Money Transfer Scams

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service recently distributed thousands of checks totaling $46 million to people who lost money in scams that involved MoneyGram, a popular money transfer service.

According to law enforcement officials, from 2004 to 2009, MoneyGram turned a blind eye to scam artists and money launderers who used the company to commit fraud. During that time, tens of thousands of people in the U.S. lost money to a variety of money transfer scams, including fake lottery and prize scams, family emergency scams, and “guaranteed” loan scams.

How do these scams work? Generally, you get a call from someone who says:

  • you won a prize but you have to pay “taxes” on it
  • a friend is in trouble and needs your help
  • you can get a loan — even if you have bad credit — but you have to pay a small fee first

Whatever the pitch, the caller’s only goal is to get your money ­— not to give you something in return.

MoneyGram also agreed to step up their anti-fraud programs. Nevertheless, scammers continue to add new twists to old schemes and pressure people into sending money. Using a money transfer service is like sending cash ­— once you send the money, it’s nearly impossible to trace it or get it back.

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Thanks fpr your help

There was some one in Malaysia who keep on calling me and asking me to pay a lot of money.Because there is a parcel send by frend of mine,i already deposite us dollar 1200,and i did not get the parcel and now they are threatening me to pay more money.

thats to bad youhave no recorse when thay have yourmoney your out it thay are big scum bags there is no pacage for you send the emails to the FBI in your town best of luck

Is there a way to claim enyrhing bk I'm dad of 4 and on benifets iv handed over 500 to fastcureyer express

You can report a scam to the FTC at Or you can contact your state Attorney General’s office about a problem.

HOW does CASH THAT IS SENT TO another US state VIA WESTERN UNION make it to another country???

The money is not meant for that state.... the person whom you are sending it also doesn't know that it is a scam.... they are told that the money they are receiving is for business which is in another country and they are given a small token so as they don't ask too many questions.
The money is then sent to the other country.... the person receiving the money from the other country is close to the scammer... could be a girlfriend. Reason to that it's because they don't to lose. Two things here.... the girlfriend might know that the boyfriend is a scammer or she doesn't know. She only knows that the boyfriend is receiving money from a distant relative.....

Can someome take your money if they have you online baking password and user name?

If they have your online banking password and user name, and they can get access to your account, they might be able to transfer money from your account to another account. Or, they might be able to use the money in your account to buy things, or pay bills. If you think someone got into your account, contact your bank.

I have been scammed. Talk to what i thought was a lady on ig about making more more money. Talk to her for weeks and decided to trust her gave her my info and she used mobile transfer and put money into my account and immediately took it out. Now 3 days later my account is overdrawn and in the negative all because i trust her later back fired. I contact my bank and they is now going to investigation is there a possibility that i have to pay all of the money back knowing its not my doings??

Do you have to pay all of it back or just what you spent

I have two small kids too and struggling for money we also handed over 500 how do we get money back I'm very heart broken

There are different ways to try for a refund, depending on how you paid. If you sent money with a wire transfer, contact the wire transfer company and ask them to stop the transaction. Usually when you send money by wire transfer you can't get it back.

If you used your bank account, contact your bank. If you gave your credit card number, contact your credit card company. If you gave out any account numbers, even if you can't get the money back, you may need to change account numbers to protect your accounts. Talk with your bank and credit card company.

This article about money transfer services has more information.

Thanks you saved me from a similar scam. Was thinking what's the worse that could happen. Didn't know that banks take so long to identify false checks. Banks give scammers too much time to do the scamming. Should go back on bank to tell customers withdrawls are ok before actual clear

Also got scammed but I was clever enough not to send $350, there was this old lady she told me she was dying of cancer and I had given her my personal details and she made me her beneficiary because apparently she doesn't have kids. So I gave her all my details she gave me her banking details then the bank she used told me that the money was in my name $5 000 000 and I had to pay $350 to unblock the account
How true can this be?

I just got scammed out of nearly 700 for a personal loan of 5000.00 the guy was very rude and when I said I want my money back he said I need a lawyer and they will deduct money out of my account for the loan because the money is in my name and pending for me to pay another 300 for insurance purposes and they are not able to get it back they call themselves Money today and Money network talked to a Derek foster if that is his real name I'm hurt I don't know what to do about my bills and kids school clothes

If you gave a scammer your bank account number, he can take money from your account. You could contact your bank and ask how to keep your money safe. Please report this to the FTC at

I just got scammed, or should I say I scammed myself! How could I be soooooo stupid! They are on Instagram advertising if you have a USAA account you can be awarded 10k to15k grant towards whatever you are doing whether Day Trades, Non-Profit anything.

They want you to open a USAA or BankOfAmerica account and leave it at zero so they can login and start the Grant Process... People like myself think at first, how can someone commit fraud on me if there's no money in my account? Well, they can overdraw the account!!!! Also, they can deposit fake checks and get you to send them their cut for the services through western union or money gram!!! Did I forget to mention, a few days later the deposited check comes back as a bad check and the money you sent the scammers are now negative in your account! SmH I can't believe my guard was down.

Thank you for warning people about this. You can help law enforcement by reporting it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I am currently going through the same thing, how did you recover from it?

The happen to me I lost my husband, and I was looking for Loan to cover some Medical bills, They keep asking me to send money, to cover fees, now I am out of a few thousand dollars, and is about to lose my home.They have my info bank acct. phone# address. I have phone # email and name from some of then WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE.

If someone has your bank account number, they can take money from your account. You can contact your bank and ask them how to protect your account.

If you sent money to get a loan, but it was a scam, please report it to law enforcement. You can report to the FTC The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

If you're having trouble paying your mortgage, call your mortgage servicer right away. If you are having a hard time reaching or working with your loan servicer, talk to a certified housing counselor. Call 1-888-995-HOPE for free personalized guidance from housing counseling agencies certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Or, look online at

If you are an older person, go to BenefitsCheckUp helps you find state, federal, and private benefits programs available where you live. These benefits programs can help pay for prescriptions, health care, food, utilities, and more. You can also get help with tax relief, transportation, legal issues, or finding work.


So how did you fix this or what happenedV?

Hey how did this end with your bank?

May I ask what business it was

That is exactly what happen to me, pretend loan company deposited a fake check using mobile banking and tells me to send the money back to them to verify my account.

I fell for it and now I owe the bank what money I withdrew because of the fake check. I was so stressed out from bills and just stuff. It didn't occur to me that the check they deposit would be fake, I'm thinking its there money they are depositing so they want it back. Stupid me! I barely make enough to get by and now I have to figure out how to come up with 1,500.00 to pay the bank. I am so mad for falling for this.

You can help law enforcement by reporting the fake loan company. Go to and explain what happened. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm in the same boat i met a lady on line starting talking over 4 weeks she made me believe i was special again i fell for it my hearts to big I'm going through a divorce with two kids i work week to week to survive, how can people do that its beyond me

Hey brun How are you I no how it feels to go through this but please Hun everyone and everybody is not the same maby next time ask for id photo if ;) I love kids I no what ur going through email me if you want to

We don't post personal contact information on the blog.

I paid to get a check through the post office and to this day I have not received nothing. I lost alot of money, thousands to be accurate.

Im actually a Marine Vet that did the same thing, I was dumb enough to fall for this and now im hurting big time for money. about to lose me house because of this stupid mistake.

Same here brother

I've nearly gone broke from this and they keep calling ... It's ruined my life. I don't know what to believe or who to trust. I plan on changing my cell number soon. I can't go on like this. I trust people too easily.

I just read your post and I feel for you. I feel for the same thing. I was scammed by IRS fraud. Stupid me, but non the wiser now. Did everything work out ok for you ?

What exactly is IRS Fraud? I have been hired by a company that I serve as middle man to collect their money and wire it to them for a monthly salary and commission. I just want to be sure I have not got involved with anything illegal?

Please read the blog Scammers Say Help Wanted.

It describes how scammers may use job ads that seem like they’re for legitimate jobs, but really are not. Law enforcement calls the victims who take those jobs ’money mules.’ If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

This could be true no daubt. But austerity has not begain and things are like that what if we loose everything as it will come,people will not only gun other because of a dollar but we shall eat human flesh. Look at what that man is saying all google account in one place this is how the but me in default for 6 years forcing me to be a business person when they know that they would not have the mind to imploy me for the reason that i did not attend qeens collage, or that in America of all nation. This dupes are connected to the third world. There are with the post cell sim card agencies.

All i know is that people who know you, gives your information. But in my own case, they are giving them wrong info therefor i will go on with my cause because i know what they want. They work with ebay too. Because i complained to all, no non of them was ready to open up rather i was told that whenever i want information about who calls me, i will pay for it. They don't even ask me if i have a job. These people use different names later you will find out that the person the showed his/her face, is not the right person. The have been using my name on business since 2010. And these people fight if you mistakenly speak ill about Jesus. That is my email but those using it with me, i don't know if the would let you get it.

it's just great. after reading several of these comments, i fear i am in a romance scam. i've sent no $ - i have none. i am often pleaded with to help him with sending $ someone else is sending me, etc. i continually say no. i refuse to participate in anything that is not clearly defined and proven honest and legal!!!

i think i am about to lose what i've had no real reason to believe isn't the absolute love of my life - my soul mate - this is making me feel ill. though i do not wish to hear this or believe it true, it is good that i have of course, but it will be never that i get over it. at my age and all the bad relationships in the past..... not good. thank you for the info.

Does he say he's in the military?

I also have someone trying to get me to send money through money gram for a computer. He tells me that he is a staff sergeant in air force. Is this similar to your case. Thanks

I believe that you and I may be in the same scam. I signed up through an online dating site and he continues for one reason or another for me to send him credit card information. Is your guy in construction? Just curious.

I think that I have found my soul mate and what I think that I might have found instead is a scammer. How do you find out for certain.

On instagram there's a company called helping hands inc. That want my billing address dl information and account and routing number to wire transfer 10000 to My account is this a scam?

Scammers try to get innocent people involved in their schemes. Any legitimate business will have its own bank accounts and won't ask to use your name or your account for its transactions.

If you give someone your bank account number they can take your money, even if they say they're going to deposit money.

If someone you don't know wants your personal information and wants you to transfer money, don't do it.

Have u cashed money orders that don't belong to you this year.

Yeah I got arrested for it.

Arrested for what? Someone deposited funds into my account I'm hesitant to withdraw it

Did you meet someone online who asked to use your bank account? Some scammers meet people on dating sites, or pretend to hire them for jobs, and then ask to use the victim's bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into your account, and ask you to wire the money out of the country. If you help transfer stolen money, you're aiding and abetting a crime.

Yes..I thought it was leggit..he said they were close an idiot I fell for it

This guy name David Knapp says I have winnings of 150.000.00 he says he is David Knapp government organization of south heaven Michigan bud at the end he tells me I have got to pay him 2000.00 up front first 1000.00 thousand for cases file and 1000.00 for delivered by ups

If you really win money, you will not have to pay to get it. Don't give anyone money if he promises you will get money. You will probably lose what you give him, and get nothing back.

I got cot in a scam about 2 months ago they called said I won money and a car, go to HyVee fill out some papers so I fall for it find out it was western Union and had to send money like I said that was two months ago still getting calls and over $5000.00 later still no cat or money. I keep telling my self no more then he calls say today its coming and I give in an send more money I know there is nothing I can do to get my money back because I'm sending it ti Jamaica

Some scammers will keep calling and calling. They hope you will believe their lies, and send more money. If you send money, they will keep calling. They will take your money until you have nothing left.

You can block the people who are calling you, and stop listening to them. You can help other people by calling Western Union and telling them what's going on. Western Union might be able to block the scammer from stealing money from other people.

You can help law enforcement too. Please report what happened to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations. You can help law enforcement track the scammer and work to shut him down.

Lol tell them to take the money out of what you win and just send you the rest, I get those all the time. It's kind of like when you get those scratch offs from a car dealer ship says if you get such and such number you will win such and such I don't even scratch I just pick my prize because I know it's gonna be a winner lmao.

Yes. Report to the FBI.

Aman I have been chatting with asked me to receive A money gram and use the money to send on to Africa.have I broken the law?


What if I cash it at a liquor store?

I have a lady that wants to purchase a puppy from me. She sent me the check but included $250.00 for ME to transfer money to a pickup agent via money gram through Walmart. This sounds extremely odd to me. Has anyone dealt with something like this before?
I don't think I'm even going to deposit the check, I hear it can take a long time for my bank to realize it's a fake.

I get about 4-5 everyday


Hi. I just recieved this e-mail responding to craigslist ad and thought it seemed suspicious:

Micheal Moore [mlbobby547m]
Thanks for your email and am so sorry for my late response, I own a small shipping business and I tend to operate a high cost of operation and I want to cut down my expenses by employing shipping and receiving personnel in each state individuals who will be receiving mails in bulk and then dispatch them in units to there final destinations in there respective states, for example the cost of sending each mail is around $13 by United Parcel Service and if we want to send out 100 mails, that would be around $1,300 which is too costly but we have a solution whereby, we ship the whole 100 mails in one package at the rate of $180 to you in your state and when you get it, you will open it and send the mail individually through United States Postal Service which will be $3 to $4.50 each and by doing this would be saving a large amount of money, so please I need a reliable individual that will be committed and enthusiastic about the job and you will be paid $500 every week and this is a long time position.
You will also be provided with funds to pay freight forwarder, you will be provided with funds to pay for USPS to dispatch the mails upfront, you will be provided with up to three thousand dollars as a running fund for dispatching the mails, sometimes, it may be packages of goods that you will be receiving and sometimes you may be required to pay for shipping and freight fees out of the funds we provide to you to pay another freight forwarder when we need the service of another freight forwarder, the items you will be re-mailing or shipping will include letters, office materials and office equipments, home theater, electronics and some other general consumer goods. I want to assure you that you will never use your own money for any expenses and you are not require to buy anything to begin the job, the job will only take around 10-15 hours of your time in a week and you can work whatever hours you want, the job is very simple once you have an address where you can accept mails and packages, and also have the time to re-mail the mails and packages through USPS sometime through some other freight forwarders, the mails and packages will contain gift cards, letters, office materials and equipments, home theater, electronics and some other general consumer goods, they are packages you can put in your room, or in your garage and if not we can rent a storage unit. You will have to present an ID either driver's license or any other personal ID to show to the delivery man when packages will be delivered to you and you have to show some sense of sincerity as you will be entrusted with clients mails, packages and funds to utilize for re-mailing expenses, please do let me know when you are ready to start and let me know if you have all the requirements needed for the job, you need to provide your information as well in order to proceed further.
I will like you to get back to me with your Contact Details such as:
Full Name:
Full Contact Address(Not P.O.Box please):
Zip Code:
cell Phone Number:
home Phone Number:
Email Address:
present Occupation:

Once i received your contact information I will get back to you with the task for this week, understand you will also be paid as soon as you pass this first assignment, You will be paid $500 at the end of the week.
Reason for taking up this job, and please note, you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for this job.
You are going to be employed as Shipping and Receiving Personnel and all tax will be taken care of by me, your first weekly wage $500 salary will be paid by CHECK and the re-mailing funds will be provided constantly which will never finish in order to avoid you spending your own money so when the re-mailing funds are low additional re-mailing funds will be provided, and you are not require to buy anything to begin the job, it is a straight forward job opportunity.
Please do let me know how we should proceed so you can get started immediately.
Hope to hear from you soon.

You can file a complaint about this scam at

Stephanie, im glad you seen this suspicious.

Unfortunately i got scammed to a similiar craiglist ad like this above, He sent me a fake check, which i had deposited to my bank account, and thinking that it been credited to my account...
He would sent me to western union for money transfer, which i spend over $2,300 of my own money... I realized his check was returned to him from my account too late . I just want others to open up their eyes, and dont fall for this scammers!!!!

Hi I got scammed the same way too. First he sent me a check and then asked me to transfer money through western union and money gram. What happened in your case? Does your bank protect you against this or did you lose your money?

Same thing happened to my mom and i

This just happened to me i think and im not sure what to do. Am i going to jail?

You are responsible for the checks you deposit, even if you don’t know they’re fake. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check until the bank confirms that the check has cleared, and it can take weeks for a bank to discover that a check was a forgery. Until the bank confirms that the funds from the check were deposited into your account, you are responsible for any money you withdraw against that check. You can read more about Fake Checks in this FTC article.

Are you going to jail for not knowing

Shriek, what did you do in that situation. I have a similar situation, does your bank return the money??

ok i meet this man on yahoo now he wants me to open an account and than text him back with the info he wants to tranfer his money into that what does this mean in i helping him to do somthing he shouldnt thank help plz thank you

Was his name Kelly Edwards?

My bank took care of it and Wells Fargo took his check and they cleared me because I never tried to cash or deposit the check he want me to cash it for cash and then send him the cash ...Not in my life time Wells Fargo is going after hi.Just be smart use your head....

Yes I have someone sending me cards with pin numbers an she wants me to pull the money out an send it to someone in China. I haven't done it but she sent me 4 credit cards with all different names but all the same pin? I don't know what to do !!!

This is a scam. Don't respond. Don't send the money. Report it to the FTC at

What is the contact information

Please help, im not sure whats happening...

I just got a new "job" which was an ad from craigslist. After exchanging information and going through a series of questions. I got the job, which was as a personal assistant.

My first task was to manage some finances, which was a check that was sent to my name and i deposited that into my bank account. Then i was to wire it through money gram to the client.

After that was finished, it is now showing a pending return check on the check i recieced earlier the week. I now have a 2,500 negative balance and i dont know what to do now...

Please help...

Omg this happend to me and its actually the freaking same job offer he told me send part of the money to 2 clients of his 1040 to each and pay 70.50 for the charges and keep 300 witch is soppost to be my weekly salary so I did everything as he told me but I happend to walk into my friend while I was doi g all of that and she tought it was susicious so I told her that I was gonna check n try to get more info of him when I go back home but I did spend the 300 on my rent and then I went home and I actually finish talking to the money gram people luckaly I was able to stop the transfer n and they told me to call the cops but I dont know what to do brcause yes I can get most of the money back but im $300 dlls short im afraid they could take to jail cuz I don even have 300 dlls to pay them

It's good that you were able to stop some of the wire transfers by calling MoneyGram.

You can report this to your state Attorney General and also to the FTC at

You are responsible for paying back the money you withdrew against that check. You can contact your bank and explain the situation.

Read the article Fake Checks for tips on recognizing a fake check scam.

Hey.. this is just happening to me. I put an ad on craigslist looking for work, this guy named David Mike replied via text and i said I was interested in the job and once he kept telling me to keep 300 and transfer the $2000 to someone else I said I quit. He wanted me to do it immediately. Now he already deposited the $ 2,000 in my bank account and now he want's it back but wont help me give the info of the bank to send it back to him. I accidently gave my info by accident. He said he was on vacation to buy a beach. Im scared that he;ll take my money from me cause i gave him my bank info. I never transferred the $ 2000 to his clients cause it's still in my account.

If someone has your bank account number they may take money from your account. Talk to somone at your bank and ask how to protect the money that is yours.

If a scammer sent you a fake check and you deposited it, it might look like there is money in your account right now. But later, when your bank finds out the check is fake, the bank will take that amount out of your account.

If you deposited a fake check and took money out immediately, you'll have to repay the bank when the bank finds out the check was fake.

I never deposited any money or check. This man named David Mike deposited thr $2000 in my account with my account information and is begging me to help give it back but he wont give me any information to let him have it back. I thought i was giving my account info to help the employer western union my money that i earn through wages. I never expected him to deposit that much money into my account.. This all happened yesterday. He is emailing me and can't find a legit email address from him.

Also, what is the number he tested you from or what app?

Where did he contact you from? How did you two communicate? What's his email ?

Same thing happens to me. But when they asked me to deposit the check in my account. I did and I got a doubt after that it may be a scam. Next day contacted the bank and informed about the job and check and they said its fake and closed my account. Now I am getting email from scammer and asking money. I do not know what to do. I am student and cannot report to the police.

The person who sent you a fake check is probably a criminal. You are not required to tell him what happened. You could block him from your email if you want. You can report this problem to the FTC and do not need to tell your name or addres. You can report at

I had a similar about a job. Is there a way for your bank to credit the account or someway I getting ya back because I am now in the hole with my bank?

the same thing just happened to me. I'm so scared. what do i do. im a college student and i just dont know how to do this. the girl got my online banking info, deposited the check and had me send her half of the money. then the found out the checks were counterfeit and i didnt know what to do. i dont mind paying back but i dont want to go to jail.

hey just curious as to how ur situation ended? bc I'm going through the exact same hing and I can't even sleep. I'm so scared. I didn't cash the checks, she did but I have her my card.

Omgggg the same thing happened to me! This girl said that I was eligible for a scholarship for people who wanted to go to school, but didnt have the means to do so. so I gave her my bank card and she deposited $5,000 into my account and the bank closed my account what happened? am I going to go to jail?

Are you in trouble ?? Did you use the money?

I'm going through the same thing. I owe the bank a lot of money. I can pay it back though. It just taking a toll on my life right now.

Im going through the same thing im so scared can anybody give me tips ?

I experienced the same thing. Single mom, hoping for the best on a to good to be true. They deposited $6000. The bank only held half the money. I wired them $2000 with the promise when the money cleared they would receive the remainder. Columbus Day delayed the ability to see if the checks were good. My hey were forged, and thankfully I am only resnsible for the $2000 I gave them. Now, I owe $2000, my credit report has taken a hit, I don't have the money and my refi for my home has been postponed because I don't have the money to pay this debt. being foolish for a moment has destroyed the ability I have to provide a roof over my head. Somethings just aren't fair, and I feel so stupid.

This almost happened to me but I went to the corner store to cash it instead of taking it to my bank and I almost got arrested the only reason I didn't get arrested was because the officer contacted a lawyer and since they didn't give me the money and I had no criminal record they left me go with a warning, officer said your old enough to to know that clean money is not easily earned you have to work hard to get your money si wake up and stop being naive. So please guys wake ups and stop falling for this people that only want your money or that will get you in trouble.

I know how you feel. my husband saw a website for virginislandscraigslist for cars and trucks for sale.He saw a white 2011 camry sedan and got in contact with the owner. They put up an email for their socall shipping company. They told him to send money through western unon. In all he sent $2,700.he is so vex right now. the money went to western union in Baltimore Maryland. I need help with this matter to get my money back. I am willing to take every step.

I just felt for a scam. I'm so depressed and feel so stupid. They caught me at my low i needed the money so bad that I was blind to the foolery. I end up sent 1450 threw money gram which was from a fake check It was a total of 1980. It wasent until 2 days later I see my bank overdrawn for 1700 I'm so devastated I don't know what to do.




I'm sorry this happened to you. You can report the scammer to the MoneyGram Customer Care Center at 1‑800‑926‑9400, and to the FTC at You might want to tell your bank you were scammed, and ask if they can help you in any way, or waive the overdraft fees.

Wait what was the name your scammer used im in a similar situation at the moment with the exact same money amount

Hey I wanted to know if you were able to get the money you lost back. I am in the same situation right now and I really don't know what to do.

I just received the exact email as you to a t! Word for word! Different name of contact but, no name as far as a business name. I never gave them my ss#.. I'm curious if they can get any of my other info off the internet? Maybe open accounts in my name? The crazy thing is this happened to a friend of mine & the bank account of the check that he received happened to be the same bank that he banks through. So his bank said they couldn't cash it to bring it back in a couple days. Where I'm going with this is they're actually opening accounts in somebodies name & info.. They must be depositing the money & turning around and taking it out after writing the checks? I'm so happy for everyone posts because I was thinking about depositing the check. But, I never planned on mailing a $2500 check out of my account until it had cleared! Somebody has to do something because this is really hurting people. That are looking for employment and more than likely is writing a check out of their account & that's all they have to their name!

i'm holding an envelope now from Earl White New York address from Craig's list who offered a "job" that wants me to deposit the check,then western union most of it to his business contact in Mexico....

I was scam by Mystery Shoppers name Mark Anthony Jr. He sent me a fake check for $2850 and ask me to send through money gram... we decided not to do it and send it back the money to think the check is not fake but it was to late for me to find out my account is negative for the check he told me to deposited.

I was told to send it to the account #22xxxxxxxx to the name of Sims,Water and Associate Inc. in Bank of America.I sent it cash so I can't do anything to get back my money even though I came back to the back the next morning and told I was scam... the Bank of America knows the money was deposited by me and the account is active yet never try to return it to me they just make some report on their computer about it.

I did even report to the police but I was told that it will be hard for them to track down this scammer.Now I am trying to pay my bank for the money I loss.Sad but I believe in God's time these people will pay back if they will not stop and repent on their sin.Only God can do something impossible so I gave it all to Him. I just pray it will be sooner so no one can be a victim anymore.

I was scammed by media opportunities direct they said in a letter dated nov 23 2013 I won 1,677,519.00 said to send 26.00 shipping and handling . Check money order or cash I sent cash so they wouldn't have my bank account. Said send within a week I sent dec 2 2013 it came in mail nov 28th still no money ! I took pictures on phone of letter for proof .

Hi, Rochelle, I'm sorry this happened to you. Please file a formal complaint at

American Web Loan took plenty of my money and now 2 years later have a place called United trying to get another $880.00 from me. AWL took so many payments I closed my account assuming I paid in full 3 times over. It's been 3yrs since hearing from these people so Yes I assumed I did pay them off. What do I do?

Check the statute of limitations regarding consumer loan debt and laws concerning the legality of the type of loan in your state. Many internet lenders are offering loans illegally to consumers in states where they are prohibited. If so, then the debt is unenforcible and even an attempt at collection would be a violation of the FDCPA, and other Federal statutes under the jurisdiction of the FTC and the CFPB. Do your research, keep your records, and check your credit report as often as you can for accuracy.

i was just scammed by ymax corp. in texas hang up if you get a call #1-713-931-3595 he calls himself steven.

Steven cooper by any chance I think he's trying to scam me now

I received a refund check #0278577 customer ID 1149418 on 01/03/2014 for $26.27,from FTC-Federal Trade Commssion advising a law suit was filed against Central Coast Nutraceuticals & adived I should deposit with in 60 days, after that check could bounce; my bank could charge me a fee. bank fees are $34. each time. Note the check is my share of the settlement-This check is being sent to me by a settlement administrator hired by FTC. IS THIS LEGITIMENT? or should I destroy the check, cost for bounced check is more than the check is woth. Thank you. Martin. 01/05/14

Yes, the FTC recently sent out refund checks to people who purchased health products made by Central Coast Nutraceuticals. You can learn more by visiting the FTC's refund page for this case.

Got a call from Mexico about getting my money back from a time share.The guy was from the Mexican Government,I just had to send him 1720 and he would send me $11,000.To good to be true

I put on craigslist that I was selling lingerie for100$ then I received a check for 1,800 I was wow im only asking for100$ so I destroy the check didn't cash it but now I'm being harassed that FBI is gonna come to my home ect a lot of negative text what should I do

My son had same happen to him! Ignore their threats! They will eventually leave you alone. We checked the name & all info on check out. This we were informed is the one they really are having trouble getting. Local law said if my son had cashed the check he would have been fined & jailed!

Almost the same with me I have not cashed check so just wanted to see if fbi came or if that was just threats

Take screen shots of all correspondence for your records. Then politely tell these scammers that younate notifying the cops for suspicious activity. That will shut them up immediately.

I was taken by sensa.dont buy this it doesn't work. They refuse to give your money back.48

I got a call from an indian lady name Erica Johnson and she to I was approved for 6,700 dollar grant and that I need to put three hundred dollars on a green dot card.

I was applying for a must needed loan and I got a call from a Natalie Johnson and I was so desperate I caved and now I don't have a bank account, I'm going to be evicted and It's cold in MN! I just don't know what to do. I have been sober for just over a year and I'm about to break...

Same here and she used abusive language to me and I told her that this is a scam and he threatend to have me arrested for saying such abusive language to her.

I received call from "Indian accent guy" claiming that I've been randomly selected by US govt for 7k grant. Instructions were to buy greendot $ pack, add $299, then call back and give info of greendot pack to receive 7k plus the 299. I'm glad to have found this web site with all these testimonials of previous scams. So, scammed18, I hope you didn't lose out on your $300.

I received a call like that yesterday from a man that I couldn't understand. He said that I needed to pay $150.00 upfront and that it would be paid back with the $7,000 grant. I was supposed to pick it up this morning. I will go directly to Government Grants to apply for a personal or business grant.

Same bad deal here justin j able 914_236-6343
914-977-5188 202-461-3468 payday to California took $350 for loan bs my kids lost christmas because i was stupid i call them and they are rude i call them theives and scam artist when they answer i have ann email from we were in desprate need and they prey on the needy i pray that some day i can look them in the eye as they head to prison for stealing a thief is a thief however they steal

Erica johnson and her team of scam artists called me today saying I was one of 2000 people receiving a 6700 dollar grant all I had to do was pay 200 in taxes on it first, did I dodge a bullet?

You guys always make sure that when you read all of your e-mails and g-mails that each e-mail and/or g-mail are valid e-mails, not those scam-mails.

My grandaughter got a call at work stating they were from the Federal Trade Commission and that someone had taken out a loan in her name and in order for them to investigate she needed to send them 150.00 by the next week or she would have to go to court. Is this legitimate because she has not taken out any loans. It scared her and she called me because she did not know what to do. I told her not to do anything.

Hi, the FTC will never call you and demand money for an investigation. This sounds like a variation of an imposter scam. Your granddaughter can file a complaint with the FTC at She also might want to order a free copy of her credit report from to make sure there are no loans or other credit accounts that she doesn't recognize.

Today I tried to apply for a debt consolidation loan for 3,000 to pay my credit cards off. I got a call from this phone number 209-315-5456. out of Riverbank CA the lady was not from the US hardly could understand her english. I knew that this was a scam at the beginning. She never stated what company she was from and I said when do I get my 3,000 dollars and she said that for us to process the loan I would need to get a moneypak green dot card for 200 dollars and then my money would be deposited in 35 minutes. I said that I have never heard such a thing and I said that this is a scam and I was not interested in the offer. And I hung up the call. And then 5 minutes later another phone call from a different state and area code, I did not answer I called the number back and the recording states that the number has been disconnected. That's a SCAM folks beware. Do not give out bank information or any personal info because these scammers will eat you up. And for one thing that it is illegal to have to pay for a fee to get a advanced loan.

SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-SCAM. i tried to cash the check and the place wouldnt even give it back to me!!! look out for these guys.

Dear Part Time Evaluator,

You should have received your 1st assignment by now delivered through US postal service, ( which includes a check and instructions letter to follow ) Please follow instructions, deposit check for 1 business day and then cash out then take care of your 1st task immediately.

Thanks and Have a great day,

Christopher Brooke
Research/Evaluation Team.

I signed up to do Mystry shopping for walmart and western union. The website looked legitimate.
My first assignment was to check out western union and how things were running ct. I was asked to do a wiretransfer from a cashier's check after taking "my pay" out I was to send the rest to someone else.
NOW my bank says the cashier check was fraudulent and my account is in the an I recover the $ I had prior and go about reporting this?

Thanks for the info,I received a money order for 972.00 also mystery shopper. Ha Ha, Deposit in my bank and wire the remainder at western union to another mystery shopper. Scam. They need to get a little more creative, just how many times do western union need evaluating?

They are trynna scam me as i type, contacting me telling me the want to buy from me off craigslist but their assistant sent me too much money, take it to my bank cash it and send back the rest...thats silly

What a mess, and a waste of peoples time,, I just deposited one of the checks today, But now that I know what you guys have been through I will not follow any of the mystery shopper first evaluation steps for WalMart, Rite Aid, Radio Shack etc.. Sign so dissapointed

I just got the same thing from the exact name you posted Christopher Brook M.D.
I'm now in the hole with my bank for allot of money
They had me go to Wal-Mart n then western union n money gram as well
I'm so scared because these people have my home adress add well what do I do , I'm going to my bank today I have to shut everything down. And pay my bank back , I've had my account for years ,
And it did seem legit it really did.

same thing happened to me today!! what was the end result for you? Were you able to track the money order and get it stopped?

I got scam as well. He used a woman's name from Arizona and the bank is out of Texas. I called the lady about it. My bank can't verify the funds. So I didn't lose everything. It's just I was hoping it was real.

What was the name of the lady? Was it Wendy and where did you find the number

I was contacted in Nov. 2013 by Richard Gardner who said he was with Fidelity Investments, Real Estate Division. I was being awarded a settelment from them because they had sued Sharp Innovations LLC. who had scammed me in the past. I would also get money to refund my credit card (which I used in my dealing with Sharp). Richard went on to say they also sold my Starwood Vistana timeshare to a Linda Cohen. I would get a certified check in the amount of $48,850.00 within a week to 10 days via FedX or UPS if I sent them moneygrams (which totaled $1750 to $2000) which I stupidly did. Now I am unable to reach anyone on the phone. I know I have been scammed.

I was debited (CKCD Debit) $9.84 by CWEBCS.COM on my last bank statement. Never made this charge and internet is full of activity by numerous organizations perpretating this scam. What to do. I want my money back...

Yours is easier then the others because it goes through your bank account just contact your bank and tell them you didn't make that charge. And that you think someone may have gotten you card information now the big hassel is that you will have to get rid of that debit card and get a new one but they should look into the charge and in most cases you will get the money back. The fraud department of your bank will help walk you through doing what ever you need to do...good luck!

I just received a call from someone stating they were with the FTC asking if I received a registered /certified letter for a claim, I think from Llyod International, because records show I did not receive it yet. He stated it was from a survey I participated on December 16th. What I understood is this company apparently is liquidating and I am entitled to a large amount of money and taxes will have to be paid. I was never asked for any personal information or asked to pay anything. It was explained to me what I should receive in the mail and what needed to be mailed back, notarized etc etc...The address given to me was yours, 600 Pennsylvania NW....but the number is different from any of your listed on here, 202-558-4542. Very strange? Wish it was real for the large amount of cash supposedly to be given :-)
It definitely has my my red flags flying HIGH...

Sorry, but this is a scam. Most likely, you will be asked to deposit a check and then send some portion of it back to cover taxes or fees. Don't fall for it. The check will turn out to be a fake (it can takes weeks for a bank to uncover a fake check), and you will be responsible for paying the money back to the bank.

I figured it was is why I started my own little research online. So sad people do this to others :( Thank you for responding back so quickly. Have a nice day!

I just received a check in the mail for 1711.77 com a Katherine brenner. The bank on the check is a real bank and the routing number matches. I kno this is to good to be true but the check looks legit. Radar up, do you know what's up?

Mr. Lyles Scales @ 876-529-2051, is making harassing phone calls to my father Andrew Baldwin about winning the Mega Millions Sweepstakes and telling him that if he does not pay the money his Social Security Checks will be garnished to get the $1,000.00 needed to pay the fee owed to deposit the 2.5 million Dollars in his bank account. I spoke with Mr. Scales and he wouldn't tell me anything other than I could pay the money for him. I told him that my father does not want the money and that he is not to call him again or he will be reported for operating a scam. Please help to do something with these people that are praying on the elderly. Thank you and please contact me anytime.

I recieved 2 seperate postal money orders to do secret shopper also.I took them to the bank and deposited in a seperate account.Fake!!! never tried to cash them I have an awesome bank MMFCU.They held them for 30 days.I was told to take to law dept.They have names that can be traced,They came priority mail so had to sign for them.Postal problems also.Evidence does not fail.So loppojkout crooks you are about to be BUSTED.

I recently got scammed too by a secret shopper service, stating to be through Walmart. I've already reported the incident to local law and the FTC, now the scammer is threaten ting to press charges on me for harrassment! My bank is demanding the money, even though they did not follow through on protocol, to place a hold on the check! All I want is my money back. I'm only 19, I don't have two grand just laying around. So anyone beware of a secret shopper service!!! If you're contacted by someone named Tony Raymond, it is a scam!!! The local law or the bank is not willing to investigate at all! How could I go about back tracking on the USPS package I received the check in??? The place if was shipped out of and the address on it are two different states, that are no where near each other!! Please help!

If you think it's bad getting these fraudulent postal money orders, try being the person who's name is on them. My name was used and so far people have sent back to me nasty letters and phone messages thinking I am behind it! Never believe the letter and NEVER cash anything that requires you to use your own money.

I got one just a week ago I checked online for postal money orders how to spot and called the hotline turns out it's fake like I thought I'm turning it over to the FBI when I can find out how

I received a letter and a check for $3900 from Lincoln Financial Group in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada from a John Harris. The envelope return address was from Walmart, also in Canada, but the logo was in black and white, not blue like you would expect. In the letter it said I had won $250,000 in a "lottery sweepstakes" and $2600 of the $3900 check was earmarked to pay the "taxes" on my winnings.I was instructed by "Mr Harris", ( who by the way, did not sound American or Canadian, but spoke bad English with an Indian accent)to deposit the check in my account and to call back when that was done. I did not deposit the check and called back telling them I did. He then told me to use Money Gram to send 2 payments of $1300 each to 2 different women, Susan Tamni and Jennifer Coleman to an address in Cork, Ireland to satisfy the "taxes".
He urged me to act immediately so I could get the balance of my winnings the next day. The last time I got a check in the mail and deposited it, it turned out to be fake and it cost me $40 which I paid to the bank. I consider myself lucky to have gotten off so easy. Listen up people! If it sounds too good to be true, it is usually BS! There are so many unscrupulous rip-off artists in this world, it is mind-boggling! Do not fall for these scams, they are just trying to take your money and there is no way to find them if you fall for their sneaky tricks!

So I needed a loan really bad and didn't have anyone I knew personally to reach out to so i turned to Craigslist. I'm pretty hip to all the diff scams out there so I felt I could navigate these waters safely. This guy who's name is masamichi offered to loan me the amount I was asking which was $640 but the only kind of account I have is pay pal he forwarded me to his "financial bookkeepers" from a diff email they ask me for my account info I reluctantly give it to him. Then it gets weird he asked me for my user name and password to monitor the account. I refused since I had other accounts that were prepaid connected to my pay pal. The next day still in need of the loan I decided to disconnect all other accounts and give him the info he asked for. He wanted me to go to western union and send 1000 to his contact in Benin. By this point it's been a week and I'm just going along because each day he said there will be money in my pay pal and to go to western union and send it to Benin. About 8 days go by and this morning I wake up and sure enough there is 1000 in my pay pal. Now there is no way to deposit a fake check into pay pal it's a business account. The money has to be cleared first. There is no way to withdraw pending money through pay pal. I called to make sure of this. So I immediately logged into my PayPal and changed all my account login info that I had given the guy. I withdrew the total amount over 4 transaction and put it in a different account. What he wants me to do is send the 1k to Benin and then my 640 loan will be put into my account. I've researched and seen that it looks like they were using my account to have me sent legitimate STOLEN money. So I'm hanging onto the money until i find out more. I was told by the person at western union basically if it's comingg from USA and going to Benin and you don't know the person it's a scam Everytime. I wonder if they were trying to use me to do this numerous times because he keeps saying that he needs to trust me and I need to do this so he can trust me. So what do you all think? Is there a way that I could of possibly scammed the scammer?

Do not respond. They use stolen credit cards to purchase goods and have those goods ship to you. You will be liable for the stolen card AND THE STOLEN GOODS. Several people have been caught up in this scam and they ended having to pay.

I just caught on to a company called Saving Ace has been taking money out of my checking account for 4 years! Each year increasing amount. I just never thought I was being ripped off. These people get your information from using different sights, most popular one I read about is or Intellius. I've read tons of reviews that many people has come here to file a complaint and they are still in business and have not been caught yet! Each email I received from them started with member saving@ and each transaction that taken out of my account started with MVQ. They have different names for company. One that I learned about is called Adaptive Marketing. Watch for this, I didn't think it could happen to me, and it did.

I recently had a friend who applied for a loan through this friend owed me a large amt of money and told me upon receiving his loan would fully pay me back, but he needec 400 dollars to send as insurance which I gave (stupidly). He was on the phone with them the entire time while he used moneygram to send my 400. After sending he was then told they needed another 571 dollars to cover fees before releasing his loan. At this time I was very suspicious and talked to the man who had an indian accent stating this was a scam and demanded my 400 refunded. He stated they were a legitimate company but he couldn't refund the money until the rest was sent. I considered this a loss and went home very upset, my friend however had convincedhimself this was real and borrowed the money from a relative once again they promised to put the loan into his account upon reciept of money. The next problem was that they supposedly couldn't send the moneygram for the entire amount due to a law in Indiana that only allows so much money to be wired at a time. So now they had to send three installments each costing 200 dollars. I thought that I had convinced him to stop sending money and report them but he ended up sending the 800. It was at this point he called the FTC and wasvassigned a lawyer. Once he threatened thecompany they have promised the money will be there Monday and he can actually see the pending funds on his account. These people are out of Fl and always used the same numbers which we called and were legit. They insist they are not scammers and have always called back when they said they would. They are also supposed to not only send the original loan amt but also refund all fees. I went to website which looked legit and tried to find any complaints against them. I realize that no one should have to pay to get a loan. My question is what are the odds the money will be sent and has anyone ever dealt with this company? I need my money back because I have messed my bank account up badly due to being overdrawn, but I also worry about my friend who now owes three people money and is about to lose his mind over this. What should be our next step if this money isn't sent? Any help is appreciated

Has anybody heard about some company called STS? They have convinced my son to send them $150 for some stock. Now they want another $150 to activate the account. They claim there is $2,500 worth of stock in the account.

Has anyone heard of a company called STS? They have convinced my son to wire them $150 for some stock. Now they want another $150 to activate the account, so he can get his money. Sounds fishy to me.

what if someone want you to deposit a check and then wire some of the funds. but they are ok with you waiting a week until the check clears your bank? ( here are his instructions. applied for an administrative assistant position through craigslist. )

How are you doing today?Your first assignment commence today like i said in my previous email on the Meanwhile i will like you to take precautions of my instructions and follow them orderly.I am having my co-coordinator Katie Allen to handle some of my affairs in Benin and therefore you will be sending him the funds via WESTERN UNION,I will like you to withdraw out the whole amount and deduct $400 for your service towards handling these.You are deduct the status of the payment,As soon as you have the cash from your Bank kindly proceed to WESTERN UNION LOCATION And have the whole funds sent expect from your $400 and the WESTERN UNION Charges...Below is Katie Allen information you will be needing to send the funds to in Benin...

Since he is letting me wait till the check clears do you think this is ok?

No, this is just another version of the scam. Banks "clear" checks within a few days, and it often looks like there's real money in your account. But it can take several weeks for the bank to uncover a fake check. When the bank discovers that the check is fake, they will take that money back out of your account. If you've already withdrawn the money, the bank will demand that you pay it back.

just so everyone is aware, check was fraudulent was never deposited had bank check before hand.

Hi I am dealing with the same thing. What was the number if you don't mind me asking.

We found a car on claiming Amazon would be a nuetral party to hold the money they wanted wired to an account while the car was shipped from another state. The seller also claimed to be in the miliatary and had to sell the car fast as she was being shipped out. I called Amazon to verify before we wired money and they confirmed it was a scam even though the Amazon bill looked authentic

I fell for it. I was desperate for a car, terrible financial circumstances, everything looked perfectly official and I paid $2,600 yesterday. Now all I can do is cry. It's horrible how honest hardworking minimum wage earners get prayed upon like this. Person claimed to be military. Disgusting.

Don't feel stupid happened to me too ebay was handling all the financial work her name was Sargent Elizabeth Haggar and every ebay email looked real and it had this message was originate through ebay to show your registred name and I didn't think nothing of it because I do have a ebay account

I Was sellin my car today and I was almost scammed awell by sending 900 to western union so they could approve my deposit of 2500 dont send nothin at all

Apparently the same person is listing this vehicle on Craigslist too. She claimed the exact same thing you listed here. This is such an insult to our hardworking, honest military personnel.
Others, PLEASE do not fall for this scam!

I just got scammed by the exact same thing but I was stupid and fell for it. Only after I found I was scammed when I called Amazon. Goes by name Aaron Kramer Fake Amazon email stating the money is being refunded due to wrong amount needs to be in euro. This scammer still emailing me if I got a refund at my bank. I have not replied back, don't know what else to do. I did report it though.

My mom just went through a terrible ordeal with some "Officer Landry" who called from 1-514-611-9999 to say that her grandson was in jail and needed to be bailed out. She was instructed to go to the bank, withdraw $2000 and then go to RiteAid and buy Green Dot Money paks ($500 each) and then return their call. She called me (daughter)since she does not drive and when I called the number back that they had given her, of course they wanted to numbers off the back of the card. Since I work for the federal government in administration, I made that clear and of course I was hung up on. When I tried to call the number back, it rang 4 times and went to a voicemail box that was not set up. Thank GOD I intercepted this SCAM or my poor elderly mom would be out $2000. When we called my nephew (Mom's grandson), he knew nothing about "being in jail" and we found that the phone number was out of Quebec, Canada. We now have changed our "policy" of answering our phones, both landline and cell phones - we don't answer it unless we know the name/number that come up on caller ID. NO more scams for us on the telephone. You have to be watching over your shoulder every minute with the scammers out there. My Mom has been so upset about this since we feel we were "violated" with the callers knowing so much about us and using a family member in trouble as their MO. Shame on them...shame on us for not doing something more to stop these scam scums!

My Dad just lost $5000 for the same scam. They told him not to talk to anyone. He is 81yrs old. He had never heard of those green dot cards (neither had I) and did as they instructed by telling them the numbers on the back. Finally, he told me what was happening an I checked with my son who lives in another state and he was not in another country on vacation. My poor father has lost $5000. There is no way to catch these people?

My husband and I keep getting calls saying we "won" a vehicle. The caller(s) sometimes sound Jamaican and sometimes from India. All we need to do is send Green Dot Money Packs to help pay for the taxes. They use different numbers all the time. The last call came Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 5:48 p.m. from "Mr. Schafer". We have been bothered for about 3 months now and intend to turn them in every time they call! Why can't they just get a real job like the rest of us do. I wish they could get caught!

I have also received calls of this same nature using the name Mr. Baxter , he has an accent , eiether Jamaican or Indian. He is very stern , demanding and rude! Calls show locations of Jamaica, New Jersey and more , with different numbers. They tell you they are some Prize Awarding thing and you are the winner of a "pink Mercedes and 2 million dollars, but you have to pay them x amount , using a Green Dot card! This one guy went so far as to honk the horn on the"pink Mercedes" and to tell me to meet him at a bank location for delivery! This kind of thing preys on older American citizens and needs to be stopped! We pay a lot for cell phone services and yet we are constantly invaded by this kind of thing and hundreds more! It makes me want to throw my phone out then window! Don't give out your number on your computer ! There are vultures and thieves waiting !

Beware of the name 'Jeff Gant' or 'Earl Waters'. I had been scammed out of $15,000.00. This guy called and said he work with an Attorney and helped people get their money back. After several call getting my information such as company and facts of the scamm, he called and told me I would be getting a check for the entire amount back. I was so happy and when he said I would have to send certified check for the work involved ($1300) which was a percentage of my loss, I did not think anything about it. I was just so happy to think I was getting the money back, I stupidly sent the money. Needless to say, I never got my money, nor was I ever able to get anyone on the phone again.. We do some really stupid things, without thinking or checking when it comes to money. Now, I have lost all faith in the human race!

I lost all faith in the human race a long time ago. I feel your pain.


This people are doing scams don't talk to them. They will call you and tell you that you are approved for a loan and then take your money. They are a** hole. Moth******ers. Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam

I was scammed for 8,600.00. Have been told Homeland Security is helping me get my refund. They want to increase my credit limit and give me a check for the amt. Is this a fraud . Thanks S

if anyone gets a request from a Elizabeth Warren do not except it it is a scam I fell for it and im out a 150.00 dollars she said that is a agent and she works for the federal agency

my mother in law called me frantic that my son, not sure which one, (ages 15 and 13)called her saying that he was in mexico that spring break started early and his friends parent was a pilot. They told her that her he (grandson) wasn't feeling well and had to go to the hospital for surgery on his appendix and they needed money. The phone number came up private so we were not able to do a call back. The people who called on said "Grandma" and never identified with a name, only she did. Now Grandma is upset and doesn't know what to believe.

I received a check drawn on Natl Penn Bank for $2440. The routing number actually belongs to Bank of Oklahoma. This check is for an 'evaluation check' regarding Western Union, and $300 is compensation, and the rest is 'evaluation' money. Asked me to send an email confirming receipt to and I would receive further instructions
The name of the company is MS MARKETING CO. 600 B ST. #1500, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 (323)696-4268

I just recently got scammed i was on craigslist lookin for an affordable car for my family. i thought i found a great deal they sent me emails about how they go through ebay protection program so everything would b protected. they said to send money gram and car would b delivered. i fell for it and sent money gram for $2020 and then got email telling me needed to send $1430 for insurance. that was when i realized it was all scam because when tried to cancel purchase and get my money back i got no respond. so now I lost out on car and money. this all happened this week. i have 4 little girls and just wanted a car to go places this summer. How can i get my money back so i can go buy an actual car for my family??

I'm sorry that this happened to you. It's very difficult to trace money transfers, but it's a good idea to call the money transfer company immediately to report the fraud and file a complaint. Ask for the money transfer to be reversed. You also can file a complaint with your local consumer protection agency and with the FTC.

I had to pay 110.00 on Tues April 1 to Cancel a Loan application is a SCAM or legitimate thing to do?

The following information was emailed to me from a seller on Craigslist after I texted him interest in purchasing a car.

Barrett Paul SSgt -- USAF ACC 23 FSS FSVF

Apr 2 (1 day ago)

to me
Hi ,
Let me give you a few details about my Mazda. Really good shape, never had any problems with it, no scratches or dents, the car is free of any accidents (exterior color gray, interior tan, automatic transmission, mileage 106,313, engine 3.5L 6cyl). The title is legally under my name, clear and free of any liens or loans. The price is $4,800 cause I need to sell it before 28th of April, when I'll be leaving with my platoon back to Afghanistan, replacing the troops scheduled to come home.
If you have any other questions or need more info, please feel free to ask. I can provide you more details if you are interested in buying it.

Thank you,
Paul A. Barrett

Hi Rita,

I will do my best to walk you through the process. As I told you in my first email, I am ready to deploy to Afghanistan. The vehicle is located in Omaha, Nebraska, but i advertised it on other states also to get more exposure and sell it faster. The vehicle is already at the shipping company , ready to be delivered to its future new owner. Being a military personnel, the deal is handled by Army and Air Force Exchange Service so I don't have much to do about it. Using Army and Air Force Exchange Service`s, you get free delivery, at your place in 4-6 days. In addition, you get 5 days to try it out before buying it, and if you don't like it, you can send it back at my expense. For more info on how it works, I can ask Army and Air Force Exchange Service to send you an email with more details on how to buy it. They will contact you shortly, as soon as have your personal details. If you would like to receive the email from Army and Air Force Exchange Service with all the transaction information, please reply with your full name, address and phone # and they will contact you right away.

Thank you,
Paul A. Barrett

This is excellent news! You will see these guys are great! So I will have Army and Air Force Exchange Service to send you the invoice, and you will receive it by e-mail, all the instructions and details about your safety and about the sale altogether. After you receive the invoice, in case you decide to buy it you will have to pay through Army and Air Force Exchange Service, as they will hold, protect and guarantee your money until you get the mazda. You will try it out for 5 days, and if at the end you are happy with it, you can give them the "green" to release the money to me. Or if not, you can just send it back and get a refund, without paying for the shipping.
They also have their toll free number on the invoice, so for any additional questions, feel free to ring them.

Thank you
Paul A. Barrett

Barrett Paul SSgt -- USAF ACC 23 FSS FSVF

6:01 PM (3 hours ago)

to me
You will have their toll free number on the invoice , if you have questions or if you'd like to know more details about it

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service would not be involved in a car sale between a military member and a civilian. This sounds like a variation of a money transfer scam. Craigslist advises users to buy and sell locally to avoid scam artists. According to the FTC, it's not a good idea to send money to someone you don't know by money transfer or a pre-paid card -- which are nearly impossible to trace or refund.

I fell for the same scam, and it cost my only $100.00 by Western Union. He called back 30 minutes later and said that because this transaction was not conducted through my bank. I would have to pay the full amount of $200.00. He wanted me to go to a different Western Union to do this. I refused and told him that I would be contacting a supervisor. while still on the computer and the phone He, at the same time the dialogue box indicated that I was re-connected and that a support tech would be contacting me shortly. He said that he would be contacting me on Monday. When I tried to sign in to my laptop the next day. I couldn't. The administrative password had been cleared out. I had to contact the manufacturer and them conduct a default set which took me 3 to 4 hours. The scammers name was Sadiya Abdalla Ganamo, going by the name of Leon Wilson. The next number that I began getting calls from was 323-489-7475. He said his name was John Parker. He was from India with an American name. When I called this number back, it was a a Walmart super center. Please be advised.

I received a call from a company called fast cash out of PA who offered me a loan of $5.000.00 with a 3% interest rate and all i had to do was send $275.00 for an application fee ,his name was mark sandford at 1-610-732-4469 then he asked me to send $275.00 for western union fees via a green dot money card ,about 10 mins later he called to say that western union lines were down and id have to send another $225 for money gramm fees and they would call me back 30 mins later with the eight digit no for moneygram .while i was waiting for the call western union called me back to apologise for the problems and would add $200 on my account.. i never got the call from moneygrammm nor mark sandford id been scammed for $895.00 ......

You can file a complaint with the FTC at Your complaint helps law enforcement agencies in their investigations.

I just got a cashiers check for 2,097 from eddy federal credit union from a mark Bailey said for Mr to deposits it toy account all thou I did but have not gotten theomey from the bank is there still time for me to go talk to them this happened Friday and today is Sunday??? I'm going Monday to talk toy back I don't want to get I'm trouble he was going to pay me 200 and me send the rest thru moneypack

This sounds like a fake check scam. You are responsible for any money you withdraw against that check. It's best wait until the bank confirms the funds from the check have been deposited into your account before making any withdraws.

My ex son in law sent $8000.00 for a motorcycle on and internet ad from Italy. IT was fake. He's stupid.

i was sent two cashiers check in the mail for secret shopper turns out checks where fake and my bank did not put anything but a one day hold.

Hi I was scammed on craigslist it was a mystery shopper job and got the check but caked the bank on the check to confirm if it was real which it was not so I thought it was over but now these people are threatening to send people to my home and I have a child I am a little shaken by the whole thing

so sorry to hear this, i am worried because the same thing happened to me this week. do they eventually leave you alone or what else happened? please and thank you

who do I turn the money order over to ? haven't cashed it... post office?

Yes, you can call the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455.

I got call from a number in Washington DC area code 202, stating I won a sweepstakes lottery, whom stated the taxes were already paid and all I need to pay is $300 to have the check register in my name, so when I go to cash it it wiil be already registered and the bank would not give me any static. He said the amount is 7 million. Has anyone ever experience this? It sounds so fishee!! Oh they state they work for FTC

I was sent a United States Postal money order of course I know about scams so I did my research called the number to check and is fake. Call and research when in doubt don't put in bank and don't send. For any reason..

Does this seem like a scam to you guys?

Home based job (Working from home)?
- We are offering an exclusive Chance to work from home. You will need only to have internet connection to communicate with us, and a mobile phone to communicate with our operators.

Our Customers are based worldwide and utilise our services from anywhere at any convenient time. Cash transfers are made from the country of their temporary residence to their new destination country, as the legislation in many countries require income tax statements for payment orders. For this purpose our company provides confidential money transfer to our Customers. Besides that, we provide solid support to several type of financial transactions.

Your salary will be USD 725 per week. With each successful transaction you will receive the 5% of the transaction total value. The work is about 2 to 3 hours per day. On the probation period you will process the payments through your personal bank account. When the probation period will be completed, our company will open a corporate bank account for this purpose. For the safe money transferring of our Customers payments, our Company uses only bank accounts. Also your salary will be transferred to your bank account.

This is an easy job as it doesn't demand any training. You should only follow our instructions. We will be reporting for each task individually.

We have many years of working experience in this field.

Please see the "Job Description" file for more details about current position.

Are you ready to get started?

Yes. I would not answer an email like this. The red flags I see are:

  • Exclusive opportunity
  • High earnings for easy work
  • Unsolicited offer

Read more about how to spot work at home opportunities that are really a scam here.

I got an email to sign up for some research program like the ones you get from University research center. Then they email me telling me the evaluation will be delivered in few days and follow the instruction. So it ended up it's a moenygram business evaluation. They mailed me a check with the fund to be transfered via Moneygram plus the amount to be paid-out to me. They ask me to deposit the check to my bank account and use Moneygram to transfer portion of it to unknown person. They ask me to observe how long it takes for the moneygram clerk to service you. I did deposit the check via ATM but then right afterwards that I thought that was suspicious so I called up the bank and have them stopped cashing the check. Watch out guys!

I got a call saying I was under a federal mandate to get a credit card. I money framed the processing fee and then called and said there was a mistake. I had to send more. Then called and said I had 30 minutes to send more so I could get my card within an hour. All in all I sent this m@@@@@ f@@@@@ 3000.00 and nothing. His name is Patrick Costello from florida

I was involved with a Craigslist and Western Union scam. After depositing the check Western Union cautioned me about the scam. I went to my bank the day after depositing the check for assistance. They told me to let it clear. If it cleared it was good. I waited until it cleared before withdrawing any funds for the Western Union scam. The next day the check came back bad. I am trying to get the bank to provide restitution since I received bad advice from their teller but they aren't willing to make it right. I am continuing to fight it.

Hi, just want to let you all know to be on the lookout for a person named Tiara Wright . She is demanding money transfers by money gram and sent me a huge check of $2,753 to pay not only for a $90 furniture and a transfer fee, but to pay for the so called "movers" claiming that they would come to my place once the money is transferred . All i wanted to do was sell my furniture .

hello, did you cash the check?

My 74 year old Dad has just been scammed Paid cash in to Post office account Tony Raymond through Money Gram - now has nothing left to live off - I have told him time and time again NEVER to speak to anyone on the phone or at the door!!! :(

Does anyone know of ShandHai Suntin Electronic Technology Co,LTD

Don't purchase anything from AvoBuy. They take your money and claim to pool customers together on the same item in order to get better discount. The item never comes and neither does a refund. They block you email address and phone number once try to get a refund. The 60 days for a credit card company to help you or 120 for Google Wallet passes and you're on your own. Lost $340.

Watch out for consignment trust, a guy by the name of Roland (aka Ronald) Greenberg wanted me to send 8500$ to a 4th party in the UK for construction equipment sight unseen.

The scheme was elaborate, fake web pages, chat rooms, multiple email address, 6 different phone numbers(they were texting me) and 2-800 numbers. These guys have skills.

My offer to purchase was when the guy started to pressure me saying, if I didn't send the cash before I promised. I would be held responsible for delayed container fees for my merchandise and other customers cargo fees that was being loaded in the same container.

I was kinda suspicious from the get go but this was the clincher, its amazing how quickly I found negative reviews when I googled the company.

I replied to his last email telling him that "he the escrow company,web pages,chat prints,email addresses,800 numbers and invoices with reference information was being monitored by the RCMP Internet Fraud Dept. and any further questions should be forwarded to the Court go (Prosecutors Office). I also included a link to the local police departments fraud webpage. I haven't heard from him since.

I would have loved to see this guys mug after reading the reply.

Hi, one of my old friends from years owed me money. They contacted me today and asked for my mobile bank account info so that they could deposit a check. I asked if they could just western union me the money or go the the bank and do s deposit. They said that they couldn't, I asked if they could take a picture of the check so I can see it they said they didn't trust bc someone might retrieve their information. I'm a skeptical about this? If the check are fake or returned, will I get in trouble for it?

So I've been looking for jobs on Craigslist and also have been posting my own ads for jobs as well. I guess these ppl seen my E-mail. I received one that asked was I still looking for work. And of course I said yes. Then I got an E-mail back that said.
Thank you for your timely response, The house is a two bedroom unfurnished apartment. I will like you to know that you will be responsible for general cleaning of hallways (dusting, vacuuming and mopping), doors, windows, pick up trash in common areas, sweeping and changing light bulbs etc. I am a consultant Agent currently working with Fair Trade Organization (FTO). I’m currently out of the states and I will be arriving to the states by December 15th 2014. I want the apartment to be worked on and get clean before my arrival.

I wont be able to make payment to you but i will instruct my secretary to make payment out to you, She will be sending you the payment in form of business check, which you will get soonest this is because i don't want any delay in your cleaning service, I want the house to look as clean as possible. I want you to know that I will be paying you $1000 every 2 weeks if you are willing and ready to work for me; cleaning the house. If you are interested in the work, I will instruct my secretary to email an upfront payment of $500 to you so as to know how serious I am with the cleaning job I want you to do.

So as for my secretary to send the upfront payment to you; I will like to have the below information so i can instruct her to send the payment to you;

1. Full Name

2. Street Address,

3. City

4. State and Zip Code

5. Phone Number

6. Age, Sex

7. Current Occupation

Thanks for showing interest in the post and hope all this arrangement is okay by You, if so do email back as soon as possible so that i can make the arrangement for the check ASAP, I will really appreciate your mail and I believe you will enjoy working with me.
And I send my information to this person. No phone though because my phone isn't working now. But then they said the money was on the way but they send the wrong amount of money to me and they need me to western union 1,900$ to the painter and the rest for me. He send 2,450$ today. I just received the check. But something didn't seem right. Its from wavesource Inc in kalispell, mt and the bank on it says glacier bank. I am not cashing the check. I know it is a scam. And anyone else receives it don't fall for it.

Hi, long story short, someone sent me a check to help out with some errands. They paid me and everything worked out. When the second check came it didn't go through yet. They person insisted on me using my own money and keep the money when the check went through. The check never went through but my money was stolen.

Now, the same people has contacted me and is sending another check under a different name. I was wondering can I just cash the check, keep the cash and call it a day?

my boyfriend on aug. 30 2014 sent 300.00 from moneygram to me how can anyone get the numbers he gave me in my house alone i do suspect theres someone my id with there picture

We just got scammed by that claims to help companies 'build business credit' and guarantees approval of a business loan in 45 days. we paid upfront for their program over 90 days ago and we have nothing to show for it...the owner (probably a fake name) anthony richards uses bank of america for his online scams by using their 'bank of america invoicing' feature. I cant believe bank of america allows people like this to continue to have accounts...

I am the most stupid person in the world in fact st some point I feel like I knew it was a scam I just didn't think it was going to end up this bad. I came across this thing on the internet stating that I could get 8000 dollars if I had navy Fed so I applied (with all my information) I know better but the money sounded good. So then a check was deposited in my account they did themselt edeposit when the check came in my account I got a call saying that there had been an error and I must seen the 3000 back so I did , I just thought oh okay this might 've a scam that would only result in me not getting Money , si i sent it because afterall it wasnt mine , layer that day that Saïd they were fixing my account to receive my pprize I thought wow not fake other peoples money was transferred in my account and a little more then half was ssent back out my account via PayPal. Unroll the bank called me I try to play it off like I knew what was going in although I had no clue untill later I could bot gain access to my account and i could no longer contact the people being that it was so late on new years I called in the morning I was so frighten I didn't even sleep or eat I was transferred to security who said my account was restricted and as soon as the check returns I would owe that money and possibly the people that money got transferred paypal which would be 5600 , I would have to pay that to get any acess t to my account she even said all my money that comes in will be debt towards that debt , so she's telling me I will have no money to pay bills , my car anything . She said I should file a police report I am in the military and I M terrified of my command learning this sistuation , so I have not yet now I'm going on emergency leave because my grandmother past away. I'm still so scared about life right , is there any information someone can give me at all

In the past I have received hundreds of emails which seemed like scams. One which I actually was drawn in by;'sort of' told me that like all the rest I would be sent a check and I would take my cut and sent the rest via Western Union to them. The problem with this was that in the envelope their was also a letter with a persons phone number. I called the number and naturally some Indian guy picked up and naturally could not have cared what I had to say. He even threatened me!!! He said 'If I did not send the check on then he would call the police on me!!!' I simply replied back 'Go ahead, I would be more than happy to pass on your letter that you sent via US Postage which is a Federal Offence in the First place to the Police'. I then said 'I do not know what type of people you usually talk to in regards to the SCAM but I am not one of them. I am smarter than you!!!' He then hung up on me because he was not going to get me to do what he wanted!!!

This was one of those ho so famous situations that if it seems too good to be true it probably is!!! I shredded both the letter and the envelope

sadly my grandmother got scammed and is about lose her home now ...I told her and my aunt told her that she doesn't need to give out personal information. really sucks...I almost got scammed one day but I played dumb of course and pretended like I didn't know what they were talking about. be careful out there everyone. do not give out personal information to anyone

I received a phone call on Thursday. stating I was entitled to $5700. from taxes and they were from congress. The person who called sounded like he was from the middle east and I had trouble understanding him. He gave me a confirmation number an the phone number 3602070918. On Saturday a man named Mr Paul contacted me from that number and said I needed to buy a voucher for $150 at one western union location then take that voucher to another western union location and they would give me $5850 (the original $5700 & $150 for the cost of the voucher). I told him I couldn't do it today because I didn't have the money on me but really I said it because it sounded kinda fishy to me. Is this legitimate or a scam?

My elderly mother nearly was scammed with the classic call from someone claiming her grandson (my son) was injured at a wedding in the Caribbean while on military leave. The caller knew a tremendous number of details related to my son's graduation from Navy basic training in Great Lakes IL. I am suspicious it could be an inside job. Some details were never in Facebook. If this has happened to your family, be sure to report it to the Navy.

I got an email for a work at home job with a German company to process payments and then re-send them to the company via wire transfer because they claim they don't yet have an office in the usa. This feels really off to me. ...

JP, I just got an express priority postal envelope with a check i'm supposed to deposit, then western union most to a "business contact" of this guy off Craig's list, to Mexico....

I just received a similar offer through Career Builder asking me to process payments through my personal bank account and then wire the Money to a Stellar Technology in the UK because they don't have any offices open in the US yet. What ever happened with your situation?

Hi I was also contacted from Deana Jones about the same job with steller technology. Have you gone through with any of it I looked up the website and it's there along with a number in the uk.

Scam artists use a number of elaborate schemes to get your money, and many involve money transfers through companies like Western Union and MoneyGram

Suppose someone sends you a check and tells you to deposit it, and then wire some or all the money. By law, when you deposit a check, a bank must make the funds from the check available to you within a few days. BUT, it can take weeks to uncover a fake check. You're responsible for the checks you deposit, so if a check turns out to be fraudulent, you will owe the bank any money you withdrew.

When you wire money to another country, the recipient can pick it up at multiple locations, making it nearly impossible to identify them or track them down.

am so grateful for this site. You ve' saved me from a lot of heart ache and financial ruin. although I deposited the cashier's check they sent to me into my account. I ve not done anything with the cashier' check. I was planning to do it the next suppose mystery shop at Wall-Mart ,walls green ,RadioShack, rite aid, cvs & so on with almost 1450 including my paid for doing the job. Thank you for creating this site. beside I prayed about it and decided to look up the name Matthew Williams MD OF universal Evaluations LLC.what up was tis site and I read was exactly what I am about carry out the next day. Thanks guys. God Bless all of you. Have a nice day always.

Craiglist sellers beware their is still that scam oUT their were the person has no time to meet you for your product.But they want your address and phone number to send you a check and they will have some one pick it up from you.I did not reply because it just didn't souND right and they wanted me to remove it from craiglist if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

I responded to an ad on Craigslist and the person asked for my address, phone # and first and last name. I unfortunately gave them that information. Then when they asked for me to send them money through the money pals (pre paid card) I realized it was a scam. I even called ebay ( because the person claimed that's who she was going through). An Ebay representative said it was a scam.

Should I be worried that they have that kind of information about me?
I just deleted every media account I have that has my name (Facebook, twitter, instagram) and changed my phone #.

After conversating off and on with this guy named Steve. The last time I heard from Steve he was supposingly in Atlantic leaving for Africa because he dealth with gems. To make a long story short...Steve contacted me today asking me to go and get a green dot money card..I asked him "Why" he stated after I get the card and have it activated and to wait and give him the information..and his client will call me and tell me what to do..after the money is put on the card for me to take 10% for he repeatedly asked me for my number...I told him that I have given him my number over and over again...I asked whats your number...the number is from africa...he asked me to call him now...I told him someone was on the phone...and I told him I had to go...of course I am not going to submit myself...been stung more...


I already took the money order to my bank to they steal the money if i didnt do the money gram thing please help i dont want problems

does anyone notice a these numbers ? (206)317-1328 & (206)279-4982 ???

Got a check from some one interested in a car that I was selling on criagslist and should have recognized the signs of fraud right off the bat. First of all instead of the usual criagslist reply e-mail I got this re:still have car. To be honest I was so anxious to get the car sold it never occurred to me that this was a scam.
I went through the process and when the check came in the mail, it seemed like an awful lot of money for shipping a car.
Turns out when I went to the bank and talked with the manager, it was fraudulent. I'm just glad I had enough sense to realize there was something fishy about it and to check with the proper officials to find out if it were real or nor.
I got to looking at the information on the e-mails check and final transfer addresses and they didn't match. One was from NY, another from NV and the final one was in SC.
Hope no one get suckered in as deep as I was. If this writing helps some one then PTL. Just hope the e-mails stop soon as the last one was on the threatening side. Surf smart and don't let feeling control the sell of the item you have posted.

I just had the same thing happen. I am selling a bike on Craig's List. A woman contacted me and said she wanted to buy it. She sent a cashier's check today via UPS from Seattle. The check was for $1950 drawn on a bank in NJ. I was expecting another package so I didn't open it right away. About an hour later she contacted me and said that she the check should have arrived and I was to cash the check, keep $100 for myself for my troubles, and send the remaining amount to a shipper in KS. And her friend who was shipping the bike for her would come by my house at 6 to get the bike. I kept thinking 1. Who pays more for an item on Craig's List than listed?
2. Who sends a check of this amount to a stranger without a signature confirmation? and
3. Who ships a $300 bike $1500? I shipped my car across country for $600! It was just crazy. She emailed a few times with her explicit instructions on getting the money to her. I told her I was working and would send it as soon as I was done. I called a friend of mine who said don't cash it. It's a scam. I didn't and never heard another word from her. I went to the police who said there was nothing they could do and said don't cash it. I'm going to check with my bank and see if the check is even real and if they can somehow track her down. I know for sure it's a scam since she never contacted me again when I didn't send the money. This is crazy and people like her/him need to be stopped.

Does anyone know thiz number 4072507814. Calls himself Harrison Schilling from Dallas texas. he says he's marine engineer currently at sea

not with that name but I have been getting emails from someone by the name of "Anthony"and he wants to send me money from the UN because he is at sea and can't get access to the money. But he did tell me he was coming to the U.S. In a couple of months and wanted to live in Dallas Texas he even sent me a pic of the house he wants to buy.

i have this problem, i went to greiglist to find jobs. i saw this one that says Office Position Full & Part Time ______ ______$950.00 weekly

You will be my Personal Assistant with expectations to make weekly purchases and completion of purchased art items from auction companies. The Purchased products can include a large range of items, including food, Art-Materials, machinery, equipment. Depending the type of manufacturing environment, When you get my mails / packages; you are required to mail them to where ever i want them mailed to. You don't have to put money out of your pocket, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping. You are allowed to open the packages to reveal its content. All expenses and taxes will be paid by me including your weekly salaries. No heavy packages is involved! You can do the shopping at any nearest stores. You will be shopping for art materials and clothing sorting out my deliveries and packages. I will provide you my personal UPS account number for Shipping. All you have to do is provide my account number to UPS and shipping charges will be applied into the account. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task I need done as well the funds to cover them. You will be working 3 days in a week and you're to choose any 3 days of the week from Monday to Saturday that will be preferable to you and you will be working 5hrs in these 3 days and that will be from 9am - 2pm and we will be offering you $400.00 per week.

Type: Part-Time; Hours: 15 Hours per week
Days: 3 days per week; Weekly Pay: $400.00
BENEFITS:• AD & D Insurance; • 401(k)
If you're interested please provide contact details. full name, physical address including apt# if available and cell phone number to get started. I will be looking forward hearing from you and then proceed on the next step forward.

I send him the address and everything and he send me a check and i feel that is a scam but i dont know i need some advice to what to do with it.

The ad could be from someone trying a Fake Check Scam. It can be really hard to tell if a check is a forgery and it can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. If you deposit the check and withdraw money, you are responsible for the money you withdraw against that check. 

i was scamed by jedida itonbu ewanga in cameroon dont send money

I got scamed saying I was selected for a $8000 government grant and to send a $210 moneygram to a company called paypower. I went to my bank to see if my money was in and it wasn't I called back the number 202-738-1997 which they said the reason I couldnt recive my money was bc I need to transfer $600 more in another money gram when my bank was listening to me and my call they told me it was a scam!! I wasted my whole cheek bc I belived this damn thing and I wont get paid for two more weeks.. so I had to make a police report and I have a 11mth lil girl to take care of. if any one knows who can give me a refund plz write back

Scam artists use a number of elaborate schemes to get your money, and many involve money transfers through companies like MoneyGram.If you’ve wired money to a scam artist, call the money transfer company immediately to report the fraud and file a complaint. You can reach the complaint department of MoneyGram at 1-800-MONEYGRAM (1-800-666-3947). Then, file a complaint with the FTC.

beware about the package from someone want to send wirh you.. about the they are scammer...

I responded to this add on creagslist about fron t desk receptionest .a couple days later this guy by the name of henry towner contacted me an asked for
name,address,phone number,zip
i provoded him with this info an he later said i was qualifyed to worke for him . That mu job would be paying his workers for there laber ect. Lots of time went by an every other day he had an excuse as to y the money wasnt ready . Then as more time went by he contacted me as said that $7100 was avilable to my account. Sure enough when i called my bank they said it was there an i could do with what i wanted he asked to transfer 4000to another bank in MD. I did so my bank hasnt contacted me of any bad notices but i am supper scared because i have a bad filling about this an have never been in trouble by the law so im not sure what to do i honestly thought that since the miney was clear to use from my bank account that nothing would come of it but he asked for me to send 2600to nigeria they refunded me the money bacause they said exactly what im doing is part if a scam so i dont know weather to leave the money there an not go any further with this ???the crazy thing is i have been msg him sence 2days ago and he has not responded so please people tell me what to do????

Under federal law, banks usually have to make money available to you within a certain time after you deposit a check. But even if funds are available, that doesn’t mean the check is legitimate. It can take weeks to discover that a check is a forgery. Until the bank confirms that the funds from the check has been deposited into your account, you are responsible for the money you withdraw. If it turns out that the check is no good, you have to repay the bank. You can report this to the FTC or contact your local consumer protection agency.

I posted an ad on craigslist asking for a loan. Someone answered my ad saying if I put $100 on a reload it card, he can make an account adjustment and basically add a zero turning the $100 into $1000 for me. He says he lives in Reno Nevada. Has anyone ever heard of this? He said all I need to do is give him the card number, he will make the adjustment, then I can transfer the money from the reloadit card to my debit card to access my money. Can this really happen? I've been asking God to send me help, a miracle at that. Has anyone heard of this? He says he has helped a lot of people and has references to back his word.

Yes, this is a common scam used on social networking sites like instagram and facebook. they claim to work for a company like money dot, as soon as you give them at card number they will drain the money and block you from being able to contact them at all. Don't fall for it. If it sounds to good to be true it is. I'm speaking from experience, I had the EXACT same thing happen to me a few days ago, and to just prove it I loaded 20 dollars onto the card. I was promised the money by 4pm when I logged in to see if they were doing it, I had been blocked from their profile on Facebook and instagram and their phone number had been disconnected

what did you do, they did on my instagram and i agveher my online banking and she sent 2 checks of over 3,000. 7500 total. i sent her 4500 and now i dont know what to do. i told them i didnt do it but now i feel like i need to tell the truth and idk what consequence ill be stuck with but i dont want to go to jail!

My manager had asked me if can western union her friend $800 cause she said she had sent the maximum or limit to him so me being a nice guy I did it for her. she gave me her debt card and I sent it to my store director is investigating the transactions to make sure that the wires aren't forgeries.all he made me do is write a statement of how everything went. Can I get in trouble or lose my job.

Hello, so I think they trying to make fraud. So I sent my resume in Craigslist. This guy said I will be assistant but I told him I didn't want job but he still sent me a check. I know is fraud so of course I won't cash out but I not sure where to take it. Do I take it to police station or don't I report as scam online but I haven't be scam ..

It's OK to file a complaint at even if you didn't lose money. You can still tell us what happened.  Your complaint could help investigators who use the FTC's complaint database.

Are the people on this forum really that dumb? The moment you see Western Union or Money Gram you should know it's an african scammer.


I have a man apparently named Anthony Baldwin who claims to work with money gram and that he can flip my cash. It's an obvious scam but I Want to know if anyone else has had an interaction with the same person? I want to uncover him so he cant keep scamming people, just makes me sick to my stomach. He has an instagram but all you have to do is type in anthony baldwin instagram on Google and it comes up

I recently got scam by secret shopper the guy name is John S. Grey billyambeflue the check account is 6265069404 and tracking number is 011201335 I made a transfer threw money gram and I lost $1530 and I feel so stupid I'm a college single mother and I don't know what to do when I called money gram they told me there's nothing they can do apperantly the it was to Nigeria and they said that country was dangerous and if I knew the person because coincidentmy the receiver had same last name as me ... the check was sent to me threw usps they won't give out the person information I have the tracking number and everything.... The person address say Shoppers Express 879 Franklin avenue Newark NJ 07107... What should I do now ????

You can contact the state Attorney General in your home state and New Jersey, where the letter came from. Because the scheme involved the U.S. mail, submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Please report your experience at Investigators across the country use FTC's complaint database to track scams.

tried to get a loan from "lending club" they took uw through so many loops, talked to a "loan officer" by the name of "Justin Green" who claims all we need to do is to send some money through a pay power visa card or money gram we will receive our loan and of course it never happened. I eventually said we are not sending anymore money and i Want a refund and then they tell me there is a cancellation fee. So we just called money gram and they sent us to to put in a complaint about fraud compaines. so i am about to do that now, good luck to everyone out there that falls prey to these scammers.

I recently joined the sugar daddy a man responded that he was interested, but also wanted to help me out, but I would need to help him while he's out on business with sending out his charity funds. He uses the name dennis. He would wire transfer money to my account. I keep 500 weekly, and send rest to his charities. Number he is using 646-930-7626. Is this a scam because he's been trying to talk me into it for over a week now. It sounds like one.And the number shows up as new York number.

What you're describing sounds like a scheme where scammers meet people online and convince them to forward money or packages as a 'favor' or 'job.' Some scammers buy things with stolen credit cards, then send them to victims, and ask them to send the packages overseas.

If you gave the scammer your bank account information so he could “pay” you, contact your bank.

If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money. If you gave out personal information, go to for tips about what to do

I have not given any info. But the man still proceeds to ask for my routing number and savings number. He isn't like pushing it. And idk if it's an act to pretend to get to know me so I feel comfortable to give it for transferring the money to my account.

I to have joined that site and have a man named Louis Northcote emailing me now saying he sent me 4000$ money transfer with a picture of the recipient and now he is saying I can't receive it tell I pay a service fee that is 400$.. I'm more excited right this second for reading this then I was assuming that he sent 4000$ lol thanks bunches

OMG!! it's exactly the same like me. i met a man on sugar site and he told me that he sent 4000$ via paywise russia and I need to pay 400$ to receive the money. it is a scam!

I just got a email as the same thing wow do u really think it's legit was it a military guy lol

i was almost scammed by an on line " boyfriend" went overseas to work and said his bank account was hacked. Please send $500.00 to help get him back home.I didn't and couldn't anyway. Then he says his boss would send me a check to cash and wire him the money.I didn't understand why his boss couldn't just wire him the same? He said in Ghana,Africa they did not have a way to send the money, this is NOT true.I got the check but never cashed it.I broke off all ties to this man/scammer and he threatened my life.I told him I was going to police as I had saved every e mail and text he ever sent! I haven't heard from him since.Be careful of on line dating, so many scammers out there! Said he was in import/export of selling automobiles. So sad, I only wanted a friend.....

If it appears to be too good to be true, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I recently answered a mystery shopper survey. And, lo and behold, today, July 20, 2015, I received a $1,450.00 check drawn on Discovery Federal Credit Union with routing number 231385646, account number 7312020 signed by Edwin(?)L. Williams. The check was preceded by emails informing me the check and letter of instructions would be arriving by USPS. I was instructed to withhold $250 for my commission; split $1,150 to be sent to Ervin Harrison, 312 Magistrad Ave., Manilla, Philippines and Susan Strong, 416 Kalawe St., Manilla, Philippines, the remaining $25 should be sent to American Diabetes Association.

Needless to say, I will not be following their instructions!!!!

Hello, I have a question about a possible scam but I am not sure. The person wanted me to open a new bank account and give her the details so that the money she sends me to buy properties is protected and can't be stolen by me. The bank account can't be over drafted and none of my money is in it. Am I still vulnerable? She is going to send the funds t me and I am to give a money gram to someone else of almost 2 thousand dollars. This person gave me a name and she is in the military and gave me a bit of personal info. I just don't want to be apart of anything illegal. Please help!

Please read our new blog about a scam called card cracking. It sounds similar to what you describe. In card cracking, a scammer asks to use your bank account so they can deposit checks and then make quick ATM or money order withdrawals. The goal is to get the cash out before the bank figures out the checks are phony.

The blog about card cracking explains that no legitimate business deposits checks that way. What’s really going on is fraud, and people who cooperate with the scammers have stepped in the middle of it.The scammers might offer to pay people who help them, and they hope the payments are enough to keep people form asking too many questions. The real question for people who help is whether it’s worth the risk of getting involved in criminal activity.

I received an email from a man named Mark Carter who was claiming to be a manager for a German company called Lehmann Gmbh. He offered me a job as an assistant clerk wiring money through MoneyGram. It seemed legitimate to me seeing as I had coincidentally applied for several jobs to be a clerk the day before.
After gathering all my information, he sent me my first task a week later. I was e-transfered $2000 and was told to keep $100 for myself as commission.
I withdrew the money and e-transferred $1900 to an unknown person with a questionable name, address, and phone number. As soon as I got home, I became and suspicious and did some research. Turns out other people got the same scam email from this company. I also googled the address the where the company claimed to be located but there was no record of the company being there at all.
I quickly called MoneyGram where they managed to cancel the transaction upon telling them my situation before the scammer was able to collect the funds. They then returned the money to me.
The scammer grew increasingly aggressive calling me, texting me, and emailing me every minute asking for a copy of the receipt so he could accept the money.
I answered one of his phone calls asking if this was a scam just to see what he would say, and he gave me a fill explanation as to why it was not even though I knew otherwise.
I know the bank is going to ask for the money back so I am glad that I at least have it so I will not be in debt. I also called the police and reported the incident to FTC.
It was a very stupid, impulsive decision I had made since all the warning signs were there such as spelling mistakes in the email, asking of personal information, invalid web address, invalid phone number, etc... But I am glad that I was able to stop it in time.

Me and my dad were doing just fine and then all of a sudden a person wanted thousands of dollars and now we r in some deep dept and need help and they call like every 30 seconds and say send just a little bit of money and u will get 11.5 million dollars i knew it was fake and told him not to send them money but he did anyway.

If you gave them your bank or credit card account numbers, contact the bank or credit card company and explain what happened. You can ask about having charges reversed.

You can report this to your state Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This FTC article has information about coping with debt. It has ideas about dealing with mortgage, car and other debt. It explains how to find a credit counselor to help you manage your finances.

there is a man willing to help me..he said i can get money through his compensation funds because he works as a US military in afganistan..I can get the money that I need but I have to pay first the money transfer fee..he will send a sample email for that.. is this a scam?

Scammers use many different tricks to try to get your money. Some say they'll get you a loan if you send money first. If you send money by wire transfer or on a reloadable card, you probably won't get it back. Don't send money to someone you never met, even if you've been 'talking' to them online.

I jyst receifed this email. Scam

Hello Johanna, If you are still interested in working for us, we have a few questions for you: 1. Did you receive my previous email with job details? 2. Do you fully understand what you have to do? 3. How soon would you be able to start? 4. Do you have a job right now? You can work for us even if you have another job! As soon we will receive these answers we will send you the contract. 15-09-2015 13:34:36

Clara Lloyd Surgicatek Limited 183 cole Valley Road Hallgreen Birmingham B28 0DG Registered in England & Wales Fax 08457418080 Fax 08457418085 From: Johanna [mailto:johanna1974] Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 4:30 PM To: CareerBuilder Subject: Re: CareerBuilder: Great salary package up to $88K- Missed Call Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android ________________________________________ From:"CareerBuilder" Date:Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 10:04 AM Subject:CareerBuilder: Great salary package up to $88K- Missed Call Hello, I received your resume and application from CareerBuilder, and based on your background and experience, I feel that you are a perfect fit for a career opportunity with our company. If you are still exploring career opportunities, please email me back. Position Title: Account Receivable Location: Your Location Time: 12- 24 months Revenue: $85.000-$95.000 Hours: 18 per week You will be able to get your first income in about 5 business days. I look forward to connecting with you and hope you have a great day. Thank you in advance! Greg Glass © Copyright 2015 SURGICATEK LIMITED. All rights reserved. Shared files from Dropbox: DOCdownload-

I had someone who I have been chatting with online offer to send me some financial help. He is from NYC but went to work in Peru. He supposedly wired me $4000 and sent a receipt showing it was sent through Unlimited Pay Money Transfer upmtsonline . I tried verifying the company, the city in Peru with no luck. The reciept shows that I have to pay a $400 service fee. I was told to pay the fee via ReloadIt and then later received an email stating the ReloadIt payment center was down and to pay fee via MoneyGram. I've received emails from him and the wire company stating these instructions. I've sent him an email letting him and the wire company know I feel it's all a scam. Not to email me anymore. He sent another picture of the wire reciept and an email from a "business partner" who paid the fees and received the money with no issue. Told him too bad, I'm not sending any money. He can keep his "$4000." Smh.

Hi. I have been talking to this guy named Michael Northcote that just said he sent me 4000 as well and I have to pay a 400 dollar service charge through money gram or western union. He also sent me an attachment with a receipt and a email from his friend dave. I have not sent anything and I did research. I was wondering if it could be the same person?

Hi. I Recently Started Chatting With A Guy From A Sugar Daddy Sight. He Was Insisted On Sending Me Funds. His Name Was Michale Diaz. He Say Sent The Money. I Went To The Website He Sent. Typed In My First & Last Name Name. Zip Code. Phone Number & This Code He Provided Me With. Then The Site Told Me To Check My Email. I See It Said Pay $400 To Get The $4000. I Refused To Pay That $400 Service Fee & Called Western Union To See If They Was Associated With Payment Wise Money Transfer In Russia. They Told Me It Was A Scam!

Yes it's kinda a scam, same stories like I had. but his name is Heiko Garcia, a russian guy, he told me that he sent me money 4000$ using paymentwisetransfer and I should pay for the 400$ fee and when i refuse to pay, he sent me the receipt with some typo in the bills, so I know it must ba fake, and also he sent me a screenshot of email from his friend that he got the money after paid for the 400$ fees.

My mother in law has been doing g this for over a year dealing or involved with a guy named berry who promised her the moon and millions. He sends her checks in which she cashes and then sends it to him this has shade written all over it. She has lost everything but still sends him money from the checks he sends. How is it or why is it he doesn't just cash the checks hisself? Trying to figure out the reason I know it's money laundry but she won't listen for nothing. Can anyone give me info on this or thw situation.

If this is a fake check scam, someone sends a check to a victim, and tells them to deposit it and wire money back. If the victim deposits the check and withdraws money immediately to wire it back, the victim loses money. The check is fake, and when the bank finds eventually finds out, the victim has to repay the bank for the money she withdrew.

In another scam, someone who can't get a bank account uses a victim who has a bank account to cash the scammer's checks. If the checks are stolen or connected to a crime, the police will come looking for the victim who used her bank account.

Has anyone heard of "unlimited pay money transfer" seems to good to be true. Supposedly someone supposed to be sending me money but I'm supposed to send this company a "10% money gram" for a service fee of the transaction. Common sense says if it was true why don't they just take 10% of the money being sent ?? Is this a fraudulent company??

If someone you don't know tells you to send money, and promises he'll send money back, don't do it.

If you use a wire transfer to send money, it's like sending cash. Once it's gone, it's gone and you can't get a refund.

Please help me I Received a mail regarding lone offer for lowest interest for 3% unfortunately I sent 310$ to them

how i get back tgat amount

and i have the account details which i sent its a indian account and i recived a mail like  

FILL THE  LOAN APPLICATION FORM Full Name     Gender:       Marital status:     Total Amount Needed:     Time Duration:     Address:     Country:     Phone:     Monthly Income:     Occupation:


If you sent money by wire transfer or prepaid money transfer card, you probably cannot get the money back. If you used wire transfer, contact the company immediately and report what happened.

If you told them your bank account or credit account number, contact your bank or credit card company. When someone has your account numbers, they can take more money.

Please report this to the international complaint system the FTC uses at

I have been working for a company like some of the other people here. I took a job offer that came on Ziprecuriter, or however you spell it. The job was for a HR Service Manager. The salary was 4520 a month, with 3 weeks in the hole.
So i took the position, gave them all of my information. Then they asked for my banking information. I didn't feel comfortable so I checked, the company was on the BBB, they gave me there EIN number, which I checked and everything checked out.
My job was to go and make a proposal to open a branch near me and they would take care of the rest. The opened up a company (LLC) sent me all the paperwork to open a Bank Account under the name and send them the information. So I did over the last two weeks they WIRE Transferred over 100K into that account. I was to then go and pay the field reps. I would would wire the large portion of the money to the UK, moneygarm some money to another location then deposit some to a Wells Fargo account to a lady in Georgia, and keep 200 for my self for time and expenditures. I went on line today to check the business account to find that I could not get in. I called the bank and they advise me that they where closing the accounts due to due to incoming WIRE transfers where fraudulent.3

With that said I have no clue what I'm in for, we are talking over 100K. In advice would be helpful

You can help other people by reporting the company. Report to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can also contact your state and local consumer protection agencies and the BBB where you found information about the company.

it is time for all of the money put into this nationwide deal is used to bring peace and money build up in this world to keep peace and sanity tords all countries and keep war from ruining the ones who sacrifice their life for their country safe and getting along. we are one world with one experated dated life. its time we see the world as it should be. a peacefull one.

I had money orders sent to my house after signing up to do the Walmart mystery shopper. Red flag immediately so I called the cops. No one would pay $250 for an hour of work. Or give a total stranger $ and ask me to pay half back unless it wasn't a real money order and they wanted my real money. Please don't feel stupid, it took my husband saying "this isn't real babe." The sender then started texting me with rude texts asking for their $ because we had a "contract". As soon as I mentioned I was aware of what was going on and so were the police and that mail fraud was a felony they quickly left me alone. Sleep easy my fellow victims they will leave you alone and as long as you report them and hang in there through the the financial tough part things will be bright for you soon. Good luck!

I have a scammer who wanted to sell me something, wanted money first and I refused. For 2 days he has been threatening my life, said my life has forever changed, tell my kids goodbye, die b etc. He's also claimed to have people on the way to my house. I want to think this is a scare tactic to get me to send money, but it's very scary to say thr least!

You could report the threats to your local police department. You can also file a complaint with the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I'm signed up with a few job search companies (legitimate ones!), but I received an email today about a job cashing checks and using Money Gram to send the money to Brussels. Seriously folks?

If anyone gets an email like this one below, please report it to Money Gram or the FTC. Copying and pasting from the email they sent me: bernardmccartin

Dear (Hiding my name here) We offer a part-time or full time position for you. We are glad to inform you that you have passed the selection and you are perfect fit to manager position in our team. We have mindfully studied your CV and boldly invite you to take this position. It is a simple job at home, which does not require special skills. We are leading real estate company in Brussel. We provide assistance in financial transactions to clients, who are located in Europe. Some of our clients are not able to accept payments from the United States. Thus we save their time and their finances. We offer you a competitive salary of $ 3,000 each month + 5% from each successful transfer. Also you will receive personal bonuses. Your job will consist in payment processing and sending funds to our managers in other countries. You will receive brief for each operation and make a transfers via your local Money Gram office. REQUIREMENTS: - You must be a US citizen - Your age 18+ - Ability to cash checks and transfer money via Money Gram - You have to show willingness to work and learn - Perform tasks in a set deadlines JOB : - Detailed instructions will be send to you by email (customers name, amount to be send, etc.) - Check will be send one a time and it amounts will be from $2,000 to 3,000. - Checks will be issued out to your name and will come by mail If you are ready to start then please reply us as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Yasmine Bogaerts, Financial Manager, Theo Estate

Please I want to warn against Peterson Loan Company, petersonloancompany cos they scammed me, they charged 600USD as the transfer fee for my 10,000USD loan and didnt even give me the loan. Thank God I have gotten the loan from another legit company but pls do not deal with PETERSON LOAN COMPANY, THEY ARE SCAMS....

I have a Facebook friend who keeps telling me she knows a guy who works in western union and for every hundred you send him between $500-$800 he can add a zero to the configuration through the computer systems at work and the process only takes about 30 min tops so you'll be receiving the money same day. So say if you were to send like $500 now it'll be $5000 after he alerts it and you'll receive $3000 and he will keep $2000. How try is this scam or is it a fake fruad

If someone you never met in person wants you to send them money, don't do it. Scammers use many different stories to try and persuade you to give them your money. They'll say whatever it takes to get your money.  If you send your money to someone you never met, you'll probably never see that money again.

I scammed on email from Mr David Wilson Dav . He asking me for money $2020 and say if you sent me than two metal trunk boxes are waiting for you which cost $4million are seperately packed in there and are waiting for you. They asked me for insurance charges and yellow tags charges for sending the money and they can send me too trunk boxes from London. Bewere from that i lost my money $2020 you also condemned them bewere from that scammerss.

Please report this to the FTC at Provide as much information as you can about the person who contacted you and what happened. The information you provide will go into a database that law enforcement can use for investigations. The FTC cannot respond to individual complaints.

If you sent money by wire transfer or through a bank, you also make a report to those companies.

If you gave the scammer your personal information like Social Security, bank account or credit card numbers, he could commit identity theft against you. Go to to see what to do to protect your information and accounts.


This what I received...

OFFICE PHONE: +60167942993

Dear Valued Western Union Customer, ( Joe)

Your Reference Number is: [ WU/750WUH/BBK ]

We want to Thank You for your Response and letting us serve you. We have received your Details that will be used for the Delivery of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD /Documentations, We want you to know that the Delivery will be made by the YAMATO TRANSPORT/COURIER COMPANY here in Malaysia and it will take approximately 48Hours [ 2 DAYS ] to get to your Home Address and once the Delivery is made a TRACKING NUMBER will be Provided to you, This can only be possible after the Activation of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD is Successfully Done.

The Delivery will be made to the Address below:
DELIVERY ADDRESS:- 67 United Kingdom.

NOTE: Be reminded again that The Activation Cost is $295 USD Only and The Payment has to be Made to Our MAIN HEAD OFFICE here in MALAYSIA where the Fee will be Confirmed before we can Proceed with the Delivery Of Your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD to you. The Head Office has requested that your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD Activation Fee of $295 USD should be SENT through the Account Officer " RICKY WENMIN " via Western Union Money Transfer with the details as shown below: Funds Receiver's Name: RICKY WENMIN
Receiver's Address: 3 NORODOM BLV, KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA Amount To be Sent: $295 USD Once the Payment is Made, Please Kindly provide us the Details as it is on the Payment Receipt for confirmation of your Payment made to us:

1. M.T.C.N (Money Transfer Control Number): 2. SENDER'S NAME: ...................... We will forge ahead with the Delivery of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD/ Documentations immediately your Activation Payment is Confirmed and Received by Our MAIN HEAD OFFICE here in MALAYSIA. Thanking you for Your Understanding! ============================== =========== Signed, ===> MRS.JESSICA TAN - Asia Operation Manager/ Claims Agent - [ ASIA REGIONAL OPERATIONS CENTER ][HEAD OFFICE] PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA:
OFFICE LINE: +60167942993
©2016 Western Union Holdings, [ASIA] Inc.
This email is sent by: Western Union Holdings, [ASIA REGION ].For Enquiries / Clarification, Please Contact Our 24 Hours interactive Contact Center - +60167942993

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 9:49 AM, jo j < > wrote:
Where do you want me to send the money? Sent from my iPad

On 2 Jan 2016, at 19:08, Jessica Tan < > wrote:
Please be informed that this fee also includes the shipment fee for your card hence the need for your making payment.

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 5:17 PM, jo j <> wrote:
Hi Name : Mr J Mobile: 00 Address: 67 United Kingdon Those are my details. If you can me the Card first and I'll pay for the fee to unlock the card. Let me see if this is not one of those scam... Mr J Sent from my iPad

On 31 Dec 2015, at 17:08, Jessica Tan < > wrote:
Dear Valued Western Union Customer,
Your Reference Number is: [ WU/750WUH/BBK ]
We want to Thank You for your Response and letting us serve you. The Western Union Holdings whose Asia Head Office is in PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA has created Opportunities to help individuals, families and communities worldwide: The scheme supports charitable giving programs, Education and human services programs and Humanitarian projects and relief efforts- So far we have supported 500 non-traditional students with scholarships, partnered with 150 Western Union Agents in charitable programs, and supported over 50 disaster relief operations and Last Years (2012 -2014) Over 5 Million US Dollars was also Granted to Individuals and Families: In this Year 2015 Grant, E-mail Addresses of Western Union Customers were used and your Email Address and Two (2) Others were chosen from over 40,000 Selected Western Union Users Worldwide to the Western Union Grants Program, We have made all the necessary arrangements to have your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD delivered to you at your nominated mailing Address that will be provided by you and also All Documents such as your Recommendation Letter and Grant Certificate from the Western Union Holdings, Malaysia will be sent to you confirming that these funds are fully free of any liens or encumbrances and of Non-Criminal Origin.
This message serves as an Official Grant Notification and If you have received this message, then WESTERN UNION HOLDINGS [ ASIA ] wishes to CONGRATULATE you over your Email Selection Success which has emerged you the Grant Winner of $750,000.00 USD [- Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S Dollars - ] along side with Two (2) Others. Be informed that your Funds will be sent to you via the WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD to your Home Address and it can be used to Withdraw Funds with a Daily Limit of $10,000 USD Per Day until the Full amount is Fully Withdrawn.
NOTE: THE Delivery of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD to you is FREE, But the WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD which is covered by the OCBC BANK must be ACTIVATED before it can be Delivered to you and be able to be used to Withdraw Money in any ATM MACHINE Worldwide, This is because the WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD is Issued in [ PAY-OUT BRANCH OFFICE ] KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA by the OCBC BANK MALAYSIA - Please Remember that the Withdrawal Limit is $10,000 USD Per Day... Meanwhile the WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD ACTIVATION Fee is $295 USD and Once the Activation fee Of $295 USD is PAID by you, it will take just 48 Hours [ 2 DAYS ] for your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD and Documentations to get to you which will be delivered to you by YAMATO TRANSPORT/COURIER COMPANY, MALAYSIA.
Once Delivery is MADE, The TRACKING NUMBER and COURIER COMPANY WEBSITE will be Provided to you to be able to know & Track when your PACKAGE will get to you .
Kindly Re-Confirm and Provide your Delivery Information, Where your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD should be sent to you after Activation:
1. FULL NAME/RECEIVER'S NAME: ......2. MOBILE NUMBER [It Has To Be Your Personal Mobile No]: .........3. HOME ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT YOUR CARD SENT: .......4. Your Reference Number is: [ WU/750WUH/BBK ]

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Filling the Delivery Information above means that you are Ready to Activate your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD and Once More Be Informed that without the payment of $295 USD we cannot proceed with the Delivery of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD.We await a confirmation email from you filling the DELIVERY INFORMATION above AND also informing us when you wish to remit the Payment of $295 USD for the Activation of your WESTERN UNION NETSPEND MASTERCARD before Delivery can be made to you.Thanking you for Your Understanding!============================== =========== Signed, ===> MRS.JESSICA TAN - Asia Operation Manager/Claims Agent - [ ASIA REGIONAL OPERATIONS CENTER ] [HEAD OFFICE] PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA: [PAY-OUT BRANCH OFFICE] KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA OFFICE LINE: +60167942993 +60164533939 ©2015 Western Union Holdings, [ASIA] Inc. This email is sent by: Western Union Holdings,[ ASIA REGION ]. For Enquiries / Clarification, Please Contact Our 24 Hours interactive Contact Center - +60164533939
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I was on eharmony and met a woman. She claimed to be a victim of identity theft and asked me to send her money to help her out. I sent $500 to a woman in Lagos, Nigeria and the woman I was talking to said she's pick it up. She then claimed to have been arrested in Ukraine after supposedly being busted with contraband. I didn't send any money this time, and haven't sent money since, but by sending the money to the African destination, I'm worried I broke the law. I used money gram at Walmart. Have I committed a crime?

If you want to find a lawyer to talk with, you can use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association or visit this site from the State Bar Associations.

Thank you, but I'm just curious if I broke the law or not. Ihave since made the money at my job, but I'm just making sure I have not committed a crime

In addition to my previous comment, I did not give any bank information nor did I give my personal information. This occurred in I think late August or early September, but I don't remember. It has just now begun to worry me if I broke the law. I did cash. I was never contacted again after I was asked to wire money a second time. $500 is something I can easily make at my job, so I'm not interested in getting the money back. All I want to know is if I broke the law

I have a question people. Someone messaged me on instagram asking if I wanted to make some money. He told me he's in this organization where his uncle is donating money to people but they're asking for 300 back after the donation.
Because they just keep flipping cash. Not sure if this is too good to be true...

Someone on Facebook said for me to send them my card a d it's a two day process and for me to send them their cut of the money is it a scam

If someone you don't know asks you to send money, it might be a scam.  Even if they promise you will get a prize, or money, or a reward later, do not send money first.

Don't tell your bank account or credit card number. They could take your money or buy things with your credit card.

Or maybe they will deposit fake checks into your account and take the money out for themselves. Then you will be responsible for having fake checks in your account.

I am in the situation where they have offered me a job and are about send me a check. They offered me 5% commission and $3750 monthly Salary. As I understand it is scam which later they will ask me to send them the money and after they will cancel the check and I will owe them money. Since I know ahead of what to expect. Is there a good way to scam them on this or at least have some fun?

If you see a scam, please report it to the FTC at If you get a check by mail and you think it's a fake, you can submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. You also can alert your state Attorney General

If you respond to a scammer, you will likely get more calls and emails.


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