Looking Online for Your Valentine?

Lots of people use online dating sites to find love. Unfortunately, cupid can sometimes be a con artist in disguise.

Be sure to know the difference between a real romance and a scammer cruising for a target. If an online love interest asks for money — for any reason — you may be dealing with a scam.

Got a minute? Check out our audio tip for more on how to avoid a broken heart and a busted wallet.

Online Dating Scams

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I sure know the pain of being robbed of all you have and who you are.Life is never the same again.We feel like fools,guilty,confused,lost and Alone.Someone you didn't know took your money and your life away.
You can't do anything about.Live each day trying not to remember ,the pain for me is just to much.My Cross... Peace!

When You sign up with them there is a hidden clause they will automatically bill for the next six months even if you do not request to continue your subscription. It goes from $62.00 to $83.94. People need to be aware of this. I just found out as I paid through paypal and they had an auto renewal in August.

I have tried to be duped into sending money to "gentlemen" I have met on the dating sites. I never have fallen for any of it as I had a gut instinct from the beginning that it was a scam. They want all this info from you, tell you how much they have fallen in love with you via e-mail correspondence for 2-4 weeks and then suddenly, they are in a foreign country on some job and need thousands of dollars to tie up a "deal of a lifetime" with a promise to pay you back in double or they have a sick kid back in the states that can't get medical treatment because the dr wants payment up front. Ladies & sometimes men - beware! I wish I knew where to turn these people in to put a stop to this. I save my e-mails as proof and never, I say NEVER - give out your address, phone # or any personal financial info!!! No matter how much they profess to love you, they will never answer any of your questions if you turn their own questions to you around back to them.

I experienced the same on a christian dating online site; met 2 "geologists" who pretended to be in love with me; and eventually asked me for money for a Contract or supplies, etc. On the 3rd occasion that I met another geologist I told him about my prior experience and he never wrote again. Iam glad that I really had not money to send anyway but I know that other women can fall victims and I wish I could warn them.

Scams in the UK can be reported to:

They take a lot of information and give you a case number and password if you need to add information later.

I too learned this painful lesson the hard way...

I'm sure I will never trust men again after all of the scammers I have online dating. My whole life has been ruined by them. One of them pretended to be a soldier in Afghanistan, claimed to have a very large sumo f money in Malaysia and needed a bank fee to get the money out. Somehow he talked me into selling my house and sending him the money in order for him to get that money and he going to retire from the Army and come back and we were going to get married and buy a new house. He had even created a phony banking website proving his bank account showing he had over a million dollars in it. He had a username and password to get into his account in this phony banking website online. They are professionals. They prey on women who are alone a lot, without children, friends, and are looking for a mate and love. They don't care about age or what you look like, of course, because they never intend to meet you ever anyways.They listen very carefully to what you want in your life, they become that man, they want the same thing you want, they love you, send you love letters, poems, make you feel wanted and loved. Its all a big fat lie!!Some hints. Try to get them to Skype with you. They will never show their face because it is not going to match what is on their profile. You think its some good looking well off, older, white, or Latino, guy in Florida, and really he is a 23 year old skinny black African in Nigeria. Try to get him to talk to you any way you can. He won't. You will not be able to understand his African accent at all so he will not risk talking to you. Remember, all you love is a picture of someone. Its not real. They are liars, and the worst scum of the earth and they will never stop as long as you are in love with them, they know they can take you for more and more. Don't try to trick them, or get them to admit it. Just don't ever talk to them again. Its the only winning move. Never, send them money. Not even if they are dying and they will always love you forever. Let them die. Its ALL A LIE!!!!!! DELETE THEM!!!! Don't end up like me. I lost my house, my SUV, all my money, and got my heart broke over and over again until I finally learned. I have nothing left anymore. Nothing. None of them loved me. None!!!

Broken hearted, this just happened to me. I lost my husband of 10yrs last May and they prey on widows middle aged women. And boy are we stupid. But they count on us to be to embarrassed to say anything, because our friends and family told us it was a lie.I do know exactly how you feel. I gave him every penny I had at Christmas and I have four kids. I am being evicted right now because I can't pay rent but it will be ok because he's sending me money. I did some investigating on my own and found this guy had 200 facebook accounts and he was usually a soldier. and he usually had Miller in his name. But I believe the picture I fell in love with was either a victim too or a poor soldier who has died there. But now they have 200 pictures of me and I'm not a bad looking 47yr old, I'm afraid they will try and scam some poor old guy with my pictures. I have reported this scam twice but no one has gotten a hold of me. I would have them post my pictures with a warning sign. We need to go to the media or something because you know they are scamming so many other women. Did your guy have a birthmark on his right check. Boy there clever too. My guy finally admitted that he was a fraud. I'd like to just have one hour alone with him so I can cut his throat. It's so cruel what they do, and all we want is just to have someone love us. But they are master manipulators ya know. Maybe together with other victims we could help. I will pray for you and I hope you get ahold of me.

Please I have been scammed too by 3 losers and your story is so familiar. Nobody understands our situation. As they have not ever been so victimized or scammed themselves. It would be great to chat with you. My name is: Kelly

Im sorry that you lost your house and so much I was scammed too and the person rather monster evil.beings threatened to extort me on facebook with nude photos. He wanted a thousand dollars or else.He stole my identity and opened up account. I feel like you eight months of a lies Its painful and grieving.Thankyou for posting I felt so stupid
for believing lies. we are good people who had a bad thing happen



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