“I have an emergency and need money”

If you’ve ever gotten one of those calls, you know how alarming they can be. And that’s exactly what the scammers count on. They want you to act before you think – and acting always includes sending them money: by wiring it or by getting a prepaid card or gift card, and giving them the numbers on the card. Either way, your money’s gone.

Here’s the story of Pablo Colón from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and his family. When both his sister and his father got a call about a family “emergency,” Pablo spotted the scam. And, luckily for the good people of Bridgeport, Pablo’s family owns a radio station – so he put the story on the air and warned his community.

Talking about a scam is important – even if only one person is listening, instead of the thousands who heard Pablo’s story. So watch this video. And then pass it on. Today, tell someone about this scam, about Pablo’s story, about why we should all talk about the scams we see. And, whenever you spot a scam, please tell the FTC.

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I have a question.. I have been applying online and got response that I must fax my CV as well as my photo and it got me puzzled.do real companies ask for such when you apply?

What are you applying for?

I get calls from fake associations 'Ohio Trooper's Association wanting money and also for fake donations to our police associations. If you want to donate drive or call the local associations. The incoming calls are usually "unknown, private numbers.

The hispanic community is not the only people getting these calls! The elderly are also being targeted.

My husband works for a major grocery chain that has Western Union Services in their store. Recently he had an older man come into the store wanting to send $3000 to someone in Las Vegas who had told him his brother had an emergency and needed the money. My husband was convinced this was a scam on the man and refused to help him send the money. He told him to call his brother immediately and confirm the situation. He also told him he must call Western Union directly and let them know of this scam. The gentleman did not return to his store, so we are not sure exactly what happened with this situation. Thanks for posting this story. It confirms that my husband was right and hopefully saved this man from being taken for a ride.

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that same Scam happened to my Uncle in S. Florida 2 years ago. They told him his nephew's son was in jail & need bond money. Fortunately, the person at Western Union was aware of the scam, had my Uncle call & double-check with his Nephew, who confirmed that his son was NOT in Jail and saved my Uncle $2000!!!

Sue: The same thing happened to me today. Was told that my nephew was in jail and needed money. Sadly I did not have such an astute person at Western Union and I lost 1600.00 dollars. These people were good - very good. My nephew was home, exactly where he should have been

Keep these messages coming, they are a great public service.

Oh my God. I keep getting those calls , offering me a loan for 10,000 dollars , and saying that the money will be send it by wester union ir a prepaid card.


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