Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents

Tax season may be over, but scammers posing as IRS officials continue to call, saying people owe taxes and better pay up. They threaten to arrest or deport people, revoke a license, or even shut down a business. How do they do it? By rigging caller ID information to appear as if the IRS is calling, and sometimes even making a follow-up call claiming to be the police or the DMV.

We posted about this last month, and got a tremendous response from readers. Lots of people wrote to tell us about variations of the scam: robocalls from “Heather” from the IRS, or calls claiming to be from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) and mentioning IRS codes. But the scam always ends the same way: a demand for money loaded on a prepaid debit card, sent through a wire transfer, or paid by credit card.

If you get a call or email like this, report it. Here’s how:

  • File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at From the complaint homepage, select “Other” and then “Imposter Scams.” In the notes, please include “IRS Telephone Scam.”
  • If it’s an email, forward it to the IRS at Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails.
  • If you owe — or think you owe — federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go to IRS workers can help you with your payment questions.

The IRS doesn’t ask people to pay with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers, and doesn’t ask for credit card numbers over the phone. When the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone. Read Government Imposter Scams for more tips on avoiding a scam.

And what if you got a robocall from Heather or someone else? In addition to reporting it:

  • Hang up the phone. Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator and don't press any other number to get your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.
  • Consider contacting your phone provider and asking them to block the number, and whether they charge for that service. Remember that telemarketers change Caller ID information easily and often, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will change.
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Yep. Just had this same number and message left on my vm. He left multiple messages for me. I feel so sorry for people that fall for this, and ANGRY that this person/people do this.

Just got a call 571 402 0022 as well.

Got two calls in one day from a number based in Novato CA (415) 251-4089. When I let the caller know I was on to his game (I answered the second call), I was promptly cursed out in a very thick Indian accent. Told them I was reporting them for fraud and haven't heard from them any further. I thought the part about "legal allegations against you" was rather funny.

202-470-1419 just called and left me multiple messages threating legal action if I did not call back or my lawyer did not call back. He had a very bad accent, and horrible phone line. Horrible phishing scam, I'm sure he would identify himself as an IRS agent or something else to get $.

202-506-8057 Call claiming to be from IRS. Agent Alan Parker I think that's what he is saying... he was Indian and very hard to understand.

This morning they must be hitting Florida. Received a call from a RoboSusan...what I loved most about the message is it started with...."This Is Susan from the Internal Revenue Service and this message is for you..." not my name or any other identification that would tell me that indeed the message was for me or someone else in the household. I find this laughable that whoever is doing the calling didn't think that alone wouldn't arouse suspicion. The phone number called from was 202-506-8051

I got a call on voice mail from Officer Hanna Gray return number 415 251 9738. Looks like a new number they are using, I didn't see it above. Shame on these tricksters who no doubt will scare many people. I knew it was a scam and reported it but I know others may not be as cynical and could get fooled. Wish this were widely reported in the media so no one would have to worry.

I have been receiving these calls! The numbers are as follows: 202-629-9004 and 213-621-0712. On the 202-629-9004 I have 2 messages on my v mail like all the others, but the name is officer Barry Foster. That was Done on May 16th 2014. I just received another today from 212-261-0712 and spoke with the freaks and was told to call back on the same number and speak with Adam Jones. I did call back and called him a scammer. These freaks just do not quit.

I played some games this evening! I called back the 213-261-0172 and asked him how much money he wanted. He stated that he already received his money. That leads me to believe that he collected from someone in the us. I was actually harassing him to make feel like crap. These people really need to be stopped. This should be posted on the internet to make everyone aware of what is going on so they cannot get money from others that think it is real. This NEEDS to be world wide to stop these freaks and put an end to it!

Received a robocall from 'Hanna Gray', from the IRS. I had to respond back immediately to avoid legal action as there was a discrepancy in my return. The number to call her back is: 202-506-8026. I Googled the number and it lead me to this thread. Seems pretty widespread and diverse. Beware!

Very similar script to the stories already outlined on this page. I has a voice message from an 800 number that seemed legit for IRS (1040 were the last four digits) but asked to call 202-391-0976. Although I suspected a scam, my curiosity got the best of me. I was told that they were in Washington DC, which does correspond to 202 area code. The first guy sounded Indian and stated that I had ignored a certified letter from the IRS stating several audit findings from 2005, 07, and 08. I was now going to be arrested today. He asked for my attorney's phone number. He never asked for money, but did tell me I was in trouble and good luck, all very similar. I wanted to add the new number to the list...

I also got a call today from 9042903381 - he was very rude, harrasing, black mailing and sloppy english. I have registered a police complaint.


202-506-9505 automated "IRS" message which was completely vague and bogus and urged a return call to the same number.

Robo-Officer Heather Gray called today and left a VM. I did not call back. 415-251-1037 is back up and running. Why doesn't the FTC call these numbers and track these scammers down?

got call from 585 633 1814 says they are an officer and this is time sensitive. I or my attorney should call back. I turned off the . They are a persistent group are not they? They change their numbers and names but it is the same 'ole thing

new name new number but the same thing
the number is now 585 633 1814

Received a call today to call a number 415-251-4089 or 415-2512995, caller I'd says San Francisco/ Northern California #.Same story , Steve Smith from IRS Investigative Division we owe $4256 local sheriff is coming in 2 hours to give us paperwork and warrant, will be taking drivers license for 5 years, when I asked him questions he just kept reading om his script and finally hung up. I called the IRS to tell them about this con job

I got a message on my machine from officer Heather Gray was an automated voice and to return the call to 202-241-2158 claimed to be with the IRS when I called back they stated that I owed $4999.32 woman had an mid eastern accent SHe claimed that they have been sending me certified mail but no one was home to sign it and it was returned to them. Told me I had 2 options to pay the money I owed or be arrested within 1 hour would not tell me any details about why I owed said she would send me the paperwork to my home and mailing address(which are the same) after I paid. I told her I was not going to pay over the phone without paperwork explaining why Said fine the officer would be there to arrest me shortly with the paperwork

202-765-1812 is a scam number. Received first ever scam call on 6/16/14 and the caller threatened my arrest if i did not call the direct line back. the caller claimed to be an IRS officer with the last name Cooper.
spread the word to any friends to not fall for these calls.

Learn a couple of curse words in Hindi and use them liberally. Very quickly the person will start responding in Hindi. I had the most hilarious conversation with every other word in profanity in Hindi. Reminded me of my college days. Wish I recorded it.

Have gotten call after call from Kevin Young, with the stupid accent! Telling me that he is going to have me arrested, and then he is going to R*pe me when I don't fall for his bullshit! Seriously! Can't someone do something about this? I am so sick of being harassed by these sick people every day! How do they keep getting away with this? You can find a guy looking at porn on his computer, but you can't find Kevin Young? Really?

"Agent Mike Davis" (no IRS-required agent number provided) called today from 585.633.1814, which my caller i.d. says is a New York number. In a heavy Indian accent, he said that I have a tax delinquency that must be paid immediately. I replied that the IRS doesn't call people, they mail letters to taxpayers notifying them of discrepancies regarding their taxes. I told him to mail me a letter, then hung up. He called me back five times in a row but I didn't answer. On the fifth call, he left a very threatening voice mail saying that the IRS will not look favorably on my case, because I hung up on him. He said that if I didn't pay the delinquency immediately, "legal litigation" would be commenced against me. Please don't fall for this crap. Report such calls to the non-emergency number of your local police department, your State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission at, and to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at

two voice message from officer heather gray IRS agent, threaten me to return her call, or legal action will filed against me, return called the next day no such person answer the phone.

I received a call today from "Agent Mike Davis" (no IRS-required employee number provided) from 585.633.1814, which my caller I.D. indicated is a New York number. He said that I have a tax delinquency that must be paid immediately. I told him that the IRS does not notify taxpayers by phone, so if he has a problem with my tax account, he should please mail me a letter. Then I hung up on him. He called back five times in a row, but I didn't answer. He left a very aggressive voice mail saying that if I didn't pay the delinquency immediately, "legal litigation" would be commenced against me.

Please don't fall for this crap. Report such scams to the non-emergency number of your local police department, your State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission at, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at

Received a call today from someone with a very heavy accent (named Dumen Dright?) who said he was from the Internal Revenue Department of the U.S.A. and asked me if I knew anything about a criminal action against me involving the IRS. It smelled of a scam so I did not say anything other than ask for a number to call him back. He gave me 877-395-4886 - it was a dead number.

We also got a call from Jack Dawson (badge number 5D58496) (see DeDe's comment about Jack Dawson) at 11:45 saying an arrest warrant was out because of our IRS fraud (and threatening arrest) for tax years 2006-2008 and gave his personal number as 202-609-7007...called and got a generic message...also he gave us the 800-829-1040 number. after we hung up, we called the 202-609-7007 number and he answered.

I got called twice. The first time he said he was from the "Department of Conflict" and said there was a pending law suit against me. It took him ages to answer what the law suit was, and finally said it was an issue filing taxes. When I asked why I hadn't received anything in the mail, he said what they sent me must have gotten lost in the mail and that I should call his supervisor "Xavier" to have it sent again. when I called that number, the guy said he was from the "Department of Investigation" on a taped message, and it was obviously a cell phone, which also had a full mail box. The second time he called, he said he was from the IRS Tax and Revenue, that his name was John Austen, and could be reached at 202-241-6134, ext. 415.

Land line phone message from "Melvin Belgic?" Stated they were IRS Criminal Investigation Unit and there was a complaint about me and to call 202-864-1255. Accent not discernable but maybe a country in Mid east vs West Asian. Did not return call. Reported it.

Just received a call from "Max Market" or "Max Martin" (it is hard to understand him) a tax litigator for the IRS calling from 202-506-8435. He left a message on my answering machine yesterday and said I, or my attorney, needed to call IMMEDIATELY because I was facing legal acts over a deficiency over my income tax. He called again today and I answered the call and told him I had already looked up his number online and know this to be a scam so STOP CALLING. I hung up and he immediately called back, but I did not answer. I have reported the call. Hopefully they stop because he calls several times a day but usually doesn't leave messages.

I also got a call from 202-506-8435 from a heavily accented male caller claiming I also owed the IRS a lot of money. He actually left a message on my machine.

202-280-7844 CLAIM CM100144 SCAM

Please don't fall for this crap. Report such scams to the non-emergency number of your local police department, your State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission at, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at

It’s more than a month that we’re receiving phone call from (415)251-9738 (Gary,…) He left a same message on our voicemail with his heavy Indian/Nigerian accent.
I finally decided to answer the phone today. I told him that if he call me one more time I will report him to FBI. Guess what? He hung up!


Got call from them today. Did *69 to return missed phone call thinking it was a legit call. Called from (202) 506‑805‍1.
Threatened criminal prosecution, law enforcement custody, the whole 9 yards. They gave hispanic names. Jose Martinez, and his "supervisor" Dexter Cruz.

Telephone Assistance for Individuals who believe they may be a victim of Identity Theft: No Tax Administration Impact - Did not receive a notice from the IRS. Toll-Free 1-800-908-4490(Automated and live assistance)
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. your local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time). For additional information, refer to our Identity Theft and Your Tax Records page.

I just got a call today from the "office of Benjamin Cruise" his calling from the IRS. His number is 904-290-3381 and we did not return his call he will start the legal action. So it is important to get back to them and they will help us resolve the issue.

got calls from 18663575089 posing themselves as IRS and threatening a criminal case is being initiated against me. When i said do not call and send any communication via postal mail as IRS follow only Postal Mail. He threatened again that local sheriff will be come to my home. I hung up. Later got a call from 18777403392 again posing as IRS and playing an automated message ( which was not automated message, it seems like a person was talking a script). Beware of such scams.

Got the same call from 202-506-8708. Almost had my husband call them back, but decided to google the phone number. Glad I did and verified that it's a scam. If in doubt, call your local IRS office, not the number they give you to see if the call is legitimate. The local office can at least direct you to someone who can help you if they cannot. Just be prepare to wait. NEVER EVER give out personal information to
unsolicited phone calls.


Got a voice mail today - "Emily Dears" from IRS Tax Fraud Department (202-241-9630) with heavy accent tells me about pending IRS tax fraud case and asks to call her back before things go wrong and I am arrested.

Realized this is the scam but decided to call back and fool with them. Got answering machine - "Hi this is Emily Dears from IRS tax Fraud Department. Please leave your name and number I will call you back". WOW! They even got voice mail set up - left them strong VM and hang up

I just received a phone call from the same number: 202-864-1255. I was sleeping, but the caller left a message and warned me that if I didn't call back, the would be criminal charges filed and that I would be brought to court. He said that he was from the tax evasion and fraud department.

Received a call from a Russian-accented lady named Michelle Thomas, claiming she was calling about a criminal case filed against me. I returned the call and asked for her IRS agent number. Without flinching, she responded with IRS agent #963452, then she told me I must immediately call the legal department and ask for Alex Watson at 202-809-9356. Strange it was the same number she was from which she was calling. It is unnerving but suspicious.

Just got a call this morning from Victor Shafer claiming to be from IRS, calling from 011-202-6885. He needed to speak to my attorney as I have a tax fraud case that needed immediate attention. Sensing fishy, I told him that I cannot speak to him and needed his callback number which was given as 202-239-8937. I know IRS does not transact business over the phone, its always on paper. I've filed a complaint at TIGTA online.

Please be aware of these nasty scammers and don't payout any monies and just ignore when you receive these sort of calls.

Received a call from a heavily accented (India/Pakistan) "Terry Peters" Dept of Treasury, Washington DC looking for "documents" from my husband. Left phone (202)280-7844 and would my husband call him back. Asked for my husband by name! Blocked the phone #. Hopefully this will take care of it. If not, will be changing phone #.

I was called on 6/20/14. Names used: Jack Dawson, and his "higher authority David." Numbers given to call back: 202-905-0701, 202-689-0986, ext. 1357 (for both). Although I did not pay the $2908.22 they were demanding (I realized it was a scam), I am very concerned because "Jack Dawson" had a lot of personal information (including my DOB), which he used to attempt to establish his credentials as an IRS agent. I spoke with IPSU at the (real) IRS, and have subsequently filed a complaint with FTC, TIGTA, and reported this event to the local police. Once I have a copy of the police report, I will be filing an additional form with the IRS. I had thought of filing a report with my state's Attorney General, but given the tepid response I got when I called them about this problem, I'm not sure if filing something there will be of any help. Good luck to everyone who has been targeted by these people.

I received a phone message from 1-415-251-9738.

They claimed that they were from the IRS and that I needed to contact them urgently and talk to an officer gray or they would take legal action.

When I called the number they stated that they were from the IRS and needed some important and vital information or they would file a criminal warrant for an arrest.

When I questioned them on authenticity and to get information, they hung up.

They are using scare methods to get information. Don't give any information.

I received the same call today, but looks like I'm the first person with the 888-774-1428 number.


got two calls today saying his name is brian an officer and that i need to address this matter or else good luck to me. it's falls on me. hahah what IRS leave this kind of message! 571-402-0022

Got a voice mail from officer Brandon Williams with an accent. Phone 571-402-0022. Schmuck!

Two calls this week from Bristol Shafer. Told him I worked for the IRS and his name did not sound familiar. Threw him off and he referred me to his supervisor. Watch out as I have also received calls from I believe this same group claiming to be homeland security.

Got called by 202-470-1419 from a person name officer Parker who left a message. I suspected it is scam but called back to see. No one answered and mailbox was full. This blog confirms it was a scam.

This schmuck called yesterday 06/26/2014 and left a threatening voice mail message claiming to be Officer Brandon Williams with the IRS from 571-402-0022. Did not say our name or anything on voice mail. One simple google search led me here and to other pages. I called the POS back and cussed him, he hung up on me and now it says "all circuits are busy" so they have either moved on or just blocked me. I normally like to call (blocking my number) and play with them, wasting their time acting like I am going to give them what they need. I figure that is one less person they are able to steal from if I am wasting their time.
I found the website with the IRS to turn it over but they arent as concerned unless you have already fallen for giving them money. I find it upsetting that several of these call complaints are over a month old with the same number yet when you attempt to do anything and report them - no one wants to do anything unless you were financially impacted.

Yea the same guy tried to call me by goes by Officer Brian John... lol he tried to speak proper English too haha

you people need to get out more.. it is a HISPANIC accent not indian that is attempting to scam people. I wish they would call back so i can post the address in MEXICO that they are wanting you to send the money to!!!

Got a phone message on machine: Very thick accent stating he was Officer Michael Miller from the Federal Crime Investigations looking for (name), that there has been a complaint filed against him and to call him back immediately. When I attempted to call back after 6pm it just rang, then recording stating "The Magic Jack customer you are trying to reach is unavailable". I called today, again, male with heavy accent, I told him I got the message and asked what it was about. He stated it was a complaint of tax fraud against (name) He knew who had called him without me saying. I asked who lodged the complaint, he said the employer, I asked what was the date of birth of the person he was calling about. He hung up. I called back asked to speak with his supervisor, he hung up. I called back two more times each time he hung up without saying anything. I waited a while, called back and he answered, I told him I knew it was a scam, that I had reported them to the FTC, he began yelling at me, couldn't understand what he said. Told him he better pack up shop!

Got a call from a Mark Andeson (obviously not real name) caliming to be from IRS 1-888-379-0745 couldn't make out what else the idiot said but he won't be getting called back.

Got a call, same phone number... left recorded msg and when I called back, took several times, got an irate heavily accented man who didn't know my name... I said IRS in the USA sends paper... and hung up... then I continued to call, sometimes getting a man with an accent sometimes no answer... when I got a person, I said that the FBI was getting ready to raid their call center... better run now! Several times... felt good

Someone called me from this number claiming my husband owes money to the government and said he will get arrested in 45 minutes if he doesn't pay the amount he owes. I figured out that it was a scam, the guy was extremely rude and threatened to call the cops on me when I questioned him. If you get a call from this number DO NOT PICK UP!!! IT'S DEFINITELY A SCAM!

Rec'd. a robocall from "Frank Jefferson" with the "IRS Tax Audit Department". Caller ID said 800-829-1040 (actual IRS number) and said he had information about a lawsuit about to be filed in federal court against my SSN, and that if I did not call 202-580-8078 right away a warrant would be issued for my arrest....

Some heavily accented man goes by Officer Brian John tried so hard to speak proper English and said "do not disreguard this message, it is time sensitive if you don't respond, then I wish you good luck.... 571-402-0022

Got a phone call from 917-300-3725 on my home phone and returned call from my office. Very thick accent stating that he was Nathan Burch or Burke from IRS Fax Fraud. I asked for copies of paperwork but he told me that letters were sent to me, and I never responded;t herefore, criminal charges were being brought againt me if I did not pay $2875.36 immediately. He also asked me what country was I from - I infomed him that I was an American and he responded that I could get deported for lying to the IRS. I had him talk to my coworkers (2 lawyers), and would not talk to them unless he had their bar numbers. I hung up but he kept calling back. I informed him that I knew it was a scam to stop calling but he said the least he could do is harass me. He called my office number at least twenty times.

I've received 2 calls in the past four hours...both from 415-251-9738. One from a hard to understand man, the other from a woman. Both times they said it was urgent and in order to incur penalties/prosecution I needed to call back. Each time a message was left on my answering machine.

I googled the number and found this site....I was suspicious because all calls are to go to my accountant, not me.

Received multiple calls from these people threatning deportation and arrest please please be aware the IRS telephone scam is a HUGE ONE! Do not fall for this

Somebody named himself Victor Johnson called my 77 years old mother demanding $980 penalty for not completing form 104. He provided her with his phone# 1888-7741428. When I called this number where was a man with thick accent, asking for penalty.Clearly a scam, be aware.

I got Vmail on 30th June and I called back today the 2nd July..Same things like you all have enjoyed talking to them. Didn't pay them anything but, I search and looked up the information about this scam on IRS website. Now, I wanted to abuse these jerks in Hindi..(yes, I am an indian but, a good one.Not related to these idiots) So, tried to called the number given to me intially. Now it always, go into VMail. I think these numbers vanishes after first use. Did anyone try calling them back?

Why is OUR government allowing this to continue? Should they not have a TV to educate the elderly and the not so bright?
Also, why is the gov allowing phone companies to continue giving them phones? Why are they allowing them to do this?

Today I got a voice msg on my home phone: My name is officer Heather grey(?) from Internal Revenue Service. The hotline to my division is 4152511037. I repeat it's 4152511037. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care."

I called back and was forward to an answering recording. The recording didn't state the agent name and from what department.

I've been getting this same robocall from various "agents" for four months now. Every time I block the number, The calls continue using a new number. I also called back out of frustration on July 18th (my latest call) and got a recording of woman with a heavy accent (Asian/Indian?) telling me to leave a voice message. The recording also didn't list a name or mention the IRS. I strongly agree with a fellow complainer that these scammers should be dumped in a desolate corner of the earth so they can eat one another into annihilation.

Multiple calls from (202) 751-2499, but today's was the worst - threatening to freeze my bank accounts and credit cards as of tomorrow, seize my other assets, revoke my immigration status and have local police arrest me in the next 45 minutes and incarcerate me for up to 5 years. All this if I refused to settle my "debt" immediately. Extremely upsetting!

Received a call on July 2 from a man with a very thick Indian accent claiming to be "Jeff Martin" from the "IRS in Washington DC," phone number (202) 506-9579. I was threatened with arrest if I ignored the call. Out of curiosity, I called the number late this evening and got the IRS's "answering machine." This is clearly a fraud, but the threat of arrest makes it particularly menacing. Do not respond to these folks!

Received a voicemail message today from "Kevin Harris" (an Indian guy) at 202 241 6147 saying that there are problems with my taxes from Texas (where I've never lived or worked) and that "you alone will be responsible" if I don't call back. I suppose if they really were my taxes, I alone WOULD be responsible. Will call to file a scam complaint in the morning. Sad that people feel they need to do this crap.

I got a phone call three days ago from a 360 number, then a 570, two 602 numbers, then finally two different 202 numbers. I had a few different accents in messages. There was a Hispanic man, an Indian sounding woman, and a couple of Pakistani sounding guys. The person I actually answered the phone for this morning (I was half asleep-totally not paying attention or I wouldn't have picked up) was definitely Pakistani or Arab. He never even finished his spiel-which I may add, sounded like he was reading off a piece of paper. (and not overly well) He started by saying they were calling for...(he paused for a good 5 seconds) You. The fact he didn't know my name was a very good indication he didn't know who I was, just had my phone number. He went on to say it was pertaining an IRS debt, from....(again pause) You. Even reading he made no sense. It must be a very poorly written script because he sounded like an idiot. (which only made me want to laugh in his face) Because I never cut him off or spoke the entire time he was reading he just kept going on about being reported to the local police but then he hung up mid sentence (or maybe whoever was prompting him did-who knows) I already reported them to the FTC. They never asked for money or anything, but I am sure they are getting to that eventually since they call me at least twice a day-I just ignore them usually.

I've gotten the calls before on my cell and it was the Indian guy, but today I got a robocall in a female voice from 202-506-8057. It could've been the same guy since the voice was digital. It was the same BS message, but this time on my home phone. I deleted it, of course, knowing that it was the scam. When I got them on my cell last year, I tried calling the number, but no one answered it - I would get disconnected. I never had someone asking me to pay money. I guess I got lucky!

I've gotten the calls before on my cell and it was the Indian guy, but today I got a robocall in a female voice from 202-506-8057. It could've been the same guy since the voice was digital. It was the same BS message, but this time on my home phone. I deleted it, of course, knowing that it was the scam. When I got them on my cell last year, I tried calling the number, but no one answered it - I would get disconnected. I never had someone asking me to pay money. I guess I got lucky!

I received a call from 202-239-7036 on 07/03/14 in the afternoon as a ROBOCALL to say that do not drive before I call him some vioalation. The accent was spanish and I couldn't recognize what he as talking. I ignored it and then I got another call with the Indian guy trying to fake out the US english accent. This time I let it go to the vice machine to get the recording started and I picked it up asking him his identity and go to the police station and call from there to my town police station. He started asking what is your town police station then I told he better know as he was claiming to be an IRS officer. The he started threatening me to send me jail and all. So, I warned him that he has no manners to talk like an officer and threatening is a crime, you are being recorded and I am going to provide the proof to the police. Then he started abusing me with the bad words, where I warned him again that abusing is another crime and it's being recorded. I told him that I am going to my local police station to file a complaint. I hung up on him and went to my town police station where the office told me that they can take the complaint but I can file the complaint on FBI.GOV and IC3.GOV. After searching this caller's number and also government's site I found these lots of complaints. I urge FBI to track this down and stop this nonsense fraud as soon as possible. It's aggravating and disturbing as we are loyal citizens being trubled by the outsiders. It's possible in the new technology that the calls can be traced all the way to get the internet and phone crimes. Even there are international laws abide by all the countries to track such crimes and catch the bad people. I know the FBI probably busy with number of more serious crimes but this crime is growing and before it goes out of control US government has to crack it down and show these criminal gangs that they are not safe anywhere in the world. They can be cought and punished in no time. The fake caller's number was 202-239-7036. As far as the message to the victims (too late and not-too late) is that we all good people should team up and let the government know the urgency to stop this. Anytime you get such call the first thing is to call your local police station they are our friends and search on the internet for the number. Ask the person to wait call back while you can search for the answer on the internet. We are the one who can stop this crime by teaming up providing the awarness to your friends, relatives, co-workers and asking them to pass the same message to more of the others who they know. Multiplying a good message against the bad people is the answer to stop it. Once everybody in US knows then they have no otherway but to stop it because they will know that they can't get the money out of us. Long Live USA - 4th of July.

You can file an online complaint at Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. The FTC's complaint database is available to law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating these phone numbers, your complaint might be helpful.

I just received a voicemail from someone claiming to need to talk to me on a time sensitive matter regarding the IRS. He said that his name was Brian June/Jone and said that if my attorney didn't contact him at 202-864-1281 that he wished me luck as the situation unfolded on me. Right ! As others have said, it was a thick accent. I don't usually answer calls from numbers that I do not know and figure that if it is something important they will leave a message. I have blocked this caller with my phone provider as I can do that straight from my phone. Beware !!! They are still out there.

Received a call from 202-506-8051. Caller asked for me by name and once he announced who he was, I told him he/they had called before. I informed him that the IRS does not call people at home and that his number was being blocked and reported.

Ok I got several calls left on my voicemail. Got tired of the calls so I answered the call and confronted the man with the heavy Indian accent. I told him I knew this was a scam and that I reported him. He got really upset, I told him to never call this number again. He started shouting at me and said he would call me a hundred times. He called back about 6 times in a row. OMG we just laughed.

I told the same Indian accented fellow that I called the FBI and they were on their way to raid their center.

I received 3 calls today from these guys he calimed to be john cooper their number 1-888-385-0228. employee number 77628. Looks like they have a new number I have not seen this one posted here.

Received robocall from "Heather" today from phone number 202-506-9689.

call them back and tell them that the FBI are about to raid their call center!

Just received one in Sudbury MA from 415 251 1037

I got the robocall ignored it, and I too received the digital threatening phone message, name this time was "Officer Brian Jones" (must be a Rolling Stones fan). Number was 202 599 9525 a spoofed or hijacked number perhaps

We received a robocall from "Heather Gray" today from phone number 202-506-9679. Call told us "do not ignore this call" and to call back "before they initiated legal action against us."

We received a call as well. A person call Michael. He claimed that he is from IRS and he give us a reference number #336007. We told them the person is not at home and he ask us to call back at 202-506-8435.

received call from john rdyer, irs agent 85563666, threaten sheriff arrest in 30mins for tax evasion and money laundrying. gave phone number 800-829-1040, caller id showed 202-239-0014. he hung up after asking him repetitive questions

I got a call this morning about the same thing... I called back several time till I got a guy claiming to be an IRS agent... bla bla bla... got me really upset so I called my accountant... he said it was a scam.. I called again later.. asked where they were located and if this was a call center. When he hesitated, I asked again, are you in a call center... he said yes... I said I called the FBI and that they were on their way to arrest you scamming bottom feeders.... I have called twice after saying the same... the phone number which I saw someone else posted 888 379-0745 now wont answer... I suggest that everyone say they have reported this call to the FBI and they have looked up the phone number and are on their way!!!

You can report  the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

Similar scam: received call from 202-241-6146 stating that he was with IRS but that he had a "legal affidavit" and "federal complaint" received against me from my state of Pennsylvania. Hmmm, didn't realize that the IRS was prosecuting cases for the state now.

7/9/14: Call from 202 506 9840
Caller: Heada (or Heather) Gray
The script was pretty much the same as above mentioned that I needed to call them back at this same number. The funny thing was they said "call before we take legal allegation against you". I was almost ROFL on hearing this

Recieved several voicemails on my Lan Line from both 202-241-2158 and 202-506-9686 saying that he is an IRS officer, name illegible, calling me only by my first name Mr. Tim in a heavy Indian accent saying he is an invetigating officer for the IRS and that I was hiding tax information from the US Government creating a felony and that I must return his call as soon as I get this message or serious consequences will occur. This has been going on for several months. I have no outstanding debts with the IRS. I cannot get rid of these people. Someone has to do something. I wish our elected officials would make this a priority. It is happening to so many innocent US residents. We do not deserve this.

Well, I just got a robo-call from 888-379-0745 claiming to be Fernando Rodriguez from the IRS (trying to scam me). I happened to miss the call, but did my research thankfully. Just reminding others that "The IRS doesn’t ask people to pay with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers, and doesn’t ask for credit card numbers over the phone. When the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone. Read Government Imposter Scams for more tips on avoiding a scam."

Got one of these calls today, and I demanded to speak to Jack Dawson's manager. He rudely said, "Do you think the federal tax department has managers?" I replied, "Yes, I do because I'm a manager at a local IRS department so give me your manager." He then told me to hold and hung up. Especially when I asked what the supposed crime committed was and what this phone call was regarding. If they ever call again, I'm going to tell them I actually work for the FBI and know this is a scam and am tracking them through the phone call. Maybe that'll stop them from calling back.

The first FTC blog regarding these phone calls was made on April 7th. It is now July 10th -- over three months and the same thing is still going on all over the country. What is the best way to stop receiving calls from them or will they eventually stop?
I wonder why they haven't been caught already after three months. Either the authorities have it on the bottom of their to-do list or the call centers are located outside of the US.

I got a call from a man with a heavy indian accent claiming that there is a criminal investigation against me...number he called from is 202-808-3670. Anyone else get a call from this number?

Yea I got the same call today at 3 pm.

Have been getting these calls on my voice mail since July 7 from 888-375-2636 and 202-864-1287 as late as 9 pm. Names they used are James Sanders and then he put his supervisor on the phone, Carlos White. James called again today while I was home, so I figured I would answer this time to see what they were going to say. At first he scared the snot out of me saying I was being audited for intentional tax evasion and would be going to go to jail for 45 minutes. I should have my attorney call them immediately to meet at the Federal Court House on Monday at 930 am, and did I understand this was big trouble. I knew it was a scam, but I googled it while I was on the phone to confirm my suspicion. I went along with him to see where it would go. It was funny when shortly after I googled this matter he said not to google it, dufus. I reported it to while I was on the phone with him too.
If I wanted to take care of the matter right away, he offered to let me take care of it right now, but it could not be debit or credit card, it had to be cash. He demanded my cell phone number so he could talk to me the entire way to CVS. I told him I did not have cash, so he told me to do a cash advance on my debit card or credit card. I told him my husband has the credit card in his name and that I cant do a cash advance on his card, can only get about 350 from a debit card every 24 hours. He tried to scream at me a few times, but I screamed back that if I don't have cash or a cell phone I can't crap them. He kept putting me on hold so he could speak to his supervisor. He gave me directions to go to CVS and buy "green dot money pack electronic vouchers in 500-dollar increments" and if anybody asked why I was buying them, I was to say it was "personal business."
He is supposedly going to call back in 2 hours, which is how long I told him it would take me to run this little errand. I will yank his chain some more when he calls back.

My wife received the same type of call. When she received the call on TUE, 8 Jul 2014 from 202-241-6131, she blocked this number on her cell phone.

Then today around 11 AM she received another call from 844-854-5521 with the same message.

Please beware of this people.

I rec'd a voice message from 202-506-9579 claiming they were from the IRS and I've been found to have committed tax fraud. I called them and a women with a very heavy Indian accent proceeds to tell me that the IRS has found strong reason to believe I've committed tax fraud (which I did not by the way) and I owe $3000. She said I must pay $1000 by 5pm. She told me to sell things in my house that I own to get the money. If I did not pay they said they will file a lawsuit and that all my accounts will be frozen including my driver's license and my passport. They proceeded to tell me I would be let go from my job because they will tell them I committed tax fraud. It was a completely insane phone call. I could barely understand her through her accent and asked to speak to someone I could understand. They transferred me to a guy named William who still had an accent but spoke clearer English. Total scam!

Same guy called today at 3 pm. What a BS.

I got a call from 202 -241-2553 from an Indian man who tried very hard to speak in American accent. He told me he is calling from IRS on a Saturday morning. He said I violated some law and I have to pay $1400 to resolve this issue. He mentioned that the money will be refunded when I file this years tax. If I fail to pay this amount I would be getting legal bond and will also be arrested for 2 years.
I have filed a complaint with FTC. Please beware of this number and please don't fall for these criminals.

Received similar message from the same number stating I or my lawyer need to call back or I would be in serious legal trouble. He had a Chinese accent.

Same Robocall in Washington State today. This website rocks!

Got a geberic robocall message from a blocked number. Asked to call back to speak to live agent at 888 775 1591.

My caller was a woman, in a recording, who gave a name that I couldn't quite understand. Message was similar to many above. Caller ID said she was calling from 202-506-9679.

If only these losers had an education or some talent, they might be able to find real jobs. Their moms must be so proud.

We received a message from an Officer Jessica of the IRS, Tel 202-506-8418 at 2:26pm 7/15/14 saying that we must immediately call with our attorney, if not she wished us well.

I just received a voicemail from someone purporting to be IRS agent Heather Grey, suspected scam right away she told me to call 202-506-8659 before they took "allegations" against me.
She had a slight accent, just didn't sound credible!

Well I finally called back the 202 number that keeps calling me and saying they are from the IRS. The gal (who spoke with and Indian accent) said the same things but she was harsh from the get go. I told her to calm down and not to be so confrontational with me. I stumped her for a minute and then she went back to harrassing me so I abruptly told her that I would call the IRS directly and handle it. People need to stop being the victim and do something about it. Take control and handle it. It took me all of 10 seconds to know if was a scam. There were several other people in the background talking and you can see by all these responses that it's running rampant.

202-599-9525 is also being used as part of the scam where someone who is not employed by the IRS is calling and claiming to be employed by the IRS and trying to intimidate their victims.

I received a phone call today from a person with a Eastern Europe accent from a number out of Maryland 301-357-8829. He told me the cops would be at my house within 45 minutes for back taxes owed for the year 2009. I was terrified because this was actually a year that my ex husband and I divorced and had issues with our taxes due to a pending custody battle with his ex-wife. After the divorce I received mailed LETTERs from the IRS regarding payment. My ex assured me he would take care of this and I have not heard a word from the IRS from 2009-2010. So I fell for it and drove to the Rite -Aid as directed by now a different, more threatening man on the phone. It was after 5:00 and the banks were closed. I was told to go into Rite-aid and had to remain on the phone with him. If we hung up the resolution process would end and the police would come. I took out $1865 (3 $500 cards and one for $365 as directed). I did it, shaking and on the phone. The employee at rite aid looked very concerned and watched me walk to my car and stayed there until I left. Once I scratched off the numbers as directed he told me to hold for 15 minutes while he contacted the sheriff that was going to arrest me. After holding he came back and said they would not cancel it because I also owe taxes for 2011 and 2012 in the amount of $3,750.00. I promptly hung up because I now knew this was a scam. I'm so disappointed for letting myself fall for this. My only hope is that some body learns from my error.

I am very sorry, Ali. Sounds like a 'perfect storm'. Don't worry, Jesus Saves.

I'm sorry you fell for it ali. My Dad just fell for the same thing today and ended up giving 8k . These ppl are sick and I'm so mad the government or police can't do anything

I'm really sorry to hear your story... Those bastards should die in pain... They had called me too and I was so scared since we do things promptly and never had any pending tax that we knew of... He harassed me and yelled at me too... My husband is already an abuser and I was so shaken that I almost thought I should commit suicide for a second... But within 15-20 mins of talking, I searched online for their number and other things and realized it was a scam, even though they sounded real... they wanted me to go to Safeway and pay $5800 in cash through a 'voucher'(probably card he meant?)... Ofcourse I knew by then and put him on hold for a long time fooling him that I'm getting ready to go... He was on phone for almost an hour! Fool! I have free calls, so I didn't mind... At first, it was really scary and it had ruined my day... I had lost my belief in everything including God. I felt worst for being good, honest and a humble person not intending to harm anyone and minding my own business yet having to suffer injustice...It took me a day to take the next deep breath... It feels creepy that these people can do such things without the fear or inhibition of any sorts while the good and honest citizens are the vulnerable ones... I now live with fear everyday... It is not easy...

I received a voice mail today from 1-202-506-8657 which I looked up and found to be a Ymax Oration Landline in Beltsville, MD.

Message from Indian woman saying that we should call back right away or legitimate action from the IRS - do not ignore this message, etc.

I received a call from Heather Grey with the IRS yesterday. Said not to ignore the call or there would be legal consequences. I could not figure out why the IRS would be calling me, so I got online and found out about this scam. The number they called me from was 415-251-8730.

Add another to the list 202 280 7127

Got call from 202-506-8459. Same as above from Ymax Oration in Beltsville. Snarky Indian sounding guy. Filed with inspector general and ftc.

yesterday got the Robot IRS call 7-16-2016 did not write down the 202 number fast enough. Called the federal Trade commission after Comcast gave me there number. Comcast could not tell me my last caller phone number & the Washington DC one that appears on my home phone is there only seconds. I know the IRS does only snail mail audits etc and 1 year our refund was stolen IRS was hacked not use and we did get back the $8,000 but it took a long time. Anyway would not a real person tell you this stuff & not a computer red flags & glad I could not write down the number & if they asked for any personal info the IRS really has it. I did get life lock & me & my hubby after that time.

I got a call from 206-259-6406 from a man with a heavy Indian accent threatening my arrest in 45 minutes and that I have to stay "on line" with him and go to the store and buy "government-issued bonds"

Why would the IRS make you go to the store and send money like that? I hung up on him and reported it to the FTC and TIGTA

now it seems they are using a new phone number to conduct the scan 8448545587 ...
Indian guy identifying himself as An IRS representative said I had my past tax from 2008 miscalculated and it seems it was in bad faith and that I own the IRS over a $1000 dollars ... provided me with an outdated home address and said legal action was been taken against me , said something about me getting arrested. I told him I was not give him any information over the phone , besides that he had the wrong address. I told him i was contacting the IRS personally... which I did.

I got 2 calls today from Washington D.C. (202)239-7173 and(202)241-2053 both sounded very Indian or heavy accent. Said they were investigating agents & a complaint that was on me for tax fraud & money laundering LOL yeah RIGHT.

Had this same scam call today, guy with indian accent giving out threats on the voicemail, number was 844-854-5594

Had this same scam call today, guy with indian accent giving out threats on the voicemail, number was 844-854-5594

A man with huge Indian (Hindi) accent called me. He said he was from IRS and wanted to fine me due to tax miscalculation. He wanted me to call Mike Carter to discuss the solution. Their number is 202-506-8435. I said why don't you send me the official certified letter first if you are from IRS?! He said they had tried 3 times but I never replied. I said I would call IRS official number to verify it. He was mad. I laughed.

I don't understand why US companies keep outsourcing IT and service jobs to India and then they steal customers' information to scam us?!!

Never happened before. Since layoff, I started receiving calls. One from 206-317-2519 and the other one from 202-241-2553. The caller said that he is office for IRS.

I got the same scam call to my husband while he's out. The caller said he is an IRS agent and his name is Jack Martin. I asked his IRS employee ID Number and he said "12180". He asked my husband calling him back at 202-241-2553.

I've received about a dozen calls from 202-241-2553 & they have a pre-recorded message asking to call back. I called the number back & they said I had fraudulent charges against my social security number. They kept asking who my attorney on retainer was. I asked repeatedly for a case # & they said my lawyer had to go to court to get it. My accountant verified this is a phishing scam. You can report them to the IRS.

We've received two calls today from the same person, who claims to be Ralph Gaber (Geber?), but although he mentions "Washington," he didn't actually say he was IRS. He did say that he was calling about a "tax fraud" against my name for which I could be jailed. The call-back number he gave is 206-204-5252, which is in the Seattle, WA area. Needless to say, we didn't call back. Meanwhile, I filed a complaint with TIGTA.

I also received a call from 206-204-5252 stating that a legal petition had been filed against me for "tax fraud" and that I needed to call to avoid potential jail. I will also file a complaint with the TIGTA.

Got a call from an indian sounding "IRS officer" named "Steven Jones" in the "legal department of IRS" ("badge # 2k2326"~ i asked) said the IRS had a federal complaint lodged against me for tax fraud and that there was a warrant out for my arrest! that 3 lawyers were listening and anything i said would be used against me. He connected me to his boss "Scott Anderson" who sounded exactly like him . When i got mad and said i had filed my taxes and that there had been a bank error and i started explaining it using accounting terms they hung up on me! hahaha. i was scared though because the bank had misclassified a retirement transfer as being withdrawn… could have been a reallllly bad SNAFU. in fact my heart is still racing. i have enough going on .. single widow raising two kids… don't need this i hope someone catches these A holes! How many people have they scared tricked?
They called from 202-803-5026 please call them and give them a hard time! thanks for this site. i am also going to call to report this.

same call from 202-864-1975...indian or pakistanian called saying he is with legal department form IRS please contact us the second you get message before the situation grows out of control. He said name was Chris Johnson..

I received a call from 202-470-2418 it was a Indian guy claiming to be Officer Michael Johnson. He states in the msg that there is a federal investigation against my SS# and that I need to call right away!! Total scam!!

Just happened to me. I've got them recorded on my phone and sent it along with the phone number to my attorney.

Today we recvd a phone call message from a "Charlie King" claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service’s from the Tax Audit Department. He went on to say (and I quote here for you)...The nature of this voice mail is to make you aware that we have received some legal petitions against your name concerning a Tax evasion or a Tax Fraud. We are about to take this matter to the Federal Bank (unintelligible) House and we are about to issue a warrant for your arrest. But before we do that if you need any further details concerning the same case you can reach us at 844-854-5592, and then they repeated the number. This first above contact occurred at approx 9:08am PDT Friday 7/25/2014 at our home land line number.. It was a message. We called the number back within an hour (it was the same guy who answered - Charlie King) and enquired what this was about, and who it was regarding. He said it was regarding My Wife and he asked to speak to her. I told him my wife did not speak very good English) and so she picked up the other line and we spoke to him, and tried to get details. He said it concerned Tax evasion for the years of 2008-2012 (which is absolutely not true, we have always been absolutely honest on our Tax returns - so I figured then that this was a fraud). I again asked for specific, and he evidentially then realized that we were figuring him out, and he closed with you will recv some sort of call within 45 minutes or be arrested in 45 minutes or something of that general nature and hung up. I have saved the recorded message of the initial recorded call if needed. My wife is originally from Taiwan, and doesn't speak advanced complex English and so she frequently on solicitors calls if they are complex tells them that. So the thing I suspect here is that this Scam outfit perhaps got a list of people in that category from other Telemarketing databases etc, to look to prey on them, they would be easily fooled. The other thing I noticed when doing a reverse search on the number inline is it indicated that the 844 Area Code is the type of line where the person be called is the one charged for the call, so it could be that they are looking to get income thru that angle. These people are dangerous, and I would recommend looking into it. I went on to another website and entered comments following on to 2 other individuals who had been contacted from the same phone number and the same named individual Charlie King. One was from 1 day ago, and one from 6 days ago. Hope this helps catch these creeps. Sad to think there are scumbags like this in the world. Hope this helps catch him.

I got a call on my vm from the same Indian Charlie with basically the same message. How desperate do people have to be to do this kind of thing in their lives? It screams of SCAM and yet people fall for it! The phone number Indian Charlie gave was 844-854-5592. What a cheap creep!

I received a voicemail requesting to call at (202-506-9750)and threatened me with a legal action as I had ignored a certified letter from the IRS stating several audit findings from 2008, and 2009. I immediately called this number and IRS officer Ms Brown told me that I had my past tax from 2008/09 miscalculated and it seems it was in bad faith and that IRS want to fine me due to that fact. So own the IRS a $4892.59 dollars and may be arrested any day now. All my property, credit cards and bank accounts would also be arrested.
Only after that I comprehended that since 2006 I have got disabled(a wheelchair bounded)and the taxes automatically withheld from my pension.
Please catch the bastards, stop them!

Just picked up a VM from "Heather Gray," phone # 202-506-9775. If you've never been contacted by the IRS about a tax return, you wouldn't know that this is not the standard way the IRS does this. And even if you have been, as I have, I first figured that maybe they have started doing this by phone. It was the robocall that made me think this wasn't what it was pretending to be.
Thank you FTC for this page confirming my suspicions that this is a scam. I will not lose any more sleep or time over it.

I just got a call today. They called 3 times and on the third time they left a message. A robocall from ???? Smith from the IRS told me not to disregard this message and call back before they sought legal allegation. 202-506-8701. Something is fishy here.

Just happened to me. I received a call from 202-241-9630. Some Indian guy claiming to be Office John Reed (Meed) from the Federal Tax Audit Department of the IRS informing me that a Federal Tax Fraud claim had been made against me. When calling the number back you get a voice mail to Emily Peters (some Indian Woman's voice that claims she is with the IRS Federal Tax Fraud unit)

Just received the same call (sounded like Jonathan Reed) on August 6. Asked me to call 202-241-9630. I reported it to TIGTA. I hope that can shut the this guy down.

I work for a tax company, and I just had a call from one of our clients. She was very scared, because someone (who was very hard to understand) called her and her husband stating that they owe because they didn't file a certain form. She told the man that she would fix the situation, but she needed some time. He told her that if she were to hang up the phone, he would be sending the cops over right away. You can just imagine how scared she was, since she has young kids. I mentioned this to my co-workers, since I know that the IRS does not operate this way. A co-worker mentioned to me that it happened to one of her clients, so I called my client back and asked for the # that called her. 202-803-5026. I googled it and brought me to this. I informed her to call the IRS directly and let them know what is going on, and not to answer the calls anymore. If they keep harassing her to call the cops.

I just received two repeated messages from the same Middle Eastern person who goes by the name of "Officer, Steven Jones." I must say that my heart literally jumped out of my body after hearing his message. I tried to call the number back to only get a answering machine stating to leave a message. I found it extremely interesting that the IRS would call anyone in regards to legal issues. At that point I decided to google the name and the phone number and came across this blog. I am extremely thankful for all that wrote their experiences on this blog because it helped me understand that this supposedly "Officer, Steven Jones," is nothing but a scammer and I would like to share the number that has been recorded on my caller ID to make others aware about these potential scam artists. 202-803-5026 I hope this helps others in the same manner it has helped me. Best wishes to all.

You also can file a formal complaint with the FTC at

I received two calls today from an Officer Eric Foster and the hotline to his division is 571-222-2550. He says: "This is time sensitive, so if I don't hear from you or your attorney, then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck after the situation unfolds on you."
I hope someone gets all these scammers.

Today I received a call from "IRS" (202) 241-1344. I think the officer was expecting my wife to answer the call, because when I asked "Who is this?", his answer was its my wife's boyfriend and hung up. When I called back the number to get the company name, it just said "Sorry the voice mailbox for Internal Revenue Service is full". I know it was an Indian guys, as I myself is Indian origin, so I know the accent. I am more freaked out because these guys are getting personal and I don't know what other information they have about me or my wife. Hope some government agency (FBI, DC Police etc) will do something about it.

Over the past 4 months, we must have received at least 6 phone calls from different individuals, all claiming to be from the IRS, threatening arrest, loss of home, deportation (born here, where were they planning on deporting us to?) Latest phone number is 202-506-9763. My favorite form of stress relief now is to block my number, call them back and blow a police whistle into the phone when they answer. Definitely Indian, too stupid to know how the IRS really works but it can be very frightening to someone who doesn't know any better, to a recent immigrant who is scared sh****ss of actually being deported.

I got a call from 202-506-9750 posing as IRS officer. It was a recorded message asking me or my attorney to call back.

wife was left message on phone to call 202-278-2000. when she called it was a man with thick accent and claiming she owed money to the irs and threatened her with jail

I received a call from from 202-280-7087 on 7/21 stating he is from IRS and there is federal investigation on my taxes. Do I need a lawyer. I told I will call IRS and check myself, they threaten that cops will be there at my place in next 30 minutes, nothing happened. I tried to call the same number 202 280 7087 did not work. Today 7/29 again I got the same call from a different number 8036968198, same story. I told them please go head and file the petition I will take care of it. There was another woman in the back around speaking in arabic language and they disconnected the phone. I tried to call the same number and tried to ask why are you calling and troubling us, and told them I know you are not from IRS, they started to speaking in foul language. I disconnected the call.

Received 4 of these messages on my landline. 2 from Melvin Belchik, the others names I couldn't make out. All asked to call back with 202 area codes. Used my cell phone to call back. 2 numbers were "no longer in service" and an answering machine with no message answered the third. The last one got me a little mad. It was a live person who knew my name and how to pronounce it correctly.
202 864 1255
202 751 2551
202 841 2787

Got the same call but the number was from 202-241-4319, a man who spoke little English (and almost robotic) claimed to be from the IRS and I needed to reach him about something concerning tax fraud. I called the number back, the man on the line, in a very thick Russian accent accused me of committing tax fraud and he claimed he sent me a packet to fill out 6 months ago. I asked him, "what packet?" and he started yelling saying that he would send the local police to my house ASAP, so I hung up.

I received my first call on Monday July 28th from a voice recording stating her name was Julie/Julia Smith with the IRS telling me the matter was time sensitive and it was about back taxes that owe and if I did not call her back at (202) 506-9775 regarding the matter me or my legal attorney action would be taken. Can I say my heart dropped to my stomach. These people had me going for a good minute then one of my co-workers because did I mention I was at work when this took place told me that the IRS DOES NOT contact you that way and it was a scam. I called and told my mom about it and she had gotten a similar call she told me to call the IRS personally just for piece of mind. I decided first to goggle the number where I came across this website and some others all with people sharing their experiences with these scam artist. I just want to thank you all that have written of your experience because it helped me to see I wasn't the only one. I have been warning all my friends and family of this scam because word of mouth is the only way to cut these folks off at the knees.

After that harrowing experience I got another call two days later on July 30th from a man that asked to speak to the name I couldn't make out I could serveral people speaking in the background when he said the name agian I said "who?" the guy hang up on me. I got another call from the same number (202) 506-8147 this time I did not answer he left a 40 second voice mail stating his name was Mark Anderson with the Internal Revenue Services in the thickest Indian accent he preceded to tell me that he was calling for my mom who had at one time had my cellphone in her name and that it was regarding back taxes she owes and if she did not call back in timely manner that legal action would be taken and at the end of this menacing phone call he tells me goodbye, take care. What a load of hogwash you just threatened me within an inch of my life with jail and then at the end you tell me goodbye, take care. I let my mom hear the message she could only laugh seeing as how they had already called her phone threatening her and she had talked to the real IRS who informed her of this ongoing scam. We both could only laugh at the boldness of some to dupe hardworking people out of their money. All I can say I'd BEWARE and if something does not seem right it usually isn't!

Got a call today calming that I owed 1,100 and if I didn't pay 500.00 that I would be asserted at my home. They said that the IRS did want my money only me, the only way to resolve this is to pay 500.00 at Walgreens and use a tax pay voucher. The number they called me from was 66-695-7835 the name used was Robert Matthews or Robert James with a badge number Federal 171123 senior offer.

Another to add to the list Christopher 202-241-2553. Christopher will answer IRS if you call from an unblocked #.

and another to add: Kevin Shall badge number 594982.

Got a call from (202) 506-9759 at 7 in the morning, which left a robovoicemail saying that I owed the IRS and if I did not call back that they would take legal action against me. Very threatening. Called back out of curiosity, man with Indian accent answered. I immediately hung up and Googled this number. It's a HUGE scam. Please do something to stop it.

This an India based IRS scam (there are also Pakistan based ones). Do not fall for this. Read
The IRS does not initiate any legal action over the phone. Report it also to your local law enforcement agency.

I've been getting several calls from this 202-506-9759 and my cell phone every time I answer the call there's no response on the other end so I ignored the number thinking it was a telemarketer I was away last week on vacation when I came home on Saturday evening and found a threatening message on my answering machine at home.. It was a lady voice with a very heavy accent stating it was the IRS and that I needed to call them back before legal action was taken against me, I really thought nothing of it since I do my taxes properly every year &the the accountant is certified that does my taxes. I pay for I pay my taxes so everything is done legally has nothing to worry about!! But I decided anyway call this number back just to clear the air, when I did call back the "gentleman "who answered the phone if that's what you want to call him was extremely rude his name was "Dan Murphy "he was rude and arrogant !!!! He had a very heavy accent and all he kept on saying is that I was avoiding responsibility and that they been trying to contact me since July 1 not only did he have my full name address he also told me the exact color of my front door is that it pictures of my house he told me how many times I tried to get a hold of me and then when I asked for written documentation he said they were going to download the information to the courthouse and have it delivered by two officers from my local police station who were going to come and arrest me!! Anyway I don't want to make the story very long,all I do want to say it takes a lot to convince me or to scam me but yet in the beginning of this phone call this man Sounded legit he had a lot of information!!! So if there's anyway and somehow to please put it out there especially for elderly people not to get scammed I called my local police department who said they get to three phone calls a day and I was lucky that I did not give out any money of course I would not cause I realize that it was a scam after talking to him for a little bit... But the police officer did say that there are people especially elder people who have given them money!!! Everyone please try to put it up there as much as possible so no one else can get scammed.

Most of our name and addresses are readily available online. All they have to do is look at our address on Google maps where are homes (and front doors) are clearly visible from the street views. They use everyday technology to scare us into thinking they have some authority and "inside" info. Look up your home address on Google or Bing (Bird's Eye View is cool) and you can see everything about your home, yard, and street. The scam artists are likely getting marketing lists with our names/addresses/phone numbers, then doing Internet searches to find out more about us and where we live. Imagine if they can see someone's Facebook, they will have names, faces, and places to also use to seem authoritatively knowledgeable about us. Very creepy that scammers are using our latest technology against us for their gain in a foreign country.


I answered a call from 202-808-3727 asking for my husband by name and stating that he (very thick Indian accent) worked for the IRS and that my husband owed money. He left the above number to have him call back. I told him to remove our number from the list. It seems I'm the first one to post a call from this number.

Got a call from 202-506-8435 while I was out. A person with a very heavy Indo-Pakistani accent who knew my name(And I pay extra for a unlisted number)
stated that his name was Robert Williams (yea right) from the Tax Litigation Dept, and that they had detected a tax discrepancy and I had to call them back at 201-506-8435 as soon as possible to avoid legal action. This scam needs to be stopped on a Federal Level. I have the whole message recorded.

Got a robo-call today from an "officer" Julie Smith from the IRS 202-506-8147. Figured it was a scam, that's how I ended up here.

Received similar calls from an Indian sounding man on Saturday August 2, 2014 at 7:23 am and 7:32 am (Number 202-506-8045 caller ID Washington DC). He told me similar to tale to what everyone describes above, but he told me to phone his supervisor in the next 30 min at 202-1206-8798. However, he did not have my full name. He only had my first name initial and last name. He continued to call me by this. This is a system I use when I register for information on-line. So obviously they have managed to buy or obtain a shopped list of names and numbers. When I returned the call to the Supervisor I refused to give him my name and instead informed him that he should be able to pull my name up by my phone number. After several attempts, he became frustrated and began swearing at me including the old "F--- off" statement. At this point I told him there was no way he was from the IRS and I hung up on him. I hoped this was the end of the calls. Unfortunately not! I came home today to find a wonderful voice mail from the same original number of 202-506-8045. (they phones my home 3 times at 7:57 am, 7:58 am, and 8:01 am before finally leaving a message). Of course the message tells me to call immediately or have my legal representative phone them. I am tempted to phone one more time and pretend to be a lawyer- just to get them to stop calling. This scam needs to stop... or the IRS needs to spend some of their budget and better educate the public about the scam and how they really make contact with people when there is a real problem. That would shut the scam down pretty quick.

Yup, just got a call from 202-241-2553. Two gentlemen with thick Indian accents named Danny Smith and his supervisor Kevin Deb or Dave or Dev or something like that claimed that my wife was being investigated for fraud. I said ok. Then they proceeded to give me a case number TXN0025IR773, yup, sounds legit to me. So I told them they don't sound like Danny nor Kevin and hang up on them. Because IRS doesn't call.

I received a call from 202-506-8147 and spoke to someone using the name "Alex Cooper" (Indian accent) and who claimed to be an IRS case officer. He was trying to scare me from the beginning. He read some so-called disclaimer that I will be arrested blah blah blah. Then he asked me if I understood him. I asked him what is my case number or reference number. I asked to speak to his manager but he said there was no need. Then I asked him what was his extension and he said 101!!! He seemed to get flustered with all of my questions and, with an attitude, said "Is this how you talk to an IRS agent?" He kept asking if I have a criminal record and he asked me if I have an attorney. It happened to be my fiancé is an attorney so I texted him while I was on the phone and I googled the phone number and found out the numbers have been posting all over the internet. So I said I don't feel comfortable speaking to him without my attorney and my CPA. He just said he will send the Marshall to arrest me shortly then he hung up. Btw during beginning of the conversation he said the Marshall is on the way to pick me up but he will send an email to the Marshall to stop that. I was thinking really? The Marshall is really taking email orders now?! At no point did he ask for payment, but I'm guessing he realized the scam was not working. I really hope these people are caught and sent to jail ASAP. If you are receiving a call from 202 area code better not pick up. IRS, please put some resources to stop this BS. I can't imagine how many people get scammed by these horrible people.

I recently received a threatened message from a lady named Julie Smith claiming to be an attorney for the IRS. I called the callback number 202-506-9835 and a lady with an Indian accent threatened to send a warrant for my arrest. She even requested for my lawyer's number. However when I continued to query the veracity of her claim that I owed US6000, she hung up. What is this world turning to guys?....

I received a call this week it was a robot call from agent Julie Smith stating if i did not call they would take legal action the phone number was from Beltsville MD 202-506-9962

New one... 2025063850. agent William turner from tax crime investigation of the IRS. Said should have got a letter in the mail gave as website for federal trade commission. Case and ID #'s and threatened to contact local authority's if did not pay. When asked that I have no proof who you are who you claim transphered me to another dude with an accent claiming to be head boss. They are getting more sofisticated and knowledgeable with each call.

Got call way too early - destroyed out sleep. This number 202-241-6134 - such pathetic people. I mean we live in an advanced nation and we can't block or take any action against these low lives?

My parents got a call last week and were lured in. They were scared by the calls and the follow-up "police" calls, and it was a day-long ordeal for them. They didn't call to tell anyone about it until after it was done. They're elderly, and are out A LOT of money. I don't even want to say how much, because I'm still in disbelief. I'm trying to find information on how they can possibly get their money back. They filed a police report, IRS claim online and FTC claim online. They went to their local IRS office, which was no help. It truly is mind-boggling to me how these scammers work - and how pervasive this scam is.

Were you able to help your parents get their money back? I'm so sorry these criminals preyed upon your elderly parents. They must feel awful and embarrassed. I've told mine to always check anything suspicious with me or the police first. Sadly, before that advice, my dad fell for a scammer to the tune of $70,000 USD (most of his life savings). It stressed him out so badly that his health was adversely affected. :(

I got two calls from the same group of people claiming to be from the "IRS" 202-241-6134. Without even telling me about the reason a complaint has been filed against me, they already threatened me with legal action, house arrest, and asked if I have a lawyer handy. I've already heard this script before and hung up. I feel sorry for the people who got scared into giving them money. How did they get our landline??

I receive call from 202-873-5024 did understand man name. He said that he was from the IRS and crimmal case was file agaist me. Knew my name and ask if I knew my x roommate also had my prev address I did not verified anything. I ask to explain this. The man wanted to know if I got a paycheck and wanted my crimmal atty name. He would not explain anything just hung up I report them.

Rec call from Steve Rogers an IRS agent who said I owed 5830.00. If I did not pay the police would be @ my door in one hour to seize all my assets.The man
had an Indian accent.He called from #202-506-9724.Sadly people are frightened by the threats and try to pay these vermin.
I hope they can be stopped.

Here is the v.m. I received today:

"Hi this message is intended for houses of-it-current(?) elders of that(?) this call is from the tax crime investigation unit. I as the very second you receive this message I need you or your retained attorney off record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is officer Paul Madison calling from the tax crime investigation. You need to apply ad and the hotline to my division is 2025068311. I repeat it's 242506831192 don't return the call and I doing PO from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation badly on force on you. Again this message is for you and this is officer Paul Harrison calling from the tax crime investigation unit off. I as. Goodbye and take care."

Scammers usually ask the person who is being scammed to go to Walgreens, CVS, Walgreens, etc. to get the Green Dot or other money card. These stores, as a public service, should have certain sales people in the stores who are authorized as the only ones to sell these money cards. These sales persons should be trained to spot when a person appears to be in the process of being scammed. These salespeople should ask questions as to why the person needs the money to be sent in such a hurry and ask outright if it is for the IRS. Also, if it is for the IRS suggest the IRS must request the money via an official letter and do they have a letter.

Just got a robocall from 202-506=9962 pretending to be IRS. Very annoying. It seems like these folks use a lot of different 202-506-xxxx numbers - shouldn't that make it possible to track them down?

My call was also from a 202 prefix and yes, one would think that it would be easier to track.

We also have been getting calls from a private numbe,saying they are from the IRS tax audit dept and we need to contact them asap regarding a legal law suit. here are the names and number they leave Michele Brown 888-385-0228 and Officer Mike Black 844-858-6966 x108 badge #7796.

Thanks~ It really gets me angry, that they are doing this!

202-506-8435 is a call center with at least two men and one woman, all impersonating IRS agents and participating in this scam.

So: let's all call them back! We can waste their time when they answer... and better yet, fill up their voicemails when they don't.

As other users of this forum have reported (and no doubt will continue to report), there are many other, similar phone numbers connected to this scam. We can fight back against them all!

When the scammers find themselves spending those long, dreary nights in dingy call centers dreading every incoming call... and when their voicemails are suddenly too full to take messages from their intended victims.... then, one by one, they'll figure out that this particular crime no longer pays.

And they'll quit.

And when that happens: WE will win.

The Ph# they are using for me is 202 506-9728. The accent is so thick you know it's a scam or you are so far out of touch you need a caretaker. I pick the phone up and speak gibberish to them. They say "yes" and wait for you to speak again. They are dumbfounded by this. I use various languages and nonsensical combinations of words. The English language is the most difficult language on the planet so use it.

We have had numerous calls from actual people and robocalls for the past two months. They call each person in our family (including the children) individually. They threaten us with legal action and that a police officer will be at our door to arrest us shortly. I have digital recordings of the messages if they need them for the investigation and possibly use for voice recognition.
8/15/14 - 10:30 am - 202-506-9835 - from Julie Smith - Robo call
8/14/14 - 2:39 pm - 202-241-0064 - Robo Call - I hung up on it.
8/2/14 - 10:05 am - 202-570-7273 - Robo Call - I hung up on it.
7/17/14 - 10:51 am - 202-864-1301 - in person call - I hung up on it.
6/24/14 -5:41 pm - 202-864-1112 - from John Brown - in person call.
6/24/14 -5:36 pm - 202-864-1112 - from John Brown - left message
6/24/14 -4:46 pm - 202-864-1112 - from John Brown - left a message
6/24/14 -5:37 pm - 202-864-1112 - from John Brown - left a message
6/13/14 - 2:42 pm - 202-864-1122 - from John Brown - left a message
6/13/14 - 2:40 pm - 202-864-1122 - from John Brown - left message
6/13/14 - 2:38 pm - 202-864-1122 - from John Brown - left message

Thanks and let's get the info out there so people won't be scammed!

Scam Phone Number 2025068701, IRS. They will scare you & ask to pay cash on green dot card..

Be careful with these DC Phone Numbers. This is the business of scaming.
They will scare you and ask to pay cash on green dot card.
They will drain all your money from your bank account and transfer the money in foreign countries within few minutes.

IRS will never call. Nobody calls. They will send you a notice. If money matter comes never deal. Go personally IRS OFFICE OR CALL AND CONFIRM.
This thing is happened to all Indian people. These scamers are from India.

I received three calls this week from a female with an accent stating she was calling from the Legal Dept. of the IRS about a fraud matter against me. It was a robo call as I didn't recognize the number on my caller i.d. 844-858-6966, I let my message machine take the calls. The same call each time telling me if I didn't or my attorney didn't return the call the matter would be turned over the the police and it wouold "create a big mess for me." I can hardly believe the IRS would hire anyone to convey such a message.

just received phone call from Indian accented man saying his name was Mike Jones, Tax Crime Division. Gave address 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW Room #2501, Washington DC 20224. Wouldn't give a supervisor or way for me to verify. Said police would be at my house in 45 minutes.

Thanks for your comment. This sounds like a scam. Scammers will provide names, phone numbers and even addresses to make you believe they are legit. For example, in this case the address they gave you is the real address of the IRS. However, the IRS will never call you to threaten you as this caller did to you. That’s a sign that this is a scam. You can call the real IRS (1-800-829-1040) and ask for the agent’s name to confirm. Or visit your local IRS office

Just posting another number so that other's are aware..206-436-4730 probably the same Indian guys posted earlier. The scammer called me terrible names once I told them I have reported their # to the FTC and have blocked their number. I may call him back to harass him for a day or two since I know he answers :-). Oh and I googled the number before calling them back to confirm their location..clearly NOT the IRS.

Today, August 21, we received the same call from Officer Chris Martin, 202-239-0941, from the Tax Crimes Investigation Department of the IRS. He informed me on our voicemail that if he did not get a call back from me or my attorney, he would wish you good luck as to the situation and to follow up if you need to save yourself.

My husband got a call today from a Chris Jones from the IRS, telling him he would be going to jail if he didn't have $1,465.00 to him within an hour. Called from number 929-800-2694.

I hope your husband didn't send the money! The IRS never demands money in that way and initial contact is ALWAYS by mail. Everything is done formally and without threats of immediate arrest. When money is owed, payment plans are usually set up and fully disclosed paperwork is mailed to the person owing. These scumbags are banking of the fears of naive people.

Ha! We've received 8-10 of these calls today in Mass. From a spoofed California number. Two different Indian dudes pretending to work for the IRS. Yeah, right. Claims we owe some money and there is a warrant out or something. Total BS. Not worried for one second as I do our returns, I did them for a living for many years, and I KNOW we're 100% on the up and up with the feds. Told him to get lost a couple of times, kept calling back. Told him that I was recording the call for the police, kept calling back. Finally, he threatened to send the Sheriff over right now to arrest me (we don't HAVE sheriffs here ;)). Told him PLEASE DO send the sheriff right over! That stopped the calls, for today at least.

What a bunch of losers. Highly annoying.

In the last two weeks my cell phone has had three different messages from 202-506-8147 saying they are IRS and I need to call back else legal actions will be taken against me regarding my taxes. I could barely understand the message because his English was so bad. I did not return the call because my cell phone number was not posted on my tax return. Also if the IRS needs to contact me, I would assume I would get a legal letter and not some phone call from some ass you can't speak English.

these guys can sound good,how ever government employees will never threaten you over the phone with prison in the first 3 minutes of conversation when they even haven't explained the situation in details. reading all these cases have confirmed my suspicion of this being a scam and has calmed my nervousness.who in the hell tells you to put money on a card and state they will stay on the phone with you while drive to a local store to hear you make the transaction on a green dot card. WoW to believe they almost got me and am from east new York Brooklyn. LoL :]

thanks for informative websites as this one

I received a call this morning (08/26/14) at 8:18 from 2022410996. it went straight to my voice mail. The message was not clear at all but it said it was from IRD and to call back immediately. I called and he asked my SSN which i did not give. He said my income tax refund is being disputed and wanted to know if i had an attorney. I said yes and no depending on the year. I asked him which year tax were being disputed. He said 2010 & 2011. I told him i had. He said they will report to my credit agency. I asked him to mail the dispute to me and he said he cannot. I asked him to email me but again he said he cannot. It was stressful but I am now sure it was a scam

I got a message over the weekend to call an 877 number due to a possible fraud or tax evasion. This morning I called the number and spoke to Mike Jones (from India)who informed me that I owed $3900.00 dollars and I had two choices, 1) get picked up by the police or 2) pay the amount owed. I told him I didn't owe any money to the IRS, have never evaded my taxes, but he just kept on. I told him I have paid in installments to the IRS in the past and could do that for %50.00 a month. He asked me if I was serious? I finally got so disgusted with his attitude, I told him that I would not speak with him, and send the police out if you have to. We called our local sheriffs dept. and they informed us of this scam. How scarey this conversation was. I feel so sorry for single senior citizens like my mom who would have given the money with no questions asked.

Here are 4 more numbers: 949-873-7420; 559-836-5616; 202-239-8721; 303-219-3009...all IRS agents....last one left a curse filled message because we've caught on....these folks are dangerous and can cause great harm to the elderly and those with real problems right now...

I also got similar call from 292 series number. I wonder two things... How they quickly change their calling nos ? Also I heard in background many similar calls being made? Further, I see we have so many victims and still these goons are Scott free? For sure this was an Indian voice. They must get caught.
This should not be an IRS case but the federal police case and they should catch th!!

message on answering machine : " this is time sensitive . Don' t ignore. this is officer Julie (couldn't understand her ) IRS badge # (about 9 numbers) " We will take legal ALLEGATION against you " How about that? " legal allegation " !!! We have received many calls, from India, saying our computer needs repair. More Scams . I will report

Got a call last week from 202-506-9962 telling me to call about taxes not paid, clearly not true.

Got a call today from 202-506-8659. Didn't pick up again because I thought it was the same number. The idiot didn't know he was leaving me a voicemail and was making strange voices saying hello hello hello kidding around, then pretended like he was in a cave an echod this is a scam scam scam scam. laughed and then said oh shit and hung up.....Seriously???

I received a call yesterday from 303-219-3009 from an indian guy named Michael Hawkins. He said that there had been a criminal warrant against my husbands name. He also told me that we hadn't paid income taxes for 2008-2012. This is my question: If we hadn't paid income taxes, how did we get our income tax refund every year? He never asked for any personal information just that he was going to send authorities to my husbands employer and have him taken into custody for 72 hours. When I checked the caller id, the number showed up Colorado. I am in Texas. Total scam!!!

Received call from Dan Martin (Indian accent and unintelligible). 202-241-1698. Said he was from the IRS and there were three federal indictments against me. I ordered tandoori chicken and saag paneer. He hung up on me.

I had a missed call while I was in a meeting. I called back some indian dude replied posing IRS agent and told me he will call back. In the meantime I goggled the phone number 202-803-8933 and came across so many complaints of this scam which really prepared me well.
After about 20 minutes I got another call and I was told to be ready to be arrested unless I pay back taxes. I cussed the guy in his language and he immediately cussed me back. We had almost 5 minutes of cussing exchange and then he hung up.
What I found positive in this whole event that I was having a stressful day this gave me opportunity to unload everything in 5 minutes. It felt really good after that.
Don't be afraid to blow them off, our reputable agencies don't act like them. So give them hell.

rcvd robo call from 202-506-9835 stating she was Officer Julie Smith with the IRS. "Do not ignore this call, we must hear from you before we pursue any legal action against you" she wanted me to call her back at her office # (above) - needless to say I won't be calling! If the IRS needs me for some reason they can contact me by official mail.

My scammer's name was Jerry Arthur, and he said he was from the Out of Court Resolution office of the IRS. Number on my phone showed 302-504-6258. I was so scared, as I was threatened with deportation, jail, etc. I gave him my debit card number and PIN number, then walked into our officer manager's office while I was still holding after speaking to the second person, a woman. When I told my office manager I was on the phone with the IRS and they were sending a policeman to my house to arrest me, she said, "Don't give them your account number!" When I told her I had already done so, she took my phone and my card and sent me directly to my bank. I was able to get a printout of my account and block my account for any withdrawals. To be on the safe side, I am changing my account number. This was report by sgb1948 on Aug 20th 2014. The same thing happened with me today Sep 2nd 2014. Please dont give any details. We even called the Sheriff in Cobb County to confirm this and they confirmed this as the Scam call.

Just received a voice message from 206-204-5252 saying they were from IRS and I am going to be arrested for tax fraud if I do not call back. I googled the number and found this sight stating it is a scam.

Call from (213) 337‑001‍4 (Los Angeles) on Sept. 4, 2014:

*text-to-speech, robotic voice* "Hi, officer Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 206-495-9309 (Seattle). I repeat it's 206-495-9309. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care.”

DO NOT CALL BACK!! It's clear that this is a scam designed to phish for your social security number, address, and your money. I hope fraud investigators find these scumbags. However, how do they punish criminals that take advantage of naive U.S. citizens (usually the elderly) and aren't even in your country to be convicted? Totally stinks.

I received a robo call/recorded call from Fernando Rodriguez. Claimed there was an action against me. Said to call back "before the courts got involved or sheriff came by to arrest me." Phone number of scammers: 206-512-1501. Caller ID will also read: "Unassigned." If you receive a call like this hang up immediately and block the number if your phone supports it. The people running this scam are the lowest of the low.

Received a message from a female Wed 9/3/14 and 6 messages on 9/5/14 from men stating calling from IRS 202-506-9962. Annoyed and frustrated!

Received call today from woman agent stating same info as for previous complainants. Returned the call to 202-506-9835 and asked man who answered for his Badge number. He then gave another fake number to call.
How can this go on without catching these scammers and how many people have they scammed?

Just got a vm from 202-864-1395. Stating that I have been excused of tax evasion. And that I will have a warrant for my arrest. That I need to call immediately. First of all my cell phone is not on any IRS documents. 2nd of all when IRS wishes to communicate with me it is only and always by mail. If they can't take the time to answer my calls why would they take the time to call me. SO all I can say is REALLY!!! do you think we are that dumb. I just block the number hoping they'll go away.

I just got a call from 2 guys with thick Indian accents, one claiming to be Melvin Bechel and the other, Mark Smith. They claimed that there is a warrant out for my arrest for tax evasion from 2008-2012 that was willfull and intentional. Because I have not received even one piece of mail regarding this, although he kept insisting that I had, I became suspicious and questioned whether this was actually the IRS calling. Once I did that, I got an immediate dial tone. I hope no one falls for this!

I received a call from a guy said that he's calling from US Treasury Dept of Legal Affair. I asked his returning phone no. and the no. is 323-786-9814. I searched this no. found out that's a landline phone belongs to a company called Ymax Oration in LA. I searched this Ymax Oration company again and found out this company involve in a lot of phone scams.

Nice info gan :D

My husband received a call this Saturday morning from 202 241 7393 from a man from the IRS. The man told my husband that he has been under investigation for 6 years and he owes 13k in taxes. They said the police would be here this afternoon to arrest him for tax evasion and our attorney needed to contact them immediately. When my husband told him that he wanted to see the documentation, the man said that the IRS has put letters on his door and mailed things to him. Being business owners that are responsible for paying large amounts of taxes each year, this was very upsetting to my husband in the moment. Millions of things were running through his head thinking that your accountant has made errors, that I who handle actually writing the checks hadn't been paying, etc. When he started asking questions about filling periods and such they hung up on him. Not only is this a scam to get money, they love the fear factor of it. My husband was so upset and told me about the phone call he received ( I new it was a scam). With both of us online the line he called the number back so I could hear what they were saying. After telling the man on the other line that he was a scammer, the man said they will continue to do this because we (Americans) are fools and he was laughing. Hopefully people will wise up to this. Never pay for anything over the phone when someone calls you.

These horrible people called me and they were disgusting and I hate they prey on people. I called the number back several times and left nasty messages. They need to be shut down by the IRS.

Why can't authorities shut down this whole block of numbers?????

Just received this message today on voicemail and reported it to the FTC. "[unintelligible]...received this message. I need you or your retained attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I'm Officer Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service, and the hotline to my division is 202-241-8907, I repeat, it's 202-241-8907. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care." I love how they are trying to insert some phone courtesy now into these still obviously predatory messages.

On September 12, 2014, I got an automated call on my answering machine with a robotic voice saying they were the IRS and they have been trying to contact me. This was the last time and they are going to sue me. I should call back 202-280-7924. This line is owned by Verizon and I am going to report them, not only to Verizon but the IRS. These people must think most of our are idiots to fall for their crap

Got a call from 12022417385 claiming to be from IRS and thretening of arrest

I got my second phone call from Alex Josef of the Department of Legal Affairs in DC at 202-241-7513. Heavy accent, unprofessional sounding, threatening that I'd be in a big legal battle, to have my lawyer available. He called last week, then also today and left the messages.
Can anyone find them, apprehend them?

Today I received a second call from the IRS scammers. The first call I received was last month from a male person with a very heavy accent, possibly from India. I rather enjoyed arguing with this BOZO. I finally got him so mad that he started screaming into the phone so I hung up on him. I forgot about the call until I received another one today. I let it go to voice mail and was surprised that quite a long message was left indicating that the warrant for my arrest would be enforced if I did not call them back at (844) 210-4888. I don't think I will be returning their call any time soon. I will be vigilant however.

Received a call today and have message on my voicemail. Caller ID shows WSHNGTNZN1 DC 202-864-1268 Message "This is officer Barry Foster. This message is time sensitive. Don't try to disregard this message. If I don't hear back from you or your attorney, then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation badly unfolds on you.

Received this same call from 202-600-3953 threatening me with legal action and jail--thick accent, could barely understand. Said he was an IRS agent.

I live in Nebraska and received several calls from 917-300-3617 stating I had a legal affidavit filed against me and if I didn't respond all they could do is wish me good luck. I called them and asked what they were talking about. He kept saying he was from the IRS (as menacingly as possible), and when I told him there was no way he was with the IRS, he said he was calling the cops. Ridiculous

I'm going to add my experience to the a msg on my home phone with the usual - I'm under investigation and a felony warrant has been issued for my arrest, yada yada, from a Kevin Smith. Never used my name, but still, I returned the call even tho it was suspicious. He was very hard to understand. A woman answered the phone saying "Internal Revenue Service", then asked for my phone number (still didn't use my name). She then told me I was being connected to her supervisor, who then continued the charade, saying this time, it was for "tax fraud" - which was when I told him, Dude, I haven't worked in centuries, at least 20 years, and that I was disabled.
This was where the fun began...
He sort of stumbled a bit, then told me "Good news! Being that you're a US citizen in good standing, the IRS has been authorized to make a payment on your behalf - you're a millionaire!!" EH?!! He started babbling something about would want some kind lessor payment for whatever - I still couldn't understand him. After asking him if this was a joke, my final reply was "I'm may be old, and I may be ill, but I'm not stupid. Thanks for an interesting afternoon. Good bye." He said good bye also, and we hung up.
I then hit the computer, did a little googling, and here I am. I think this guy may have been new - he folded pretty easily. But it steams me to no ends that people like this exist - I hope they all get some horrible disease, then see what it's like to be preyed upon by something without morals or mercy...

I received an automated call this morning , asking me to call back at (202)241-7093

I got TWO automated calls today from a guy with a thick Indian accent claiming to be James Campbell from the IRS. He said that a lawsuit has been filed against me (while never actually identifying me) and that the matter was extremely time sensitive. He said to call him back at 206-258-7932, and that if I didn't call back he could only wish me good luck for the situation that's about to unfold. I did NOT call him back, but instead I reported him to the local police (Florida) and then to the IRS and the FTC. This is a widespread SCAM that is currently under government investigation.

(Note the grammatical errors below in his message -- one clue it's NOT the IRS)

A man identifying himself as "Officer Charley King" (with a VERY thick accent) from the "Tax Audit Department of Internal Revenue Services" left a message on my answering machine saying "The nature behind this voice mail is to make you aware about a scenario. We have received some legal petitions complaint against your name concerning an illegal tax evasion, a tax fraud. So we are about take this matter to the federal claim courthouse and we are about to issue a warrant for your arrest. But before we go ahead and do that, if you need any relevant informations concerning this case that who is suing you, what are the allegations, you can call us back on our call back number which is 202-864-1629. I repeat 202-864-1629, again this is Officer Charley, last name King. Thank you."

I got a phone message said:"Hello! We've been trying to reach you. This call is the officially final notice from IRS, the Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case filed. Please call immediately on our department number 202-241-7193. I repeat 202-241-7193. Thank you."

I do not want my telephone to be listed or giving out by phone directory

For the record, the number I got was 202-241-7044.

Doc = Received a call today from a foreign speaking woman with badge #???. She said the call is time sensitive and to call her at 202-241-8329 or criminal charges will be brought against me, plus my social Security number will be scrutinized for life.

received a robocall on my answering machine from ph # 274-302-5130, with a female voice(no name)not asking for anyone by name in the home either, stating that this was an "official final notice" from the IRS to collect and if I don't return their call at 202-864-1154, I was going to be sued. I haven't called back and don't plan on it.

I received three calls in a row on Oct. 2 or 3rd (my date is off on my phone) from "Jonathan Knight" Badge number 46719 from the Federal Investigation department of the IRS on my answering machine. Now Jonathan had a heavy foreign accent, and kept reading the same script each time. I have my answering machine set at 30 seconds, so if you can't get your message across fast enough, it will cut you off. "Jonathan" left the same message 3 times asking me to call him but failed to leave a number. He accused me of committing fraud. I Googled Federal Investigation Department of IRS and this page popped up. I did have a 202 area code phone number on my caller ID along with some unavailables. Poor "Jonathan" couldn't figure out that he would get cut off every time, so I guess he gave up and moved onto the next number. I haven't received any other calls about my acts of fraud after that.

202-241-7351... robo call claiming to be Julie Smith from the IRS - they called twice today...same garbage about taking action - oh and good bye and take care.LOL - really annoying

I received my call 10/6/14 from 202-864-1136, guy sounded Indian and there was a lot of back ground noise. He said the IRS was bringing a suite against me, then he had the balls to ask me for my cell number, I hung up. This is BS

I got the fraud phone message from IRS Officer Mark Dawson. He said there was warrant for my arrest and that my physical residence was under observation. Very creepy. As far as I know, the IRS has agents not officers and if there was a problem they mail letters. I checked the net for IRS phone fraud. I did not return the call.

I just received a message from an 'officer white' of the IRS telling me I better call him back at his 202 area code number. Yeah, right. I knew it to be a scam right off.

Friends, expect NO help from any branch of the Federal government addressing this problem. I get several robo-calls a day despite being on the 'No call list' and reporting these scoff-laws. The NSA and other government snoops are monitoring our calls to see if we taxpayers are plotting against the establishment, but can't be bothered to shut down the boiler-room operations that are a plague to polite society. It is clear to me that serving the people is of no importance to Uncle Sam. I would love to be proved wrong, but it hasn't happened yet.

CASE #00661-IRS-.GOV
ROBIN WILSON--PH.202-241-0548

ACTS 4:12.

Just mess with them turn the tables on them. Make them mad i find it fun when they call. All i do is mess with their heads and keep calling them chachi or Habladabla

I just received a call from a Shawn Smith from 202-241-7085 stating its the IRS official and I have a arrest warrant against my name for incorrect taxes owed. Stating that they mailed paperwork to my address - somehow they did have my correct address and not sure where they get that from as I just moved to my new place. They gave an option to go get $500 as good faith for now from an ATM and then go to the 7/11 store get a certified voucher and give her the number on the phone and then officials will come to my house later and explain. It all sounded very crazy and a scam to me until I said get the cops because this is not the way IRS would deal. She threatened me to stay on the phone and if we get disconnected thorough this process then they will say take it that I did it on purpose and the police will come and arrest me. I started researching and found this page and waiting to call the IRS directly as well. Dont fall for this. But its sad that they get your number and address from somewhere.

Got a robo-call voice-message threaten lawsuit and I should call 202-864-1278.

I figure they change their # very few days, but if the IRS wants to catch these people, it is easy. Just trace where it goes and who pays for where it routes to. If you can't figure it out, call your buddy over at the NSA. They know how to and probably have a recording of all these calls too.

My call today was from an Indian guy and the caller ID showed "Washington DC as the city where the call came from. He said I owed $6421 in back income taxes and they would take me to jail for tax fraud. I told him to send me a letter on his IRS letterhead and I would show it to my attorney. Told him that I had filed properly and received small refunds every year since 1965.

Another phone # they use is: 571-721-1423. That is the number used by the Indian guy who called me today. I told him I would have my attorney call him later today.

Add 202-506-9499 to the list of numbers this IRS scam is using. Three calls today, the last left a voicemail claiming to be an officer of the IRS. I hit the delete button before listening to the rest of it.

I just got a call from 202-864-1284 and saying that they're the IRS and that the IRS contracted a lawsuit against me.

Received two similar calls (like those mentioned above) this morning about one hour apart, one from "Officer John Parker" (who had an Eastern European accent) and another from "Officer ___" (Indian accent too heavy to understand), both threatening legal action if we didn't call back. Second caller named a member of our household by name so they obviously have both names and numbers of those they are calling. Calls came from 301/202-8090. When I did a reverse look-up of the number it came back to a company called Ymax Oration Landline in Beltsville, MD. ... and, no I did not call them back!

just received mine from Dean Martin, no lie

I just received a call at 11:44 on 10/20/14 from "Eric Smith" stating that he is calling from Dept. of Legal affairs a Verbal notification for a legal matter about an enforcement action and asked me to call 909-271-3240.

Same number is also used for one of those 'Windows Service Center' frauds where 'Louis' will try to convince you to give him access to your computer so that he can fix the security problem it is causing on the internet. It seems to me that FTC, FCC and the phone service providers are letting this problem get out of control instead of addressing it seriously. I should be able to key in *666 (or some other number) while the call is in progress and have it instantly forwarded to FCC Fraud investigators to handle as the fraudulent use of our phone infrastructure that it is. They could set up all of the honey pots and do all of the tracing they wished and start getting this problem under control.

Just got a call from a "Jonathan Reed" claiming to be from the IRS but with a heavy Indian accent. Wants me to call him back at 202-241-9730 to discuss a problem with my taxes. When I *69'd the number, it came back as the same number he asked me to call him back on.

add 5712254251 to this bottm feeder. Used some name sounded like GAry or cary cooper.
Claimed my disabled brother did some crime and if he did not have a check for $8,000 dollars Monday when he would send an agent here to pick it up he would arrest my brother.
I did not get to tell him when he shows up the local TV station will be here as well as the local police .
The cell providers should not allow these people overseas to have US numbers to dial here with. I only picked up as it looked like local call.
I will make a citizens arrest if this clown has the guts to send his accomplice to try and extort 8 grand out of him.
HE will not be allowed inside, he will however be detained until the local cops get here, if I have to I will deal with him if he sets one foot on this property .
I would urge those affected by this ring of thieves do the same when they can,for all I know this clown could be buying weapons for ISIS with money they steal from seniors:(
FBI already has ben alerted maybe I will notify interpol if that does nay good since he is in india I traced the number back to thier "human resources dept"

Got a call on 10/21 from Steve Martin. 707-266-9019- heavy Indian accent and poor sound quality. We figured it was a scam and found this blog. The threat was something like we were in big trouble and needed his firm's help. Even knowing it was a scam, it gave me a chill. There's enough stress in the world.

I received a call from a man with a heavy foreign accent (no name) saying he was with IRS investigations, that we had a complaint against us and there was a federal investigation against our name and physical address, not to try to disregard the message, call 202-241-8260 and have a blessed day. Yeah, right, the IRS is wishing me a blessed day??? HA

Just got a call from (202) 241-8569 claiming a lawsuit was being filed against me by the IRS. Called claimed to be Paul White from the IRS and also spoke with an Indian accent. I reported it to TIGTA. Was a recording that I called back. When I confronted him with the fact this was a scam he hung the phone up.

I got the same message with IRS filing a lawsuit against me and with a call back number (202)8641121. It was crazy because they had ALL the things... background busy office noises, badge id, etc except really strong foreign accents. (I talked to 3 people!) So at first it sounded ligit when they threatened to take me to court in Washington (I live in TX) unless I wanted to settle out of court but if I disconnect the call, they will release and dispatch officers to come to my house to arrest me and then take me to court. I will have to stay on my cell phone with them while I go to the bank to withdraw the cash (thousands of $$) and then set up an EFPTS account and then an IRS agent will come to my house to pick up the cash and transfer to the EFPTS system and release the "documents" at that time. I told them my cell phone is running out of battery and might get disconnected. they gave me another number to call back and asked how long it will take to get to the bank and they felt that I would probably need time to get dressed!!!! It was 11:30am and I was dressed and at work! Plus, EFTPS is for "electronic" federal tax payments, why would I need to go to the bank to withdraw cash for an electronic payment?? After I put the phone down, I called the local police and I reported them to the IRS phone scam reporting site. The police said that they operate from another country and they would probably have made me withdraw cash and then go to the local walmart or some place and transfer money that way. I just got a call from them (45 minutes later) to see if I got the cash!!!

Today my husband received a call from some guy named Chris Wilcox very strong Indian accent stating that he owed past taxes from 2009,2010 and 2011 and if he didn't start making payments right away he will go to jail. When I heard I told my husband to hung up, immediately smelled scam, I'm agree these people needs to be thrown in jail. The number was 323 786 1105 from Los angeles California.

let it go to voicemail and a robo female voice stated it was urgent and time sensitive and to not disregard this message. Stated her name was officer Julie Smith. Phone number of 202-241-8625 out of DC. I've never had problems with my taxes so this has to be another scam.

This was our first time and it happened 2 days ago... They called me and a guy, an "officer" called himself by some name and by the time I could recollect myself from being startled by those words "arrest" etc, he connected me to 'US treasury officer' "Ryan Colman" but some "Duane McGuire(?)...this fu*k ( pls excuse, I don't want to use such language but they were such mean bullies that I can't think of any word that can address him better)... started to read a 503 CP crap(I was researching by now, online to see their numbers and what 503 stands for...none of that made sense and they were listed on one scam report... Not too many sites seem to know them, like other numbers starting from 202.. I was still skeptical and half shaken since we file everything correctly and pay taxes promptly... When I told him that we did not receive any information in mail, he already had that covered by saying/yelling with an intimidating voice that several mails were sent to my address and that I have deliberately ignored them... I was not sure what more I could say... He said the case has gone too far for me to get away and no CPA can be called and that I need a criminal lawyer and bail application blah blah. He continued to harass me while I cried helplessly thinking about how living an honest and prompt life doesn't necessarily mean you'll escape from legal trouble ... I almost started losing my belief in legal system and how their system has a terrible loophole and a flaw that they find harmless and prompt citizens to punish (it was very discouraging and I feel bad that I felt that way, but... that was the amount of torture and they took a while before telling me what I had done wrong... Till then they kept repeating that I'll be arrested at such, case, bail, criminal etc etc words loaded in their potty mouths. I'm so much willing to help answer anyone that want to know the details. LET'S NOT SPARE THEM! It wasn't totally an Indian accent or Pakistan accent, it felt like any one working here in USA, besides we have seen several here in California that almost have only traces of their foreign accents especially if they've moved here earlier in their life and have barely any "home" accent left... I really couldn't tell... After 15-20 mins through the call, I was convinced from internet that this was a scam...(thanks to my slow internet that it took a while to scan through several sites to conclude) ... They had enough information about us(name, address mostly ones available on the internet type of info) so I wondered if they knew anything else (SSN etc...and what exactly was he expecting...) He had started giving me options by now that I can pay money and "settle out of court"( in his own words) by paying a balance of $5800! This crook wanted me to send cash only(no credit, debit card or check-they seem to be preparing themselves to make people believe them. IRS website says they are asking for credit cards, but these scammers now know that people won't believe them anymore if they ask for card info, so now it's cash only!). He wanted me to go to bank and get cash $5800!! and go to a nearby Safeway(Vons grocery store) and buy a "voucher" and give them the code on it. 'Once he puts that into the system,' miracle happens and 'my arrest warrant will be cancelled'.... He also wanted me to stay on phone till I get to ️️vons because the conversation is monitored 'federally'(!!?) ... To prove his point, while he is talking to me, I receive another call from '911' (displayed incoming call as 911!!)and when I answer that, that guy says they are monitoring my call... They assumed that I'll think it's real... I muted his call saying I need to use bathroom and called IRS several times... They wouldn't answer and the wait time is 30-60 mins! Still after 30 mins, nobody answered ... The guy on the phone kept talking to me in between mutes to see if I'm ready to get to the bank... (It was a joke by now and I started enjoying making him wait like a fool on the phone... Kept giving bathroom excuses(lol!) .... These are the people that wouldn't mind sleeping with their own moms ... I'm not sure why it is so hard for them to be traced... Some people have lost money to them, by giving the code in that card/'Voucher' from places like rite aid, Home Depot etc I read... Is it not possible to track them... How do they collect money from that code? I wish some smart person out there catch them soon... I finally hung up on him without sending money but he kept calling 6-8 times the whole day, both on landline and cellphone....and again the next day...(We replaced our landline with one that can block calls... What a relief!). If you get a call from these clowns, make fun of them and post it on YouTube. At least, we can entertain ourselves ... Bunch of clowns that are worse than ebola...

The phone no. did not get displayed in the title of the previous post. Here's the number they called me from: 7609802994. Interestingly, if you call this number from your landline and cellphone, it says "Legal affairs IRS.. Blah" message... But if you call from Skype, it says Ymax communications and the call automatically gets cut off! Somehow, they can't be reached if you call them from Skype! YMax and Magic jack numbers are being used by these crooks... I'm shocked that Ymax doesn't have a direct contact phone no. for customer service. They only have fax no and email contact, which I don't think I can count on or trust that a prompt action will be taken. I'm sure many have complained to them. Wonder if they are taking any measures!?

I was searching a roommate in Albuquerque. I found someone who pretend to be a lady of 26 want a room. I answered to her ad by telling her that I have a room. She replied that she is interested in and she's intended to come on 7th Nov. She told me that she is working in Christianaid. She asked me for the address and phone number which I provide her. I told her that its not possible for my current roommate to move out untill the end of Nov. She replied that she has forward my contact details to her employer and he is going to sent me payment. I realized that she's a scam and I told her that I am not going to give the room to her and I don't want any payment from her, and she should not make any contact to me any more. She's still emailing me that payment is on the way and her shipping will arrive to my place sometime. I have told her that I will let know the Law Enforcement personnel if she keep contacting me. After going through the series of stories from different victims, I am afraid that she will keep contacting me, and ultimately harass me. What should I do, shall I reply to her emails, ignore her, tell the police, or what if I receive a fake cheque from her? Please advise me. Thanx

I was received a voicemail today from Julie Smith #(415) 506-2397 saying she was from the IRS and that I needed to call her back before further action was taken against me

got a call today from 202 241 7362 saying we owed taxes the call was from Texas

Recieved a recorded msg telling me to call back at 202- number because I am being sued by the irs. I'm telling you, never let these scammers scare you. I jst read a story of how a lady sent them a total of $702! I wish she had known better. Please spread the word and keep your money from benefitting these Indian-based scammers. If you talk to them and tell them who they are, they admit and they come up with fake stories, such as being from Pakistan and having a beef with USA for throwing them out of work and the country, or something. Another lie. I have friends who speak Hindi, and if you swear at them in hindi they start a continuous string of hindi curse words. It's laughable, really.
These calls are out of India, using faux phone numbers. The scammers posing as attorneys, agents, and officers are Indians who may have never even stepped foot out of their country. They give you fake names and are very brazen. Most are just streetdogs who have learned english from tv shows and movies, and their con-artist'bosses' probably give them a few rupees for their work.It's impossible to track them down. Best is to ignore. I think the more you answer their calls the more they keep calling.

My 10 year old female child received a call and they used extremely inappropriate language. They told her to come lick my d**k. That was fun explaining why he would say that. When I took the phone he said "you can't find me". They haven't called back since.

These are the bogus numbers calling me the past few days.







Please get these scammers.

Came home to a VM from a woman stating she was from the IRS and this was my final notice that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and I needed to contact 02-864-1161. Message quality was poor, message itself was vague. Never received any previous notices by phone or mail.Thought it was strange and unlikely but I was very confused and nervous until I read these statements. This number seems to match other fraudulent numbers. I live in Hunterdon County Clinton, NJ

I got an automated call by the IRS

Called ID says John Abeyta

Wanted me to call 02 864 1678

Chris Martin Called me early this morning with this same bullshite 202-470-5463

I got a call from a man with a heavy indian accent claiming that there is a criminal investigation against me...number he called from 917-503-2902 His name he used was Nick Johnson told me that I needed to get a lawyer. So be ware......

I received a call from 202-224-0908 today (31 Oct 2014 - 1:58 PM). It was a female voice and she said she is calling from Leagal affairs or so. She said they have received a case and from IRS department and police will be coming to my house at 9 am tomorrow and asked me to be present at the residence with out fail. I called my tax consultant to know that these are all fake calls and not to give any money.

THE NSA Knows who these people are and WHERE they are, and does nothing. WHY?

11-01-14, Saturday AM
Got a precorded call saying I should have a lawyer and to return call to 202-506-9338. Called it back and an Indian man answered and tried to get personal information which I wouldn't give. Because of this he said the police would be at my residence within 7 days to arrest me and seize all my properties.

Today I received a fake cheque from the scam. Now the next thing I am expecting is a series of harassment calls. I think I should block my number, so that person get disappointed for having no contact with me.

My caller was Officer Albert Watson from IRS Criminal Investigations. Said there were serious allegations pressed against my husband. I told him that I knew this was a scam and hung up. He called back immediately but I did not answer. He left a message with the same allegations, his name and phone number, 202-754-8571. He had a heavy Indian accent that was very difficult to understand.

Nov 5, 2014
Like so many before I too just took a call from a supposed IRS female agent (Indian accent) calling for my wife who owed back taxes (bad connection too). When I told her my wife was at work she insisted I give her a message that the IRS was filling a lawsuit on her and she needed to call back at 1-571-292-8449 and ask for ??? I couldn't understand her. My wife called back to see what it was all about and an agent Cooper told her that the IRS sent several letters to her address in regards to her back taxes and the lawsuit. When my wife told him she didn't live there anymore and hadn't for the past 2 years he called her a lier. He then told her to call the IRS with his name and badge number 0489051 at 1-800-829-1040
but we now know it was a scam. Good luck out there and spread the work about this scam to everyone you know. I would hate to have a family member or a friend get ripped off by these jerks.

Number: 832-554-3109
Robo Call
Who: Synthesized voice
Location: Texas
Recommendation: Listen to full message and record the message. Do not talk to anyone if a person comes online. Hang up and do not call the number. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!

Message: Calling to let you know there have been charges brought against you by the IRS. We have started legal action (something to that affect) to help. You must call us at 832-554-3109 otherwise you will have to take full responsibility of the charges and we will not be able to help.

Yes I got a similar call today on my home phone. I know for a fact the IRS doesn't call and say "we have been trying to get a hold of you" without saying who the message is for. Caller I'd said an AL number but to call back at a DC number. I just deleted it. Fairly obvious to me it's fake . If the IRS wants you, they will either send a certified letter or show up at your house!!

Got one from 202 241 8236 claiming to be an IRS agent. Very hard to understand accent. They even set up a voice mail for call back. He called again and was abusive.

I got numerous such calls from the same group listed in this blog. I just cannot understand why the authority cannot close them for good. They have the real phone numbers. Can someone please explain.

Received a call this morning, they left a voice message. I panicked and immediately called my boyfriend who is an IT Director. He confirmed the scam and filed with every agency. These people are scamming so many out of their hard earned money it is a shame. Uniting online is a great start, getting our State and Government Representatives to instill harsher laws for these indecent acts against people, is another way to thwart potential would-be criminals.

Just received a call from an "Albert Watson" (sure didn't sound like some named that as I couldn't understand word he said through his HEAVY accent). He claimed to be a part of the IRS and was calling in regards to tax issues and a lossage complain (?). He called from 202-241-8571.

Three robocall voicemail messages left on the same day within 3 hours. The real IRS does not flood you with calls like an impatient teenager.

"...record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I am Officer Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my position is 4155061297. I repeat, it's 4155061297. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Good bye and take care."

I just got a call that did not mention anything about who they were trying to contact. This was a recording that stated that it was the IRS and they have been trying to get ahold of me. This is the final notice as they will be filing a law suit against me. Left the number 202-618-1984 as the number to call.

I just received call from Nick Anderson officer for IRS requesting to speak with my husband. I told him that he was not available and could not receive calls. Mr. Anderson would not discuss confidential matter with me but stated that it was urgent that he speak with my husband. Mr. Anderson had heavy foreign accent ? India sounding. At end of conversation he stated for me to have my husband call back immediately and that I should have a lovely day. At first I was alarmed but when I thought about the call... I knew that this had to be a scam. So I looked on line at IRS website and realized that this was part of current IRS telephone scam. I reported Mr. Nick Anderson to TIGTA @ 1800-366-4484. Mr. Anderson called from the following number 607-733-6833. The number that we were suppose to call back was 866-978-4398. I checked this number and of course it is not a valid telephone number. So BEWARE. When I spoke with TIGTA it appears that many folks have lost lots of money with this scam. AND that the IRS would notify the taxpayer by mail not by telephone!So please report this this scam so others do not suffer...

Got a call today from (562) 361-8924 stating this was a second attempt to contact me regarding a Federal Crimes matter and if I didn't want to appear before a magistrate judge that I should contact them right away. I filed a report with the FTC and then called my husband who called these jokers back. He said that the lady that answered the phone told him that that there was a warrant out for his arrest for tax fraud in 2011 and 2012 (H&R block does our taxes). He informed them that a tax preparer does our taxes that they should contact them regarding the matter. She insisted that he was going to jail and gave him a phony ID number with the IRS. He then asked a couple more questions and she hung up on him. He wants them put in jail for impersonating a government agency but we know that won't happen. It's very frustrating!

202-464-2556 will not stop calling me. they say they are from the IRS. Now they called my job. STOP THIS PLEASE.

What I would want to hear is how we are being protected, and how this kind of things is no more. I read here about many, many people who have been attacked in this way, many of them frail or infirm. This has to stop! can the FTC do something? and if they can't do something, someone can? How come this has been running for such a long time, and still goes on?

I received a call today from an officer Julie Smith 415 - 234 - 9602 said to call back the second received the message, I did not call back I've seen in the comments section several different calls from Julie Smith all different phone numbers. How annoying

I received a similar call as all above today, first a VM from Julie Smith from the IRS, then a guy answered the call. This was from 585-310-3834, then to call back to 415-234-9502. This is a cell phone in CA. I called my friend that works for the IRS and asked if this is how they would handle any unpaid taxes of $4950 (while on the call with whatever his name was). Mr. Whatever said he heard the recorded message and wished me luck when the officers would be there within the hour to arrest me. I went an ate lunch instead. Be on the look out and hopefully they can catch these idiots before anyone loses their hard-earned money. I didn't btw, but nice try!

Got this same call but from 202-759-9432. Thick accented woman that told me I had to call them back regarding an IRS balance and told me that I shouldn't ignore the call.

Just received a call from a guy with an Indian accent claiming to be officer John Parker from the IRS. The telephone # is 301-968-7596 telling me that I have a serious case with the IRS that has been sent to Washington, D C. and I am about to be arrested within 20 minutes for tax fraud in the amount of $22,456.85. If I don't have it all I can send 10% by my debit card immediately and he will have it settle without me going to jail. He also left a threatening message on my voice mail telling me to take this seriously because it is a serious financial and criminal matter and if I don't call him back, all he can do is wish me luck.

got call today from Sean White - 716-616-9314

Just received a call today (11/19/14), number showed up as 650-573-2801, the actual number for the North Coast Substation from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. The person first claimed to be Officer something or other from San Mateo County Sherriff's Office, then said I was being investigated by the IRS Tax Crime Investigation Unit, and that he needed to transfer me. I was put on hold and "transferred" to an "Officer James O'Connor", with a very thick potentially hispanic accent. I thought it was a bit strange, because IRS agents were called "Agents or Special Agents" rather than "Officer". He then continued to tell me that legal allegations had been brought to their attention by the IRS, and that I should not interrupt him at all as the phone was being "monitorized" by the IRS, State Attorney and other legal agencies. They said they "found out something unusual" about my taxes between 2010-2013, and about a "miscalculation" and that they had strong evidence that it was "done on purpose" and they were trying to press 5 counts of criminal activity against me. Then the phone disconnected. I immediately went online to get the number to call the IRS and at the same time looked up IRS related phone scams and found this information. For good measure, I'm still on the phone waiting to speak with a representative from the IRS, but I feel a little better knowing that it could be a scam. I didn't give them any personal information but I wonder if they were able to keep me on the line and phish my personal information from my phone. So identity theft is now a big concern.

Oh, the number they left was 567-258-0358


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