Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents

Tax season may be over, but scammers posing as IRS officials continue to call, saying people owe taxes and better pay up. They threaten to arrest or deport people, revoke a license, or even shut down a business. How do they do it? By rigging caller ID information to appear as if the IRS is calling, and sometimes even making a follow-up call claiming to be the police or the DMV.

We posted about this last month, and got a tremendous response from readers. Lots of people wrote to tell us about variations of the scam: robocalls from “Heather” from the IRS, or calls claiming to be from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) and mentioning IRS codes. But the scam always ends the same way: a demand for money loaded on a prepaid debit card, sent through a wire transfer, or paid by credit card.

If you get a call or email like this, report it. Here’s how:

  • File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at From the complaint homepage, select “Other” and then “Imposter Scams.” In the notes, please include “IRS Telephone Scam.”
  • If it’s an email, forward it to the IRS at Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails.
  • If you owe — or think you owe — federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go to IRS workers can help you with your payment questions.

The IRS doesn’t ask people to pay with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers, and doesn’t ask for credit card numbers over the phone. When the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone. Read Government Imposter Scams for more tips on avoiding a scam.

And what if you got a robocall from Heather or someone else? In addition to reporting it:

  • Hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator and don't press any other number to get your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Consider contacting your phone provider and asking them to block the number, and whether they charge for that service. Remember that telemarketers change Caller ID information easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will change.
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I just got a call from 888-909-8081, mentioning his name as Officer Dary Cooper

I got a similar call on 6/11/14 mentioning that his name is a Officer Gary Jordan, a company for IRS and that I or my attorney should call him immediately, number 202-864-1257.

I got the same call. Same person and same number and he said I would be sent to jail lol.

The number I was told to call is 929-800-4559. I was surprised because I do not owe the IRS anything. I asked the person on the other side to clarify this by informing his name and address. He vacillated, which confirmed to me that this was a scam. I hung up and called again and asked his name again. This time he changed his name to "officer" Peter Williams. I demanded his office address and he said it was NY I flat out told him I was going to go to the police and provide them with this information.

I just received a voicemail from this number stating I needed to call them or my attorney and that this looks very badly on me. 202-864-1257

Just received a voice mail from a guy named officer Jimmy Arthur stating i have a case opened against me 917-285-7105

I got scam call from Joe Brown # is 1 2068233376. Claimed his ID is GS03394 and my case # is FSK9258804. Also a call from his director # is 1 202 239 2551. Both of them are Indian. Said I owned IRS 9800 $ from last five years! The story is the same as other posted here.

I am now getting daily calls from "Office Kevin Johnson" at 202-770-3759 threatening legal action.

I got the same call but from 1-269-775-0018.

I got call from Heather # 951-552-7705

Same call in Indiana

Got a call also from Heather from IRS I knew it was a scam . When I call back they won't answer to any other number and report to police .

I have been getting calls from Officer Kevin Johnson as well but the number is 347-761-3343. Makes my son upset because the man sounds so threatening on the answering machine message.

Got the same call from same number too. I reported it on website. And I also called back to "kevin johnson" and told them I reported them to tigta.

I got the exact same call from the same man and number. This is ridiculous, he calls almost every hour!

Kevin gets around! He's been calling me too from 252-238-7636 and 845-318-0014. Busy guy...

Received a phone call today from an Indian guy named Jack Dawson. He said he can be reached at 1-800-829-1040. Please beware!

like dede, we got a call at 11:45 from a "Jack Dawson" today threatening arrest from the police due to IRS fraud. Phone numbers he gave us: 202-609-7007 and 800-829-1040.
YES, be very aware!!!

You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

newest # June Smith 415 234-9682 This is a Magic Jack #. Why can't the authorities go after the owners of these paid phone accounts?

How about if everyone now calls the above # and blow it up???

I'm now answering my phone as "agent ...." speaking.

I've been doing that with the #503-790-0556. I'll keep it up.

Still getting these calls even after I told them I was turning them in as fraud # calling is 1-804-412-8012

Received 2 phone calls, one from an Indian guy with return number 202-391-0976 last June 11 and another one today July 01 from a lady claiming to be from IRS, talking about "time sensitive issues" with return number 202-506-8045.

Like in the movie, "Titanic"!

i didnt pick up the call, but they left me voicemails. they have been calling and i refuse to pick up because at first i didnt know the number. now its just annoying. and i can barely understand what they are saying, just that he is an officer. at the end of his message, he said for me to call him or have a good day or have a good day in jail. wth! i cant deal with scammers. i know what debt i have out there and i surely dont have debt to pay from these people.

i got the same call!!! the "have a good day in jail" at the end of the call was the give-away for me on it being a scam. Mine came from 202-280-7127. I'm considering getting rid of my home phone altogether, i'm so sick of these calls!

I got a number of calls saying the same thing, only when I demanded written notice, as per FDCPA laws, the guy started swearing at me and screaming at me... calling me a fraud and he'd see my A** in jail, etc. COMPLETELY ABUSIVE. When I told him never call me again and hung up, he called me right back. He's called my work place, spoofed my mother's number to get me to pick up! This is harassment and stalking! Why can't we get these predators shut down for good????!!!!

I had a message on my voicemail call today from Officer Barry Foster 202-864-1268 shows from WSHNGTNZ1 DC. Message said "My name is Officer Barry Foster. This message is time sensitive. Don't try to disregard this message. If I don't hear back from you or your attorney, then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation badly unfolds on you."

I got both types of robo calls within a week. I got officer John Parker, but has a heavy Asian accent. It took me five tries at listening to the message and it was a very poor attempt to frighten. No cop says if you do not contact me, well, all I can say is to wish you wery wery good luck. 202-864-1603

I got the IRS one this morning 202-241-7158. I hung up because I know if the IRS has an issue, this is not how they are going to contact anyone. But, it must be working since we are all getting hit with this nonsense. Stay vigilant!

I too received a call from an automated system providing the following number 202-241-7158 as the Internal Revenue Service. I calle dthe number back and I reached a gentleman with an Indian accent introducing himself as Officer Kyle.

I got a robotic voicemail today from a guy that said his name was officer Steve foster from the irs. The number that he called from was.....657-549-5757. And wanted me or my attorney to call him back. He said me n my husband owed the irs back taxes n neither of us owe the irs.
He demanded immediate payment within two hours or we are going to jail n lose our drivers licenses. I could't understand most of what he was saying. So I reported n made a complaint against him.

I literally just had the exact same message except he said his name was Eric Foster and it was a different phone number: 347 471 2396. His voice sounded like a cartoon or a joke to me. I did report them. Idiots! So basically, the scam continues even though it's 2015 now.

I received a call and voice mail that also mentioned he was from the IRS Office for Eric Fister stating I am being sued and very important that I return his call to: 281-692-3780

Just recieved a robo call from Eric Foster claiming he was an agent for the IRS and not to avoid returning his call. Based on the information here, I will not be returning his call :)

I just got call from 786-477-7158 stating if I don't return call then" I wish you good luck with the situation as it unfolds on you. Good bye, take care".

Hi I got one from Eric Foster same messege wishing good luck and things to unfold(202) 370-7661 Washington, DC

Just heard voice mail: +1 (202) 370-7661 Washington, DC March 23, 2016 at 3:00:19 PM From a said, IRS Officer Eric Foster Either I or my attorney needed to contact him immediately. And he repeats it, slower. He also states that if he doesn't hear from me or my attorney the only thing he can do is wish me luck "as the situation badly unfolds on you!"

I just received the same exact voicemail , i call back and it goes to voicemail. How can this be in any way Legal ? To call people and harass them. Same name and phone number as mentioned above.

New USA fund is a big time scammer they they said they give free grant money after a text application they ask for thousands of $ for processing fee, tax an delivery fee. true experience. they got me for quite a few thousands. agent Smith Woods and uGregory Cole, Cole said he the IRS.head of internaldepartment @ usa. com . agent smith wood work by text.#19407456363. Nothing was delivered after paying thousands of $. 2/22/17.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I received the same sort of call today from agent Eric Foster from phone number 202-370-7661. Same phrase, "as the situation badly unfolds on you".

I received a call from a Miss Jones of the IRS saying it was time sensitive that I contact them. Good luck and take care?? The call was received at 11:50 pm?? 323-729-3077

I just received the exact same voicemail leaving a 360 area code. I will block the number

I also received this call. It was an automated message indicating if i or my attorney didnt call back the situation would unfold poorly

I received a call today from Eric Foster, supposed IRS agent ( with an Indian accent) 571-482-7881, indicating to have my lawyer call this number or he wishes me luck with my situation. Funny he doesn't change his name!!

I have gotten a call twice this year (the exact same message),only he said his name was Eric Foster. The 1st time it was in the earlier part of the year and the last one was about 3 weeks ago. Each time he left a voicemail message because I wasn't near my phone when he called. If he calls again I hope I'm there to answer it.

Whethee it's a home phone or your cell phone it doesn't matter, these are SCAMMERS trying to get your money, just hang up, better yet don't answer if you don't recognize the number.

I had a call, a voice generated call from some one claiming to be from the IRS and needing me to return a call at 202-609-7010 pertaining to a claim against my name.I called and left a voice mail with my name & number for a call back to see how much info I could get on them...waiting for a call back inwhich i will reply to put everything in writing and will contact the IRS TIGTA with their info.

I have been going through the same stuff! They knew my SS, address, work info, etc. they called my job repeatedly today and from my understanding they stopped. I was told I had violated federal laws and it was the office of California attorney general. They threatened me that the call was being recorded and not to use vulgar language. They also warned me that I would be put in prison in Cincinnati Ohio and said to spend time with my family because they will be here in the morning. They even routed the number through the local police depr and 911. They never asked for money so I'm clueless as to what their real intentions were.

i was told i would not be getting my benifits for the next 2 years because of tax fraud. i told them i was handicapped and on disability she said i have a personal lawyer. i am an epileptic, was fired from every job i had they were when i was a minor.oh the number i was given was 1 206 258 7953

just play along with them ask them if they know jesus as there lord and savior

are you kidding i just got scammed by these as I had just got married and started a new job. Thank you for showing you truly are the honorable justice system.

I have been getting voicemail messages from an Indian guy named Jake Dawson (could be Jack)from the IRS telling me to call back at 206-965-9583 Ext. 101. He has been getting meaner with each message. Beware!

Got a call from same guy same number, 2069659583. They answer the phone as Internal Revenue Service w/ their Indian accents...I laughed & called him out as a scam & he started swearing & moaning like a cow. He used Eric Johnson on my v/m but Jake Dawson when I called back. I decided to harass him & have called him back 20 times today...he's pissed and said he will have 10,000 people call everyday.

Just got an automated call from "Officer Julie Smith" stating I or my attorney needs to call immediately. I called back and asked for Julie Smith and the Indian guy on the other line said "Oh, Julie call you and you give me case number and I take care of it now." What BS. I hung up and am reporting them to the police as well. The number they called from is (415)234-4582

I just got the same call - recorded message from "Julie Smith with IRS" and made the mistake of calling back 202-241-8722. Indian guy asking what phone number I received call on, then asking if I can hold on because he is getting an email from the IRS at that moment. Then I hung up.

I got an automatic message from Julie Smith today saying not to disregard this message and that I needed to call her back before further action was taken against me..the number (415) 506-2397

I received a call from someone names Joe Brown with a very thick Indian accent. He told me he was from the Audit and Commission Department for the IRS - he stated there is a warrant out for my arrest for a tax violation. He further stated that I intentional committed fraud when I filed my taxes from 2008 to 2012 - lucky for me I filed jointly under my exhusband's name so I knew right away this was a lie. I spoke with "Mr. Brown" and he couldn't give me answers to my legitimate questions so I informed him I would be filing everything possible so the government could take action against this scam, etc. (202)241-8715. Needless to say, he hasn't called again.

I just recieved a message also from a Joseph Brown with a heavy Indian accent stating he was from the audit & commission Department for the IRS. He stated the same tax years 2008-2012 tax mis-filing issue. He was very rude and stated the police would be at my door and I reply no problem send them over. Needless to say I was not giving him any information and would I advise anyone to just hang up on them as I did.

I to received a call from Joseph Brown. Number 929 800 5472

I received an automatic message from Agent Julie Smith today saying the same to me. Of course it was alarming, so I called but I annoyed the man because I refused to listen to him and continued asking who he was and his reason. He yelled at me to just listen to him but I guess I was too much for him because he finally hung up on me. Of course I called back to annoy him again and he tried to get in a word but could not, so he again hung up on me. It felt good to drive him to aggravation ...the number was 415-506-1286

Just received the same thing tonight, after calming down a little did the research found out others got the same scam.

Received an automated voicemail from "IRS" at 301-223-3002 with threatening info. Called back & spoke to a man with a foreign accent asking who he was looking for, by giving him my phone number. He stated my name but I did not acknowledge it to be true but told him that this must be an error & that I received nothing by mail.I hung up and Googled 'Reverse Number'. Turns out, the call was made by a landline out of Maryland. I then called the same number back, same male. I told him he was committing fraud and I was reporting him. Silence... I hung up & filed a report with the FTC and also joined the Do Not Call List for the first time.

I got the same phone call on the same day as you.this foreign man threatened and told me that they already had put a warrant out for my arrest, and that I owed them 1,470.00.for a minute he had can i get this man in trouble.i wonder what other information does he have on me.

I recieved a call today with the same thing. Tryed to call it back it just rang and no one picked up.

What I got (Michigan) was a call from a blocked number, and then a crappy recording of a computer voice saying I was being sued by the IRS (lol!) and it rattled off some numbers do do with my "account". The IRS doesn't cold call people, they send mail.

just got the same call! Final notice that we were being sued by the IRS!

Just got the exact same message of a final notice that we're being sued by the IRS!

We got four recorded calls yesterday saying the same thing - they have been trying to reach us and this was final notice before the IRS filed suit. Of course, I reported today to I just want the calls to stop! I'm ready to rip out the landline.

I got a robo call claiming that the IRS was going to file a suit against me and that I needed to call 206-512-1627. I know that IRS does not call and does not 'sue' people. IRS sends mail notices and gives time to straighten things out even if there was a problem. Beware. I'm noting this number for TIGTA and FTC to shut it down hopefully.

I received the same call. Very disturbing. They left a message on my voicemail. The number they called from was 855-793-8844. The message was for me to call 206-855-2527.

I received one a few months ago, and today. An automated woman's voice on my answering machine, telling me that this was my final notice, and the IRS had a lawsuit against me. The # given to call back was 206-201-2799, which was different than the # called from. The call came from 413-586-5537. I know that the IRS would send a notice by mail and try to work things out before legal action. Some people might not know that, and it would be scary for them to receive this call.

Sadly that happen to me. I lost some money to them.:(

I just received a phone call from number (720) 432-5627 with a recording of a female voice, stating that the IRS had just filed a lawsuit against me.
Be careful.

I got two voicemails this morning from an Iowa telephone number. I spoke with an officer claiming to be Jacob Wells, badge Id#GC799, saying that the IRS has opened an investigation against me and telling me I owe $7,107 to the IRS, which I could either settle over the phone, or in a federal DC court. I am presently on hold with the actual IRS. Pretty sure this scam is the product of me contacting a loan forgiveness plan, which, when I had called, requested my SS#, and never called me back.

"Jacob Wells", I mean "Officer Jacob Wells" contacted me as well. I asked him time after time if that was really his name and he just got angry and told me that I owed $ and what was I going to do. I asked him my options, he said if I dont pay the police would have a warrant out for my arrest and hung up. Weak. I have some friends that are Indian, none of their names are that easily pronounced, lol, "Wells".

I got a message from someone with a very thick accent--I couldn't decipher the name--who told me she was with the "variagas" internal revenue service, there was a judgement against my name and to call before I was arrested @ 1-844-241-1464.

We've received a very similar call recently. A man with a very thick accent claimed to be "Pete Williams" working with "sheriff office" and "IRS" about an issue concerning my husband and his social security number. In the message left, he gave us an officer's name who is working on the case, told us that the authorities will be coming to our doorstep, that there would be legal action, and that my husband's credit score will be penalized 65 points. He ended the message with a phone number with a 202 area code, repeated the number, told us not to delay, and ended with "good luck." Strangest message, obviously scamming.

I got two calls yesterday from this Indian guy, I live in michigan, it was the (202) area code but 2 different numbers. He left a very nasty message on my voicemail, however he had the name and gender wrong for who he was calling for. He was very threatening. He called back later and I answered he asked for a "kassim"?? So hard to understand him. I told him he had the wrong number and he yelled at me saying "No!! I don't have the wrong number you are lying and are going to go to jail" I smelled his bs a mile away. I yelled at him for a couple of minutes calling him a mother fer and telling him to F off. He was super rude and threatening. It wasn't hard to know this guy was a scammer. Never give your information over the phone. And if he really was irs he wouldn't have been so mean right off the bat. Hope these jerks get caught!!

Got the same nasty message, when I called back it got really weird. No specific information, just pay through the EFTTS system at Winn Dixie Supermarket after withdrawing cash from the bank. Same thing: an Indian man that threatened me with jail if I didn't pay, same area code (202) and when I said I was at the sheriff's dept. he hung up.

I just a call from a man and a woman yesterday. They both had very heavy Indian accent. They said I had violated Federal tax codes (woman listed several violations) and if I didn't pay $1400 over the phone, the case is filed tomorrow and I would be arrested for federal crimes. Clearly, they knew my name, my phone number and current address. The number came from 202 area code.

Yes I got a similar call. I became upset and told the guy with the thick Indian accent that he sounded very suspicious and I didn't believe he was who he claimed to be. He said he would mail a letter to my address and hung up. Good riddance.

I just got a call from the same characters. This is their number+1 (202) 506-9835. The woman's name is Anna. Time to turn the tables on them

Just got the exact same call (heavy Indian accent from woman caller, followed by heavy-accent "Manager") - same story, they are the criminal investigation unit of the IRS and I've been running from "the problem" and haven't paid taxes between 2008 and 2013, a federal agent will be at my door to arrest and detain me (in handcuffs!) for up to 72 hours. The telephone number was from Chicago, 312.473.2731. I had some fun with him for a bit to see how far it would go - he got very agitated and finally just told me he'd see me in court and hung up.

Just received a call from 202-506-8051 stating his name is Allen Blackman and he is an agent from the IRS. He said I needed to call his boss at the same number and ask for extension 101. I knew something was up so I called back and stated that I am recording the call and that I would like to know what country they are in. He stated they are in Africa and they have permission from the IRS to use the name since they collect so much money for them.

I received a voicemail for the same number (202-506-8051) threatning legal action and not describing the reason. Have you contacted cops yet?

I got a call from Allen Blackman 202-506-8051 today. Same words as above. I also reported him at

Same here. I got a call from Kevin Shall 888-393-2430. These people need to be put in jail.

I have received three days worth of calls, with a couple nasty voicemails. This "thick accented" dude claims to be "Benjamin" and "William" interchangeably. I have spoken with him twice urging him to quit. Obviously, he hasn't... Phone # comes up as 202-506-9930

call from 202.241.0925 shows washington DC
indian guy from IRD,said i own money $6,127 for 2010 tax need to pay in next 45 mins

I have also just reported the same thing. Received the call from 202-241-6146 on my answering machine, but the accent was so thick and east indian, I could not understand it, but the caller ID, showed IRS. Called back and was threatened with money laundering and tax fraud warrant and they would be at my door in 30 minutes! I told them it was BS and became very aggressive with them hanging up. Called local help unless actual moneies are lost. Was referred to IRS TIGTA website and also this website. No name mentioned that I could understand.

I live in Nevada and received a similar call that was I guess a "robo" call. Voice sounded like and older male - no accent. Msg stated that there would be an arrest warrant sent out the same evening if I did not call a "1-202" number. I was so frightened by the call I did not remember the rest of the number, but when I checked my caller ID a 1-800-829-1040 number displayed. It is an IRS number, but a live person is not available to talk to, so I called the FTC. Thank goodness, because I guess this is quite the scam going around. Please, BEWARE, of this kind of scam and never call the number back! Report incident to the FTC!

I just got a call from 415-251-1037 from someone claiming to be agent James Anderson. He had a strong Indian accent and stumbled over several English words. He said he was going to read an affidavit to me and that I could not interrupt him, but could ask questions at the end. When I refused to agree to this he quickly hung up. It was an obvious scam - really quite amateurish. These people are so stupid yet brazen. I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Too bad stealing from an American is not a crime in many parts of the world.

I have gotten 2 threatening calls today from an Officer Eric Foster at 202-864-1282z

I received the same phone call from the same "Eric Foster but from 301-812-4171.....swearing and rude....I reported the number to the FTC. unbelieveable.

I got a call from an officer Eric Foster from IRS threatening me to give a call back to the number 716-217-5386,he also mentioned "otherwise good luck with that"

Eric Foster is at it again....January 6, 2015
phone number (202) 864-1143. He says 'good luck' if I don't return the call.

3 threatening phone calls in a week from IRS officer Eric Foster.

Same call as others mentioned. From officer Eric Foster, 804-571-1268.

Today, my daughter spoke to a guy with a very strong accent who claimed to be Eric Harden from the IRS. He told her to have me call him back at 202-506-9461 and even gave her a case number. My phone registered his call as a private number. I have received similar calls in March and May while I was out of the country. This was the fourth time.

Received two messages on my answering machine in the past two days from this guy with a thick Indian accent. Told me to call him back at 202 506 9461... Same exact number telling me I owed the irs loads of money and I was going to be arrested. Would not read the charges to me again so I could write them down.

I just got 2 during business hours today the calls on my T-mobile network android Samsung Galaxy 4 cell"Need you or your retained attty of record to return the call the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive, My Officer HEATHER GREY from the internal revenue service . The hotline to my division is
FROM WASHINGTON DC NUMBER 202 506-8602 This is the Hotline to my division dont disregard this message and do return the call before any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care.

Just got same calls today. Indian accents threars about taking all my money, cars, house and drivers license. It was 202-506-8459 number, similar to all above. The number is listed to Ymax Oration. Filed her and with inspector general. Wanted to reach through phone ane punch him. Good luck all.

More than two years since this post, I too received two calls on my T-mobile cell from "Officer Heather Grey". Exact same message phone # 805 852 0318.

At 9.24am, I received a women message detailing the message with the time sensitive matters with IRS. Right away, I called the number (202-506-8147) and a guy picked up. He introduced himself as a FBI Damon something investigating IRS frauds. He sounded very official by using some IRS terms. He asked for my attorney number to clear up 10 years of unpaid taxes. I asked him if he can send me a letter explaining what went wrong on our returns. He said the letter got back to him because I was not home. He said he would have to arrest me by the police and be put in jail for a year. In addition, the IRS would take our house, all of the credit cards and bank balances.

I was very afraid and looked his number up on whitepages. It happened to be the same name as mentioned by other complaints. I am very confused now if he is legit or fake.

I too received a call from this same number (202-506-8147) and received an automated voicemail from a women telling me to call this number. I haven't called the number back

my boyfriend got the same call. My friend researched the # it was from unknown. We called them back and he was very rude when we asked who they were, then the he said f... You and hung up. We called them from several numbers after that and type him we knew it was a scam. finally after calling them about 5 times, he said "ya this is a scam and there is nothing you can do to me for it". Do NOT send any money, they are robbing people blind by playing on their fears. We are going to keep calling them all day, it is turning out to be a good way to get information about them to add to our report to the IRS. My friend just called again and he said they have been doing this for 5 years.

don't worry - it's beyond fake! reverse look up and you will see 800 other people they tried to do this too. they are so stupid, it's laughable.

I had a call, 7 or 8 in fact, from an "Office Nathan Brooks" claiming to be with a Tax Crime Investigation Unit in Brooklyn. I returned the first call and have lived to regret it except for the fact that I hope to be able to help other avoid this terror. Yes, besides it being a scam, or was a kind of terrorist attack. Simply put, I was terrorized. Told that after a "statutory audit" by the "federal IRS" that began in 2008 and ended in March 14, I was found to have deliberated defrauded the IRA; I was then read four charges against me, told the number I owed, told that documentation delivered to my home was not signed for by me, and told there was a warrant out for my arrest and that if I insisted on a third delivery of this (fake) documentation, I would be subject to arrest and face 3.5 years "behind bars". I need to take this further.... as high up as to the FBI. Just wanted everyone to hear from yet one more victim.

I received a call from 202-506-8147 from Officer Julie Smith and stating I needed to address my IRS payment immediately. I returned the call and a man with a heavy Spanish ascent named Officer Leo Watson. I asked if he had a badge number and he gave me badge number 102485 then I asked him to repeat it and he gave me the number 100485. I hung up immediately and looked the number up online and found all these reports. BEWARE!!

Received a call from same person, Julie Smith but a different phone number 415-829-9230. She left two messages on my machine. I did not call back.

I've recieved 7-8 similar calls ON VM, First one I called back and was threatened that the police were called an a warrant issued and my driver's license revoked..., since then I've had VM's to call
202-506-9418 don't disregard this call or will "take legal allegation"
202-459-6024 from "Dennis" Regarding legal notice issued by the IRS"
202-506-9726 from Julie Smith (Computer generated voice) again don't disregard this call or will "take legal allegation"
Followed by another scammer Jason from Ideal Tax Solutions
concerning my IRS resolution case.
now hopefully the last call and VM saying its the Final call from the IRS and to call 202-864-1166 regarding my lawsuit.
I've posted the numbers since no one else has yet.

I received my first call from Julie Smith on October 20, 2014. Phone number in Novato, California: 415-234-9582. All the same wording: don't disregard this call, serious legal ramifications, etc. I called back to reach heavily accented man who told me I was to be arrested within two hours. I reported to local police,, and Even after the guy hung up on me yesterday after I argued with him, I had another call this morning. The local police advise not to call back or answer their calls. It is still disconcerting, even knowing it is fraud.

I called from my job on my break... after my son told me that a voicemail came from the irs...202-864-1220
the pakistian named Officer Kevin Soovie... (scum) made me leave my job hysterical to go home and call my accountant... I could not get in touch with her ... I new my records were clean ...he told me that I had 2 choices one to pay or I would be arrested in 1 hr. My son googled the # to find out it was a scam.... and played along .. told the guy he was going to take the court route...the person then got very stern and to him that he would be my son said I have a Question for you ..How do you sleep at night you --piece of scum you think I'm stupid and the guy hung up.

I got a phone call and the number was 202-506-8147 it is a scam. an IRS officer will tell you his officer number, and they don't call you, they send you registered letters.

My son got a message this morning on his cellphone from the same number 202-506-8147. The woman voice claims legal action if he does not call back.

I received a threatening phone call from a male caller claiming to be Officer Barry Foster (202) 864-1330. The call was an obvious scam as the caller used threatening, unprofessional language saying "you're stupid to ignore this call" He continued with more threats such as "you'll be sorry and will deserve all that you get because there will be no hope for you..."

I got a call yesterday from a "Kevin Brown" from a (252) area code. He left me a message stating that I needed to call him back ASAP and if I didn't "He wished me good luck on the outcome." He then called me back after 2-3 hours. He stated in a very, very thick Indian accent (I could barely understand him) that he was with the Department of Legal Affairs. He told me that I owed $1,600.00+ on taxes from 2008-2012...ummmm it's 2014 and I've NEVER gotten anything remotely close to this in the mail! At first I was really flustered and didn't know what to do. So I got upset and I was demanding that he tell me exactly why I owed this amount of money. My roommate heard me from the other room so she came in and listened to my call. She then told "Kevin" that he was full of it and he proceeded to curse and say that I was going to get "served" the next day b/c I was "delinquent on taxes" BS. So after that I called my attorney friend and he told me that I did the right thing. "Kevin" knew my address, but he didn't give me any other info about myself. He threatened me with jail time and told me that I was going to be "served" the next day. So everyone beware of "Kevin" from the phone number (252)389-9003!!!

The scammer gave me this number to call and talk to a Criminal IRS Agent (209) 506-9761. I was so angered by the scam call that I called the number over 100 times in a 2 hour period until the scammer would answer my questions as to he was. He said "he was working out of his house in Pakistan with 5 other callers. I told him that he was a thief and asked him to tell me "why he was preying on Americans". He gave me some excuse about him being fired by a US company and unable to get a job. Then he tried to guilt me into giving him $500.

How many people probably fall for these types of Scams?

My scammer's name was Jerry Arthur, and he said he was from the Out of Court Resolution office of the IRS. Number on my phone showed 302-504-6258. I was so scared, as I was threatened with deportation, jail, etc. I gave him my debit card number and PIN number, then walked into our officer manager's office while I was still holding after speaking to the second person, a woman. When I told my office manager I was on the phone with the IRS and they were sending a policeman to my house to arrest me, she said, "Don't give them your account number!" When I told her I had already done so, she took my phone and my card and sent me directly to my bank. I was able to get a printout of my account and block my account for any withdrawals. To be on the safe side, I am changing my account number.

I got a same phone call from Jerry/Jimmy Arthur and he gave me a case number and federal id number, he said they sent a letter to my home address twice and since I fail to respond now I need to go to the court and face jail sentence. The only mistake i did was confirmed my mailing address. He didn't ask me my SSN or credit/debit card details. He said I have some wrong information acc. to my SSN details and I have a total penalty pf $1300 which since I didnt respond I will have to face jail time for upto 72 hours. I was helped by my office colleague and I also registered a complaint at

Got 2 "robocalls" on our voicemail today from Melvin @ the IRS audit dept. Forget the fact that we couldn't understand him because of that middle eastern accent, but apparently the IRS is going to arrest us on tax evasion tax fraud (he couldn't make up his mind). No wonder their country is so f***d up!

There is another scam where people from India -Mumbai slums are calling from 646-757-1629 and other numbers and they would leave voice mail in a machine operated voice saying somethign about federal crime investigation. These guys are sitting in Mumbai and calling people to harass them, They use VOIP phones so people cannot track them. They will have Indian accent.. Dont get intimidated from them..

Just ignore them...more importantly if you know Hindi.. jsut curse them in that language and they will go away.

I knew the voicemail with thick Indian accent I got from "Jordan Smith from the Federal Tax Investigation Dept" was a scam when he said there was an "legal affidavit in federal complaint from your state of Orlando." Hilarious.

Today I received several automated messages from Fernando Rodriquez saying to call 202-864-1394 because an IRS tax audit has resulted in a legal petition against me for tax evasion/fraud. He told me to call before I get arrested! Then he told me to have a nice day! :( I called my CPA and she said it is a scam, that the IRS would not threaten arrest. I did not return the call!

I got this same message from the same person yesterday!

Add 202 506 9142 to the list!

Interesting that there is information about warning people about these IRS scams but I have yet to have found what the FCC is doing about it, sure we can all blog and warn others but what action is being taken? We as consumers are not being protected and I have yet to find anything stating the FCC is investigating this. I know for sure that some of these numbers belong to YMAX Communications however oddly enough, they make it impossible for you to contact their technical department and they claim they have no legal department so they make it impossible to report this problem to their company.

I just got a call from (202) 506-9499- it says it's from "DC, USA" They left a voicemail- "This is the Internal Revenue Services" Yes services, not service. Mistake number one SCAMMERS! lol

ok THANK YOU! I just got an automated VM saying this was my final notice from the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICES and that there would be a law suit filed against me. The call back number that was given was 02-864-1664... which is not even a number. ?????

I just got the same message today! The call back number was 202-864-1104. Although, according to the last number that called me, it was 937-565-3641.

So glad to read these. Got a call this morning (in Las Vegas) from 934-562-3691, no name, but a professional sounding female saying the IRS had been trying to get in touch with us and that it was "filing a lawsuit". She gave the number to call back 202-864-1330 which, of course, just answers as "all circuits are busy right now". I have to admit, scared me a little and this this blog helped put me at ease. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, especially from Vegas

I just got a call that was exactly the same as the one you received. My Caller-ID said that this call was from "Out of area" and that the number was (937) 565-3651. It, too was a recorded voice from an official-sounding woman. She said "we have been trying to get in touch with you," and "The IRS is preparing a lawsuit against you." She told me that if I wanted to receive more information about this, that I should call (202) 559-7599. After getting over my initial panic, I called the number, receiving a fast-busy signal (quicker time between beeps) -- type of signal that usually means either that there is currently something wrong with the line or, perhaps, it was too busy to even connect to it to get a normal busy signal. After a moment it dawned on me that this could be a scam and fired up my browser and performed an Internet search for anything matching the wording in the call that I received. This site showed up. After reading the comments here, I am now greatly relieved. I will report this to the government agencies mentioned in this forum.

Thank you all so much for coming here and sharing your own assaults (that's what they are) by these scammers.

Don't panic regarding these phone calls... Realize that there are completely dishonest folks living on this planet.. No morals worth mentioning, poorly raised, and with an inherent flaw in their character.. a trait that demands theft and dishonesty. As suggested by IRS, simply hang up.. say nothing to them... cussing them out is not necessary.

Received two calls (10/8/14 and 10/9/14) from men claiming to be IRS agents from the Department of Legal Affairs, threatening liens on assets, arrest at workplace, 6-month jail term for tax evasion, theft, deception, etc. The men had an Asian Indian accent. They were vulgar and abusive. The number I was told to call back was 510-355-8784. It appears to be a Magic Jack number in the Bay Area. I am in the LA area. I called the IRS and confirmed this to be a scam. I reported the incident to TIGTA and the FTC.

The ONLY thing some of us might have to be thankful for from the legions of fraudulent IRS officials, debt collectors, snake oil salespersons, etc., which are apparently hard at work throughout our sad, broken-down country, is the laughs they provide us with on account of their breathtaking stupidity (or is it all just laziness?) Is it really believable that legitimate government employees (in THIS economy?) are going to start spewing profanities when they meet up (telephonically) with a wary citizen? On second thought, there are quite a few examples of the worst kinds of behavior from Homeland Security, Immigration, Alcohol & Firearms and the DEA which force me to say "nevermind" to that rhetorical question of mine. My fraudulent IRS phone call came on a Saturday morning from the most depressed sounding female "robo" I ever expect to hear. My caller ID told me that the call (which was left on my answering machine) was from a wireless caller...(yeah, lots of wireless work goes on at IRS facilities EVERY weekend, I'm sure.) No fake name was left (Martha Washington? Prince Albert in a can?), just the news that the IRS was preparing to bring a lawsuit against...well, someone in my home, I can only assume. I'm just sorry that I won't be phoning them back at their (253) area code telephone number to laugh loudly in their ears. On a serious note, one pretty reliable way of identifying a scammer/fraud is by their use of bad grammar, spelling and punctuation (and cursing.) You can say a lot of unflattering things about American businesses, but they DO still teach the underlings how to sound as if they possess respectable jobs rather than the dead-end stuff which is all that's available nowadays. To all of the principled people who find themselves suddenly surrounded by the money-hungry vultures that this blog works to expose, don't lose your healthy sense of skepticism!! (And always get it in writing!) Peace to you all.

Also got a call from 202 241 8261 asking for mom and the IRS has a lawsuit against her.


Just received another (3rd) call from Steve Martin who claimed to be from the US Treasury. He stated, in an accent that sounded as if he was raised in India, that there was some kind of "enforcement action" and that we needed to call him back so he could help us avoid being called before a magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense. Phone number 714-983-5244. Another YMax Communications phone number. This upset my husband and he wanted to call back immediately. However, after I looked the phone number up on the internet and did some research, he understands that this is just a poorly attempted scam.

202-506-8133 claimed he was part of the IRS and I had serious criminal allegations against me and I had better respond.. In his indian voice.. CLICK! and as well there was another I don't have the number to, but it was a robot voice telling me similar things.. Again CLICK!

I got the IRS call today on my voicemail. I called them back explaining I was very concerned and how could I send them money to make sure I didn't get in anymore trouble

They said 20 grand would fix the problem

I told them I was very relieved because I was prepared to pay 50 grand..

I said that sounded like a deal please come down to Texas and I will give you cash in person.

At which point they called me in asshole and hung up on me.


IRS Scam; Just spoke with an Officer Jack Martin; Phone number(253)843-6571

I just got a call from Eric Johnson 206-462-5330, he even gave a badge#105A, claiming I owe 4,980.00 an had an arrest warrant issued on me an that the DMV will also be notified an quoted me Sec.101..WT! Some dude with an indian accent too! I hung up on him!

Just got a call from officer Peter Williams. Threatened arrest and bank freezing. A huge "legal" fee in a nominal amount of "owed" money for mispayment during a period of several years. Said I couldn't tell anyone, not even wife until the matter was resolved. I asked for specific local IRS officers and contact information and refused to give it to me. Lots of threats once I started asking for further validation.

I am tejaskumar I filed tex on 19 th feb 2015. And still didnt get any refund yet , even no communication also. I tried with customer care but they every time say some 45 day and initiate but with last 8 call by waiting 2 hrs each time i not get anything.
"HOW CAN I TRUST YOU". You all making fool every time. Application closed some time and not communication.

I just received a message from a person by the name of greg Martin. He said he was from the IRS and that there was a discrepancy in my 2014 taxes and that I need to call him back at 202-754-8404 extra 147. I was very concerned until I read the responses on here.

Not only did they call me, but left a voicemail and knew my name. Person claimed to be Samuel Baxter with my local Sheriff's office (Hennepin County). He claimed there were federal charges against me related to IRS / incoming tax returns and directed me to call IRS agent Greg Martin at 202-803-4400.

Claimed I'd be immediately arrested, have assets seized, etc.

It was a scam call from +1 510-272-6878, the person pretended to be from my local county sheriff's office. He said there are pending warrant against me filed by an Office Shawn woods and I should call him to discuss the matter: 202-803-4400 ... Pathetic a#@$les trying to scam people

I received the same call today. Officer Samuel baxter said I was going to be arrested if I didn't call Greg Martin because of an Irs issue. I never called back

Told me to call 1-530-815-0519

I have received at least 6 calls from 202-413-9015 from January 2016-February 4, 2016. All calls are robo calls from a female impersonating the IRS, with the message that the IRS has a lawsuit against me, a file case number on me, and that I am to call 202-413-9015 and she repeated this phone twice. I knew immediately that it was a phone scam, I listened to the message on my answering machine and erased the message as I have been doing every time I receive this tax scam phone call. These IRS tax phone scammers have been aired on the news and everyone should know about this tax scam. The best advise from the news and the internet is to NEVER answer the phone and NEVER respond to them in any manner. Always erase the tax scam message from your answering machine. I also understand that in addition to trying to clean the individual out financially, they also threaten with a police going to your home and arresting you, freezing your assets, and many other ridiculous threats. All of the tax scams are done from the phone. The scamming of your money and the threats. My last call from the IRS impostor was on February 4, 2016, the female robo caller left the same message about an IRS lawsuit; but she added the message, that this is the last call for me. I wonder about that; and if the next call is going to be from one of her cohorts who plans to give me a threatening message. I will not only erase but I will call the FBI. How naive can people be by being scared of their idol threats of money and jail? It is a federal crime to impersonate the IRS, falsely accuse the IRS of having a lawsuit against the individual that they are calling, and to invent a file case number about the individual. The FBI, The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and your local police precinct, SHOULD ALL BE ADVISED, IF YOU EVER RECEIVE AN IRS TELEPHONE TAX SCAM. The IRS tax scammers need to be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I just got calls to both my home (THAT IS NOT LISTE!!!) and also my cell phone that is supposed to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST from this number (415) 900-4372 the individual obviously foreign calling posing as an Internal Revenue Collector? I told him I was calling from the Attorney Generals office and he was speechless. Please do something about his crooks.

Just got called from Winston Chapel from the IRS. Said I owed $11,439 dollars in back taxes. Asked for my full name, date of birth and last four of my SSN. I made up everything to waste his time like he did mine. He said he would be sending the local police to my house to arrest me in the next two hours so I better pay up now. I played along just to keep him on the phone so maybe he would not be able to actually scam some unsuspecting person that didn't know any better.
I told him I would take my chances in court and he said that I would have to pay $90,000 dollars in court and go to jail for two years. I told him that I would compare my taxes to the paperwork the police were going to bring to my house. I finally had enough and told the guy he was full of it. He then started cussing me and telling that America was bullying the world. After a while he hung up. My goal was to waste his time. Mission accomplished!

Well, it's still going on. I received a call this AM from. "Heather Gray/Grey (automated voice) from 908-698-0551. This was also the return hotline number. I reported it to the FTC.

I got a call from guy officer alex brown badge#:gs1645. His supervisor Oscar white badge#:EJ8968
They IRS send me 2 letters nov 2015, dec 2015 and I owned IRS $7500. An arrest warrent has been issue for me and my drivers license has been canceled. In the back ground I could hear lots of people threatening others on phone too.

I get a call from an IRS agent or Officer Kevin Johnson about past dues. The only problem is they sound Indian (India) with poor English language skills. I just want them to go away. This happens 4 times a day now and I never answer the phone. BTW, I am on social security and have not had to pay taxes in almost 10 years. Are they that stupid?

First, with all the fake calls, I stopped answering any call I do not recognize, let 'em leave a message. Which most do not, those that want to talk me into contracting work or buy a solar system. No matter what, I block the number because I have an iPhone. Although I've been told that might not stop them from being able to leave a message, I've never had it happen (a message that just appears without a ring). I did that for nearly 3 months, for a solar pushed, that particular company no longer calls, or maybe they stopped leaving messages!

Still save yourself the hassle, unless you have to, just don't pick up the call.

My husband got a call from 716-257-1146 saying he owed $1000.00 in taxes due to an error when he filed from 2010-2015. They had accents so it was hard for him to understand. They told him he had to pay $5000 to avoid having a warrant issued for his arrest. They got disconnected & when he called back when I was with him they kept hanging up. This is crazy the info they had & would do this to people.

You've got a new voicemail from (786) 605-1337.
Transcript: Officer Edward Jonathan calling you from the legal department of internal revenue services. This is in reference to a criminal law suit filed against you your case number is iR 7416 the moment you receive this message. I need you to return the call the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive the hotline to my desk is 206-596-0844. I repeat. It's 206-596-0844 don't disregard this message do return the call now if you don't return the call, and I don't hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Goodbye.

I also received the same exact transcript message with different phone numbers on my voicemail from (786)605-1367 by Edward Jonathan demand to call him back at (206)596-0622

I am a tax examiner and am required by our Internal Revenue Manual to make outcalls to resolve issues, so when you state agents don't call on taxes, this is false. It makes my job a lot more difficult because the person will think I'm a scammer, when I am actually just trying to help resolve their issue. The rest of the article is helpful. However, if it is an individual, 800-829-0922 is a better number than 800-829-1040 (tax law). If the person is in collection status, then they need to call 800-829-7650 (automated collection service). The best bet is to call the number in the notice received.

If you're a tax examiner, why are you commenting on the FTCs comment and reply page for consumers. Shouldn't you engage the FTC through official government channels, rather than contradict their postings on a consumer alert page? The IRS stated that they would never make initiL contact via the phone. I'm more apt to trust them than you. If you're truly an IRS employee, I'd recommend you address your concern via official government channels, not via contradictory statements in the FTC's consumer web page. If you're an IRS agent, you should be able to provide reverence in the CRF substantiating your statements.

I believe you nailed him quite well. Thanks

You are called his bluff!!!! BRAVO!!!! Scammers are sometimes amateurs and give themselves away. Give them a rope and let them "tie themselves up."

Wells Fargo has stolen money from my business checking account on Feb 3,2014

Fed gov should force phone companies to do their share and block these calls. They have enormous profits, they have the knowledge to accomplish this more than the consumers. Do not call lists are a joke on us.

Totally agree. Phone companies should not forward any unverified caller id from VoIP companies. Consumers should be able to force phone companies to trace the scammers and block their calls or turn them over to authorities. FTC is busy writing blogs about outlet malls when they should take this crime seriuosly and apprenhend the criminals.
Who do they think that these criminals can not be caught? Why isn't FTC recommending congress pass law to bring money order and cash card companies like Green Dot Money Pak come under same requirments as credit card companies. i.e. any loss over $50 should be responsibility of Money Pak issuer. Then they will start detecting the fraud and block it before it gets out of hand like credit card companies do.

Buddha: I got a call from an Indian accent person telling me that they are from Audit and Commission Department of IRS. He even gave me a name Shawn with ID #. He was looking for my husband who is sick at the moment so I got the call instead. He claimed that IRS sent a letter 3 times for taxes miscalculated so we need to pay almost $2 grand to resolve it. They asked me to go to the office to pay it today or Police will handcuffs my husband tomorrow if this is not resolved today. They said there are legal things I need to follow. I cannot disclose our conversation that we had not even to my husband who owed IRS. I need to say yes that I will resolve it today because the conversation is recorded. I got so scared of this call. If this people will call and the person who answers them has a heart problem. They will kill them of a heart attack. They have to be stopped.

Why just government arrests these people?! The guy with Indian accent who robbed me is consistently in almost every claim! He deserves the worse punishment because that money was suppose to be spend for my dad heart surgery!

I agree! These scammers indeed deserve to be punished heavily for their crime! They steal other people's hard-earned money and don't consider what that money's supposed to be for.

How surprising is that in 21 century we are not able to track few phone numbers or/and prepaid debit card numbers! I do not feel safe anymore in the most powerful country on earth!

They cannot be caught because NSA and CIA are busy snooping on innoscent people

Are you telling me we are on our own?no protection or compensation whatsoever?

The banks should be responsible to refund the monies because they know who received the funds through their systems

But how about prepaid debit card? Are they able to track them too?if yes why am I not getting anything here?!

Yes all debit cards can be traced. What did the debit card company tell you? They know where the money was transferred (if from one card to another). They also know the IP address of the scammer when he must have logged into the debit card company's website to transfer the money from your card to his card. They may not know his name but they know the card numbers. Visa, Master Card and American Express processes all debit cards regardless of who issues them. They know exactly where and when the money from these cards was used to purchase goods or get money from ATM machines. Exactly which cash register at which store at what time of the day. There are also cameras at cash registers at stores and at ATM machines.
Hold your debit card company's feet to fire. Don't give up until they trace the full electronic signature and have them cooperate with FTC or local Police.
They will try to blow you off, but do not give up. It is not too late.
Good Luck my friend.

The group on the other end of the fraud could have set up a merchant ID, stolen a merchant ID or used an inactive one. Could have transferred money from the individual's credit or debit card into the merchant account (one they have set up), and removed money hour by hour until the account was frozen by their processor. Yeah we can trace this, but someone has to act on this information in either say India or Pakistan and this isn't happening. This process costs time, time is money, money ends up costing, and the consumer pays. Never divulge your PIN to anyone on the planet, not even your Bank, never immediately act upon a cold call asking for money, and remember that if you actually authorize a transaction a card issuer may or may not consider that fraud under Reg E.

Today I received a call from ROBO IRS Agent Heather telling me and my attorney to contact them immediately. The number she gave was 585-444-6953. BEWARE.

Must be making their rounds in Colorado. It's very hard to tell if ROBO IRS, until you here that there is a partial msg cut off at the start of the msg. I had to listen to it a few times, I thought she said "Agent Hannah Grey" and same msg that was left with Jim In Colorodo, but number was totally different, an actual caller ID set up as IRS with a DC # starting with 202.

I received a Robo IRS call yesterday from "Officer Heather Grey" to call back (415)251-1037. Like a dummy, I called back and this man answered with a strong accent claiming to be an IRS investigating officer. He didn't ask for money, but he told me that I owed the IRS $6500 and that I'm going to be arrested in a couple of hours. He told me that I didn't respond to a letter from the IRS that was mailed back in March. I never received a mail from the IRS and I don't owe any taxes this year!!!
I was so scared to death, it ruined my whole day!

I just got that same call from that same person today!
I was pretty sure it was a scam, I could barely understand them, and they said I'd be arrested within 2 hours. I said, "well let them come get me!" Then I called our local police dept. and the Attorney General's office and reported them. I then called them back and gave them a piece of my mind, plus told them they would be the ones arrested! The guy started singing to me!!! I just hung up. What losers!!!

I just got the exact same call from the same ROBO caller. Heather Gray but I thought it said Heda Gray.

I received the same message from Hedda Gray from 415-251-5170.

I received the same call. I called back like an idiot. Didn't ask for anything, but informed me I would be arrested in 2 hours.
For what?

I received the same call from 415-251-9738 TWICE today

I received two calls yesterday from "Officer Alan Cooper" said he was with the audit department of the IRS and that they had audited me for years x to x and that they discovered that I had willfully defrauded the government out of x dollars and I could either pay up by the end of the day or an IRS Marshall would come and arrest me. He appeared to be calling from a 202 area code. I work in something of a dangerous and unnerving job, and the thought of arrest even scared me. Someone rang my apartment bell this morning and i got totally paranoid so I called the local police precinct and the Officer I spoke to said he had gotten two of these calls himself, that his parents got calls, and that it was a scam and not to worry. This is really bad, smelly stuff and unfortunately, gives the IRS, which has cleaned up its act and attitude a lot, a bad rap --- if they are going to audit you, this is not how they do it, and everyone should know you would get umpteen letters before they would lift a finger to attach any of your assets of anything like that. Really appalling. I hope the government can find these people and do something, they are literally terrorizing the population, further, if you were an older person with a health problem you could have a heart attack or a stroke from a call like that. This is serious business. If you get a call, call the IRS immediately to make sure everything is ok with your account and then forget them. Hopefully they will get caught soon.

I got this number on my caller id on my CELL PHONE, my phone number is a Assurant Wireless Government phone, i got this number call back, and you know what? it is a scam. It is a majic jack phone.

These scammers all they need is a cord any will call anywere.

Wells Fargo has stolen money from my business checking account , from 2002-2013

I've read complaints posted about how harassing some scammers are so we urge the authorities to do something about the problem. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Got a call from someone posing as IRS saying I owe money because maybe I miscalculated my forms and it seemed for some reason the past few years. He had an accent that was very hard to understand as I had to have him repeat it many times. The phone# was 202-506-8435 and they told me they have came to my house a couple of times and no one was home so the summons was returned and there would be a warrant issued for my arrest tonight and its Saturday, how would I be able to obtain any cash on the weekend in the afternoon. They told me they couldn't accept any form of personal check, credit card or anything connected any financial institute, it had to be in cash and I was to get some kind of cash coupon or payment coupon from Home Depot, Safeway, Sears or any kind of those businesses. They also said they could defer the summons if I could pay half up front. I tried to ask questions but only said that they didn't think I was able to come up with the funds and that would result in the summons going forward.

Same exact scenario happened to me on June 2, 2014. I played along with the guy until he wouldnt hang up with me until I brought the cash to Home Depot. These guys are pros. Had this happened to my wife I know she would have fallen for it.

I got this call today (6/4) and ruined first half of my day. I don't know why I got all nervous. I started smelling crap in his voice when he said I am not allowed to talk to my wife or even an attorney. I am glad I dodged the bullet - I told him I will have to call him back. I called him twice after that and he will talk if I call from a different number. If I use the same number, it hangs up.

I hope the law catches up with these guys. I got called from 202-280-8165

These scammers scammed $25000.00 out of my wife with similar scare tactics a month ago. We filed complaints with FTC, the local Police. Police says nothing can be done. Money is gone. What a poor defeatist attitude on the part of Law Enforcement!!! No wonder Scammers keep scamming.

Agreed. I have filed local police reports on other identity theft/scam issues I am dealing with and they do nothing about it. They have the nerve of asking me for financial support and when I say no, they get upset. Ruins it for all of the officers that are out there doing a good job. Good luck to you.

dm4049 This just happened to me and the number is 202-754-8571 and I asked him his name which he said was Brian Smith. The man had an accent that sounded like he was from India said they had sent me notices in January and March. After may minutes and questions I asked him to please hold while I called my accountant who said that it was a scam. I went back to the other line and he had hung up. I then called the number that he had given me and he answered. I said that he was scamming me and he said he was and that is how he made his living. I called the police, and the newspapers and they said they had done articles on scams.

Since he (scammer)answered when you called him back, why don't you give that phone number to the Police or FBI and have them trace it? They should be able to trace it even if to another country.
When they call using false caller id (spoof) then it is hard to trace the call. Even that should be tracable by the phone company.
Please donot give up even though you have not lost any money. These people needs to be stopped.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at Please add in your complaint notes that this is an "IRS Telephone Scam." We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

are the feds investigating the possibility these crimes are being perpetrated through a call center in india? it seems to be more than a coincidence that most complaints cite heavy accent- and the background sound on phone connection was most definitely an offshore caller. it is also troubling that most major financial institutions utilize similar call centers and thereby have access to our PII.

My call today was from Tax Auditor from the IRS Jack Leris (something like that) at 202-864-1255 with Caller ID of Washington DC (Note: these can be manipulated to show anything they want.). I also got him to give me an address which was on Pennsylvania Ave (didn't understand street number) in DC. As with all of the other comments listed here my caller spoke with a thick gruff broken English (Indian, Pakastani or such), sounded like he was in a bull-pen as I could hear others speaking in background, he told me I needed to call I back right away (I had told him I couldn't talk right then so I could get his info), etc etc etc. I knew it was a scam after about his first two words and wanted to get as much info as I could to report it.
My advice when you get these type of calls is either tell the person to send you a letter from the IRS or just hang up. Don't get into a conversation with the person. They are the best I have heard and from what I have read in this site and the IRS site. They want you to feel intimidated, upset, scared so they can weasel money out of you. NEVER EVER give out personal information or money in any form to any request like this. It can be hard as they are good at what they do: INTIMIDATION. But don't give in!

Report these calls to the agencies as shown. Also spread the word and the IRS & FTC website blogs like this one so friends & others know what's going on!

I wrote this just to add to the list of calls showing that it is continuing throughout the country so that people are AWARE & to BEWARE!!! My concern seeing all the comments here as well as on the IRS site is that I inky see that we should all report it. But I haven't seen anything about what the IRS & FTC are doing about it this is it just keeps going on. And what about HOMELAND SECURITY? These sound like Terrorist Threats against a US Citizen from a foreign country. I've seen incidents of a lesser nature be called such and acted on. One would think these would be taken more seriously. Maybe we ought to report it to major news networks instead.

So use caution folks! I feel sorry for all of you that have lost money to these less than human creatures. I hope they get what they deserve.

This morning(June 23), I received a phone call, but I was still sleeping. When I played the message back, the caller left the same tel number (202-864-1255) and said he was in the Crime Unit Investigation Division and that he was investigating tax evasion and tax fraud on my return. He didn't say which tax year, and repeated his tel number and told me not to ignore this call and to call him back. He said if I didn't return his call he would pursue criminal and court action. He said his name was "Melvin Betcheck" and had what appeared to be an Eastern European accent. I called the IRS shortly after, and they told me that if he IRS should leave a legitimate message, the tel number will be an 800 number. The IRS also suggested that I print out Form 3949-A (from the site) and mail it to the address on the form.

I got 4 calls from a guy with Indian accent claiming to be Dan Johnson from IRS. Left me a v-message to call 202-864-1112 and threatened to get me arrested if I don't return his call. I have filed a complaint with FTC. Wonder why these scammers don't get caught even after giving out their number.

I received a call from this Melvin person as well. What a lowlife! I will report him.

Why? I see where nothing has been done and financial institutions and tel companies complicent in these scams are not held accountable

I received a call earlier today from a couple of guys who had an Indian accent. One of them said that he is an IRS representative officer, by the name of "Kevin Peters." The phone number that they called from is: 202-280-7844. I hope they get caught. I still have a voice mail from them on my answer machine.

I have received 2 calls from these people. 202-506-9812. I called back and gave them a piece of my mind. The guy with the thick Indian accent said" do you think we are afraid of the IRS". What a bunch of dirt bags. I hope they get caught too.

June 2nd, got a call/went to my vm, from (202)864-1220. "Officer" Erik Foster (Indian accent) leaves me a threatening message. "Officer" Ian Morgan (Indian accent)responds my call; he says he's Erik's supervisor. He calls me by my name w/o even me introducing myself - so i figure this guy knows who is calling back (awkward.) States i intentionally committed IRS fraud of $1,895.00 of anywhere bet 2011-2012-2013; suggests that maybe my tax-agent did not do their job well thus i underpaid, consequently, that there is an IRS lawsuit against me. His very 1st words to me in a threatening tone "Do you have an IRS lawyer that can represent you?" I asked him if it's some kind of a prank-call and asked for his agent ID #. He had ID # XXXXX. All bogus, I'm 100%. I said i don't have time now; he said he'll call back in 1 hr. Never did. Leeches of this kind and other always manage to go around the system...stay safe and question everything!

I get calls every week from a guy with Indian accent. Threatening us that we have to pay IRS money . The call come from number. 202-280-7675. This is a crime they should be arrested.

I just got an irs phone scam call

Just got that IRS SCAM call today also. From 347-559-90378. Something about pending criminal tax case against me. Couldn't understand the guy and he barely spoke English. I asked for his supervisor and then he gave me bogus 877-395-4886 number to call back. These guys are

Received same call from 347-559-0378, saying a very serious legal case was being brought against my husband. Agent said his name was Ryan Black (Indian accent). He gave me the ph.# 202-751-2551 for my husband to call. He even gave me his ext. 8105. Said it was extremely urgent. The IRS always sends a notice in the mail first, so we immediately looked to see if the phone #s were part of a scam. Sure enough, they were.

I received a call today from "Gary" (415) 251-9738, with a very thick Indian accent that I allowed to go to voicemail. He was clearly reading from a script and doing a very poor job of it. He said that I needed to contact him immediately, and don't try to disregard this message, and I need to call before any "legal allegations" against me. I am so ticked that my day is interrupted constantly by these scammers, and the site is ineffective. I can't believe that the government and phone companies can't stop the people by simply disconnecting the phone numbers or block them from calling and preying upon and harassing people.

They have been at it for several years and will be several more years because FTC and other Law
Enforcement comapnies are not doing anything to stop them. As bad as they are at this 'act' they are still managing to victimize 1% of the people
who seem to fall for their tactics and sending them money. Where are the Ambulance chasing Lawyers ? Why aren't they filing class action lawsuits against AT&T and Verizon for allowing the scammers to continue to make threatening phone calls over their network using spoofed caller Id.

July 3, 2014 - got a call from Steven at the IRS: "Do not disregard this message. Call back before we take any legal allegations against you. Take care." The number was 415-251-5170. I filed a FTC complaint.

Over the past month, have had repeated phone calls from IRS scammers using these phone numbers: 202-506-9319, 202-223-0880,253-617-3962, and 888-640-1453. Always a male with heavy Indian accent, and he has threatened me with "local authorities coming to house", "you ignored a certified letter from IRS", etc. I know it is a scam and have reported it to tigta, FTC, etc. When I tell them that I know that they are frauds, they hang up. I ignore unknown calls and usually do not answer, but it is aggravating to have these calls several times a week from different numbers. I feel sorry for people who fell for their tricks and lost money or their sensitive information was compromised.

My call came from 253-617-3962. Heavy Indian accent. I didn't understand exactly what he said, something about "IRS, fraud, my SSN". He wanted me to hang up and then call back and talk to his supervisor. I hung up and didn't call back. Almost immediately he called back. My husband answered this time and told him we knew it was a bogus call and not to call here again.

Two days running, I have received a phone call from someone--can't make out his name because of the thick-sounding voice--claiming to be with the Crime Unit Division of the IRS and stating that there is a petition involving me relating to tax evasion and tax fraud. I'm then told I must call 202-864-1255 before this goes to a Federal Court if I don't know what to do (which, of course, I don't because there's no way this is applicable). The first call I received personally and the man seemed surprised someone answered, sounded unprofessional, just said he was from the IRS--but knew my name despite my having an unpublished number--and I simply hung up. The second day it was a voicemail with the lingo just described. I checked the phone number in an online white pages directory. It's a Washington, DC, number and there were a half-dozen posts from others saying that this is an IRS scammer. It's obvious--one is never going to get a call only for anything related to a legal petition to Federal Court, especially something at the level of requiring "cooperation in the investigation." Beware others.

Just received a suspicious phone message this afternoon from the same number: 202-864-1255. Caller identifies himself as Carlos White and claims to be from Tax Audit Dept. of IRS. Caller has a heavy accent -- sounds South Asian. Says I should call back before this matter is referred to federal court. Beware of such scams, folks, and thanks to the FTC for hosting this blog for sharing info!

Caller (allegedly "Steve Williams" claimed to be from the county sheriff, provided a complaint number and the name ("john Shumaker"), an agent who I should call. Called 202 864-1268, person who answered had a thick accent that did not sound like a "Shumaker" And did not know my husband's name ( which was bizarre if he was the person allegedly from whom the IRS was seeking payment). Asked him for his employee I'd and department and main office line. He became indignant and said that information would be clear when the sheriff came to my not fall for this!

Exact same message was left on my voice mail same Sheriff's name, agent to call and phone #. This is a new spin to an old scam that has been around for a few years. DO NOT give out your personal information or send money no matter how convincing they may sound.

Also received the same message on my voice mail from Steve William yesterday, and asked to return his call 202-506-8118. I called and got his voicemail. I'm surprise that FTC/IRS cannot trace his phone number or calls.

My grandmother got a call Crome someone that claimed to be IRS asking for her S.S. Number and other information so she call the main IRS phone numbers and filed a complaint and turns out it was an IRS person that call but should have never have asked for that information in the first place and was just being lazy because he didn't want to look the info up on the computer and he got in a lot of trouble.

I received a call today. I didn't recog the number so I let it go to VM. A computerized voice claiming to be Officer ??? from the IRS with a time sensitive matter. I needed to call the "hotline" which was the same number they were calling me with...the number was 202-241-4007...I picked up the phone at the end to see if I could hear it better and get more info, but no such luck. I'm pretty sure that A: I don't have any issues with the IRS; the IRS doesn't usually automate their messages from specific individuals; they don't use cell phones with unknown users which is what popped up when I checked the number. Also, I think the IRS usually initiates contact via snail mail. They may very well call you, but you will have a piece of mail in your hands warning you first...

Scam artist - Officer William Brandon has been calling me. He has left several V.M.s for me that I am going to be arrested soon for tax fraud. His number is 202-280-7114. This is a magic Jack number.
Best is ti ask him his location so that the FBI can drop off a bag of money for him.

Just got a call from some person I couldn't make out his name, but had a strong Indian or Pakistani accent. The number they called from was (347) 559-0378 and said to call back to (202) 864-1255. He Idetified himself as part of the IRS Crime Investigation Unit saying a pending fraud case/tax evasion but did not use my name. I can tell he was reading from a script.

Add 202-506-9689 to the list of scammers...

I got a phone called claimed to be from the IRS and said I owe money or else I will be arrested on 6/3/2014.

LOL, they were going to go into a time machine and go back to 6/3 to arrest you"? Pretty fancy!

Looks like these guys have been busy lately. I just spent an hour with (possibly the same) chap with the East Indian accent threatening me with arrest within 45 minutes of my disconnecting his call unless I resolved this underpayment of $3998 in taxes (an odd amount) and go through that procedure of getting cash and going to a Walgreen's for some type of payment. When I asked if he minded me calling the local IRS office to verify his info, he got REALLY agitated. That was a big tip off. I consider myself to have a pretty sophisticated 'crap detector' but this chap had me going for awhile. Make sure to report all of the (probably fake) info he gives you to your local Attornet General's office.

Is there anyone educate me if I am ever gonna get my money back which I lost to this Indian guy through prepaid debit card?

File a Law Suit against the debit card company that you used to send the money. Most Likely Green Dot Money Pak or Reloadit card (favorite of these scamsters). You can probably find a local lawyer that will sue on contigency basis. Report to your Attorney General's office also to see if they will investigate your case.
Try calling 'Texas Hammer' a lawyer in Texas who runs lots of tough commercials on TV. Google 'Texas Hammer'. He might go for a class action law suit.

Thank you Dale, I had called attorney general of my state, they simply said they are not handling this,they told me to contact FBI! The consumer affair part of attorney general though was sympathic and they only entered my data for their own statistics!
I call FBI they said to me to call FTC!while I have a file already in FTC in this matter! I also called Texas hammer they said they are not taking any action and they are in personal injury area only! Local metro was the first one whom I went to and got only calling numbers for FBI /FTC! I can't find any local attorney for victim of scamming either , considering they charge a lot unless it is a class action! I wonder if you are considering my next step here?!

Just got a call this morning from the same type of person. Tried talking to him 3 different times but he got agitated and hung up on me. The got a call from someone who claimed to be a sherriff that said they were coming to arrest me. Another called and said to be criminal investigator, couldn't understand that person because of the strong accent. I reported my calls to the police, sheriff, BBB, FTC and IRS. The callers said I had a warrant for money laundering and tax fraud. They got upset when I wouldn't do anything. Don't ever give out any personal info to anyone over the phone. Keep abreast of all scams. These people seem to be very busy right now.

I have gotten 2 of these calls in the last 2 weeks, one for me and one for my husband. Agent "george king" at 202-241-0163. He was so rude and i argued with him. he offered to connect me to his supervisor. when he got on the line, i said thanks because i could barely understand the english with the first agent because of his thick indian accent. the guy lost it. he was the same one disguising his voice. he was so dumb! today Agent "kevin michaels" called and said i only have 72 hours to avoid jail. 904-290-3381. WATCH OUT FOR THESE CREEPS!!!!

Some guy named Melvin just called and left a message about tax evasion on my machine. The number on the caller id was 1-347-559-0378 in N.Y. and the call back number was 1-202-864-0378. I looked up the call back number on the internet and saw some comments about this phone scam. Maggots. I did not know this crap was going on. I hope somebody catches this scum.

Just received a phone call left on my AM from "a woman calling her self Officer Gray from the Internal Revenue Service. Did not understand her first name. The message was "Return this call before we take any legal allegations done to you". The phone # was 202 506 8599. When I looked up the phone # it was listed as Ymax Oration landline in Beltsville, Md. I remember hearing about these kind of scams, and specific that IRS do not call you, but will send you a letter by USPS. I did not talk to anybody.

I just received an "IRS" robocall from this same number, 202-506-8599. I immediately knew it was a scam but figured I'd type the phone number into my browser and see what else is known about it. Isn't there an island at the edge of the Earth where we can dump these people to eat one another or something?

I received a message on my phone on June 11, 2014. There was a voice of a woman. She stated that she was IRS Officer Heather Gray. She said that I need to return the call, it was very important and should not disregard. Otherwise, the legal action would start. I called back at the number 202-506-8599. A girl with an Indian accent asked if I had an attorney. They would freeze my home, my bank account, and my credit cards. I asked for the Social Security number. She hung up.

Received a land line call late in the afternoon (around 18:00) from Sean Ferris telling me he had an arrest warrant for not reporting income over the last three years He gave me an IRS identification number and a return phone number. After not getting much satisfaction he said he would have his supervisor contact me to suggest how to resole the issue. Next call is to the FTC and local consumer fraud division at the states Attorney Generals office.

I started receiving call on June 03, 2014 then keep receiving call the same time everyday. The caller is pretending a IRS officer and threatening me to received a warrant of arrest immediately if I dont settled in a very short period of time. The caller uses different names and number and calls at the same time of the day and leaves voicemail on my cell ..his number 202-754-8157, 571-402-0022, 571-286-3105 BEWARE!!!

Man called from 5598365616 claiming to be from US Treasury Dept with a legal action against me. He said if I didn't do what they said immidiatly, he would send the US Marshals to my house within thirty minutes. The return phone number he gave me to call the supervisor back was the same one he called from. I looked the number up online and found countless complaints.

(202) 241 9420
(904) 290 3392
(202) 241 9018
(904) 290 3381

Getting calls from various nos.... some say calling from DC while the no reflects from Florida...some even leave threatening voice mails, saying the FBI/ Local cops are coming to your doorstep to arrest you...havent filed taxes...
One of the impostor claimed to be DAVID ROSSI with the FBI (sounds like a fake name from Criminal Minds on ION Television) ???? Another one says Chris D'Costa ....and everyone else in the background is talking in Hindi?????? Too many indians in the IRS office??

VOIP is making such a mess...these guys call from too many nos... how to block them??

Ask your phone provider if they charge for a service that blocks that particular number. Remember that telemarketers change the numbers they call from easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change.
You can report  the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

another number:

The caller sounds Indian and is threatening that I will be arrested and that I have a warrant arrest ID. They know my address, probably because recently I was sending and posting my resume on line. They must be spoofing their phone to reflect a US number.

(202) 241 9420
(904) 290 3392
(202) 241 9018
(904) 290 3381

Getting calls from various nos.... some say calling from DC while the no reflects from Florida...some even leave threatening voice mails, saying the FBI/ Local cops are coming to your doorstep to arrest you...havent filed taxes...
One of the impostor claimed to be DAVID ROSSI with the FBI (sounds like a fake name from Criminal Minds on ION Television) ???? Another one says Chris D'Costa ....and everyone else in the background is talking in Hindi?????? Too many indians in the IRS office??

VOIP is making such a mess...these guys call from too many nos... how to block them??

Add one more to that long list: (202)-506-9395. This was the number on my caller ID, from a female automated voice. Pretty sure this too, is an IRS Telephone Scam.


Calls for MR. XYZ and the XYZ name is of a female... then why add MR?? Cant even say the address properly....poor english....
When I say Im not Mr. XYZ....still wants me to approve the address of Mr. XYZ... how can I?? If im not MR. XYZ??? ...threatens to send cops to Mr. XYZ's will it matter to me?? If Im not Mr. XYZ ..... ha ha ha ha...beyond logic...they even keep talking on a wrong no....ha ha ha ha...

That Indian guy must be pretty busy. He just called me and said he was Mark Anderson! from the IRS and I was about to be arrested. It was so funny I thought he was calling from a comedy site. Didn't make any money from me but I hope he gets arrested himself.

The past two days when I got home from work I had voicemail messages, sounding scripted much like the other descriptions here. It stated verbatum: "Hi I’m calling you from the Tax Crime Unit of the Internal Revenue Services. The very second you receive this message I need you or your attorney of record to return the call. We have a legal obligation concerning a financial tax fraud on your name. So before the things go worst against you, call us back on our Hotline Division which is 18009290975, I repeat, it’s 18009290975 Don’t disregard this message and do return the call. Now, if I don’t hear from you, or from your attorney either, the only thing I can do for you is wish you good luck as the situation as it falls on you. Thank you and you have a great day." from a woman with a heavy accent. I have a pretty good built in BS meter, so have NOT returned the calls. Instead I went directly to Google to search for the number on the caller ID (same as return call number the caller provided). Reports of similar stories relating to that number did pop up dated just a day or two before the voicemails I received. Next stop was the IRS.GOV web site to find out how to report it. Lo and behold, there was a RECENT/CURRENT alert about phishing calls claiming to be IRS Agents, with very similar wording. Since then I have filed reorts/complaints with the IRS and FTC, and posted warnings on my Facebook page on several blogs. Hopefully my due diligence will help prevent at least some others from falling for it.

Received 3 threatening phone calls 0n June 6 of imminent arrest claiming to be from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration(TIGTA) The persons claimed Anglo type names (Jim Marshall, Chester, etc) but had South Asian Indian or in one case Iranian accents and apparently knew my name and address, but appeared to be "robocalls" as there was the typical delay between my picking up the phone and the person at the other end answering. There was background chatter, possibly with Eastern Indian accents. I said I would call them back after verification. The callback number was a D.C. number (202)239-2603. In one case the number was answered by a lady who sounded as if she was a caucasian American, who hung up when I questioned her about the calls. I have reported the calls to the FTC. Again, I would urge readers not to divulge personal information (Other phone numbers, SS numbers etc) to the callers and report their numbers to the consumer complaints website.

You can report the call to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I got a call today from Officer Paul Smith at 516-515-7671. Knowing that it was a NYC number and the fact that he was telling me that legal action was being taken, I knew it was a scam. The iRS doesn't operate out of NYC (think about where you send your checks!) and before legal action would occur, there would have to be an audit during which you would present your receipts and other tax documents. Also, these notifications are going to be by mail first. You should never be surprised by a call from the IRS! Anyway, according to the FBI and the FTC, these guys are clever and they are high jacking Magic Jack phone numbers along with others so they can appear to be calling from just about anywhere when they are most likely in India. They always use common names and they have even been known to target new immigrants. That is SO LOW! Please don't call them back. That will only egg them on and it is possible for them to reroute your call anywhere. Just hang up if they call and report it to the FTC. Remember that the IRS is a government agency--nothing they do happens quickly or is done with the kind of urgency that these scammers impose. If it is real, you should already be aware of it because you would have received some notice by mail that you owe money or are being audited. Not sure? Call the IRS. And for G-d's sake, the IRS is not going to be calling you on a Saturday or demanding a money order or wire transfer.

(516) is Long Island ;)

516 515 7981 peter anderson irs indian accent address was unavailable but listed in nassau new york. rechecked again phone number is in westbury even shows gps coordinates.

I got an automated call from 284-307-5930. It came up from the British Virgin Islands and claimed to be the IRS saying they were filing a lawsuit against me. I have received letters from the IRS because they think I owe them money from the sale of my house in 2012. I have taken care of this and so has my accountant. So when I first heard it I was worried. But then I realized that the IRS isn't going to be calling me from the British Virgin Islands, they would be calling me from New York. If they call again I will report it.

IRS phone scam:
From agent Heather Gray.
Do not call back.

you know what I do when someone calls usually wanting money, after I say Hello and find out who it is, I don't say another thing I just lay the phone down and walk away for a few minutes when I come back they have hung up, anyway I didn't have to tell them I wasn't interested or whatever. I haven't gotten a call from these guys but if I did that's what I would do just lay the phone and walk away.

I received a call this morning, either Indian or from Pakistan, indicating the were from IRS, I did not give them time to talk, I told them IRS deals by mail, offices are closed on Saturday, employees speak English and I was reporting them to the FTC which I have done. Their phone number is 202-506-8026. I am blocking their #, they got the wrong person.

How did you block their number? Vonage tells e they are working on this feature. Taking their time I guess.

Received a call on 6/7/2014 on a Saturday morning on my cell phone from 202-506-8026. A lady called stating she as from the IRS and I owe money for under reporting income and I will be arrested within 2 hours for tax fraud. She also said that I ignored previous certified letters that were never picked-up. Eventually, the lady hung up since I insisted that I never received any correspondence from the IRS regarding this matter.

My wife received several call on my landline, stating the caller Chris Martin was from the IRS investigator asking for me. Stated that I should call back right away, or have my attorney call them, I called back once and my call went directly to voice mail. The call back number is 917-300-3725, the caller has a heavy accent and is difficult to understand according to my spouse.

The scammers are Pakistani's and not Indian. Tell them you are a Police Officer and hang up.

Really? How can you say that? Because I'm pretty sure that the accent was South Indian.

And how would you know? Thanks for letting us no where you and the callers are from!

On 06/09/2014 Caller claims to be an IRS agent leaves threatening voice mail demanding I (or my lawyer) call him immediately regarding an IRS debt. Caller ID was 571-402-0022

i got a call on my answering machine from a guy with the indian accent saying he is from the IRS and it is a very serious matter and before the IRS takes illegal action. Illegal action? the phone number on caller id was 202-821-4239

I just received a Robo call from 202-506-8599 - Heather Gray, that said something like "This is Heather Gray, I’m calling you from the Tax Crime Unit of the Internal Revenue Services. The very second you receive this message I need you or your attorney of record to return the call. We have a legal obligation concerning a financial tax fraud on your name. So before the things go worst against you, call us back on our Hotline Division which is 202-50608599, I repeat, it’s 202-506-8599. Don’t disregard this message and do return the call."

You can report the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I just received a call from the same person. Only I couldn't be sure of her first name until I just read your post. The number I was given is; (202)-506-9395. She said she was 'officer Heather Gray, from the Internal Revenue Service. That it is "extremely time sensitive" and that my, "retained attorney should return the call before legal action is taken against you."
Apparently, this 'woman' is very busy.

Got the same routine as you--word for word--on my voicemail on July 2: "Officer Michelle Brown," badge number 083257, complete with requisite East Indian accent, was reading laboriously from the exac same script as your "Officer Gray." (Wonder if there's also an Officer Green, Blue or Purple out there in scammer-land?) So, "Brown" threatened to sic the county sheriff on me if I (or my attorney) did not call back immediately; rather amusing, given that my home state abolished county sheriffs years ago! My caller ID showed (888) 385-0228, which was also the call-back number left in the message. May these miserable swine and their handlers rot in whatever Hell their culture believes in...

Got a call from Ms Heather Gray today. Source number was 4157957668.

I have had several calls by this person leaving messages for several weeks and around the date you received the call as well. Same name Heather Gray, same phone number 4157957668. Scammers!

My Husband received 2 phone calls today that were left on our answering machine. He stated his name as "Agent Mike Davis". The number he called from was 585-633-1814. He also stated that the very second he received this message that he or his attorney of record should return the call. He also stated that it was due to a financial tax fraud. He stated his name and phone number again. My husband contact his and spoke with a guy named Kevin Johnson Ext #3705. Luckly my husband did not give out any information, but started asking questions and he hung up on him. I hope they catch these guys/gals. Filed a report with the FTC and Consumer Protection just to be safe.

these clowns just tried calling me from 904-290-3381 and left me a voicemail stating they are from the irs and have 3 counts against me....i called back and told the dude to F himself because it's so obvious it's a scam. he started getting all violent rage on me and it was hilarious. When i called back to finish our little feud, it was now stacey with the IRS answering. i just started laughing and that made her very mad. Reported them to the FTC.

Got a call from 202 506 8026 and 202 506 8489; scared the hell out of me.
. Guy made to withdraw money from my bank and asked
me to buy prepaid card from Home Deport. He was
On the phone for an hour and guiding me what to do.

Got a call this morning from some Agent stating I must call this number it was from the IRS and very important. Number was 202-241-8339. THe first time I called I was sent to a Voice Mail. the second time I called it was a Pakistani and gave his name and then asked if I had paid any back taxes in the last three years I said No. well he said due to looking back on the last three years with your employer and banks and credit cards you owe the government with penalty. He said I will read a statement and not to interrupt till the end and then ask questions. He said that I will be arrested for 1 year jail term and my drivers license was now suspended, my bank accounts frozen and they will be coming to my work and I will be arrested. He said do you have any questions and I said yes how are you coming to my work to arrest me when I have been retired for 4 years. I asked again for his Name and Number and I was going to sue him and My lawyer will be in touch with him and report this to the IRS. He hung up.

Received the exact same call today, a Saturday. They do a very good job with the scare tactics - fortunately, gave them no information. I told the caller, Sebastian Casey (thick Indian accent) that I would call him back once I got my money order and to make payment arrangements. I let several hours pass, called back using another number and recorded the call. "Sebastian" got very agitated and cursed me throughout the call. He even pretended to call our local police department to issue a warrant. These guys are busy!!

Someone call and identify agent David Bloom left a message they are from govt. and doing criminal investigation ask me to call 202-239-2418. I called this number and voice message mentions this is IRS-DC and I should leave my number.

Just had some scammer call my mother and then me. I dont know exaclty the deatials on how he knew the amount that my mother owed the IRS, roughly 7,200.oo

He said his name was Daniel White, the number that appeared on my Caller ID was 347-559-0378.

When I asked to call him back from a Landline as to do a 3 way call with who my mother's Taxes, he gave me 202-864-1255

This really upset me and I will report this every way I can

i just received a call from 202-470-1419 he said he is calling from IRS and his ascent was very poor. I told him i cant understand you, he ask me my native language(I am an Indian)and than a Indian guy spoke me in my language. he told me i send some money to India and did not inform IRS ,it is a big crime. police will come and arrest me and my husband within a hour. so i need to decide right now ready to paid 4000 or go to jail . they will issue non bailable warrant for 3 months. i was so scared. i told him my husband will decide it. he said he don't accept credit card, or cheque. i need cash and convert it in some kind of bond. after 5 minute i got a call from 911 and the person on phone said he was from police department of MA and coming to arrest me and going to arrest my husband on his work, other option is call IRS and accept to pay cash. i search online and find you guys also got this type of call. now i am relaxed. but it ruined my day i cant focus on my study.

Just received a call from this scammer says to call back 202-864-1255 to avoid further problems.
thanks for this web site. I have no worries

Holy crap same thing just happened to me.
202 506 8599
They even have the balls to say are from the irs.

I don't understand, in this day and age that they cant be found and arrested.

I would be more than happy to assist in catching these scum bags!

I got the call this morning, 202-506-8026. Heather Gray voice mail & then the Indian guy when I called back. Said IRS was investigating me on tax fraud, I need attorney, etc. Said sheriff on the way to arrest me. I must say this scam really scared me! I don't watch the news so I had no idea this has been going on. I called my sister to come get my daughter since I was going to jail, hysterical, my daughter hysterical. She told me she heard of this scam on the news. They told me I owe$14k!!! Guess I hung up too soon before they asked me for the debit card...I would have known it was a scam then! Spread the word to friends & family about thus scam!! I am skeptical of everything but they really know what they are doing on this scam. Really scary!

You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

Threatening robo message left on my machine from "Officer Hedda Gray of the Internal Revenue Service", sounded like a computer-generated voice. Call back number given was 415-251-9150

We received a robo-call from "Officer Heather Gray" with the IRS @ (585) 633-1814 that said something about a bogus tax judgment against us. I suspected something was fishy and did not call. I wonder how many people are getting duped....kinda scary!

Just got a call today from Officer Eric Foster or Forster. Rude, threatening. I did not answer because I never pick up calls from numbers I don't know, but he left a message. Blocked the number, but they'll probably just use another.

This is all over the USA and people are panicking why they are getting letters saying they need to pay the entire amount. The calls are coming to the people and it is ridiculous. Keep posting what is taking place all over the world. We need the information and mourning.

Got called by the robo from 202-506-9534. These guys are pros and have obtained accent training. They try to scare you into obtaining money. Filed complaint with FTC, their advice is to hang up on these calls.

Received a message on the land line from a "Melvin Benchek" who claimed there was a legal proceeding for tax fraud. He stated that if I did not know anything about this to call 202-864-1255. I had seen this scam in the news so I am not concerned. If the IRS ever hired someone incapable of communicating, well..... I think if I get another of these calls I will tell them that I work for the IRS and that I am recording the call to give to the State AG and the FTC. Let them hang up on me.

Starting this morning and into the afternoon I have received six calls. Four of them robo-calls and two of them live. The number on the phone, on their message, and that he gave me live was 202-470-1419. When the live voice got hold of me I was suspicious and simply hung up. When I got to my desk I looked up the number to our state attorney general's office, that's when he called back. He knew my wife's name and wanted to speak to her. After telling him she wasn't available he asked "who am I speaking to" in a broken accent. I replied with "you tell me who I am speaking to". he said his name is Robin Jackson, and he explained that he is an IRS agent. I asked him his badge number, which he didn't understand but I kept asking, finally he gave me a number 0514. He sounded frustrated and told me to hold for his supervisor. I waited a few seconds and then hung up. He called back immediately, asking why I hung up and I told him I wasn't on hold, if I was on hold I would've heard music. He asked that I hold on while he put his supervisor on the line. I waited, and another man, same broken accent, came on the line asking me questions, I told him I wasn't going to talk to him until after I spoke with our state's attorney general’s office. He hung up. But I've gotten two robo calls since.

Apparently a "Gov Agency wanted to give 1500 Americans a $7,000 grant, which a "Darrel Donsen" Ext. 120 wanted me to call the National Treasury 202-470-6773 with confirmation ID NK107... He then started to ask questions about name, where do I live, how would I like to receive this money etc. Don't let them fool you...

Today my husband got a call from a man today who claimed to be Alan Donald with the IRS. The phone # was 202-239-0605. He said that he had a warrant out for his arrest due to foreign transactions. I asked to speak to him because I knew he was a fraud because as the tax preparer for our family I know that our taxes are fine. I tried to get more information from him. He tried to scare me at first telling me how I did all of these illegal things but when I began questioning him more he responded with a comment that I cannot put here but let's say that it was very profane and insulting to women. Please catch these criminals.

Yep, seems that they think that Colorado is full of gullible idiots. Got 2 calls 2 weeks ago (no accent), one yesterday, and one this morning (Indian accent, voice very authoritative). All four times the guy was asking for my uncle who never lived with me but once (erroneously) was listed on my utility bill. Same schpiel - IRS, you need to pay, bla-bla. Told him to go to hell and don't come back. But it's getting annoying.

Yesterday, I received another call from someone who claimed to be from the IRS. She left her name (probably a fake name), and a 202 phone number through a recording. This caller threatened to take "legal action" if no such call is made. Her message started with "I need to talk to you."

Got a call from a DC number 2022416119, indian accent asking there was an IRS case against me and that if i didnt payup the police would arrest me, when i confronted him on who he actually was and that the IRS would never call me and i knew my taxes and finances, he got a little edgy and i gave him hell in the language they understand perfectly. I hope the govt catches these SOB's.

I received call telling me that Gov wanted to give me 9000.00 and only 1700 people in my state and city were qualified. Because I pay my bills and taxes on time. And I am not a crimal. Ashley unknown number gave me claim number LE045 and number to her supervisor Sharon Towson 202-738-4237. I needed to go to Walgreen, CVS or 7-11 store and purchase a pre-loaded card for 200.00 as security deposit. Explained that Gov't will give me my money back and load the 9000.00 on that card. I asked how I was going to pay the taxes on that. Sharon asked me my age I told her it was on my tax form, look it up. Sharon hung up at that point.

You can add another number to the list


Man with a slight accent (sounded more Eastern European, reminded me of my friend who is from Belarus) left vmail that said, "[unintelligible garble]... and the hotline to my division is 202-470-1419. I repeat for you it's 202-470-1419. Don't disregard this message and do return the call. Now, f you don't return the call or if I don't hear from your attorney either, then the only thing which I can do is to wish you a very good luck as the legal situation badly unfolds on you. Til then take care and have a blessed day."

Yep. Just had this same number and message left on my vm. He left multiple messages for me. I feel so sorry for people that fall for this, and ANGRY that this person/people do this.

Just got a call 571 402 0022 as well.

Got two calls in one day from a number based in Novato CA (415) 251-4089. When I let the caller know I was on to his game (I answered the second call), I was promptly cursed out in a very thick Indian accent. Told them I was reporting them for fraud and haven't heard from them any further. I thought the part about "legal allegations against you" was rather funny.


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