Help for Homeowners Hurt by Sham Mortgage Relief Company

A homeowner who’s worried about foreclosure or desperate to refinance might listen to a caller who promises to help. Unfortunately, not all cold-calling telemarketers do what they promise. Enter the Federal Trade Commission’s nearly $3.6 million settlement with Prime Legal Plans. Claiming to represent a non-profit, Prime Legal Plan’s telemarketers called homeowners nationwide, and promised expert legal help — for a fee — to stop foreclosure. Homeowners who paid the company $595 to $750 a month to save their homes ended up with more debt, and little or no help. The FTC will work with the court to return money to the homeowners.

If you're having trouble paying your mortgage or have a foreclosure notice, contact your lender immediately. You may be able to negotiate a new repayment schedule. Legitimate resources are available to help, including housing counselors who are knowledgeable about foreclosure prevention options.

The FTC enforces the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule, which makes it illegal for a company that sells mortgage assistance relief to collect any fees until it gets the result you want.

Please let us know if you paid a fee in advance to a company that claimed it would help modify your mortgage or save your home from foreclosure but didn’t come through.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams

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saved by the bell! I went to the bank to wire money and the teller asked questions.He suggested that I inquire further before sending the money by wire. The Better Business Bureau rated the Credance Law Group with a F.

My husband and I have been going through this for almost 2 years. We have been through 4 attorney's and none were able to help us. We learned a lot along the way and as I sit and read all your posts my heart breaks for you. I want to save you all a lot of time, grief and money. Do not talk to anyone claiming they can help you with a modification or foreclosure. ..plain and simple. If they are soliciting then you can bet 99% they are scammers. All you need to do is visit the federal trade commission website and get the number for HOPE. You can also lookup the number for HARP. Either one of these government agencies will help you for a very minimum fee to no fee at all. If there is a resolution for you..they will find it.
also read the advice on the Federal Trade Commission site and you can also visit the Attorney General site.
If you go to Google and type foreclosure won't believe what you can learn. Fact is...don't talk to any of them...that's None, please. Save your headache and your money. Take it from someone who knows ... $17,000 later. Goodluck to you all.

who is Seterus,inc and why are the allowed to be a servicer to a mortgage loan that is held by Fannie Mae and was sold by citimortgage to handle and they are not a BBB rated company and they will have all you info that is private like ssn# they need to be checked out thanks

Seterus is an actual servicer, They most likely are not scamming you. They are probably servicing your loan that is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac- they don't typically "hold" loans and you need to find out because failure to pay them if you are supposed to can cause you to go into foreclosure

Seterus Inc. is horrific. They illegally added an escrow to my account when I never had one to begin with after my loan was transferred to them. I hAve spoken with more than 20 people no one calls back. They misappropriated my payment and I see no end in site. This company should be shut down and put out of business immediately.

seterus is just a servicer who your mortgage company hired to service your loan and collect your payments bbb ratings dont count here

Seterus purchases mortgages already in trouble. Please look into them. A simple google search gives the tip of the iceberg. I can't sell my home because they won't give me an account number, payment amount, or payoff. They have never sent any information to me after buying my mortgage two years ago. This sounds unbelievable, but it is true. They take homes from people as well as too much money through unethical practices. The FTC must do something about this.

If you want law enforcement to look into a business, please report the business. Go to and give details about the business and your experience. The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

File your complaint against Setterus on the CFPB website. They are the watchdog agency, put in place by the Dodd Frank Walstreet Reform Bill. CFPB is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Good Luck

I have received unwanted scam mortgage calls from the following number: 213 221 3703. I have asked multiple times to be removed from the call list and I continue to receive calls from rude, inconsiderate callers. I asked to speak to a manager and a phone number or email to report to, however, the callers continually say they do not have any information to share. I have reported them 2 times to the Do Not Call list. I have never heard such a rude, fraudulent company continuing to call my home line with consistency typically in the late evening hours

I received a call from someone named Robert Maris at the Estes Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA telling me that I could get my mortgage loan modified to a fixed 2% for the remaining life of the loan. When I read the documentation that he emailed me I learned that I would have to pay them money upfront to take my case. That sounded fishy to me. I have forwarded their information to the FTC complaint website. Beware!

I also received a phone call from someone representing Estes Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA with the same offer. I haven't done anything with this info yet, I'm still checking on if this is a valid company or not.

Have you ever found out if Estes Law was legit or a scam?

I also am VERY interested in knowing more about this same firm called Estes Law. Can anyone verify their reliability / legitimacy? I'm on the very of doing the same "mortgage restructuring" with (by) them ... against the advice of my wife!

Please advise ASAP. Thanks in advance.

So glad others are asking the same question. I filled a form online while searching for ways to lower my interests rate, the next day I got a phone call from Michael from Estes Law. I was extremely skeptical at first. After 2 months of back and forth with my uncooperative lender HSBC and the estes law firm I was losing hope but finally they managed to lower my interest rate to 2% from 6%! The crazy thing is , everytime I spoke to my bank, they pretended they never got any documents from my attorney , then when the law firm called they would cooprate. I am obviously extremely happy with the result but I did take a chance as they informed me there is no guarantees in any legal work. Good luck.

Can anyone confirm whether this Estes Law Esq. is legit???

I can't find anything bad [YET] and want to know if anyone will declare their legitimacy or not!!

I dealt with them through the email and phone. Interaction sounded suspicious to me so I decided to break it off. Their website is only from January of 2014 which is another red flag.

I dealt with Robert Maris. He told me that I would not have to pay them anything unless I got my loan modified. That is great except that retainer agreement seems to indicate that I would have to pay them to complete certain BS tasks with no promise of favorable outcome.

Robert than tried to assure me that I would be refunded if loan modification did not come true. That would be great as well, except that retainer indicates that no other agreements outside of the retainer apply. Oh and BTW, you give up the right to sue and would have to go through arbitration to be decided based on the wording in the retainer.

I tried to get them to add the guarantee into retainer but he kept making excuses and kept trying to suck me further into the process.

Last thing he said was that retainer cannot be changed because my lender would not agree with it. That is total BS because retainer is the contract between me and their law firm and my lender is not a party to it.

More red flags:

1. Robert kept trying to talk to me on the phone rather than trough email. In addition to having an email trail, it is easier to pressure person over the phone than trough email.

2. Rather than straight, forward answers to simple question, Robert would give a paragraph on procedure but would not clearly answer the question.

3. He makes it sound as if their procedure is set is in stone but it's totally cool and not an issue and I should just trust him. For example: retainer is a "standard retainer" and is just a formality and everybody goes trough this so I should just trust him. Actually retainer is just a PDF file and you can change it easily.

However, everything I wrote is just my suspicion and I do not know 100% if that was a scam or not. I have decided not to take that risk.

And finally if you do qualify to loan rate modification you do not need to retain a lawyer. If you do want a lawyer, you can use any lawyer.

Has anyone found out yet if Estes law is legit?

I would not give them any money. I have sent them $3,000.00 to date with the promise of a 2% fixed rate. I began this process in January. I have received several calls from a rep named Edgar informing all is going well. I contacted my bank BOA and was informed just the opposite that there has been no follow up since 3-13-14 and today is 6-10-14. Be careful I have not received anything promised

I paid 2000 to this law firm, because they promised to reduce my mortgage loan to 2%, I started the process in 8 March, and this time August 19 nothing happen so far. Called Chase and the informed me they been trying to contact Estes Law with no response, for the last 2 week I beiong trying to talk to Edgar Dias and Eric Godsein with not respond at all, BE AWARE IS SOMETHING FAKE WITH THIS LAW FIRM.

i recently was part of a scam by Cory Hall. He guanteed me loan modification, accepted my money, and now I cannot get in touch with him. I wish I could find him so that we could talk!! (right)

Does anyone know if this is a legitamite program?!?!?

The Federal Mortgage Marketplace program is an important part of the Obama Administration's comprehensive plan to stabilize the U.S. housing market by helping homeowners get mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. To meet the various needs of homeowners across the country, Making Home Affordable programs offer a range of solutions that may be able to help you take action before it's too late.

How do you know that the Federal Mortgage Marketplace is legit? They contacted me and said that I was approved for a loan modification, but I was to send them my payment not the mortgage company when everyone says don't do that. I wanted to check them out before I sent them anything.

Based on their advertising, they are absolutely a scam. STAY AWAY!

I am a Military veteran, and like hundreds of thousands of other veterans,I financed my home through Mortgage Investor's Corp. While doing some research on the Internet, I found out they had been sued by the Federal Gov't for violating the Truth in Lending Act. I haven't been contacted by anyone about this, but now that I know I will try and find out how to handle it. My concern is for the veterans who are unaware of this altogether, and will lose their opportunity to recover any damages they may be entitled to. This has been ongoing in excess of 2 years. I'm sure there is a database which shows all of the Homeowners who have done business with this Company. Shouldn't someone have already contacted the Homeowners who need to know about this?

I'm not really sure who is helping Homeowners who were affected directly by the mortgage meltdown and all of the scams perpetrated by financial institutions. The facts are as follow millions of homeowners were victimized by these lenders (prime and subprime) institutions who were found guilty of many violations to Federal Laws and Consumer protection Laws in connection to the mortgage meltdown and the destruction of our economy. Some of these Banks decided to settled out of court and paid billions of dollars for their crimes, but in reality most of these individuals who perpetrated the biggest scam in the history of the U.S.A. are walking around freely without any worries. In addition remember when our congress decided to bailed them out supposedly to save our economic system from collapsing. Well, the reality is that our congress decided to give our tax dollars(billions of dollars) to the same individuals who got us in the worse economic disaster in the history of the U.S.A. These people are not your friends and I think you know who they are. Remember, how they took our tax dollars to fix their books and gave each other bonuses for a job well done!!!!. I'm still waiting for some sensible resolution for homeowners to keep their homes AND AWAY from FRAUDCLOSURE SCAMS without any red tape or regulations that make no sense. Including the lack of respect to Homeowners across these nation who are being railroaded by our judicial systems and who continue to think that being Pro-Bank or to come up with a bias decision only to helped speed up the process of FRAUDCLOSURE, WITHOUT ANY REGARDS TO HOMEOWNERS IS REPULSIVE AND UNCONTITUTIONAL. Remember, we are now responsible for the biggest tax increase in the history of America, Thanks to our government and all these politicians who work for the best interest of the powerful and greedy. Fight Back!!! be continue!!!!

Does an Mortgage company have the right to call your bank and change your bank password and e-mail address? what department do I need to report this to?

You can contact your bank to let them know someone changed your password without your authorization. Ask them about their security measures to protect their clients’ information and if you’re not satisfied you might want to look for a new bank.  If you think this company has committed fraud you can report it to your state Attorney General and to the FTC.

Has any one heard of american mortgage advisors in Atlanta, GA? Is there a data base where consumers can check for fraudulent companies before getting involved in their scams?

I am also wondering about American Mortgage Advisors. From what I have seen they are at an A- with the BBB and have gotten a lot of good reciews.

I just posted about them. I am also using them. Hopefully this is a legal group that can help us through government programs to save our homes. I thought I was contacting a group through the government programs and still crossing my fingers. The lender's attorney is asking for the documentation regarding this group to verify their legal status. Of course, I have already paid them two payments and the last is due end of this month to get the modification.. Hopefully I will find out for sure before my next payment is due. I hate to pay the final payment, find out it is some scam and then have to take legal action to try and get anything back from them. Hope we get good news!!!!

Last year we posted a blog about American Mortgage Consulting Group. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage you can find advice on what to do here. Also, this article has information about Debt Relief Scams that’s to best stay away from.

Has there been reported scams from the National Foreclosure Rescue Center, INC in Enterprise FL? They are saying they have investigated my mortgage and get me about 50% reduction in monthly payments @ 25 rate for 40 yr. term. Can someone who has used them advise?

Pay close attention to the advertised terms. You can consult our consumer education pieces on Deceptive Mortgage Advertising and Mortgage Relief Scams to help evaluate the proposed offer. 

does anyone know if lpadvocates are a legit company?

Is this company based out of Beverly Hills CA Olympic Rd. Providence Financial Advocates is the company that I am investigating. Do anyone know anything about them?

They have been shut down by the FTC

Did you find out anything pertaining to this company?

Called me twice today, no verbal commo

Is there any information of a company called Pristine Lost Litigation out of CA? They called me with a promise to guarantee me a modification. They are asking me to pay 3K.

We are currently working with American Mortgage Advisors and being charged a fee of almost $4,000 for them to work with our lender to keep from going into foreclosure. I thought I contacted an agency that was approved for government relief, but now I am not so sure after speaking with my attorney's office and the lender's attorney is questioning it. How do you know if you are dealing with a legite agency that is using a government program when that is what you inquired about? If it is a government program, are there supposed to be fees attached. If this is a scam, will I be able to get my monies I have paid back leagally?

Here’s some key advice: The FTC's MARS Rule gives you rights – and sets out requirements for people who sell mortgage assistance relief services. You don't have to pay any money until the company delivers the results you want. It's illegal for a company to charge you a penny until: it's given you a written offer for a loan modification or other relief from your lender; and you accept the offer. You can find more infomrtation in this FTC article
To find legitimate help, you may contact a credit counselor through the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF), a nonprofit organization that operates the national 24/7 toll-free hotline (1.888.995.HOPE) with free, personalized assistance to help at-risk homeowners avoid foreclosure. HPF is a member of the HOPE NOW Alliance of mortgage servicers, mortgage market participants and counselors.

I have also been contacted by American Mortgage Advisors. THey are promising me a modification with 2% interest. I was doing some research into the company and am having trouble. There was another company in GA with the same name and have since closed down. This new company works out of a vitrual office in a different part of GA. They are rated by the National Business Ass. but i am not yet convinced that they are a legitimate company. I am goint to try and see what the response is from the company when I mention the MARS rules. I was not aware of that. Evie1956, Please keep us posted.

Well....My husband and I have been scammed out of almost $4,000 by American Mortgage Advisors. They said they could get our monthly mortgage payments down and a low 2% rate. Come to find out from our current lender NationStar that they cannot do a modification as a third party. They have to work with the investor who is Freddie Mac for us. We have a modification in process, but through NationStar. I thought I was going through HARP participant, but guess was a scam. Please don't let these people scam you or anyone else! We had to learn the hard way. According to my attorney, to dispute, it would cost around $7500 to go through their arbitration policy.

I just got word from my attorney that 1)government programs will not charge you any monies up who is American Mortgage Advisors? 2) My attorney just received a notice from our lender that we have been in a modification program since last October....I wasn't notified of this. Now, if this is true...they won't consider another medication request from AMA, correct? So have I wasted my money? Any opinions out there?

Providence Financial Advocates are legal educators who are reported all over rip off report. There actual address is 3200 Wilshire bl #808 in los Angeles. It's run by veronica sesma

They called me about the harp and said they wanted money at the end.

Who is providence financial? R they for real or a scam!!!

My loan was sold to Seterus, they never sent me a welcome letter, so they want talk to me about my loan. I have also sent a letter and no response. Why can banks sell across state lines but Health insurance can't? We need changes America!

So no one can answer the question if American Mortgage Adjusters is real..

Did you mean American Mortgage Advisors in Norcross GA? I am wondering the same. I have searched and searched and can't find anything about them.

My boyfriend located in NJ was just told he was approved for a reduction in payments and interest rate on a trial period out of California from Hamp Services. 888-436-8590. I cannot locate anything on them online, nor if they are affiliated with Hope for Homeowners, which he also contacted. I am suspicious because during the "trial" period, the payments are supposed to go to them to be held in escrow. Smells Fishy...I also called and asked if they were affiliated with the Government and the receptionist hung up.

I was able to get the phone number for the Compliance Manager at American Mortgage Advisors. Let's see if I can recoup all or part of the fees we submitted to them since they could not provide the services they guarantted. I will keep you updated.

Has anyone bothered to check the BBB about this? Go online and in google put, "BAD REVIEWS ABOUT ___________( insert name of the ones you want to know about) and see what comes up. American mortgage advisors is a scam, i told my husband i thought 4,000 sounded like alot, gut feeling, ya know? Guess i was right...pays to dig a little deeper.

I have been working with the BBB on the American Mortgage Advisor issue and they were not able to help in any way. AMA claims they are responsible for us getting a modification when in fact they had nothing to do with the modification. They could not come in as a third party requesting a modification. Therefore, all the documents they requested and sent to the lender was useless, but they still will not consider any type of refund of monies. As far as I am concerned, they did not provide the services they agreed to and should stand by that agreement. They think otherwise, of course. TAKE HEED STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN MORTGAGE ADVISORS!!!

Please file a complaint with the FTC and describe what happened. It’s important to submit a formal complaint because investigators from all over the country use the FTC's database. Your complaint could help in their investigations.

I did back in February, but I need to call them and give them an update on the latest development. I will post if I am able to make any progress with the FTC.

HI everyone that has been talking about American Mortgage Advisors I just want you to know it is 100% a scam. They say they are in Georgia but thats a lie too. They are actually in Mooresville NC which is near the Charlotte area. And they work from there to Scam you of your money. They actually hire innocent nice people to call you and get it started and they take over and tell you all the things you want to hear so you will send them money. They go by fake names. Their real names are David Willner and Jason Grasser. They have been doing this for years and they have several different business names they change often. I am so sorry for everyone that has gotten scammed by them.

OMG I worked for this jerk! It only took myself and 2 other employees find out David Willner is a scammer! He told us his name was David Williams. Why can't he and Jason Glasser be prosprosecuted? I have no idea how they can sleep at night!!

Where was the office located in Mooresville, and how long ago did you work there? I think I worked for this David Williams too. I have huge guilt over all of this.

Report them to the FBI. If they have scammed one they have scammed a lot more than that. DO US ALL A FAVOR. THANKS!

I worked at American Mortgage Advisors from june 2014 until nov 2014. We started to catch on to it being a scam and he fired us all a week before Thanksgiving saying that the laws have changed and they can no longer solicit business by telephone. Come to find out they just moved to another office over by the bowling alley. They both live on the lake and according to "David Abrams" they have helped over 5000 people. 5000 x3000 (which is usually the going rate) well you can do the math. They have screwed over a lot of people and I have lost MANY hours of sleep wondering if the people I genuinely thought I was helping are now homeless. I pray they are caught and prosecuted and my clients will get retribution.

I also worked for these two crooks, Jason Glasser and David Willner back in 2011 in Corona CA. I hadn't been back to the site until tonight and I was blown away to see that they are still at it, running their scams and they ran from CA to NC. They are crooks, they don't know how to make an honest buck or living. I was bummed, I was hoping to read they were in prison!!

When refinancing our home in 2008 Elga Credit Union told us that the interest rate would be reviewed in 2 years. I've asked why this didn't take place. I've emailed and called and no one will tell me why Elga didn't follow through on it's word

we have been contacted by American Home Preservationists. plan sounds good and they sound sincere but my antenna is up.

Any follow up on American home preservationist in CA?

Don't use I started with them in July promised me alot said my modification was approved. Got someone from my state government on phone said was approved. Once approved they told me to send them payment by end of month I did throught I was doing right to save home until in September I get a court notice from my mortgage companies law office. Contacted them neither them nor my mortgage company has any paperwork and I have sent them 5482 and my mortgage company has nothing they sound good.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I did they sent me a link to the things to look out for if u think u are being scamned

if anyone has anymore info on american home preservationists, i would really appreciate it...:)

we have been contacted by American Home Preservationists. plan sounds good and they sound sincere but my antenna is up.

Has Anyone Heard of the American Home Reservationist? Is It a Scam? They Claim to Be a Federal Program

This FTC article about mortgage relief scams explains some common scams and tells you where to get legitimate help.

I worked for this jerk for almost a year. I started at the offoce in moorseville near the bowling alley like the others said. We all had our thoughts they were scamming people expecially when ladies before starting comming in the office telling us to be aware of what what was going on. Soon after he moved us to another office right before thanksgiving telling us he had "bigger" plans we would prob only be there 6 months and be moveing into a bigger building. While moveing the underwriters to our office near the bowling alley. Second week of february he came in and gave the same speach he gives everybody else. Banks were not takeing this and that anymore that he had to shut the place dowm. He had one of our employees tell us. He didnt even have the balls to look us in the face. I am a single mother who gave this man so much. I was never out. I am now unemployed, haveing to start over again. David Wilner aka David Williams.. is a piece of crap and I hope Karma catches him very soon. He is a very heartless man!!!

Are you speaking of AMERICAN HOME PRESERVATIONISTS? Did you work for them?

Has anyone heard or used Management Network USA?
I would like to know if they are a valid company? ANy help would be great. They have approved us and said they could help, but we haven't paid them anything yet nor have I signed any paperwork.

This FTC article has information about mortgage relief scams.
It describes your rights and includes some warning signs of a scam.
If you're having trouble paying your mortgage or have gotten a foreclosure notice, contact your lender immediately. You may be able to negotiate a new repayment schedule. Consider other foreclosure prevention options, including reinstatement and forbearance.
You may contact a credit counselor through the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF), a nonprofit organization that operates the national 24/7 toll-free hotline (1.888.995.HOPE) with free, bilingual, personalized assistance to help at-risk homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Has anyone used AMERICAN HOME PRESERVATIONISTS to help save their home from foreclosure? Are they a scam?

I'm curious too if this is a legit company???

Has anyone heard of Proirity Residential Solutions? They are offering me a loan modification and I can't find anything bad about them yet.

If you're thinking about a loan modification, learn about your rights.
You don't have to pay any money until the company:

  1. gives you a written offer for a loan modification or other relief from your lender; and
  2. you accept the offer

The company also must give you a document from your lender showing the changes to your loan if you decide to accept your lender's offer. And the company must clearly tell you the total fee it will charge you for its services.

How about American Home Advocates, anyone have any experience with them? I suspect they are not legitimate since they asked for a fee upfront. Plus the email they sent just did not appear to be from a real company. Fortunately I came close but did not send them any money. But I did send them a bunch of personal information, with account numbers blacked out, and that makes me uneasy.

Can u tell me your experience with this company? They have contacted my boyfriend and he has sent them money. I advised him not to do it due to all the scams out there. Did they come through for u?

I've been waiting for someone to reach out to me on why I'm making payments to child support and they still take all of my income tax. What's up with that. I need help. I'm making payments, but they keep harassing me with letters, phone calls and telling that I'm going to loose my drivers license, my home and go to jail. What to do> I need help, please

Can a mortgage servicers also be a lender?

Yes, but to learn more, please read Making Payments to Your Mortgage Servicer.

Has anyone have any experience with Sound Solutions Group? They are promising to do a lot but wanting money up front??

They have reached out to me as well but I haven't gotten that far just yet. They haven't asked me for anything yet. As soon as they do, I'm not entertaining it.

My husband and I have been dealing with Everlast relief org and they required 3 payments $1,150 to help us. We did send the first payment and they claimed hey never got it until we went to the bank where we made the deposit. After that I found out about the MARS Rule and said something to them and of course no response. We did receive some paperwork to fill out and get back to them to start the process. Last week we received a letter from our mortgage company saying they can no longer talk to use due to a letter they received from this company and in the last paragraph they stated we must pay up or be forclosed on.
We don't have $6,000 to catch up the last three payments due to my husband lost his job and we told them that. We tried a modification with them first but they wanted the letter from the first job my husband lost back last year stating he was denied, in all the paperwork we couldn't find it and he tried to get a copy but unemployment never sent it and they said sorry without it they couldn't help us. Only reason we went with this other company. Now I won't pay the other installment and they are saying they won't help us until we do so I sent them an email about the MARS Rule and Contacting FTC on them. Does anyone know about them.

You can call 1-888-995-HOPE for free personalized advice from housing counseling agencies certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  For free guidance online, visit
Please report your experience to the FTC at You can also contact your state Attorney General’s office and the The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I just got paperwork from everlast relief I will check with my attorney and lender.They are not abiding by the Mars rule. I did not send any money yet.I will continue to research Them before I get more involved. We did not sign anything.

I have had several people tell me that there was a lawsuit(s) surrounding the banks and companies involved in the bad mortgages back in 2005. The presumption is that if there were lawsuits that the mortgage companies had to prove that the origination papers were in order. In the case of origination papers being robo-signed by machines or not having ink signatures some are saying a mortgage holder could get the deed to their home and possibly a refund of payments. I am curious if any part of this could be true? I was told to have an attorney look into it for me.

I have had several conversations with Seterus who initially NEVER INFORMED me they were taking over my mortgage from Chase (Seterus partner in crime). Despite asking multiple times they refuse to send me a complete breakdown of monies I sent them, how they arrived at amounts owed (changes everytime you talk to them). Then they sent me paperwork (looks like HAMP but now I just talked to someone at Seterus and they told me it isn't HAMP - it is their own crafty program designed to get the consumer deepr in debt). When I initially received the paperwork designed to look like HAMP Trial modification I asked LB if I had to submit the paperwork (I described all the paperwork I received) and he told me NO - I asked several times. Seterus is a bunch of con artists. All along I thought I was in the HAMP Trial modification program and when I spoke with BS this evening she told me no you aren't and rudely told me to look at my documents. Despite asking Seterus to send me trial modification payment information they have not. What's even worse this BS (spoke to on 11/1/16 told me they don't put everything on a mortgage statement. So now I wonder how they are applying this money? They keep telling me different things every time you speak with them. THe mounds of late notices sent monthly are incredible even though they tell me I have made all my trial payments on time. When I asked the $5,000 difference from what the mortgage balance is I was told they did not have that information except for fees (but they would not identify those fees). When I asked where I could write to the CEO BS told me she doesn't know who the CEO is or what the CEO's address is. That leads me to believe this outfit runs a shady operation. When I asked for a payoff amount BS refused to provide me with that - claiming she didn't have that information - she sure had the information about late notice letters. When I asked about HAMP - she told me I probably wouldn't get an interest deduction or be approved because I had equity in my home and I could walk away with somewhat of a profit. As an representative of Seterus she was trying to have me believing the only modification I was going to get was their slimy gouging program. As far as I know, HAMP is designed to assist people by reducing their payment and interest. And I already talked with HOPE - worthless time - keep you on the phone for hours and then tell you to call HAMP. Incredible. I was looking for assistance and get something done - not spend hours in a question/answer period by someone who really wasn't knowledgeable (sounded like they were reading from a script). Why doesn't someone do something about Seterus and there attempts to fraudently deceive the customer.

You can report a problem with a mortgage lender or servicer to the FTC at or to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Was working with NCRC (National Consumer resolution Center) they wanted me to pay them 1000 a month for 4 months. Their address is a mail boxes etc. anyone else dealt with them?

I am using them right now too. They told me the same as you, the Lender told me that I had better beware that it may be a scam. I am curious myself if I should continue. I am due to make the first payment by March 17th.

I was going to use them but did research and everything they have said are red flags for a scam. I emailed Steve Smith asking for a license number and he never emailed or called back

They originally told me that they were part of the government, and that they were created after the housing crisis of 2008, but that doesn't look to be the case when I see the actual application they sent me.

Any new info on this company ?

I'm dealing with the same company ncrc
And wanted to know if it is a scam

Any feed back on National consumer resolution center ??

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