Global Connect technical support scam, part 2

Last fall, the FTC shut down an operation called Global Connect, which sent deceptive pop-up messages to people’s computers. The pop-ups claimed the computers had problems when they really didn’t, and the operators scared thousands of people into paying hundreds of dollars each for tech support services they didn’t need.

We recently learned that some of these same people are getting called again. The callers claim to be working with the company the FTC shut down, sometimes using the name “Global Connect.” People report that the caller asks for remote access to their computer, either to reestablish service or to process a refund into the person’s bank account. 

Don’t do it. Never give someone who calls you control of your computer. Instead, hang up and report it to the FTC. And, in this particular case, none of the companies involved in the FTC’s case against Global Connect should be calling you. They have no legitimate reason to call you – and, anyway, almost all of them are out of business. But, if you get one of these calls, be sure to tell the FTC. 

Visit the FTC for information about how to spot and stop tech support scams, including what to do if you’ve already given a scammer your passwords or remote access to your computer.


Almost got me got scared when asked to many personal questions,WOW

Remember an extremley important concept that tech support scammers don't follow; as a general ruule, YOU call Tech Support, not the other way around. If anyone calls you about a tech support service, not you calling them, you can tell they're up to no good.


Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad the FTC was able to shut down these people. I have gotten a couple of phone calls from this group, but deleted them as I am on top of taking care of what goes on with my computer and phone. I also love I can put a block on the robo calls I get on my I phone. I love getting all the emails I get warning all us Senior Citizens about all the scams it in cyberspace and the ones I get from AARP. Keep up the great work!!

I have been getting calls lately by phone that there is aproblem with my computer. The caller, a man with such an accent that you can hardly understand what he is saying, says he is with the Windows support team. I just hang up on him.

Hope you rememgered to tell him he works for Windows FRAUD Dept. before you hung up. It will do no good but it might make you feel better.

I ask the idiot to wait while start up my computer and put the phone in a kitchen drawer. After a few times of that, i no longer get calls.

I have had those SAME calls!! The guy with the accent even called me back and cussed at me (because I told him I knew it was a scam)! My caller ID said it was "Howard B & B" and the number was: 208-766-2529

What I like to do is keep him on the line and ask him what he is talking about. I ask him how can I have a problem with my computer since I do not a computer. So how can you connect to a computer that I don't have. I just love to bust their chops.

Get similar calls but they say the are with Windows,

Good job keep up the good work

Thanks for assisting us the public with this scam.

I have a pop-up coming up on my laptop that says, because my Vista is not being supported, my computer's security is compromised. How is it that Microsoft security is tied to Vista?

Vista is a Microsoft Operating System!!!

I think that you may be confusing "VISTA", which is an older (circa 2002) Windows operating system with "VISA", which is a credit card company. (Which you may have used to purchase your VISTA operating system! LOL - yes, I made a small joke there.) Either way, don't fall for any scam - someone asking for remote access to your computer OR someone asking for your credit card information. HTH (Hope This Helps)

I was one who almost fell for that scam ,but when we got to the end of the conversation and he asked for my cr card I realized it was a scam.

I got a call this morning and hung right up once he said he was calling about my computer's operating Windows system. This is a disgrace and I hope the FTC can shut these con artists down once and for all.

Thank you for this information. It is very helpful and I wish I had known about it earlier but thankfully aside from losing 6 hours of my time trying to investigate no harm was done

Here are the numbers i recd lately and they say ERROR ..SCREAMING THIS and all shuts down from working on nothing but this. just takes computer scared .but here are numbers not to do 844-826-4020--844-448-6619 Hope this helps ..they are not microsoft. Think it the same ones they shut down and they are going out of control .This just happened to me so be careful

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

2 pop-up messages on my 2 computers but I didn't get the phone number! Message said from Microsoft but I looked this up on Microsoft's web page and it said they do not include Microsoft's phone number! So, I guess this is a scam! I will have both of my computers checked out but I did a security scan and nothing was found!

I have the pop ups also. I reboot my computer when it popped up as it would not let me out. scanned the computer just to be sure all was good.

I have gotten popups that say a virus has infected my computer and I need to contact microsoft because they(microsoft) are going to lock me out so they don't get the virus and to contact them immediately and the only way to get them off my blue screen they put up is to reboot and run a scan and my computer is fine. It pops up every so often.

I received the same pop-up when I ignorantly clicked on a news blurb saying the Queen passed away. It scared me and caused a lot of research and time changing passwords. The number shown was 888-214-8187.

I've been getting pop-ups also, in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen. It says Warning - your computer may be at risk then it gives this phone #844-763-5838. For EMERGENCY Technical Support call immediately then under that it has (hcs.exe just crashed on your system) Then it gives that same phone # again. I just click on the X and get out of there. Getting tired of these scums trying to scam everyone.

Be careful clicking on the 'x.' Some of these scammers spoof the 'x' and when you click on it, it is the same as clicking on an embedded link. Better to hard reboot. I had the same thing pop-up on my screen and we have a robust firewall!

Microsoft does not call you! This is a scam! Go to Microsoft's web site and you'll find a lot of good info.

There's a lot more companies out there scamming people mainly veteran's when their down and financially hurting. How do I know because we were last year.

Got called...told the guy who barely spoke English he was a scammer and to never call again...he called the next day! Was called continuously the last time this scam was pulled. My husband just puts the phone on the counter and ignores it. They eventually get frustrated and hang up. (:

I still STILL get calls saying there from tech support saying I have problems with my computer

I got this message a week too late. Someone from Techsvite came on my computer last week with a loud message telling me not to exit the message. They gave an 800 number to call and said I had a virus in my computer. They claimed to be from Microsoft but they weren't. I really got scared because I had been having trouble with my computer and recently added protection that I thought I already had Norton etc. Norton never notified me that my firewall was down or that I had a virus. I made the mistake of calling the 800 number and they talked me into letting them fix it. They charged me for it so I should have questioned it but I didn't. I checked them out later online and changed everything but I did give them access to my computer. I regret it now but it's too late. What should I do? I am going to report them to the FTC.

I too was victim to this with ERROR 268D3 flashing. I have still the phone number they called me on and i was suppose to call them on 844-826-4020 They claim to be Microsoft on mine..Then when i hung up knowing this was a scam and had a virus now because of this (immede/cleaned) they call back with number 844-448-6619
DO NOT give these folks nothing and i should file a complaint ...just saying .Be real careful out there.

I guess they are legitimate.

A few weeks ago, I had excessive popups and my computer was definitely infected. I called the number on the popup shown as Microsoft support. Someone with a thick accent answered and gave me step by step instructions to press the DESKTOP icon + R on my computer and type in goto2assistme. This brought me to a Remote Assist site. This caused red flags in my mind and I was instantly leary over giving someone control over my computer. I began to ask many questions to determine if this was a scam. I didn't trust him & I hung up. Instead I Googled the issue that I was having and scanned my computer using a few different free malware programs - Over 1000 viruses or bugs were found on my computer! After throughly cleaning it I have not had any problems since. So today, while working on my computer, I received a phone call on my cell from an UNAVAILABLE number. It was someone with an Indian accent who told me they've received reports of suspicious activity and viruses on my computer and he would help me clean it. I asked him when did he receive these reports he replied a few days ago. I told him that I am not having any issues. He told me that I just cant see them right now but that he will help me- I asked more questions, again he became frustrated with my questions. He told me to press Desktop + R and type in goto2assistme. He became frustrated with the more questions I ask. I know that this gives the person remote access to your computer, files, passwords whatever. I asked his name and number and said I would call him back. He said his name was Gary and gave me 1-855-481-5399. I didnt call him back but I assume they kept my number from the first time I called. This is scary-never give anyone that you dont know access.

The "Microsoft Technical Support" scammers call our home hard line phone frequently. Irritated, I just hang up.

I was caught with this scam last year. I was getting called by my contacts with my email account. They asked if I had sent a email to them, when I said no I thought someone had hacked my email account. I called the number listed by my email account for support. Was told my computer had a virus and they would take care of it.
I gave access to them and a fee of $149.00 . I know stupid, but come to find out that the number I called to the support for yahoo was hacked and the number I actually called was the scammers. I immediately called my bank and put a stop on the payment from my cc and got a new card and my money back. I learned a good lesson, hope this helps you.

I got scammed a few years ago from these people!

My friend had an alarm go off on his computer and his screen matter what he did, he could not navigate or get off the frozen page. A phone number popped up "for technical help", he called and a company called Technosoft...he paid them $280 to go through his computer and give him "cloud protection" for 6 months. None of the Technicians could speak English very well...this sounds like the same scam.

when screen freezes hit control, alt, delete buttons and reboot computer.

Thank you for alerting us about this issue.

I was having trouble with my computer,they didn't call me, but came into my computer it was weird and asked me to pay. I thought I was doing the right thing as they told me they could fix it. said I needed to pay them and I did! wasn't long after that,that a company from Florida called me claiming I owed them money or go to jail

i never ever respond to those callers,and do have my machine on.thanks FTCfor the continuing alerts.

I told the caller they must have the wrong number. I don't own a computer because I am poor. Must of been put on the do not call list :) Never got a call again

All your missing is a major headache and constant spies. Something that was invented to improve lives has done the opposite. Sick of it.

Received three robocalls 2/21/2017 from "Apple support" telephone 844-757-2612. I will file a complaint.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Everyone, PLEASE go to and connect your land line to nomorobo. It dumps all those scam robo calls after one ring, but allows legitimate ones (Dr.'s office, library, CVS Pharmacy, etc.) to ring through. If everyone gets nomorobo, these robo caller low-lifes will be forced out of business. Oh, and by the way, it's free! I've been using it for about a year, and --- no more robo calls. Good luck!

I got a few pop-ups last year. My computer froze up and I was able to resolve the issue by disconnecting it and rebooting it.

What is driving me insane now are the endless telemarketing phone calls I am receiving. I don't answer the phone and they just keep calling. I must get a dozen calls a day. I wish the FTC would find a way to ban all unsolicited phone calls. It's very disturbing to get so many calls each and every day and night...sometimes even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fortunately for me, I have a pop-up blocker, so I don't get these messages. Even if I did, I would believe they are fake anyway. For the most part, tech support doesn't do a lot of advertisements, and they have everything listed on the official site for Microsoft. More importantly, the real tech support team claims on Microsoft that they never call you first nor do they have the ability to detect problems let alone ask for upfront payments or remote access. On a side note, I did get some of those scammers to leave me alone for a while when I asked them to go in depth on their claims, while others I just said that they call was wire tapped and traced by a government agency even though it really wasn't.

My husband's computer got a pop-up saying it was from Microsoft and that the computer was infected. The popup would not go away. We ended up calling the number, and they asked for remote access. They did clean up the computer with programs that are free to download and charged us $200. We will know better next time for sure.
Thanks for the update.

Phone calls from the fake IRS representative have started back up again. Received one at 8 a.m. about 2 weeks ago. Usually I do not pick up on unrecognized phone #s, but it happened so early I automatically picked up and the heavy European accent started talking. Numbers are: (202) 789-5587, V219193313005619, V216143414003828, and these are only a few samples of annoying IRS calls.

I got caught twice to the tune of $600.00 and then kept getting robot calls that I could not block because, I am told, 800 numbers cannot be blocked. At least, now I know better and just ignore the calls since I have caller i.d.

Recently got a call from a company called Infotech-they told me my computer's brain was broken.I allowed them entry but they just tried to sell me some drivers they said I needed because I changed from windows 8 to windows 10. They wanted $399.00 and I told them I would call them back after I spoke with my brother. Scanned for viruses and malware but everything was ok. Will never fall for this again. The foreigner was such a smooth talker and seemed to be very professional and nice.

Recently, I was getting never ending calls from some people that have an incomplete Caller ID Phone No. #232-434-496_ If you did catch them to talk to before your phone takes over, they lie and say that they have never called before. It does not matter to them that you have told them to stop calling ... they keep at it for days (7-8 times a day). I tried to get them to give me the company name in my second garbled talk with them and was unable to hear what it was ... then got cut off. After that they would not talk to me at all, but still kept calling; even when I threatened to take legal action. Finally, after getting on NO CALL LIST, Reporting to FTC and others ... and just leaving them a really nasty VOICE MESSAGE THREAT, they have finally stopped.

Do not even waste your time talking to these people and do not even give them a chance to try to get your money. They are working off a list with people's names as they asked me right away "Are you Elizabeth?".

Keep getting calls from Livonia, MI, 734-743-2552 and when I see it on my TV screen I do not answer. It bleeps off and my answering machine starts beeping: "If you want to make a call, etc.,"

I am reporting this scam that just happened. A computerized voice called a 0630 and says: "Your computer has been compromised by a Trojan virus!" Please call this number: "1-844-757-2612", Cupertino, CA., for Apple Tech Security. They will correct the Trojan in your computer" When we called, we talked to a Sam, who said "You need to send your computer to Roseville, CA to be fixed, or for just $300, purchasing Apple iTune cards, we will repair your computer and remove the Trojan virus." We became suspicious, but were too late at that time.

So, when we looked up online for and checked their Tech Support & Security, they said "No such thing is happening to your machine, you are being scammed!". We called the local PD who did come to our home and took a report and said to send a note to you as well. The card charge was blocked, but embarrassed that this happened. Sounded very real except for that rapid accent speaking...

Thank you for reporting this to the FTC. This article about tech support scams has some tips you can share with friends to help them avoid a tech support scam too.

Early in January, while dealing with health issues clouding our savvy, we received a scam call from a foreign speaking person representing himself as a Microsoft tech monitoring our computer because it was being hacked in less than an hour. After asking multiple questions to determine the legitimacy, we bit. They had an answer for everything. We provided personal info and credit card and were told not to use computer for 2 hours. After we hung up we realized we were scammed, so we went on line to see how to contact Microsoft. There were multiple listings so we chose one that offered tech support. WE WERE SCAMMED AGAIN, this time the foreign person assured us he was legit because WE CONTACTED THEM. Same routine, we bit again stupidly. Realizing we were scammed again, we contacted our bank and credit card company. Fortunately we were able to recover our hundreds of dollars! We have learned to NEVER GIVE ANYONE ACCESS TO COMPUTER IF THEY CALL!
We contacted FTC to report and followed the info on their website to contact the credit bureaus.
These scammers use several numbers and they call back several times. Our call came in on a land line which we seldom use!

I hope my claim is still being worked on .700.00 is a lot of money to be .

I get these calls daily. They say they are calling from Microsoft and their equipment indicates I have a problem with my computer. Most of the time I don't answer if it is a number I don't recognize, but they have the ability to make caller ID show anything they like.

You do very well, good job....

I get a message from Global connect when I try to access my e-mail and have to go via my home page.How can I get rid of this?

Thank you for addressing this problem. I have been called many times on landline and cell phone by different people. I was even told that they would crash my computer if I don't help them. One botched event with my bank account, I ask what they want, but when they want to access my computer, I adamantly say NO!! When asked why, I say that I do not want anybody in my bank account. They use snooping software to do this.

Both IMACE and Globetechnotonics got into my computer. I had two different credit card companies cancelled cards & give me new cards. I still ended up being scammed out of close to $900. They said they would take me to COURT. They bugged me night an day.

These details will be useful in a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

this h's h'ppen to on sever'l occ'sions

Don't answer the phone unless you recognize the number! If it's important they leave a message. If you accidentally answer and they ask for money,tell them you have to get your FBI neighbor to help you. Play dumb.

Received call today from "Isaac's Technical Services" (347)305-9990 NY, NY Claiming to have received critical messages from my computer and wanted to speak with the owner of the computer! I hung up!

I did too. Got the call today (2/23/17)

When going on the internet to search for computer tech support, There are lots of scams hiding behind reputable computer business names. I was searching for computer tech support and called a listing on the internet which said hp support . I thought I was calling the Hewlett Parkard company and got scammed out of 260 dollars in which I used apple itune gift cards.

The advertisement was HP Support 1 888 268 1198 that I called. He later told me to call him at 844 852-4808, 888 325-8059 this was before I realized it was a scam and payed money with the apple itune gift card. He had told me to call him back when I decided if I wanted the service. The name he gave me was Ronny Carter. I called several days later to tell him I would have them prosecuted if they did not give my money back. The so called supervisor claimed they could only pay it back by putting it into my paypal account. This was of course another scam to get access to do more scheming.

The number on my caller Id this time was +919599699445 no spaces between the number. Like everyones experience above everyone there also spoke with a foreign accent. Sometime they also block there telephone number with the word restricted. I did report it to the ftc. I wish there was a way to remove these lowlives ads off of the internet or a way to alert people that these businesses are scams. Be careful everyone. Don't be naive like me and get scammed out of $260 like me. What a cost to learn a lesson.

need info on company called VTECH Has anyone heard of them or from them?

Dupped. I fell for the scam as we were having a few computer problems, BUT NEVER AGAIN. Thanks for the info: Their email address is: support @ iddyxpro.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I had my computer froze with a loud voice saying.. I have been infected and will shut down to protect Microsoft itself.. There was a number and I called and a yg man answered and said he gets lot's of the same call's and this was a person's home number.. I actually called Microsoft and they wanted 100.00 to fix the problem. I asked why the money and was told it was a outside viruse and they would walk me step by step to fix it and I said that I will try doing this myself.. I fixed it by shutting down and a simple reboot fixed problem... Don't even deal with them if yr computer has a problem..take it to a geek squad store and find out what is going on.Also they will file a claim for you.

You must be aware of the sites so called "Tech Support" where people from India want control of your computer remotely and pretend like they are doing something with your pc when they actually aren't but are stalling time to charge you a hefty amount of money and at the end say's your bill is around $450.00 or so. Makes me so mad.

I did a hard break with alt+control+delete, then rebooted, went to my Norton program to have it quarantined,then changed my password. It worked!

I received the same call from risezone solutions, number was 1800 399 5704

Thanks FTC for alerting us to these scams and for staying current with these issues!

I had a bunch of pop-ups as well and it wouldn't let me out. I just rebooted the computer and everything seemed ok. I just didn't get the phone number.

If someone says you have malware, they can make pop ups look legit. If you see a virus alert in a pop up, actually check your antivirus.

I fell for this one to the tune of $698. Was lucky enough to get a call from same company, different guy, saying don't pay, your grandson can fix it easily enough. I cried on my credit card shoulder and got half ($299) back and part of the other. In a further call from these guys, I told them about the "don't pay it" call and was told it was from a disgruntled former employee. Interesting. I'm still out about $200. To add insult to injury, yesterday I got a call for my visiting daughter, from the original scammer. Told him she wasn't here and not to call him.

about 6 mos. ago almost fell for the computer froze.was told to call Microsoft at it happened again. new phone #888-735-7599.please be aware of these low-life scammers.

Just had this happen yesterday. This guy claimed he was with Microsoft Customer service. I was suspicious but did let him have control of the computer where he "showed me" that the IP address had been hacked by someone in Korea and showed a bunch of files that were effected. My sister just had that happen on her computer yesterday. I called the number and the person on the other end of the lone, with thick East Indian, Pakistanian type accent, tried to tell me the computer had been hacked by someone in Korea. Well, not actually the computer, but the IP address. Gave me "solutions" of taking it and all devices that had been on that wifi to a Microsoft Certified center and it would take 5 to 6 hours to "fix" them and cost $250 to $280, or it could be done via their customer service online for same price and only take 45 minutes. Well a few things did not add up about this, that it was the IP address that was the problem and according to him that was fixed and based on geolocation. I am not most tech savvy person in the world but that did not make sense. So I told him I had to think about what to do and he tried to encourage me to do right away. Closest place for me to take devices was in Austin I would would not be driving there at almost 5pm and then take devices to that place and then when I told him I could not do remotely right now either because I did not have the money... he got kind of snotty. I hung up and called a friend who is a certified Microsoft tech and he confirmed this was a scam effort. He also told me what to check to make sure there was not anything unwanted left in the computer. The catch on this was him giving me a place in Austin to take devices, with address and phone number. I checked on place in Austin and it is a legit store that offers Microsoft Service, but my tech friend says that does not mean they are not in cahoots with the scammers.

They continue to call me with different numbers and I am always calling and reporting the number.

Yesterday, I was checking my bank account on line and could not get through. A toll free # 1-877-230-3056 was on the screen to help customers to reach their account. I called the # and a guy by the name of Shawn King pretending to be a Chase representative started chatting with me. He told me that the Bank will protect my computer against hackers just by giving him the routing # of my checking account to install a protection note from the Network Security for $699.00. He gave me a false ID #01379346201 and a Case # 614152722. I told him that I do not have my check book with me to call me later. Meanwhile, he told me to leave my computer on and to stop using it until he told me so. I immediately called the bank, they told me they do not have that type of service and that Toll free # was not in their directory. I closed the computer and the guy kept calling my phone. My husband picked up the last call and he told the guy that we have reported his scam to the bank and we are contacting the Police. He hanged up. He was also using those Toll free # : 1-800-253-2434. Or 1-860-253-2434

Any bad experiences with Smart Bytes Assist at 800-290-9372

So, the latest Wikileaks document dump reveals that the CIA/NSA can monitor and retrieve any and all calls and computer contacts made in the US and abroad and the FTC cannot trace, block or stop these repeating scammers? Someone is not trying very hard!

Dear User, Someone just logged into your email account using IP at Turkey using IE. If this is not you, please Call at 1-844-542-4116 Immediately

This was texted today. "Gmail supports" let him "talk me through the process" after 5 minutes told him it was a scam and I was reporting him. The actual number the text cam from was 707 339 4048.

844-757-2612-They claim to be from microsoft. They say your license key has expired and all of your services on your computer has been suspended.

Still happening. My problems started in Nov. After fixed (cost of $250) then got a call about my network - wanted another $250, but I sad no, and compromised at $150. Was good for a couple of months and then something else popped up, I called, settled on $50. Last week they called again, again network related. This time it went very bad - settled again for $100, but haven't paid. Today, laptop not working - Have a local technician to work on it tomorrow.

In reading through a number of these post, all things in common - thick Indian accent, get upset when asking questions, all wanted remote access (which, even though I was very skeptical, I gave in). I'm also going to report to a local news channel to hopefully have them notify many more people. I don't make a ton of money to afford this, and guess that I should have gone with my gut right off the bat. I even called Microsoft to confirm that ACL IT Solutions was a certified technician and was told that they are certified, but they shouldn't be calling me. And yes, filed a FTC complaint.

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