Robocall Scams Push Medical Alert Systems

The latest in unwelcome, illegal, prerecorded sales calls are from scammers pitching a safety alert system for older adults.

The callers spoof a phone number so it looks like a local call on caller ID. If you pick up, you’ll hear a message saying you’re eligible for an alert system, or system upgrade, or that someone bought a system for you. The message asks you to “press one” on your phone to talk to a live operator, who will quickly ask for a bank account, credit card, or Medicare number, and maybe an address, to “expedite shipping and handling.”

The best response? Don't press a number, and don’t speak to a live operator. People who gave their information have seen monthly charges of $35 and up for that “free” system. If you get a call with a recorded sales message and you haven't given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal. Since the call itself is illegal, you can bet the offer is a scam. If you gave information to one of these callers, check your account statements. If you find unexpected charges, ask your bank or credit card company to remove them. Finally, contact the FTC online or at 1-888-382-1222 to report your experience.

Hang Up on Robocalls


Have received numerous calls from 213-519-5751 which does not sound like a recording but most likely is. I hung up instead of letting it continue and I have not given any personal info but it still calls twice daily. It says this call is regarding your shipment order of medical equipment...I hang up.

Don't bother with the FTC, all they do is "follow trends," even though they've already established that phone scamming is the biggest complaint they get. They have told me numerous times they are not going to help individuals. I reported these fake numbers to Do Not Call for a very long time until I realized just how much time total I had wasted doing so, and now I just screen calls. FTC will tell you that you have the right to sue the scammer... but the phone number is usually phished or spoofed. I will tell you what I do, and it took me months to think of it and I'm supposed to be intelligent: turn on the screening feature on my phone system base. That way, you can eavesdrop without moving a muscle. If it's a scammer, they usually disconnect before the outgoing message has gotten very far. The scam calls have significantly reduced since then. But the FTC isn't worth poop, their main job is self-perpetuation.

thanks for saving me wasting time with FTC.
I did report it to the Medicare Fraud line, don't know if they are any better than FTC in taking action against these companies. but still get the calls.

You expect the government to do their job? Let me know when that starts.

Just started! I got great help from a government office today.

The best thing to do is NOT to hang up, but just lay the phone down and let the computer keep on talking until it hangs up. Doing this uses up valuable time that the robo caller won't have to call someone else.

I get dozens of calls a day - have been on the do not call registry for years but the calls have increased this past year per my caller ID. There are no numbers listed to report - just 'out of area'. So how do I stop these irritating calls except to cancel my phone and do without?

For the past two months we have received daily calls showing the following on Caller ID: V 724 145 509 000 08 (spaces for readability only) 209-676-3148. We never answer. Crooks are not able to detect voice mail, so they just leave the pitch as a message - including all the instructions to push various buttons. I'd like to push theirs!

Received two of these calls this week from 505-634-5296. Next time I'm going to go ahead and give the live operator a piece of my mind.

I did that very thing a cpl of hrs ago! These scammers or telemarketers or whatever the heck they are have finally frayed my LAST nerve! He asked if i was (Ms. So & So) & i said, "No, this isn't Ms. SO & So!" So yeah, i but then i raked him over the coals royally. Told him to LOSE THIS NUMBER & told him where to go & what to do once he got there. It was from 1-450-450 -2491. It said somewhere in Ontario, Canada. Jerks!! No one ever answered, naturally.

The calls never cease - almost daily for months now. When will the FTC close down this scam? How much longer do you need? Looks like the entire nation is impacted. When does this get your priority attention? Please don't tell me sequestration precludes action. DO IT NOW.

Hi, Rich,

Autodialers can send out thousands of phone calls every minute for an incredibly low cost -- from anywhere in the world. New technology also hides the true origin of the phone call, so the calls are nearly impossible to trace. If you want more info, please check out the FTC's robocall action plan, which you can find at

This sounds like a really good place for inter-agency information sharing between the NSA and the FTC.

The FTC could act as a clearing-house for numbers posted by consumers; the NSA could use all that Meta-Data they've collected to "pin-point" these "thousands" of illegal phone calls. Hey Big-Gov, do your job."Lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

From NJ and received this call today and before. On the do not call list. The number id's as Closter 201-367-1691. Hung up on them but have recording. Blocking them too. To prey on the elderly is just evil.

Dear FTC,

If these calls are illegal, why aren't you shutting them down. I have two phone numbers. I receive between 4-6 of these calls every day on each number. This has been going on for over a month. Surely, you can take some immediate legal action to stop this.

Tried to file a formal complaint about Medic Alert Scam with the FTC and they just sent me to the Do Not Call List which is COMPLETELY worthless and apparently a waste of tax-payers dollars. I am SO TIRED of getting these calls and there seems to be no agency who is willing to do their jobs and stop theses scams. What good is the DNC List? NOTHING!!!!

Hi, Lee,

I understand your frustration. Autodialers can send out thousands of phone calls every minute for an incredibly low cost -- from anywhere in the world. New technology also hides the true origin of the phone call, so the calls are nearly impossible to trace. Nevertheless, the FTC uses Do Not Call complaints to bring cases against organizations that break the rules. To date, 80 of these FTC enforcement actions have been resolved, and in those cases the agency has recovered over $41 million in civil penalties and $33 million in consumer refunds or other recovery.

Maybe we should allow Edward Snowden to work on this. Because the FTC and FCC don't seem to be able to do ANYTHING except give you a tax return sized questionaire to fill out for every single call. I get up to 7 calls a day. FTC needs to do something or stop taking my tax dollars!!!

Sounds GREAT! He's done us great services already :)

I have been called by this robo call 2 times a day for over 4 months. I can see that many others have too. Why you do not shut them down is beyond me. You know they are illegal.
Their information is

Name and Address of the owner
Phone number: 209-676-3148

is located in Atwater, California.

Its exchange 676 is managed by T-MOBILE USA, INC..

The number is currently on switch number SKTNCA01X4X (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

You should be able to contact T Wireless and turn them in. This FTC Do not call line is a waste of has not done anything to stop this. I have reported them over and over.

"Mags | July 30, 2013
I have been called by this robo call 2 times a day for over 4 months. I can see that many others have too. Why you do not shut them down is beyond me. You know they are illegal.

Their information is

Name and Address of the owner
Phone number: 209-676-3148

is located in Atwater, California.

Its exchange 676 is managed by T-MOBILE USA, INC..

The number is currently on switch number SKTNCA01X4X (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

You should be able to contact T Wireless and turn them in. This FTC Do not call line is a waste of has not done anything to stop this. I have reported them over and over."

Supposedly, TMobile has a feature that allows you to block unwanted calls, IF you DON'T have a PREPAID plan.

Why shouldn't ALL of their customers be able to control who calls them? Why can't ALL the cell providers do something?

Something stinks about the fact that the NSA HAS THE TECHNOLOGY to see who is abusing phone lines and harassing people to pieces. So WHY can't they stop these terrorist fks from bothering us????

Why should the FTC have to do ANYTHING. I want to see our tax dollars used to actually fight CRIME. The kind that is right here on American soil.


Clark county NV is changing it's area code from 702 to 725. The use of the area code for local calls is optional effective 8/3/13 and mandatory May 3, 2014. Is the FTC going to automatically change the existing 702 numbers that are on their Do Not Call registry to the new 725 area code? If not, when can I register my new numbers?

Hi, Robbie,

Here's info from our FAQ page about the Do Not Call Registry.

If the phone companies change the three-digit area code for your home or mobile phone number, you do not have to re-register it with the National Do Not Call Registry. The number with the new area code will be registered for you during the period when both the old and new area codes work.

It should be easy to SHUT OFF the phone line of the scammers to stop their calling me! When they call anyone on the "do not call list" they are breaking the law and that should end their ability to use a phone line to commit a crime. All you have to do is tell their phone company to end their service. Not doing so makes you compliscent in their crime. If you cannot do it, then why are we paying you?

Am in California on the DNC list. A robot call from #909 270-2593 asking me where to deliver a free medical alert arrives every other day on my answering machine. I have been pested by the rug cleaning scam for quite a while and now this one.

Have just reported 980-202-0016 for same scam. I didn't bite but my 98-yr.-old neighbor did. This one struck me as particularly tricky and despicable. RIP to my wealthy uncle who lost literally millions to these criminals. I'm sure the numbers here are only a small sample of numbers being used illegally but I am adding it to the list.

I've learned a lot since calling the FTC, FCC and my atty general. The phone numbers they call from are not their real numbers. They use a tactic called "spoofing" which hides the real numbers from caller ID. This is one reason they're so hard to catch. Try to engage the person on the phone- just don't give out anything important like ss#'s, credit cards, etc. Ask them if they know they are working for a scam company. Give them the number of the FTC and FCC and your state's Atty General's office and ask them to call those offices themselves if they don't believe you. Heck- give them this website address and they can read all about it! The people who are doing the talking are not necessarily the ones who have orchestrated this whole thing. They may think they're working for a legitimate telemarketing company. Since I can't stop their calls, I've resorted to simply keeping them on the phone as long as I can. It's kind of fun to waste their time, if I have the time.

We got our first medic alert scam call today. I am simply amazed in this world of hi-tech, that the FTC is completely unable and powerless to stop these crooks. Trust me, something is radically wrong with what they do and how they go about doing it. They should hire some 15 year olds who are light years beyond current technology.

I was getting that medic alert scam for weeks and then it finally stopped. (I never answer a call unless it's from someone I know.)

I would like you guys to fix the "How Does a Robocall Work?" link: ( It is broken and nobody there seems to have noticed.


I just got another one of those freakin' calls. I thought the FTC was doing something about them. This one came on a disconnected number (720-449-3524). Why can't the phone companies filter out anyone running a disconnected number through their caller ID system? I don't think ANYONE is doing ANYTHING about this!

Add 203-693-1099 to the list of bogus numbers these sob's are using. This is a Connecticut area code, so I suspect they simply use your own area code to make themselves look credible. There HAS to be a banking transaction trace for those who bite and get burned. The Feds have no problem following one of these when for some reason they actually give a damn.

exactly my thought. Why can't they simply follow the money?

Had one yesterday from 6812305881 prerecorded guy name BOB

The FTC is about as helpful as the automated calls that my 80+ year old parents are getting. Nothing but a maze of voice-mail commands that go nowhere. I cannot get through to the FTC, even though my parents are being scammed.
FTC: you are useless!

If the government keeps track of ordinary citizens' calls why don't they also track criminals' calls? Then just tap into that data base and drag them into court. Seems easy enough!

Have you ever heard of RICO!! Get one and hold accountable for all. I have never received a robocall from the Taliban and you have drones for them. Borrow a few drones from DOD!!

I'm signing up for Free Google Voice to get rid of these calls once and for all. Free to boot. Since signing up for phone service with Charter Communications, my number is called 6-10 times a day. All different scams or telemarketing calls. The opt out notice with Charter does no good to have and the DNC Registry is a joke. Google Voice will end this crap. The next time this made up number calls, it will get the disconnected tone. Thanks free GoogleVoice.

Add these #'s to this scam - 734-392-8291 & 810-355-4014. We have contacted our charge card co. - my parent got bit & paid...heard the message & hit 1, thought it was a real person from the beginning - hearing aids not working well. I will be purchasing a call blocker, worth every penny if it saves from cleaning up the mess.

I got a recorded call from Bob several times a day in June and July. I never listened to the message but once I did I found that there was an opt out selection. Once I did that I have not received anymore calls from Bob or anyone else from that company

Got a variant on this call today; this time offering both a free medical alert system AND a certificate for $3,000 in free groceries "for seniors" if I'd just "Press 1" and give them my personal information. Like the commenter above, mine came from 734-392-8291

I get two of these calls every day

I got one of those grocery savings certificates today too. They are changing their tactics. But my number was a local area code for Kansas.

Receiving calls from 734-392-8291 currently pushing med-alert system. I'm on Do Not Call list. Call and report to FTC!


If they got your money back, they must know who it is.

Exactly. How hard could it be to track banking transactions and holds these criminals accountable?

I've been having the same problem this week with the alert system spoof. All the calls have similar phone numbers on my caller ID. I called all of them back on my office line and on half of them I get the same automated response that says "press 1 to take you off their call registry". The other half are not valid numbers. I am assuming that since all these numbers track back to the same automated response, then there should be a way to catch these people. This is one of the numbers in which you get an automated response 360-322-6598.

I live in the Pacific time zone. These jokers don't understand that I am 3 hours earlier than they are. I have had many perfectly good hours of sleep shut off by receiving telemarketer calls at 6:00 AM. I am REALLY grouchy at that time and under those circumstances! I realize most telemarketers are just trying to earn a living but I am finding it harder and harder to be "nice".
MedicAlert is a fine business that provides a service by maintaining medical information and IDs that assist first responders and doctors when you are not able to provide that information yourself. The medic alert devices that are being foisted off via telemarketers and robocalls are in no way associated with MedicAlert.
On occasion, I have asked how the telemarketer got my information. The fellow claimed I had done business with them before. OUTRIGHT LIE!
I think I have been called by every pharmaceitical business in the world wanting to supply my diabetic supplies. AAaaaargh! Now, it is calls for back and knee braces or other unspecified devices that Medicare has approved--trying to make it sound like Medicare has given my information to them. HOW IN THE WORLD do they get my information?????
If I could shoot them through the phone, I would!

I just filed my complaint with the FTC after I had received many recorded calls from "John" at CTY (702-705-7302) & "ALERT" (213-710-8660 & 253-236-2375) pushing medical alert devices. Feeling pretty proud of myself for reporting this...until I read all of the above comments:( Hopefully, the FTC might track down "John" or "Bob" or whoever the hell he is before some poor sole falls for this scam! Doesn't sound promising:(

The scam part of this doesn't bother me because I'd never fall victim to it and if everyone else was like me, none of us would have to put up with these calls. I've been getting one of the "personal medical alert system" calls every day, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. for months. It's very maddening to me the our government can't do anything about it. There must be a way to stop scams like this through the cell phone providers. If our government figured out a way to read all our emails, see all of our private info on Facebook and other sites, have the U.S. Postal Service take photos of all of our mail, have police officers scan every license plate their units pass, etc., surely the FTC can stop this intrusion into our daily lives. Because of these calls, I can no longer just pick up my phone and say "hello", I have to listen first, after rushing out of the shower to get to the phone...

Have recieved 2 calls telling me someone bought a system for me. The second call gave me two options, one to have it delivered, two to decline. Said someone else had paid for it. When I kept saying who bought it time and again I realized it was a robocall. I pressed 5 to decline. I hope this stops can't someone put these people where they belong, in jail??

Calls from 702-705-7302 with recorded message as follows:

"Program. To receive three thousand dollars in free groceries saving certificates that can be used at over one hundred major grocery chains across the US. In addition to your three thousand dollars in savings certificates. You will receive a free emergency medical alert bracelet or necklace. This medical alert device is design to save your life if you ever experienced a fall or any other emergency. Press one now to speak to a representative and have your three thousand dollars savings certificate mailed directly to you and learn more about this risk free offer. Again press one now for more information or press five to be removed from this opt in list."

I've been getting the $3,000 freebie call & most times I ignore it because I now recognize a spoofed number when I see it. If it looks like an ordinary phone number & I don't recognize it, I don't answer. If it really is a valid call, that person will leave a real message. Today I got fed up, took the call, and when the unfortunate young woman got on the phone I said, "This is a scam and you should be ashamed to work for them." Then I hung up. I felt bad afterwards, because I have no idea how dire her situation might be without this job. I'll just continue to ignore the calls from now on.

That is the exact same call I've received multiple times a week for months now. I ALWAYS press 5 to remove from the list. They still keep calling. I've finally submitted a complaint online today at the Do Not Call List.

I also took the time to press 1 and listen to "most" of the speech. The young lady "Maya" just starting reading her script, cleared her throat, and kept on reading. At one point early in the call there was a beep tone on the line - an indication that the call was being recorded. I listened for a bit and then I tried to ask a question - it seemed like she couldn't hear me. So I spoke up louder - again, no response. Tried a third time and then hung up. This scam is alive and well in California.

Yep. Don't bother pushing the removal number -- you already requested not being called by being on the Do Not Call list. And, don't bother hanging up; I hit "1" to maximize the amount of their time I waste -- they waste my time, I waste theirs. Just make sure not to give them any info! Just set the phone down... or pretend you're getting your card... or (if they falsely claim they mailed you some junk) ask them about the mail... or try to point out to the telemarketer that the place they work at is illegal (my mom did this to several, they somehow thought the place they worked at was legit -- but unfortunately didn't give any info ABOUT the place to track it down and receover monetary damages from it.) If 1 out of 1000 did this, they would not have enough operators to make this profitable and would have to stop.

Great suggestion. The best tactic would be to totally waste their time in any way possible.

I think FTC needs to use RICO. Make one pay for all the sins. Maybe we should also prosecute the idiots that fall for the scam as they provide incentives for these criminals.

And it is the credit card processing services that allow this to happen.

Fixing this is simple. If I recall, we have a government " by the people, for the people?

Got my calls from 'John' this week - *69 traced the number back to 805-408-4238.
While its cleaver to rustle paperwork to give the illusion of a real person making the offer of a free Medic Alert system, none the less, the act of lying is deplorable.
Shame on Medic Alert too.
May The Fates reward the scammer suitably.

What do you do if one of your parents pressed 1? Does it bill your carrier or what?

Generally, if you or your parent didn't give the caller personal or financial info (like a bank or credit card number), then pushing 1 shouldn't result in charges. Unfortunately, pushing 1 may result in more robocalls. Still, it's a good idea to keep an eye on account statements and phone bills for charges you don't recognize.

Why no prosecution. I get many calls a day. For the first time in my life I screen all calls on caller ID before picking up the phone. Is there no way to block these?

Dec 30 2013. I got a recorded call from Betty. caller id 213-710-8389 Her voice was very upbeat and pleasant and cheerful. She wanted my information so that she could ship me my medical alert system and my free $3000 in grocery savings certificates. She said her records show the system had already been paid for--someone must have been concerned about a fall--all they need is my shipping info--please push 1 to give my shipping informationor push 5 to decline the free system. I did not push any numbers. I hung up. Very irritating to get these calls. I am on the do not call list. I did not respond in any way or give my information. Why can't the FTC shut them down--you could do a sting on them and shut them down via any delivery service.

There is several fraudulent practices going around for canvasing the consumers.I am currently using the emergency medical alarm system from a company called My Alarmcare in Canada.I feels so irritated when the other brand company sales guys calls and pesters me for increasing their sales.Reputed companies should stop such practices.Such calls are really irritating.Rather ..they should increase their product quality to attract more customers .

Thank AARP for selling our contact info to these scam artists, What we need to do is provide them with AARP's office contact info, anyone have there banking account #?

I'm not a member of AARP and I am getting these calls. Unfortunately, being a senior requires us to give our information to many places. Then, that info is hacked somehow and we are in the loop.

But I bet you get mail from AARP soliciting you to join! I just started getting this mail, and I am 49. I also just started getting these calls from everywhere in the US. "Hello Seniors..." It's annoying as hell. And I do think it has something to do with the AARP's mailing list.

Actually it is most likely the US government that gave this information out - their records on senior citizens for Medicare - bet they are selling the mailing lists to companies.

I have heard of many such shocking news.It is better to contact a reputed company if need arises. I am presently using the product from a company called My Alarm Care in Canada.I had researched well before contacting this.

These horrible people call all day everyday. The last straw was getting a call at 4:15AM. It frightened me so, expecting the worse at that hour. I am on the DNC list. Obviously it's worthless.

i made a previous comment about the robocalls medical alert scam and info from the ftc said that recent court cases had confiscated or frozen the funds of the medical alert company. i said that we who are being harassed by theses scam artist should have the names and addresses of these people so we can file personal or class action suits against them and the company they represent.Petition the federal trade commission and the attorney generals office to get this done. perhaps it will make this company and others like them think before harassing us at all hours of the day and night and violating the do not call registry!!!!!!!!!!!

FTC cases and procedings are listed on this page. The court documents are public information and  include the names of the defendants.

While it's nice to see the FTC is actually working and filing cases against scammers, I am not sure how you think the list you posted is remotely helpful. Today my call from "Hello Seniors" was supposedly selling "Endless Med Alert" alarms. I don't see that name on the list and I delved 25 pages into it. Chances are, after speaking with the caller who gave me that name, that isn't really the actual name after all. By the way, the "deal" is as follows: You receive $400 worth of equipment free. You may a monthly monitoring fee of $29.95. No contracts. They also give you a $50 restaurant gift card every month. When I asked her how they can afford to do that, she was taken off guard and could not come up with a reasonable answer other than to state that it was a gift card and they had a "contract" with them. SCAM!

It's strange how my home telephone line has been flooded with calls for medical alert systems for the past year or two. If you block their number, you will soon receive a call from a different number for... medical alert systems. Annoying.

Exactly! I use my Verizon phone service to block the calls and then they start calling from another number! It is an outrage that we can't do anything to stop these calls.

They've been calling for a month, and now they are calling at midnight - how can I get rid of them?

Today I received one of these calls from a spoofed number that is not in my area. Caller ID said NY, State of, and the number showed 516-228-3915. I did not answer the phone. I listened to the recording on my answering machine. It said a medical professional had referred me, and I could get $1,000 for items I purchased every week, etc. Same ol' spiel.


FTC's advice is to hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator and don't press any other number to get your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.

Receiving calls everyday from 'Rachel', etc. Medic-alert type calls just started a couple weeks ago. I called and added myself again to DNC list and left complaint w/FCC for what it's worth. Have tried everything in dealing with this 'scum' ; pressing 1 and leaving the land line off the hook for 5 minutes, talking to the person and totally be-rating them as a worthless human being, etc.etc. Pressing 9 does absolutely nothing.

I just received a call from the same senior alert scam company today coming from 5412571402. I reported the call as a Do Not Call List violation to the FTC.

I have gotten this cally caller o d said from 5184179720 New York

Getting the same call daily for months now--the one with the hearty "Hello Seniors!!" and it's free since you've been referred and we'll throw in $1,000 to boot. I've pressed 9 with no result, ususlly just hang up. I HATE THIS!! C'mon FTC: these calls are so pervasive you should be able to shut them down. If you can't, maybe we should shut you down.

They're at it again. I looked at the forum and people are complaining. I wish they would shut these people down. They use different NY numbers so it's impossible to block the calls.

I block several area codes, for instance, 2??-???-???? using the Phone Tray application. Another blocking option is the Panasonic DECT 6 phone, which can block about 285 numbers. We're left to fight the scum on our own. This will only end when people stop answering these calls.

I get many calls like these. I turn on my fax machine and it answers on three rings. This gives me time to answer if I know the caller. It only takes a few calls and they stop calling. Works better than the DNC system.

i got a call from "medical alert" and they used the same number that card holder services used. i bet you a million dollars that if you shut down medical alert scam then card holder services would follow suit. i have a good feeling they are the same company. the rep i spoke with from "medical alert" said they were the same company.

Soooo tired of this!! If the NSA can track everybody's phone calls and e-mails, how come they can't find a handful of robo dialers?

" Mark | July 17, 2014
Soooo tired of this!! If the NSA can track everybody's phone calls and e-mails, how come they can't find a handful of robo dialers?"


Maybe somebody at the FTC can answer your question.....

I get calls from them at least once a day, always from a local spoofed number. We've had it come up as private, residential and business numbers, today's being a bank. We're on the DNC, but this is a new-ish number and we're still putting a stop to calls for the previous owner so we never know if a call is legitimate not until we pick up. Six months of this is ridiculous. They should be fined and shut down ASAP.

These people called today using a local telephone number 434-286-2861 at 12:03 PM.
It was some company offering free medical alert system. It was pre-recorded and then I pushed #1 and some guy came on sounding professional and polite and apologized sounding legitimate. But I told him what had happened and that I would be contacting the FCC, which I will do. The FTC and the FCC should crack down on these people and lock them up there is technology that can catch these people. Why our government does not is beyond me. If they are not shut down then somebody at the FTC or FCC should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

Connect a fax machine to your phone line. Inform friends and family what you are doing. Let it stay connected for a week or two.. Once a robo-dialer gets a fax tone, the number is automatically removed from the call list. Tell friends and family to call.. let the fax answer, hang up and call back as a code that it's them. If you don't have a fax you can get one at goodwill for 5 to 10 dollars.. worked for me and definitely worth it..

So, arrest them! Make the penalty something that actually deters the illegal activity! Then catch them and arrest them. If the government can spy on its ordinary, law-abiding citizens, it ought to be able to find, catch, prosecute, and convict criminals!

The calls from "Rachel from Card Holder Services" fell off recently, but here's possibly why--my husband turned 65 last week, and now we got our first "Free Medic Alert for Seniors 65+ & $3,000 in Coupons" call. Unless we recognize the caller, we usually let the ans. machine screen our calls when we're home. Because I answered the phone this one time & listened for a few secs before hanging up, I suspect they will keep calling,but it will go to voice mail from now on. The Do Not Call List is virtually worthless.

Moved to Senior Park 3 months ago, and have been constantly getting the same damn phone call. Numbers are different but caller ID always says Urgent. I have filed complaints are the do not call list all to no avail. Please shut these people down FTC

The reason robocalls exist are
1) Lack of preventative controls by the telephone companies and FCC
2) Lack of enforcement of laws
3) Robocallers are incentivized by CNAM Dip fee payments to make calls to U.S. numbers

This is what happens when complaints of "Regulation! Regulation!" are adhered to.
The company is probably owned by a wealthy individual. We all know that wealthy individuals do not go to jail, they just "settle, without admitting wrongdoing."

I agree with Jane Auditor. There is no concern on the part of government and Congress to enforce a law that would actually benefit the citizenry. They don't enforce our borders, why would they enforce the DNC list? But laws that most don't consider important are zealously enforced.

I am receiving the $3k medic alert call for seniors over 65 and I am in my 30's. They call 3 times a day every day. I suspect they are targeting my parents who passed away 10 years ago. I have found my revenge. If I am not busy, I am actually talking to these swine human beings, and being Irish I can talk forever. Their autodialing is of course nearly costless, but the human beings they employ to take down my personal information are not. I have also given them a card number that has been closed for fraud that is actually being investigated by the FBI. I kept the Microsoft Help Desk line which pretends to be from Washington but is truly in India on the phone for 40 minutes without letting them access my computer or giving them a credit card number. Until then, they called every few days; they have not called since.

Have had an increase in robo-calls in the past weeks........5-8 times a day. Sorry to say that when legitimate calls come in whether from charities or others, I tell them that I no longer trust anyone soliciting for anything by phone and only accommodate family and friends on it. I also tell them that the tele-scammers have ruined it for them and it's up to their charity/company to fight to remove 'Rachel' and the Medic-alert neophytes.

1130 am and 1253 pm today. "Free grocery coupons" / Medical alert system..


I am recieving calls daily from local numbers in my small town.Today I got one from my OWN phone number,with my name on the caller ID.I am furious! I tried to put it in the do not call site as I always do.Of course it would not take it.So mad!!@!@

We have received many of the "Hello seniors!!" robocalls.

Someone earlier said (correctly) that just answering the phone, then laying it down for a while to keep their line tied up, may be a fairly good solution.

However, I finally realized there is at least one more thing I can do. It costs about a $1.50 each time, just FYI.

I hang up . . . wait just a few seconds for line to clear . . . then pick up phone and get dial tone . . . and then press *67

That reports them to some entity in the Federal government.

If a lot of separate individuals would pay the $1.50 per call, that Federal gov't system would begin to pay attention and get rid of the robocaller.

About the calls which call about Microsoft (in thick Indian accent) --

we have not received another call from them since I told the (live) person that I didn't believe a word she was saying. And then I hung up . . .

You are right man! I told this Indian man tech scammer he was a liar that Microsoft does solicit over the phone. NO MORE CALLS from them!!

The No Call list is a joke. The federal trade commission is doing nothing to stop this harassment. Don't expect any help. Why waste your time filing a complaint when they don't follow up?

I receive these calls often wanting me to give them information as to where my free medical alert system from number 516 435 3217. Today they were from a person called Lori. When I press 1 like instructed and ask to be taken off their calling list the person just hangs up the phone. This morning I received two calls within 30 minutes of each other. This has been going on for months. I just got on the no call list but was told that it will take 31 days for the calls to keep coming. Needless to say I find these calls and others to be very frustrating. It's too bad these crooks can't find an honest way to make a living.

Signing up to the no call list will do nothing to alleviate the illegal, harassment calls from credit card services or Medic-Alert.

My elderly parent is receiving calls ID'd from "Cell Phone NY" 516-435-3217 regularly. When the phone was answered there is no one there. Will complain to DNC (if that does anything) and block the #.

I've been getting these calls daily and sometimes my name and my HOME PHONE NUMBER show up on the caller ID and it's Hello Seniors. How can they spoof my home phone number and call my home phone? This is ridiculous. How is the Government going to deal with terrorists when they can't shut these people down?

The calls are a nuisance, but the real problem is that when I hang up, the call is not terminated. After I hang up, I have lifted the receiver and the message is still playing. When they call in, I can't call out. That can be life threatening in a medical emergency.

What good is the Do Not Call List if you can't get a number to report robocalls? I would think Congress, if they could ever work together, could do something about it by working through the telephone companies.

Follow the Money. Law enforcement can simply establish a credit card account for seniors to use who are getting these calls. Once the charges are processed through the bank, the scammers are identifiable. . . It's an old rule for investigations: Follow the money.


The same old "Hello, seniors..." telemarketing scam about a free medical alert system, repeated requests to be placed on their do not call list have no effect. When one hits "1" to speak with a human, their operators are without exception surly, evil tempered, and generally pitas.


Have had many of these calls over the past several months. I usually just hang up, but tonight a call came in at 11pm while we were sleeping! I'm certain they are just trying to catch people off guard. I don't understand why nothing can be done with these crooks who invade our homes with abandon.
The number this evening was 212-662-8642.

I received calls from the Medic Alert System from numerous different numbers, and today, reported the latest several telephone calls (~6 numbers) from them to the FTC Do Not Call Registry complaint line.

It's hard to grasp the fact that a major governmental agency cannot identify, prosecute and stop these ever increasing floods of malicious telephone solicitation calls from many different scams and companies that ignore federal and state do not call laws. Anyone at the ftc care to explain why that is the case and the number of calls is almost back up to the level that it was when the do not call legislation was passed?

Very sincerely,
Beverly Howard

Hi, Beverly,

Technology has made it very easy -- and very cheap -- for people to place illegal robocalls. These scammers spoof caller ID information, so the phone numbers reported to the FTC aren't the scammers' real phone numbers. In fact, many of these calls come from overseas, which can make prosecuting them much more difficult. The FTC is working on solutions to this problem. Visit to see what we've done so far, and keep checking back. We'll be updating that page with more news soon.

When I tell them I am on the no call list, they simply hang up...three to four calls a day. Please give some teeth to this annoyance. Send a message. Do something. Do not copy and paste your answer, that is as bad as these robocalls.

Hi, I gave my phone number to Trillium College to get some information about the school. Than the college sold out my number and my information the same day to a Telemarketing Company. I am registered with Do not Called Registery but they are all useless as hell! I have been complaining for th elast 5 months every day to Do not Call Registery and they say you have to make complain every day...but the Telemarketing do not leave me alone!!!! I am getting emails phone calls texting every twenty minutes from them every single day from 8AM till 11PM! I told them already I am not interested. I complain to BBB but they do not care either! No body cares! They complain that they get 100s of calls every day, well why do not they just hire more people if they do not have enough staff! They are slow as hell and they basically do not give a a crab about consumers! No body does!Telemarketers know about that and they know they can harass the consumers without being caught by any one! They are afraid of no one! Never give your information to Trillium College. they will sell you out like a piece of crab to Telemarketers! Their number is 1-289-222011

I cannot understand why the government wastes money on sites like this rather than shuting down the scammers. Could it be that they are taking the easy way out as with their enforcement of the Do Not Call list?

To Nicole Fleming:

Since "Senior Life Alert" calls from an untraceable spoofed number, would American Express for example, be able to trace who the $29.95 payment went to? Feigning interest seems the only way to catch the scammers as they probably won't send the product, or will use an untraceable return address.

Thank you,


Rick, we are all getting Senior Life Alert, Senior Aid, Senior Med, Consumer Alert, Card Servicew, etc. Months ago, I called Life Alert, they said they would never use anything but an 800 number and the scammers are costing them business. Interestingly, they also told me the FBI had actually caught one of the Life Alert phone scammers so I guess they are more special than we are, because no one in govt is going to help citizens like you or me. It is up to you to protect yourself. Do not answer, EVER, and turn on your audible screening function. The scammers won't leave a message and, in fact, won't even stay on for your entire outgoing message. Don't speak with them, sweetie. They just want to hurt you and if you engage or confront them, it puts a wild hair up their butt and they try to scam you even more. Most of them give up if you just screen and don't pick up. I learned this the hard way, over a year or so, and I hope that makes it easier for you. And no, the phone company doesn't care about anything but getting your bill payment on time, they don't have to care about the content of phone calls -- at least most of them Including mine, Century Link. Protect your mental health and bank account: screen, don't engage!

I always answer the call, and then waste as much of their time as possible. They should learn my number gets them No Money.

Until spoofing can be stopped (and it can), this problem will never cease. Spoofing only continues to occur because the carriers refuse to accept the task of declining to route calls that they know are originating from systems that cannot possibly 'own' the numbers being passed to them in the call information.

Even with number portability, the carriers all know (to use an internet analogy) who is 'authoritative' for a particular number, else they could never be successfully routed. If a carrier is asked to route a call that carries a number that cannot have originated from a requesting carrier system, it should be denied. That's a bit of an oversimplification of the issue, but I hope it gets the point across.

Killing the ability to so easily provide inaccurate phone numbers through caller ID would make the robocall a much more difficult thing to accomplish. The idea is to assure that for any call (apart from rare exceptions as needed for personal safety - and those must be controlled instances provided for by the carrier with permission) a real number exists to track back to the caller.

It may require (much as I hate the idea) government intervention to deal with the carriers. They're the only ones in a position to start denying routing to these calls so that they cannot be completed.

I have argued with various government agencies about the inability to stop spoofed calls. Lately I have been getting calls from 555-000-1269 calls. I also receive calls that have just the number 1 in the caller ID. Obviously neither of these numbers is a legal, viable number. When robocalls go out, hundreds of thousands of them are going out at the same time to people. They should be stopped before they ever reach an end-user such as a consumer. How can numbers that don't exist make phone calls? We are told the government can monitor every citizen's phone calls?

I've long given up hope of getting these calls to stop altogether. So, for at least a year now, I just have fun with the people. I press 1 every time, just so I can waste a real person's time.

I usually make gibberish noises for as long as I can without taking a breath. If there's still someone there, then I keep going. Once, I had the guy talking gibberish back at me. Once, the guy called me back and did the same thing to me. Quite fun! Other fun tactics are to put your phone on speaker and just go about your business (not as fun), dropping your phone repeatedly on the desk, or banging metal together loudly.

What has worked best with the debt consolidation scammers has been to ask them directly if I can send them large amounts of cash on the mail; I guess that's a tip to stop calling you.

But, lately the medical alert people have started calling, and they actually seem sincere. They sound disappointed not to be able to take cash in the mail. When I asked if they would send me groceries, they offered a voucher. Today, I had the lady going for 2.5 full minutes of nonsense gibberish, occasionally asking "what?", loud coughing, and slurred redneck speak. She suggested seeing the doctor for my cough before finally hanging up.

Do these folks actually think they're making legitimate calls? News flash: I'm 33 years old and don't need a bracelet.

The best thing is to hang up the phone.

Seriosly, Kyle, you comments made me laugh out loud. I nearly snorted coffee out my nose at your offering to send them large amounts of cash. I have put my phone on my car hood and blew the horn for as long as I could stand it. They were still on the phone. I have fog horns, every loud noise saved on my computer including train whistles. They are impossible to stop. I accuse them all the time of knowing their calls are scams and continuing to do them. I have suggested they turn their bosses in for the reward money that is sure to be there for their arrest. Nothing works. But you at least got me to laugh today, after having received 2 "Hello Seniors" calls and 3 from "Rachel at Cardholder's Services" which is a total scam.

A scam-buster columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sheryl Harris, has said the following: When you are completing anything on line (a purchase, an application, an order, do not give your phone number. If it has a little red asterisk (*) by the phone number indicating it is required, she suggests making up a number. They can already reach you by email if there is a problem. And with email, you can at least "unsubscribe" if they sell your info. Once in a while, in addition, I also will change my middle initial to something else and track how much junk mail I get using that initial. I change it with every order, application, etc. and keep a log by my phone. You would be surprised who sells your information, even though their website tells you they don't. Consumer: Beware

FTC...DO YOUR JOB! I am tired of being harassed by this illegal activity!

I am not a senior, I am in healthcare, no one has refereed my this is another boiler room rip off.....the government can hack into our email, but cannot shut down this operation? Is this part of ACA? Hmmm?

I have a much better idea for scammers.
Seriously if we increase the punishment for these types of people trying to screw others this will stop.
Too many scammers out there and nothing is being done about it. Glad we pay taxes, huh.

Let me get this right... The FEDS get caught tracking literally every call Americans make in the name of National Security (ESCHELON) but the FTC is powerless to stop these phone scammers? WE CALL NEED TO START COMPLAINING TO OUR REPRESENTATIVES AND PUSH FOR THE FTC TO ANSWER UP FOR THIS TOTALLY INCOMPETENT RESPONSE.

These people have more then one number, it is impossible to block them for long. And they just keep calling. I am on do not call list and unpublished and unlisted. And they still call.

Reading all these complaints about the Medic Alert calls is really depressing. I've received two of the calls just this week, the last at 9:30 at night. I finally pushed the number for opting out the last time but they called again....and this is on my cell. Here's another phone number they used: 4357785632 FTC please do something and post what you are doing to stop this scam. I will ask my congressman to inquire as to what can be done.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Please file a complaint with the FTC and share the information you have. It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database.

They're still calling. Spoofing local area codes and trying. You need to stop this. There's technology out there. Perhaps your agency is in on the scam. You could easily mandate the phone companies to incorporate anti-spoofing technology and robotic call blocking.

The technology is available to instant trace the call even with spoofed caller ID. The carriers should be forced to use it and to give us a *xx code that we could dial whenever we receive a DNC or Fraud call. This should be followed up and people jailed.

When I have time, I play a game where I try to keep the sales person on the line as long as possible. Ask lots of questions and have them explain everything over and over. The challenge is to see how long they can hold out.

FTC -- why won't you pursue this? Do you need more funding from Congress? Do you that Congressional pressure to act? Citizens, please call your Congressmen and women and have they apply the necessary pressure. Let them know how you feel. This blog is not going to get results directly from the FTC. They need a gentle nudge.

This page explains some of the FTC's work on robocalls. The FTC has stopped companies responsible for billions of illegal robocalls that have offered fraudulent credit card services, so-called auto warranty protection plans, medical discount cards, and grant procurement programs. The FTC is continuing aggressive law enforcement efforts, pursuing innovative strategies to gather evidence against robocall kingpins, producing consumer education, and coordinating with industry and other experts to fight robocallers.

The problem is the phone companies and the carriers. If I am selling cars, the more cars I sell, the more profit I make. If the phone lines and phone facilities are being used more, the phone companies and carriers are making money. Why should they want to stop phone use??? It is their business to increase phone usage. If a million dollar reward were offered to the first technician who came up with an idea to stop robocalls, I can assure you, these calls would cease in 6 weeks or less. In the meantime, our taxpayer funds are wasted on the system.

I've been getting calls from a scam called "Card Services", for three and a half years. I have filed many complaints with the FCC the National do not call list, and Utah state. Nothing has stopped them. Some weeks they have called as many as 8 times, often twice a day. I pushed #9 to be taken off their list now I get calls for a free Medical Alert system. Same scenario, now they call me 5 to 10 times a week. Even on Sundays and sometime in the late evening. Changing my phone number did no good, nor has anything else. It looks like the FCC or FTC or the FBI would get off the duffs and do something to protect citizens. Where is the NSA now that we really need them?

I have been getting these Hello seniors calls for months, if I press 1 to speak witha an operator, the call disconnects, if call the number back i get a message saying that number is no longer in service, i am on the do not call list as well. I have even blocked that number from my phone, 2 days later i get the same call from a different number. i am more than tired of this B.S. !!

I have been getting the robo calls for the free senior medical alert gizmo once or twice a day for months or maybe even a year. It is always the same man's recorded voice and it starts out by saying, "Don't hang up..." Today I pressed '1' and laid the phone down. It was silent for a while then a male voice said, "Hello. My name is Brian Alexander and my number is...." I didn't write down the number. I remained silent and after the voice said hello a few times he hung up and the AT&T voice said, "If you want to dial a number..."

Can somebody pleeeeeeease help me? STOP THESE CALLS!

If you get a call with a recorded sales message and you haven't given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal. Since the call itself is illegal, you can bet the offer is a scam.

When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.  These are useful details for a complaint.  Please go to to report your experience.

You can also ask your phone provider if they charge for a service that blocks a particular phone number. But remember - fraudulent telemarketers change the numbers they call from easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change.

I get these calls from every state imaginable. When I call the numbers back - cannot be completed as dialed. These were the two from just today. I'm not even 40???

WA - 425-615-6783; MD - 410-985-6570

I've been on the Do Not Call list for years but now that I've turned 60 I'm getting these calls ALL THE TIME. They start out, "Hello Seniors!" and they're for a medical alert system. Every time I get one I block the number but they continue to call using different numbers. DO NOT TELL ME THE FTC CANNOT IDENTIFY WHO THEY ARE AND SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! And saying "hang up" is like the police telling us to ignore people who bang on our door at all hours of the day and night. DO YOUR JOB AND GET RID OF THIS NUISANCE!!! If the FTC isn't going to do anything, and clearly they are not, seeing how far back these complaints go - then perhaps the FTC should be dissolved as completely useless.

Calls from 804-250-9647, 928-638-4527, 417-204-5238, 360-300-4578, 360-797-8535, 425-615-6783, 432-586-9589

When I press one, it hangs up. Dozens of times, only once did I actually speak to a live person who promised to remove me from their list, but of course, it didn't happen.

I always press 1 and hope to speak to someone. Then I do one of three things:
1) try to keep them on the line as long as possible by responding slowly to their requests, giving them fake credit card numbers (visa starts with 4, MC with 5), and generally wasting their time
2) Go the route of "Is your mother proud of what you do for a living? Scamming people out of their savings." or "On career day at school, does your child say 'My (mother/father) is a crook who scams people out of their money'"
3) speak very quietly and then blow a really loud whistle

Attention seniors is a 2 time a day call to me. Different number on caller id every time...i screwed with them for months now it hangs up when i press 1 to speak with a operator...they aint no fun anymore.

This company calls me twice a day minimum!!! I actually got a live person and asked them to delete my number, but obviously they didn't as the person just hung up on me. Does anyone have a site or number to take get them to take them off your list??

If you already registered your phone number at, you can go back to that site and file a complaint. You can also contact your state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies.

i blow a whistle in there ear

I have been getting calls from them 2 to 3 times per day for the last 4 months. I am in sales myself and almost obligated to pick up every call even if I dont know the number. I travel to Europe at least 4 times a year and getting a call at 2am in the morning in Paris is just the icing on the cake. This is nuts!!! FTC needs to do what they are supposed to do.

so who is it that we can turn to, to turn up the heat on the gov officials supposedly their to serve us. id be willing to use my 11 1/2 boot :-)

These are occurring daily for me from (304) 263-5875. Always around the 2:00PM MDT time frame.

I think we should sue the fct for not doing their job

I’ve been getting SEVERAL of the unsolicited calls for the “Medical Alert System” on my mobile. I often travel overseas and inadvertently answering these calls cost me a lot of money. I use my mobile number for business and I have to answer calls even from unknown numbers. It’s hard to believe that FTC is unable to shut down the “Medical Alert Systems” or “Rachels” with “Cardservices International” within hours or days of the start of those massive scams. FTC is an impotent bureaucracy that doesn’t understand that it will be known to people only by what it’s not willing to do to protect citizens. We don’t need FTC’s alerts and advice on how to deal with Robocalls. We simply need FTC take immediate, effective action against the scammer. FTC could if it wanted to and had the most basic connection with the citizens it is supposedly serving.

Here's a thought: Maybe "Bridget Small, Consumer Education Specialist at the FTC" and her colleagues should get off their collective rear ends and demand legislation to make spoofing numbers ILLEGAL. Anyone who legitimately NEEDS a blocked or camouflaged # (some doctors for example) should have to register with the FTC and/or their service provider--BUT NO ONE should be allowed to use a public utility and be "anonymous." Enough already! And I don't believe for a second that that the FTC "can't find" these scammers. If these guys were pushing kiddie porn (instead of alert systems), the FBI would be on their door steps in 15 minutes. How about some accountability for all of the taxes we pay to these agencies??

Defund the FTC. What is the point of having this organization if they won't do their job. I don't need them. I have received 1,000's of these phone calls and reported them for a couple of years, which is a complete waste of time.

You are wasting your time with the FTC. Their approach to you the taxpayer is no different than the scammers. So flood the FTC.

I am getting the "Hello Seniors" call two or three times a day from various numbers....after no success scamming me why do they keep calling?

Free medical alert pendant and $3,000.00 in grocery coupons NBC Comm Net Co 650-2772601. SCAM

GE Security a/d/b/a Web Service Co 845-940-7972 free home security system. SCAM

What is the point of this FTC site if they have not done a single thing to crack down this scammers. I've getting this call daily, and blocked them, but no use because they use different number every time. I've reported to do not call registry, complained to FTC, but they have done nothing in the last 3 year. So sad.

The Robocalls information page has details about the FTC’s Robocalls Initiative,  a list of some recent cases against companies that mis-used robocalls, and information about refunds to consumers.

Bridget,FTC site is a waste of time. Just the cases are few and far between. We need to change the law so those caught using robocalls have their hand cut off on the first offense. After a couple of them lose their hand then the others will learn

You receive exactly what you're promosed. You get the system for free and you pay for the monitoring of the system.

These posts are depressing.

The folksy male voice says, "Hello Seniors, due to new health care regulations, you are now eligible to receive a personal medical alert system at no cost to you. Since you've already been referred to by a friend or family member, we have a system waiting to be shipped out to you. Press 1 now to receive your personal medical alert system and by taking advantage today you'll also receive $1,000 in grocery saving coupons plus a 75% prescription discount card. Again, press 1 now to receive your personal medical alert system."

Can we find somebody to sue? This crap has to S T O P !!!!!!!!!

The call here was from tea Neck, NJ and it was 201-371-4044.

These people call me almost every day. The do not call list is just another government waste of money.

I guess the FTC is unable to figure out how to stop this. I get these calls from a variety of numbers and even if I do press 1 to give somebody an earful, the phone hangs up. I did get a real person once and they hung up as soon as I said I wanted to know where they got my number. I'm done with complaining via

If you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.  You can report your experience at The FTC uses complaint data to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns.

Got another call today from "Arizona" 928-638-4527. Reported it once again on Donotcall. I don't know why I bother doing it; it doesn't work.

I am getting these calls too, the same as Kannada posted above, and my concern is that my number was a number given to a legit Life Alert CO so that I would receive a call in case my client had a fall or needed assistance. I am wondering if Life Alert sold my information?

Make illegal auto dial systems, ghost programs and give the death penalty to whoever uses such systems or makes them. Require phone banks to ask first how you got to them. They (the operator) should be required to report to the FCC calls that were directed to them by robocall.

I agree with all above. Maybe they should get rid of the FTCs 'Do Not Call' section and privatize it. Possibly our tax money would do more than it's doing now........nothing!

I have tried every trick in the book to get them to leave us alone... They call both cell and landline... I block the number on cell but they just use another number which sometimes is my own... calling myself.. I am so tired of this calling.. between the security system offer, Rachel at Credit card service and the bogus foreign third world country yo yos saying they are Microsoft computer technicans...There is nothing I won't try to get them to leave us alone....

I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. The FTC is such a joke. I regularly get calls from the Pakistani division of Microsoft, Amber from Credit Card Services and USA Alert Systems. Been going on for years. Still waiting for an indictment. Last time I checked, the only skill the FTC has is to cash government payroll checks.

Keep receiving these same robo calls from 913-284-0503. Called the number back and it said it was disconnected/no longer in service. I have it blocked on my cell phone now, but SERIOUSLY FTC, someone needs to pursue these guys -- I have older parents and many older folks would fall for this scam.

i got so tired of these calls i followed through and i played along. I gave them a credit card number and I got a customer service number.

Company name is Lifewatch, their # is 800-716-1433, they are in Lynbrook, NY I'm going to start action against them. They have a street address and a horrible record. I'm not going to rest until they are out of business.

In the past you couldn't call them back, now you can. Do it, fax, call, annoy and impede their corruption.

I get these calls daily and the number changes. They are spoofing numbers from all over, for example, Barbados, Iowa, Texas, Chicago, Arizona, always changing. The first couple of dozen times they called I hit 9 to be removed or just ignored them. The first time I hit 1 the lady was courteous and said she would remove my number, several days have passed and I keep getting calls so today I hit 1 again and the guy immediately started insulting me. Someone needs to do something about these guys, the call today bordered on harassment.

You can report this to the FTC at

If you press 1 or talk to unknown callers, or call them back, you may get more calls. If you respond, they know your number works and may continue calling, or share your number with others.

I tell the caller that if they report their crooked employer to the FTC that they will get $5,000. It's not true, but it shuts them up and makes them think. --bks

That would be a great idea for the FTC or FCC or whoever to implement. The live operators that you are connected to after the robot call would certainly roll over on their employers if they got even a relatively meager monetary reward. $5K might be overkill. The only flaw is that the operators are probably as much in the dark about the people they work for as the victims they are helping to harass.

Trying to "opt-out" does nothing from personal experience. During the call I got today, I spoke to the person and told him that I was reporting him to the FCC because they did not honor my opt-out request. The guy said that there are different companies offering the same "free" medical alert systems. Maybe there's a spammer starter kit that includes the recorded message and the guy was telling the truth. Either way, there's still a bunch of illegal things about the call.

Also, when he read my number that they called, I didn't recognize it. But whatever number they dialed rang my phone.

I live in GA, and received Medical Alert call from 707-677-8583, CA. I have received several of these, but spread out over weeks apart. I press 1 and speak to a live agent, I put my phone on speak and let them deliver their whole sales pitch and then tell them I don't want one. Really pisses them off because every minute on the phone with a non-buyer is costing them money.

I'm curious if they are getting lists from AARP?

I am getting these calls on most of the lines I have used as personal phones. This includes cell phones and work phones.
I would guess that we are now to the point that the fine folks at our ISP, browser and search engine companies (data aggregators) are selling the information and enabling most of these calls.
Beyond this vector of attack, it is very easy to have call centers making virtually free calls to every number, simply to see if the line is working, and even better if it is answered.
Once a number is thusly discovered, it can be sold to call centers, including crooks, spammers and people I would only like to surprise with a visit by the police.
Stop griping about the FTC, and any other federal agencies. They cannot do much more until Congress is forced to enact laws and regulations that allow better interception of these calls.
Remember that if you don't force your legislators and Attorneys General to act, we all can only Pin the Responsibility on ourselves.

I usually mess with them and they get upset. It makes for hours of fun.

The best way I have found to handle them is talk to them! Waste as much of their time as possible. Keep them on the phone as long as I can. They think they are going to make a sale, when in the end, I'm the one scamming them. Makes them mad!! I love it!!

This number ("Unavailable"/646-257-3539) called a few minutes ago, hawking back braces. I just hung up on them as I do all other telecriminals.

I got a call this morning in a recorded message with an elderly man's extremely friendly voice saying "hello seniors." It goes on to say that I was referred to them by a friend for their medical alert system. You have the option of pressing a number to talk to someone or another number to opt out. Like I do with all robocalls, I don't press any numbers. I stay on the phone until eventually (after about 30 seconds) it rings a couple of times and there is a recorded message that your call cannot be completed as dialed. The message repeats once, and then I hang up. This method seems to mess up their automated dialing system for calling my number. Since the call came from the 914 area code, I also added it to my call rejection list.

Voice mail received 11:06 today, 3/17/16, stating: "Personal medical alert system. Again press one now to receive your personal medical alert system. Press nine to opt out." I am on the do not call list. I have not had prior dealings with this (unidentified) company. Of course, I did not respond. Apparently, it is an old scam that is starting up again.

Maybe the cell phone companies can put a call forwarding capability for certain numbers and have that when they call they can be routed back to one of the fake numbers that they called.

I have never been able to talk to a person. I have pressed one so that I could talk to a person but none ever come on the line. I have pressed all other options that they have and nothing worked.

They called me today and may have stepped over the line from merely making illegal robocalls (civil penalty) to a misdemeanor, namely criminal impersonation, under the laws of NY and other states.

The number they provided on caller ID belongs to a real business in New York State, and NY's law says "Impersonates another and does an act in such assumed character with intent to obtain a benefit" is a Class A misdemeanor. I sent a letter to the business in question and recommended (not legal advice) that it bring the matter to law enforcement agencies.

I was getting calls about 4 or 5 times a day, every day from Medical Solutions! I finally answered and I told her I wasn't interested, I don't need a medical supplier,cause I have my own supplier and please don't call me again! So, we'll see if they call me again! (My Medical Supplier is CVS!) (And my other supplier is Lin Care!)

Why crab at the FTC? Your PHONE COMPANY has the power and ability to catch and stop these thieves. Let them know how you feel... with your wallet.

I got a bunch of calls, pressed 2 to take me off the list, but they kept calling. Eventually, I decided to give them a phony name, address and credit card number. Eventually someone called (they did have my real phone number) saying they must have had the wrong address. I told them exactly what I did and would continue to do unless they stopped calling.

That stopped for about a year, now they've started. Time to fight fire with fire again!

since this is going on for years and people are being scamed and losing a lot of money even if they do get the product. the only way to catch them the gov agency ftc or fbi is to use some people to sign up and go through the scam with a traceable dummy credit card and trace the phone email and were the package or credit card number winds up baic undercover work

I have done that on many occasions, using credit card number generators online to generate valid formatted numbers to give them. And I tell them it's a debit card and not to run it for a few days so I can get money into the account. That way they don't find out it's bogus immediately and so they call back from a valid number when the transaction fails. I also recorded ever call, including the 90% which were disconnects, and every time it lead to a company called "Lifewatch USA" and a criminal named Evan Sirlin. After I gave the recorded calls and screen shots and other records to four sets of attorneys (one with the FTC) and the legal action started, they shut down their telemarketing. But they were shut down once before using a call center in Florida that was raided and put out of business and switched to paying criminals in India to generate leads for them. Anyway, the calls (which had been up to eight per day) stopped but have slowly stated back. I an getting them again on occasion, which is how it started before. This time they are calling themselves ""Senior Medical Alert" but using the same recording as Lifewatch USA was using. I don't know (yet) if it's the same vermin as before or another criminal copying them, but I suspect it's the same crooked operation back up to old tricks.

Just got another robocall for Medical Alert. They have called me 7 times in 2 days from # 757-783-5548, which is a local number. Today was the first time they actually said anything...normally the line appears dead. I decided to find out more about the company. The guys name was Ron...lots of background noise. He had a NY accent (From that area so i know what it sounds like). I asked him if he knew that robocalls were illegal? So apparently, they have found a loophole and he said that I was referred by someone for this product so it is not illegal. He said he would remove me from their "list" in which I replied that I have asked so many times before and it still has not happened. He told me that there are so many illegal companies (hahaha) that call but they are legitimate! I asked him the name of his company several times and he replied "I will provide you that if you decide to sign up for the product". Obviously, this is such an illegal operation, that the company name will not be provided, nor will they ever take me off their "list". Been dealing with scammers for years now and it never stops. I block them, still get calls from other numbers. I work from home and have people calling me from all over so I have to answer. Call blockers just don't work for all these crazy calls. I get them on my personal cell, my landline, and even on the corporate issued cell now! Some are from oversea's, but I think some of these crooks are actually in the USA and that is just sickening. there really has to be a way for our infrastructure to block or terminate these calls. Where is Anonymous!?! Maybe the government should work with them! I bet they would come up with a good solution! Just my opinion

I have received this same call stating that I have been selected to receive a free medical alert device..... press 1 to talk to an enrollment specialist. 11/02/16 the call came from (916)603-5456. Today, 11/03/16 it came from (916)867-0300.

Not answering is not an option for me--as a freelance writer and an official of a local organization, I don't know the numbers of every person who might have reason to call me. I did manage to get rid of the calls from Microsoft by keeping a whistle next to the phone and blowing it sharply. This only works, though, if you can get through to a human, and is really a bit mean since the person making the call is only trying to earn a living and not connected with the scam.

I received several prerecorded calls in Feb.-March 2017, from spoofed Caller ID numbers, for a free medical alert device supposedly worth $475. I have affirmatively identified the calls as being made on behalf of LifeStation, Inc. dba Life Aid (, located in Union, NJ, and incorporated in NY.

I think after reading these the only thing smart I read was de fund FTC Send a email to your local senator and say since they are lazy just cut the budget. The government has the power to shut these guys down. Because it is not gun control or abortion it has not enough interest for our government. email your senator

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