Scam money runners

When you hear about people getting scammed into wiring money, do you ever wonder who’s picking the money up on the other end?

In the case of people scammed by certain call centers in India, the answer was employees of PHLG Enterprises.

Today the FTC announced that PHLG and its owner have agreed to settle FTC charges that they helped collect money people sent in response to the call centers’ scams. Those scams included government grant scams, IRS tax scams, and advance fee loan scams. Telemarketers behind the calls often pretended to be affiliated with government agencies in the U.S. They told people they owed money to the IRS, or that they’d get a free government grant after they paid a fee.

Once India-based telemarketers deceived people into wiring payments, “runners” working for PHLG would promptly pick the money up at Western Union or MoneyGram locations throughout Florida. To avoid getting caught, they used false names, went to multiple stores in different cities on a daily basis to get around transaction limits, and lied to store employees about being friends or relatives of the people who wired money to make sure that they could pick it up.

By the time people realized they’d been scammed, their money was gone, and they had no way to get it back. According to the FTC, PHLG runners picked up more than $1.5 million from around 3,000 people from July 2015 to February 2016 alone.

So, how can you spot an imposter scam in the first place? For one thing, the real federal government will never call and tell you to wire money. Check out these four videos and articles on tech support, grandkid, online romance, and IRS imposter scams. Feel free to share the knowledge with your family and friends — just send them to




I think our legislature is very laz is stopping internet fraud. They need to pass legislation that required mandatory jail of at least 10 years for these people. We read of some getting apprehended but nothing more about what the government does about it.

Yes people doin these crimes feel it's impossible to get caught and very little or no consequences of jail time that is mandatory with repayment,and fines and or loss of forfeit property,money

I was scammed of 78,000
By an intranet scammer on Facebook. I am left brok and depressed and don't want to live. I spent 3 months writing to various law enforcements and also to my bank that wired the money. No one explained to me that if it goes to the wrong sources that I may never see the money again. If the banks take a mandatory protocol when wiring
Your money that may save all the chaos and help cut down on crime. I cannot believe that these scammers get away with this and it is very prevalent with Facebook and I didn't know it till it happened to me. It ruined my life and now my marriage.

BTTA scamed by a Bill Bradley said [President] there is no company America Winner Awards scammer also a Mr James Jackson claim agent FraudTCommission. This peoples should be feathered thankyou.

Just my opinion. Fraud is plain old stealing. We need to punish the the old fashioned way--cut off the hand that steals!

That happened to me and I almost fell for it. Luckily the bank had a paper with the right info on it saying it's a scam. Even after the bank told them they knew about it, they still kept calling. They hate to give up even when they're caught!!

I am concerned about a scam involving the is there one going?

How can I post a particular article on Facebook. I've tried and it just posts a different page. The only way to really get the word out is to allow direct posting to Facebook. I've asked before and don't see any change. I don't mean to blame but I have to wonder if there is a real interest by the FTC to get the word out.

I have copied and pasted several of these scams to facebook.

Click the "Share" icon on the video. You'll see the option to post to Facebook. You can also always copy and paste the URL into your page directly. There are no restrictions on posting web articles. You can also go to the FTC's facebook page and look for this content there, which I imagine they have posted.

Trump will take care of these evil people

TRUMP is one of them. He'll help them alright

Right on! "Make America Great Again"

It's a scam

I'm sorry to tell you this, but he won't. He supports big banks and big business. An example is he vetoed a law requiring financial advisors to give you advice that is good for you. Now they can give you advice that benefits them, not you.

It's not enough punishment !!

Yes I got a scam in the mail. It said I owed money to Wells Fargo and would settle for a small amount. But I called Wells Fargo and they could NOT locate an old account ending with the numbers they gave in the letter. They said it must be a Scam. I reported it to the FTC. Good luck.


I got a call from someone saying that I won 2.5 million dollars. The man on the phone said that he would wire me $300.00 dollars and I was to sent this $300.00 back to him by Western Union in order for me to receive this winnings. I told him that I would not send him any of my personal money and this is what he wants me to do. I am not sure if this is a scam or not since I am not giving him any of my money. Any advise?

It's good that you're asking questions about this. Is this man a stranger? Did you really enter a contest?

If someone wants you to send money before you can get money, that's the sign of a scam. Even if this man says he will send you money first, you're taking a risk if get involved.

Diana , don't do it. he's probably going to wire you some bogus check from some bogus bank account for you to cash or deposit into your real bank account. Then you send him your real money and he's gone. Later you find out, if you don't go to jail first, but its too late.

Diana, Most scams like this that I've encountered won't wire you the money. They will come up with a reason they have to send a check instead. Then when you deposit the money and wire it out, the check comes back as fraudulent and you end up being out $600.00. Just my two cents.

Never ever ever send a penny to these scammers. These are old, worn out tactics. They call all the time wanting to give you a $25,000 loan, or that you won the $2 Million lottery, or they inherited $50 Million from their father, the ex Nigerian president, and they have no way to get it out of the country except to transfer it to someone's account out of the country, and they will share it with you at 50%. All they needed is your bank account information so the can do the deposit. If you give them that information, your bank account will most likely be cleaned within minutes. Your balance would be $ ZERO. Your best approach is to instantly hang up on such dirt bags.

>> All they needed is your bank account information <<

They'll need more than that. In case you've forgotten, you give out your account number and bank's routing number EVERY TIME you write a check.

Scamed thru internet, they used a friends name and messaged me, The government doesn't seem to care.

so what you folks going to do with paypal then they are scammers themselves too as well they are a problem for everyone here online and i never gotten a word back from you folks either about my complaints about them get rid of paypall now they never gotten back with me either get them investigated and get them off the online now and put them outta business as well. thank you very much

I never have any problems with Pay Pal! They do not scam! You probably got a spoof from a scammer who claims to be from Pay Pal. I get e-mails from scammers like that but I don't answer them. Instead I file a complaint with FTC or Pay Pal! Just keep filing complaints with FTC.!

I have received several calls sometime 2 a day telling me I was selected to receive a free government grant that I didn't have to repay. I would hang up on them and they would call me right back.

only one way to avoid those scams that is to not do business on line. If you must then ask a bill and if they hesitate and try to force u not to do it then they are scams. The govt. does not offer free grants for paying bills on line and finally tell them they must contact your lawyer or you accountant. They will back down.

I have been scam on match. Com, sent money to India by western union.11 transaction was done during 1 month at same location and NO ONE there question and check these people! I filed police report,FBI,Interpol.. no one even trying to help. And Western Union here add me to " bad list " block me now,I call them to report fraud on these people in India, but WU BLOCK ME!!! I just don't know who I can address my issue any more ..

Please report the scam to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement use for investigations.

You can report the scam to Western Union’s complaint department at 1-800-448-1492 or online. Make a note of the date you filed the complaint with Western Union. Be sure to keep any documents you have about the scam and the money transfer.

Are we gonna get our money back?

Cons have no conscience. My mother-in-law is 92 and a widow. Some coins were mailed to her via UPS. She later got several phone calls by someone who told her to place the enclosed sticker on the box it came in and mail it back to the sender.

We told her that the coins were hers now, and instructed her to call the State's Attorney for guidance on what to do next. They will handle it now. Another scam?

There is a scam on Facebook where the scammers hijack a friend of yours profile and send you a message that states that your friend saw your name on a list from Easter Grant and FedEx if you contact the administrator you get $150,000. NOT TRUE! Check with your friends. Don't fall for it.

My father in law was definitely a victim. It wasn't from wiring money, it was from a fake Microsoft tech support agent. The agent called and said he was from Microsoft and that my FIL's system had some problems.
He had him download Supremo onto his laptop so he could take control. After my FIL refused to send any money for the "repairs", they crashed Windows.
We had to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10. He lost all files because you couldn't even boot through safe mode. I have never seen anything like it.
The "agent" continued to call and threaten him for days after.

They tried this with my father who has no clue about how pcs work, so he gave me the phone. Some Indian guy whom I could barely understand. Since my father woke me up, I told him to send me an email and I'll check it later. I also told him to learn to pronounce his words more clearly as I was bothered that I couldn't understand him. He then hung up on me. Hours later I googled it and I found a thread on microsoft. com explaining it was a scam.

The lesson here is to have a backup strategy, and stick to it religiously. All backup solutions and programs provide for automatic backups performed to a schedule you define.

I've gotten e-mails from so called Money Gram and Wells Fargo concerning my accounts but I don't have accounts with them! I knew they were scams so I don't answer. Instead I e-mail directly to the real Money Gram and Wells Fargo.

When making a complaint or post a comment to FTC,NSA, CTU,IMF,SEC,and many more will not or it will take a very long time till you see anything are being done.The medium class citizens are not taken serious than the more wealthiest people around the world are handled with the more highest attention and taken care of. That is my experience with all the department in the past 2 yrs.

Agreed to settle? How about jail them!!!

similar scams have happened to me.People should be notified they can report to FTC. the Microsoft scam happened to me in 2016.I called M in the middle of it and thay claimed knew about the scam and were working on it.Great! too late for me. scammers are very clever.

Buyers on beware! My husband and I almost lost $2000 on the purchase of a car. Sellers offer to good to be true prices with beautiful pictures of vehicles and have some story as to why they need to sell now and ship(for FREE) your new vehicle to you and lure you in buy thinking your money is safe with a big company like Google Wallet, Amazon Payments,etc.. If you run across such a deal ask for a VIN # and they stop replying! You can also Flag the seller on the site. Good luck and keep sharp!!

Thank you for alerting people about these scams.

When scammers call me I talk them for a while then ask if they have a family and kids they usually respond yes. They I ask them if the kids know their father is a theif. They hang up every time.

Got scammed out of $34,000 along with another person who got scammed out of $66,000. New oil wells in Texas, get your money back in one year and then profits will start to roll in..... Well, it has been 3 years and maybe a total between the 2 of us have gotten $3,000 back. We will never see what we started with let alone any gains.

A hefty fine on the ISP would put a stop to these scams.

good info .... everything help...

My husband was scammed by someone claiming to be from the IRS. They knew so much personal info he was certain and almost 12000 dollars later and on one will help. The bank does nothing for us. Who protects the customers? The banks are protect but not the customers. So sad. We will never see this money back and it will take years to pay back. Get jobs you scum bags and leave the working struggling people alone.

Please report what happened to you. The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) collects complaints about IRS impersonation scams at 800-366-4484 and online at


They use scare tactics and i don't not to fall for any of them. I didn't enter any contest so I could't have won any money! I don't give personal info. I know the IRS is not going to lock me up. The worst is phone calls, guy sounds like he's from India, and tells me I have trouble with my PC; well I have an Apple so he's off on the wrong foot there. I just call people like that "liars" to their face and hang up on them. I send NO ONE money. You aren't getting something for nothing! And you are right, they call and call and call even after I curse them out and hang up on them! Seniors are the most vulnerable. I believe most of these calls are from foreigners and thats a crime that people in other countries can do this! They need to be caught and sent to prison and their assets seized.

I hope they catch the scammers with The Turbo Wealth System. Crazy right? But I have to agree with you Joy!

I think people doing or tied to these type scams should be sentenced to Life with possibility of parole after 20 years after conviction ,unless they give pertinent information to bust other scammers then reduce it to five years.

My daughter lost her green card at workforce 1 when she went there to look for a job. Any suggestions how to report to syop identity fraud?

Visit to find out what to do. It explains what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage. The site provides step-by-step advice, easy-to-print checklists, and sample letters.

I was scammed some eighteen months ago. I was told I had won some money and that they would forward it for deposit to my banking account. But first they needed my bank routing number and my account number. Like a FOOL, I gave it to them and the next day my bank account showed a withdrawal of $4,000. I have the name of the individual who withdrew the money but what should I do with this information? I immediately closed my account but have received numerous calls with the same story, but using different telephone numbers for their calls.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database. You could also contact your bank and  local law enforcement.

I keep getting scammed and harassed by ACE/ACS incorporation demanding money via ITunes cards, or debit cards, vanilla, paypal, etc. They threaten to ruin my credit, garnish my federal benefits and send me to jail. I'm sick of this harassing process. I personally called the Assistant District Attorney and spoke with her and she said, they are using her name in vain and that they are scammers. Delete the emails.

The "Official Tech support to fix your broken computer" scam is very active today in NH. 3 calls until I finally picked up the phone to tell them where to go. They are using the name Oscar Andersen. Calling from India. I just want people to know.

Recently scammed by Northwood Financing offering me a loan. Stupid me wired them money and now I am out over 1000 I borrowed this money and now my friends want it back. I am terrified and so hurt.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

You can also report the business to your state Attorney General’s office.


In the case of people scammed by certain call centers in India, the answer was employees of PHLG Enterprises.

"Today the FTC announced that PHLG and its owner have agreed to settle FTC charges that they helped collect money people sent in response to the call centers’ scams. Those scams included government grant scams, IRS tax scams, and advance fee loan scams." --> does it mean that people can recover their financial loss ? is there any way?

The proposed settlement bans Treuhaft and PHLG from from aiding or facilitating any telemarketing and other conduct, and imposes a $1.5 million judgment that will be suspended based on the defendants’ inability to pay.

Most of the people the scammers pretend to be don't even call you in the first place, and usually tell you what you owe by regular or certified mail not to mention don't accept any pre-paid cards.

If someone is selling a car and someone out of state wants to buy it and wires money from their bank to your bank (without you asking or giving an amount and no contracts or verbal agreements took place, the wiring of money was their idea) but then doesn't ever send the rest of the money when you ask them to, is there legally anything that buyer can sue you for if you spend the money on paying off the car they were to buy and can't give them their money back....or does that just make them stupid for wiring money with no contract or bill of sale.

You may have been contacted by a rookie scammer. The usual con is to send a "certified" check for alot more than the agreed price. You are then instructed to deposit the check, subtract the amount of the purchase, and send the balance to their "shipper".

Later the check bounces, and you owe the bank for the money you sent.

Received a phone call on my cell phone. The caller said, " my name is Emily from customer service, can you hear me ?" I had heard about the voice identity scam . She wanted me to say YES ! I hung up . The phone number she called from was 1 904 435 0821 Be aware!

Jb not sure what this scam is? What would of happened if you said Yes, I can hear You?

The "yes" scam is not real. It has been disproved by Snoops.

Have an individual who wants me to open an IRA acct and they are supposedly going to deposit money into it for me. Any ideas what they might be up to?

A scammer called from The Middle East that claimed to be an agent from the IRS.
He wanted me to pay $1300 immediately , for income taxes that he said I owed.
He told me that I could use my debit card or if I wanted to, It would be OK if I used a Walmart credit card !!. How dumb do you have to be to go along with garbage ?

I got scammed today man saying I approved for federal grant he never asked for bank or social but I had to buy 175 dolled iTunes card to prove I ant bank rupture or ceiminal so I did then 200 more for wiring fee but the weird than is even after I gAve the iTunes card numbers he called bake an was texting me Makin sure the money game was Goin good but by that time it was closed..don't understand why he keeping in touch?

I recently received phone calls from Asian sounding men telling me that a company I had done business with was going out of business and was going to give me a rebate. I fell for it and in the process of dealing with them gave them my Social Security number.

Ultimately one of them wanted me to sign up for on-line banking so he could send the rebate to my checking account. I tried, but was unsuccessful.

After thinking it overnight, I realized it was all a scam. So far I've reported it to the State Police in Upper Deerfield Township in N.J. I've also called Equifax to put a hold on my credit reports. Equifax's automated service to me they would contact Experian and Trans Union to request to same service on my behalf.

If you gave your bank account number to a scammer, he can take money from your account. Contact your bank; ask to close that account and open a new one. has information about what to do if your Social Security number has been exposed.

You can also report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

i was on a dating site wen i met this guy hes a soldier retired to track im down iv got a lot of info now than before he has had money of me saying he needed his flight home but there is more to it now than before for 13 months its took me to track him can you help me to do wat i have to do to have him charged for his i want to show him for wat he is iv photoes of this guy iv had take money of me i was going to write to the investigations beauro to nail him please help me im heart broken and right now going thru a breivment of whish he knows .we were lovers and getting married but hes not contacted me now for 2 months on the chats and he last messaged me on the 30/3/17 asking me for more money but i had to track him and keep him sweet so i cud get more info of him to find out please help me to deal with him legaly.


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