IRS warns of a new tax bill scam

We certainly understand if the latest IRS imposter scam makes you queasy: it involves a fake IRS tax notice that claims you owe money as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

The IRS says the fake notices are designed to look like real IRS CP2000 notices, which the agency sends if information it receives about your income doesn’t match the information reported on your tax return. The IRS says many people have gotten the bogus notices, which usually claim you owe money for the previous tax year under the Affordable Care Act.

It’s one of many IRS imposter scams that have popped up. As tax season nears, we’ll see more. The good news? There are red-flag warnings that can help you avoid becoming a victim. For example, the IRS will never:

  • Initiate contact with you by email or through social media.
  • Ask you to pay using a gift card, pre-paid debit card, or wire transfer.
  • Request personal or financial information by email, texts, or social media.
  • Threaten to immediately have you arrested or deported for not paying.

In the new scam, the fake CP2000 notices often arrive as an attachment to an email — a red-flag — or by U.S. mail. Other telltale signs of this fraud:

  • There may be a “payment” link within the email. Scam emails can link you to sites that steal your personal information, take your money, or infect your computer with malware. Don’t click on the link.
  • The notices request that a check be made out to “I.R.S.” Real CP2000s ask taxpayers to make their checks out to “United States Treasury” if they agree they owe taxes.

In the version we saw, a payment voucher refers to letter number LTR0105C, and requests that checks be sent to the “Austin Processing Center” in Texas. But scammers are crafty. They could send messages with a variety of return addresses.

You can see an image of a real CP2000 notice on the IRS web page, Understanding Your CP2000 Notice. If you get a scam IRS notice, forward it to and then delete it from your email account. Let the FTC know too.

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Holy Cow

So why don't you make it a priority to bust these scammers? I am always amazed how the IRS jails people for not paying taxes but seemingly lets these foreign based scams go on for years! It is an insult to tax payers.

Yes I agree ! Eager to jail us that have to pay legal taxes but nothing happens to the scammers.

A few years ago the IRS came after me for a mistake they made. The IRS sent me a refund saying that I did not claim my IRA, two yearslater they said I improperly claimed the IRA (the same one they said I should claim) forced me to pay the money back plus penalty and interest. The biggest IRS scam is the actual IRS!!!

Contacted by number 844-747-0851 did not answer number was one that I did not recognize. I did a reverse phone look up and this has been reported for IRSScam.

My husband and I have been contacted a lot by the "this is Don Jones from the IRS. This message is to let you know that you are behind in your tax payment. If you do not pay immediately there will be an arrest warrant sent out on you, and you will be arrested" I knew about this prior to hearing from those people so knew they were scammers and told them so. They continued to call, I do not answer the phone if I do not recognize the number and there is no name of company., person etc. on my caller ID. I do not answer my front door if when I ask who is there I do not get an answer, my recording on my phone states that if you are calling from a blocked number with no name on my caller ID, We will not answer the phone. Front door says no solicitors. That is all we can do to protect ourselves from scammers who come to the door and those who use the phone. We cannot be too careful now days. It is insane.

I have done exactly the things you are doing, my phone recording says the same, and the solicitors still comed to my door even thought I have a "no solicitors' is a real invasion of my privacy and no way to stop these creeps!!

You NEED to register your phone number(s) on FTC's website for DNC (do not call). It takes about 30 days, but, my solicitous calls have dropped. I had the same "robo" caller using 3 slightly varied phone numbers- trying to get me to buy roofing material.
Plus, you should contact your phone carrier (AT&T does this) to register your number on their DNC (do not call) registry. Your carrier may tell you to do it for yourself, but, you can make them walk you thru it. Hope this helps!

I am on the DNC registry and still get robo scam calls. If no message is left on my phone & I ddon' know the number and reverse directory says probable scam, I block the number.

I agree. The DONOTCALL site does nothing. I put down my number and still receive calls. For me to have anything done, I have to take my time and effort for something to happen to them, and it won't be much that happens to them.

When the fake IRS calls and threatens the sheriff showing up if we don't pay our answer is always "..just have them wait a half-hour so I can take a shower, do my hair, and put on my make-up so I look good when they arrest me..."

If the notice threatens to send the Sheriff, you know it's a scam right off the bat. Sheriffs have jurisdiction only in their counties and have no authority to enforce IRS actions - or those of any other federal agency.

When these so-called IRS creeps call, I tell them they have just interrupted the first sex I have had in 40 years...they hang up quickly.

Thank you for the information because I will become aware.

if you don't recognize the number, let the answering machine take it or just hang up. they will never leave a message.

They have been leaving me voice mails on my landline directing me to call for Paul Davis Message states: "A lawsuit has been filed against you. For more information call 806-496-2685."

Another number they are using is from Steve Smith at 864-558-1220.

No need to keep these phone numbers. They are internet calls and fake computer generated phone numbers.

Yea, I've gotten a lot of those calls myself. I know it's not legit because the IRS doesn't call (at least not the first time). They send a notice by mail. I rarely answer the phone unless I absolutely know who it is.

They also left me the same message but with a different # of 719-480-7072.


I also recieved a call from a male,treating me the same way.I have a on-going account paying my taxes. I have called IRS, I have filled out complaint on line regarding this individual phone number, name. N0 one has contacted me from the IRS

I was scammed out of $100 and I notified you all and gave the names involved and the contact number. this was two weeks ago. I was at work and they got me really up set as to I was crying and trying to keep calm and someone came in and contacted my boss. I am thankful that I called upon my prayer warriors and asked for clarity. But I was $100 too late!

I received a call tonight (which I did not answer) caller ID said "tax help center" the number on caller ID was 1-424-271-9189. Do yo know if this is a tax scam too? They did not leave a message, other scammers have left a message and return phone #.

This is not new! Try to keep up! Months ago I was getting "IRS" calls that circumvented my call blocker apps and left voicemail messages. I googled them and found out even the common names they used on the calls (my call was from "Steve Martin"). I lodged a written complaint online with the Treasury Dept.'s Inspector General. A month or so later, I saw a news item about the arrest of a ring of people who make these calls.

Great! -- now will someone at FTC check this out: every time I contact SSA or Medicare via their 800 numbers, I get a string of bogus calls for days afterwards. Last year, I assumed that some gov't employees were making a little cash on the side selling numbers to data brokers or scammers. I just kept checking the numbers on Google and reporting them to DNC. Nothing much happened, so that was when I researched and got call-blocking apps.
A week ago, after contacting both Medicare and SSA about a problem, I began again getting a string of phony calls -- but this time from 6AM to the middle of the night. Usually the call-blocking app caught them & cut them off, & I found them on Caller ID later. But a few got through for at least one or more rings before cutting off or going to voicemail. One was at 6:15 AM -- and I'd had it. I'd double-block them (manually & online with my provider), & calls would come from different numbers. I wondered if someone at whatever company had the contract for recording those federal agency service calls was selling the numbers. In any case, I got fed up & lodged an online complaint with DNC and in less than 24 hours, the calls STOPPED. Completely. It's been 4 days, and no scam/spam/robo/fraud calls at all. So maybe DNC has stepped up its game. I'd like to see the FTC do the same.

I've received serial of these calls and I actually told my neighbor about this and she said all you need to do is tell them your calling the cops. Just so happens that after noon I received another one and I told the foreign woman who could barely speak English that I was going to call the cops and she hung up very quickly! Haha

I get two scam telephone calls everyday at the same time! Obviously, computers are doing the dailing! I have reported numerous numbers of scamers to the FTC, but they probably get 10s of thousands of reports a month! I either let the answering machine take the call or answer it and hang up on them. With computer science today, you would think someone would invent a telephone with a button called "FTC" that you could push and forward the call to the FTC. One other suggestion is to answer, "Federal Trade Commisson, may I help you"? They won't bother you again.

Thanks You for Information Please, make a simple article, sir I am confused

Help! Since I switched to Sprint, 75% of my calls (NO exaggeration) are telemarketers or scammers. I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. I've called Sprint & filed complaints with the FTC but nothing happens. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate if you posted them.

The FTC's nomorobo installed on my land line go rid of all most all of my telemarketer calls. Silence is golden!

The main thing to remember is don't fall for it. If it is real, you'll get a letter by USPS and a hearing to discuss exactly what you owe and why. Just hang up, don't give any information, and don't send money in any form.

The new one now is from Sarah Wilson 347-298-6639 claiming to be IRS.She has an Indian accent. Saying first she is from the Central Invest. Dept. with a warrant for your arrest unless you pay last year's back taxes. Did a rever. phone look up and # belongs to an Enquie Sanchez in LI,NY.

I never answer my landline anymore, because the spammers have taken it over. Yes, I am on the State and Federal DNC registry.

Important points:
1. AT&T, Verizon, etc could stop this tomorrow, but they choose not to. They are paid a small amount per call, and screw the rest of us.
2. IF Congress were to enact legislation that forced the carrier's hands (including honest caller ID #'s) the game would be up.
3. IF Congress would merely enforce the DNC registry that would help. Why won't they?
4. Never, ever pick up a call that you don't recognize. If you do, they have validated a viable connection.
5. Before returning any unknown number google it. ITS IMPORTANT ELDERLY KNOW THIS.

I hate these slimy shucksters.

IRS SCAM CALL FROM 844-899-4836 on Dec. 15, 2016

IRS SCAM CALL FROM 646-884-6138 New York,NY 11:43AM / told to call 646-844-6137 New York, NY on 1/24/17 12:12 PM

The number that is calling me is almost like this and it's 1-646-844-9796

I just received a voice mail saying that it was the IRS, 240-200-8385, calling to let me know they had a warrant for my arrest, and that if I didn't call them back within 2 hours, they would send the warrant to my local police to have me arrested.

I, too, just received a phone call from 240-200-8385. They told me they had a warrant for my arrest. Then they expected me to stand there and listen to what the "charges" were. My phone cut out, and the lady said I'd have to "speak up, talk louder", while trying to be authoritative. Wrong move. I hung up.

If you receive calls saying they have a warrant for your arrest or that they are an officer of any type, call your local sheriff/police and report it to them. Be sure you give them the name the person gives along with the phone number. They will be arrested for impersonating a police officer! I did this in my area when I got a call stating they were coming to lock me up. I told them to come on, that I was waiting. Anyway, when I hung up, I called the non-emergency number for my sheriff and gave them the info. They had the man arrested. Just be sure they say THEY are going to arrest you. The man who called me said HE was Officer So & So and was coming to arrest me for non-payment. Even if they don't say they are an officer, the fact they say they are coming to arrest you alludes to impersonation of an officer, which is highly illegal and are felonies.

I just received a call from (240) 200-8385 and they left a message. She had an Indian accent and the call came from Bethesda, MD. "This message is intended to (my name)this is Emma Bennet (last name was unclear) the Chief Investigative Officer with the Internal Revenue Service. The reason as
my call today is notify you of the arrest warrant issued against you. And your physical address is under Federal investigation. Before we proceed and to forward your case files for the motives of these departments, please get back to us at my apartment call back number, 240-200-8385, I'll repeat, it's 200..." went dead.

I called back (mainly for entertainment value). I was told the agent in charge would call me back and they immediately hung up. I received a call from Emma Bennet, and I asked her name again and how it was spelled. She told me it concerns tax evasion and was I aware of this. I said I was not. She said she needed to confirm my address and provided an address from several moves ago (I'm retired military), I 'confirmed' the address. She said for me to refer to letters they sent and I said I don't have any letters. I asked who was the issuing authority on the arrest warrant mentioned, she stated it was the IRS. I asked for the Warrant number. She said the information was sent through the USPS and confirmed. I asked "registered mail" and can I get the confirmation information. She said she wouldn't provide any of that information, but this would be turned over to the local police. I tried to "validate" other information, but she kept trying to speak over me to be intimidating as I told her I wasn't buying it and then she hung up. Pretty rude behavior from a federal employee, if you ask me.

Seems legit, right?

253-465-6015 just called for the 2nd time. Claiming to be IRS...and issuing a warrant for unpaid taxes.... I hung up.

received call from seattle Washington and I quote"this is the irs imforming you that an arrest warrant has been issued against you and your property,,it is imperative you call me back at206-596-0818" this was a recording after I answered the phone.

2042008389 called left vm..saying they were IRS INVESTIGATION DEPT. Said to call back asap I did lady said mr johnson woukd call me back.. When he did he asked if I was.... I said yes he said im callinb to let you know there is a warrant issued for you and your add. I laughed and said I just filled out a report against you with FTC for scam and he said to me... Oh really well do you have any proof of what your saying and I said yes I sure do so he hung up

New IRS scam from phone number area code 941-343-5821 is a robocall and want you to call that number back doesn't give you any information except they've done some investigation on your tax and they've been a mistake and I haven't even done my tax yet

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