Looking to block unwanted calls?

Are you signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry, but still getting unwanted sales calls?

If a company is ignoring the Registry, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. Report calls like this to the FTC. But that’s not all you can do. Here are some other options for limiting unwanted calls:

Mobile apps. Call-blocking apps let you create a “blacklist” of numbers that won’t be able to call your cell phone. Some apps allow calls only from a contact in your phone or an already approved number – and block the rest. Many of these apps are free or only cost a few dollars.

Features built into your mobile phone. Check and see what features your phone came with. You might already be able to block specific contacts, identify unwanted incoming calls for future blocking, and set “do not disturb” hours.

Cloud-based services. Typically, these work by analyzing your call data and combining it with other people’s call data to create crowd-sourced blacklists. You may have to register your phone line or download a mobile app to use a cloud-based service.

Call-blocking devices. Designed for home phones, some devices use databases of known spam numbers to know which numbers to block, but let you add your own list of numbers, too. Others rely on you to create your own blacklist. Some devices allow calls only from approved numbers.

Your phone carrier. Whatever type of phone you have — landline, cable, internet or mobile device — many carriers will let you block anywhere from 10-30 numbers. Many also let you block anonymous callers who prevent their phone number from appearing on caller ID. Some charge a fee for these services.

Read our new article for more ways to limit unwanted calls. And if you get an illegal sales call or robocall, file a complaint at donotcall.gov.


I hate the fib one saying that send 55dollars western union

The blocking anonymous calls only work if it from a phone line. They call through internet it does not work.

I'm just going to disconnect my home phone. AT&T has totally dropped the ball on this and I am sick to death of answering calls with spoofed numbers -- looks local and isn't- and thus telling scammers it's a live number. A home phone just isn't worth the hassle anymore. If you work from home, it's a living hell. If 'Rachel from Cardholder services' calls my cell phone, at least I can immediately block that number.

Home phone is worth keeping if for nothing other than being able to call 9-1-1. I know from experience that an ambulance can be dispatched immediately when you dial 911 from a landline, whereas they have to determine your exact location by you giving them information over your cellphone and them switching you to determine "not city limits, then in the county, then closest ambulance. Procedure can take 5 minutes or so. Keep your landline and turn the ringer off.

Most states/cities enacted laws now that requires 911 calling from mobile phones. I used to keep a basic landline to call 911, but dont need to now. So check your city and state. Might not need landline if your mobile phone is recognized by 911 dispatchers now.

That my intent yoo only I have Verizon Fios. I can block numbers easily on my iphone but its the landline thT we are dumping. It is too time consuming and if only 10-30 calls can be blocked that of no use we easily get 15-20 calls a day and we have all phone numbers registered for years with Do Not Call Registry. So even that isnt working!

Agree with fed up completely. AT&T is just trying to help. I get spam calls from my town,my next town over, the town 30 minutes away and even have a IRS scammer calling from inside the beltway of Washington D.C.! That one has became funny so I always answer it just to hear the stupidity spewing from roboRobin into my ear. FCC HAS Dropped the ball into the sewer!

I had so many calls a day from "R" @ cardholders even after I had reported them. I waited "in line" (for the next one to speak with me) & when she came on & said her first word I blew a VERY loud whistle IN her ear. They never called back!

I am constantly getting sales people calling. I signed up for the do not call list but different numbers appear but its the same people calling. Please help thanks

I'm having the same problem. I get calls for Amy from businesses even though Ive had this phone number for 10 years. I just hang up because obviously that list doesn't work!

Residential phones can use NOMOROBO, which is FREE and it has cut down on these crap calls tremendously. Costs money for a business, but residential is free.

Unfortunately AT&T landline users can't use that.

I've used it since NOMOROBO came out, and have an ATT land line. I rarely get calls now, and when I do I can just report them to the company. I know ATT has its own proprietary software, but never bothered with it. If ATT is telling you their software isn't configured to work with NOMOROBO, I'd go to your local utility commission to find out why.

Nomorobo works with ATT Uverse. I have it and it does help, but I still receive scam calls that have not been reported to nomorobo.

I have been using the app Hiya and it works pretty well. It's free.

Spoofing of phone numbers is evolving faster than the technologies can keep up. The scammers keep spoofing numbers similar to mine in the hope that I will answer them. Even after the FTC and Florida AG went after Rachel from Cardholder Services I am still receiving calls from their system with spoofed numbers.

glad to hear Rachael from cardholder services got caught but dismayed the b.....h is still out there

I don't know if our Federal Agencies are actually doing something to help because I am REALLY TIRED of reporting and keep on getting the same calls.
Hopefully they read this blog and do something, because these callers are an infestation and these are the numbers:
800-531-7013 800-531-9278 904-620-4433 877-322-9724 239-690-6906

If you want law enforcement to know about the calls you get, report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Rachel from Cardholder Services has been silenced by nomorobo on my land line. My cell phone app didn't recognize her last week. I reported the details to the FTC complaint site as usual.

May I suggest that the FTC use enforcemnt power that they have or use the services of a federal enforcement agency and shut these companies down. They can arrest the people working there and use a bat on the calling machines. If they did that I am sure they would have the thanks of the American people and might even get additional funding.

Two thumbs up! How easy for the spammers and spoofers to get through to us despite the Do Not Call. Yet when we consumers need to contact a legitimate business, look at all the hoops and menus we have to jump through just to get a human!!!

Insane what a customer go through in this era .

I actually collect data and information about these calls i get and in turn anonymous parties pay to have this info to dos and blacklist the scammers no matter what device or tech they use. So... i very much welcome it. Its like another day at the lake fishing.

Good, here's one for you. 418.925.7632 it's from Quebec with Indian or Pakistanese accent.

The FTC refused to own up to its authority in protecting consumers by failing to deploy cyber security measures in telecommunications.and ID theft. It would be helpful if they disclosed any interagency agreements to counteract harm to consumers.

Do Not Call Lists DO NOT WORK!!!!!! 2 straight years I reported every call and I still get them!!! Now they ( spammers) are attacking my cell phone!!!!! Nothing better to do---- Ah how about a job, it's called working!!

I'm so sick of them. I'm on the list, doesn't help to be on it. Two calls at 7:00am one again around a few minutes later. Say Fargond the other unknown. I know they're scammers but I just don't know what to do anymore. Have my phone set to ring twice because it drives me crazy. I'm looking for a new phone that may have some new features that will help. Probably doesn't exist. I tried nomorobo and for some odd reason I can't use it. I will check out Hiya but that sounds like a cell phone app.

While I screen all calls via caller ID and have my message state we don't answer unknown calls, I recently reinstated Verizon's Call Block service (which I believe is a legacy service only available in DC, DE & PA and, low & behold, it has not accepted even one number... so the callers are either calling via voip or cell. Very frustrating!

Mr. Johnson, Just admit that the scammers have won and there's nothing that you or your agency can do. The scammers have developed technology that can morph numbers and the government is powerless to protect the public from these parasites.

We get way too many calls from automated solicitors.


I love to mess with the ones who call saying they are from the IRS and going to sue me. They hang up quickly when I ask them their name. Some even answer their phones with Internal Revenue Service, when I tell them they shouldn't they hang up. Some days it is fun. I have let our investigation people know.

I want all these unwanted phone calls to my home stopped. Most of the last ones were in the area of politics. I'm simply not interested in these at all.

I read once you can tell the caller to" hold on for a minute...then go do you laundry and keep them on hold and coming on the phone and saying " can you hold on" They will get the message!

I too like so many appearing above have received numbers on my caller I.D. that appears as a local call, but if you dial the number back, a recording claims that number has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Then I get a ton of 1 - 800 #'s and they too claim I can press 2 to be placed on their Do Not Call list which takes 72 hours to achieve. But when you call back, the name of the company or who called you is never identified. They are so urgent to get a hold of you but they do not want to be identified. I have since informed AT&T they can have my landline as I have purchased Ooma and I will get a new number and deal with whatever problems. At least I do not have to feed into a giant who does nothing to provide half way good customer service.

Ive call stating irs this is your last chance before they sue you.IVE gotten on my computer call this 800 number for service,do not use your computer because your information can be used.ALSO call this number ,if not we will show up at your job trying to get you to verify your social security number.HOW DO ALL THESE PEOPLE GET YOUR INFO.I WANTED TO BUY A TV OFF DELL.COM.The lady that answered keep saying hello about three times as if she could not hear me.FINALLY I got her voice,i asked her where was she located is stated INDIA I hung up from the beginning could not hear or understand me.She called me back about 3 times,i did not answer .the next time she called me I answered told her to cancel call,hung up.She called me one more time to tell me do not call here any more.When everything started going to other country things started to go crazy.Ive never had a sales person to call me back,and have an attitude when I changed my mine.I do no like giving my credit card to people that can hardly understand me,and me understanding them.

It is appaling that Americans are not safe from these invasions of privacy in our own homes. This is top on my list of what the government is failing to do for the average family.

I want my calls blocked. I have been getting threatening phones calls from IRS telling me there is a warrant out for me and to get a lawyer. He says I owe 9,100.Thats impossible. I have all my taxes for proof.

it's a scam. don't answer the phone or just hang up on them.

I am certain that the DoNotCall list is being used as a priority calling list. The FTC can't do anything about offshore phone rooms that move around [nor even local ones for that matter] If you think about it, those numbers used to get fewer calls.

Over the 15 years I have moved 3 times and/or bought 3 new phone numbers and 3 new mobile. Each time when I put something on the DNC list it only took about 10 days before the incessant calling started on the numbers I listed to NOT CALL.


what up with that anyway .they still call

I just received a call around 5:30 this very morning. I answered because my sister had gone out of state for a funeral and did not know if she was calling me from a different phone. I could hear talking but they would not answer me. I hung up and it made me mad so I texted the number and told them they could have had the courtesy to at least say sorry wrong number. About 10 or 15 minutes later got another call but different number. I ignored it. Another 5 or 10 minutes received another call again from the second number. By this time they are really making me mad because I am trying to sleep. I answered and had to say hello several times, and then a lady, and I say that mildly asked who I was. I asked who did she want to speak to. I told her I answered because that was the 3rd call I had received even after I sent a text. She then began to tell me I had her phone. I told her oh no mame I don't. Have had my number for years. Asked me again what my number was. I told her I guess you must know because you called it. She said she called her number because she had lost her phone and I have it. I told her to think again. I had my phone in my hand and she was calling my number. She then began to threaten me saying she had a tracker on the phone and I will call the police. Told her why didn't she just do that since I have all the papers on my phone with me and we will see who is in trouble. She hung up!!

On the internet type in nomorobo it's free and works they test your line and when a call comes in it rings once and they take over its a god scent

Unknown #, No #, Drive me to not want to answer any calls unless I know who it is, and I have called ID

I get an average of 15 calls from some party telling me they are from the IRS and that they are going to sue me. What can I do about these calls. I know it is not the IRS because it takes a long time to get through to the REALIRS.

Just remember that the true IRS will NEVER call you. They will only contact you through the mail.

I'm so tired of the IRS scam of we are fixing to sue you if you do not return our call. My husband and I have a friend who's wife is a auditer with the IRS and she don't play she just shows up at your home or business. And the Microsoft calls come on now we all know Microsoft don't call your home. It's really funny when they call and you tell them you don't have a computer.

Got two calls this morning a little after 3:00 a.m. (Incoming Call). Did not answer but did hash tag several time quickly. Don't get another call.

Sad that our security systems can't out beat thaws people. Let's put them on hillerys emails

Ever since I placed my cell phone on s 24 hour Do Not Disturb mode, I haven't been getting such calls even from those who don't use a Caller ID, though those listed on my favorite list can still call me without a problem.

Do not call registry is a waste of time, done this several times and now thinking I'm getting more calls, don't waste your time

The phone companies created this problem and it’s their responsibility is to correct it. They won’t because it’s revenue generating. Many carriers will let you block anywhere from 10-30 number. Why the limit to 10-30 numbers? Again, it comes down to phone company revenue at our expense.

Congress won’t do anything because they get massive campaign contributions from the phone companies. Get your revenge by voting out the incumbents… or as suggested on another web site, give your rep’s number to the spammers.

I need to keep a landline since I have a pacemaker and must keep a monitor attached to my phone by my bed. I have used the zapper in the past which attaches between your phone and the wall connection and it worked very well. However since I moved and got a different tele number I am on the donot call list but a lot of unwanted phone calls manage to get through. My system now is to keep my telephone's answering machine on until midnight..of course none of these calls leave a message and I just delete them... I keep the ringer on the phone by my bed turned off so I don't get awakened early mornings. if I am home while the phone in the living room rings I can view the number to see if I recognize the caller...all my friends and relatives usually call me on my cell phone.

Margie, Thank you very much. Your solution seems best. What is a "zapper"? Is your answering machine external or eith the talephone company? How do you handle contact calls from doctors/hospitals that are outsourced? Isabel

This FTC article has more ideas about how to block unwanted calls.

I GIVE UP! I signed-up for the DO NOT CALL LIST a long time ago, yet I still get at least one call a day. I either hang-up or SCREAM--DO NOT CALL!

I get between 5 and 10 calls a day! And I've reported them to the FTC! I usually look up their numbers on 1-800-notes or google the number. I'm curious to see who's calling! But I'm thinking about call blocking! I can't believe the phone companies can't do anything about these scammers and robo calls! This is really getting out of control!

Is there any way to block (preferably bounce) a particular email address?

Take my cell phone and put it on the do not call, list

Let's do the math. In 2016 I have an average of 4 calls on my cell and 4 on my home = 8 per day = 56 per week = 240 per month = 2920 calls in a year. I am only one person. Where is OUR voice? Somehow we need to group together and force the laws to be enforced or by the end of the year of 2017 these phone calls will probably be tripled. Anyone got an idea because posting to the FTC where no one looks or cares that we are being harassed is not working! Can we get an attorney to stand up and make something happen? A congressman? Someone that has a louder voice than my "postings" about these interruptions?

800 531 7013 is definitely a scam number. When the scammers call, it looks like they are legitimately calling from USAA bank and leave 8005317013 as the call back (which is not a USAA number). They attempted to open up credit in mine and my husband's names. Filed a complaint with the FTC to report this as a scam today. Just posting in hopes that this will help someone else...DO NOT call back 8005317013.

Why is it when you google (any search engine) a phone number of a potential stalker, serial killer, whatever, they protect the caller by making the victim of these harassing calls pay for a service just to telll who the caller is? This should be criminal!! So in order to find out who is calling my home phone then,y cell phone and then a text, all from different. Numbers , I have to pay to find us who is stalking me!!!!!!!

need to have this blocked 540 717 1409 they said they going to kill my family

I just don't understand with all the complaints that people just don't want to be hassled with these calls that there isn't something our government officials can do. The do not call registry doesn't help. I use up my call block. I thought about getting rid of my land line. I've had to answer to scammers. I get calls for donations when I can barely get by as it is. Even if you tell them you can't, they will go on and on until they either make me mad or make me feel like crap and just remind me of financial problems. Where are my privacy rights? Turning off the ringer isn't an option. My parents are elderly and I need to be available at my landline in case of an emergency. I just don't want phone calls from people I don't know!!!

Oh and it gets even worse when you reach the age of 65 and are required to sign up for Medicare. I have gotten so many calls from companies wanting to sell me supplemental insurance it isn't funny. And I asked how they got my number and info and the claims are that I asked for them to contact me (which I didn't) and when I told them my number was on the DNC list, they replied that it wasn't. Something needs to be done about limiting access to the information these companies are able to get from public records, because it seems (from talking to other people my age) that all the calls start about 3 months before your 65th birthday.

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