Payday lender gets what’s due… from the FTC

Have you ever been contacted by a lender who says you owe them money, but you’re pretty darn sure you don’t? You’re not the only one.

According to the FTC, some payday lenders bought consumer financial information from third parties. Using that financial information, they created fake loan agreements, deposited money into people’s accounts, and made unauthorized withdrawals, all in violation of federal law.

What’s more, the lenders lied about the total cost of the loans — not only to consumers who had never asked for the loans in the first place, but also to some who may have authorized the loans. According to the FTC, the lenders told the consumers that their total payments on their loan would be the principal plus a onetime finance charge. Instead, the lenders withdrew biweekly automatic payments that didn’t go toward the principal. So, unless the consumers contested or paid down the loans, they were making interest-only payments indefinitely.

The lenders’ ill-gotten gain? A cool $49 million over 10 months, according to the FTC’s review of bank records.

None of this sits well with the FTC, which asked a federal district court to stop the practices and to preserve the possibility of providing refunds to the consumers.

Before you decide to take out a short-term loan, consider all your alternatives, and use extreme caution when you share personal information online.

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Yes I got calls

Why are not naming the thief that's doing it.

Had a lot of them ,But always pad it until One I notice a bill coming again to me so i didn't pay it .Now i have a collectors on my case . now my credit is bad an cant get even a small. loan on my name . what can i do tell me thank you Marie Nakachi


From the press release:

The complaint announced today was filed against: 1) CWB Services, LLC; 2) Orion Services, LLC; 3) Sand Point Capital, LLC; 4) Sandpoint, LLC; 5) Basseterre Capital, LLC (based in both Nevis and Delaware); 6) Namakan Capital, LLC; 7) Vandelier Group, LLC; 8) St. Armands Group, LLC; 9) Anasazi Group, LLC; 10) Anasazi Services, LLC; 11) Longboat Group, LLC, also doing business as (d/b/a) Cutter Group; 12) Oread Group, LLC, also d/b/a Mass Street Group; 13) Timothy A. Coppinger, individually and as a principal of one or more of the corporate defendants; and 14) Frampton T. Rowland, III, individually and as a principal of one or more of the corporate defendants.

Also a group called ARG GROUP is trying to say they r collecting a debt from cutter group. There address goes to a ups store..these people make me sick.

I had an issue with Mass Street Group (what was also knows as something Holdings) a few years ago, they took out at least $600 from my bank account. I filed FTC complaints about them at that time.

Amanda, Did you ever get your money back?

Rasario, could you please tell me what press release this is?

Sure, it's the press release this blog refers to: FTC Action Halts Payday Loan Scheme That Bilked Tens of Millions From Consumers By Trapping Them Into Supposed “Loans” They Never Authorized. I'm sorry it wasn't clear on my previous reply. I fixed the link. Thanks.

FINALLY. I've been eagerly watching for news of this since 2012, and I am so glad to see the "lenders" on this complaint. This has been a never-ending battle for me. Calls to my employer, calls to my distant relatives, and the players in the game change every few weeks. It's "sold" to a new party downstream and the cycle repeats. I trusted that they'd eventually get their turn to be served, as they've threatened to do to me for two years. Thanks, FTC!

Oh they aren't done with their threats!!! I've been dealing with them since Aug 2011 and thought i made a settlement offer last fall to make it go away - today - I was almost arrested!!!!! They are charging me with criminal credit fraud for not paying them for a loan I never took out!!!!!!!!!!!

Report problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.

If you think someone stole your personal information and used it to get a loan, visit It has information about what to do.

Will not give name of companies, but I declined a payday on line a couple of years ago. No money ever deposited or withdrawn from account. Shortly after, call said they have a NSF check returned. Told them no have overdraft protection, got mad at me and asked for address to turn into AG. Phone number when I called disconnected.
Two years later get another call about the same thing, told them I have proof, no money ever deposited or withdrawn from my account. Said we can go to court or settle out of court for $XXX.OO. I asked how do I get the money to you, that person gives me another person s name and calls him. She then snaps and asks didn t you say your dad was in law enforcement, yes and so was my father in law. That person starts to backpeddle, this will be dismissed, too late for them, I had plenty of information.
Get a think in the mail asking me for a copy of my social security card for a credit card I did not request. NO WAY AM I SENDING THAT. I called and told them that is a fraudulent application. Also told them dad and father in law were in law enforcement and this is a federal offense. With minimal information from me, someone tried to add their name to an account that was not yet complete. This gal I have known for 12 years said they picked the wrong person to mess with. In addition to my dad being retired, I am originally from Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant, New York City. I have the gloves off on this one, and if brass knuckles were legal, I would have them on my fingers.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

You can also report to your state and local consumer protection agencies.

They can't arrest you or have you arrested. (Sorry, you probably know that already since this post is a year old) lol Anyway, these people can't do crap. Some guy tried threatening me too, I laughed and told the guy come get me. I said I would be sitting on the porch sipping an iced tea, waiting for him. LOL!

Yeah, some guy called today too. Saying I took out a loan in 2011, which I never did. Have my old email. He said we can have you arrested for criminal fraudulent blah blah blah. I said ok well this call is being recorded and I will be forwarding it my lawyer whilst we are on the line. He hung up so damn fast hahaha

I'm getting the same thing done to ke. Every few months and I know we haven't took a loan from these people. They can't give me any information.


was either of them Ace Cash Services? I received two threatening emails today as well, saying I was going to be sued. Threatening they would contact my employer, etc. I never had a payday loan with this company but they had the last 4 of my social and the last 4 #s of my old checking acct. I believe that a company I once used has sold my information to these scammers.

I just had a call from them today 02/11/2015 only it wasn't ace It was Financial Crimes they thrthreatened that by 2 p.m today i was going to jail if i didnt pay out of court cost of $396. Called my lawyer and they called them back he was stuttering be on the look out for phone number 512 686-4993 Adam Plevik or Paul Newkirk

received an email that I owe money to us fast cash and that I am violating fbi, bank fraud, etc. in order to settle a Austin Jones contact number 347-753 8205 ask that I call to settle. this is a scam and I would like information on how to stop these people.

You can file a complaint and report your experience at help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. Watch this video to learn how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters. You can also forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the Federal Trade Commission at Be sure to include the complete spam email.

About time those people are made to pay
Have personally been scammed twice myself from people who say I owe the FTC money & won't release my loans until that money they say I owe is paid

I had the same issue with a green pay day lender saying the i must pay 180 after they already taking 95 dollars and not refunding me and requesting more prior to release the loan. do not do business or deal with green payday loan in PA and this is the number they are calling from 412 342 5219.

This just happened to me today. What can I do????

HAD SOMEONE CALL ME FOR THE LAST TWO-THREE WEEKS ABOUT A PAYDAY LOAN AND NOW IRS. Office Julie Smith from the IRS at 202-241-9749 and Joe Thomas from Horizon medication

I had a call from some Indian guy saying he was from the IRS.

The IRS will send a notice in the mail, it will be certified and often times require a signiture if you owe money to them. You can always call the IRS as well.


These people have been calling me! A little under a month ago, these debt collectors started calling me and my family saying I had to pay them a debt, or I would have to go to court, and pay for all the court fees too.

The debt collectors said they worked for St Armunds, and I had a debt to pay back of $500. I never took out this debt, I didn't even have my credit card till June. How do you make these people go away?

I was a dumb one, took out a $250 loan from payday yes I set up automatic payment and when I paid off the $350 they kept taking payments out.I called them and they said no I just was paying on the interest that it has to roll over 3 times until paid,,This was several years ago, to this day I get different collection agency's calling me saying they have a suit against me, but it is not on my credit report.. and I had to call the police 3 times and report threats made against me.. how can I make these people leave me alone? every time I change mu number they always find me, they say I owe $750 now..Bull!!!

You have to send them a letter asking them in writing to stop calling you. This should stop the calls, but it won’t eliminate the debt. Find out what are your rights when dealing with debt collectors in this article. We’ve also written about this on this blog before.

Great to see someone protects the people! Need to find out how credit union's can charge fee's when you put money in when they open and they say funds were withdrawn at 5am! If you can't put money in until 8am no one should be able to take it before 8am ! The changing of time causes a fee then a domino effect of more fee's!

Not only do they charge very very high interest rates they now resort to these practices. When is this all going to end.......Lock up the executives and throw away the keys!!!!!!!

I had this happen to me exactly how the legal brief states. I was shopping for a valid installment loan of $2000.00. After working with a bank who would have approved the loan if it was for at least $3000.00(didn't need that much) I was given a web address by their representative. The sight looked official and listed testimonials of actual banks that you would normally be familiar with so I filled out the online application and it required that I provide a bank account to continue with the process. When I saw that the loan was initially approved by the Cutter Group for $500 and another from Hydra Financial for $300. I automatically denied the loans and thought that was the end of it. Later that day I received an email stating that they would call to confirm the information for the loans. I thought to myself ok I will let them know when they call that I declined the loan online and that would be the end of it. I received no call that day and the following day I got an email with the terms of the loan so I tried to contact both Hydra & Cutter Group using the phone number provided none of them worked. I emailed the contacts back and told them I declined this and never approved this. They told me that they had already made the deposit and they would retract the money. I advised them I am not paying any interest. I asked how long it would take and she said it would occur Mon or Tues of the following week. I waited 2 weeks then closed my account after some research. I soon found out that they didn't make an effort to debit the account when they said they would much later. I was not provided with any information other than email to make arrangements to pay off the debt plus the interest at that point. I was later contacted by a company that I made arrangements with but they wanted a check account number to debit for payment. I told them they could debit a prepaid card(I refuse to give anyone else my account no). I received a paid in full letter in 2013. Since then I have been contacted by 4 additional companies wanting payment for the same accounts but a different company name with the most recent one trying to collect for a Canyon Creek LLC (I have never heard of these people). They threatened to serve me with papers and would not accept the paid off letter as the other 3 companies had done. This all occurred on the 9/19th. I have recently come to find out that Canyon Creek LLC is associated with CWB Services which is Cutter Group the same company. Which is under investigation by the FTC I am tired of having to go through this over and over again. If I receive any letters for a judgement at my home or work I am going to be livid after finding all of this information out about this unscrupulous company. Any suggestions of what I need to do when or if the company that contacted me on 9/19 calls back?

Please report your experience at, and file a complaint with your local consumer protection office.

Thank you for the information. I have filed a complaint with the federal consumer finance group as well as my local attorney general's office.

I'm getting a call saying he's a police officer a warrient will be issued for me the attorney general is saying I owe 540 to a loan place I don't no anything about it I need help

It sounds like the call is from a fake collector. A fake can get some of your personal information, to make himself sound convincing, but he's still a fake. Some signs of a fake collector:

  • wants you to pay for a loan you do not recognize
  • refuses to give you a mailing address or phone number
  • asks you for personal or sensitive information
  • tries to scare you into paying by threatening to have you arrested, taken to court or reported to law enforcement

For more information, please see Don’t recognize that debt? Here’s what to do.

I hope these comments do not reflect the current state of our educational system or we are in a lot of trouble. How do we expect the FTC to provide solutions when they are unable to understand what the issue is in the first place. Please fellow citizens, help make better use of FTC resources starting with complete sentences. If we can provide the FTC with clear and concise messaging, they will become a greater tool for the people. I apologize for the rant. (I was tempted to insert grammatical error here) 010010110110111001101111011101110110110001100101011001000110011101100101001111010111000001101111011101110110010101110010

Well guys all this sounds familiar, I heard and seen it all. Claiming I owe this amount or that amount,I will be arrested tomorrow, contact an attorney,etc. But ya see I know exactly who I owe,when the debt occurred, the amount,whether I've paid them or not.There are some want to loan me so many thousands of dollars, when a reputable real loan company want loan me $100.00 because my credit is so damn bad!But listen up I did fall for a scam back in 20012 which I was scammed out of 800.00,with the promise of $10,000!And I haven't been the same Financially since,a lesson to be learned!Not again.Besides every real collector I owe is on my credit report,and I do know for a fact whether its mine or not.If these other "Loan Sharks" is legitimate why don't they send you a Certified letter in the mail,or something of that nature!


So damn familiar!!!! I won't reveal yet what i'm doing becuase of situations just the same but i will say
this,i'm going way above & beyond all of their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too. If money is deposit into your account and the company promise to deposit more after you buy some gift cards to pay back to show effort to the government to boost your credit, wait to see if that check will bounce before because it will. If a company puts you through hoops and looses their temper it's because the scam is calculated and time sensitive before their scam is revealed by your bank. Always use a prepaid card from a store to receive funds never give your info out over the the phone or online. 9 times out of 10 it's a scam! Those Indian guys are out for blood. Speedy Cash is a SCAM. They write their own reviews. Don't fall for their tricks. They take arcana he of people who are financially Vanerable, tying to make ends meet and trying to clean their credit.

I got caughf in the loop of payday loans to the point where i had six going at once... on payday i would have to go to all of them to renew them and by the time i was done it would be pretty much my whole check was gone... after i lost my job i paid back what i could but defaulted on 3. I ended up paying back one and was left with speedy cash and plaingreenloans - an internet payday loan company... speedycash was tied to my netspend prepaid account so it was easy to avoid but after almostba year of hounding on the phone and collection notices i hadnt gotten any correspondence from them lately... forgetting all about them i deposited $500 into my netspend account the other day to pay a court fee which i needed to pay because my liscense got suspended. This morning i received a text saying $316 pending for speedy cash. My bank basically said there is nothing to be done. Now i have to wait 7 days to file dispute. Even then she said to win i will have too submit proof of resolution with lender. Speedy cash is shady as hell i understand that they wanted their money back but to keep trying to deduct funds for one time payment one year after i defaulted they totally screwed me over with my traffic court payment and i am so mad im lucky netspend doesnt do overdraft or like insufficient fund charges. Lesson is if you dont plan to pay back a payday loan close that account for good because just getting a new card wont help as card numbers change, your account and routing number do not. I feel so helpless and stupid for letting this happen.

SCAM ALERT: If you get a call saying "You owe a PAYDAY LOAN and we are filing charges today" HANG UP If they say "You need to call Mr. ___ to clear this matter up" HANG UP If they say "your pay day loan is within the Statute of Limitations" HANG UP BLOCK THE NUMBER
The scam is to bully you into believing you owe money on a payday loan you took out and didn't pay back. In your confusion you think back and yes you did take out a payday loan and you "think" you paid it back. Well, you probably did! The CROOKS are using an old list of payday loan customers and pulling this scam. They asked me for $3500 until I mentioned a lawyer then they rolled down to $500.00.

The same exact thing happened to me & it was very scary! You never know how it feels to have some stranger yelling at you and demanding that you send them a substantial amount of money via Money Gram until it happens to you! For what? And yes...maybe I did take out this or that how many years ago & thought it was resolved/paid back/taken care of...I'm not sure now...they start talking so fast, won't provide information regarding the claim they are making against you, and the threats are scary and seem real-they even read my DL # to me! Thankfully I calmed down and began my own research on the phone # my ex-in-laws were called from in an effort to "track me down" and found several other comments/posts regarding harassing/threatening phone calls being received from the same # (843-410-0546). I have been able to find out the callers claim to be doing business for or as Alliance Federal Holdings Collection/Kenneth White and Associates...not sure of anything further except that this experience let me know it can happen to anyone even me!

In 2012 I tried to barrow a payday loan from Cash-max USA and found out later on that hey were a scam. I had purchased a green dot card from a Wal-mart store in Bayou Vista, La. and sent them a payment for $200.00 upfront for the loan. I never received the money and when I called them back, they said they needed another $200.00 to help me get the loan. That's when I found out that they were scaming people. I tried to get my money back to no avail and just gave up. Their phone number was 8134232102 in Florida. They are still in business. They will not speak to you, once they know who you are.

I have been receiving very threatening calls from someone calling himself Anthony Davis from Rubin & Yates. He calls many times a day and speaks very fast. It's as if he is reading something and I can hear other people talking as well, as if they are in a large call center all making phone calls. He says words like "docket" and "federal charges" and says that he has been "on the line with federal agents" in regards to my "federal fraudulent activity" and he goes on and on. He says that I better call him back IMMEDIATELY or I will face charges with my local county. He said that I owe on a payday loan fro CP Investors. I do not owe them. I had a small payday loan with them years and years ago and it was paid in full. They obviously got my information somewhere and are trying to scam me. I told them to stop harassing me and that if there was a debt, they needed to mail me the information in the mail so I could take it to an attorney. He said that he had already done that several times and I my case has been deemed, "Uncollectible" and for my own sake and the sake of my family, I better be ready to make a statement to exonerate myself. There is no use in blocking the number because he just calls from another number and tells me that he will continue to call and he does. Over and over and over again. I am changing my number tomorrow which makes me very upset because that, in itself is a huge inconvenience. I hope it stops the calls.

I have been having this problem with these lenders,saying they are payday lenders, They say I owe money to them and they will download a file to the FTC, THE FBI, If I don't pay. and my bank and employers, They say the United Legal Investigation Bureau Has Stated 4 Serious Allegations Against Me and they are: Violation of Federal Banking Regulation,Collateral Check Fraud, Theft By Deception,And The Biggest One is E.F.T. Electronic Funds Transfer. It Says In a Message Dated 7-16-14 Eastern Daylight Time, They say I'm going to be legally prosecuted in the courthouse within a couple of days, They Say my SSN is put on hold by the US Government so before something goes wrong, we would like to notify you about this matter and It seems that I have ignored their efforts to contact to resolve my debt with payday services me. The number they gave me to call is +1-843-558-8300.They say at this point I've made my intentions clear.and leave them no choice but to protect their interest in this matter. I haven't borrow anything in July of this year at all, and I did borrow from one of a reputable but I paid it back and it was in 2008. I was late but It was paid back.

This sounds like a scam. The FTC doesn't take files from debtors. And you won't be arrested for owing money. If a debt collector is threatening you or lying to you, report it.

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.

Funny I received the same email with the same exact wording and threats.They must be using the same letter for everyone....

I received a email and phone calls at my work threatening me threatening to seize my social security number and sue me unless I pay 870 dollars.

Ok thank Youl

Ive been getting calls from Integrated Recovery Service...(855)228-6832. They say I owe Plain Green Lenders from two years ago. Which at one time i did have a small loan with them and paid it off. They also have mentioned contacting the sheriffs office in my county. The man has talked very stern and quite fast...when I have asked him to slow down on all of this, he just keeps going on. He also said that he strongly reccamends that I make arrangements today to have 3 payments taken care of the next 3 months. I dont know what to do with all of is quite frightening how people have gotten ahold of all my past loan information...and have made contact with me and demands that I pay.

I'm getting calls from a company called Regional they call claimed they have a case and leave a case number and to call back right away or will be going to court the number they call from is 1-855-865-6183. They claim they are collecting for St. Armands LLC this company is no longer in business i called the number listed.

I have gotten calls from them also, they just won't stop. They call me at work even i
After I have repeatedly told them to stop.

I'm getting calls from a company called Regional they call claimed they have a case and leave a case number and to call back right away or will be going to court the number they call from is 1-855-865-6183. They claim they are collecting for St. Armands LLC this company is no longer in business i called the number listed.

I have the same situation with a guy name Tom Wilson claiming to work for Capital one he said I was approve for a loan I gave him all the information that he wanted I did not receive the money I did research of my own and I found out that this was a scam so I went on FBI crime unit and fill out my complaints gave them all the information I had on the three people and there telephone numbers I hope they catch them

I just talked to Mitch Tanner from Delaware Solutions saying that Fast Cash loans is going to file a lawsuit and take me to court if I don't pay $300 from a loan I took out Jan. 2013. I know I did not. But, they have my social security number.

Received a call from a debt collector stating they were from the Law Office of Carrie Majors. I asked them for their address and was given 1000 Gaudelupe, Austin, TX. I googled the address which is the Travis County Court House. The debt collector insist their office is located in this building. I called the court house and was told this is not true.

I received an email a few days ago threatening my job and stating that my social security number would be put on hold and I would not be able to get a job any where because of this. There was an official looking attachment that stated there was a loan taken out in January of 2012 and if I didn't pay them the $949 that they were requesting that I would end up owing them about $4000. I replied to the email asking what this was in regard to? Then next email that I received was my full name, the last four of my ss, birth date, and address. At the end was a form letter stating that they were a company that controlled over 350 payday loan companies. That I have refused to pay my loan back etc. I asked for more detailed information like dates that the application and deposit was made, name of the bank that the deposit was made into, and direct contact information. They replied with an email naming a payday loan company that I have never dealt with, and didn't give any of the other information that I requested. I again requested the same information and the next email floored me...This email named a bank that I have used in the past with routing number, and account number, and a date of December 2012 for the deposit date. I had to request the contact information yet again. This time I was given a phone number, and the email basically stated that the only way they would deal with me was by email. Because if I call and set up a payment; that way, they were unable to update that in their system and I wouldn't feel secure about this. I have not returned any further emails and they have not attempted to contact me again. I was just glad that they did not have my current bank listed. I would've been closing accounts immediately!!!

The little people are being nickle and dimed to poverty. I had to get an online payday loan to pay overdraft fees to my bank. The overdraft fees cost more per dollar than a payday loan. This day and age with all of the debits and EFT's if you forget to write something down it could take out a whole paycheck in overdraft fees. People are too embarrased to say anything if it happens to we continually get robbed blind. If you try to correct a mistake and get money in it always works out where the largest amount is put through first so they can charge 35.00 a transaction.

I got a email from a John Harris from United Cash saying they are pressing charges against me. His title is Chief Financial Officer, have anyone else got this email and what can I do about this. I never got money from this company. Please help.

My wife was called at her work, told that she had 3 hrs to come up with $850.00 to repay on old payday loan or be halled off to jail by federal agents. She panicked and took money out of savings and purchased prepaid visa cards and gave them the numbers over the phone. As soon as they finished removing the funds from the cards they told her she had another loan that if she didn't pay it, the same thing would happen, only thing is this time they said she owed $1000.00. She called me all upset and in a panic, I told her there is no debter's jail, you can't be arrested for oweing money without going infront of a judge and all that first. We got on a three way call with the idiots that had been calling her eariler that day, they had given her time to go get the money together. I told them that I wasn't going to give them any money, in fact I had my lawyer with us and we were standing on the courthouse steps waiting for them. The guy put us on hold for about 5 minutes, them transfered us to his "supervisor" who said that they couldn't have agents there till the next day. I told him he either had his agents show up in 5 minutes or she didn't owe them anything and I also told them the entire conversation was being recorded. He got so upset when I told him that, said what I was doing was illegal, I told him no what they were doing was illegal and he hung up on me.

What do we do about 2 delinquent reports on our official credit report for Payday loans we NEVER took out.?? At the time these fraudulent loans were issued, we had (and continue to have) a 7-year hold on our credit. We've been harrassed by unscrupulous debt collectors for 6 months threatening all sorts of legal action for these fraudulent loans. One of the payday loans came from a company that the FTC just put out of business b/c of the illegal practices this article outlined. Now, to get these delinquent reports removed, we have to jump through all sorts of hoops with the 3 credit agencies (giving them access to our ss# and drivers license #) proving WE ARE IN FACT WHO WE ARE!!! The debt collector who lodged these on our credit has an F rating w/the BBB. And no one questions them????????

Someone named Jonathan Friedman called me claiming I owed over $700 to Canyon Creek for a payday loan that I never took out! I have never even heard of this company and they threatened me with a lawsuit, garnished wages, etc. I am contacting the FTC and BBB about this.

I just received a call from that supposed Canyon Creek saying that I owe over $2000 and I never even heard of these people. Telling me that I am being prosecuted for fraud and I am going to court..WTF!!!! SCAMMERS!!!
And they said it was from 2010. Ok, so 6 years later they want there money! NOT!!!

I have some attorney email me from advance cash saying i owe 740 dollars i had two hours to respond if i didn't that it was being taking from my check and being taken to court. i never recieved any notices or money from these people

I just received a call from a company who said I owed money to someone called Canyon Creek from 2013 for a payday loan. I knew this was fishy, I've never gotten a payday loan. Once I told them that I wanted a copy mailed to give to my attorney, someone else got on the line and threatened me and called me a liar. I hung up on them....

Just had the same issue via email threatening to garnish my wages and file criminal charges. CASH ADVANCE, Inc. The address and phone number does not relate to an actual business with that name. When I called, nice non-English speaking folks juggled me around from one person to the next and finally hung up on me. FTC complaint has been filed. BEWARE of Cash Advance, Inc

I've been getting the same harassing phone calls and e-mails, stating they were going to sue me and serve papers. although I've yet to see anything served to me, it doesn't seem to preven them from annoying me. I do do know I have some debts out, but all of these debts are accounted for already, and none of them have threatened to take me to court. Admittedly, I have taken out pay day loans, and may not have paid them all back, but, it is not illegal to not repay a debt. They also never show on a credit report, since these debts are not considered to be loans based on good credit, therefore operate under a different set of rules. There really needs to be some regulation of pay day loands, and one way to start to get rid of all online loan companies. They charge absolutely exorbitant fees and interest (which is excessive usury). I not coming down on all pay day loan companies, but they need to be storefront operations, that way you know what you getting into before you sign a contract for the loan. I will be continuing my contat with the FTC about this issue, because it is illegal what they're doing.

I have received 2 calls from the Patterson Group (855-427-8471 and 704-266-4027) claiming I owe money for Express Check Advance. I have never done business with this company. They have my social security number and date of birth. SCARY...They said if I did not pay $360 they would sue me for $2,179. I told them to go ahead....I would love to see them in court! Can't the FTC stop this type of scam? I have never had a check advance but they sure know me!

Scammers can get your name and basic information from public directories. If you get an unwanted call, the best thing is to hang up the phone. If you press any number you are confirming that your number works, and talking to them might increase the calls.

my husband got a unknown call he was working so they left a message to call back 1-844-232-4557.. we have been talking to a jason lord and a elizabeth jones...they say that their client canyon creek mangement is filing a suit aginst my husband for a $400 loan that they cannot provide an exact date when we got it but they can provide what account/bank it was deposited to..also their company name is called regional llc from atalnta georgia. they have now contacted my mother in law reason being for she can pass on the message to my husband when in fact he has already contacted them and has not denied contact.. what should we do

A debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. The notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money.

It's against the law for a company to not give you proof of the debt, or to tell other people, including your family members, friends, and employers, about the debts. Debt collectors also can't lie, and say they are lawyers if they aren't.

You have the right to sue a collector in a state or federal court within one year from the date the law was violated. The FTC’ s article Debt Collection has information about your rights.

These payday lenders are criminals and they using your personal information against you. I have been dealing with a Dave Lange who says he is an investigator looking to serve me legal documents, he has referenced a former County I used to live in and he says that he will "cease" the processing if I call this 866-408-4314 number. So I called and it is an automated voice mail message stating they are the "garnishment division" and if you are calling this number during the hours of 8am to 5pm they are on another call and they ask the caller to leave your name, number and case number and they will call back in 24 hours. If this was truly legit there would be no voice mail you would get a live person. This company is also now resorting to calling my family members. I never took out this loan and they state I did so in 2012 and they even called me at my current employment which is inaccurate because I was not at my current job in 2012. I am trying to get the name of this company and their address but I suspect they won't divulge this the harassment will continue and I have to communicate to all family and friends that if they get a phone call from this "investigator" to tell them to stop calling or they will file a lawsuit. If I had to do it over again let me tell you!!!

West Over Harp at 417 main street in Holyoke, Ma. 01040 and Phone Number 1-866-229-4277 call me and stated that I have a warrant out for my arrest for a Pay day loan I receive in 2013 which was a Big Lie also stated they would take me to court or I can use my credit now and pay it off as I check things out and found out it was all a SCAM. They also go by Westgate or Coach Services. BE ALERT

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give in a complaint will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also contact your state and local consumer protection agencies.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

My sister has a medical condition and she is being harassed by this so called Recovery Asset Management. I'm thinking of hiring a lawyer to sue this High Point Assets Inc. Can I do that? Can I sue them for "stress related" solicitations? I have an email saying they bought four loans from different PAYDAY loan companies..

By the way there are in the US and my sister is making money by flipping burgers and don't know how to loan money using a computer. Thanks, Teek-B

A legitimate debt collector has to follow rules about when to call and what to say. This FTC article about debt collection tells more about your rights. It explains what to do if you want a debt collector to stop calling you. That doesn't make the debt go away, but it will stop the calls.

If you ask a legitimate debt collector, he has to send you written proof of the debt. If you ask, the collector has to tell you how much money you owe, the name of the creditor you owe and what to do if you don’t think you owe the money.

If you think the caller is a fake debt collector, and you really don't have a debt, read the article about Fake Debt Collectors for tips on handling the calls.

There are several highly regarded firms using the name "Westgate Group" . NONE are in any lending business . Eventually one of them will get blamed for this scam ... hopefully the one with deep pockets and lots of lawyers .

I have gotten calls for the past 4-5 months from 4 different "law" firms trying to collect for a supposed payday loan I NEVER took. they repeated old addresses and such and an acct and acct # it was put into... I went to the bank and asked for copies of all statements and it was never there. the acct numbers do not match, the supposed dates of deposit do not even match. but their voicemail says this is the last time I will be contacted or given a chance to make good on it, or I will be come after at work/residence. there are 2 or 3 allegations pending against me, and so forth and so on. I asked them to provide proof and they said if I do not pay it back, I will be taken to court and given the proof there and there only. I have stressed for months over this and it makes me sick. it is tearing my family apart from the stress financially and emotionally. I have filed complaints against them at every office I could and so far nothing has stopped them. they called me 5 times today alone. they already got 200 out of me in September due to scare tactics but I closed my accts to prevent anything else being taken. what else can I do?

It sounds like the calls are from a fake collector. A fake can get some of your personal information, to make himself sound convincing, but he's still a fake. Some signs of a fake collector:

  • wants you to pay for a loan you do not recognize
  • refuses to give you a mailing address or phone number
  • asks you for personal or sensitive information
  • tries to scare you into paying by threatening to have you arrested, taken to court or reported to law enforcement

You've checked it out with your bank, and there's no sign that you owe this debt. You don't have to keep talking to the fake collectors. Don't give them any personal or financial information. 

If you know the phone number they use, you could ask your phone carrier to block the number. You could use an answering machine to take messages so you don't have to talk to the fake collectors, then delete the messages.

I have been receiving phone calls from different attorneys for a company called the cutter group they put money into my account and when i noticed it i called them and they took their money back everyone that has called me i sent a copy of my bank statements for that month and they tell me they are going to drop it and dont worry about it so i get a call today from a lady that says shes a mediator and i need to pay 279 or we will go to court and they will add 2000 to that.and i told her i can get my statements for that month n send them to her she said no its probably from interest.i want to knpw who i need to talk to about this

You might be getting calls from fake debt collectors. A fake collector might have some of your personal information, like a bank account number.

A caller may be a fake debt collector if he:

  • wants you to pay on a debt you don't recognize
  • won't tell you his mailing address or phone number;
  • asks you for personal financial or sensitive information; or
  • tries to scare you into paying by threatening to have you arrested or reported to law enforcement

You can report a fake collector to the FTC at, and to your state Attorney General’s office.

Yes, I was contacted by a savanna Brown with Sparks recovery representing J.D. Mrktg group. She tried to extort money from me plain and simple. She claimed that they had loaned me $400.00 and that I defaulted on the agreement and I now owed $2500.00. Every time I requested proof that I received any money from them she would ignore my request and try to talk over. me. She tried bullying me(big mistake). I reported her to the FBI fraud division.

Hello Have you heard from these people anymore since you posted in December? I am having a terrible time with these people!! I also reported her to the FBI fraud division.

The same thing happened to me. I received phone call from a company claiming to be Stark Recovery, using a phone number of 1 866 - 281-6831. She states she has a file claim number on me, and that i defaulted on a payday loan in 2012. She states if i pay today, i will be all set, otherwise they will proceed with action against me. They are also calling my co-workers, at home!! I have no idea how they are getting co-workers phone numbers since i do not even have these co-workers phone numbers! I reported them to the FBI and BBB. Do not pay these people any money!! Its a SCAM

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. Blog comments don't go into the database.

You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.

I got a call from an impact mediation representing westgafe group for a payday loan of 900 I had payday loans but filed bankruptcy and I a! Still in the bankruptcy but they said I didn't file on this lender who lends the payday loan company the money they said if I don't pay by Friday it will go to arbitration I am scared

The person who called you might be a fake. He might be trying to scare you to get your money. You don't have to send money just because someone says you owe money, or because he knows you had a loan. People can know things about you, but that doesn't prove they are legitimate. Talk to the credit counseling agency that is helping you with bankruptcy before you send money.

Before you filed for bankruptcy, you went to credit counseling classes. After you file for bankruptcy, you go to debtor education classes. You have to get a certificate that shows you finished the debtor education classes before your debts will be discharged.

If you are still in the bankruptcy process, contact the credit counseling agency that you worked with.

If you need to find a credit counseling agency, you can use this list of approved credit counseling providers.

The person who called you might be a fake. He might be trying to scare you to get your money. You don't have to send money just because someone says you owe money, or because he knows you had a loan. People can know things about you, but that doesn't prove they are legitimate. Talk to the credit counseling agency that is helping you with bankruptcy before you send money.

Before you filed for bankruptcy, you went to credit counseling classes. After you file for bankruptcy, you go to debtor education classes. You have to get a certificate that shows you finished the debtor education classes before your debts will be discharged.

If you are still in the bankruptcy process, contact the credit counseling agency that you worked with.

If you need to find a credit counseling agency, you can use this list of approved credit counseling providers.

Anyone contacted by Complaint Contact Services?

Got a call from Compliant Contact Services. And as all other comments they say i have two loans from 2010. They can't or won't give all info I need. Besides, I filed A chap 7 in 2011. They insist these loans were not included. Of course they offered a settlement. And if not then they would file fraud documents.

Talking about some crazy scammers, they calling my church, family members, home and job. 502-272-9695 they are out of control. When i talk to them conversation got heated and the gentleman hung up on me.

i get phone call all the time about a warrant for me about a loan i never paid at first i was scared then when i started goggle the number i found out they were scams.

I received a email from katherine grainger from speedy cash they want me to pay by tax-pay voucher(reload it pak) does anyone know if this is a scam or not

If you owe money on a loan, contact the lender and ask about your account. If you owe money, talk to the lender about how to make payments. If you owe money, ask the lender if they are using another company to help collect debts. Find out if the person who called you is really working for your lender.

I have been contacted so many times, I ignore them but have filed complaints against them with the FTC, Attorney General and I just filed a police report. I was told the Cutter group is the one filing against me. This is crap. How can we get removed from their databases. I hate that I ever used a payday loan in the past, but I know for a fact I don't owe anything. They have been paid in full. They are so bad that they even called my sister and my parents trying to reach me. It is a scam and I want them to stop. It really stresses me out. What can be done? I see these articles but no one addresses what is going to be done to stop these lenders from offering these loans nor to they stop the scammers. I contacted my local news and they want me to tell my story in an interview. People need to be warned that Payday loans are not a good thing.

I have been getting these calls daily. I finally decided to answer and was told i owed money for a pay day loan from 2010, its 2016. Lets get real, if i actually owed money from 2010 I would know it. So I requested the manager, Edward was his name, he was very rude. I asked the name of the company, the address, phone number, license number...anything. The MANAGER hung up on me. Sooo I called him back, he wasnt very happy. They told me all the information i need is on a website and they had nothing for me. The phone number is 1-866-667-9132. Beware. OH...Every time I called back, you could hear them sign in the phone before speaking.

I just paid $430 to Impact Solutions. They claim to be a mediation company, the last step before legal action is taken. They did not threaten. The girl Melissa Summers is very good actually. I really believed it, except I never took out a loan the year she claims I went delinquent. She said for security purposes they aren't allowed to provide their address. She pleaded with me to just pay the amount without any paperwork to prove who I owe it to. Claiming that their client already sent it to the wrong address. An address I had over 6 years ago. These companies keep calling once in awhile. When will it end? And do I have any recourse if I paid them?

If you sent money to a fake debt collector, she might call you again. Or, she might sell your contact information to another scam company. This FTC article tells more about dealing with a fake debt collector.

Jones27, Impact Solutions is not a legitimate collection agency. They seem nice at first, but the more you grill them, the more they show your true colors. If you receive another call from ANY company claiming to be the final step before legal action is taken, please ask them the following (and make sure you are in front of a computer so you can look up the information to verify they are giving you correct info):

1. The name of the county and court where they are sending the paperwork (preferably have them provide a fax number)

2. The exact date you took out your loan (and know your state's statute of limitations)

3. Their address and phone number. Don't fall for the BS that they do not give it out for their safety. I have dealt with legitimate debt collectors who always willingly provide an address and phone number.

4. Ask for their website, or Google the name they are providing.

Just a fair warning, "Impact Solutions" called me from (215) 649-7135 today and from the same number claiming to be "T&S Solutions" on Thursday and Friday. I asked why they are calling me from the same number using a different name, and the woman claimed they changed their name due to the level of harassment they were receiving. LOL!

Years ago I was doing payday loans and had to just stop cause it got to the point i could not pay them and still eat. Last week a lady calls me and tells me that she has to issue a warrant for my arrest for one felony and two misdeamor charges for a payday loan, I was scared so i tryed to borrow the money was told to talk to my bank so i did and got it settled with them.

Today a man called saying he was a detitive and wanted to know if i was home cause he has a warrant for me, i told him i cleared it with my bank and we hung up. Seconds later she called and said it is not with my bank but with the payday loan bank and she was call the sherriff's department back to have me arrested. I am still so scared even though everyone has told me that i can not be arrested for this i am still not sure. I live in one state and she is calling from a state I never lived in. Can they really do this

Sometimes fake debt collectors call people who don't have debts, or who already paid off their debt.

If you settled your debt with the lender, and a debt collector calls, you could ask your lender if it hired the debt collector who called. If your lender did not hire the debt collector, he could be a fake. This FTC article tells more about fake debt collectors and how to respond to them.

Someone who threatens you and tries to scare you into sending money could be a fake. A legitimate debt collector is not allowed to harass you or make false statements .

I have received several calls this week from Canyon Creek Management, who want to serve me papers for something associated to a bank account I no longer have. They are slick/vague about what the issue is, and when pressed, get very belligerent. Especially when I told them to buzz off (yeah, not really the word I used) and finally told them if they called again I would report them to the CFPB.

I received a call from 215-649-7135 from "T&S Solutions," claiming to be a mediator and the last step at resolution before arbitration. I asked for clarification on the plaintiff, who was "Kingston Financial," a pay day loan company, attempting to collect a debt from 2009. I fully admit to taking out a pay day loan in 2009, which I paid back and have proof of payment. The person initially sounded legit and became agitated when I asked if I could have contact information to send my proof of payment, then started rambling off random dates of other loans I supposedly took out (nerp, never happened), then told me that if I wanted to keep this matter out of arbitration, I had to pay $500 immediately.

I asked her how I would only owe $1,200 on a $300 loan that was over 7 years late (with interest, etc), so she said she misread the information and that I owe $12,000. LOL! I was feeling a bit like an a-hole and decided to screw with her a bit, so I then asked her to which county she was sending the paperwork, you know, to make sure it got to the right place. She fumbled and then said, "Well, YOUR county. I cannot give you that information because it is not relevant to this matter. Just pay the $500 or I will hang up and you will face the court. I will add a transcript of this call to the paperwork so they know you are difficult."

I told her where to shove her paperwork and hung up. Just received a call from the SAME number, but now they're called "Impact Solutions." Beware, they are a third party company who purchased lists of names from various pay day loan companies either going out of business or in some other financial strain. By the way, pay day loan companies are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and under various predatory lending laws, most, if not all outstanding debt is being forgiven under the law :):)

I was contacted by a Aaron Stone (855) 276-8202 claiming to be a 3rd party collection agency. They claimed the company called Access Holdings LLC had deposited money into a closed account I once had. I did not give them any new information; however they said for a small fee I could get out collections. I contacted my bank got my old records and as I knew; no deposit was ever made. This man claimed I would be sued, legal allegations were going to be made but would all go away if I paid them. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

I was literally just posting about this company and then saw you had mentioned it. I am having the same issue but they are reporting to my credit score. Are they reporting on yours? They have been pretty rude and the bank account attached to the alleged loan was closed almost 2 years before the alleged loan was taken out. I just don't know what to do about my credit report :( was the third party company called Midwest recovery system?

searching for an attorney that knows about payday loan fraud.a

I've received a call from phone number 214-396-7236, which stated that the call came from Dallas, TX. I returned the call and was transferred to Kelly Hendrisks from Federal Law Office Financial Regulation/Department of Fraud Investigation at 440-730-4244. I found out that she is located in Ohio. She stated that I did a Pay Day Loan in 2011 from Greenwood and that I should have received paper work, which I never had from any one. She stated that if I don't pay $560.03 by 1 p.m. today that they were going to file charges of bank/check fraud. I never opened a pay day loan in 2011. I then received an email from a Michelle Collins to pay the $560.03 but instead showed the amount of $595. The email had a company named National Litigation Group. I called my husband, who in turned called Kelly Hendrisks back. He stated that she was very rude etc to him and hanged up on him. I checked with my bank and they found nothing on Greenwood or any amount being deposited from a pay day loan company in 2011. I then checked my credit report. There isn't any pay day loan showing up on my account. Today, I did call the Attorney General of Mass and told them my story. They taken all my information and told me that it is a scam. I then contacted the Federal Trade Commission. I gave them my story and they created a claim on the three company names mentioned in this blog. They too told me it is a scam. While I was still on the phone with the Federal Trade Commission, Kelly Hendrisks left me a voice message stating that I need to take care of this and that my husband was rude and threaten to her. I didn't call back. I then contacted the Consumer Finance and gave them my story. They too started a claim. They also stated that it is a scam. The Consumer Finance stated that no government will contact a consumer via phone, email, etc. for payment. They will always contact by certified mail with return receipt on it.

Aug. 2011 a company by the name of Longboat Group/Cutter Group deposited $400 in my bank account without my knowledge or permission. They then proceeded to withdraw $75 every other week as a loan refinance fee for a total of 7 withdraws totaling $525. When I contacted them to discuss what was happening to my account and how I didn’t authorize this loan or withdraws they wouldn’t work with me. I had to shut down my account to stop them from taking my money. Over the course of the next four years I’d get collection agency’s calling and trying to collect $812 on this fraudulent account. Tuesday May 26, 2015 I received a voicemail from a Mrs. Garcia with an unknown phone number. She stated she was an independent processor from Jefferson County Courts and was trying to serve me with court documents. If I didn't reply or couldn't be reached to be served with the paperwork I would be charged with direct refusal to comply. She left the number 1-832-342-9218 if I had questions. When I called this number on Wednesday May 27th, 2015 it went to a voicemail of someone by the name of Robert Coleman. After calling twice and leaving a voicemail I received a call from a Jefferson County Court number (that is no longer in use) 303-271-6215 with a person on the other end stating they were the police/sheriff trying to serve me papers and demanding my work address. When I refused to give work location they told me to call the "investigator" to set up a time and place to be served. I was given the phone number 1-832-460-6692. The person who answered stated that I owed $812 (to a company called BMG Financial who is somehow connected to the Longboat/Cutter Group but was being collected by ARS Management) and if it went to court it would be over $2,100 and if I opted to be served with paperwork instead of paying the $812 I was threatened the person who would serve me would immediately arrest me with charges of malicious intent and felony bank fraud. When I agreed to pay they made me believe I was being transferred to a Jefferson County court clerk and paying the courts. The next day I noticed my payment wasn't to Jefferson County Courts or to ARS Management the collection agency, but to a company called All Care Services, Inc. located at 5764 Fisk Rd., Lockport, NY 14094 phone: 716-628-2143. I had to have my lawyer contact them get my money back after a strongly worded letter that pointed out all the FDCA laws they broke. They were suppose to remove the fraudulent debt from my credit record. Well today(3-1-2017) I was contacted again by another agency supposedly a third party collecting on behalf of Cutter Group from the numbers 1-855-205-0489 and 1-866-288-9858. This needs to stop! Its been over 5years! Cant the FTC shut them down???

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

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