Lights out on robocall shop that pitched energy savings

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It should be clear by now: if you make illegal robocalls to people on the Do Not Call list, you’re headed for trouble. Trouble — in the form of a Federal lawsuit — just found an operation that the FTC says bombarded people with more than 1.3 million robocalls pitching energy savings. On behalf of the FTC, the Department of Justice asked the court to permanently stop Francisco Salvat and three of his companies, including Go Green Education, from making illegal robocalls and order him to pay civil penalties for telemarketing violations.

According to the lawsuit, Salvat and his companies called people whose numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry, and kept calling after people asked them to stop. Although the companies’ messages said things like “This is an urgent call about your energy bill,” people who pushed a number to get more information didn’t get energy help. They were transferred to Salvat’s telemarketers, who collected their names and sold them to solar installation companies as leads.

If you get a recorded sales message and you haven't given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal. If you get a call like that, don’t press a button to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. Instead, hang up and file a complaint at If you get unwanted calls from many different numbers, you could look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether there’s a charge for the service.


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I'm one of those people who doesn't answer the phone. I let it go to voice mail. I did and I know others who have gotten their seen their own phone number come up on their phone. The first time it scared me and I don't scare easily. Now I'm so used to their practices that I don't answer unless I personally know the person. I still found these videos very informative even though I practice them. I do worry sometimes about online shopping and always ask if they keep a record. Since I only shop where I know they're reputable I feel pretty safe. I know it can happen to me even though I try to practice safe matters. My bank is all set up to notify me if something doesn't look right. They always do and that is a mind reliever. I still want to keep up with what I new and there seems to always be something new coming up. Thanks for the videos and being there for us.

Some of these scams are routed through "MagicJack" and there is no way of contacting any of them because they use so many different numbers. If you have call blocking, you can easily spot the pattern by the area codes because they are usually all the same.

I am so glad I made a complaint to the FTC and am now getting the up to date information from the FTC as things happen. I'm glad I now have them on my side and being educated as to what to watch out for since the last incident created absolute havoc in my life and on my computer and continues to do so since they no longer answer my calls or respond to any of my emails. Believe me, they are mighty fast talkers in India and it's difficult to talk over them because they are no longer listening to what I have to say. I still have not had my money returned to me however.

Cablevision has a blocking function. I have blocked the phone numbers of many of those robocalls.

I got this email-

We have a job survey and we need you in our team. We are hiring secret shoppers. No experience needed. The job requires you to shop and evaluate our employees. You will get paid to eat, shop and keep the products. For more information and sign up form click here Good Day, Kmart Ltd

When clicked link, got Sears Holdings with place for cell phone; got text message that overnight pkg was sent by USPS. Received check for $2445 with instructions to cash at my bank; keep $400, use $2045 to purchase 4 vanillae or Kroger recharge cards at $500. Text them at 503-912-7968 or emailsurveyjobs00

I texted got it and I am taking to attorney general's office. LOL

I received numerous calls from the (?) Federal Govt Dept of Treasury, they said for a one time life grant I didn't have to pay back for $9000(change)and separate $7000(some change) after I had posted for job on Facebook and LinkedIn. One wanted my financial acct to get and I would get for no criminal hx past 6 months,no bankruptcy past 6 months, disabilty, pretty much because I'm still breathing. One knew everything about me including birthdays and address and made a snide remark about marriage. One willing to send paperwork but not seen it yet. The conversation almost the same but one sounded experienced and skilled. Told the one caller ending in 3606 to stop calling. They called 3 more times.

I like it

I get calls from these clowns all the time. My favorite thing to do is answer the call, feign interest in their product, give the answers they want to hear ($300/mo electric bill, credit score over 680, own my house, etc.), then schedule an estimate.

Of course, I schedule that estimate at some address located FAR FAR away from civilization, where I don't actually live.

I figure, if they want to waste my time calling me, I'll waste their time by sending them on a quixotic mission to the middle of nowhere.

And, oh man, it's fun when they call to complain that 'you aren't at home'...

Make it subject to jail time to make the calls or to sell or use the software. The fact that nothing is being about these scammers seriously undermines confidence in government.

if the government has taken down this scam, why have I been getting bombarded with scam calls of the same type. sometimes 5 and more a day to both land line and 2 cell phones?

I FAIL FOR TWO SCAMS $2000. THE FIRST 200 THE SECOND . 1st they sent me a message using my neighbor on facebook. the 2nd my grandson was the caller said he had wreck give me number to call a bondsman he need 1400 or go to jail being a grandma i fail for that he come down to 200 that was all i had thank GOD Western union had stopped my money and sent it back. both times you would have thought i would have lean the first time i am a senior and don't think befor i act sometimes

It's NOT lights out - I am getting MULTIPLE calls a day from these people - it's driving me crazy

They're still at it. I've been getting these calls for quite sometime. I received a call about 2 weeks ago and this time I answered it. After the long-winded message they say that if they "somehow" reached you by mistake and wish to be put on their do not call list push 3. I did but they didn't and called again two weeks later.
This time I got hold of a live operator with the intent of telling them personally to stop calling. Before I could even get a word out the operator asked how much my electric bill was. When I tried to tell her I wanted to be removed from their list she hung up. Interestingly 2 days later a couple of solar panel sales guys showed up at my door. Coincidence?

they have not stopped. i'm getting up to 10 calls a day to my land line plus more to our cell phones, the caller ID shows green energy, green solutions, go green, green programs, each time it is either a 862,908, 201, 609 area code all which are for new jersey,

FTC please find these people and throw away the key for life

They are also touting the bill "recently" passed in congress (although they have been sighting this bill for over the past two years already) "The American Recovery and Re-Investment Act" as the basis for their call. They mention that if your bill is over $145 dollars a month then calling them can help to reduce it. Today's call came from (508)242-2053 at 12:30pm with a caller ID of "THE CLEAN PLANE". It seems likely this "PLANE" was probably meant to be "PLANET", but they ran out of space in their caller ID world.

For about 2 yrs I've been getting these calls from different phone #s everytime. I wait till I get a voice and they say "we'll put you on the do not call list" and hang up on me. This happens at least twice a day!! What can we do about it? I'm about to have my home phone shut off.

They're still going. I've received 5 calls in 4 days from these jerks.

Lights out on robocall shop that pitched energy savings?
Well they're obviously making more than they're being fined which is why this type of thing will never end. They just called. At work. Unlisted cell number. Registered on DNC.

still happening
calls coming from belmont, ma for me...
I block every call, and still they persist with other numbers 3 so far today

received a few at work today - most recent registered in Belmont, MA

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