Refunds for One Technologies’ not-so-free credit scores

The FTC will be refunding nearly $20 million to people who were misled by One Technologies about getting “free credit scores” that weren’t so free. The money comes from a 2014 settlement with One Technologies. According to the FTC, the company misled people by advertising free credit scores without making clear that people would be enrolled in a credit monitoring program — and charged $29.95 per month.

The FTC is mailing checks this week through the refund administrator Analytics, LLC. The FTC previously mailed claim forms to people who were charged for these credit monitoring programs. To get a refund, they had to return their claim form before the deadline. Check values range from $90 to $150, depending on how much money each person lost. Anyone who gets a check has 60 days to deposit or cash it.

If you have any questions about your refund, call 844-828-4441, or visit the FTC’s One Technologies refunds page. And remember, the FTC never requires people to pay money or give personal information before they cash a refund check.

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Thank you for doing this!!!! Honesty is the only policy

That happened to me but with TransUnion. They do the same thing.

I never received a claim form!!!!!

Same happen to me but with Experian

im with experian at present when i signed up it said free credit score not reading the very small print im now paying 14.95 per month did you claim your fees back or was trying to claim a waste of time please respond

Thank you for all your research and work on this. I felt bullied into this whole system of being fee'd to death. When they finally were going increase my monthly payment to $100, I couldn't believe it. That's when I quit and gave up my business. Everything I made went to fees. I'm so happy these dishonest crooks are paying the price.

This is a pleasant surprise, most of the time there is never a final outcome to these cases.

The same thing happened to me with TransUnion they're willing to cancel the account but not talk after 1:10 2995 he they never mention and then charge you 1995 7 Days Later offering free credit score and then you don't get to look at the credit score also your score and more did the same thing I have not been able to get in touch with him yet

Wow, I actually received a refund, but had to verify on this website that it was not a scam.
Thank you, always great to see our government is doing their job for the consumer.

I did the same thing. I had to verify the check I received today was not a scam either. I honestly don't remember filing for this, but apparently I did since I got this check. Thank you for all your hard work on this also. I can't trust anyone anymore when we get stuff like this in the mail. Too many bad people out there.


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