Veterans: Empowered to fight fraud

Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all who served in the United States Armed Forces. Despite the nation’s gratitude to these heroes, there are some who would lie to make a buck off them.

Con artists target veterans and servicemembers for scams and rip-offs. Some scammers stretch the truth to get at veterans’ pensions or prey on the desire to support veterans’ organizations by lying to get charitable donations. Veterans looking to use their education benefits may feel pressured to pay for education programs that waste their benefits and do them no good.

To help avoid these pitfalls, the FTC’s Consumer Center has articles on managing your money, handling credit and debt, avoiding scams, and recovering from identity theft. Check out the FTC’s page for Military Families to get these consumer resources.

The FTC also joined with its partners to create Military Consumer, a one-stop site with tips and tools from federal and state agencies, consumer groups, and military organizations to help servicemembers, veterans and their families empower themselves against scammers. Visit for free resources to put together an event, to distribute in your community, or share on your site, blog, and social media networks. Empower veterans you know and their families with information — it’s the first line of defense.

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I report all instances of fraudulent emails and phone calls from unsolicited suspicious addresses. On phone calls, I first warn them that they are in violation of the law. If I receive a second email/phone call from the same location, I report it to the F.T.C. 'NUFF SAID

how do you report them? where ,Clarlie ?

You can report problems like this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

As a veteran I'd just like to say I applaud the many things coming from the VA over the last several months even though I am not disbled for any known service diseases. My doctor suspects my COPD is duty related but I was turned down flatly in the typical adversary relationship that is the VA. I was told I had no boots on ground even though I walked in Thailand, Okinawa, Philippines, DaNang, and one place I cannot recall the name. They did it by asking me to provide paperwork I never heard of and didn't have, even though I know for a fact from my VA rep (who also thinks it was unfair) the VA has a lot more information about me than I could ever dream of. It was quite a slap in the face about having served in the Tonkin Gulf im the 60's.

The REAL reason for my submitting this is to tell you that your use of Captcha code as it is, presents a roadblock to many of us who have eyesight problems and visual problems from a concussion I received.
There are better, and even more effective ways to secure things and Captcha, which is easily hacked these days, is NOT the right method. Recaptcha is slightly better but not much.
Please consider making these changes; I routinely avoid this sort of captcha.

Keep this up. I share this with family & friends. You may want to put sign-up link on these alerts.

Thanks for this Alerts, it is sad the Vetrans are even targeted by Scammmers.

Sad even Vetrans are targeted, thank you ringing this Alert to us

No Veterans benefits or credit history, or pension should be scammed by any one, or affected it should be monitored by the federal government.

all Veterans rights should be protected.

Sadly our rights are not protected. I reported something to VA to investigate instead the investigator ignored the problem advocated for the other people. "Well sorry but this is what they said" is all I got. Absolutely no investigation at all. I had tons of proof.


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