Reporting international scams

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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Thanks, for looking out for us. This is a great country cause its all of together, indivisible, period.

Tonya Beam!!!!Avoid her and her money scam.. Acts like she's paying off your credit card then wants you to use the cash advance to send money to a co-worker. Only thing is her payment is voided a week later and your stuck with paying the funds back yourself.. Her # - (201) 378-3549 Her email - tonyabeeam001
Hope this saves any of you from the head aches

Do NOT order anything from Eggplant Mail. I ordered an eggplant over a month ago and have yet to hear a single thing back. They took the money out of my account the same day I ordered, and I have tried contacting them 4 times now. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

AGREED we are out $18.00 and had to change our credit card

Yes, my son ordered one last October. The money was taken out immediately and no eggplant ever delivered. We have contacted them by email 5 times (since they do not list any other contact info) and threatened to file complaints to no avail. It's a scam!

I'm so glad someone is paying attention to these incidents. My mother was scammed as she is 85 years young.

Yes I am worried I gave my name and birthday and phone number some saying I won I phoned to try out the new one now I am worried that they have full name and phone number I hope your mum ok 6

It happened the same to me.

At least you didn't give your mother's maiden name, that I use all the time, for security questions. Luckily I realised right away I had been scammed and froze my bank accounts. They tried to book flights and a couple of other things. I am most worried about identity thieft now.

May,2014, I gave OptionMint $30,000 to trade on my behalf I have been in touch with them regularly since then. My account has grown to $53,000. they insist I deposited only $15,000 and did a charge back on that. I have sent them all bank statements showing the deposits and no charge back deposits and now they refuse to speak to me. the money is there , and at least they should not lie when they have proof, and send back my original deposits.

If someone took money from your account, contact your bank. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has information for investors. You can also report a possible securities fraud to the SEC.

Yea opinion mint is a scam. Alert publishers clearing house cause it's one of there so called sponsors. I see there ad a lot on there

PCH is also a huge scammer. I tried them for grins, and after a couple months got tired of being a "winner" if ... and so on. So I cancelled them; twice. But their emails promoting how close I was to being a winner kept coming for nearly a year. Each one was duly reported to the FTC to no avail. They only stopped when that particular campaign ended.

I Deposited $140,000 with LBinary options. They traded it up to $163,000 Paid back $14,000, and said they had lost the rest. I believe this is a scam because professional traders can not lose $150,000 in less than 6 months. Besides they told me ridiculous lies over the phone that a child would not believe and I am a professional engineer with 30 years exp.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has information for investors. You can also report a possible securities fraud to the SEC. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I found out that Lbinary has chosen not to be a registered traders and the broker Jake Brand who had mislead giving false information is no longer there with going through with submitting the forms with FINRA , FTC,and many other department has said that it is out of their hands because it is not in their jurisdiction outside the border and the trade was done in London. Also an unregistered . So being that these people choose to be an unregistered is because they can get away with it . Where do we go and get help when this happen in protecting the consumer in to filing for a monetary claims.

If you know about a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

I got scamed by optionsxo for 15000 pound they create a ficticious site like you are trading with your money they add money to your account and tell you u cant withdraw till you have deposited more money. This money is going to an offshore account in the azures then the so called bank is there own along with the ficticious trade account they contact me by skype and my telephone they made vast amounts and they all lost but they didnt loose my money that was filtered into the offshore account they are doing this to hundreds if not thousands of unsuspected clients with no return on your money. Clever and the guy i spoke to was mr Alves lives abroad i was sucked in by them for 15000 pounds my life savings

2 yrs ago I almost got scammed per say I had 25 million inheritance before I can claim the money. I need to opened a bank account for $150.00 or more in Bank of England that way the can deposit my inheritance. I told them, don't make any sense at all why do I need to put money if I have money coming in. I email Bank of England and the told me I being scammed. I called the police, the said the cannot do anything coz I didn't give them any money.

I have received several phone calls and texts, supposedly from representatives Facebook administrative office, informing me that Mr. Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has set aside $25,000 for me. These two represent Ives, a man and a woman, insist that it is for real. I am being encouraged to contact to collect my "lucky prize before they will have to give it to somebody else." I am strongly considering on contacting them to investigate if it's a genuine prize I deserve for being a "lucky Facebook user." Other than call this woman, whom I am encouraged by the man she is really "authorized to present me with $25,000 to be deposited directly into [my] account," how can I determine the the validity of this offer? In fact, how can I be certain this blog here is actually authentically apart of the Federal Communication Commmision (FCC) and not a scammer organization attempting to secure my private information?

Often the calls about "winning" are followed by calls about fees, taxes or customs duties you have to pay. And then the caller wants your credit card or bank account number.  This blog post tells more about scammers who tell people they've won money.


You might be talking to a scammer. Some scammers pretend to be US service members, and make up stories about reasons they need you to send money.
The US Army Criminal Investigators say that many scammers use the names of real soldiers when they send emails asking for money. Scammers ask for money for expensive things like  laptop computers or international telephones, or ask for thousands of dollars for military leave papers, or transportation fees. 
This blog tells more about romance scammers and the stories they tell.

Hello Bridget I got scammed by Beeoptions bank told me file police report but is there a way I can get my money back

You need to contact the business or find out where the business is registered, and work with law enforcement in that jurisdiction to get a refund.

The same story was just told to me. Different name used, but man said he is James Darren from Dallas, TX and he has adopted son in Africa. He keeps wanting me to contact the son through facebook. I havent given him any money or SS # or anything like that, but he did ask a lot of personal questions like, did I own a car, how many, did I own or rent a house, how many people live in my house. I did answer these things because I thought we were getting to know each other. I realized that questions sounded like I was applying for a loan or something so I answered that I needed to go and quit messaging. His English is very bad, but I do know a real serviceman and when he was overseas, his messages would come through garbled sometimes, so I decided that was maybe what caused that. I wish I knew how to keep him from committing identity theft before it happens. Any suggestions? I dont know how to tract him to be able to report him. I believe he is asian because he sent a smiley face with asian facial features.

I unfortunately fell for a something only he said he was a contractor helping rebuild schools overseas caused by military. He needed help getting his paycheck and wouldn't have his account up for at least two months. No money came from my pocket I had ACH payroll transactions placed in my account and I sent it to him through western union, about two weeks later every transaction was reversed and I got stuck paying back the bank. Only thing is I got real scared and didn't report it till 5 months later. I'm was recently separated and didn't want it to effect my custody battle. His name was Dean Adele and Fola Richards brother and sister they meet you on Meetme

I promise that no upright US Military member will ever accept or work off of any such bribes.. clearly it's a scam, and how hard is it to make up names... coincidentally, they're always in or from Africa... smh... just keep your money and if you really want to donate and help someone, then donate to known charities.

Their is a guy by the name of stephen (kally) kalina, who is from the security army forces in afganistan a 57 year old and almost ready for retirement. He wants from me $1150.00 for his son can go to some activity with his friend before going away to college and he can not provided the money cause he had loss access to his bank very sweet talked he did not ask for any money into later in the relationship I really like this guy. I haven't send any money and I got the feeling he is not who really saying he is. What can I do about would like to know if this awesome guys it's real at all.

There are lots of comments on this other blog from people who met someone online. The blog also lists warning signs of a romance scam.A lot of scammers say they are US soldiers posted overseas, and have money but can't get to it right now, and someone in their family needs money. Then, they ask you to send money and promise to repay you. When you meet someone online, you don't know who they really are, you only know what they tell you.
If this doesn't feel right to you, you don't have to send money.  If an online sweetheart asks for money, it's probably a scam.

Try creating a forwarding e-address for on-line SCAM email, I get about 15-25 a DAY for meaningless crap: my BLOCK this address option is meaningless and fills too quickly; then I have to delete and refill - and the same SCAM crap keeps pouring in (For Example 'F.B.I. Notices' that THEY have legal money for me. Even the "F.T.C." has sent notices to that effect, although I haven't seen them lately. 'Western Union', the spoofed names go on, but the domains are meaningless drivel, not at all connected with the companies and agencies that send them. YOU should get them, sort them out, and REALLY BLOCK them. ISPs don't give a damn.

The best Defensed is knowledge. Inform the public of what to look for and the signs that a fraudulent act may be being committed. Knowledge if the best weapon of defense.

How to get my urn mony.

I know this is a fraud from the poor English.

-----Original Message----- From: \MS® TEAM\ Sent: Tue, Oct 13, 2015 4:42 am Subject: Secret Shopper® LLC
Dear candidate,
We are starting a very big research project in USA and Canada. This project takes place every month. We are leading agency specialized in (Global) Customer Service Research. We need to recruit Mystery Shoppers to join our project to work as a surveyor. You will get $200 - $300 for each assignment. Payment check or money order will be in a certain amount that you will be asked for cash your bank and then garnish your wages and have the rest for the evaluation. Provide the following information below if you interested.
Full Name: Address (NOT P.O Box): City, State, Zip: Occupation: Age: Email: Phone Number:
Your response would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you. Regards, Teresa wilson

This is excellent, especially for the small business owner. I have received four international scams in the last year! Didn't know where to report them.

Why can't you shut down the "microsoft technical services "scam, in where they say your computer is putting out error messages on the internet and you will be arrested if you don't have them fix it (for $$$). Its been going on for a couple of years now ( got 3 calls in 2 days this week).There is no phone number on caller ID and no way to identify them except for their Indian or Pakistani accents.

Frank33, I've received a few of those myself, years ago. Just tell them to contact your Internet service provider.

They claim they've done a trace of your server and claim you're using their company's bandwidth, or something to that effect.

Since you, like most of us, use an ISP, it's the ISP's responsibility, so just tell them to call your ISP, then hang up.

This response has worked for me. They don't call me anymore.

Or just tell them you don't own a computer.

I had that happen a couple of years ago. I told them I had no computer so how were you able to find this out? They hung up! Nothing since

Frank33, I just recently started getting the same type of calls. And when I asked what they were speaking about because my computer is in the shop (pawn shop) they hang up. Try that and see what happens.

Step to Loan Scam, they promised me $6,000 and we did a whole bunch of processing on our computers now I have all these programs on my computer, and when I call them 1-800-620-4799, they hang up on me so they will not give me the $6,000 they promised.

supposedly matched to three men with Our Time Dating. Gary Henry request I send money and electronics to son for birthday. a few hours after shipping thru FEDEX I contacted fedex told them this was a scam do not deliver. place hold and return to me. even suggested if anyone came to claim they must give password. Was assured this would happen. NO the package was delivered. I believe all three men are not American but have accent of middle east.

Thank you. This is good to know that reputable agencies "have the backs" of consumers.

Re. Scam Report/complaint I can't find your email address anywhere. I have additional information to ad to this file. Actual invoices from the scam people themselves. I need your email address to forward these items. I hope someone is really working on this. It means a lot to me. Thanks for your time. Mike

If you filed a complaint with the FTC and want to add information, call 1-877-382-4357. Have your file number with you when you call.

Yes I have a problem here in the Saint Paul airea the Police Department I suppose igivein g the inclination that I have not finished my Education as a Police Officer as a Pay Pal could you help them with this Profile number # Military Government Police Officer beyond.

I have been subjected to calls from international bill collectors in an attempt to collect a false debt. They laugh when I tell them I am complaining to your agency. Is there anything I can do? Please contact me

If you know of a a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

I received a phone call from a [pretend] solar company claiming to provide free solar panels under a Government grant, asking a few questions to see if I qualified: first if I were owner of the house, sole owner, how many hours of sun did my roof get per day, ok so far right, but then they ask for my credit rating! I said it was personal information, they insisted saying it was necessary to complete the questionnaire to see if I qualified, and that I only had to say if it was 'good' 'very good', 'poor', etc. (I could some people laugh in the background). I said thank you and good bye. This was a phishing call. Les aware people may get caught on this collecting of information. They already knew my name and address when they called...

Found out birth certicate information changed.had several documents stolen. Noticed a lot of name changes with vital records date of birth information. Railroad retirement had 100 people with same name DOB ,asked question how can someone change out work history no retirement changed out my history you from Irs owe revenue service. Female. Real estate investment in ga gwinnett Co

If you want to learn how to find mistakes on your documents and records, go to There is information about how to make a plan and recover from identity theft.

I am so grateful for a FTC who keep us informed of scams and fraudulent people who are lying and cheating people out of their hard earned monies. Thanks for the warning.

Who does someone get to look into stock market fraud?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) protects investors and enforces laws and rules for the stock market.
The SEC explains how to check out a broker and investment advisor and has information for investors. The SEC also takes complaints from investors.

We get the "Hi, I'm calling from Windows..." phone calls from foreigners all the time. No matter how many foreign companies you guys extradite, convict, and jail; a new company takes its place almost immediately, so the calls never actually stop.

Most of the time, I just hang up; but these calls are very annoying, because I know there is NO company called "Windows" unless it's a window replacement service. Sometimes I try to get information from the caller, but they've been trained not to release any information. So, we're STUCK. Surely there's got to be some way you guys can convince the foreign nation governments to make such companies illegal, or require them to ONLY call locals.

To me, this problem is more of a U.S. State Department issue, where our representative(s) should get involved and demand foreign governments curtail these illegal activities.

Leaving it up to the FTC, FBI, or even the FCC, makes no impact on the number of calls Americans receive from foreign companies who do not abide by our laws.

My 75 year old mother in law fell for this scam. she doesn't know much about computers and thought they were legit. She paid them I believe $250 and then she gave them her IP address to "help fix her computer" and they were then able to get into all her information. They also screwed up her computer. She ended up having to get a new one, having to contact all her accounts she uses via internet and told them what happened. We reset all her passwords also. This was such a hassle and so scary at the same time. She had called me right after this happened because she couldn't do anything on her computer so I went to her house. When I called the call back number they gave her I quickly realized she had been scammed and put everything into action, right after I gave them a piece of my mind and a few choice words. They have called me several times also. One time I told them that it's funny I had issues with my computer since I didn't have one. He hung up on me on that one. LOL!

i was called by this number say they worked for the IRS. 206-9239793 and they were tring to get money from me

I am so grateful for a FTC who keep us informed of scams and fraudulent people who are lying and cheating people out of their hard earned monies. Thanks for the warning.

I received a call today from a Bruce Brunnell"saying he was from the 'US Treasury verification Dept" notifying me that I was "randomly"chosen to receive $7000.00 because i always payed my taxes on time etc. and how would I prefer to receive the money, direct deposit to my bank or by Western union cash",of course i told him Western Union",I was not about to give my account # to anyone over the phone. he tried to verify my address,which he had wrong,and I verified with a similar wrong address. he then asked my age,I told him the wrong date,,not a problem for him because he did not correct me.then came the verification of my address,(he should have had all of these things)I did verify the town but not the address or correct street,again,not a problem.He again(about 3 or 4 times stated he was calling from the "US Treasury Verification dept"and repeated the amount I was to receive,$7000.00 then asked what i was "most likely to use the money for",bills,was my response.he then said his dept superior/supervisor would verify a "Approval number"he gave me,all i had to do is callback at phone #253-***_**** and give his superior the "approval# he gave me,and they would have the cash Grant on the way.I knew this was a scam but i wanted to get as mush info as I could.Looked up the prefix of phone # and it came from Tacoma. he told me to make sure I make the call,I guaranteed that I WOULD INDEED BE CONTACTING "SOMEONE".if you get one of these calls,it's a SCAM. I am hoping someone gets a hold of me for the info on these scammers so they will stop.We'll see.I have it if you want it.Also I could hear all the other people in the back ground calling and talking,and this guy had an Australian or British accent? not sure.I just know,unless you have filed for a grant,they don't call you and "Randomly" choose you.

These details are useful for a complaint.
Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I got that same call. I let him do his song and dance playing like I was so excited. If course when he asked how I wanted to receive my 7000 I was not polite and hung up. Next time he'll get a lovely whistle in his ear.

I receive email spam scams all the time (Both in US & for international things). Do I still forward them to By the way, thanks for trying to help us all!

Yes, please forward to

My name; Mukhtar I have received e-mail saying dat i have wow a money lottery from The coca cola company promotion/prize Award Dept coca cola Avenue Stanford bridge London DE1V 3DW United kingdom. By coca cola in conjunction with the Red Dot promotion held in London UK. However the results were released this day may,2007 and your email was attached to. Ticket number;7pwyz2007. Winning number;5-12-7-0-1-17. Bouns; 8. Thanks pls reply me son. May be i can help.

If you got email about a scam outside the US, you can make a report at

I have been talking to someone from Nigeria...and yes I have sent money on several occasions...for a total of about 700-800 dollars...through "WESTERN UNION" I Contacted Western Union and am now waiting on copies of each of my transactions.Once I receive them, what should my next step be? The person I have been scammed by ...still does not know that I ran a image search and found out so much about "him" the image search resulted in letting me know the pics he sent to me were of a Hawaiian Model....then took me to what "HE" REALLY LOOKED LIKE....I WAS SHOCKED AT ALL THE LIES HE HAD TOLD ME IN THE PAST 3MONTHS....I ALSO STILL HAVE ALL MESSAGED WE HAD EXCHANGED Since the end of July...should I let him know, that I am on to him?

You can help law enforcement by reporting your experience at The information you give will help consumer protection agencies around the world.
If you keep talking to a scammer, he might continue to contact you. He might sell your name and information to another criminal.
To limit how much the criminals know about you, don't contact them and don't respond to emails, texts or calls.

Because the police or government are not really do any individual investigation, so the scammers are not afraid to continue to scam money. They use different company website, phone number and email to do crime. If we can capture one, we actually to stop many scam activity

I was scammed by a romance on Facebook.Took my life savings and I am devistated. Please help

I think now that I have been scammed also! What can we do? Please help?

You can report a scam to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
You can use the "Search" bar at the top of this page to look for information on the FTC site. Type in the word like "job" or "romance" that describes what happened to you. Or, use the words on the left side of this page to find articles about a topic. You can find articles about Money & Credit, or Homes & Mortgages or other topics by clicking on one of the boxes on the left.

I hope that this helps those of you that may have received this internet message.....
Subject Line - ATMCard Suspension Zenith Online To Recipients Jan 6 at 5:24 AM Zenith Bank Value Customer,
<>Your Atm Card has been listed for suspension.Is not yet delineation to your BVN account,follow the url bellow to activate? Unlisted New Bvn SCript; if experiencing any difficulties or unusual with the self activation link, for assistance Call helpline 01-454-0588. Thank you for banking with Zenith Bank
I looked up the information online about . This is a valid email address. However, it is connected with a Community College, one of the instructors, located in Smithfield, NC, USA. Zenith Bank is located in "Nigeria". This is what I found when I looked it up: Zenith International Bank Ltd. Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.  This is the card services information: Card Services Questions about your Card (MasterCard, Vpay, VisaCard and any other type of card) - cardservices  234-01- 2781740, 2782273 Hotline: 0700 ZENITHBANK As you can see, even the phone number listed in the email, doesn't even match up to the one listed under the proper bank department.

I've been getting TONS of emails lately stating that either "DHL" or "WESTERN UNION" or "FED-EX" is holding an ATM card for me with 7,000,000. or more on it and that a rep. paid the fees yet all I need to do is pay the holding fee of anywhere from $120. to $280. US dollars. They want me to send this either Western Union or MoneyGram. They also say that the Ambassador to the United Nations from Nigeria will deliver it to me on his visit this week. And sometimes I get the same type of email from the "New" head of a bank in Nigeria. I have reply to some stating that if I have to pay for it no thank you.
Just reading the blogs on here I know that these type of SCAMS are not only targeted at me but at s many Americans. I only hope there is going to be something done soon.

I got an alert that I had a virus on my mac. I went through the stupid process of letting these people get all my information and "fix the issue" the company is called In Technologies and don't know why I went ahead and let these people trick me into getting into my laptop and all my information is supposedly backed up. I looked online at the site and still don't know what to believe. I also went on the site and want to know if anyone else has had this same situation happen to them.

Yes, a person called to tell me I have a virus and that they would fix I if I sent them money for contract. Next thing that happens is another person calls to refund my money but must do it with a online bank transfer. Then they send back too much money and want it back. I sent it back but it was too late......they had manipulated my bank account and fooled me....I continue to get calls saying they are going to arrest me and deport me. I filed a complaint with the FBI and FTC.
It is hard to tell what is legitimate when dealing with computer. You feel like you are held hostage because they have control of your computer and we are unsuspecting.

Has anyone been contacted by David Rowland or Scott Xris?

My friend is being scammed as we speak by a women supposedly call Brenda XWell it is a romance scam he has sent his whole check from social security to her for the last two yrs took a 9000 dollar loan out on his mother's house he sent her 15000 dollars and 30000 dollars and he is not done yet if any body can help please help him

You could show your friend this FTC blog about romance scams. Many people have sent comments to that blog, telling stories about what happened to them. If you think someone is using a fake name, you can enter their name into a search engine and look for complaints about them.
You can read about what's happened to other people. Some dating websites warn people about romance scams. This blog has some advice from online dating websites.
If you want to find someone in your area to talk to your friend, you could call your local police department or contact someone in aging services. is a government website  to help older people and their families find local help for many different needs.

Telexfree scammed me $32000 in March 2014 through a local agent called Kasanga Emmanuel from Entebbe -Uganda

You can report an international scam to

I am actually on the line at this very moment with a Mr Fred Green who says he is with Mega Millions and he has 2 checks for me - -5.5 million & 2.5 million as well as 2 Mercedes cars that he wants to deliver to my home today. He says that I must go to Western Union and send $990 to a Wm Huff in Castle Hayne,NC before this can be done. What should I tell him? I know this is a scam but I would really like to call his bluff. What should I do???

I have been in contact with someone who says he works for the OFAC and that I am owed about a quarter of a million due to Timeshare Fraud. Are there officials with the OFAC that are working with those who have been arrested and their money confiscated and will be giving that money back to victims like me?

The true OFAC is the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. It is part of the federal government. Federal employees have email addresses that end in .gov, like this:
The Department of the Treasury has issued warnings about scammers that falsely claim to be calling from the Treasury. The scammers call people and say they are going to get money back, but then they ask for your personal information, or say you have to send money.
Do not give your personal information or bank or credit card information to an imposter. Do not send money if they promise you a refund, award, grant etc.
Please report this to the Department of the Treasury at:

I don't know if this is where I should ask but I've recently been suckered into a 'nigerian rental house scam'. I found out before I gave them any money but I'm worried because I sent a copy of my drivers license and birthday, phone number, and address. I'm not sure what to do or if I have anything to worry about.

If you think your personal information has been exposed to a scammer, go to There are tips about what to do if your information was lost or stolen.

So, I was on ebay and this seller posted on his description that he has a big stock of phone that he was selling for $300 each. To buy that we need to email him. So, I emailed him about it. Then, he send me a invoice from ebay, which I just realized was fake. It seemed legit but wasn't and I fall for it. The next thing was me to go to Western Union and paid $314 for payment. Before payment the seller was always in contact with me but after payment he is not replying at all. Yes, I admit I thought it was a scam but there was 2 major parties involved like Ebay and Western Union, which made me fall for it.Thank you for reading my incident. I would really appreciate if anyone would help me. Thank you

Please report this to the FTC at You can give details about what happened and they will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.


I have advance transferred pay INR 20000 in this below account for purchase mobile
Mb no. +1: 442- what's app dealing business no
Country: USA currently now person in Qatar
Location: California (Apple Valley, Carlsbad, Encinitas) But they didn't parcel ship ment and neither not return my money Pls advise us

If you sent money and did not get the product, you can contact the seller. If the seller does not respond to you, you can report to You can also report to the money transfer company you used.

I gave 300.00 and cannot get it back from them who would I go to to collect my 300.00

If you sent money and didn't get the product, you can contact the seller again. Look on the seller's website for a button that says 'contact us' or 'customer service.'
If you think this was a scam, you can report it to the FTC at

SIR, MY NAME IS U            .K          , PROP. OF M/s ARROW          , ADD : #             KALPANA-CENTER ,              DIST., KAKINADA , PIN -            . ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA .
CHINA MOBILE SUPPLIER NAME ADD. & DETAILS ARE FOLLOWING : Banking detial: Account Name: X      Li Account Number: 6217 xxxx xxxx xxx Bank Name: Bank of China Fujian Branch Swift Code: xxxx xx xx   Bank Address: 136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., China Telephone (optional): 0086-1xxxx xxxx 
Kate TEL: 0086-1xxx xxx xxx ADDR: Shenzhen city Futian district Zhonghang Road Duhui110 Tower Building B Floor 17th, Guangdong province, China

We cannot show the name, address or bank information of a person on this blog.
Please report your complaint to

I got ready that I had an infection on my macintosh. I experienced the dumb procedure of giving these individuals a chance to get all my data and "fix the issue" the organization is brought In Technologies and don't know why I felt free to give these individuals a chance to deceive me into getting into my tablet and all my data is as far as anyone knows moved down. I looked online at the web page and still don't recognize what to website and need to know whether any other person has had this same circumstance transpire.

I would like to report a complaint against an international shipping company which is based in the US and runs as a UPS subsidiary. They accepted delivery of my amazon purchases but never did they forward the packages. This is my second incident with them. First time around in Dec. of 2014 they kept a mini tablet/computer I purchased (can't remember the brand, but it is called the acrobat model) and this second incidence in which they kept an iPhone 5 battery replacement package. I have made several useless attempts to contact them both via telephone and emails simply to no avail. I am frustrated by this and makes me feel helpless against their insolence. Please do put an end to their illegal business practices.

Thank you for looking out for and defending our rights.

To report a company to law enforcement, go to The information you enter there goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the consumer blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Can i file a complain against a us citizen who did not pay me for the marketing job i did for them even if im nit a us citizen and livinv outside us?

If you know about a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

i called my sheriff's dept and u. nobody wanted the info on the scam i was calling in. i don't believe this! foreigners are making calls and nobody cares!they have direct info from your website and you don't care! you are not protecting the citizens of this country you are giving lip service! what a joke! our government stinks out loud!!!!

I was scammed by a man in Facebook named Tommy Rolland a British widow. Please warned people not to accept friendship Or invite him as a friend. He scammed me with a lot of money. The First two months are sweet promises until Hebert to do business in Malaysia. From there he get into business problem and asked if I could help. He introduced me as his wife to aperson who is supposedly going to help him and he even said that he will make it 3x the money I'll give. Like investing. I'm so stupid and buy that craft. I should know better. Who can help me and who to contact? Please help. I have his passport no. (don't know if it's real ) and 2people I send money to.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
If you used a wire transfer service like MoneyGram or Western Union to send money, you can also report to those companies. If you gave a scammer your bank or credit card numbers, contact your bank or credit card company and explain that a scammer has your numbers. Ask how to protect your accounts.

Someone sent me an email on 2016/08/ was Days inn San Diego hotel from hiring manager ms.Cathryn seem from their address.they told me that they chose me for their job vacant and send immediately my personal informations and passport copy also.I sent it today in the morning.after that I searched their hiring manager name on internet.I saw someone posted article about that hotel and manager ms.Cathryn Michelle.I seem from that article they are I got fear about my self.cuz I already sent them my details and passport copy I want to do now leave this problem from my life and stay safe..please someone tell me what to do now? Help me plz..

A scammer could use your information to get credit or a job, or do other things. The website lets you report theft of personal information, and get help to deal with problems.
To report a stolen passport, go to Click the "Get Started" button, then click "I want to report identity theft." Then click "Government benefits or ID." That will take you to the screen where you can report a stolen passport number.

So I'm not sure if this falls under the same category, but what can I do if my mother in law has tooken money from me and my husband claiming she would sell us a truck and hasn't done so but took the money. My mother in law then left to Mexico for about 2 months now and I've heard she is now coming back. Is there some sort of action I can take? She took a lot of money from us to which we been stuck trying to recover.

If someone takes your money and doesn't give you what they promised, you may need to talk to local law enforcement.

I have someone who is claiming to be from a prize dept. that i won a 2016 range rover.. I need to send 400$ for the "delivery theme" (yes team, they meant team) I have played along, none of my info given, but I told her my phone was about to die I needed the info right now.. and i got a address name and phone number.. what do I do now?

You can report the call to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I do not know wether or not this is a scam because I have been putting my resume on job sites and I got an email about a Job for this Rolland stores company located in Za Brumlovkou 2, Michle, 140 00 Praha,
Česká Republika, I do not know if it's the real deal it seems legitimate!
Can I get some help?

You might try looking on the store's corporate website for contact information. Ask if they post vacancies on the same job sites you've been posting your resume to.Tell them about your experience and that you're trying to determine if the job offer is real.

I also received an email from Rolland Store today with a job offer. I did a bit of research and I would stay away from them. This whole collecting and forwarding money is most often a scam.

Hi I was approached by a woman named Valerie Landrin, she hooked me up with a bank in Benin, they also have a branch in France, every payment you make they say is the last but it never is. I spent 3323 Euros I borrowed money in hopes of getting this loan. I have all my receipts. Is there any way I can get reinbursed. Cause I am in so much trouble. People Stay away from the Banque Regionale de Solidarite they are scams. Stay away from mr. Amoussou and from Christopher Paris, and Andre Gory they are all criminals they have no heart

If you transferred money to a real bank account, you could contact the bank and ask if it can help you.
If you send money to a scammer you probably can't get it back. If you sent money by wire transfer, you can contact the fraud department at the wire transfer company and report the scam.

Hi, Yesterday I got a call telling he s from immigration department. I fled in wrong details in the immigration form and scared me like hell made me be on call for 2 hours saying we are logging a case and appointing a lawyer. And made me transfer 1000$. The strange thing which made me believe was the number. It's the same number which is mentioned in the High commission of India, Canberra. Can anything be done on this.. I am not worried about money but these people need to be punished.. I can give more details if anybody is ready to help me on this. Thanks

If you are outside the US, you can report this to law enforcement on the site. If you gave your bank account information to the caller, contact your bank and ask how to protect your account. If you used a wire transfer company, you can report the scammer to the wire transfer company.

Dear All I would like to report a company that Fraudulent Company in order to prevent more companies can be affected. QINGDAO CSR INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD __________________________________________________________________ Service hotline:+86(0532) 80961655 Fax:+86(0532) 80961655 Advice:15725214580 QQ:2336886200 E-mail:damon [damon             ] Web: csr-logistics          Add:No.206, Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao city,shandong province,china they offered low rates and then they hold your BL once you pay what they want they release

Please report this directly to law enforcement at That is a partnership of more than 35 consumer protection agencies around the world.
The comments you put here on the blog do not go into the law enforcement database.

Dear Sinia, same thing happened to me with this company, the contact there is Gina and Cena, they offered low rates and hold original BL, please reply this and add me on skype: xxxxxxxx


Hi Aracue, can you please send me your contacts as I seem to be in the same situation and need more details. Your skype name doesnt show in the post. You can add me on xxxxxx

Hi Sinia.. I am currently in the same situation so I want to know what happened with you and how you solved it. Please send me your contacts or add me on skype xxxxxxx

magnum options are scammers. they take people's money and don't come through

You can report a scam to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

How can we help the person who is a victim of scam? I think she was hypnotized that she don't listen to her friends and family if they say that she was scammed. Pls. Help us. She was scammed by an indian named manoj

You could show her the stories that romance scam victims tell the FTC. This blog post has dozens of stories from other people.
The stories follows a pattern: someone contacts the victim  online, pretends to start a relationship, says he's overseas on business, uses romantic language, makes big promises, and then asks her to send money or help him transfer money.
Sometimes scammers make up reasons for victims to open a bank account. They  might transfer stolen money into the new account, and tell the victim to withdraw money and wire it out of the country. Or, they deposit phony checks into an account and make quick withdrawals, or get someone to make the withdrawals for them. Victims of this scam think they’re helping out their soulmate, and don't realize they’re aiding and abetting a crime.
If your friend is sending money by wire transfer, you could contact the wire transfer company and explain what's happening. The company might have information about known scammers.
Sometimes an officer from a local police department or sheriff's office will make a home visit to talk to a person about a possible scam.
If your friend is an older person, you might be able to use the federal government's Eldercare Locator and type in your zip code to find help in your area.  You could ask the local Area Agency on Aging if they have staff who talk to potential victims.

I was a victim of romance scam. I search the number 7602063632 and it was on the romance scam website and the name that showed was Alberto Antonio. He wired 31k into my account and i dont know how he got my account number and my number. So he started making threats towards me if i dont send the money into an account he sent. I contacted my banker and they made a request to have the funds removed and sent back

I am a business that is getting fraudulent orders through our online shopping. Where do I report these, luckily we are catching majority of them and cancelling them but they continue to happen.

You can report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

First time I went to an Internet dating site, I had some man try to scam me. Name:Raymond Hammond. Thick accent, maybe German. Right off wanted me to take delivery of on apple7. Then send money for new laptop he broke. Pretends to be a businessman for gold investing etc.

I need help knowing if this is a scam or not.
My Wife and I sends our heartfelt appreciation and warmth greetings to you. We went through your application and Most especially your mail, You gave us an inner peace of Mind that really got us going,Your Re-assuring mail that our home will be taken care of well as if it were yours is something that makes us want to rent to you.Yes our furnitures are been store inside the store room so if you are willing to us it you can take it off the store and make sure you take very good care of it for us.
We intend sending the keys and the house documents Via FedEx mailing services to the address you provided to us. OK You will need to make First Month payment and Security Deposit payment which is $500 including firt month payment.Then you receive the keys and documents after 24hours of your payment confirmation. My family and i will be staying here for good 4 to 5 years,so you are to stay as long as you want in our house.
So my family and I have accepted you as our new tenant and we would like to send the following document to you via FedEx courier service to the address you will be sending to us and the tracking number will be sent to you so that you can possibly occupy our house, Here are the contents of the document. 1) House Entrance keys and the rooms Keys 2) House Rental form(Containing your reference details) 3) The house documentary file 4) First Month payment and Security Deposit payment Receipt ( Refundable ).
I will also need you to confirm your delivery details and also to answer the below questions so as to certify my worries about you taking charge of my house: Delivery Name: Delivery Address: phone, You will be using Money gram money transfer or Western Union money transfer to pay the First Month payment and Security Deposit payment,first until we are able to open an account where the rent should be paid into. So we will want to have the answer to this few questions.....Do you want me to send you the information for Money gram or Western Union? How soon you ready to make the payment so that the package can be ship? Remain Blessed.... Thanks and you are welcome. It is the LORD: let him do what seemeth him good 1 Sam 3:18

It could be a scam. Some scammers specialize in running rental listing scams, and take money from people who think they're getting a great deal on a place to live. This FTC article about rental listing scams explains more.
If you send money by wire transfer like Western Union or MoneyGram, it's like giving someone cash. Once it's gone, it's gone and you can't get it back.


I bought online thru an online app then it's on aliexpress. Aliexpress is an online app mostly of a lot of seller mostly in China. And I live in the Philippines. I do get my item and it was poor stitching so I open a dispute about that dress and the seller doesn't want to give me a refund of any amount then later on he message me that he contacted the China embassy in the phils that they file an international fraud about me, and just for me to wait for the legal sanctions. LIke I paid them first thru my credit card and they're the ones being so greed that doesn't want to give me any refund to fixed the dress. One dress cost of $40 that's expensive for an unbranded dress. Will I have a case because of that although I'm the victim here. Cause I need to get a clearance cause my husband will file a petition for me next year. Cause i dont really know anything about this fraud stuff. I never have a legal case file on me my entire life. Thank you and more power!

I'd like to thrown a question regarding to report International scams, while I live in a corrupted country and things here get years to legally has no conclusion.... I've started a non profit organization against pyramid schemes, we provided a lot of information telling that telexfree, Ifreex, DRFR, geteasy, onecoin, paydiamond etc etc are scams, pyramid, money laundry (we have as well proof of this scammers had accounts in the so called offshores Panama and Bahamas). But authorities takes ages to start stopping literally, it's not just launching a warning. It's about literally stop. It's unbelievable how many people get into this scams with ROI up to 200%/300% (can you believe that?). One of the best example of this issue in my country (PT) geteasy had stopped in Tunisia but Tunisian. While the scam was made by Portuguese and Brazilians with a office right here in Portugal. They have an accusation for this scammers while PT authorities says, "still investigating" yes a joke....

If FTC would like to really help, how can we get this entities attention to this economic crime against general public in the political/JUSTICE circus?

hello u´ve been contacted by this girl, telling me that i was a winner of a grant and i have to trasfer U$785 as a fee to start the papers... what do you thing? Is in the name of the Federal Government Grand Agency, and she is Catherine Flynn..

Don't buy from davidsphoneshop.  com. supposedly owned by David Harris. I was stupid and didn't research the website before buying from there. Bought a PS4 controller but they sent an obviously 2nd hand one as it was scratched and dirty.  
It was advertised as brand new and in their "about us" section they state they only sell brand new products from the original manufacturers. I used their contact us form to query this initially thinking it had been sent in error.
They responded via email stating "Of course , We are selling refurbished products." That's all they said, no introduction or name of person sending the email. That was the case with all the emails they sent. I responded to them referring to their about us section pointing out they state they only sell brand new goods from original manufacturers and that it was advertised as brand new on the product web page and asked for a new one to be sent.
Their response was "if you do not like it , please send item back in original status to get refund. Street Address No.1130-4871 miller Apt/Suite/Other/Address 2 YJWVCK LYM City Rd richmond State BC ZIP CODE V7B1K8 Canada" The company information on their website gives an address of "21 gordon st Tampa, Florida 33605 United States Support Email : support@       Free Phone : 1-855-934-6933 " So they are supposedly based in USA, the controller was sent via their warehouse in Germany using a Dutch shipping company called "Postnl" and they want me to send the controller back to somewhere in Canada!
It's then that I did some research and found they are frauds as others have experienced the same problem and received the exact same responses to the letter. They must have email templates set up it must happen so often. One guy said he had sent his controller back using registered post, so a signature was required upon delivery, but even with the confirmation of delivery the company stated they never received it and refused to send a replacement. It probably would have been another 2nd hand one anyway. I didn't bother trying to return mine then and just accept that I'd paid way too much for a 2nd hand controller and to just use it. Turns out the controller doesn't even work at all and is broken. I posted a review on the product on their website which was obviously deleted even though I kept doing it every day for a couple of weeks just to annoy them. Every other product on their site has only one review if any and of course they praise how great it is. Obviously all made up reviews.
I realise the monetary amount I'm dealing with here is minuscule compared to others here but it's still a scam that I and others have been ripped off from. Just because it's an international business transaction with me being in Australia and them maybe in the USA doesn't mean they should be able to get away with it. In this case who should I report to? Australian authorities won't do anything because they say it's out of their jurisdiction. There must be some way of getting justice and have these guys closed down or something. I don't care about the money but If nothing is done then they will just keep on ripping people off on their website. Just avoid davidsphoneshop.  com as you will just be ripped off.

please keep away from Globalbuyersonline. com its a website run by Fraudstars. Keep away from paying membership subscription

I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I'll just state my case on hope to find some guidance. I own a small trading company that deal in FMCG and commodities in general, which means I get requests from my network of worldwide distributors and provide them with the products they need with the requested price, quality, label... etc

My latest venture was to find cheap bottled sunflower oil to a big client I have in the middle east, found a Spanish company offering the price I was looking for (which was hard to find). After several emails, I discover the manufacturing is actually taking place in the Philippines, and communication has switched to a second company related to the first spanish one...

The first order is a trial order of 6 containers for $100'000 USD, in our line of business, we usually work with a 30% transfer in advance to start production and 70% transfer to receive the shipment's documents, which without, I would not be able to receive the shipment from my destination port.

Everything seemed legit so far since in our business, there is far too much details and procedures to be known, that its hard for someone outside of the field to try and pretend they know what they're talking about (logistics, documentation, inspection, certificates, product specs...) obviously they were in the business (when I say "they", I mean 2 individual ladies, one in Spain and one in the Philippines with the same family name...) know what they're talking about. I asked for samples of the oil I was ordering and received it through FedEx, but it came from Germany, which was the second red flag.

When I asked them why, they simply stated they had several outlets worldwide, and the german outlet was the cheapest one to send the sample.
Two months later, the deal started to take shape and we finalized all the details (label, payment, price, specs... etc) and signed a 1 year contract.

Finally, it's time to initialize production by sending the 30% advance payment, the company sends me an invoice with the bank details but the account belongs to a third company and the bank is in Botswana, they claim the third company is their financial management company which is an independent entity with several branches worldwide and they transfer their payments there.

So now I start investigating and here are my findings:
- The spanish company is actually registered in Spain and have an address, but has only been established for 11 months.
- The 3 companies (Spain, Philippines & Botswana) have websites that are eerily similar in some details, with the same Contact Us page where you have to fill a form.
- I fill the form of the financial management company (Botswana) with an inquiry, and receive a reply from the company in Spain.
- The 2 contact persons (Spain & Philippines) I have been in touch with, which I presumed were sisters, have more than 10 accounts each on Linkedin.
- The website of the company in Spain has only the same contact information (email, phone) of the person I am in touch with, this is peculiar since she is claiming to be the Relation Business Manager. Usually, you put the email and phone number of the front desk, secretary, sales department... Not the number of a manager on a website?

I have halted everything and expressed my concerns clearly, they tried to justify but not enough.
I requested a Proof of Product which is basically official documents of previous shipments they have exported, with some details blacked out for confidentiality of course.
They refused and are acting like they are offended and are threatening to take legal actions against my company since I signed a contract (that's not a concern for me because there was no penalty stated).

I don't know how a scammer would go through so much effort of establishing 3 companies, registering them, creating websites in hope of a small fly like my company would pass through and get caught on their well laid web, and how do they know so much about the oil and logistics business, and where is the scam going to take place since I also suggested we change the payment term to Letter of Credit through banks (which is the safest way for the buyer in international trading since the money is kept with the bank and not released until the buyer approves it and receives the shipment documents).

Has anyone heard of such a business scam or anything similar to it? What should I do?


Sir, The online shopping site WWW. GRABLON. COM Is cheating people by selling products in online,they are not delivering the product at all their customer care number is not working they even not replying to the mails,many customers are facing the same, please take action on that site.please take action so that no more customer will get fooled by that site.

How to report a korean guy ? I'm from philippines i met this guy last oct 9 on skout and we continue chatting .. And then oct 10 he told me need to procces some documents in BIR and then he need to go in DFA but after that he called me .. He forgot his wallet in the taxi .. I believe everything what he says .. And i offer him to stay in my apartment .. Oct 11 he asked me some money coz he need to get his passport in agency .. So i give 3000 peso .. And oct 14 he need a big money for paying a documents so my iphone 6plus and my ipad air put in the pawnshop and he told me he will get my things on monday .. There's a lot of money he asked to me .. I also borrow money to my friends and also my motorcycle .. All the money he get to me is already 70,000 peso .. Thats why i can't work coz of that .. What should i do ??

You can report a scammer to the site where you met him. You can also report him to When you report to, the information is available to consumer protection agencies in 35 countries. You can also report to the consumer protection agency in the Philippines.

If someone sent and sell Fake Product or copy product Brandname sample Louis vuitton, Hermes Chanel. How can i report to Customs.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) keeps foreign  counterfeit goods from being imported into the United States.

My friend is running a scam business in salt lake.. He calls Germany people through VOIP calls and cons their hard earned money.. Not 100-200 Euro, they take away all their life savings and force them to sell all their property and pay them in thousands of Euro.. I felt bad and I tried to stop him but no use.. I feel bad for his dids.. Now only way to stop him is lauging him in police but cant do so, due to friendship..

You can report this to the FTC. You do not have to give your name. Please report what is happening, so law enforcement can have the information for investigation. Go to to make a report.

hi, i was victim of a scam and now they have my personal documents, what can i do.?

You can get help with identity theft at
You can report the theft and get a personal recovery plan. You can get pre-printed letters and forms to send to businesses, and a formal identity theft report to share with law enforcement.

Bewware of Edgedale Finace they tak your money and it is very hard to get it back

Beweare of Banc de Binary another scam

be aware of +234 909 684 6097 is linked to a scammer who use the name John Nelson

I was ripped off by the Peachy Lemon scam that is just plain old pyramid marketing of printed mugs on Facebook and was persuaded to pay them £10 a month to become a sales agent so me and my husband worked hard and manage to drum up some business using discount codes but we ended up with angry family members and friends who often did not receive the good on time or at all plus the quality of the goods was questionable.

Needless to say that I ended up £30 out of pocket but the lesson learned was invaluable and yes I was a total mug and won’t be take in so easy in the future.

I was scammed a little bit (only out of an iPad mini, refurbished) by this man who claims to be an e3 in the USA army. He says his name is david sierra and his phone number is 5672005781. At first he starts off asking you for 50 bucks then he goes up to 200 and then he sends you some phony letter asking for money to pay for his leave of absence. He gave me an address to send the iPad too but failed to mention the other half of the city I was sending it to because he made sure that the last letters were aro.... But the real place you are sending it to is oke aro street which is in akure. He is a scammer and I called him out on it and stopped talking to him after he kept asking for money. He will give you a fake story about his parent dying and he lives with his uncle. Then he will start sending you love poems and then he will drop the bomb on you. He tells you that he can't speak to you on the phone because his phone is bugged (which is a lie) and tells you he can't Skype with you either. He sent me a video of himself being promoted but there was no sound on it. And he also had some phone boa bank statement showing that he has 1.8 million dollars in the bank but can't access his funds from Nigeria. He is a, fake! Don't send anything to him!

My sisters and i were swindled by BTCMONey. they have a website as www. btcmoney. they stated on their website to provide good profit to little investment. so we paid $35, $100, $140, and $300 respectively. these payments were made on their website where a link to perfect money was provided. our transactions went straight into their perfect money account BTC MONEY LTD Account Number: Uxxxxxxxx
when it was time for us to collect our profit, we were asked to pay additional money before we can have access to our profit. before going into the investment, we asked them whether it is possible to withdraw the profit. they said we could make a withdrawal immediately after the profits become due.but they have now declined our withdrawal. please people be careful

Hi, my card was fraud in malaysia, where can i report that?

You can report to, a partnership of more than 35 consumer protection agencies around the world.

Hi everyone, please be careful with the website forever -seeds. com. I had bad experience with them. I bought online seeds from them from end of Oct 2016, they said they sent out the goods but I never received it. I tried to contact them with many emails asking for a tracking number of the parcel to track the parcel but they never told me. They got the money but I never have my goods. When I sent many emails to ask them about the goods, they did not tell me anything about the seeds but said that this is harassment. I cannot understand what kind of business they are doing when treating their customer like that. I tried also on their page, asked them why they did not answer my emails, but they had no feedback either. So please be careful with this website.

There is this person pretend to be US soldier.The name is Maurice Combs trudell.He tries to stir up conversation then starts asking about financial situation.he has scammed 3 women for large amounts of money

I would like to report a man that has this email maxriggs201        i have been chatting with him for several months then it got intense ;then he offered me to send me a very expensive gifts.I got a email saying there was not enough postage and i believef the email so tried to send a moneygram to this email and it would not go thru i believe this maxwell riggs hacked into a fake email he might have a alias of filda walteri think this man should be stopped 

I hv come across one who said he woulh help me secure a loan from overseas.. let me lookup his details n post here too

I have been speaking with someone who i met on match. com who said he lives in Pennsylvania but has to travel to South Africa tonight (so he can't meet me for our first date afterall) due to receiving a large contact today to build schools and hospitals in South Africa. Hmmmm. He wants to keep in touch once he gets there. I believe he's already there and the next question I get will be about money he needs over there cause he had to leave so suddenly or something like that. His construction Co is called Rick Construction Company, which is a strange way to name your business when you are an architect. Hmmmm. Of course I would never send money, so he wasted his time on me, but how do we stop these horrible people from doing this to others?

Someone using my phone numbe I want to remove that

Someone who offering me about a job and then ask me my mobile number I give him and then he said there is arriving a code that code send it to me. I send him. After sending I thought this wrong thing now what i do please someone help me I don't know where Is he using my number

jessicca.alvin          This is the ID she take my number and then ask me a code there is arrived and I gave it. I'm worried about this. What he/she did with my number. I dont know

Very nice blog i appreciate . thanks for sharing this blog

Hello, my husband and I were scammed in Tbilisi, Georgia by an Indian couple that pretended to be minister of Pentecostal Church and his wife.
Where can I report this? Thank you very much.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.
You may also want to report the imposters to the real church members.

Matt Lloyd’s internet scam. This is a question, I thought America was strict with the people it lets into America if a person arriving by plane to America makes a small mistake on their landing card the card you fill out prior to landing that person is denied entry to the U S this is what I am led to believe. So I wondered how an Australian who has been running an internet scam for the last five years that has been scamming Americans as well as people all over the world is allowed to live in America and run his scam business from America. I would have thought any alien coming to America would have to follow the laws of America and if they are going to run a business there it should be within the laws of running a business in America. I would have thought that America just like any other country has its fair share of home bred scammers without allowing Australians to live in America and carry on scamming American citizens and others around the world with his scam. You may be wondering who am I to bring this up well I am a victim of this man but I will not go away quietly and let these low lives in peace to carry on with their stealing from innocent people while the amount I had stolen from me is not huge it is still my money, there are thousands of people who have lost a lot more than I, And I believe America should not harbour these people who are wealthy with other people’s money and should do more to rid your country of these low life scammers that don’t belong in America, and they should be made to pay the price for stealing other people’s money, all money should be paid back if possible to those it was stolen from. Matt Lloyd in one of his internet emails claims he has made one hundred and fifty million dollars with this scam. Most of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates are millionaires from this scam also. When I joined MOBE there was no refund policy in any documentation I was a member for aprox seven days until I realised this was a scam.

I think the scammers are International possibly base in England thru my experience and have some people in America. The target American people, from whatever the can think to con people the almost got me twice IRS and Bank Fraud.

I order good goods from Wordans order ID:981895 they charged my card anout USD 160.00 two days later my oder status has been changed from Pending to Canceled and no explanation was given. Ive send numerous Follow up Emails and no answer to this day. Wordans should refund me if they cannot process my order and deliver my goods. This is robbery.. what then did i pay for? Advice the rest of the world to stop using Wordans

If you are getting any call from 1800-321-696 and they are saying that they are protecting your computer with security and binary coding, immedietly report to cops as they are using AG IT solutions corp for scamming people. search for the number on google you will get the result and exact address.

Is there an email address I can forward possible scams too?

Was scam by this website Quantum code call trade on wall street, and you can make more money is not true, but is all over the world I got scam 5500.00

I've been scammed by lukysolution. to pay them 590$+ transaction fee thru western union. Don't buy from them. I got a fake tracking number and they blocked my number. Reported already and waiting for an answer.

I've been scammed by company Felicitas98 Ltd, they supposed to be a supplier of skin care products, after checking company's profile (they are Vat registered in Hungary)they even provided contact information to one of their clients they were doing business with. I have decided to place my order with them for 2800 Euros worth of stock. Now I'm out of my pocket no money no merchant contact with them. I've sent message to them from different email pretending to be interested to buy from them, they replied the same way as before. So they are ready to scam again. Reported them to econsumer gov.

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