Robocall Scams Push Medical Alert Systems

The latest in unwelcome, illegal, prerecorded sales calls are from scammers pitching a safety alert system for older adults.

The callers spoof a phone number so it looks like a local call on caller ID. If you pick up, you’ll hear a message saying you’re eligible for an alert system, or system upgrade, or that someone bought a system for you. The message asks you to “press one” on your phone to talk to a live operator, who will quickly ask for a bank account, credit card, or Medicare number, and maybe an address, to “expedite shipping and handling.”

The best response? Don't press a number, and don’t speak to a live operator. People who gave their information have seen monthly charges of $35 and up for that “free” system. If you get a call with a recorded sales message and you haven't given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal. Since the call itself is illegal, you can bet the offer is a scam. If you gave information to one of these callers, check your account statements. If you find unexpected charges, ask your bank or credit card company to remove them. Finally, contact the FTC online or at 1-888-382-1222 to report your experience.

Hang Up on Robocalls


Have received numerous calls from 213-519-5751 which does not sound like a recording but most likely is. I hung up instead of letting it continue and I have not given any personal info but it still calls twice daily. It says this call is regarding your shipment order of medical equipment...I hang up.

Don't bother with the FTC, all they do is "follow trends," even though they've already established that phone scamming is the biggest complaint they get. They have told me numerous times they are not going to help individuals. I reported these fake numbers to Do Not Call for a very long time until I realized just how much time total I had wasted doing so, and now I just screen calls. FTC will tell you that you have the right to sue the scammer... but the phone number is usually phished or spoofed. I will tell you what I do, and it took me months to think of it and I'm supposed to be intelligent: turn on the screening feature on my phone system base. That way, you can eavesdrop without moving a muscle. If it's a scammer, they usually disconnect before the outgoing message has gotten very far. The scam calls have significantly reduced since then. But the FTC isn't worth poop, their main job is self-perpetuation.

thanks for saving me wasting time with FTC.
I did report it to the Medicare Fraud line, don't know if they are any better than FTC in taking action against these companies. but still get the calls.

You expect the government to do their job? Let me know when that starts.

Just started! I got great help from a government office today.

The best thing to do is NOT to hang up, but just lay the phone down and let the computer keep on talking until it hangs up. Doing this uses up valuable time that the robo caller won't have to call someone else.

I get dozens of calls a day - have been on the do not call registry for years but the calls have increased this past year per my caller ID. There are no numbers listed to report - just 'out of area'. So how do I stop these irritating calls except to cancel my phone and do without?

For the past two months we have received daily calls showing the following on Caller ID: V 724 145 509 000 08 (spaces for readability only) 209-676-3148. We never answer. Crooks are not able to detect voice mail, so they just leave the pitch as a message - including all the instructions to push various buttons. I'd like to push theirs!

Received two of these calls this week from 505-634-5296. Next time I'm going to go ahead and give the live operator a piece of my mind.

I did that very thing a cpl of hrs ago! These scammers or telemarketers or whatever the heck they are have finally frayed my LAST nerve! He asked if i was (Ms. So & So) & i said, "No, this isn't Ms. SO & So!" So yeah, i but then i raked him over the coals royally. Told him to LOSE THIS NUMBER & told him where to go & what to do once he got there. It was from 1-450-450 -2491. It said somewhere in Ontario, Canada. Jerks!! No one ever answered, naturally.


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