Tech Support Scams: Part 2

Computer Screen WarningThey’re baaaack!

No, not poltergeists. Scammers. And they want your last penny.

We’ve written before about tech support scams — where a caller claims that your computer has a terrible virus and needs immediate attention. The scammer asks for remote access and then charges you for “fixing” a problem that wasn’t there.

Now, they’re working the phones again, and they claim that if you paid for tech support services, they can get you a refund. We’ve heard about several variations of this scam:

  • They might ask if you were happy with the service. If you say no (and you probably will), they claim they can get you a refund.
  • Or they might say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds to people who already paid.

Once they’ve got you hooked, they claim that they need your bank or credit card account number to process the refund.

They might say that you need to create a Western Union account to receive the money. They may even offer to help you fill out the necessary forms — if you give them remote access to your computer. But instead of transferring money to your account, the scammer withdraws money from your account.

So, what can you do if you paid for bogus tech support services?

  • File a complaint at
  • If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges.
  • Hang up on callers who offer a refund in exchange for your bank or credit card account number or a Western Union account.


I called what I thought was Epson printer support. They asked to get on my computer to determine the problem and fix it. Dumb me let them on, at which point they said they had found the problem in the operating system (Windows 7) and would fix it for $199.99. I said no way, and before I could hang up, they screwed up my computer. Had to use Microsoft disinfectant, Kaspersky virus detection, and malware removal programs. Reloaded Epson software, and solved the problem. Look real carefully and the site address; they used Epson's name in vain.

Ask them to tell you your ip address of the infected PC.
Then go to and you will
see it is not the same one.
Most wont know what ip address to tell you.
And if they wont give it to you then tell them it cant be my PC then as that info you should know.

i had similar situation for what i thought was kaspersky and have no idea how to get ahold of them!!!!!!!!

Just received the call identifying themselves as a Microsoft Support. He asked for me to open computer. I said I wasn't near computer and asked or his name which he gave as Marshall Smith in Houston TX 239-247-5552. I told him I have 3 computers and asked which one is infected. He stumbled but said the Windows 7 OR XP! He then said it is the computer registered under... and he gave me my name and address!!! Scary stuff which led me to make this report! I called the local Microsoft who had me callcorporate who then had me go on-line to FTC. This is where it led me ... they had no desire to call the number as they do NOT answer individual complaints.

I also received two calls from someone claiming to be from microsoft. When I asked for a number to call him back, he hung up. Two days later someone else called back. I hung up on him. The number on my caller ID was 0 000 000 0000.

Some guy called me claiming to be from Microsoft, and he said that my computer had a virus and was going to crash. I laughed and said 'oh that's great. Tell me which computer out of the three in my house, and I'll go take care of it' he stumbled a little, as if surprised with my answer and then said 'oh, I can solve the issue for you if you open up the medium sized computer' I was impressed that he was able to assume that the three computers were different sizes, unfortunately the 'medium one' was mine.
So I replied with 'It's great and all that you called but, do you know who the owner of the medium one is? I'll answer for you. I'm the owner. And I'm sorry, what's wrong with my computer is not a virus. It's simply old and just needs to be retired.' He got a bit huffy and said ' No, No, I'm positive there is a virus on your computer, if you'll let me just access your computer, I can fix it for you for just a small fee.' So I booted up my computer and said 'Hey sir, what's your name?' 'I'm Derek Lin' 'Derek, RedRover says "hi! I don't trust scammers ~ Acess this computer and you'll make mommy pull out her fourth computer that she didn't tell you about and send you some viruses for being a naughty shameful thing" and hung up on him.
Microsoft would know I have four computers registered. Some idiot scammer wouldn't.

Feb 7th recived call from person who said they were from Microsoft . A fellow going by the name of Danny Chang which was a lie .Turned out they are Microtech Support LLC at 10685-b Hazelhurst Drive no. 14103 Houston Texas 77043. Told me my computer was infected and would crash if i buy and let them install their software . Beleving that i was dealing with a rep from Microsort i aggreed to the plan . Gave cc no. and let them open my computer up so their supposed tech could work on it. Approx 2 hrs later when i went to open my computer up it was all screwed up . My home page was deleted as was my tool bar . The assess to my e-mail was gone and no assess to my face book .This was on Friday afternoon late enough i couldnt call my bank . Called Monday Feb 10th account had all ready been charged . Called the MICROTECH SUPPORT no. 239 247 5552 and the runaround started . I demanded a full refund . That was when a MR.RAY GOMEZ entered into the discussion . He wanted me to e-mail him a list of my complaints which id at The total price that they scammed me for at this time is 352.16. After more phone call and lenghty arguing a Mr GREG Roche who said he was from accounting said he would refund me 200.00 dollars and that was the best he could do and I aggreed .He wanted an e-mail from me agreeing to this amount. The e-mail address that he used was .this was on the Feb the 24th . Today is March the 10th 2014 no refund . I have filed a complaint with Bank and with the BBB of Houston texas also with the National do not call Registry . Also with The Office of the ATTORNEY GENERAL of TEXAS . Also am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission .And the Washington state office of the Attorney General.Iam 77years old and on a fixed income this 352.16 out of my budget is not to be taken lightly .

I surely understand what you are going through, in Feb 2014 I had a call from a tech support that said my computer showed it was very slow and they could go in for free and fix it. Well, as you know it ended up costing me $269.00 then 2 months later they called me to let me know someone was trying to hack into my aol account....I almost fell for it but then, they wanted another $99.00 I told them I am calling aol and finding out if this is true, which it was not. For the last 3 months I have been getting calls from them from 5 different numbers and one of them is an unknown which I cannot block. I have put in a complaint to the no call register and hope they can stop these people...they just don't give up even when you tell them to stop calling. I absolutely have learned my lesson.

I have at least 15 phone numbers they used. Calling me all times of the day and nite. I am terrified, I could not hardly understand them. "They were threatening and I felt afraid

This keeps happening to me. They get really aggressive because I called them out as low life scammers before they could start their pitch. I was just threatened by one of them whispering "do you want to **** with me?". I called the police and the only thing I could do was block their number. Since they use so many I'll just wait for the next one and block that too. I feel bad for those who aren't savy enough to know it's all a scam.

sorry for all your troubles.. They have called me numerous times…i let them go on and on and then ask them if they are really getting paid to scam people…..

Um, you people DO know that you can simply call your credit card company to dispute any charges, right? What rick have you been under?

FEB 7TH Danny Chang called late afternoon . Represented himself to be with MICROSOFT . The PHONE # 239-247-5552 OR 855-593-3163 if you dialed them would get you MICROTEC SUPPORT LLC in HOUSTON TEXAS . They scammed me for $352.16 .It aint over yet.

today I got call #2 from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, wanting me to open my computer so they could help me fix it. 1st caller(a few weeks ago) was clearly not the Andrew Johnson that his Indian accented voice claimed to be, I dated a Johnson he was Irish as Irish could be. That right there was a red flag, but as he went on with his questions about my computer it became more obvious it was a scam so I hung up. This morning From # 989-738-5495 with the name Gibbons V G on my caller ID a man claiming to be Bob calls with the same pitch. I immediately say Bob ... how original. hey Bob what kind of computer do I have? He answers a laptop, I need to help you with the Intel processor. I respond with ok BOB go get a real job, this is a scam & I'll be reporting this number... he hung up! I've been a victim of identity theft in the past, it's not what I wish upon anyone and I feel bad for whoever gets fooled & taken for with this scam, but it won't be me! Hopefully Some agency will help with this scam.

hi, i feel for this scam and ended up letting them take control of my computer pointing out all the wrong things then finally asked for money, the out come was i refused to give them money told him i was skint, continued to work on the computer then put the phone down on me, consered cause he kept mentioning online banking paypal etc. which i use regullary, so put computer of then latter last nite switchad it on only to start in safe mode really pissed of.
is there nothing that cannot be done about these sad sick individuals!!

Its 2016 and the scam persists. I wasn't fooled but I admit they were slick. Firstly, my phone display said Dell Corporation when it rang. They said hello by my name. They claimed to be from it department and that my computer was sending messages automatically to them saying it had infections. They had my make, model and tag numbers. To me, this points to a stolen database from Dell corporation by some disgruntled employee.

I went along for a bit to see where they wanted to lead me. They had me open my event viewer, as if I didn't know what this was. I went along. They pointed to the error messages and, here's the punch line: do you see all the error messages sir? I smiled to myself and said yes so he replies: Tell me sir, do you think all these errors are good for your computer (hahaha) I almost fell to the floor laughing. He went on to say open a command prompt for me. I told him to go to hell. 3 seconds later i heard a dial tone. I laugh but at the same time i am dumbfounded at how slick they are and how easy it could be for a non tech savvy person (95% of users never looked at the event viewer)to go through with their entrapment. I later read that they take control, insert an .exe that only lets you view their webpage and nothing else works.

I spoke with Dell and they would not admit it on the phone but they acknowledged their database may have been compromised as I started receiving these call right after I went on to the Dell website to do self check up om my computer. They sent me an email an I know have an open ticket with Dell because of the scammers. I receive about 5-6 calls a day on a bad day, 1 call on a good day. Last call when I answered I said Hello Thank you for calling the Federal Trade Commission how can I hello you ? The guy hung up :) Another time I told them I owned a Mac.

I have been getting calls from the all zeros number for a month. Finally picked up and got the same story: heavy Indian accent, says my computer has been hacked and he's from Microsoft tech support here to save the day. He wanted me to get on my computer but I wouldn't. I asked for a number to call back. I got 855-539-4928 as the call back number. Will try the *57 and reporting it next time, as I'm certain there will be a next time I'm called by these scum.

I received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. He had a heavy Indian accent. I asked him to remove my number from the list and not to call again. He claimed that my computer contacted him and that it had a serious virus. I again asked him to remove me from the call list and then hung up. This was yesterday. This morning at 3:30am I was awaken by a loud voice saying "warning, warning you computer is losing data I jumped out of bed and tried to shut down the computer. There we're pop ups all over the screen and I couldn't shut down. Finally had to push the power button. I don't know if the call and the computer freaking out are related but it does seem odd. I'm taking the computer to a repair shop to get rid of the virus

I got this same call last night. Glad I hung up on him. He was very aggressive to wanting me to get on my computer.

I got this same call today! I fell for it! He said his name was Peter from Microsoft and that my computer was sending them error report messages and that he needed access to my computer to fix it. I fell for because he knew my registration I.D # and knew the exact error messages I was getting..Im so upset, worried, and mad!! I reported it to the FTC. But now what will happen he already had access to my computer!! Ugh...

They didn't call ME, I placed a call to Google Help because I wasn't able to use the google chrome page for two weeks. I got this heavy accidented Indian, I gave him control, too. put up fake file list that showed I was being hacked by foreigners and 6 were waiting. I'm out $399.99 by echeck and have to go get new bank acct. very inconvenient and wondering if I am going to have identity stolen. You aren't alone. I never thought of turning off computer, too dazed, but I see wouldn't have helped. They did fix conflict in antivirus programm. good luck

How did you unblock your computer

Hi, (also from MT, if you happen to have used that username because you are!) Anyway, I'm curious about what happened... just had an incident with Google last night. Was your computer o.k?

For the last 4 MONTHS I have rec'd calls from 'Windows Tech Support'. I filed w/ FTC and Do Not Call Registry on 2/10/14, added additional #'s 5/10/14, and again today. I receive from 5 up to 15 calls per week! I did a reverse look-up on the phone #'s and most all are land lines! With this many calls/harassment at the very least, why isn't anything being done? If I can find them online, it doesn't do any good reporting/filing if I am still suffering after this long! 15 calls in one week is why hasn't law enforcement (?) went and knocked on their door??

I feel the same way. I keep getting these annoying phone calls from a land line in NY. If a valid # comes up on called id, why can't the phone company or someone block it? These calls are annoying. I KNOW they are a scam, so no problem there.

Was it a man with a heavy indian accent claiming your computer was sending out error messages?

Yes - Just had this call tonight, and last night..I'm living with my elderly parents, so am very protective of them...I lost my patience and ordered him to stop calling, and he got confrontational, asking me if I was a technician, so i hung up on him.

We get about the same -- 15 calls per week. The telephone company says they can not do anything to block these calls. I think this is b.s. Thinking of just canceling our land line.

Did they mess up any other programs through your wifi? Such as xbox or other laptops?

Did they mess anything else up? Such as other wireless devices? Or did it just stick to your lap top?

I received a call yesterday from a gentleman with a thick Indian accent. I said that I was having trouble understanding him so he spoke with greater volume and with less clarity. I told him that his volume was a problem because it sounded as if he was calling from Bangalore. "NO, SIR!", he exclaimed. "I am calling from Sweetwater, Texas." I have trouble understanding the governor of Texas so it seemed to be somewhat credible. He told me that my computer had been sending him messages. I inquired, "Which one?" He said,"You mean you have more than one computer in your house?", as if he had never heard of such a thing. "Yes," I answered, "We have nine." I could still only understand every fifth word from this gentleman so the conversation ended as I politely thanked him for his concern as I wished him a good evening as it was about 9 am central daylight time here.

I hope you have had better success than I have. I am thinking of changing my number to an unlisted one. They haven't got any money from me but the calls drive me nuts. 4 & 5 times a day, sometimes more. You would think they would try a different line of work. Seems they would slip up and get a person who would know how to screw up their computer. Oh, love your username.

Hey. I live with my mum. We are getting sometimes 8 calls a day for the last 2 weeks. They are relentless. I have reported it to my provider but I actually doubt they can do anything. It is frustrating. I was very calm and laughed at first but now I swear very loudly at them. I hope it works out for you. These people are a disgrace

I received a call from someone with an Indian accent so thick that I could barely understand him but he did say that my computer ip was sending them a warning. I couldn't understand the company he was from so he finally asked if I had a computer so I said no and the calls have stopped. I'm an IT major. Ha!

I told them i didnt have computer and they are still calling 4-5 times a day. I have told then take us off call list. Still calling. Now they are telling us they are trying to help us with ID theft. I dont know what to do. They use different phone numbers. Have reported them to national no call too. Multiple times.

FYI I googled Canon copier support and had the same thing happen. Started talking about my ISP account and Intrrnational fraud attempts on my account. Sounded like a boiler room in India
Both of their service centers are US based, no internationals

I googled to find McAfee's tech support number, called it, and got "Edward," a scammer. He spoke with a heavy foreign accent. I gave him access to my computers. He uninstalled licensed McAfee antivirus and reinstalled his own, for which he needed my credit card number, which I stupidly gave him. I asked when the software license would expire, and he said, "9/11." I knew then. I immediately canceled my credit card. He left behind worms and viruses. During the year after this encounter, my telescammer calls have increased to about 100 calls a month due I believe to "Edward" placing my phone number on telescamming lists. LOOK VERY CLOSELY AT EVERY SITE ADDRESS. The scammers use a very similar address to legitimate ones and have toll free numbers.

i too was called by these scammers and they asked me to sit in front of my computer type windows & r at the same time then type 6 letters and hit enter and all these yellow trianglels with question marks with the results showing 22,000 errors. I cant remember what the 6 letters were can anyone help me. i did figure out after about 15 minutes it was a scam then i found this site. Thanks in advance if anyone remembers what i entered.

Wow, this just happened to me. I purchased Canon Printer and called the tech support number that was on one of the booklets in box and got a foreigner (what a suprise), she told me my tablet was like a 'mansion without doors', and I had this and that wrong with my brand new tablet. She told me Canon could take care of it for 199.99$. No Thanks. My tablet is ruined. I'm going back to the NON WIRELESS WORLD. I write letters or train pigeons for communication.

It happened to me too. Got a call 1-3-15 from Martin telling me he had a work order from to check my computer, there seems to be problems reported that he needs to fix. Since my computer was slow getting loaded and I had been on the Dell/Microsoft side to find help I thought they asked Martin to check out the problem. I let him on my computer and I don't know how he did it so fast, but he told me my license is expired, got 7 Trojans and had a lot of Hackers from all over the world on there. He also told me that I was not protected and I need to install Windows essential protection and when I get my refund, I will pay only $499.00 for a lifetime of protection. I told him no, it was free on the Microsoft side, he told me 'nothing is free'. He wanted my to go out and buy a "green dot money" card so he could install it before he works on my comp. I told him to work on it before I get the card , but he said he work while I go to the store.He sounded professional at first,but when he asked me did I get the card while he was cleaning my comp. and I told him "no" I knew something was not right then he asked for my age with his heavy accent and I would not tell him. The fact that he said I was not protected when I new better and the Trojans. All he wanted me to do is have him install the MEP for $499. He called 3x now asking to install it, even told me he'll give me $100.00 off, told him not to call me. OH, could not get in my comp. since yesterday and under care off a Dell Tech. Martin called again this morn and told me my comp is locked and it will continue to have problems since I did not get the Microsoft protection. How does he know my computer is locked right now? Will it end with them?

We called AT&T to have our number changed from stalkers and sales calls they said it would take two weeks and the Indian wanted to get his "manager on the line" they were trying to sell us 2 iPhone 6 for .99cents with a first time contract (we were wondering why this was seeming weird) we are a long term customer also the Indian man was confused about getting our number changed. Been having problems a long time ... Also computer problems . The number NEVER has been changed. Just had AT&T come and they put all new boxes including modem and did so because our phone is working but not by att service. I just today received another 247 technology phone call?? And to top it off my IPad disabled and I cannot connect my PC to the new IP address said it's connected but just keeps searching .. I've had it with this stuff. I'm scared my pw doc has been retrieved. with nothing in sync having a hard time protecting my information and emails etc... Please get these invaders .....

I have discovered how to get rid of these computer HP virus scammers!!!
Got so tired of them calling daily to tell me my HP had a very serious virus, which humored me because i have a MAC, which I told them but they continued to call daily with same HP virus scam. I decided to become obnoxious to them so the next time they called i answered by saying "Oh my gosh, what will I do? I'm just so lucky you called." This flustered the first caller enough she hung up on me but they are persistent so when they called again the next day I did it again "Oh my goodness what will I do I'm just so lucky you called what do you need, my credit card, social security number and all my passwords?" This is all being said in a southern lady sarcastic tone of voice but that caller hung up on me too. Its now been a few weeks with no more calls!!! They are prepared for indecisiveness, rejections etc but CRAZY lady excited to hear from them they have not prepared for YET! Fluster the heck out of them and they won't call back! I'm now going to do this to all callers and if the call actually ends up being legitimate then they will have to figure a different way to let me know whatever it is I need to know. Good Luck and Fluster on

lol i had the same call he used the name max after he crashed my computer by locking it (yes i let him remote host me like a dummy but he sounded legit he had some info of my computer) anyway after this he called again sevaral weeks later i said hi max i want u to know i have a very unigue set of skills and i will find you and when i do its gonna be ugly do u here me max he said u don't need to find me.. i said i do max and that computer of mine you hacked when u open the rite file theres some things in there that will tell me where your at lol haven't heard from them since but i immediatly restored the computer as it was new and changed pass words on everything papal ect so far nothing has been stolen 7/31/15

Just received a call on my cell phone (unknown #) stating that there were viruses on my computer.. Funny thing- I don't own a Windows computer!! I told him I knew nothing about the computer, however I did know about the SCAM.. i could barely understand what he was saying but he was telling me that I DO have a Windows computer, and to please allow him to do his job.. It's a shame that these call centers cannot be shut down.. Quite a bit of an annoyance!!

After VOLUMINOUS calls (been a few years now) I purchased an air horn from a sporting goods store, and when they call and start their spiel, I blast them! I still get calls but not as frequently AND I get at least a little retaliatory satisfaction.

they know where i live though...what do i do?

yes indeed its scam. It appears that they put the bug themselves only to fix it $199 service one year, $299.99 for 3 years upto 3 pc and $449.99 for 5 years. They wanted to get into my computer, but knew better for the message coming up on my laptop adds to urgently call them. Amazing they can function in the great United States. God bless America for easy money.

I just did the same thing, not sure how bad it is yet. Epson needs to help with this. Worse part is the printer problem was because I bought new cartridges from Epson that were no good

Got a call yesterday from HP support. The guy had a very thick middle Eastern accent and said his name was Mike Jones. He said my computer was infected with multiple viruses and I needed to be in front of my computer to give him the serial number, etc. He was extremely threatening. I was completely amused and kept him on the line for about 15 minutes. I made fun of him and told him he was a thief. Lol. Oh....and the call came in as a "private number".

I just had an experience with a fraudulent Canon support person. I let her use the Microsoft LogMeIn to access the issue. At the end she tried to sell me #1. One time fix:: $199.99 Service or #2. Permanent fix with permanent security:: $399.99. I paid nothing and gave her no financial info. I told her I needed to get to an appointment but would call back. What I wonder is - can she ever get access to my computer again? Should I do a virus check or a security check? thanks.

This FTC article about malware (malicious software) explains how to avoid malware, and how to detect malware that's on your computer.
It also explains the steps to take to get rid of malware.

Wait, you called them? Maybe it was actually legit? Usually scammers call you.

No, I contacted Microsoft and through their site got logmein which was a scammer. Wish MS would help with the scammers available from their site. It's been a couple of yrs - since then I just don't answer unless caller ID shows its someone I know. I get many many more calls from Unknown, Private, and various numbers than I get from known callers.

Now the trick is to put warning screens that pop up with an alarm that tell you you have a virus or worm and that you need to call this number at Microsoft to fix it. Dummy me did and allowed them access and now my computer info is gone. I realized what was going on before they finished and never gave them any money but still lost all my info.
My question is that I'df they can get that far can they also get onto your other devices because my iPad and iPhone are having glitches.

I fell for the exact same scam last week. In hindsight I should have picked up on all the warning signs, but I was in a rush and wanted to fix my computer ASAP
Now I understand how so many people who should know better get duped. I wish there was a way to block these bogus websites permanently

I complained to FCC online thinki.g they might help & instead of sending to FTC, they printed it & sent it back to me months later saying I had wrong agency.! I coplained to my Atty General & he just sent me a form letter saying his office dosen't address individual complaints. Question: why do we continue to support these govt agencies who do nothing concrete to protect average citizens , many of who i are already struggling to make ends mee

I did some digging and found out there is a way to stop these guys; however, it takes patience and effort. For starts, immediately after you hang-up your cell, cable, or land line phone enter *57. This is the code that all carriers use to trace calls and I would also log the date and time of the call. Then I would go to the website This is the website for the government agencies that investigate online crime. Warning, it will take a long time to see results from the Federal site; however, the more leads they get, the easier it is for them to track down these scammers.

This was a good one. I did the pound 57 and got "this number is no longer in service." I've heard of this happening before with scammers. When "Henry" said my computer was generating error message to the server, I said I was having no such problem and hung up. This must be my week to get targeted by scammers.

Skippy, did you forget the $1.00 charge for calling *57? Or maybe it's just my phone company that assess a charge for tracing the phone number. The recording went on to say something I only heard part of it. It said several things from the beginning I'm afraid I missed altogether, but what I did hear was ......"calls 3 times, use 1-800-582-???? and it will"... I cannot remember things for 5mins these days and it didn't help that I missed much of the recording. Now knowing that there is a $1.00 charge, I chose not to call back to listen to the message in its' entirety. I'd appreciate it if you could shed some light on this recording for me, if you can. Thanks!

You should tell your readers to fish for the scammer's telephone number before hanging up and forward that information to the FTC. If the reader is a a do not call list, that's another reason to get the scammer's number.

Another variation I see was a call I received from someone who identified themselves as "Tech 24/7".

They ask you to bring up a folder on your computer which looks like there is a lot of stored up files which are now sending out bad messages all over. They have identified YOUR computer as the problem.

Next, they want you to access a website they say has a program that will clean out the problem(and probably your bank accounts, too.)and then your computer will be safe and sound, and so will everyone else. In order to do this, you have to give them access to your computer. And that was the big red flag. Turning over your computer to someone else gives you NO control over what they do. The one on the phone has a accent that sounded oriental.

What will they think of next?

i just paid tecksupport247 the amount of 249.00 for teck support they said I had a virus and malware i called and asked for a refund they said no because thy worked on my computer for hours,rosedeam

no offense Rosedeam... it's people like you that keep these guys in business.

I was contacted by phone saying that they were Microsoft Tech support and that my computer was infected and was corrupted. I challenged them and they said they could prove they were legit by telling me CLS # that only they could know. All I had to do was do ta couple things on my computer. I challenged them again and asked for their phone number which they gave me 800-492-3960. I hung up on them and called the number and the same guys answered. Trace who has this number and bust these guys. I happen to have just purchased a new laptop and had anti virus security on it.

i just recieved a call from "windows tech support" claiming that my computer had been sending them messages saying my computer was heavily infected. he had an indian accent as well. he proceeded to give me my customer license number or CL# and then asked me to go to my computer and open it up. i was on a landline and wasnt near my computer. i new something was up since my computer isnt registered with a phone number. i told him to call me back in a few minutes....he didnt call back.

I got a call saying my computer had "downloaded critical viruses and some services have stopped running." It sounded fishy to me, he was very insistent it wasn't a sales call or a scam. I asked if he was calling from Microsoft, he said that Microsoft doesn't have time to call all it's customers, he was calling from "Tech Support Benefits" a company that employs Microsoft certified technicians. I asked for a call back number, he gave me 800-492-3960, same as the phone number given hanktank.

Did a search, VERY glad I found this post confirming my suspicions. Oh, did I mention I have a Mac? Should've hung up MUCH sooner, but it was the first conversation of the morning and I have MS Office.

they call whta suppost to be microsoft, your computer is infected, and they read messages, they offer to correct the problem, unfortunately I let them thinking was microsoft. my credit card and permit to enter my comp. I felt for it. I had to take my comp to be clean , cancell all my credit cards, go to the police,change all the bank accounts, a nightmare....

Yes, this is a scam. The only way for someone other then you to know if your PC is infected is if their software is the infection. However, apparently these people con people into giving them control of their PC's so that they can infect them and/or charge them for "technical support".

I received a call from a man who spoke with an accent indicating I was hacked he gave me a # that was probably phoney 1800-758-6416 and said his name was Tom . I did not respond

I got a call from a company who said they were a partner with Microsoft and needed me to download a .exe file from (I didn't do it), the person said the company name was Nurture My PC.

I had the same call 1/7/14. Just looked at these scams - I got lucky, I hope, by ending the call saying I was not comfortable with the whole thing.

Got a call from "Microsoft Tech Center" claiming the same stuff, sent me to the same site, wanting me to install some .exe file to give them remote access to my computer. I was suspicious of the call from the start, esp. at how insistent this person was I do what they asked. This man, in a thick Indian accent, told me, "Please, get in front of your computer, madam" over and over and over. It was irrtating the crap out of me, and should've just hung up. If I had, I wouldn't have been able to get information to pass along to the FTC, though. When he insisted I DL this exe file, I said it wasn't my computer so I didn't have the PW to allow the file to install. That's when he left the number and his name - David Watson, yeah right - so my "sister" could call back and finish the process.

Someone with heavy Indian accent called my yesterday claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Center. Told me they have noticed that my computer was running slow and they could fix it since I was a Microsoft customer. He continued to as me for my cell phone number so they could send me a txt with confirmation of transaction. I refused and hung up on them. I should have quit there but they called me back 4 times which I let go to VM. Finally picked up phone and I ended up giving them my debit card # which they transferred $500.00 to Western Union. I immediately shut down my computer once I discovered the transaction, called Western Union who put a block on my card # and declined the transaction. was the name of the site they wanted me to type. After talking to WU and getting the transaction declined I used Vipre and ran a virus scan. 4 malware and 15 other virus were quarentined and cleaned from my PC.

I too was scammed to the tune of $250.00. The story is the same, but I was able to get my card to refund the money. The company was really pissed off and tried for months to legit itself to me. It doesn't end there!!! As this article shared then they call trying to "give you back the money you were scammed out of"!! Well, they didn't get any of my money, but insist they did and still want to return it...providing "I turn my computer on and they will gladly help me fill out the form for the refund." HA! I shared I did not wish to have the money, will not turn my computer pn and anything else my brain can dream up to shake them including "Hey, do you think I am stupid??". If I hang up, they call again. I have had 6 calls just today. All the calls are NY, Washington and Oregon and Michigan. I am a mark, but would gladly help to get them. I was weak the day they started it, but not anymore. Telling everybody!!

I received an "unknown" call on my home phone last night. 1-6-14 The caller with an accent told me he was with "windows technical dept." I asked him what company and he told me "Microsoft Windows Technical Dept.", only after asking several times. He said that my computer was sending him "warning messages", that were "harmful" to my computer, and that he could help me if I would just "concentrate on my keyboard". He asked me to find the Microsoft flag key and wanted me to press several keys. I asked him where he was located, he said McKinney Texas. I had to ask him to spell it due to his accent. I asked for a number to call him back and his name. He gave me "Allen Lee" and the number was 214-856-8767. I hung up and called him from my cell phone which is a private number. Another male answered with the same accent and I asked for Allen Lee. He got on immediately and once again told me the same story and wanted me to press keys on my keyboard. I then told him that I still did not believe him and that I would look into this with my internet company myself. I do not have any problems with my computer as of now...I am not sure exactly what he was up to, but I know it was NO GOOD!!

I just had this same kind of phone call. She said her name was Jennifer Williams and she sounded Indian. The phone number was 888-586-3257.

I received 2 of these calls, the first guy I didn't believe at all, he was very rude and hung up on me, the second, a woman identifying herself as from Windows Instant Virtual Support also said we had been hacked. She transferred me to her supervisor, and I explained that with the high volume of scams today, that I would need to check their story, and call them back. Number was: 888-586-3257. Glad I checked! Definitely was from a large call center, I heard at least 50 people in the background, all persons had an Indian accent.

How funny! I just spoke to Sarah Williams, must be her sister! I messed with her a little and asked a bunch of questions. She said she was from Ask Tech. When she told me her name I said,"Sarah Villians?" She laughed and said no. I told her I was not near my computer and for her to call back tomorrow at 2:00. We'll see. Is it against the law to cuss them out and use foul language? I know they have done it to other people. Just would like to know how "Sarah" would handle being called a scum sucking *^&$#&(*! Do not have time for them!

I just received a similar call, he claimed he was David Thompson. I laughed and said you don't sound like a David Thompson. He gave me 817-381-5716 and that he was from "TX, Florida, I mean TX, Ft Worth." But he was calling from 530-619-3038 according to caller id. He finally hung up.

I just received the same call. Male with a heavy accent and difficult to understand in English insisted he was with Windows. I challenged him numerous time to explain what Micorsoft Windows department he was calling from and he said it wasn't Microsoft. He was with Windows Technical support. I ask him to go through all the instructions but he didn't want to do anything until I ran a program he was asking to enter. I told him I was on the phone with Microsoft on the other line and he used profanity and asked me to perform carnal acts to myself and my computer and then hung up. BEWARE.

I got the call tonight. He was rude and obnoxious, hung up on me when I asked for his number bc I was not able to discuss with him now. He hung up, then immediately called back and got nasty that I hung up on him. I repeated my request and he hung up on me.

I got a call today. Very similar to this and others. My first contact was with "Millie" who had a very strong Indian accent. Unfortuately, I went along with this for a good long way and was given the Supervisory Technician "Sandy William" (a male with a very strong Indian accent. I challenged him when he tried to sell me software to protect me from malware that Norton would never protect me from. He gave me a phone number and showed me a web address of his company and an email. He kept pushing for the sale because my computer was going to be a "lost cause" any minute. I would NOT make a decicion and insisted I wanted to do my "due dillegence" BEFORE making decisions as there are "a lot SCAMMERS out" there.

I just received one of these calls from 917-436-1814. awful.

I received 10 calls 3 different phone numbers/names of company. Didn't give them any information! "They were able to access our computer and planted 197 viruses!" These calls claiming we had dangerous viruses on computer. India accent Started 3/2/16 through 3/8/16 1. Get Tech LLC 253-693-2120 2. Get Tech LLC 855-693-7638 3. Wesoftcare 253-693-2120 3/2/16 3/7/16 4. No name # written x2 on Caller ID 855-778-2922 x3 5. No name # written x2 on Caller ID 855-778-2922 x3

Last night I rec'd tel. call from Microsoft Tech who said I had serious Trojan virus and they wanted to help me get rid of it (No fee) I was led to site to download something. At that time, I said I was uncomfortable, and exited all andhung up. Tel. identified as Research Center 586-625-1581. Was this a scam?

Yes, this is a scam. The only way for someone other then you to know if your PC is infected is if their software is the infection. However, apparently these people con people into giving them control of their PC's so that they can infect them and/or charge them for "technical support".

If I allowed them access to my computer but didn't download anything and then I powered down the computer as soon as I realized it was a scam is there a chance they could have downloaded something without my knowing it? I did run the scanner from the Microsoft website and it said nothing was found. Should I still be concerned there might be spyware, malware or any virus's

If the scammers had access to your computer, it is possible that they could have downloaded something without your knowledge, but it sounds like you've been vigilant in checking for malware. Keep your security software updated and look out for signs of malware. Also, be sure to change any passwords the scammmers might have had access to.

This is very important and will apply to any who has been directed to the AMMYY web page. The software they are trying to install on your machine, is a remote desktop software and can be very well hidden in your system. It is important to take action right away. Do a full system search for files named AMMYY and remove them, as long as this software is hidden in your system, they can get hidden access to your machine. relevant files are: AMMYY Admin, settings and settings 3.

I have been getting calls from 855-302-8650 repeatedly for weeks now and I've been ignoring them...then all of a sudden I started getting calls from 911-8 a couple days ago...I finally answered out of irritation and a guy with a HEAVY accent named Sebastian said he was from windows tech and that my computer had sent them several messages indicating it's going to crash...I laughed...took his name number extension number down and said I'll call you when I get home. (Don't count on it) seriously...I'm pretty sure the reason why windows has tech numbers in there manuals is because we call them...not the other way around. Hope these scammers leave me alone!

I have received 2 calls, same number, 1-213-221-3528 and the ID screen also shows a long # starting with V.maybe it's a id # of some sort. After I got the 1st call and refused their generous assistance I called my ISP and they checked my connection along with others things & said I was not having any issues; that it was a scam; so when I got another call tonight I told him exactly where he could take his scam.

This is now the eighth call in one year that I have received from these people, who mostly speak in nearly unintelligible English and claim to be calling from Microsoft with a need to take over my computer to "fix" the problems it's causing. I have been unable so far to get a phone number - their info shows "Private Name, Private Number" on CallerID. I inform them each time they call that I know they are scammers and that I will be reporting them to the authorities. However, my worthless Attorney General's office website doesn't even have a place to report these scammers.

My number has been on the Do Not Call list since its inception, and I check regularly to ensure that it's still on there. If there is any way I can assist in putting a stop to these creeps, I will be glad to do so. However, if there has indeed been a "major crackdown" on these scammers, I have not yet seen any evidence of it down here in TX.

I recived 2 calles in the last 2 days he said he is a windows tect caller ID #530 619 3038

I received a call from (971) 555-0129 stating he was from Windows Technical Dept and that they had detected a problem with Windows on my computer. Thankfully I refused to do what he asked, contacted Microsoft and was told that it was a scam.

Just got a call showing on caller ID as 315-789-9872. Caller sounded a lot as others described above. I do not fall for these and asked w ho they were, etc. They said they were calling from "California" while the caller ID showed New York. Io already suspected from poor call quality and accent that they were not from Microsoft or legitimate told them they were a fraud, I would not "turn on my computer", etc. and hung up. checked the phone number and it is for a private home in rural New York for people that certainly may not be aware there phone number has been hacked for this purpose. The name of a common English name did not sound at all similar to the caller from "Microsoft". Don't know what FTC will do as we are on a "Do not call list" for all of our phones, but here is the trend as a warning to others.

Today, 1 PM January 9. 2014 , I received phone call from man saying he was from IFIx, a fleet of technicians that work for Microsoft. He said he wanted help me with an error message that I received.

Caller ID 305-390-2488 Marathon FL

I called Microsoft Customer Service.- Shrikar. He said Microsoft does not make phone calls.

Tried to file a complaint\complaint but it “froze” twice

Same thing but said they were from I don't believe numbers on my caller ID because a scammer or anyone can put in any number they want before the call. You can find out how on the internet. Stayed on the call a long time trying to convince me I needed help. The background noise sounded like a bullpen operation

We keep receiving calls at the office from a man telling us he's from Microsoft and that our computer is at risk from viruses and malware and that he's calling to help us handle that. He was told twice to stop calling. The number he calls from is 866-856-4811. I suspect he is trying to gain access to the computers to hack them.

I have received four calls today from #2030 and 704-325-9110 supposedly from Windows Tech support saying that they were receiving reports of viruses coming from my computer. When I asked name on first call, he said John Smith -- I laughed and said "really?" Asked to speak to his supervisor. And asked for a call back number. Waited. Fianlly hung up. He called back wanting to know why I hung up. Told him I would have my IT person check it out. Hung up. He called back. I repeated same thing. Thanked him and hung up. Shortly thereafter got a call from the 704 number. This time "Kevin" (sounded like same person) was told immediately to put the supervisor on...asked again for call back number --- gave me 704 number. When I asked who I would reach when I called it he said, "This is our email number. You will be calling our email number." !!! Still insisting he was from Windown Tech. When I made the remark that Windows would not be contacting me, he insisted. Finally just hung up again and contacted my IT friend. I have now blocked both numbers --- if anyone calls back, I will tell them that I have reported them to FTC. These people are terrible. Also sounded like there was a room full of people and noise in the background. All accents were Indian.

Just received the same call, Indian accent and all! I told him that nothing was wrong with my computer and I wasn't stupid enough to believe that Windows would be calling me. He hung up.

Yes, this is a scam. The only way for someone other then you to know if your PC is infected is if their software is the infection. However, apparently these people con people into giving them control of their PC's so that they can infect them and/or charge them for "technical support".

Innovative Communication Technology writes their contracts so vague that you will incur add/moves/changes at $120 per hour/$180 for the first hour. They need to be investigated and shut down by the FCC.

I've had about 6 or 7 calls from "Microsoft Techs" and some were named "Tom". They said I had a virus in their broken English. When I finally said that I would call the police and report them, they haven't called now in several months. I told them I knew they were scammers after about the first time they called but never gave any info, I just hung up.

Unfortunately they have gotten too smart. When you ask for a number they give you an 800 Sex Line Number! Who do you report this to? I am getting called 3 times a day!

Tell them you have a Mac or a Linux box and gave up on Microsoft years ago. They will stop calling. They don't know how to answer that

Recd call from 206-555-0100, Microsoft Technical Support. Person with Indian accent said he was with Microsoft Technical Support, then turned over to 2 supervisors.

The 716 242-7165 keeps calling us about a tax crime. BEWARE this number is a scam operation

On Jan 15, 2014, I was contacted on the phone by a heavily Indian-accented man who claimed to be from 'Windows Computer Systems' (named "Jim Livingston" ) He said my computer was getting hit with multiple infections, called 'malware dbs' and he claimed to have the " CLSid#" for my computer. ( I've never heard of this, but he says it is the 'computer license system id--bogus!

He wanted to know if I was the 'main user' of my computer and wanted me to 'open it up' so he could show me the clsid# and the malware.

I asked for a phone number to call him back, he gave me: 302.222.9442.

I also checked the phone number that my phone logged for this call, it was : 0112052800212 at 3:12 pm today.

Obviously this is a fraudulent call, just passing on the info in case it will be helpful to anyone else.
Remember, don't give ANY information to anyone who calls or emails you, check them out first. If they are legitimate, they will not object to your investigating them.
Good luck everyone.

Receiving multiple calls from Hicksville, n.y. . The number is 516-800-0000. Same scam and accents as above. They insist they are from Microsoft and are calling because our computer has received multiple warnings . Heavy accents. They call daily. We no longer answer.

get calls almost every day - sometimes more than once from 516-800-0000 - they hang up when they get my answering machine (except today, male voice said "hello, hello, hello?). Blocking them within *60 didn't work.

Several months ago I received a similar call from a "Microsoft Technician" telling me that my License had expired and my screen would go black within 30 days if I did not renew it. I am told that the license does not expire.

I received the same call from these poeple today.I couldn't make out what he was saying, the person had a very HEAVY accent...# 866-856-4811... So BEWARE OF THIS NUMBER...

I also received one of these calls today. Mine was from "James" from the windows tech dep't, phone #: 303 731 3398. When I told him I couldn't get to my computer, the call ended. I then called Dell and they checked out my computer.. and guess what-no hacking, just another scam! Be careful!

Same problem as VonB5. Getting multiple calls from Hicksville NY 516-800-0000 telling me that they are from Microsoft and my computer is not secure. When I asked them not to call, they said, "What are you going to do if I do?"


Received a called from 818-813-6174, a person named "Robert Gibson" has strong India accent and said he was calling from Windows Service team, because they detected my computer was hacked by someone and he was there trying to help to fix the issue. He asked me to turn on my computer to be guided by his instruction. I replied I did not know how to change the computer setting and the person asked who else in my family can do it. I did not give out any information and after searching online, find out there were numerous scam complaints from the same scammer.

Just hung up on someone calling from 866-833-7088. Wanted me to turn on my computer so he could fix a problem. Very heavy accent, sounded Indian. I told him he was scamming me and hung up.

I had one of these calls yesterday and the phone number that came up on my caller ID was 31313 clever. A heavy accent perhaps India, I asked him to stop calling me and he said "NO".

I had a call similar to all of the above comments, except I had an email earlier supposedly from paypal, but with a different extension. About 30 minutes after forwarding it to both the FTC and ATT, the phone call came in but with the number 416-364-1111. The person sounded male, possible from India. He first asked if the person answering the phone was so-and-so (my husband's name) then husband handed me the phone. The person said he was from Smart Tech, wiht Windows, and he was very aggressive and pushy, and kept asking me for a number over and over. I told him that he had called me and he needed to tell me the number. He rattled off about 20 numbers and insisted that I get him on my computer so he could get rid of all the viruses that were downloading. He said his company was notified of the problem. He got really annoyed with me because I kept asking him questions about how he got my phone number, computer information, etc. I just hung up and quickly recorded his phone number and contacted the FTC, ATT and the Texas Attorney General's office. I also called tech support for my computer (a # I knew was legitimate) and had them run a virus check on my computer since the email and phone call issues were within minutes of each other.

I also reported the incident to local TV stateions so they could alert consumers, hopefully.

Today, January 23, 2014 we received many calls harassing us despite my perseverance in saying I would be reporting this scam. They claimed to be from a group called Micro Tech, the two males I spoke with had East Indian accents. They claimed my computer was sending error reports relating to microsoft and later in trying to substantiate their claims said I downloaded some software that had viruses and that g-mail would be blocking me. They spouted off our names and address to my husband first and he acknowledged this and then when i spoke, our phone number was given. Other than that, we emphatically tried to stop their calls but they kept calling back. When my husband answered they gave a name of a person with this number for me to call back 239-247-5552 and the original number the calls came from was 1-855-210-3300. The latter number rings and no introductory welcome and is silent... a real bogus. The other number is manned by some else from India who refers to the other guy (Joshua or something) and he sounds SO nice. Nevertheless, I was harsh in response. After hanging up, our phone rang over and over and finally went into voicemail with poor Joshua saying he'd be happy to help. Golly... sounded like he had a gun to his head! Then later in the afternoon, we received another call. Bogus, a scam and harassing!

Similar call, heavily accented, several calls about my computer and Microsoft system, said I don't have windows. # used 212-077-1180 with no name. Also received several similar calls about my recent surgery or illness. Can barely understand what they are saying. And nothing they mention is even accurate. And I am also on the do not call list.

I have been receiving similar calls from an individual with a heavy accent stating that he is with Windows Tech Support. Caller id shows the telephone # as 205-280-0212.

I have received about four of these calls over the last year. Always the same story and always a person with a distinct South Asia Indian accent. I have learned that they are easy to get rid of by telling them they must have dialed a wrong number because your computer is an Apple Macintosh - not a Microsoft Windows machine.

I just received a call from a women (Indian) who claimed to be working for MicroTech. She said that they were getting error messages from my computer as they monitor such data as a service. Microsoft was just a manufacturer she said and does not call people about such things. She asked if I noticed my computer taking longer to start up and indicated that was because an "online infection" was taking my private information. And, because it was not a "virus", my virus protection software was being bypassed. I asked her a lot of questions, and she kept saying she would have those same questions too. She was going to take me thru a step by step process to show me what was going on in my computer. She even said that I did not need to be connected to the internet for her to show me. I figured I would be setting up a disaster that would initiate the next time I did connect. I told her that and asked for a company phone number so I could check it out first. She was hesitant and then kept giving me numbers with not enough digits. She then said something like "You are breaking up" and we were disconnected. (She was a bit bossy and kept wanting to just show me on my computer what she was talking about regarding the "infections"). I hit *69 after the call and the message said it was "out of the area" or marked "private" - no help there.

Just complained to the FTC. Scammer calling from New York number 212-777-3456. I am no fool so I knew exactly what was up when he told me he was calling from Microsoft tech support.

I had a call from them a couple of years ago. I told them it was funny that my computer was having problems since I did not even own a computer. They started stammering then said Sorry we must have wrong number. They hung up promptly. I have had a few more calls over the years.

Got a call from 212-077-1180 from a guy saying he was tech and got my phone # because I was a registered windows user. He need me go my computer and remove two files that would cause machine to crash and lose all data on hard drive. I questioned him how he got my number since on do not call and he should not contact me. I did not know who he was and I would contact Microsoft directly if I needed too, he proceeded to tell me Microsoft would charge me $900 to help me but he wouldn't. I told him I was not turning on my machine with him on the phone. He then proceeded it get more aggravated and started cussing me out. Besides informing me I was a dumb a## he also used some f words. Scam!!! Beware.

the number they are now using is 434-808-0070.
Same Indian Accent

I received one of these calls last week, with the caller saying I had some melicious malware on my computer. He wanted me to turn my computer on so that he could download some software on it. He also had an accent and said he was from Microsoft when I asked where he was from, I hung up. That number was 212-713-2122!

They have a new one. Answered a call and was told that the person was an agent with HOMELAND Security agency and that my computer was sending out threats. They needed to access my computer remotely and remove the program or they would come and arrest me and my family and remove all the computer equipment in my house. I was suppose to turn on the computer and open up a certain program. I hung up. No agents ever came to arrest me. Wonder why. Called the local police and gave them a phone number. They called back a day later and said the number was a telemarketing sales office and no one there knew anything about the call. Yea - right

I received a call from a person with an accent, who said he was from Windows, telling me I had some melicious malware on my computer, and I needed to turn my computer on so that he may download some software to remove the virus. The number he was calling from was 212-713-2122. I hung up on him.

For over 8 months now I have been contacted by a company named Angel Tech, claiming to be a subcontract of Microsoft.
This person claimed I had contacted them about a problem with my computer. I had not contacted anyone about a computer.
I had told them that I was sorry and I did not know where they had gotten their information, but we did not own a computer.
This company still calls back everyday. Their most newest call is for a refund of money I never paid.

Had the same type of call tonight. The more questions I asked the madder they got. I hung up twice but they called back, and were mad I had hung up. They said their company was help tech 24/7. When they told me the website to download the remote access program, I read that main page that said it was a scam and to not allow access. The website was They have Indian accents and are very pushy about doing what they ask. The number they called from was 212-077-4568. When I asked for a number to call back to verify if it was legitimate they gave an 800 number. 1-800-935-0714. Said his name was Patrick Sanders. I asked if this was a windows problem then why was Microsoft not taking care of it like they do other issues?? He said it was an email problem. When I said no thanks I wasn't doing it and that we would be investigating further and if I needed their service I'd call them back they hung up on me.

Received another call and decided to ask a few questions. It seemed to iritate the person with a heave indian accent. They claimed to be from Cyber Securities. A certified Microsoft technician. Stating that teir company was hired by Microsoft to fix infected computers that had been hacked and infected with a virus. I told him I was eating dinner and when I got a chance to turn on my computer I would call him back. He gave me this #866-999-1502 and kept talking insisting I turn on my computer. I just hung up on him and he called back 3 times. Irritating!!!!!!

Just got a call 6:45 in the am - windows tech support - guy said his name was Andrew - heavy accent probably India - gave me two phone numbers to call back - first gave me international number - 12892700738 - I said I wanted a u.s. number gave me 8889971653 - just so you have the info.........

Filed more details with FTC: I recognized the following SCAM, so I recorded the following phone call to a wave file to send to you. An unsolicited call to my landline in (SE) Ga, on 1/29/2014 about 5:15pm, from caller ID: 119-9928, a man with VERY heavy accent and broken English (like from India?) said his name is Rick Johnson from InfoTech Solutions in "Birgina Newport News", and they detected my computer was having problems, and he could help me with it. Told him I AM having computer problems but was on my way out the door to eat with a friend, so could I call him back? He said I could call him back at 315-715-8454. Said there would be no charge for the tech support, but admitted a one time charge of either 199 point 99 dolla (sic), 299.99, or 399.99 dolla for the software to fix my problem, depending on what it needed. I haven't called to check that number.

Does anyone know about a company named Prime Tech #877-769-2427? My dad claims they fixed his computer and they are legit, but they told him he needed to pay with his bank account number instead of his credit card. I told him he had been scammed and needs to put a stop on his account and he doesn't believe me. Any recommendations?

Rick, that's crap! Why couldn't they use a credit card number? I think your dad has been scammed. Tell him to cancel is bank account and re-open a new one. And report Prime Tech to your dad's bank.

Got calls from the ammyy scam clowns twice on the Feb 1. After the last one they called back with enough expetives to blush anyone. should have a link to a reverse honeypot for suspect installs that does a reverse malware install on these criminal's machines, like stuxnet or something.

Just Received A SusPicious Call. Man Identified Himself As Microsoft Tech SUpport. he Was Insistent I Go To My Computer Immediately As Hackers Had Access And They Were Sending Out Lots Of Traffic. I Was Not Comfortable WithThe Request. I Asked For His Name And A Call Back Number. He Had A Heavy Foreign Accent, But Said His Name Was Leo Mark. The Number He Have Mr Was 866-999-1542. LOoking Up The Number, It Appears To Be A Car Dealership? The Whole Thing Was Weird. Thank Goodness Other Consumers Have Reported This Scam. Please Be Careful.

The same thing happened to me a week-and-a-half ago and like an idiot, I fell for it. Some Indian guy claiming to be from Windows said they got an alert that my computer had viruses and they needed to fix it so my computer will then be working fine. I told him to give me his phone number and a website, which he did. I called back and of course got him again. The website looked legit, so, continuing with my idiocy, I let him have remote access and paid $160.00. Today, some other Indian named Robert called from "Windows" (yeah, right), and said they have been notified that there are a lot of error and warning messages coming up on my computer. When he told me what to check, voila! They were there! He said for $250.00 he can fix those. I needed to reinstate my certificates b/c they had expired. Which of course he showed me too. He said he was from the Certification Dept., which is a different dept. than the guy from a week-and-a-half ago. Of course. I told him that I'd need to call him back. "Oh no, you need to do this right now. It will be too late if you call me back! Your hard drive will crash and you will lose everything. You might as well throw your computer out!" I told him too bad, I can't afford that money and I will have to get back to him. He proceeded to call me every three to five minutes for HOURS!!!! Of course since I was an idiot a week-and-a-half ago, I couldn't get my $160.00 back, but at least everything's ok. I had a good anti-virus, malaware, etc. program installed. So don't fall for any of these "Microsoft Windows" crap. It's all a scam!

I to fell for the scam, The web site was for global connect cloud and the man was David. He is continuing to call at least 5 times a day and I finally told him today that if he called again that I was going to report him to the FBI. I was foolish to have fallen for the scam but I have a very good anti-virus, malaware program and changed all my passwords.

Just got a call from a strong Indian accent telling me my computer was infected and sending out messages. I asked how he knew that, he said he was from Microsoft Windows Tech support. When I had him repeat a couple times because I couldn't understand the accent, a new less Indian voice came on the phone and started the same commands, to hit the window key and type in "eventvwr". I then said, can you give me your name and phone number, he ignored me. I asked again for name and phone number and he hung up on me. I could hear multiple other Indian voices in the background doing the same thing almost like a big call center. Shew, glad I didn't fall for this one. HELP GOVT???

Oh and of course, I did *57 and looked at caller ID and the number was unknown and could not be traced.

I also filed a complaint with FCC, my system was so bad and I knew what a virus looked like that they even blocked my phone took all the Microsoft phone numbers I had from my purchase of $149.00 Malware Security I HAD to purchase to use my computer in June of 2013. All Microsoft phone numbers were blocked, appointments were made and after this jerk said "YOU WILL PAY $149.00 OR YOU WON'T HAVE A COMPUTOR TO USE.", which was after about two weeks of making appointments and no one calling back, not even at Beachwood, OH, did I get a call back. Told this jerk he was THE VIRUS and hung up, got three calls in a row, didn't answer. Looked threw notes from months and about 100 hours of watching legitimate Microsoft Support, which I will say are extremely smart, and so was I. Found a gentleman from India who gave me hi email and phone number probably in July of 2013 who I watched work on my machine for hours and days. He called me back, because I shut my machine down for 9 days, let it have no power.ThenI turned them "PUP.OPTIONAL..." THE FCC and wiped out my machine to nothing, and Microsoft Support legit agent and I fixed it, because the FCC told me to get a new computer. I was livid, had enough knowledge and great notes to get ride of them. Now because of great note taking and excellent Customer Support from the best agents in the world, I BEAT THEM, NO NEW COMPUTOR, and they are gone!!!! BEAT YOU JERKS!!!

Just got a call from 'Alex Jones' at 'Microsoft' that wanted to take care of 'messages' that our computer was sending out. Of course, he wanted to take control of our computer. The phone number is 1-567-214-9999. Called ID indicated that the call was coming from 'Bellevue OH' but he stated he was calling from California. He gave a return phone number of 1-818-572-1445. Caller had an East Indian accent. My husband kept him on the line for a bit to try and figure out what he was trying to do, but once the caller figured out that my husband was very computer saavy, the line went dea. I'm posting this here because I can't figure out how to inform someone in the FTC about this scam.

Thanks for sharing your experience so others will know what to watch out for. You can submit a formal complaint about this scam at

Reporting a phone call from the 'Microsoft Windows Server Technical Support Team' and was told that our computer was sending out messages. Caller ID said 567-214-9999. In an East Indian accent, he stated his name was 'Alex Jones'. He gave a call back number of 818-572-1445. He asked for control of our computer. My husband has worked in Information Technology for 30 years, and he kept him on the line for a while just trying to figure out what kind of scam it was. The caller told how to get to the event viewer and asked that we look for red errors that were red or yellow. Having worked in a Windows Server environment, you know that there will frequently be errors that look horrible but are benign. My husband kept him on the line long enough to protect someone else from possibly doing something stupid like give over control or sending money. The best thing is that my husband wasted 20 minutes of these scammer's time.

Yesterday morning around 10 a.m., I received a call from Microsoft Technical Support stating I had a virus problem in my computer. He had a heavy Indian accent and I kept asking him how do I know this isn't a scam...I asked where he was calling from and would only say Microsoft...he finally had me get into my computer to retrieve some # (can't remember what he called it...license #?) and I did a few steps...not knowing this was a scam. He read me the # and I saw my name on the same was the correct # and then wanted me to do something else...hit enter? At this point, I declined to go further with him and asked for a phone # to callhim back...he gave me this # 666-678-0149 in Rivesville, VA...I never called back but contacted Microsoft only to find out this was a scam...they directed me to shut down my computer for 2 hrs. and then run a virus scan which I did. I'm hoping he wasn't able to get into my computer...any advice from anyone? Thanks...Hoping this information will protect the next person...Hang up if you get a call stating they're from Microsoft...Microsoft told me they don't call their customers...

Same here , called windows and they said windows doesn't call

i just received what seems to be a suspicious call from someone who claimed to be a tech support for microsoft windows main server. he said my computer was hacked by people around the world and that they have been using my "computer server"? (I'm not a tech person, so I didn't even know what he meant).

I got all his info below and searched online and seems like he's a scam! can't believe he even made up an employee number! be careful if someone suspicious calls and tells you the same/similar info below!

logan wayne
tech support for microsoft windows main server
Employee id# b0909

Read all the comments above. We had trouble with our computer last month and I called Microsoft tech support. I paid them $199 to fix my computer which they did. I received a phone call last night from "Microsoft Tech" telling me the same story as others noted that they had detected problems with my computer. I thought they were legit and let them on. Tech's name was Daniel who had a thick Indian accent. The number he called from was 666-439-1516. They went through the same scam of telling me about my CLS ID # and showing me all of the warnings on my computer. They showed me that my certificate had expired and I could renew for $7 and that would fix my problems. He then had me complete a form entitled Microsoft Certificate Autorization with my personal information and credit card information. I told him I wasn't comfortable in giving out this info but he was persistent. After he had all of the info he said he was going to fix my computer and would call me back in 30 minutes. I started to worry and called Microsoft. They said they never call that it was a scam and to turn off my computer. As soon as I turned off my computer Daniel called back and said he had lost connection. I told him I was on the cell with Microsoft and they said they never call customers. He became insistent they he was fixing my computer. I hung up. He called back three more times. We quickly cancelled our credit card and the real Microsoft tech could not fix our computer. It stays on the black screen with the name of the computer. They want me to get a plug in keyboard and they will try again. I'm really scared. First that I might lose all of my computer info. Second what did they hack from my computer and third did they now steal my identity! I can't believe I was so stupid!!!

I just got the call from Jason Martins- I strung him out for 8 minutes and then told him I had to go. He called back 4 times. Major scam.

Well, I got the same calls from Microsoft...started to believe it and then something in my spirit said hang up, the INDIAN man called me back a few more times and I told him I was not interested and do not call me again. After the third or fourth time of me telling him not to call me again he screamed, "Shut up, I will call you every single day!!" Needless to say, I hung up..never to answer a call I do not know who it is from. I know the Indian dialect since I place exchange student. For the past week, I am now getting calls from California number (at 8:00 a.m. EST) which means it is 5:00 a.m. telling me they are from the IRS and there is a problem with my taxes. They are fishing for another person. Crazy people....bug your own country!!!

Fell for this scam in 2012, they still call to
say they want to return my money, was a scam using
some company called Mercaway and PC Recure. When
will it end?

206-777-1016 and unknown clls several times a day now. Very annoying!! I made mistake and did a google search becuase my Epson printer had an Error Code. anyhow, called (what I thought was Epson) - gave him access to my laptop then proceeded to tell me for $199 they could fix my computer and printer. Siad my laptop was full of viruses and malware crap....he proceeded to show me since he had control of my laptop. **BIG Mistake** anyhow, again eventhough I allowed him access, I refused to pay $199. Had to get hubby to totally WIPE CLEAN my computer and REBUILD it a new again. Since then, I have been getting calls from both UNKNOWN and the above number as well as other numbers. It has been a female Indian lady and then a Male Indian dude. Today, Feb 12, 2014....caller twice, once a female, to which I asked if she could give me IP address and she had none...said take me off phone list....Then 10 minutes later an Indian dude called and insisted again, my computer had viruses and was alerting Microsoft of the virus alerts. Hmmm...suspcious I thought....I asked him for IP address...(I own several laptops for different work issues) at first he was hesitant, then said I have all this now, I was asking for them to take off phone listing and that I will contact BBB. then Hung up. An certain, I will here more calls again from them but I now know I was SCAMMED and allowed him control of my laptop...STUPID I must keep watch of my credit cards becuase I paid online bills with that damn computer....UUGGHHH...Nightmare is a SCAM....SCAM careful even when doing google searches to fix computer related stuff.

I have been called almost 14 times from the same four numbers, either from IT support, Windows IT or HealthTech 24/7. All claimed to need more info. Immediately hung up and wrote down number! Here are the numbers: (212)077-4568, (201)338-6210, (213)457-4056(646)453-1349.

This happened to me last night.... "Word Tech Support" is what the woman identified herself as... She told me my windows xp had a virus that the anti-virus software wouldn't find. I told her we didn't use xp and she then said it is all the programs... I ended up having to yell at her and hung up twice with plenty of threats to call police.

I keep getting these calls as well. The guy says he is Max or John depending on the day. I have had 4 calls in the last week. The first 3 were listed as private caller and the last one showed up on caller ID as 678-251-4584. The guy has an accent and claimed to be calling from Washington, DC. He would say I am calling about your windows computer. I told him I don't have a windows computer and that I had already told him to stop calling (he called 2 times about 1 hour apart one day and used a different name...idiot). No way was I giving him any information. Beware everyone as I am sure they can steal your private information.

I recieved these same calls from Allen and David Thompson. Both of them convinced me after harrying me for an hour to look at the errors log on my computer and both convinced me to let them connect to my computer. Both roped me into letting them install antisoyware and antihacking since they mentioned some valid problems my computer had been having for years. I ended up paying them just for the peace of mind since I was tired of getting called and harried. (I have a learning disability so it's easy to overwhelm and bully me. I paid $145 for PC Speedy and $369 for Arcadia Technology Inc). Now every time I turn on my computer (I have Norton Antivirus running on it) I get a call a week later from one of those companies. What should I do? It's been months now since I paid both of them. When I asked my credit card company about canceling a charge, they asked if I received a service. Since I did have software installed, that was considered a service and the charge was not revoked. What should I do? It takes twenty minutes just to turn the laptop on so I don't have much patience for dealing with it, but I'm worried that my IP address or network might be at risk.
I have numbers and I called one of them back and got the same guy.

PC Speedy
Charlie reeves

800 935 0798

Rex Smith
806 590 7967
Abernathy, Texas

Anti hacking, malbyte malware, norton, avg 2014 Installed by Arkadia Technologies India Limited

Just got the call from 516-800-0000

Came up Hicksville,ny - we live in that general vicinity so didn't think anything of it.
Answered - person in heavy thick southeast Asian accent said "this is Microsoft and there is something wrong with your PC" I said "no there definitely isn't" to which he insisted "yes there is." Goes on to say that there was an issue with windows and it was sending out messages and that I had to listen to him otherwise my PC would be useless. My response at that point was "there are no pcs in this house, we only use Mac and Mac OS devices." To which I heard silence, hah.

People, please stop being gullible - some of the stories on this page are pathetic - never give out your financial information. Microsoft doesn't call customers.

Got the call for the 900th time and decided to have a little fun. It was the "MS Support" and they tried to get me to go to the "AMMYY" url. I kept the guy going for 45 minutes before he figured out I couldn't be that stupid. At least I kept him off somebody else's back for 45 minutes.

Caller ID said "School District". Phone 215-220-2321. Same as above....

I have received 3 calls from the "windows tech team" to inform me that my computer has been sending messages to them that it has some malicious virus and they were calling to help me. The second caller, Ashley, directed me to and asked for info that came up once I selected "remote session" as directed by her. My computer's virus protection warned me that if I had received an unsolicited phone call to not allow them to access my hard drive. I asked "Ashley" for more information and she gave the phone to her supervisor, Geran. They gave me the number 347-741-8992 to call them back. Received another call today from "Bruce". I decided to play "dumb" and asked a lot of questions and repeatedly told him I didn't understand. After about 20 minutes I said that I was confused because I didn't have windows because I owned a mac. Bruce was confused and I acted confused also. I asked him for a support number for apple. He hesitated and kept saying he was looking it up. I repeatedly told him how nice he was to help me out. Eventually the phone call was "disconnected". I did receive another call from Bruce about 10 minutes later with a support number for apple. (it was an actual number). My thinking was if I could keep them on the line for awhile, then that would keep them from scamming someone else.

I received this cal again today. It came from this # 630-318-4762. Hope this helps.

Just got a call from fake Microsoft. I told the Indian Accented man that I knew it was a scam and I was going to report him to the FTC. He said and I quote:
Ha, Ha, Ha." Then he hung up on me. What arrogance.
V220101112000008 213-271-1644

I received a call from a number that didn't show any number at all... Was just blank. Man with a heavy Indian? accent said he was calling from Microsoft and they had received a message that my computer was at risk and they needed me to immediately turn on my computer. I said no and hung up... He immediately called back..this time caller IID said unknown. Same man said this is Damien and this is an urgent call, go and turn on my computer... I broke in and said Microsoft does not make phone calls ...don't call back! And he hasn't so far. If he does I'll try getting his number.

I haven't figured out why these companies call over and over and over again. Do they think that we'll be more likely to use their service the 12th-50th time we're called?

I keep telling these people that I've asked to be removed from their list, I'm going to complain to the FTC, and what's more, "Windows" isn't a company. Nowadays it's said in a VERY unpleasant tone of voice.

I'm getting tired of being awakened in the morning with these calls.

I like the idea of keeping them on the line to hopefully keep a more naive person from being scammed!

madconsumer, just a suggestion, but I would close your checking account and get a new one.

I get these calls often from these so called Microsoft Techs from India and I tell them I don't have a computer. when they ask am I ( real name)
I so no, he no longer lives here. He has gone to India to help with the Microsoft Scam Program.

(567) 214-9999, carrier is Peerless Network.

I also received a call from someone claiming to be from microsoft. When I asked for a telephone number to return his call, he hung up. Two days later I received another call. I hung up. The caller ID # was 00000000000.

Same here--only I believed them as I was updating my Hotmail account when this number came up to call as I didn't have enough info for my Hotmail address. Unfortunately, I called the number and got taken in. They charged my credit card for over $400 and also a foreign exchange fee on top of that. I called my credit card company and then I called the computer people in my town who corrected the mess on my computer. More money. The numbers I have for these people (man, Umber Bernadette, woman, just called herself Stella are 661 748 024l & 866 607 6547 . I was billed by Acidus IT Solutions PVT. I checked that out and it is in Kangaroo Flat, Australia. I would have doubted it more if I hadn't been on my computer updating my Hotmail profile where I was told to call this number for more information. I was sick and still am. I thought I was always overly cautious but I got taken in. Can't they be stopped????. Of course they said they were from Microsoft. They also said there were Support @Trinity working for Microsoft. Should I file a complaint with the FTC? Would it help?
Your thoughts?

The FTC's complaint database is available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Investigators and attorneys use the database to build cases against law breakers. You can file a complaint online at

I'm furious! We just got a call this morning from a local number, 253-802-0667, which is Auburn, Wa. The call went something like this: They asked to speak to my husband (by name!!!), he got on the phone, the tech guy (with heavy Indian accent) said he was with tech support and they had noticed that my husband's PC had some serious problems/errors. They asked him to go out to his machine (we were eating breakfast) and boot up and they would help him. They then had him run the program EVENTVWR from the Windows Run dialog box and he had never actually looked at this file before, but found it had over 46,000 entries. Thinking this was completely legitimate (and he DID have real problems the day before with his Brother printer, and the week before with the HP desktop, so he thought this might be related). They then had him run and start a remote session. Not sure exactly what happened next, but they told him there was a problem that could only be fixed by sending him on to a third party support company, that for a fee, would be able to fix it, did he want them to connect him now? He told them no, not right now, he didn't have time to go further right now, and the call ended. He then searched and found website indicating this whole thing was a scam. Later this morning, the 'scammers' called back 4 times (again, using the Auburn Washington phone number) He did NOT pick up the phone and they did not leave voice mail. We're hoping the scam didn't compromise his computer (running malware scans now.) Sadly, my husband has been sick lately and was very tired, so he didn't think twice about the 'context' of the call nor get suspicious of the instructions they gave him. Hopefully my post will help prevent this happening to someone else. Thanks

I got a call from these guys yesterday I almost completely fell for it. The guys name was David smith and his number was 1 (933) 768-8601

I just received a call from a man with an Indian accent who claimed to be from Microsoft. He said there were problems with my Windows program. When I asked for a phone number to call back to verify he really was from Microsoft, he assured me I could trust him because he was very honest. I protested and he said we should have a "Secret Meeting" so he could give me documents to fix my computer problems. We should meet at 11 Kiva Street, Iselin, New Jersey. He gave his name as Brian and his phone number came up on caller ID as 215-220-2321. Another man called back 20 minutes later, but I couldn't keep him on the line very long.
That number was 888-232-1509.

I was receiving phone calls sometimes more than one a day. Keep in mind I own a 2007 Macbook and have never owned a Windows computer. I kept telling the guy that I own a Macbook and finally hung up. Filed two complaints with the FTC giving them the number on my Caller ID. Have not gotten any more calls. Either the FTC is doing their job or they finally took my word about my owning a Mac.

I have received many, fake tech support calls. The last call I kept them on the phone for almost an hour...and I got reported their logmein account as a scammer to Logmein. They wanted me to use aammy remote, but since I'm not running windoze, they sent me to, which redirects to's remote support offering. Too bad they were only using a trial account at Logmein. Is there any way I can help track down these people since I am in the tech industry? I've tried to trap these guys in a Virtual Machine, but while I can hold these guys online for a long time, I can't track them back through the remote service. They won't go to "" so I can't get their address to bring the battle to their network.

I had looked at setting up a vm and using netcat or something to monitor the tcpip connections, when they try to remote it. =/ I too am interested in putting an end to this

I recd a call at 6:30 this morning! I was furious! He said the reason he is calling so early is bc he is getting signals from my computer telling him it has a virus. He said he was with Instant Virtual Computer and that his name was Steve Martin.(funny)And he gave me a call back number 1888-586-3257. What a scam!!!! FYI, on Caller ID, the number came up as Unknown, which is why I answered it.

My mom has been receiving calls from a "Microsoft Support" technician (ya Right!) telling her that her computer is infected and that it will be shut down immediately if she doesn't give them access to fix it. Unfortunately my mom fell for it and gave them access to her computer and paid then a couple of hundred dollars. These "Techs" then really screwed up her computer, so much so that she could not even complete simple tasks like openning up her email. She later got the real number to Microsoft and had them take care of the problem, but these idiots keep calling her and telling her that they have detected more problems. If it helps anyone, Microsoft says that they will not initiate any calls to customers unless a customer has a case number and asks for a call back. If a scammer does not have the correct case number then they are just that , a SCAMMER! Here is the call back number and name of the scammer that keeps calling- Max-1-830-299-3200, This is a bogus number and a heartless scammer. My mom is almost 70 years old and a trusting person who did not grow up in the tech age, but she is learning quickly that people arent always who they say they are. Heres a question: If they get access to my moms computer to install viruses and spyware, can they access all of her passwords and critical personal info? Does she need to change all of that?

Don't take any chances. Have your mom change everything. Best of luck

Got a call from Michigan(278)852-1245 using the Trojan virus "I'm from Windows Technical Team" scam.

John Kendall, heavy Indian accent, caller I'd 347 753 9068. Called 4 times today claiming to be from windows it. They are getting messages from my PC. Bells went off and I asked him for the Ip or MAC of the machine contacting them. He could not provide. I asked how my machine would give them my name and phone number but nothing else. Pushed he admitted he was not from MS. Just hang up unless you feel like playing with them.

WE get a guy with an Indian accent, Says he is fixing our computer.About every 2 weeks Told him nothing wrong with it. $146 he says. Said his name was a( Famous Singer.) This has been going on for about 2 years. A couple of our neighbors have had him too. My daughter lives 65 miles away has also had a call. We are 80 years old. Told him to day we are too old for a computer. he hung up, but i.m sure he will be back.We do not see a phone number on our Caller ID

Got a call yesterday. Was stupid so game him access to my computer. He ask me to pay n I refuse. He got mad. He said he was gonna lock my computer but he just hide all my icon. After thst i Turn off my computer and format it. Will I be ok?
I dont even buy anything online with that computer at all too. Just play game on it.

I have gotten 2 calls today from a 703 area code but it doesn't come up on called ID. Do you recommend the *57? Very belligerent. I threatened to call the police and he said he would stay on hold. Said his name was Daniel Wilson.. When I said it wasn't he said he would tell me his real name. I just hung up on him because I couldn't,t figure out how to trace or report.

I have been receiving call's from a 1002 and 002 number from almost two weeks.
The first time he states he is from Microsoft and he has found problems with my pc, he needed me to open my pc and he would send me a email to fix the problem. I explained to him I was at work and could not get to my pc, if i could get his phone number I would call him back, he became angry with me, then I asked for his name and his bosses number he called me some chose words and I hung up on him.
Well that was almost two weeks ago and I have been getting calls every day or every other day sometimes twice a day from the same INDIA speaking scum artist, today I ended up calling verizon ( my cell phone provider) and explained to him what I have been put through. He emailed me this web site addy to file a complaint.
I pray everyone tells their elderly family/friends so they dont get scammed by these crooks.I was also told by verizon to : DO NOT CALL WEB SITE" and register all of the cell numbers on my acct. I will be doing that after I post this.
I pray these dirt bags get caught and no one else loses money.

I just receives a call from "Max" who had a VERY heavy Indian accent. He told me he was with Windows support and that there was a problem with my computer. I told him I got rid of my computer and didn't have one anymore so how is it that I am having an issue.
I then asked him for the IP address and/or computer information. He assured me that he had all that information but wouldn't tell me what it was. Lucky me, he said what he COULD do was confirm it if I told it to him.
I then asked him what was the solution if we identified the computer and there was this problem. He said he will access it and clear the problem.
He promised that this was legit. Awww, isn't that sweet.
He hung up on me...and that my friends....solved my "Windows/Microsoft problem".

I am so tired of getting these calls. But when they do call, I can act like the most stupid person on earth. At first they really get excited thinking that they are talking to a real patsy, and then after a few minutes I say "Hello? Hello" and act like the call is breaking up. They finally hang up. But at least I have used up some of their time.

So on march 22 my gmail & email stoped working. So I called T mobile and they gave me the phone number to hi tech salution the # 1888-551-2881 the guy came. On said his name was Louis Brown he had a heavy indian accent so he tells me that iv been hacked and I need spywarenow I got this phone number from T Mobile so I'm thinking this is somebody that they work withbut I found out later that they weren't supposed to give me the third-party numberI'm not upset at them because I think they thought it was a real place tooso the guy asked me my nameand tell me that the spyware will cost $99.99 so like a big dummy I get itwell a couple of days go by and I get a phone call I called the number back and I and ask did they call me they told me know they have no record of college I told him someone just call me so I asked for the Lewis Brown the guy who had help me before they told me they didn't know who was brown one so then I said may I speak to a supervisor supervisor got on the phone then after about another minute the supposed to be Louis Brown came to the phone I asked him why is it no one knows who you are he told me he was in a different part of the office then he got real nice real fast he told me everything's okay with my phone and everything will be just fine so after I hung up that's when it hit me its gotta be a scam I got on the ball I call T Mobile and ask them about this number I asked the supervisor at T Mobile they told me the young lady that gave me that number shouldn't have so then I got in contactwhats my credit card company and tell them to close that car down to send me an all new oneafter that a couple of days go by I get a phone call from a lady that says that she's from their billing department she asked me if I got a phone call from there bank I told her no by now I know it's some kind of scam I just was listening she had the gall to tell me that their people be get in contact with me and when they get in contact with me to tell them that I authorize a payment of of my card I chuckled said no then hung upI would have never got gotten if it hadn't been for the fact and that T Mobile gave me the numberlike I said I'm not upset at T Mobile I'm more upset at mebut haven't gotten any more calls back from.

10 Calls from these caller in past 4 days ... finally started having fun with them ... claim my computer hacked into their computer ... really asked for the computer name and address and service provider information ... they would \could not supply that info ... played all concerned and informed them they have just call a seasoned tech support specialist .. turned into them calling me a fool

This morning got a call and had to stop lady with Indian accent in the middle of her obviously reading a script, and ask for what company she was calling from and she said she was from tech support from company called IT Secure and that they showed my computer has been downloading malware, and I stopped her in the middle of her reading her script that no computer is on, she continued reading the script and said computer doesn't have to be on, but then I stopped her again and said no computer on because dont have a computer, she stopped and there was complete silence for several minutes, and I hung up.

Same scam. the caller ID shows 4072052090002080040. I lost it and told him (John) a few things he could do to himself. I also asked him to hold while I finished running "TRACERPRO". He hung up. This call came in on my home phone through Comcast telephone service. We are on the Do not call list.

I fell for the same scam, and it cost my only $100.00 by Western Union. He called back 30 minutes later and said that because this transaction was not conducted through my bank. I would have to pay the full amount of $200.00. He wanted me to go to a different Western Union to do this. I refused and told him that I would be contacting a supervisor. while still on the computer and the phone He, at the same time the dialogue box indicated that I was re-connected and that a support tech would be contacting me shortly. He said that he would be contacting me on Monday. When I tried to sign in to my laptop the next day. I couldn't. The administrative password had been cleared out. I had to contact the manufacturer and them conduct a default set which took me 3 to 4 hours. The scammers name was Sadiya Abdalla Ganamo, going by the name of Leon Wilson. He never called me back by that name. I did get three calls the next day from a person going by the name of John Parker, same service, Indian accent and American Name. Please be advised.

Same scam, asked him for his phone # and Christopher said 800-791-2878 also used caller ID 987 654 3210. figured out it was a scam as soon as he tried to tell me he knew my computer license by typing assoc in the command line. Also, I don't know that many people from India named Christopher Paul LOL. If the 800 791 2878 # works feel free to ask for Christopher and tell him you are Abbeet and you are calling from Microsoft. Tell him his computer is infected....

I love when these guys call. They have consistently used the name "Richard". Generally the accent is Indian, but that's really of no consequence. My first angle with them was to say my computer was having problems but since your mother has come over I've been too busy with her to worry about it. They don't last long with this sort of dialogue. The best I got was "Have you f**ked your wife?" To wit I said just after your mom and sister left. My next angle has been to interrupt them and say I've been waiting for hours for you to call. I then start asking them about issues with my NT Kernel being stuck in my bowels and that they promised they would send someone over to get it out. Again they don't last long down this road. Finally as soon as they call, in a very meek voice I say, "Richard, I've missed you. Why has it taken you so long to call me back? I'm so very lonely." This is probably the best. They get off the phone so quick. It has my wife in stitches. She can barely keep from laughing out loud, which causes me to fall out of character. Anyways, now when they call I get all excited. Its really quite fun.

Caller ID showed 99-910-0100 but I didn't see that until after the call. Heavy East Indian Accent from first caller and when I complained I couldn't understand, I was quickly handed off to a "supervisor". The caller claimed to be a Microsoft Tech Rep and since I was a registered user, my Windows system had been automatically reporting problems. At the time of the call I was waiting for some tradesmen to show up and was distracted. I told the caller I couldn't work with him at the moment but he was insistent. I was dumb enough to follow his instructions up to the point he tried to have me access a website, Thankfully my McAfee software flagged it and cautioned me not to go there. I broke off the call. I then found a number of posts about this Ammyy Scam. Checked my system for any of the mentioned software, scanned the registry, ran a full virus scan, recovered from windows from a week ago then reinstalled the MS patch Tuesday updates. Ran a couple more scans and disabled all points I could find in Windows dealing with remote access. What I find the most disturbing is with everything known about this scam and being reported, how are these scammers evading being shutdown and brought to account? Come on FTC, you have ample information, act on it.

I can't believe it! I had the Microsoft tech call as well. It came up as Private Caller on my phone. He accessed my computer remotely and showed me the red and yellow errors, etc. and just kept un repeating the same things over and over. I asked him what they were going to do about it. He then opened up a text box and typed out three different protection plans and their cost. I told him that I already have a protection plan, but he just kept saying let me finish (typing). I told him that I would talk to Microsoft or Dell and have them fix it if I decided to. I restored my computer to a few days before the call and ran my antivirus software.. hopefully that takes care of anything they may have done to my computer!

Got a scam call this morning. Caller ID said 989-683-2111 Kingston Iron & Metal. It's a scrap metal recycling center. It was a woman with an Indian accent and she said she was "Suzanne" from Windows Technical and asked if I was the owner of the computer. I said "Yes I am but I know this is a scam." She said "This is not a scam but if you think it's a scam I will hang up because it will be useless to talk with you", and she hung up. How stupid of them to use a recycling center as their caller ID number! Like anyone is going to believe Windows runs their technical support office out of a metal recycling center. LOL!

These people are using Voice-Over-IP (VOIP - like Skype), and so the number that you see is going to change regularly - it probably doesn't do you any good to try to capture their "number". I suspect they use the name of someone else they have recently called. These are not people trying to sell you something (not that they honor the "do not call" list either) - they are thieves, so being on the "do not call" list isn't going to deter them, at all.

I've been getting these about once a week now for months. Apparently this scam has been going on since at least 2008. Back in 2010, the Guardian (U.K. Newspaper) had the source narrowed down quite a bit.

Can't we hunt them down and put an end to their nonsense?

I've taken to telling them that I write Anti-Virus software (for Microsoft) and therefore have lots of virii on my computer, for testing purposes.

I've got a unknown phone call from a Hindi or Indian accent guy named Alex.He said he was from working for Microsoft,knowing my name and number made me believe him a little. He told me that my cpu had infections sending out messages to him and that this infection is more problematic than a virus. He said he can prove it to me and took control of my cpu. He asked for my cpu id and told me to download Ammyy from and told me to download teamviewer to connect with him on my cpu. He showed me the errors and warnings by clicking[flag+r] and typed in "eventvwr" in the run box. He said inorder to clear the infections I need to pay $199.99 for 5 year, $299.99 for entire life time. I said I don't have money and he said he wasn't asking for my money and that it is better to pay for the antivirus that he is offering rather than for buying a new cpu. I told him that I don't have money and he said:"Alright Mam,I'll log off your computer for you ok? and have a nice day."-Beep. Then I tried reopening my cpu and it didn't work. I figured that he stole my datas and was controlling my cpu when I was out shopping after the scam. Glad I did not pay him my credit card number else he be spending my money like a billionaire. I spam called him 11 times. Revenge number:(800)492- 3960.'s time for some pay back :)

2nd call in as many weeks from 855-210-3300. Ryan from says that my computer has been sending "error messages" and that he would like to walk me through removing the malicious software. Got the number and to call him back and looked this up online. Someone really should shut down this kind of scam. I don't know how he received information on me (phone number/address) but it really burns me up that my 80 year old parents might field a call like this. SHAMEFUL!!!!

I received a call from a "Windows rep", Daniel Wilson, who told me my computer had a very bad virus. I asked him which of my 3 computer had this virus. He skipped around a bit then told me to go to my keyboard and hit the CTL button. I told him I was busy now but asked if I could call him back. He gave me 209-813-2925 which I googled and that number is registered to Level 3 Communications in Stockton, CA. Oh, of course I will call him back real soon, yeah, right! BEWARE!!

Would you believe this guy called me back about an hour later and tried again to get me to do to my computer and do as he instructed? He threatened to pull the license from my computer and I'd never be able to use my computer again. He was yelling at me these instructions over and over. I finally said that I was not going to do anything to my computer from someone I did not know over the phone. I said "This call is over. I'm done." He hasn't called back again...yet.

I received a call a guy that had a Indian accent telling me they got error messages from my computer. Saying also that hackers got into my computer. He supposedly worked for Microsoft. He told me to open command prompt and giving me these steps to follow through. Any way I did everything except when he showed me the prices and I came here and saw all the comments I quickly clicked out everything he was controlling on my computer and hung up on him. He called back and I didn't answer. I restarted my computer but now I don't know if my computer is infected? I uninstalled what I was told to download. He called from a 178-3050#, the name wasn't available.

Keep receiving calls 6 times a day from 23456 or Out of Area. Claim to be from Windows Technical Support. They switch lines when they think they have a sucker. I ask more questions of them and even played a game of Number Wang while shouting every sentence at them. This is bad and I feel for those of you that fall for it. This is why I never answer the phone and rely on the answering machine much to the chagrin of family members.

We received 3callsover the last 3 :days from the same number. The telephone ID was New York, no company name. The incoming phone number was 1-212-777-8457. I figured it was some politician or a fund raiser, so I answered in a manner intended to make him know to stop the calls.
This apparently through him off his game for a moment, but he "Brad" announced in a dialect that he was from Microsoft Headqurters in NY and he was warning me that I had inadvertently down loaded sme nasty virus and he was authorized to work thru it with me to get rid of it.
I didn't buy it, told him so and I wanted to do a little checking after which I would call him back. I asked what number he could be reached on, and after he asked an associate he stumbled around a little and gave me 1-800-635-6969.
I haven't tried to call the number, it might end up billing me for unwanted services given the last digits of that number!!
What a world!

I just had a call from someone with a thick Asia accentl similar to these! He said I had my IP address hacked by a very serious internet crime and wanted me to get in front of my computer immediately! I ak for the IP address and he stumbled stating, the one with windows. I said all three have windows what's the bop address he couldn't tell me. I told him I use one computer for work and he said yeah, your work computer, like I'm an idiot! I told him I was busy and to call back at 7 pm! Of course, I won't be here then. I won't be giving him any information but will be tryiing to extract some!

I'm SO sick of these calls..

I get about 6 calls every single day claiming there is coming wrong with my network and my servers.. BULL!

The last time they called, they claimed that my main home computer is crashing on a daily basis, based on their database, I asked them how this could be even possible when I have multiple computers in my home that isn't set to just one main computer.. Then they switched their story to being "we are getting multiple reports".. These people are so freaking desperate it's pathetic.

Advise for anyone getting these calls.. IGNORE THEM!!! It's nothing but LIES! and SCAMS!

I just told them I couldn't understand him and I didn't have a computer. Problem solved.

they have called me twice. I tell them the same thing each time, "You are full of crap, you are not from Windows and you are not from Microsoft. Quit calling me."

GOT UNSOLICITED CALL YESTERDAY 5-1-2014 .HEAVY INDIA ACCENT .I ASKED WHAT HE WANTED HE REPLYED THAT IT WAS ABOUT COMPUTER SUPPORT . TOLD HIM IN NO UNCERTIAN TERMS WHERE HE COULD GO AND HUNG UP .CHECKED CALLER I D PH# IS 281-593-3503 .did a white pages search .Wound up at 10221 Fostcria rd. cleveland texas 77328 .which is a vacant lot out in the brush.28329555

Techvedic called me from 855-859-0057 out of the blue. They claimed to be affiliated with Microsoft and said there was a problem with my computer. I was actually having problems with my computer and printer at the time, so I thought they might have been legitimate. They offered to fix all of my problems for only $199 so I gave them my bank card. They worked remotely on my computer for nearly three hours and said everything was fixed, so I went on the internet and used my computer and printer, and everything seemed to work okay. However, the next morning I could not get on the internet! I called Techvedic and they tried to remotely log in, but they couldn't, so they told me to unplug my modem and router and that they would call me back... they never did! I tried calling them back several times and could never get a person again, so meanwhile, I had to hire some local computer gal to come and fix everything. She was at my house for a few hours trying to figure out everything they did, and all in all she said that Techvedic had reprogrammed all of my DNS numbers, whatever that means, and said that Techvedic was "redirecting all of my traffic" so that they could spy on me! I was seriously pissed off, so I went to my bank to get my money back from Techvedic. Well, not only did Techvedic charge me an initial charge of $199, they charged me another $99 the next day! So in turn, my bank refunded all my money, made me change all my account numbers, gave me new cards, and they reported Techvedic to the feds! Beware of Techvedic remote computer access scams!

I am not sure if it’s going to make sense or not but I strongly feel posting this.

I am a professional IT consultant holding a Masters from Northumbria University U.K., holding 7 Cisco Certifications, 2 Checkpoint, ITIL and about 8 years of industry experience in Consultation and deployment of various IT solutions like Network, Security, Datacenter, Storage etc.

I am from India and definitely not a spammer.

I incorporated my company last year in India and I am currently in the process to expand my services overseas. I was just curious about the operations of a TECH SUPPORT COMPANY so since past few days i was doing my research on it. And I end up to the ftc website of US GOVT.

As far as I understand the issue, since the past few years a lot of fake TECH SUPPORT COMPANIES have emerged in the market and somehow they got success in obtaining the name, telephone number etc of American and Canadian citizens. They make spam calls and lie about virus or something just to get money out from them. As a result Google has stopped advertising the tech support companies(I guess govt. made them do so) but now the situation is even worse as the spam calls are increased.

The way any tech support company markets itself and reach the end customer is either through Google/bing or by directly calling random people(making a spam call). THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY SOMEONE CAN FIGUREOUT THAT YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED BY A VIRUS OR IT’S SLOW. So if anyone call you and claim something similar they are simply fake. There are more than 1,00,000 people making 30-50 such calls on daily basis so there is a good probability that most of the people in US or Canada have experienced it.

The other problem is that the caller will call from a US telephone number which again confuses the people. Let me put this in another way, US govt is helping all those callers and I am going to justify my statement now. Visit India and you will find that you cannot get even a prepaid sim card without showing your passport and visa on it. However getting a US toll free number or local US number is as simple as logging into a website. NO DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT ALL. Anyone can get as many local US number as they want. They can provide any fake name, any random US address, any email and NO ONE IS BOTHERED TO VERIFY the details before the number allocation. The US govt need to fix this before they can stop the spam calls.

Not every Tech Support company is fake, there are good ones as well but they will never try to make fake calls. It’s a humble request to the US Govt to make changes in the policies to kill the odd and help the legitimate one by providing easier way to first register their company in US and then provide genuine services.
I came across a lot of other issues related to tech support business but those are irrelevant for this post.
Help me pass this to the right officials who can alter the policies for good.

They called yesterday. The man was from India. When I told him that this was a scam and gave him some choice words, he said "We love to make fools of the Americans." He also said that Americans were stupid idiots. I wish the media would spread the word and tell people to never let anyone into their computer. Some people are not computer savvy and don't know the damage this could cause.

I got a call from 309-474-0863, with very similar "Microsoft is broke/corrupt" as above. I think when I started fishing for information, he got suspicious and hung up.

Just got another call from these guys, but instead of saying they were from Micro soft, they said they were from Global IT tech.

So what is Microsoft's stance on scammers using their company name? Surely with support of FTC and FCC these people could be tracked down and brought to justice with criminal charges.

Got a call from 1-888-414-1831. stating my pc was
infected and he and his technicians would clean it
up for me....he said he worked for Microsoft windows...fortunately, I was just leaving my home...he is to call me back tomorrow morning to resume repairs.....what a scam!!!!I will deal with him in the a.m.....

I got a call tonight. The guy didn't speak enough English for me to understand where he was calling from other than he was a microsoft engineer

I just got a call from a supposed Geek Sqaud tech wanting to scan my computer for viruses. I knew right away it was a scam...seriously broken English for starters. So I had fun playing along, messing with the guy, pretending I was doing what he told me....until I told him he should find a more ethical way of making a living and stop trying to scam he asked why I was wasting his time...ha!!!I said because he was wasting mine :)

I had phone call from windows global tech support last night Indian lady saying my computer had a virus that was affecting others uses and and my ip had been used in unauthorised criminal access She needed to fix it now or I may be prosecuted by international aurthorities. I told her if that's the case I will have to computer destroyed immediately. She hung up very abruptly... I think say my have been lying to me lol

I used to get these calls. When I asked them how they knew there was a problem with my computer, they said something about the technical department. I then asked if they were with the NSA. They hung up.

Just got another call from a guy who said he was in South Korea. Same deal. Technical department, etc...When asked the NSA question and asked if he was stealing my personal information and data, he paused for a while, then said "Yes, ma'am"! What a hoot! I hung up!

Wow! At least now I know I am not the only one who fell for the stupid scam. I got several calls from what looked to be a business on my caller id log. The day before yesterday, I decided to pick up the phone. I was greeted by an 'Jerry' India(Indian) sounding gentleman - I use this term because they were VERY polite, courteous and respectful to me - so he proceeded to say the Microsoft server detected that it could not send me updates because I had a 'run32dll.exe' virus and it puts a LOT of errors in your system. So he told he would transfer me to their IT tech so now I am greeted by John Ward sounded Slavic or Russian (I have a degree in Graphic Design and many of these guys were in my html and other computer classes so I recognized the accent). He showed me by having me go to a folder where 'event viewer' is located and it showed I had 75000 errors, which made me sick to my stomach; given that my husband had just bought this laptop for me last November, it's an Alienware gaming laptop almost cost just shy of 4000 dollars only to have me find out I have that many errors. The other thing they pointed out was that almost every single major update was 'stopped' in the list of running programs, including Microsoft and Windows Installer, and my Alienware updates. So I gave him 'remote acess' he went to a site and got 'CCleaner' which is a real and legitimate program they are simply exploiting it, and and 'AVAST' anti-virus which is also a real antivirus software program that they exploit. They then hit me with we can fix thses errors free so I hang up as they said they would call back when they are done. I watch, and everything looks correct or not fishy. They call, and say we got rid of all those errors for you and you are now protected because 'Microsoft Security Essentials' is NOT anti virus only malware and spyware. Then the catch gets thrown out however, we cannot 'unstop' the critical programs until you subscribe for a monthly fee of 15.99 or 1 year for 149.99 or 2 years for 249.99 or a one-time fix for 99.99 to which my reply was, Well I'm sorry my husband is the money guy in our household and he isn't here right now but I'll talk to him and see what he says. Call ends. I could not reach hubby so I at bedtime, shut down computer and go to sleep. Next day, I fire up my laptop to find it acting strange, so I call Alienware and their Tech told me those guys are good they knew just what to say to me, he checked and discovered yes they had Avast on there, but it was a 'fake' they rendered my laptop helpless until I paid them AND they had gone in right under my nose and deleted/uninstalled ALL of my protection including Alienware Respawn (restores system) and Alienware Autopsy (PC/Laptop diagnostics program similar to PC Doctor) so, they sent me dvds and I allowed them remote access to completely reformat my hard drive-basically it was restored to the way it was when I got it out of the box. I notified my ISP and they said I wasn't the only one that had that happen and that is why my IP Address is not static it is random (dynamic) so it changes everytime I log off and back on. So, NOW I also blocked that phone number they claimed by the way to be in Houston and the phone number was a Texas area code (my sister lives in Texas). Lesson learned at 55 years old, I felt like a complete and utter moron for falling for it.

Someone just called me and said that my computer was sending them warning messages. I asked which one (I have two Apple computers), and their answer was inaudible. They also said they were tech support, which I don´t believe at all. If it was really Apple tech support, they would´nt call me. Like ever. Also, call me crazy but I´m pretty sure that Apple workers don´t have accents, usually. Is this a scam? Just making sure.

I just received a call from someone obviously from India saying he was with "Windows" And that I had a malicious virus sending emails. Hung up on his butt!!

Just got a call from 933-768-8601. Same line about my computer having a virus attacking it as we speak. I asked for his physical address and he told me he was in LA. Then gave me a bogus address with an AK zip code. Total scam. I had then on the phone for about 10 min asking to speak to a supervisor. I told the supervisor I was recording the call and the would be forwarding all info to the FBI. I did not know someone from India could cuss so fluently in English. Lots of fun twisting these guys up. last time I pretended to be 101 years old and told him to bear with me while I found my conputor. Then spent 10 min while I "looked" for it inside several rooms. He hung up when I told him I think it might be in the barn.

Martha I received a call saying they were windows tech and my computer was generating errors for the pass couple of days. This person had a heavy Indian accent, he ask me to turn on my computer. I told him I did not ask for help, he knew my first & last name and ask me if I was the person, I said yes and told him don't call me I will call when I want help, he was insisting on trying to scare me that something was wrong with my computer.. The idiot don't know, but I'm a technical person and I know for a fact Microsoft windows do not operate like that. I knew right away it was a scam.. And they need to learn how to speak English the big dummies!

Just got a call from one of these clowns and I played the game. Told him I was on my computer and he kept telling me to press the ctrl key and Fn key then the windows flag. He says "what does it say on your screen" and I said, giggling as I type this "This call is a scam so hang up now" he says "Maam, you're joking with me" and I said "NO you are the one joking, why would I EVER give you any information about my personal home computer?" I haven't paid for any service through microsoft!!" This went back and forth for a little while, and we eventually hung up. Me laughing of course because thankfully I did read about this scam. So sorry for the people who have been taken by these types of con artists. I wish there was a way to get rid of them once and for all!!

I got this call today too. I told them I was so glad they called but they we to late that I took my PC into my repair guy yesterday,and it is still in the shoppe. They hung up after I said that. HAHAHA

Today, 5/24/2014, have received 8 phone calls over a 4 hour period from a heavily Indian accented guy. Last call he said his name was Jack Sparrow. Same rhetoric others have reported, my windows computer is infected, etc. Asked him which computer, he gives me a string of alpha-numeric characters. Asked him for the IP address of the computer, and he said the one I use all the time. Told him it was a Unix machine, and he just continued on with his message. Finally he asked to power up my machine, at which time I terminated the call. He just keeps calling back. Finally placed a block on the phone number (410-889-5647), so he began calling from another phone (Unavailable, 8008). I even told him I was on the DO NOT CALL list, and he belligerently said technical support is not subject to the DO NOT CALL list. Told him he was full of it, and to stop harassing me. If the calls continue, I will be getting either an airhorn or whistle, and letting him have it on every subsequent call.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

I received a call on May 19th from a woman who said she was from Microsoft and she knew my name. She said my computer was logging a lot of error alerts. I told her I was not interested in telephone solicitation and hung up. The number logged on my phone was 1002566, and said, private caller.

My mother got a call from these guys today (claimed to be from a company called PC Health Risk) and passed the phone to me saying they had told her they needed to update her computer. I took the phone (btw I've worked in Networking and Securities for the past 4 years) and said 'Sup. He was definitely Indian and hard to understand as is the norm for scammers and illegitimate companies like these. I asked who he was (Steve) and how he had illegally infiltrated my private network and gained access to my devices so that he could call and tell me they need updated. I told him it was a scam and to hold on while I google his company to confirm (oustounding that I end up here). He sputters about a website to which I respond that may be a website, but it doesn't mean it's yours. He then said he had a 1-800 number to which i responded so do a lot of people, that doesn't really mean much. I asked him to kindly exit my private network and not re-enter and that I will look kindly forward to seeing him in court for invading my privacy and disconnected. I am not amused. BOOOOOOOOOO

Just got a call from these guys. They are very persistent! They have been calling me for at least three years now. Will they ever stop? Although, I have to admit,
that when I'm in the mood it is really fun to wind them up!

I cannot believe that you guys could fall for this scam!
Microsoft would never call you! Especially, with the "your computer is about to crush" remarks. If there's a problem with your PC (i.e. Microsoft update that cannot be installed or some system widespread virus)) than you DO CALL Microsoft. There are bastards from India who do claim to be from Microsoft. I love the name of John O'Kefee with the heavy Indian accent!

beware of 888-888-8888. it is a robocall and they claim to work for Windows and/or Microsoft. The number they say they are dialing from is 888-732-3037 and are based in California but are actually in Miami Florida.

cell phone number called saying my computer was sending error messages. when I told him that there was NO WAY he could get my home phone number from that he hung up. Upon redial error message. BE WARE clearly a scam

pc tech just called me and "JOHN DAVID" who has a very heavy Indian accent, and told me my pc was sending them messages that 4 people had hacked my computer and were using it for illegal purposes..
786-664-7971 from florida

I experienced the same deals as the above illustrations and was 'taken' for $333, so far!!

My sister, who is disabled and has memory problems, got a call like this on May 31st. She was not able to clearly articulate all that happened but said that the person told her that she had something wrong with her computer and it may have been a virus. He asked her to sit down at her computer and do some things and tell him the result. He wanted her credit card number but she did not give it out. He called back on Monday and said his name is Andrew and number is 704-325-9110. He had an Indian accent. I called the number back but no answer.

I have been getting these calls for the past 3 years. They only stopped after I learned some curses in Hindi. One of them lectured me for using such language, that is when I really let him have it. :) The cleaned up version, when you call my house and are trying to rob me, I will say what ever I want to you.

I almost wonder if some of them do not know they are scamming...weird.

BTW - I work for a very large IT company, I would know before them if I have something wrong.

Called and said from Microsoft. I told them I had to verify. they gave me call back # of 205-813-2925. Luckily I didn't buy into it! Beware

So my mom was saying some guy was calling asking about the computer. He called today and talked to me saying my computer was doing things with out me knowing I laughed and told him I have software that tells me what's going on in the, then he said that it was sent to him from an error report I let him know we don't send those out and he ended the call on me. Then found this site anyone know how they are getting out info to call us

Tell these people you have a Linux box. Most of them won't even know what that means. That should stop the calls.

The number this time was 208-448-0024. Caller was unidentified by caller ID. Heavy Indian/Pakistani accent, but I don't think his name was Bowe. Told me I had malware on my computer, but he didn't know if my computer was even on. What a low-life buncha' crap!

208-448-0024. Heavy Indian accent. Told me I had computer problems. Wanted money. Gave him credit card number, Now there are multiple charges, where did they come from? Why? Not right.

I got a call this morning from an Indian male saying that he was from Microsoft and that I was being hacked at that very moment and that he could help me stop it from happening. I told the man that my computer wasn't even on but he said that the hackers are still trying to get on. I then asked him which computer was being hacked into because their are four laptops in my house and he said he did not know but to get on the one I use more often and he could stop the hacker from any computer. Red flags were popping up for me when he said that he did not know which computer was being hacked into. At this point his voice was sounding irritated and he said to get on my computer because it was important to stop the hacker. I asked if he could just give me the directions and I would write them down and do it myself but he said he would do it for me. I then was walking past my modem/router when I noticed that my internet wasn't even on. My internet has been turning off and on throughout the week. I asked the man if the hackers needed internet to hack my computer and he said yes and I asked if it was still happening at that moment and he said yes. Then I told him that my internet isn't even working. He sounded surprised when I said that and said that he would call back later because it was important to see if any information was taken. Told my family to be careful if someone calls again. Thank goodness my internet wasn't working or I might have done what he asked.

I received calls today. Said his name is David from the Windows Technical Department. called from 985-656-2546 (Name not found) - Louisiana #. I asked for his phone number. Gave me 303-351-7053 and said they are in Springs, CO

I received a call today from a "Chris" with a very heavy Indian accent stating that he was calling from IRED Online Help and Support - certified technicians of Microsoft. He claimed that my computer was sending errors to a Global Error Repository and that they tracked down my computer and phone number by using GPS. He was calling to help me "fix the problem" stating that they were contracted by Microsoft to help with these issues. He stated that he was calling from New York. I didn't fall for it but got the following number from him 347-305-0007. When I did a reverse phone number look-up, the number is traced to "Bandwidth VolP" in New York City, NY with several complaints about this number. The call came from 800-313-0000 with "Unknown Name".

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

Okay so I just got a call from a supposedly lapsupport. Like an idiot i didn't think of it and let them on my computer but didn't give out my credit cards. I dont have any saved information on the computer since it was just fixed and reprogramed but idk if it'll damage my computer. I looked up the number they gave me and sure enough was exactly what the guy said, but i'm still iffy about it.

I recived a call today. I told him that I suspected a scam when he asked me for more personal information and he started to yell at me.To me, that bit of unprofessionalism was a key indicator that they were scammers. I hung up on him and turned all information over to the sheriff incase anyone was victimized.


I have been receiving calls from a "WINDOWS" rep claiming there's a problem with my computer. These calls actually started a yr or so ago, but have vamped up within the last month. I let the guy talk. He asked for my ip address (this was the first call), that's when I hung up. I have been receiving calls for about a month now - called id Twin Cities, MN 651-698-4075.
Don't answer this call! All they want is your $$ in whatever form they can get - ssn, account numbers, charges for "fixing" your computer.

I've gotten tons of these calls trying to gain access to my computer. (Always with heavy Indian/middle eastern accent.) Never fell for it, but once I felt like messing with them. When they told me to enter something, I told them I did but nothing happened. They tried to get me to do something else, I told them to wait a second, I had something on the stove I had to check. Set the phone down for 5 minutes, they were still there. Then they told me to do something else, I said I did and still nothing. They hem-hawed around, then wanted me to try something else, I told them my internet connection crashed and I had to run upstairs and reboot. (I live in a 1 story.) Set the phone down for about 10 minutes, came back and they were still there. We went around like this for at least 30 minutes, then I acted like we had a bad connection and hung up. The guy called back!! This time my husband answered the phone, using a fake Indian accent, he messed around with them for a while, then he started laughing at the guy, really p.o.'d the guy off! (But we still get the calls, trying to think of a new way to waste their time!)

Started receiving these calls today, 4 so far, sounds like the same guy, heavy accent. I keep telling him I don't have a computer at all, he hangs up. But keeps calling. Think next time will play with him a little bit, maybe give him an address of someone I don't like...just kidding. Also on do not call list. Don't fall for these guys, one time they are from IT Tech, the next from Microsoft, the next from somewhere else. Wouldn't waste the money to tract them, if they are not calling from overseas, they can usually be traced to the NYC area, they work out of warehouses and move around all the time. You will never catch up to them, ever. Either play with them or tell them you don't own a computer, it's up to how you feel at the moment. And if you do fall for it, and give them credit or bank info, call those companies immediately and report the scam. And I mean IMMEDIATELY before they wipe you out altogether and crash your computer. Microsoft would never, ever call you, nor would any other computer related company. If we could figure out a way to get back at them, put your heads together and let's come up with something!!! The FCC isn't going to do anything for you, but yes, report it anyway.

A very pushy man with a thick Indian accent called our house as well. Said he was from "Windows Technical Support" and that they have been receive MANY error messages and to please turn on your computer. Maybe they called several times before but this was the first time I picked up. Immediately suspicious, I asked who in particular they were trying to talk to. He kept repeating angrily, "the owner of the computer. Go turn on your computer. Just go turn on your computer." I said what computer? We have multiple in the house, didn't tell him that of course. I wanted to tell him we had a Mac and that he was obviously lying. He said the computer was registered under my dad's name which was a total lie because there was no way they could even get that information, mostly because it doesn't work that way. My dad doesn't even own a computer in the house, as if that makes a difference. Not even a minute into the call and the man becomes pushy and very rude. He didn't ask if we wanted help, or that we could refuse, just stated they received and lot of warning messages signaled from the computer. Oh really? Told them they have the wrong number and they became even more defensive. "Ok so you don't want help then we will stop supporting your computer. Windows won't support you anymore and your computer will crash. Is that OK with you? From now on Windows won't support you." I said really, is that so. He STILL wanted me to turn on "the computer." They also kept pretending that they couldn't hear me. Hung up on him because he was just so rude and practically yelling at me, it was obvious that Windows or whoever wouldn't call that suddenly and urgently without permission. If he calls again I'll have some fun and see how angry he can get, as if he didn't deserve it. Did he really expect to fool me with his attitude?

That's my share of how it went down, same story as everyone else. They can easily find your number and then your information like your name, like they did with my dad, or even your address. Then they will call you and set up every lie such as a name, their number, where they are based, etc. so that they have a better chance of seeming authentic and fooling whoever they can. Just don't fall for it, it was obvious from the beginning what their ploy was. The conversation didn't go so far as to me turning on a comouter or giving my financial info, as if I'm that gullible? Granted, for me they called out of nowhere so it was obvious. For anyone else, maybe they were expecting a similar type of call and just had bad timing with it all. Just be careful and don't give out ANY information so easily.

I knew when I looked at caller ID on my 'phone that this was a scam. Hopefully no one falls for this. It helps that they sound like the Microsoft 'help' (or should I say helpless) people who answer when you call with issues. I've learned to only talk to people from the Philippines.

received a call, claiming microsoft tech, humored them a few minutes and then googled the number, they wanted remote access to my computer, then when i hung up the phone they called back not once or twice but 8 times in less then 10 minutes, this is getting really annoying

I get at least one call a week from some company (they all have accents) saying the MS Tech suppost notified them there is an issue with my pc. Since MS can't offer support at this time, they were given my name to offer help. I have been polite but say no every time but they keep calling. Finally this last one I said if they call again I will turn them into the FCC and anyone else. That was yesterday. Not sure it will do any good, but I wish they would leave me alone. They must figure that my age makes me ignorant - but I was a IT person for about 35 years..... They are really become a bloody nuisance.

I have been getting these calls for about two years, after I cussed them out about a dozen times, it stopped for awhile. Their BACK! I know I got 3 calls yesterday. All from diff. numbers. I turn around and call it back, and lo and behold it's been disconected! I'm going to buy a whistle or can of that air to scar bears with and start blowing that into my phone. It's driving me nuts! ERRRRRR!

Second Michigan call from "Paul of Windows". This one at 7:15am ET! Woke me out of a sound sleep. I wasn't very polite. Too bad that there is no effective way of letting the public know of these scams. But shouldn't we use a little more common sense about these calls?

A friend got hit with the Window Tech scam. Payment is now being done through paypal, so the CC company cannot reverse charge. My friend did not have a paypal account, so they were emailed a form with information to fill out and a paypal account was opened for the person using that infromation.

I received a call like this today. Played along for a while. They then asked me to push the "Windows" button and I asked them where I could find that on my Macintosh. Then I hung up. Obviously they are catching people on this-- please tell everyone you know about this scam.

208-448-0024 just called me. Caller ID is great. Why answer the unknown especially when they don't leave a message. Raspberries to them....

my friend gave me videos to edit on my Dell computer and every time i click on one it instantly turns black and has no sound. why is this?

We received a call yesterday from a fine gentleman with a think Indian accent who informed us that our computer has been sending him messages that it needs to be fixed. i said that I was experiencing difficulty understanding him because it sounded as if he was calling from Bangalore. "NO, SIR!" He responded in a manner that suggested that revealed far too much protestation. "I am calling from Sweetwater, Texas", he informed me. That seemed reasonable because I have difficulty understanding Governor Perry. I inquired as to whether he had met the governor. "Yes, sir ... Guboner Prerrwy stops by our office at least one a week." I offered him my condolences and thanking him for his concern. "But your computer?" he interjected. "Which one?", I inquired. "You have more than one computer?" he asked as if he had never heard of such a thing. "Yes, which one is the loud mouth. I'll bring it down to Sweetwater the next time I discuss which three Federal agencies need to be eliminated with the governor." At the sound of the words, "Federal agencies" he abruptly ended my amusement.

I have given up getting annoyed by these calls and now make a game as to how long I can keep these crooks going around in circles trying to gain remote access to my computer.
By starting out really dumb..."my computer is turned off, let me turn it on"..(I then play a sound file of Window's 95 starting up!)then it usually goes to "bring up your desktop" to which I answer "My computer is on my desk top... what is that key with a flag? I have two of them"... this really lulls them into thinking they have a real live one...
It is a challenge to see how many levels they will move you up the chain of command. NEVER EVER give them any information about your computer or give them "remote access". Just keep repeating you are afraid you will get a virus and they will reply since they are not the administrative users they can't hurt your system.... that point alone is worth eating up a lot of time and laughs!

We have been receiving these calls for months now. Yesterday, these jerks called the house 3 times. 3!!! I don't have their number, so cannot put in a complaint. We do not have caller ID, nor was I willing to talk to this guy long enough to ask for his number. I don't see how a complaint will do anything, anyway. These people are not in the US.

989-683-2639 is the latest "Windows tech" # Kingston, MI...If you call it back, it is no longer in service...SCAM BIG TIME....

205-280-0212 has called 3 times the past 2 days, 2 times today and the caller id says "Ada Green". Clearly know this is a scam & reported the number today. He needs to stop harassing me.

I got a call today from someone from "Computer Technical Security Services." They claimed my computer was sending reports regarding windows updates. Wanted to sell me their services to "fix" the problem. I can't believe how unethical they are. I traced them back to their "corporate" company and filed a complaint with BBB. Not sure what else to do. I can only imagine the naive souls they have gotten money out of to fix their non-existent computer problems. It's shameless.

My Mom got involved with this Microsoft "Indian Scams" a couple of years ago.
She was scamed with fraudulent tech support using the alias "Calls to Geeks". They mailed a disc from an address in Delaware U.S.A. {which was crap}. She has been inundated with calls from these idiots. They can skype their # so it looks like it is coming from with in the U.S.A. She even got a call with her caller I.D. showing her own #. I spoke to them on several occasions & on one call I let them have it and was told to F*%k off & this was the most decent thing.
I started researching as what to do.
Her # is on the National & Fl. do not call list.
We submitted complaints to each.Heard nothing in response.
Called Verizon her land line company, were told to buy a phone that would block their #'s. Doesn't do any good they call from so many #'s.
We called local law enforcement after one frightening call she got stating some one was coming to her house. They made a report, no follow up.
April 2013 we finally reported this to the FBI online scam department. We provided them with the address, phone # & name of the business from with in the U.S.that had received mom's credit card payment & mailed the bogus disc.
Please note we were NOT looking to get the $ spent back. We want these people to, at the least, quit calling ! !
No follow up was ever done.
The calls did slack off during the year, but have started again with 1 to 2 calls daily. When she does answer she tells them right off that she has no cmpt. & they are NOT from Microsoft. With which they hang up.
If any one has a proven way to stop these calls I would love to know, as the Do Not Call registeries nor the F.B.I. offers ANY help ! !

Got a phone call on my landline phone by someone from "Windows Support Center" claiming my pc was sending Microsoft messages that my pc was infected.
It was obviously from a call center, sounded official, after his official sounding explanantion. I LET THEM HAVE ACCESS to the pc. This is where I kick myself. No surprise they found all sorts of dangerous files that need to be removed. Oh it will be $399.00 to have my pc cleaned of all viruses etc. One time payment-good for life. Afterward I looked at the caller ID. It showed their phone number as 347-518-1811, call from LINDA CHANG. No I did not pay/yes my pc is now at the shop to see what damage was done. My daughter was victimized by the FBI scam. That locked her laptop so she could not use it. Pc repair shop had to take care of that too.

I am so glad we can ask a question o line and find that soooo many people have received the very same call that I JUST got! A man with a heavy Indian accent called my home number twice! Then said his name was Scott Williams- was my first clue. He said that he was from Microsoft and that they had been sending messages all week that my computer was infected and my personal info was going out all over the internet! He said they didn't send it to my email but messages as I was online in a warning. I was able to get him off the line by saying I was cooking dinner. So he gave me two phone #s to call back 206-452-5449 and 206-462-5049. Imagine the surprise these guys got when I called them and asked if this was Microsoft??? They were Skype phone numbers, and neither one knew any Scott Williams with an Indian accent....hmmmm, dodged that bullet!

I have been getting these calls for months and ignore them. But yesterday I decided to find out what this was all about. Evidently, errors on my computer were ruining all of Windows and that my computer would shut down any minute and that I wouldn't be able to reboot it ever again. He wanted me to press some keys on the keyboard and I told him I wasn't going to do it without talking to my computer fixer guy. The tech told me that I was an "idiot," wasting his time and that he hoped I would "burn in bloody hell." I can't wait until they call me again.

Had a call from one of these guys last week. He wouldn't hang up on me, no matter how much I harassed him about how he's not really in New Jersey, and whatever else. Since he wouldn't hang up on me, which was my goal, I put the phone on speaker and watched the World Cup with him on the line...

On July 2, 2014 I also got one of these calls. Loud call center, guy with Indian-type accent. He was from "Windows Technical Support", and said they were calling "all Windows users" with information about a virus that can't be detected by antivirus programs. I was pretty sure Microsoft wouldn't be calling "all windows users", so I knew it was a scam. When I told him that, no, I would NOT turn on my computer for him because I'm not an idiot, he was not happy. I hung up. I use an old-fashioned answering machine, and seldom answer the phone, so it was just a fluke that I actually got the call - I was expecting a call from someone, so picked up. That'll teach me!

After skimming thru all of the other comments - seems I'm in good company. I've been getting calls since May 2014 from the M/S techs - I've tried: which computer is causing you the problem?, playing along like I'm stupid, & when they called the other nite I said ok just a minute I have to go get my computer - I put the phone down on the counter & continued to eat my supper - after about 3 min. I could hear the guy saying hello, hello, then he hung up. It's their dime for the call - let it cost them $$ - last nite my hub answered - I believe the "tech" will be hard of hearing for awhile - he used his outdoor voice while talking to him. Next time I'm going to tell them I have to get my mom - that could take awhile...

My brother received a very similar call. The only issue is, he believes them. I'm sitting here with no idea what to do. Initially I was sketched out by the fact that Microsoft could call you and tell if your computer was sending information that it had issues/problems to Microsoft. After doing research, I discovered that Microsoft doesn't make phone calls like this. Presenting this info to my brother, he doesn't believe me. I even had the chance to warn him before he entered information. If at that moment he had allowed me to act, I would have been able to system restore, and change all passwords within an hour. As it stands, I have no idea what is going to happen. When it blows up in his face, I won't be sorry. What's worst of all, is I primarily use that computer for a bunch of personal things. In the event that some of my stuff is compromised, hell is to be risen.

Has anyone had any dealings a company charging you as 'JM Service'?

We have been getting a large number of calls and emails from fake groups and company rep.
We hang up on them and a fake Microsoft Tech Support was one of them asking to setup remote on our server!

I am so scared yesterday I had the same thing happen . I don't know much about computers but the Indian man has gotten into my computer because I believed I had lots of infections in my computer. He told me local and foreign hackers are trying to get into my computer and they have succeeded . I don't know what to do!! I gave him my name and my email address. He asked for money but I said I didn't have any . So he said we will call tomorrow. I don't know all that he has accessed because before he called I had lot of windows opened. I'm scared he can steal my identity because he can find it in my computer. I didn't realize something was wrong until three hours later . He knew my name already and I wish I never answered. He said he was from Microsoft and his name was Matt. Kept saying not to worry he wi fix everything!! Me being stupid just let it all happened in front of my eyes... Any advice how can I fix all this plz!!

Somebody called me today 7/8/2014 at 2:45 pm EM. She introduced cording herself as Stella from Microsoft. According to her, the reason of the call was the error report from my PC. after I suggested her to mail me the problem assuming that the have my contact information since they had my phone, she stopped the conversation. Was it a scam?

Pretty much yes!

Got a call today (7/09/14) from a person claiming to be Shawn Watson with a company called Prosafe Technology. Would not give a number for me to call back. Reported this to the FTC. .

I plan on getting a horn to blast in their ear, sure hope the scam-company has good ear insurance.

Got a call from "Jason Frank" with We Support Windows, claiming the My computer was downloading lots of bad files and sending them error messages. This guy had an Indian accent and was quite insistant. At one point he said the these files are "hurting this country". - It all smelled wrong. I took his phone number (253) 243-1407 and his "ID" W1304. and told him I'd look this up and call him back. I then found this and other sites with the same scam story. Odd thing the web address he gave me is live, don't know if they are part of the scam or just the name these scammers are using.

All the details in this blog comment would make a great consumer complaint. You can file one with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

I got a call yesterday from "Frank at Microsoft." I immediately hung up. My computer had a virus one time and I did call Microsoft. I got a Canadian Microsoft, supposedly. They took control of my computer and "fixed it." They wanted to put me on a plan. I said "no." I get sporadic calls from supposedly this same company saying they need to fix my computer. No way. I have Webroot. Also, I get messages from "Adobe" urging me to download the latest version. I never do. Then in a day or so, I get errors. Yahoo has become the worst site of errors.

They are still at it. Today 7/9/2014. Second call in two days from "Out of Area" on caller ID. They use a mass dialer so, a delay before the operator comes on and tells you "they have detected a virus on your computer". I paused for a minute and asked if he could tell me the MAC ID of my computer. He hung up. Now if he did know my MAC ID I would be in serious trouble! But in any event, it just proves they are scamming and calling folks at random. Next time I will string them along and tell them my computer hasn't worked for months and ask him how to plug it in, turn it on, adjust the monitor etc,.

These jerks called me st 4:39 a.m. To tell me my "windows were infected"
I asked if she knew it was four f@$%#ing forty in the f%*+¥ ing morning? She then proceeded to yell at me that my computer was infected...I hung up!
My 71 year old father was scammed by these people, so I knew not to fall for it!

Same thing today. Ongoing calling, heavily accented individual saying from Windows and that they received a message my computer was infected. I told him that's funny, I don't own a computer (which I really do) and he was really confused and asked how could that be as my name has a computer registered to me. I kept up the act, no computer here! Terrible that here is no way to stop this!!!

I just got called by these guys and I wish I had done more then cuss them out and hang up. Its sounds like some of you have a good bit of fun baiting these pests. But it also sounds like I will have further opportunities in the near future.
I did like the idea of telling them you dont own a computer to get rid of them. If they insist you do own one, all you need to do is tell them you dropped it, it broke, and you are done with computers. I also wonder if it would not be equally effective to tell them you have a Mac. Or mention you are a network security analyst for a large bank or insurance company. Anyone harassed by these guys is doing a public service when they keep them on the phone for hours, wasting their time and protecting the somewhat more naive computers users from harm. No offense to those folks who got stung but I find it really difficult to believe there are people who think their computer would initiate such a call to tech support on its own.

Got the call today from Josh, heavy indian accent. He stated that they had reports that my computer was not receiving updates for Windows 7 and that my computer was infected.

I had heard about this scam and thought I would try and had a little fun!. He stated that he would need remote access to my computer. I told him that I was at work and asked if this was about my work computer or my personal computer and he said yes. I told him that since I was at work that I would need a charge card to charge him for my time and the cost would be $30.00 for every 15 minutes. He stated that they was no charge for them to access the computer. I stated that I needed a charge card so I could charge him/them.

Again, he stated that they would be no charge. I explained once again that i need to charge him/them. He then said, with some attitude, do you think I am kidding? I said no, them asked him for a charge card once again. He asked aren't you using Windows 7? I stated that i was using Windows 10. How is that possible he asked? I said i worked for Microsoft and thats why I need a charge card. He stated that iI was wasting his time, that they would not be contacting me again to correct help the problem.

With all the calls I receive at home from "junk callers" It felt good to get a little pay back!

Good luck to all and have a little fun with them if possible!

I just received yet another call from these guys. I've been getting 2-3 calls a week for the last 3 weeks. The first time they called, they stated they were from Windows Computers (1st red flag) and that they were calling because my computer was pinging to them that it has a virus. (2nd red flag) My laptop has been dead for months, due to a dead battery and fried power cord from said battery. While they guy was talking and giving his spiel, I did a google search. When I explained to him what I was reading, he hung up on me. That first guy had a very heavy accent, but it wasn't Indian. Then 2 days later, they called back. Different person this time, now calling from Microsoft Tech Support. To which I very cheerily said great, and explained that my computer had been broken for months and maybe he could fix the battery for me, since there was no way it could be sending them alerts that it has a virus. Another hang up. Fast forward to call number 3 last week. Sounded like the same guy, this time he asks if I have a computer, I say no and he hangs up. Next day, call back, asks if I have a computer, I say no, they say I'm lying. Really? I then proceed to tell them I will be tracing the call and adding this to the complaint I've already filed with the FTC, since my number is on the DNCR. Today, guy doesn't even ask about computer, but goes right into his spiel then asks me how I'm doing. I calmly tell him that before anything else is said, I wanted him to know that I am recording the call and that I would be sending the recording to the FTC, since I have repeatedly asked them not to call and they keep doing so, even though I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. There was a long pause and I told him to proceed, and he hung up. Only the first call had a real phone number, from Baldwin NY. The rest have been 911-8 or 0-000-000-0000 or some form of a Not Available number. It has been very frustrating, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down or stopping. Ugh!


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