Phantom debts and fake collection notices

Imagine getting an official-looking letter — with a seal, signed by a judge — that says you owe a lot of money for an unpaid payday loan. Awfully intimidating, right? Especially if it included your correct name, address, and maybe even your Social Security number.

In a new twist on an old scam, criminals are impersonating law firms, judges, and court officials. They send out scary letters and make threatening phone calls about phantom debts to try to convince people to send them money.

So, what should you do if you get one of these nastygrams? No matter how convincing a letter or phone call seems, check it out. Look up the real number for the government agency, office, or employee (yes, even judges) and get the real story. It’s likely to be a scam.

Be suspicious if anyone — no matter who they say they are — asks you to wire money, or load a rechargeable money card as a way to pay back the debt. There’s no legitimate reason for someone to ask you to send money that way.

Curious about other imposter scams? Check out some of our previous scams alerts. And if you haven’t already, sign up to get new scam alerts by email.

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no comments. but where is money. I need money for invest? where I say about it? do something first.

214-504-2986 This company called themselves Global Litigation and it's a total scam. Do not give them a cent! I called and was told that I owed $1200+ to HouseHold Financial. When I asked him for their number to CONFIRM, he "politely" recommend that I "google" their number. When I informed him that I am a licensed CA Bar attorney and asked for the case/docket number, he claimed to be too busy with other clients and to expect to be served.

Glad you posted this. My daughter received a call from the same phone number, but asking for me. It was an automated message left on her voicemail. Talked about a court appearance, bank fraud or check fraud. I knew it had to be a scam. I Googled the phone number and found your comment here. THANK YOU!

Thank goodness that there a sites like this cause I just got one for my twin brother and started to freak out!

Thank you for putting this on the Blog. I received the same call today and it was an automated message left on my voicemail as well. They also talked about court appearance, bank fraud and check fraud. They said they would contact my employer...I don't have one. Thank you again for posting.

I have received 3 of these calls this week. Oddly, they say they are calling a name that is not mine. It is my ex daughter in Law's name..but my phone #. She never lived here and there is absolutely NO way she should be connected with MY phone number. I am ready to throw my phone out the window.

Today this afternoon I received a voicemail from 321-248-7725 the guy stated that there was a lawsuit filed against me and to please call 844-585-8145 an the case number which included the last 4 of my ss#. I called and a nice girl answers the phone and she knew my full name, last 4 of my SS#. She then stated it was from a pay day loan from 2012 for $300 from 5/3 bank and JHS Group. She says but now because of court fees and interest you owe $1925, I told her I don't owe anything and if so everything was included in the bankruptcy. She said hold on let me check your bankruptcy, she said from 2013?, I said yes, she sad sorry that wasn't included in the bankruptcy. I told her well I believe so. She said that is a loan that didn't involve a credit check and was not reported to your credit report.I said ok and how much to settle and she said I would have to place you on hold and find out if the paralegal will allow this as they do want to take you to court. She then said you can settle today for $710.00. I said email me a copy off the charge I am being sued for, she said unfortunately I can't do that because we did that before and then someone changed it and put paid and when we took them to court we couldn't do anything because it stated it was paid in full. Therefore you will be provided a copy when you fulfill the debt. She asked me for a credit card or debit card and I said I don't have one and she said well I will give you until Monday to get a reloadable card. If you do not call back and fulfill this we will file this at your local county clerks office. So she said you are on a recorded call. I was so shocked and especially that they had perfect English , not the typical Indian accent. I guess they know now we are on them. So I of course started to google the phone numbers and JHS Group and I couldn't find anything. I even googled 5/3 bank and who was their pay day loan company, still nothing. I then googled the 844 area code and came up a few sites where people were talking about the scams they had experienced which were the same or similar to mine. I am so glad I found this site because I was like Monday I am calling my Paralegal and I am calling 5/3 bank and see if they are associated with JHS Group. Then I told my husband about the call I received today and he said oh I received a call from that number today , but didn't answer the phone. The kept calling and they knew my name I was working and told them I was busy and I hung up. He was like that is a major scam no one that sues you or is attempting to sue calls you. You basically get served the papers. It so disgusts me what this world has come to. I hope they get these crooks ASAP.. They should be put to prison, sued, etc... Leave innocent people alone...

They are calling every member of my family. I don't know how they get their number. The same person!! I'm so tired of them. It's also an embarrassment with my family members!

Are you saying that the same person has some how gotten the information to your family members and have called and told them you are facing charges?

I just got a call yesterday that I wasn't able to answer due to being at work and a lady left a message. Then my EX mother in law calls me saying the same person called her but the crazy thing is I was married to her son and my last name changed... they are calling using my maiden name however but calling her instead of my own mother ?? I asked her how they got her number and she said they weren't really able to tell her and I have been to scared to call them because I don't have money for an attorney. Did you actually call and speak to someone?

Same thing is happening to me right now. My mom, my cell, my home, and people I barely talk to on the phone in my family are getting calls...I owe nothing, but they just keep calling, and now they are calling my family members. My number is listed private and my cell is in my oldest son a name. The only thing I'm puzzled about is how the would get my family's number and my sisters in laws number? It's down right creeping me out.

I have received a email stating that they are jerry brown that he a lawyer but I have nevery seen a paper or a call say I own 639 dollars if I don't pay I will have a warrant for my rest and my driver license will be surprised and I will have check fraud against me etc...

You have a right to get information if you have a debt.
Every debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” that tells you how much money you owe. He has to send that within five days after he first contacts you. The notice must include the name of the person you owe, and tell you what to do if you think you don't owe the debt.
There are rules about what a debt collector can do. This FTC article about debt collection tells you about your rights.
If someone says you have a debt, but he won't send you proof, he might be a fake debt collector. This FTC article explains how fake debt collectors try to scare people into sending money. If you think someone is a fake, ask for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell him you won't discuss any debt until he sends you a written "validation notice."  If he won't give you all of this information, do not pay!

i get the same call but from 844-523-3980 saying I'm going to be arrested and they call my friends and my job. they need to sop and get a real job their selves. this is nerve racking. please make then stop, and they use other numbers also.

they have called me as well as other people with same last name. i don't know how they got their nu,bers. Now saying I will be served and now they know where I work and wages will be garnished. Even spoke to a coworker who answered my extension and yelled at her and said that it was me on the phone. If it was a legal debt I would have recv'd some sort of invoice or bill for what it was. I'm not accepting I owe anything over the phone. Nothing on my credit report pertaining to them. Am being totally harassed.

My wife have been receiving emails from Financial crimes of Investigation the email address came from is saying that she has been informed she is going to be legally prosecuted in the court house within couple of days
your Social Security is Put On Hold by the US federal government so before the case if we would like to notify you about this legal and time-sensitive matter. It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with financial crimes of Investigations at this point you have made your intentions clear and have left us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter. If we do not hear from you within 48 Hours of the date on this letter we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our company attorney we reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to the use of the internet in addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due as well as legal fees and any other court costs incurred we carry all the rights reserved to the farm two FBI f200 and Bank about fraud and once you are found guilty into the court house then you have to have to Bear the entire cost for this lawsuit which totals to $6,271.15 excluding loan amount attorney fees and interest charges you have the right to hire an attorney if you don't have or can't afford one then the court will appoint one for you.
We believe that this was not your intent that these steps are necessary really require you to contact recovery asset location department at +1-646-340-5258 between 9 and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time if you want to resolve this matter than merely contacts through email or calls between working hours phone +1-646-340-5258. United States District Attorney

I'm assuming you didn't call the number and offer up the $6,271.15? I have been getting these emails repeatedly and they are scary/frustrating.

Have you replied or made any contact with the numbers given in the emails? I just received one yesterday and its so scary because I'm really not sure if these people can actually do everything they say. I actually called the number they gave me in their email many times and there was never an answer. It rings forever and then eventually goes into a busy like tone. The company claims to be ACS Inc.

It's a scam don't give them nothing ignore the calls. I get them all the time and my attorney has looked up the numbers and they are scams. You can only report it to the General Attorneys office. And your local police stations. I feel for the elderly people they harp on.

I got a very similar call from a woman. The number she called from was 904-490-7932. She left me three voicemails in a span of a few days. I've been having trouble with my phone; so I didn't get them for a couple of weeks. Same sorts of threats. I checked my credit and everything is fine. What a scam!

The exact same thing is happening to me. A female called my job and told me that she is with Premier Process Server and she cannot open the seal of an envelope to tell me what is going on but they will be serving me for wire fraud. Then she says I need to call another company by the name of Lincoln Mediation. I called there and they got a female on the phone and she said she is an investigator. That I owe 1103.76 for wire fraud from a company I have never heard of. So I research the numbers through and two of the numbers are cell phones and one is an empty lot in Florida that shows to be a scam. I just cannot believe things like this happen. So scary!

I to have receive this same, as well as my brother and my parents. It was an automated call and when you call it back I was given the same information and I would not agree to a settlement so they informed I would be served in 30-45 days.

This company has been calling me off and on for a month or more and said I owe Capital One money and this is my last chance to pay or I will be taken to court. I knew this was a scam! they hung up on me when I told them It was fraud. They are really convincing. this is scary because they had my last four of social security number

im getting the same kind of calls from someone ( heavily accented) telling me that I've defaulted on my Capital One credit card. They had the last 4 digits of my SS number. I've told them time and time again that I have never had a credit card with that company but the calls keep coming.

I received a call today they said I did not file my taxes correctly. And if I would pay $1950, I would not have to do any jail time, but the they said if I can come up with $1000, I would be find. I don't like this. They call from different number

I'm also glad, that you wrote about your daughter. Over the last two weeks, this same phone number call my cell phone twice, my work and my ex-wife once on this bank fraud/ check fraud scam. I contacted Life-Lock, something everyone should have, they have no record of any fraudulent bank/check account. It is so sad, that all the $ this government spends on crap, they wont spend the $ to stop these thieves.

I recieved a call from a 855-624-9674. claiming I had a payday loan from 2011-2012 for over2k. I have not had a payday loan. They said they were sending a written correspondance and that there would be a possible lean on my car if I didn't pay. It is all a scam but it can be very alarming that they have so much information. They called my parents, brother, and grandma trying to find me.

I got a call from 503-912-5539 asking for ### and the name they gave was my actual younger brother. He has never had any connection to my cell phone number, so they must have connected my phone to his name somehow (he's had legal troubles and jail time in the past, so I actually thought the call was legit).
Research shows the same number that called you 855-624-9674 is Greycloud Recovery, probably a front for a scam operation.


Today I had a call from someone using nearly the same script, here in California. This time from a number in the North Bay Area - A woman identifying herself as Susan Ferrales and calling from this number: 415-801-2203. This is also the number she said to call back to listen to the direct complaint from an unnamed party.

Does the government follow up on these things? At the very least, this phone number should be disconnected.

I've been getting the same calls and it is from a 415 area code saying that I have a claim against my name and Social Security number I also had a call a few weeks back saying that they wanted to serve me at my job to make myself available but nobody came I am just concerned if this is really a scam or is someone feeling me do I need to reply or do I need to call law enforcement

DO NOT REPLY to these people! If you have any concerns at all, contact a known good number for your local law enforcement. These people are frauds and they often sound legitimate, but they are not.

I hate to think that people are being harassed and essentially robbed by people pretending to be "government officials". They are the ones who should be taken to court and jailed!

I'll give them a "grey cloud." May Karma bite them really hard.

They called me this morning.. Definitely Fraud

I got the same call saying they'll be at my house or my place of work today to serve me

I got the same call they say they will be at my house or work from 12-5 that I need to make myself available? Did anyone e show up not yet!

I got the same call they say they will be at my house or work from 12-5 that I need to make myself available? Did anyone e show up not yet!

I need help I received a phone call saying I need a id so they can deliver "papers" to me . What's this mean

Someone called me from O'Connor and Associates saying I need to pay $384 to them and if I don't they will have someone arrest me and I have to go to court and. I Google they number and it's not coming up

I got a call from the same number today! They left a voice mail stating that I committed check or bank fraud and if I don't call them back by the end of the day they were going to call my employment to verify. I don't want to call them back cause this is obviously a scam but I don't want them calling my work either. I work for a collection company myself and this is not how we do things. Also I do not have any bad debt. What should I do?

I also received a call today; however, it was an "out of area" and not available number. The message sounded very urgent and yes, said that I had committed some type of check fraud and allegations against me and that I had to either press 9 now or call the number (214-504-2986) by the end of the day or risk legal action or being jailed. I called the number and the person responded by saying it was Global Litigations...I could hardly understand her as she did not enunciate her words at all. I told her I had seen a lot of complaints against them online and that they were a total scam. She said well those are written by people like "you and me." Of course, they are lol...I said but why did I get a call. She then wanted me to give her my name to see if I was in their system. I did not and said that the call was using their number. She indicated that it might have been a private investigator sending out the information. I hung up. I guess if they sue, I'll find out if it's legit or

We got the same message on Wed 8/27/14 and they were looking for someone with the same last name as us but the first name they had no one in our family has!

I received the same automated message today. I tried to call them back and it keeps saying all circuits are busy. You can't call them back and what flagged my attention is that they didnt leave a case number or anything for me to reference with them if I do call back. I'm so glad for blogs like this who let us know what's really going on. Thank you

214-504-2986. They called themselves Global Acquisitions. Same thing- said we owed $1K in balance and fees from Orchard Bank HSBC from back in 2006. Same last 4 of SSN and even had the formal names of our daughters as 'references'. Threatened to contact my employer for garnishment. Asked for contact info on the debt and she said "you should have that" I said no we don't as we never had any accounts with them and she hung up. Made police report, notified our ID theft firm, and also verified and printed our credit reports.

Got the same call and pumped them for info. Will post company info everywhere possible online once I have it.

Today I got a call from the same phone number with the same scenario, simultaneously on my office phone and cell phone. I called my bank immediately; they checked my account and said there were no allegations against me. I told him the phone number and he said it not any number from my bank. He thought it was a scam. Thank you all for posting this info so I can relax and get back to my Monday.

I received the same call today.. Thanks for posting.

Same thing happened to me last week, yesterday and today. Called my mom, husband, work phone and now my cell phone stating I'd committed bank or check fraud. Told me I owed $1500 on a credit card I didn't open and that we could "settle" for $700 today and avoid going to court. I asked specific information re: the account and she said she didn't have any information to give me & also told me to get an attorney. I called my bank and attorney and they told me several persons have called with the same phone number & that it was a scam.

I am so glad I was smart and found this post because I been having these same problems.But since I changed my phone number these scammers are herrassing my mom,sister and now today they called my 19 years old daughter and scared her.I don't know how they got there phone number specialty when my daughter number is new

Thank you so much for this post. I just got a phone call from this number about a check/bank fraud charge against me. I was freaking out! I immediately called the number back and got "voice mailbox is full" message. I decided to look up the number on Google and found these posts. There are some crazy people out there!

Here is another number that the scammers are calling from. 304-254-6110. They leave a message and say call this number: 866-801-0757 and use whatever case number. Just block the numbers or hang up. You know if you owe anyone anything.

I got a call saying I had to pay a big amount it was 1000 and something dollars thay went through another company what they say and thay was going to give me haft of for 785 and said they were in the city and I had 2 hours to pay if I did not they said that they was sending a cop out to pick me up and to hold me till my court date and told me to call them back but no phone number was given I did not see no cops and thay did not call back

Thanks for this. I got a voice mail today from this number and worried that something was seriously wrong, as I recently misplaced and had to cancel a credit card. When I called the number back, I just got call-waiting music before transferring to a voice mailbox with an automated message. I'm glad I heard this is a hoax before wasting any time on them.

I have been contacted by unknown or blocked numbers on several occassions (I never answer unknown or blocked numbers) and have had some messages left in my voicemail with the same recording and call back number, claiming bank fraud and contacting employer. I got a spotless, constantly monitored credit and therefore no worries... Haven't/won't call them back....

Yes, it is best to hang up the phone or delete the voice message and to not call them back or press any number. Not even if the say it is to get off their list. If you press a number or call them back, you may be in fact confirming that this is a good number and it will probably lead to more calls.

Thank you

My husband has received several messages on his cell phone in the last couple of weeks asking for me by my maiden name and stating something about check or bank fraud and contacting my employer if I did not respond by the end of the day. Clearly a scam because the message is always the same. I have never contacted them and do not intend to. I don't even write checks. Thanks to everyone for posting you're encounter with these low life's.. it's just sad that this kind of thing even happens!!

As of today they're still up to this same scam! We received a call from them threatening to contact my moms employer. Too bad she's retired. Someone needs to stop the ASAP.

Thank you for posting! I just got a call and prompted message but they got the name entirely wrong. I thought it odd and searched the number online to see if I could find anything. Is there a way to report them for fraud or anything? It doesn't seem right that they continue to report false claims for money like this.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

My daughter is also getting phone calls along with other family members including myself, saying she has allegedly committed bank "or" check fraud etc. from 214-504-2986. How can we stop them? I would like to follow through with whatever we can do to END these scammers.

The scene has moved up to Michigan now. I just received the automated threatening call asking gorgeous Dasani, whoever that is and telling me to call the same number. Thank you so much for your post.

My husband got this call too. Said he had to turn himself in to local authorities for not paying cash advance from an online application. Total garbage but scared us to death. Shame on these scammers. Said they were from a law firm but when we called there, they do family law not criminal. Watch out Michiganders!

Have received multiple calls from the same number: (214)504-2986. Same automated recording as described in aforementioned comments here, and other sites as well; making allegations of check fraud. Have not called the number back. Decided to investigate further. Revealed multiple complaints and fraudulent activity regarding this company and phone number.

Thank you for posting this. We got the same call today and the callers will not provide any details from their end, so I looked up the number and found this thread.

I get calls from this group quite often, for my daughter. Sure don't know how they got my number. She found out it was a fraud. Nice to have other verification of that.

The exact same phone number (214-504-2986) came up on my phone. I listened to the voice message which stated something of the nature of check and bank fraud. Is there anything these people can be turned in with just a phone number?

I have been getting these calls weekly, and they have started calling my mothers phone with the message for me; referring to me by my maiden name, which I haven't went by in 18 years. I have reported to local law enforcement, they have advised that since it's not a FL based co, there is nothing they can do. Tried the State's Attorneys office, again, nothing they can do, referred me to the FTC. I have reported this 3 times already. There is nothing I can do to stop the calls, I can't block the number because it is "unavailable" I guess these people can do whatever it is they want to do when there are apparently NO consequences.

Oh these characters called my mother and I had to tell her DO NOT answer the phone. I had to make a list of numberShe is recovering from a stroke (she has aphasia) and her mechanics aren't all there as she NEVER used to answer the phone when a number came up on caller ID that she didn't recognize.

i received a phone call from a (216)920-7684 number, who also called all of my relatives, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, etc home numbers and cell numbers, they left a voicemail on my phone saying urgent and the lady said shes calling about a order number WPG84660, something has caused an order to escalate at this time and if no contact is made by you on today to submit a statement of defense, something something against you, will be adeen avalid, her name is carry white, telephone number (she left) 216-920-9684 ext:122. when a call the number its like a fax sound or internet something. they never called back, but called my mother again.. i cant find any info on this place, and they never leave a company name or anything. when i call the actual number that was on my caller ID which is the (216)920-7684 it just rings and goes to a voicemail thing saying "all our reps are assisting other customers, you have reached the general voicemail box please leave your name and number and reason your calling. again, no company name. anyone experienced this? or have any advice?

This company has been calling me. Today I answered and said, "Since this is a scam, can you remove my number?" Before I could finish my sentence, they were already telling me they would put me on the DNC list. Funny, since I'm already on the Federal DNC list. Can someone please track these people down and indict them?

I have been getting these threatening calls. I do not owe the debt they are describing but they have all of my information including Social Security Number. How can I get them to leave me alone?

It's best to hang up on them and report them at If they have your full Social Security number, you could be at risk for identity theft. It's a good idea to order your free annual credit report to see if there are any accounts in your name that you don't recognize. In addition, you might consider adding a credit freeze to your account.

"Mr. Perkins" from "Process Resolutions" from numbers (888) 507-7787 and (248) 509-0772 tried to steal from my Mother by claiming she was going to be sued for a debt by JP Morgan Chase and Citibank and if she paid $2000 today they would settle. Total scam, her credit report has no debt of any kind from these banks. I told them we had a lawyer and they hung up.

Just got a call from california (i live in indiana) leaving me a voicemail about thrm detaining me and kicking my door down within 72 hours and im guilty of fraud..yea im a housewife and a stay at home mom i have better things to do then commit fraud..hoping its a scam the number i called back and it rings forever im gonna hareass them for a bit see how they like it

I have received calls for phantom debts. I blocked the first number (from Kansas) & a week later they called from a second Kansas number (913-7305775}. The first call was unnerving. Luckily, I did not call back & Googled the number, where there were postings on this scam.

I got a recorded voice mail from 409. 241. 9859 and they claimed to represent the State of Texas. Said they would ACTIVELY peruse me at my office and home When you call the number it says hold for operator. Does one think if it was the state, the person would answer State of Texas?

I have been receiving calls over the last year from this "company" saying that I owe for a payday loan for advance america. For one, we have not had an advance america for about 8 years and two I never took a loan out. I keep asking them for documentation and of course, I never receive anything. At first they claimed that I took the loan out online. The more calls I got, the more I became suspicious so I called the corporate office of advance america. She used my soc and said she couldn't find anything and that dating back for at least 15 years. I asked her how to get a hold of their online office and she said "we have never done online loans" and you have to personally walk in with a check in hand in order to get a loan. She said that I was not the first person to call her about the same company, and she told me not to send them anything because it was a scam. Today, July 29, 2015 I get a call from a man saying he was supposed to serve me papers for court but couldn't make it to my house. He said to call 866-520-4718 and tell them to send the R.O.F. to him once I spoke with them. I look up R.O.F. and it is all military slang. It is scary because they do have the last 4 of my soc. Sec. Number. I would love to get these calls stopped but I am always getting calls from different numbers. Should I tell them that I have contacted a lawyer and if the calls don't stop we are going to file charges? Thanks.

For 2 months I also received calls from this phone number my college was stating that they were the district attorney of Florida and that I owed a payday loan and that there will be legal repercussions so I called 4011 got the phone number for the district attorney of Florida and called her office that's right her office the man who called me told me that he was the district attorney of Florida I thought it was odd I had just seen a commercial with her in it I said to myself but wait she's a woman so I got her number and I called her office have reported the fraudulent calls and then a month later I get this in my email thank you for this ftc is wonderful

here is another number calling people 6786615467

The same thing just happened to us. A phone call from 1-855-205-6187. Didn't have correct information, or just partial information. He could not provide us with any info regarding an attorney, collection agency, or anything. Said that papers would be served and court was in an hour and if we didn't pay $520. that after court we'd owe $2000 something. Lol ....seems legit.

Thank you for this i just got this Email and it has my REAL SSN whaT SHOULD I DO PLZ help

If you got an email that shows an official government seal, or says a judge signed, check it out. If it says it's from a government agency, look up the real number for that agency. Call them and ask if they sent you the email.
If the email is from a debt collection company, and you know you owe a debt, call the company that you owe. Ask them about your account. Find out if the company you owe is using these debt collectors.
The message could say you have a huge debt. It might have your name, address or Social Security number.  That doesn't prove it is legitimate.  Criminals will impersonate law firms, judges or court officials. They send email and make threatening phone calls to try to convince people to send them money. This FTC article tells more about fake debt collectors.

These people have been calling me, my husband, my mother-in-law for months now. I have even had them so busted with the company name, that they get mad and hang up on me. Each time its a different amount from nearly 7 yrs ago. They have all old info on me though, been moved for 10 yrs and changed banks 12 yrs ago but they do have old correct info. Yet, when I bought my house, nothing showed up when they ran me, and they ran me more than once for outstanding debts, unpaid accounts, etc. I may have even had a Payday loan years ago, but I know I paid them back and it was more than 10yrs ago. It is embarassing that they won't give up. I tell them off, and the calls stop for a week or two then they start up again calling my entire family. I'm so sick of this! We have to bust them!

Do not call 844-823-0319 back. Just don't do it. They are a fraudulent company and are not a law firm, court, etc..
Please see:

This company is in the process of being slapped with a 3.2million dollar fine for their antics. If you have an iPhone and they are calling you there, do the following: Phone > Recents > (press the i with the circle around it on the right side) > Block this caller. For me they were using a local number. Block the local number as well (they always use the same one). Good luck!!

So my family members and ex-husband have gotten calls from the 214-504-2986 and they tell them I have a bad check and going to go to jail....scared my daughter who is developmental challenged and my father who is ill and 92...I call them and they are telling me I was suppose to be in court today...I told them I have not had a checking account in years....but then they changed the story to I owed some ambulance company...I told them they could talk to my lawyer and they said I didn't need a lawyer...I just needed to pay my debt before things got out of hand....seriously why has nothing be done to shut these people down....they should not be able to call and upset your family or work this not against the law...I told them they would not get any money out of me...but how do they get all this is wrong...I have been divorced over 20 years...and they still got his can they do all that...

I would assume they are using a background check service. All of that information would be obtainable there. They have contacted family members of mine that I have never used as references or way to link them to me in other words.

I replied back to the scam emails several times with various comments and they replied.

Take it in your A$$$$$$$$$$$$.

No kidding!

I guy name Nate schneider called my cousin and saud to have me call him before 3 pm or else i'll be in jail when i call back he was not there someone name bob newman the phone number is 2163022654 he told me to send 1,215 dollar thru money gram for a payday loan i told him i dont have money he said he 'll split into 3 pymnts of 405.00 starting June 26 but then i call the company that i owe money too they said not to send anything they even told me the name of the third part that took over my acct this people told me to send thru moneygram they shoukd be punished and be prosecuted and burn in hell

recevied one of these calls yesterday and when I questioned them they said you will be arrested Thursday at work and hung up. then when I called back the girl who answered the phone couldn't remember what "law firm" she was answering from

I keep receiving calls from 844-851-3181 and they leave messages asking form the wrong person. I've had this number for 15 years, so no reason for them to call to ask for someone else. I called back last week and they said they could find anyone by the name the left on my voicemail. They put me on hold and the hung up. They continue to leave the same message "this is--calling about an acct that is in default and you are being very evasive, this is going on record...we are pursuing criminal/fraudulent charges..." . So sick of these calls, I've already reported them. So now, I have been blocking each number.

Like you, I to recieved aphone message from the same (844) area code number. They said that I had till tommow by noon to call them back or they will have me served at my door with a docket case summons to apear in court. Shortly there after I then recieved a Bogas call saying they were my bank and its urgent to call them ASP.

Thanks for the heads up!

Fortunately I know where these phantom debt notices are coming from. I discovered that these are remnants of debts from ID theft.

I've been contacted and was threats were made on my voice mail. I had given my bank information until I tried calling the company back and was not able to get through to a live person. I searched the web and found many complaints. Since the rep stated I needed to settle a debt from 2007 and when asking for original lender I was told they did not have that information. Should I mail a certified letter? I cant afford to lose my job and/or pay court fees.

Dont worry its a scam.
Don't buy into that crap
You will only be served by a constable in your area and you will be notified many times before that by the creditor or legitimate collection agency.
look up fair debt collection practices act fdcpa, these calls clearly violate most if not all of those laws

Not only do I recommend that you not fall for their intimidation tactics or pay them one dime--if you gave them ANY bank or credit card information at all, you need to monitor your statements carefully and frequently, keep track of your purchases so you can spot any unauthorized transactions because there's a good chance that they WILL debit your accounts, and keep draining your accounts until you're broke. DON'T LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU!

Block the number on your phone and notify the poice dept. This is a scam. If they start calling family or friends they need to block the number.I was getting these calls and started blowing a whistle in the phone when I answered the phone they finally quit calling me.

Hey I got one of these calls today and I freaked out because the lady would not tell me why she was calling. When I answered my phone she goes hello is this (my name) and I'm like yes who's is this what are you calling for? And she asks me is your adress (my adress)? And I'm still questioning her like who is this what do you want. And she tells me I can't tell you until you confirm your social security number and then she goes is this the last 4 digits of your social security and that's when I snap and start yelling and then she told me to hold on so I hung up. I'm afraid that this person tapped into my phone or my bank account. I don't know what to do. Please help.

I have also received this called back. When the lady answered I told her she is on a recorded line. She hung up fast and will not answer again!!!!

You need to contact your bank immediately. There is no telling how much money they will take from you and if you gave them the information and authorization to take it there may not be much they can do unless you contact them before the money comes out.

You best be contacting your bank and letting them know. You may have to go so far as to change your account numbers to stop them from doing bogus billing. Call or go to your local branch and take to the manager. The more they are involved the safer you and your account will be.

Back in 2012 I had a call at work from a group that claimed I owe money to a payday loan I never got. Because the payday loan co they claimed I owe do not accept applications from the state of GA. They said I owed almost $500 which was already paid to Pacifica Credit already. They called again today with the same number with a change of the last 4 digits of the phone. They are trying it again if you get a call from a 919-399 out of Durham, NC with the last 4 digits 5998 or 9005, its a scam hang up.

SCAM: They say they are the IRS. Yesterday they called 5 times. First return call I was given name of Mr. Peterson with thick Indian (India) accent and he said they checked my husbands taxes and he "lied" on some things and had warrant for his arrest. My husband returned the call and after 10 minuets on hold was hung up on.It sounds like a large call center as you could hear others in background. Today they called 3 times. I returned their call , was given the name Jack Thomas a paralegal and he too had thick Indian (India) accent ,I tried explaining they need to speak with our bankruptcy attorney and he hung up on me. So I called back. Again someone with thick Indian (India) accent answers the phone and I ask for a name and he starts with Charles, and someone in the background , which I heard very clearly he said just hang up , Then the man said my name is Charles F**k-off and hung up. I called back again and they just hung up. I tried one more time and got voicemail box 2040. I told the in voicemail we are in bankruptcy and when our attorney called them last evening, they hung up on them. So we were instructed by our attorney to document every call, and tell tem we have called Washington County Sheriff, The Federal Trade Commission and the bankruptcy court.

Got two calls today from someone claiming to be SAMMY PARKER from the IRS, stating that I must return his call immediately (RIGHT)! The phone number is 415-251-3754 Novato, CA....very thick Indian accent and rushed throught information that I must return his call before an legal action is taken against me....have a good day was his closing remark. Bogus SPAM

I am from Russia.Going stream spam sms to my teephone number named from Sberbank of Russia.What to do to stop that stream?

I receive these calls daily threatening seizure of property, lawsuit and arrest at work, home or school if i dont pay for a fake payday loan that i never took out. The numbers they call from are:317-2000+-3265 and 701-491-7809 and other numbers that a google search will show you it is national attorney network.. a collection of third party attorneys who buy old debts for collections.. These calls are scams in a back end office and employees are ex cons and current criminals with the highest level of education being 9th grade.
Just record the calls, play along, obtain all the info, retain a pro bono atty, file an ag and ftc complain and sue the company.. thats how you can win

Hello, this exact thing happened to me. I am freaking out and crying my eyes out because I am so paranoid of being arrested or going into court. After all I am only 18 years old. Are you sure they are not real? Have you ever been arrested since then? I am so scared. Did you try suing them? did it work?

You can't possibly be scared of this...

its a scam plain and simple. I am having the same problem. I you do get a hold of someone. Only be cautious if your social is in their possession. If so, call it in and report to the ESA (social security office) that your personal info had been compromised...and monitor everything. thats all you can do.

This guy name Deputy Officer Wilson has been calling me all day. He said that I owe on some loan but couldn't tell me where it was coming from! He knew where I banked at and my last 4 if my social security number. He said I owe on this loan and they had tried taking it out of my account but they couldn't. I called my bank and everything and they didn't see the transaction. He even told me that Texas General Attorney was gonna file through with it if I didn't pay something today! He said that the police officers will come pick me up and I can spend up to 35 days in jail. He even said that they sent all the information I need through via mail and I asked him why haven't I recieved a letter. He is bc it's confidential and he is willing to accept money from my fiancé for the transaction. I just don't get it. In alittle scare but hey if I don't got it I don't got it!!

There is a new system used by fraudulent scammers. Your payment on line is denied several times. These payments denied are now submitted as genuine payments on your Credit Cards. You are debited for any amount the scammers decide.

Wow! A mo ago I got a phone call saying he was from a law firm saying i owed over a thousand dollars for a payday loan he wanted me to purchase a recharable card and send1/2 the money i owe then my folowing payday send the rest thank God I told my family I dont remember taking out a loan let them take me to court. Bye bye scammer lol

I have been called b the same person, saying I need to pay off a bill for mike. the phone numbers the call from are 321-473-9914, 202-214-2808, 202-200-5414

I received a call from ph# I didn't know and they left me a message which was an automated on saying they have been trying to make numerous attempts to contact me but this is the 1st message I'm getting and that they have no other options to file suite against me. I have never received anything in the mail and I don't want to call them back because I think it is a scam

Please be cautious of a caller identifying with Zimmerman Young and Associates out of Buffalo, New York. It's a scam!

I got that call yesterday. Someone left me a message from 'clerk of court' advising me to contact Zimmerman and Young. I was worried so I called. A guy claimed he was a paralegal but had no info to provide about this so called debt, but he did tell me my address and social, which I did not confirm.
I asked him to send me something in writing, and he just told me to wait for a summons to court.. Whatever.

KMCC did you ever receive a summons?

I have had similar situation from PDL recovery supposed to be out of Amherst Ny claiming to be collecting a debt for check and go. I do have a debt wth them which i had reported to them that but they continue to call multiple times a day. They are not calling my supervisors at home!

Green, daily & assoc......fraud. Be careful they will call from an unknown number and claim to be from the sheriffs dept & are going to arrest you.

I just got a call today and insisted on calling back to demand what this was about. He claimed to be Paul Rosenberg with Department of Legal Services. First he said he was an investigator, then he was a paralegal. His number is 716-247-5131. He said there were several complaints against my name and SS#. I refused to give him info until I knew why he was calling. He hung up and said "Good luck in court". Obvious scam that I am reporting.

I have received two different emails from collection companies. Saying I owe them this amount of money. And they are holding my SSN by the US Government. And I had one company put money into my checking account. I've never authorized this. So am I now responsible for this or not.

I dont think anyone in Dallas TX dealing those kind of calls... but good to know. Like to know if anyone in the latino community has been affected by this kind of scam.

I answer the phone with hello. Whey they ask an obvious Yes answer question, Is this YourPal? I answer, "speaking". I then say this number is on the national do not call list and your number has been recorded for reporting to the FTC. Have a nice day, good bye. Never say Yes or No. You are being recorded. You have the power, you can hang up any time. Don't give them any information.

I just got a call from a Texas number 972-348-9148 claiming someone has filed legal action against me and offered no further information. The lady wanted me to write down a file number and different telephone number to call. I refused and asked her where she was located and she would not answer the question. She then stated someone will serve me with papers, and hung up on me. 100% confident this was a scam.

What happened with that? I got the same call today! I asked who was filing against me and she said she didn't know. Then she said I could pick up the papers or be served. I hung up. I have no idea who it was.

Same here I called the other number they said I had 2hours the guy jeremy said he was from from jp associates out of california said I owed a bill from 11yrs ago from verizon I said well where's the bill he said it was paid from tlco communications and now I owe jp the money I started out at 268 now its up to 986 I said well what happens if I don't pay it he said I would go to court in cali if I lose the case I go to jail he talked to their legal team and they said to settle out of court I could send them 149 now on a loadable card I said how bout a money order he said no so I called verizon they don't use them as outside parties to collectdebts so be careful its a very scary place anymore

I got this call last week. I had a voice mail stating that I was scheduled for deliver of legal papers from Sedgwick County and if I was not teachable at home they would come to my work where my supervisor would have to be there to witness. I called them back and left a voice mail.

This morning they (capital delivery service) called me back. I told the lady on the phone I needed to know who was trying to send papers to me and why. She said she's just a call center but the papers were coming from HC & Associates. I asked for HC's contact info and she put me on hold. (I Googled them while I waited and they're an insurance firm out of of Georgia)

The girl came back on the line and said that by coincidence she had someone from HC on hold on another line and she could connect me. A man came on the line and I told him that I had never heard of his company and I suspected a scam. He told me that he represented Ace Cash Express and that he had been sending me letters since October and that if I had handled my debt with them we wouldn't be talking. (I don't have a debt with them) He said they were charging me with bank fraud and malicious intent to defraud this week, and would I be willing to settle. I says yes but I am still suspicious of a scam so I would deal with Ace directly. The guy was belligerent the whole time but he got worse when I said that; he started yelling about how they won't take my money now, I should have paid them a year ago. He actually hung up on me after the third time I accused him of being a scammer. A legit debt collector would have tried harder to reassure me and to get my personal info.

I hope no one falls for this but they had a well oiled system with the pole professional girl and the blustery pushy guy, I'm sure many people have given them money

Got a call from Worldwide Requisitions accusing me of check or bank fraud. When I called them they told me I had to make arrangements to pay a debt or I would be served with a subpoena from court. I asked them to fax me information that gives me proof of their allegations. They said they can not send anything and since I would not make any arrangements over the phone I would be served, then they hung up on me. I sent a Verification of Debt Owed Letter to their address with tracking and has be undelivered which at the moment I do not know why. They have gave me a false address and told me also they do not receive mail at the address I believe is theirs. Now I am trying to get a PO box from them but am not sure it's is legit. I have made a report to the BBB, Federal Trade Commission, and The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with copies of my letter to in hopes this will make them either send proof of the debt or stop them from calling.

Its a scam they called me too. They told me I committed bank fraud and had till the end of the day to pay them or they would contact my employer. That was the first call then the second call they told me I haven't paid on a payday loan (never had one) then the told me the maybe someone else got a loan in my name and that I still needed to pay them. Whatever Tarts get your story straight before you try to steal money from people. Don't give them any info there thefts looking for easy money. Apparently they have know education and cant get a real job. I'm so angry I decided to do a little search on the internet and found the phone number that they keep calling me from(214-504-2986) is linked to an escort service just google the phone number and scroll through the second or third page you will find different girls with the same number looking for a good time. I think there located in Dallas TX I did a phone reverse look up and google mapped the location it looks like a ware house off of W Mockingbird LN and Halifax ST. These people must think that everyone is stupid.

Yes, I got the same call. They gave me an address of 8411 Preston Road Suite 238. I asked them for a case #, and the managers name. Would not give me information. They got pissed and hung up. Also, they wanted my ssn and address and my employers name. When I would not give them any information. They hung up. The Third time I called them back I told them I was going to report them and my attorney would contact them..I was put on hold then cut off.

Pretty much the same call. my wife received a call from this number 210-202-0282, a lady saying shes from a federal agency and that she owed on a payday loan in the amount of $8,000.00 from carjar, that she had until 7pm to pay or she would be arrested for fraud. they had the last 4 of her SS# and old mailing address. they told her if she would pay half they could stop the warrant from being processed. i've called the number back and it goes to voice mail for a KC snow a paralegal according to her. my wife has never taken out a payday loan nor a loan online! cash jar has no record of a loan, and cash jar only provides loans from $300 -$1250. not $8000.00 that they are claims she did! the number listed is some where in Texas!

Same exact thing with me - and same number 214-504-2986. What a bunch of jerks!

Got a call from the same number. Said I was being investigated for check (mumble mumble) fraud and they were calling my employer "to verify employment for permission to set a court date". LOL. They can't even come up with an effective script. I've got the saved voicemail; going to check with my daughter who works for the county DA and see what I can pursue.

I got the phone call today saying I committed bank fraud and I have until the end of the work day to call otherwise papers will be drawn up for court. Not only did I receive this call today BUT just last week my parents received a call looking for me harassing them too. I checked my credit report and all I have on it are past hospital bills. This is creepy and getting out of control. Especially after seeing all of these other messages in regards to the same situation.

I received a call from a woman who stated that she had my file on her desk because of a payday loan that I never repaid. She pretended to be with some law firm. She said that they had reviewed my bank account and believed this to be incorrect, but needed to verify some information. I told her it was incorrect and anymore correspondence needed to be done by mail. I have not received anything.

I had a call like that recently. She said she has my case number and I will be picked up. Is the call coming from Missouri?

I have received many calls from a company called LEGAL DEBT PROCESSING SERVICES that I would be served with court papers or go to jail If I didn't make payment arrangements to pay off a payday loan. Can they really do that?

A legitimate debt collector can't say that you will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt. Read this article about your Debt collection rights.

Been getting calls from (404 334-7492 out of Georgia. Company goes by name, "Highland Financial" or something of that nature. I spoke to a female the 1st time this call came through...the image I have of her is someone with a cigarette in her mouth, rollers in her hair, and a bathrobe on. She did not sound professional AT ALL and that is what prompted me to hang up immediately. But to my chagrin, I have been getting robocalls from this number pretty much on a daily basis and that is on-going for about 3 weeks now. The robocall states that a formal complaint has been made with their office regarding my social security number and that I need to contact them immediately or they will be forced to action a pending warrant. I did some digging online and the phone number is linked to an address in Tucker, GA. There is a Craigslist ad where a fellow named "Mr. Dunn" is seeking payday loan debt (404 334-7492 as the contact phone. They also have (855) 798-1893 as a number too. If you are like are totally and completely SURE you do not owe anyone for a payday loan, then keep hanging up the phone. Do not press any numbers on the phone...just hang up. You may want to warn your employer and friends. These creeps probably bought a list off of a company and have enough information to reach out to people in your circle. This is definitely a not be rattled by these people into giving them ANY information.

My daughter has been receiving these same calls from different numbers I told her to just hang up. I have been receiving calls telling me my bank accounts have been frozen and I need to call, however some are from banks I have never has accounts with, this is happening in my county with local banks they are fishing and hope they mention the right back.

I know this post is a few month old, but I live in Atlanta, GA and at one time there was a legitimate financial company in town using the name Highland Financial. The company I was working for at the time did a small amount of business with them. That was several years ago and I seriously doubt that this is the same company, but I find it interesting that the name they chose used to belong to a legitimate company. Something else to watch out for.

Received a call from a family member telling me some company called them looking for me. I called the company back and realized something didn't sound right. All I asked was can you tell me what this is regarding. The person started talking about something thing changed to something else. Next thing I know he is yelling at me and being belligerent so I said good bye. Called my family back and told them it was a scam. And hung up with them then my family calls me saying that the company called them back and threatened me. Saying they were going to break my arm and do all these things. I called the police this is unacceptable!

But how do I get them to stop?

I received a hard inquiry on my credit about a year ago. Looked it up and it belonged to a Platinum and associates in brea. I receive a call about a week later stating that They needed to serve me and were going to send me something if I didn't respond withing 24 hours no ignored them. Now here we are a year later and they started calling me, my work and my mother with the same claims. They've called my work several times and it's really irritating. Sadly, In my line of business I hear about such scams almost everyday.

The company now is claiming to be PFC capital group and gave me a file number and internet phone number. To call back.

on February 6th I got a call from 8552642060 they said i had taken a loan thru cash advance online services. I said i never accepted any loans they said i owed them 798 dollars and if i didnt pay it today i was going to be arrested in an hour. I freaked out they had the last 4 digits of my ssn and my place of employment. I called the credit bereau systems and submitted id theft. I also called the police and bbb. i called my social security department as well as the fbi. well now they are calling my work and tyng up the phone lines. im now even getting calls from 18886839683 and 2064523951 all of these were listed under scam. I am afraid i will loose my job but i am at my witts end. any suggestions.

You may want to contact your state Attorney General's office and report this experience to them. Many states have their own debt collection laws in addition to federal laws. Read more tips on how to handle fake debt collectors here.

I received a call from a guy at my work claiming that I owed a payday loan from 2010 and what did I plan on doing about it, I asked him what was his number and I would call back after work. He called my job several times that same day before I could get off which alerted me that this was a scam. He said he was a company called DFF and number was 567-244-2633. After I got off called this number which I had looked up before hand and saw that it was an Ohio number but when I asked where they were located he said California. I told him look I know you are a scam and this number is an Ohio number and you change your names and numbers often and you call peoples work numbers harassing them and I know you are from India and this line is being tracked. He got so angry with me and called me names I cant say on here and hung up on me. The next day he called my work and had the phone system tied up for a while and was robo calling where when I hung up phone he would keep calling my job, and I work for a large company. He was calling my co-workers names when they answered the phone too. He told me that he was going to keep on calling until I got fired unless I told him what I intended to do about this loan he said I owed. My company was able to do something to stop this clown when he calls now which I cant mention because these scumbags do look at all these sites. He called my job for 3 days harassing me but now I don't know if he calls or not because I don't get them. HaHa beat him at his own game dingbat. Don't send any money to these criminals, you wont be arrested at work and you have no lawsuits against you.

I believe I've gotten letters to that effect, but also know that bills have been hidden or taken in replace. Altogether I believed I've been scammed or have erroneous bills totally over $8000. I've had doctor offices file too late, give more shots than needed, hospital bills that insurance didn't pay, and so on. The credit reporting agency can only do so much.

I am receiving phone calls from 716 210 8027 describing them as tax crime unit of irs and if i do not pay certain amount right away the way they want,irs will let the hell fall on me.where to report this.

You should report your experience to the IRS. The help line number is 1-800-829-1040.

I have been receiving calls from a providence legal group says my husband owes a payday loan. they call from an unknown or private number. the number given to call back is always different 1-855 number. when asked for statement through mail i get an email. I called back to day and said i need it in the mail not email he said they don't do that and i can take my chance in court then hung up. he said his name was Michael Jones from providence legal group. i don't know if its a scam

This is indeed a scam. Michael Jones has called me about a bogus debt from 2012. Informed him this is false. Hung up on him. Now some lady names Ms Poole calls about wage garnishment and court date. Looked up the # and its a scam. Also did a search for any pending cases in my name or SSN and nothing comes up for my state.

I received a litegation letter from Russo & Russo Finacial, claiming I owe 1,600.21. I have no known debts and upon looking these guys up, there are many accounts of similar fraudulent experiences posted on various blogs. This is criminal, control by fear.. It's really sad. :(

I just received the same call. They told me the exact same thing and when I called back I acted as if I was a debt collector, he told me " I know this is scam, im not paying you". This goes to say they are a scam. -1-888-683-9683

I had a message on my home land line answering machine. The man had such a heavy foreign accent that I could hardly make out what he was saying. He said I or my attorney must call back today or I will have to suffer the consequences. He said his name was Michael but I am sure he was not American. He left a number of 909-666-5475. Unfortunately, I could not call back from my private unlisted land line number because I do not have long distance and I had to use my cell phone which has a public number on it. A man answered, with a heavy accent and a different American name, and said he was with the crimes prevention unit. I stated I was going to report them to the General Attorney's Office for telephone fraud and he asked me who I was, I repeated the same thing, he asked me who I was again, I repeated the same thing and then he hung up. Now though I am worried they have my cell phone number. Previous to this, for a couple months, I would get a call about a loan I applied for and I argued each time with the foreign person that I never applied for a loan! How do I turn these people in?

The number that called you (909) is San Bernardino,CA area. There are no heavy accents in that area other than hispanic.

My husband received a phone call today at work and one at home. I looked the number up (785-330-5326). It seems to be a number from somewhere in Kansas. He was told that he would send the police within two hours to have him arrested for a $900 debt from a cash advance place. First off, it sounded like he was reading off of a script, second, he was extremely hard to understand. My husband is completely freaked out and wracking his brain thinking he took this loan out at one time. I know he didn't.

I got call from 6789643279 telling me that att owe me $28 or they will cancel my internet. So, I gave them my debit card number with security code but did not provide any pin. then, some one called again from 4047818730 to confirm my billing address. when checked my internet account, there was no bill due. and they already charged me $300 before I could report my card stolen. Beware of these phone numbers. they even provided me my last four digit of my bank account number. I do not know how they got this information. If some one calls you telling you that your account is past due, please call the customer service of that company and find out out whether you are really past due.

I received a call today from a Mr Mitchell and he stated he was looking for my niece. He stated she wrote a fraudulent check for a company she had never heard of and he would come looking for her at her home or on her job if she did not contact him asap.

I received a call on my cell on November 13, 2013 with a message left from a Jeffrey Douglas stating he was an independent locator legal process server from the local liaison (s)
office legal department -no firm name calling on behalf of Brinkman and Associates phone number: 866-232-7216 claiming his office received 2 complaints on my name and social filed against me. I returned the call and was put through to their legal department. They told me it was for pay day loan with a check from a closed account written in 2003, cashed in California. I never have been to one of those in my life, nor have ever been in that city. I was also living in the South at the time I was supposedly in California cashing the check.They insisted I did write it and told me the name I wrote down as a was my former father-in-law. At the time I supposedly wrote the check I had been remarried for over 10 years! I told them this. They then said well maybe he wrote it. I told them that he was well off and never left his state and if they allowed a man to cash a check in my name, and I am a woman then I have grounds to sue them. I asked for the information to be mailed to me - they had my social and address, they said they already had sent it to me in the mail. I never received anything, nor would they give me any contact info. They said unless I paid what now equals to a little over $ 500.00 I would be served at work or home just as they stated on the message and taken to court. They never showed. I thought I was done with them but today a Lenore Reynolds , a locator from the local liaisons office was contacting me on behalf of CCR & Associates at 8666762361. In the message she stated that she needed to have me, "sign some legal documentation." She said that I could contact her within 24 hours because she was coming to my place of employment to have the documents signed. She ended the call with , "Good Luck."

I'm new to this forum, but it looks like 99.9% of these calls that you receive are scams. There are two ways to handle these: 1) Hang up 2) String them along. Depending on when the call comes, my usual choice is #2 ... oh so many fun options. My favourites (note spelling, I'm Canadian) are the ones purporting to be from MS, government agencies, and especially the ones telling me that my computer has been infected. Note, I'm a retired network security engineer ... so I usually know what I'm talking about with these dimwits ...if anyone wants to string them along and gets stuck, all you heve to do is say " hmmm, I just don't know how these "viruses/malware/bugs/etc" can affect me on my LINUX system

i keep getting calls from this number: a robo call 866903328 leaves a message with a case number to call another number. then i get a wireless call from 5857306445, 2813050252, 5857306182. i believe they are all the same making calls. a guy leaves a message with no accent but does not leave a name but states is about check fraud, my social and by bank which he knew by name. he also called family members and a friend but they were told about this scam. whatever you do, notify the family members about the calls and not to speak to them.

What people are not aware of is, when you submit online applications for payday loans, some of the websites sell your personal information to third party lenders which some of the are scammers. They in turn and call and try to run a scam. I have received numerous phone calls from 785-330-5326 which say I have criminal charges pending. I know I don't because if that's the case I would be in jail right now awaiting trial. The calls didn't start until after I put in applications for a payday loan online. The guys is Indian. They made up a law firm. The calls are recorded so when they do get you to verify your SSN they can use that against you. I had to tell them I would get the FBI to investigate them and that they weren't fooling anyone. Until I get served an actual notice by a constable I'm not falling for this. Having unpaid loans does not result in a criminal case. The worst they will do is have that debt reported to the credit bureaus showing that it is a charge off or an unsettled debt. That is not grounds to go to jail.

I received a call today saying I had a payday loan from 2009. The caller stated that the check was from Chase Bank. The problem is, I never banked at Chase but did remember that the bank I was using at the time was indeed bought by Chase. I did use payday loans back then but have since filed and paid for all outstanding debt in my chapter 13 bankruptcy. I have talked to my local Police Department to informed them of where I was if it was true so they could arrest me. I was promtly called back by the check fraud department and told that it was a scam and to put a freeze on my credit at all three credit reporting agencies. The thing I did do that really result in the called getting upset with me was I started laughing at him and asked for a number I can call him back at.

I got two calls today. Same person with thick Asian Indian accent with different American sounding names. One on the landline went to VM and another on the cell. First was about some remaining debt and then he the police is coming to arrest me(646 no.) and the second from the IRS(888-724-4819). When the second call came I picked it up and I told him that the person he was calling for is not here and he said he would like to leave a msg. As soon as i ended the call, he promptly called back and left a VM about an IRS debt and the std spill of geting me arrested.
Dumb scammer at least stick to one story for a person. Had a good laugh. These crazy people need to be arrested though !

I continue to get calls from and unknown number. the Voicemail they leave tells me to call 877-423-5836 who say they are a "federate specialist". I called few times, always different people. They said I owe $150, then $75, and lastly $2850 for debts that they can't tell me who its for. when I asked for them to send me a bill, they cuss and swear, yelling PAY IT NOW. I laughed and told them to quit calling me. The calls keep coming and the voicemail keeps showing up. Verizon can't even block it because its VoIP and masked to be unknown. what garbage.

I get calls from the same number...crazy...How can we get them???

I keep getting calls from CENTURY CLAIMS SERVICES from different numbers (today it was from 303-835-6940 and 480-336-2607) claiming I owe money from a payday loan (I do not) and that a warrant has been issued for my arrest. Same scam as many have written above. No paperwork, no correct information on me regarding employer, address, bank account. But they did have the last four digits of my social security number that they wanted me to confirm, which I refused to do so. These people are belligerent, abusive, unscrupulous, and relentless. I keep filing complaints and hope that they will be investigated. From now on, I will hang up and not engage. I recommend anyone facing the same thing to continue to publicize to protect others and demand the FTC to do something to stop this fraud.

I just got two calls from them this morning. On the first call, the woman identified herself as someone working in an attorney's office. According to her, I had taken a payday loan out and it had defaulted. She knew a couple of addresses I'd used in the past, along with the last four digits of my SSN. This worried me, as she also listed two of my siblings.

After reading a few complaints online (I Googled the number) I called them back and told them that I'd done some research and found out that they're scam artists. Even this didn't stop them.

Here's hoping the FTC finds these bottom-feeders and refers their 'business' practices to the Justice Department. I'd like to see them prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

Received call from Ramon Scott from number 8558945103 claiming he is from the BCI of Maryland. What he didn't know is that Maryland government was all closed due to bad weather. Later I was given the addresses of 1401 Bayview CT Ft myer FL 32416 and 101 highway 28 West ft Myer FL 11062 all false addresses might I say. Later got call from my boss that this dude was harassing them about the debt as well it was a fraud/scam I told my boss. I later called them back to tell them I was reporting them and to stop calling me if they keep refusing to provide me with written documentation of and debts due. I reported everything to the FTC and intend to report it to the authorities as well. Also received fake calls from my office number and 911.

I have been reading several statements from people about the payday loan scam. I have been getting unknown calls for the past two days.. One number I was to call was 202-803-5785. Today was to call 202-417-2021. I googled both numbers and found numerous complaints. They call and say it is about bank or check fraud and to call back before the end of the business day or my wages will be garnished and they will contact my place of business to verify I work for them, and I will be arrested.. I read thru the comments of people that called this company back and all said was for a payday loan, and they owed 1500 dollars.. They would settle for 500. Most people knew it was a scam. Some people fell for it because they were harassed, threatened and sworn at.. I even ran a reverse phone number on white pages and it came up invalid phone number.. I don't know what to do to stop this but this is getting out of control. It is a scam and now I will have to contact HR to let them know about this.. They won't give out their address and supposedly these are Washington DC area can we stop them if they can't be found?? They are frightening and scamming people..

Once your info is online for anything it's available for these scammers! I too had online pay day loans back in 2011 but I paid every one of them off! Now 3 years later these scammers are calling my ex husband from unknown numbers etc... Saying that have a legal matter against me and if I don't pay today that I'll be used and arrested. It's a scam! I've contacted my local police and told them about. They said it's def a scam! Do not pay anyone over the phone that demands and threatens you to pay them over the phone immediately. All of my online loans are paid and I know that! All of the sudden these scammers are saying I owe money. Do not pay them! Report it to your local authorities and file a complaint with the FTC!!

I received a threatening call from a man who said they had a sealed document that he is being paid 150.00 to deliver to me. He said that he is going to come to my house or place of work to deliver the package. He went on about going to authorities to deliver the package. He gave me the number 855-262-7547. I called and it went to the voice mail of Paul Matthews.

When you receive a call you suspect it’s from a scammer, the  best thing to do is hang up the phone and file a complaint with the FTC. The more details you give in your complaint the better: phone number, time, name, what they said. The FTC's complaint database is available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad and it's used to investigate and track these type of calls.

I have received calls from a recording that they are looking for me...said I am a defendant in a case and need to contact me...I know I am not involved in any case but they call and make it sound important. I would think if they were looking for me they would not give a recorded msg..They have also started calling my cell phone. I looked up phone number and it is a scam. Anyone else get these calls???

Received a call 2 days in a row plus an email stating that I owed money for a cash advance that I never initiated. Said that I had "24 hours to respond or else . . .". I called the number (215-353-5040 out of PA) from NC IB@USA.Com Cash-in -advance and spoke with "Tim Morgan" department manager of their "legal department". Very think accent from India and very noisy in the background. When I explained to him that I didn't receive a loan from his company, he said that he didn't have "any other information, only that I owed his company money". REALLY? The legal department doesn't have any information? I asked him to mail me the documentation that SHOWS i accepted a loan and howI agreed to pay them back. Once again, he didn't have that information. He proceeded to tell me that he would have to take it to the "next step" and have brought before the judge, etc. I said that if you bring me in front of a judge, then you'll HAVE to provide the documentation that SHOWS I accepted a loan from your company. He then said he had to hang up because I was interrupting him. Damn right! I was telling him about the police report that I was going to file because I was a victim of fraud and a credit scam and that my accuser could not provide me with any evidence that I had taken out a loan. We'll see if I get another call.

There a collection agency!! None of you dead best debters are gonna pay your bills unless your threatened!!! Only scum bags take out payday loans! You know u all owe the $$. PAY YOU BILLS PEOPLE & U WONT GET A CALL FROM COLLECTION AGENCIES!! You people are the scammers!!!!

Actually, the callers are not collection agencies -- they are scammers who are impersonating lawyers and officials. Anyone can be a victim of these calls. The debts are just as fake as the people making the calls. Virtually no legitimate business or debt collector will require that you pay using a prepaid card.

The fact that scammers like you are trolling complaint sites like these only serves to reinforce the message to those who look here and elsewhere for some relief. What you do is illegal, and slowly but surely the FTC is sueing you and your "parent" companies" out of existence. There is legislation in the works to add some criminal bite to the current FTC/FDCPA law, so I and others will have the additional satisfaction of knowing people like you and the outrageous statements like the one above will land people in jail. Sat off these sites - some of us are actively hunting you now.

Yeah you know everything. That's why I get to be called by one of these bloodsuckers even though I've never left a bill unpaid in my life. Go be self righteous elsewhere.

if it was just a collection agency I wouldn't mind paying the bill but knowing it is someone who is threatning to take my family ill pass. if they want the money that bad they can find a legit way to go about it

You are an ass people have been up against it sometimes it's the only way they can make ends meet.
You need to step off many of these people have paid off or never incurred the debt and they are being illegally harassed. For you to say what you have said it's ridiculous.

Im not sure if your uninformed or just ignorant, but if you read, you will see that only about 7% of us EVER EVEN TOOK OUT ANY TYPE OF PAYDAY LOAN!!! Im one of the 93% that have NEVER taken any payday loans and was sent emails from '" THE ATTORNEY GENERAL 's OFFICE", (fraudulent), stating the very same thing!! I forwarded the email to the FBI, California Attorney General, White House, OCT, filed a complaint w/Etc, ETC.!!!! Wake up!!

Learning how to spell and the correct use of grammar should be a priority for those who wish to try and educate others. They're* debtors* you're* gonna = going to* u = you* you = your* won't*

Three calls received: two from 8067314844 (March 28 and 31, 2014), one from 8557608948 all calling for an "Amy <followed by garbled last name>". From Myers (or Meyers) Associates at 3027030752. List case number and report calling about my "allegations" and requesting call back to 302 AC number if I wish to dispute allegations.

When these scam calls come through, and they announce their purpose, I immediately say "this call may be monitored for quality and may be recorded for evidence purposes". The shortest measurable element of time before they hang up.

(415)230-2036 Got a call from an unidentified number (sent to voicemail) saying that I needed to call back. Claimed I had 2 cases pending against me and I had 24 hours to call and resolved it. Also stated they were going to file with "the local dispatcher" to have confidential paperwork delivered to me that I would need ID to receive.
Very, very obvious scam. Almost laughed when the message said paperwork would be filed with a dispatcher.

I received the EXACT same call today from the same number. They had my name, last 4 digits of my social security number, and the name of a very old debt (over 15 years old) from Mervyns Dept Store. I almost fell for it.

Received a call from this number today trying to deliver papers for a lawsuit . Didn't sound right especially call coming from across the country. Obvious scam . I was able to verify that thanks to this site and your post . Thanks

Got call today from this number for family not residing with me . Same story - obvious scam- do not fall for it

got a call from 855-815-2168 with almost the identical circumstances but they said I was listed as the next of kin for "Alice". I do not have anyone in my family named Alice. I asked for name of business and what it was for - never got it. I was told that someone would be at my house later today with the paperwork (Case no. 29129CV-14) and to have my ID ready. I told her "good luck" and hung up! I tried to look up this number but it's not coming up and if you call it - you just get the run around. I hope the FTC checks this out and busts these rude people.

I think this is the same "company" calling me. same kind of script and almost the same phone number.

Got this call today too. Claimed they had legal documents to send to my home address and wanted to confirm that I would be home. I asked who it was from and he gave me a phone # 415-230-2036 to call for more information.

my boss got a call saying that i had a lawsuit against me, and that i was in trouble in MN. i have no debt, credit cards, bank accounts, or even a payday loan of any kind. i called them back, and when i questioned the man about his company and who he was, he yelled 'WHO THE F*#K IS THIS???'. i then called back from my cellphone pretending to be someone else asking questions. the same man said 'hold on, let me pull up your account info here'. i asked 'how can you pull up account info if you dont even have my name?' he asked for my name and phone number and i kindly said 'no sir, you called ME!' he hung up afterwards. SCAM!!

I received a call at work again about a payday loan that I applied for online years ago but didn't get approved. This time it was a (804) 482-4026 # from National Attorney Information System. They wanted to verify the last four of my SS# which I declined. They claimed that someone was in my work area ready to serve me if I didn't pay an undisclosed amount of money. They ask for my HR department which I declined. I told them if you were going to serve me at work, then you should have the information...if you're legit.

I got a call yesterday. Someone left me a message from 'clerk of court' advising me to contact Zimmerman and Young. I was worried so I called the Supreme justice court in my area, they looked up my name and verified I had no charges against me. I was also told that I would receive a certified letter, a clerk of the court would never call to refer me to an attorneys office.
I called Zimmerman and Young. A guy claimed he was a paralegal but had no info to provide about this so called debt from a payday loan. He did tell me my address and social, which I did not confirm.
I asked him to send me something in writing, and he just told me to wait for a summons to court.. Whatever.

Be aware of phone number 716-462-4570. They called and said that I owed for a payday loan. Seems funny considering I've not taken a payday loan from CASHNET. I asked for their address they gave me 1189 Kenmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14217. I can not verify that address. I keep calling back to verify that address and they hang up on me saying that they will file a suit for harassment. Funny, I thought they wanted money.

Meyers Group? Left some robocall message about "serious allegations" and a case #. I have also been getting these really annoying recorded messages congratulating me about a loan that I never applied for....which makes me wonder whether that the two are connected. I made the mistake of looking for loans online a few years ago and did not follow through. Now my info is out there and these scammers will surface every few months. I never answer a call not recognized and send everything to a blocked list.

Scam alert from number 415-230-2036. Claim they need to deliver papers for lawsuit - don't fall for it

someone please answer this question.If a lawsuit was legit,would it ever be sent to your email?

my husband received a call at work saying they had a warrant for his arrest and they would be picking him up the end of this week if he didn't not go with what they said. I called them and spoke with a lady who hung up on me and when I called back said I had to muh attitude and placed me on call with one of her superiors where she said I would not use that tone of voice and I said oh yes I will. when I spoke with the superior whos name is casey morgan she said they have a payday loan acct on file who says we have not paid. and then proceeded to tell me about the warrant so I told her I would be in contact with my counties courthouse and sheriff. when I called there they said if you have a warrant they will not call they will just show up at your door and take you. so I proceeded to call her back with that info and she hung up again. when confronting them they got very mouthy and would hang up so I called back finally they told me I was very rude and that they were no longer talking to me. the number to watch for is 904-435-5064 they sounded like a bunch of ex cons..

So 4yrs ago i get the call from the guy saying i was going to be taken to court for a payday loan i didnt pay. First, I hadnt applied for a loan in years. Secondly, I never got any money. So after several minutes of panic. I called back asking which company gave me a loan he said cash america. And i asked what card they gave it to me on. It was close to my card number but off on the last two digits. He had my drivers license and ssn. I explained i hadnt recieved a loan he called me a liar. I called an attorney and the place i "received" the loan. The loan place had no record. The attorney suggested i report to the police which i did, however they ran my license like i was the criminal and asked what they were supposed to do about it. Anyway, i quit answering the phone tho they still harrass me from time to time. But, now its on my credit report. I have no idea how to get it off of there. Or what to do.

I received a call from a guy named LEROY HILL yesterday at around 6:30PM asking me for my address. He never said why he didn't it. So I asked him and he was like "what I can't hear you?" and I said why the hell do you need my address. He said he has papers to drop off for a claim against me. I said, excuse me? What claim? And he said I am so sorry you should have been notified about this claim against you. He would not tell me where he was calling from, only his name, and his phone number was 609-489-5342. He gave me a number to call with a claim #. I hung up with him and tried calling him back to see who answered. The number rang once and then a message stated "the department of investigations is not accepting messages". So I hung up and called the number he gave me 855-245-0179 and it is a company called century group. A girl answered and asked me my claim #...she looked it up and said they are trying to collect on a pay day loan from Vandelier Group/Bahama Markeing from 6/1/12 that i never paid back. Which is not true, because I paid the few I took out back (you really don't have a choice it comes right out of your account). The girl was telling me I was going to be sued blah blah and couldnt give me any paperwork to back anything up. She kept trying to make me pay her right then and everytime she went to her case manager (Kerry) she came back with a lower number. I finally told her I can pay on the 15th and gave her a number to a debit card I do not use (no money on it). Which I will close when I know this is a scam. Anyone have any info to help me out? I have been researching a lot.

The phone numbers change all the time. I assume to make this scamming company untraceable. These unscrupulous scammers never give up. Home and cell ringing at the same time from "Restricted" callers. Leaving the same threatening message as follows.

"This is not a sales call. A complaint has been filed and your statement is required prior to the filing date. We ask that you verify name and location information to schedule service of process. You may press any key on your phone now to speak with an agent or call the claimant office at 844-823-0319."

An attorney has investigated this and confirmed it is a scam. I have reported to IC3, FBI and local police. I cant understand why they cant catch these disgusting individuals.

No one warns you of being served, I would think they already know my name and address as they have scowered the internet to find any family or friends of mine to harrass. What a joke!

I have recieved a call from this same company over the last several days. Stating that they have a notice of intent and will be serving me paperwork. The last call, recieved today, was from a woman stating that I have had ample time to respond and they have confirmed my address and employment. First she says the call is my last warning and I will be served with papers then she says, in the same breath, that I have 24 hours to respond. By the way, they always say, you have 24 hours to respond and it will be there last attempt to contact me. I have no idea what they are talking about and I do not plan on calling back to find out. If they truly have my current address, then they should be able to send me something via USPS regarding the debt....they have not; only the threatning phone calls.

Im very discouraged got a call tonight from a restricted number. They left a voicemail telling me I better call back as a law suit is filed against me. Call with a file number. They called my ex husband his soon to be wife its scary how do they get these numbers?. I called back and was scared they asked me if xXxX is the ladt four digits of social and told me a lump sum of what im being sued but I can pay half the balance by tomorrow to avoid being served. I was crying explaining I have no job etc...telling me well if they have to serve me its additional attorney fees of 3,500 on top of what was owed. I felt very uncomfortable and feel its a scam. The telephone number to call back was 1-844-790-3069. I tried to call back to talk to audrey blake and the guy said shes off now I will send you to her voicemail. It was a gyneric voice box. Im assuming its a scam right?

Anyone heard of Century Group? 855-245-0179 ...same kind of issues as above. But first a local number called me (leroy hill 609-489-5342) asking for my address to deliver paperwork to. I asked him what for and he gave me the number above with a claim #.

I received a phone call from a " unknown" number that leaves a message to contact 844-506-7763. When I asked the guy to tell me who was call, he got annoyed and hung up. They've also called my family. I know it's a scam but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

My co-worker took a call and his name was Miles Morales and he told her what was are process she didn't know what he was talking about and he told her that he needed documents to me. his number is 844-506-7763. He also left a message on my phone saying he had talk to my boss and was waiting for information on me. He also said that I needed to call him and let him know where I would be to get the documents to me. But if he has anything on me then he should have all my information.

I got a call this morning from a guy who said something about James Montgomery and he said he was calling on behalf of someone and to call a number and ask them about what's going on. So i call the number and a guy asks for the case number, I give it to him and he goes "You don't know what's going on?" I'm like "no" he goes into his script of how I owe for a payday loan and he wanted to know if I wanted to rectify the situation before they file fraud charges and I will be arrested at my place of employment today and embarrassed and if I had kids that "Their mommy was going to be in jail". I told him to tell whoever to file whatever they needed to file and I'd see them in court.

I received a call today from a detective Brown w/ the Fraud Division for the legal offices of Central Claim Services; threatening to subpeona my ex husband and current husband if I didn't return his call. stated i needed to present myself to the DA office and my refusal to return the call would be my omission of guilt - said to report to room #202. No other address. researched the phone number, it is from a fax machine - called about 8 different offices looking for a detective brown - no one has a 'detective brown' in their department. I'd rather serve time than to pay them a dime. How do I get them to stop? I'm beyond stressed out with their lies and threats. advice please!!!

844 804 5382 is yet another one...same story

I received a call from a blocked number so I let it go to voice mail. When I checked the message I received an ominous message about a "legal" complaint in their office, they didn't identify themselves at all but told me failure to respond to their 855-217-4635 number with my reference number would result in an immediate court summons. This is the first I've ever heard from these people and when I did a reverse phone search it turned up empty but according to they are not a real business. One thing I know for sure is that they are not the entity that has the ability to issue a summons. I can tell just from the message they left they are extremely aggressive and I won't be calling them back. Plus what kind of collection agency calls from blocked numbers doesn't identify themselves and when you research their number find only that it's a VoIP number from level 3 communications? Yeah if they call again they can talk to my attorney and perhaps even the federal authorities.

My question is -- why haven't they been shut down???

These people from Ashton check recovery keep leaving me messages in reference to a returned check with my social security number on it. Ironically they called my cell phone and left a recorded message, they can't be legit because I haven't even used a check in over 5 years. Their number 855-217-4635 shows as some level 3 number. I haven't called them back because I haven't written a check in forever, but tomorrow I'm going to ask for a validation of debt letter. If they can't provide that I'm heading directly to the local FBI office.

if you get a call like this you have a few options, gather as much information as you can and start a civil case for personal damages. a subpena will be issued to the other party and if they dont respond a real warrant will be issued for their arrest.

if you cant gather info on them, go to your respective LEA and file a report for attempted fraud. note that if you do this itll be considered a criminal case and depending on your area might not allow you to press charges.

dont underestimate the power of the system if you cant find them the justice system will. better than ignoring their calls and dealing with their bull****.

John Carter from ARS (716-8291865) called me. I returned his call. He asked me to verify the last four of my SSN. I did not. I asked him what this is about he said it’s in regards to Credit One credit card. He said I owe a balance of $915 and if i wanted to take care of it today. I told him I don't remember owning $915 dollars to any company and that I would need the debt validated. He asked if he could send something by email. I said no. He then ask me to confirm my address. He provided and old address (Quincy, MA). I said that’s not my current address. I said I would need debt validation information to review. He then said he can’t send any debt validation information; the only thing he can send is a settlement agreement. He said the debt has been validated because its gone through 3 collection agencies and his client wants to go to court. I asked who his client is and he said he couldn’t tell me that. I asked him why he couldn't tell me the name of the company that wants to sue me. He said he cannot tell me the name, only that they are going to take me to court for this amount. Then he said he will submit a request to move forward with the complaint. I said okay goodnight.

Received calls from "Colin Moore" for the past two days. He blocks his number and I send it to voice mail. He has legal documents on his desk attached to my name and social. I need to contact the claimant at 855-480-2550 and if I don't, he will be visiting me at work or my home to serve me no later than Friday as he's a legal document courier.He ends the message with 'you have been notified'

He called me too..still waiting to be served

I was called on Thursday and Friday of last week and was told that if I did not call back by the end of the day there will be a warrent issued for my arrest. I called back and they said that I was being charged with bank fraud and money theft because of a pay day loan. Well first off I never had a pay day loan and second where I work would have already been notified if that was the case. So after the first call had me all panicked that something was going to happen I reported it to the local police, Then on Friday I got the same call agian and when I called it back and they asked for my phone number, I told the lady I am so sorry I don't give that out she hung up. Now today is Monday and I do not know if they have called agian. It is a 210-762-5320 number that keeps calling. They told me that I can call victim services to settle this.That number is 210-625-4685. I did a search on both numbers, the first one does not come up and the second is registered to a cell phone. Good luck to everyone that has been getting these calls. Call and report them to your local police dept.

I was stupid and actually sent them money I'm a single mom and panicked thinking I have no one to take my children they said I had an hour and that I would be arrested either at home or at work. Also watch out for a company called westmontcapital they say you qualify for a loan of 7000 but you need to send a deposit since this is a secured loan then they ask for more money after that by the time you send them all the money they ask for you have sent the 7000 don't fall for it scam

1% of the population are psychopaths...
Lying comes as easy as blowing their noses. Even easier if Mommy and Daddy taught them, which is often the case with this type of scam. It's often a "family" thing...

I have received 3 calls and the caller ID says the number is a fax number from a government office in downtown L.A. - they ask me to call 888-788-8884 and that I am going to be served on a legal matter within days if I do not call and put a "hold" on the legal process. They leave NO case number, or any info about the debt or reason for the case. When I call back, I get a woman's voice mail. I believe this is a scam. Look up 888-788-8884 at Google and there are many complaints about this phone number.

Okay can some one help me out on this i got a phone call from a dept collector she said she was and please dont laugh at this im freaking out okay well she said i have a dept of $367 to Pornhub and she said if i don't pay I will go to juvinial court and she said I had 2 weeks to pay it at the website then she hangs up she sounded american after like a week has past she calls again and says my dept got higher and I told her i didn't watch at that website i watched somewhere else apparently it stacked up from the other website two so i ask an advise from my health teacher he asked me if i made an account i said no and he said did you use a phone or computer I said phone and then the teadher says again did you use internet on phone or wireless internet like house internet i said yes and he said if you used house internet then they should call your house phone then he said check it out just in case it's a fraud so can some one answer my question is it fraud and the stuff i watched was not the member ship ones or anything and apparently I have 9 days to pay now

I have received two calls from a 'John Morgan' saying I need to call reference legal action being taken against me for money I owe a payday loan company called Bohemian. Never heard of them and have no such loan. First time he called he said he was from SM&G Group--no such company. Second time he called didn't give any info except is was a legal action. Mr. Number says this phone number belongs to Lor, LLC. Still nothing to do with loans, lawyers, etc. Here is the number: 302-536-2681. It shows from Seaford, DE.

Today i had received a call from this, "John Morgan," calling on behalf of company, "Superior Document Services," inquiring if i had received mail from superior court about a case filed against me. I then asked in regards to what and he didn't disclose any pertaining info about the case and he said, "I don't have specifics and can't open your pdf file but i have a case number and phone number you can call for further information. After the call i then googled "superior document services phantom debt," which showed the ftc site as the top link and upon clicking and searching through posts i found this, "john morgan," to be listed here hence, my reply to the above post. He was saying the court was using them as a service which i find far fetched and sketchy. Pls watch out and dont be fooled or let a scammer shake your self-security.

This same person called my work number (how he got it I have no idea), I requested he not call me at that number, he asked me to call him back. I didn't and he called back again...I said, "I requested you not call me at this number" and hung up..he called back again..i said it is against the law for you to be calling when i've requested you not to..he asked to be xfered to my human resource dept...I honestly don't know that number because I generally just go to the office if needed...he threatened me to call him back by 12 or he was going to find out the number and hung up.

I received a call today from a woman claiming to be named Blake Tyler stating that she had several formal complaints that were supposedly going to be filed against me. However she couldn't give me any kind of info on these alleged complaints at all which there were none because she was trying to scam me. The number I was told to call was 855-375-2986. Called back that number and it was for a place called coastal and asked me to dial my party's extension. I was never given an extension number. Immediately after hanging up the phone, my dad called me and said the same lady I just talked to left a voicemail on his phone. So annoying.

I am sick and tired from this SRO firm calling me telling me this woman gave them my cellphone their number is 855-7771978 its been more than two years that this same people is calling me and asking me if I know her, this last time they were more annoying and telling me I was crabby for answering in a bad way. I am f* tired. I have this phone number for more than 10 years and whoever used my number to get credit gave it away. So I don't know if this is a scam or this person used my name and number to get whatever.. I'm so pissed

Just got a call saying it was for check fraud from 214 504 2986, saying i need to appear in people are crazy, and they want money from me..

if you are free and clear on "said debt" call them relentlessly and they will eventually leave you alone. i called them over a hundred times in 2 days from different numbers. they have beged me to stop calling. as long as i dont hear from them i will leave them alone

Just got a call from 866-748-9151. Left a voicemail stating "We're looking for the following defendant (insert name). If you have any info about the defendant please call with case number..." I looked the number up and all that comes up is an old behavior health company which clearly doesn't use the number anymore. Ridiculous.

Has anyone received a call from 909-366-5780? I traced it to National Paymen in Big Bear Lake CA. The lady, Harmony Bland, claimed to be a part of LMI Legal Services (which does not come up with a simple Google search). She said I owed first $150 then by the end of the call $650 for a payday loan. I demanded either an email or hard copy of the details and she refused. I told her that I needed them for my lawyer to review. I was told that I would be receiving a summons to court.

I got a call from 281-201-0413/ STP Group. Woman was leaving me a message about 'giving me a chance to answer allegations about a debt I owed'. I picked up and began to play along---she smoothly and very confidently told me I had taken out a Cashnet USA online loan in Sept of 2013 for $575 and with interest, $872 was now due (that's one heck of an interest rate!!). I needed to pay it NOW or they were going to file suit. I told her I had never taken out a loan--she told me they 'had already subpoenaed records and were going to file suit'. (I was married to an atty---that's not how it works. You have to have a lawsuit filed BEFORE you can subpoena anything.) Much of her jargon like 'answer allegations' was an attempt to intimidate by sounding 'legal'. During conversation she told me driver's license # that was not mine and a totally incorrect email address attributed to me. The SCARY PART WAS SHE REPEATED MY ENTIRE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER CORRECTLY, correct birthdate and though the loan was 'deposited' to an acct # which I have never had, the bank was correct. She also had my correct home address. Way too much correct personal information! Conversation ended with me denying any such loan and she told me I needed to contact my atty for representation. I told her to bring it on..... I called the sheriff's dept and filed a full report so that if they do anything that effects my credit score (which she threatened several times), I will have backup. I know it's a scam but it does give me cause for pause to know how much of my private info is in their hands. I am very protective of it and have NO idea how they got it.

It's a big people lie to them, they lie to you. Whoever lies better wins! If you paid your bills in the first place, you wouldn't have these problems! Look in the mirror and place the blame where it truly lies.

I got my first such call today.. 202-241-9607.. let the voice mail pickup.. I certainly wasn't going to , why?? because I get these crappy calls all day, FBI, cruises and lots of unknowns.. The reason I didn't pick this one up, we have not now or ever had any bill not pd.. and have never taken out a payday loan.. we work for our money.. we don't have the money, we don't buy it.. so it's not everyone that may have now or at one time owed a debt, other than to their own local bank that is getting these calls. think before you spout off

all kidding aside, rcvd call regarding payday loan from pls check cashing in Jan 2015 stemmons freeway Dallas Tx # was 214-275-9478 I never took loan and they refuse to send me written validation notice it's scam written all over it.

Please stop this number 206-582-7956 becasue it called me 5 times in different dates and didn't say who, no answer and I redialed back to find out just answering machine stop this abuse calling

Phone number 916-469-7022 and 7012 claiming to be from the attorney general offc in California. Stating fraud charges against me for stating my income was entered as a higher amount than I make on a payday loan I never got!! Claiming I owe $3000 or will be arrested at my place of employment.

That just happen to me too. The number is 9164697022

So I had someone call from 206-629-2080 - claims to be a Mark Davis. As with most people on here...there is no debt to collect on. However, he said he was contacting my county court and will be filing suit so I called the police and said that is not how anything like this works. It is fraud and harassment scares people. This idiot called my sister, my husband who all panicked. That is not how you do business. I told him to send me whatever he has in the mail so I can view it and give it to my lawyer and he said that is not how it works. So I told him to file and I will deal with the courts directly so we will see what happens. Now to the people on here telling others they need to pay their debt and stop lying - you don't know anything so you shouldn't be on here at all. Unless of course you are a Mark Davis and paid to harass and receive a bonus if you actually get some poor schmuck to pay you, which I am sure you are.

Call from 214-504-2986 Scam call about non existent check fraud, so tired of these scammers. go to the FCC's website and file a formal complaint. Listn to the entire message, get any identifying info.

I filed a complaint. Thanks

Keep getting calls from (214) 504-2986 making theats about check fraud. I don't even own checks. They have my name and phone number and keep threatening me.

The crap stated about that "you people need to pay your debts" is BS. I have a credit rating over 800...I owe nothing past due...ever. Got a call from unlisted number...told me (did not state a name of who they were referring" to call 844-823-0319 or be served papers and that calling would serve as process. I called and spoke to "Marie" of PDA Group. She asked if I was an individual, who I was not. I asked who they were and how they got my info and she hung up on me. I called back and got a beligerant man who told me his address was 1 Commerce Street, Nun-ya Business. I asked him how he got my info and that it was illegal for him to leave recorded fraudulent threats like that on my voicemail (my cell phone is on the "Do Not Call" registry. We exchanged banter, and he told me to go "F" myself, that he would do what he wanted to do, and that if I knew the law, do something about it. I filed an FTC complaint, but I am sure nothing will come of it.

So much for those of you who must work for these creeps and say off the wall BS like "pay your bills and you won't be called". If that were the case, Federal Legislation would not have been passed to provide criminal penalties for these "upstanding" people.

Agree ... FCC should be involved. Simple online paperwork for a complaint.

They keep calling for my son and i keep telling them he is here and to come serve the papers. When they ask to talk to him I tell them he can't come to the phone because i killed him and buried him in the back yard because of all these phone calls from you people but the law hasn't showed up to dig around!

I had one of those calls. The person claimed to be an attorney for Shearman & Sterling law firm.
I did a little research and found the actual website for Shearman & Sterling, LLP and did a search for the person in question. There were no results, which clearly indicated that it's scam. I'm not falling for it.

I have the same problem saying I owe for check fraud on a bank account that has been closed since 2008. I do not even write checks. I contacted my local PD and filed harassment they are now giving me options to filing a formal complaint through the state.

i spoke with a nice lady named ms. knowles. i'll admit when she first called i was mad as hell but i knew i owed the debt and the right thing to do was pay my bill. i care about my credit and it's just not worth it.

You're one of them!

You spoke with a nice lady named Ms. Knowles....hahahaha! I got a call from 214-504-2986. I called from a blocked number, and "hey, I just answer the phone around here." They wanted to know if I got a recorded call and was it my name or someone else's. I didn't answer their questions -- my response, if you can't or won't tell me who you are, what your web address is, who you represent, give me a court or a case number and a county, I can't give you anything and don't call no more. I'm saying that any legitimate debt collector will not go about business in this manner. It is not legal, nor is it ethical. Challenge them people!

I recieved a phone call today saying I needed to give them a call back immediately regarding a bad check from a company called SGQ Processing. They called from my area phone number & left a 844-823-0318 number for me to call. I called the number back & spoke to a lady name Ms. Carter. 1st she said I owe $260 that it was a loan deposit into my credit union acct on July 16 but the acct wasn't opened until July 19. I recieved a pdl in July but it was not deposited into my credit union acct. So I'm trying to understand how they got all of my information. Plus the pdl company doesn't have a working number to verify with them if they sent them my information. But I need the phone calls & harassment to stop.

I had a voice mail regarding my husband's ex - wife. They used her two previous married last names and stated this is Investigator Wilson (woman) and I'm looking for. ..then stated she wrote a hot check over $1400 dollars and if she didn't contact her then she will have a warrant issued in two counties. I notified my husband's ex and let her know to keep her private info as concealed as she could because scammers are contacting me regarding her and her private matters.

They had better leave me alone my attorney is ready to file suit

My father has been receiving weird phone calls from BANK ONE , which I do not even remember my father even having. SARAH WILLIAMS and a guy kept calling the house. My mother, in which my parents always do joint accounts, spoke to the person and refused to speak with her, he wanted to speak to my father in particular. Today, 7/24/2014, they called demanding that he can either pay his debt or asked to be summoned. My older sister who answered the phone call said "send it." now we will wait. They even know his name, our old home address and his last four social security. I did some internet research and saw this page, and I was telling my parents about it and how when i answered the phone call, what some of these people say, I witnessed them saying. I kept questioning them and they told me "well call back." So advised my parents to not give out any information. Now we are just waiting for the summons.

You will never receive a summons. Almost 2 years ago I received a similar call stating that I was wanted for check fraud. When I researched the phone number along with the "Lawyers" office name, it came back a construction company. They gave me a bit about how the Police were already looking for me & I would be arrested plus have to pay back the debt. I knew it was bogus & of course no cops ever showed up & no mail was ever sent. Getting the last 4 of the SSN is the new way to scare people into believing it's real.

I just received a call from an "UNKNOWN" number & when I answered a recording stated my dad's name and that he need to contact number 214-504-2986 due to bank or check fraud. No bank or company name was mentioned, only the number. So, I figured it was a scam and looked up the phone number online, which brought me here. I hate scammers! Just wanted to add my 2 cents and another line that may be used in some of the calls.


I received a call today from a lady claiming to work for "county legal", her name is Courtney Wade and she stated that if I didn't call this number that she was going to serve me with papers at my house on Monday.
When I called the number, they were saying they were going to file criminal charges against me for check fraud. I took out a payday loan but payed it back last year. This stuff really makes me nervous.

They already know that through public records which they either bought or stole which is why they are able to make you nervous. Remember that a company can never tell you that you will be arrested. Only the Police know that. Debt collectors cannot have you arrested either. Not paying back a debt only means they can report it on your credit or sue you. Always verify whether anything you get in the mail is valid and do NOT return phone calls. If you do not answer or return the calls, they will move on to someone else.

Been getting messages from 214-504-2986 about check fraud under my mothers name. I called back the numbers which is just cheesy muszak, and eventually a random voice mail box. Clearly this is a scam, many comments here have also listed this phone number. How come nothing is being done about this? Utterly ridiculous.

My mother, brother and I got a call from them today saying I committed bank/check fraud.

These scammers state that they are from a legitimate law office in Minnesota, and when I called that law office, I was informed of this scam. The phone number that connects to these scammers is 218 630 7007. They are at a call center in India, and they use phone numbers that are not traceable and are computer forwarded.

I been reading and received phone call for the same number, I hope that this is not true.

I used to get these all the time. The last time I said "oh damn, they caught up with me. Thanks for letting me know, I'm changing my identity today. What was your name by the way?" They hung up on me.

by the way, I read somewhere about a company that will let businesses make calls using rotating numbers. I don't remember much about it, just something I happened to read but after reading these comments and going thru the same I remembered the article. If this does, in fact, exist then it would seem that would be the place for the D.A., the IRS etc, to start looking and suing. Has anyone heard of this?

Keep getting calls at my place of employment from a middle eastern guy going by the name Paul Davis. All he says he is from is legal department. My employer keeps telling them I may not receive personal calls at work but yet they keep calling. Never once have called my personal phone. They also told my employer that I need to call them that I owe money which I know is against the law for them to tell them that. Also from my understanding it's illegal for them to keep call my job if told to stop.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Got a call from 214-504-2986 regarding that i have committed check/bank fraud and would be taken into custody by the end of business today if I didn't call back. Not only did they call me, they called my Mother and my brother. I only write ONE check a month and that is for my car payment and it has NEVER bounced. Time to nail these scammers!!!!

I have been getting tons of calls from places like these mentioned. I have taken out the payday loans but have paid them back and they said if I didn't pay 491.16 I would be arrested at my workplace (which they keep calling also). So I panicked and told them I couldn't pay that right now and he said it must be by the end of the day or you will be arrested tomorrow. So then he said I have no criminal record and he wanted to work with me (he says he is from an attorney's office) and he split the payments up and had me pay 200.00 and I did. I was so nervous from his threats and I have applied for a few online loans so I got nervous. I asked if I could by debit and he said no the only way was through a prepaid card you buy at the store so I did that and have now paid the 491.16 but now he says they show where I applied for more loans than I am allowed to and that I owe 1800 and if I don't pay I will be arrested. I feel like it is a scam but he is so sure of what he is saying it makes me afraid... can they arrest you that way? What is the best thing for me to do in this matter? Please help asap thanks

I'm sorry I just typed a reply to you but didn't send it correctly. Please look for it under my username Furious!

I am so, so glad good people exist in this world that reports stuff like this so other consumers can be aware. I received a phone call last week on my home phone from a 8556839228. She stated she was from the dept of Legal Services and she was looking for so and so (she stated my married name and also my maiden name, which I have not used in 15 years.) She stated that if I did not call back that Friday or Monday, I would be held in contempt of court. contempt of court for what I started wondering....well anyway, I called today (Monday) and they say the person who called me is not in today and I had to leave a message on her voice mail because my account was flagged and she was the only person who could tell me what was going on. I asked her what she meant by flagged and she stated that there were 3 counts against me on my case and she transferred me to "Stephanie's" voice mail, where I left a message. Now I'm starting to think this is a scam after reading all the above. has anybody else received a call from this 8556839228 number? When I do reverse search on the number, nothing comes up.

I rec'd this call 214-504-2986 stating bank fraud/check fraud and I called back and the mail box was full. What the heck is this place and what is true?

If they continue to call or harass you tell them you are reporting them to the fBI and Att.General. Tell them you will be recording any future calls and if they are unwilling to have their calls recorded you will not speak with them again. Tell them that they should send any future correspondence through the mail, get a PO BOX and give them that address. IF they send you anything bring it to a lawyer(you can ask about pro bono-no fee lawyers in your area,)
You probably won't need to do much more than tell them you've reported them and that you will be recording all calls- that should end it. These people are only interested in people that might send them money. If you take charge, don't argue just stand your ground, let them know you are aware of your rights they will leave you alone as you are not profitable to them.

I'm getting calls from a private number. It has happen everyday this week. Today he left a voice mail stating that he will be out to my place of employment or residence. He is american. I dont owe anything. It just scary. I have not answered the phone yet, just went to voice mail. Should i keep ignoring it?

Unknown Name
Private Number

We are contacting for Linda C------- in reference to an allegation of check or Bank fraud. It is imperative that we speak to you regarding this allegation. Our office has been mandated to contact your employer to verify your employment to issue paperwork for you to appear in court. If you wish to stop set action press nine or call 2145042986. Once again contact us at 2145042986. You have till the close of business today."

In 2011/2012 I got a similar call several times. I finally changed my number. A week ago I got an email stating I have a lawsuit pending from FTC because of unpaid payday loan. Worrying part they have my SSN and previous address. They are threatening that they will garnish my check.

I understand why you'd be worried about identity theft here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at

Found a voicemail on my phone this afternoon saying I was being charged with bank fraud or check fraud. I was going to call back but I always Google numbers before I do. Then I saw this at the FTC and confirmed by multiple search results. Same pattern as a lot of other comments, like I had to call back before the close of business or I'll be taken to Court, and my employer will be called to verify what I don't know. I'm not calling obviously as multiple sites identify this as a scam. Beware if you get this type of call leaving the return number of 214 504 2986. My number is on the do not call list but I still get calls from scammers like Rachel from Credit Card Services, the guys from India claiming to be from Microsoft and telling me my computer is full of viruses. I had them this morning as well.

Has anybody been receiving threatening calls from a 8556839228 number. They called, said the were with Department of Legal Services, said I was being sued because of a payday loan that I know I never had. They gave me a case number that contained the last 4 digits of my ss#, said they would put a lien on my car, serve me papers and hold me in contempt of court. That is what Stephanie left on my voice mail to my home phone. When I called her back, I get a Tonya who states that a Stephanie did not work there, but she would assist me. I gave her NO info but she placed me on hold and came back with all the same info "Stephanie" left on my voice mail. I'm assuming because my name and number showed up on her caller ID, she went from there. I told her I owed no payday loans....never had one and she says she will transfer me to Linda in the legal department. Linda answers, tells me the same bs, but she in turn is very, very nasty about it. Making threats, and then hanging up on me. I call back, she answers and says "what, just look to have a warrant issued" and hung up again. I have Googled that number, reverse white page searched that number, even used my Spokeo account to search the number and nothing comes back. I know its a scam but just wanted to know if anybody else has received a call from this number.

Yes, I have. Please do the following with that phone number if you have an iPhone:

Go to: Phone > Recents > (press the i with the circle around it on the right side) > Block this caller. For me they were also using a local number. Block the local number as well (they always use the same one). Good luck!!

These people hit Tennessee today, particularly, my home. Just want to add validation for myself and obviouly, others. I was threatened by a place called Global Accusitions who states they are "litgators". Said they were from Dallas 'Texas and something about check faud, litigation. They would not give me information about what law firm they were calling from. What their last name was. they hung up on me 4 times. I can be just as much as an idiot as they can. Called Bar Association in Texas. they confirmed that this is a scam and they will threaten your professional license, garnish wages. They told me that I had better look out because I'm going to be supeoned for court in a few day and hung up again.

Got a call from someone in Atlanta Georgia who claims that they are from "Clark Fuller law firm" and that im going to have 3 felony warrants for my arrest for bank fraud asap if i din't pay the x amount of money within 2 hrs. they had all my info and sound really professional? SCAM??? IDK...

So they called my dad's cell and my cell with the same scam about Bank fraud. But when you call back with your number blocked, they don't answer. When you show your number a woman answered rudely and asked what I needed. I told her that your people keep calling me you tell me what you need. She asked for my number and I told her that she should see it if that was the case. She got annoyed w/me and said good luck when you get picked up on a warrant and appear in court and hung up. I think everyone should flood their lines and tie up their phones to prevent outbound calls or talking to people that will fall victim to their scam. The number was 214 504-2986

I called the 214 504-2986 and got a "Rick". He stated he was with Global Aquisitions and asked for my first and last name. Stated there was a HSB loan that was not paid and had been to several collection agencies for an amount of $3926 and that he was the lead litigator on the account. And if I paid $1800 today, he can stop HSB from taking it to court where I will pay the court fees and interest on the unpaid balance. If I don't pay today I could be picked up by my local law enforcement at my place of work. Then, ends with "what would you like to do?" I told him I will take my chances in court and he says good luck! The only scary thing is they had the last 4 of my ssn but didn't give me any specifics. Be careful because it sounds very real but it's not. I checked my credit report.

Got a message from this number about a week ago. Called back to see what it was about, immediately got call-waiting music, than someone's voice-mailbox. No company was mentioned, and the name was said via recording, not a person's voice.
Got a call today from another number (3022410396) with basically the same message, called back again and was told I owe money on a card I paid off over a year ago. The woman I spoke to(Sandra) told me I could settle today for $800. I told her I wasn't settling on a credit card i already settled. She asked if i wanted to start a payment plan. I said no, that I wasn't paying because i already had, and that I'd find the info on this card and call back. She gave me the 214 to call back. When i asked why i was given 2 different numbers, one in Dallas and one in Delaware, all she said was that was their number. Oh, and at no time was I given a company name, even when i asked for it.

Got a call from 512-960-2251 that left a message saying I was going to be served and called my family and said I have a warrant out for my arrest. I dont. They refuse to give me any information when I call them and then they hang up on me after telling me I will be served. If i am going to be served how do I already have a warrant out.

latest twist is that an individual calls and says they are aware of pending litigation against you and they want to know if you have an attorney. when you hang up on them, they call back and begin to threaten that if you don't talk to them, they will come after you with a warrant for your arrest. Do yourself a favor, hang up on them again....

I received a call today from 469-275-0057 which sadly I answered. The lady was rude, telling me I was facing criminal charges and jail time etc and asked if a certain name was my madien name(which it was but I didn't confirm). I ask her what this is in regards to and she gets snippy and yells that it is criminal charges and asked if I had been contacted about it. Then she tries to transfer me to Mrs. Dunlop? so she can explain to me what the charges are. I hung up, and proceeded to block the number. When I did reverse lookup on the number, it says it is a cell phone. What telemarketer/debt collector that is LEGIT uses a cell phone? They are nuts!

These ppl called my wife-INLAW!! ACCORDING TO HER

Elderly scammer- 514-243-2531 calls to report family member in jail and send debit infomation asap

Caller tried to scam my elderly grandmother in California. Said he was a lawyer and his name was Harvey Dyson from Morris &Associates. A caller called her number claiming to be her grandson who lives in St. Louis, Mo, was in jail on a drunk driving charge and needed her debit card to charge a $5,400 plus $400 lawyer fee to get him out if jail today! His phone number is 514-243-2531. SCAM!!!!
We noticed the phone number's area code, then called the grandson and he picked up right away. Never was in trouble. Filed a complaint to he better businesses bureau as a scam! Please be aware !!! Do not send your money!!!!!

I've been receiving a phone call from 866-258-1104.. I never answered it and they have only left a voice mail 2 times it's an automated voice mail saying "This message is for (my husband's name) if you are not () please hang up thus is an attempt to collect a medical debt.. well they never called my husband's phone just mine. And my husband hadn't been to the doctor in like 8 years I checked our credit report nothing on there showing anything in collections. I did try to call it back it is for Npas solutions I never talked to anyone it just kept saying I'd you wish to wait on the line press 1 I just hung up. I only called back because I wad concerned about medical fraud but again there was nothing on our credit report all three of them. And we haven't received a letter from any collections agency or a bill.. what is everyone's thought on this?

Got emails and calls stating I owed some cash advance thing asked for bank acct where it was issued to want even mine says they going to press charges and had my employer and ss# I called the cops and was told it was a scam told my job what was going on just in case. "AMOUNT: $825.17 If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of this letter, we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our in-house attorney. We reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to, by use of the internet. In addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court cost incurred. ou can Email back to get the payment mode too. We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $5400.00 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges.If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future. Amount Outstanding $825.17 One Time Settlement offer Amount $355.00 only for today. Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will meet you in court house. Thanks for being our customer. -- Patricia Richmond, Legal Department, Cash Loans. Contact 1-803-343-9054 Ext. 129 but it's the same guy that answers every time.

Another scam number - I was getting calls from the 204 number but once Or blocked them I started getting calls from 302-241-0396...

Its alive in Kentucky as well, got same call from 214 # claiming bank fraud/ check fraud and that they will garnish wages, even contacted my mother in another state looking for me. I knew it was bogus, was easy to find the scam on here too. This happened 8/22/14. Can't wait for them to call again.

I had a call yesterday from Christian Johns, a private courier, who was supposed to deliver important documents to my place of employment or home today between the hours of 9 and 5. I asked him where his office was and his response was Kentucky. Well, I live in Kentucky. Ok, so he gave me a number to call and a case number. He said that he could transfer me to the group of attorneys if I wanted him to. I said that I would call them later. This first call came into my work. He called again on my cell phone after I left work. And he also called my parents' home and wanted to get in contact with me. I called the number and was told that it was for two payday loans that were from companies that I never heard of from 2012. The group of attorneys were wanting approximately $3,000 to settle the debt. The lady that I was talking to wanted me to borrow money from a friend or relative to take care of the debt since I told her that I did not have that kind of money. She said that the legal process had already started. She wanted me to give her a prepaid credit card number or a debit card number. I told her that I would speak to my husband. I did not call back.

Today, I received a call from a woman with the same script as the Christian Johns from yesterday. I have started letting my calls go to my voice mail if I do not recognize who is calling.

The number that they want me to call is 844-228-7943. FTC told me to contact Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they told me to contact FTC. I just told them that I would handle it myself. I think if they call back, I will tell them to contact my attorney who is also a judge now. Who has the last laugh?!?! I may end up in front of him, but as least I will know that I do owe the money and it is not a scam.

I just got a call from these people as well 214-504-2986, they said that I bought a camera in 2006 and took a line of credit from Home Bank and that they were going to contact my employer for income verification. They just contacted my Mom in Dad in another state as well. How do I get them to stop calling?

I got a phone call from 214# claiming to collect a debt from my Mom. However, my mom past away long time ago. SPAM TEXAS SA

Why can't they find these people and prosecute them for harassment. Don't tell me they can't trace these numbers. I guarantee you if these people quit paying their phone bills, the phone company would find them and get their money. I'm tired of these scam calls. Went through a round of this about 3 years ago - now it's starting again. Calling house and cell phone. Calling our daughter trying to get info on me. TIRED of it. this can Ruin a person's character if they call the wrong people trying to get info on you. enough is enough. Who can we contact to stop this?!?!?!?!?

They called me from the number 214-504-2986 and left a message stating that I owed a debt for bank/check fraud that could lead to court proceedings or jail time? They claimed the amount was for $2,900 but they could settle for $1,000. I do not recall that debt, I see nothing on my credit report. I checked my state's court docket for my name and any debt, nothing. This is absolutely a scam. I spoke very nicely and clearly to the representative. The first time I called the lady was very brash, saying "Oh my God" under her breath when I asked for the court docket number. She claimed she was a litigator, and I asked her if she was an attorney and she said no she is a litigator. I then asked her for her what state she was licensed in and her Bar License number and she said, I'm just a litigator, I am speaking on behalf of the company and the debt... so I said, oh you mean a liaison? She said yes. I said, well I will wait for the "court docket" to appear in my mail and she said, Okay you will receive one. So if they are impersonating a court docket, then I will contact USPS for mail scam and authorities impersonation and fraud.

I called again and spoke to a different representative (with a nicer tone) and said that I spoke to my state Attorney general's office and that he suggested that I tell them to cease and desist any further phone calls to my contact number or any other contact they have on file. That if they continue, I will file a police report, I will block their number and report them to my phone company for harassment, I will file a scam report with the FTC, the Better Business Bureau and their Attorney General in Texas (it is a TX area code), in addition to my state's Attorney General's office. The young lady hung up the phone after I finished. We'll see if that worked. Don't be afraid to speak up about these people, even if you owe a debt, how they are going about it with impersonating authority, courts, etc. is plain out fraud

They started bombarding me today here in VA via my LAN line, not my cell phone. The message gave no reference to anything except "a lawsuit filed on my name" for blah, blah, blah. I called the number back, no one picked up. Assumed it was a scam and found this site. Thanks to all posters!!

No number came up when they called it was a + (plus) symbol that was it. No numbers at all. When I got the message that was left is how I got the actual number. Something about fraud was mentioned. I just looked up local court calendar to see if anything was filed. I just ignore them when they call.


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