“One-ring” cell phone scam can ding your wallet

Who’s calling now? That number doesn’t ring a bell. Hold the phone, says the Federal Trade Commission. You could be a potential victim of the growing "one-ring” cell phone scam.

Here’s how it works: Scammers are using auto-dialers to call cell phone numbers across the country. Scammers let the phone ring once — just enough for a missed call message to pop up.

The scammers hope you’ll call back, either because you believe a legitimate call was cut off, or you will be curious about who called. If you do, chances are you’ll hear something like, “Hello. You’ve reached the operator, please hold.” All the while, you’re getting slammed with some hefty charges — a per-minute charge on top of an international rate. The calls are from phone numbers with three-digit area codes that look like they’re from inside the U.S., but actually are associated with international phone numbers — often in the Caribbean. The area codes include: 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876.

If you get a call like this, don’t pick it up and don’t call the number back. There’s no danger in getting the call: the danger is in calling back and racking up a whopping bill.

If you're tempted to call back, do yourself a favor and check the number through online directories first. They can tell you where the phone number is registered.

If you’ve been a victim of the “one-ring” scam, try to resolve the charges with your cell phone carrier. If that doesn’t work, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission.

And as a general rule: Read your phone bill often — line by line. If you don’t recognize or understand a charge, contact your carrier.

I’ve got to go now; my cell phone is ringing.


I don't know this number they hang up 210-775-5385 they call once or twice everyday can you please stop the calls reported to att they gave me this information. Thank you

786-204-4358 just called and hung up... seems they are on the robo again.

I've been getting calls from that number (I'm in Florida) for over a year now. It's in Spanish. I added them to my automatic reject list. If you have an android, you should be able to do the same.

Just wanted to say this 78 whatever number.
it called me. and then an hour later called my girl friend. What does that mean? That they scam call a couple both within an hour..?

they did the same here - called me first and then an hour later, my mom got the phone call. I told her not to pick up. I didn't either and no need to call back. If it's important, people leave messages.

If you guys are on the same plan, your numbers will likely be remarkably similar or listed in the same place. If the calls just run down a list, it'll hit one and then another in a short period of time.

they just called me a minute after calling my wife...everyday sometimes three times a day even at 4 in the morning.

I got the call from that number they hung up after 20 sec I or them didn't say a word

I just got a call from them ... I picked up and they didn't answer. Rather than calling back I googled the number, and am I glad I did! Hopefully this will be a one-shot.

People call a lot of random people and then they keep doing it. Like if they call you their trying to find where you live.

Use a prepaid phone they can't charge any extra minutes, you are probably getting scamed

what do these ppl want? we've been getting these calls for months, i dont see what they are out for. they have ruined the continuity of my office and are calling morning non and nightr on two office cells and my 800nnumber!

Get Android phones and put them on reject list!

You don't need an android phone to block unwanted calls on a cell phone. On an iPhone add the number to your contact list, scroll down and click block. You should also report the number to your service provide (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to get them blocked there.

Excellent suggestion for the iphone! Thanks

There is an app Privacy Star to block unwanted calls and messages. I do not have to make call to not ever know my number was dialed. A code to block by the provider or log into my account and use the block option there. I use the latter option if the number continues to call or it is someone I do not care to contact me.

Thank you for the tidbit...found it so helpful from a different perspective. Person doesn't call...text instead. Maybe the person is someone who is actually pretending to be close to me...interesting!!!
Thank you!

So with Iphones, you add the scammer number to YOUR CONTACT list to be able to block it. Sounds a bit counter intuitive to me. What if an Iphone user doesn't want to weed through scam numbers when searching their contacts. Boycott anything Apple (except actual apples, they are good for you). Paying for style and chic is so nineties.

You can block numbers on the iphone without adding them to your contact list. When on your list of recent calls just click the "i" in the circle to the right of the number. It will open an info tab, just scroll to the bottom and click block number.

Sorry your crazy rant about Apple is worthless now.

they called my iphone and my work samsung. blocked it on the iphone. no block option on the ol flip phone.

yeah I have this slidy Samsung... can't reject the calls, one good thing about it though is you can set a custom ringtone so I just have a bunch of contacts named things like #spam and #SpamasaurusRex with telemarketer etc #s jammed in and set to No Ring so it won't ring for them

I know this is an old thread. And I TRULY SAY THIS IN JEST, and don't mean to offend all the iPhone uses out there most my friends use them and I say the same thing to them.
iPhones suck. and if I've ruffled any feathers, it was just a joke, its just a phone (and I would expect to be much more than that for that much money), which is why I agreed to spend that much money, open source is the way to go! so,
calm down.
but I agree with the thread a hundred ten percent just rejected number whichever way you can t do not call them

On Iphone, all you have to do is on recent calls press the "i" scroll down to block caller.

Don't need to put their number in yr contact list. Apple iphone has something else called a blocked numbers list, obviously for numbers you want blocked, and they do not appear in yr contact list.....and iPhones are great, I purchased one because I hated all the other ones....apple is very simplistic :)

You people need to do your research because if you just go to recent calls and click the i button at the bottom you can block the number. I don't know why you all are thinking you have to add them to your contacts, learn your facts before you post it on the Internet.

On iPhone, you don't have to add them to a contact list. In your "recent calls" list, tap the "i" in the circle, and scroll down...then click on "block caller" and confirm. No need for them to be in a contact list.

you dont even need to add to contact, go to recent calls hit info next to # scroll down to block this caller

I have an Andriod Phone. I get calls from ramdom number that have my same area code and first three digits. I add each incoming call to the reject list but seems like they change it up and incoming numbers 4 last digits are different therefore having to add them to reject list every single time. it's annoying.

Same. I block any calls that start with my first 6 digits and have it sent to voicemail. Unfortunately my mother's number gets blocked along with the spambots In the voicemail its a Spanish lady speaking Spanish and telling me to press one now

You don'y need to put them in your contact list...lol

You don't have to add the number to your contact list. Go to your recent calls list (from the "Phone" app). Tap on the little "i" on the right side of the number you want blocked. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on "Block this Caller". Simple and fast.

I have an iPhone and I have blocked these numbers, but they are still able to somehow still get through and call me. I just got a call again from just the number "7", and my phone indicated a voicemail. However, as usual, there was no voicemail, only a couple of seconds of silence. On some of the numbers I block, the scammers just roll over to the next number and continue to call. (e.g. 555-555-1234 blocked now calls from 555-555-1235) and each time I block numbers they simply move up another digit or change one or two digits and keep calling. I don't talk to them unless they just robo-call and then I yell at them to atop calling me and take my number off their #€%* list! That usually makes them stop for a few days.i have added my number to the Do Not Call List but apparently that doesn't apply to cell phones.

You can add your cell phone number to the Do Not Call Registry.
If you added your number and you're still getting unwanted calls, they could be from groups that are exempt from the list, or from scammers.
Go to donotcall.gov to add a number and learn about the Registry.

I you have already registered on the FTC's Do Not Call List, and if after 31 days you continue to receive unwanted calls (other than charities, debt collectors, etc.), you can file a complaint with the FTC here:    National Do Not Call Registry                  Not sure if I can paste links (personally, I wouldn't click on one posted by a stranger lol), but I think you could find the page if you searched for "FTC Complaint Assistance." They ask you questions and walk you through the process. Honestly not sure how much help they could be, but it's worth a try. Also, according to the FTC's site, the rules are the same for cell phones and landline after they have been registered on the do not call list.

For IPhone: You don't even have to add them to contacts. Just go to the recent calls list, click on the "i" across from the #, and in the options for that #, choose block caller at the bottom.

I received a call on my Android from this number: (786) 204-4358. I didn’t recognize it at all so I didn’t answer. I’ve been getting scam, telemarketer, “robo-calls” on my land line for years, this is the first time I got one on my mobile phone. I called the number from my land line (BEFORE reading this article - I have since blocked the number on my land and cell phone as well as reporting it to my phone provider in the event that my call is used to rack up additional charges). It turned out to be a Walmart promo, “Hello! Congratulations, you’ve been selected for a $100 Walmart gift card! Press “1″ to be connected with a live agent in order to claim your gift card.” Gimme a freakin’ BREAK! We don’t even HAVE Walmart in New York City.

786-204-4358 called me also. I was golfing while it rang, so I did not pick up, but I did call it back. I'm not sure if it was a scam or not, but I don't know if I should do anything about it.

Same thing with me and I live in Florida too so Idk and how do you do the reject list

We just got this same call from the exact same number! Why can't something be done with these scammers???

I've been having the same bs problem 4 about a year from 8 diff #'s starting w/(609)-222-****. Then when I call back, people are clueless.Y can't the FTC do anything? These calls come after 9PM, multiple times a day, and are using random paying customers #'s to steal $. I recently was a victim of ID theft. Prob cuz these whacks. On top, I havta pay to block these #'s n they jus keep callin from diff #s.

I use Mr. Number and there are comments about the caller in question.

Unfortunately there is a limit to how many numbers you can auto reject. I've reached mine and still getting slammed with annoying calls

the scam is perpetrated, they get your information when you incorporate apps into your cellphone through facebook apps, then your another app requests to view your information. There was a way it was they were doing it. I was working for a company and that company had employees that worked in the industry and they were telling me that it was the latest scam.

Yes, I received a call from this number yesterday as well. No known contact.

No robo,

I just got called by this exact same number. Th hank you for posting. Found this on Google very fast. Hate that we all have to deal with this.

I got that call a few minutes ago at 10:35 pm it's crazy I have kids and it got me mad.

786 204 4358 just called me and my second phone line in less than 10 minutes! Don't answer!

786-204-4358 called me, too… anyone at FTC investigating this number?

i just got a call from that number too, AND I NEVER give out my cell phone number to anyone, I am intrigued where/how these scammers could get my number, that's concerning

Unfortunately, they don't need to "get" your phone number from anywhere. Since phone numbers are a known, predictable format, they just try every possible one.

I just got called by this number and my twin got it a minute later. I did not answer.

Don't pick up its a scam! And it has aFlorida area code!

Same number called ME 4 X'S, IT'S 10:30 at night!!!
Any updates?????

I keep getting calls from that number and when i answer it a Mexican lady comes on at starts yelling at me in spanish. I don't know what she is saying.

They can't be charged. The FTC doesn't have jurisdiction outside of the United States and it's too minor of a crime to justify the huge cost of asking their home country to extradite them for trial.

The numbers are out of FLorida and last time I checked was still in the US

Yea me too, sane number in ohio and somone who works with me ten sec later!!!!!

They're calling Long Island, NY tonight. Spreading the wealth, I guess.

i just changed my number 4 days ago and they called me today at 5:27pm EST

i be getting those call from the same number all the time. i never answer. i get it every week

I hate this caller! Idk who it is but it is freaky how many people gt called from this #

Just got a call from this number too and it's midnight! Thought it could be emergency but decided not to answer and Google number. Luckily there's tons of posts on it. I'm going to have to put them on my reject list and pass info on to everyone I know.

it seems they are targeting cell numbers.

If its a number that I don't trust I will return the call through my Google voice number, which has a balance of $0.00 so I'll never be charged for the call.

I had the same number just call and hang up

The same number 786-204-4358 just called me as well. I looked and the area code is from the Miami area. I don't know anyone from Florida so I decided to look it up before calling back. I'm glad I did.

Just received a call from 786-204-4358. Answered by mistake. Usually do not answer unknown numbers, but I am expecting one from overseas within the next two days.. it was a recorded message in spanish. I just hung up without waiting to hear what the message was about. 786-204-4358

Is there any harm in picking up, but not calling back? I got a call from786-204-4358, and the message was in Spanish.

No harm in picking up the call, BUT it will harm your wallet if you call back.

Picking up the call allows the robot to confirm the number is legitamate and will attempt limitlessly to call you.

Got a call at 8:59pm last night from 786 204 4358.
Why is this number not disconnected yet? Its a Florida number!

That's scary because i got a call from that same number at 8:69 pm as well........ I wasnt in the room thank god. What does it mean? Is there a way to stop it?

What's crazy is 8:69 pm is really 9:09 pm : )

786-204-4358 just called me too!!

I just found a missed call from (786)204-4358 at 5:49pm, Pacific time (I'm in AZ). I added this # to my reject list.

I just got the same call from that number.. it was odd because it seemed to be all in spanish.

I just had this # call my company cell #

I got a call too at night. I guess it is fake. I didn't call them back after seeing your comment.

I just got a call from 786-204-4358 and had the same experience as y'all -- they hung up. When I get a call from a number who is not in my contacts, I immediately Google the number. They are almost always scam calls. I'm thankful that there are websites like this where we confirm the calls are scams.
As soon as I confirm it is a scam, I enter the number in my contacts and name it "SCAM - DO NOT ANSWER". I have nearly a dozen of them linked together. I didn't know I could block them (need to learn more about my phone!) but will do that next!
Thanks to everyone who posted!

I just got a call from this number. Last time i was receiving calls from some idiot in Texas telling me he was going to kill me, explained where i lived,my family members....it's the same soft ware collection agencies use that they somehow get.

786-204-4358 just called my cell phone last week and was a recording in Spanish so I just hung up. Didn't know about the scam so I'm glad I didn't care to call back.

I got the same call a few minutes ago..when the mexican lady stopped her spanish-speaking gibberish i said,"no habla espanol" lmfao and "it?" Hung up..i get calls from crazy numbers all the time..just ignore it or block it. Dont fret abt it..

Ya, I just got the same one. I figured it could be one of my friends' iphones. They usually have weird numbers. I called back and got a dial tone instead of a recording.

These idiots were calling me up to 5x a day.

Just got a call from that same 786 number. Three+ months after the op! Glad the Feds are doing such a good job stopping this.

they can't really block them. at&t and other international trunk providers could block them but they get a percentage on all international calls.

This number just called me too. Almost called back but checked google first. Found this.

i just got one from this number, too. but it rang more than once

I keep getting calls from them also. I just blocked them on my iphone. Go to recent calls. touch the info button on the right side. Go all the way down and select block caller!

so I was going to buy something on craigslist a 2006 toyota sienna for $4,600. This person Ben Peltay said the car was going to be shipped and I was gonna have 5 days to inspect it and test drive. The company Square trade was going to hold the money until I confirmied I wanted to buy it. I believe it is a scam. Please confirm!!!!!!

18883821222 here is a number you can call its a do not call number. A record will come on and you enter your number then is put on a do not call list. It worked for me

Hey thank you for your pasting this exact same number got me yesterday if not for your posting would not have known

Called that number back from work phone...recording says number has been disconnected


Just got a missed call from the same number you've listed...glad I saw this thread.

Here, too. Seems they're still "in business."

I got this exact same number called me like 4 times. So like always i googled it and found this article lol

Yeah, I just got a call from that number as well, I didn't pick it up, SMH

I got a call from 786-204-4348 two days ago. when I picked it up it was a pre-recorded message all in spanish. I hung up and blocked the number.

702-099-1154, 615-863-3044, 91-226-196-9696 all call my number but say they are disconnected when I call right back. Now I will no long answer unknown numbers.

I was called 2 with an number from Londen lol

I think I got a call from this same number too. I know it was a 210 area code.

Mine was a 5055655079 six times. 8453563537 three

210 is San Antonio Texas

I've been getting calls from numbers that look exactly like mine only the last four are different & when I call back its a Spanish person.

these are not Florida numbers as they appear but both (786)204-4358 and (407)205-0232 are two numbers that ring once and then the call is cut off. That's fine, I have my phone set up to send certain calls into voice mail (they will be charged for the call if they call again).

the 210-775-5385 number is a loan scam according to the search I did. You should be able to block the number if they keep calling.

I have gotten several calls from these numbers.
I now block the numbers from my cell phone

I got this call from 786-204-4358 last night at 11:35 pm. I did not recognize it and almost called back to let someone have it for waking me up but I just went back to bed. glad I checked on it. thanks

This number calls and pretends to be a credit card company or a Mortgage Bank representative. They have a recoding telling you to call back in and give them all your personal information. If you answer a number you don't recognize and a recording starts with "there is nothing wrong with your credit but… HANG UP and report the number! DO NOT give anon on the phone all your personal information!

Area code 697 is fake. No area code in North America has a 9 as the centre digit.

Unfortunately, the owners of PRI (primary rate interface) lines, the lines used for office private branch exchanges, can send any bogus number on caller ID. Most of the voice-over-Internet companies have those lines, and many allow their clients to send fake numbers to call display.

Odds are, the telephone companies know more than what they're displaying when it comes to spam telephone calls - they have a number for billing purposes which is separate from call display. Unfortunately, if the scams are originating on the Internet, this identifies just the gateway - not the origin, which may be foreign or criminal. As long as the telephone companies are making money on all of those calls, they have no incentive for this to stop... if anything, they profit by making their residential landline subscribers pay extra for call display and extra again for caller name display.

If you don't recognise the number, don't answer it. Let the machine deal with it. Unfortunate, but that's the consequence of cheap telephone access via Internet. Same mess as e-mail, where there's more spam than real mail.

if i answered my phone i would be worried but most of the time its on silent and i don't know anyone called till later

I got a call that woke me up, telling me something, forget what now, and the robot voice said call us back at this number. They gave a number but I didn't catch it. I called back from the number in my caller log. A robot voice came on and said, this is not a working number. Another strange thing. I have my phone set up to ring like a old house phone. On the first ring, it's like two short rings together and the other rings are normal. It's like ringring r i n g r i n g r i n g.

Area code 210 is a San Antonio, TX area code.

I just
received this type of call once on my work number and then immediately after on my cell but both my cell and work number showed the robo call as coming from "Anonymous."

FTC please help find a way to block these scams.

Just the other myself, my fiance, and her father all got a phone call from this number 786-204-4348. I scrolled down through the list and found several updates. So, just thought I'd add that it happened 2 days ago. Our cell phone provider blocked the number free of charge.

On your iPhone click on Phone app; then click Recent; then on call you want to stop click the 'i' inn circle at the right of it; scroll to the bottom of the information and click on Block This Caller. That will take care of them call you again.

Try to reject the no# on call settings (at phone pad hit menu, settings,regect no#. Hope that helps to stop those calls

i have been called from 201-312-6893 has called me but i didn't answer but i googled it and hopefully something happens

Do not answer 204, this number just called me. It was only a three digit number.

289-404-9601 same phone scam, just different number calling Canadians.

Exact same issue!!! he had my address, The call said it was from Fl. He gave me his number 117086 name Robert. He told me i was going to be arrested today. I called irs and they told me im fine!!!!!. he had a Foreign voice also. This is such bs! be careful! Caller: said US Treasury Call Type: Debt Collector from past year IRS

You can always block the number. I do this all the time and when they call back, the phone only rings once.

is there anything they cannot scam?

Thanks for such valuable information... If you register your number with the do not call list and you pay for an unlisted number, who is allowed to call you other than your family and friends? How are they getting your name and number? Especially, these people who call and say something is wrong with my PC. They claim to be from Microsoft I believe. I tell them I don't have a system and I'm gonna give this number to the attorney generals office. They stop for a while, then start again with a new number.
Again, thanks for all you do.

The whole month of Feb. I have been receiving calls every hour from #1-215-220-2321 (It comes up SCHOOL DISTRICT on my caller id. It is always a man with foreign accent about winning a Wal-Mart gift card. The other #1-845-666-1697 (also a man with same accent) tells me they are from Microsoft and there is a problem with my PC? They always hang up on me when I tell them to stop calling! It is driving me nuts! How do we report these numbers? and will it do any good?

You can always make a police report out. I report them to DoNotCall.gov but it doesn't really seem to help. I also make a report on them online to sites like "who called me" or others. And the best thing, just add them to your blocked callers list.

Police report LOL. Perhaps in your area they work however crap like this has occurred for well over ten years n just gets craftier so cop reports must still b round filed with sept 11 cop reports. When was your first call from 1-000-000-0000?

don`t bother making a report, they usually don`t even do anything unless you`ve actually been hauled up by this scam. I say don`t waste the time and give yourself a migraine over this, just be careful, block numbers that are used in the scam, and lookup any unknown number before you call it back.

They just use an autodialer and it calls every single number combination one-after-the-next in order. They don't know who they are calling.

I had the same guy call from "microsoft" over a hundred times I have told him I don't have a pc...I swear it is the same guy. He keeps trying to insist I have a pc... I am like I told you to stop calling me... and then he hangs up.... I want to smack this guy I swear... he sounds like he is in india somewhere... uggg

201-279-5864 has called me two times in the last four days. Each time, it rang only once.

It is avery good feedback and advice for cell-customers.

The best thing to do is to try to look at the number that is calling, if you don't know the number just don't answer. When I receive calls from people with a foreign accent, I just hang up.

Mitch, if you have an Android or iPhone, you can add the number to your blocked callers list. If not, contact your carrier and ask them to put a block on that number. I don't believe there's a charge for that service. Not if they want your business, anyways.

I've got his call and the number is 08-1363118429 this number call me many times but i never answer or call back. Thank you for informing us about this kind of scam.

got a call from someone that said their name was Adrian Robbins with the federal trade commission @ 866-996-5997 and that my wife had won $75,000 and a Toyota Corolla. They gave her a conformation number as well. They wanted a $30 processing fee.

The Federal Trade Commission does not give out prizes. Any call or email saying you have won a prize from the Federal Trade Commission is a scam. Delete the email or hang up the phone immediately. 

They have rung my phone at least 10x today I did accidentally call 2 back before I got this alert.

What kind of govt allows this to continue? Why not force the telephone providers to publish such numbers and allow consumers to put a block on those?

I am all for the right for the consumer to put a block on unwanted call-numbers AND no fee to the consumer who receives calls or text messages, which are often unwanted! Verizon gives the consumer space for ONLY 10 numbers to block - rarely enough.

The best way I've found with any cell phone number to block those calls is to create a contact in your contact list called "SPAM" and make sure that you set that account's ringtone to "NO RING", then add whatever number that calls that you don't know to that contact and you won't ever have to worry about the phone ringing again when you get called 10x a day... let go to your voice mail because 9 times out of 10 they will never leave a message anyway, but at least you don't have to worry about them bugging you incessantly again!

It's done by a auto dialing system and they use different numbers to dial from as well

Certain phone switches and auto dialers allow them to spoof caller I'd. They can literally call you from any phone number they want to which makes it very difficult to trace and prosecute. Best thing to do is practice good judgement and never give personal info to anybody that calls you and asks for it.

Why doesn't the phone company BLOCK those numbers?

If the government started blocking any numbers people would start complaining about the government choosing which numbers to block.
Then there would be another blog about how the Gov is overstepping it's boundaries, etc..

The phone companies generate revenue from people making and receiving phone calls. Phone scammers generate a lot of revenue for phone companies. They are not going to cut off revenue. Innocent consumers are not going to cut their phone service.

we get a call several times per week sometimes more the caller ID says Virginia call. The 703-829-0487. Can this be stopped

This needs to be stopped by some authority.

Today I recieved a call from the following number 415-546-9827 when I tried to call back, since it was a local number, I was told the number was no longer in service. I checked the number on line to learn that it was a "SCAM" for a duct cleaning services. Several reports stated they were getting 2 -3 calls a day as follow-up marketing a service.

I've gotten many calls from 876 area code, prizes, lotteries, once it was Benjamin Franklin! "Please call us back at 876-blah-blah"....so I told them I had to discuss with my hubby who is RCMP. I actually gave the number to an RCMP officer who called and got a machine...I know better than to call back. I think someone sold my cell number when I entered a contest but didn't want to use my home number.... They don't call much now as I stopped answering. I wish the phone companies would allow area codes to be blocked!

I have a prepaid samsung galaxy smartphone "straight talk" I only use prepaid unlimited cards, so if the scammer does try this with me, i could call them back, but they cant stick me with a bill. This might be a solution for this problem (yes u can get iphones from straighttalk now) Try that phone service and i dont think any phone scammers can touch you unless u give them the information

If you use a prepaid service ie.. straight talk metro pcs even verizon or at&t as long as it is the prepaid service then these numbers usually will not let you call them back. i keep getting calls from 786-204-4358 rings twice i pick up and they hang up try to call back and get "your call can not be completed" or "number is not in service at this time". called metro and was told the scam numbers that bill you automaticlly can not be called because of my prepaid plan. hope this info helps.

Come On FTC!!! Get off your butts and do your jobs!
Everyone knows (from the NSA whistleblowers) that you, Verizon, and all the phone services can track every call (the phone companies do it for billing!)
You can AND SHOULD be cutting off service to spammers and robo-callers (except legitimate info center like school closings alerts. CLEARLY, you aren't doing this because you and Verizon are getting huge kickbacks to let the scammers and robo callers continue their nefarious operations. SHAME ON THE FTC AND YOUR TOTAL DISREGARD FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE 4th AMENDMENT!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Good for LarryBoston! When I was called by telemarketers despite being on the do-not-call list, I tried to find the calling number and was told by AT&T they couldn't identify the callers because they were using "another provider." That's baloney! Just ask the NSA... or Edward Snowden.

Here are two other increasingly annoying problems: (1) the 877-area code. Comments I've seen suggest this and certain other "new" area codes have been issued allowing callers to charge the CALLED party. If true, this should be stopped immediately.

(2) Pre-dawn and late-night calls (possibly from overseas) that identify the caller a "1 Unavailable" or by similar un-helpful words and numbers -- then don't speak. The FTC should be armed with the legal authority to block all such calls, wherever on Earth they may originate.

If LarryBoston is right that corporate coziness with the FTC is part of the problem, it needs to end now.

Here's an addition suggestion: Hire U.S.-based employees to accept consumer complaints LIVE and over the telephone. Sorry to say, the average telephone customer can't do much more with a computer than play solitaire and forward bad jokes via email. He/she doesn't even know the FTC exists, much less how to contact the agency over the internet.

received call from 216-278-0121 says it is Ohio area, Man wanted to know if I had any outstanding payday loans,,,when I ask who was calling he said never mind and hung up. When I tried to call the number back I received and automated message that the number was not in service please call back later followed by a series of numbers and a letters like 123T. not sure what this is about but sure wish someone would look into it and stop this guy.

Mr Longinus +2347064860134

The information is helpful, however, the key solution is to stop this kind of bill-back mechanism from being a possibility. Have FTC, other gov official branches and Telcos really look into why this simple accidental call-back action would allow scammers to bill you through a legitimate Telco company any dollar at the first place? Should Telco be considered an accessory to this type of crime? Ridiculously silly!

Crazy Generous

Got a call from 786-204-4358. Didn't answer but saw this missed call on my phone and called back. Got a recording saying the number you called an not be completed as dialed. Please investigate this caller.


Unfortunately, scammers can fake the ID information that you see on your phone. That's called caller ID spoofing — and new technology makes it very easy to do. Watch this video to learn more about caller ID spoofing.

Come on people. Quit crying to Authorities to solve your issues. Protect yourself. Use the information in this article to stop them from scamming you. Don't rely on the government or a get mad at a government agency for not insulating you form the bad people in the world. You cannot cry about living in a Nanny State and then cry when the Nanny doesn't protect you. The Nanny is giving you the information you need. Don't call back missed calls unless you recognize the number. its that simple. If you miss a call and its important they will either call back or leave you a message.

Well said! Was thinking the same thing myself. Simple solution, don't EVER call back ever and of you can block the number!

This solution is fine for the average person, but not for the small business. If we are on the phone and we receive a call on our business, line it would normally be in our best interest to call the number right back. Now we have to wonder if the number is a scam number or spend the time to try and cross reference the number in our database. Takes up valuable time.

Common sense is no different for small business. If the caller does not leave a message - they are not interested enough in your service to warrant a call back.

It is NOT in your best interest to call the number back, unless they request that you do so.

Another way to avoid this scam is to not call numbers you don't recognize. If my phone rings and I don't answer it in time, I just let it go. If it's important, they'll leave a message, if not, that's fine.

We can all protect ourselves by using common sense and the clear warnings posted here.
A public service announcement would be helpful in informing the public as a whole. I doubt there are many people taking a proactive approach to staying informed.
The FTC and phone carriers can certainly shut down scammers and provide future protection from would be scammers.
We should expect some help/protection for a growing industry wide problem and our use of technology. problem

a few years ago I received a phone call from an unknown number, the person on the phone was polite when he informed me I had won a 5day 4 nights all expense paid vacation all I had to do was pay for the airfare (isn't that normally included in and all expense paid trip?). after involving the person in a 10 minute conversation about the weather and other things I told the person that it sounded like a wonderful but unfortunately my religion didn't allow me to go on vacations (twas a fib), there was silence for a moments and then a confused good bye...lol.

786-204-4358 just called and hung up... seems they are on the robo again.

Here's more information on robocalls and tips on what to do if you get them.

phone number 786-607-9053 calls my home phone; I let it ring. A legitimte call goes to answering device; this phone NEVER leaves a message. It is a scam for sure

Can any one help I keep getting a call and the only number that shows up is 104

I just had the same thing happen to me twice in the past 24 hours. I didn't answer because I didn't even hear my phone ring. I tried calling it back the first time but it said "you're call cannot be completed as dialed" I realized it was probably a scam and hung up but I just got another one 15 minutes ago. Very weird.

I received 4 calls today on my cell phone. They all had different area codes but the same prefix. (859)555-0169; (206)555-0109; (913)555-0173; (508)555-0137. Can someone tell me anything about these numbers?

Im getting same numbers but with a 813 area code... can someone tell us something?

I don't know if it has changed, but there used to be NO phone numbers with "555" in the middle. TV and radio programs, when they needed to use a phone number for the story, always made one up with 555. So, clearly, any time you get ***-555-**** (whatever the stars are) on your caller ID, it is a spoofed number, and doesn't exist.

the only legit numbers I know that use 555 are for long distance information

Verizon offered to "Greatly reduce, or even eliminate", the deluge of robo calls I recieve. This will cost me a couple hundred a year, after the initial $200 to cancel my current service, then start up with a new phone number.
Then I must order unlisted number, $5/mo., Caller ID, $4/mo, Do not accept Private Number, $5/ mo., and something else (monthly) that I have forgotten.
Or, for $368 they will switch me on to services that total $168. a year additional charges forever after (there will be hikes I'm sure). Verizon suggests that I MIGHT not get as many calls!
How Lovely. My guess, Verizon is heavily invested in the ROBO CALL business.

A waste of time. I wrote carefully, & clearly, clicked Post (below) and NOTHING.
The phone Co will provide services (change phone # to unlisted, add caller ID , block Private #'s from ringing, for a mere $368, then $168 annually thereafter.

When I'm not expecting a call I put my phone into airplane mode. I also use youmail (alternate voicemail service) with my phone's built in "direct to VM" feature. If someone calls that isn't in my contact book they go direct to VM, hear 1 second of dead air then the beep to leave a message. This can confuse some spammers to leaving a message they didn't want to leave.

I've been getting these calls morning, noon and night, 7 days a week since I used my phone on a wireless network at a local coffee shop. It's been going on for three months now and will not stop. These phone calls are not only annoying but my cell phone provider keeps telling me the only solution is to change my number. I can't because it's a business phone and I do get calls from folks I don't know. My mail box is filling up with these silent voicemail messages. Blocking is useless because they use a different number every time. Takes all the joy out of having a cell phone...

I'm not getting the number of calls you are (knock on wood), but the ones I get are incredibly annoying. I've always avoided answering calls for which the number/area code isn’t familiar, and I've been particularly vigilant for the last couple years, as scammers have amped up their cell phone-related crime. However, corporations need to make some adjustments to their business practices in this new reality. I ordered clothing for my mom from Roamans.com, and 3 weeks later, she still hadn't received it. The company was sitting on the order because they were concerned about the disparity between the mailing and billing addresses. Apparently, they had phoned me, but a reverse search of the number was from an unidentifiable residential landline in Texas. No way was I going to activate that voicemail. If Roaman's is going to alert people via telephone and snail mail (they claimed to have also sent a postcard), instead of the more logical solution of email, they should ensure that the phone number can be readily identified as theirs, not an unidentifiable residence in Pig's Snout, Texas.

I've just received a call from what sounded like a little boy asking who I was from the #786-359-6237.

I hung up, but they called back three times.

I don't understand how they make money from this. It seems to me that the phone companies would be the only ones who would benefit. How can anyone other than a phone company bill you for phone calls?

It's similar to those late night TV ads for phone sex services, the ones that cost $5.99 for the first three minutes, and $1.99 for every minute after. At first, callers had to give credit card info. But when phone companies began to realize they were missing out on a lucrative revenue stream, they marketed special toll call numbers to the phone sex services: in return for a hefty percentage, the phone companies would bill the customer directly for the phone sex calls, listing them with all other toll (long-distance) calls the customer had made. The services readily agreed to the arrangement, realizing that credit card transactions not only killed the mood for some callers, but also gave them a chance to rethink & hang up before the call clock started. Less call loss meant more profit, as did eliminating the need for employees for billing, so the services were still making a lot of money, even after phone companies took their share. BTW, phone companies market this arrangement for other types of phone-based services, such as psychic readings, social networking, gaming/ gambling, etc. It's been very popular with the public, especially in areas of low literacy, and very profitable for the telecommunications industry.

What's happening these days is that disreputable entities, often overseas, are making phone calls to people who, once they answer, are connected to some of these phone sex services without their knowledge or permission. Once the connection is established, the call is billed to the person on their regular monthly phone bill. The charges can be astronomical since there is no one there to disconnect the call, and because there can be international toll call charges added.

Got my call from 786-204-4358 at 9pm tonight, but knew right away that he has a small appendage, so I didn't answer.

Added him to my address book which gives me the ability to block the little [tiny] tike.

Folks, don't EVER call any of these numbers back as it is likely a scam that charges $20 for the connection and $10 a minute on your phone bill by keeping you on hold for ever.

Sleep well my friends knowing that the fellow with the tiny appendage will soon be wear some steel bracelets. Yes, they made the mistake of calling a police officer. :-)

Go for it! The fullest extent of the law.

I just tried to find out on Vonage website how to block these calls, they do have an "Anonymous Call Block". The issue is that if I use this I am afraid it will also block my friend who moved from out of state to in state but has kept the old cell phone and #. Then they also have a "Block a Phone Number" area and it states that you cannot block a phone # or caller from calling you. I feel like these people are stalkers, isn't there a way to block stalkers from contacting you?


It seems that these scam calls are not only used on people in the US. The wife (in europe)just got a call for 1 hour ago from this nr: 001 223 456 789 and just the contruction of that nr. made my "warning bells" to glow.

A good way for consumers to help themselves is to read and contribute to comments for a particular number at 800notes.com. I've used this many times to check for existing complaints about a particular number, and have left additional comments to confirm or refute claims made on that page. (Some commenters are the "sky is falling" type, even when the calling party is legitimate but perhaps unwanted, like a legitimate bill collector.)

Keep in mind that this page - and 800notes.com - are just for comments and sharing with others, and will not generate any direct legal action. For that, you must make a formal complaint using the "File a Complaint with the FTC" link at the bottom-right of this page.

I also just got a call from +1 (223) 456-789. Found it here :) I'm in Europe too.

I have a VOIP landline phone which the Telco views as a cell number. I have been getting calls from "Unknown Name" every day now since the beginning of February, sometimes twice a day and once three times. When I answer, the line is dead, no one at the other end. There is never any message on my answering machine. At first, the return ID was from 1-317-497-0282, then they switched to 1-317-623-3488, and are now using 1-317-215-7147. Sometimes, the 1- prefix is dropped. I will never return their call as it might have call forwarding on it to a non-toll-free number who knows where. If they don't stop, I might switch back to a traditional landline phone number.

If the number has call forwarding they would be billed for the number it is forwarded to, not you, so you need not worry about that. You should always block your number though if you return a call to an unknown number (usually *67 before the number) to minimize the chances of being added to an active list. *67 does NOT work on any toll-free numbers (they use ANI or Automatic Number Identification, which cannot be blocked), and some VoIP services allow blocked numbers to show up anyway.

Update to my previous comment. Since I have a VOIP phone, I have the ability to block those calls. All I have to do is log into my account and put the number in the Call Blocking box in my profile with my local telco. It is one of the services VOIP provides, without additional charge I believe.

Didn't pick up. No voicemail. They have called before with the same story. I won't call back or anything. Thanks for your replies.

Many of you will eventually find out that number on your caller ID is a "spoofed" number. These are unused numbers that telemarketers and criminals use via a call spoofing service (e.g. Spoofcard, Spooftel, etc.). The government tried to address this by passing the "Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009". However, this law has very little effect in stopping those that intend to deceive or cause harm to others. My daughter has been stalked and harassed for weeks by someone using this service (she answers phone at work and cannot change this number). She blocks the number only to see another one appear. Law enforcement finds it difficult and time consuming to prosecute because they need to identify the internet spoofing service and subpoena their records. Trust me, this will get much worse before it gets better unless the federal government steps in.

My husband received a call on his cell from 786-204-4358 7:19 pm and a Spanish man was on the other end. It is a Florida number and at 7:19 pm here It's 10:19 pm in Miami, FL. Hubby handed me the phone and no one answered me when I said hello repeatedly, they just hung up and I'm not calling that number back. All cell and house phones unlisted and on the do not call list, go figure.

This 786-204-4358 number seriously called my husbands phone from 11:08 last night until 6:09 am every 2-3 minutes. I called Verizon and got the number blocked.

now that we all know it's a scam, why can't cell phone providers just blocked it off from their service as courtesy to their customers?

I just chatted with my cell provider and they were able to block the number i mentioned for me, and show me how to do this myself if it happens again (we`ll hafta see). With luck it won`t happen again.

same here these spanish calls from 786-204-4358

828-919-6798 One ring scam. I use ringback tones so music plays, not a regular ring. I don't answer unknown numbers, so I NEVER call back a hang-up!
beware and be smarter than a scammer! Even jerks who spoof numbers steal 800 scam numbers because they are haters of peace.

Got a call around 5pm local time from 786-204-4358, then my husband received a call from the same number at around 10:30pm. I missed the call and (so very stupidly) called back, thinking it was a relative in FL. I hung up within seconds, realizing what an incredibly bad idea it was to call back. I don't believe the call had connected, but what should I do?? Should I call my phone company to find out if it connected and charged me? I feel so dumb.

I get call like that all the time so I block all numbers that's not in my contact to go to voicemail n if important they leave a message n I call back also since these call are always fake so I won't have that problem they have text apps that can actually get calls n voicemail if you apply for sumn online use the text app number so when u get calls like that you don't have to worry they can call all hours it's not your main number in if it's important they will leave a message that saves you from that problem as well and you can use da app to find out who is calling if it's a scam number no harm done it works on wifi n 3G-4G

Just don't answer or call back it's as simple as that. As for blaming cell carriers the cell carriers see the same number as you do the reasoning is because that is what is registered on the tower as the call is transmitting and if caller Id spoofing was used by a auto dialer there is no way to track it so instead of complaining about it just out smart them and not answer it

I downloaded a call blocker app. The app is free and takes care of any call i want blocked.

I have the same numbers calling me one with a (773) area code I block numbers not in my contacts and if I'm using a site online that mite give my number away I created a text app where I can get voicemail and let them call that number 24-7 if I turn my phone off or log out the app I won't even know they called til I log in.

yeah, look the number up on google...then get this FTC notice. WHY THE HELL DOES FTC ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE ?????

a company called Performant out of California has called a few times - their number is 2098583500. They claim to be a collection center retrieving debt for the Federal and State Governments - problem here is that I don't owe anything, not a penny...not a dime. they are a scammer.

Called over 30 times so far tonight. I hit 1 then got a person that asked me if i spoke spanish. I said no. She said im sorry then hung up. Then continurd to call . Wont stop. I just blocked it. But phone continues to tell me it nlock again and again. Very anoying. Its 11:30 pm. They keep trying to call

I get these calls in the middle of the night, one ring hang ups from various different numbers. I have had to turn off my ringer. I hope I don't get any emergency calls. I would block the numbers, but they are always from different numbers. What should I do.

So when are the do-nothing slugs down at the FTC going to bust them and deport them? Never! Instead, they will whine for more tax money to do less while claiming ''it's Bush's fault'' and ''you're racist'' for complaining.

786-204-4358 just called and I did not hear it right away. I called back and the line was busy. Immediately after I hung up, my cell rang. I just disconnected it immediately.

I just received a call from 786-204-4358 and let it go to voicemail. I had a feeling it was one of these scams! My Father received it too and my friend apparently about a week ago. Glad I didn't answer!

We have been getting one ring calls for months now on our landline... our landline does not have long distance and no caller id so i had no idea what was going on until i stumbled across this site while looking for information on a different scam... wow, this sucks!

I have received quite a few of these type of calls. The most recent one is this:
Country: USA
Location: California

I suspect that it is not actually from California, but that it is being "spoofed." It rings only once and then hangs up.

Another scam.

~ N

I know people ftom california who have that area code, so it may not be spoofed, but it would still not answer it.

Anyone ever seen this number? 1253429c454? received repeatedly, never answered, finally ceased. Probably superseded by a not so obvious scam number.

I got a call from 786-204-4358 while I was talking on the same phone. I called back, there was only one ring, then hung up. What does it mean?

I`m wondering if this is what i just got today, number that called me is 605-475-4619. Did me a reverse lookup via Yellow Pages and found it`s a landline in South Dakota. The voice was Spanish- sounding, and was electronically altered, kinda like what you`d get if you ran your voice through a musical synth. Gotta wonder just whgat`s going on here that`s for sure.

I for one will be curious to see if number i mentioned in my previous post will try again, almost called the local PD to see if they could help, no joy there.

My friends and i got calls around the same time. In the same hour in fact. It's sort of creepy. How did they get all of us at the same time? It makes me wonder if it's some sort of stalker. If someone has information, please post it. This scam's creeping me out.

I was thinking I'd put these numbers on a block list but how many numbers are these scammed using?

Well I was dumb enough to answer for (786) 204-4358...recording in spanish. I should know better since this happened to me once on Christmas Day and I was charged 10 bucks...ridiculous. Warn your friends!!

Aside from cost everyone money and the phone company making extra money how do the callers make any money? It seems that the phone companies are the only ones who benefit from the scam. What am I missing. What is the online directory web site address to check numbers.

I got a call from 216-206-6895 last night at 11:30. I didn't answer and let it go to voice mail. No message. I hope this isn't going to be a regular occurrence...

I get calls often, from 786-204-4358. Always in Spanish, but I never call back or push the #'s it requests.

Don't answer the phone!!!

If you have a pay-as-you-go cell phone then there is no danger in calling back....right?

I got a call from 786-204-4358 while in church this morning. After church, I Googled the number and found this blog. I emailed this link to my family and friends. Thanks for the info!

We should all start calling the providers and demand them to block the number nationwide.Let's do it all together . they are going to be so busy that they won't be able to take care of costumers who have normal problems not like this major one.Then they will finally do smth about it.

Keep getting a call from +504 9711 9742
What is this?

Just got a call from (786) 204-4358 rang twice and no voicemail was left! I will definitely not call back

9:22 on the west coast, got a call from 786-204-4358...I don't know anyone in Florida...gonna put a block on it...thanks to everyone for posting their experiences

This number 7862044358 called my mothers cell phone then an hour later my dads cell phone. I told them not to answer it. Wish there was a way to stop these people. 90 percent of my phone calls are these type of scam numbers

I just got a call as well, didn't call back. If this really is a scam, what exactly are these people getting out of ripping people off? I can't imagine they get paid for having someone on the line. Maybe people who have something against you add you to a list for revenge or something.

I had a missed call from that 786-204-4358 number on my cell phone today. I did a Google search and found a lot of information about how it was a scam call and how some people were harassed by it. I am on the "Do Not Call List," too, but people like this don't even take that into consideration....

I just got a phone call from this number, but I did NOT answer it. I do NOT answer any numbers I don't know. They let it ring 4 times, hung up, and then called back again and let it ring another 4 times. Its a robo dialer. Don't let it bother you folks, just ignore and go on. You are letting them win by griping about the idiots. Life is too short. And they apparently have NO life to speak of.

Has anyone written their representatives in Congress? Because the real issue is that "spoofing" a phone number is perfectly legal. You cannot even answer your own phone anymore and now, you cannot even answer your cell phone either. Write your elected reps in Congress and demand they make spoofing phone numbers illegal! They are legitimizing telemarketing fraud by allowing this. Any reason to allow spoofed phone numbers had by now been overshadowed by rampant phone fraud. Demand they stop it NOW!

We get continued robo-call phishing scam calls from various 800 numbers. They even leave recorded messages to call back for an ATT $500 gift card. AT&T has been no help. I can't even get them to block the 800 area code on our phones.I guess they make more money from the "phishers" than the "phishees".

Why not spoof them back with a on line web site and keep doing it until they get SICK of it and at same time u can record their stupid voices !

This is the first time I got a call on my
cellphone and I am glad I looked it up.
Thank you Google. How can we stop these scammers
once and for all!!

I received a call from 786-204-4358 several evenings in row. I do not answer it and there is no message. This number has been calling my landline too....wish it would stop. :(

I got a call from 786-204-4358 today. I didnt answer or call back. I hope the police catch these idiots!

Those people are jerks

I have been getting calls from these numbers.. 202-666-8460, 619-489-0302, 202-556-5522, 458-785-54655(this one had extra number in it.. but didn't call it)

I have been getting calls from these numbers.. 202-666-8460, 619-489-0302, 202-556-5522, 458-785-54655(this one had extra number in it.. but didn't call it)

I have been calls from these numbers..202-556-5522
4-587-855-4655(extra number.. didn't call back)
619-489-0302 202-666-8460 931-378-7819 678-260-3571....678-260-3869&3569 619-478-6153
323-489-7500 678-767-1888... I added all these to my reject list... so they couldn't come through.

I just received the call, picked up, said hello & I get someone speaking Spanish. I don't speak Spanish but I did recognize the word ocho.. I hung up after I didn't get a response. I am going to add them to my block list. I have an Android

I just received a call from a 13 digit number....googled it and found nothing. Anybody heard of 8615906546373?

Has anyone ever heard of receiving a call from a 13 digit number - 8615906546373. I received a call from this number tonight.

Country code 86 is China according to fonefinder.net. They have phones all over the world now.

Before receiving this call did any one of you make a blocked call too any government office or law firm?

Before receiving this call did any one of you make a blocked call too any government office or law firm?

unknown caller ,, did not answer ... no message left

I just got a call from this number. Never usually get random calls from Florida.

I got a call from (786) 204-4358
FL, USA at 3:05 p.m. I just declined because if it's important, they can leave a message. If you get a call from this number don't answer! Just ignore it and then if you have an iPhone, block the number.

omg i JUST got a call from them too

There's hope.

If calling that number results in a message from your wireless carrier. Something stating that the number is blocked. And briefly why. Details availalbe via link or text.

This is technologically possible 45 years after the moon landing. And there's even a federal trade commission that could regulate it.

This is a phone scam run by the Mexican Cartels. If you answer on a smartphone, it downloads program that allows them to see you through phone camera anytime. Block the number and don't answer. Your money will only supply the Cartel.

So, this 786-204-4358 called in February (2014) and I didn't answer, didn't call back. No problems. Forward to three days ago (April 26) and I receive a pic/media message. My cell phone service and phone (not sure which is 'guilty' of the following) will not allow you to see the sender until you 'retrieve' the message. Thinking this is an expected pic of a family member, I retrieve message... only to be told I have a data balance of 'zero' which I know is definitely NOT true (have never used even 25% of data allotment, and new air/balance time had just kicked in on the 23rd... in other words, basically full data allotment should have been available). I send a few regular texts to ask my usual senders of pic mail if they'd sent something, etc. -- no one recalls sending a message around that time. Look at my call history and... 'that' number is listed as calling twice on that day, same time as that 'stamped' on the mysterious message that no one I've asked (about 7-8 folks) claims to have sent. This can't be merely coincidence, can it? More importantly, what can be done to prevent this from happening in future (in addition to more vigilance on my part)?

Just got a call from 786-204-4358. Ignored. No message.

The 786-204-4358 number rang on my phone, and I didn't answer it because I thought it was another scam: the East Indian job recruiting boiler room people, where they use Skype to look as if they're calling from within the U.S. Because I got way too many emails and calls from them, I didn't even bother to call back. If someone with an Indian name emails and/or phones you about a job opening, it just might be someone from those Mumbai or Calcutta boiler rooms.

There is no harm in checking out whether it is a genuine call or not, no matter from where the call is being made. If there is something fishy like asking for your details, then do not respond.

Phone rang. Checked Caller ID. Didn't recognize the number. Didn't answer. Done. No muss. No fuss. Not much time taken up with nonsense.
Didn't pick up to let the caller(s) know that it was a viable number.
Didn't listen to find out what accent was used or what the purpose of the call was. Didn't care then. Don't care now.
Didn't get upset if the DNC was adhered to (I'm on it but scammers, who don't follow the DNC guidelines, will find ways to get around it) or what Obama is going to do about it.
I have a life and instead of getting bent out-of-shape, morally indignant, cursing and slamming the phone down, and making this a big deal (instead of the small irritant that I choose to make it), I move on with my life. I'm in charge of what takes up my time.
That's just what I do. Simple. More power for me and for you, if you follow my lead, right?

P.S. The DNC IS working; otherwise, calls from legitimate charities, political action
committees, annual fundraising, and other businesses that ARE following
would be calling, also.

It's hard to believe this number is still going strong. Just got a missed call from this number. I'm in IN, but have a NY number. I'm glad this blog post was here.

Yep, they are calling 832 numbers...

Lol @ Sophrosyne! Wow..How many comments did you read?!?

Just received a call, in Spanish, from this number. Calling husband now to tell him to add the 'block' on his phone.

Started right after I gave my phone to optical department at local retailer, that starts with Sea_ and ends with s. Never answer.

The warnings are legitimate. The FTC, BBB and other legitimate sources in the United States have issued warnings about the scam. The scammers use auto-dialers to call cell phones and hang up after one ring in the hope that people will call back. If you receive one of these one ring calls do not call back. Refer to the detailed analysis below for more information about this scam.

If the phone company won't resolve the scam...how do we know they're not "in-on-it?'

I just got a call from 786-204-4358 - didn't answer in time. When I called back, my cat died.

What if I actually picked up the "one ring" call? I answered the call, and just heard a "beep" before they hung up (the call only lasted 4 seconds). I did not call the number back though, since I ended up looking it up and found this page. Do I need to be worried at all?

I got a call from 786 204 4358 and then my couch started on fire.

I got that scam call and I'm:253.

There are so many apps which can help us to track the sender location. So download it now.

...would like to kick their a$$..... pretty bad when this is what you choose to do for a dollar...
get a real job!!!!!!! bunch of loosers!

7:47 PM from 563-362-0253 tell selected by Govt> for non repay grant. Told on Do Not Call List, & discontinued. 7:50 PM same caller, 7:53 PM same caller w/obsenities, curses, foul language. Several times a day Credi Card Services with recorded message. Asked to stop< has no effect. This all is US Govt fault. Law passed to stop, however Compalints seem not to be followed up and thus callers know, and continue to call. Why???

Got a call from 7862044358. I answered, there was a pause and then a very loud recording in Spanish started. It was a woman's voice. I hung up immediately do hopefully no strange charges will appear. Crazy the posts I've seen here, I'm going to block it now.

Received a call from (786) 204-4358 at 11:30 pm. Glad I didn't answer. Googled it.

I got a call from 786-204-4358 today. I didn't know anything about this and this is the first time this has happened to me. I didn't call back, but answered the call and didn't respond when I heard the Spanish automated message. I just hung up. I know now to block this call, and I'll let friends and family know to avoid this call. Thanks for the info guys :) I'm from Mississippi, btw.

Just got the 786-204-4358 call. I have a Western New York area code.

Just called us too. Both lines on the same plan and called by bf and then called me...added to reject list...ty

Anyone get a call from 734-418-9505?

Got a one-ring call from 706 157 8039, has anyone got a hang-up from this number?

I just got a call from 786-204-4358. I rang and then went to a missed call.

I received a missed call from number 786-204-4358 on 5/20 at 12:03 PM. I didn't return the call, my curiosity hadn't peaked at the time. I'm glad I checked this site about it first, saved me and my wallet. To the FTC, what are you doing about it??

Received a call from 786 204 4358, just one ring. No message left. Didn't call back - just googled the number. =/

just got a call from the number 786-204-4358 didn't pick up. But i decided to Google the number and i am glad that i don't pick unless i know the number. 5/22/2014

I just got a call from 786-204-4358, didn't pick up. There was no message, but I decided to Google the number. I'm glad that I didn't pick it up.

I just got a call while traveling for business I in Ohio and the ph# 786-204-4358 called my cell. I never answer calls from phone numbers I don't know. They did not leave a voicemail. I typed phone number 786-294-4358 and I am glad I did. If you see the ph # 786-204-4358, do not answer.

Just received call from 786.204.4358. Answered on first ring, heard beep, then woman speaking Spanish.
Hung up.

Just got a call from 786-204-4358. I didn't recognize it and let it go to voicemail. they left a message in Spanish and then there was a looooong silence and then they hung up.

I received a call from 786-204-4358 I don't trust these people one iota,their annoying looks like verizon could do something about it .

I received these same calls, dont trust em one iota. SCAM!

786-204-4358 just called Texas

I've got a new twist for you. If you answer the call it auto dials another number, you can hear it dialing. I'm smart enought to know it is some maggot from overseas trying to do a rip off.

You hang up when you hear the dialer go on & report them to the FTC & the phone company.

Coming from a cell phone in area code 515.

I just received a call from (876) 369-9238. I don't normally answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, but I'm currently working with several new schools so I wasn't sure. The man who answered had a thick Jamaican accent and I hung up immediately. After throwing the number in Google, the call was from Kingston JM. I have added the number to the reject list on my Android phone. I'm also contacting my service provider to speak with them.


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