Stopping unwanted phone calls and text messages

Unwanted phone calls or random text messages seem to come at all hours. They bug you at work, interrupt your dinner, or wake you up when you’re sound asleep. I think we can all agree they’re a real nuisance. Did you know they could also be a scam?

If your phone number is one of the more than 217 million numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, you’ve taken action to stop most unwanted sales calls. The law allows political calls, calls from charitable organizations, informational calls, calls about debts you owe, and phone surveys, as well as calls from companies you’ve done business with or gave permission to call.

If you get an unwanted sales call or a robocall—a recorded message that’s pitching a product or service— it’s probably a scam. The unscrupulous businesses behind these calls use autodialers to make thousands of calls a minute and don’t bother to check if the numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry. Don’t press buttons to request to speak to someone or be taken off the call list. You’ll just end up getting more unwanted calls. Hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission at or 1-888-382-1222.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, you might want to ask your service provider to block the number; for calls from different numbers, ask if they offer a service to block unwanted calls. You can also buy a call blocking device. Getting calls on your mobile phone? There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s more than one. Look in your mobile app store or marketplace.

What about those random text messages? It’s illegal for a company to send you a text message if it doesn’t have your permission, barring a few exceptions. If you get a random text message from a number you don’t recognize that says you won something or asks you to confirm some personal information, don’t text back or click on links. Report it to your provider at 7726 (SPAM) and to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.


I've registered for "DO NOT CALL" and I receive at least one call per day for the $1,000,000 Jamaican Lottery. If the area code is 876, I don't answer. The caller NEVER leaves a message. Just the 4 rings are annoying.

Don't ever answer a call from Jamaica. There is a law in their country that allows them to reverse the charges without your permission. A lady I knew with dementia ended up with a $12,000 phone bill. AT&T removed the charges, but she still had a bill in Jamaica. Even after she was moved into a home, they kept calling her. Be very careful with numbers from Jamaica.

I keep getting recorded calls that this company has court papers to send me for an unpaid payday loan....they threaten me with being federally charged and then civil case too. They say I can settle today and pay a reduced amount. the awful part is they are calling my mother, sister and father and it is causing strain. I have googled the three different numbers and they all say scam and people tell same story. They hang up on me if I get upset with them...I told them one call to go ahead and file but then they call again the next day. What do I do!

You can report the company to the FTC at and to your state Attorney General’s office.
If you know the phone numbers the calls are coming from, you may be able to block the calls. You don't have to answer the calls. Sometimes, when you answer a recorded call (a 'robocall') and talk to the person or press a number, it leads to more calls.
You might have call blocking features on your phone or answering machine, or you can ask your phone service provider about options.

I have been receiving calls from the same number for weeks that is a "robo call" but that says papers are being filed against me. I am not the person that they are trying to reach. I didn't look at my caller ID, as I was expecting a call. So I listened to the robot & it stated to press any key to speak to someone if I was the person they were trying to reach or if I was not the person that they were trying to reach so that they could deal with the matter efficiently. I pressed the button and explained to the person on the phone that I did not know this person and would like to ensure that they would remove my #. I am disabled from a rare syndrome that only one place in the U.S. deals with & it's literally across the country from me. So sometimes their calls are from different numbers & I need to be able to take their calls. I explained that I am quite sick and would like my # to be taken off from this issue. The man I spoke to was rude, refused to give me the name of the company,actually made fun of me because I said that I wasn't well. He just started saying oh yeah we get a lot of "sick" people who are liars, I live in Maine but I am from the south & due to this when I am angry, I get very "proper" in the way I talk. I again just redirected him to removing my # please. He would not allow me to speak as he continually spoke over me. I finally just quit talking & he stopped. I asked if he was done? At that point I stated I would like to speak with a supervisor to ensure that I was not going to be harassed. He said sure, then he said hello, you asked to speak with a supervisor. I said yes, the one above you. He laughed and said he was the highest. I stated that there is always someone above you. Again laughter, my husband is a supervisor for a large cell phone company and there is always someone above, did you think I was that uninformed? He said that he thought whatever medication I was on had apparently made me confused. I asked again for the company's name and got more abuse from him, and he refused to give me his name. I told him that he was rude,& I would like to speak with someone else, & through the whole call he had been making sniffing & snorting noises, he asked why I wanted to speak to someone else & I said because I know that you are wearing a headset & the booms are very sensitive to sound, and he apparently was sick because of all the snot he kept sucking back up & it was affecting his cognitive skills. He stated no, he was quite good at his job and that he was getting paid to be on the phone so we could just continue to talk. I said that would be fine, but I needed to speak to someone who is actually able to do the job correctly, as my 3 years old granddaughter had more sense than he did, he hung up at that point. I KNOW I should have just said that they had the wrong # in their files & disconnected the call. With my husband being a supervisor in a call center, I know that they make notes in their computer systems & that if a person calls in, and is not happy with the answers they get will call back & ask for a supervisor. They are usually transfered to the person that took their last call, according to the notes in the system & considered "proof" they were talking to the supervisor. So, knowing this, when the representative answered the call, I spoke politely & asked him if I could get the address of the company & was told they could not give out that information, which is a huge red flag. There is always an address. I said okay & asked if I could speak to the supervisor & I assured him that it had nothing to do with him, as he had been very professional. He thanked me & asked if he could place me on hold in order to get me to the supervisor & I said sure, but could I get the supervisors name 1st, and he gave it to me and proceeded to transfer me & he transferred me to the person I had spoken to before & I knew that he was very aware who was calling him. I just stated that he had just kept me on the phone with him for absolutely no reason, he could have given me his name & his company's name & been off the phone with me. However the representative that just took my call was definitely more logical because he was able to give me the companys name and that of the person he was transferring me to with out any issues that he had in our prior conversation. He kept trying to talk over me, again, until I finally (I have 5 grown children and realized that he needed to be talked to like a child) l increased my voice to say ENOUGH! You are literally acting like a 2 yr old throwing a tantrum! You are at work & need to be professional, Mr. Adam Fortis. I will now be disconnecting this call, oh & just some advice from now on, that is the proper way to disconnect a call with any one, but especially at work. It's really showing that your manners & professionalism are lacking, since you seem to believe hanging up on someone is appropriate. Have a good day Mr.Fortis.

I apologize for basically giving a play by play of a call that should have never happened. I know better & if I get calls such as this one, I block the number. I get tired of their voice-mails & thought this would be an easy way to stop them as they call multiple times a day. They do not care who you are or what you are saying - as he said I can stay on the phone with you, I get paid hourly to do so. Sorry again for the rant. Just block their numbers if you can do so.

I rather enjoyed reading your story. It's nice to know I'm not the only one being so rudely harrased and frustrated with telemarketers. I had a similar experience, but I wished I had handled my situation the way you did yours. You stayed calm for he most part. And you were smart to call back and get his name and info like that. When I tried to call back I got the same person 3 times in a row, and then it went to voice-mail 3 times and then I got a different person, who was just as rude as the first. And they kept hanging up on me! I was just calling back trying to see why they would call me everyday multiple times a day just to hang up when I say hello? They would say your number is removed from our system and hang up. But it's been happening since I got a new number 3 years ago. The Same company keeps calling me looking for some miguel guy. Im like im not even a dude, or spanish I keep telling you people I don't who who your looking for. But then they threaten me saying I'm harassing them! Because I kept calling back when they would hang up on me! It just amazes me how people can be so mean to others. And I'm sorry that guy made fun of you being sick. That was un called for in any circumstance. But you know what they say, what goes around comes around... I will take your advice tho and block the number so I don't get any more calls... and I was also reading that putting your name on the national do not call list doesn't work because it's an open list that anyone has Access to... anyone.

Definitely sounds like a scammer to me, Helium1117. I don't waste my time with calls such as the one that you described in your post. Anytime it's a robocall, you can be 99.5% sure that it is not legitimate. I have also received calls where the scammer leaves an email in my voicemail stating that "I owe the IRS money and in order to avoid going to court I must call back ...... etc, etc." The IRS does not call. The IRS does not email. If one owes the IRS, the IRS will use snail mail to inform. I have also had the famous "payday loan" scammers call and try to pull a fast one .... which is super easy for me to determine it's a scam because I have never taken out a payday loan. I usually don't answer phone numbers that I don't recognize; however, on occasion, I have answered because I was anticipating a business call and was not sure what phone number they would be utilizing to call. On those occasions, if it was one of these "robocalls" and/or some scammer, I just merely hung up promptly without uttering one syllable. I don't want to encourage these clowns, so I just don't speak to them at all. It is ashamed that these scammers bother people, especially someone who is not well. So sorry to hear about the harassment that you have encountered. They can be quite aggravating for sure. Just remember "not to feed these clowns" ... meaning do not talk to them.


I get the same thing and each time its a different name and different number but all from online medical supply....american pharmacy supply etc. Did you ever get yours resolved?

If they call you you made an order likely during the past 5 to 7 years. They are relentless. I have threatened them well over a dozen times. They do not make "clean" Meds- all I can say is threaten them that you plan to sue them for harassment.

How can we follow up to see the case after we report the violation

If you report a problem to the FTC and you give an email address, you will get an email reply that says we got your complaint. Once you report a problem, the information goes into a secure database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The FTC doesn't handle individual cases; it uses information and shares it with other law enforcement agencies to build cases.
If you give your contact information in your report, a law enforcment agency may contact you if it needs more information about the company or scam you reported. A law enforcement agency might contact you when it is getting ready to file a case against a company, or has settled a case against a company.

These people call all the time. Told them to remove me, but they will not. I'm on the do Not Call list, but doesn't seem to matter. Their number is:800-814-4345

Last Friday this happened to me, plus they called my brother looking for me and asking questions and today they called my husbands cell looking for me. The lady said there's a serious claim against me and not to hang up and she wanted to transfer me to someone that could help me. I told her she was full of it and I hung up. She called me back 3 times and left messages before calling my brother. I've since blocked her. She had a lot of my personal information that she gave to my brother and my husband, it's scary, talk about feeling violated. She's putting in a lot of time chasing me down, makes no sense.

The same things has happened to me from all different numbers for over a year now. I just stopped answering all calls that are not saved as a contact in my phone because I got so tired of being harassed and the callers get nasty when you argue with them about how the call is a scam and a lie.

I keep getting calls with different area codes at least 3 a day. Because I have an on-going real estate ad running across country I answer all calls in the event it's in response to my ad only to find that it's a call selling Cialis, Viagra.

I have been getting the same damn calls! They say that if I don't call back by the end of the day something will happen. The voicemails say there are "multiple allegations against me" but they can help me settle them. I have blocked them and now they call my family. I am getting so tired of them harassing me and family!

I get the same thing. It started when I was or went through the process of buying my house.

I actually had this call and I'm normally pretty hip to scams but I fell for it, they had my COMPLETE ss number, mailing address, maiden name all my personal info and what lead me to believe it was real was the woman told me she was a server from my (said the actual township) local county courtwith a warrant in my name. They quoted an actual account that I had 10 years ago so I really thought it was legit. The said I could avoid going to court of i pay over $1,000 today. This was the worst scam call i ever received, thankfully I was smart enough to call my local court and had them look up of their were any warrants in my name which there were not. Beware they are getting seriously getting some private info.

I had one call me my brother got him all nervious calln me sayn these ppl are saying thy are on way with a investagator. .thy knew all my past names ,family etc

I had the same people call me today and at work no doubt, i burst into tears freaking out, i really thought i was in trouble. These people need to be held accountable for doing this!

You will NEVER EVER EVER receive a phone call if you are truly in some sort of criminal trouble meaning there is a warrant or something like that. These people are SCUM!!! They scare people with no knowledge of how the criminal justice system works. If you get a call saying you have a warrant or are being investigated bur you can pay us now to clear it up just hang up!!

Screen ALL calls and only answer the ones you recognize. Scammers use most folks innate curiosity to get them to answer, hence repeated calls. let them go to voice mail. Only call back those you know, simple.
Let people you know who will be calling you what is up, family, doctors etc. When you stop answering chances are you will stop getting the unwanted calls. Your telephone number is sold and/or passed around just like an email would be among scammers.

Good advice riCK. Too bad more people were aware of this. I never fell for those calls, and of course I have my answering machine answer these unknown callers. Of course they autodialers then hang up, rarely leaving a message.
It's still annoying because of the countless telemarketing scammers that call my home phone, fill up my caller ID and the dead silence before the hangup, fills up my answering machine. I have to keep deleting these blank messages, the numbers on my caller ID, and the countless interruptions of checking my Caller ID to see who is calling...Grrr.

I've been getting calls from a private number that I can not block.This all started today February the 7th 2017.Ive have gotten multiple calls from the caller.I have answered none for fear that they are a bad person or some one dangerous that can track my phone and try to harm me.I had a dream about something like this but a little different and now I feel scared.Ive never encountered something like this.I have only had my phone for a few days and do not like what is happening.I have 2 other friends who have been also getting calls from a private number.Please help.I don't know what to do!

Carrie, don't panic. You state you just got the phone, if it is an iPhone click the info button to the far right of the caller's name (not sure if there will be one on a private number, but click it if there is) and scroll down and you can block the number. If it is a different kind of phone look up how to block callers. You are right not to answer. DON'T get curious. usually they will just give up after a while. It is a battle of wills. Yes, it is creepy, but trust me that you are not their only target and if you don't ever answer it won't be worth their while to keep trying. Tell your friends the same thing, just don't answer the calls. Good luck!

I'm getting the same issue I wish they would go away!!!!

I get phone calls off and on anything of the day. They are from all over Ore, NM, Ct, NY, MA, Al, Unknown, 0000000000, 111100000 how the hell can this be stopped? My phone is a track phone iPhone so I can't call a carrier as I pay by the month. But I'm getting really annoyed and pissed as to how my number keeps being called. How can I stop these calls?

The same thing is happening to me! 3-4 of these calls each day. There has to be a way for the government to crack down on this crap. I've done everything they tell me to. I haven't answered but want to just to see what the company is so I can report them but the FCC says not to. WTH?

I got 10 calls within 1 hour all from different numbers. Everytime I block one they call from a different one. These people are making me crazy.

I've registered on the DO NOT CALL LIST too. I never received conformation that I was on the list and I still get Spam calls and voice mails. Yesterday I received 3 with voice mails (IRS Scam) East Indian speaking person (woman) these calls were about 1 hour apart. Today I received same thing from different number and mans voice again East Indian. It seems that Our Government should do more than suggest getting a call blocker app. Or reporting EVERY Spam Call, like I have time to do that. I don't think Our Government really cares. I pay over $250 a month for 3 cell lines. This didn't start until about Feb-March of 2015 about the same time Premera Blue Cross had over 11 million (IIRC) personal records stolen coincidence? I don't know but kind of strange.

I've been on the DNC Registry for two years and on average, receive 40-50 unwanted calls per month from political parties, Pro-Life, security companies, etc. This is MY phone, and no business should be able to call my number without my express permission. These exemptions are asinine; if I don't want to be bothered by calls, why should I have to tolerate them? Do Not Call is basically, call and irritate the recipient on a daily basis. Change the rules to block ALL calls except from businesses with whom you have an established relationship.

I have often thought the same thing. I would like a phone where I can input safe numbers, and those are the ONLY ones allowed to ring through.

I don't want phone calls or texts from him.

The latest: Even private, unpublished landline phone numbers with Call Block can't block so-called "spoof numbers," according to AT&T. How pathetic and useless is that, when you pay for Call Block, but it doesn't work when you need it!!! Currently, a robo-caller named "The Prophet Ezekiel" (I kid you not), has been leaving long annoying sermons on my voicemail from various phone numbers apparently within my area code. But those numbers cannot be Call Blocked!! There has to be recourse when you pay the phone company for an additional feature that does not work. Advice, please.

There is a feature from Verizon (landline phone)called "Do Not Disturb" which allow you to allow only certain calls through like family or doctors. All others receive a does not want to be disturbed message.

Since you have att try "nomorobo" Also their website allows you to block or forward up to around 30 numbers. I used to work nights would get calls all day 8:30 address till 9 pm peace has returned. A few get thru but 95% gone@

I get them all the time and just hang up. At first I got millions but had to buy a gift card for them so the transaction could go through. They even wanted to come to my home to give me the prize and collect their gift card. Never gave it out. Eventually they will stop calling you

ANSWER WITH A MADE UP BUSiNESS NAME! For instance, "Good Morning, Acme Tire Company" and just repeat every time they speak. They will remove you from the list.

I receive many calls from the same numbers on my cell. I don't have an app to block. So I created a "contact" for each solicitor so if they called a second time I would recognize what was going on. THEN I CREATED A RULE THAT EACH TIME THEY CALLED IT WAS SENT DIRECTLY TO VOICE MAIL! This way I do not have to hear it ring or be interrupted. This also helped when I reported the number to the do not call registry. Good luck!

I have one phone call that came with the phone. What I do now is with every phone number that I want to talk with/to I add to my contact list. If a number rings and it does not come up with a contact info, I just do not answer...ez

I keep getting calls from a 1 000 068 9770 number and I can't register a complaint. Claiming to be the government

First of all, I believe the 'Do Not Call List' is a scam by our government itself. Color me cynical, but the gov't doesn't do anything for free. They get something out of this. Most likely they are getting kickbacks somewhere from the telemarketers.

I don't have any proof. But think about this. You put your name on a do not call list. That means that is a list of VALID numbers that would otherwise be receiving automated telemarketing calls. Now, if you were a telemarketer, wouldn't you love to have such a list? I know I would! Millions of phone numbers that are ripe for the picking.

Now, the other thing that makes me think the national DNC list is a scam is simply this... It does nothing for the consumer. The telemarketer should be fined, somewhere around $1,000 for calling a number on the DNC list. You and me should be receiving lets say 50% of that, and the other 50% going back into the DNC list coffers to research technology on stopping spoofed calls. The tech is easy to implement. Its available today. But no one wants to be the bad guy and have the phone companies mad at them for having them implement it. The FCC can mandate it. But they don't. So scam or in cahoots with the telemarketers, someone is getting kick backs somewhere.

Thank you for this very informative and useful article.

The F.T C. Sent an e-mail stating that they had stopped and prosecuted the owners of "Rachel" and Card Holder Services. I am Still getting robo calls from them, using all of the same formats and lead ins. Including Rachel, Brigit, Carman etc. All them using the same line of crap. How do we stop them. Most of their numbers are spoofed. Or now they let you call back and ask to be put on their do not call list , but the calls still come anyway.

You can report the calls to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I think the FTC has too many other things going on to worry about spoofed phone calls or people using spoofed phone numbers to call. Besides, I am sure most of them get a slap on the wrist when they're caught anyway.
I had some scam company that started calling me about a bad check I wrote but I do not write checks and they could not produce proof. They were listed on the BBB website with an F rating so I called the BBB and told them of my situation with them. The woman said she called the company about my complaint and he told her it had been resolved but they kept calling. They just told the BBB what they wanted to hear even though it wasn't true and I am sure most of the scammers making all these phone calls do the same with the FTC.

You should not call back because now they know this is a working number and they will call back. Find out if your telephone provider offers a blocking service or better yet get a phone that allows you to block calls. I have a landline phone that can block 250 phone calls and it works out great!

I am receiving calls daily from Jamaica, Florida, Nevada and others I don't remember. I have blocked everyone and they just use a different number every time and I also block that number. My friend actually talked to some guy today and told him she was my attorney and he actually started calling he cuss words and things I will not repeat. So what can I do about things like that.

what phone do you have that blocks 250 calls. Mine only does 30

Go to Google and type in call blocking equipment. There are dozens of devices as low as $50 to $60 that will block up to 1500 callers. I have one that blocks 250 and I had to clear its memory (a simple operation)in less than a year. My phone is at my desk where I spend a lot of time. I see the ID window on my phone light up, but no ring, and the window says BLOCKED CALLER. This happens on an average of six to eight times a weekday. This has saved me hours of aggravation and actually puts a smile on my face. I have used this blocker for almost two years now and well worth the investment.

RECEIVED Call saying I was being sued by the IRSand should call them immediately....number given by female voice was indistinct on the last 4 numbers but I heard 509-428-2147 or 2127. The number listed by the automatic
incoming call log was different - 225-406-8591. Logged in at 8:40 am Aug 21, 2015.

Today I received two phone messages (10:53 AM and again at 1:05 PM) the same as described by TRUDYAB, only the number left in the message was 509-588-7318.

The same happened to me but with a 702 area code.

I received two calls from "IRS" suing me, using an area code of 202 which is Washington DC. One left a voice message--automated call. One I answered while driving (Bluetooth) and hung up immediately. Out of curiosity to see who would answer I called from a business phone. Very heavy accent, answered "IRS" on the first ring! Red flags: (1) my cell phone never used with tax claims; (2) automated call, no names--mine or theirs; (3) IRS uses toll free numbers; (4) If you have ever called the IRS for anything, your call is answered automatically and is put into a que after menu options and you wait and wait for your turn. They do not answer IRS, but their full name "Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service"...I hope no one is harmed by these crooks.

Ha same happened to me said it was IRS I owed ect. 702 num

I too have been receiving these calls stating I was being sued by the IRS. The numbers are all different. I get Missouri cell Numbers area code 417, IL# 773-312-4650 and Othello, WA #509-331-5236. I called the IL and WA numbers back and they were the same foreign person. When I told them I knew this was a scam, I was cussed out repeatedly. I contacted my phone provider and they suggested the "Do not call" website but that isn't going to stop these scammers. Then I was told I could change my phone number. I refuse to do that I have had this number for years. Oh what a mess that would be!!!!! Then I called the local Authorities and they said they couldn't do anything and suggested I use the media to get the word out. Okay I can do that but that's not enough. There has to be something more a person can do. No one knows who to contact when you get these calls. I knew it was a scam but my issue is what information have they gotten from an unsuspected person that really thinks they are being sued. This absolutely infuriates me. There has to be someone who we can contact to report this and its not just brushed aside.

You can report a call from an IRS impersonator to the FTC at and to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

I twice received the same call as Trudyab from Tennessee with call back number 423-314-6222. Totally a scam.

The IRS DOES NOT initiate calls to you for collection. PERIOD. They send written correspondence first and usually you would have already responded to them before anyone might start calling you. They will not e-mail you either. Their collections process is a very lengthy one dictated by lots of regulations. Don't respond. You can report them to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)on their website There is a fillable form. It is possible you may eventually be contacted by a TIGTA Special Agent so be sure to document as much as you can.

We receive at least 3-7 calls s day. I do not answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the number. But if I am writing or doing other work I have to stop and look at the phone to see the number. I have been reporting calls for years but it has just gotten worse. I hope something changes soon.

We receive 1 to 30 call's a day from Jamaican scammers! They have my 87year old GRANDMOTHER BRAINWASHED that no matter what information I show her,she still answer them and sends them money!I keep running into a brickwall when ask the government for help.Does our government not care about the elderly??

The FTC created information to help older people avoid scams, including the prize scam you wrote about. You can print out the Pass It On fact sheet about "You've Won" scams for your grandmother.
If you want to find someone to talk about scams, you could check with your local police department or contact someone in aging services. is a government website  to help older people and their families find local help for many different needs.

There is a 19year old girl that sends me death threats saying i should kill myself or she is going to have me killed and then she podt RiP meaning death ....I am44yeats old and yes at the beginning i got so abset and yelled at her but now i had to hire a lawyer and file charges against her she thinks this is a joke and she text me every day she has photos of me she posted then she will post my private photos then say it was me so i could get kicked off Google. ..This is every day she even has a community just my photos and texting ABOUT me ...I reported her but now ihave to call thr FBI because she text me that i should kill myself. .I am tired of this what should

Report it to your provider at 7726 (SPAM).

I received an unsolicited text message that included my incorrect name but my correct address followed by a suspicious hyperlink which I did not click. Despite having been on the DNC Registry for over a decade, I received this text which is illegal si ce I did not give this "company" to text me.

I called the number that texted me, and surprise, the number has been disconnected and is no longer in service. So how was I texted from this number? Some cretin is either spoofing the invalid nu'mber or is texting my phone through a computer. The ONE time I have given out any personal information and cell number (with permission to call or text my number)...was at orientation at my child's new school which leads me to suspect that the schools system is selling their 'lists' to make money. I pray this is not the case, but if it is I will be filing a lawsuit for violating my right to privacy and potetantially endangering my child (he is a protected witness).

NEVER click on ANY hyperlink sent to you via email or text message. The consequences could be devastating.

I keep getting phone calls and emails from a home security company despite my telling them more than once that I do not own a home and do not not have I ever been in need of their services. I've told them repeatedly to take me off of their calling list and have unsubscribed from their emails many times. I don't know what else to do, wondering if I can sue them for harassment.

I get phone calls from Rachel all the time on my house and cell phone

I am still getting these calls from "card holder services", even as
Foer asking them to stop. They come from local numbers and always different ones. I am tired of this. I havam been on the DNC list since 2006 and they don't stop. Ridiculous.

The law allows political calls, calls from charitable organizations, informational calls, calls about debts you owe, and phone surveys, as well as calls from companies you’ve done business with or gave permission to call. THESE ARE AS BAD OR WORSE THAN THE OTHERS!!!! TELEFUND calls here three or four times daily and God help you if you make a charitable donation because they make you crazy begging for more.

I completely agree!

FYI what I have started doing is using my tablet's number that I have through T-mobile. The tablet DOESN'T ring, and they get the message that is close to this: " the subscriber has not set up voice mail". As you know you can't make calls from your tablet nor receive them. By doing that I have reduced calls by 50%, just need that other 50% gone. Hope this helps you...

Another solution I just started using is actually humorous. My home phone company allows me to forward selected numbers to another I simply auto-forward all of those robo or scammer calls to either themselves, or to another robo-caller or scammer number...gotta be driving them crazy to get call backs from other scammers at their toll free number (which costs THEM money)...I love technology !!

Lol! Never thought l'd actually look forward to receiving a scam call! Made my day. :)

Sounds like on earth can I set this up?

I was scammed right before Christmas I really thought I was going to get this loan I wanted my family to have a memorable Christmas my dad & grandmother are old & sick & its thier Christmas maybe if we r lucky they'll have 1 more but the chances are slim & my dads sister hasent had a Christmas in years so I wanted to share with her so not only that I didn't get the loan I ended paying out $623 ouch that hurt but it hurt me more not to give them a good Christmas. However it's not about all those gifts under the tree we still all came together & had a loving dinner. I hate my phone it rings all day long so now if I don't know the # I answer it by saying sheriff office may I help. I'm telling you it tickles me to hear the response mostly they just hang up or huh then click but they still call all day long why do they still get away with stealing our money

Oh ... I just love this one! I only answer my phone for numbers which are in my contacts! All others just hang up or leave a message! I will now be forwarding the messages back to where they came from! Lucky me ... Cricket lets me pick the date and time I want it to be forwarded! I wonder how they like 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Paybacks are a witch ... LOL. Thanks for such a great suggestion!

For years I've had my "script" cued-up and at the ready: I'm sorry, we don't respond to telephone solicitations. (Even for those callers who say they're not soliciting donations, ostensibly from charitable organizations I've donated to in the past.)

Recently I've added to this: Please put us on your Do Not Call List.

We do have Caller ID so do not have to stand up to get to a phone, just have to spend the time required during our interrupted activities to recognize which pest it is this time. If we had this many folks ringing the front doorbell, neighbors would think we had a home business with long hours and shady customers.

I have tried, during the past few years, to do as suggested. Unwanted calls have continued to come.

Be cautious to whom you give you phone number online! By entering it, we give permission for them, and whomever else to call!

If the phone number is not in my directory, i ignore it. I then check the number with google, and 9/10 times its some miscreant using a VIOP phone and personating the phone number.

Exactly what I do. When I ignore the calls, most times I don't get another call.

it is very annoying. I am a senior citizen I get robocalls on my landline, my mobile is fine, since I am a senior citizen and only give my mobile number to family and friends only. For business bank etc., I use the landline. The robocalls are relentless and don't like a message if you don't answer the phone. Once I don't recognize the number I will not answer. It is annoying since I am a senior and if I am watching tv I can see the caller ID on the tv, if I am not I have to walk to the phone to check the number. Also I have a special sound for my ringer for friends and family, when the phone number is not family and friends the ringer is different. I can differiante, BUT NEVERTHELESS, WHENEVER THE PHONE RINGS IT BOTHERS YOU, I AM WOBBLY ON MY FEET AND WOULD LIKE SOME PEACE

I saved the caller ID numbers, then blocked those numbers on my Time Warner account online. No more calls! If you don't know how, ask a family member to help you.

Jenny I have a cordless landline phone that announces the caller names. Sometimes I have to check caller ID because because the announcing of name isn't clear. After I have checked out the number on internet or know from message it's something I won't ever answer, I go back into the phone wipe out the name and replace the name with "Scam". Ten when they call back again, it will appear as "Scam" on caller ID and know I've already check it. If you block the number, they will still call using a different number. Our phone system has 1 base and 4 other cordless phones with smaller base that we spread around the house. The base is the only one hooked up to phone jack and the other 4 are plugged directly into electrical wall outlet and all phones are hooked up to your phone number. All phones show the caller ID and will show up as Scam once you change it. My experience is they may not call back for a month, and when they do it has been already handled.

I have been on the no-call list for some time now and it seems that it does no good to report these people. I have a call blocker system on my home phone which, since I installed it two months ago, now has 145 numbers that I have blocked. Your no-call list does not work because you have no effective enforcement so its useless to report any of these numbers.

You are so right.I have my no.on the do not call list and still getting phone calls everyday from a telemarket.Same no. and same voicemail.So does anybody really know how to end the calls? The do not call list does not work.

It is often difficult to report these calls. One has to capture the phone number, remember the date and time of the call and then enter it into a webpage. Seems to me there's a better way - e.g. hit *20 to send the call to the FTC. A few years ago, we received home improvement estimates from several contractors. One very unscrupulous one sold out phone number to a contractors call list and we can't get the calls to stop. We don't what the list is called or who sold it to the callers. We ask them repeatedly to take our number off their lists, "we're on the Do Not Call List", we tell them and yet they continue to call. I've recognized the repeat callers. They don't care and there's not much I can do about it other than call screening.

What can I do about the calls that list MY phone number as the calling party?

The FTC recently published a blog post about this very issue. Please see Getting calls from your own number?

I have a problem with getting calls and harassed by bill collectors looking for someone who has probably used my number or has the same last name, a relative and they will not take no for an answer and keep calling and calling. I'm not responsible for someone else debt or someone who may have used my number. When you tell them you don't know them or have knowledge of them, they repeatedly keep harassing you. What can you do?

Most of the calls I get are robocalls from various "cities" and "numbers" around the country that that there is no such number in the CID listing for. That's a regulatory problem for a concerned government and concerned telephone services to CLAMP DOWN ON. And I thought that the FTC had clamped down on Credit Card Services and their affiliates already. I have had NO credit cards in three years, but I keep being bugged by these moron from "spoofed" numbers. I'm on the DO NOT CALL list. Thank you.

Got a text this am - I just deleted it. Next time I will report it as spam - thanks

I still get these type of calls. In the past I have report such calls and nothing was ever done.

Did all of the above and it doesn't do any good.

i keep reicving calls aboutwinning money . they do nt quit calling. i told one that i reported them to the ftc. and they breagged about never being caught in a milllion years

What about unwanted voice mail's on my mobile phone?

If you got an unwanted recorded message on your phone, report it to the FTC at You can report that even if your phone isn't on the Do Not Call Registry.
You can add your cell phone and landline to the Do Not Call Registry at

Yes i receive these all the time. Sometimes as many as four a day from the same company/locating!

I have had "DO NOT CALL REGISTRY" since it was introduced- - -IT NEVER WORKED and would not accept complaints


I agree with you. I filed a complaint with the FTC and they don't do a darn thing. Just take your information. Made me think of giving a baby a pacifier. Since January 2016 I've been getting calls asking for some guy. In the beginning I answered and would tell them no one by that name lived here. I've gotten text messages at 3 a.m. It used to be during the week only. Now they've started calling on weekends with "Call Restricted." I don't answer the calls but it is extremely annoying. In a way it's a relief to know it is not only me. I mostly keep my phone off and just check voice mail via Skype every so often which is fine with me.

constantly getting calls from people with a foreign accent that I can not understand,I tell them to take my number off their calling list but they keep calling. Also getting a lot of robo calls.

I have been called by (209) 736-5850 who says his name is Dennis Gray-( heavy accent) telling me to call back on that number to avoid litigation with the U.S. Treasury and prevent appearing in front of a magistrate. 5 calls today- I have blocked the calls- but seriously annoying.

Same here. US Treasury legal department scam keeps calling me. Heavy Indian accents, mediocre English grammar skills. They've been Steve Martin or Alex Ferguson when voicemails are left. Numbers they've called from have been: 323-729-3672, 714-982-7329, and most recently (30 mins ago) it was 757-952-0789.

Please report these to the FTC at The information you provide goes into a database used by law enforcement nationwide.
Blog comments aren't part of the law enforcement database.

I get calls and my husband has several kinds of cancer and I have an incurable disease and the phone ringing all day is very frustrating. If our country can put a man on the moon, they can surely stop the harassment of these jerks.

Thanks for all of the nice advice. What the FTC is saying (by using all of the "don'ts") is that they are incapable of handling this scourge... and... the personnel involved are actually getting paid.

I have been called by (209) 736-5850 who says his name is Dennis Gray-( heavy accent) telling me to call back on that number to avoid litigation with the U.S. Treasury and prevent appearing in front of a magistrate. 5 calls today- I have blocked the calls- but seriously annoying.

What about text messages I get from an email address that is spam? How do we file a complaint on those?

There are a couple ways to do that.
You can forward the message from your device to
Or you can file a complaint online from your device. When you file the complaint, choose "text message" and there's a place to copy and paste text. If you don't want  to copy and paste, you could type the message in exactly as you got it.

I just recently changed my number to a non - published number for which I have to pay a $3+ added per month. That should be a crime unto itself. But, the heart of the matter is that most numbers are recycled and now I am getting calls from prisoners, still some telemarketers and some businesses I have never done business with. I am on the DNC Registry and it seems I should not be getting any of this crapola; but still do. I realize nothing is 100% but what I have needs to get to 80%+ and I would be delighted.

I am registered with the Do Not Call Registry, and I
STILL get unwanted calls. The callers are getting smart, they don't leave a phone number so you can call them back, they want you to press the # sign or press "1", etc. The Do Not Call Registry wants you to report to them the callers phone number...which you can't do. The system needs to be updated.

Is it true that September first telemarker calls will be allowed to call randomly to cell phones?

If you add your cell phone to the Do Not Call Registry, it's protected. Add your cell phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry to notify marketers you don't want to get unsolicited telemarketing calls.
The government is not releasing cell phone numbers to telemarketers. There have been some viral emails saying that, but it's not true.
Go to to register your cell and landline phones. There is one registry for all phones.

The number of unwanted calls has increased. I get on average 4 to 5 a day. In the past I have reported these people as I am on the "Do Not Call List". The FTC does not follow-up on these calls and the violators know it so the whole law is a joke. You need to prosecute these people and hand out hefty fines to get their attention. If nothing is done they will continue to thumb their nose at the law as there is no risk to them and they know it. I use NO MORE ROBO and it does stop a great percentage of the Robo calls but I still get the voice callers

They do follow up it just takes them either months or years to catch them. A company that was calling my landline number just got caught today. So they do follow up

still recieving annoying phone calls. I signed up a few days ago to FTC. Don't know what else to do.

the law as stands is toothless: there is not enough resources aimed at enforcing it,and more importantly, it doesn't protect me enough in today's world because it gives the power of choice takes not to me, but to the large body that Cam claim to call me legitimately, even tho this too it's being abused. Copnduct a survey and find out just how many of us want further restrictions as I do. How do I work to change the law so I do not have to tolerate robocalls or calls about or from charities scrupulous or not, politicians and their deceptive fear mongering pacs, call requesting info, or surveys, often aimed put a product in one's mind or record and misuse my responses. I only want to receive calls from debtors and people I explicitly expect to receive a call from: reminder for appts i made, something I ordered has arrived, or MY bank calling for me, etc. All else that is currently allowed by law is merely telemarketing wolves in sheep's clothing.

Like everything in the government, this doesn't work!

Excellent article! Alvaro, you should also consider writing another article to educate consumers on how to block unwanted calls to house phone lines. Please elaborate on effective ways to help consumers stop unwanted calls from those that the “Do Not Call” registry fail to protect consumers such as calls from charities, politicians, and scam artists. More than 90% of the unwanted calls consumers receive fell into one of these categories! For example, the Consumer Reports has a list of some Robocall Blocking devices in their September issue. Why don't you invest some government resources educating consumers about these devices? Is there a way that the government can help cover some of the cost of these devices so that low-income seniors can get these?

I was planning to make a comment of my own as I read through this Group of Comments, but this one stopped me and I decided to tack my thoughts onto this Abused Senior's report. I would also like for you to elaborate on the Robocall Blocking devices available. I am a disabled senior who has suffered endless calls as well as having been scammed by one caller who had gotten into my Bank Accounts. I had to drag myself to the bank, taking a taxi both ways, and spending the entire afternoon closing my meager accounts and reopening new ones Then came endless hours on the phone and online changing my method of payments and so forth. It's been two and a half months of long holding time listening to bad music, being sent from department to department, etc, etc. repeating the story over and over until I'd get someone who would correct the new billing info. Then the next month, I had to enter into the same round of the same malarky as I got the billing information corrected again; but this time trying to talk these same companies into crediting me for the Late Fees that were caused by me changing my payment information.

I did sign up to have these calls blocked and about 80% of the calls stopped.

BUT that pesky 20% keep calling.

I am in the "lowest" Low Income category so every penny counts.

If there are devices out there that can help, how and where can a Low Income Disabled Senior get them?

The FTC doesn't have information about commercial devices that block calls.
The federal government has a program to help some people get discounts on telephone services. This is different from stopping unwanted calls, but it could still be a help for you. This page tells about the Lifeline program for discounts on service, and has a map so you can find participating companie in your state.
This page tells about other programs that can help older Americans pay for utilities, medication and more.
Answer some questions to find benefit programs that can help you pay for medications, health care, food, utilities and more. - See more at:
Answer some questions to find benefit programs that can help you pay for medications, health care, food, utilities and more. - See more at:
Answer some questions to find benefit programs that can help you pay for medications, health care, food, utilities and more. - See more at:

Good idea, in theory. However, I found that filing complaints with the Do Not Call website had no effect. So every time I get a robocall, I save the number to a contact - mine's tagged "1-recording" and programmed that contact to go directly to voicemail. They never leave a message!

Great information! Thank YOU

This is ridiculous - the NSA has the ability to listen in on ANY phone call anywhere in the U.S. and the world (including the cell phone of the chancellor of Germany) but the government can't stop, find and prosecute these people? Just another example of a thoroughly corrupt Congress, in the pockets (this time) of the telecommunications companies, who profit from these calls.

I have a Call Block feature on my home phone. I just check the number that called & put it in my Call Block Phonebook! Thanks for this message, I am forwarding to others. :)

How can we stop all the annoying calls from area code 876, which is Jamaica. They call at all hours of the day and night. If one of us hangs up, they call the other cell phone or land line. These people don't give up and don't listen when we tell them we are on the NO CALL LIST and not to call these numbers again. Please help.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.
If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

On daily basis I am receiving about 30-40 unwanted spams. On many occations I reported to my provider, who is VERIZON, nothing has been done.

I get a lot of those calls

Hope this works.

When I get a moment, one of my ancient laptop PCs is going to become a call blocking system. Unfortunately, to implement the block I really want will take some serious programming, but off-the-shelf free apps exist to terminate calls if they're an a blacklist and that will help.

What we really need is someone at the FTC willing to crack down on the phone companies and force them to disable uncontrolled caller-ID falsification. The system is currently broken-by-design.

Yes, the phone companies are definitely benefitting from all the Do Not Call solicitations and scams. These force people like you and me to buy Caller ID, which is expensive. Then, once you have it, you realize it does nothing except show a spoofed number that you can then take 10 minutes and enter on And then they keep calling. You want to block a number, oh, OK, then the phone company demands you pay them an extra amount for that service too, and then they limit it to only 10 or 12 numbers. We should start a class action lawsuit against the phone companies to recover all the money they are taking from us by not cracking down on obvious abusers.

Typical stuff in the land of the free! My phone, I pay the bill yet, Everyone has to put up with mistreatment from BIG business. real problem , poor regulations or lack of rules, and poor politicans, collecting donations, sitting on their duffs, and We vote them back in office. VOTE'EM"OUT>


You can report this to the FTC at You can also report to the New York state Attorney General’s office
If you gave your bank account to a lender and they tried to take your money, contact your bank. Ask them how to protect your account and your money.

SMH! Now why in the world would you believe that you'd be sent $3,000 to your checking account- yet have to pay to do that? You actually gave them your checking account number? Oh my-that's a well known no-no!
You don't have to worry about anyone being foolish enough to fall for that transparent scam.

Excellent, useful and accurate as always. Thank You. Jose.

I keep getting calls on all my phones they leave me messages about d solving my student loan debt, etc,...

My student loan debt was forgiven 5 years ago. So, I keep telling them I don't have a student loan.
They still keep calling.

telemarketing is waste of my time I am disable

Hi there. The information on unwanted calls and text messages is priceless for every person especially in this day and age with everything going automated like robo this or robo that. Great info..Thanks.

I have been on the Do Not Call Registry ever since it began and am still getting a lot of calls daily. If the phone rings and I don't recognize the number I do not answer it. Most of the time they do not leave a message so I block their number using my call blocking device. I know they are scam phone calls. I even had a call yesterday with our phone number being on the caller ID and our son. I am sure they assume people will pick it up if they see their own phone number on the caller ID.

Simple solution: turn down/off ringers and let all calls go to answering machine that lets you hear any message. All our friends know we will pick up if we hear them. Very few scammers will bother to leave a message.

I get robocalls and unwanted calls several times a day. I registered with do not call also. I can only block 10 numbers at a time. Most calls are coming overseas and the phone company can't do anything about it. They change their numbers all the time. None of what they have written here works for me.

you can count on the government to do their job but first the runaround...


I have been looking for an affordable room in Seattle for a few weeks now. Problem is that with a few high tech companies rapidly expanding, affordable housing in Seattle has become a thing of the past.

What am I driving at? Let the renter be aware of scams! Roomster has been advertising heavily on the Seattle page of Craig's List and the return spam texts to help Boost their sales have gotten to the point where I have had to disable the text feature on my prepaid cell phone. Just this morning, I received Five (5) texts of Roomster trying to make a sale. The same texts verbatim from two (2) phone numbers.

The 2¢ per text is not a big deal until you get a ton of them. I am not in a position to spend money on text messages. Often, I encourage family and friends and others to use email or the use of my land line [voice calls are often better.]

Is anyone getting calls from a number that shows up on the screen only showing the last four digits?

I keep getting the IRS scam calls. If I answer the phone, they eventually hang up. If I let it go, I get the "there is a warrant for your arrest" spiel, please call, and they usually talk so fast you can only get the phone number but not the name of the contact person. The caller ID is spoofed, so it shows up as an actual IRS phone number - 800-829-1040. TheIRS also recommends reporting it to the FTC, but I get so many I have taken to answering, and saying "Hello, Scammer." They hang up.

After reading all these comments, I now realize it a waste of time to file a complaint about these telemarketing calls. I had one lady laugh when I told her I was on the no call list. Why does this not work. Is the government fining the companies that in violation or just ignoring the complaints that are being filed.

I've been getting calls from Jackson Davis & associates Matthew Roberts 866-816-1095. He is threatening to have paperwork served to me at my job or home. When I called him back I asked him to please send me a copy of the bill he was talking about so that I could take it to my attorney he hung up on me. I then called back and spoke to a very rude woman who yelled at me that I wouldn't be getting these phone calls if I paid my bills. I said what bill are you referring too? I said send me a copy so that I can forward it to my attorney, she hung up on me too. They called the government agency I work for to serve me, our Chief Counsel advised them that would not be allowed in our building and that would forward the information to me, they of course hung up on her. I have googled their name and phone number and there are many complaints like mine on their website.

i have also been getting these same phone calls. They told me i have an outstanding debt from a credit card that i was supposedly paying on from 2004 to 2009. i never had a credit card during that time. they also gave me an address and town in which i was not living in at that time. they also wouldn't tell me what the name of the credit card was or the amount i supposedly owed. i stated to them they were scamming me and to stop calling me. they also yelled at me on the phone, threatened me, and swore at me after i called them out. now i just ignore them.

I am getting phone calls from my OWN PHONE NUMBER!! how do I stop these??? How are they able to use my home phone to call me????!!!!

The FTC recently published a blog post about this very issue. Please see Getting calls from your own number?

These kind of scam level up- yesterday i was googling kasperskys windows 10 update and click on a phishing website. While reading an online chat appears and asking for my concern - i thought they were real so i wrote my name and telephone number - then i got an immediate call from an indian accent man and lead to a website so they could remotely access my desktop. The scheme script shows so professional and told me that they will pass my call to another man for an accelerated level because he found some suspicious files in my system .they show my my network traffic through going into my command prompt and typing a netstat command and of course i have lot of web traffic in my system. i know that at this point that this was a scam but i play to their script. They showed me my event viewer and told me that those error shows the work of the virus. Beware of this online scammer that use a phishing website. I told them I know their act and not buying any level of troubleshooting in my computer.

I just got a new kind of scam call. This one starts with a blurred name and the person saying that an action has started on that name which will result in garnishment on that name's property. They give a number, even repeat it twice, but the call came under unknown name, unknown number, so I figure it is a scam. The number is 240 324 6939 The number was read in such a way that I had to repeat the recording four times before I could get it right. I never answer a call unless I recognize a number, but the ringing as the others said is very annoying.

scam "irs" threat 2 calls Tues 1 Sep 2015
253-777-4258 Tacoma Wa
360-362-4696 Bremerton WA

Hi it's FYI again here to try and help out the FTC. I have 2 new numbers of scammers and a location and a different number that they are actually using. The number that they spoofed is 617-395-7474. They are from US Tech solutions. There number is 201-524-9600 which is listed for there headquarters and 4 other locations. That doesn't seem right to me. Please look into it and put it on the news when u catch them for an illegal job scheme

Please report this to the FTC at The information you report will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Here is a suggestion for people with smart phones: If you get unwanted calls from a phone number and already maxed out your service provider's blocked number list for your line, then go to your personal contacts list on your phone and create a "DO NOT ANSWER" contact. Add the offending phone number to the contact (you can add many more in the future) and set the phone ring tone for that new "DO NOT ANSWER" contact to none or no ring tone. The offending party can call and leave a message but your phone will never ring and your phone caller ID will read "DO NOT ANSWER".

Alternatively, download a silent ring tone and make it your default. Then, apply your usual ringtone to all your regular contacts.

This way, you don't have to maintain a list of thousands of spammy contacts. Everyone except those you choose rings silent.

received a call from IRS 773-654-4276 said they had us for tax fraud. They then asked if we had a lawyer I said we have 2 do you want the names silence........asked again if they want the names I hung up. Called the number back they actually answered the IRS

A company called Litigation Services in L.A. has called me several times with nasty, threatening messages about "Pre-Trial Services" and that my lawyer must call 323-300-5792 and that I am "not responsible enough" to take care of this problem, etc. I told them not to ever call me again, and they proceeded to call me six times in a row after that. I finally took the phone off the hook. They are calling about a wrongful debt that was written off in 2010. In my area, the limit on pursuing "debts" is three years, and this case was closed in 2010. I have read other similar comments from consumers like me complaining about the same illegal threatening language and other illegal tactics.

I am on the Do Not Call list, but it feels like the "Do Call" list based on the number of scam calls we get. One company in particular called 5 times in one single day! This same company calls every day, at least once. I report them every time. And nothing happens. I just get another call or calls from them the next day. Morning. Day. Night. Whenever it's inconvenient or abusive to me, that's when they call. I want to trash my landline. It's a waste of money because all it is is a direct connection into my home for scammers to harass me.

By the way, the number that calls every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, is (855) 402-0737. I have reported them on Do Not Call list about 20 times. But they could care less and keep calling every single day!

My wife got a call and they wanted money for all the slain police officer recently shot..Now this scammer should be placed in prison and the key thrown away....

How do I stop the calls that don't show a number? Like ones that show "out of area" or the ones that put in a fake number? I am registered on the do not call list and still receive multiple calls a day, most from fake numbers or listed as "out of area". Not answering doesn't help; they just call back.

I keep getting calls from "your computer service technician." Foreign accent. I have tried hanging up, speaking in Polish, Telling them I am on the DNC list, saying I don't own a computer. Nothing works. They have been calling almost every day for weeks. I also get many robo calls.

I get these calls from a guy that sounds Chinese--he wants to clean my computer.I tell the jerk I have no computer but he keeps calling.

Maybe we all should flood our Congressmen with phone calls to make number spoofing illegal and punishable with either jail time or a heavy fine or both!!

I have been getting a bogus lawsuit call from 844-278-8485 everyday some times 2 times a day for the last 2 weeks. Told them not to call.they keep calling.told them I was on to their scam.

We get Rachel on the landline, and I keep getting these calls from 786-701-4001 on my cell, telling me the gov't has awarded me $6,000.00, then asked what would I do with the money. Called my carrier, however they weren't able to help.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA I got called everyweek from these numbers that say, This is you have won cruse line $, hotel$, vacation hot spot$ ect..Press #1 to claim and speak to Rep. When I called back they never pick up. Expedia say it's a scam they don't do that. I traced down those numbers using 411 app. It was no name only map say Geneva Street, SF,CA. I keep blocked each time and new number keep emerge.
These are the numbers:
(415)799-9213 (415)799-7511 (415)799-2393 (415)799-5911 (415)799-5060 (415)799-3126 > Level 3 Communications Landline (415)802-2162 > internet phone/robo scam. Beware people!!!


Quite honestly this "DO NOT CALL LIST" does not appear to be working. I have been on the list for years and still continue to get scam calls daily.
I don't think we will ever have a way of controlling or stopping them. Its getting worse.

Received a call yesterday claiming I had been awarded $8040 because I pay my taxes and haven't filed bankruptcy. They asked for my checking acct number or a credit card and it didnt matte if it had a balance.By the way there was a $200 processing fee. The call initially came 202-666-2773 with a call back to verifier at 512-692-7194. I asked a lot of questions and was told I was wasting her time(Ellie Evans)

People from India keep calling and telling me we are being sued by the government. Scares my 91 year old father to death. The number they call from is 202 779 4885. I have reported them to IRS and FTC

Got a call today on the IRS scam ,the phone is 509-872-5623

Beware of Scarlett Torres calling from an unknown number or an 818 835-0586. She claims to call about legal accusations and allegations against you or a family member. She calls and gives you a case number then tells you to avoid legal action against you in your county you must call Mr Reed or Mr Reeves at (626)219-2691. This is a complete organized scam where they scare you to think you can avoid legal action against you by paying them money. I called them back at the (626) number and asked to speak with their lawyer and they hung up on me. Tell your friends and family tell everyone you know.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go in the database.

The advice here is pretty useless-- the sheer volume of spammer calls coming in makes actions like "asking your service provider to block them" completely untenable, and many of them will only block a handful of numbers before they max out that ability. Service providers are NOT motivated to fix this! And it's admitted here that the Do Not Call list has no teeth. The FTC is apparently totally impotent with regards to these kinds of calls. We periodically hear about big FBI busts of drug rings or other criminals, why have we never heard of a similar FBI sting busting big groups of robocallers? Probably because they're all calling from a foreign country. If I could block all international calls, I would but given they spoof US area codes, I can't do that on my end.

If you enter the word "Robocalls" in the search bar on this site, you'll find a page of information about FTC action against Robocalls.
Scroll down the list of cases the FTC and other agencies have brought against robocallers. For example, this March 2015 case by FTC and 10 attorneys general against political survey callers who also pitched cruise line vacations.
Read about the Robocall contests that awarded prizes to tech experts who created robocall blocking tools.
Learn from the detailed infographic that explains the roles of technology, money, geography and the phone system in robocalls.

There is a Spanish telemarketing company that calls my phone every day at least 1, 2 or 3 times. They are now using spoofed numbers so you cannot call them back... if you press one to be connected to an operator, as soon as you speak English to them they disconnect you. I have to believe that the FTC can find out the actual numbers that the calls are emanating from and force the phone carriers to immediately disconnect the numbers if they receive ANY complaints about that actual number being used with a spoofed number. There must be a way to force the FTC to act... I am sure if the phone carriers were threatened with substantial lawsuits if they allow these numbers to be used for illegal purposes, they would act quickly or lose millions of dollars. How do we get together and make this happen? Any suggestions?

I just broke up with me ex and she uses an app that changes her number so I cant block it. I never pick up because I don't recognize the number but she always leaves a voice-mail. Some are threatening and others are apologetic. It's been 3 months now, she is crazy! How can I stop this? Is there an app that can block the app that keeps changing her number?

I get calls DAILY from the Health Insurance Marketplace ( I have asked them not to call and they keep calling. I just got off the phone, again, with these people and said, I am on the GOVERNMENTS Do Not Call List, and the government still keeps calling me! I get my health insurance through a insurance broker for crying out loud, but yet they still call... and they dont even know why. I asked them why they keep calling. All they say is they will put a do not call note by my phone number. Yeah right. So, how in the heck do you get these people to quit calling?!!

You might be getting calls from your health insurance company or another company related to it.
When your number is on the Do Not Call registry, a company may still call if you’ve done business with it recently or if you gave the company written permission to call you.
However, if you ask a company not to call you again, it must honor your request. Record the date of your request. If the company doesn't honor your request, you can file a complaint at or 1-888-382-1222.

This Toledo, Oh number: 419 725 5376 keeps calling trying to find a person who is evidently in arrears. I have told them repeatledy that I AM NOT THAT PERSON AND NOT TO MY NUMBER AGAIN....

So I have been putting my phone number on this site for years. It has never stopped my solicitation calls at all. There has to be another way to stop this annoyance. FTC isn't going to help with something so silly like this. This very website might be our culprit.

Elly110, The DO NOT CALL, list, a lot of good this does, They told me that they only hold a certain amount. And that I keep getting those annoying calls is because my list is full. SO NOW what do I do. ! ! ! ? ? ?

I wanna know, how they do this, I have caller ID with caller ID anouncment. The weird thing is. My husband and I would be sitting there and the phone would say my husbands name and the telephone number of our home. It looks like my husband is calling when he is sitting right there. How do they do that. I laugh and tell my husband , he's calling himself. When he answers it , it's usually from a bill collector.

Caller ID is a beautiful thing. If you don't recognize the number, don't pick up. Any legitimate caller is going to leave a message. marketplace 8003182596 They call everyday on my cell phone. I've filed complaints with donotcall registry. Tried to call them to stop calling me, all I got was a message to leave my number, now they call more frequently. I've never dealt with them I have my own health insurance and have no need to use their services. How can I make this stop?

I always turn my ringer various times during the day I check for calls and if I do not know the caller or number I simply muss and no fuss...

I simply keep my ringer turned off and may check for calls a couple times a day. If I don't recognize the number or caller, I simply delete the call. don't have to talk to anybody you don't want to or hear the phone ringing incessantly.

If you have an Android phone you can save ALL of your unwanted callers to a New Contact named Ignore, Do Not Answer, Unsolicited, etc. Then you choose Edit Contact, Options, and check the box marked Send Directly to Voicemail. Your phone won't ring and you may get messages, but it helps!

I called, used ALL of my alloted minutes on hold and setting up a plan and never gave them my cell phone number. My business with them is complete and the deadlines have passed and I still get a call EVERY DAY. Makes and the Affordable Care Act seem evil as no one likes unsolicited calls.

I have no faith in the Do Not Call list anymore. I have a Safelink phone (low income with limited minutes each month) and keep getting calls from scammers. Last year I took the time to type up a list of about 50 phone #s with dates and times and sent them to the complaint email listed on this blog.. To this day I have had no response from anyone. 98% of the calls are males with East Indian or Pakistani accents with American names like Eric, Mark, Joseph, Chuck, etc. etc and ALL are from U.S. PHARMACY wanting to solicit business.
They use a MULTITUDE (30 or more) phone numbers which actually are not even in service. I've told them repeatedly not to call again, to put me on their "do not call" list but to no avail. I am a senior who is very ill and have several specialists I see on a regular basis. It would be too hard for me to change my number and notify all my contacts -- and who is to say my new Safelink number wouldn't get all these calls as well?? I think it is a shame that we do not have better control in our country of these invasive calls.

The information you have would be useful to law enforcement. Please file a complaint at You can provide details about the names and numbers of the calls you get. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations nationwide.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Question: The telemarketing calls are so bad at our home that I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize any more. And of course, they don't leave messages. I trace or try to trace all numbers that call. How can I report calls if I don't answer them, don't know who they are or what they want, much less telling them not to call any again? I've been keeping records for 3 years now, to no avail. New numbers just keep popping up. I'm blocking area codes now. Getting 4-5 calls a day at home and cell phone.

Get at least 10 calls a month to our 800 number, usually after business hours or in the middle of the night. Our voice mail takes the call which is a never ending spam message.... we end up getting charged for a 32 minute call. $3.79 each time. Last month over $40. Called Verizon but they had no solution. I have the solution Verizon.... ALLOW ME TO LIMIT THE LENGTH OF TIME A VOICEMAIL CAN BE, PLEASE!! This can't be that difficult.

The do not call list is obsolete and the FTC is incapable of stopping the robo calls. The scammers are sophisticated enough to not get caught even if the FTC tried to catch them. I get 8 or 9 calls a day from the same scam and when I block the number through my service provider they just change the number they're calling from. Welcome to the new world order.

We get about 5-7 abandoned calls a day from one of the companies we do deal with. They start about a week before the bill is due and continue until it is paid. Heaven forbid we are a day or two late because then the amount of calls double. They never are there is we answer and they never leave a message. The only reason we know it is them because of researching the number. We have even taken this number off of the account.

everyday we are receiving calls from 8883937162. We do not know whose telephone is. Iam registered with do not call Why?

I have my cell phone registered already. For years already and these days I keep on getting more calls than ever to my cell phone, especially from Ohio, Middleton NJ and...I don't know any of those people. I think this DO NOT CALL REGISTRY is all B.S. They keep on calling.

Got a new number from Sprint few months ago. It was heavily tainted from day 1. I tried using DO NOT DISTURB mode on my smartphone to block unknown numbers, but that apparently doesn't work anymore. Telemarketing and fake calls should be illegal. Why isn't it already?

I get robocalls every single day. And recently it's been a few a day. I used to report them but doesn't actually seem to do anything. I always "block" the number but they use different numbers every day so that doesn't do anything. I wish the FTC actually prosecuted these jerks so this would stop. It's getting out of control.

I totally agree

The only thing more frustrating than these calls one can't stop is the Do-Not-Call Registry which is one of the government's biggest scams. It is an example of how the congress passes laws and then doesn't fund the agency to do what the law requires them to do. I blame the "small government" Republicans who play this game with us, making it seem they respond seriously to citizen problems but not actually doing so. It is a government fraud and deeply dishonest.

I have noticed that once you get all the numbers that are calling blocked a new set of numbers start calling....I am so sick of this...I never used to get these calls until I signed up for my health insurance then everyone started calling day and night 20x a day and more....I started blocking the numbers but new numbers show up from different states I have well over 100 numbers blocked and this has been since the 1st of the year. there should be a law against harassing people like this. I am not in the market for anything yet every day is like walking onto used car lot with 20 greedy salesman chasing me....

I am getting constantly bothered by numbers that keep trying to send me a fax, based on the beeps whenever I answer....
The truly ridiculous thing is that they are using a spoof number that claims they are from a local hospital, and a variety of different numbers are calling me. I have contacted the hospital to inform them that I do not have a fax machine, and so cannot receive a fax, but they do not recognize the numbers calling me. Since there are several different numbers being used, I cannot block them all through my provider, and now I am getting to the point where I feel like I will need to change my number to escape this ignorance....
I get like 4 - 6 calls trying to send me a fax that I am positive is some stupid ED pill I do not need, and then it stops for a couple of days before starting again, supposedly from the hospital. This has been going on for the last month, and I am at my wits end with it!!

If you're getting a lot of calls, you have useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at You also might want to sign up for a service to block robocalls, like, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.

I am getting unwanted phone calls now that just show an 8 digit phone number with out the area code. I can't call it back or block it because it doesn't show area code. Second time this happened. I am also getting unwanted phone calls from fake windows technicians. My phone number is private and I am on the do not call list.

I am getting constant calls from an unknown # and my phone does not ring 1st - it goes straight to voicemail. It is from Ken from a prosperity network, he leaves a call back # 435-255-7561. I do not want to call him back. I can't block the call because it is unknown, does not ring and does not show up as a "missed call". What can I do to stop this annoying unwanted caller?

You can help law enforcement by reporting the calls you get; go to and file a complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I keep getting texts from PETER FLEMING SPORTS CASTER JOURNALIST ETC I have recorded and documented the 200+ times I have asked to be removed from the call list on top of that now he sends 4-5 texts a day when does it stop I am charged by text this is a company phone and I am not supposed to be receiving any texts is there a way to charge with harassment. Enough is enough !

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

My husband failed to pay taxes for 2 years; as a result, the IRS placed a lein against our property. I paid off the lein. However, the nightmare of unsolicited mail, strangers gawking and surveying our property has been unending. Two years later, the nightmare persists. Called this morning by Irene at Omni Financial in Florida inquiring about our tax debt. Their telephone number is 772-907-9005. I will admit that I was rude with this woman; however, the lein was fully paid and removed yet this company has the right to be intrusive? For my husband's behavior, I have suffered financially and emotionally. My private info has traveled virally throughout the US and is game for every predatory scam organization. Congress needs to reform IRS guidelines; specifically, prohibit access of who can receive records. Please fully prosecute Omn for not abiding by the Do Not Call List. The employee's name was Irene and I doubt that Irene would care about how I was an unwitting victim to being placed on her list. I have worked hard for forty years, paid my taxes, never been engaged in illegal activities, etc. I have however, decided to turn the tables on these predatory companies. This call from Irene just broke me and ai am now fighting back. As my name, phone number and address has been prostituted by unfair tax laws, I will do the same with theirs. It is an inlevel playing field that needs to be mown. I will never know if FTC will penalize Omni and other predators for the emotional anguish they inflict upon innocent taxpayers. They have effectively destroyed a marriage and intruded into the sanctity of our home. Again, please prosecute Omni to the fullest extent the law will provide.

If your number is on the Do Not Call Registry and a company violated the rules, you can report it at
If you think the IRS has wrongly shared your information, you can contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate service. 
You may also want to check with your city or town to see if information about the lien was included in public records. You can ask if your city or town lets you set limits on who can see your records.

I just called the AARP consumer fraud line and found out I have no recourse to go after the scammer who threatened to call me every day all day.Well, I know what worked before when one of these bullies threatened to call me every day and I did not get calls for months. I took out my Bible and read from the scriptures, very vigorously and offered the scammer the "plan of salvation" several times until he hung up on me. I figured either two things would happen. He would accept Jesus as his savior or leave me alone. If this guy who called today goes through with his threat, i have a Songs of Zion songbook and a singing voice that my own grandchildren find nerve shattering. "The weapons of my warfare are not carnal, but mighty for the bringing down of strongholds."

I'm pretty sure nobody from the FTC actually reads this... Just as nobody from congress actually does anything about it.

For me, it is to the point now where I get more scam calls than I do real calls. My phone book is loaded with numbers labeled scam0-scam8 with four numbers assigned to each. At least this way I can recognize and ignore the call. Unfortunately, they still go to voice mail and there is nothing I can do about that.

The phone coNpany has a solution. Give them $5 a month and they will allow me to block up to 20 numbers. How's that for service?

Folks, nothing is going to be done about this until we camp out in our congressmen's office and demand that the do something.

Actually, the blog is moderated and FTC staff read all the comments before we post them. 
You can help law enforcement by reporting the calls you get; go to and file a complaint. The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Just got 12 calls today from Solar America. I first picked up the phone and heard a beep. I asked who was calling and nothing. Then I heard, "If you want to make a call, please hang up and dial again. I hung up. Then periodically 11 times after that I call calls from Solar America. Since I have Caller ID, I didn't answer. How do I stop this caller?

At this point about 99% of incoming calls I send to voice mail, I have about ten times as many bogus numbers on silent ring tone as legit contacts. Really, I rarely pick up the phone without an email appointment made in advance. Voice telephony is going the way of Detroit. No one wants to deal with it, and it will be soon obsolete because its so overrun with crime & fraud.

Unfortunately I have some legit calls get missed as a result of this.

Same here, it's just makes life so much more difficult because of these callers

Is edu consulting included? How about Euro-(?) cant remember the full name. I have used it a lot. I mean my email address as my Username. Do I need to change my email address? how about financial consultants? Stansberry? Palm Beach?

Please let me know the result for those that I asked cause I have made a $4700 + 600 with them but I did not like the training. Then they credited and made a $2,200 for another training which is still in question. (edu consulting).

I do not know if I created something in my facebook by trying to post it. It in turn gave me a new site aside from the one I created myself with a blank face. Now I have two. Is that legit? I have been using it since but I'm not sure if I should have. When I checked the new one it has the same information as the one I originally created.

So here is what I did when I got this new no. The last guy was apparently 'wanted' - "we know your work address, we will..." == So I put a VM 'this is a new number and on the DNC list, kindly check your resources bef leaving a message'. Calls went WAY down. Then when I did put myself on the DNC, down to a trickle. Try putting a VM even if the # is not so new. Can't hurt. Just let your friends etc. know/

i get a call every stinking day at same time(roughly) saying my credit card is in huge danger unless i ACT NOW!! I Have tried with little success to reason with them. Most times they just instantly hang up, once they know I'm not going for it. I SWEAR Im buying a Rape Whistle and going to blow some ear drums if this continues.....

I have filed DOZENS of complaints with every call I get. I KEEP getting calls from Payday Loans stating I have just applied. I have never and will never use their services. I have blocked every number that comes in and they keep changing them. I have gone to their corporate website and sent them a message to stop calling, no luck. I have verified that I have been on the DO NOT CALL list for a long time, still I get numerous calls from Payday Loans EVERY DAY! What the hell good does the FTC do if you cannot get the fact PAYDAY LOANS will not stop till you MAKE them stop!?

im getting these same calls and they call my family looking for me too....its very upsetting...I'm at my witts end. I call them back and say ok file charges...and they just call again next day. My Dad thinks I'm a criminal now and I'm like NO, its a scam!!!

I'm having this EXACT issue! They started calling my parents cell phones today and now my parents think I'm a criminal. Im TERRIFIED they will call my employer, I would lose my job. These scammers claim that they are trying to trace your whereabouts so they can send law enforcement to fetch you. I've filed complaints but I don't think it makes the calls stop to mine and my family members phones

I keep getting calls from random people asking me if I'm a laundry cleaning business and I have no idea why

Our government does not care or will not take care of the spoofed phone calls. The people have to demand it and tell our government to make the phone companies track them down and shut them down. They have the technology but refuse to use it. The only way to force a change is to vote out any politician that does not work for the people.

Then who would run the "government" if you voted out all the people not "for the people"?

Have you tried changing your phone number?

I am enraged that NOBODY has been willing to tackle/remove this problem once and for. All these folks/companies are interested in is making money from consumers.

I get "charitable contribution" requests nearly every day and I am aware that this is a scam. How can I block these calls? My caller ID always shows these calls without area codes, but include a city name and the last seven numbers. All of these telemarketers open the conversation with: "thank you for your generous contribution to (always a different charity) in the past, what can you contribute again?" None of these made-up charities are ones that I have given money to in the past. These callers are driving me crazy and I just don't pick up the phone if I see these fictitious numbers on my caller ID.

What's with scams being run out of India, Jamaica and Africa? They must really hate Americans or believe we're the dumbest people alive. Sad.

I never had this problem, but I had a friend who were getting robocalled a lot. So this is a solution I had found online before. On your phone, create a contact that says "ignore" etc. Add any unsolicited phone numbers to this list.

NOW!!! "disconnected number tone". It's the tone we've all heard at one point that goes "doo-dah-dee...we're sorry, the number you have dialed has been disconnected..." blah blah blah. You just need to find the "doo-dah-dee" part of the tone so you can play the sound at will. Then, on your phone, edit your voicemail message to a personal greeting. When the phone says to start recording your message, play the disconnect tone, then finish with a personal greeting of your choice. Done.

The concept behind this is simple. The three ascending tones are known as Special Information Tones, or SIT. It is an auditory analogue code in the world of telephony that notifies the computer on the receiving end that the number has been disconnected or that it does not exist. It is flagged as such, and the computer automatically removes it from the calling list because, well, why would it want to waste more time calling numbers that don't exist?

It took a few weeks, but it seemed to work for my friend. The auto-dialers would call, get his voicemail, hear the tone and remove his number from their call list one by one. His friends and family can still leave a voicemail (they would just hear the tone at the beginning, followed by his personal greeting and think nothing of it).

Hope this helps some people. It was a very long time ago when I did this.

281 710 0077 is the latest call from "congratulations you have been approved for a payday loan" (to which I have never ever applied for one in my life). If you call back it says only if you are on the no call list press 9......done that hundreds of times and I do mean hundreds of times but continue to get more they do not say what company they are with. Filed complaints with FTC twice, complained to my provider, blocked numbers, not answered and all the time I am on the do not call list for a long time now. The calls from this company comes from all over the United States...same recorded voice, same you block one, then a different number comes up on caller id next time.....I get the calls throughout the day....6:30 am, 7:30 am, 8 am etc.......I am sure the FTC KNOWS and I mean KNOWS who owes this company this number belongs to...........why aren't you doing something..........

What you are doing by providing ANY response, answering the call, pressing a button etc, is giving them the information they need to verify you are a working number.
Really simple actually, do not answer/call back numbers you do not recognize. The only reason you get so many calls as you have been reported to the scammers as a good number. If it is official business, credit companies, IRS etc. they will send you a ground mail. Simply stop calling or answering numbers you don't recognize or look the number up first.

I keep getting a phone call everyday and it leaves a voice mail. The voicemail is at least 2 seconds. It's very annoying. I tried an app to block it but it gets through and leaves a voicemail.

I feel like even though we put our numbers on the Do Not Call Registery that when new numbers aka scammers come out we have to constantly keep putting our numbers on those list. One scanner can call from all different numbers. I wish there was more to do in these cases but I fear in life we are stuck with putting up with these annoying scammers forever! Now me I can handle it but when it goes to my elderly mom all hours of the night that makes me mad! I've put her on do not call list every week for years & she still gets cause from new numbers about same thing. Funny thing is I've tried calling them to act like I'm the scammer but the numbers are no longer available! Reached non existed number. Turn tables on them I saw play it out like the prankster people do. I've done it couple times confuses them they get mad hung up! Ask to speak to supervisor ask to talk to head of company. Turn the tables I say! We all work for our money to make a living & im sure there are people who are working at these call centers who are doing just that & not really understanding what they are doing to others or just don't care as long as they get a paycheck.

I received a call from 701-353-3250, figure it's a scam or a telemarketer, did not answer, they did not leave a message. I don't have as many calls as I use too, perhaps they have decided it's worthless to call me. However, do not appreciate these unwanted calls and do not answer if the name or number is unfamiliar to me.

What I'm wondering is why can't providers(ATT,Verizon,Sprint,etc) block calls from distant area codes? Why can't I just say, "I only want to receive calls from, say, 925 or 510 area codes AND NO OTHERS"? Problem solved, no more annoying robo-calls from Jamaica, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon, Texas, or Illinois(I have received robo-calls from all of these). Surely providers have the technical capacity to do this, but they don't. Why? Because they don't want to. If there was a provider that did, I would take my business to that provider immediately.

Of course, if there was any serious competition between providers, they would fix this problem. But there isn't, so they all just remain totally unresponsive to legitimate consumer concerns.

I still get calls from unknown numbers, phone numbers that aren't numbers example, 0, 1, 1234. Even after having phone features on with the phone company/

We are getting calls from charities that we have never donated to and the charities don't even seem to be legitimate. The Do Not Call list is a joke - it does no good. We also get 'pay phone' calls that I know are a scam. Now they are even calling using family members names on the caller id. How are they able to do this?

I feel like I live my entire life all day and night dealing with spam emails and calls. I deal with it at work during the day with both my work phone and my cell phone at the same time along with emails and then come home and eat with it on my land line and cell phone all night.

I get calls and emails on weekends, holidays and up to 25-30 spam emails a day and 10-15 calls a day. It's truly a living nightmare. I feel violated and harassed DAILY. All number have been on the DNC lists which is a complete joke.

There needs to be laws in place to get this to stop...NOW! It is an invasion of privacy, it is harassment and if I wanted a damn product or service, I will call them. They should not be bothering me. When is our government going to step up and stop this?????

I think it's time we start pestering our senators and congressmen about this issue. We all receive unwarranted calls just like we did before the DNC registry. I can't fault the FTC because it's our representatives that determine their budget. This is the Federal "Trade" Commission. I imagine their scope is limited to preventing legitimate businesses from abusing us, and their hands are tied when dealing with scammers and phishers.

Our representatives need to empower the FTC and FCC to cooperate to start dealing with this new privacy threat. People are getting harassed, interrupted, and (some) having their identities stolen or getting similarly screwed over. We're all hanging out here unprotected. Call AND write your representatives and spur them into action.

Every week I get a call saying"congratulations... you payday loan has been approved!' I press 9 to decline and take myself off their list, and I block the number called from. The next week I get the exact same call from another number. I have blocled at least 10 numbers at this point. I have never in my life applied for a payday loan. How can I stop the calls?

You have a few options for blocking unwanted calls.

My father is 92 yrs old & only has a land line. I live close to look after him & unbelievable how many scam calls he receives, at least 20 calls a day. Most of the calls are from "charities" and political groups, some are just plain scams. Unfortunately he is lonely & will talk to them and he does give to some charities/political groups (I have no idea if they are legit), so this leads to more & more calls. Lately I've become aware that these people ask him for a donation, which then becomes a MONTHTLY donation charged directly to his card FOREVER. He tells me did not intend or give authorization for such charges. I got him to call the card to try and stop the charges (there are several) but the card says they they are legit. My father refuses to cancel the card & without power of attorney I can't do much but make him mad & upset. He has been charged many $100's. He cannot find me any phone numbers for these chargers. What's lower than the victimization of an generous old gentleman on a fixed income & with major medical bills? He's exactly what these groups look for. How do these people get the right to charge monthly? How do I protect my father from these people? Word is out & more & more calls are coming...

The Fair Credit Billing Act gives people a right to challenge unauthorized charges. This article explains your rights and how to dispute credit card charges.
The card-holder has to write to the creditor at the address given for "billing inquiries," not the address for sending your payments. Include your name, address, account number, and a description of the billing error. We have a sample letter you can use.

It is getting worse! I am on the do not call list and I get 5-7 calls a DAY! They say they can get away with this because it is a 3rd party list they use that was sold. about my credit cards getting lowered, IRS scams... it wont end!!! HELP!

Can't you guys make it illegal to spoof numbers, track these crooks down and prosecute them? I am sick of getting these calls on my cell phone. I am getting call from 800221, which is not even a real number! Seems like our tax dollars and your agency should be coming up with a better solution than the do not call list. There is apparently no incentive for these harassing crooks to stop as the problem is getting worse!

I am so fed up of being unable to eliminate these spam and robocalls. putting my name on a DNC list is useless. what makes any business think a consumer wants to be bothered? unbelievable what greed does.I get calls daily, they change numbers, btw. ridiculous that we have to put up with this.

Don't bother blocking the numbers, either. Even assuming they don't have access to the number's prefix, that still gives them ten thousand numbers to use. If they also have access to the prefix, that gives them ten MILLION.

I keep getting calls from this number: 1-954-921-3812. They don't leave a message and when I call back, it either doesn't go anywhere or no one answers, but will receive the "your call is important to us, please continue to hold and an agent with be right with you" automated response. What is this number?

Are telecoms still required to connect every call? Why can't a telecom use techniques similar to email anti spam to block junk calls?

Used to get a lot of these calls on my cellphone.
Left this on my voicemail message...
Thank you for calling 000-000-0000. Please leave message. We do not accept Unknown Calls or Calls with no Caller ID.
Then I block their calls.
Took about a month and a half, but now I'm lucky to get 1 call in 6 months.
Only works, if you agree not to pick up the phone when it says Unknown Caller or if the call has no ID (phone number). Let your voicemail do your dirty work...NO MORE STRESSFUL PHONE CALLS.

I always ask them what there wearing it gets a click everytime

I am so disgusted with all the telemarketing phone calls especially the ones that tell me they are the IRS and I need to speak to them immediately. Or Rachel at credit card services telling me they can help me lower my rate, or some guy from a middle eastern accent telling me that they are Microsoft and my computer is at risk. Please! I have blocked them every time they call, but the problem is I can only block 20 calls and then I have to unblock them. I have filled out so many hundreds and hundreds of reports to the FTC. For a while, I actually believe it's stopped the scammers. But all the sudden all hell has broken loose and 95% of my home phone calls are from scam artists. Thank God they don't call my cell phone, because my family is the only one that will actually call it. I get no actual personal calls on my home phone at all. This is such an invasion of privacy, waking people up at all hours of night with the phone ringing, tying up my phone line that I am paying for with B.S. The FTC is useless, nothing is being done as we Americans are bombarded and there has to be a better way. FTC do something, if you can't do something then dissolve Outsource your company. I am so tired of having to spend hours and hours inputting data to the FTC which does nothing. All these phone calls that I keep reporting I have not received a dime from the FTC for process for prosecuting them. Why not? Why not? If you're Prosecuting them, and we report these numbers, why aren't we getting those fines that scammers have to pay for thousands of dollars?

Really simple actually, do not answer/call back numbers you do not recognize. The only reason you get so many calls as you have been reported to the scammers as a good number. If it is official business, credit companies, IRS etc. they will send you a ground mail. Simply stop calling numbers you don't recognize or look the number up first.

I get many many ghosted calls from numbers which show up in my caller ID as friends and contacts of mine. I call them back and they said they did not call me. Sometimes this happens 4 of 5 times within minutes. There is always silence, I was getting prank calls to which showed up as being from friends and when I answered I heard various messages from "Stop Your Dog from P**PING ON MY LAWN" to "Stop parking your car in handicapped spots"

Is there an app which can capture numbers that I call or call me on my my landline or cell phone then call me back within minutes of me calling them

You are being harassed,call your local police and contact your phone provider.

I have been registered with the do-not-call registry for some years now, but it only stops the more legit businesses, not the scammers. I still get unwanted calls. For a while, I was paying the fee to my phone company to find out the phone number that called and then reporting the unwanted call to the FTC. But after doing that for a couple years and still getting phone calls from the same places, I stopped reporting them. Now I settle for getting some cathartic release by cupping my hand around the phone speaker and screaming at the top of my lungs for a very long time and then hanging up before giving them a chance to respond (assuming they haven't already hung up on me). I get the last word (so to speak) and have vented my anger about the call.

You wasted your time coming here.

Ask them why all the people calling have fake caller id's. Go on. They'll tell you that isn't illegal...unless....(wait for it....)they then use that to commit a crime.

They tell you if you expect protection from government or law enforcement "there is an app for that. In fact there are several."

FTC is a joke.

You are on your own.

I agree. Just wastes our time complaining. They couldn't find Bin Laden either so why would we think they can stop spam.

Well, contacting someone who is in the Do Not Call Registry IS a crime. So they have used a fake ID to commit a crime.

I keep getting calls from local numbers or at least in the same state. The first two times it happened I called back but the numbers dont work. I answered one, there was silence, and then it hung up. It happens a few times a day now but the numbers are slightly different every time so not sure what I can do to get them to stop.

We've been getting lot's of robocalls for small business loans. I thought it was because I registered Webfia on yelp and google to provide SEO services in Fort Lauderdale, but I guess it's all scams. What's a good app to use to block robocalls?

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.
If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.
You also might want to sign up for a service to block robocalls, like, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.

I get betweeen 6 - 10 calls a day from either Microsoft robocall telling me that there is a virus in my computer or 'credit card services' with a '2nd last chance' to lower my credit card interest rate! I have to almost answer all calls coming in because I have a home based business and DO get calls from all over the US and cell phones. This has become maddening. The DNC registry is a joke! Set up to give consumers a false sense of security. It does absolutely nothing for the consumer!


The FTC "Do not call" list is about as effective as any other government run program, which is to say, it isn't very effective at all. All of our numbers have been listed for years, and in the last two years I am getting more calls than ever. If I have to tolerate these calls anyway, I prefer not to pay for a broken program with tax dollars.

I get calls from multiple locations all day long leaving me robot messages. They call all day and I never answer and this has been going on for months and months, I am not willing ro give up a phone number i have had for over 16 years because of these people. I keep blocking their numbers and they just come up with new ones.

I get spam calls everyday. Anoying. I just started answer in Spanish," Quien Habla?" . They are usually middle eastern an cannot speak Spanish so they just hang up!

So what do you do if they are calling from an unknown number? I've been on the Do Not Call registry for 5 years and get scam calls daily. Now I have an unknown caller calling me 4 times day. I've demanded to know who they are. I've picked up and yelled at them to stop calling me. The only solution I can find is to PAY for an app to block them. I don't think I should have to pay to stop someone from calling me illegally. They almost always call when I'm in class and can't pick up the phone. One time they even called my hospital room! I'm so tired of this. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. I have an iPhone 4S if it's helpful.

Please see our July 29, 2016 post, Looking to block unwanted calls?, for helpful tips.

Jully 3 2016 my phon voice call recording

I have been getting phone call everyday from politicians and telemarketing most of the time it is in the morning and late afternoons. Please change my number and stop all unwanted calls. Thank you.

The FTC can't change your phone number. To change your number, call the company that provides your phone service.

The "IRS" called 3 times today. left 3 messages saying I would be sued and this was the last notice. I've been getting these for months, never answer, and now they have become more frequent. Their number is: 626-840-8244.

I'm buying a new landline that has blocking capability, seemingly my only recourse. Also receive Telefund calls, twice a day now from 617-292-7701.

Do not call list is a total waste of time. All the phone numbers we use are on the list, yet the calls continue. Either get serious and put the people who violate the law in jail or repeal it.

So basically, try and avoid them, but if it happens you've got no advice for us. Typical government agency.

I never answer the phone from any number unless it is a number that I know and recognize. No exceptions, ever. After the phone stops ringing, I look up the number and 99.99% of the time I find that it has already been reported as a scammer. I then add that number to my call blocker. If the number appears legitimate, I don't call back that specific number. I will, however, call back a number that I know is legitimate for that particular company, but only if I've dealt with them in the past. If I've never dealt with them, I don't call them. I'm also on the "Do Not Call Registry". Scammers prey on your fear. There is nothing that is so important that you have to answer the phone from a number you don't recognize.

You can now dial *60 and store up to 25 unwanted numbers that call you on home phones. On iPhones just go back to the incoming call log and tap the far right side of the number you want to block and then scroll down to where it says BLOCK. Hope this helps.

I have been getting calls since August of 2015 from lenders and cash advance companies. I ask them to remove me from the list. The calls are from all over the country most are robo dial calls. The same message from different area codes. When I actually talk to a person they don't seem to know anything about the original call that connected me to them. So I am having a hard time back tracing the phone center distribution company. Not sure how to stop it. Need help.

800-902-4788 claims the IRS is going to sue me.

The 3-in-1 Home Security Systems (aka United Security) keeps calling me day and night with one of the following caller IDs over the past month. (1) 13865168469 (2) 13195191170 (3) 12109811407 (4) 13165308028 (5) 14243438298 (6) 14078741110 (7) 14308030538 (8) 15024969018 (9) 16123514669 (10) 16314083191 (11) 17018050475

My mom came out with this claim that you have to answer a call at least once before you can report it as spam. She sometimes gets things mixed up; she might be thinking about the issue that if you have a business relationship you can't stop them from calling say to offer services. Has anybody heard this one before the way my mother said it?

When your phone number is on the Do Not Call list, you can still get:  political calls, calls from charitable organizations, informational calls, calls about debts you owe, phone surveys and calls from companies you’ve done business with or gave permission to call.
If your number is on the Do Not Call list and  get a call from someone that is not on that list of permitted callers, you can report it at

Reporting calls to does nothing. I've done so for years. The only thing that will work is a forcing the phone companies to do something and allow the Fed and State agencies to painfully enforce laws on the scammers. Legislation and software can stop most of the scammers. No one in charge seems to be concerned. We have a nation of bright people, this problem should have been solved years ago. Immediately shut down the exchange the calls are coming from, phone companies can see in real time when thousands of calls eminate from one site. Today I got a scam call on my home phone and hours later on my cell. Others in NJ also got these calls all day today, tracing them can't be impossible to do. The phone companies can see all of this real time. Our NSA can tap our phones and know everything about us but the FTC and other agencies can't catch a scammer, pathetic.

Has anyone ever thought about turning the fone off for a few hours? as sometimes I have done this just to get PEACE while my kids are @ school & husband @ work, if they need me they can still call me @ work otherwise I lose my sanity & also my husband is a computer whizz & can track scams & find out where they come from without dng any damage to the computers too

Calls from various cities and states are increasing -- three or more daily. Congress voted against a bill to make robocalls illegal. We need to pressure Congress to make robocalls against the law, and then to have the phone companies work on ways to identify and block all robocalls. It's getting ridiculous!

I get calls daily on my cell phone from scammers. Now they are texting me - one text woke me up at midnight. Really?! Sure I can block the call/Text but they just use another spoofed number, so why bother? With all the intelligence in this country, can't we figure out a way to stop these criminals? I'd like access to a program that allows only my contact to come through-I'd use my landline for all other non-contacts like doctors etc.

I've listed do not name is not even anika jefferson I'm a guy for Pete's sake. Some company using the false name of lawyer referral calls sometimes five times a day are insulting claim I "probably am the debtor and need to pay the damn bill and quit being cheap" told me to change my number.....that us listed private and I've had for a year. Claims they are protected by the Fed govt ext and can do what they want. These sleazy people need to be shut down. Enough is enough I pay my own debts and run a bussiness I have to turn calls away lose customers ext. According to ss 1690-1690p they cannot use false pretenses nor be harassing. So why is it they exist and why the heckler will they not stop calling ME????? FOR GODS SAKE IM NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ANIKA JEFFERSON irk who it even is

Receiving calls multiple times daily. Does not ring the phone, goes straight to voice mail to tell me about a "Treasury" issue regarding me. Can't block the call because there is no number associated just shows my voice mail number, and I want to hear that alert. Getting tired of the messages that are nothing but trash.

I received a call today from 5713358307 i didn't answer because i didn't know the number they left a recorded message stating that my name is under federal investigation for IRS and at the end it said good luck.What can I do or call about the harassing call


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