My very own IRS imposter call

“Hello, we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from the IRS, Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you.” That was the message on my answering machine when I returned home from work.

My kids were scared. They asked: “What does it mean they are filing a lawsuit? Can they send you to jail? Shouldn’t you call them back?”

IRS Imposter Scams

IRS Imposter Scams

Working at the FTC, I knew the call was a fake. I’d heard that IRS imposter scams are on the rise. Earlier that day, I’d even given a webinar on IRS imposter scams as part of the FTC’s Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.

I calmly explained that there was no reason to worry. It couldn’t possibly be the real IRS. Why?

  • When you have a tax problem, the IRS will first contact you by mail, not by phone.
  • The IRS won’t threaten arrest, deportation or loss of a driver’s license. 
  • The IRS won’t demand that you make payment right away.
  • The IRS won’t ask you to wire money, pay with a prepaid money card, or ask you to share credit card information over the phone. 

“But aren’t you going to at least call them back?” the kids persisted. “No,” I explained, “if I do, they’ll just pressure me for money or ask for information that they can use to get my money. That’s the way this scam works.” 

So, what did I do instead? I wrote down the phone number so I could report the call to the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). If I’d been concerned that maybe I owed money to the IRS, I knew that I could check with the IRS directly by calling 1-800-829-1040.   

That evening, I learned first-hand that these IRS imposter calls can happen to anyone. Once my kids were convinced that I wasn’t going to jail, we all sat down to dinner.   

For more information on IRS imposter scams and tax identity theft, visit


how could these imposters be stopped or charged or put in jail? because the calls are happening more frequent than ever, and the same group uses different phone numbers and called me several times.

I waited for 15 minutes on the phone to talk to the FCC only to be told that they don't hand "IRS" fraud calls. I then tried to contact the FTC but gave up -- especially after I read these. The scam number I got (202) 241-2693 from "Office Jack Cooper" of the "IRS in Washington DC" has apparently been spewing out the same fraud game since 2013 -- and FTC has not put an end to that number... amazing. I guess it's just too much work to protect people by having the phone company immediately shut down access.... I know they pop up again eventually but for TWO YEARS from the same phonbe listing is absurd. This is NOT a spoofed number...

You can file a consumer complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database. When you file a complaint, you can provide the details from your comment.

so, FTC doesn't take action on the scammers, but instead provides this outlet for consumers to list their experiences so others can compare notes. Up to the consumers to find the FTC complaint website and check it from time to time and see the latest scam. hmm

To read about the FTC's legal actions against scammers and schemes, go to our Press Release page. To view the list of more than 100 companies and people that are banned, by federal court orders, from participating in the business of debt collection, go to Banned Debt Collectors.
Go to FTC cases resulting in refunds to view information about 30 recent cases, and how to request a refund if you were harmed. In 2014, the last year for which figures are available, 743,111 people received redress of more than $65.2 million.
This blog is not the FTC's consumer complaint site; the complaint site is When you make a complaint, the information goes into a database that is accessible only to law enforcement. The FTC blog - and comments from blog readers - often alert people to current scams. We encourage readers to report scams at so law enforcement can have the information.

I just got a call today same message from a 347 418 0603 Indian accent. When I asked if he worked for the irs he hung up I knew it was a scam then

I too just got that same message. Some people really are awful. The # that called me was 262-384-8761. The guy did answer when I called it back.
But I hung up on him again. Scammer

Got one today from 434 535 2066....same thing saying IRS was filing a lawsuit against me...last week it was from another number...this needs to be stopped

213-709-4510. Same type of messages. Extremely unnerving at first.

I got today same type of call twice. Called back. They ask to resolve problem or I will be jailed in 20 min. When I asked how to resolve and where I have to send check, they said it should be done by phone and they will lead me through process. Fortunately I knew, that IRS will never ask for money by phone. It was very nervous experience, especially for my wife.

I've gotten 4 voicemail messages over the past week, 3 supposedly from the IRS and one from US Treasury. All claimed I was about to be arrested for tax fraud, and 2 left case numbers (different ones). The call-back numbers were 732-825-8088, 716-245-6085, 818-319-3523, and 818-436-6111. Two of the messages were left on Sunday afternoon! I of course will not return the calls -- anything else I should do?

You did the right thing. It's best to ignore calls like these. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.

I got the same call voice message today and the number to call back was 347-418-0574. It sounded like an automated voice, as opposed to someone live actually calling.

they messaged me today but the number was #800-422-8068. Same message

Yeah a 202 area code number called me and keep calling me talking bout a criminal law suit smh I thought it was real til I thought what could I have done.

I got the same call only using phone number 213-289-3862 from "Officer Adam Smith" (straight out of India.)

I just got a call today twice..first message i can hear this man (indian accent) talking to someone in a different language while i can hear other phone calls being made. Then they called right back and told me to call back saying they are from irs but it was a NY number.

Saw your post and wanted to share my experience. I never called back to any of the calls I got but after being alarmed hearing the first message , I figured it was a scam. On a day on May 2016 I got a call from New Orleans about 12:00. Got a 2nd call about an hour later from same number same location same message. About another hour later I got a call from the same number but this time it was from Mexico. Same message. I wondered how the same number could be from Louisiana and Mexico. The next day same call same message this time from New Hampshire. About an hour later same message from Illinois. If anyone reads this just realize how these people work and to what extent they will go to trick you. Be careful.

I got a call form someone claiming to be from the irs today as well. I called the number back and a guy answered, lots of noise in the background. I was disconnected, so I called back. Someone answered, he was speaking another language to someone else. He finally acknowledged me. I asked who I was speaking with he said JT in a very thick Indian accent. I then asked what company he was calling from, he then swore at me and said you called me and you ask what company. I hung up. I knew that as professionals the IRS would never revert to foul language just for simply asking them a legitimate question.

My calls are coming from 212-400-1279 watch out!!!

I just got a call today from 1(202)864-0154, then they called me back from 1-703-406-6858. This was after they said that if i lost the origanal call there was nothing else they could do for me. and yes all 2 or 3 guys and 1 lady sounded like they were straight out of the middle east. My wife called the IRS hotline and had the lady look up both of our names and she said there was nothing on them, that everything was fine.

received a call today from 1-206-317-1576. Said it was the IRS and I had an illegal case against me. I need to call back immediately or legal allegations would happen. They didn't say my name or give me a number to reference. I called on another phone and people where talking in the background and then he finally said IRS. I just reported it online.

I answered a call from Bainbridge, Washington, and the automated woman's voice said in American English exactly the phrase that the original poster said. I called them back on my work phone, and on the first ring a person answered and said "this is officer John Smith from the IRS, how can I help you?" in an Indian accent. LOL!

I said "sorry, you can't" and hung up.

I work in Information Security for a large corporation and see these kinds of things all the time, usually via e-mail. NEVER FEAR and never feel like you have to respond, especially to e-mails, unless it is clear and proven that the communication is legitimate. In this case it is definitely not.

John Smith 206-823-3830 and 614-906-3147 just called me, I'm only 22 so I was pretty afraid until I contacted my aunt who has been criminal attorney of 32 years.

My husband just got a recorded phone call about an hr ago from a number with the same area code....206....they said that a warrant has been issued for his arrest!

I just received a call from 206-701-5902. They spoke with a thick Indian accent, I could hear other calls in the background and they said they were sending deputies to my house as soon as we hung up, that an arrest warrant has been issued for me! This is very scary!

received a call today 360-326-2280(Vancouver)stating it was a final call from irs to inform me they were filing a lawsuit.last week call from 503-739-3523 saying same thing. I filed my taxes in February and believe me if I owed taxes I would not have gotten a refund.Block does my taxes and has for 15 years. tese scammers need to be caught and sent back to where ever they come from.

I received numerous calls from various out of state or out of country numbers ; last night at 10pm est. a voice mail was left from 206-258-7931; at first I was alarmed (because approx 18 yr's ago I had my identity stolen) and it happened again in 2007/2009 n I did not know (due to economic crash) until 2013 when I went to finally lease a new vehicle again.
(An actual "dealership" that I purchased a used vehicle from in January 2009; and turned in my lease too - never disconnected me from my turned in jeep! (Which had I been able to purchase it at the price they sold at auction I would of done so instantly in lieu of buying a used mini van that I later had to pay to have a dealer take it from me- when leading a new vehicle!) approx $2900 in negative equity + remaining bank amount owed.
Long story; I had fear that a case was built against my name / info due to the various times my bank account has been "hit" and for identity theft (it never leaves you!). However I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to post your story. Because I was extremely upset and ready to contact the guy back." (Officer Daniel Weinman) at Internal Revenue Service"(206)258-7931. Message left on my cell phone on 6/27/2016. What indicated to me to google "would Irs contact me stating a criminal case ...,.) was the "officer" stated "this is a time sensitive matter and if you- or your attorney does not return my call then I can only wish you luck with what will unfold on you!" I rather thought that was odd ? Also I have owed the Irs in the past - they are very easy to work with regarding payments. I had little trouble setting up modest payments until my following tax return which they kept to off set my balanced owed from a previous yr. - however unlike other stories I have just read. I'm unsure if anyone received a case number when their "officer" contacted them? This guy gave me one via voice mail? Can anyone state if you received a case number? I do plan to notify the Irs and verify this call but based on the other stories along with the 206# and Various other state/ out of state numbers left im hopeful it's a scam. ?!
I did also have a west Virgina - Louisiana and NY missed contact number call. But my phone is used for business and personal and I get a lot of sales auto calls. This guy sounded auto mated and did not use my name in his message - just a case number CF 297613 has been charged against you in a criminal investigation. Criminal (would not ) be owning money and attempting to pay via installment payment plans. Possibly tax evasion could be deemed as criminal but not if you have paid your taxes n /or file them yearly. This is terrible that scammers can not be caught!! I know of several people that out of fear sent money or other requested items. One who notified the police thereafter and contacted authorities such as fbi fraud investigations He never got his money back - and occasionally received a letter stating authorities are working on it. Needless to say ; in this day and age; authorities such as fbi have greater national concerns than tela marketing scams. However it is good to contact the credit burea on occasion. Even if you have less than perfect credit. Because you could be easily a victim of identity theft and merely assume your credit is poor because of outstanding credit cards / shut offs and/ or on going medical debt. Also most banking institutions will tell you (not at window. Schedule an apt to look at new checking acct ) if their are alias in your name. That's how I recently discovered that I was hit again this year ! (4/2016) a new name (version of my real one) was established and we have no clue to how. In fact one medical bill I have been paying on has sent receipts to this new name. Last I checked I did not change my name legally. Thx u for those that shared. I wanted to return the favor by sharing my experiences. Best regards

Today I also got a message on my cell phone, from a 202-370-6713 Washington# from an (Officer Daniel Weinman) stating a claim or lawsuit against me and if he did not hear from me or my attorney then there was nothing he can do but to wish me luck and the situation will unfold on you. He left a case #Cf.....and a direct # to his desk 202-459-4693. I know its a scam. I don't owe any taxes nor have I been fraudulent, so there would be no reason to be contacted, and I would have been notified by mail if they needed to. I also got a call about 3 months ago on my home phone, I didn't answer, but listened to the message, If I did not respond then a warrant would be filed. Thank you for letting me share my experience.

Just checked my voice mail, Daniel Wiseman or wieman 202 459 4681, cf93271 case number. I immediately got a cash card, and money grammed the balance, not. ...thanks for posting I'm not falling for it. Thank you again, this man doesn't change his name much

Got same call from a Ryan Scott IRM2813 saying i owed $7986. Heavy indian accent from a 2137065479 number. Gave me a case number CP10173T. Please be careful on giving any information to these people. Big time scam!!!

I have been getting the exact call for the past few days From officer Daniel Wiesman 202-459-4681. very persistent igot nervous at first, but they never said my name and the good luck ending was strange. so I googled IRS scams I am good to go now...

Same story... Tom Fernandez called me about a IRS lawsuit against me ... Case # CP10173T. I called me from a cell phone 424-305-8547.
I talked to long with him. Gave him the last 4 digits of my SS# in order to have him discuss the case with me !!!!

I can CONFIRM that this is a scam, because a lady by the name of Anna Christ, told me that her badge ID number was CP10173T.. same as yours, different name.

I got the exact same message today 7/21 from an officer Daniel Weinman or Wiseman threatening me with a criminal lawsuit. The number I was to call back was 202 459 4681. my case number was the same too cf93271

I just got the same call. Was scared at first. I did call back and they asked for my address. I said no you should have it. Then they gave me a wrong address. I said that's not where I live. And hung up.The number I from Jasper,IN 812-827-4851

I received the same exact call with the same name and number. Yes they gave me a "case file" number. Scam. Received another one today with different number, a woman who gave no name, telling me the IRS had a lawsuit against me.

yes, I also received a case number and the threat of 4 counts of defrauding the government and so on. Had me pretty upset for a bit until it was clear it was a scam. Many specifics including the only years that I actually filed. Left out the 2years that I didn't, which is why I even gave her time of day in the first place. Was probably a coincidence. Threatened $75,000 fines, 5 yr imprisonment, blacklisted s.s.# (means no license, financial aid and etc etc she said) bank account frozen and house repossessed. Asked if I intentionally defrauded and that 3 written notices were sent via certified mail when I asked where is this claim in writing, and so on. It did become clear quickly and doubted from the first second, was only that they only stated the years I actually filed that got my interest. I knew I didn't do anything wrong, just don't trust the government or judicial systems for most part, so thought for a second, what if?!
I am so sorry for all that you have gone through with identity theft and how its affected your life! I hope you have a much more peaceful and uneventful future in that regard. God bless!

I got the same call on my cell from 323-729-3061. I called back on my work phone - first person hung up. I called again and got some one with badge No. IRM 12599. When I asked with IRM stood for the phone became garbled and so I hung up. Third time I called no answer. Fourth time I an Indian accent came on the line and I said are you Rocky from India? Hung up.

I just got a call from (917) 769-5439. Badge #IRM 0421 said I owed $5,987. I might have gotten sucked in- thanks for posting, folks! I'm glad I googled as I listened!

I got a call from (989)717-8840. Scam. Said the same thing. Voice mail and all. Received multiple calls.

I have received several calls telling me IRS finally call lawsuit against me and to call 717-378-1982. I called and told them I know it's a scam and they got mad at me.

just got a call today and yesterday same message from a 562-229-8698 and 844-441-1440 from an officer Jim. When I asked if he worked for the irs he hung up I knew it was a scam then

Additional IRS lawsuit scam number 347-418-0602.

I have been receiving calls from someone calming to be from the irs as well. I basically got the same threat and they demanded that i resolve the issue right away. Or coarse i was afraid and panic but i also know i never had a problem with the internal revenue service ever in my life. I just recently spoke to someone about my refund and told me they couldn't give me a date.

The site won't let you file a complaint unless you were stupid enough to give the scam artist a credit card or bank account number. I'm being harassed by an IRS impersonator. Calls 2 times a day 3 or 4 days a week and leaves the same threatening message yet no one will take the case. It's a travesty.

You don't need a credit card or bank account number to file a complaint at You choose how much personal information you want to give. The details you provide go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations nationwide.

I am feeling like a complete idiot. I also just rec'd a threatening phone call from a "officer Jack Cooper" He told me his badge number was "007496784". He said that I had to stay on the phone with him while I went and got a "Federal Tax Paycard" He said numerous times that if I hung up that I would go jail, He also said that if I didn't calm down he would hang up and that I would have to go to court and end up paying "twenty to forty thousands of dollars". Thank goodness I am unable to drive and was force to call my sign other and he advised me to hangup. which I was still so 'got and in shock' that I didn't. But, I did record most of the message that came from the telephone number 202-684-6460. He's good. Thank goodness He did not get any info from me. Please to All be careful.

I am right there with you. I received the same call yesterday at work from 202-810-8181. I was able to use another phone and called the local police department to see if this was real and the woman there didn't want any info. All she said was the "IRS will not make cold calls demanding money" gee thanks for the help! Even after that I was still afraid to hang up the phone. I did however but stressed over it all night.

Thank you for this post. I was wondering if this "Jack Cooper" person had a very thick east Indian accent?

I have recently been contacted by a David Cooper who said he was from the Texas Dept of Justice. He knows my 1st & last names. Plus he calls me on my home phone and my cell phone. He tells me the IRS is going to arrest me, etc. He definitely has a "very thick east Indian accent. I've reported it to the Do Not Call web site.

March 31, 2105 This just happened to me today . A guy named Eric, didn't catch the last name. Same as some other people say thick indian accent. Knew my full name and wanted me to confirm my address then hung up. I called back because I was confused and he definitely did not explain much. He did threaten that authorities were going to arrest me. This is terrible! I knew then it was a scam . They need to stop these people. Ruined my day and I was genuinely alarmed and scared like some others.

Yeah this Eric smith guy called mine and sounded Indian. I knew it was a fraud because there's no way I would be in trouble with the irs.

My home phone got called too, but it was a lady with an East Indian accent instead.

I got called from this number by the Indian lady. 509-331-5236. I asked her if she spoke English. She said, " What is that" I said for them to send certified mail, or just come and arrest me. She touted my home address, then proceeded to tell me she would burn down my house and kill me.

I had the same thing happened to me. I knew it was a scam from the beginning. First off they got my name wrong. First Lady hung up on me. Called back and said the IRS doesn't call people, they reach them by mail. He got mad at me and asked me how I sleep at night. Then called me a scumbag and a mother f*****, then told me he was going to come and f**** my wife, my daughter, and my husband lol. I proceeded to keep calling them back to mess with them and piss them off even more for fun. They have caller ID and finally stopped answering my phone calls. Sooo rude and uncalled for. I really don't see how Law Enforcement or the Government can't find these people and put a stop to it. It's plain harassment and threats if they say they are going to come kill you or whatever. Complete bullshit.

Just received a similar phone call 'if my lawyer or myself do not call back. All I can do is wish you good luck until the situation unfolds.'
Scary provide badge number

I just go a call from Officer James O'Connor Harris County Sheriffs office, badge 1750, saying I needed to turn myself into the nearest Harris County Sheriff immediately, because the IRS has a warrant out for me. The used my name. OR i could call 347-286-7473 within 30 minutes - LINE GOES DEAD. Very noise call. So I call the Harris county Sheriffs office, got a human after trying several numbers/15 minutes, and she confirmed what I thought - crank call. IRS does not call and Harris County does not call. Just another variation.

Today I checked my vm and I got a call from an Officer Alex Watson calling from the legal office of the Internal Revenue service. She said this was in regards to a criminal lawsuit that was being filed against me. She provided a case number and phone number she could be reached 202 495 1580 but i was called from 202 795 1580. And if I or my attorney did not call back she could only wish me good look and watch the situation unfold. I just can't believe people go through such effort to try to take advantage of people. And there seems to be nothing we can do about it other than ignore the calls.

I called back from the message and could hardly understand him, yes!

I had the same call about a lawsuit against me..and yes he had a deep indian accent..i was stressed... They need to catch these people

I had two calls on yesterday one called from 3233005330 both with different caller ID names they left messages which was recorded with a female voice saying she was officer Nikki and that I should not ignore this message from the IRS or they will take legal actions against me... So I called the number back and guy had a thick Indian accent as well, he was like do you have a lawyer due the lawsuit that the IRS have against you... I was like excuse me what are you talking about he then asked for my first and last name and so called pulled it up and said do not hesitate interrupt me why I try to explain to you why you have a lawsuit... Then he said they was going to seize all of my property money bank account debit cards and notify my job.... I said what the hell this is my first time ever hearing this. Why haven't I received a letter he claimed that an officer had came to deliver it to my house and no one was there and now it is an warrant out there for my arrest. They are coming to lock me up where I would spend at least one year in prison .. I said what do I owe he said $3500... I said I am about to call me lawyer, the lady that did my best taxes, and the IRS... He said you can do that but I'm downloading your files now so you will be arrested tom... I was a angry because I am like there is no way I owe the IRS so I called the bank to put fraudulent suspicious activity lookout on my account and the tax lady and she laughed at me and said it was a scam. She explained to me that IRS would've sent you a letter more than one at that... I want to call them back and give them a good ole southern cursing out!!!

A simmer thing happened to me today I had to pay 3,421.00 or a worrent would be issused in 3 hours. Then he asked for my debit card number. If I went to jail I was told I would have to pay 30,000 and they would freez my checking account. This is from tax info from 2002 and 2007 what were taken care of.

The IRS NEVER CALLS YOU I'M DISABLE AND HAVEN'T WORKED SINCE 2003 he had a very thick Indian accent I told him if he wants the money meet me at the precinct he hung up

I had the exact same Thing happen to me except the # was 509-428-2483 the person had a thick Indian or Pakistan accent He said that he was in Washington DC but the # was from Ritzville, WA He gave me a Badge # 60195 Edward Barnes I called Local Law Enforcement hopefully we can catch these crooks.

same here today,2 phone calls from IRA officer Muhen Hejazi,# 202 241 4309,he was talking on phone with east indian accent,im a immigrant ,so,i barely understood what he said,i kept asking him what..what..what..?then,he was mad and shouted at me, he passed phone to another guy,said there is a lawsuit aganist me,i owe money,either pay 4850$ or fight lawsuit could result 70thousand dollars penalty if i lose it.i was little scared and little confused about the IRA use this way not regular mail.also when i was on phone i heard lost noise and notice they have a lot of people in same office making those kind of phone calls to other victims.he hung up after someone said something to him.bang...these scamer are like disgusting rats

I just got a same call today, at the beginning it's a heavy accent Indian lady said my past few years tax got miscalculation, now I have to pay back $3500.77
I told her I am willing to pay that money, and she put me to an officer name "David Cooper" also has a heavy Indian accent, he told me to deposit the money into the bank account or electronic payment over the phone, I said I would like to pay on the related website or to the IRS office in person, I tried to get my case# and told him I will go to IRS in person to find out what happen, then he gave me a funny case#, it's carry my first and last name with 4 digital number, then I'm really sure it's a scam, because I never see the federal case# carry with any last or first name. I told him I will go to the IRS office now, then he hang up.

I received 2 phone calls today. One at 9:56 EST and the other at 11:20 EST. The number they call from was first 4154834567 which is the number in the voice mail, and then 2067771088 and leaves the same voice mail as the first number. I used a work phone to call it back (so they don't know who I am) and as soon as the man answered, I asked for his Tax ID number and he hung up on me. I work for a bank in the fraud department. I know better than to give info over the phone. Was quite funny none the less that I got him to hang up on me.

I received this call as well from an automated system and when I called it was an east Indian women who was highly suspicious.

Just got a call from man with Indian accent said his name was William Johnson, even spelled it out...I told him "really?" Told him the FBI wanted to speak with him...he acted nervous and hung up.

It is too much work, and near impossible to catch phone scammers. Most phone scammers use prepaid phones to work the scam, or many of them are out of the country which makes it even more difficult to press charges. Then there are more sophisticated means of masking numbers, making a number seem as if it was coming from a different phone number. That is the very definition spoofing. The best defense is education. Question anyone that calls to demand money or threatens to sue without a written affidavit or subpoena from a notarized or trusted source. Never give any information or access to any property (like your computer) to anyone over the phone unless you are absolutely sure you know the person or organization that requests it. Social engineering is a huge problem these days, and they are extremely difficult to police, but the more people know about what to look for in a phishing attempt, the less effective these attempts will be on people.

I agree with you, James, the FTC info and your comments are critical to stop this. I recently received a call from the "IRS" threatening a law suit regarding four year audit and unpaid taxes (I pay my taxes diligently, so this was odd). When I was referred to as a criminal unless I paid it right away (over $6,000) and asked what the "manager's" name was (Kevin Smith) with a thick Indian accent, I then knew it was a scam. I told him that I was going to call the IRS myself and verify what I knew to be an impeccable tax record, he said I would be deemed a criminal and felon and threatened immediate arrest. They were downright verbally abusive. I fear what may happen to more vulnerable people. I'm grateful to hear that I am not alone in this experience, and now know simply to hang up and not engage in this at all.

Now they use a recording thank god I listen to the news .if anyone knows it's hell trying to get someone to talk to you from the irs. Stupid scammers

I just got called today from a 202-754-8521 from washington dc i called but i could hardly understand the guy l, i told him i would call back later, but now i dot know if i should

I had a similar message today when was driving. I answered it, hands free. It was a recorded message that said this was my last notice and that the DOJ was going to file a law suit against me. It asked me to call them back at another number (a 202 Area Code/DC). Since I was driving, I couldn't write down the call back number. I figured this was a scam but it was disturbing none the less. I tried to call the number that the message came from and it said it was a number that was not in service.

I just reported my IRS-scam to the Treasury Inspector General Tax Administration TIGTA. Go to This is a huge issue. I got the information from my local congress office, also it has ".gov" in the name (not a .com), so you know it is the goverment.

I don't know if they will follow through, but at least I reported it to the right place.


When I got home last night I had this very firm, demanding phone message from agent #46173 (probably more #s, but he had started talking before the machine picked up). Said he was Mark Bell and that a lawsuit had been submitted in "your" name and that federal agents were investigating our home and gave the address! Said I should call 202-470-5965. I did know that 202 is Washington,DC, but still didn't buy it. It does shake you up, but I knew that the IRS always makes initial contact via mail, so I deliberately didn't call the number. I kept the message on my machine in case it would help someone. I wanted badly to call them up and tell them I knew about the scam and they were being reported, but I didn't want to even deal with these idiots, so I did report it to the IRS and to the FTC. I figured since I just turned 66 and had recently applied for social security, they had me pegged as gullible. (Wonder if there is a connection there?) You can guess what I hope happens to people like this. I think of my 92-year-old mother who could be so easily scammed, or even have a heart attack! People like this need a far worse punishment than they are currently given - if they ever get caught!

I'm 30, and I was equally alarmed, shocked and disturbed with the IRS scam voice message. So... they target regardless of age.

Yeah they will target anybody. I'm 15 and still got a call from some people telling me I owed them money and they'll files lawsuit against me. XD

I also received a call this afternoon from a Catherine Brown stating she is from the ITS and I have a warrant for my arrest. She had a thick middle eastern accent as well. It spooked me because this woman knew names of my family members which have not been documented on any of my tax documents. Sounds like these people are getting a hold of people's security numbers and private info. The lady also said their is 5 charges for my warrant. What gave this as a scam I'd due to me never doing anything wrong except filing my yearly taxes. This year I used a Tax company for my taxes. I think these scammers are hacking into computer data systems that are supposed to be secured sites. I warn everyone to watch their credit because if these scammers can get into secured data bases then they can also use our credit!!!

I'm 17 and I got the call too! I was very scared and showed my mom and she said they will contact me by email if it was really the IRS

Elizabit - The IRS normally makes contact vial USPS mail not via email. If you get an email it's probably a scam as well.

I was definitely freaked out because I'm only 18, never had a job. I get these phone calls like every day and I'm so glad I looked this up to find out I'm not the only one!

We called the police and they listened to the message and took down the info. We still get the calls. They are taped, not a live person. We just delete them. I am more concerned about getting the word out to people to not answer the calls or give out information. If they can't profit from the calls, they'll stop.

Some of them have like 1,000 phone numbers to avoid being caught. The one that was targeting my elderly mother-in-law came from Auburn, NY. Calls have also came from Las Vegas and Arizona. The IRS won't make those calls. They send mail to your mailbox and don't ask for a specific payment type. They leave payment up to you and don't care as long as you pay what you owe. They were rough and talked just like a cop would talk, saying my elderly mother-in-law owed money and they were coming to get her. The police told one person not to call them again because it was a scammer just wanting to get her information.

A lot of these scammers are not even in the country. They use proxies to redirect the phone calls from where ever they REALLY ARE and can make it look like it comes from just about anywhere in the United States to seem more realistic (and sadly it works). But just keep that in mind. It's like when scams started getting bad but were mostly through emails only, half the time once they sent out a batch of emails, they disabled their email address so no one could write back or use it to trace them. I have to say this though, I have gotten tons of scam emails saying the same things that most people on this site have been talking about. When you do get an email like that, just read through it closely. You will find several misspellings and/or terrible grammar (especially for such a self-proclaimed government employee). Also, these "American" names are just plain ridiculous some times. One today was from an "Alan Lee". I promptly wrote him back saying that I know for a fact that any sensitive information or info from a government official/police/IRS... will NOT send an email to an individual. I told him I had indeed verified this with the IRS (and I actually have because i was a victim of Identity Theft and someone filed my taxes on behalf, so...). I also mentioned the misspellings and grammar was terrible and anyone could see right through this scam. Well this "Alan King" wrote me back with this message: "Good You are very intelligent. Sweet and cute... Thank you" Idiots. I hope this helps someone. i understand just ignoring them and so forth. but they have NOTHING else to do but to call our phones all day long, and they don't stop.

Just received the phony IRS phone call. The number comes up unavailable
Unknown Number
Thank you, hope something can be done

I just got the same scam on 3/30/2015, same East Indian accents, same information of mine which they had, same threat of arrest for tax evasion, etc. I will try to give the information to as was recommended by another person on this thread. I was gullible but doubtful; they finally hung up on me! :)

4-15-15 got a call today stating i was fixing to be arrested and the irs was filing a lawsuit against me for something to do with my taxes from the year 2008 till 2013. they already had my name and address and the last four of my social and i was ready to pay them what they asked for until they kept on telling me i had less than an hour to go get a money gram from a walmart and then wait to in the parking lot and they would give the info on where to send it to. when i told them that i was a law enforcement officer and i couldnt just call into work on such short notice, the guy told me to just tell them that i had a family emergency and to go do what he said. i told him i could not do that and that i wanted to know why they where filing a lawsuit, he would never tell me why and started to get rude with me and told me that i would lose my job and go to jail. i told him that i would contact a lawyer and deal with it in court because it sounded like a scam, the man then hung up on me. dont remember the number that called me but the number that they left for me to call them back was (360)347-1794. i hope that these people will eventually be stopped cause this is just nonsense

Today I received a call with many of the same details. The phone number was (202) 559-7930 saying I owed $3,000 for the tax years 2008 - 2013. They had my cell number and address, but couldn't give me my SS# when I asked. They were very rude, over powering and threatening. A warrant was out for my arrest and a Sheriff would be there within 24 hours...I would lose my house, my car, etc. Hopefully somehow, some way these people can be stopped. I worry about people who aren't savvy and give in to them due to fear.

They just called me and I had a heart attack. Then tried to call back and the number didn't work. So I looked online...

I received two per-recorded messages the other day that the IRS was going to file a lawsuit against me and I need to call a specific number to get details of the law suit. The fact that I received two at my same number may indicate that they are targeting small businesses as I have two that use the same number as a contact. Just speculating though. When I tried calling the number I got a bust signal so I decided to look online and found this information here. I will be letting everyone I know about this phone call scam. It definitely gets your blood pressure up when you hear the message.

I just got a call today from 509-588-7165 with a robotic sounding voice mail stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call back. The voice mail said to call back at 509-587-3092. The language pattern is Slavic (maybe Russian) as all nouns in the recording are missing appropriate definite articles.

Hello Mr.W I just received a phone call from a 509 area code saying the IRS is filing a law suit also I call back and tell them my name and they say Whats your SSN ? I say I'm not giving you my SSN and of course they threaten to have me arrested and etc etc I just told them to come get me. Thanks for your post.

I just got my first ever IRS Phone Call Spam! It was a recorded woman's voice, American, not foreign, so it sounded legit. She said to call the IRS because they had been trying to reach me about a lawsuit against me. The number she gave was a 509 area code. I immediately sensed it was a hoax and did not call the number provided. I deleted the message instead. That said, I worried about it (stranger things have happened!) all night and this morning before I could get a chance to Google the issue. It burns my butt that they have my unlisted phone number and that they scared me!

This morning I received one from 509-588-7285. The call sounded like an automated recording stating the IRS was suing me and they gave a call back number. I was unable to reach the IRS this evening to verify that my tax records, but it looks like IRS numbers are 1-800 numbers. Most questions can be answered through 1-800-829-1040 from the website.

Mr.W I got the same phone call today from the same number. I think this is bull crap and someone needs to do something about it. I was freaking out because I do owe back taxes but I am paying on them. So anyways I called my lawyer he was with a client so the Secretary got me someone else to talk to, trying to calm me down telling me that it is a scam. It didn't work I didn't calm dwn so I called the local sherriffs dept that was suppose to have the warrant out on me and they even told me it was a scam. They told me there was no warrants out for my arrest. I'm a nervous wreck my insides r jerking I am hyperventilating and I think that these people shld have to pay for what they are doing. I even had my parents freaking out and my husband over this. It was the exact same numbers that called u. The accent I cldnt identify but I cldnt understand him. He just kept telling me to get my lawyer to my house cause the local sherriffs dept wld be at my house in 25 mins. I was like excuse me I'm making my payments I don't understand and he said get ur lawyer they are on their way to pick u up. Ur facing 12-15 months in federal prison. Then hung up on me.

I was checking my voice-mail and was told the IRS is suing me and to call 509-228-8704, I did call to see what it was about only to find out that the line didn't connect when I called. So i looked it up to find out that there are scams going around, and, low and behold the 509 area code seems to be used very often. I have a mental affliction that makes me go into panic mode over this kind of crud, so I am very happy to find out it is a scam. My husband is on disability so they dont tax him, and I am considered disabled due to several mental and physical issues so i cannot work nor can he, so they don't charge us taxes, even though, we have paid over the years when we can. So, a call that they are suing us is alarming but not so alarming now that i know that it is a scam.

I received this same message last night. I thought it seemed fake, but I lost my husband a few months ago very unexpectedly at the age of 48. Since then anything "out of the ordinary" sets me off into a deep depression. I didn't sleep at all because of it. These scam artists need to be imprisoned. Thank you for your post!

Des, my condolences on your loss. Sorry these scammers just made a difficult situation worse. There's a special spot in hell for these jerks. I too am getting the calls from the east and the west...2 separate groups are trying to scam me. I know for a fact my tax situation is just fine.

I received two yesterday 630-893-9893 and 518-621-5500 left message being sued or lawsuit to be filed. Called again today the last number. The first shows Illinois, and the second comes up Albany. Scared me to death.

Actually I appreciate these calls. I'm unemployed and was in a relatively foul mood when I got mine. I always wanted to tell the IRS to %$#@! my %&@! I"m feeling much better now.

Anyone get a call from 3475591912? They said it was special agent mike j anderson from the irs filing a lawsuit against me. And consequences will be faced in the fiture.

scam big time scam

I recently got the same call and when I called back they hung i just went to and added the number to that list..nailed it!

I just received a call and they spewed out all my personal was so difficult to understand anyone I spoke john smith ** new phone 202 241-6129..his supervisor badge no P907745 and harry Anderson..they told me an arrest warrant was issued for me ..when they found out that I was disable ..they then decided they wold forgive the money I owed..This sounds like a singapore ring ..this really upset me..but .I called back and got this non audible leave my name and number.( not in a million dare they ..thank you for this information

I got this exact call today. So annoying. Usually I get calls about my credit card interest rate. This was my first IRS Lawsuit scam call.

I got a call from a heavy Indian accent guy being very rude indicating he was from the IRS and demanded the number to my criminal attorney because the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me from fraud towards the government. I told him I didn't understand him and his tone very nasty And needed to speak to a manager. He said hold on and then came back stating there was a problem with the system and he didn't have any of my information. I said you mean to tell me that you are calling from the IRS and don't have my information and then he hung up on me.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I came home to a voicemail the first portion was garbled leaving a call back number and a case number. I did not write the number down because I suspected a scam which was confirmed by Googling the area code. There would be no reason for a case number and I am aware the IRS contacts taxpayers by mail. You have reassured me and probably also answered the question why so many hang up calls?

I came home tonight with a message on home phone & could not get the first part of message. Was an automated female voice stating a "the IRS has filed a lawsuit against you" please call 512-772-4292, no case number or anything else. Not even if it was about me or my husband. I did try to call this number back after googling it and found it is a Texas number. This is crazy. I have to admit I did try to call it from my cell but it is a rapid busy signal or the "your call did not go through, please try again"

I have recently rec'd 2 of these automated msgs - the "caller" didn't mention our name, nor did it leave a "call-back" name or case#. The only info was the impending suit and a phone number. Of course, I'm ignoring these msgs, but evenso, it is a bit un-nerving when you first hear it!

I got my IRS call today I was worried because I do owe money from my college but was concerned because I am making my payments to it on time. I was freaking out when I got the call!! But reading your comments I ain't that worried now I know the IRS ONLY CONTACTS BY MAIL!! Thank you all for relieving me of this huge worry!!


same thing happened to me. Indian accented fellow called to claim if I did not give him the info. he wanted he would send the police. I told him I hear a knock at the door, it's the keystone cops, he said I told you they were coming.
2 months later same caller with a DC phone number same thing
wish there was a way to turn off their phone.

anyone get a call from a 706-678-5556 saying they are from the us treasury and they are going to file a lawsuit against me and to call the above number but it doesn't work????????????????

I got a voice mail today, another IRS scam

Wow most of you guys posted the number and it seems like these calls constantly come from DC I too got a call. I missed the call but he left a message his name is Steven Kacy and he called from 202-204-0479. He had an Indian accent. The security system on my phone cleared the number as safe. I am so thankful for this post and your comments.

This is a very scary scam i got this call today it shocked me so much thank you for clearing up the confusion

Just got a call from Washington State claiming the Irs was going to sue me! The phone number was 509-295-6453! I knew it was a scam so I told them I had the authority to start an investigation into their phone call and they hung up!

Beware of this number 312-262-0496 IRS scam.

I keep getting these calls. How can I stop this???

Thank you for the post I got really worried received the same message about a lawsuit. They told me to call 347-418-0426. Just wanted to post the number I received.

I've received two voice mails about an IRS lawsuit against me from 206-792-9904. It is the voice of an American woman. I was home both times but refused to answer the phone.

Play back with them.Act dumb.The real IRS does not call.So have some fun with them.They get cold feet fast.It is we pull Tunney jokes on them.

A man pretending to be an IRS agent has been calling me and leaving messages, the one about is one of the latest. The scamer said that if I don't call back I will be arrested. I have ignored all this calls. now the caller or scamer has the audacity to came to the gate of the front door of my house to deliver an unprofessoonal/unofficial (computer created by anyone) paper card with the IRS LOGO, the card was not in my mail box, it was placed between the bars of the gate at the entrace of my house (same tactic as the landscaping or gardeners do when they leave their business card on the handle of your front door). The card said to call him.
The scamer is not only harassing me, he is threaten me and invading my property. This person also has my home and cell phone numbers, address, my name and details about my properties. I called the department of treasury, to let them know what the recording said evethough, I knew it was a fraud. I wad told by the department of treasury not to answer any unknown phone call.

After reading all the coments and after this scamer came to my home...I don't know what is looks like the target of this people is to steal our money and create panic and sadly it seems that no one is doing anything to stop this criminals.

Very Disappointed, I am a retired Texas peace officer who has worked criminal investigations against scammers and ID thieves. Your story is profound because some one came to your home pretending to be an IRS employee. May I recommend that you report this type of activity immediately to your local police and have a criminal report filed. Get as much info as you can, i.e., description of the person, clothing, time & date they came on your property. Save all of the documents they place on your property, it is evidence. Document time & dates of the phone call with their number, jot down the name of the caller, & what they said. Keep a journal. I'd advise to not interact with the imposter and do not let them into your home. If they show up on your property, call the police. Good luck. Vigilance is the key.

I got the same call today and a voicemail exactly like the one in this story was left. At first I thought it was legit but then after talking to my boyfriend we saw it's a scam and will let others know about this. Thank you for your story :)

I just got this call. They left a message. Scared the crap out of me then I read this.

Just got my IRS scam message from 2068221714. And reported online to the IRS. I also blocked the number. We NEVER answer unknown callers. Real callers will leave a message.

I was getting these voicemails A LOT...but they were always for someone named "Ella Chavez" and I tried a couple of times to tell the people that they had the wrong number. The first time I successfully talked to someone, he claimed to be from the U.S. Department of Treasury and that a case was being brought against this Ella lady. When I told him that he must have the wrong number, he accused me of lying. I told him that I knew what my name was and that I didn't know an Ella and so I would appreciate it if he stopped calling and hung up. The voicemails continued, but less frequently. A few months ago, I got a phone call from someone with a thick indian accent claiming to be from the IRS and also looking for this Ella person. I told him that he had the wrong number. That is when he asked for my name, which I told him. He then claimed that he had a file for me also and that I also owe the IRS. My response was "Oh really? That is interesting." He said that the IRS had issues with my 2012 taxes, and I told him that I wasn't sure that I even filed taxes for that year because I was probably doing the stay at home mom thing, and if I did work, but didn't file, it was because I didn't make enough income to where I was required to file. He assured me that I did file and the IRS is suing me. I recently got my associate's degree in paralegal studies so I knew that if anyone is suing you, they have to serve you the papers and I told him so, along with the fact that I hadn't gotten the papers and if he were with the IRS he should have no problem having the papers served since I have lived in the same house for many years and listed the address when I did file taxes. I also mentioned the fact that I never got a letter from the IRS. He made up some excuse for the letter but continued to say that judgment would be brought against me if I didn't pay the IRS. I told him that I felt this was a scam and if not that I apologize, but I no longer wished to speak with him. I said that I was going to call the IRS and verify that he worked with them (he had given me his supposed first and last name, and his id number) and ask for a copy of my taxes for that year and also to find if I do owe money. I then forcibly ended the phone call. I haven't gotten any calls since then. Guess I scared him more than he could scare me.

My godness. I live in Miami Beach and have an accent (Cuban). I just received a call from supposely IRS from people with an Indian accent; probably from outside the United States. Now, I don't remember if I gave them any of my own information. Theu used a Washington number: 206-488-7405. I will call the police and the FTC. I am a graduate student. I can't believe those idiots took me for a stupid. I have been very worried for many days until I read these comments. Thank you so much. They do the same for everyone; I called those bandids back and they told me I owed the IRS $3,050.00 after an audition.

I just received a call/recording stating the IRS has a lawsuit against me abs need to contact 717-816-4385. I hung up tried calling back that same number however it kept ringing. I will report it on the IRS website

I got one as well. Any East Indian accents per chance? My suspicion with the asking of money wire would be that these calls are not originating in the United States.

I just received one of these calls and the caller had an Indian accent. He mentioned what pretty much everyone here is stating and to tell you the truth I didnt really know these calls happened so they did get my address and number. Is there anything I could do?

Enforcement of Federal law by Federal agencies is a joke and a half baked farce. These upholstered parasites feeding at the public trough are too stupid and lazy to do anything meaningful. It should be hopelessly simple to shut down these scams. You've got the number the illegal calls are coming from. You've got everything you need to show the calls are indeed illegal. All you need to do is shut down the number. In about three days time, they'd be losing so much money they'd give up on their scams. How hard is that?!!!

Today, 4/21/16, my mother got a call from the "irs" stating that my mom needs to call them back because they are filing a lawsuit against her. The caller never stated their name and it sounded like a robot. This "irs" agent repeated the number two times "206-775-8291" (It shows up as coming from Seattle Washington) I am almost curtain that this person is a con artist, so if anyone gets a call from this number please make sure they aren't trying to scam you

I received a message on my answer machine today from 818-532-2003 which comes us as Agoura Hills, CA. Same message about a lawsuit. Idiots! This is a home number we don't use for anything personal so I know they are just going through numbers and hoping to get lucky. Did I say IDIOTS?

I received this scam call today at 8am. The phone number is 2027042486. The person who picks up has an accent and first wanted to know if I had received a call on my cell or landline and wanted to start verifying information.

There is a new scam number and it is 307-365-3738.

1. They use spooting software to face their phone number, so the one that shows up on caller id is usually face. 2. Most of the robo-call scammers are calling from outside of the U.S. The ones who claim to be "windows support" are, I believe, all from India.

We were called today from 707-216-0582. They claimed if we didn't pay that my husband would go to jail. They asked for Itunes gift cards for payment. When we told them to call us back from the IRS phone number they did. Apparently they can get their call display to show as IRS 1-800-829-1040. So DON'T fall for it. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Do not give them any information!

The first clue is that they did not use my name. Its sbviously a phishing scam I called the number and it was some non english speaking person lol

I received a call today & they left a message stating it was the IRS & said they were filing a law suit against me. Does the IRS do this? The phone # was 1-206-823-3841. I tried calling that number back but there was no answer. SCAM?

Never call the scammer back! Their phone system tracks and records your number and they use it for more information gathering. The other large item you all need to know is that calling anyone back puts money in their pockets because....they sell your information. That's RIGHT! They collect your information from a returned traced call...they use a simple program that records your Name, Phone Number and Address. They then sell this good HIT to others. So...Never Ever return a call made to you that you do not know the person for sure. Also, fishing sites on computers collect names and other information from you when you surf the net. This information is also sold. Solid leads can go for .05 a pop! consider... that's .05 X 60,000! You can make an easy 3K. So be very careful with your identity. The establishment of a contact connection sets them up EVERY TIME! If you want to get them back...Never Answer Your Phone. They will stop because it is a dead call. Important! You all need to set up Anonymous answering devices or recorded messages! Never set up an answering device that announces to the whole world..."This is the Smith's" or whomever you are!!!! Duh! But...many people do this!

The IRS Person who left me a message on my home phone today were mad as hell that I had not paid my taxes and threaten to sue me. I knew it was a fake call right away because they never called me by name, and also they blocked their name and phone number on my Caller ID which only showed "unknown", plus I filed and paid my taxes this year and I have received no mail from the IRS indicating any Problems and they claimed they had been looking for me for a long time. That is stupid, since the IRS has my address because they send me a refund. They said I should call station 6 at a certain number, I thought about calling them back and telling them that they should talk to my lawyer Lois Learner, but decided it was just a waste of my time.

I returned home tonight and had the same call from6465642499. I knew it could not be true, because I have my quarterly payments automatically deducted from my bank account and it was just done. So no, the IRS could not be filing a lawsuit against me. I have a do not call number and an unlisted number. how do they get this number? in reading the posts it will not do me any good to contact DC. Thanks for letting me blow off steam.

Got one from 417-322-8082 today. Scumbags.

Thanks for this blog. I received the same phone call. This relieved stress.

I have received four of these calls in the last month, all from different area codes and numbers. I was immediately suspicious because the message was a robo-call and my name was never mentioned. Also I'm a mail carrier and I know that the IRS will contact you by mail first (usually it will be a certified letter).

Usually I just delete these but today I called the number back, just to see what would happen. There was no computer screening: after two rings I was connected directly to an operator. He said, "Internal Revenue Services". Note the "s" added on at the end of "service". Then I immediately hung up, resisting the temptation to call the operator bad names.

I guess I'll have to report this phone number, though I wonder if it will do any good.

After reading a lot of these it just confirmed what I knew that it had to be a scam. I usually don't answer numbers that I don't know and sent the first one to VM. It started the message half way into the recording. When they called again an hour later I answered it and it was a total recording letting me know they were going to be filing against me....since I've never NOT paid my bills with them I knew this was a scam.

Now I'm sure it is and of course I'm sure there is nothing we can do to stop them.

I just got a message on my cell phone stating that this is the final notice - from the IRS, they are suing me for fraudulent ...
I got the name of the "officer" Lucas Anderson, with very thick Indian accent; then I was connected with the supervisor, another "officer". He said that if I want to resolve the case I would need to pay right now. At that point I hung up. The number was 205-456-9593. This was very unnerving. I am also a little unnerved by the fact that they knew my address.

I got the exact same phone call and voicemail. He couldn't even speak english!That was when i knew and hung up.

I had the same problem notified the IRS called these idiots back and told them I don't think anything happened with it

I to am tired these scam people getting my number and calling me they got me on 300 but won't get me again

I have been getting the same call for a least 3 months, multiple times a week.
I told my husband not to call the number knowing that in fact IRS would send us a letter.
This is good info. now I can show him this article so he doesn't have to worry anymore.

Had the same happen to me. Caller said they were issuing an arrest warrant for me. Only problem for the caller, I'm am Law Enforcement. Traced call, came from Chicago. Let's just say he doesn't call anymore. Your right, IRS always sends letter. Tell caller your tracing the number and reporting it. It is possible to trace certain numbers with Google or a good search engine.

I had the very same call. I was wondering if, since they leave a phone number (and it works, I called it), can't anyone pursue it? Acting like the IRS must be a Federal offense.

Yes, you can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

Thanks to all commenters here. I have received two recorded messages from those IRS imposters. Thanks to the complaint links, I filed a complaint with both the Treasury Inspector General and the FTC so they have a another complaint against these scammers. Please remember to tell your family and friends about this ongoing scam and to file complaints.

If you listen carefully to the call, I think they call themselves Internal Revenue ServiceS. That S on the end of Service defends them against being charged with impersonating an IRS agent.

No, it doesn't. In cases like this, intent is the operative issue. Besides, interstate fraud and extortion is a pretty hefty crime, whether you impersonate someone or not!

Hello I've reading this and the sane thing happened to me today one my old and very close friend got a call today for a person calming that they we're internal revenue service but my friend lives in the state of Maryland and I live in Florida OMG! But this my fifth call about these scarmers! They can get information from your fb as well be careful out there these people are good at there best they even call your friends and family OMG!

Thank you for sharing your experience. Many of us have received these calls. It is good to know there is a reporting mechanism to hopefully stop these predators/scammers at some point in the future.

This help me a lot , I never check My voice mail, I check it just now an OMG!! I had 7 message IRS file a complaint against me!! I was freak out I call an gave my case number then I thought wait a minute , they didn't even say my name they just left me a nasty message! Then came on here an read all the comments ! Thank you this made my night better !!

My own experience. I got a similar call in June 2014. Scared me. A lot. Here is how it happened. I got the call early morning and before I picked up the phone they left me a message. And the message said they have an arrest warrant for one <my name> and that I have about half hour to call them back and ask for Deputy of Santa Clara police division, Thomas O'Brian, and they gave a phone # 646-503-1213. They said I should go to nearest police station or better yet, because I have no time, only half hour, before police will come to my house, I should first call the number.

I was bewildered at first, to say the least. I called the number back and one guy put me on hold and another guy came saying he is Thomas O'Brian. He said there is a Federal arrest warrant on my name. I asked him what's going on. He said he doesn't know the details, he's just executing the arrest warrant. He said this appears to be something to do with some Form 61 that IRS sent me in 2010 but I didn't respond. And now IRS is thinking I am hiding something or doing something or leaving the country without fulfilling my obligation. He was real aggressive too, interrupting me with loud voice and trying to shake me up. He even gave me my old address.

He said the best thing to do is to remove the arrest warrant first (and he kept insisting I only have half hour before police comes to my door). I asked him what should I do immediately. He said I should pay $2687.00 to remove the non-bailable arrest warrant. He asked "do you have this kind of cash or do you have it in your checking account that you can take immediately?" And he then said I should go to either Home Depot or Rite Aid, pay this money and get a voucher #, and then immediately call him again, to give the voucher # to remove the arrest warrant. In fact he even said I should first go sit in the car and start driving, and asked me to give him my cell phone #. I didn't, I asked instead, "What's the issue here?" And then he got more aggressive saying I don't have much time.

While I was talking to him - I was actually believing him, but didn't understand where this was all coming from - I put in above 646 # in Google and searched for it. It came up saying this is a new scam going around. Then I told the guy I don't believe he represents any law or any govt. and hung up the phone.

I then took a moment to breathe, partially relieved that this was indeed a scam. Then I called the local Police department - non emergency. They explained this scam to me and told me to report it to Treasury Inspector General. I did that. Turns out this is a new nation-wide scam and they ripped people off over million dollars.

I kept thinking if a rational person like me is so shaken by what just happened, what about those new immigrants, older women, unsuspecting honest people who love this country and believe anything anybody says?

One thing to remember, here in the U.S. no government or law enforcement people will contact citizens via phone. It usually doesn't happen. So, if you happen to run into such a situation, hang up the phone.

I have had 3 such calls. As a senior, I think we are more targeted by this scam than the younger generations.

Thanks to your blog, I just hung up. Keep up the good work!

Yes I received the same call and reported it. I also never called them back. It is very sad that your children had to be so frightened. And also very sad that people fall for the scam. The scammers..............I don't know how the live with themselves.

Happens to me all the time. I usually just hang up on them or let the call go to my answer machine and delete it next time I pass by the machine

how ironic!

They tried to scam me. I reported them but I don't know if any action was taken against them. The fake name of the IRS "official" was Brad Nelson who had an Indian or Pakistani accent. His phone number was 866-792-2921. Please prosecute them!

Happened to me today as well. Reported it to FCC, treasury inspector general and the irs.

Received this call today..IRS representative was named Steve Martin and the number to call back was 760-666-8496...I knew it wasn't real, but was glad to receive this update...

I also received a call this morning ...Feb 4, from Steve Martin. It was a recorded call originating from Moorpark, Calif. A very aggressive message, insisting that I call back .

I got this man today. When I said your a scam and I hope they catch you he screamed a three word sexual innuendo at me. I said now I really know you are not the IRS and I hope they put you and your buddies away. Since that interaction I have 4 more recorded threats. Apparently I am so important there will be a magistrate and grand jury. Now I don't answer phone if I don't know who is calling. This is awful!!!!

I got this call today on my answering machine from the same "Steve Martin." That is, if "Steve Martin" is from India (this man had an obvious Indian accent). The phone number given was 219-989-6587 (I traced the phone number to Hammond, Indiana). His (verbatim) message was:
"This message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin and I'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by U.S. Treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense. I advise (pronounced 'AD-WISED') you to cooperate with us and help us to help you."

After my heart-thumping subsided a bit, I replayed the message again and knew that the words "U.S. Treasury" was a red flag. I was about to file a report here, but I decided to call the phone number and got a very brief recording and then the call immediately disconnected. Did it twice--same thing, both times.

I had my first scam today. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for it and I believed it. I lost $ 5690.00 in the process. Same Indian guy calling from a number in New York. I never heard of scams involving governmental agencies like the IRS, so I wasn't aware of the scam and lost my money. I'm very mad, disgusted and disappointed, and these feelings will never go away. I don't know either who to trust and who to not trust.

I noticed that I had a missed call from 202-719-0248. I returned the call and it was someone stating his name was Officer Eric Foster from the IRS. He asked who was he speaking with and I said, "Who are you looking for"? He then called me by name and I never confirmed my name. He then asked if I'd been contacted by the local authorities and I said for what and he proceeded to say, "I need you to write down your case number". I then said, for what; is this an April Fool's joke? The man professing to be Office Foster then got upset and said, "If you don't write down your case number I'm going to hang up and you will contacted by your local authorities and go to jail for 90 days". I then said, "Okay".
He then hung up and I received two calls (which I didn't answer). My caller ID read "Emergency Number". I just felt like if this was real, they could've traced my call to pick me up from wherever I was at.
I call the number back the next day and left them a voice mail. I began to pray for that individual and remind the devil that"No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper". It may form, but it will not prosper.

He called twice. I answered. He's said why Received the same phone call from Eric Foster. I've been getting voice mails from them for over a year now and knew they were a scam because my friends who are detectives, fbi and police officers all agree that they don't come to your house to arrest for tax purposes. But most people don't know this and get scared when these scammers threaten you with grand jury's and arrest warrants against you. I just yelled at the guy and he started to raise his voice on me. I hung up the phone and he kept calling me like three times. My cop friend warned me that these scammers record the conversation and will use your voice against you in other ways to scam again. Best not to talk to them but to just hang up or better yet have your dog or kids make annoying noises!

I got the same call today on voice mail - three times separated by about an hour. It was actually pretty hilarious. Steve Martin? Really? DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. When at home and I see these numbers, I pick up the phone, then immediately hang up without saying anything. Prevents them from leaving the annoying messages.

Same hppnd to my wife, its sad our country allows them to come here and they cant earn an honest living. Sorry that this has happend to you and good luck. God speed.

Steve Martin! Lol

I got the same phone call from the same number, I knew it was fake when the person starting talking several of my friends had told me that they were receiving the same phone calls, I listened to his crap when he said I was going to be arrested, I said good,then I could finally get some rest, I am a High school teacher, 3 kids with very busy lives and I need the rest, then I hung up

We have been getting these calls on our voicemail regularly since August. We've reported them but they continue about monthly. We knew from the first call it was a scam but now it's just annoying!

I got this very same call, Unknown caller , I let the answering machine have it.

It would help if the FBI would get involved to shut these people down. They have the tools and the resources to track this whereas the FTC, CFPB and IRS do not.

caller id log:847-537-9793 and 804-554-3043....I believed they are impersonating the IRS

People ought to know

An IRS scam phone call is how I started getting info from your website.
It was an AWFUL call and upset me so much. The man told me that there was a warent out for my arrest. It is long story but i can't tell you how that call affected me. It was terrible. There has to be a way to stop those. It was so believable. I can understand how someone would start to give sensitive personal information out out of fear. The IRS for goodness sake, just so intimidating!

I feel as if i am in trouble but at the same time i know i am not.

I got the same call back in October of last year. I fell for it up to a certain point. I gave them my SS number before I realized it was a scam. I reported to all my credit cards immediately afterward. I still have the recording. They called three months later. I made a police report with harassment charges against them. I felt a since of relief because I now have proof in case I get bill collectors calls regarding purchases I didn't make. I hope these people get caught before an innocent victim falls for their scams. Thank you for sharing.

They called me too with the exact same script. I denied that they were right and not to bother me further. Unfortunately, I do not have caller id so could not report it. Patricia B. Ryan , 202-966-7696. They should save their efforts by avoiding the 202 area code!

I received one of those awhile back shortly after making an installment pymt....the caller said almost the same thing only used my ss#. I was concerned as where they got it.

You'd be surprised how many names and ssn are stolen. It's very scary. Monitor your credit regularly.

A prank just happened this morning about 10:40 a.m. saying the same things that most people are getting.

Beware there are people out there who pose as attorney offices staff calling you saying you are being sent a summons or bench warrants for you. Just to get you upset and do something with them to fix it like PAYMENT. FRAUD IS A VERY REAL PROBLEM THESE DAYS. Beware

The same was said to me by the moron scammer who called me at 730 in the morning and woke me up..I am a government employee and I knew that he was a scammer and boy did I chew him out !! And when I told him I was reporting him to the state Attorney Generals office and the FTC for fraud, he quickly hung up!!!

either an arab or indian voice said he was Frank called and scared my niece by telling her he was putting her in jail for IRS fraud.

Received a similar call several times from someone with an Indian or Pakisatani accent saying I needed to call him right away to pay what I owe because he "doesn't want to do what he will have to do an the arrest will take place right away if I do not call and pay him at his official office right now someone will be there to handle it and arrest me" was clearly a scam I couldn't even understand him. I called the number back got another person and I threatened to have them arrested then they said ok hung up and wouldn't answer when I called back

Received one of the IRS calls this morning @7:45 am. The # that called was 818-239-1445. saying the IRS had filed a law suit. Did not recognize # did not answer phone. They left message.

This happened to me from this number. Guy with bad accent stated I have a case against me with the IRS and wants my personal info. I asked for something in writing and he hung up on me.

Thank you for posting this. I have been getting exactly this call, scaring my wife. It is a relief to know that even attorneys who for the FTC are not spared!

I received a voice mail message which indicated I needed to call 240-547-2006 about an IRS related problem. I deleted the message. I receive lots of telemarketer\scam calls on my land line phone. I have an answering machine attached to the line, and after a while they appear to give up. ;-)

I received a phone message to call a number in Seattle Washington, that it was the IRS and they needed info from me. Having a current IRS issue, I called and was told that they needed information from me to resolve this lawsuit or the local police would come and arrest me. I told him I was already working with the IRS. He got belligerent and yelled that the police were coming. I hung up, fully aware that this was a scam. Unfortunately, someone will fall prey to this.

We just received the call scared us too. Thank you for posting this.

I received the same call twice this week on my home phone. A voice recorded message from 6841-266-5648, saying, This is the IRS, this is a final notice, we are filing a law suit against you. The number to call back was, 202-241-2721, that number goes to Magic Jack!! Scammers, get real job like the rest of us!!

The callers do have an accent so it is hard to understand them and they have been calling me from a 202 exchange which is Washington D.C. Disturbing, upsetting and def targeting seniors.

Thank god I came across this. I just received the call a little while ago, I was so shaken especially since I have never been arrested I was about ready to cry, so I called my dad since he works with attorneys and let him know, he looked into it and assured me it was a complete scam. I just hope these people don't have access to any of our personal information. Such as bank acct info, social security numbers and all that. Anyone have a number or website where we can report these people?

You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I am currently getting these calls now!!!

I love when I receive these calls. I keep them on the phone AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. The longer they are on the phone wasting their time with me, the less time they have to scam someone who believes them. EDUCATE your communities, family memebers, friends, etc... Especially the elderly. Next time they call you and you have time to "play" talk to them as "wacky" as they talk to you. It's a great stress reliever !

Great idea... or ask them to send their local representative to meet you to collect whatever money they wanted at a local public place then notify the local non-emergency police, maybe they can do a sting operation and catch one of these scammers "Live"...

I just had the same call made to my apartment not more then a few moments ago. It has the exact same wording as stated by the original poster of this topic. Not even one word was different.

I did not call them back, for I know that the IRS responds to people by mail first, phone call or email only after first contact has been made through mail.

Yep-happened to me this afternoon. I was expecting another call and answered without really looking closely at the caller Id.After the person said they were the IRS and were filing a lawsuit against me, I knew it was a scam since I had heard about it. I hung up right away. What a shame this has to happen in today's world.

I received the same call on my landline from 607-732-9064 and they told me to call 202-241-8011. I then received the call on my cell phone from 607-723-1168 and they told me to call 202-470-0761. Both of these calls were recordings.

I just received called from a officer Eric and Gary and was told that I was being investigated for tax fraud between 2011-2013. I had to stay on the phone and go to the bank right now and withdraw $500 and after I received the funds they would give me the next step the callers were Indian or Pakistani accent. Number that called was 646-934-8657. Luckily I found a offer and asked the caller to give all my charges to him.

I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan and have been getting messages and calls saying I'll go to jail for failure to pay back taxes from 2008-2012. The number from which I got these calls is 844-839-1984

Just got a call today. Automated message. Caller ID: 607-724-9716 Told me to call: 202-241-1555

I reported to ftc and irs

I got a call like this last year. Unfortunately for him I knew of these scams. He kept screaming at me that they would be sending out the police if I did not pay immediately. I paused, and then said to him "go ahead and send them. I'll be waiting" I then hung up. no calls from that idiot since.

We received 6 calls in 2 days. Same threats as above. We live by the law, so questioned the call. Saved the call & reported it today to the ftc. If we are on the Do not Call list, WHY the heck are we getting these calls?

Being on the do not call list only works for LEGITIMATE companies who care about obeying the law. These scammers don't obey the law, so don't care about the do not call list.

These are criminals in India calling through the internet with spoofed US phone numbers. Why would a foreign criminal worry about the US DNC list? US authorities cannot do anything about them.

My mother got a call today and it was automated and it seemed like it was a machine talking. She called them back and they threatened her with five years of prison and demanded information, she did give them my father's social security number and the phone number, but after being threatened, her blood pressure elevated dangerously high and she had an anxiety attach. I hope the callers get caught, here's their phone number: 202-470-1391. The man told her that he is an IRS investigator and had a heavy accent.

I just got the call too - a female quite professionally sounding recording telling me that the IRS is "suing me" and I must call 310-599-7459. I am in Boston area and this call was on my landline.

I have been contacted 2 times this week. The second call I wrote down the incoming # 718-788-9020 and the return call #276-451-3608. If they call again, I will answer and record the conversation. How can I send that recording to the IRS and FTC?

Got the message. A woman with a strong Spanish accent informed me that I was being sued by the IRS because I had made an error on my tax refund. When I said "This has got to be a scam, the IRS always send notices in the mail when there's an error." The woman angrily replied "Shut your mouth!" I hung up before I could hear anything more she had to say.

There are some really nasty people out there.

We received a call yesterday saying the IRS was filing suit against and left a number to call:

February seems to be a very active month for this scam. I have received three calls pretending to be ITS. Also odd that each caller has a very American name......but ...a very heavy Idiana accent.

Received call from 703-662-8330 from a man claiming to be "Brian Aeromaker from the Tax Audit Service Department of the Internal Revenue Service. Basically said "they" received a legal petition against my name and in order to avoid arrest, I need to call the phone number above (found out it is a local access landline in Dulles, VA). Definitely reporting them, but it is frustrating to know that we have to pay fees to have identity theft security!

I got a call from "Miley Simpson" who spoke with a thick Indian accent who needed to repeat everything to me because I couldn't understand her. She gave an employee badge number and an IRS employee number. She gave a case ID #. I spoke to her "supervisor" who said her name was Regina Owens. They listed off four charges against me and said that the sheriff would come knocking because they said they tried to deliver two certified letters. Of course, we never received them! The phone number they gave was 571-210-5953. They had sounds in the background that made it seem like it was a busy office.

It IS a busy office. It's call a telemarketing office and it's filled with people on the phone trying to intimidate people like you.

Thanks for an excellent post. This has all the information we need to know except how to stop this nonsense. Why can't the NSA records be used to track and convict these people?


I had a voicemail to do with this scam from the IRS. I live in WA state. The message said it was from Julie Smith at the IRS. Was a recording. Wanted me to call back 585-444-7140. I did not. Hope you catch these scumballs.

I just received this call that IRS was suing me and I felt is was fake so I looked online and found this post my call back number is 276-451-2608 and I am reporting it to the links above.

I received a call from 845-345-4570 stating he was from the IRS 1040 audit division. When I called back I got a voice mail stating he was Mike Davis from the IRS 1040 audit division he was away from his desk please leave a message and have a blessed day. This made me laugh. I reported the number to the FTC

Same call from 703-662-8330

I just received 2 scam calls today from the same number (415-506-2417) threatening me with a law suit by the IRS and arrest if I didn't comply with them. Of course I didn't give them any information, but still, the calls made me nervous and angry. I've sent a complaint to the FTC. Thank you to everyone else who have posted their stories.

Grrrr...just got this phone call. Thought it may be real because of some issues with my husband's small business. So called back. They asked for my name, and I was already suspicious. Gave them my first and last name anyway, then they asked if I still reside at a certain address, to which I said no. By this time I knew 100% it was a scam. Dangit, why did I fall for that before looking it up and call them back? At least I didn't give them any bank of social security info.

Just got the IRS filing a lawsuit message on my answering machine. Will not call back. The number they left for me to call was: 206-855-6967. I heard about this scam a while back so I deleted the message.

Just received the same kind of call. The call came from 217-398-9544 and wanted me to call 276-451-_ _ _ _. I didn't get the rest of the number.

I too received such a call telling me that the IRS is about to arrest me for a faulty tax filing. The first question he asked me was "who filed my taxes?" When I said I don't reveal that info on the phone he informed me that an officer would then be arriving at my home soon to arrest me! He then hung up. The number he called from was 213 928 5123. He was Definitely Indian. I could hear in the background many Indian accents as well apparently talking on the phone to other "victims." This is outrageous! I will report it for certain as I fear for those who would get trapped into this scam. I knew from the beginning this was not legit. Let's stop this!!

My husband told me that someone left a message for me in the answering machine that asked to call a number. I called this number 213-437-6107 from my cell phone. A man with a heavy Indian accent answered the phone and told me that I had a warrant for not paying my taxes. I told him that it was not possible, he got angry, and threaten me with sending some to arrest me immediately, but that he could stopped if I pay some money. At that point I hung up, he called me back seven times and even left me a threatening message in my voice mail. I called the police and reported him for harassment, but there got to be a way to stop this!

Me too. Same number. Said his name is Sheldon.

I received the message on my landline answering machine Feb. 09, 2015. Caller ID# 718-783-0998. Computer voice said it was Brian Johnson from the Tax Audit Department of IRS. This call is in reference to a legal case filed in your name if you want to know more about this case call us back on our number 714-581-6050. This call is for your betterment and safety, if we don't receive your call within the next 24 hours you will be responsible for further legal consequences. Good bye God Bless you." I reported it. I can't understand why they can't be stopped.

Also received a call from 703-662-8330, but it was a wrong number and they were trying to reach a "Kimberly". They claimed to be from the "Tax Audit Department of the IRS". Her accent was so strong I could not make out the name of the fake office she claimed she was from.

I received a voicemail on my landline this morning (2/10), purportedly from the "Tax Audit Department of the IRS" saying they had received a "legal petition against your name concerning an illegal tax evasion and tax fraud" and that before I get arrested I should call the office of Adrianne Saunders at 703.662.8330. Person had a strong indian accent, and there was alot of background noise. I immediately googled the number and arrived here. I'm ignoring the message based on what I read here.

My husband and I started receiving the phone calls this morning. Same scenario as everyone else. I knew it was a scam because I remember last year receiving something similar. So I called the number they left and I told them I reported them, let's just say they continued to prank call me all day, burping, saying foul things, etc. Idiots Number they used 844-854-5518

Received a message on claiming they were from the "legal division". Said that I was going to be arrested for non payment of taxes or tax fraud and that legal action was going to be filed with the Federal Court, BUT before the filing, I could call for information regarding the filing. His name was Brian O'Connor with a return number of 703-828-0317. Most Brian O'Connor's don't have such strong middle Eastern accents (I guess the think they are getting smarter by not using those with Indian Accents). I too will be reporting to the police, the IRS and the FTC, plus I know a few people in the local media. More people need to be warned. This has to stop.

A man with heavy Indian or Pakistani accent called from number 2062890138 with the same threat as above- that I had income tax fraud and irs will arrest me if I didn't call him back immediately. I receives at least 3 calls and I knew right away it was a scam. Beware of these scamsters, hope they are caught for impersonating the irs.

Got the message too from Brain, sounded professional until the threat of jail. He demanded a call back at 703-662-8330. The call was on my cell phone but was for my wife. The only link I can see is our cell phones are under her name, everything else in under my name. Can't think of any other way they would call my number asking for her. AT&T is our provider. Wondering if anyone else is seeing the same link?

Have received two such calls in two weeks. First one was automated and funny....recording said, "We are filing a lawsuit against" ...pause..."your name". They did not have a name. The threat was against "your assets"...again, no assets stated. A number was left to call within 24 hours to stop legal proceedings. The second call was for our daughter. They used her maiden name although she has been married a number of years and has not resided at our residence or used our phone number in a decade. This caller was a real person who sounded like he had stuffed his cheeks with something and was trying to sound foreign. He claimed to be an IRS agent and was threatening legal action over legal claims against her. Again, we know this is a scam, but I'm afraid some people, especially elderly, will feel threatened and be scammed out of their money. Something really needs to be done about this.

Same thing just happen to me, came in as an audio from a PayPhone number of 714-535-7004. Certainly knew it was a scam. Called the Treasurer Inspector General for Tax Admin here in PA @ 1-800-366-4484. That is who the Attorney General's Office of PA told me to call and report.

i got a call too today, February 11th @ 9:20a. Same message as others had mentioned; with an Indian accent, named Jack Mason., identifies himself as from IRS legal Department in Washington, DC. the Number they used to call me : 253-244-9443, informing me that IRS had filed a case against me regarding my tax return and that i would be arrested, blah blah blah…and they are giving me two choices of whether i want it resolved without going to a Federal court or the police would have me arrested and I will go to jail. He insists on asking me if I do have the money right away to pay for the "back taxes" I owe the IRS which amounts to $3464.00. At first I said I do have it and I want to resolve this case. He then transferred me to his "supervisor" who identified himself as a police officer again asking me if I do have the money to pay. When I told him not right now, and that I need a lawyer, he said, the County police department will call me in the next 45 minutes to discuss the details of my arrest and that after i'll be incarcerated, I will know the complete details of my case…I went right away to the police department and reported the incident. They told me it was a scam. I was told to go to IRS.GOV to report the incident. oh my goodness, now am reading a lot of similar incidents of scam like this. I would admit am a little bit shaken at first but I kept my cool. I just finished watching all Charles Bronson's "Paul Kersey" vigilante movies…(I guess I wanna be like him)…I hope the authorities will do something about this. American citizens don't deserve to be intimidated and terrorized by these scumbags.

Haha. That number is from Washington state so it's kind of close I guess. If everybody that got harassed chipped in a few bucks for a lawyer you probably could sue them. I'd pay a few bucks knowing these jerks went away!

My call was slightly different. I got a call from 844-854-5518 it was a computer call. The message said the IRS was putting a lien on my house and personal property immediately today. I had to press a button to talk to someone (which I think gave them a "hot" phone # to keep calling) then someone with a heavy Indian or whatever accent got on the phone. I hung up. However that same phone number has called me 5 more times today. It's harassment! I filed 2 complaints providing the phone #. Please arrest these criminals. They put so much time and energy into stealing from poor people trying to do the right thing. It's disgusting.

415-506-1677. Got a call from them this AM 7;30.
stating as above complaint's.. This is the IRS....

I'm so glad I found this. I got one of these calls last night, called the person back and left an alternate #. He called while I was at work, but based on the message left, I knew who it was (claiming to be) and answered it. After completely freaking me out telling me that they were issuing an arrest warrant for me, I realized that not only hadn't he identified himself, who he (supposedly) worked for, etc - He hadn't asked me for identification either! Thank God, because then they would have my info and be able to do some ID theft thing, but that's what tipped me off. In addition to the "stuff like this doesn't come in the mail; we sent someone to your house one time, you weren't there so now we're arresting you; and you have to buy a prepaid card right now and give me the information then we'll get rid of the arrest warrant." ALL of that sounded fishy and when I challenged him on it, he got angry. I hung up, filed a complaint with the FTC and will now call the IRS to confirm.
Again, thanks for this post. Such a relief!

Received this call twice today from 2 different New York phone numbers. Same experience as everyone else stated. We have Verizon Fios, so I am able to block the call at no charge from my mobile devices.However each time they call they use a different phone number.

I also got a robotic-sounding call today saying that a lien on my house and bank accounts would be placed in 24 hours, call our tax default line at 844-854-5518. Lock these people up!

I live in LA and arrived home last night (2-12-2015) to find a message on my answering machine. The caller used my name then claimed to be with the "Tax Audit Department of the IRS" and went on to say that the IRS would be filing a lawsuit after having filed a "legal predation notice" (might have been "legal petition", it wasn't clear). Honestly, this woman's accent was so bad that I could hardly understand her but the number to call was clear enough, 703-662-8330 as mentioned in some messages above. It was 11pm and I was nervous (who wouldn't be with a message from the IRS?) but I decided that I would not panic until after having first checked it out on the internet (thank you Internet, yea!). Today I plugged the number into Goggle and it brought me here. What a relief. Thank you for posting this blog.

We just also got a call. Here is the thing I work in law enforcement and trust me if there is a warrant for your arrest they do not call you to tell you they are coming to execute it.

This morningI received a voice mail message left by a male with obvious middle eastern accent. Identified himself as "Steve Martin". I could not interpret why he said that he was calling but he mentioned the "US Treasury department" and failure to return his call "could result in an appearance before a grand jury in federal court." Caller ID showed caller as "Keith, Bobby 585-633-4326" I filed online complaint with FTC.

Just listened to this IRS message on a friend's answering machine. Same number to call back and yes, they threatened to arrest him.

I received this IRS Scammer Today call 206-519-6690 seem to speak Indian... I believe they are scammer from Indian. I give there phone numer to Telemarketing Website so they can get scammer call them too..

I got rid of my home phone due to so many fraud calls, telemarketers, and surveys, I was on the do not call registry for years but still got these, now I have no phone and I am loving it.

I came home to a fake IRS telephone scam message today.Threatening a law suit and arrest. Telephone number 202-684-6433. These people need to be stopped!

Yesterday I've received call. Actually my wife. We have pending dispute regarding mistaken liability of state income tax. My wife is emotionally very fragile and I wanted to protect her. I picked my cell phone and called the number.
Person with very bad English was first threatening with arrest my wife, then he switched and started to tread me. He new a lot of the case I was aware of so at first I believed him. to save my wife I agreed to pay by sending moneygram. Receiver was Jessy Garcia in Tallahassee FL. No receipt, no conformation on payment against disputed amount. Five minutes later they called again requesting additional $500. At this point I was sure there is something wrong. I refused to pay more. All the time I was concern about my scheduled business for the rest of the month and about my wife's emotional condition. Otherwise I would say to arrest me and kiss me where the son never shines. Yet I paid knowing it possibly is a scam and if by remote possibility it is not, I would save my wife and my schedule with possible loss (risk) of $678.
The scamers: Jack Smith 1 202 239 1045 Washington DC.
Forgot name,,, 1 206 201 2044 Bainbick WA
There was one more but accidentally was deleted from answering machine on my wife's land line.
By the way, Jack called moment ago but I did not answered. Went to police station to report - police had no interest to take report. Called FTC but was able to just record on their answering machine my story.

Received a computerized phone call this morning saying this is the IRS and a lawsuit was being filed against (pause) your name (never said any name) and that my assets and bank account would have liens placed on them immediately. The voice then stated that I needed to have my attorney contact them immediately at 866-978-6326. I googled IRS filing liens without contact thru mail and found this forum. I am not calling them back.

RHB North Carolina. Received call Feb. 19th identifying themself as IRS audit dept. saying I am being sued. Caller gave phone # as 210-547-1826 and name as Wilson James.

Very glad to have read the comments from others.
Glad for this web site.

I received a voice mail yesterday (2/19/15) similar to yours. My children were also scared. I told them that first, the IRS would not call and threaten us. They would send a letter. I also told them that if is it legitimate, I would receive a summons and complaint. So until then, I am going to ignore the calls. They are very irritating!

IRS phone Scam from: "210-547-1826" I have received multiple calls, 6 just today! Half the calls computer are generated voicemail, Do not respond, call back or engage in conversation with these scammers. The live caller, cant speak proper English, threatens the caller stating they are having a lawsuit brought against them by the IRS. They threaten an arrest warrant will be issued on you and anyone else who files taxes with you, and will seize property with 7 days if you don't set up payment plan today. I encourage anyone who receives this call to report to local authorities, "do not call lists" and WWW.FTC.COM. This call gave a terrible scare to an elderly friend, who has slight dementia problems to where she almost gave out personal info. Very scary! Don't give any info to anyone calling you ... always ask to call back, get business name, address and business licensee or business operation contracting number and then check/verify all the numbers before doing so, they will probably just hang up on you at that point.... Stay safe on the phone.

IRS imposter call - I got a call to call back 202-239-8650 about a law suit the IRS was going to file against me

I got the same call this morning about 7:30 am. Same speel as everyone else. Have to admit that for a split second my heart dropped, but that's how they trap ya. So the biggest thing to remember is to stay calm. Do not freak out and act on emotion which will make you do something stupid like give them all your info. Luckily I was able to stop and think about it. Looked up the number on the internet and scam alert came up. Did call the number that a certain "Steve Martin @ 646-396-1066" gave me to call, and it is an unassigned phone number with magic jack. Do yourselves a favor and just make a list of these fake names and phone numbers and either don't answer the phone or answer and give them hell. Also if it is legit, you would only be contacted by mail, and would not give you a warning to an arrest warrant as per my law enforcement husband.

202-618-1489 is a fake IRS Scam. Threatened me with a fake lien. Indian/Pakistani/Mexican sounding.

I received similar messages from the exact number mentioned in this article on Feb. 23rd. Surely the authorities haven't been waiting around this long to arrest these crooks?

Received an automated call from caller ID 269-922-0000 saying it was Internal Revenue Services and that lawsuit had been filed and I should call the 'department' phone number 202-684-3435 to get information from the case file. This was the message on my answering machine as I was not home to get the original call. I suspected that it was not legit. Google search of the numbers came up with the IRS Inspector General info about the scam. I filed an online complaint at both and

323-786-6507 is a fake Treasury Department scam. Threatened with arrest within 45 minutes.

IRS imposter call - I received a call at home to call back as soon as possible at 360-347-1806 about a lawsuit the IRS was going to file against me.

mike-WV i also receive a call today from a similiar number 360-851-4681 claiming i was going to be sued by the irs. reported this to TIGTA. i so glad i researched this today and found this site.

My call came from 360-807-5520. I called them back, told them pointedly that there was no filing and that they were committing fraud and if they persisted, I would notify DA, FCC, and FBI. Respobse if heavy accented woman was, "Ha, Ha, Haa", I logged a complaint at FBI website.

Got the IRS robocall on my cell phone from 729-442-5617. Hung up, and reported the incident to Although probably as effective as spittingin the ocean, still felt better.

Call from 206-317-1296 to my cellphone voicemail. Officer Alex Morgan of Internal Revenue Service regarding criminal lawsuit. Warned me that if I don't call back, "good luck with what unfolds."

Check our some of the fake names they use! Steve Martin and I had Mark Bell. Marcus Bell is the name of the detective that works with Sherlock Holmes on "Elementary". They're either getting quite "cute" or are running out of very "plain Jane" names to make up.

Was called on my cell phone by thick accented foreigner. Says he was with the U.S. Treasury Department and I need to call this number 202-621-0663 to find out what leagl action was being taken against my name. I didnt call back as I googled it first thank goodness had me scared for a split second.

(Feb 27, 2015) Just got the call on land line phone at 8:00 AM. I called back the number to try and get information: 646-395-0123, Crime Investigations of the IRS, based in New York. Very aggressive man with a thick accent said I'm going to be arrested for tax fraud. I said let them arrest me. Then reported them to the FTC (877-FTC-HELP)

I received the same call. I work for the USDOL. I called the number (2067929579)just to hear the scam. The lady I talked to stated that she was from the IRS. She wanted me to get $1980.00 cash and take it the Wal-Mart parking lot and an IRS agent would contact me by cell phone so I could give him the money. When I asked for her IRS email address so I could verify she was actually and agent, we got disconnected. I think she hung up and forgot about the money I owed.

Additional names/numbers to be wary of: Mike Johnson 845 784-5764. Steve Martin (such a funny guy!) 845 520-6214 Reported them...hopefully they go down soon! But it is apparently way too easy to set these scams up.

I just received this same call today (I called it back and shouldn't have). The robo message says Stacy Williams from IRS, so call 845-262-5428. The auto message does say before you are arrested or it goes to court of claims. The guy who answered says offices of Jeff Morgan, then says he is IRS (it's scary because they know your name/address when you call). So then I tell him I know he's an imposter and he hangs up on me. Yes, thick Indian accent and from the noise sounds like he is in a small call center.

I got a call last week number 914-341-8124. Left 2 voicemails to my cell googled TIGTA read the scam alert and called the number back. Guy said today was the last day to respond to letters sent to me in the mail for a lawsuit towards me and my property , in 30 minutes I was going to get arrested but he realized I did not believe me so he just hung up the phone. I did file a report on TIGTA website. The number was from New York and I live in Texas. I think they got my info because recently Anthem was hacked and my medical ins. is with them.

I also received an IRS telephone scam telling me the IRS has filled a lawsuit against me! I must be stupid to fall for such trickery! I know better with calls about winning some money or a lottery I've never heard of! Thank God for the IRS sites easy to follow and file complaint area. This person in CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON should be careful. . . .the government will catch you soon the phone he used 360-262-6451

My experience was very similiar to the previous comments.
A message left on my land line identifying them self as Nickey Johnson an office from the IRS and I needed to call BK at 361-214-1722. I wish I had known about this scam because I would not have called the number, but unfortunately I did and the person ,which had a very heavy eastern accent ,( if you can call them a person?)I spoke to , David Cooper, said that I was being brought up on charges of tax fraud & that I was going to be arrested & my house, bank accounts, and posessions were going to be seized I questioned them about when this happened they said 2010-2011. I questioned them about why my name was the only one being investigated since my husband should also be on this and they became very aggressive about me questioning them and they do not have to justify their methods because they said they were following law.I became very upset from the way that they were threatening me and I couldn't think straight.I started defending myself and said that I was a hard working person and that I would never intentionally break the law they instructed me to go on my computer to ,and not to disconnect while on the computer , meanwhile I was on my cell phone with my husband ,he told me to hang up. I went on to to TIGTA and reported the phone call. I can say that I am very shook up over how threatening they are & its a very violating feeling after having experienced this . I hope that they can be stopped!

They called my parents house (Have not lived there in almost 20 years (I live in another state now). My dad called and gave me the number. I called and yes guy with thick indian accent tells me he is with the legal dept. for the treasury dept. There is an arrest warrant out for me that I owe $5000 for taxes filed in 2012. (I guess I was overpaid that amount) Nobody told me that and I sure did'nt get that money!!!!! The more questions I asked the calls kept getting dropped. I did contact the police. No arrest warrant. I did file a complained with the IRS. Oh call came from Calif. 760-790-4132. I really hope no one falls for these scammers.

I received a call at 8AM this morning from officer "Jenny Dorson" who by the way had a thick Indian accent that she tried very hard to hide. She informed me the IRS has filed law suit that against me and that Homeland is recording the call, I asked where she is calling from and she said IRS in DC, I asked what's with the IL #? She ignored the question, then I asked her to repeat my name again, she did but that was not my legal name, it's a nick name that I use on my resume. Then she said that I'm being recorded by Homeland and she needs to ask me questions that would be introduced as evidence in a court of law. I told her I can't answer questions over the phone but she asked anyways. 1/ have you made any foreign transaction. I replied I'm not answering questions. Then she said we will forward your case to the police and they will be arresting you within next 30mn. I said of fine, then she hang up.
I know they got my info from my resume online, because IRS will call me by my legal name.

I received a call today and it was a recording, it was a guy with a thick accent as if he was from the middle east. Anyway he went on to say that the call was in reference to a tax audit and that this was my final call. He left gave a number for me to call back stating that I would be arrested at my home or place of business. This caught me completely off guard.Stomach in Knotts knowing that I had did nothing wrong but not sure if someone had made a mistake. I immediately returned the call and only got a voice message which gave a agent code and stated that the agents phone was full and ghe call could not be returned. I contacted my accountant who then informed me of the tax scams that were going around. Relieved somewhat, however it made me physically I'll upsetting my stomach and ruining my day.The number that appeared on my cell was 214 - 935-8751 the name came up as KIMBERLY THOMPSON.

You can also call your local FBI branch. I got a call like this a few weeks ago from a different "agency"- I didn't give any information or verify anything. But they gave me their phone numbers and names. I reported it to my local FBI office, and never got another call from them.

Got the same voice mail call today from 301-640-5378. Think I'll call them back tonight and see how long I can keep them on the line pretending I believe them, maybe give them a bunch of bogus info.

If you answer or respond to a call, you may start getting more calls like that.

i got home last night and I had the same message on my answeringmachine..I got scared at first but the message didn't say who it was even for so I thought they had the wrong number and was gonna call them back but I changed my mind cause it hit me this was a scam as well cause they would have said this message is for who ever it was for 1st if they were real.

This number called scamming my elderly mother-in-law and said she owes taxes and the IRS is coming after her (315-567-4546). The 1st tell tell sign the call was bogus is the fact that on the caller id it read 'no name'. Thorough checking was done on it and they are from Auburn, NY. I have more info on them but are giving that to the FTC and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration for now.


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