Partners bring more than 100 debt collection enforcement actions

When you get more complaints about debt collection than about any other industry, what do you do? If you’re the FTC, you partner with more than 70 federal, state and local government agencies to bring down the hammer on illegal debt collection. And you collectively bring 115 law enforcement actions, including three brand new cases announced today by the FTC, bringing to 11 the number of cases the FTC has filed against 52 defendants so far this year. That’s more than in any year in FTC history.

Operation Collection Protection Infographic

Operation Collection
Protection Infographic

Why all this activity? Well, debt is huge in the US: nearly 30 million Americans have an account in collection, and debt collectors make as many as 1 billion (with a ‘b’) contacts with people. Many of those contacts are legit – real businesses following the law, trying to collect real debt. But the case numbers here show that some debt collection is more than not legit – it’s flat-out illegal.

Take cases like Delaware Solutions and BAM Financial – announced today – and National Check Registry and K.I.P., LLC – both with final orders that were announced by the FTC today. In these cases, debt collectors threatened and harassed consumers about debts that, sometimes, they didn’t even owe. These debt collectors pretended to be government officials, and some threatened people with jail if they didn’t pay. None of these, of course, are good business practices for the debt collection industry – much less legal.

Which is why this unprecedented group of federal agencies, attorneys general, and state regulators joined together to fight these practices. With the scope of debt and debt collection, these practices affect every community, regardless of language or ethnicity. And all of these cases, from all of these partners, are just the beginning. So watch this space for more law enforcement actions against debt collectors who break the law. Read on to learn more about how to spot bogus debt collection – and your rights. And tell us if you spot questionable debt collection practices. Every report matters.

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A lot of income is protected from garnishment like unemployment certain annuities, social security child support in Ohio Disbility any income below 250 a week there are more

I was getting calls from Client Services several times a day . They would ask for people not at my address or people I've never heard from . They seemed to be phishing . They at times were abusive . They seemed to have stopped calling after filling several complaints

good now lets do something about this high Cost Health Insurance rip-off

yes!! Pressler&Pressler out of New Jersey is the worst. I go to Supreme Court AGAIN next week,. This will be the third time!!! They bought a supposed debt of mine but don't have proof of any agreed upon payments. They are ruthless. They send you a "Bible" of all their documents, yet provide no real proof that any of it is valid!! They are a third party collection which I believe is illegal. they don't have my name or address correct on any of the submitted docs and are NEVER prepared for court even with the massive book of "debt" they say you owe. Real scheisters!!!

I'd like to see the whole debt-collection industry shut down. There has to be a better way.
I've personally been harassed by them for many years and I don't have any debts, just a common last name. For those who do have debts in collection, the experience must be terrible.
I've had to learn a new vocabulary to understand their jargon. I've had to spend many hours studying debt-collection law in order to defend myself. I've had to start checking each and every one of my own personal accounts each and every day in order to make sure I don't have anything of my own in arrears.
I'm nothing more than an innocent bystander whose life has been radically altered by the debt-collection industry.

I submitted a complaint to you all some time ago concerning a threatening debt collector contacting me about debts that didn't belong to me, and I'm so happy to see that you all take these complaints seriously.

Hope this includes collectors for medical bills!

Good job, hopefully Capital One will stop selling paid debts off to Portfolio Recovery and the harassment stops!

Not a debt collection doing the calling...just asking for help but to no avail.. :(

Default on a student loan...better believe im gonna collect one way or the other


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