New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Buy into Diet Ads

Let me guess… one of your resolutions is to lose weight this year. And, sure, there are products that claim they can help you shed the weight. But an FTC case reveals some weight-loss claims are hard to swallow.

Got a minute? Get the skinny on diet ads and weight-loss products from the FTC’s new audio tip:

 Diet Ads and Weight-Loss Products

Learn more about weighing the claims in diet ads for a smart start to the New Year.

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Sensa says you get 30 days of their product free. It's not true. They send you the product, then bill you for it at the end of 30 days-kind of like your utility bill. I don't know if Sensa works-I sent it back unopened.

We ordered Sensa. we suddenly found $90.00 missing from our account, thereby costing us the initial amount, plus transfer fees, plus an overdraft fee.
When I contacted them I was told it had been prominently stated in there literature It wasn't. I was only able to get $45.00 back on that $90.00+ I had been charged.

The best way to control your weight is to praces arerobic exercise like martial arts and eat healthy. Its simple. Don't make it hard.

The Sensa website makes it sound like they are only going to charge you for the S&H ($9.95). The mention of the $89.95 is in subtle gray lettering at the bottom of the page< but it completely contradicts the bold faced font showing a mock tally in the upper right hand corner. This is a classic bait and switch. The first few pages of the ordering process get you acclimated to the page format, then they change it on you at the end and it's too've been taken. I immediately called them and told them that I didn't want their product and had them cancel the order. About 4 days later I was surprised to receive the 2 month trial pack in the mail. I know I'm taking a risk by holding onto the product, but I'm going through with it. I will post my results as they happen...or not.

i ordered SENSA and doing everything i was to do I never lost anything but my money!!! These companies prey on people just like me and that is really sad. I now just watch what aND HOW MUCH I EAT and I walk. I'd just like to get my money back that I paid out for the crap.

I've had the same with raspberry ketones blast. No company name. Products not worked only get percentage of money back after hassle but I have to pay shipping. Strange the stuff is manufactured in Surry UK. Sent to arc laboratory in Scotland but comes to you from America! If a product does not work then it is not fit for purpose intended! Also something in the extreme cleanse has been known to cause colorectal growths but it does not state this on the box it came in but was only in the terms and conditions. I know my rights but cannot seem to find the original site. Even the bottle design has changed.

I also had no idea this "company" was taking out£184'95 of my bank account. That's nearly £50 more than I get. My bank is now empty.

Any diet supplements listing "Fat Burning Machine, LLC" as the USA company "selling" the product, you should not buy. That company is listed as "Inactive" in Florida with "2 Inactive Agents. One agent, Giancarlo Cappucio has been manager at about four different "health" companies at the same address and/or city.

Garcinia Cambodia. Same thing. I paid the shipping. When I received the invoice it said read the T's&C's so I did. When I found they were going to charge me $92+ for one and $82+ for the other, that I didn't even know how i ordered it. I called to cancel the order and the girl REFUSED to give me an RMA. Told me to keep it for another 2 weeks and if not satisfied send it back. I called and the "Representative" literally laughed at me and said I had gone past the 14 trial period. OMG I'm screaming MAD!!!! I TRIED to return it! Such a scam it's unbelieveable.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.


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