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Three years ago, the FTC created its first fotonovela – a graphic novel to help Spanish-speakers spot and stop frauds targeting Latino communities. To date, we’ve published seven fotonovelas on topics from notario fraud to government imposters. They’ve been very popular – almost a million copies have flown off our shelves – and today we are announcing our newest fotonovela, La familia Rivera evita las estafas de telemercadeo (The Rivera Family Avoids a Telemarketing Scam).


The story goes like this: On her way to her daughter’s school play, Blanca gets an urgent call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. A few days later, Blanca’s father gets a call from his bank asking him to verify personal information. Then there are those annoying robocalls with travel offers. What can the Rivera family do to detect, avoid, and stop these phone scams? To find out, visit to read the story, and to order free copies of it in Spanish. The fotonovela is also available to read and download online in English.


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I received an automated call at my office. The recording said that they were the Dept of Treasury and did not refer to an account or who the call was for. Left 925-800-1082 as a call back if I didn't want to be arrested. My husband called the number only to find the man on the other end of the line without answers to his questions.

I received 5 phone messages in 6/14/17 from #201-365-2708 caller ID said their name was "Hasbrouck He NJ" they said the IRS has a lawsuit against me and to call the number I provided. I did not call the nor did I answer the phone when they called. The time of the calls were at 8:58am- 10:20am-11:37am-1:17pm-3:54pm All on 6/14/17. I hope something is being done to catch these thieves so they can be held accountable for their actions.

I received a call this morning from 'Federal Trade Commission' saying I have been charged with an offence under section 952 - 202 area code - Washington DC USA I am in Canada!!

Wow - government imposters need a geography lesson! Please report this at The information will go into a secure database that law enforcement agencies (including partners in Canada) use for investigations.  Thank you.

ha ha ha ha. This is absolutely hilarious! This is one of the main reasons I keep up with the FTC Blog on a daily basis; it is soooo entertaining some times.

if you reported it to the FTC, you started the ball rolling

How can I figure out all the telemarketers numbers on my phone?

I'm assuming at this point that you do not have a land line provider that supports the FTC's free NoMoRobo nor have a cell phone plan that you can run a free app on your cell, that blocks the telemarketers, like many of us.

The call is likely a telemarketer if:
1) called from unknown number & not expecting that call
2) call from Florida (most are from there)

If you answered call and they called you and:
1) They ask for personal info (ssn, bank, CC, etc)
2) Pay via Western Union or Green Dot card
3) Claim they are Gov, but they specify a payment type
4) Want payment NOW!
5) Msg "Press 1 to be put on our do not call list"

I hope this helps. The FTC has lots of great, articles and blogs on this, broken down by sub-categories. Try the search bar at the top or browse by topic on the right of this site.

Hi. So glad I found your site! Have had six calls from a Florida number - (904) 327-9631 in the last 2 days on my cell phone. Duda answer it until the 6th time because we have family down there and thought if they were calling my cell instead of my mom's landline, it may be an emergency. Of course, when I picked up, it simply said, "Goodbye." So, call has been blocked after I saw it as a scam on the white pages and they said to report to the FTC. Guess this blog is official reporting?? Am new to this. Thanks!

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database. Thanks.

I am getting a lot of 'masked' calls, where it appears the caller is local (same exchange as my number) but is not someone I know and they don't leave a message. I've even gotten ones listed as a veterinary hospital (don't have a pet) and medical group (not my doctors). I worry my numbers is also being used as a "mask" for these scammers.

I keep on recieving calls from a wierd nu ber 1888-829-004 its missing one number they say that they are from a goverment program for home owners they basically keep on calling all y numbers ,offive ,home ,cell its really annoying

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