How to dispute credit report information that can’t be confirmed

Would you know what to do if a debt collector reported a debt to a credit reporting agency and then went out of business, leaving no one to confirm or legally collect the debt?

That’s the problem facing consumers whose debts were owned by Crown Funding Company, a debt collection company the FTC sued for deceptive practices. The FTC’s law enforcement action permanently closed Crown and more than two dozen other companies linked with Crown, but the debts that Crown reported remain on many consumers’ credit reports.

The solution for Crown's consumers is the same as for any consumer who finds information on their credit reports that’s inaccurate or can’t be confirmed: Federal law says that, when consumers dispute information on a credit report, the credit reporting agencies must investigate it. If the credit reporting agency can’t confirm the information with the company that reported the debt — and in the case of Crown, it can’t — it must delete the information from the consumer’s credit report, usually within 30 days of receiving the consumer’s dispute.

Disputing Errors on Credit Reports lists the steps you need to take, and includes a sample letter to help make your case.

To learn more about money management, credit reports, and debt collection, visit Money & Credit.

The other companies linked with Crown are: AFK Solutions, LLC; Alhambra Enterprises; American FP, LLC; American PG, LLC; Asset Portfolio Partners, LLC; Capital FC, LLC; Capital FP, LLC; Capital IG, LLC; First CG, LLC; First FF, LLC; First FG, LLC; First FS, LLC; First Franklin Holdings, Inc.; First Planners United, LLC; First Technology Services; Freeman United Holdings, LLC; Global AG, LLC; Global Holding Services, LLC; Global Pacific Financial Services; Grant Services Management, LLC; Han Dynasty, Inc.; Heinz Capital Financial, LLC; Heinz Capital Funding, LLC; International Capital Holdings; Ish Inc.; Las Vegas Funding & Financial; Leon Solutions Services, LLC; National FC, LLC; National IG, LLC; National Service Partners, LLC; New Capital Holdings, Inc.; Pacific Holding Partners, LLC; Portfolio MG, LLC; Premiere PG, LLC; Revere Recovery Group, LLC; United CC Holdings, LLC; United FP, LLC; United Holding Services, LLC; United Services Partnership, LLC.

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Eliminating credit bureaus will eliminate many many issues involving credit issues. I believe credit bureaus to be invasion of my privacy and acts as a control entity as to who or whom is able to participate in achieving the American Dream.

I could not agree more! We live in a country in the midst of a financial travesty! Young College Grads with the inability to pay their loans because there are no jobs. More homes in foreclosure due to Wall Streets Fraudulent bs. & 85% of folks in bankruptcy are due to health set backs! Someone's credit score is what others think about them, their reputation & the " so whst " There career performance & ethics ... How they treat others is their " Character ".., thats the messure Of a person! I DONT need some Gman to tell me I was raised right! So, couldn't agree more

Bella I am not a Young Grad I am an Adult Grad who graduated Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA I am 55 years old and only after I graduated I found that 99 % of the jobs in my field was sent to India and other countries ...The School I graduated from is a for Profit school which I did not know too when I went there ...I would not have gone there had I known that too. and Yes when you can not work in your field and have bills to pay and food. When things get behind and yes your credit score goes down do not get a job due to that too...and I agree no one has the right to say ...we did not get raised right ...BRING OUR JOBS BACK TO OUR COUNTY ! STOP NAFTA TOTALLY ITS KILLING OUR JOB MARKET !

thank you for this article.

Great job,well done.

I value the thoroughness of these reports with clear directions on how to manage the circumstances

check on a company whose return phone# is (425)403-3645. The message is they are filing a lawsuit with,IRS. The company name they gave is Myarta. I am not sure of the spelling. Hope this will help someone .

IM update double time nothing Chang still same but my credit score dropped down more then I don't?

I used to prepare credit reports electronically to a credit bureau. I recall when we set it up, I asked during their breif training as to whether there was any entity that checked our accuracy, and the credit bureau responded no. I found that so troubling. I also found that I could reaffirm an error anytime, and the bureau checking will take it verbatim. The FCC needs to design stricter rules over a system that affects a huge aspect of peoples lives (job, home ownership, finance, insurance).

The FCC doesn't need to do anything of the sort. Maybe you should look at the header of this web page again, then review what the FCC covers.
FCC: What We Do
The E-OSCAR system of "verification" used by credit bureaus is Compliance Theater at best. The CRAs see their job as the traffic and sale of data. How it affects the people behind the data is not their concern.


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