Getting calls from your own number?

It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


But please, when is enforcement of existing laws going to happen? These calls arrive at phones owned by older people. When are protections going to extend to them? Please put an end to this nonsense, warnings are not action.

There are but one doesn't know how to go about it and if it is hidden it is harder to persue

We have call display on our main phone but not on extensions and sometimes I have to answer on them; later when I check the main phone I see it is our own #. Very frustrating!


I got 4 missed calls from (956) 240-2682 (972) 302-1936 (215) 219-2327 and (814) 329-2327 i want to found out why 4 phone numbers called me

Omg. You guys have no idea. I have been dealing with the with these disturbing chain of events that began over a year ago. And I have witnessed events I previously thought only God can do. Going insane, yet I know who it was since it involved a chain of events and a personal relationship, yet strange, to a rivalry, and a timeline of when everything occurs, it still took significant research and 24 hours of my time connect what's going on, and why I became a target, what I did to deserve the causation, to who was behind all of it. Unfortunately I was underestimated his capability, and angered this person. I have lost access to all five of my email accounts, all forwarded to one, so I couldn't tell which was and when. I just requested my phone carrier to send me a year of my phone records and found hundreds of these phone messages, some of which I had 50 minute conversations with, I don't ever recall. I would know and be suspicious having a 50 minute conversation with my own number. His had control over MY entire phone, email, and recently my entire America in my laptop vanished, overnight. And, I lost my administrative right, could not make any changes to my computer. One time, because law enforcement refuse to listen, I called a disability advocate and every time I was to leave a message, the phone shut off. Then I used my landline, the same thing. I went insane, even a week later, from that device or location could not call to disability advocate. Finally I went to another location, and used a new device. Got through. I think I even shut off the old device and got through. So it's your router too. I have screen shots of 5000 of these events, and my screenshots started missing, I implemented insignificant external means , because my iCloud was compromised, and all deleted, my apple oF was suspended. Ucla confirmed email compromised, Microsoft suspended my gmail account, I notice unusual emails and what are the odds, that an email he opened up for me under the company age-international, cause he assumed I would work with them scam artists, and sent me a 200 page brochure to read vansihes. I opened it, but wasn't interested in working with it, I was interested in a possible job offer, Im. dubai, and he got Jelouse and Wierd and tried all hard to say IT was a lie and immediately opened up that email. My emails all save for years. When I noticed this, I searched for IT, gone. And I blocked him for several months, so that explains the numbers. Again would never talk to myself for 50 min, so that must be someone else. And it's scary, because I knew something was wrong, I suddenly haven't been getting calls. How sad. I noticed I was blacklisted, so my I DO provided is establishing an entire new ip, modem everything. I told her the story for like an hour. She was laughing and so was I. It's scary..

Oh my god i had same thing! Still happening. Nobody believes me. Police ... do nothing . Tonite i was calling my credit card company and i have never had to verify everything for years. They have my cell phone as my main number. When i asked the customer service rep why i had to verify it all, she said cause i am calling from a different number than what i usually do. Huh? Yes i was. She said im calling from a whole different area code. Near me but not mine. . So she checked it out and so did 3 managers. Noone has ever seen it before. So i called t mobile my carrier of 15 yrs. the couldnt explain this one either. Or my own cell phone calling me last yr.. they are having tech just it out and call me back and go from there. Im scared. Ive also been locked out of my computers and email password just changed 3 weeks ago. Had this email for yrs. what do i do?


Reading your message!! Wow, I thought I was going crazy.. I wouldnt even dare tell all of the experiances ive had. And same thing. Pissed off the wrong person. Its almost impossible to find someone who believes me. Everyone looks at me like i'm a weirdo. I started wondering myself. Little things happen.Its like just enough for me to know but not enough to prove it. It can be scary. Like someone has invaded and taken over my life. I have never posted in a forum before but after reading the comments here, I felt like I needed to reply.

Sickofit! it just started happening to me today. I've had 3 different people call my cell phone saying my number showed up as calling them. I called AT&T (my carrier) and they know about it but there's nothing they can do at this time.

One of the problems is that the Do Not Call list, which works beautifully for legally operated phone centres, isn't something illegal scammers care about. You're right about the elderly. They are prime targets. We have my mother-in-law on the DNC list and that has cut down on a lot of calls but has had no effect on the scammers. It sucks...

1. Never give out your phone number to any business unless you need them to call you. Do not text them. That gives them your number automatically. 2. Only give your phone number to family and friends with instructions to not give it out to anyone else without your permission. And treat their numbers the same way. 3. Do not post your number on Facebook or any other site unless you are clearly using it as a business number. 4. Tell everyone about your experience so they can tell everyone they know about this. Tell them to Google this website.

What about all the legitimate places that have your name, address and phone number that then turn around and sell lists of such data to whomever wants them? That's been going on for years. Stores, agencies and what have you have been doing it and now you're telling people to be careful who they give that information to? Are you for real? It's too late already. This is what major corporations get hacked. Their information is already out there for anyone willing to buy it. It's why my parents (both deceased) still get mail addressed to them hawking junk. Those lists are still out there in circulation and no one ever asked if they could go ahead and sell it for a buck.

Ok, you got a weird call... Move on people. Your witness protection strategy about giving out your phone number is meaningless. There is always a way and a system will stumble on to your number. Stop being the guy that attacks a cashier for doing their job when they ask you for your number.

are u a telemarketer of some sort? People have a right to be concerned about this. With all the scams today & spoofing that goes on, people would like to know who a call is actually coming from.

Sounds like it

That's ExActLy Right! It's Our Right to find a Solution to these problems.

What an idiot when you get multiple,calls,text, and messages daily multiple times a day from telemarketers or the same scammers how do you just "move on" when you're being harassed.Not to mention as time goes by they get more elaborate and convincing, that prevention is better than risking being too naive.

I get that we have a new world of dishonesty, but I am tired of people calling me see why I called them when I have been no where near my phone. The next heinous crime that takes place can spoof your mug on the wanted poster. Let people call you out for your transgression regardless of where you were. No difference, a faked/stolen identity.

I do not appreciate being abruptly woken up at 5:30am by a telemarketer! The government needs to stop this illegal behavior and not just pass it on to the citizens to handle on their own. That phone call this morning scared me! My sleeping hours are only allowed to be interrupted by family members or an emergency!

the problem is that many of these scanners are using voi services which means they can not be traced and they can not be blocked. also many of them originate in other countries so passing a law in Canada would do nothing for those places.

You would think a governing body like the CRTC would get a little more involved with coming up with a solution to all this.

Something like if the caller ID number is not blocked and does not match the source number then the network should reject the call. Or if the caller ID contains an area code and/or prefix of the destination network when originating from outside the network. In other words set up some spam filters on the network.

I just got a call, I called Comcast to find out what to do. They said press *57 and it will have them trace the number, then you call your local police department and they can contact your phone carrier and start an investigation. Comcast can not give me the info, they can only deal with the Police department to catch these people. I'm going to contact my local PD and see just what they do and how serious they take it. If they do not take it serious then I will find a way to get someone who will. The caller was an heavy accent Indian, he said he was from a credit company trying to help lower my rates. This was after it was a recorded message. I clicked to talk to them so I could get info and tell them that this is highly illegal. He told me it was not but Comcast said it is a highly illegal but has to be dealt with the local police authority to have anything done.

When I answered they started on their spiel. I told them that they were a scam if they couldn't even identify themselves on caller ID. He hung up on me.

Whats creepy is that they called my cell phone from my "house" and then my work number while I was at work. Doesnt make me feel safe at all and very vulnerable. Why cant politicians make laws that protect citizens from this invasion of privacy?

Why do we always want "Big Brother" to handle every little nuisance in our lives? Don't we have enough laws and regulations that allow THEM to invade our privacy? Get a loud whistle and blow it their ears or better yet...just don't answer the phone! There is no law that requires you to!

Spot on! I do not answer any number that I do not recognize. Very occasionally it is actually a person I need to talk to but they leave a voicemail and I return the call at MY convenience. Some people, seems older people especially, feel compelled to answer every call.

Let's hope dear old mom isn't in some emergency and someone calls you to alert you on a number you don't recognize.

I am tired of getting about 10 spam calls per day on my business line. World wide company, so every call gets answered.

Oh, please stop with the right-wing too much regulation bull. I don't answer the phone when I see the number. That's not the point. When I'm eating dinner and have to get up to see it's a scammer, it's a nuisance. Or when I have to come in from outside....or when I have to interrupt my music practice....get it now?

Just because a phone is ringing doesn't mean you have to answer it. I know it's very compelling, but just ignore it. Everyone's got voicemail these days, let it be your shield.

Sounds so simple, but many of us have elderly parents & get legitimate URGENT calls from unknown local numbers frequently. In my case, it can be a nurse, paramedic, EMT, etc. I do not publish my cell phone number & only give it to family or care providers. Yet somehow scammers get it. Probably bought it from a Credit Bureau. You know those disgusting places that have all sorts if info about us & DO sell it to others! That SHOULD be illegal!

So when I see an unknown local number, I wonder if my father has fallen again. Is it a stroke? Is he bleeding from a fall. Last week's local mystery umber WAS a paramedic assisting Dad after a fall.

VOIP has opened a whole new can a worms. Now these disgusting scammers can easily hide behind spoofed numbers & it seems NO ONE can identify them!

These scammers are getting worse. I just got a call with a friend's contact info so I would answer the phone and after I said hi it was a recorded telemarketer. I looked at my phone and it said no caller ID. How do you block or report that?



You are either sick... Are you have no elderly people in your house that you have to worry about

** From the info you posted It sounds like you are highly at risk of identity theft, you should consider locking your credit file with all three credit reporting agencies.

Jen....what did you find out if anything?????

And yet the government seems to be quite willing and able to collect personal information and gather data.

If they wanted to stop it they could.

I think you are right. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Absolutely, I'm just surprised the government doesn't mind these scammers muscling in on their territory.

Received a call as well. Ignore and if available add to your phone's blocked call list.

I just received one if these calls from my own number supposedly, It was something about credit, I pressed 9 and got a live person. I gave the loser a good cussing and threatened him. He proceeded to cuss back at me and then hung up. I can guarantee that if I ever get another call like this and can find out who it is, I will put that person in the hospital for a very long time! Enough of this BS!

Bad idea! If these criminals get pissed off they can use YOUR NUMBER for all the illegal calls they make. Then you will get NON-STOP harrassing calls from other people asking why you are calling them and trying to scam them.
Best advice - DO NOT ANSWER these calls.

Yah I got one of those calls too, did not answer but did call my provider and they said it was internet generated for scammer's, marketer's and so on. Asked her if I needed to be concerned she said probably not. Well when my July bill came out I had $2300 bill for international calls, 9 of them, when I wasn't even home during the time the calls were made. But my provider AT&T says the calls were made from my house. No they weren't so now they took my feature's off my phone, which was unlimited calling and all them extra feature's. I have been paying my regular each month like I always do, I have been with AT&T for almost 20 years they took over Southern bell which I was with for several years also. I told them to look up my history and doesn't seem to matter to them. They want their money. This is consumer fraud and they seem to be in Ka hoot's with the international company

You can contact your state and local consumer protection agencies to see if they can help you resolve this dispute with the phone carrier.

Give me a break, you expect politicians to help when they are most often the abuser when running for office?

You are so on the money. Have been getting hit by campaign recordings for two months. Man up and let me tell you I don't appreciate your invasion of my privacy and no I'm not voting for you!

The DCNR specifically exempts political calls. So under thew law, that is not abuse.

This happened to me years ago when I had dial-up on my computer. Had about 15 charges for porn websites (some out the country) all in the middle of the night. I know it wasn't my kids because I had parental controls set, my husband doesn't know how to use a computer and it sure as heck wasn't me. Called Verizon and they said the charges were from outside billing so I had to contact them directly. All but two were taken off with no problem. The two from a different biller were a problem even though I emailed them a story about how this could be done. Luckily never happened again but did get a call from my own number recently. Keeping a close eye on my phone bill.

I agree with you completely, and the government and phone companies know everything else so why can't they do something? Maybe they are not smart enough

I got a fraud credit call too. I pressed 9 and asked them to take me off their list, and they just responded with asking how old I was. I preceded to tell them to take me off their list, this dialogue repeated about 5 times. I was speaking with someone who claimed to be Max Ross and another person appeared on the line who claimed to be Raymond Verbodi.

If you respond to an unwanted call by pressing buttons to be taken off the list, or talking with the person, that can lead to more unwanted calls. When you respond, that tells the caller the phone number is working, so they may keep calling you.

The worst part about all of this is I have been looking for my "big girl job" now that I have graduated. So I HAVE to answer the random numbers because they could be people calling about a job. So it's this catch 22 or missing an opportunity or being put on yet another list to be harassed.

I answered my own number out of pure confusion, and the guy started yelling and talking over me when I asked him why my own number showed up. He said because he was calling from an "automatic dialer," I'm sorry bro, that's not how those work.

They need to figure out a way to make these stop. There are days I get 10-15 calls a day from spammers. I've also gotten text messages! It's insane!

Just a bit of advice. Let future prospect employers leave a message. You can then listen to them, find the job description that you applied to and then call them back so you know what you are talking about and not sound lost. The scammers won't leave a message.

I just received one of those from my own number too, and it's not the first time. So I just added my own number to my block list. I don't know if it will work but I can't see why it wouldn't. And I can't think of anything it would mess up. It's definitely worth a try.

What happens when someone has used your cell phone to call others using a robocall. I have received a call back from someone receiving a call (not from me) telling me this happened. is there action I can take other than changing numbers?

If someone stole your cell phone and used it to make calls, contact your service provider.

If someone used your phone number to make scam calls, people might call you after they see your number come up on their caller ID.

There's no way to know how many calls a scammer will make using your number and how many return calls you'll get. If you continue to get calls and want to change your number, contact your service provider.

All the provider can do is change your network ID or phone number sadly. They can't see anything else I worked these type of calls for nearly 7 years on the cellular side for two different carriers...

I have received a few phone calls/voice mails from people I don't know upset that my phone number has called them (not me) when they are on the do not call list. I didn't call them. What should I do?

You can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

A.T.T. Told me to call FTC and they couldn't help because caller number and my number were the same. They said FTC could look up number and handle the situation. Now the FTC is saying do not answer call? Is didn't need the FTC to tell me that!!! No help at all

I need to send my calls to another number.

3/4 of the calls I receive are either "cardholder services" or "microsoft repair". We need laws passed to require phone providers to institute a code that can be entered into a phone immediately after receiving one of these calls, which will cause it to store the call information into a database that is automatically passed to the law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the phone companies could automatically block these calls after enough are flagged, or pass them to a fake phone that would eat up as much time as possible, limiting how many other people they could bother.

I receive those same two calls and when I tell them not to call or ask fo a supervisor they tell me to go F myself, call me the B word then just call back. The one with Microsoft I ask about which computer has the problem and they say the one I'm on. However I don't have one lol. Go figure. I have called the police because they used a number that belonged to an older couple because I called it back. I felt bad for the couple, hoping they didn't give them info or money. And if they were using their number they can use mine. So I did file a report but nothing ever came of it as they could have called from anywhere in the world.

I've recently been a victim of something similar to this the only difference was that I called my college from my grandmother's phone number and it told me I was dialing from another number other then my grandma's. I wrote the phone number down and when I called it it was e colleges phone number. So be careful of that too because sometimes hackers will do this in order to gain access to pertinent info about you like account numbers and things. I think this is called tapping someone's phone, but unsure. Would KY police or FBI committ a crime like that for no reason?

I've tried so many things to stop the calls but nothing has worked. It's like a certain time of the month they just start rolling in. I've already received eight (8) calls the past 5 days, the last being from my own number. I'm going to start answering by repeating the message you get when a number has been disconnected to see if that will stop them; i.e. "Sorry, the number you have reached is no longer in service. If you feel you have received this message in error, please check the number and try your call again." This probably won't stop them either but I'm going to try it.

Because the scammers are keeping ahead of the authorities. It's a cat and mouse game.

But thank you, from an elderly person, for your concern. God bless you.

Received one of these calls. Did not answer. Put it in call block. Does not affect your sending or receiving calls. Simple fix until they use a different number, then will block it. Have stopped 99% of these scam calls. There are times I just love having fun with these A H...S Makes my day to tick them off... then block them. Forget any agency ever doing anything to stop them... Do Not Call List is a big joke.. do not waste your time.

You are seriously mistaken if you think ANY kind of officials can stop these threats. The only way to make sure they don't scam you is to educate yourself. They cannot be stopped. You must protect your assets.

The communication companies make money off these spam artist. And they don't care if the elderly gets ripped off, just as long as they get the bill payments. Technology has improved that they know who is calling without a 3 min. trace of olden days. Computers kick out a card of who is calling and they know the numbers by the main number on the billing.

It's illegal. The laws prevent criminals from calling. And if the laws don't stop the really tough criminals then all we need are really tough laws. We'll let the gun control idiots handle it because nothing stops a criminal like a REALLY stern paragraph.

A big part of this problem is due to the fact that Apple and Android market these fake call / text apps at NO cost!!! They are available for anyone at anytime. ANYONE can decide to hack, scam, threaten and harass at any time. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! It makes no sense that two of the biggest players in the market promote scam apps like such.

Geez, I am so glad that we have the Federal Trade Commission out there providing us valuable information on how to get rid of annoying robocalls like this by not answering them. I feel so much better now knowing that we spend billions every year on the FTC doing such a great job for the consumer!

You'll find a list of FTC enforcement actions against entities that don't abide by the Do Not Call Registry on

the same thing happened to me again and frustrating and totally annoying....

How can they possibly call my cell phone from my cell phone? How can we get this to stop!!!

Yours is a excellent service, thank you for your effort but there has to be a technical way to stop all this garbage. Thanks again.

Agreed, I do appreciate the alerts, especially the way they are crafted, but the problem will continue as long as it is cheap and easy to make these calls.

Finally an answer from getting a phone call from time i will not pick it up,till it stops ringing,then maybe i will not receive a new round of calls with crazy numbers,that i ignore,but are a nuisance,i am on the do not call list,an my dispute that i was with from a scammer that i charged to my credit card,they the credit card bank can not get me,cause i am blocked but these jerks can.WHEN IS ALL THIS CRAP GONNA END.

I get these frequently and this is what I do. Before answering, I use one of my stockpile of obnoxious, colorful responses that never allow the caller to get in a single word. My comments are of a blue nature and are unworthy of printing here. But they are amusing!

Don't waste your time thinking that they hear you. they just make the calls, no one answere.

Oh yes, they can hear you if you press 1....I pressed 1 and someone with a foreign accent answered saying, 'accounts services' and I gave him a real blast by saying, 'Do not ever phone me again using my phone number!!' He hung up very quickly! I heard the click!

I did the same thing, I screamed at them like a crazy person. Since then, I have had one call but it quit ringing after 2 rings. Also, they like to pretend that they are Air Canada, West Jet and Canadian Tire with 999 points, or air miles or travel points. Lol Beware.

Your number will be shared since the phone was picked up. Better not to answer at all

I got a call from them today, i pressed one, i gave them the impression that i am interested of what he had to say then asked: what is your company's name? He hanged up righy away.

I got quite a few of these calls, They asked for Shirley Hunsberger, and I told them they called Renee Allison and my caller Id showed Renee Allison they quickly said that's ok we can lower your credit card finance charges. When I asked more questions they hung up.

My opinion - best not to answer calls from an unfamiliar name or number. If a call is "legitimate," the caller would normally leave a voicemail message. If a voicemail is not from someone you know, don't make a return call to number provided, and just delete the voicemail message.

Yes, this has happened several times!

I would contend that the FTC, FCC and law enforcement Cyber IT experts would get a better handle on this. I live in a state in which out of state telecommunications companies are registered which makes residents ig the state mist vulnerable.

406-532-5591 I got a call from this number and when I googled it, it says from some foreign country

I have a tax and accounting business. A scammer was using my business phone number to robocall people for about six weeks. What a nightmare! Fortunately a few people called the number back to tell the robocaller to knock it off and I was able to say "It's not me!!" Who knows how many potential clients I lost through that little scheme though.

This happened with my business number also. I had to change my number because many business contacts were called by my number and they thought it was my business calling and harassing them. Very frustrating it was my business number for 10 years.

I've gotten to where I don't pick up the phone unless it's from someone I know! Signing up on the 'no call list' has meant I've been inundated by spam calls ... at least one a day. There ought to be a way to stop these calls forever!!!

I have been getting these calls for a few months - I don't know why, but I have never answered one. Sounds like I did the right thing. I will continue to ignore them. Thank you for the information!

i have a question. it seems lately i get more calls that we don't answer any more. when my answer machine picks up these calls don' knowthe difference. should we shut our answering machine off?

Good question I do not answer but my answer machine does no message is left. What to do? Turn off my answering machine? Seriously this is absurd!

Thanks for your alertness & God bless Truly RS

I have received these types of calls on a number of occasions and did not answer them.

we have the technology to stop these illegal, annoying and in many cases criminal thief callers.......telcom providers make millions off these scum...that's why they do nothing to stop them. Simple algorithm cross matched database programs could dramatically curtail this activity. Throwing in a few actual prison terms instead of fines, would also help.

I don't think jailtime is a deterrent for these scumbags since they so rarely get caught. I bet there is a sense of "it won't happen to me" going on with them. That being said I would feel pretty good if I saw one of the scammers being sent to the poke for 15 years. Telecom companies should be investigated for aiding and abetting these crimes too!

I think the phone companies make money too and that's why they don't stop this.

How would the phone company make money from this?

They don't. There is no revenue gained by phone companies by generated spoof calls. The CRTC is responsible for the regulation of phone services however, they're far more concerned with lining their own pockets, crippling local phone companies and ultimately having the consumer pay the price both financially and peace of mind by not regulating phone scams. They serve zero purpose for consumers within Canada.

Yes. there is a revenue stream. Frontier told me I could purchase a call blocking service for a monthly fee. Instead, I solved the problem by cancelling my landline. (Not a solution for everyone -- I know, I know!.)

I get these scam calls on my cell phone too. Mostly "Tech support" or "The Windows Team" calling to try to mess with my computer, but also fake calls from the IRS, Nigerian Scammers, and the "you have won a free trip to X" calls. Its a real pain since I have an old plan with finite minutes. Only thing worse than unsolicited calls is to have them on a phone where it costs you $ to answer.

Why should scammers stop making these illegal robo-calls? There is no incentive for them to do it. There is no real defense against these kinds of call because the telecom companies do not want to invest in the technology. Law enforcement takes years to prosecute if they are able to catch the scammers. There is no real cost for the scammer to make these calls and from their perspective- no consequences. Until there is a high cost to conduct these calls expect "Rachel from Card Services" to call you AGAIN soon. Tom's right; warnings are not action.

hi, somebody, thanks a lot infact I like this institution called FTC. again I will like to be educate, i mean to know about clicksure, getresponds., bforest.,beeoption, and,so on are they real,or scam?
I will like to know. best regards,tripletrinity

Before you sign up with any company, check with your state Attorney General's office. Ask if there are complaints about the company. Check with the Attorney General in the state where the business is based. You can also search online to see what other people say about a company. Type the company name plus the word "reviews" or "complaints" into your search engine.

Read this FTC article about Starting an Internet Business. Most new internet businesses take a lot of time and money, and many of them fail. For most people, the promises about earning a lot are only a dream.

I get these calls all the time and over a now 4 year period and have moved 5 times they still call no one ever speaks english and they all say they are from FBI or other law agency. have tracked the calls to one company loan for a loan i know nothing of.I understand it is not legal and i dont know how to do something about it.

Thank you. I was wondering about that...

caller don't give up until you answer the call, and keep on calling with different number name and number. called with my own number few time

Recently an incoming call on cell which displayed all 0's -- of course I didn't answer. Assume a robocall, hopefully not hacking my contacts!

It's happened to me!

Have been getting spam emails from my own email address even after changing password numerous times. Weird reporting to spoof@paypall that my own email address is spamming me.

I get these all the time. The first one I got it really spooked me. I thought someone was in the house. I never pick them up. I never pick any of the private, unknown or otherwise that I don't know. Makes me so angry that they can get away with it all.

thanks to caller id I don't pick up any call I do not pick up the phone however the scammers never give up and call time and time again at all hours

I push the button to speak with a person then when they answer I either blow a whistle as loud as I can or use the air horn right in the receiver. I don't get a call back. Well once I did they were complaining how the person on the phone went to an emergency clinic. I simply told them that if they call again they will get the same - but I found a louder horn. (why did they never call back)

lol!! too funny! I needed that after a frustrating day! I am now on the lookout for a loud horn!!

Go to a marine store and buy an air horn for boats. They are super loud and not expensive. The air is in a can. Wear ear plugs when you blow it in the phone. You will deafen the person on the other end.

Too funny! EXTRA funny, as I purchased a loud whistle from sporting goods store about 6 years ago and I keep it near me and my phone and I gave the longest, loudest blast I can give, right into the phone's receiver, then I hang up.

next time they call my # i am going to imitate their own ridiculous accent , and run them in some serious verbal circles .

Very, very, interesting. I learn something new everyday from the FTC. Thanks so much. Keep them coming.

As long as the gov continues to allow acceptions, like if you do business with a company even though you are on the do not call list. We will NEVER BE RID OF THESE SCAMS,No means no!

I get these all the time. Answered once but no one was on the other line so I hung up. Never again now that I know

In 2008-2013, I used an AT&T GoPhone that often called me from my own number. When I saw my own number displayed on my own Caller ID, after I had then answered the phone, the man who then picked up the line was my lover, Jonathan O'Keefe...or did he just sound like him?! I hung up on him, and he and I soon broke up! Now I'm constantly hearing the ambient voices of people spying on me, but I already was, since 1986!

These robocalls continue and continue - now they've changed their i.d. (at times) - they now call themselves "service calls" or "toll free caller". I don't even answer my land line anymore unless the number calling leaves a call back message. I'd like to just mute my phone and I may!

On 070715,"Rachel at Credit Card Services" Called today seeminly from Springfield, Ill(217-210-0347; on 070315, "Carmen from Credit Card Services) in Atlanta, GA (427-470-0574).[NON-EXISTANT NUMBER] I thought you claimed to have terminated these callers?

RE: "Credit Card Services" and "Card Holder Services" - I've not had a Credit Card since the end of 2011; will never have one again.

I've never had a credit card, and "Bridgette" from "Credit Card Services" has been calling my house for over a year

i am consistently getting these kind of scam calls. I read on a newsletter I may be able to be compensated 1000.00 per call from these compamies. Can you please confirm that and give me info to get started on that kind of claim.Thank you Mia

thank you for this service

Some one got my info from Google account & r using it & they got to my dad's info like cridit card information that they r ordering stuff online using my email so I need to close my email & create a new email but I need all my apps & phone numbers & all my pictures transfer to my new email ones I create a new one first please I need some one to help me.

Read this article about what to do if your email has been hacked. We also have an article about what to do if malware was installed.

If someone is mis-using your personal and financial information to buy things, contact the credit card company or bank and explain what happened. Go to for tips about what else to do to protect your credit report and respond to problems.

thanks for keeping us up to date on these *&^% scammers. I appreciate the's so hard to keep one step ahead of those *& people!

I just a received a e-mail threating me that they will sue me because I owe them money but I don't owe them any money, they are bothering even in the telephone. I am very uppset. I do't know what to do. Every I am receiving this call and e-mail. This Chris Watson is the name.

You can report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If you know you don't owe money, you don't have to pay. It is against the law for someone to threaten you to try and make you pay.

If the caller keeps saying you owe money, tell him to send you proof of the debt in writing. A debt collector has to send a notice that tells how much you owe, who you owe money to and tells you about your rights.

What about calls from #s tha come up "private" on caller ID? Is that also a form of fake robos?

Doctors offices sometimes use private caller also, so you can't go by that

So do lawyers. I have a private cell with my number blocked that I use to call clients when I am not in my office. I don't want to be on call 24/7 which is exactly what would happen if my number were known. My advice for people who have to answer sometimes because of ill parents etc. is to have a different phone for those particular uses and only those uses. Never give that number for anything else. The second phone could be a cheap phone with no contract and limited minutes to save expenses. For all other calls on the primary phone follow this philosophy: Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. If it's legitimate, they will leave a message or call back. If it's not legitimate, you didn't want to talk to them anyway. Don't let your curiosity or anger tempt you to answer.

I have found it best to not answer any number that I do not recognize. I have also changed my voicemail to state that "due to the high number of political, survey, and scam phone calls I will not be answering any phone calls so please leave your name and number and I will determine if I am going to call you back" It works great!!

I did something similar. They rarely leave a message.

I am getting emails from "me" regarding FORD having a special clearance offer. What is the story regarding this? I have saved the email without opening it. Please Help.

I have gotten one call with my name and phone number, did not pick it up no message. Did you know that you have to register your phone with the Do not call list every year? Just found that out from the phone company. I am getting so tired of telemarketing calls and thank goodness for caller ID

Whoops --  your phone company made a mistake.

You don't have to register with Do Not Call every year, because telephone numbers on the Registry don’t expire. Once you register, your number stays on the list, unless:

  • you ask us to remove it
  • your number is disconnected and assigned to a new person

Go to to register a number, and read more about the National Do Not Call Registry.

Oddly, since I registered my cell phone on do ont call list, I have received MORE scam calls.

Wow! That's the best you can do FTC! "Maybe watch a good Sci-fi movie"? Come on. You're the FTC. Come up with a better strategy then that.

Well knowledge is our best defense and YES that is the best they can do. Honestly, the only way you can truly be scammed is if you allow yourself to be scammed. So the FTC posting warnings such as this is currently the best they can do. Finding these criminals is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are great at being untraceable sadly :(


If these calls are illegal, why is nothing done about them?

To date, the FTC has brought more than a hundred lawsuits against over 600 companies and individuals responsible for billions of illegal robocalls and other Do Not Call violations.

The FTC also is leading several initiatives to develop technology-based solutions. Learn more about what the FTC is doing here:

So they're illegal. What can be done?

I've had had this happen a few times. I did what you said, ignore them hasn't happened since.

Also, being registered on the "no-call" list is very frustrating because we still get calls all the time. I believe it is because callers have multiple numbers just to confuse the public.

Often, attempting to secure information directly regarding these companies will also cause fraudulent telephone number lookup companies to abuse the situation to spend money looking up the names and addresses of these companies.
The attempt to confront these bogus companies in a legal confrontation in a court action has caused a new bogus money scheme of obstructing justice unless you fork over excessive amounts to secure name and address of those assaulting your home per bogus phone solicitation and/or collection schemes. Don't fall for them either.

History repeats itself, to the younger people out there that don't understand do not call Registry's, this was a good intention about 20 years ago they set up a do not call registry for land lines, this was due to the extensive amount of scams telephone solicitors that would call at all hours in the same situation just a different time and place, don't even buy into the one they're telling you now after 45 years the lobbyist convince Congress who usually don't know what they're doing anyway to release all of those phone numbers listed on the do not call registry. So beware you know how our congressmen and lobbyist page of their off everything sounds good for today but a few years down the road after they've collected enough money that great idea that you signed up for has been sold out by the corrupt politicians the only way to take care of yourself is pay attention to your own skills. Stay away from anybody that you don't know telephone numbers you don't recognize if they won't leave a voicemail they're not worth talking to anyway good luck stay firm keep the faith.

Telephone numbers on the Do Not Call registry don't expire.

After you register your number, it stays registered unless:

  • you ask us to remove it
  • the number is disconnected and assigned to a new person.

If you have questions or complaints regarding the Do Not Call Registry, please contact the FTC by email at

Telephone numbers on the Federal DO Not Call registry don't expire but they do expire annually in some states' registries and must be re-registered every year.

I have been getting aggressive robocalls about Obama Student Loans Forgiveness, etc almost everday - even after telling one jerk to remove me from their list

Please report this to the FTC at

Is there someway to track these callers identifying themselves as PCH and you've won a prize? I've received 2 different ones. One I fell for. What are their benefits from this?

Please file a complaint with the FTC at, so the information goes into the database law enforcement uses for investigations. If you get a call saying you've won a prize, you can go to the company website and see what it says about prizes.

When this happens....I just say it's my husband calling from heaven to tell me he is ok. This was the best explanation I could come up with since my husband passed away almost 2 years ago and the calls didn't start till about a month after.




I get them once a week! I called my Phone Provider
and threatened to sue them for letting Scammers get through , using my Personal Phone number! They re-registered my Sim Card, and the calls stoppped! Try it!

We get repeated calls from U.S. Pharmacy regarding medications atleast 6 times a day and 7 days a week. We have tried everything from just not answering and then they leave their phone on or a long dial tone just to leave an annoyance on my answering machine. We have tried to be nice and say no thank you, we have pretended we will buy something, we have gotten down right nasty, They get down right nasty and say some pretty vial things, I have blown an airhorn in their ears, regardless IT NEVER STOPS!! Now we are thinking just to change our phone number. We have had this same number for years and all important contacts have this number. It sucks that we have to do this as it is just not fair to us or family & friends. I am sure though it will not take long for calls to start coming in even with a new number! So pathetic and disugusting theses people are!!!

  • Contact your phone provider. Ask your phone provider if they charge for a service that blocks that particular number. Remember that telemarketers change the numbers they call from easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change.
  • Put your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Access the registry online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or by calling 1-877-382-4357.

Answer the phone every time they call and blow that air horn every time. If we all did this maybe they would get the idea we are,pissed off and not going to be nice anymore.

On most smart phones, one can select a general ring tone but also a different ring tone for people in your contacts list (+/or individual people in you contacts list). I never answer the general ring tone (those not in my contact list). Check your phone's user manual for how to set the ring tones. If it was someone (NOT in your contact list) with a legitimately reason for calling you, they most likely will leave you a message. This of course doesn't help land line users.

After "renewing" our Do Not Call registry, my family has been suffering with calls exceeding 20 calls a day. Including calls originating from my own number. The local police blow me off with "we can't do anything" and the federal government can't even keep it's own files, numbers and emails safe from hackers as shown by the ongoing scandal. Why would anyone expect them to help ordinary citizens?

You don't need to renew your number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Telephone numbers on the Registry don’t expire. We only remove your number if you ask us to, or if the number is disconnected and assigned to someone new.

Why can't the Government stop this nonsense. unless they do not consider it's a priority.. Also, i received calls and once i do answer the phone no says anything. Cloud this be a trick as well

Some call rooms use machines that call lots of numbers at once. The people talk to whoever picks up first, or play a recorded message to whoever picks up first. Maybe you're hearing nothing becuase a machine called your number, but no one picked up your call or played a recording. It's OK to hang up.

I just wish there was a "share" button so I can pass this on to Facebook.

You can  copy the URL of the blog post and paste it into a Facebook status update to share it. For example, this post’s URL is

So, I just answered a call, for the second time I might add, and pressed 1 to get someone to take me off the list...BEFORE I READ THIS, of course! By pressing 1 have I given them access to anything? Should I be concerned about anything?

If you press a number or respond to a call, the caller knows your number works, and they may call you again.

East coast Canada...Ive gotten this call a few times and it freaked me out because it was my Number and Name calling me. ive never answered it and Now I know Not too!!!!

I whistle extremely loudly into their ear piece! Let them enjoy that ringing for a change!

I hardly get any calls from these clowns any more. Time is money to these guys so if you answer the calls and play stupid they will eventually get tired and hang up on you. It seems to me if you frustrate them long enough that they remove your number.

The last time I had the lower the interest rate on my credit card asked a lot of questions like I was really interested. Made them repeat everything 2 or 3 times. Eventually they wanted to know what I had for currently had for cards.

I replied with the Ace of Spades & the King of Diamonds. then I said hey wait that is 21 and started hollering I win I win .... *click*

I have to be really bored and have the free time to do this but when I do it is entertaining. I have left them go through their spiel and then asked to speak to their supervisor to confirm what they just got done telling me.

It takes some practice but I have just about had them in tears and had them swear at me a few times after I wasted 20 - 30 minutes of their day.

I am still waiting on the "Microsoft" guy to call me saying I have a problem with my Windows. I intend on telling him the biggest problem with my windows is they are covered with dog slobber ;)

I did a similar thing 3 weeks ago when I received one on my cell phone - have not received one since!

Thanks for the much needed giggle! My frustration is the look-alike mail spam & phishing. Lots of new URLs - .work, .link, .xyz, and one from .ninja!

July 14,2015. Received a call 903-326-9521 claiming IRS lawsuit. Scam calls leaving message to call back. The numbers is located Irving,Tx. Hope you can stop them before they hurt people. Thank you

i get them all the time

Get a big whistle and when it is a real caller blow in it real loud. They won't call again, they won't be ever able to hear in that ear again.

In the year and age we are living with all this technology, I cannot understand why all of these scam calls cannot be put to an end, I am sick of looking at the phone around meal times or after 8 and not recognizing the number. This is really getting to get on my nerves. Feel like just cutting off my landline phone pretty soon.

It wont help, as they call from cell numbers too.

When will it stop. I get these calls all the time even from numbers I recognize. I even got a call on the hospital internal emergency line. People could die and there is no way to stop these.

Really, how hard could it be for the phone company to block any calls to yourself? Some high school kid could figure out how to do that in a couple of hours after school, I am sure. We have the most inept phone companies in the history of this planet. Stupid!

Allowing the caller ID to be spoofable is totally unnecessary. Caller ID is info offered by the calling system, and is separate from the caller's billing identity, which is handled with much more care. This is to prevent users from making free long-distance calls, and to support a variety of billing and tariff arrangements, including reverse billing. A telephone call requires a two-way setup ahead of time, in which two-way billing info may well be required. It should almost take a court order for a company to allow any customer to use spoofing to provide caller ID inconsistent with his carrier's billing info. And for calls originating in systems of other countries, we should insure the country info is provided and not spoofed.

A carrier should be actually accountable to the feds. For example, any provision of portal service to scammers (a somewhat different problem) should quickly result in complaints being backtracked and the responsible payer nailed.

This should be technically straightforward, and without any new legal mandates.

So after the 4th time I got a call from my line and filing complaints at the CRTC...I decided to answer and press the #2 to be removed...of course it's invalid so I pressed 1, he asked me to verify my VISA # starting with 4, I so no, why don't YOU tell me what it is...he said I need you to verify your VISA, I said I don't even have a VISA, he said I said mastercard starting with 5, I so no you didn't, I'm not DEAF or STUPID...he said don't you want to lower your credit card rates, I said what I want is for you to stop scamming me from my own phone #...why don't I just give you my bank account # and my pin, I know this is a scam you moron....don't call me again....I haven't gotten a call since lol

The only way I can see to stop these calls is to stop allowing calls originating from the internet into the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This of course, will never happen, but we did not have this type of "unidentified" call prior to that being allowed. I know there are going to be all kinds of posts saying I am wrong and that wouldn't stop it etc. We all want cheaper long distance, thus we have vonage and Internet Protocol phones - this is where these calls are originating! Laws will not work as these calls are originating from third world countries that don't have laws against it.

BS. They originate anywhere that the phone company deems it necessary for CID spoofing. It would not be difficult for the phone company to pass ANI (Billing) information instead of CID in cases where CID = Called number.

I generally get 5-10 of these calls every day.My number had been registered with the DNC list since 2009.It's a joke they do nothing.Wouldn't be a shock if the government got paid for letting it slide.The people that provice phone services like Bell,Roger's and Telus need to step up here and stop this crap as in the end,they are the ones losing revenue as customers cancel their home phone accounts because of it.

These are all phishing scammers and they keep doing it because it works for them too often. They suck too many people in, and too many have they lives or finances destroyed. If 100% of people would not give info over the phone or email...this wouldn't continue to be an issue.

I recently got a call from my cell phone to our land line. I picked it up as I thought it might be my husband calling feom the backyard to save coming in tomask me something??

Just look for a decent voip provider that does telemarketer blocking. They know that if it's your number calling yourself to block it out. Why the big phone companies ignore incoming CID is beyond me.

Sorry, but the LAST thing I'll EVER do is ask to be placed onto a do not call list. It stops the guys who follow the rules, but those guys aren't usually the pests. Besides, the idea of the do not call registry is to publish the list to call centers. This list would be chalk full of live, juicy numbers just waiting for that dinnertime interruption. Way too tempting for hungry marketers to ignore.

It's just like gun control. Outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have the guns.

I am constantly getting this call along with many other spam calls ... seriously in 1 day my call list had 18 spam numbers and 2 of my friends, that was it! I disconnected my home line. Why pay to have spammers constantly calling me.

I let them talk for a while and then I Just put the phone down. Best one was when I actually booked the duct cleaning and when they showed up I told them I had no idea what they were talking about. They waste my time I'll do my best to waste theirs. I do some other things too but they are too nasty to mention here.

What if you don't have call display so you can't see it's from your own number and you do pick it up...are you going to get charges for calls you didn't make??

A scammer can fool caller ID and make it look like the call is coming from your number, but the call is really not coming from your number.

Well, I have been receiving robocalls from RBC. The call is apparently legit, but it asks for either my DOB or postal code to verify that it is me - that I won't give. Turns out it WAS a legitimate call (I confirmed with the bank), but hopefully people are getting wise to robocalls and will just hang up, legit or not.

If I don't know the name or number I don't answer......if you leave a message I'm likely to call call from me. I've done this for years.....back when we had a separate answering machine with tape cassettes in it!!

It's well and fine to not answer when you see your own number...but what about a neighbor's number or someone in your family??? Have had that happen...don't know until you answer!!!

I'm from Alberta Canada and got so tired of the west interest on credit cards calls that I called the CRTC to complain because I am on the DC list. They said there is nothing they can do about it because these callers originate in middle eastern countries. Their law enforcement agencies would have to deal with it and they have more important things to worry about was the answer I got. You'd think with today's tw ch no log, if we can take a photograph of Pluto, we could stop these calls.

This is horrible. They are even using my cell number. There has to be a way to stop them. We pay for our phone numbers and they can just use them. What are we doing wrong.

You are not doing anything wrong. Unfotuntately if a hacker/scammer has your information (cell #, Phone #, account info)unless you can get the criminals caught on camera, no one seems to be able to do anything about it. I have actual printouts of config files from hacked computers and cell phones and am still trying to get someone to look into this. Stay strong and watch all your account statements very carefully.

Scammers certainly are people that don't care about anyone or anything -- not even their own families. I fell for one just a couple of days ago to reduce my credit card rate . Luckily I felt something was aamiss and was able to get my cards cancelled before it was to late. Big lesson learnt. I really feel sorry for those that get cought.

please stop this

I now "answer" all these calls...with a fire alarm purchased solely to blow in their ear after I answer I am over 30 with a valid credit card to win my prize! Blast horns work too! I am a sr with an attitude and I am fed up with these calls.

Strange how these idiots and criminals cannot be stopped. We have the technology to put a man on the moon and send man into space....for over 40 years now..., and we cannot stop these people from calling my number, from my number, and the last time, they even had my name on the identity screen...I;m also listed on a DNC list and they still get through, this senior is pretty darn fed up.....

I set my FAX to autoanswer.

I called my phone company and for very cheap you can get added to your plan a number to press and the callers number is sent to the police

Received calls from 1-516-845-9246 Farmingdale, NY, claiming to be IRS. Also, recently an odd call from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (they called several times before I finally checked them out) with i.d. stating such. What prompted me to check them out was that one day they left a message. It was a female, who simply said, "I'm a republican" in an ominous tone and then hung up. Went to website and they are higher education consultants. Hmmm.

Received calls from 1-516-845-9246 Farmingdale, NY, claiming to be IRS. Also, recently an odd call from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (they called several times before I finally checked them out) with i.d. stating such. What prompted me to check them out was that one day they left a message. It was a female, who simply said, "I'm a republican" in an ominous tone and then hung up. Went to website and they are higher education consultants. Hmmm.

I received an irs call,the man threatened to have me arrested,i could save myself by withdrawing 6000,which he said I owed to the gov. and it would be in cash,and call him when I got it,thank goodness I didn't fall for this.h and r block say irs does not operate this way,demanding money by phone,and if I really owed anything I would not have gotten a refund.please do not fall for this,i am praying that one day these scammers will be caught.

really annoying that they are trying this with government offices - not all our extensions have call display!

This happened to me while working as a contractor for an Ohio State Government Agency on W. Broad Street, Columbus Ohio. (I can't say the name due to non-disclosure) What people don't realize is that if these criminals are successful in getting in, they can breach multiple devices and take over your identity, your financial accounts and force you into foreclosure. At the Ohio State Government Agency I watched my personal cell phone synch with my Government Issued Laptop, when I reported it to the Ohio Government Agency IT Help Desk, I was fired from my project, without notice, even though it had several months remaining. The day I was let go was the day I printed out Event Logs and Config files showing the hacks. This invasion in my life has cost me everything, my job, soon my home, EVERYTHING. Now today, I am focused and working to expose these types of criminals so they don't take any more victims. I have several years of evidence, but cannot seem to find anyone to help me put an end to this.

The worst is now they are calling from unknown name and number. But if it rings long distance with unknown don't answer either.

Even though I could show video of the caller id spoof, local law enforcement (Chicago 16th Precinct) says they can't do anything about it because "We have too many cases like this", then THEY ask US "What would you like to do about it?". INVESTIGATE THE CRIME, IF YOU DON'T EVEN TRY TO INVSTIGATE REPORTS OF CRIME HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO CATCH THE CRIMINALS FEEDING OFF PEOPLE? For me, since my phone, internet and tv cable were all connected, they were able to spoof multiple devices and cause YEARS of havoc that is still going on today. Wish someone would do something about this in Delaware, OH 43015 and Chicago, IL 60646.

I cancelled my landline(the voice part)I have DSL,because of Rachel, now I get scam artists on on my new cell phone number. I blocked them but they leave voicemails that eats my minutes so I ended up deactivating my voicemail. Now the blocked numbers just get rejected. If I get a new one I don't pick up then block it.This a battle but I intent on winning it.

And when you go to file a complaint at the Do Not Call website, they make you have a "name" for the company. NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU A NAME! I hate these people--along with the people that make computer viruses. There has got to be a special place in h**l for them.

If you do pick up a solicitor's call, KEEP A LOUD WHISTLE NEXT TO YOUR PHONE AND BLOW HAAAARD! If it's a human calling, they'll put out the word and calls stop from that company!!!

My phone number is being spoofed for calls from Cardmember Services. What can I do about it? I now have strangers calling and texting because they got a call....supposedly from my number....and I didn't make the calls. This is aggravating to me and to the people getting the calls.

Yesterday, I answered one of these calls because caller ID showed my HUSBANDS name. Of course, I answered - and it was some robocall about loan forgiveness. I hung up right away. When I looked at the call source number - it was our own HOME number. I have call block, and NEVER answer the phone unless I know the caller. When my answering machine picks these up - I find the source number and block it. Am I DOOMED now that I answered this call ? Wow. Makes me never want to pick up the phone again !

There are numerous of the calls going on around the country. They will call many times and quote your ss#, I refused to verify any thing when the mention anything personal. I reported them to FTC. The caller ID will have one place, but when we ask question they will respond they are in another state or city. Thanks FTC for the warning.

I just received one of these calls. I called my provider and they said there was nothing I could do unless I wanted to block my own number. strange your provider would give out such advice?

My provider can't even see this call. I offered to send a screen shot from my iphone.
I am glad I didn't p/u. BUT. If I had gotten a call from my husbands number, like the woman above, I would answer. This is pretty scary when you think about it.

My IP allows me to screen(block) up to 20 numbers.Block the ones that call the most then when they change areas change the block.After 6 months they give up.Do not ever answer or call them back unless you want to suffer.

Block your own number because you are never going to call yourself.

got a call yesterday from my number, so at&t still hasn't done anything about it, I asked and thought they said it was taken care of there would be no more calls with my number unless it came from my phone, and that was 2 years ago when I was going through chemo, These people are the lowest criminals right next to terrorists.

I answered one, went through the process and got some mental midget in another country. CURSED them out. Now I've got an airhorn. Wait to get a human on the phone then BLAST EM Fight back- make'em suffer.

If your phone service has a number blocking service (our Verizon FIOS account allows up to 100 specific numbers to be blocked), or if you have an in-line call blocker, you can add your own number to the list of blocked numbers. This will stop calls from callers spoofing your number as their caller ID without (as far as I can tell) affecting your ability to send calls, or receive calls from legitimate callers.

Just got the call from them calling my own number. Didn't answer cause just received 2 other calls from back to back from 2 different numbers with caller ID showing 2 different cities in NJ, didnt answer, then rings again with my number. I think the person who came up with having a whistle is a great idea!!!!especially if i recorded on my answering machine.

Just another thing the politicians cant control when the laws passed are without teeth. Technology exists to track these callers and put them in jail. Funny thing is the Dems are now calling with campaign requests. not good.

i want know that one person mobile whom calling him and show number

yesterday & today calls with my number & name as the caller id... I understand and I DO NOT ANSWER them....but as a consumer and a tax payer I feel that the FTC needs to be more proactive instead of just saying NOT to answer them and ignore them. I pay for my phone and included in there is a tax to the I plead with you to DO something.
If "WE" as citizens are NOT receiving the service and protection that "WE" pay for then maybe "WE" should opt out of that tax...and refuse to pay.

Yes, I get calls from my own number - never pick up since my phone talks to me and warns me it is from my number. And yes, I am elderly, but not stupid, so they don't get the satisfaction of having me answer their calls.

I'm wondering, why is it that when we register our phone numbers on the DNCL, we get more calls???

I got this call a few times. Today I paid no attention to the ID and answered. It was a call to reduce the interest on my credit cards. I didn't get a chance to press anything. It hung up. I was trying to get a name of an agency to report. But didn't get that chance. Totally creepy though. And I do hope something is done about it. My dad is elderly and now because of all these scams you can barely ever get him to answer a phone.

JUST started getting them last weekend 3 out of my 4 cells got it...told my kids NOT to answer them

I just had this happen, so I decide to block my number from calling itself....what can that hurt? When I answered the call thought it was my husband..we had just moved here..I didnt know my new number..thought he was calling from his cell....was a credit card company wanting to lower my debt...on credit cards...I pay off jn 30 no debt...what a scam!

Got the call from "Rachel" about my credit card, which I don't have, pushed #9, got some foreign guy, told them to remove my number from their lists, didn't work, called A.T.T, said they could give me a security code to stop these calls, maybe everyone should call your cell providers and see if they can give some sort of security too.....who knows, it might work. By the way, they even used my area code with one number difference, very close to my own phone number, very frustrating.

The scammers used my name and phone number, and the end result, accessed my credit card and in two states. The charges to my credit card showed up as purchases made two different companies Heating and Air Conditioning suppliers. I filed a police report but they leave it to the credit card company to investigate and pursue the scammers.

Go to for more information about what to do when someone misuses your personal information.

I get multiple calls each day on my business line from my own number. So I put myself on call block. It works wonderfully.

Not answering calls from my home phone is not an option! I have my home phone forwarded to my cell phone, and can block many of the robocalls with an Android app. BUT....... Suppose I'm out and about and my 13 year old is at home and there's an emergency? I have no way of knowing whether the call from my home number is my kid or that it is one of these scumbags!

Cell phone have blocking capability..You would think.........

what about 3 calls a day from almost my number? For example, if my number is 123-456-7890, I get 3 calls a day from 123-456-XXXX where the last 4 digits are basically 9,999 calls I will end up getting on this number.

Not finding anyone reporting this. I've blocked perhaps a hundred. Should I just 'put up with' another 9,900 of these calls?

All these responses are virtually the same. I have suffered through the same numerous calls.
However, the real culprit is the companies that build and sell the phone equipment that spoofs your number. Try to buy this yourself and no one seems to know who has such technological advanced phone spoofing equipment. This is how you stop it......the FTC should go after the manufacturers of this equipment in the first place.
And if there is technology to "spoof" your own number, there should be similar technology to counter act it.

Sounds like Bridget Small -FTC is a roboresponder

Here is a new trick criminals are using: You miss a call from what looks like number in your contact list. You hit redial but then your call goes to a totally different number. Not only that, when you use your phone later to make a call, your number shows up to your intended-caller as that totally different number: your own caller-ID has been hacked and changed.

This is the first time that my number has been stolen by these scammers. It is usually some out the area zip code and they come about the same time each day. This time it was my own number! Isn't anything being done about all of these stupid calls? We pay our own phone bills and these jerks are turning our phone into their own sales tool.

Block your own number. Done. Not like you're ever going to call yourself :)

Thank you Major! In my frustrations I hadn't even thought of doing this but will now do so. Bless you. Sometimes it takes someone else to bring commonsense answers to a person whom has simply just reached the end of their rope and the knot that they'd tied to help in keeping themselves from slipping and then falling has loosened itself.

My mom has had this happen to her, someone from another country called with her number to my grandparents. Can they use the numbers to steal money or something? Is there no way to get them to stop using her number?

It's a mess! It's a mess because I feel very strongly that federal and state governmental agencies with alphabets like HLS, CIA, TSA, NSA, just to name a few of these "alphabet soup" agencies, are behind almost all of our problems of being tracked and spied upon, especially the spying and tracking of taxpaying, law-abiding, harmless, REAL Americans—spying on us through their various sophisticated, government controlled tracking methods, using very expensive, modern, devilish technological programs and various devices paid for by US—yes, Us, the taxpaying law-abiding folks of the USA...yes, US!

why are you not taking steps to stop? what are you as the federal trade commission doing to stop this? this is a big invasion of my space and my privacy. I am very displeased as they could use this to present me as the caller in a fraud situation. do you care?

I apologize to this consumer forum because my previous comments regarding my feelings about our government spying on us seems inappropriate for this particular site.. Please forgive me and it won't happen again. I'll keep those feelings to myself.

Received such a call from UT Austin students asking for donations from alumni...I have always thought previous request might be bogus and I do have their number blocked... But they called from my phone...had to they know I still have same phone.

The laws against calls of this nature are so weak, there is no real risk when breaking phone fraud laws. Until congress and government agencies can convict, place manditory excessive jail time, and financially disruptive fines on offenders, will it slow down or stop. Oh and everyone can thank obama for making it legal to make these calls to cell phones.

Did you hear the rumor that the government gave cell phone numbers to telemarketers? It's not true. It's a false rumor circulating on the internet.

  • The government is not releasing cell phone numbers to telemarketers.
  • There is no deadline for registering a cell phone number on the Do Not Call Registry.
  • You can put your cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry to notify marketers that you don't want unsolicited telemarketing calls.

I get a call about once a month; I have caller ID and have never answered......but I imagine there are still several thousand people without caller ID that are answering these calls. What happens to these people, are they at a higher risk, does it make a difference if you answer and then hang up, or don't answer at all?

Sign up at It goes through your ISP. If a robo call comes, it rings once. Then after around 10 seconds, the number goes away. During that time, the robo caller hears a message telling them they cannot get thru the number with out entering a password. You can't answer your calls on the first ring to get this to work. I signed up yesterday thru Time Warner since I couldn't get the nomorobo site to work. It's not yet available thru TW so the rep. set it up for mo thru nomorobo. It's only for landlines. Today I got a call, and just like the Timewarner rep said, one ring, then silence, and ten seconds later it was gone. Works like a charm. Try it everyone!

Yes! Great service. I use it. Once in a while, the robo caller (person) figures out that nomorobo trapped their call, so they call back by dialing manually (caller ID shows a different - probably bogus number). If this happens (15-30 seconds after the one-ring call) I don't answer.

A lady called my cell phone and left a voice mail saying she had reported me for making a robocall to her and she is on the do not call registry. I'm a private citizen and NEVER have made any robocalls or any other type of unwanted calls. So what happens if a spammer uses my cell phone number to make robocalls and my number is complained about on

You can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

I usually go along for a while, then I ask them for their number in case we get disconnected, then I ask for their name. Then I tell them I'm reporting them for fraud. I send an email to you guys to report it. I never get return calls. They have stopped completely.

I've stopped pressing the number to be removed from the call list. I press the number to talk to a live person, quiz them on who they work for and where, etc, and ask them to put me on the do not call list. I know that won't work, but it wastes their time, and that time the scamming company has to pay for. If they ended up paying their telemarketing operators to do nothing by talk nonsense all day, maybe it would flood out the few gullible people they do snare and make it not worth their while in the long run. The ratio of people who take the bait and follow through enough that they make money is a tiny fraction of the calls made. So, if the next-t-free robo calls started costing them money, they might give up. Spread this idea and lets hope if has an effect.

I found the best thing is to turn off your ringer and just return calls to those who have left a voice mail. This way I am never interrupted.

If your home line is on a major VOIP carrier (such as Comcast, Vonage, Time Warner, etc) look at It stops the calls from ROBO dialers. Your phone will ring once, the trap at nomorob picks up the line and then hangs up. So, you only hear your phone ring once. I registered, and now instead of ~20 calls a day, I only get one or two 'annoynance' calls. This service does not work on real land-lines or mobile phones.

I know the phone companies can do something about this, they can detect large volumes of calls via tractability, just like Uncle Sam does, but thats no money in pockets. Continue to press your reps and senators to make something happen. But unfortunately they are the worst scammers out there.

This is the result of American companies setting up call centers in foreign countries . All the employees have to do is copy or memories or down load customer phone #s and other info and then go home and set up their own shop.! try calling Microsoft support line and see who answers the call and where they are located. This is what people need to demand law makers to resove.

A scamer is using my phone number to call other people, saying that thete is problem in their computer and they can fix it for a fee. The person who got os scam call called me and said she does not need the service. Now, what do I do to prevent my number from being used by scamers?

You can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

Heh...received a call on my cell this evening from 'Unknown'. Picked up the call and stayed quiet. Someone said hello, and I reciprocated with Hello. The guy hangs up. Intrigued as to the 'how this could happen', I recorded the full/exact date and time stamp of the occurrence. Next I went to check my recent detailed 'talk' usage at my AT&T wireless web portal. Low and behold, the number that called me was my own number!!

Spent some time with the AT&T online chat specialist, who escalated my incident to a higher tier technician. Unable to find the source of this mystery call. They did give me some suggestions on where report such abuse.

1) [as AT&T's my carrier] contact AT&T Annoyance Call Bureau (ACB) online at

2) If they solicit to you, one can get the FCC involved.

3) File a complaint at (just browsed there, looks like an FBI division).

4)(once again for AT&T carrier) such incidents can be reported to

I have experienced calls with my number other numbers, I have reported calls to FCc and FIC I have called Att still no solutions.l decided to block my personal number use my friend'S number to check my messages. I pay for the services I want; no one can solve this issue. Technology was to be a gift but has turned out to be a nightmare because the powers to be can find. No solution.

I'm curious if other countries are having this type of problem. If not, then what are they doing that we are not doing? I wonder how their country handles this crap.

I have been receiving these calls from India for months now. I received one yesterday Knowing better, I got taken in. This person conned me into letting him connect to my PC, paying $399 which included a senior citizen discount of $100 to my credit card, calling my credit card company and telling them to please approve the international charge since I was the main cardholder. Then he told me that his upper level tech would now complete the work and let me know when it was finished. An hour and a half later, my computer shut down. I started it up again and things 'seemed okay'. During the night, I woke up and something was on my mind, if this guy is from Microsoft as he says, why would I have to go to another website to pay for the work? I went online and looked up 'rayandan'. Tons of people reported these scammers. I called my credit card company to report it. I had caught it early enough. We agreed that they would not pay the scammers the $399, closed my account and I would get a new one in about a week. I called LifeLock and alerted them. They flagged my account and it will be following the case. They suggested that I file a report at and a local police report, just for the record.
Good luck everyone.

Best bet is do not answer the phone ever unless you know who they are. If it's important, the caller can leave a message. I no longer answer my phone.

Just look at these responses and see how long people have been complaining. Nothing is being done. Whistles, horns, cussing and such is only making YOU feel better. It doesn't work. I got a call on my cellphone from my own number today. There were a total of 5 bogus calls just today between my wife and me. The No Call List is a JOKE and always has been. Again, it's to make you feel better. Go through all the motions, but just look at all these comments. Nothing works and the FTC is powerless.

Over the past few weeks I've been getting calls to my number from random bots with automated messages, coming from local numbers to my area. Now since last week 2 people have called me saying they have a missed call from my number, while I did not contact them. I am going to go to Sprint and ask for a number change, but from the comments above it's clear this is becoming systemic and out of hand. FTC please help fix this.

The FTC does absolutely nothing. My home phone and cell phones are on the do not call list and I'm still getting a lot of unwanted calls. Sometimes, I try to grill them and they usually disconnect me right way. So, now I say every ugly profanity I can before they shut me down.

dont answer dont answer dont answer thats all dont answer

Today, February 3, 2016, at 11:29 AM EST, I received a weird phone call… from myself (    ) and from my own phone number (      ) ! The recorded message referred to lowering interest rates on credit cards. I had heard that message numerous times, despite my asking them to NOT call me anymore. I registered my phone number with the Do-Not-Call database. The U.S. government website dealing with the Do-Not-Call list admits the government can’t do much about these telemarketing and phone harassing schemes. Today, I pressed the ‘1’ button to talk to a live “person”. A “representative” answered my call, speaking with an accent possibly from India. I reminded him that my number was on the Do-Not-Call list. I asked him to remove my number from their database. This time around something incredible happened. The miserable individual assured me that, on the contrary, they will keep calling me again, and again! Moreover, he threatened me, they will call also other people using with my name and phone number! Furthermore, he threatened me they would call the police and emergency services in my name under the pretext of committing suicide! He also said: “The police will come to your house and arrest you for making deceptive calls!”

I think these criminals also used somebody else’s name when they called me over last month. It was a J. Nixon from New York, or something like that. Please take care of this type of schemes — in fact, criminal acts. A recent chat on the CenturyLink (my phone service provider) website resulted in absolutely nothing positive. The representative said the only solution was to block the caller. But that would be me, as the criminals use my phone number and name! Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325 MY PREVIOUS BEST METHOD WAS TO YELL AND CURSE THEM SCAMMERS. IT HAS WORKED FOR THE MOST PART. NOT MANY OF SCAMMERS CAN TAKE IT. THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER IF ALL HONEST PEOPLE YELL AND CURSE BADLY THE SCAMMERS. THEY CAN'T TAKE IT FOR MANY TIMES!!!

BEWARE OF THE SCAM - - -Today both my husband and I about 15 minutes apart received telephone calls from our own mobile numbers. I answered mine, his was no-one. The gentleman that was on the phone said his name was "Dave Mark" and was with the CPA, Consumer Protection Agency. He had a foreign accent, and sounded like he was from another country, or calling from another country, and was very persistent for me to release my credit card to him. He specifically said “They had a class action suit against the banking industry charging to much interest and based on my payments and credit history he could eliminate my largest balance.” He stated he “represented Experian and worked with Discover Cards, Visa/MasterCard and Capital One.” After asking him several times for his contact number and address he told me he was out of the Atlanta, Georgia office, but refused to give me a call back number. I then stated that I thought his call was a “Scam” and that what he was doing “Sounded Like Fraud” he then told me “he would take me off his call list, and call ALL of my credit cards and have them cancelled”. - - -BEWARE OF THE SCAM

Thank you for telling us about this. It's good that protected your  information.

Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I got one of those calls and immediately called my phone company to let them know. They put it on my record and said, since I called them immediately, they won't charge me for any that appear on my account. Changed my number to unlisted.


I have been ignoring them. And I do not attempt to talk with someone or be taken off their call list. My concern is that in the last 6 months I have been called back by people who've been called with my number who are threatening to beat the hell out of me. I try to tell them I didn't call but many times they are so irate they simply will not listen. I am not mad at these people because I know they are frustrated and getting lots of calls from my number, but I don't want someone to track me down and kill me because of it. So I'm thinking that ignoring the calls isn't very smart. Something must be done!

If someone used your phone number to make scam calls, people might call you after they see your number come up on their caller ID.

There's no way to know how many calls a scammer will make using your number and how many return calls you'll get. If you continue to get calls and want to change your number, contact your service provider.

You also can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

I also feel empathy for the frustration of the folks receiving what they think are calls from you. However, it is illegal to call someone and threaten them with physical harm. If you receive a call that is physically threatening, write down the time, date, and number and name that appears on your caller id and report this info to the police. If someones sounds authentically threatening, the police will be happy to inform them of the spoofing situation and warn them not to call you again. If the caller goes too far, s/he can be criminally prosecuted.

response to Aburgett-Great idea! But who's going to protect us from the Politicians?????

This computer based system works for Internet based VOIP users, and it's free:

Too bad Telus has not created such a system, even though many people are dropping their landline service everyday and just keeping their cell phones, to save money, and I'm sure to also better control spam callers using free Call Block Apps. I now figure my best option is to switch to VOIP and save about $40.00 a month and that way I can also block spam callers with the above free application, just like I do with an application on my cell phone.

I received a call that said EMERGENCY NUMBER with red background and my number, I answered and it hung up asap, any idea what that means?

My calls are forwarded to my cell. Imagine me seeing my own number. I thought someone was calling from inside my home. (long story about daughter's friends) i sent the police there. I later found out it was a spoof. Unecessary use of a much needed public resource! With technology the way it is, I'm surprised they're able to get away with this.

i had a call from my own number this morning and since then I'm getting loads of calls saying I've phoned them but i haven't! very frustrating

The FTC advises not to answer when your own number "calls" you. But if I ignore it, it rolls to the answering machine. Isn't this the same as answering it?

does anyone think local police will do anything? this needs to be handled by a bigger agency that has the technology and man power


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