives a better deal than $2400 bux a fricken year for a family plan. Omfg. That's the second largest bill our family pays. WTf. Wtf wtf. Hate hate. Liars liars liars liars.

Today is Tuesday as of Monday I was getting 25 MBPS (2500 KB/s) I hit 6 GB on my unlimited plan and I am now at .37 MBPS (37 KB/s) that is a 1000% decrease in speed someone needs to control this monopoly and make them realize that forcing a grandfathered 'Unlimited User' for 12 years to deal with Edge speeds because of their superiority complex is illegal I am sick of it and I want AT&T to lose as I have spent in the $30 dollars for the unlimited plan over $5000 dollars that is for that $30 dollars alone not the 258 dollars of the bill itself which would be 10's of thousands of dollars they have received from me alone. That is unfair business practices and there is no small writing in the contract saying they can do this it is illegal in every way and need retribution.

You have been an unlimited user for 12 years, yet they only started offering unlimited plans in 2007 (8 years ago). Are you from the future?

ATT throttled me even after I complained and brought up the unlimited plan that I had.

Why only lawsuit to pay back who have to pay early termination fee? What about people like me who are paying fee for unlimited data but getting throttled down so we are unable to use the services. I have to switch phone to download anything i need to view on youtube without interruption. Lawsuit should also file to pay us back to the data rate charged in excess of "throttling" point, meaning adjusting charges to if we were given 3GB data and refund all extra amount charged for unlimited data. Or atleast refund 90% as speed is reduced 90%.

Just received this: ATT Free Msg: Your data usage is near 5GB this month. Exceeding 5GB during this or future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. Visit att.com/datainfo or call 866-344-7584 for more info.


Sue Sprint instead because putting that much data through the air is more hazardous to people's health than Second Hand Smoke will ever be. I have had two family members with Brain Cancer.

over the holiday I received 'ATT Free Msg: Your data usage is near 5GB this month. Exceeding 5GB during this or future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. Visit att.com/datainfo or call 866-344-7584 for more info.' After calling the representative I was told AT&T was still providing me the Unlimited Data I pay for but they never guaranteed a particular speed and slowing my data which for the past year has average monthly 2.8GB is perfectly legal

Hello. I am one of these consumers who has had an unlimited data plan for many years. Today I got a text message from a strange Four digit number. This is what it reads. "AT&T Free Msg: Refunds available. You may have paid for charges from other companies on your AT&T bill that you did not authorize. Go to www.ftc.gov/att for information."

So it brings me to this website that seems legit. This is where I am writing now. It asks me if I want to apply for a refund. I almost went through with it but decided to look into it on here and ask this question. If I do accept this refund, will I be subject to some kind Opt out from other lawsuits such as the unlimited case?

Hi, Anastacio,

Applying for a refund in the AT&T cramming case won't have any impact on whether you're eligible for a refund in the unlimited data case.

Like no about refunds from att

Currently, refunds are available in the AT&T cramming case. The case regarding unlimited data is still in litigation, so the outcome hasn't been decided yet. We will provide additional information when we can.

we have had at+t plan with roll over minutes for years, with plenty left over. we were told everyone going to unlimited text + calling was cheaper and best. we did get phone call saying data usage over limit and they said because new phone automatically updated apps it put us over so they added plan to make sure it covered extra usage. they somehow fixed this from happening and hasnt happened again. we have stayed with at+t as who can you trust? I do have to say I have spent alot of time on the phone about everymonth to try to make sure my bill is right and I am not overcharged- please God don't make me have to call again this month!

YLF Upset too!I would like to get what I pay for hold AT&T accountable give me my refund.

I haven't ever noticed a problem with throttling until the past month, it seems to throttle all the time even during non-peak hours. This is totally absurd and frustrating. AT&T is treating its long standing users like crap and is trying to batter and abuse us into switching to tiered data programs that could be more expensive and limit our usage. I just want my phone to work, if the pipeline is clogged up throttle me, other than that I should get what is available to me through my contract. Thanks FTC for trying, although I'm not sure much will come of it. Good luck.

I am a volunteer emergency manager for a small city in Texas. My AT&T unlimited data plan is a necessity. The greed and arrogance of AT&T towards emergency services is intolerable. Get ready for First Net. Soon our country will hear a giant sucking sound as emergency responders and law enforcement nationwide drop their accounts with AT&T and Verizon and go to First Net. I will be happy to tell AT&T to take their data plan and shove it.

I've had unlimited on my daughters phone since 2009. I recently found out about throttling. I feel cheated & believe this illegal. A T & T should be held accountable. I'm keeping the plan for now. I want to see what happens. I also think all companies are doing it

Someone needs to make At&t understand the true Legal definition of the word "UNLIMITED". It is wrong to knowingly sell the customer (You and I) a data plan and say its "UNLIMITED" then place limits on it after. It can not be "UNLIMITED" if it has even one count them, one limit placed on it then it becomes a LIMITED DATA PLAN!!! Will knowone stick up for the little guy anymore? Maybe its time to split AT&T up again they have become way to big and just put governments and courts around its not right.

The FTC needs to realize that all the Internet providers practice in unfair Data throttling to some degree.It needs to be completely stopped.

I have unlimited since 2009 and my downloads have always been slower than others, I switched from iPhone to Samsung thinking problem in the phone, no change. no found out about throttling, no one at ATT store told me about it at sign up or renewals over the years. Surprisingly, I have a friend with unlimited data plan with ATT and even after 44 GB usage, he is still getting speed of 15MB/s while same time same networks, I get 0.5MB/s. Looks like they are experimenting what happens with few targeted unlimited customers so if a lawsuit, they don't have to pay too many people. We are guinae pigs for ATT unlimited plan.
Why cant we all file a lawsuit asking for refund of money for any charges above 5GB rate, as at slow speed, I would normally stop using anything requiring downloads or it will stop and go whatever I am doing.
How many wants to join me on it?

Data throttling should be illegal, especially when we have oligopolies managing our internet! Oligopolies always have outdated infrastructure, inefficient service, and anti-consumer policies. How about we look at why these companies actually have to throttle data on data limits that are 10+ years old...

The unlimited data isn't just limited to the throttling, I recently tried to activate the hot spot on my iPhone and was told I couldn't because of my unlimited data plan. The choice given by the AT&T rep was to change plans and drop my unlimited data or purchase a separate hot spot data plan. I didn't have a choice, I needed the hot spot for my laptop, so I purchased a hot spot and added a separate data plan. Bottom line, I now have to pay an extra $80 per month that that my plan should have covered.

I'm limited down to 0.4 for the first time. My new job did have wifi and I called AT&T to complain and they told me basically to pound sand or "Upgrade" to a limited plan.

They are still CLAIMING to sell unlimited data plans, and I am trying my darndest to get one of those on a new phone I bought from them. So, wanting to get a Go Phone plan that even though it limits data after 1GB, it's still unlimited. I can live with that in my situation. But have had AT+T people say they don't have any unlimited plans. But on the website this plan exists. Guess that's what happens when you get too big. I really do love my AT+T service but can't buy what they are advertising.

This is exactly what will happen if a bill is passed to allow large internet providers to charge companies not to throttle them on the net. Charging a fee to gain equal internet speed on the internet will limit access of information, news, political candidates, campaigns, unpopular opinions, commerce and other point of interest to those who cannot afford to pay the price. The lack of freedom of speech with emphasis on politics is the most scarey because it has the power to make laws that could and would favor one political party and views over another.

It's an ever revolving wheel of misery. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how corrupt Washington D.C. is these days. How we have an unresponsive government that won't do anything unless the masses address the same complaint thousands of times to the point where it's been beaten to death.

The political parties are completely messed up at this point. It becomes a point and finger competition, a debate turned into a slugfest. No matter how many times we complain about internet throttling or whatever, we don't really see any change until several years after the fact.

I think the real issue here is even if the FTC wins this battle, AT&T will still attempt to nickel and dime their customers to death. The reason? They are one of the dinosaurs still clinging to old infrastructure and the inability to adapt to the times as technology becomes more and more sophisticated.

Comcast, Sprint, Time Warner, etc. All follow a set pattern to nickel and dime the customer. They have mostly been successful mostly because for every customer that addresses an issue, there are many more that are silent. Those who do not do anything about the issue, yet accept it. That is being poignant. And in the long term, it's hurting America.

Unfortunately at this moment I'm currently being throttled by not one but two different companies. AT&T gave me mobile coverage many years back and it seemed at first that they would be a good option. Perhaps they were back then. I often find that my iPhone 4G cannot access the internet or send a text message. I call in to AT&T Customer Service and I find myself talking to no less than five to ten different people, all of whom give mixed responses to my one problem.

Is this any way to treat a long standing customer? I'm almost convinced that every giant corporation in America today is following the same set pattern. Ultimately at the rate it's going, they will consume the country, and evidently collapse.

Massive change will have to happen to how corporations view public policy or else see stagnation. I've probably read enough stories on ridiculous cable bill prices and internet throttling to last me a lifetime. And yet it still happens. Years later and nothing changes.

Best bet is to move somewhere where our needs and services are better fulfilled.

Purchased a $50 card Verizon at Target, asked the person if it is truly Unlimited Talk+Text+Data and he said yes. I put it on my phone, call a Verizon representative and they say it's for 'grandfathered customers only' and that I have no other option but to get the unlimited talk+text+500mb data plan. This is false advertisement. They should have a class action lawsuit because the card doesn't say anything about 'grandfathered' people -- only existing prepaid customers.

I got the unlimited plan years ago and was 'grandfathered' in when plans changed. But then, I wanted to take advantage of cheaper phone plans--but they won't allow it without giving up my 'unlimited' data plan. They are trying to force people out of the plan... I'm happy to hear FTC is suing AT&T but I hope it will end up in refunds or something beneficial to customers (not just the lawyers and the government.)

If I would of know that Cricket new service which was bought by at&t was going to get rid of the mobile hotspot feature for all their phones. I probably would of just kept my ZTE Source a little while longer. Now I don't even have Wi-Fi in my house where I can use my laptop for college work or play online on my PS4 anymore. I even tried Fox-Fi on my MotoG 4G LTE (which I got for $64 with a grip shell on a very special limited deal they were having which prompt me to get a new phone sooner and saved me $40) and it says that the feature is blocked by your carrier and the feature is taken out from your phone and you don't even have the option for it. It really pisses me off cause now I have to pay $46 for TWC Standard internet (15mbps) and pay my phone bill $60 10gb data= $106 every month where it used to be $70 a month 10gb data with mobile hotspot included and speeds with a little over 13mbps on their old service. And I still yet to find a complety perfect understandable good reason WHY they got rid of it when it was doing wonders for me for the past 3-4 years. I just don't get it and NOW you get speeds a little over 8mbps with no mobile hotspot included. Cricket hasn't gotten better only their phones and deals have and I don't even know if the feature will ever come back at all? And to top it all off I would use like 20gb of data usage every month because of the hotspot feature for online gaming the 10gb data usage would only last me for 3 days. 7 days tops without using Mobile hotspot but I was still able to get things done with the mobile hotspot even if I was throltted but there is not even a option anymore for a hotspot feature on the new cricket service. From our perspective unlimited data is like unlimited true fast data forever from theirs is cutting down our phone true potinital of data speed capabilities and still giving us data connection but at a throttled speed instead of just cutting us off of data connection and having to wait till our next cycle to start up again to get it back. I really do hope a change comes for the sake of all of us.

Verizon is just as BAD as AT&T when come to unlimited
data throttling. Verizon resort to GEO-Location of the phone + IMIE (The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15-digit serial number that identifies your wireless phone/device. ) to throttle the
user based on location where the phone uses the MOST data.

Simple test is to have a similar phone in the same location with same service and check for the speed
test. Another simple test, take the SIM card from the phone being throttle and put it into another identical phone and you'll see the throttling goes away UNTIL Verizon figured out the new IMIE phone ID and tagged it as an data offender in their computer data base. At which time, your phone will be throttled again. VERY slimey tactic.

Verion will resort to making excuses that the cell towers are being worked on and/or the location is very congested. When asked how the information was derived, NO INFO was avail meaning, NO TEST were done. Just an excuse.......

FTC ahould also look into Verizon UNLIMITED data plan for Verizon like AT&T throttle their unlimited data plan customers but they go one step further by using GEO-Location + IMIE ID on the phone to throttle based on specific location where data are mostly used based on user historical data usage. SNEAKY tactic!

Get a new SIM card for the phone and see the difference in speed until you get throttled again. That will simply illustrate Verizon Sneaky tactics.

I'm grandfathered into the unlimited plan and paying for it and i still find that i'm being throttled.

I have been with metro pcs for years now and am getting fed up with my data problem whn i never had any in the beging basicl this started 2 2 1/2 YEARS INTO MYservice when i started running out of data for no reson it ran out some times witin days. And to this day. I still run out of data now i have hotspot aded and i run i out and they. 5 dollars a gig and i have no internet conection in my ouse so this hootspot is m my life line and i used to last a mnth with my hotspot now i havecimes that it gets up to 25gigs and thats 125 a month now i finaly worked somthing out to get cable in my house bu i still fell riped becuse i feel why after 2 and a half year of free data do i now recive huge fees for. What i belied to be a free service .

Screwed by ATT. Called to discuss my home phone and service assistant said she would look at my mobil plan and see if she could save me money. She said she could, then switched me off my grandfathered plan, didn't save me any money and now, they can't put me back because the plan is no longer in the system. Screwed

same with us! Darn ATT cheated us, scam us

that shouldnt be the case.... you have, I believe, 60 days to get back on to the plan you were on. Same happened to me. I called and they said since I was within that time frame, they can revert me back to the original plan.

12/10/2014 i learned that att wireless still practice cheat me with over data of $50 and i have 9.36gb left (on my 30gb family share plan) on my last day of billing period.

shame on you att !!!

My unlimited plan from AT&T loads web pages in kb per second ! It takes forever !!!
Is there no recourse ?

I wish I recorded my verbal conversation with my rep back in 2008, because they said "all the data you can use for this monthly price." Yes technically they have not stopped me from using data, but they are refusing to allow me to use all I can use. Just the other day I received a text message that said "ATT Free Msg: Your data usage is near 5GB this month. Exceeding 5GB during this or future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds. just because you send me a warning that doesn't make it okay. I hope FTC nails them to the wall and that the voice of the victims of this CRIME will be heard! FYI; contact your state representative and solicit their political support.

I have been on unlimited with AT&T since 2009, I had to call customer service and explain to them how slow my speed was, it wasn't till a year ago they explained the data throttling, I have always thought they cheated me, where do I sign up, I will do what ever it takes to get them back!

You can find out more information about the refund process and submit claims by visiting FTC.gov/att. Contact the FTC’s refund contractor at 1-877-819-9692 for more information.

see I have been on the unlimited plan since they offered it, now if we could tie (tether - pun intended) tethering to this suit and have truly unlimited use of that unlimited data we would have something!

I just switched yesterday from the unlimited data plan with AT&T to a 3GB per month shared plan. I am still. I have not changed the way I use the phone, ie. stream netflix, check email, read the news, etc. However, before the switch, I averaged 2.5 GB per month. With the new plan I have already used 1 GB IN ONE DAY!! Seeing this post, it all makes sense. On the new plan, my download speeds have nearly doubled on the 3g network. Netflix, which automatically selects speeds according to your connection is streaming at nearly 10 times the speed on my mobile device now.

The real issue is is that all phone companies offering unlimited data packages are lying.. even if they have in small print that you will be reduced in speed/bandwith after so many gs cause to limit the speed or bandwith is to take away from any amount of data that we could use. All companies who do this are false advertising reguardless of the fine print and should all be held accountable and enforced to stop throtteling. I have been reciently throttled by straight talk to the point it takes almost an hour for a 5 minute video clip to load. All ompanoes that throttle thier unlimited plans need sued.. just saying and I hope im part of the suit against straight talk as I would never have paid for unlimited anything running rhis friggin slow..

Always tell u getting one thing but not getting what you ask for. different price on your bill.

We had 2 Unlimited BlackBerry lines with the 3G Curve. We upgraded to the 4G Torch and limited to 3G, weren't allowed to connect to 4G. Initally there was a Hotspot option but AT&T quickly slammed the door on that and said you had to have a Limited data plan to use that feature. At least the cust serv person was honest when they told me they're trying to get everyone out of the Unlimited plans because they "lost" so much money.

AT&T's actions can only be described as punitive. When i called customer service to inquire about the slow speeds on my phone i was advised that my unlimited data plan was in fact not unlimited and i had exceeded my threshold of 5gb for the billing period. I was advised that my speeds would remain at .5mb a sec with basically renders my device useless. I was advised that i could switch to a different plan and wouldn't be subject to their "network management practices". This is complete bullshit. my data is throttled regardless of how congested the network is. This is merely a punitive action taken against me to try to force me to switch to a more expensive plan. I've been with at&t for over 7 years and this month is not the first time I've exceeded 5gb of data usage but it is the first time my data has been throttled. I'd really like to see the FTC sue at&t for this deceptive unfair business practice. I'd also like to know if there is a class action lawsuit i can participate in in regards to this matter.

I got a text today from StraightTalk that my data would be throttled for the remainer of my month. I checked my phones data and it is showing 1.2 GB used. I have 3GB with my plan of "unlimited". The phone says that it may not measure the same as my provider. Seriously...my provider triples my data use? I'm pretty aggravated. Not sure what to do. Ten days without GPS or useable data? How about some sort of warning that something the phone is doing is eating data? Or some way to manage this so that priority tasks can be accomplished in the month. Geez.

I am a straighttalk customer and have been throttled every month i hope this lawsuit goes through and it forces all cell carriers to stop throttling i will be keeping an eye out to see the outcome keeping my fingers crossed for the ftc

ATT completely throttled my unlimited plan. I went through 4 phones trying to figure out why the hot-spot didn't work believing it was HTC, And why internet was slowed down to a painfully slow speed. I lost business due to this action when I could not upload reports and enter bids on a network that should work. I spent over 40 hours of total time on phone with ATT discussing switching to new phones. After the 4th phone, the senior salesmanager in the ATT store stated that ATT was slowing down unlimited data plans and if I switched plans it would no longer happen. So I bought an iPad and switched to 2 new numbers. .... I just got off of the phone with customer service who essentially stated that she would not do anything for me. That my attorney needed to contact their attorney for the settlement. She was evasive and argumentative and would only admit that ATT lost the law suite after I read the above article to her and gave her the website. She then stated that she could not help me. When I asked to be transferred to someone who could handle this I was disconnected.

I thought I had read this case was over. ATT had lost. Since our soldiers die to defend the nation that ATT is making money from. And since those soldiers, sailors, Marines, and Airmen also suffered under this plan, what does this say about the morals of ATT, its officers, the attorneys defending them, and managers. It would only be fair to see ATT stripped of it's license to operate. For all of the officers, attorneys, and management to repay their salaries, bonuses, and stocks to those they robbed and lied to. Parse ATT into several smaller companies and increase employment and fair competition. Sorry stock holders... You placed stock in an immoral company.

I am a 70 year old Vietnam Vet and retired Civil Servant, I live alone now and I am on a pension. I try to budget myself to be able to live comfortably. But, I one complaint. I presently have AT&T Landline telephone service. I rarely use the telephone, maybe 3 or 5 times in a month. I am being charged by AT&T $35.00 dollars per month. Since I don't use it that much, I wanted to just buy a Tracphone for emergencies and other appointments. But, I was told that if I canceled AT&T service, I would not be able to still have my ADT Medical Alert System and I would not be able to have Directv. Why can't I drop AT&T and keep my other connections? Can AT&T prevent me from keeping my medical alert sys and Directv connections? What should I do. I pay too much for the Landline when I don't use it that much. What should I do? Can some one please reply?

Seams like it should be covered by VA benefits if it is needed for the emergency alert system. There is a way. Thank you for serving!

I really hope the FCC continues this law suit. I can't believe that my wife and I on 2 phones with "unlimited" data have used 12 gigs of data in a "bad" month (of course getting throttled at 5 gigs). My brother in law has a 30 gig plan that was doubled in October for some promotion AT&T had and now with roll over data He has 90 gigs to use in a month! How is that fair? Neither he nor any of the 4 other phones get throttled. Please fight to make this fair and right.

I want AT&T to be held accountable by making them reinstate my plan & make it the "Unlimited" plan they said it would be!
Don't you agree?

What is the status of the lawsuit as of today, I'm also on the same boat like others and thinking today to go to AT&T and switch my plans as I feel its not worth fighting anymore paying more than $250 for 2 lines to keep the so called unlimited (5B or less) compared to $120 for 2 lines and 10 GB data

The FTC filed the case in October 2014. This press release explains more about the case.

Like many of, I really want AT&T to be held accountable for all cheating they are doing to us!!! For the last 15 years, I was a loyal AT&T customer. I had unlimited data plan but recently I noticed my iPhone 6 getting slower. At first, I thought my new phone has problem but after taking it to Apple I learned my has no problem at all. So I call AT&T and asked if there is any problems with their network service? The answer I got from the agents is shocking and unlivable. I have been told that Ihave already used 5GB so need to wait a month to have a faster service. I told the agents my data plan is unlimited but the agents responded that there is no such thing. when I asked him to terminate my contract, he told me that I'll be charged an early termination fee. Well what AT&T doing is highway robbery and they should be stopped immediately!!!!!

AT&T will cap data even with a data plan that's not unlimited. After my husband and I reach about 5gb our data slows. We have the 30gb plan.

So any clue on how much will be left for the consumer after the FCC, multiple states attorney's and the courts get their part of the settlement?

I've always been told because we simply do not have enough towers, but always promised more are on the way!!!

Now they need to look into unlimited internet providers that are not truly unlimited using Sprint data towers. I have run into a company that goes under 3 different names and runs all of their technology through the same company. It is such a scam.

I was on an "unlimited data" plan, and was getting SMS from AT&T warning I was about to be throttled. I complained and was told the reason for throttling is that if EVERYONE went 'over their data plan cap' the whole network would be overwhelmed.

The ridiculous part is, if you're willing to pay the "overage charges" the bandwidth miraculously becomes available to you....and if EVERYONE ELSE paid their "overage charges" the bandwidth would be miraculously available to them, too.

In the end, it's only about $$$$$

Boost mobile sold me a plan that states unlimited talk ,text,and data.but just reduced my data.by saying I excited my allowed data.What can I do about this I have the texts to prove it.then when I went to contact them thay text back stating that is a wrong number.but that sent me a few text from the number.I have the texts

Jonnun, the issues is how the various phone services define "unlimited" and what they put in the "fine print" of their service contracts. Most, or all, of them state some amount of data that you can access from your device at high speed (typically 2-3GB, unless you pay more for a higher data allowance). Whether you realize it or not, even ISPs have a habit of "capping" the upload/download speed of their customers whom they feel are using a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.

They define "unlimited" as having the ability to use all the features of your phone's service without interruption or consideration of data usage. However, they ALL maintain that "unlimited data" does not mean "unlimited speed". So, in theory, if you can still send a text or MMS message, make calls and access the Web with your phone's browser beyond whatever "data limit" is imposed, then it's still unlimited because you can still do those thing... just much slower than normal.

Frankly, like a great many, and apparently including the FTC, I consider this as being consumer fraud. Cricket has been limiting its "unlimited" accounts from the start. I'm limited to 3GB/month... so I simply connect the phone to my home WiFi for anything involving large data usage. My personal opinion is that the FTC should also outlaw these asinine "2-Yr contract" arrangements that Verizon, AT&T, etc., force customers into accepting to obtain phone service. I also feel that the arrangements between phone service providers and the various phone manufacturers should be banned. No one should have to obtain service from a provider they do not want...simply to obtain the model phone that they DO want. But then, I'm have NO intention of paying $500+ for a phone, in the first place. And I'm looking for a different service provider, so that after 10 years as a customer I can drop Cricket, which is now owned by AT&T, before my CDMA-based phone becomes unusable on their new LTE network.

I have had the so called "unlimited" data plans on my phone and my wife's phone ever since the first iPhones came out in 2007, we live on our ranch, a long way from any city, and all we have ever had was the Edge data signal so as a result of being so slow we hardly ever used over 1/2 Gigabit per month, but kept sending AT&T the $175.00/mo. ($60.00 for the data plans), now, after I have paid them approx.
$5,000.00 just for the data plans for the last 7 years, I have a tower closer by where I can access LTE data and actually USE the data plan!!! But NOT SO!!! After reaching 5 Gigabyte download and a text WARNING from AT&T, I now only get download speeds of .54 mps until my next BILLING cycle. I hope the lawsuit corrects this fraud that has been put on the American people

AT&T used the unlimited data plan to boost sales of there iphones. Infact there sales person "pushed" us to get it. After massive sales they realized there inadequate system could not handle the load. So throttling started. As allways big company greed over powers the small

AT&T took orders for Iphone 6 plus and promised delivery in two days, then changed the delivery for over two months. In the meantime my credit card number was changed due to the number getting compromised. AT&T cancelled my order that was already three months late due to the card not working. Rather than contact me, or offer me a chance to update the info they simply left the account unupgradeable, and are trying to charge me for a phone I never recieved. I wrote three times contacted live help and called twice, and not one person could remove the order and reset my account. AT&T is claiming I owe over $1200 for the two year contract and iphone 6 plus. I had not had a new phone in over 3 years and my old iphone is shattered. I have tried to rsolve this issue, and I also have been over charged for data that was required to chnge with new phone order. I am posting this as a help to anyone else who is being charged for services and phones they never recieved, This is such an abomination of their own contract and fair trade laws. I am making a formal complaint as well. I really think that AT&T is completely aware of their predatory acts and I hope they get nailed big time for their intentional deception. Thank you FTC for noticing there are some serious violations. I am happy to say Consumer Cellular is a fraction of the price and offers unlimited data plans as well. They allow AT&T former customers to use their iphones as well. So I was not forced into another two year plan and phone purchase. I was given a phone from a friend who has a newer iphone, and so I am okay, however, if this had not happened I would still be stuck with a shattered iphone.

AT&T still doing this scam they just did the unlimited data scenario to my godmother!

What's going on with this lawsuit ? Why is taking so long ?

The FTC's complaint was filed in October, 2014. Read about the status of the case on this page.

Been dropping 200$ a month for 3 phones with atnt. Been with them since long before they bought bell south. They dropped my family down to 2GB/month. Didn't tell us. When I reached that on my own with pandora, they just packed on massive charges per gigabyte after the fact. I'm done with atnt. Completely. I'm also done with iPhones. What a garbage heap, atnt.

I just dont understand if i pay for unlimited data every month why i should have to pay 20 to tether my phone to my computer. when i use my ipad it runs off my hotspot and never restricts where i go when im online.

I'm surprised nobody is talking about the latest developments. Now we have to wait and see if ATT throttles a ton in "congested" areas.

Tethering needs to be included with unlimited data plans. Every other data plan can tether and ATT seems to have absolutely no problem handling the bandwidth for those customers. Unlimited data users are be limited on their data use of Unlimited data. Go over a limit and all they do is ask for more money, they never say that we can handle sending more data.

AT&T once again back to their old tricks. Received a first time ever text message saying my data usage was exceeding 5gb and now or future billing cycles may result in reduced speed!!! That's after months of having next to no usage under 1 GB . Makes me madder than a hornet!! They had started this throttling
Back in July 2014 just when our daughter left for college, she needs the data plan the most and literally would be at school and unable to use her phone. It was then we called AT&T to inquire why her phone wouldn't work and the internet was so slow and they informed us they were throttling her because of her data usage was higer than they liked and it didn't matter that she had unlimited texting and data plan. For any month she would be over 3.5 they wpuld slow her down, we protested saying they can't do that we have a contract and they just said that's what were doing. We pay over just for her phone line $170 and they slow her down. The rest totals $300

A very interesting thing happened when they started reducing her usage. For several cycles they had her usage slowed down to 1.5 GB , then the sales department pushed very hard to try and convince my husband that our family would be so much better off to go into a new plan where we would save so much money. $150 a month . My daughter and I would have to give up our unlimited data and texting plan . They even lied to him saying that our usage average was only 1.2.
Now had my husband really fell for this and he almost did because they were making him feel like a complete idiot on about 4 occasions , we would've been paying much higher data overage fees for our daughter and AT&T knows this!!! They're behavior is a punishable crime in so many ways. I know this they don't like dealing with women so much, because I would always say we're not giving up the unlimited plan , why would we! I think the FTC needs to look into why ,they were pushing customers so hard to get out of their plans.That in itself is a possibly a separate lawsuit.

I been reading my opinion what is going on we this scham in the data is the ftc.gov complain is playn a game what that they dont care they are confabutating .
and they are together making money from that cliens,everybody have the same complaing is happening to me too now i understang what is going on is a stealing money from everybody they need to stop .nowwww verizon is doing the same things now i see they trick , they called that the news policy the data rules to get more money from consumer.you think they care for you nooo, is like a casino game what they want is your money.is the gangter generation.communication game you use that cell phone and they make money one you are addicted they have you.. people open your eyes becaufull we that limited data .

How do I get on this suit? They keep saying I am over my gb but I am on the unlimited plan. Every month they charge me overage fees.

Go to this page to read about the AT&T Unlimited Data case filed by the FTC.


I just received a text message that my data will be slowed - I have had unlimited data for years now and apparently it doesn't matter.

ATT Free Msg: Your data has reached 75% of the 5GB network management threshold. If you exceed 5GB this month, you may experience reduced data speeds at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds.

It's like going to an all you can eat buffet and while everyone is getting their dinner in full size plates, you're asked to bring your food back with your spoon only! But don't worry it's all you can eat!

I have iPhone 5s prepaid. I pay 60 dollars for unlimited data yet every month I am unable to even log on to Facebook or safari after the first week. I have called and talked to people every month several times and all they tell me is to pay 10 dollars for 1g of data which runs out in 3 days. This is ridiculous!!

So, I've gotten the infamous "throttle back text message"... And here's my story. It is now half way thru the billing cycle and I am given the text. A day goes by before I check to see exactly how much data on my unlimited date plan I've used to find out I'm at 7.1GB. Of course I'm already feeling the slower speed and it's beginning to piss me off when I realize that of the two and a half weeks into this cycle I've used over 7GB and for 5 of those days I was out of country with no service (airplane mode). One more kicker, I've used more data this period than any month in the last year. So, is Att fn with me or what? I haven't used my phone anymore this cycle than normal and I was out of country for five days but have used more data than any single month in the past year. Grrrr. Aggravated!!!

It is not that hard to understand, once you realize that AT&T is one of the biggest thieving organizations the US has ever had. I rate them lower than organized crime. The are an abusive group of low-life rip-off artist, who have actually ripped off the people of the US by taking their legal rights away. Read the contract they force you to sign. It does not allow their customers to file Class Actions, no matter how much AT&T rips them off. This dishonest business needs to be seriously broken up again.

I have been a customer since Cingular wireless. 15 years. I have paid AT&T 130.00 a month for 15 years. I have been a loyal customer. I am saddened that this is how I am treated. They throttle me after just 3GB. :( I signed up for the unlimited plan the moment they offered it. I love AT&T but I will take my business elsewhere if my unlimited plan is not set back to true "unlimited". I work so hard for my money; please FTC, make them pay!

I discovered recently that my AT&T "unlimited" high speed DSL internet is not unlimited; I started seeing emails telling me that once I reach a certain data amount, they would charge me for more internet usage.

My ATT phone plan just sent me the text message that I have used 75% of my 5 GB of data before they will throttle me. I pay for unlimited data and never was it communicated with me otherwise. If something is truly unlimited it should be as such. I cannot wait for the courts to rule this as an illegal breach of contract and issue all of ATT users who are unlimited refunds. We pay entirely too much money to be throttled.

Here is the new twist in the ongoing throttle issue. AT&T announced they would only throttle if towers were congested. Everything was fine for the first month. A few days ago I noticed that even when I had download speeds up to 43 Mbps I had buffering while watching video. Thinking it was app issues, I deleted and reinstalled apps, cleared caches, etc. After testing everything on my home network, I found there to be no issues with any of this. I called AT&T and asked if they were indeed specifically throttling video down to unusable speeds. After circling around the issue they said yes. I had used 13 gigs this month, putting me in their top 5 percent of users and was now being punished. THE MORAL IS: EVEN WHEN THEIR NETWORKS ARE NOT CONGESTED THEY ARE THROTTLING VIDEO DOWN TO UNUSABLE SPEEDS!!! This company is so determined to skirt this issue however they can!!

I have only used 4.1GB since my last reset on 8/4/2012 and they still throttle my Internet service. This year they also changed my caller id multiple times (I'm now "Private Caller") and my text messages are getting to people up to a day late. The worst was when my son was lost and I was unable to use my Internet service, it was just too darn slow, to get the phone numbers for the Rangers at the campsite this summer. If this is intentional harassment to get me to cancel my contract, I hope the FTC lawsuit is successful. It is well past time to leave AT&T and I will, because there is just too much at stake for my family. We rely on communication devices for safety and emergency purposes and AT&T needs to understand the impact their actions have on people. The purpose of this FTC lawsuit should be to make it more costly for companies to operate in this manner so it's not worth it to them to cheat customers and put them in jeopardy. What is the status of the FTC lawsuit and can the public testify?

The FTC's case against AT&T Mobility LLC is ongoing in Federal Court in California. You can read the  2014 press release announcing the case, or view other documents in the case.

I am so sick of this AT&T BS THROTTING!!!! Ive been ( was ) a cricket customer since day 1 when they first started!!! I now was kinda forced without choice and so little notice that AT&T took over Cricket so my service would be
changing!!! Ok well when they switched over and offered a free HTC phone or some other phone i dont remember but they never offered me the opsion of the 2 phones , they just gave me the less exspensive one and charged me $50.00 for it yet it was a free phone!!! My friend said you got ripped off so i went back into the Cricket/ AT&T store and told them i never was offered a choice between the 2 phones they offered free and that my choice would of been the HTC phone, so they exchanged the phones, but charged me another $50.00 for the phone, so theres my first complaint how from day one ripped me off $100.00 for a FREE phone!!!! Ok so i was paying $63.00 a month with cricket and AT&T told me i would have to stay with my original plan of $60.00 a month!!! So i did !!! Then towards the middle of each month the Throttling started happing, every month, and my friend had the same phone and was only paying $50.00 a month so i went back into the store and lowered my monthly plan to $40.00 a month 2gb data a month!!!! Well thats another rip off lie too!!! I only get 1gb data a month and every month the same i pay my bill on the 18th of every month and its the 1st and 12 days later im throttling out of data and i have 18 more days to go!!! With nothing , no veiwing photos, utube, facebook, nothing same spinning circle, videos the cut in and out if at all!!!! And i was paying before andthe same thing happened with supposiably 10 in data a month!!! Im so sick of being ripped off , not being able to use the internet, utube, nothing, falsely told unlimited data!!! This is out of control and so wrong to every customer that asumed the same!!! Please do something ASAP about this ITS RIPPING US ALL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

I had unlimited data, then got an email from AT&T saying I would be charged for exceeding my usage. I spoke with one of their agents who told me to ignore it because I'm grandfathered in. Now for the first time, my bill shows I was charged $40 for usage over 150 GB. I called and this time the agent denied I ever had unlimited data usage. They said none of their customers have it, that it does not exist. They could not tell me why or when my plan was changed and could not give me any information as to even explain the source of the data usage. The agent said this time they will waive the extra charges but next time I will be on the hook for them.

Hood freaking grief! 150? Do do you have a life beyond electronics?

Fed up! I have been grandfathered into AT&T's unlimited data for years & the past couple of months I have received texts stating my data will slow down if I reach 5GB, which is bull crap to me. Before, I never received the messages, but now they actually tell you in black & white what's going on. It's AT&T's fault they sold the service before, I think they should have a lawsuit filed against them for slowing people's data speeds down who have been grandfathered in.

My complaint to the FCC. Basically, AT&T is using it's contract language regarding lawsuits, particularly class actions, to evade a fraudulent action. The entire rational for our accepting their tendered offer was UNLIMITED LIFETIME FIXED COST. By throttling and disallowing tethering, they have resold bandwidth that is my personal property and a tangible asset of mine. How is that not fraud, and how is that not a matter that the FTC needs to stop AND invalidate the contract provisions regarding lawsuits and class actions? This company is an outlaw. I do not want arbitration, I consider this bandwidth my personal property and I want the FTC to direct AT&T to give me full access at all times. If they need to throttle or limit customers, it must be the new customers for which they were offering services they could not legally provide, having sold me that capacity earlier. It is as if I bought a condo, and then they sent me a notice that they had converted it to a time share and I had lesser rights than the newer owners, and further, my only option is to simply walk away from my property right!! Sigh

To the FCC, and now the FTC, I wrote:
AT&T rehashes the same tired line that they have been stone walling both the FCC and FTC, and no one is buying it. Let me restate the matter. They sold me a right, an asset, that they tendered to me. If I pay them a fixed amount of money per month, they provide me UNLIMITED DATA for my LIFETIME. It as if they sold me a condo that they built. Then, finding the market is strong for that product, they did not build more, they sold my property to others, and essential turned it into a timeshare for which I now have lesser rights than people who bought in after me. This is fraud. They had no right to sell capacity that they had sold to me, nor do they have a right to modify it unilaterally from the very reason I entered into the agreement. It is fraud.

Having committed fraud, they assert that they are immune from lawsuit, and from class action in particular. The FCC and the FTC must protect the consumers from this fraud by invalidating those provisions which modify the very reason we entered into a lifetime agreement. How can that not be fraud? If a car company offered a bumper to bumper warranty for ten years, then found the transmission wanting, and unilaterally modified the warranty to be five years or nothing. Consumer take your pick. Our change from the reason you bought the car, or no warranty whatsoever. How can that not be fraud??? How can that fraud be protected from lawsuit, from class action? How can that fraud be arbitrated? I have no objection to them modifying the billing date and other trivial matters to ensure an operational agreement. But they cannot be allowed to use that dodge to nullify the very basis for the original agreement. I can't bring an arbitration action for a monetary award. I want them to carry through on the essence of the contractual relationship: UNLIMITED LIFETIME $59. They can offer to buy me out. I can tell you I would not sell for $10K, I might consider it for $100K, but would probably turn it down for pure spite. Tell them to stop committing fraud against me!! They cannot sell my property to another consumer. It is mine for as long as I live, and pay my bill. Tell them they cannot hide behind arbitration to modify and resell the very asset they tendered to me for my sole and exclusive use. Throttle new customers, build more capacity. I do not care. I have UNLIMITED LIFETIME RIGHTS for $59 a month. No ifs ands or buts. PERIOD!!

Tell them to turn on my hotspot tethering, never ever ever throttle my data pathway to accommodate later subscribers, and that they cannot prevent me and millions of others from suing their sorry asses in court, individually or as a class, for their fraudulent actions regarding the very reason we took them up on the offer they tendered to us. That cannot be modified by AT&T unilaterally in my lifetime. Check eBay, I hear people are actually buying and selling the chip in my phone. It is my property, my asset. They sold it again. That is fraud.

Back in March of 2015, my husband and I decided to upgrade our cell phones, as we were at the end of a 2-year contract with AT&T. We have been on the "Family Plan" for many years, upgrading our phones numerous times, and sticking with AT&T all these years because our plan includes unlimited data. We purchased our two new phones and during the upgrade process, the sales clerk inadvertently switched my device's telephone number out of the unlimited data plan and into the 3 Gb plan. Because I never exceeded the 3 Gb's of data which would have shown up on my bill as an additional charge, I was unaware of this change to our contract (of course our monthly bill wasn't reduced when I was stripped of my unlimited data). On August 14, 2015, I contacted AT&T to inquire about adding another line/device to our "Family Plan", and this is when I learned of the change that had been made to our contract without our knowledge or approval. It was a simple mistake made by the sales clerk and nobody was aware of it until 5 months after it occurred. I asked the AT&T customer service agent to fix the mistake that had been made, but after attempting to help me, the agent explained that it was too late for him to reinstate my unlimited data, because this needed to be brought to their attention within a 3 month period of time (but I explained that I can't bring an issue to their attention when I am not aware that the issue exists). He said he would open a ‘case’ for me (#CM20150814_105714101) and I would be contacted by a supervisor. I waited 2 weeks, but no one ever called me back, regarding this open case. On August 28th I logged online and attempted to get help with a Live Chat customer service agent; I referred to the case number, and she informed me that the case had been closed, and there was nothing AT&T was willing to do for me. So, AT&T is still billing me for the same monthly charges as when I was on the unlimited data plan, though I no longer have unlimited data, but rather 3 Gb's of data. This was an accidental change that I never agreed to because I was never aware that it had occurred. AT&T will not reinstate my unlimited data and they refuse to lower my monthly charges for the data I'm no longer getting (I'm being forced to pay for something I'm not getting), for the duration of my 2-year contract which was just renewed in March of this year. AT&T's practice of charging for a service not being provided is not only unethical, but must also be a violation of some regulation regarding billing a customer for something they are not receiving.

So sick of this BS !!! Its Been over a year and Nothing has been done about this data, throttling no such thing as unlimited blah blah , Its A Freakin RIP OFF!!! Every month same S#?!, ill pay me bill and 5 days later a text notice that my data for the month is used up ,so for the Next 20 to 25 days left in the month all i see is a circle that goes round and round its BS!! Seriously , and over a year now and all the complaint and no one has our back on this????? WAFS

I have been a VIRGIN MOBILE BROADBAND customer for close to 5 years- when their $40 unlimited was both unlimited AND non-throttled. I paid in October for the plan, but skipped November. I tried today to RESTART MY CURRENT PLAN, and I had $40 in my account balance to do so. The website said INVALID CHOICE. I called on the phone to TECH SUPPORT, giving my BB phone number. 25 minutes later, AFTER I THREATENED TO SUE because my service plan was set to expire on JAN 3 2016 and today was DEC 31 2015 and yet they were denying me my plan that I am grandfathered in with AS LONG AS MY SERVICE DOES NOT EXPIRE-which it clearly had not!-the tech, who repeatedly told me there was nothing she could do, told me to wait, then HUNG UP ON ME. I called back from my OTHER cellphone and chose "I do not know my BB phone number", I was on hold for 7 minutes, then got another rep. I told them right off the bat that I was RECORDING THE CONVERSATION ON MY PHONE CAMERA and was clearly seeing on the laptop that my service plan HAD NOT EXPIRED, and that I was ready to sue and get them all kinds of nasty publicity for screwing over a disabled veteran who has been a customer for 5 LONG YEARS-why SUDDENLY, she could fix it. She told me to "turn my phone off then back on", after applying the $40 in my account to my service account. I then asked her how I was supposed to get BROADBAND SERVICE by turning a PHONE off and on. AND I asked her how she could fix the problem yet the previous woman could only refuse to help and hang up. SO, I did get my service re-started,I turned the BROADBAND USB device off then back on but when I asked her if there would be a problem next month she did not answer. And my service plan only went 30 days instead of going 3 months ahead as it usually does. Being suspicious, I check ed my email. I got an email that I had CHANGED MY PLAN- ON MY PHONE! HA HA! WHAT PHONE? Then I got a second email saying I had unlimited data on my Broadband device. LET THEM TRY TO SAY I CHANGED MY PLAN, which was the first thing the idiot who hung up on me claimed. THEN they can explain how changing a CELLPHONE PLAN with a company I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CELLPHONE WITH can cause a BROADBAND DEVICE PLAN to change!! IDIOTS!!!!!!!

I was grandfathered in with my unlimited data plan and had unlimited data for the longest time. ATT basically forced me off my unlimited plan and when I did have my unlimited plan, I did get two texts from ATT stating they are slowing down my speed.


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