Getting Your Money Back After a Tech Support Scam

If you’ve ever had a virus on your computer, you know what a nightmare it can be — a slow computer that crashes unexpectedly, your contact lists getting messages that you didn’t send, your online accounts vulnerable to hacking.

Perhaps just as frustrating as a virus infecting your computer? Paying someone to get rid of a virus that isn’t there.

Here’s how it happens: Scammers call and claim to be associated with a well-known tech company like Microsoft. They warn you that your computer is infected, and that you must act right away. They might even post fake tech support ads in online search results to trick you into calling them.

Once they’ve convinced you that there’s a “virus,” they ask for remote access to your computer to get rid of it — for a fee.

The good news? The FTC has cracked down on these scams, and continues to investigate and prosecute them. But that’s not all: if you lost money to one of these tech support scammers, some credit card companies are making it easier for you to get your money back.

If you paid for bogus tech support services with a credit card, call your bank or credit card provider now and follow their instructions to dispute the charge. The credit card provider will open its own investigation to determine if the caller lied to get you to pay for the “repair” services, and will contact you within two billing cycles with the results of the investigation.  

For more information, check out Tech Support Scams and Disputing Credit Card Charges.

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Got three phone calls in the past 24 hours, shows up as Food Bank NYC , I live on opposite coast, from this number 212 -777-3456, I finally answered this last one. Man said I had computer issues with Microsoft Windows, very heavy accent hard to understand. I told him I was not interested and to remove my number from their calling list.

Just got my second call today. They first said they were from Microsoft and had me bring up the error logs. I asked for a contact number and comany name so I could call them back then they decidedthey were not with Microsoft and gave me 1-800-986-6856 as there company number. After a little research I found this blog. I ope the FDC will do something. The said I had a virus called "KOOBFACE" which was not detectable by my security software and Microsoft had them contact me.

"KOOBFACE" Sounds like Facebook but backwards.

They just did this to my 79 year old mom but instead of taking credit cards, they sent FEDEX to her house asap and said she could only pay in check or money order. So by the time I figured out the scam for them, they had cashed the check. They were calling themselves GEEK DEFENDERS LLC but only after they posed as being part of Microsoft and used the same KOOBFACE. How do we get the FDC involved and help get my mom's money back??

You can report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

You could contact the business and ask for a refund, but it could be difficult if the business isn't legitmate. If you sent a personal check to a scammer, they have all your bank account details. You may want to contact your bank and ask how to protect your account.

On Feb 23 2016. I had a pop up and said they were part of Microsoft windows and a number pop up 1877 284 6789. They had a very bad accent. It sounds like they are from India. The person uses names Anthony Victor (senior tech) Sandria and Jerry. They are the same person. Extremley pushy to charge you $199.99 to fix your computer. They are the one who holds your computer hostage and dowloads all information in your computer. They even show you a web page of there company. Right help desk. I have called and reported to all government authorities. My credit card was notified immediately and closed and created a new one and the credit card company let it threw. I am very angry and I have to fight with them. It will take 60 days for investigation. I even called the Attorney General is Massachusetts. Theses people are scammers. I also had to change my ISB address. This has been an headache.

Same scam happened here. Pop up claiming to notify Microsoft or computer will not work. Claimed Koobface virus on static IP address and must have third party fix it for you. They transferred me to a company called Geek Defender LlLC . Said they would send a bill for $549 after they fixed it for me and they would show me everything that was wrong.I disconnected immediately then but they did have access to computer for a while before that . They called back and I told them power went off here and to try again later. They did just return call and left me voicemail. How much personal info could they have gotten

Same thing happened to me today. Concerned about how much info they got from me. I am older and don't get the computer do and don'ts. Said that I would send check via FedEx tomorrow yo 3524 Silverside Road, Suite 35b, Wilmington, DE 19810-4929.

If  you think your computer was hacked or infected with a virus by the "tech support" company, stop shopping, banking, and entering passwords online until your computer is cleaned and restored.

You need to update the security software on your computer. A legitimate security software program will scan what is on your computer and alert you if it finds malicious programs, called malware.Then you can delete the malware. This FTC article tells more about Malware.

To get help with your computer, see if your computer is covered by a warranty that offers free tech support. Contact the computer manufacturer. Before you call, write down the model and serial number of your computer, the name of any software you've installed, and a short description of the problem.

Or, find a company that offers tech support. Some companies have tech support staff in retails stores. If you want tech support, look for a company’s contact information on a package of their software package, or on your receipt for your computer.

My mom who is 80 got scammed last year and lost $2000 from her checking account. Today I answered her phone who said it was Alex from Tech Plaza and I pretended to be my mom. He said he was going out of business and was going to give me back the money I paid him last year on 2/6/15 for his computer services. He said I had to go online for his refund form. Told me I had to go to my control center and let him access my computer to get the refund. I then told him he was a scam and he immediatley hung up Please warn all older people to NOT talk to these people. The number that he called from was 121-318-1390.

My business also fell to this scam of Geek Defenders LLC on March 10th.I have not paid them the money yet. they have the phone number we can reach. He is patient to wait for money, either check or money order. their phone number is 727-230-7872/ 800-746-0897 same address of 3524 Silverside Rd Suite 35 B, Wilmington, DE,19810-4929 I will report to FTC

They did the same thing to me. They wanted a check send to them the next day. They had FedEx come to my shop for a check. I took my computer into Best Buy and the geek squad fix the problem. They said I got scammed. So I had to call FedEx to stop the shipping on the address they provided so they wouldn't get my banking information. Now they called a couple days later saying FedEx lost my check and to send another one.

Same thing happened to me they have called twice for me to send a check for them for repairs I din"t have, no checks no money so I not out Lously scammers.

I got an issue. I was recently hacked by some so called friends and family members and now I'm being punished due to me saying that a certain job that I used to have was a government one and I accused them of continuously hacking my phones and things. Now I can't get a job here in Kentucky and Indiana and I'm almost out of food what will become of myself- Death by starvation is what! I hate hackers and how they can mess up a person's life and not concern themselves with them after they do. I don't know what is going on now because every time I try to get a job they tell me that I messed up this and to come back later and that they aren't hiring at the moment and things like that. I am trying so hard to get a job but no one will hire me due to those stupid hackers.

Some employers check into your background before deciding whether to hire you. When they do a background check, you have legal rights under federal law. This FTC article about employment background checks tells you more. It explains what an employer can and can't ask about.

If you think someone stole your identity or hacked your email and did things in your name, go to to find out what to do. If you're still having trouble with your email, this article about hacked email may be useful.

They keep calling me; I beat them at their own game. I say, "I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER", they keep insisting and I keep saying it over and over no matter what they say. BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME, NEVER OWN UP TO HAVING A COMPUTER AND THEY WILL BE GONE. THEY'LL SAY GOODBYE.

An elderly friend just got scammed like this. The person got their money back. Do the scammers leave harmful software on the computer to steal other identity or financial information or otherwise be harmful.

If you think there might be some malicious software, or 'malware,' on a computer, the tips in this FTC article about malware can help. It tells how to avoid getting malware and how to detect malware.

March 17,2016 I just got hooked with a company called ONE SOLUTION INC." THEY LOCKED MY COMPUTER AND I HAD NO WAY TO CLOSE DOWN TO STOP. THEY PUT A POP-UP STATING CALL THIS #1 888 698 3247 In bold words I>D> Microsoft have a virus and they have the software to stop the Virus called KOOBFACE, SPELLS FACEBOOK BACKWARDS.i WAS TOLD $349.00 FOR 5 yEARS COVERAGE AND REPAIR IT NOW.I didn't have that kind of money, I could buy a other one for that. SO "BEN" said ok senior citizen discount $119.00. said fine fix it, It would take about 45 minutes gave my card number and 45 min. later they fixed. My daughter came over and I told her and she starting yelling its a scam did you give them anything nope I said my daughter thinks this is a scam hold on. She is right of course!!! She became mean and insulting and gave me back the phone. I told them thank you and have a nice day!!!!!I was happy to have the computer back. She left and went to work. Meantime I went into my mail and the capitol card co. sent me a e-mail asking was this charge was made did you do it? Its CapitolOne fraud dept. I answered yes. and continued in the mail---I got e-mail from my daughter its a article about KOOBFACE its a scam. I quickly call capitol back and told them it was fraud. Thank God I printed the contract out now I had proof (to show my daughter it wasn't a scam) so I ended up it will help capitol. They stopped payment and know there going out for the licence now SO now we all know listen to your kids!!!! they tell you all the time "your going to get a virus". But maybe they shouldn't tell us WE'RE GOING TO GET A VIRUS"!!!!! SO look how many people got scamed, IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you listened to your daughter! My mom was scammed by these computer "fixers" back in late 2013 or early 2014. I tried to tell her it was a scam but she had already given her bank card #. Iv tried to tell her that she could try to get her money back but I think she doesn't believe that I know what I'm talking about. It really upsets me when these scammers target our parents & grandparents! My mom had just list her husband when they did this to her. They called several mths after she paid for the service saying they were closing their company & owed us $300.00 but they needed access to the computer to verify who we were. Thank God I answered the phone & not my mom! I told them hell no & if they owe us money to either mail a check or credit the card they charged in the 1st place. No exaggeration, they called 6 times in a row one day. I kept saying no, they would hang up or I would hang up & they would call right back. This went on for about a week & finally the calls stopped. She lost about $500.00. They charged her around $150.00-$200.00 for "fixing" her computer & then sold her a year membership for about $300.00 more dollars. Idk which bothers me more, that she was scammed or that she won't listen to me when I try to help her.

same thing happened to me only the company was MS Squard .Called my credit card company an we are in the process of disputing the card. gizmo

Hi My name is Kevin Simesson!

I dont know if you can help me in any way and many cheated people around the world.

There is a website that are cheating people on the internet and theire website is mixchemstore and theire mail is info@mixchemstore

I ordered some products from there site and paid 700 USD but dident get any products, they wanted me to pay more for custum clarence but i dident do that ( 1350 USD), i did not pay that so they did not pay my money back.

I contacted EC21 and they helped me to confirm that they are a cheating site and they put them on the blacklist yesterday.

I hope that you can stop this cheating site so more people want be hurt in the way that i bean, 700 USD is much money to loose and i belive that they will not stop cheating people.

I have attached evidence with mails beetwen me and this company, there are also a recipiet that i have paid them 700 USD by Western Union.

Yes i feel very stupid, i should checked the site first.

I hope that theres is some possibilities to make this disepeare from internet for ever.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

I hope that you can help eme get my Money back!

Best regards Kevin Simesson

This happened to my parents recently exactly has you have listed. The bank was able to dispute the charge and refund my parents' money but the problem is now that the scammers continue to call my parents saying they owe them the money. They are relentless with the calls. It has upset my elderly parents very much. I hope the FTC can catch these people

My parents called me this evening and told me that this has happened to them. They keep getting calls after they told the scammers/hackers to stop calling. The scammer have told my parents during one of the recent calls they are the "bad guys" and will not stop until they get more money from them. My parents are upset and don't seem to know what to do.

Have them contact the local non emergency to open a case with cybercrimes, due process will sent it up to etc as evidence against and have your parents tell them if they continue they WILL be prosecuted.

you, do not sound too tech savvy. one impprtant thing all pc and mac users should, never trust a pop up advert claiming you have a virus. Those ads are the same as phone scams that have existed since the 40s just modernized. if you want to know the top comp. security sites, just google "best anti virus programs". They have free versions, and premium versions with annual paymemts only. Also windows comes with its own defender programs, that MS customer service can can walk you through. or remotely do it for you. But they will not call you if you have virus they will contact Via pop-up screens, not adverts,
( pop ups from MS or Apple come up as a regular window, with colors yellow and red signifying the severity of your problem, and gives you an option to call MS tech support directly, no charge.

I rec'd a call @ 6:00am this morning from a women with a heavy Indian accent. I usually do not answer from strange phone numbers, but was concerned with the time of the call. Claiming a virus with something that we downloaded last night.
Never gave her a chance to ask for money or info. Wished I had told her that I was the police and we were tracing her call.

received telemarketing twice this week, both in early morning, 7:40 and 6:45 AM. both from India phone #3249 1-3249.

Received a phone call while at work from a heavy accented Indian man by the name Of ROBIN..he had claimed that our Company computer had many Trojan virus, and would take care of this problem by deleting the virus and installing a protection plan at a high price, he said that he would need to do this immediately, there were no purchases made from this phone call. That is not the issue here. The issue is that these people claiming to be Support Technicians that prey on unsuspecting innocent people need to be STOPPED. These Scammer's need to be stopped. Our company computer was having issues the same day we received this call from ROBIN located at Support Plaza Technical Support (WARNING! FAKE WEBSITE!) and phone number USA 1-866-856-4811. They use remote control on your computer while delivering a virus and gaining access to private information.I also hope the FTC can catch these cyber criminals.

This just happened to me today. I opened a government site and a window popped up saying my computer is infected and I need to contact the microsoft technician with their number listed on it. I did and everything started. I was so stupid to trust them and let them access my computer remotely. They said they can not fix it until I buy this microsoft security software amounting to $149.99. I do not know what they did to my computer coz it just went black and they asked for my card details to purchase the software. I gave it which was so stupid of me and he said the card was declined. He then asked for another card and I said I do not have any other card. He said I have other cards. I asked him how did he know? He said he saw it in my details on the computer. I started to wonder. So, i told them that i will just buy online and call them back when i get the software. He said ok. I checked my bank and there you go, I got charged. They sounded like Indians and they said they are from a company in West Virginia....All Time Tech Support. Their telephone number is 1-844-866-3561. Now, I do not know what they did to my computer coz it runs slower than before.

If you didn't give him your bank account number or agree to have money taken from your account, contact your bank. Report this unauthorized transaction.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations natiowide.

Same thing for me. They hacked into my computer. Charged me $249.95 to repair it. Then another call to check my computer. Another $176.00 to repair it and I refused. They killed my computer. I filed with my bank and credit card company so maybe I can get the money back. I finally got a screen to appear and reset the computer. Took several tries turning it on and off. I blocked them from my phone. All from India

Oh my God! The exact same thing ALMOST happened to me. Yesterday I received a call from a couple of young men who claimed to have been from Microsoft. The young men seemed to have had Middle Eastern accents. They called me from the fake number of (885) 847-8965. One of the guys told me that Microsoft was receiving multiple errors and warnings from my computer and that someone was possibly trying to gain access to my computer. He went on to tell the numbers to my Windows 8 account and told me that no one else knew those numbers besides employees at Microsoft and myself. He then told me a bunch of different things to do on my computer and the Windows 8 account number that he had originally given me showed up on my computer. After he proved to me that the account numbers matched up, I actually assumed that he was a legitimate caller from Microsoft. (Grrrr!) Once he realized that he had convinced me, he put another man on the phone and this fellow gained remote access to my computer and I actually sat and watched as he turned my antivirus software off (he told me that shutting it off was necessary in order to remove the thousands of viruses that my computer had supposedly accumulated). I was told that there were so many viruses on my computer that it would crash hard if I didn’t get them removed soon. After working on my computer for a while, he told me that everything was hopeless. He told me that the only way that the problem could be fixed was if I updated to Windows 10 and bought an antivirus from Microsoft that cost $199 for silver and $259 for gold. While we were talking, some software that was supposed to have been Windows 10 was downloading to my computer. After I told him that I didn’t have the money, he told me that all of my computers, tablets, and phones would crash because of the viruses. I continued to refuse him and after a while he told me that I could have Windows 10 for free. We were suddenly disconnected. At that very moment I knew that I had been had. I turned my computer off right in the middle of downloading the program that was supposed to have been Windows 10. I was afraid to touch my computer all night. When I finally turned it on this morning, everything seemed to have been fine except all of my backgrounds were black. I noticed too that when I went to Word, I had to click on an agreement just like I did when I first got the software. The only thing that Norton found were a few medium threats that were quarantined. In spite of that, I know something is wrong. Is there any way that Microsoft can check? Is there anything that I can do?

If you've been a victim of a tech support scam;

  • Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.

File a report with the FTC at

Same scam they wanted me to allow access to computer by entering windows key/ R to run program and then type Almost fell for it. Hung up on them. They claimed calling from Microsoft and my computer was sending error reports. I looked at my event viewer and no errors have been sending or reported. This occurred 1/20/2016. Their number was "Out of area" and they had foreign accents.

how do I get my money back.Mark told me just go to my bank and they would give my money back.what a lie.the guy could bareley speak English.nitor connect llc

On 3/31/16 I was the victim of an online scam by Techarex LLC. I had to contact them within 5 minutes or my computer would be shut down because of a virus. There was audio as well as a page that made it seem like microsoft. They said they were bases in Texas, but that they were in India and got all of the overflow calls when Microsoft was to busy. I gave them remote access; they showed me the virus files and said because of the severity it would be $199 or I wouldn't be able to use my computer again. I paid on debit, they proceded to bring up programs on the screen that made me think they were fixing it. After logging off, my roommate told me it was a scam and I proceded to cancel the card and call     showed that they hadn't removed any of the viruses by showing me the same folders then I paid them to fix the issue. Troy H

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you post here on the blog don't go into the database.

I just received a phone call less than 20 mins ago. The guy said his name was Charlie and he's from CA. (My caller i.d. says from "Washington"). Charlie said that he was from Windows software and that I had several viruses on my computer and that he can help me if I "opened up my computer". Charlie had a very heavy accent and didn't sound like American to me. He knew my name, but when I responded "that's not even my name", Charlie hung up on me. I tried calling his number back..425-668-9652 and had no luck.

The Fake Windows Support techs are now calling the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC area. Called me several times in one day. Tried using different people and disconnected me several times. Couldn't get me to go to my computer. I told them that I couldn't get to my computer and would call back. disconnected. I asked which version of Windows..XP? Oops... Call disconnected. This phone tag went on with different senarios most of the day.

Received two calls today, he says Ryan, 516-213-4878, says he is from Microsoft Security and needs to look at my PC. Comes across the caller ID as Unknown Person/Phone Number, am able to hear other people speaking in the background.

I received a call from Ryan Phone number (218) 393 8103 He said he was from Microsoft.He did the same thing to me and I was told that he was able to see the problems with my computer from Microsoft.That he was able to fix the computer for $135.00 There was charged $99 after I told him I would like technical service for 3 years to fix my computer for problems. He charged me $99.00 to my credit card and never sent a receipt for the service that I requested. He is a scam and he called me again and said he never said he was from Microsoft. I am 73 years old and understand English. He is just an offshore scamming company and goes under many names I- Tech NIAS Solution etc.

I got scam by a company claiming to be with Comcast cable some kind of promotion co. Put 200hundred dollars on a green dot card will upgrade service guess what I got taken. What goes around comes around. Love to meet up with these cowards. Stay on your toes out there. Good luck

My name is Daniel and I think I have been scammed by Mchelper I had trouble with my email so I look up on Google hotmail support and mchelper come up and i rang and they asked me for my name date off birth phone number and credit details and they got me to purches this plan from them which costed 59.99 us dollors on my credit card and they charged me 78.67 and it is still pending in my account if I new this was a scammer site I would not have called them what should I do now

You can contact the company and ask for a refund, and contact your credit card company. Explain that you didn't authorize the charge. You can file a complaint with the FTC at

I still got this 78.76 in pending to mchelper they told me to go to my bank get a statement scan it and it to there email so my bank can realease the payment what should I do

If you send someone a copy of your check, or you talk to them and tell them your bank account number, they might be able to take money from your account. Scammers can take money from your account even if you don't send them a check. 

Some scammers say they want to refund your money, and say "tell us your bank account number and we'll give you a refund."  But if you give them your bank account number, they can take more money. 

If you used a credit card and did not get something you paid for, tell your credit card company that you want to dispute the charge.

I expierence this scamm,they use a military man,i want to get back my m0ney,but h0w,wel 0nly g0d kn0ws

Do Not let anyone from a company called ETECHPRO gain access to your computer. Plain and simple they got me this morning. Dumb on my part but with all of the call centers going overseas you don't know who is telling the truth and who is lying. Dell and Microsoft do not and will not call you about a computer problem. Scam all the way. Closed my accounts and had Dell scan my computer for malware and viruses. They said it was clean but time will tell.

Have received 5 phone calls from someone w a thick accent from 1 661 748 0241 who claimed to be tech support for Windows. Wanted me to purchase computer support from company KBK Support2URPC. They directed me to support2urpc and wanted me to enter my personal information. I did not do so. Received same call from same sounding voice 4 times. The fifth phone call was from same voice with different name who then told me he was calling to refund my money (that I had not given him). When I told him I was reporting him to BBB, he began singing "I want to f**k you".

My parents just got scammed for $2400 from a company called Helptech 24/7. They are claiming that the internet service will be be turned off unless they can get remote access to the computer. My father was very upset about this and gave them access. I am still trying to figure out how they got him to send money via western union, but I'm really pissed off and I think Western Union should have a policy in place that double checks where money is being wired to. Seriously, a 70 something person comes up to a desk and wants to wire that type of money to a strange address I would question what it was for. PLEASE get an alert out on this.

Western union has got their fraud department, so if you could have contacted them, probably they would have helped you to refund your money, I have done that for one of our customer who was cheated for USD 845 By a fraud company, claiming to be from refund department and he had the western union form filled by the customer. After 2 months of rigorous followup with western union fraud department and customer have entire money refunded back to customer.

Here is the western union fraud department phone number:

Fraud Hotline

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud, call the Western Union Fraud Hotline number at:


I got scammed by 365Tech support to the tune of $750.00.
They got my info from my LINKED IN account. Could not sign onto my hotmail account and when I searched for tech support the search immediately hit in their bogus site. Disputed this charge on my VISA and initially was re-imbursed but 365Tech fought back and my VISA reversed their decision and I had to pay. I will be canceling this VISA card, to say the least. Ultimately cost me over $500.00. They had access to my computer and it took me a week plus a virus protection plan for my MAC as well as a complete diagnostic by BEST BUY's GEEK SQUAD (and I sincerely thank these people, they were awesome!). Lesson MY EXPENSE.

I also have been a victim of the above call from an Indian accent that says they are from Microsoft and will fix my computer. I managed to get past this event now the recent scam is to call and say that they are behind the bar and need to refund the amount they took from me and they need my information in order to send me a money order for the amount. Can you believe that I fell for this and again and once again became their victim!!! There must be some way to stop this! I called Charter my phone company and they said that phone numbers can be blocked by entering the number and then enter star 60.

were they called Live Tech. Support? I purchased a program for my sister and they have notified her that they were no longer able to service her computer because they are not able to work with Windows. They want all this information from her and then me as I purchased it so she gave them it, they informed her that she did not have adequate money in her account.
what did you do and did you ever get a refund?

I to have had calls from these people. The most recent one was tonight. They said they were with the better business bureau and the Federal Trade commission. They wanted me to print out paperwork. I told them I no longer owned a computer and they would have to send the paperwork through the mail and I need proof that they were connected to these agencies. They hung up. Maybe now I won't hear from them any more. I have 2 numbers that they have called from one in Washington 425-668-9652 and the other from New Orleans. La 504-208-4234. Guess they will try anything. Trying to locate the number for the FTC to let them know that they are being used in the scam now.

I to have had calls from these people. The most recent one was tonight. They said they were with the better business bureau and the Federal Trade commission. They wanted me to print out paperwork. I told them I no longer owned a computer and they would have to send the paperwork through the mail and I need proof that they were connected to these agencies. They hung up. Maybe now I won't hear from them any more. I have 2 numbers that they have called from one in Washington 425-668-9652 and the other from New Orleans. La 504-208-4234. Guess they will try anything. Trying to locate the number for the FTC to let them know that they are being used in the scam now.

I have been getting calls at all hours for the past 3 months from someone with a heavy Indian accent with a lot of noise in the background from other operators. They also insist that my computer has a virus. I have asked them numerous times to lose my phone number. I don't have caller ID but by backtracking on my phone (*69) I got their
calling number: 555-335-4567. Is there some way to permanently block this number? Thanks

Could not get into email and new one starting over without contacts or anything I had on it before so called the number at the bottom of the screen for customer service with microsoft. Their payment to rework after hacker got in was 239.99 made payable to VAP Blaze and gave confirmation number 13348000239. They can be contacted at 800-218-8589. I am kept out of some of my C drive lists and one of my bank accounts and cant get help until tomorrow...Are they legit and with microsoft as I was the one that called the number at the bottom of my hotmail page.

I received this call Monday, December 16, 2013 at 6:50 AM. It was from a person by the name of Rynn Snith who said he was calling from Microsoft Certified Technical Department. He said is this and gave my name and my home address. He said "Microsoft has been monitoring my account and they are seeing a series of Virus Alerts and Virus Error Reports on my computer. They fear that there is a foreign hacker trying to get into my computer and it may crash at any time. If I will please turn on my computer so they can see what these alerts and reports are all about." I said where are you calling from and he repeated Microsoft Certified Technical Department. I asked, where is he located and he said India. He spelled his name for me. I said how do I know you are who you say you are. He said if I would please turn on my computer and he could verify. I said, no give me a number I can reach you at. He gave me the telephone number in 2 digit sequence 30 34 02 04 00 which comes out to 303-402-0400. I told him I would call him back. He said he can verify my computer by using the CLS ID # - do I know that number? I said no, what is it. He gave me the number. He said the way I get to the CLS ID # is to click on the Microsoft window and the R key at the same time; then click on CND; then click enter; then click ASSOC; then click enter. He said that that is a confidential number and only two people should have it – Microsoft and me. He asked again for me to turn on my computer before it crashes and before the foreign hackers get to it and so he can see about the viruses. I said I would call him back. He said I didn’t give you my toll free number. I asked what is it and he said hold on, he was still there, I said what is the toll free number and he again said hold on and then he hung up.
Scary – called my IT Dept at work when I got here. They said they weren’t aware of this one but it seems like a scam.
I googled 303-402-0400 and this is what came up – they are like Ticket Master.

Choice Ticketing
(303) 402-0400
1200 28th St Ste 305
Boulder, CO 80303
I called them and they said I assure you that we did not make this call and don't know anything about it.

my pc was frozen, could not turn off. Unplugged and restarted. Very soon after got a call on my cell from "microsoft" worker with india accent. Could barely understand him. Told me my computer had been hacked and talked me into helping him get into my computer to find out what "they" had done. Reassured me with phone number and website selling "microsoft"repair ware. Said my pc was 89% corrupted and was going to get his supervisor on the phone to help me. Same voice, different name. Said I am unemployed and can't buy anything. Went to my bank, changed cards. Took computer to reputable repair shop and they confirmed he was a crook. All he got was my interests on pinterest. What a jerky way to make a living. Screen all calls, if it's important they will leave a message. India or africa accent don't accept and don't call back!

Just got a call from 212-055-3557 caller ID says New York Caller. Heavy Indian accent trying to tell me my computer has a virus and needed to be fixed right away. I hung up told them I did not have a problem. These people are actively scamming. This happened 12-18-2013.

I am amazed that people actually fall for this. I get this call monthly, I lead them along and waste their time so they won't have time to call others. Then I ask them when you talk to your parents are they proud of you? Our child is a scammer!

I paid $286.00 to a company that listed themselves as "Apple support" they talked me into team viewer and told me I was being hacked. Then they showed me all the threats. They did fix the issue I called about. I paid them for a 2 year plan covering 2 computers, cell phone and tablet. They installed their software on my PC. The icon was there until I called a number listed with Lexmark printer service. This was just a printer issue. I was tired and stupid and screen shared with them. They told me I had 932 errors and threats and my computer would crash at 1000. They had me connect up to them. Team viewer didn't work so they used another system. I still thought I was talking to Lexmark tech until he told me he would do work and then if it was good, I'd pay. The rest is a long story I won't bother you with. The thing that really got me was when they said the tech who I paid to fix my PC and install malware was a scammer and this man who kept saying he was from India knocked that tech icon offy screen and told me not to call them because they would lie. I knew this was a scam by the inconsistencies and the fact that he told me Norton wasn't working.
The number I called was 901 612 2108. They told me they were in India. My caller ID said TN. The tech was haha, Luke with a thick accent.

The other day I called a 800-275-8806, thought I was calling my printer manufacturing Epson. I couldn't get my printer to align. When I called the guy with a very hard to understand foreign accent asked for my phone number to call me back, he called me back with the same number you called 901-612-2108 which on my phone also shows TN. Anyways, he immediatly said he had to get into my computer to solve my printer issue and through the process next second I knew he wanted me to pay $120.00 to have virusus fixed, for an extra virus protection and to clean it up to speed it up, he supposedly had to do all of these things before he could help align my computer. I then said, I have someone I already use for all of this and it only costs me $50, and said I only need help getting my printer aligned, he starte getting very pushy on me, keep in mind he earlier in conversation he did say he worked for Epson, and I finally got upset as well and said I wasn't calling a sales department thought I was calling a customer service/technical support department. Then he started to get hostile with me, that was when I could tell it was scam. He ended the call by telling me to enjoy my miserable life! Scarry! The only reason why I called the number was because when I searched EPSON technical support this was what came up, and they even had the Epson logo, I had no clue I wasn't calling the manufacturer. Thankfully I did not give him any of my credit card information. At one point he did ask me if I did banking on my computer as well, and of course I answered him because this was before I knew he wasn't with EPSON. The guy who fixes my computer said this stuff happens all the time, he always advises his customer to NOT ever allow anyone direct access into your computer. He then advised me to turn off the internet from my computer until he could fix the issues I was having.

I get this call monthly as well . They are using people's numbers from all over the United States, how they do this I am not sure. I was called sweetheart and honey to get me to go to my computer . I argued with them on a few calls. Other times I would act like I was mentally handicapped and keep them on the line for an hour . Once I was in a bad mood and I told them that the party in question had died and we are having her memorial service right now . Would they like to send flowers or a donation . Haven't heard back in months. LOL

On Jan 10, 2014, my neighbor got a call from someone claiming to be Microsoft Support Center who said his computer was infected was a virus and was interfering with other computers. His credit card was charged for $99 by All Time Tech Support. The also have a bogus website. His computer locked up after they "worked" on it. Beware of unsolicited calls claiming to come from Microsoft tech support or Microsoft support center. Microsoft never makes calls like this unless you first initiate a call to Microsoft about a problem you are having.

TECH SUPPORT SCAME is alive and well want to get into your computer and fix virus. What else do they get while they are in there.? Tech Resolver 877 502 3467 Young woman with an accent indicating possibly India calling from 212 712 2122. Said I would call back and she gave me the 877 to return call.

These guys actually hacked in somehow. When I couldn't sign in to email account a window opened with 1-888-560-8264. I thought I was speaking with security and they managed to get me to buy services. Worst part is they have several numbers from which they called: 661-748-0241 & 888-464-4450.
When I confronted them with my security concerns they told me NOT to call credit card company. They are relentless and should be in jail. The caller (s) gave names such as "David", Justin" etc...all with very heavy accents. Have closed accounts and blocked calls.

Yesterday a woman with a heavy India/Pakistani accent called to inform me that she was from Windows and every time I went on line I was sending out malicious emails. I asked her if she really thought I believed what she said. She said I should because she could shut my computer down. I told her she was lying and was going to hang up She said okay, lose your computer. Her number is 212-712-2122, but it traceds to a Verizon Land Line in NY which I already knew, but reverse lookup on wanted to charge me for the name and exact location.Another scam to me. I wish I could charge them money on their credit card. There are a million people out there trying to scam you...

Got this call today (in Southern California. I don't have caller ID and reverse call back didn't have it, but the scammer told me he was calling from 1-800-490-7454.

My gmail was sending out random emails and googled a "certified gmail specialist" and someone got one of these Indian POS. These guys proceeded to tell me that hackers were currently stealing all of my crtical information and they needed to be stopped immediately. I ended up charging my credit card 300 usd for them to fix my computer for one years service. After thinking over this irrational decision a few hours later, I realized I had been scammed and called my credit card company to refute the charges. They were very diligent and I got my money back. The problem is after one year (almost to the day) I still continued to receive these calls from these Indian POS'. One call in particular, he told me that I had viruses on computer and that I needed to pay them to take care of it. I asked the guy to call me back in a hour after I took my machine to the apple store for a second opinion. Never got that call back. I ended up deleting my computer and storing all my information on a external hard drive for safe measure. I got several of threes calls after this, then I just blocked the number.

hook line and sinker. I fell for it many others I got the phone call. they said they were from Microsoft and had been monitoring my computer and found numerous viruses fell for it all even after asking all right questions. gave them access to my computer. kept telling them that computer wasn't fixed.they called back yesterday and said they were sorry they couldn't fix the computer and wanted to refund my money plus 100.oo for my troubles. I fell for it and gave them access again, they said they would show me the transaction. they ended up putting 2,500.00 in my account and then called back a few minutes later and told me I had to go to western union and pay them back the 2,000.00 they over paid. they gave me a name and INDIA send it too. I didn't do it in time and wasn't going to anyway till I called my bank and credit card company. I checked my bank accounts today and they took the full 2500.0o from another account deny they took the money and now are harassing me and threatening me. I have closed all accounts and waiting for what's next! they of course got my I.P. ADDRESS and trying to make it look like I made the transactions.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam to the FTC and why it matters.

Got a call from 234554321 several times in the last few days, it's not a whole phone number so finally decided to answer it today. Heavy Indian accented man asked for me by name then went on to tell me it's time for my annual scheduled maintenance. I asked what company he works for and could not understand him, I say my pc is fine. He says you may think it's fine but just let me have a look, I say nope, he insists I let him look at my pc so I said what kind of idiot do you think I am? I know about about you scammers and there is no way you are gaining access to my pc and hung up. Had to have a little fun with the guy but watch for that number it calls me over and over on my cell.

Reading these experiences makes me feel a lot less dumb! I own a Xerox Printer on a maintenance contract. Fri, Jan. 10 I called Xerox to tell them my printer was down. As usual, they said they'd have a tech call me. Monday afternoon a tech called me. He did not say he was "from Xerox" (first clue), but he did say, "I'm calling to fix your printer" (heavy India accent - not unusual for Xerox techs). Asked for remote access (again, not unusual for Xerox). Then convinced me my OS was so old and infected that it wasn't communicating with my printer. Yep - hook, line & sinker. I own/operate a print shop and my Xerox printer is our bread and butter, so I believed him and bought Windows 7 for $200, and was promised 6 mos. free support. "Frances" at PCSupportNerds ( 1-800-246-7990) and "Adam Lawson" bungled my system up so bad, I couldn't do anything for 3 weeks!! The first week I called everyday, sometimes 2x, to have them fix something. The next week, NO SUPPORT! Adam asked Frances if he promised me support and (of course) Adam denied it. It cost me another $200 to have MY geek fix everything, not to mention the income I was out by being down for 3 weeks. Xerox, of course denies they had anything to do with it, even though I asked repeatedly, "How did they know my printer was down? How did they get my number?" I suggested (and I'm sure it went into File #13) that they re-check their security, becasue someone hacked 'em or someone's selling info.
PLEASE PLEASE pass the word and tell everyone you love to BE CAREFUL!! Ask questions, get names and numbers, hang up, call back, demand something in writing, check with Windows, Xerox, any related (or quasi-related) company!! My banks says, tough luck, you authorized it, you own it. "I can't get no.....satisfaction"

564-578-5465 called again and wanted to "FIX" my computersaid they were microsoft, last time they called they used a local computer store name, and this time I told them I was away from my computer, last time I told them it was out for repairs, 1st time I asked them what operating system was I running and he said windows ;I said wrong I'm running linux and he hung up. I don't give out info to callers that call me , I don't trust what the caller ID says, they are spoofing a lot of the time, why they get by with that I don't understand, a terrorist could use spoofing, and taking my computer hostage would be a form of terrorism to me.

Got a call from 'Tech Plaza' claiming my computer had several infractions and that he needed me to be in front of my computer so that he could gain access to fix the virus. Guy had a heavy perhaps Indian accent. I asked him several times what company he was with and what his name was and couldn't help but keep giggling the whole time at how ridiculous the whole scam was. He asked me why I was laughing before he hung up on me. His number appeared as unknown caller on my call display.

Received a call from Indian accented male who claimed to be from windows technical department. He stated I had a virus infecting my computer. His call back # was 543-21. Since I was at work I told him to call back at 8pm. I called my tech dept at work who stated this is a scam. When they called back I asked for a their phone # he gave the following 1212885880. When I called the party answered windows technical dept. the number was incorrect.

My 84 year old mom was scammed by these guys from tech resolver and they did get full access to her computer using ammyy software. She did get this information: there phone numbers 1 845 262 3348 & 1 877 502 3467. Name Bill extension 1011

Receiving calls fr people claiming to be from Microsoft. Always have a foreign accent. Picked up the phone and a man says he's fr Microsoft and he's calling about my computer, I say what computer, he hangs up. Received a call today fr a woman, same phone number only it's not a phone number really saying she was calling about my computer. I said stop calling w trying your scam or I will report you, she hung up. The fake ph number is 325-000-0000 and says its from New York. Have had two other calls I didn't answer from that number.

As a veteran spam fighter and well known geek, I wasn't about to be taken by these guys. I received a call despite being on DNC about 3 weeks ago, another one today. I let them walk me to even viewer where they claim anything listed there is a virus (even the defrag notice, I asked). I finally got tired of hearing them tell me they were from Microsoft and that I had a polymorphic virus that only they could fix. I explained that I was not impressed and they should be ashamed of themselves for ripping off unsuspecting people with bogus claims. The guy gets a supervisor who tells me that "you don't f***ing know anything" and hung up. I received another call later in the day from another number with the same claims. I explained I was on the Do Not Call list and he began to argue about how he was helping me. I told him I had reported the previous call to the FTC and he said "you just go to hell then" and hung up. Since I have had two more calls from the same number but with only a recording that says "goodbye". I would love to get these guys. If I knew someone at the ftc would take action I would sacrifice a spare pc to let them "fix" it while being tracked.

I just received one of these calls. I am not very computer savvy but I am very cautious when it comes to unsolicited calls or the internet. Like all the others here, a man with a heavy Indian accent said he was from Microsoft and was calling about virus downloaded to my computer from a bad website. I told him I hadn't been on my computer in the last two days and hadn't downloaded anything. He said it had happened in the last 10 - 12 days and gave me the whole spiel about it being dangerous for my computer. He told me he could walk me through a program to clean out any viruses. He wanted me to run the program eventvwr to find the virus. Then he could help me get rid of it. I told him I did not know who he was and needed to verify he was a legitimate Microsoft rep. I said I would call him back. He gave me the number 347-338-2307. I said if you are really working for Microsoft why don't you have a toll free number? Then he gave me 1-800-492-3960 and said to ask for George. I called back the 1-800 number and the man who answered (also heavy Indian accent) said the company was Global Business Machine. I told him why I was calling and he said the company was a contractor for Microsoft. He started with the same story about having a report of a virus in my computer downloaded from some website. I told him I had been on vacation for two weeks and no one had been on my computer in that time. He said this had happened some time in the last 6 months. I told him he was full of crap because the first guy had said two weeks. I told him this was a scam and I was going to report them. Then he said the call was over and hung up. Don't trust anyone!

Like the other comments have said I also have received these calls. today so far I have had 6 calls each telling me that i need to go to my computer and follow their instructions to get rid of the viruses on my computer. The first time I asked how a windows tech can help with my Apple computer. they hung up... I do not have an Apple but I figured it was a scam so I was basically testing him. Then with the other calls I did play with them by telling them to please hang up. I need to call the police as there is an unwante person in my house. I also answered the phone once by thanking the caller and telling him that the Department of homeland security was tracing all my calls and would they be kind enough to repear their name and the company they were representing and that I did not need their number since I have caller ID. the next time they call i am going to tell them that i have 10 computers running long reports and would they please hold on until these reports are finished/ Got to think of some more silly scenarios so I can aggravate them like they are aggravating me. Since they are so ridiculous with all their stupid calls I just figured they were good for a little joke back on them. after the next call I will tell them that I have to call them back once I get all the blood cleaned up. don't know what the rest of the scenario of that one will be.

I told them I was with Microsoft and asked for their badge number. They hung up.

Just got a another call tonight, this is the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks. I asked for his the main 800 line of his company, caller was unable to provide, but said he would call me back. When he did he further explained that he was from Microsoft. I did not believe him and I am glad I looked in to this. Reviewing the post and talking to friends, I can confirm they are working on consumer in MD.

Received our third phone call from "Microsoft Technical Services" this week. The caller's name was "John Smith" and he was calling to tell me that my computer was reporting error messages. I repeated his name and the company he was with and asked for his badge number. He wanted to know why I needed it. I told him that I wanted to know exactly who I was talking to. He said "John Smith" with Microsoft Technical Services. I told him that I knew that his call was a scam to get access to my computer and that I was reporting him to the FTC and FCC and he said, "go ahead," and hung up.

Caller ID indicated "Unknown Caller" at 000-000-0000. Earlier in the week, caller ID showed 979-230-9479, which is the number that has been showed for this call for the last month.

Please, please, please FTC -- do something about this. Many naïve people, including the elderly, are getting hurt by these people.

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Some guy said he was from Dell tech support, that my pc had a virus ,malware and someone was trying to hack my pc. I asked for a callback #, he gave me this # 661-748-0240, said his name is David Thompson, employee I.D. DLL420. I called back the #, turns out to be a Skype # that I could not connect to. since when did Dell start using Skype to make calls????? "NEVER" that's when.

It has been a couple of years since I recieved my first call. Same line and same people by the sound of it. They called themselves NIAS and yes, I fell for it and was taken for $500.00. When I checked them out and found they were a scam I told them to quit calling and enjoy the $500 because they weren't getting anymore. So after some more calls, asking for access to my computer, which I denied, I recieved a call from a purportedly different company that wanted to give me my money back. All I had to do was open an account with Western Union. Right!! A quick call to Western Union shut that down. They had however, gathered enough information during all thses calls etc., to attempt opening credit card accounts in my name and in the name of an Indian woman. I was able to stop these but it took over 6 months to clear up all the damage they had done. In one case I had a credit card charge at a gift shop in Moscow, Russia!! Botttom line is, is NIAS covered by this court judgement and is there any possibility I can get my money back? Appreciate any info or help I can get.


Phone call from etechpro stating they were a Microsoft company. Stated my computer had been hacked. I fell for this at a cost of $400. Five days later my year old lap top crashed. These people are criminals and need to be put out of business. Don't answer phone number 940-594-9906.Take it from me!!

I'm in the UK and fell foul of these scammers 3 years ago costing me £160. I've continually been plagued by calls from them since. The "contract" has just run out and today I had an interesting call, again with an Indian accent, claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission, explaining about recent court cases against scamming groups and suggesting that I can be refunded the £160 pounds I was scammed out of. We didn't get very far as my computer is out of order at the moment - but why did I need to use my computer? Is this just another variation on the original scam or is it legit? An answer from the FTC would be useful.

If there is an FTC case against the company you made business with and there is a refund process in place it would be posted online here. You can call the company administering the refund process on the number listed on that site.

If you received a call or email from someone claiming to work for the FTC, take down their name, contact the agency’s headquarters at (202) 326-2222, and ask to speak with the staff person. If you believe that the person who contacted you claiming to work for the FTC is a scammer please file a complaint at 1-877-382-4357 or online at You can also visit the website for more information on cross-border consumer complaints.

They called and said its a issue with Comcast network and it's used by people in Nigeria. He took access to Remote Desktop and took all the files that he needs. Requested to pay $200 / $400 for a level 12 support. They are cold blooded Indians. They run the website, they have a toll free number and they try to get the google ad displaying them as Comcast customer care. Their main intention is not to produce malware or adware. They are interested to get the money from you and gain access to your credit cards. Stay aware from them. You will never be able to call them back as they are high tech professionals who does hacking full time.

I got scammed by Right Help Desk no too long ago. I have a Mac, and all of a sudden my computer really slowed down. My internet service is with Comcast so I looked up Comcast on the internet. Somehow the page I first looked at appeared to be legitimate. For all problems with internet service, it gave me the same 800 number..wish I could recall that number. I called and got the usual hit 2 if I want this, hit 3 if I want that, etc. The same message I always used to get when I called Comcast so I figured it was legit. I indicated that I had a problem with the internet and my call was forwarded to a man with a heavy accent. He said that they at Comcast couldn't help me because I needed a level 12 technician. He referred me to two companies; one that I would have to call and make an appointment and the other that could offer immediate assistance remotely. Of course, I called the one that could help immediately. This supposed company called themselves Right Help Desk. It took them just 10 minutes. They said put all my appliances (computer, IPhone and iPads) on a table together and to leave my computer on. In 10 minutes they called and said everything is now working and charged me over $400. I got concerned when my computer was still acting up and called Right Help Desk. I asked them where their main office is, and I was given an address in Massachusetts. I did check that address, and it turned out to belong to a finance company. I got concerned and put a stop on my bank account, and then called Apple as I have a MacBook Pro. Apple assisted me immediately at no cost because they said it was a Security issue. With their remote assistance my service started working properly. Apple said that I was likely scammed as the other service had done nothing. I immediately contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint. I don't know what happened, but I still see Right Help Desk on line.

Received call from a guy claiming to be Microsoft Tech Claimed my computer has Trojan Virus and he could clean it up. His name was Rick Williams 1-818-602-4422 charged $199.00. Company is Vadivel Creations

Received a similar call on December 17, 2014. Names were Shawn Michael and Sam Smith. One posed as tech and the other was supervisor. I allowed computer takeover and they installed what I discovered was free downloads. The tech actually placed the shortcut to his supposed information on my desktop. I told them I could not pay the $249 for their services and was told not to worry. Asked me if I had heard of paypal and they proceeded to set up an account for me. Paypal even sent receipt through email. On Jan. 9, I called Paypal to dispute transaction as a scam. Spoke to their fraud dept., filed report with FTC, and called Equifax to monitor my credit upon Paypal's advice. Before Paypal account was set up, I was to make payments to Vadivel Creations. Numbers from which these supposed Microsoft Techs called from were 888-630-4413. Their helpline was 302-482-8155. Another number was nonexistent: 888-123-5678. Another number associated with the scam was 735-540-6088. Now I answer no 800 or calls whose names don't show up on my address book. They can just text!

did you ever get your money back?

Got the call saying they were Microsoft techs and my computer had a bad virus. Charged me $360. Company is Opton pc care at 7025835515. I had to call Microsoft to go in and clean out all they had added on my computer.

Advanced Tech Support scammed me out of $300 for fixing three of my PC including Mac Book Pro with Windows 7. The company also promised to fix my PCs within a year. I called the company some months ago and found out they are getting sued

I could not send email on my Gmail account. I called what appeared to be s Google support number. The support person with an Indian accent told me that my gmail had been hacked and was being used to send spam and he could fix it and show me and that he needed access to my computer. Desperately and foolishly I gave it to him. He showed me three remote areas that was purportedly was using my account. I was transferred several times to people who confirmed what trouble I was in. Finally I gave them my credit card for a $400 charge. They fixed it. But the whole thing felt strange to me.

I called Google who referred me to the FTC to file a complaint, which I did. I also changed my credit card number, changed passwords and disabled my online banking.

My question is: If I dispute this charge, since I was scammed, am I letting myself be a target for them to gain remote access again to my computer and cause harm or be subject to harassing calls. If I dispute the charge, will the revenge cause my lots of trouble?

I had a pop up in my internet explorer and another pop up of notification that said I had a potential virus on my computer. I couldn't exit it out of my internet explorer and had to call this number - 844-515-3774(Is this a really Microsoft tech support number?) The person I talk to asked me for remote access (I give him access) and ask for credit card information. I told him no and fix the problem on my own. I would like some feed back on if the number was legitimate.

A few years ago my friend here received a phone call from a person with India accent trying to sell her magazine subscriptions and did a nice job of phone bashing and putting her down with foul abusive language until she gave in. She never paid for the order though.

More recently, once or twice a month I get fake tech support callers wanting to fix my computer. Very irritating. I usually tell them to get lost and then hang up.

I received a call from these folks today saying that my mom's Windows computer had downloaded a virus yesterday morning. Considering the fact that the house only has an Apple computer, I went ahead and researched "Tech Support Benefits" online and came across other posts identifying this service as a scam. Once I saw that, I called the people back at 1-800-492-3960 to verify that they'd try getting remote access. Playing along with them, the "support tech" claimed that there would only be a "nominal cost depending on the criticality of the issue." As stated on previous posts, they tried to guide me to the computer management features of my mom's PC. Once at that point, I called them out on their scam and asked them to never call again.

I received a warning in a pop-up on my computer. It had the name Microsoft at the top. It said my computer was infected with malware and viruses and that I shouldn't try to get rid of the viruses on my own. It could make my computer crash They provided a phone number 1-844-5720. they said they had Microsoft trained technicians and could help me. Since the pop- carried the Microsoft name, I figured they were legit. They screwed up my computer even more. I am now going through my credit card company to recover my money. So far they have returned $100.00. The card company is trying to get the other 100 back. Their name is Global Access Technical Support. Their rebate came from "Signature Computer".

Same happened to me yesterday, now my computer is going to a friend to fix but my main concern is what they got off the computer. I didn't give them a credit card so my money is okay. Did you have any problems with identy theft since they scammed your?

I keep getting calls from unlisted and out of state numbers claiming they are calling from Microsoft tech and asking if I am aware of the virus. They are urging me to log into my Outlook account. Once I said that my IT security department handles that, they hung up. I am so tired of getting these calls on my cell phone, too.

I just received a call from All Time PC Support 855-999-8043, is this a scam? The guy said his name was James Adams and he had a really strong Indian accent.

Get these calls routinely. Have reported them to FBI & to FTC. Thery continue. ( no matter what you say)

On Sept.21,2014 I was on my computer when a alert from my McAfee protection popped up warning "Potential Dangerous Program" I tried to close it but it kept popping up , so I went on my secure McAfee site. I clicked on tech support and was contacted by chat asking what was my problem I told them and was told that a tech would be calling me in 5 to 10 mins. a person name Edward call stating he could fix the problem. He had me type in to (log me in .com)and took control of my computer he then informed me that I was being HACKED as we speak people are opening accounts in my name in Nigeria. I said I just going to disconnect my computer he said it would do no good that they in phone and tv as well, but he could stop it for a 3yr. anti-hacking plan at the cost of $600. I said I have McAfee he said you don't have anti-hacking. I was so frightened that I got my husbands credit card, but I told him I could not afford that , so he drop to $399 so I gave him the card info. They had control computer for over 3Hrs.Then Edward handed me over to another tech who then informed me that I have Malware also that he needed a another $200 to remove it. I told him I have no more money he asked if I had another card that I could give him I refused, So Edward got back on the phone and he would fix it .I then got suspicious and called my daughter on my cell and gave me McAfee 1-800 number and I called them they told that these people were not affiliate with them , but go ahead a let them fix my problem and call them first next time! THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS!!!!!!!!! When my husband got home I told him what had happened ,he called American Express and was told by their rep that there was no charge pending call back in which he did on Sept.22nd. He talk to another rep who told him that she would (FLAG THE CHARGE AND NOT PAY IT)she even canceled the card and issued a new one! Well on my husband next statement it showed that they paid it!! We are still trying to this date April 1,2014 trying to get our money back AMERICAN EXPRESS is treating us like we are the criminals! We also took the computer to a certified tech who did a complete systems check which revealed that these people TECHINTIME LLC did not install any Anti-Hacking protection plan!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT AND OUT CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell for the scam twice, paid hundreds of dollars. Never told anyone because I felt foolish. Yesterday a Skype call, same accent, different approach? I Was to get my money back, as the company had lost their licence and in order to stay out of trouble they need to return my money. For that purpose I was to download certain forms and fill in details. I told them, no time now, call back tomorrow. I called Tech Fix Now billing department. An American voice said this was not from their company as claimed in the Skype call.
I tried to probe for the reason the Skype caller had lost the licence with no satisfaction, just the question, did I want my money back or give a statement remixing on the offer. No, I said, I do want the money back but by check and not by giving my credit card number. Predictably that was not possible and the caller sounded impatent. I mentioned I would have to have my lawyer look into the matter. That suggestion brought about an angry and indecent remark and I hung up the phone. Two more scype calls followed, but I did not pick up the phone.

It's good that you didn't give them your credit card number. This sounds like a Refund and Recovery Scam. That happens when scammers buy and sell lists with the names of people who already have lost money to fraudulent promotions. The crooks may call and promise to recover the money you lost if you pay a fee in advance, or ask for your financial information so they can "deposit" the refund in your account.

If you get a pop up on your browser for computer support and are asked to call a phone number of 1877 899 4824, do not do it. They try to tell you your computer has been tacken over by hackers and then refer to a company called ASK MASK LLC then want to sell you computer protection of 1 year or lifetime with a crazy amount. Disengage-give no information-they are not in control of your computer. SCAM ALERT. Had this occur on my computer and it has taken up a big part of my day to be sure my computer is properly protected. Beware! Switch your browser immediately and block their # from your phone!

I got this AskMask one yesterday while browsing on my iPad mini. They claimed that the phishing warning that had their phone number comes up on all Mac and iPhone products, but they do not claim any association with Apple. I finally got the bugger off the phone and found the setting to turn off phishing warnings, removed Safari saved data and rebooted the mini. All good now, but they guy was trying to send me to a place that would charge for "fixing" my problem. SCAM!!!

I can't believe I fell for it. I've hung up on the text support so many times and really am very protective about my passwords. Then today my computer froze up and a pop up came on with my computer voice saying loudly to go no further my computer has a virus and to call Microsoft tech immediately. I called the number and from there they got access. It took a bit but my brain started functioning and I realized it was a scam and I had let them in my computer. I told them to hang up but before I could shut the laptop they opened my camera up and I quickly shut my lid and then turned off power. How did they get me? I'm smarter than this! They got no credit card info but who knows what they got on my computer. What's frustrating is the site they were working through showed as a safe site on my internet security. It makes you feel so insecure, I had no idea they could freeze up your computer and make it talk to you and then be able to work through a secure site. Who can you trust anymore?

I received a phone call from this people this morning. The guy had such a heavy Indian accent, I could barely understand him. I think they do this on purpose to confuse people. After spending a half an hour on the phone with me and gaining access to my computer, he tries to sell me a so-called anti virus. I refused to pay and said to him "You can sign me up if you like, but you need to wave the registration fee." After trying to convince me to pay without any success, he said good bye and hung up. Good thing I had an instinct not to trust him/

I receive these types of calls every 2 weeks or so. It's almost always an Indian-ish accented guy who says he is windows tech support and my computer is showing viruses that need to be remotely removed. They always give the wrong location according to the caller ID. They try to support their claim by providing info like your correct name. They will also have your RS ID number which you will verify as correct, which is how people fall into trusting them. It is important to know that more likely downloaded some sort of Spyware that can be erased while in the computers safe mode. The magic ID number they provide is found in any email that you send- it's all embedded in all those numbers and letters sitting at the bottom of the email which goes unnoticed. They get your name that way also, so if you understand how they acquired that meager info, you can be more alert. Once you start following their directions and enter the keystrokes they tell you, you are probably giving them remote access to place a real virus. I don't know what to if that happens. Prevention is the key in this case.

Got a call from Shawn from "Windows Tech Dept" in NY, saying that I have errors or malicious files and my computer might crash. But they could help me. He started off by having me press the Windows Key and R so that a run box opened up. Then I was supposed to type in "dcomcnfg" and ok, which gave me a box entitled User Account Control. At that point my security alert wanted me to confirm changes to my computer, which I wasn't about to do, of course. The program that they wanted to run was called "COM+". I demanded to know was the COM+ program was all about so he said to type "www.livetechoncall" so I could verify their existence. Naturally, my search engine brought up this article and I said you're a scam and ended the convo. Creeps. They tried calling back but I wouldn't answer. Their phone number was 646-588-9578. Shawn had a thick Indian accent.

The scam is still going on. Got the pop up message today and was to close out the message. Called the phone number provided spoke to Stephen Rossi at V Tec Support in Ft. Meyers, FL. He sounded legit and had very American. I allowed him access to two of our computers through Time Viewer website. No charges and I did see information on the computer that I did not realize I could access. I was told that computers were running slow and infected. He recommended service through Staples or Office Depot and offered information to give to computer service department. Finally realized that there was a sales pitch that must be part of this "service". No hard pressure sales and he easily completed call when mentioned I had to confer with my husband. Now worried about allowing him access to the two computes and angry about the initial pop up window "Warning" that wouldn't close.

I had a pop up on my computer the other day with a warning and a phone number. I called the number for Boss Tech. Geof said they work with microsoft and he could fix the problem. I told him I had it fixed a month before with the Geek Squad and he said they missed a lot of errors from 2012 and that the Geeks outsource their repairs remotely to India! So, I believed him and I was charged $200 for repairs, cleaning and unfreezing my computer. I found out later from Microsoft that was a scam! But my computer works great now! My son ran some scans and took out what they put in. I'm afraid they'll keep calling me if I stop payment on my card and if I change my card!! So, does any one know who Boss Tech is and if this was a scam? And should I report this to my bank and to FTC? (They are from Florida. Phone # 855-602-6550 and 855-416-2677)

If you believe this was a scam, you can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at If you were charged for something you didn't recieve, contact your credit card company to dispute the charge. If you gave credit card information to someone and you think it's a scam, contact your credit card company.

Well, I have been scammed as well,like everyone else I felt helpless. I paid $200.00 and all was well.I was told by a friend to change my password so we'll see what happens. Any advice;?

If you've been a victim of a tech support scam

  • Get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem.
  • Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too.
  • Let us know by filing a complaint at

Phony Microsoft support indians called & had me scan for errors & warnings in my event then told me to connect to from 305-356-9999x3010 Says he is from Microsoft. He wants access to your computer. Just hang up!


If you've been a victim of a tech support scam, get rid of malware that the fraudsters may have installed. Download legitimate security software and delete anything that it finds as a problem. Change any passwords that you gave out. If you use the same passwords for other accounts, then change those too. File a complaint with the FTC at  If you used a credit card to pay, contact your credit card company. If you gave them your bank account number, contact your bank.


I see our story is very similar to most above. The scamming company was Knock to Tech out of Surrey, Canada. Their "pop-up" followed the closing of a LogMeIn123 session for legitimate tech support from our POS provider. Screen flashed warning of virus infection; unfortunately my business associate fell for it and clicked in and made a connection with them. They showed him "virus files" in the computer, etc. and wanted $470 to "clean" the system, and he gave the debit card number. Next call was to our usual I.T. vendor who advised of scam and came to the rescue. Dispute has been filed with the bank (of course the card had been charged right away)and we expect reimbursement. Live and learn. Will definitely take the next step of filing complaint with FTC to make sure Knock to Tech is on their radar.

Does it put one at risk to report a scam to the credit card company and to the FTC if the scammer has your physical address and IP address?

When you report a complaint to the FTC, the information goes into a secure database that only law enforcement agencies can see. You can decide how much information to provide when you report a complaint to the FTC at

If you want to know how your credit card company shares information, contact their customer service department.

I was called about a year ago and told that I had a computer virus. The man had a heavy accent and stated his company name was Capstone Tech LLC and the number #631-511-4425. I thought they did a good job but now I am frustrated because I can't reach them to do another check on my computer. The fee I paid was for lifetime coverage and now the number is no longer in service. When I googled Capstone Tech LLC this company states that they don't do computer virus checks. Geesh!!!

I just received a phone call from a woman with a heavy accent from the phone number (761)425-8937 who told me I had viruses on my computer and she urged me to sit in front of my computer so she could help me. I asked her to specifically tell me where she was calling from and she told me VAP Secure. She told me the viruses on my computer were being sent to a national database and that if I would go to my computer she would be able to fix the situation for me. I told her I found this interesting because I don't have a computer. She asked "Well then how do you check your email?" I answered, "My phone". She hung up on me. I receive these phone calls often and I'm aware of the scam so I always handle it the same way. It's very frustrating and it's a shame that people who don't know are being scammed.

Received a similar call from 781-425-8937 from a heavily India-accented man from the 'Windows Department' and could not understand anything else he said. I said we had only Apple computers here and he said the problem was in Windows for Apple. I suppose if I could understand what he was trying to say I might have listened further but his accent was so thick I could not glean any information from what he was saying. He finally hung up when he realized we don't use Windows, Linux or Windows for Apple. Wrong scam for us. Perhaps these folks don't check the FTC for how well documented their phone number is for scamming folks ...

I was scammed with a tech group saying it will fix my crashed iOS , I gave them my debit card # , they charged me 50 dollars for the repair. But I found out I was able to to it my self. I was scammed! Should I be concerned with that company getting more money from my account ? 18445915982 is the # I called for the tech help

If you give someone your debit card number they can take money from your account. Contact your bank and explain what happened.

Thank you So Much.. Nice Information... 1-800-745-6302 this the tol free no of Windows 10 Technical Support Help - SCAM - Stealing from Elderly - install virus and then show phone number to call and charge up to $400 to remove the virus they installed.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

This FTC article tells how to remove malware (meaning malicious software) that someone installed on your computer.

If you want tech support, look for a company’s contact information on a software package or the receipt for your computer. Don’t give control of your computer to someone who calls you out of the blue. He might guess what computer software you use or say he detected a virus on your computer. He's trying to trick you into giving him remote access to your computer, or paying for software you don’t need.

Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone who calls and claims to be from tech support.

If you have fell victim to Live Technologies, I would advise contacting your bank and working with them to dispute the charge by first asking for a refund. Live Technologies refunded the entire amount charged to my CC.

What do you mean? Is Live Technologies not a reputable organization?

Unfortunately my mother-in-law was scammed by one of these calls. The call came from a "tech" named Patrick Wilson, with a thick Indian accent, who called from 1-800-857-1898. He claimed he was from Microsoft, but billed her using a company called Mea Solutions Remote Computer Support Services. They billed her $99.95 and actually emailed her a receipt using the Mea Solutions name. I'm trying to help her get her money back while spreading the word to others not to fall for this.

Had something just like a lot of these happen about a week ago. Company is called Tech Squad Now and there website says they are in MD. Wife got a pop up on googles main page that looked like a windows error message saying the computer was infected and had another small pop up saying to call 877-775-0127 for help. She called and by the time I had gotten home had already let the guy into the computer. He said we were infected with a trojan and the whole network was infected. Tried researching it while on the phone and their website looked legit and I couldn't find the name mentioned in any scams so I ended up paying $70 for a one time fix. They called me back when the installation was done and even gave me a reciept. The next day, I ran my own virus software and found 2 viruses still on my computer and got rid of them. Since then, I have been called three times by them claiming that the program they installed was incompatible with my computer (even though they ran a "scan" after installing it and showed everything was good) and they want to get back on my computer to uninstall it and refund my money. When I refuse to let them on, they get mad, hang up, and immediately call my wife. Lol, they don't like it when I answer her phone too...
They are dedicated though, while trying to sort this out, I called the number back and spent over an hour on the phone with a "manager" while he tried to convince me that they were legit and whoever was calling me back about the refund was not with them and that they had recieved several complaints about that and were looking into it. It's always someone with a heavy Indian accent and it has been the same voice almost every time except for the "manager". He has claimed to be Jordan, Paul, Justin, and a couple other names.

I just phoned Microsoft 132058 Australia, asking for help to print my return address on Envelopes. Microsoft Office Word said they would only tell me how to fix problem if I paid $120.00 for Subscription! IS THIS A SCAM OR WHAT!

Hi i have a gentleman claims he is with Mc Helper that they are moving to America his name is Jasan claiming i have mulitable hacks on the computour and wants £300 +for payment to give me better cover Wanted my credit details to give back £124.00 i payed earlier in the year i acidently put bank details and have my bank account hacked because of it and has called me every day this week and left 4 messages on my house phone Saturday. I have also in the past have Microsoft people phone but have just put the phone down on them . can you help fed up with constant calls and when i don't answer he wants to know why .He is very polite is it a real call or a scam (i will not be giving him any money though )

thanks hope you can help meant to be home recovering from a op cant do that with the phone going constantly

Wow. I too partially got scammed by Live Technologies. They did charge my cc but I never returned the email confirming the transaction so hopefully the cc company can get my money back. They also tried another ploy. They showed a refund in y bank account for $2000 more than the original amount and acted like it was their mistake. Somehow the were able to show that in my bank account. They wanted me to wire them $1900 to correct the error. I called the bank and also checked my account balance with my phone and the amount was the original amount. How they showed a higher amount on my computer I have no idea. These people are good at scamming.

Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I am not sure whether I have been scammed or not. Yesterday I experienced a situation very similar to those described here (details below) & by last night I was sure that I had been scammed. Today I spoke with a representative of Geekstechs and he did (eventually) agree to refund my money. I have gotten an email confirmation of the refund (but not the money yet). So now I am not sure whether they were legitimate or not.

Here are the details, in case they can be of help to anyone:

As I was using an incognito web browser, the screen suddenly become covered with crash-like error messages and my computer started loudly beeping every 15 seconds or so. A pop-up box came up saying that "Comcast + cable customer" your computer had encountered a severe virus attack, warning me that damage, perhaps irreversible, would occur if I tried to close the browser or shut down the computer, and giving me a phone number to call (855-385-3335).

I called thinking it was my ISP tech support - the person told me that they were contracted tech support. I realize now that he didn't say that they were working for Comcast, just implied it. In any case, he asked for remote access to my computer which I foolishly gave him. He then proceeded to run something using the command prompt; while that was running he ran some software which claimed to find over 1000 adware cookies on my computer which my anti-virus/anti-malware software hadn't found. I was asked how often I had a "professional" clean up my computer & told that it needed to be done every 30 days or so.

When I said I had already paid for service from the store where I had bought my computer (Best Buy), he told me that though they were good I had to go in person to get help from Best Buy's Geek Squad (that they couldn't help me remotely the way he was doing -- this turns out to be false). He then brought up the Task Manager & showed me how high my CPU was running (30-75% capacity) & then tried to delete files in the prefetch folder but they immediately "undeleted" themselves, which I was told was a sign of a serious virus. I again mentioned trying to get help from Best Buy, and he said I could do that but it was dangerous to shut down the computer and start it up again with the virus on it and that there was no telling how much damage the virus would cause if I didn't remove it right away. I should have been more suspicious of this as I had already had to reboot my computer while talking to him due to a problem with my wifi adapter (a problem I have had periodically for several months). He then showed me the result of the program in the command prompt window which said my computer had over 2000 suspicious files on it. I ended up paying $399 for a service plan in order to get immediate help from "a more highly trained" tech. The first tech even wrote my "confirmation" to their email contract, which he used the remote access to send from my email.

While I was waiting for the second tech, I did check the CPU in the Task Manager & it seemed to be back to normal (ranging from ~15-30%). I also managed to delete the prefetch files without any problems.

I watched the second (more qualified) tech's work closely - he cleared out some cookies but no viruses were found. He installed a couple of different antivirus software programs, ran them then removed them. He installed an ad-blocker, looked at what services my computer was running, changed my screen settings and moved around all my icons. I wouldn't give them my password for the computer for a remote reboot, so he had to call me to reboot. At that time I told him that I felt like I had been scammed.

I was then asked to speak to a supervisor who tried (and failed) to convince me that they were legitimate. I asked her several times to explain how their phone number came up on my computer in the first place if they were not affiliated with either Comcast (my ISP) or Microsoft or HP. She claimed that the phone number was not for Geekstechs LLC but a general number that many different tech support companies use & it was just the luck of the draw that I had reached them. The only phone number for Geekstechs, she told me, was (800) 705-0186. Then she said that there must have been something wrong with my computer or I wouldn't have called tech support and that they had fixed my problems. When I pointed out that Steve (the first person I talked to) had said that I had thousands of virus but Ash (the second tech) had only removed a few cookies which my other service could have done for me, she offered to give me an extra 6 months of coverage for no added cost. Eventually she said that they did have a refund policy.

Next day, when the scheduled follow up phone call came, I again said I was unhappy and felt that I had been scammed. Steve (the first tech I dealt with was the follow up caller), after some talk, did offer me a full refund which would be credited to my account within 10-15 business days. I have received an email confirmation of the refund.

Don't trust techie squad an operation with hard to understand heavy indonesian accent. They apparently installed a virus which locked up my computer, a phone number pops up, when I called the number they gave me a price which I paid, in my own ignorance, of $299.99 with a money back guarantee, they did not repair the problem and then when I requested a refund they did not give me one. This needs to be investigated.

Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

Transaction Receipt from Tech Support Centers, LLC. for 299.99 (USD) Internet scam. Just charged $299.99 for fake tech support that took over my computer and broke into my accounts. Made me sick. Spent the last 4 days in the hospital and my kidneys collapsed. All directly caused to being ripped off.

I was on the internet at my home PC when a screen came up without provocation which read something like "Warning: Your computer is infected with major viruses and malware. Call this number for immediate help and protection. 844-871-3435. Do not do anything else on this computer. Do not reboot or shut it off. We are a Microsoft Support Technicians Group. Call this number immediately for help."

I called the number and the technician told me that I had major problems with my PC and he talked me into letting him remotely access my PC to clean it up and restore it to good working order. He told me that he would charge me a fee to do this. When I asked how much he said $500 but told me that I would pay twice that much if I took it to a PC repair store like Best Buy to have it fixed. I agreed to the terms and after I paid with my credit card the technician ran a software scan and installed virus/malware protection software onto my PC. He told me that I would be protected for 3 years.

The next day I told my son about it and he told me that he thought I had been scammed. My son came over to look at my PC and he discovered that the only thing that the technician had installed on it was 'Microsoft Advanced Security' software. I am using Windows 7 and my son told me that this software that the technician installed is a free download that Microsoft provides for its Windows software customers. So this company, which calls itself '1 Hour Support' (, 844-871-3435), charged me $500 for installing a free Microsoft download onto my PC. I do feel like I have been scammed by this company.

If you paid for bogus tech support services with a credit card, call your bank or credit card provider now and follow their instructions to dispute the charge. The credit card provider will open its own investigation to determine if the caller lied to get you to pay for the “repair” services, and will contact you within two billing cycles with the results of the investigation.  

For more information, check out Tech Support Scams and Disputing Credit Card Charges.

That happened to me about the same time only when the warning came up I exed out of it and turned my laptop off. turned it on again about 5 minutes later. When I got a phone call, this is what I did. They keep calling me; I beat them at their own game. I say, "I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER", they keep insisting and I keep saying it over and over no matter what they say. BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME, NEVER OWN UP TO HAVING A COMPUTER AND THEY WILL BE GONE. THEY'LL SAY GOODBYE.

If someone could give me some reassurance/advice on this subject that would be great. I received a pop up that made a loud noise and did not allow me to do anything on my laptop, the only option it gave me was to call the tech support number, which then a gentleman told me he was with "abc tech repair" showed me their website and made sure to point out they were affiliated with Microsoft. After him explaining to me I probably have viruses I (stupidly) allowed him access to my laptop wirelessly, where he showed me different Trojan & miscellaneous viruses. He said he can get rid of the virus & clean up my laptop only $250. Then for $400/3 years he will download a security program (I had never heard before) I told him I was willing to pay the 250, however not the $400 for the security himself, telling him "I can't afford it" he then said he could "speak with my supervisor and explain your situation, he will understand" after a couple of times of reassurance he told me he would do everything only for $250.... Which is when I became worried, went from a $650 bill to $250 just because I couldn't afford it?? Yeah okay. However my stupid self should have trusted my gut, he asked for my name, email address, and billing address, which I gave him, then asked for my credit card number, finally deciding to listen to my gut, I closed my laptop & ended the call. I was unable to shut off my laptop (he had control and my mouse would not work and once I closed it I've been affraid to open it back up). The gentleman called 4 times, and left a voice mail, on the last call I my husband answered the phone and told them I was not interested. It only happened a couple hours ago, should I not open my laptop? I changed passwords to my main social networks & banking websites that he might have been able to gather my information. How concerned should I be? should I file a report? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

If you gave the caller your credit card number, contact your credit card company and explain what happened. Watch your credit card statements in case the 'tech support' company makes an unauthorized charge.

The FTC videos about protecting your computer from malware and what to do if your computer is hijacked have information to help you.

Got a call last night from a fellow with a strong India accent, who said you're the owner of a computer aren't you?. Right away I knew what he was calling about, and I said I don't need any computer services - don't call me anymore. He kept talking and I kept saying don't call me anymore, and then he hung up. I added the phone number to my call rejection list, but I'm not sure how effective that is.

If they want they will use many different numbers to call you...I have been getting from 4 to 10 calls per week for over 2 years from them. I block the number calls from another...blocked so many that the limit has been reached on my phone and from the provider...more than 50. All the ones calling are with Indian accents. Never an American accent...tell em do not cal back and then they want to argue so forth and so on...nothing but harrassment!!! I hope they don't do you this way. I am to the point now that I could beat someone to an inch away from the grave I am so frustrated. I'd have the number changed but have had this # for over 40 years and would never get everything changed to a new one....Good Luck.

I have you all beat. About a month ago I received my laptop back from Hewlitt Packard, some of the keys have been popping off, they fixed it but when I turned it back on I had all these windows telling my there were viruses on my computer. I called Hewlitt Packard and they guided me to these tech support guys, who I couldn't understand, but they provide professional software for up to five years. Everything was fine but three weeks later Anthony Hopkins calls me, hey were are going out of business and want to refund you your money. So I let them on my computer (1st mistake) then they tell me they have refunded 2,250.00 to me by mistake and need the money back before they can reimburse me the proper amount. They tell me don't check my bank account(2nd mistake) because they are setting up free software for one year and right now the viruses can get to my bank account(second mistake). I did look at my bank balance and it looked like it had more money in it then normal. That was just because some checks had not been cashed. They stay on the phone with me and have me go to western union to send them their money back. I go but they will only take cash to transfer money. Next to the screen it says "Beware of anti-virus scams(Third mistake). I actually read that to them over the phone. He says sir if we were going to scam you we would take all your money. Needless to say I went to a walmart and sent them a money gram. The next day, when they told me they would call me back to refund me my money, nobody calls. I call Hewlitt Packard and they transfer me to the same guys that set up my software the first time. I tell them what happened and they say "Sir were not going out of business we have been in business for ten years, that was not us that called you". So I got scammed, bank won't give me my money back because I willingly sent to to them. Filed a online report with the FBI, and federal trade commission and both are a waste of time. I called a private investigator and they said honestly we would help you but they are so hard to find it would be like we were stealing money from you again. And I have no way of getting it back. The weird thing is the guy keeps calling me trying to return me my money but keeps wanting to get back on my computer to do so. No way in hell that happens. I wish I could find this guy.

I got scamed for over $1000.00 in the year of 2015 by a guy named bernard ruth davidson on facebook who claimed to be injured in the military and he took $1500.00 from me. I later found out that he was not the guy he was claiming to be. He messaged me on facebook. I found out the guy he was claiming to be was a soldier who was killed years ago at war. How can I get the money back? Is there any way I can get my money back. You can find him on facebook. He claimed he lived in ohio and he has a picture of him and a 3 year old eating a cookie in two pictures and one he has of them in the pool while holding the little boy. Please look him up on facebook and you will find him. He has his name as BernardRuth Davidson please catch this man and arrest him. I need that money back. Je claimed he would pay me nack when he got home. He claimed he couldn't access his money at his bank while he was in the service and I have to back the money to tje place I got the loan from and I ain't got the to pay them back. I draw disability and I am in a wheelchair. What can I do to help you guys catch this man

You can report a scammer to the FTC at and to your state and local consumer protection agencies. But if the scammer used the name and pictures of another person, it'll be hard to show who you really sent money to. If you sent money by wire transfer, you can report this to the wire transfer company.

I am really sorry to hear that your good heart was taken advantage of! The story sounds very similar to a friend of mine who was stolen from by a family member that used the money to give a person on fb that said they were in the service. Did u report that person's page to Facebook? There should b a way to do so. Prayers

i just received a lengthy call from victor (SR tech) support, saying my computer was slow and a trojan KOOBFACE was the culprit, he insisted that 499.99 will fix teh problem, i told him i wont pay he said his supervisor just sent him a message that a discount was applied now at 299.99, after repeated aying i wont pay brought donw the cost to 199.99, and after i mentioned that im no longer interested in his product, he brought it down to 99.99, i knew its was a scammer, so i told him its cheaper if i download a free antivirus aND TROJAN REMOVAL APP online, and he got furious. the contact number he used is 1-888-619-3999 his name is victor (sr tech). im so glad i dint give him any credit card information or personal information;

I forgot to add that my moms computer got a virus & completely stopped working so she had it taken to an actual computer repair place. They found 5 viruses on it!! Idk that much about computers but I wonder if 4 of those were put in her computer by the scam "fixers" I also wonder how much of my moms private info they were able to get from the times they did have access to her computer. They called her saying someone tried to hack her so she let them in then another time they called & wanted access because they said it was running slow. I answered the phone that time & told them it was running fine & denied them access. My mom is such a wonderful person & very trusting so I think it is hard for her to imagine the worst out of ppl. Whereas, I'm not as sweet & I don't trust ppl so it is easier for me to spot scammers I guess.

My name is R. L. and I live in Phoenix, Arizona (phone ) On September 26, 2015, I received a phone call from someone saying they were from Microsoft Tech Support and that I have a badly infected PC. Since I don't know much about PCs, and since my PC was running slow, I let them take control of my PC. They showed me 3000+ errors, viruses etc. that the full version of AVG protection didn't protect my PC from.

So I paid via credit card $350.00 for lifetime protection. Then they called saying they had made a mistake and wanted to give me a refund of $400.00 (the extra money to cover the charges of sending them $2,100) I told them I felt very uncomfortable with this, but they said, "don't worry because we are going to send you $2,500." At this point I saw that they had hacked my Chase account and moved $2,500 from savings to my checking account.

Then they didn't fix my PC and I was told to send another $2,500 and they would send me $4,600. BUT CHASE bank froze my account and said they needed me to no longer bank with them. NOW I am in a real pickle! So they said they would wire me $4,600 (and I have the notepad note stating this) In the meantime my PC is STILL not working.

So I called them and they said they had not received the $2,500 which sent by Western Union. I called Western Union and confirmed the money I sent had been picked up. They said, send ANOTHER $2,500 and we will wire you ALL the money no worries and fix your PC. I said "NO" I got in touch with COX, my internet service provider and in touch with their tech support and for $99.00 they took control of my PC and took all the "backdoors" attached to my PC.

The "They" that did all of this is a company called Ray and Day Del. in India. The first person I talked to was someone by the name of Steven Martin (phone 727-235-6462) email         The next person I talked to was someone named Christian Wilson (employ ID: 22649) Phone number is 2192322183. So I lost: $350.00 Master Card $2,100 wired to Vishal Singh in India (reference no. ) via MoneyGram $2,500 wired to Yue Chen in China (tracking number  ) via Western Union (which Ray & Day Del claimed they never received) $99.00 paid to Cox Tech Solutions to help fix PC ... I am still having some minor problems TOTAL loss: $5,049 FOR THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY I COULD HAVE BOUGHT 3 NEW HIGH-END PCs!

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put on this blog don't go into the database.

My mother was just scammed this morning. Back in August she purchased an Geek squad repair and security package for her computer. They said she overpaid and wanted to refund her the 399.99. Coaxed her into letting them remotely access her computer and said they could direct deposit into her bank account. My mother is 81 years old. Not techy is any way, so she allowed them not only the access but also her login information. They deposited 2399.99 "accidently" and then wanted her to wire the extra $2,000 back to them via moneygram. This raised a red flag so she hollered at me to come over (I live next door)and said I think I'm in some trouble and being scammed. So I took over the phone call and they insisted on the refund be wired to them and if we didn't, they threatened to drain her account of $10,000 if she didn't wire the $2000 back to them. I explained to them I would feel more comfortable calling Geek Squad and speaking to a supervisor and then would send a cashiers check, because it was a Saturday and since the transfer was still pending, they could simply just have the bank cancel the transaction. The man (with a Asian accent) got very irate and started yelling at us. I instructed my mother to get on her cell phone and call her bank and close her account asap! I kept the man on the phone asking questions and stalling so she could get the account closed. Which was successful, but then she later went on her account and found that he took a cash advance from her credit card. These men will go to all lengths to scam you. Please be careful! They were very rude, they yelled at me, called me a cheat and a stupid woman....I laughed and said who is cheating who here? He finally admitted to this being a scam but if I didn't wire the money they threatened harm to my parents, threatened to drain all their bank accounts, and threatened to crash their computer. I unplugged their computer from the internet and forced a shut down on it. But that didn't help, they were still able to access the accounts via remote access. They took a cash advance from their Visa card since we froze the bank account. Had there been more available balance on the Visa they probably would have taken more. We cancelled the Visa and reported the incident to the banks fraud dept.
These men were very upset that we were able to stop their scam, after I hung the phone up they kept calling back several times, I didn't answer and they left threatening messages on the answering machine and the threats do scare me, especially since they have access to all of the information in my mothers computer.

Please report this to the FTC complaint database at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Thank you for sharing this story.

I was hacked! same story from the geek defenders llc. how can the regular Joe on the street, stop this?

This FTC article about tech support scams tells how the scam operates and how  to protect yourself.

You can share the article with your friends to help them avoid a tech support scam. The URL: is

just so sad that the internet and computers are no fun anymore:(

Like everyone else above, I fell for the call that my computer is going to crash. I had previously hung up on these types of calls, but for some reason listened to this (I'd had some problems with my computer anyway so thought it might be legit...guess not). After talking to several of their operators, supposedly of different "levels" I got a service tech, Ben Williams. He was very friendly and we talked about a lot of personal things. He even opened a Skype screen and actually took a photo of me! OMG, I feel so stupid to have fallen for this. I did allow them to charge $310 from my credit card, then later got an email that this amount was being refunded within 7 days because I "was not satisfied with their service". I called my credit card company at 1:30 a.m. since I couldn't sleep for worrying and the (Indian-accented) rep told me to contact them in 7 days to check on the refund. I'm going to call in the morning to dispute the claim now, but my concern is identify theft. Has this been happening to people who have been scammed by etechpro? This is eating me up inside. Who else besides the credit card company can I contact? I'm actually afraid to do anything on my computer now!

If you give someone control of your computer, they could  download viruses, spyware, and other unwanted software on your computer. This FTC article about malware tells you how to check if your computer might be infected with malware and how to get rid of it.

This article has tips on what to do if you think someone hacked your email accounts. And, learn more about computer security and how to protect your personal information.

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