Timeshare resellers & quick-money promises

Con artists are adept at selling — or selling you on  — just about anything. When it comes to timeshare resale services, they may claim to have a buyer for your property. Or that they can sell your place quickly and for a good price. But first, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee.

As part of an international crackdown on timeshare resale scams, the FTC and state law enforcement officials are going after timeshare resellers who took thousands of dollars in upfront fees from consumers after falsely claiming they could sell or rent the timeshares quickly. Today, the FTC announced settlements with Universal Timeshare, Resort Property Depot, and Resort Resolution Trust.

These companies violated the FTC Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule by making false claims about their services in telephone pitches to timeshare owners. Universal Timeshare also called people whose phone numbers were on the Do Not Call Registry. Some consumers paid as much as $4,000 in so-called taxes, closing costs, and processing fees to these companies — and got nothing in return.

Before you allow someone to sell your timeshare:

  1. Check them out before you agree to pay them any money. See if the state Attorney General, local consumer protection agencies, or the Better Business Bureau in the company’s home state have complaints about them on file. Then, search online by entering the company name and the word “complaints” or “scam.”
  1. Deal only with licensed real estate brokers or agents. Check with the Real Estate Commission in the state where your timeshare is located to make sure the company has a current license.
  1. Get all terms in writing before you agree to anything. That includes services the company will perform; timing of the sale; fees and commissions; and cancellation and refund policies. If a company says you have to act now or you might miss out on a buyer, it’s not a company you want to do business with.
  1. Consider doing business only with a company that gets paid after the timeshare is sold. And don’t wire money or pay in cash.
  1. Be alert to a repeat scam. If a company offers to help get your money back from a timeshare resale scam  but wants you to pay them before they do anything for you, walk away. This is a classic setup for another scam.   

Read about timeshare vacation plans and selling a timeshare through a reseller to learn more. And be sure to report these and other scams to the FTC.

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Unfortunately, I am one of those who has got taken for about $25,000. Would love to know how to get some of my money back as this was out entire savings and we are over 65.

what are the resources I can tap on. Any insight on actions that can be taken will be greatly appreciated.

I can attest to how aggressive these scammers can be because they attacked me when I owned my time share. Oh, by the way, timeshares them selves are the one of the worst scams there are for many reasons:
1. Monthly fees
2. I could never find an available unit when I wanted to go on vacation.
3. People deliberately abuse these units because there not invested in keeping them up.
4. Additional fees for building maintenance can occur at anytime.

I have just found another private reseller named Dean Prange. He is a definited scam artist. Please try to find him. He owes me 800.00

Oh, I wish wish wish I'd found your message when I'd first checked him out. He got my $$$ too. I reported him to Ripoff Report. Any other publicity we can put out there would be super.

Universal Timeshare convinced me to send them almost $5500 in the past year for expenses of selling my timeshare. I reported it to the FCC and got a complaint # but nothing ever happened. I got a call from them today 7-24-14 to send an additional $1000 for BOA to release the check and approve payment of same to my bank. How do I get assistance from you or at least a call back.

I need help...my partner of 10 years suddenly passed of a massive heart attack, we were purchasing a time share together. I now can not afford it and want to get out of this. What do I do? I've tried to sell no luck as of yet. Timeshare harrase me aobut 10 days past due. They constantly call and leave messages for him on my voice mail....constant pain and reminder....any suggestions?

If you just bought it there may be a pending time before it is completed. They won't tell you that information but you can look into your contract. You may still be able to get out of it.

While the tips mentioned are good, there is a much simpler and easy to understand rule for timeshare owners to follow: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY PERSON OR ENTITY THAT INITIATES CONTACT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Vacation Specialists International out of Minneapolis, Minnesota offered to sell my timeshare and took me for over $9k before my credit union stopped me from sending an additional $5K+. Now they want $2500 so they can get my money "released" from a so called account in my name in Mexico at Scotiabank. No such account!Scotiabank, MX is investigating this scam.

I was taken for a ride as well. Vacation Resort Experts out of Illinois got me good. I have been dealing with these clowns for 2 months, in which I wired over $5000 to their bogus companies. Like "Dumb" I wired some money through Scotiabank as well. With all this being said, how did you contact Scotiabank and how do I get their number as well to investigate?

You can file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. You can also contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in your state, and in the state where the company is located.

I just got a call from VRE Vacation Resort Experts called me after I sent an email letting him know that I want my money back due to the fact that I keep getting requests to wire more money. I told him I was sick of it and want my money back. He said that he would refund the money already wired to whatever bank Scotiabank and/or Santander Bank. I will let you know if or when this happens

If someone promises to give you a refund and you give them your bank account or credit card number, they may take your money instead of repaying you.

You can contact the state Attorney General in your state and the state where the company is located to file a complaint. They may have more information about the business you've been talking with.

I would never ever give my credit card number out. I have a bank account for this transaction at a zero balance so it can not be cleaned out by this company. I have my other accounts somewhere else.

I just spoke to the "attorney" from AVG, a "Mr. Fernandez". He actually picked up the phone. I explained to him that I wanted out of the deal in progress and he confirmed that Alex Garcia of VRE did contact him and said I wanted to terminate the transaction based on a third (and final) wire transactions for "registering the unit with Mexico". I explained that I don't own it because Americans cannot own personal or corporate property in Mexico, but can lease it for 99 years. He said that he would begin the paperwork to refund the two wires I sent to Santander Bank.

We will see how long this takes to complete. I told him I need the money wired back by the end of the week or beginning of next. Hopefully, this will happen. I doubt it, but one can only dream

Have just finished "dealing" with a timeshare selling agent who told me he had a client "in hand" ready to buy our timeshare. Yea right! I let him hang himself and then told him to......in the lake!
Do NOT deal with Leaders Group Services out of Orlando, Fl. Must say, Orlando seems to be a hot bed to bogus timeshare sellers.

A person saying they were with Property Pro Reality called unsolicited to say they had a buyer for my time share in Mexico. Caller had a Ph# in Illinois and worked with the "company" Epcon international Inc, also in Illinois. Had a buyer in Mexico set to purchase and no upfront costs. They were very proffessional about it and emailed/called with valid numbers and had a bogus rep from the resort I own at with a phone in California.
Thought I would see how far they would go with the No Fees gig. They actually sent copies of 2 mexico money orders for "escrow" and then gave me instructions for a wire transfer to Mexico for "fees and taxes"---This is where I called their Game. The Mexico bank is real, but cannot see WHO the account belongs to. They did their homework and this is a very sophisticated scam...Now it is time to turn the tables--they DID NOT get any money, and I saved all the documents and ph/email for investigators !

@They Tried: my story is very similar to yours except the names of the parties involved. Is the escrow company in Texas? They want me to escrow a foreign investment fee that they claim will be deposited back in my account after closing. A scam, right? I'm curious how you ended it with them and what their reaction was?

Exactly same as my story except it was all located in Georgia. They offered 29K for my timeshare for a buyer accumulating properties for a golf tournament. The contracts were impeccable. The red flag was that they said I MIGHT have to pay the transfer fee before closing, but it would be reimbursed. So I called the resort to check out that claim and they could describe the scam perfectly, that at the last minute they'd need that payment. Thank God my wife had an uneasy feeling so I called the timeshare company! Otherwise $4000 could have been taken (5 times my maint fee for the transfer fee)

Anyone have experience with Newton Group Transfers out of Grand Rapids, MI??????

I just paid $6,000 to Newton Group Transfers I would like to know if you received any replies?

Has anyone dealt with Travel Associates Inc. in Massachusetts, or tTrue and Clear Title in Massachusetts regarding sake of timeshare?

yes I now realize its a scam--took me for over $23000. would be happy to answer any questions

Any one hear of Property Management out of Los Angeles? How about 3rd Point Capitol?

Recently contacted by Advantage Travel Inc. (based in Colorado) to sell our timeshare in Mexico. They At this point, they have sent a proposal, have not asked for money and said the commission (5%) would be paid AFTER we received our funds. Any comments?

How about Elite Property Managememt in San Francisco? Anyone had dealings with them? Thanks!

Has anyone out there been able to cancel a membership with Coast to Coast/Grand Getaways. I am no longer able to travel and my family cannot afford to travel or pay the
"Maintenance" fees. I have a letter saying "...you have no payments of any kind including renewal until 1/3/2026 to keep your account or incentives active..." and yet I am being contacted to say I need to pay $389 a year for "Maintenance fees." Anyone out there - can you please advise on how to cancel or drop membership? Thanks.

We fell for a $9,640 USD resale scam. That is over $14,000 CAD. But this friendly and peaceful Canadian has turned into a vicious polar bear, we are pursuing all the legal resources we can find to get our money back. Yes we will fight them! When we get results we will post here again. This criminal activity has to be nipped in the bud.

Which company did you deal with?

I don't have a timeshare and never have. That doesn't stop people in the business from constantly calling me to get me interested in one. This morning I got a call from RCI asking me if I received their invitation to an upcoming presentation. I said you've got the wrong person, and don't call me anymore. I added the phone number to my call rejection list, but there are a number of different callers so I don't know how much that helps.

Can we pass some legislation that makes it illegal to make your heirs liable for a bad judgment on our part. Debts cannot be passed on in any other situation, why on time shares??

I have been contacted by Hamilton Brokers Inc. from St. Louis, MO wanting to buy my timeshare. Anyone have experience with them?

Does anyone have experience with AARROW LLC of New York in offering to sell our timeshare.

Yes, I received a call to sell 6 weeks of rentals with no fees, until I signed their contract and then NH Title Company sent me bank information to transfer $2970 to a Mexican bank and they will refund this after I transfer my funds along with another $22,700 USD. All this after the broker at AARROW Brokers LLC said there were no up front fees to be paid! I checked on the NY state business registry and they are a registered broker. I dont know what to do! It sounds like all the other scams out there regarding time share rental resellers.

I have the same situation as yours, I called to my vacation rental and said me is a scam, we are three in this chat with the same situation. Remember that the scammers use registered brokers.

You can report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.  You can also report misconduct to the state where the person is registered as a broker.

I am going trough the same thing with AARROW Brokers LLC and NH Tittle Company, I wired them $$$ to a Bank in Mexico now that I want to stop the sale they are threatening to take me to court ! don't know if they have a case

They won't follow up. I talked to the guy Andrew today at AARROW who lied to me about my money being transferred after I wired money to a Mexican bank twice. Once for maintenance fees and the other for commissions - total of $ 5600 USD. Then after he promised that I would get the money reimbursed except for the commission, now they are asking me to pay another $4800 for income tax to the Mexican govt which they say the buyer will reimburse me. It all sounds too scummy for me. I have registered a complaint with the FBI. Now I will call the local FBI office to try and talk to someone to see if I can go to AARROW'S office in NY with an FBI agent to get my $5700 back.

Big D I have the same problem, i´d like to go with you if is posible with the agent of FBI to get my $$$ Back.

I´m going to register my complaint with the FBI in this moment so if you have advantage for this abuse tell me by this way.

You can also report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Santana I am going trough the same thing with AARROW Brokers LLC and NH Tittle Company, don´t hesitate, if is necesary i have 2 person´s more in the same situation, you are in USA but WE CAN JOIN US AND FIGHT WITH THIS KIND OF SCAM. I´m going to be constantly in this chanel.

You can report this to law enforcement by filing a complaint at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Comments you make here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Broker Investments Inc. has contacted us regarding buying our Mexico property. Anyone heard of them? They are out of Minneapolis, MN.

They are contacting me too. Their push back when I said it sounds like they are going to ask me for money at some point is: Your timeshare company (in this case Grand Bliss / Vida) will ask you for a transfer fee. We will NEVER ask you for money. - The way I see this, is I bet there is an escrow account that gets set up in a fraudulent manner, then when the money is in there (probably for the transfer fee or title hold) - they split with the money or claim that it was non-recoverable in the event of a stall in the transfer process. That's my guess - but I'm sure it will go down something like this.

Incidentally, I emailed the building manager for the address they use on their paperwork and on their website - just to ask if the company actually has an office there.

I got another call last night from National Settlement Services asking me for feedback about my timeshare. I don't have a timeshare but they keep calling. When I initially answer the phone they always ask to speak to someone with a first name different than mine, so I say you've got the wrong number. Then they say is this the "......" residence, and I say yes. That is how they get you to think it's an innocent mistake. I told them not to call anymore, and they said OK. We'll see what happens.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

In addition, please file complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at www.ftc.gov/complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

I have the same problem with Aarrow and NH Title Co. After Andrew told me no money up front ended up wiring over $13000 in three transfers to Mexico. I refused to wire another dollar and asked Andrew for my money back. He told me I had to sent the Mexican lawyer a fee and they would return my money. I told him I was not sending another penny and he got abusive saying I would do it because I had to. He said I was in breach of contract and I told him so was he. They guaranteed my money after I wired the maintenance fees, they did again after I wired the commission and again after the last transfer. I told him I had signed documents guaranting the money after those transfers. He didn't want to hear it. That was last week and havent't heard from him. I am filing a complaint with the FTC to see if I can get my money back. Has anyone gotten their money back from these scams and how?

You can also report this to the bank or wire transfer company you used, the Attorney General’s office  in your home state and in the state where the business is based.

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