Global Connect technical support scam, part 2

Last fall, the FTC shut down an operation called Global Connect, which sent deceptive pop-up messages to people’s computers. The pop-ups claimed the computers had problems when they really didn’t, and the operators scared thousands of people into paying hundreds of dollars each for tech support services they didn’t need.

We recently learned that some of these same people are getting called again. The callers claim to be working with the company the FTC shut down, sometimes using the name “Global Connect.” People report that the caller asks for remote access to their computer, either to reestablish service or to process a refund into the person’s bank account. 

Don’t do it. Never give someone who calls you control of your computer. Instead, hang up and report it to the FTC. And, in this particular case, none of the companies involved in the FTC’s case against Global Connect should be calling you. They have no legitimate reason to call you – and, anyway, almost all of them are out of business. But, if you get one of these calls, be sure to tell the FTC. 

Visit the FTC for information about how to spot and stop tech support scams, including what to do if you’ve already given a scammer your passwords or remote access to your computer.


Almost got me got scared when asked to many personal questions,WOW

Remember an extremley important concept that tech support scammers don't follow; as a general ruule, YOU call Tech Support, not the other way around. If anyone calls you about a tech support service, not you calling them, you can tell they're up to no good.


I got a popup on internet explorer today 3/27/2017, supposedly from microsoft security alert. The new phone number apparently is 1-844-536-3469. Be aware of it, because it is fraudulent and I have reported it. I called the number, and my cell phone had a recording saying my account was not authorized to call this number. Basically, I feel if you cannot call a tech support number from your cell phone account, it is bogus.

Just a heads up, I got a call yesterday 3/20/17 from tgis phone number claiming to be a subsidiary IT company with Microsoft. He was so persistent that I went along and waited for the punch line. He tried to talk down to me (I had to explain I am actually computer literate), when he finally felt he made his case, he said he needed me to connect to their world server - I asked, "So, you have cold called me and believe I should give you remote access to my system?" He tried to say it was not technically remote access, I said again, "But, you have cold called me - meaning I have never requested assistance, to ask me if I will take your verbal word that you are associated with Microsoft, and allow you - a voice on a phone, to have access to my LAN. At any point in this process have I sounded as though I've believed anything you have said to me?!? If this is legitimate I need for Microsoft to mail me a notice - they have my address, and I will take it up with their company directly." He didn't say a word after that but put me on hold. I then hung up. I am posting info on FB and Twitter as well as the FTC. Just please make sure people know this is still active. Loud call center, thick middle eastern accent for the guy that called me. What is wrong with our world?!

Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad the FTC was able to shut down these people. I have gotten a couple of phone calls from this group, but deleted them as I am on top of taking care of what goes on with my computer and phone. I also love I can put a block on the robo calls I get on my I phone. I love getting all the emails I get warning all us Senior Citizens about all the scams it in cyberspace and the ones I get from AARP. Keep up the great work!!

I have been getting calls lately by phone that there is aproblem with my computer. The caller, a man with such an accent that you can hardly understand what he is saying, says he is with the Windows support team. I just hang up on him.

Hope you rememgered to tell him he works for Windows FRAUD Dept. before you hung up. It will do no good but it might make you feel better.

I ask the idiot to wait while start up my computer and put the phone in a kitchen drawer. After a few times of that, i no longer get calls.

I have had those SAME calls!! The guy with the accent even called me back and cussed at me (because I told him I knew it was a scam)! My caller ID said it was "Howard B & B" and the number was: 208-766-2529


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