Sensa-tionalistic Claims Don’t Shake Off the Pounds

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Updated 6/25/14: For updates about the Sensa redress program, please call 1-800-420-2914.

Does the claim that sprinkling powder on your food to help you lose weight – without dieting or exercising – sound more like magic pixie dust to you?

That’s what the FTC thought when it settled with the makers of Sensa, a powder purported to help people lose weight. They claimed shaking Sensa on any type of food would make you feel full faster. That, in turn, would help you eat less and lose weight.

But here’s the skinny: There’s no scientific evidence this type of weight-loss product works. In fact, without diet or exercise, any claims that a pill, patch, cream, or in this case, powder, will help you lose substantial weight are bogus.

The best way to lose weight? Eat fewer calories and get more exercise. And remember these key points:

  • Be skeptical about any weight loss promise, testimonial, or endorsement. Research the company or the product before you make a decision to buy. And don’t get hooked on promises of quick, easy, or permanent weight loss; all you’ll lose is money.
  • Beware of dietary supplements promoting weight loss. The FDA doesn’t evaluate or review dietary supplements – which may contain drugs or other contaminants – for effectiveness before they go on the market. They might not work.
  • Report questionable weight loss claims to the FTC.                                                            

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I used Sensa for over a year with no results. every time I called the company I was told I wasn't using it correctly & tried to sell me add'l products. They had me convinced that I wasn't using it right especially after the customer service rep told me how much weight she lost So I After a year I called to cancel auto delivery & was told to try it for another month for free. The Sensa suit was filed in 2012 - Why was this not made public?

Hi, dml77, the Sensa case was just filed yesterday. I'm not sure where you got the impression that it was filed in 2012.

You can submit a complaint about your experience with Sensa at

This is a new settlement. Another settlement was settled in 2012.

If there was a previous settlement, it was not an FTC case.

No you are wrong there was a lawsuit in 2012 that I too never heard about until after it was too late. I sent a message to Shop HQ and gave them a piece of my mind about why I was never informed from them that there was a lawsuit because they were the one that sold it and they told me that there is another lawsuit that was just won Jan 2014 and that Sensa has to get ahold of everyone that purchased there product to see if they want to file a form. I have been trying to find out when and where the forms will be made available for this lawsuit because I definitely want my money back.

SAME THING W/ME. I too bought it from shopHQ and rec'd a letter a few mos ago stating the lawsuit and when I investigated to try and get back my few hundred dollars as Im on limited income, I was told its too late and been settled. How can I get in on the class action pls?

I purchased Sensa without any weight loss results
is a class action suit pending? how can I submit
a claim?

I have been looking and so far I don't see where to submit a claim for the refund. There should be some information soon. I hope anyway.

Would like to know if there is a class action suit pending regarding Sensa, and how to submit a claim for a refund?

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page.

I also purchased Sensa without any weight loss results
is a class action suit pending? how can I submit
a claim?

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page.

when can we expect to get information as to how and where to file a claim for refund?

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page.

how do i file a claim for getting my money back from sensa

We're still working out the details. Updates will be available on the FTC refunds page.

Would like to have info regarding a class action suit and where I can submit a claim form

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page.

This is a new settlement. Another suit settled in 2012.

I was taken by sensa. Tryed to get my money back. Never gave it back

I would like to get my money back! Called the company and was told I didn't use it long enough to get results and since I bought it from GNC that they could not help me with a refund!!

Like so many I was stupid and tried this product with no results. I would love to get my investment back. I still have some of the unused product or partly used products lying around.... This is the first scam I've ever fell for.

I purchased a six month plan of Sensa and diligently used it. I feel foolish now because I was scammed. I never lost a pound with this. I cancelled my auto-ship order. Yes, I would like my money back for the Sensa and the six months of believing that it would help me.

the more I shook sense the more weight I gain

I would like to know if or is it. Settlement for this situation because I didn't lose any weight

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page. I will try to post a link here, too.

i would love to get all the money back that i have spent on Sensa, the first time i used it, i thought it was what helped me lose weight, but was on a low carb diet cause of my liver emzyms were hi, got that cleared off and was on the part where they say stay off for six months so i did but have used it again since but no weight losss and this time was not on carb diet, so guess the carb diet is what helped me lose weight the first time not the sensa, Guess i will be going back on my carb diet, hope we will get back all the money we have spent,

I have been using sense for over a year and no weight loss.I still hv empty bottles plus full ones

I did not lose anything from sensa ! I still have "shakers". Full. Waste of money

total wasted of money .returned unused shaker but it was refunded cause passed 30 days. but I let them know what I eight loss.I was even on auto. never believe tv ads.

I bought Sensation from HSN. I bought a year's worth. It did not work.

I automatically received the next year's supply. I called and cancelled saying it didn't work and sent it back.

I wasted money by ordering in the first place.

Used it for 6 months, gained 8 lbs....kept sending it to me, took me several phone calls and them trying to get me to keep it at a discounted price, but finally they refunded ONLY CONTAINERS 7 & 8, which is actually months 1 & 2 starting over again...MINUS SHIPPING CHARGES.....What a crock..

If you want to lose weight, you must understand how your body works. Exercise will not make you healthier and skinnier if you do not pay attention to what you eat. It is important to maintain the pH balance in your blood. When the pH balance in your body has become too acidic as a result of unhealthy and overcooked foods consumption, your body will anticipate it by removing the acidity of the blood so that balancing its alkaline level. The removed acid will be thrown into fat cells. The more unhealthy food you eat, the more your body needs fat as a defense system to prevent the entry of acid into your body’s vital organs and cause damage.

On the other hand if you implement a healthy and alkaline diet then the acid level will be low so that your body does not need that much fat. Whole living food consists of natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc), eating them in their raw state is a very wise dietary choice. These kind of foods are very alkaline and contain a lot of energy that comes directly from the sun, so it is very effective to help fat burning process in the body.

Your advice concerning acids and bases and energy from the sun is about as scientific as saying eating sticks will make you thin. How about picking up a book about pharmacology, biochemistry or anything remotely scientific instead of perpetuating your libertarian, new age lies to an impressionable public?

Our we going to get our money back from the bogus company does anyone know? I am so mad and feel like a totally idiot!

The FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in this case. When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be available on the FTC refund page.

I used SENSA for a month to NO AVAIL.... Didn't even loose an inch !
I immediately called them & expressed my dissatisfaction to which they replied I was probably using it incorrectly & there was nothing they could do about it
The only way they said, was to return the empty and unused vials and after they got them they would let me know if anything could be done. I sent them back @ a cost of $14.00 and I got them back as "Unknown Recipient".
When I called to tell them, there was no way of getting through.... Never heard from them again

Hi, How do I get inrolled in the Sensa class action suit. Please send forms, Phone numbers. Or what ever is needed to be included in this class action suit.
Thank you.
Take care, Kerry

I bought the Sensa 6 mo. program, with the auto refills,within 1 day of using it I became really ill. I was in the bathroom everyday 3-4 times a day with diarrhea, I thought it was a first timers reaction and would soon go away. It never did, after my first month I became so dehydrated, weak and had non stop headaches, I had to stop! Unfortunately, no refund.

I ordered the six month supply with no results and no can I get a refund.

When information becomes available regarding refunds, it will be at the FTC refund page. Make sure you sign up to receive our press releases and blogs, that way you'll know as soon as the information is out.

would like a refund of product that did not work

How can I file a complaint on sensa? I purchased it on April of last year, a whole six month supply but it didn't work for me. I purchased it on Shop NBC, it was terrible of them not contacting me about this lawsuit. I just found out today and that's because I saw the advertisement of the advanced sensa. It was a waste of money! Please help us try to file complaints! Thanks!

You can file a complaint with the FTC at

I went to the ftc site re: sansa claims and don't understand how to do it. There isn't any link. can u be more specific pls??

Eileen06 - go to the FTC Complaint Assistant page. On the right side you will see a list of categories. If none of them fit your claim, pick "Other". The online system will let you know what to do next. This is the process to file an online complaint with the FTC, if you want to report a fraud or a company's wrongdoing.

If what you are looking for is information on the refund process for consumers who bought Sensa, when information becomes available it can be found here or you can check updates by calling 202-326-2784.



Sensa is a rip off to me I bought a 6 mos supply an nothing happened for id like my money back!!!!!

It a rip off I bought a 6 mon supply an nothing happend id like my money back!!!!

While also ripped off by Sensa's 6 month plan and it's worthless false claims, I have to wonder if it play's in roll in my being diagnosed with 4 malignant breast tumors that had grown rapidly in my left breast. Has anyone seen any cancer related incidents linked to Sensa? ShopNBC (Now ShopHQ) never notified me of the 2012 case, nor did they send a follow up letter their initial undated letter leads one to believe will follow when refund claims are ready to be accepted. There are many links listed in these comments - a recent one is given as where to go to file a Sensa complaint, though the link listed does not take you to any Sensa related page.

The FTC’s Sensa Hotline number is (202) 326-2784. Call that number for updates on the refund process. Right now, as of May 1, 2014, the refund program administrators are still developing the appropriate process for filing a claim and getting your refund. When this process is determined, the hotline message at (202) 326-2784 will have instructions and the FTC's refund page will also have the information.

I used the product twice for 6 months each time. I did not lose weight either time. The only thing I noticed was a smell to my urine. I would like to file a claim even if it is just for a partial refund.


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