Voicemail from an IRS imposter?

You get a call or voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS. You’re being sued and this your final notice, the caller says:

Don’t panic. And don’t return the call. It’s a scam.

Here are a few facts about the IRS to keep in mind if you get a similar call:

  • If the IRS needs to contact you, they’ll do it by mail first.
  • The IRS won’t demand personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  • The IRS won’t threaten to arrest or sue you, or demand that you pay right away. The IRS also won’t tell you to use a specific form of payment like a money transfer from MoneyGram or Western Union, a cash reload from MoneyPak or Reloadit, or a gift card from iTunes or Amazon. Scammers ask you to use those ways to pay because they’re hard to track or cancel payments.

If you or someone you know receives a call like this, report it the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Include the caller’s phone number, along with any details you have. If you’re not sure whether a call is really from the IRS, you can double-check by calling the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040. For more, check out this IRS imposter scams infographic. Share with friends and family. They may get the call next.

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but it's so much fun to play with them - by the time I get through - they are cursing at me and they hang up - it just makes it fun!

Me too! I got a guy with an Indian accent and I kept telling him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him! Then I told him to go ahead and release that arrest warrant he was holding and that I expected the police at my door within a day or two. Then I asked him if people actually fell for that nonsense..then he hung up!

I got the same guy!!! He was so angry with me!!

Same here. I told him I couldn't understand a word in English. I hung up on him.

This one too 214 400 5051 phone

me too how funny I started talking like him and irritated him back.

That's it ... it was an Indian accent. There was one who was a woman from this country who offered me her badge number. I had read somewhere that you can trip them up by asking for a badge number! The scammers must have read that. The real IRS would send you certified mail that you would have to sign for at the PO before busting into your bank account (which is what this guy was threatening me with).

I just got one on my mobile leaving a message to call 504-535-1500 which I saw was a Louisiana area code. I knew not to call back on the number they had called so I used my work number. The fellow that answered had an Indian accent and said he was "jacob" LOL, I asked for his IRS badge number and he said GS1748. I asked now what city are you calling me from, he said Washington, DC "miss" and I asked why the Louisiana area code and he said large call volume "miss", LOL. I asked now, who is your supervisor, and he said, "miss" you are wasting my time. I said, this is just a big scam and he hung up. If if doesn't sound like American English, it is not the IRS!!! "miss" LOL

I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard. Almost busted a rib. Uncontrollable laughter.Good.

We have receuved the same caller as you did. We get these calls sometimes 3 or 4 times aweek. I'm sick of them. These idiots must think that all Americans are stupid that we don't know they are scammers. I knew this the very first call they made. What I can't believe is why we can't do anything to stop this. We are just as sm
art in technology as these foreign countries are.

Had 3 of the same IRS messages in a row and then a final one (all on our answering machine). The last one was a woman with a thick accent telling us that we are going to be arrested and the sheriff (we do not have a sheriff in our town!) is on the way to our house if we don't pay up. She repeated a number to call (844-757-0824) and then said if we choose not to call she can only "wish us the best of luck"! I truly hope people are not still falling for this crap. We have gotten these calls non-stop for well over 2 years. We NEVER answer our house phone for this very reason.

Got same call from woman called number and told them I'm calling IRS to verify claim was told we can't help you if you hang up.you want to do this the easy way or hard way.i said the hard way and hung up.

These people just keep calling. I finally returned the call after numerous calls from them . . . 3 times a day . . . It scared me so much that I hung up and called my tax people because I was told to get a lawyer to meet me at the courthouse when the police arrested me. I am still getting these voice mails. How long will this continue?

Have fun with 1-855-652-0568. Another Indian accent that you can tell is reading a script and telling you local police are coming for you. When you ask for IRS fraud call center number or print out suddenly the call gets dropped.

The first time I got a call like this, I was genuinely concerned. However, I've now received at least 4 or 5, over the past 2 years. To your point, It's incredibly fun to screw with these jerks. I try to keep them on the line for as long as possible and once, I told them that the police were at my front door and they wanted to speak with them. Of course.... they hung up. FUN!

In the past 2 days I have received 5 calls from these guys. Like many I don't answer the phone if I don't know the caller. I guess they figure if you get enough calls you would believe them. I thing the FTC should reach out to all news agencies and have them report this on a regular biases to make more people aware of the scams. And in all languages.

I watch the news so I was heads up on it already, Thank GOD, And what? ME, BELIEVING ANYONE just calling me saying, this is the last warning from the IRS!!!? UMMM, I a disabled Veteran, hello! SO I KNOW for a FACT I don't OWE any money to IRS!!! WHAT A SCAM!!! I don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't know anyway. Suggestions to everyone, if you don't know the number, let the answering machine pick it up. Register your numbers on do not call list .gov. I registered mine after three and a half years, after getting all the @.#. Calls. Should take up 30 days to take affect. If they continue file complaint with numbers on hand. GOOD LUCK

I have messed with them too. One time I told them I knew it was a scam from go after being on the phone for 45 min. He said "Are you calling me an idiot?" I laughed and said "I guess you could say that!" He was not happy with me. I have messed with them several times. They don't call me anymore :(

I know it's fun but these IRS recordings scare the s@&t out of the elderly and there in lies the problem! Our elderly parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc are getting robbed by these a$$h@£€$ and you're playing with them! Something has to be done about it but what? Do any of you have a solution? Instead of playing around with them, get them to divulge something important! You're intelligent, come up with something!

i have realized these are scams for some years now. However it is becoming bothersome. i hate robocalls, getting off the couch and listen to an idiot message for about 5 seconds, then hang up. if i report it i am certain our inefficient government will do nada. i was thinking of reverse phone lookup on the caller id and then doing something PERSONAL but many of these have blocked their caller ID or given false ones. Any ideas on tracking them down.

I've started blocking the numbers on my phone when I get a scam call. Then I guess they realize that I'm blocking the numbers because then the caller I.D. # starts coming up as 222-2222 or 1111 and for some reason even after I block those odd numbers they are able to still call me using the same number.

It is almost impossible to get any help, the real number to report them at the IRS gives you a number to call.The mail box is full, you can't leave a message.I called the FBI, the IRS , and the Dept of Justice, they are overwhelmed by all the complaints.Their recording says that they are aware of the IRS imposters and they are going after them.They called my wife and they scared the daylights out of her, she almost sent them 4K.Her calls were from 305-407-1406,I called them 20-30 times a day to mess with them(Indian guy thick accent) now the number is disconnected

I called the Indiana Attorney General's office.
They filed a complaint and also gave me contact information for FTC.gov.

They now have an 866 number. I got the call today and they scared the crap out of me. We called our police dept and reported it.

The longer we "play" with them the less time they can do this to someone else.

If you know specific people you are concerned about, there is a website, I think it's nomorobo that allows you to block robo dialed calls. Most cell phones have call blockers, but this is for landlines.

Nomorobo is for cellphones too. You have to pay for this service, but it does work!

Also, if you have an iphone you can block the number without having a special service.

I just reported the number marked United States(747)777-8536. Called me twice. I told him IRS only contacts by mail. He said my mail was returned to sender. Man had a very thick mid eastern accent, I could barely understand him and kept asking him to repeat what he was saying he got irate with me. I told him that I was hanging up and for him to have a blessed day. LOL

I do the same thing with all these scammers, one thing is to put them on hold then hang up about a half hour later, if they are still on or not.

Agreed I did the same... I called them back (knowing it was a scam) and I acted panicky. I said " what amount of money can I give you to make this all go away", I'm already on trial for murder, and this will really put me in a hole"...he was very confused and got upset with me and hung up. BTW, it was an Indian male, sounded maybe mid 30's.

OK, so I’ve received several calls from the “IRS”. This latest call was from “Dennis Fowler”, who has an incredibly thick Indian accent. So I decided to have a little fun of my own.
I said: Oh, Dennis! Thank heavens you finally called. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting for you to contact me. So, please tell me exactly what I need to do to be completely ukfayed by you. Shall I tell you my social security number and the numbers of my husband and children? Shall I send you my checking account and bank routing numbers? Shall I send you my car keys and detailed instructions on how to get to my house? Oh, I am sooooooo excited.
And then, you know what? HE HUNG UP ON ME! How rude.
Apparently Dennis, with the incredibly thick accent, doesn’t share my excitement. Devastated.

great reply. keep calling Dennix!

I received two calls for the past two days from the following numbers:
928-323-1186 & 843-325-5853
I called back just because I was curious and you can hear the background where it sounds like a call center and the young lady that answered did not speak English clearly. When I questioned her she jumped to the arrest warrant story. What has this world come to so sad I am sure that others have fallen for this scam and there must be something that can be done to stop all scams period

I got a call this morning from 509-570-5131. Same spiel. Filled out on-line reports with the IRS and FTC.

the scams are too much

We have received these calls three or four times a week. The ones we get now are a recording. First few we received was an Indian accent man as well. My husband told him when he could speak good English then call and of course he hung up.
I'm really fed up with these calls. We've gone to the police department and they say they can't do anything about this. I can't believe that something can't be done to put a stop to these calls. I'm very disappointed with the government right now because of this.

I 5 calls from them, and just to mess with them, I asked what my options were to get these 3 charges resolved. I got the 3 steps, or conditions, from "Officer Jonas Clark", badge #161839 in Resttitution, and was told that payment had to be made by an accepted voucher through approved stores like Kroger, I could not discusss it with anyone and I had to give them a cell # and stay on the line the entire time, to "prove I was an honest, tax-paying citizen". After stalling, telling them my cell was dead an I would have to find one from another household member, I gave them the number for the IRS fraud line. I said, "you just got caught!" He said, "you think you are the smartest person in the world, but get that out of your head. You are not smartest person. We are smarter than you! I will put you in jail for 10 years! Come Christmas, you will be crying!" At least that is what I think he said, in his thick Indian accent. I told him I wasn't the smartest person, but wasn't the dumbest either. Here's to all you other "Smartest persons!"

We get 2 or 3 of these calls every week. I'm fed up with them. I'm going to buy a whistle and keep by my phone and when they call blow it as hard and as loud as I can and I hope I bust their stupid ear drums.

I did the whistle thing but they hang up FAST!!! Then I knew my hubby had a old siren and it did work for a while but now its starting all over again so I must get it out of the basement again,,,,make some more of them deaf LOLOLOL I really hate saying that but I cant even write the dirty things on here that they said to me. Our police department said they cant do a thing??

you might have too much time on your hands.

I have recieved 8 calls from these scam artist they've called from these phone numbers:1-347-906-866,1-202-683-7463,1-202-864-2237,1-252-325-5132,1-914-336-4567,1-304-810-8706,1-347-906-8666,1-252-251-0714.and I have recordings of their voices. If it would help in the investigation I could send these recordings to the proper authorities.

I received a call from 4693515039 today and she asked my personal information. Also told if I don't provide I'll be arrested soon. I know it's scam so I didn't encourage the talk so she hung up!!

So i also got a call, i told them i could only pay cash, so he gave me an address to go to. Good ole smart phone i Google the address it was a dollar general, oh it was fun after that

I have been receiving voice mail and messages from someone with a thick accent sounds like from India or something. Anyway he says he is working for IRS and is going to file a complaint with a lawsuit against me. And I need to pay 5993.00 or it was going to court. And that you can go to jail for 5 to 99 years.

Add this number to your list of IRS "were suing you" scams..... Straight out of India lol (201) 948-1227

I just had the sae scammer call me from 773-269-3251
I knew it was a scam but I had to call back and mess with this idiot. He hung up on me too. How stupid do they think Americans are? These people prey on the innocent senior citizens. This was my first phone call scammer I usually receive an email on a weekly basis from these jerks.

At the beginning of the call they ask you if you want to speak to an attorney, I said "Yes" and then they hung up. I haven't received a phone call from them since!

I played with the publisher clearing house guy. Even got the account and routing number for the account and gave it to the bank manager and local police.

Just got this call this week... SO lame.

I get these all the time, I have even been told to stay where I am because they will be there in 4 hrs to arrest me

I have had two of these calls. If you want, I can forward their return phone number and the voice mail msg they left.

Please share the phone number. I'm consistently receiving scam calls about my computer and windows operating systems.

My Cell has caller ID which they spoofed as the IRS on 9/30 from #202-239-2566. I called back the recording to screw with them and the guy with an accent would only play 3 minutes. I put the number on facebook and invited others to play with him.

I have received multiple calls like this from different #s. The most recent was from 305-407-1406. Am I really supposed to believe it is the IRS calling me on a saturday afternoon!!!!! My boyfriend has gotten the # from me and keeps calling them back every few hours to cus them out, LOL! He's having fun with it.

I am getting these calls sometimes 3 a day threatening to shut down my computer if I don't believe them. I also just got a voice mail from the "IRS" yesterday. In May, I got a call from an Indian sounding man who said he was calling from Chase Bank and could get me 0% interest for life for $1995. I am soooo sick of these scammers.

I have saved the phone numbers as well as the voice message. Spoke with my 1st one, after abt 8 calls/voice msgs, to find out who keeps calling me. He wanted my personal info, which I said he should already know if he is calling abt my fed income tax. Then he says if I don't cooperate, the authorities will be dispatched to my residence within 45 minutes - then asks for my address!!!! Told him I would be home! This was reported to FTC in Sept 2015 with name and phone number of scammer. If FTC receives this information from EVERYONE who reports the scam, they should be able to track down these people with the help of the FBI. I'm sure the phone numbers are being scrambled whereas the number appears to be in one location, while the caller may be outside the country. Since last year, I can't count the number of calls I have rec'd - some days there are up to 4 a day.

Thank you for informing me about this IRS scam. I have received 3 of these calls. I reported the first call to FTC.
Everybody needs to know about this scam.

Received the call yesterday. She left message on answer machine. I did not respond.
The number she wanted me to call was 1-786-749-5933. I did not call.
I am so fed up with all these type of calls and telemarketer calls. Seems our congress
Does not care about the citizens anymore.

You guys make it quite onerous to file a scam complaint: The online form is endless and takes more than 5 minutes to fill out. You need to make it much simpler; I've spent lots of wasted time only to later receive a letter saying that the FTC couldn't do anything. What a waste.

Do not call back, I've gotten multiple calls from all sorts of phone numbers, I've heard that once you call, they automatically get your cell number and then sell it to advertisers - those lists can sell for lots of money, then you'll keep getting cold calls from all sorts of vendors in the future!

Oh, you just hide your cell number and call them back...I told them I as from the FBI following up on a scam report. Then I called back over and over and over.. now the number is busy. 1-803-346-0187 :)

This is the same message and same voice that has called me dozens of times over the past few months.

I filed a report about this identical scam already, and continue to receive calls from different numbers with the same threats. As per instructions, I do not answer any calls I do not know now. I also get phone calls from Mylasia, China, Hawaii etc. You were right they know there's a human on this number.

This IRS scam voicemail is rampant in Monmouth County, NJ, and we have received this message numerous times. I have reported these troubling and disturbing calls to the FTC in the hopes that this will cease. I am on the Do Not Call Registry list and I pay my local phone company, Verizon, to keep my number unlisted, yet I still receive these unwanted and illegal messages. They are criminals and Verizon should do more to stop this.

Good article

You are so right. There is apparently no way to stop them. You block one number and they use another. You can only block so many numbers. I usually get 2-4 calls a day and I never answer those unknown numbers so they just call over and over. Tired of them.

Thick Pakistani accent!

i too recieved seversl of these calls usually on a daily basis i have contacted the ftc and filed a report its easy and hopefully will help to syop this

754-203-3043 that's the number that called me. bogus.

I have been getting these calls for over a year. The first one scared the sh!! out irk me. After that I realized the all had foreign accents and the style of the threat changed. After about the 3rd just started hanging up, they finally got the message and stopped.

I received one of these calls several months ago, but I knew it was a scam so I just played with the guy and got him all flustered. At the end I told him he bored me and said goodbye. I've never received another call from them.

After 4 calls in the same week I got mad & called the number. A voice said "IRS". I told him to remove my number immediately. He transferred me to another foreign voice said "IRS". Again, I told him to remove my number. He sarcastically started saying "I'm sorry" over & over. I said "sorry for what, trying to scam people?". He then said "I'm from Pakistan over & over". He could care less about any consequences. Just a real smart a**. The good thing is I haven't received any more calls.

I've received several of these fake IRS calls, but never answered. Our local paper has alerted the public about the scam. I think our government should force the phone companies to get this stopped. With today's technology, seems like it would be easy for them to do so. I am so angry to pay for telephone service when most of my calls are from scammers. It is a horrific abuse against the elderly and those disabled as they try to get up and answer the phone. I know because my mother was almost blind, on oxygen, using a walker and would try to get to the phone to answer these criminals. As I was typing this, one came in from 585-542-2922--some number that has been calling me a couple of times a day for several days. It irritates me to have to pay extra for Caller ID, but thank goodness for it. Probably the reason phone companies won't stop these scammers--they want to force consumers into buying more of their services--like CID.

Tracking these people down is not as easy as people think it is, they also have technology and every time we think we have a hold on it, they come up with a new one. Being in a foreign country, the ability to scramble the call, etc. Please don't think it is a conspiracy by our government and or telephone company because it is not.

re phone scams, you might want to note that when people play games with them, like keeping them on the phone, that scammers are beleived to have called the police and reported screams and/or gunfire from your house resulting in a police/swat raid. this is known as swatting--best bet is to just hang up!

How do they know your address?

hhc- bogus, how to they know your address to call the police?

Your address is not private to these people...they have pages of information on you in most cases including family members, addresses, previous addresses, phone numbers and old phone numbers and accounts. All of this information is available online for pennies per account. I have personally searched just google and found my name, email addresses, old passwords, physical addresses and much more in just a couple minutes and that was just the free sites.

And yes, it's very real. Take a look at youtube for people raided by the police while they were filming or web streaming because someone called in a fake complaint. It's usually a joke or retaliation but I could easily see the scammers doing this as well.

I just received this call at 12:45 today. The exact same message as above. They call up to 4 times a day EVERY DAY. I take the phone off the hook now & I plan on disconnecting my landline. I also get some kind of robo call every 30 mins from someone. every day ALL DAY.

I'm so tired of these calls as well. Get one almost everyday! Have saved numerous voice messages and keep blocking those numbers I know are from scammers. Wish something could be done to shut them down once and for all! Here are just a few #'s:213-440-2687, 818-665-7293, 804-412-8012,703-957-7293, 703-542-1721, 541-948-8241, 773-654-4276, 773-312-5053, 213-141-5163, 206-823-3906, 401-710-2096, 818-665-7293, 213-440-2687,804-496-1074

the problem with the phone #s is they are spoofing them too - that means your caller ID says a certain # but that is not correct information - ask me I know I have had my # used as a spoofed # and have been called from frantic people I also have received such calls and a reverse look up shows the phone number is not even in service

Got a call this morning from that number: 2063884903
stating there was a fraud in my tax and if I did not call that number my lawyer needed to call. I wish they could
find that scammer and have him locked up

Three such calls from the fake-IRS robot in the past two weeks. Mr./Ms. Robot's grammar immediately gives away the fact that the call is a scam.

I have gotten calls from Calif. Fl. New York, Washington, and yesterday Utah

I get these calls too. They seem to come in bunches and when I threaten to report them they stop for awhile. Very irritating and intimidating at first. The guy yells at you and is nasty and rude.

LinNana, I mostly only use my PC to do tasks that must be done, & rarely reply to things like this. I read this because I signed up to receive info from the FTC to try to stay on top of SCAMMERS. Anyway, felt bad when I read what you wrote about being screamed at and talked to nasty & rude to you. I feel that you are a female, so am I. I want to encourage you so you don't continue to be abused. We receive these calls too, but I'm not going to allow ANY ONE to yell to me, to be nasty or rude. Secret is, just DO NOT ANSWER phone numbers you don't recognize or that are not a contact in your phone. IF the caller is actually someone you do business with etc, they will leave you a msg so you can call back if you choose to. What you described reminded me of my mother, she was a very passive person & too naive, & would end up on the phone with "those sort" of people too often. I always feel sorry for people who have fallen for scams, and had given crooks/thieves their hard earned money! When I see these things on the NEWS I often think, "Why did you fall for that?!!!" Or 'FREE GIVEAWAYS'! If it sounds to good to be true, it's just that, not true. Protect yourself & stand up for yourself. When I was young we didn't have recorders on phones, or cell phones. After recorders came out, I thought that was such a WONDERFUL invention & later Caller ID! Wow, FINALLY! I felt empowered! I was able to screen calls! Saved so much time, not being tied up with telemarketers!!! Yes, we still get the calls even though we've been on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY since it became available, but still get those calls. We're in the most high tech country in the world, the NSA, CIA etc can spy on us, but they, & our our Federal Government in general are not doing enough to protect us, 'We The PEOPLE', we the tax payers that pay their over inflated salaries!!! I encourage you to let those calls go to your voicemail, or recorder, & you can prevent this from happening to you again! Okay? You aren't going to miss anything from a legit company or someone you do business with. Take a stand to protect you from all the wolves out there! God Bless!

You are so right! I let the calls I don't know go to voicemail. The sad thing is the elderly still fall for these things so something definitely has to be done!

I got one of these calls just a couple of days ago. Knew it was a scam. I also got a call from someone claiming to be with the Treasury dept. I was told there was a Federal warrant for my arrest so I needed to call them right back. I filed a complaint with the FTC here, then called the number back where a woman with a very heavy accent said "Treasury Dept." I told her that I had gotten a message from this number, knew it was a scam and had filed a complaint with the FTC. No, actually I filed the complaint after I called the number back, because I remember saying to this woman, I knew it was a scam and would be contacting the FTC as soon as I hung up. I do a lot of reporting of things like this since my ID was stolen and used a while back. Anyway, always report these calls to this site so they can keep track. My first caller gave me a name, first and last, which I noted as well as the time, the date and the response when I called back, with the woman saying I had reached the "Treasury Dept". I just now realized that the original message must have said they were from the IRS. his accent was so thick I had difficulty understanding what he said. At any rate it is important that we let the FTC know when we get these calls whether on a home phone or cell.

I got a call from that voice, on 7/12/2016 @ 11:25AM EDT it's still on my machine. She gave her name as Gwen Robertson from Legal Affairs @ U.S. Treasury Department, "Badge Number 4167
She was alerting me to a tax fraud against my name(?????) If I didn't call her back at 408.819.9455 I would have to appear before a Federal Magistrate Judge, or, Grand Jury for intentionally ignoring this message. "Again", she reminded me, call before this goes to a Federal Claims Court or before "you get arrested." "Hope to hear from you soon before charges are brought against you". Nope, I didn't do anything but have a good laugh with my wife over this. I figured, they could at least use someone who had attended school after the 3rd grade! If I had called the number the only thing that would have happened is my information would have been trapped.
No Legitimate Government agency would make such a sophomoric call.
It's a very good idea to never call them back!

Try calling back from a pay phone...if you can find one.

I received the very same call from the so called "Treasury" Dept claiming I owed the government for tax fraud. At first it scared me,but I new I never committed tax fraud and have been retired for many years now.

It was a robot call leaving a number that i must call or I would be sued. I looked up the Treasury dept. number, called them, and before any options, I was told they NEVER call someone at their home.

With that information I knew I was being scammed and I never picked up the phone call ever.

One response I have found effective is to say, "Look. I know what you are doing is a scam and illegal. I strongly urge you to quit it and to find honest, legal work. If not, you are the one at risk for prosecution."

I have received these calls for about a year now. I purchased from home shopping network, a call blocker that can block 1200 calls. Its been amazing. Check it out. You won't regret it

I have received these types of calls with an automatic message, not a person. Numbers are 310-251-6256 310-251-4616 310-251-6887 207-616-4441 803-300-7171

also 559-759-3942

+1 512-994-3430. Got 8 calls today, Robocalls IRS.. it even leaves a message..it's real bad in NC SC.

I know the IRS doesn't make phone calls to you. But some people may not know. I have received this phone call and hang up.

You are right on the fact that not everyone knows that the doesn't call you. I received one of these calls about a month a go. When I answered the phone it was a message telling me to call a number same number that call was come from because a claim was being filed against me and that was it. I called the number because I was a little scared. He said he was IRS and I owed money and there was a warrant on me. I tried to get him to tell me when it happened because I have paid my taxes every year since I started working. He got a little flustered and the connection was lost. I went on the IRS website to see if the phone number was actually an IRS number when I saw the link for IRS Scams. I clicked on the link, then filed a report about the call with the FTC.

I've gotten a few of these calls! They leave messages on my voice mail!My son has also gotten these phone calls on his cell phone! There should be a way to stop these calls! With all the technology today, why can't something be done to stop scams, robocalls and telemarketers? I have reported these calls to the FTC!

I'm tempted to buy a whistle and start calling them back and blowing the crap out of it in their ears. Probably wouldn't change anything other than giving me a small sense of satisfaction.

I actually bought a whistle ( a real loud one) and I wait until they start their spiel and then blast them and hang up! It slows the calls down. And this is used for all telemarketers. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this whistle amplified by the phone.

Despite my continual warning the residents where I live, two people were recently victimized by these scammers. This led to an increase in the number of local calls, as were reported to me by the residents. In some instances, legitimate IRS phone numbers were used in the message, merely to create credibility that the call was real. So, please spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors, so more people will not become victims.

Today's number...

IRS scam - 305-320-6528

To the other commentators, be aware that the scammers use throw-away phones so numbers cannot be traced. Registering your phone with DoNotCall is of little use, as these and others using robocalls ignore this and repeatedly call anyway. Our government has heightened the exposure by permitting legitimate debt collectors call land lines and cell phones to collect overdue or unpaid debts due to federal agencies for student loans, mortgages and, yes, unpaid taxes. Complaints to FTC and others cannot be followed through due to the use of throw-away phones. Blocking these calls will prevent legitimate robocalls and others from coming through, like doctors confirming appointments, or many municipalities which use reverse 911 to report community emergencies. BE ALERT, BE AWARE and BE CAUTIOUS! Do not become another victim.

Ha ha! As I was reading this notice, I got one of these calls! What a coincidence! The number was 760-514-2273

I agree. My husband has Alzheimer's and these calls can be dangerous. So far my husband has hung up but it does scare me. One number that has called is 646-367-0646.I love it when they say, with a middle eastern accent, that there name is Sean McMahon.

I received one of these calls. I went to tigta.gov and reported it on their "IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting" (right side of page) and I haven't been called since.

thank you for the tip on the tigta.gov site!

I received a call today with the exact same recording. Called the number back and was requested to share my name and mailing address in order to reference my case number. I was given the following information by the fake IRS employee -Jeff Jones Badge ID GS3245 at (863)840-4147. This number when I did a phone search shows it is connected to a cell phone from Lake Placid Florida. I hope this information helps you to catch these thieves and liars.

Can I just say "Really? I'm with the IRS, too. Scam Division?"

I'm on Do Not Call, but I get unwanted calls and Spam texts frequently. Tried to forward Spam to ATT, but found out they no longer offer that feature. They say to go to some website to report. PITA!!! I just end up blocking the numbers. Do Not Call reporting is annoying, trying to find the website, several others say they're the same thing. Not. Should not be this aggravating to report. Also annoying to have to flip back and forth from call log to website in order to file report.

Unless I know the number calling, I don't answer. Sucks to pay all this money each month and not be able to answer my own phone!!!!

I asked if I could put them on speaker phone and they hung up and no more calls517

I would like to know if the following company is legally registered here in the US and has a physical address. They seem to entice the would be customers with flashy cheap products. The company's name is : TB dress. Phone : +862968532816 e.mail : service@

You can look online for information about a business. Type the business name and the words "review" or "complaint" into a search engine to look for comments. The FTC does not have the information you are requesting.

I started keeping a whistle (referee-type) on my desk. Once I ascertain the call is a scam (when I even bother to answer at all), guess what? I'll bet their ears are still ringing, if they hear at all!

It is now 2:20 CDT. I got one at 8:30 this morning. I don't know who or what it was because unknown came up as so many do. I left my home to go shopping I had 3 more. Couldn't understand a word they said. They know I won't answer the phone. One was from my Dr. I actually got a call from a real person that I know besides my sons. What a hoot. I answered one that said my computer was compromised. I told him he was a scammer and not to call. Haven't heard from him lately. Every day it starts about 8:30am and ends at 8:30pm. If I didn't hate cell phones so much I would get rid of my landline. My son is getting them on his cell. I guess it just doesn't matter. If they get your # your sunk. I'm going to look up what a call blocker that you buy from Home Shopping. Sounds like a get deal. It would be so nice just to answer my phone and it be like it used to be way back when. I tried playing with them. They get worse. One caller said she knew that I was debt free but I was missing out on a good deal. Yeah, OK Lady!!!!

I started getting calls this week about an arrest warrant coming for me. I thought about it as I never spoke to no one. Nevertheless, me knowing the laws. I just thought go ahead as if I were to be tried on such a lie? How much I'm I worth? Lawyer up! Because watch what I will do back! I'll take your house car all the money I can get. Then lock them up back! I knew it was a scam because a letter would have to come first. Besides that I live in the west coast. What an expensive trip, to take me to Washington D.C. & all the losses they would of taken from me.I'm trouble when I need be. Stupid people who care about thiefts that keeps you on your toes. I never talked to no one, but go ahead.
"Make my day" seeing this is a day late and a dollar short, but I m prepared to sue them first, take there money etc.. then laughing all the way home.thanks, guys I got them!

I' just started receiving those calls too! Threatening arrest and summary judgment? And they leave voicemails with no names with a blocked number and providing one in the voicemail! Anyone else have this problem?

I have received so many calls from (212) area code. And I blocked the numbers. One of the calls was from my local area code saying they will have police at my door for not responding to calls. I was scared stiff! I hung up and called the state and gave the violation code and was told it was a fake. OMG! this is unbelievably scary and annoying

I have had numerous calls on my Cell from California to South Carolina to New York never answer a phone # I don't know and block the caller- even when I block the caller the voice mails still go through- one of my friends has resorted to telling the caller that they are on the air and they hang up! I am going to try this the next time too funny-

If we all know this is a scam, the phone company does too. They should be fined for allowing it to continue!

IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting

They left me a voicemail saying I am being sued by the IRS
Sept 01 2016 2:00pm.

This is the number they are calling me from

remember when they used to tell you to use a whistle when you would get a pervert call back in the day. Well I think these guys are perverts for raping my life so I have a whistle next to my phone and I blow it as loud as I can. If every one does it, but make sure is a scammer, there will be far less of these calls in the future

Because of calls like this I have quit answering the phone if I do not recognize the phone number. I have had voice mails from these idiots but knew it was a scam. Some time back I learned that the IRS would send a letter first so I knew it was someone just blowing smoke. By no answering unknown phone numbers I have missed some calls but if it important they will leave a number. Thank heavens for caller ID.

I got 6 calls in one year span from these imposter. I got confused when I get a call first time. These calls are originating from New York.

I am hearing another version that debt collection agents creating this mess. I recorded the voice mail of the person.

We can explore universe. We need better tools and technology to nab them.

We received 3 of these in one day, and listened to them on our voice mail. The best thing you can do is to screen all of your calls using Caller ID. If you recognize the number or entity, by all means, pick up the call. Otherwise, save yourself a lot of nonsense and let the phone do the work. And if you are in doubt as to whether the message you hear is a scam or not, google it. I googled "IRS phone scams" and it popped right up. In this case, I knew it was--I just wanted to see if there was anything on the IRS website. Of course, there was, with some jumps to the FTC and TIGTA websites. I filed a complaint on both sites, and it was worth the few minutes it took to do so. My elderly mother was scammed by--wait for it--a caller who wanted to "protect her identity." By the time she realized she'd been had, she had already given out her bank account information. Fortunately, she called me immediately afterward, and I called the bank. I think of her when I receive calls like these (she has since passed on), and feel that reporting such calls is a way that I can perhaps help someone else's elderly parent or neighbor. By the way, I also reported it to the local police, who were glad to get the call; I read about my call--no names used--several days later in the local newspaper.

be aware these IRS Scammers will threaten you that they will get US Secret Service, US Marshalls, Homeland Security, Customs Border Patrol, DEA, ATF Agents to arrest you if you do not get back to them right away to pay the lawsuit. Do not believe them especially if they want to meet you at a WALGREENS Parking lot.

I received a call like that yesterday. A recorded message. The man sounded like a bill collector type. Call was threatening. I did not return the call. I referred the caller location and phone to the local police. The call came from Lilburn GA 678-533-6149

Wow - just got my first call from number 917-728-1285. Declined the call so it dumped the recording into voice mail. The voice sounded mechanical. I do hope someone official culls the phone numbers from the comments and shuts them down.

I too have received calls claiming to be the IRS. The first calls were in June, 2016 whereby the message left on my voicemail was threatening me with lawsuit if I did not return the call and make arrangements to pay. Their location was showing up as coming from Atlanta, GA. I returned the call even knowing this wasn't an IRS agent. It was a male voice with a foreign accent (such as an Asian speaking English). They hung up on me after I told them I knew they were frauds. I kept calling them back and bugging the hell out of them asking how they liked being harassed. The male starting making pug pug pug noises to cover my voice and then would hang up. I Didn't receive calls again until this morning. I've received two calls from 1-516-231-0690 showing up as Old Brooklyn, NY. I called them back, harassed them again calling them frauds and told them I was reporting the calls. I've saved the messages on my voice mail, although there is probably no reason to do so. If you call them back and harass them over and over again they will stop calling, at least for a while.

More fun to play with them. Call them back and tell them you are an IRS agent. You want their ID # and more details. Man that ends it fast and no more calls. 145

I just say;"Due to the recent increase in scam phone calls, I am recording all incoming calls and recorded messages from unknown numbers. If you are legitimate, this will be acceptable to you.

Just received a call today from a woman recording saying they were the IRS with this exact message. They called twice (first time I didn't answer, second time they said they were trying to get a hold of me, even though it was still a recording sounding woman and the message resumed). They used a new number. Lubbock, TX 806-783-7051.

Voice mail: Woman named Rose Darvis calling from the IRS stating I needed to call back or they will inform the local authorities to arrest me. #1-347-377-8401

I just received that exact phone call. The other day I got a call from a man that stated that he was with the IRS and started tell me about how the IRS was suing me. I know that the IRS does not call they send everything in the mail. I told him that I knew that they don't call and a few choice words. he finally hung up.

I quietly lay the hand set down and resume my fiddle practicing; very few repeat calls/

I just returned home to a voicemail telling me I am being sued, and to call this number: 844-490-0728. So I called the number and got a woman with an Indian accent. She asked me how she could help me(!), so I told her that I got the voicemail saying I was being sued, and I wanted to find out more information. She asked me to hold on while she checked(never asked me my name or any other info.) I said "sure", and then I heard a disconnect click and then a busy signal. I guess the sarcasm in my voice was a tip-off. It is fun to mess with them.

Oh yeah, the number was 443-513-6556, came up on caller ID as New Berlin, Maryland

I just got this call... It made me really nervous at first. I had a feeling something was up when the gentleman did not say my name. All he said was "do you want to resolve this?" The man could barely speak English. He could barely put a sentence together,and kept pausing like he was waiting for me to say something. He also asked if I want to settle this in or out of court. When I said out of court, he said OK how much money do you want to play. Cording to him he said I own $3900. I asked what year was this and he said between 2010 and 2015. Also asked if I pay my taxes. I had a feeling something wasn't right. Now that I'm looking at all of these comments I am very relieved. My call was from California 2134794107. Guy had a thick Indian accent..

I get these 2 and 3 a day changed my number


I block them all after the first call when they do not leave a voicemail. The calls have dropped to about one a week. Today the speaker at my retirement community maintained these calls are not terrorism. I disagree; read the above, in total they have made the phone system unusable. Real direct action is needed against the criminals.

I have had several messages left from the "IRS" and never returned the call. I tell everyone I know to avoid this scam. But what I really wish is that you could block survey calls. I have had one number call more than seven times in a four hour period. When I answer it is a long robocall message about how they are not selling anything blah blah on and on. Why should I have to receive these calls? My husband works during the day and these calls consistently wake him up. I know - turn off the ringer, right? However, we both have rely relatives and are concerned about legitimate emergencies. It should be our right to opt out of any type of unrequested call. Especially scam IRS calls!

People are Under fear because the information receive on the net is a can of topic unknown to them and not explained in all the administration and where it come from and their goals are usuallly discover through yourselves for tha kind of business they're looking for them to refine their own position as a spy as a gambler as a good man working now for us and bringhing more fee to us then from any other into the group thanks!

What I want to know is why something can't be done about all the scams on our phones. They just laugh at you because they know nothing will be done to them. I received the call from the IRS and hung up right away. The calls just never stop I worry about some of the elderly people that aren't aware of what is going on and they answer their questions. Our government needs to step in and stop these calls my phone use to be my private property but not any more. I get calls from credit cards services 2 to 3 times a week and in the beginning I stayed on the line and asked them to take me off their list and he laughed at me and I got even more calls from them. I signed up for Do Not Call and it doesn't stop them. I really worry about the elderly people for what they have to go through because they still think people are honest. My husband got a call and they threatened to come to our house and hurt us.

They threatened to come to my house and "Get" me.. I laughed and wished them luck.

I get at least 2 of these calls a day, every day!!! These guys will never be stopped nor shut down because they keep changing their numbers on a daily basis. Try calling a number that called you 2 days later and you'll see that it's no longer a working number.

Never ever answer a call if you do not recognize the #. If it is someone you know and is important they WILL leave a message. Anytime you answer these calls you submit yourself to the "Sucker List" which is sold to other scammers. Get involved, these people are ripping off your parents and grandparents !! Don't think "playing" games with them does anything. They don't care! there is always another sucker out there!

Received the call,number 1-931-639-9134,no info given out but he was Indian ,,India,,and number came from Tennessee,,he had my name and old address,,so bee careful

I got this call today from this number +1 (202) 470-3929

Washington, DC September 6, 2016 at 3:54:21 PM It went to my voicemail amd it was an electronic message. Like others wrote it's a scam! I didn't evem cal the number back. I immediately goodlef the number and quickly found out it's a scam. Nimber one direction reason! I not owe the IRS! What idoots! Everyone if you get that message just ignore and delete. Do not evem call that number back. I also blocked the number from my cell phone.

just got these calls on 8-30 and again 8-31 2016 about 1035am est--msg says: Message regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the us treasury department regarding a tax fraud against your name. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or grand jury for a fed criminal offense.
So be4 this matter goes to fed claims courthouse or be4 you get arrested, so call us back our # on 614 343 0234 again the # is 614 343 0234. hope to hear from you soon before the charges are pressed against you. thank you.

sent in the complaint for from the link above-- thanks for being here for me !!

Looking forward to make further use of new technology.

IRS Telephone Scam from 8023420603. I didn't answer - caller ID stated a wireless caller. An automated message was left saying that the IRS was filing charges for money I owed the IRS, and me to call a number they left on the message - sorry, I didn't write down the phone number.

I hung up on this guy the first time. If he calls back, I plan to speak to him in Canadian (Quebec) idiomatic French and see how rattled I can make him.

Ive received no less than 50 such IRS calls in the past 3 or 4 months left on answering machine..WAS RECORDING THE CALLBACK NUMBERS (ALWAYS DIFFERENT) but no longer have list as I reported to do not call directory which is totally useless ..the latest yesterday 401 356 8186..some days I get 3 or 4.Know better than to call back but it is getting quite annoying

More Phone numbers: 281-336-1289 and 646-367-0664

I was threatened to have federal charges brought against me. I called back they asked my name and confirmed my address. I am not sure how they got the address. When they got to my last 4 digets of my social. I said you have it, read it off, They could not. I hung up on them and called the IRS directly. The IRS knew nothing. I called this number back and told them I sent in their info to The IRS Their number is 202-795-5684. The man was an Indian sounding man and was rude.

I received my 15th call from these scammers today. I recorded all 57 minutes of them trying to terrify me. I played their game, he stayed on line while I "Supposedly" drove to my bank and withdrew $6000.00 worth of cash of the $11,780.00 they wanted. Then he told me to go to Best Buy and buy as much "APPLE ITUNES" Cards in incraments of $500.00 each. and I would have to go to another store to buy the remaining cards to complete the balance. Then they wanted me to scratch off the silver covering(Like Lottery Tickets)and give him the number. Of course I didn't have one, but since I told him my cell phone battery was going dead, they have called me back 52 times from various area codes and numbers. THEY ARE A DETERMINED BUNCH OF FREAKS ! I plaed that I was an old man, close and forgot my glass's. Finally, I emailed the recording to the local CBS-TV station in Palm Springs to see what they wanted to do with it. Dj

I've gotten two of these over the past two days. One number from DC yesterday, and the other number from Delaware today. Whoever entered the text into the text-to-speech software for the automated voice has very good English, but their first language has no articles (the, an, or a). Русский, возможно? :D

This is the phone number posted on my ID (347)906-8645, when he asked if he could help me, I gave him a piece of my mind, and told him never to call my number again, and I was going to report him to Authority, he immediately hung up the telephone. I blocked his telephone number using *77. When I tried to dial the number he block, or deleted it out of the system.

Got 3 calls & all 3 were left on the answering machine: "...This is Special Officer Tim-oh-tee Gra-in-tee from with (sic) the E-ternal Rev-new Service..." Reported contact #, name, etc. to TIGTA but kept messages; SO hilarious! P.S. Uncle worked for IRS...

IRS Telephone Scam. Received a call from 315-261-3416 today around 10:20 am. Did now recognize the Wireless Caller phone number so I didn't answer. A recorded message was left saying the IRS was filing a law suit against me and for me to call 315-261-3416. I did not call. This is the second day in a row that I'm receiving these IRS phone scam calls.

and very irritated, but not fooled. I too just screen my calls so I don't have to interrupt what I'm doing. I love what my daughter does. She acts like she's a crazy person and gushes how happy she is that they called. "I am so lonesome, because my pet talking bird died. Please don't hang up. You're the only person I have to talk to. A good IRS person with the government should care about me and I think you do, especially since you are coming to see me. Get here as fast as you can. Oh I am so glad you called. Please don't hang up" They always do, and rather quickly. Best of all, that one never calls back!

I got the same voice mail message. I did call the number because i was scared. I have never been to jail before so I wanted to know what I did wrong. I call the local IRS number and got no help so I called the Sheriff department and the officer told me it was a scam. I made a complaint with the FTC and soon as I submitted the complaint I got another call from a different number because I blocked the other numbers. This is crazy. Here are the numbers i got calls from. Steve Smith 786.259.0475, 281.205.8638, 253.218.6123. And Elex Brown, badge number 1592087.

I worked at a major social service agency assisting the homeless as a case manager. Around Christmas 2015 someone called my office claiming to be from IRS stating they wanted to speak with a certain person, that there was a lawsuit that claimed they were in jeopardy of being jailed. I realized the call was from a specific brand of criminal and told them I knew they were scammers and that they were interfering in the course of a legitimate business! I hung up and they called right back asking me why I hung up (she sounded like she was really offended). The long of the short is that these culprits are forceful,intimidating, and they have an answer for every question you throw at them! I was on a job when I took the call and out of business courtesy I spoke and responded to them. However, in private I answer no calls unless they are in my address book or they leave a legitimate voice mail with a return number with a legitimate business purpose.

I got one of these calls that said I was being sued for blatant fraudulent activity from 2009-2015 and that I had a warrant issued for my arrest even though I knew I didn't do anything wrong, they were threatening to come to my place of employment. They gave badge numbers and even answered when I returned the call. Then they included Homeland Security and wanted official government bonds for payment and I finally just hung up after way too long on the phone. They were rude and intimidating and they should be the ones in jail!!

Recent number 1-213-336-3236

Well I just received my call at 9:35 am. Same type of message but what got me is that they have the nerve to make a threat and at the end of the message they say "God bless you"!!!!

I just got a call from the number 410-834-2559 claiming to be the IRS. He thought he was pretty convincing-- he even had an answer when I said I'd wait for the letter in the mail-- he claimed they'd "tried" to contact me twice by mail, but couldn't be found at that address, and that they were required to HAND DELIVER the correspondence, so that's why they were all of a sudden filing suit.

Another number with the same scam behind: 929-270-8196

I received 2 scammers calling this morning.

the guy is clearly from india but other numbers are 512-601-6071 and 347-892-4593

I got a call from this clown 9/7/2016 making all sorts of threatening clams about the IRS coming to my house and arresting me. He told me I could hand deliver the funds to him. So I asked if he was in Memphis, he said his partner was and I could get the funds to him. So I asked if they at the IRS office? He said no, so I said that was to bad because I work for the IRS and would just bring it to his office. Dead silences on the other end of the phone. I said good-by and hung-up.


I received 2 or 3 of these calls EVERY DAY. Sometimes more than 3 a day. One of them was borderline abusive. The man (who had a accent that I cannot place) yelled at me and told me this was "very serious" and not to screw around. I worry that older people who have nobody to talk to could be taken in by this.

6 scam IRS calls in the past two days. Most recent # 937-561-8283.

When I called back and told the caller to take my name off the call list, he laughed and said, "Or what are you going to do?" I said, "Report you." He laughed again and said, "You don't scare me -- they can't do anything to me!"

Newest number today shoes it's from Aspen Colorado clearly A man from India 970-315-1326

Just got a mechanical voice mail saying IRS is filing a lawsuit against us???REALLY how fake and RUDE!!!! The phone number was 910-212-2725!!!! BE AWARE!!!!

Got one but had a good laugh asked him for his credit card or banking information since he was in error The IRS owes me $4000 so I guess your going to pay me now Hung up pretty dang fast LOL

I've gotten several from 714-333-0931 days it's from Anaheim California!

I have received endless calls from these idiots(I don't answer the landline phone any more-it has no caller ID; when I *69 who called, and check who they are on scam call websites, the numbers are listed with comments. Most don't leave a message. I should be able to answer my phone without screening using my answering machine(yes, they are still being sold). Being retired, I am home more often, so the these callers end my relaxing time.

I received a call from 716-430-4974. They asked me to call 559-759-3525.

I always tell possible scammers and debt collectors I am recording the call and they always hang up! The irs department one today really pissed me off! I reported to FCC

Got call from 434 258-8358 from VA. Probably it's internet generated numbers. I am not sure if it's trackable.

Had call today from 844-829-2391 Dan was his name, telling me i was hiding money from government, (i played along with him) and he told me that they have issued a warrant for my arrest. I asked him (lol..in a panic voice) what i could do to fix this situation, he told me nothing, that they would just come to my house and collect the money i owe, scary part was , he had my correct address! I still was not worried, i said to him really you are going to come to my home, he stated yes and started to tell me the NASTY-im not going to type what he said to me- things he was going to do to me when he got here. I laughed and he got pissed and hung up. I contacted the local sherriffs office to report and they suggested that i come to here and post. I just worry about the elderly that are getting scared by these calls. I have called a few local senior centers to have them post about scam calls and not to pay any money to them and the above statement on how the IRS will contact . nothing better to do with their time! ..

I got this voicemail: :)))
"This message is intended to you from the internal revenue service today. We have received the legal notice Cp. 11 8 against you before we proceed your legal notice and legal way. I want you or your attorney to call on our number, please note down 408-239-4037 don't disregard this legal message and do return the call if any delay in call back then you may find yourself in huge legal consequences. "

Got the robocall today from 202-506-9412 saying that if I didn't call them (the IRS) back I would be sued by the government.

(858)267-8681 & (646)781-8360 These 2 numbers called me today both with Indian accents claiming they were the I.R.S.

I recieved 6 calls Caiming I had a lawsuit against me from the IRS. I did not return the call due to I work nights. Something did not feel right So I googled the number and saw how many complaints there w Was This is the number they have continued to call me from 512) 758-7371 Now that I have the information that is is a scam I will be blocking the number!!!!!!! Don't fall for this trick!!!!

I have been receiving the same calls and then i let it go t ovoice mail and there was a recorded message saying it was from "IRS and that there is a lawsuit against me and to act immediatedly"---the number is 646-663-7343-NY so I used my work phone to call back the number and a guy with a weird accent answered the call. I told him to stop calling me and that Iam reporting the stupid scam to FTC and he said 'OK"

Why are these people not being stopped by the authorities? This is where government should be very useful

I got a call 2 weeks ago saying that I owed money and that I would be arrested and everything.. I freaked. Then when I saw a friend, i muted the phone and said something. They told me to hang up. I cant remember the number I blocked it... Then today I got a voicemail. No name, or other info, except that they said this was the last call, and to call back the Dept. the number was 813-753-4224. I know for a fact that I havent gotten a certified letter from the IRS so now I just need to remember that these calls are fake.

I got a vm today saying if i did not return the call i woukd have to deal with tge way things unfold. It sounded like a robot. 830 number from texas. Scam??

Complete baloney and total scam. IRS will NEVER do initial contacts by phone - always by mail. Feel free to ignore any voicemails like this.

I got one today. The number is 888-266-9019. Also Indian accents. I got scared with all his threats. U hang him up at the moment he wanted me to wire the money immediately.

Has anyone ever gotten a phone call and the caller ID showed that the call was coming from your own name? I have gotten several of these before. Never have answered them, but I wonder how they do that!!! These people will try anything.

There are apps on cell phones that you can put down any number you want to appear to be calling from to come up on someone's caller ID. I'm sure that is what they are doing and how your number appears in your caller ID as if your calling yourself.

just got one today from 1(843) 325-5853 Male Indian Mid 30's

This number has called 2x yesterday and 3 So far today. I Did answer it once to hear a robot lady voice say my LAST warning the IRS is charging me with fraud...etc...(Since I already got MY Identity stolen this year maybe they mean THEY are the Fraudulent ones. Lol) And to call back 401-234-3279, which is the same number ALL the calls have come from. Since I did Not call that number back and it now left the same message on my iphone messaging. This number says it is originating from Greenwich, Rhode Island.

I had 'Detective Jason Smith' (with a thick Indian accent) who was coming to arrest me within 45 minutes. Then at the end he asked me if we could talk about sex. So ridiculous! He never asked me for any information though. Thought that was odd.

I got two today, after asking for a name and ID number, they hang up and called me again, lol they think we are stupid. The number they called from was 202 846 0499, he said his name was Charles, sounded like he was from India, when I ask him his last name and ID number, he wispered to someone, come help me. Then hung up again.

ON 09/13/2016 i, RECEIVED A Voice-Mail on my Cell-Phone ! It was a person in his 30's with an Indian Accent and he as Claiming to be Ryan Smith, Working for the " IRS " ? He told me to have my Lawyer Contact him Concerning, the money that I, "Owe " the IRS ? And he left this Telephone Number -> 1-800-366-4484 Soooo....I, called Him Back and he Falsely Identfied himself as An IRS Agent and I, asked him for his Badge Number and he said he did not have one ! And I, said tell me what my "Special PIN ... Number is ? And he hung -Up !!! LOL

Got the same call today...I had a 2 hour drive home from work and pranked them back for 2 hours straight...they stopped answering the phone...I could tell there were three different guys that we answering...it was great...wish I recorded the calls...one guy asked me to stop calling and wasting his time lol....

My husband received the IRS call from the heavy accented man from India. My husband told the scammer to stop calling and usually they just hang up but the scammer got VERY vulger with him. This needs to stop!

I answered a recorded call on my 12 year old daughters cell phone today. I called back and a man with a heavy eastern accent answered "Hello IRS". I told him "someone called from this number accusing my 12 year old daughter of owing the IRS". He hung up on me. I tried to call back and he wouldn't answer. The phone number he called from is 270-250-9266.


I just got a call from 305-407-1406, and they tried to scam me. They said they were with the IRS investigations and that I was going to be place with an arrest warrant if I did not pay my taxes that I owed. They said I owed $5,000 in taxes, and that is NOT true. And they also had my mailing address and everything. I asked them for their address, and this is the address they gave me: 915 second ave....Seattle , Washington 98174. And it is a social security office address in washington. And he claimed his name was Officer Peter Johns. He just kept on with, do you want to take it to court, and if you do, we can meet at the court where you are at. If not, I will put an arrest warrant out for you after we hang up. He also asked how much money I had, and I told him $10 dollars. His voice raised and he called me a liar. I then went on back and forth, then I finally hung up on him. He was indian, and everyone that answers there phone is indian from india. So they got a scam going on. These people need to be stopped!!!!

It may be "fun" to play with these guys, but I don't have time for such silliness. The only way they'll ever get caught is to report them. I just received a voice mail from a woman claiming to be from the IRS telling me that I am being sued by the IRS, and I need to call her back immediately. I immediately filed a complaint with the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

I also filed a complaint at the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration by filling out a the “IRS Impersonation scam” form on TIGTA’s website, www.tigta.gov
You could also call TIGTA at 800-366-4484.

9/13/16 It must be a slow day for the scammer lady..she called me four times over 4 hours stating "IRS has warrant for your arrest for back taxes"..the number that came up on caller I D was 305 878-5546

I got a call from a automated message stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me unless I called 347-906-8671. This is a SCAM.

I got 3 to 4 of those bloody calls with in the weeks around last month or so. I knew not to do anything but, started to become an annoyance all considering that I don't really make anything.

I have been called several times this week concerning the trouble I, apparently. am with the IRS. Problem is I am a Homemaker. I do not earn a wage.

Here are some of the phone numbers in case anyone gets called by them:
202 8660624 From Washington DC
213 5962920 From Los Angeles, CA
626 2397391 From Monrovia, CA

I keep calling them back. Was a rather colorful conversation I must say. Told them I had reported them and have now blocked their number. He said that I could report them to whoever I wanted they would never catch them.

They called me once, I knew it was a scam so I said "Hello, you have reached FBI Special Agent *random name*" They immediately hang up.

Tired of these calls. This should not be an issue that consumers have to resolve. Fact is networks are digital. Call records can trace the call to the originator foreign or domestic, right to the actual trunk. We shouldn't have to pay the local phone company to "trace" a call, or jump through a million hurdles trying to get these folks to stop calling. These calls could be blocked at the point of entry. The last call I received I said to the caller stop calling, I've filed a police report for harassing calls and this call is being traced. He hung up. If I'm lucky, he won't call back.

Got a call today. Called them back 301-202-3941. "Robert Watson", probably Sanjay, asked if I had a criminal attorney, like most common folks have. I asked what the situation was, which years were under review by the IRS and that as I was a CPA, I didn't think I needed an attorney. There was a disconnect. I called again. "Robert" said it wasn't a disconnect, but that my case was being referred to the local law enforcement. Guess I will be on the lam.

I rec'd a call today. In the past I just hung up. Today, I called back and told the male on the phone (thick Indian accent)that he was a fraud and I was going to report him to the IRS and don't dare call me back. He told me to go F myself and hung up.

This scam is well known, and it persists. The FTC fails to follow up in a way that could be meaningful. How? By getting up-to-the-minute numbers from people just called and hacking the callers. Turn it around! I was just called from 315-207-4913. DO SOMETHING!

Man do I ffel like and idiot! I gave them my address, and the last 4 digits of my social security number but they called me from (347)390-1026. I asked them to call back and they did not so I calledthem again and got hung up on! on the third call back they just answered "hello" not the IRS that thet answered with the first two times!!! guessing they have caller ID!! If I had stopped and thought....The IRS doesn't call you. the mail you a letter!! PLEASE DON'T GET TAKEN BY THIS SCAM!!!

I have received similar calls from 928-846-1742, 240-704-2481, & 202-846-0115. I can hardly understand the poor English used by any of the real people. I messed with the last one and he got so angry I could not understand almost everything he said. I hung up on him.

Heavy middle eastern accent. I asked him, "do you think I am an idiot?" And he said, "ma'am please watch your language. I am an IRS officer and he read me his badge number...LOL and I said,"i didn't call you an idiot.. I asked you if you thought I was an idiot. He was getting so angry with me. He then asked me for my phone and full name and address. I asked him shouldn't you have that information already if you are monitoring my home? He said Ma'am we have to confirm. I told him look the IRS would not make this call. He said Ma'am if you do not comply we will come arrest you. So I said great send the police over right now and arrest me and then he hung up on me..how rude!!

Received about 10 calls from people saying they were the IRS and the IRS was suing me. One of the first calls was a male sounding and acting very American and was very convincing but looked up info about the call online and realized it was a scam. A couple weeks ago, an Indian sounding male who called himself Officer George tried to do the same IRS is suing you scam. I wouldn't listen to him and he was very rude trying to talk over me. I told him he was just a scammer and that he needed to stop calling American citizens. I told him he obviously didn't know how our government works. If I owe the IRS money they will simply garnish my wages and take what they think is theirs. No lawsuit ever needed. I hung up on Officer George and then he tried calling back several times but then I just didn't answer. I want these calls to be stopped.

I have received numerous calls from these people beginning on 9/9/16. I have received at least 6 calls from 850-464-0885 and several more from 256-276-7186. All have had a heavy Syrian/Middle Eastern accent and have read from the same script pretty much. It was a man most of the time and a woman at least once, very poor English every time. The first time I thought that perhaps I had made a mistake on a tax return and I told him that I would call my CPA asap and get him to check the return. The "IRS Agent" told me that if I didn't pay right then that there would be police at my door to arrest me with 30 minutes and they would lock me up and take away my house, bank accounts and cars. That was when I knew it was a scam but he was RELENTLESS! Someone needs to find and deport these freaks!

"IRS " calls:9/19/16 Kent,WA 235 216 0606----9/21/16 Silverdale,Wa 360 865 4917

I just received a call today from a Jennifer Landis at ph# 530-770-2675. She threatened me by saying A sheriff was coming to my door and have me arrested and that my bank accounts were going to frozen. She was very hard to understand so I asked for her manager and his accent was just as heavy as hers. I told the manager I was going to contact the IRS Hotline and verify their information. I tried calling about 4 different numbers at the IRS and was notable to get any human contact. Thank God I read these comments that many people are leaving- now I know its a scam

got my scam call yesterday 347-394-1634. this is actually the second time i got a phone call telling me the irs is going to sue me about 2 weeks ago. i tried to call that number back and it was disconnected. this time i called back and they answered right away-really? how many times has the irs answered in less than a minute?

LOL LOL So glad I am not the only one screwing with them! Yesterday I called them back 9 times using fake names. I was Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Sam Jones, Charlotte York, Arya Stark, etc (obvy none of which is my actual name). Wouldn't you know it - they were able to pull up my 'record' every single time! Asked them what address they had on file for me and got 9 different cites/zip codes. Also got 9 different amounts for what I 'owed'. What jackasses... I know we are just supposed to hang up, but I amused myself all day yesterday doing this. Oh, and also went online to various websites (loan-sharky type places mostly) and entered the phone number in the 'tell me more' field :) See how they like getting ridiculous phone calls!

Bwahaha! Using GoT characters would provide MONTHS of entertainment! Bravo! I'm bored today, so it's on!

I gotten several calls over the past few day 920-535-4078 and 214-256-4472. These calls threaten that you only have 24 hrs or local authorities were going to arrest me Both times I called I have gotten men with ridiculously thick India or Indonesian accents. They threaten that the IRS is going to seize everything and if I didn't pay them a specific amount, in the thousands, they were going process the suit and have police come arrest me. These guys are a joke. I played with these guys minds. I called them back 6 times playing to be someone else each time and had no clue till I'd get the same "Senior Officer". Its almost comical. Don't fall for this one

I got a call from North Carolina: 910-212-2358. When I called back, he individual started asking for information. I hung up.

I received 7 calls from 310-383-0996 yesterday starting at 6:00am. I actually called back and the guy told me I owed $7,000 for tax fraud from 2010 to 2015 and if I didn't pay today, the cops would come pick me up and arrest me and suspend my drivers license. I said I would call him back. I didn't call back, but today I received a call from 347-390-0851 and the message said this is your final notice. We will be sending the police to your house. Considering I live in California, and the call is from New York, a little crazy!

I wouldn't play with the caller. According to a Washington Post article, sometimes these people get angry enough to do real harm with the information they have on you. We've been called multiple times and I either hang up or tell the young man that "I'm going to pray for you."

Received two IRS imposter, lawsuit threatening female robo-voicemails yesterday. Originating number is 347-394-1651 and the Caller ID is "N Shore Bottlin[g]" These are really creepy predators.

I just got off the phone with them. I called 6 times and was told to never call that number again....I said that was my line and he hung up.

I also have gotten three IRS calls lately. One said from Wash. D.C., Nevada, and Texas today. First two were female robo messages. Today was a male robo call. Trying to make it sound more human and being a male, people think it might be real. Don't fall for it. I never answer calls I don't recognize. Yet, they leave voice mail making it sound important so we will call back. No way. Please stop these people. I also saved the voice mail messages and numbers.

I received a call today at 4 pm. Nonsense about going to the magistrate and I would be arrested. It was a recording from a heavily accented English speaker...maybe Indian. The caller ID indicated 347 906 8621 This is nonsense and it should be illegal. However, these people are just hoping that someone will fall for their scam. This is not a harmless act as some people will be scared and fall for their trick.

Received several calls from some lady telling me this was the IRS and I should not ignore this call and further legal action will follow if I do not respond. The number I was to call is Located in Torrance California and is the following. 951-552-7783

I got the same calls, 5 of them from 951-552-7703, Riverside, CA.

I almost fell for it. Luckily my bank had information.I didn't know that the IRS never makes calls.I have a sister-in-law who fell for it.Apparently Her bank didn't have any clue!

They're using an "8xx" phone number, now.


Similar voicemail left, I did NOT respond/reply let alone call back. (NOTE! If you like to "mess" with these clowns, and try blocking your caller-id ahead of time be aware that calling '8xx' numbers that 'blocking' does NOT work!)

Needless to say, I've been blocking those '844' #'s. I don't even have to hear it ring anymore.

I have them my date of birth and last 4 of Ssn and now worried about identity theft or further scams, I know I am stupid. Never heard of this scam.

I've gotten 3 of these call in 1 day. The 1st one when said this is your last call - I thought oh good! Until the next time the phone rang = same thing etc. It's getting to be harassment. They call early in the morning before Business hours AND after business hours

I hope they catch these sob s

I am receiving calls daily from 401-239-8140 with this same recording above. They are calling my hubby from all different numbers. What a qwerk that they would start calling me on Friday and I get a letter regarding the IRS on Saturday. Nothing major...I just needed to send them something but glad I knew this was a scam from the beginning.

Called three times this morning from 585-748-5315

operator said the number you gave to call was disconnected or out of order. number list in video was 2028630169. I was given a code of 44476 when I wrote up the complaint on IRS impostor calling about suing me.

I started getting the IRS lawsuit calls a couple of weeks ago from 718-705-5604. I reported it to numerous agencies and today I received the same message from 929-214-1961. Remember the IRS doesn't call like this. Please tell any elderly family or neighbors about this scam. They tend to be the ones who fall for it. I called back and asked, "What's my name?" and "What county are you filing the lawsuit in?" "Steve" from India had no answer. He said he would have to look up the information. I said, "I'll Wait." he hung up.

My calls come from 888-928-9555. It says I need to "settle your dues with the IRS". They say if you don't return their call immediately or if they don't hear from my attorney I'll be sole responsible for for all legal consequences.

I kept calling and calling and calling them back at 315-694-8291. At first they pretended to still be IRS. And then they insulted me. And I laughed and said that they should be more inventive. Then they kept hanging up on me. But I called back. They asked what I wanted. I said an apology. I got them. Then I asked what they had for lunch.

Got a voicemail today from this phone "Susan Allen" stating she's calling from IRS Investigation Dept and this is notification that an arrest warrant has been issued & that my physical address is not under federal investigation.
I called back and spoke with "Mark Taylor" who answered IRS Investigation Department he pulled up the number that I called from (my cell #) and stated that the representative who had called me before was with another person. He proceeded to explain that there are been two letters from IRS sent to my OLD mailing address in July 2016 and Aug 2016 stating I had my taxes audited and there were "multiple errors" found for "multiple years" he wasn't able to give me the specific years but stated it had been filed with my local courthouse and police department and I could be arrested within the next hour!
He provided me with a case # and then forwarded me to his DIVISION HEAD by the name of Ray Breslin" ID Badge # 8414061. Again, claimed letters had been sent for notification of this debt. I told them they had old mailing address for me on file and he asked if I had filed IRS Form D7. They all have the heaviest accent too... perhaps Indian, but I'm not sure.
I told them the IRS has my current information (i.e. Correct last name and current mailing address). The IRS also doesn't call, they mail you information and wouldn't bother calling with "last notification" procedures. I was not worried about being arrested. But what a total waste of time and frustration to understand them in the first place.
Called back that phone number again and it goes right to voicemail stating "thank you for calling Internal Revenue Service." Same guy with heavy accents. So annoying.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Scamming Number (855)652-0568

I received my first call for this fall at 9:10AM today. I let it go to voice-mail and had a good laugh when the woman gave a name and phone number, repeated the number and then ended the call with "Goodbye and Take care"! The true IRS would never say "Take Care"!! Besides all that I know if I owed anything I would be notified by certified mail. I am 76 years old but keep up with the news but it really bothers me that so many elderly people are targeted by these scumbags and give in t o them and lose their hard-earned money because of these thieves. I tell everyone I know to totally disregard any unknown numbers.

NOMOROBO is FREE for landlines! Doesn't work on traditional analog lines, but does for VoIP, Comcast, etc.

Same message with this # 512-994-3425 Austin,Tx number.

Scamming Number: 206-209-1567 Location shows as: Washington
Called me 4 times between 9/28 and 9/29/16 and left automated message on my cell phone's V/M twice saying an IRS agent is waiting for my call. Reported it on the IRS.Gov (not sure anybody cares)

Had calls from the same man, James and some other guy. The woman who called was abusive, used the worst foul language. India or subcontinent or Middle Eastern accents. When I said the police was listening, the number was redirected to a website with arabic henna designs.

# was 775-253-4841 when i told them my account had about 2 dollars in it he said let me call you back. And they also couldnt provide me with any information or said they have "attempted" to contact me via mail twice and i was going to be arrested.

i just got it again too, we called back and lit them up, then advised the call was being traced and recorded by the police, they swore a bit and hung up.
no government outfit will call you and demand things from you

Never ever listen to these creeps and please tell all your elderly family members. They fall to easily to these people

Received a voice mail message on 9/30/16 from 631-343-3867 (a Long Island area code) threatening me with a summons before a grand jury for (unnamed) violations of federal law and a warning that this was a "final attempt" at contact. The guy did not identify himself as being from any specific government agency. He sounded like a twenty- or thirty-something East Coast American male (no foreign. Southern, or other obvious accent, in other words). I did not return the call but reported the details to the FTC.


I keep track of their phone numbers and others who call, stay on the line without saying anything then hang up. They are trolling to make sure the number they reach actually has a person attached to it so that scams can continue to be perpetuated. When I see a pattern of these calls I answer the phone and quickly press the # key. That makes it appear that they have reached a fax line. Also, many telephone providers (I have used Cox, Century Link and Verizon) provide the ability to block numbers. Of course, many of these groups will change their numbers to get through. I just add those to my list. It's simple and efficient. These people do not respect the federal Do Not Call registry but it still doesn't hurt to get on it. Phone: 800-Do Not Call

My brother says this isn't the best phone# for him and asks them to call him back at this no. and gives them the local police no.

I love your idea Smarterthanthem2!

I'm retired and have recently taken up the hobby of answering some telemarketer calls to exact revenge and keep them on the phone to collect data for reports to the FTC.

someone called, said that they were the final notice from IRS. Lawsuit against you. To get information on your file call 512-813-7390.

Received call from recorded message claiming to be IRS....855-663-6676

call from 360-928-6308= recorded message from IRS saying "final notice, you are being sued by IRS for unpaid taxes. Totol BS!

My numbers are 509-723-0121 and 323-454-1078.

Just got a voice mail from guess who no not the great pumpkin the IRS on voice mail lol the number they said I should call back cause I am being sued, number is 202-241-2421 beware it's a scam! October 24,2016

I have been getting these stupid calls since August.... I don't answer... I don't call back. Hell, I can't even get anybody in this great nations gov't to help do anything about it or take a simple complaint. I still have every voicemail that has been left, every phone call that has come in from these fraudulent scanners and will keep them as long as need be. I'm getting to old for these stupid childish games these idiots wants to play......So I guess I may have to go to the next step and let the crazy southern out and start answering some and really throw a monkey wrench in their day, wheel, plan...... Whatever..... This crap has got to stop now!!!!!! D. C. Don't seem like they want to help the taxpayer get this crap to end. My husband says I have a big, loud, nagging mouth..... Well, if any of you fraudulent scanners are out there reading this, and you want to dare call my number again..... GO AHEAD!!!!!! GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT!!!!!! YOI WON'T LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR WHEN I GET THRU TALKING..... HELL..... YOU MAY GO DEAF AND MUTE BY THE TIME I'M DONE TALKING!!!!! SO WHAT I'M SAYING SCAMMERA IS..... GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY.... I CAN DAMN SURE RUIN YOURS!!!!

When this call first came in through the answering machine, my teenage son heard it and called me at work in a panic. I just started laughing. He said, "Mom, this is serious. They're going to arrest you!" I told him, "First of all, the IRS never calls. Secondly, a few years ago, due to an unclear tax credit, all adopting parents, including me, got audited, and lastly, my tax returns are so simple it's a joke."

I like having fun with them, asking for badge numbers and such. And emote fake shock and fear. But I never got to a point where they asked for specific payment. They always ask for my attorney's information.

What can they do with that?

I Love to mess with these jerks. To date my best reply was to ask the idiot caller what he thought were the chances that he called a real IRS agent? Please note: I did not claim to be an agent, just asked what he thought about his chances of calling one. DO NOT Claim to be what you are not.

I have noted that most of you noted that the caller and voice mail were with an India type accent. The first three calls I received were from a woman who spoke perfect English. Asking that I return her call with a case number. The recording also stated they had mailed several notices to me over the past six months. (A Lie) When I called back I read the case file backwards, a oriental man pretended to look it up and said my wife filed a complaint against me for back taxes. I asked when, "four months ago" Not that they have been trying to reach me for 6 months. I explained that my wife has been dead for 5 years. Even with that he still insisted that she called.

If at all possible, don't even answer the phone. If you have voicemail and caller ID, let any unknown calls go to voicemail. If it's important, the caller will leave a message. I know some of you say it's fun to mess with the callers. I say you are better off not answering the phone at all. Once they know there is a live person who will answer the call, you will get more and more calls, from them and from others.

My husband keeps getting calls from 844-358-8953. They leave a message saying the are from the IRS. I know the IRS if there was a problem would send us something in the mail. I assume by certified letter. What can we do, who do we contact to get these parasites off of us?

Got a call a few days ago from 631-402-9589 (Islip, NY), then today from 760-248-0469 (Lucerne Valley, CA). The recording today said to call the first number I listed.

Same recording stating this was my final warning and I was being sued by the IRS.

I received a call from 202-470-0077- was given a officer badge number, name, IRS warrant, and case Id....I realized it was a scam when I told I could go to jail....in Alaska.

2 hours later received similar text from another 202 number. Caller had slight Indian accent with English name. Reported to IRS and FTC and Ive been on no call list for 12 years!!!

When I get these calls, I tell them I work for the FBI and that I'm tracing their call, and recording evidence for prosecution. After they hang up quickly, it seems to reduce the call-backs. Sure, I'm impersonating the FBI, but tit-for-tat, I say.

I got the same guy too. Indian accent, possibly. One of the many caller Id's indicated Washington DC. I really hope they catch this particular guy and shut him down, as he is extremely invasive, extremely aggravating.

They called me non-stop and I reported the matter to the IRS. The last call they made, I told them that the FTC will come for them... after that no more call. But wait... they'll tried again!

I just received a call from a certain Jeffrey Myers with badge number # 76912-DC. He informed me that I have a case filed against me by the IRS for tax evasion. He further informed me that a letter was sent to me June 26, 2015. I informed him that I did not receive anything and he has to send another letter. He then pressed me how I would like to settle my outstanding balance. I told him I cannot think. He again said somebody will come arrest me in 40-60 minutes. When I told him I will get back to him he hung up. Tel #: 650-245-5095.

210-519-0438 A San Antonio number that is living message about contacting local police regarding income tax owed It was a recorded voice but I would have loved to talk to them... Funny...I work for IRS.

got a call on a Saturday 1/21/17 from internal revenue they said I was being sued with the voice message for me to call number 1-(844) 335-1174 when I call lady with deep accent picked up and said hello so I pursued to ask her you call for me someone left me a message said I was being sued no she said then after that I said one who are you she said oh I'm with the IRS Internal Revenue I said okay how can I help you then you can hear whispering in the background in the room is full of people so at this point I kind of laugh but I didn't know if it was true or not so I asked her can you tell me a little bit more about it she was person Civ of asking me for my name and address case number I told her I didn't have a case number so I asked her can I speak with her supervisor she said yeah you can hear her Whispering she wants to speak to the supervisor so I thought at this Point some guy gets on the phone hi pronounce his name with id said he was officer whatever he was his name say he was with the IRS joke really and if it is true they shouldn't go about doing things this way really very scary and very disappointed.

The number they called me from was 6468446975

My husband got a call on 1.27.17 , he didn't recognize the number, but listened to the voicemail today. Scam IRS call # 646-883-3085.

I got one - 301.458.7065 and they actually answer if you call back. I put up 4 craiglists ads for free couches, car parts, massages, and jobs. (sorry to anyone who got their hopes up). I called them back like 25 times until they wouldn't even answer and just picked up and hung right up. They must have caller ID too. Idiots. However, thank the FCC for allowing phone spoofing and not prosecuting this type of scam.

I keep getting calls from 202-570-7458 scam!!!

209-643-8943 is another number to add. Same fake and foreign info as above.

I just received 2 calls today from the following number: 202-930-2463. The first v/c left was very grabbled and I couldnt understand it. The next one was from a female computer generated voice stating that she was Officer (couldnt understand what she said) from the IRS and that they had received an Arrest Warrant with my name on it and I have a pending lawsuit. Told me to call the # they called from. I did, and some little Indian man picked up and I asked who he was and he hung up. I tried several times to call it back after that, and it sounded like a call center in the back ground and then it said the caller was not avaiable.

I've received three calls in three days from the following numbers: 347-518-1709, 347-761-3343, and 347-758-2604. All the same taped IRS scam message from "Officer" Johnson.

I just got a call from (214) 200-4610 voicemail from Rose Mary at IRS saying arrested warrant has been issued if I don't call back their coming for me blah blah blah.

I just got one from +1 (202) 660-4171. They're using automated machines to leave messages now but the English is still broken and incorrect. Scared the crap out of me and then I realized that the IRS would not be calling or texting me to pay them money.

Probably same scam, I called and said this call would be recorded, and I did record it. The number was one 714–592–3417, I asked for his IRS employee number he gave me IRS1293P6, I told him that it is not a valid IRS employee number and who he represents, then he hung up. I'll just block this number.

I find it odd that they do NOT know that the IRS uses the mail. Honestly, I think the IRS needs to make all it's contacts via mail.

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