Scammers even impersonate kidnappers

Imposters will pretend to be anyone to get you to send them money. Recently, reports of the virtual child kidnapping imposter scam have resurfaced. The scam begins with a call from someone claiming to have kidnapped a child in your family. You may even hear sounds of a child in distress in the background. The scammer demands money immediately, often wanting money sent through a wire transfer service or by prepaid card.  The scammer may even insist that you keep the call a secret and not alert the police.  

These calls are fake and law enforcement organizations, like the FBI, are aware of this type of scam.

If you get a call like this, resist the urge to send money immediately, no matter how dramatic the story.  These scammers are good at pressuring you to send money before you have time to think.  How do they know your information? Scammers will search the internet and social media sites to get personal information.

It’s natural to want to check on your child’s safety, even if your head tells you the call is fake. That’s OK. Contact your child or their school directly. Then you can report this fraud at

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Unreal. How can we catch these losers? I'm tired of all the heartache bad people put in our lives. There's got to be a way to stop this? Where are these calls coming from? In USA or out of USA ? Thank you for the heads up

These unscrupulous people need jail time! For a longtime!!! And big fines for the money they have scammed!

That good For them

all of tjese people r on a team one of them was hacking my phone for a long time but i got all thwre names e mails and other info evwrything od mine is jacked so i have no problen blasting them keep a look out for them

Wow! That is the most frightening of all!

This is so deceitful. Catch them and lock them up. Then throw away the key!

I had this happen a couple of years ago. I knew it was a scam because the friend they used would never e-mail me about it. I let her know and she didn't seem to care at all. I tried to help me. I wanted her to know that someone was using her e-mail. Some people just don't give a rats (_+_). I didn't get a phone call. I don't answer calls I don't know.

My mother-in-law almost got screwed out of 2k. If not for my wife and I getting involved right away. they were also caught. Store cameras were able to indent. them. Please advise your older relatives of this.

If these calls are coming from outside the USA, it's time to put the NSA to good work! They have the equipment, technology and skills to block these kinds of calls. I wonder how many of these scam calls are from terrorist groups trying to raise money?

The NSA are not capable of good work.They can't even spot most of the weapons going through security checkpoints. Sad to say, we need to educate ourselves and rely less on inept bureaucracies to protect us.


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