VW owners, get the facts!

You may have heard that Volkswagen has agreed to a settlement with the FTC that will provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. VW claimed 500,000 cars had low levels of harmful emissions, but they were actually much higher.

Did you know that VW will buy back affected cars for thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value? That’s compensation for VW’s untrue emissions claims and for the trouble of replacing the car.

And if environmental regulators approve a modification to the cars, people who own or lease will have the option for VW to implement the modification and get money in compensation.

If you own one of these cars, visit VWCourtSettlement.com. At the site, you can enter your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and find out how much you can get. Or you can call 844-98-CLAIM and ask.

It’s particularly important for you to get this information if you’re considering selling your car. Potential buyers may offer what sounds like a good deal, but it’s still less than you can get for a buyback under the FTC’s settlement with VW. Whether it’s a private purchaser or an unscrupulous dealer, those buyers are just going to turn around and sell the car back to VW for more money through the court-approved buyback program.

If you participate in the buyback program, you can use the money for anything you want. You don’t even have to buy a car with it. If anyone tells you something different – for example, that you have to buy another VW or Audi car – they’re lying.

And don’t let anyone pressure you by saying you need to “Act now!” You don’t. You’ll be able to submit a buyback claim until September 1, 2018. Buybacks could start in late Fall 2016, and emissions modifications will begin once approved, so you have time to consider your decision.

If someone makes you an offer for your VW or Audi car, or suggests limits on the buyback program that don’t exist, please report them to the FTC. We worked very hard to get a fair deal for VW and Audi owners and lessees, and we don’t want anyone to undermine it.

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I must say they really stepped up for their customers. I had the 2005 Cobalt that killed people and all they did was a repair that I am not sure even worked.

I am seeing problems, the documents are being challenged and there is no way to fix it, the procedure on webpage does not work, I am IT manager so I know how to navigate through the internet, call waiting time 8 - 12 hours hold time, chat time is ???? never got a tech to talk with me after waiting 2 hours.

I also had this problem today after being told on the 26th everything I faxed was good !! Now I guess I have to resend probably go to the back of the line :/

I completed the online form and uploaded documents today. Before you begin, get a scanned copy of your registration, license, know your odometer reading, your purchase date, Ave if you have lien know the amount. I am curious about the processing time though. Yet, VW is standing behind their name. If possible I would buy a diesel beetle today just because of how VW amicably settled this issue.

My son is getting the run around. How did you get your money back so easily?

VW not helping their cause i received an email on NOV 13 saying all paper work completed and i will receive a final offer with in 10 business days and today is DEC 24th and have not heard back from VW so these people are really full of it .

Ya me too i had mine completed on Nov 2 have not heard anything!!!

I submitted everything and was given one buyback price. Then once everything was finalized, they state if you put more than 1042 miles per month on it from the finalization to appt, your price goes down. Mine has already been reduced by $500. I did not record my original mileage so who knows? My appt is yonight so we will see.

How did your appointment go? We have 2 TDI Jettas.....received offers on both that are over 5 grand less that what my state taxed me on! So, with the penalty fee and what VW says my car is valued at, they are offering me less in total than what I just paid taxes on! I'm trying to figure where to go from here.

I got paperwork in November, scanned all paperwork and uploaded documents 2 days after receipt of letter. Got offer letter in 15 days. No need to rush if your keeping the car, since no fix has been approved no money paid out. :-(
But i have not had issues like the rest of the posts on here.

Does anyone know if they will include a downpayment in the offer letter? I paid over $4,000 down when financing my car. I simply want that amount added to my offer amount. I've also called many times beginning in October. I've had the offer letter and have had the run around having been given incorrect information.

I put 10.000 dollars of downpayment and they are ignoring it, like if my car lost value in 14 months when I only had 8000 miles, I feel betrayed.

I am having major issues with trying to file a claim. I have called twice to reset the claim, and they assured me it would be corrected within 3 business days. I am now on the 4th day, for the second time and nothing has been reset. This is a scam. I asked for a supervisor to call me to try to get more than a standard reply, and again I was assured that I would receive a call within 3 business days and that both issues were"escalated". I would like to know where they were escalated to, because nothing is being done to help with filing the claim online.

I am getting the same run around with supervisors not returning calls, even when escalated. Have requested one to call me back 5 times now. If they would have called me after the first request, I would not have to be starting ALL over now AND creating a new email address so I can start ALL OVER!

Same here - total filibuster. This is all an attempt to lower their eventual payout since we have to keep driving the car and increasing mileage, which is interestingly the only item that can affect their offered settlement amount. I only need to change the registrant name (included both names from the title since the initial portal signup didn't ask for co-registrant. I can't go back and change it, they won't change it. Now they say the portal has to be reset and I have been waiting 2 weeks for that to happen. THis is a total SCAM!!!

My claim was accepted in the system on Nov. 9, 2016.

I am now experiencing the same runaround to get my claim reset due to an incorrect account number on my financial consent form. I have faxed the correct information which I was told was not received. I have been told twice my ticket is being escalated with nothing done. I have talked to my bank regarding the loan buyout and have a buyout letter but no place to send it to. I am now on my second account reset which will take 3-5 business days but I feel will not happen.
I would be interested to see the numbers on how many vehicles have actually been bought back by VW.
Maybe they were banking on Trump winning the election and through executive order getting rid of the emissions issue and they could walk away from it!

I sent my mail in over 2 weeks ago and vw still has not shown it in their system....

For future reference: if claimants can, use a smartphone when completing the online forms. They'll have the option to upload using their smartphone's camera.

Assuming you have provided EXACTLY what they are asking for you should be notified within a day.

3 ways to submit
Snail mail

the third choice probably expedites the process as I presume it takes steps out of the entire process on their end. When mailed or faxed, They probably have to scan the documents and pair them with the proper claimant. Just a Theory, Uploading yourself would skip that because the files would already be paired with the proper claimant when completing the forms.
Just a guess but Hope this helps!

VW is playing games with paperwork being submitted. We have talked to humans twice that told us everything we submitted is correct. Then it gets kicked back again for paperwork that there is nothing wrong with. They are being shady again. I wanted to buy the Atlas, now I want to get as far away from VW as possible.

I've had the same issues. They are making it as hard as possible for owners who wish to participate in the buyback. The phone support number is worthless. This car is my first and LAST VW.

I submitted my claim on 11/4/2016 and received the offer and release on the 18th. I submitted the signed offer and release on 11/21 and hd no issues with the web site. We'll see how long the next step takes

What did you submit as your "proof of government issued vehicle registration? I sent my Texas issued renewal notice and its registration receipt and they are saying those are the wrong documents--that's all I have. And they were supposed to call me back but they never did.

by chance can you tell me what happened next. We have a car titled in Illinois for our property there. WE have moved to Missouri but keep in in Illinois in the garage and did not transfer it to Missouri as we knew we would only be driving it to VW in Illinois so why transfer it to IL. My drivers license is MO so after saying all my paperwork is good three weeks later they say this. How did you fix your issue. We just keep calling and they say they cannot help us.

I have 2 VWs that are problems. Submitted my paperwork on nov 3. Website says they are accepted and final offer will be provided in 10 days. Still no offer and webesite has now taken out the verbiage about the 10 days and just indicates offers will be made available. They lied again. Very frustrating making monthly payments on a worthless asset.

I feel you on making payments on a worthless asset, what a pain...
Has anyone researched their gap insurance to see if a claim can be made if auto maker defaults on the contract? Essentially, VW has.

I had a similar experience but was able to get through on the toll free line and when I asked about when the 10 day count started, they didn't really give me an answer but assured me that i would hear something in at least 30 days. Not more than a week later I did get the buyback offer on my dashboard in the website. If you don't hear something within 30 days I suggest calling.

I submitted my documents in October, they were verified as received on 11/2, I have called 4 times and been told each time I have submitted everything I need too, they are just that far behind, originally they stated 10 business days, at 11 I called they stated 20, at 20 I called and now they are telling me that they are hiring more people and will get back to me soon with no end date in sight

One interesting thing is that the more times you submit or change things, the further back your settlement date is pushed. I started out having a November 15 date, then I went in to the website and changed the mileage or something and the next thing I knew my date went to December 15. Now it is at December 28. The longer you wait AND DRIVE, the less vw has to pay you for your car. In my case, the car is just sitting in the garage waiting for the settlement date.

Yea, After I got my email back to schedule my appointment on Dec6th, there was only 2 days and 2 available times in Dec to select. I know this is BS because the VW rep doesn't work 8 hour days at the dealership and know darn well they are not that busy. I have called at 10am cst before got that she still wasn't in for work that day. VW is terrible, can't wait to get rid of this car.

Did you have any responses from anyone checking on whether this whole dieselgate mess negates the lease contracts made with VW? Just curious-we are among the many VW people trying to navigate this entire buyback/early termination fiasco!!! Our Jetta has sat in our driveway since November because we didn't want to put anymore miles on it. Had to have a second vehicle because we commute different directions for work. Making two payments a month is going to sink us. Feeling very anger and frustrated on all levels.

I am having similar issues. Submitted documents on Oct. 31. Have called multiple times. Waiting over 20 minutes and got cut off by the phone system. The website said 10 business days. Phone system was changed to say wait times of 30 days. I'm at 30 days and no final offer. Is VW going to be held accountable for their lack of planning. I put in the buy back option in July. They had plenty of lead time and are just being careless. I agree that they are just holding on to their funds as long as they can, while our buy back funds depreciate. I planned to purchase a 2016 vehicle. And now I'm not sure if they will even buy it back before the end of the year. Who gets the fine money stipulated in the court documents and is that a per customer number? It should be and it should go to the customers. They are making a bad situation worse for sure. Are they buying back certain vehicles first?

I delivered my Signed and Notarized papers of the Final offer on the 21st to the Site as well. Now its a waiting game. I called them today to see if there was any updates but they just said taking longer than expected. me personally I think there just drawing interest off the settlement money. the longer they wait the more they draw.

Where was the option to download/print out forms for notary?

How did you get a final offer? My paperwork has been in since Nov 3, and still says "We have reviewed all of your documents. Currently, your application contains all the necessary documentation to determine your eligibility. We are now determining your eligibility and will inform you whether you are eligible to participate in the Settlement Claims Program and, if applicable, will provide you with a final offer." I think the FTC should check into the lag time. Good grief!!

I called on mine that said the same and found out there was a problem with a question I answered. They had to reset and I had to resubmit all my documents again. You should give them a call and ask if there is something that's holding it up that you need to do.

sent in claim information on 09/07/16 now we have 11/30/16 and the documents are still "under review".

Today I had to "edit" the email and now I have no longer access to the portal information, neither with the new email nor the old one. After calling them (1 hour wait) I am told that I have no access because I changed something. The lady claims it is a "legal matter" and I cannot make changes. But then they let you edit information? This is utter bs!!!!!!!!!

To all, this process is pretty simple. At the beginning stages, there was close to 400,000 submitting documents, which such volume, things will get lost. Recall Cash For Clunkers program, not nearly the same amount of claims, and that program was a disaster from day one.

I recieved an email on Nov 2 that all my submitted paperwork is recieved and correct. Next step is suppoesd to be to recieve buyback offer and documentation to sign, this is supposed to happen within 20 business days according to VW's timetable. Let see, it's Dec 5 and you guessed it! No documentation. The 800 number is worthless, and website even worse as far as trying to get some updated info. Phone message is that they're experiencing high volumne of requests, really 400,000 vehicles! they've had time to plan and ramp up personnel. Though I've owned 4 VWs, probably never again.

I was notified on Oct 29 that it would be 10 days, Here it is Dec 7 and still waiting for final. Getting the same BS as everyone else. Customer service is nothing more than min wage stand in's that know nothing but how to read the script that is in front of them. I do know of several that have settled but all of them had clear titles. VW know well in advance how many owners were taking advantage of the buy back. No excuse. My wife and I both own TDI's and she has heard nothing as well. Tried calling the Northern District of California to let them know of the BS that going on. Does any one know who the third party is that reviewing our documents??

The court appointed claims supervisor is Ankura Consulting Group, LLC.

Ms. Small:

I received a letter from VW in late September stating which documents were required for proof of ownership/eligibility. I scanned and submitted those documents on 09/25/16. They were in stasis until the hearing determination on October 26. At that point, VW was supposed to have 10 business days, beginning November 1, to process my claim for a 2015 Passat TDI purchased 2 days before the stop-sale mandate. My documents took more than 15 business days to be processed and approved. Since that date (November 28, 2016), I have heard nothing from VW. Their Online Portal says the documents have been approved and "We are now determining your eligibility and will inform you whether you are eligible to participate in the Settlement Claims Program and, if applicable, will provide you with a final offer." It has now been 10 business days with no response. I called the VW Hotline, navigated the prompts and got a recording that said VW's call center agents have no more information to provide at this time. Claim are taking long than anticipated and I'll essentially hear from VW when they get to me. Then the recorded message hangs up on me. I've been through this three times now to see if I did something wrong. Seeing as I ended up at the same message each time, I have to assume I didn't miss a cue. So, what now? VW has been mandated by the US government to abide by the timelines established in the lawsuit and resulting judgment. They are not. I want my TDI gone. I am losing money based on the fact I owned my car two days--TWO--before this debacle hit. My car had less than 100 miles on it, and it's being treated like a "used car in good condition." I assure you, it was immaculate. I want this thing out of my driveway. I'm beyond livid with VW for the nonchalance with which they are handling this, and I feel I'm being strung along. There is no "goodwill" here. There is additional deception, indifference to the American consumer and a display of arrogance that sickens me. Not only that, I also have an Audi TDI and am being dragged through the nonsense VW is espousing about the "easy fix" to the 3.0. Apparently the EPA and CARB don't agree seeing as, to date, they've rejected the two proposed fixes for that engine. What will it take to compel VW to act on my claim and close it? I do not want to continue to make payments on a car that was sold to me under fraudulent terms. Unfortunately, my bank is not sympathetic and requires those payments be made on time or my credit will be damaged. Again, the American consumer is paying for VW's negligence. At what point will VW be held accountable for their failure to adhere to the judge's ruling? What recourse does the American consumer have available to claim additional compensation for ongoing fraud? Because the court's spoke and VW is clearly indifferent to adhering to the timelines handed down. I am, at this point, completely indifferent to their plight. I will get rid of these vehicles and never, ever own another VW product again. Period. In fact, in all likelihood, I'll never buy German again. What might I do to push this and force VW to take my car back? I appreciate any answer you might give or guidance you might provide. I am at my wits' end and VW has strategically set up their claims portal, online chat option and their toll-free number to ensure I cannot speak to THEM to get answers. I will look for your response here. Thank you.

I understand that you submitted your claim documents in September. On November 28, 2016 VW informed you that your claim was complete, and it was determinining your eligibility. Since that time, VW hasn't sent any information. You haven't gotten any information from the Claims telephone line.  Some VW owners and lessees have reported similar delays in getting information; others have reported finishing the transactions and scheduling the buybacks. You may want to use a combination of online and phone communication with VW.

If you wish, you can file a complaint with the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. At the first screen, choose the category Other. At the second screen, choose the category Automobile. Provide as much personal information as you choose. When you get to the screen that lets you tell the story in your own words, include the words VW and diesel.

Bridget, I did just what you said with filing a FTC complaint a couple of weeks ago when vw blew past the 20 business day deadline. I got some ridiculous returned frequently ascked questions about fraud thing but no real reply. Who, really, is on our side?????? why is there no further compensation to vw owners for vw not meeting the deadlines outlined in yor agreement? I am not a genious, but sheer logistics should say X amount of claims were filed, and each claim takes Y time, therefore to meet the deadlines I must have Z staff. At a minimum, at this point owners should at least be given a new deadline to expect, not just a " we are just a 3rd party answering the phone. we have no information"

I submitted my documents on 11/01/2016. I got the email saying everything is complete on 11/11/2016. I called and used the chat and kept getting blown off. I started mentioning the timelines set forth by the FTC and they finally got me an offer, over two months after I submitted my documents. This is well over the 20 days allocated for this to happen. I tried to trade in my car when all of this started because I was moving. I am now stuck with a car I can not drive through a foot of snow. Who is supposed to hold VW accountable? I filed a complaint to the FTC and got a worthless generic response, suggesting car buying services. Does anyone really care about the people involved in this and how it affects our lives?

The expectation that VW can handle the work necessary to process 500,000 cars for buyback in a couple of months is unreasonable. I have a 2010 TDI, I received the offer for buyback a couple of weeks after submitting the paperwork and plan to drive the car until the summer of 2018 and then sell it back. VW is compensating you for your trouble, stop whining about it.

Be careful. I got in a wreck and my car was totaled-- I cannot get a straight answer about anything from VW. Basically I'm screwed.

My car was also totaled and not my fault. This happened in November, a month after I did my buyback claim. After the insurance company deemed the car a total loss, I contacted VW. They promised that a supervisor would contact me in three days. Nothing happened. I made a minimum of 20calls, each time explaining the situation and letting them know I am no longer in possession of the car. Each time I was told to wait 3 days. Even after all this, I received a letter with a buyback amount at the end of December. I called again. They said my portal had to be reset. I waited.....and nothing happened. Yesterday, i was told that they can't reset my portal because it would completely disqualify me since I am now applying as a seller. According to them, that deadline was on the 18th and I missed it. Of course I did!!! I wasn't applying as a seller since I owned an operable car on September 29th, day my claim was submitted. According to them, because the car was totaled after I filed a claim, they don't have a resolution in place to allow my status to change. I asked if I'm still going to receive the restitution, WHICH THE WEBSITE CLEARLY SAYS I AM, and she says I should but not until a resolution is passed. My thing is that I'm sure they must have taken into consideration the fact that this could happen. That's why they have it as a question in the FAQ! How is it that there is no resolution for my situation???

They have had 6 months to prepare, and they knew exactly how big the job would be. It's not rational to pretend they were blindsided by the huge numbers.

I submitted my paperwork which was approved in mid-November, and it's January and there's no word whatsoever. My registration is due to renew in January, and so far, there has been NO compensation for my trouble. In fact, I'm paying this car payment every month that they dawdle, and now the expensive registration for which I won't be compensated. I'm so glad it worked for you, but don't tell those of us for whom it's NOT working to shut up.

We have had our completed buyback offer since Nov. 28th. When we go online to schedule our appt. at the dealership we get an error message and it won't let us schedule. We have called 4 times re: this and really getting the run around. They say it is an IT issue and will need to refer it to IT. First they told me it would take 2-3 days to get resolved...never resolved...then 3-5 days to get resolved and it never happened...third time they wouldn't give me a time frame. Each time I ask to speak to a supervisor and they say they will call me back within 3 days--no call. Today they told me that the platform works best with firefox, last person told me works best with Safari...I informed that we have tried both, 4 different computers, 3 different networks---IT is NOT our problem! My husband is convinced it is a run around to slow the cash flow--if we can't get our appt. we aren't taking their money. This is SOOO frustrating!!

tntcos- I am stuck in the same error loop hell. Every time I call the call center, I get the same run around, try different browsers, try a different computer, oh- we can unlock your account, we'll escalate this to the IT dept. - each time told to wait 3 days. Now they're telling me that I need to do a "portal reset", which means re-entering all my information from the beginning. I already signed the offer acceptance letters for two different vehicles, under two different email accounts. How is it that both accounts are having the same error problems? At least now I'm getting an error code on the splash screen, error 8602.. Good luck.

On 11/17/16 we received confirmation VW had received our documents and were reviewing them. Now 49 days later we have not received any response. If you attempt to contact VW Claims you sit on hold for hours--hours each time you call. Is there a recourse that forces VW to honour their commitment of 20 days to respond? Once loyal VW (we have owned 4) now pissed off customer.

I have also got run around on the paperwork. I am a traveling nurse and put the car in storage and did not renew my tag as the car is stored and paying full coverage insurance on it. They said because my car wasn't registered between sept 15 and whatever date they gave as deadline that I am not eligible. Based solely because I did not have it registered while I was working on the opposite coast driving a rental car. I am now back home registering the car. Have bill of sale from 2011 and they are still saying I don't meet the doc requirements. What do they do when our soldiers are deployed? Automatic rejection if car in storage? Submitted my paperwork 4 times. Asked for reset for new info. No reset. Asked to speak with supervisor, none available.

They aren't stepping up. I was going to buy a replacement VW. After all the crap runaround, not a chance. My documents have been in final status since November 21. Still no final offer letter. Can't reach a person and chat kicks me out. If our computer system worked like this, we'd be out of business.

I also have provided above and beyond documents required also received the two $500 courtesy cards where they documented my vehicle and person and have denied my claim ... never a call back (requested 3 times) from a supervisor etc.

today I contacted the EPA and a lawyer to see what I can do

this is total snake oil, which walnut is it under

I'm having the same frustrating difficulties others are reporting. They've "not received" my fax, successfully faxed 28 days ago, their upload mechanism won't accept more than one document or a folder, and they have not yet reopened my portal, as the promised.

I would like to know if I can possibly get my timing chain replaced. I read that there is a lawsuit regarding this issue, in which my 2012 Volks Routan is a vehicle that is identified to have this serious issue. I have had multiple issues with this Car and have had to already file complaints with Volkswagen of America
Please advise

To everyone that replies to the buy back offer.. I have filled out all the paperwork! I received my offer.. although i did not get any compensation for the 1500,00 i paid for extended warranty which i think i should have been.. I have had all my paperwork completed since the judgement.. For everyone that is buying that you have to go online and print out the paperwork and have it notorized.. Done this twice! Kicked it back because in the printed out forms comes on European size Paper.. First time they kicked it back.. Each time mine u I have had to pay $30.00 for Notary and Priory Mail with a signiture.. So her goes! MAKE SURE U SHRINK THE SIZE TO FIT SO THE BAR CODE ON THE BOTTOM IS READABLE! They will send it back if u dont.. THEY DONT TELL U THAT! They just kick it back.. They are delaying all this because they have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY ARE COLLECTING INTEREST ON! OUR MONEY THAT IS DUE TO US! Take copies of the initial offer right away! Because once u send it u can get another one! I was smart and copied the offer letter! I have spent at least 2 full days trying to get my money! And my car turned in! STILL NOTHING! Good luck!

Thanks for your guidance. Have you gotten any payment for the extended service contract? We gave our car back yesterday and the representative recommended we go to the original dealer and request money back (our extended service contract was written by VW). I'm not sure we will get anything and look for any guidance/experience.

Well, they processed my claim with someone elses yesterday by mistake and now we are waiting here in limbo for our EFT transfer from the bank. What a ridiculous mess

VW has done a disservice to the world with this environmental scandal. I am really pleased that you caught them on it and are making them own up to it. It won't reduce the environmental damage caused by them, but it should encourage other corporations to play within the rules.

"It won't reduce the environmental damage caused by them."? They are still one of the cleanest diesel cars out there. If you are looking at "environmental damage" caused by cars and trucks, don't throw all the blame on VW, there are far, far worse cars and trucks on the road. Yes they lied about how clean the diesel is, but I think your statement is very misleading, very misleading indeed. I do however agree that other corporations will have hopefully learned from VW's mistake, and not lie about emissions in the future.

VW Whitewasher, by omitting the necessary qualifier from the end of your sentence, you are whitewashing the matter. "If you are looking at "environmental damage" caused by cars and trucks ... there are far, far worse cars and trucks on the road." All of which either are heavy duty trucks (Commercial trucks such as dump trucks and tractor trailers, or pickups in the 250, 350, 2500 or 3500 series) for which the same emissions standards do not apply or are cars or light trucks which came to market prior to 2006 when the new low sulfer stringent EPA emissions standards went into effect... So, then, perhaps your statement is half true and these Volkswagens are cleaner than diesels built in the 1930s and 1940s. Congratulations on making that irrelevant point!

He is only stating a fact about the current VW settlement. Yes, I agree that the problems with past vehicles were worse but here the discussion is about VW and what they did to conceal emissions regardless of how minimal the environmental damage was.

Nick, If you research the CO2 levels of most cars are higher and new model mid-large (heavier) SUV's approach the same NOx levels. This is not comparing the EPA standard of parts per million but the volume of emissions.

Hats off to the EPA and FTC for good negotiating!

I more worried what that modification is going to do to my car? future engine damage? fuel consumption? I paid for diesel consumption, I better not start getting mpg of a gas engine. Whatever they are giving wont be enough. If I get the money, I still wont take my car for vw for the modification. There are worse cars on the road and its not the consumers failt.

You don't get the money unless you get the car fixed... at least, that is how the current agreement is laid out. They won't give you any settlement cash if you don't fix the car.

You can get money through the buyback. VW will buy back affected cars for thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value. That’s compensation for VW’s untrue emissions claims and for the trouble of replacing the car.

If you participate in the buyback program, you can use the money for anything you want. You don’t even have to buy a car with it.

I'll have to run the numbers again, but it sure doesn't seem like "thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value." It seems more like dealer trade-in value + compensation, which brings it roughly up to private resale value (pre-scandal).

While I guess that at least gets us out of the vehicle without totally losing our shirts, I'm not sure I'd consider it all that great of a deal. When I bought my TDI, I paid many thousands of dollars more to get the diesel, with the idea that it would last much longer. I'm not sure I'm going to be compensated for the loss I've taken, in that regard, compared to other vehicles I could have bought instead.

Agreed. I feel like I am not getting a fair deal. The dealer sold me a used one Sept 19. The 2013 I bought new got T-boned and totaled, so I had to buy a replacement used car of the same thing. The day after they were told not to sell new or CPO. Guess they get away with it because mine was not CPO? Now I get half restitution and they are offering me $3000 less than I paid for it. And now I will have to pay up big time to get anything with the room, MPG, and mileage, because the only thing that comes close is a Mercedes or BMW. Everything else is smaller and this is why I traded my Jetta TDI on a new Passat one year after buying it new.

Wow, well the dealership sold me a 2013 diesel Jetta on sept 29, so I get less because it was after sep18. I am guessing it was wrong of them to sell it to me since they were aware of all of this by then. Thinking maybe I need to get my own attorney and sue the dealership.

I agree. The scandal broke only 3 weeks after I purchased what was a green, responsible, and fuel-efficient car that would make sense due to a long daily commute. On top of this because the settlement and fix has taken so long, I have added extra unneeded mileage that I will now be "dinged" for.

Mary, Actually you won't be "dinged" for mileage. In the settlement they give you credit for 1047 miles/month and subtract that from the day you sell it back until Sep 18, 2015. And after subtracting the miles, they give you the value on Sep 18th 2015 plus 20%, plus restitution. My guess is you're getting well over $20,000, probably closer to $25k. You should go to vwcourtsettlement.com - you'll get the exact amount of your offer.

Unless, you are like me, and you drive far over the 1047 miles per month that they allow. My VW is currently sitting so I can get as much back as possible, and I already bought a new car (NOT a VW).

I agree! Ive put on about 25k in the time since the scandal was found out. I have service paperwork from the VW dealership a month after the announcement and I'm hoping they will backdate from there!

Yes you will get dinged for milage.. I have a 1st generation 2012 Passat TDI with 127,000, and I am having so many issues" because of the milage" as a matter of fact, they will clock your milage when you take your car in for (Buy Back/ Fix) and adjust your compensation ..

I'll be lucky if they pay the remainder of my loan off. If you are a VW owner ... Be aware that once you pass 120,000 mark, you might as well consider yourself disowned. You can please or case ask to speak to supervisors but they only thing you'll be told is , "We're sorry you're going through this but unfortunately we can't help you".

If you've experience what I have on Turbo, AdBlue heater, air bags and a few other things and have over 120,000 but have had better luck than I have with VW of America .. Please let me know

There is a recall for the AdBlue heater and a process to get a refund for the cost, I had to replace mine 6 weeks ago and got the notice a week ago. I have the receipt so I'm hoping to get the refund...$1027.00 is what I paid for a VW dealership to replace it in Florida.

The others are right... 1047 miles per month is not anywhere close to typical city driving to work... I'm more than double that and that's just for work. We have a bigger more comfortable vehicle that we use for travel as a family and anything that is of greater distances.

It really is B.S. as while yes my loan for the vehicle will be paid off... I will not get a cent to put towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle... the "extra" is taken away due to mileage.

I agree, Dave. Most of us bought TDI's BECAUSE we drive a lot of miles and want to reduce our fuel costs.

I'm being "dinged". Am being offered half of what I paid for the car 3 yrs ago. A $5K ding for the mileage. The car had 76k at 3 yrs old. I've doubled that seeing as how I bought the car to commute. I have to put in part of the $5001 to pay off the car. There's more headache with this car than anything I've ever had before.

I agree. I knowingly put myself in a contract with VW to purchase the car with the assumption that it would be paid off in march of 2019 . We don't make a lot of money so we moved somewhere cheap so that we could save for a home we plan to purchase and not go into it with a $400 car payment to worry about in addition to mortgage. Now I have to consider the fact in 2019 my car may not be able to be tagged. So either buyback or mod emmisions? Well the emissions modification has people worried the reasons they bought their TDI may be compromised, And the Buyback compensation is based on national averages.. In my opinion it should be specific to TDI National averages since TDI are purchased for commuters and the like Perhaps there is a higher annual mileage average for the TDI line and it would be muddled by a national average based on all vehicles and result in a lower compensation amount.

Bottom line is if I accept buyback I will have paid $18,000.00(28k purchase price and still owe 10k)to drive my vehicle 150,000 miles over the course of 3.75 years and will have nothing to show for it other than a few points higher on my credit score. Had I known this before sep2015 I would never have purchased the car!

If you are in a similar situation I would like to know your thoughts.

Bridget do you know the % off of Msrp sticker price of the 2015 TDI Sel Passat they used for the settlement amount? I understand they used that as there wasn't a NADA for the 2015.

For information about the VW calculations, go to vwcourtsettlement.com or call 844-98-CLAIM.

Will we have to claim the restitution amount ( the ~5K or so) as taxable income?

A tax professional in your state should be able to answer that question for you.

In NYS at least, money awarded by means of lawsuits are non taxable

I leased my TDI 2012 Sportwagen 4 years ago from a dealership that ended up getting my lease through a bank, my lease is up 9/30/16, what am I to do... I would like to lease a Subaru from the same dealers that own the VW dealership ?

You can check your eligibility at vwcourtsettlement.com. The site also has answers to frequently asked questions. You can call 844-98-CLAIM for more information.

It says I am not eligible for a buy back! I understand the bank should receive the buy back, however I have an open ended lease and I shouldn't have to pay at the end, since VW will buy it back at an over valued price. Does anyone know about this kind of situation ?

You can terminate your lease early and take a restitution payment. There is no buyback on a lease.

My wife and I have a problem with our claim process. The documents they are requesting as part of the process are government issued id's and car registration. We lost some of our income very soon after we bought the car, and haven't been able to register the car for just over a year. Can VW legally deny our claim because we haven't registered the car yet. We were planning to do the buyback anyway. On top of that our auto logout an is with VW credit, so I don't know why they couldn't use the billing statement we sent them.

You can call VW at 844-98-CLAIM about that question.

I have seen several comments regarding no response on questions submitted to the VW e-mail/web site and no answer on the phone line. Do you have insight on how to navigate getting a contact?


Did you ever resolve this issue? I have a similar one.

If you go to https://www.vwcourtsettlement.com, go to the FAQ's. Under the first section, Eligibility, the question is answered in detail there.

I have a loan balance with VW Credit for my 2012 Golf TDI, that is greater than the compensation amount that I am slated to receive. I am choosing the emissions modification option. Is there loan forgiveness for TDI owners who want to keep their cars ? As of now, it looks as though I will still owe VW Credit about $5K after I get the compensation check.

You can use the information at vwcourtsettlement.com and in the Long Form Notice VW sent you to answer your questions.

Then why are we being forced to use that money to payoff the loan? Take what the car is worth and don't touch our compensation! Seems like some owners are getting the short end of the stick for trusting a reputable company(VW) and exceeding a national average which is the very reason for buying a TDI(because we drive a lot!)

I just discovered that not only do you not get the money until you have gotten the car fixed but that it could be as long as May 2018 until that can be accomplished. It seems to me that they are trying to avoid having to fix cars by essentially forcing people to take the buy back. If I do I won't buy another VW.

I disagree, at least for my 2014 TDI Sportswagon. My understanding is there will be a payment (min $5100) whether I get it fixed or not, plus the option of a buyback.


The total amount you get from the FTC charts is equal to the total amount on Volkswagen’s claims website. 

Volkswagen divides this total into parts, including some it labels as “vehicle value” and “additional restitution.” 

The FTC did not divide calculations this way or use the same methodology, but the total amounts are the same.  For example, if after adding and subtracting the proper amounts for mileage and options, your buyback number from the FTC charts is $14,000, that is the total you are eligible to receive.  The Volkswagen claims website may break that $14,000 into different parts, but the total of those parts will still be $14,000.

I'm having the same problem, we have a 2015 Passat that we bought 5 months prior to the September date. VW is trying to say that the buyback value base is 24k with a 7k restitution. How is it that the car was stickered at 32k and has lost 8k in value in 5 months? Not cool.

I am having the same issue. Didn't think it would be possible to be more unhappy...

Exactly the same thing, mine (brandnew 2015 Golf) was stickered at 35K, and because of the miles I drive due to work, they wanna offer me 16K..... vehicle depreciation of "the car of the year" by over 50% in a 6month period? I don't think so....

Mike--i totally agree. The EPA tries to make themselves out as a bunch of angels. They are no better in protecting the environment than those they police...Colorado gold mine disaster as an example...but who gets to sue them and drag them thru the mud??? And if they do get sued and lose who pays? The american taxpayer. Either way we lose and they are never really accountable. Jail for them too if they mess up!!!

Most likely your car will not be allowed to pass inspection without the modification.

Has anybody heard what happens to the money we used to buy the car (down payment) or our trade in cars? They gave me $8,500 for my escalade...I want that back! And what about all of the payments I've made on my loan? So if you owe more you make out better by them paying the loan off.

My VW is total junk it has 36k miles on it and Im on my 3rd ignition switch. the radio completely died too. Never again will I buy a Jeep or VW. I will sell and buy another Ford. The only American car company not to take a bailout.

That's crazy. Did you buy a car that was in a flood? Have owned a '74, '84, 02' and now the '12 TDI. No issues that were not fixed on the first pass. As for the TDI -- pefect! Is there a difference between a Wolfsburg built car vs the one's out of Mexico? Hope not.

I had a Wolfsburg edition gas Jetta before my current 2012 Jetta TDI. The Woflsburg was built better. The newer car has a different center arm rest that doesn't raise up, the passenger visor doesn't extend out, and there are more "creaks". I'm sure my husband could name more differences.

Bridget, The settlement specifies 20% above WHOLESALE value. But consumers don't buy wholesale, we buy retail. So the 120% of trade-in value is basically replacement price for a comparable age/mileage/features vehicle. The agreement adds $2983 to the pot; but sales tax on the purchase price of a 2014-2015 vehicle is likely $2000. So please cut out the puffery.

It is 120% of the September 2015 value, and you can wait until 2018 to surrender the car. That is WAY ABOVE replacement value by that time.

The original settlement documents called for buyback at replacement value plus additional restitution. The 'extra' 20% on top of the wholesale value is part of the restitution to all VW customers that participate in the settlement, not just those who sell back their vehicle. Wholesale is still FAR BELOW the retail replacement costs.

100% agree. My car was 4 months old in September 2015 and had no book value. Msrp was 29k and they are saying replacement value is 22.5k. I get another 7 to supposedly punish VW but it's a sham. Their net is they are unwinding the deal but they suffer no real penalty. And the misrepresentation of "replacement value" to the court is enough to me ill. Additionally, there will be no fix and even in the remote chance there is, it will neuter these cars, kill gas mileage and performance. If there were a fix, VW never would have cheated and the other manufacturers wouldn't have been scratching their heads trying to match VW's numbers for 7 years. It's not magic, it's physics. Therefore, the 7k offer from VW to fix is a sham. I'm digusted and I can't believe the judge has accepted this bogus preliminary offer.

My car was also 4 months old in September. Essentially, we're taking a 28% depreciation hit on a car that was sold under fraudulent terms as VW and the govt were aware of the issue before they sold these 2015 cars. I bought a 2015 Golf Sportwagen. It was totally new to the US market and there were zero discounts or incentives. I really feel I should have been given my full purchase price or at a minimum full loan forgiveness THEN the restitution amount. Had I leased, the lease would be terminated and I'd get the cash. I would not have "traded-in" a new car four months after purchasing, so why am I stuck with a non-existent trade-in value? In the end, I'll be able to pay off the loan with VW and get maybe close to $2k leftover to buy a new car. Such a hassle.

I 100 percent agree with you-I purchased my VW in March 2015 I only have 16000 miles on it right now even the top buyback amount doesn't cover what I paid plus don't forget taxes and interest! We All need to opt out and sue individually-seems to me the only ones making out is the EPA -and why does a Cali judge get to decide for everyone ? This is total bs

He said it! Folks.... let's be real. VW will have to Research and develop a modification But they aren't sure for exactly how many cars until we decide.

Let's assume 30% of 500000 decide to go for emissions mod. 150,000 cars that VW would need to produce a mod for in the US? That's a drop in the bucket and not worth the cost to develop any available or new technology for a problem they couldn't fix and covered up when 11 million cars were being produced.

By all means.. hold on for 2 years to be let down a second time.

You are incorrect regarding replacement costs. My Jetta wagon can be replaced right now for $16k. VW is going to pay me $27k for it. Sounds like many people here are looking to get reimbursed for buying a NEW vehicle to replace their USED VW.

What no one is addressing is the tax implications if we take they buyback! My family has 2 VW;s, with a total buyback of $59,000. I am being told that will be taxable - how can your afford the total package then? Yet they do not want this to impact your taxes.....

I agree! The courts require them to buy them back. The government will fine them then tax us for their buy back? Hmmm...

But Bridget never said anything about keeping the car two more years to get the "thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value" , risking a catastrophic accident or a disabling mechanical failure during those two years.

Replacement value is RETAIL + sales tax on that amount. Current implies today, or at least soon. Not two years from now.

"Puffing" the settlement is not appropriate from a government agency. They should stick to facts.

IF all comes to fruition - my buyback and inconvenience money will come in at approx $1,000 less than I paid for my 2014 Passat TDI SE in April 2014. This has been an amazing car and I would LOVE to continue driving it, BUT I also hava a Takata Airbag recall as well as two additional recalls out there right now.

As far as those who are worried about recouping their down payment or value of the trade they used to buy their TDI - as that is not ever recouped when you trade the next time, or when you sell, and came off the value of the transaction and price of the car to begin with - get over it. There is no free lunch, as they say. I have driven my care for 2 1/2 years for $1,000 is the way I choose to look at this and my only fear is that I will never get the same quality and value in another vehicle for the same money. Regardless - the additional recalls and no fix on the horizon for the airbags has me accepting the buyout.

Wish I could have found a new Touareg TDI pre-fix for an incredibly low price to trade for and take the fix with no restitution - would have been a perfect solution.

The settlement is not final yet. There is a comment period underway, and the judge has to finalize the terms after that. Selling now to a speculator locks in at least some profit for you if you need the money now. Waiting means you are at risk of the judge changing the terms. Sure it might be small risk, but a bird in the hand... FTC person, please let me know if I am incorrect in my statements above.

The FTC announced two related settlements on June 28, 2016; one with the state of California and the United States, and one with the FTC. The FTC's press release includes details about the terms of both proposed settlements.

The settlements partially resolve allegations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Attorney General’s Office and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) under the Clean Air Act, California Health and Safety Code, and California’s Unfair Competition Laws, relating to the vehicles’ use of “defeat devices” to cheat emissions tests. The settlements also resolve claims by the FTC that Volkswagen violated the FTC Act through the deceptive and unfair advertising and sale of its “clean diesel” vehicles. The settlements do not resolve pending claims for civil penalties or any claims concerning 3.0 liter diesel vehicles. Nor do they address any potential criminal liability.

The provisions of the U.S./California settlement are contained in a proposed consent decree filed on June 28, 2016 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, as part of the ongoing multi-district litigation, and will be subject to public comment period of 30 days. The provisions of the FTC settlement are contained in a proposed Stipulated Final Federal Court Order filed on June 28, 2016 in the same court.

Eligible consumers will receive notice from VW after the orders are entered by the court this fall. Consumer payments will not be available until the settlements take effect if and when approved by the court, which may be as early as October 2016.

My biggest concern is how fast do you get the money once you submit the car for buyback? This is my only car and I would like to not be inconvenienced with not having a car for a couple of days until a new purchase. Does anyone know the procedure?

I was told today, after I selected buyback and after the court have approved the suit, I would be notified by VW to meet at the dealership I selected to meet with a Ambassador of VW- at that time, he would discuss my option and cut a check or direct deposit the funds. The last time I called in, which was a week ago, I was told a 3 days recision period before the funds were ACH into my acct???

This is Bridget at the FTC. Can you say more about this? Who told you that a VW ambassador would meet you and cut a check or deposit funds? Did you get a letter, phone call or email, or talk to someone at a VW dealership?

Ms. Small this information regarding meeting an ambassador and receiving a check immediately or having to wait 3 days for an ACH or issuance of a paper check dependent on any mileage adjustment is outlined in the buyback process FAQ section of the VW court settlement.com website.

I am also completely confused as to my vehicle value factor. The FTC Order states MRSP (purchased end of July 2015 therefore no trade in value) yet the long form of the settlement offer states MSRP multiplied by .717 to determine clean trade in value as there was no book on my vehicle.

The long form calculations mean my $22k vehicle is now only worth $15k. If I have VW buyback my Jetta I will receive $1,100 after my loan has been paid off; however, if I elect the modification that may or may not become available I will receive $6200. When I use the FTC charts buyback of my vechile is based on MSRP, mileage adjustment, region, and I should receive upwards of $7400 after my loan has been paid off. I cannot get a clear answer from the claims portal, claims phone number, nor anywhere else.

I sold my prior vehicle for the down payment on my VW. I purchased an extended warranty to cover my vehicle for the life of my loan. I have paid thousands in interest on my loan. I am like many other consumers who are no longer driving my vehicle to keep my mileage low. I purchased the TDI as I commute 60 miles to work each day and need the mileage which is better than any hybrid vehicle on the market. Yet here I sit completely confused as to what is the best decision.

I chose to obtain a loan yes. I agreed to the terms regarding interest, GAP Insurance, and extended warranties, I have honored my obligations as a consumer, yet because I purchased the vehicle new a little over a month prior to the press release regarding the TDI I am in a position which ultimately will leave me in a position to have to purchase another vehicle for my needs and not be restored to where I was the day I purchased the TDI (the choice of keeping a good quality SUV with low mileage and no payments, lower insurance rates, but at the cost of poor fuel consumption.)

I never would have purchased the TDI had I known about the defeat device. I have since fallen in love with my Jetta and know that there is no other vehicle on the market that can compare in fuel consumption as well as total cost. I know everyone has to wait for the judge to make a final ruling; however, it appears to be those who purchased 2015 models are not going to be restored to their position prior to their purchase.

I fully support the FTC's position of retail value across the board for all owners plus the punitive damage for owner restitution to be paid by VW so that as a consumer we can replace our vehicles. I support the DOJ in regards to having all of these vehicles removed from the road to stop the pollution. I don't want to wait two years of making payments on my vehicle, paying the interest on my vehicle, for a chance a successful modification can be made to my vehicle or have to sell my vehicle back in the end and still lose 71.7% of the MSRP amount I paid.

All the while yes I consistently receive offers from my VW dealership to come turn my vehicle in for a gas model, but thankfully I have read the long form settlement offer on the court's website and the settlement website, plus the notice received in the mail to know that if I do turn in my vehicle now I for all intensive purposes lose my ability to participate in the class action. One more point to mention I was informed by the claims associate it would take 20 days after submission of my documents to determine full eligibility (even though my VIN number is listed in the action) and that time has elapsed.

If someone makes you an offer for your VW or Audi car, please report them to the FTC. The FTC worked very hard to get a fair deal for VW and Audi owners and lessees, and we don’t want anyone to undermine it.

Hi Ms. Small,
I have almost the exact same concerns as Heather G., having purchased my vehicle new on September 11, 2015. I'm glad you were able to speak to her final point as to dealerships making offers on her vehicle, however am disappointed that you did not speak to her other points.

We support FTC, and we support the need to get these vehicles off of the road, but for those of us who bought the vehicle immediately before this fraud was discovered are hardly being made whole by receiving 71.7% of what our vehicles are worth.

It is impossible to get in touch with anyone from VW; my documents have been processing for 20 days and I have not heard anything back. Hold times are hours and the chat service is disconnected. I can't even get in touch with the VW Claims people to update the mileage number that I submitted - stuck driving my car I have bumped myself into the next mileage bracket.

We appreciate you taking the time to address so many of the concerns that people have submitted on this page, I'm sure many of these people aren't intentionally being negative; there's just a whole lot of us who are lost and confused.

EFT in 3 days VW said, check would be mailed after 3 banking business days

That's a big point you raise. You turn your car in to VW and then... what? You ride the bus until VW gets good and ready to send the check? The terms should enable you to turn the car in at the dealer where you're buying your next car so you can use the settlement as a down payment. Let VW send the check to the dealer.

I see this happening in 2 ways. You have your number, you have your appointment with the local dealer and the appointed individual + there will likely be a VW Rep onsite as well .. you sit down, and (1) You want to buy a NEW VW, they agree to send the money to the dealer - your downpayment (or you keep a portion for taxes) -- and you walk away with the NEW car -- hopefully with a great deal! or (2) You hand over everything and they electronically (3 days?) cut you a check -- or you wait up to 10 days for the check to arrive in the mail.

Now if you have MORE miles than predicated when you chose the BuyBack -- it could take another 5-10 days to adjust your number -- this is where things get fuzzy. Do you get a loaner? Walk away and just wait up to 10 days for the check? Wait up to 10 days for your adjustment number then go back into the dealer to once again sit down and talk?

Make sure you do everything perfectly the first time they like to reject everything and take 10 years I had all of my paperwork in three weeks before the judge's ruling they told me everything looked great and then they denied stuff then their computer messed up and they're saying I have to wait for it to deny before I can resubmit which I already resubmitted so it's a nightmare

I have not heard anything and all of my documents have been under review since early october... How much longer do I wait?!?!?!?! The mileage on my car is going up and the value is going down as VW takes their sweet time!

I am in the same boat. They told me on the 28th of October that my documents were reviewed and accepted and that I would have an offer in 10 business days, according to their website. I am on 12 business days and still waiting for my final offer letter. All while I am under the gun because I purchased a new vehicle so I could have a seamless transition and not be car-less. I am going to receive their loan forgiveness, but my payment was due yesterday and I refuse to pay Volkswagen for a vehicle I am no longer driving. my anticipated buy back date was the 15th of November, but when I visited my local dealership and told them I was still waiting on my paperwork for the final offer he told me It could be up to 90 days from when the final offer letter is given to me and I no longer have the vehicle. My problem is not the mileage going up but the fact that I will be making $560 payment to not receive anything back from them.

Has anyone received payment? I've filed paperwork twice. First time it was "lost". Now I have confirmation that documentation is correct. Understand another 10 business days for claim to be reviewed. Feeling downhearted and deceived. VW doesn't understand I need my car to make a living. I need to work out details so I'm not carless and put my job at risk.

To the FTC. I own a 2014 vehicle, have been watching the progress on the settlement as reported by various news and media outlets. The settlement is not fair. It is not replacement value for the vehicle. I purchased a new vehicle at the retail price and paid sales tax as well as interest on the loan. A fair deal would have been for VW to buy back the vehicles for the original purchase price plus taxes and interest on loans. VW is getting away with one of the biggest rip-offs in history. How did they do it...they are paying the lawyers fees. Talk about conflict of interest.

Not fair? Really? You want full original new retail for a 2-year-old vehicle. THAT's not fair. They are paying out the 1-year-old value for your 2-year-old car (and mine, BTW). Plus an additional restitution amount. I'm very very happy with the deal.

I just got an Email from my selling dealer offering to buy my car for more than its value.....imagine that

Report them to the FTC. Have proof.

The proposed settlement is 2K higher than the vwsettlement site shows for my vehicle. I'm waiting to see the true end offer is. I'm likely going for the cash. Letting them modify your car will only destroy it's value. I won't buy another VW in my lifetime based on getting jammed by VW with the trade in value. Hurry Up! Federal Court. I'm ready to dump my VW.

I liked the comments about interest and taxes, but what about us that weren't so sure about diesel engines and how expensive the are to fix that purchased warranties on these vehicles. How do we get those dollars back in addition to the taxes and interest?

Yes, good questions. Did the same thing. Spent $1800 on the extended warranty (7yr / 70k) because of the 2010 (2011?) issues with the HPFP failures and other fuel issues. But honestly, my 2012 has been a sold piece of machinery. Really hate to give it up, but with 80k miles, brakes due soon, on the airbag recall list, and the issue with losing talented diesel mechanics locally... won't get a better deal than the buyback. Okay.. I did ask the local dealer if they had any 2016 TDI's sitting around, and they do.. so who knows.. wait for the software fix for the 2015/2016 cars.. and buy diesel again.. or??

Anyway.. back to the extended warranty.. Would like to see some of that money back, 20% + $$$.

Taxes are another topic I keep hearing about but no news on that front. Would like to see something as well as most of us were not planning to buy NEW -or- we don't want to lose the trade-in value. That's another $1,100 I would save when buying a NEW car.

So the final number from VW might be as much as $2,000 short to address just these 2 items.

I own a 1st gen Golf, which means in all likelihood there will not be an approved fix. I am okay with the buyback value, but still not enough money to replace with a comparable new car.

I had planned to keep my VW for another 3-5 years before the news broke, and I may do just that meaning keeping my car for the full 2 yrs allowed under the Court settlement.

My one issue with the proposed settlement is that the vehicles are being bought back, instead of being traded in. The difference in taxes for the owner run into thousands of dollars on the repurcahse, assuming there is no additional tax implication come next April.

It seems this entire settlement has stalled long enough. I only have one car, AUDI A3 TDI on the recall buyback list and the more time it takes to get this implemented, the more miles I must drive and thus loose money due to increased mileage, once I the buyback is enforced! This is not total restitution in my opinion.

What about Sales tax? Do we get credit against sales taxes for a replacement vehicle?

Editor, couldn't handle a polite opposing viewpoint, eh? That's OK, I never assumed honesty (or willingness to think just a litte) on your part. Carry on.

Your comments have been posted. Comments recieved after business hours may not be posted until the next work day.

We have 2 TDI vehicles. My husband bought a 2014 Passat TDI SEL new off the lot. We researched and decided because he drove almost 80 miles each day for work it would be a good car for us. The premium price we paid would "come out in the wash" because we were planning to keep the car for many years. Our settlement offer is $16,000 below what we paid and this does not even include taxes, tags or interest. This settlement is unfair! We would never had been in this situation if VW had been honest in the first place. Now my husband and I are out all of this money and essentially "starting over" after losing thousands on this car. We can't even wait 2 more years to settle or risk VW not coming up with a fix because at the rate they are depreciating the value of his car due to milage it won't be worth anything in the buy back in 2018. We are not happy. I on the other hand have a 2013 Beetle Convertible TDI. I only put 7,500 miles a year on it. VW is still a couple of thousand below what I know it was worth in Sept. 2015, because 2 VW dealerships sent me offers to buy back my car and told me they had buyers waiting. I had no intention to sell my car and did not keep the offers. Now I'm regretting that because I have no proof. My first car was a 1968 bug and we really liked our VW's, but after this we won't stick with this company.

You are absolutely on target. The terms of the deal do not take into account that you must now start over with a new vehicle. Money that you already spent to purchase a new vehicle will have to be spent again. Of course, the government and lawyers don't care about that, they are getting their own windfall from this fiasco.

We are in a similar situation in California. We paid a premium of some $6,000+ to get the TDI vs. the non-TDI Jetta. If the buyback option was a reasonable value that more appropriately reflected the additional cost of purchasing a diesel PLUS that $5,100 cash, then pursuing the buyback would be a no-brainer.

Instead our one-car family must now determine whether to take the $12,500 and use that as a down payment for a new car (read: new car loan/additional debt) or pocket the $5,100 and hope the car has any value, fuel efficiency, etc., left and that it will pass Smog testing in CA next time we renew our registration.

Yes, we did get some 6+ years of use of a car, but we paid the additional cost to buy a diesel with the expectation of being able to drive the car (and legitimately pass emissions testing) for 10+ years like I have with other vehicles. It's not that I'm not grateful to have an opportunity to "sell" the vehicle, rather I believe we will have been ripped off on both the buying and the buying back, given the added cost associated with purchasing a diesel car in California.

Just another example of the corporate/banking shake downs executed by the Obamanites that have taken over our government. Thank god this 8 years of midnight in America is coming to an end. It will take a generation to repair the damage these Chicago gangsters have caused. Hopefully, Holder and the rest of his Chicago gang will be warming a concrete bunk at the Super Max in Colorado by the end of next year.

Bought our then new 2015 Golf S TDI June 2015. $24,900 which included tax, license, fees, etc. While we love the car we'll most likely be accepting the buyback due to the dishonesty of VW in this whole thing and not knowing for sure what the "fix" will do for its mileage, pep and longevity. For the last 40 years we have had German cars in one form or another. Benz, Porsche, and VW. My first new car was a '68 Beetle. Sad to see it go and we'll hold on to it for another year at least. Not sure what its replacement will be but it won't be a VW.

Lawyers are requesting over $332M in fees and expenses. Across 22 appointed firms that's an average of $15M per firm. Let's assume an average of 10 people worked on the case in each firm, so that's $1.5M per person. Class members get wholesale value for their vehicle plus a few thousand dollars. Lawyers get millions. What a settlement.

Why are they allowed to deduction for mileage!? This is a scandal not a trade-in situation. I bought the car to drive it. THEY broke the law.

I agree 100%,a friend of mine has a 2009 Beetle with low mileage- he was offered $22K - MORE THAN HE PAID FOR THE CAR. I paid $28,900 for my Jetta 11 and offer is $17,900- SMH

FPChris is spot on, THIS IS A SCANDAL, NOT A TRADE IN SITUATION, though VW is calling it buy backs, I bought this car to drive it, my commute is two hours a day, I am being penalized for the extra miles at pay out vs someone who drives less, this should not even be a factor! I will not buy VW again, and I am having my family who drive older VW diesels and gas diesels trade in just so as to not associate with VW anymore, they are not doing right with this, only some people get a "fair" buy back amount, based on year of car and mileage, when that shouldn't even factor in, whereas most people are barely breaking even, and some people ending up in the minus. If this decision comes down to one judge, and there is millions on the table for payouts to lawyers and dealers, the judge should rule above and beyond the recent calculations, and give the 5100 and up payment to each owner on top of the dealer trede in value, not include it in the total!!!

Hello, I really hate the fact the epa is getting money for WHAT? Are they going to clean our air. All of our cars put together don't pollute as much as one tractor trailer. Really look it up... Diesels rule!!

We purchased our certified 09 from a vw dealer in July, 2 months before the scandal for just over 12,500 (slightly below kelly bluebook value) plus title& tax and loan fees, put $2500 cash down. VW is saying the value of the car is just over $8,000 2 months after I bought it according to NADA. I was going to put a 100k+ miles on this car over the next 5-10 years, not trade the car in 2 month after I bought it. Everyone knows you get hosed trading a good running car without issues in at a dealer instead of selling it privately. How is trade in value fair market value???????

This so called deal screws me as a leaser. Something that I didn't dois no fault as my own. I lose a ton of money on this deal. I purchased this Jetta TDI for the performance AND efficiency. If I keep the car and have to get the fix. ..there goes both and I continue to pay for the price of a better car. Only getting half of what the owners get in stipulation is crap. They make more off of me with a lease. I paid 5k down...I will never recoup that. We leased for creative financing with low yearly milage with every intention to buy out at the end of the lease.

If we terminate lease we are not subject to early termination few but all other lease agreements...mileage. So whatever restitution we get will go toward passing for the mileage and we'll have to pay a few grand as well. With intent to purchase I'll also be out the money for tinting and clear bra. A thousand. That is even if we could terminate and but back cuz the settlement says that the buy back and early terminations can't be resold by VW.

SO we either have to early Terminate or wait for lease maturation AND then pay the mileage. A few grand plus restituion. AGAIN at no fault of my own. This is not a deal. I have a 2014 to of the line in option TDI Jetta. I can't believe it's worth in this settlement. Well have to consult with counsel about other options. VW is getting off cheap her with the owners and leasers. Who cares about the penalties. ..does the consumer no good.

I am in the same situation. Same model, year, and lease. Same mileage concerns.

Tell me about it - 2015 Audi A3 TDI - I have an inflated monthly lease payment to bring the residual value down after 3.5 years because I intended to buy it. The restitution payment of $4,400 doesn't even cover the $4k I put down, the $400 3M crystalline tint, the Audicare service package, the $1,200 tire and wheel and paintless dent warranties and modifications done to the car prior to last September.

Part of this settlement for us lessees should have been modification of the residual value to take into account what it's worth now, refund of unused warranties/service contracts and 100% of the owner restitution payment, not 50% of it. They make it out like they're doing us a favor by letting us out of our leases!! I brought all this up with Hagens Berman who I'm part of the class with - they weren't interested.

It would be nice if this also stipulated discounts for TDI owners who have to buy another car - for example - hand back the TDI to a VW or Audi dealer and you automatically get 15% off a new VW or Audi. I'm sure they'd want this money back, but right now I can't see me going back to them.

It sure doesn't feel like I am coming out even, let alone on top. Bought car 20 days before scandal announced. So $3000 below sticker, $4500 down, $2000 extended warranty, 12 months of payments and I'm getting $4500? Not a good deal. However if I leased through VW or if I was upside down through VW credit I would get more!!!!!! Seems like thats a way to give money back to themselves

I thought things would be done fairly for VW owners who were lied to. However, I got my booklet in the mail today. The initial chart says a 2013 Passat SEL would be bought back for $26,807 to 26, 927. However, when I went to complete the account through their portal, they dropped the value of my car to $21, 925. Another computer gliche, huh, VW????????????????????????????

The same thing is happening to me. Have you gotten any reasoning for it? Even if I change the claim to the vehicle having only 1 mile on it the return value is still $5,000-$6,000 less than their chart.

In the VW booklet I received in the mail this week, detailing the settlements, it is stated only twice that "To qualify for an Eligible Seller Restitution Payment, you must identify yourself (and Volkswagen must receive any mailed Eligible Seller Identification Form) during the Eligible Seller identification period. This period will run until September 16, 2016. FTC, this is a very short deadline. While the website claims that everything I enter (ie, a decision to sell or wait for a fix) is not binding, this particular deadline is sneaky, especially when I read here and elsewhere that "there is no rush" to file...we have two years to decide. The way this is worded, if you don't identify yourself as someone who might want 'in", you could lose out (on top of VWs lame mileage-based baloney payouts). Please let us know more about this particular deadline, and what it means. Thank you.

A person who owned an eligible car on September 18, 2015 and later sold the car could be an “eligible seller.” If you are an eligible seller and you want to qualify for a restitution payment, you should identify yourself by September 16, 2016.  

The September 16, 2016 deadline applies only to people who want to be eligible sellers.

What if my car was totaled? Do I qualify as an eligible seller?

Please look at the FTC Approved Consent Order for information about how the vehicle condition may affect your options. The Approved Consent Order is available on vwcourtsettlement.com in the Court Documents, Forms & Notices section.

I just now found out that there was a separate deadline for this. I sold a Golf that placed me into the "eligible seller" category. We still own a Sportwagen. I went on the website to register both vehicles after receiving a reminder email. The extremely short deadline of Sept 16, 2016 date is deceitful. All paperwork and websites said no rush on them. Everything mentions 2018. Placing a shorter deadline on registration is just wrong and they know it. I've called VW settlement people but no one answers. You can only leave a voicemail.

How can they legally set a deadline that is before the court ruling was even complete? The FTC needs to step and force them to extend the registration deadline.

There are a lot of valid points here and I can definitely see why people are upset. While the cash payouts to owners seem high at first glance, looking at all the facts and what a lot of people wanted to do - own a high-mileage car for a long period of time, VW has really hurt owners in this and the settlement is insufficient.

1. VW should provide the same deal for those who leased as "owners". Leasing is another form of financing, and for the majority of TDI owners who intend to keep their vehicles for a long time, this hurts them equally to owners but with half the compensation.

2. For vehicles purchased outright, the sales tax on the buyback amount should be refunded. IE, if VW is buying back your vehicle for $15,000, they should give you the equivalent of tax on that $15,000... due to the fact that you cannot use this as a trade-in.

This is not a good deal, let alone a fair deal.

It is really too bad that the elapsed time for filing a claim under the NY State Lemon Law has passed for me. My 2010 first generation TDI Sportwagen TDI under the current diesel gate settlement would have required the dealer here to buy back my car at 100% of what I paid driving the car off the dealer lot in December 2009. But then again VW committed fraud by not disclosing a problem that could have been addressed under the NY State Lemon Law WHEN I originally purchased the car. They (VW Corporate) knew there was a problem then but deliberately chose to keep those details secret from those consumers now affected with the current buyback/repair/late compensation issues. The NY State Lemon Law should be made effective to address VW's fraudulent treatment of customers under its purview.

So what do we do if we don't agree with the buyback amount? Opt out of the Class Action entirely (and then what do you do?). OR Include yourself in the Class Action and object to the settlement (must be done by Sept 16, 2016)? Has anyone contacted any of the lawyers listed in the settlement document?

I sent an e-mail to the lead attorney for class action. I tried to explain that the proposed remedy was not fair. Here's the reply I received.

"Thank you for your comments. Although the EPA/CARB has not yet approved any emissions modifications, it remains on track to do so, and the Court directed us to negotiate a settlement that assumes modifications will be available, rather than wait, since one overarching goal of the interrelated government and class settlements is to reduce and repair environmental harm by either fixing cars or getting them off the road. That’s why the settlement enables you to keep your car- it remains legal to drive- and await an approved fix- and then decide whether that fix works for you, based on full disclosure of any impact on mpg, performance and durability. Approved fixes will come with extended emissions warranties and new lemon law protections, to enable you to keep and drive your car for as long as you originally planned to when you bought it. If there is no fix approved for your car, all bets are off- you can then choose a buyback, or you can withdraw from the settlement. This failsafe provision gives owners the collective leverage necessary in the unlikely event they have an unfixable car. This provision enabled us to reach a deal now rather than later. The total buyback payment (clean trade value + owner restitution payment) on your car is frozen as of pre-scandal ( Fall 2015), and exceeds clean retail. The clean trade value, which the market reserves for cars in pristine condition, applies to all cars in the settlement regardless of their actual condition, and cannot be reduced. All VW/Audi dealers must participate in the settlement, to make either doing the buyback, or obtaining the fix, most convenient. This “clean retail +” total enables you to purchase a car comparable to, or newer than, your 2014 Jetta. You can obtain your exact buyback payment and fix payments through the claims portal on the settlement website. If you have any problems navigating the settlement website, or have further questions about the settlement, please feel free to contact us."

Seems like the lawyers are more interested in settling the case and collecting their fees. The fees requested are in excess of $300M.

By the way - if you object to the settlement write an objection letter as spelled out in the settlement packet you received. Make sure you follow the direction on what to include in the letter. Sign it, and snail mail it to all three parties identified.

They're requiring objections in writing via snail mail because it takes more effort than e-mail and will deter a lot of people (too much trouble). Don't be one of those people. Make the effort. Advocate for yourself!

I got my booklet the other day & inputted all necessary information (2014 VW Passat SEL TDI) here's what I got from the deal....If I choose the buyback option: Buyback amt: $28,486.73
Vehicle return amt: $21,250.00
RestitutionAmt: $7,236.73
Owe bank amt: $23,000
Money you get: $5,486.73

Fix option.....money you get $7,236.73. This is to assume if they can fix the car (the fix is not approve by EPA yet) so what happen to the restitution amt of $7,236.73 if the fix is not approve? This deal is a little bit "murky" to me.

I wondered the same thing. If I take the restitution and opt for a fix, but they can't fix and must buy my car back, what happens then? If I spend the restitution money, a buy-back later will leave me upside down by thousands of dollars. It's a VW credit loan, so wouldn't they have to forgive it? Or would I be screwed? If I could take $7k cash now, drive the car for another year, then still get it bought back with my loan forgiven, why on earth should I take the buy back now for less than $2k?

We already submitted all the paperwork and chose the modification. VW said in the email to call dealership for appointment but you can't make an appointment because modification is not approved therefor you can't get the restitution payment, which is a crock of crap. We were only offered $3100 which is a smack in the face for consumers, the lawyers are making out with far more money. Once again consumers are stuck with the bill and waiting. VW is not doing enough.

If the fix is not approved you can then revert to selling your car back. You're NOT locked into that option until it's approved.

ALso, you can choose to sell back your car as late as Sep 1 2018 (just not a single day after keep in mind) - and you'll still get the full amount of the buyback. WHich means YOU CAN DRIVE DEPRECIATION FREE and sell back your car in 2 years for the same amount you could sell it back for this fall. I'd drive it until Aug-Sep 2018 then sell it back personally.

There's a DEPRECIATION because the amount that they will offer you will be LOWERED because of your mileage plus you have to maintain that car for 2 years that if you're lucky the car will have no MAJOR breakdown.....this is not a win-win situation for the buyer.

My wife and I are very dissatisfied with the trade-in value and loss of sales tax. The trade-in values computed by the settlement website seems dismal. I hope FTC doesn't finalize the agreement and demands a full retails sale price from VM instead of a trade-in value request VW to also compensates for state sales tax. VW should need to publicly disclose the values it is giving for vehicles so values can be compared to a third party source. Prior estimates by consumer reports sounded much higher. Fraud was involved, owners shouldn't feel like they are getting shafted, VW should.

The FTC paperwork on BuyBack options is not included in the VWSettlement.com website. The value they are offering does not even come close to what was filed with the FTC. This is some seriously shady business.

Follow the link on the VW settlement page titled "Court Documents, Forms & Notices" to see the FTC consent decree and related documents.

You can also find the documents on the FTC website.

We were thinking wouldn't it be nice if VW let us trade in the car, for a new one at trade in value (hmm isn't that about right) give us something to buy back. Maybe 0% for the loan. I mean we all were planning on driving these tdi's to the end. I don't want their deal. They don't offer enough, with trade in value and to get the fix is not the car we purchased. We were going to OPT OUT (maybe if enough people did) Well, I would think they want this mess over and done with. Some people are making out on the deal... Some not so much, some not at all. We bought into the warranties, just got the timing belt/water pump service done. We are not ok with the offers. VW ... take care of your loyal customers please. At least give an option 3. Let us buy a car at trade in value with 0% interest loans.

BLA BLAH BLAH, Dieselgate will make me a TON of money, and I'm keeping it too. I'm going to use all the money VW gives me to buy an old Diesel Truck with no emissions at all, then I'm going to drive it 90% of the time and park my TDI in the garage.

Is there any benefit or con for waiting until 2018 to sell car back to VW?

Assuming you clock less than 1047 miles and more than 750ish(I'm sure a mathematician could figure out the best range, I'm just guessing) you shouldn't expect to lose much by waiting till the end as your car's value is locked in at it's clean trade value as of September 18 2015. Regardless of wear and tear it'll be treated as if it's in perfect condition.

If you clock under 750ish miles a month then you need to consider the fact that you are paying out to have your car sit and not get any "allowed" use out of it.

If you clock over 1047 a month you'll be "penalized"

You buy a TDI and had great credit. Now, things happen, and you no longer can get credit. You want to sell you car back, because the reasons why you bought the car no longer(or won't) exist anymore. So they offer you 150 dollars, after paying your car off. Now what? I think VW has an obligation to get everyone in a position where they were before this happened. regardless of their situation.

So, I'm trying to reconcile a discrepancy between the FTC Consent Decree and VW's own settlement documents. I purchased an affected vehicle AFTER June 28, 2016.

According to the FTC decree, I don't fall into the category of those buyers who purchased the vehicle between September 18, 2015 and June 28, 2016. Therefore, the restitution amount should not be half, or otherwise shared with an Eligible Seller, since an owner selling the vehicle after June 28, 2016 is not an Eligible Seller.

The VW documents, and the estimated buyback I have thus far received, accounts for only half of the restitution.

How do I go about resolving the discrepancy between the FTC consent and the VW Settlement documents?


Your understanding of the FTC Consent Order is correct. To get information about the private settlement, you can call Volkswagen at 1-844-98-CLAIM.

Thanks. So if VWs settlement is not in accordance with the FTC Consent Order, is that a concern of the FTC? Meaning, if VW stands by their "half restitution" for owners who purchased their vehicles after June 28, should a complaint be made to the FTC?

If you think a business isn't living up to its claims, you can report that to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint.

I think I was and am still in shock how easily Vw was let off the hook. They still,have big problems with other countries over the tdi, but how in America could they get away with this still baffles me. After reading so many blogs of other people's situations I feel lucky. I like many others planned to drive my tdi for yrs. I purchased my 2014 tdi bettle coupe in early 2015 new and got a great discount because it sat on the lot so long. Now Vw wants to give me $15,000.00 more than I owe!! No brainier take it. But my thoughts about the settlement are that all tdi owners were lied to and Vw and the court has an obligation to make everyone whole again!! None of us are going to be in that position if we have to buy a new car and start the process all over again! Especially those with upside down value. I aggre that buying the car outright or leasing the car should be treated exactly the same.. Not giving the advantage to Lessie's who are upside down. Never again for me with Vw...

i have a used 2014 bettle tdi. i bought mine this last may. i was leasing a jetta at the time and they talked me into the beetle. which i love. but i have a question. obviously i will not get money because im second owner. but their suppose to give me back 22,000. well i still have my vw credit loan which is 26000 because of roll over from jetta. so will they pay my whole loan. or am i gona have to return car and owe money? i bettrr not, because this is their fault. if so i guess id have to sue the dealership for selling me the car knowing this scandle was taking place. im freaking out cuz i just dont know whats happening

For the most current information go to VWCourtSettlement.com. or call 844-98-CLAIM.

I just looked up the stop sale date which was 01/2016. And mine was sold to me from vw dealership in may 2016. Isnt that illegal?

I bought the TDI because I drive further than the average person for work. Ironically I got service done on Seotember 18th of 2015 at my local vw shop. The mileage shows 50450. Using the buyback mileage estimator, it says my vehicle would have 60500 on it. I called vw and they said they will not offer me a price on the actual mileage. This is crap and I, like many others, will be getting screwed out of money. I have contacted an attorney on the case. We'll see but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm in the same boat. Had service done the day before at a VW dealership with the mileage recorded. The actual mileage and the "adjusted" mileage pushes me into a different bracket for compensation. These lawyers and VW suck.

I sold my 2011 Jetta in April of this year, I dont have the VIN # nor have I received anything in the mail about the buyback. What should I do now?

Go to VWCourtSettlement.com and enter your information at "Check My Eligibility & Access Online Portal" to see if you are eligible for a refund.

A person who owned an eligible car on September 18, 2015 and later sold the car could be an “eligible seller.” If you are an eligible seller and you want to qualify for a restitution payment, you should identify yourself by September 16, 2016.

We got our numbers today from the VW court settlement web site. I'm really not happy about this. I've had my car for two years and have paid interest and principal during this time that probably addes up to about $9K. Yes, they are willing to pay off my car and I walk away with only $1400 (because the value as of 9/15 is still way less than what I owe and then with the money for "inconvenience" pays the rest off leaving me with $1400. What about the money, the $9K I've already have lost in paying for this car that I loved so much mostly due to the gas mileage???? Not to mention my down payment, the taxes, etc. I'm not really seeing a compensation here. It basically gets people out of a vehicle that is going to continue to depressiate and we could end up with something worse if they fix it. Not happy here. I would be happier if I had another $3K for the inconvenience of having to find another car that gets descent mpg, and dealing with sales people once again, not to mention the disappointment I have now that my car I loved so much and spent $9K on already was a fraud.

Does anyone know if VW has to put the money for settlements in a trust so if VW America decides to go bankrupt the consumers that are due these settlement claims are not screwed a second time. My concern is there were 11 million diesels sold in Europe and only 400,000+ sold in the US. Now it is looking like European consumers are starting to challenge the crappy settlement they received, which was just a fix. If the 11 million Europeans get the same or similar settlement we got in the US, VW will go bankrupt for sure. We will line up behind the secured creditors and only end up getting a portion of our settlement. Who wants to wait until 2018 to sell the car back with that risk looming. Not me! Again my question.....does VW have to put the money in a trust fund or escrow so the consumers' money is protected from risk of VW going ankrupt?

The FTC Order contains a judgment that will provide consumers with substantial protections in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy.

Where can I read up on the "substantial protections" for more details? If VW (for whatever reason) were to renege on the buyback, I imagine there are substantial penalties for them - like they can't sell VWs in the US again - but what protections are there for consumers if they renege? Your answer didn't suggest that the money would be in a escrow account.

Please see the FTC Proposed Order for details of the Judgment for ten billion and thirty-three million dollars in favor of the FTC.


My 2011 jetta tdi sportwagen will go back to dealer for good as soon this settlement is approved and VW call us to drop of the car. The only thing I have to say is that lawyers should get less money and buyers a little bit more.

I a m so sorry the system works like this. But the taxes we paid when we bought our car should be return to our pockets.

The settlement is entirely unfair to consumers who trusted VW. My $28,000 2013 Jetta TDI purchase will only get me $18,348 in compensation. I owe $11,000 on the car loan through my credit union. this will leave me only $7,348 to purchase a car. I can't possibly purchase another car with the same gas mileage, condition, and level of comfort/luxery that I have now. I was planning on driving the Jeatt for 10+ years and have put as many as 313K miles on other cars. We should all be compensated for the full purchase price of the cars, plus tax, and any interest we have paid, in addition to a cash compensation for VW's deception. Also, this is the only car that I own. Will the dealer give me a loaner when I drop my car off? How am I supposed to go out and buy another car with no transportation and wating for the VW electronic deposit to show up or the check to clear? The FTC must address these issues. This is NOT a fair program to US consumers.

The FTC settlement doesn’t provide loaner vehicles to buyback consumers, although buyback consumers have the option of receiving their checks on the spot, or waiting for an electronic funds transfer (EFT) for no longer than three days.

I faxed my information to Volkswagen/Audi Diesel Emissions Settlement Program on Sept. 30, 2016 and received a "Claim Reference Number." I chatted online with a rep and was told that they received my fax; however, I will have to wait until Oct. 19 to acknowledge if I get a refund...do you know anything about a refund DATE? I was told by the car dealership where we purchased our 2014 vw diesel jetta that the settlement check would be available Nov. 1, 2016...do you have any further news?

The FTC will update information about the settlement after the court hearing for final approval on October 18. The vwcourtsettlement.com site has a timeline. The timeline says the anticipated roll out of the settlement program, pending court approval, is Fall 2016.

If our (web-filed) claim got approved, and now it says: "The next step in the process is to schedule your appointment to complete the Approved Emissions Modification. An Emissions Modification for your vehicle is not yet approved by EPA/CARB. Volkswagen will contact you when there is an update on the status of the Emissions Modification for your vehicle." Does it mean that we'll not get the CHECK until the modification is done?

You can get information about that on vwcourtsettlement.com.

The numbers in the settlement that I just received showed a buyback of 13.6k to 15.3k. Going on the website, inputting all the data, the result came out at 10k. I have 84k mileage. We're supposed to get 12.5k per year in mileage, which in my case would equal 75k. So for 9k miles over they're charging me 3.6k. We also purchased the car new with the belief that a diesel would last way longer, and depreciate at a much reduced rate. I also checked nada bluebook retail as of Aug 29th, it was almost identical at 9.8k. You're not able to input a specific date, so the value is as of Aug 29,2016, not Sept, 2015. Way too many issues and questions of ethics here. What are we supposed to do?

I visited the VWCourtSettlement.com and filed a claim today for a buyback, but they show the vehicle return amount at $14,475 for my 2011 Jetta Sportwagon TDI w/sunroof and navi, however the amount on FTC's Proposed Partial Stipulated Order...attachment 1A shows 20,357 and the mileage adjustment is less than 1K. I don't understand why the attachment 1A is so much higher than the amount the VW court settlement website shows. Has anyone else noticed this difference?

The charts on FTC.gov provide your total amount for a buyback or approved emissions modification, subject to any adjustments for options and mileage. That total amount includes the replacement cost (i.e., the retail value) of your vehicle in September 2015, plus compensation for other losses. 

The private class action settlement, which appears at vwcourtsettlement.com, uses a different formula than the FTC for calculating buyback, but the settlements pay equal amounts.

The private class action settlement formula involves “clean trade” and an additional payment. The total amount on vwcourtsettlement.com should match the amount on FTC.gov. 

If you have questions, call VW at 844-98-CLAIM.

To get my nh inspection sticker on September, I need new front brakes on my 2010 Jetta wagon. I tried yesterday, and I was rejected! I am all signed up for the October buyback, and I don't want to spend another $500 on a car that hopefully, will be gone soon! What to do?

You can get information about the condition cars must be in to be eligible for the settlement at VWCourtSettlement.com. You can also call 844-98-CLAIM.

Will the October 18th court deadline address the disparity between originally posted buy back at retail and current wholesale offering? Is there any possibility that VW will offer wholesale on new/used cars to us victims? Like for like. I read that the settlement document stipulates that buy back be at at NADA retail. The subsequent prices are at wholesale.

The charts on FTC.gov provide your total amount for a buyback or approved emissions modification, subject to any adjustments for options and mileage. That total amount includes the replacement cost (i.e., the retail value) of your vehicle in September 2015, plus compensation for other losses. 

The private class action settlement, which appears at vwcourtsettlement.com, uses a different formula than the FTC for calculating buyback, but the settlements pay equal amounts.

The private class action settlement formula involves “clean trade” and an additional payment. The total amount on vwcourtsettlement.com should match the amount on FTC.gov. 

If you have questions, call VW at 844-98-CLAIM.

The initial buyback schedule was significantly higher.The current buyback appears to be wholesale. The published agreement stated 'at retail'.
Could you please address this disparity.

The FTC started its calculations with the pre-scandal NADA clean retail value for the vehicle. The FTC then added all other costs the person incurred or would incur because of the deception.

The proposed private settlement, that is the information you see at vwcourtsettlement.com, provides the same compensation to each person, but starts the calculation with the pre-scandal NADA clean trade value. Then, the proposed private settlement uses adjustments to increase payments above clean trade value.

The proposed private settlement provides the same compensation as the FTC's calculations. For more information, please see the  Federal Trade Commission's Statement Supporting the Settlement in In Re: Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Marketing, Sales Practices and Product Liability Litigation.

Ms. Small, Sorry but I just do not understand what you are trying to say. The settlement has a value listed (i.e. - for me it says $13.6K to $14.3K) plus the restitution amount which varies. When you go to the VWsettlement site they say my car is only worth $10K, plus the restitution. So when you say that the amount is the same, I do not understand which amounts are the same? I have played with the math for a month and what VW is offering is $4K less than what the settlement paperwork describes. Who has authority to tell us (owners) what the actual number is? VW? I hope not, there needs to be a check and balance and if that is not the FTC who is it?

The FTC has oversight of the settlement. Additionally, the FTC is requiring that the entire claims process be overseen by an independent, court-appointed monitor.  Volkswagen has no control over the monitor.  One of the monitor’s responsibilities is ensuring that Volkswagen pays consumers the correct amounts.  

If you think Volkswagen is paying the wrong amount, please contact Volkswagen’s claims center directly (1-844-98-CLAIM) or file a complaint with the FTC.

Who is this "monitor"?

The Court-appointed claims supervisor is Ankura Consulting Group, LLC.

As an "eligible seller," I'm concerned that the settlement is not at all fair to me. To put this is sharp relief, as I understand the settlement, when I bought a new car in March, 2016, had I kept my TDI and mothballed it (which most people can't afford to do), then I'd be able to sell back my TDI and get the full settlement, which would be about $10,000 more than what I will get since I traded it in. That makes no sense. My trade-in value suffered by at least $5,000 because of the scandal. I'm the one who was defrauded. Any party that bought the TDI from me (a dealer, as it happens) should have been fully aware of the situation; they were not defrauded at all and got a lower purchase price. Why should they get half my punitive damages?
I'm tempted to exclude myself from the class, but I have no idea what I could reasonably expect from pursuing a separate settlement. If my understanding is correct, all eligible sellers have been abused by this and should sue under a new class action. What am I missing? What are my options?

Why should they get half my punitive damages? I WAS ASKING THE SAME QUESTION!

Bought car 31400 + 2400 warranty +2100 state taxes. 26000 buy back offer if I buy new car +2400 warranty +2100 state taxes. If you do the math I am loosing over 8000 dollars.I am only getting 20000 for car . which is wholesale value by the way. vw tdi owners do the math start complaining you should have filled a objection like I did. You have 3 days left read you settlement go to page 22 follow instructions. Don't let vw and our government stick it to you.

I have 2012 Passat and am very unhappy with both the buyback and restitution offer. They reduced the value of my car by $2500 udner the Sept 2015 blue book. I assume this reduction was due to the odometer reading but that reading is based on today, not Sept 2015 so I think it is unfair. I was considering keeping my VW and getting the fix that is offered but I don't know anymore. I thought they were going to compensate me for making my car worth almost nothing but now it looks like they are trying to be cheap.

The money paid out should not be for "when the scandal broke" but when I bought the car new + restitution. Allowing them that time between the time of buying and "when the scandal broke" is just slapping them on the wrist and not properly taking into account of when the issue really began. What about "when they began breaking the law!"

I submitted a reply to an above post that was started by: GolfGulp | September 6, 2016 but it was not posted today. I have to assume because the FTC does not have an answer or does not know quite what to say. But GolfGulp is right that what is written in the agreement and what comes up when you go to the settlement sight are not the same. The response from the FTC that they start at different numbers but end up the same is not true, at least for some of us. In my case it is almost $5K different. Has anyone else seen this issue. Not even taking in to account taxes, and warranties, etc. Just the agreed to numbers do not match what is being offered. FTC, please let me know who I need to talk to? Who has oversight of this to ensure VW is following the numbers agreed to? Thank you.

I just noticed the same thing as I was calculating the numbers. I also had about a 5K difference between the VW figure and the FTC figure. The FTC amount being 5K higher than VW. Now I'm wondering if this is a new adjustment after the most recent court date or where the variation is coming from. 2xTDI's thank you for pointing this out.

I'm glad to see your post because I ran into the same problem. I was satisfied with the first calculation, but not the second.

I have a 2014 Golf with 7 payments left on the lease an a residual of over $18,000. So…. If I ditch the car now, I get $3459 and don't have to eat 7 more lease payments. I'm still out almost 10K and have no car. The vehicle has been parked for more than a year, since it also has the 'potentially fatal' shrapnel-slinging airbag. If I got a break on the residual, I'd keep it after the fix, but at this point, I'll I've got is a car in my garage I don't drive, with low mileage, and the buy back doesn't apply to me since I'm a lessee.

This settlement is flawed in the extreme:
1. First, the buyback is not "replacement value" but what a dealer would pay wholesale. The tone of the article for this section is self-serving bureaucratic language.
2. Despite the fact that the cars will likely be crushed, the owners have to present them in running and maintained condition.
3. In order to accomplish # 2, the owners will have to pay hundreds to thousands in maintenance to keep the cars in a condition ACCEPTABLE TO VW. I just put $800 into repairs. VW should have been required to cover all repairs to these vehicles, or perform repairs and maintenance at cost until the vehicles can be sold back. I suppose the judge in the settlement and the attorneys just happened to miss this little fact.
4. VW has been given until 12/2018 to complete the buyback. This could potentially be two years of maintenance, insurance, registration, etc all at the customer's expense.
5.There are approximately 600 VW dealership in the US; there are approximately 500,000 affected TDIs. How will smaller dealers accept 500 to 1,000 cars each?!? They have no storage for that number. There are not enough car haulers to move this number of vehicles in a short time. Some of these dealerships have a small number of employees and I am sure are not going to allocate most of their personal time to a VW buyback program. The parameters of the program have been announced but there is no guarantee that VW will be able to handle the logistics with a stressed and aggrieved dealer network.

The bottom line is that we TDI owners are going to get stuck with hundreds to thousands of dollars more of expenses before this is resolved, we will receive little or no restitution of our costs of financing, Insurance, maintenance, stress , risk of accident and time are all working to vw's favor. Meanwhile federal and state governments walk away with billions in air quality settlements with which to balance their budgets and the class action attorneys walk away with 35 million dollars. Note that the award to the lawyers was announced long before any practical resolution for the customers. FTC handled this poorly from the beginning. What should have occurred was that the customer, not air quality and state budgets,should have been placed first. I and many others are profoundly disappointed with the settlement. We are not looking for a windfall, we are just looking to be made whole while driving an unreliable vehicle that could at any time costs us significant funds to keep in a condition VW has demanded. This is the biggest fiasco in automotive history and will likely drive some who cannot afford to hang on to a defective and flawed automobile and will likely drive some into bankruptcy or financial duress. It is also a primary failure of the Class Action System and an example of how a judge is unable to visualize the position of the aggrieved parties.

The FTC calculation of buyback amounts started with the pre-scandal NADA clean retail value for a vehicle. The FTC then added all other costs the person incurred or would incur because of the deception: cost of shopping for a new car, sales taxes and registration, the value of the lost opportunity to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and the additional amount "Clean Diesel" consumers paid for a vehicle feature (clean emissions) that Volkswagen falsely advertised.

The Court granted preliminary approval of the Class Action Settlement, but not final approval. After the notice period is complete, the Court will hold a final approval hearing, which is currently scheduled for October 18, 2016. If the Settlements receive final approval from the Court, Buybacks, Lease Terminations and payments to eligible former owners and former lessees will begin shortly afterwards. See more in the frequently asked questions, court documents, forms & notices at vwcourtsettlement.com.

Nada is wholesale not retail show me a car dealer where I can buy a car at wholesale. We should get retail + at least 10000$ to cover lost sales tax ,warranty, difference in millage, need to keep car repaired till it is bought back. If vw +our government doesn't improve this deal unhappy owners should get there own class action lawyer. No doubt we could get a better deal than this.

After talking with the 1-844-98CLAIM today, it became apparent that the amount offered and the way in which it was calculated differed substantially from the Case 3:15-md-02672-CRB Document 1607-1 Filled 06/28/16 Attachments 1A, 2A-C.

I am concerned that the original settlement is being misinterpreted. What can be done?

I dunno -- I just did the math, and they would offer me $26k for a car I bought for $29k in 2014. I still owe $13k on it, so I would walk away with $13k, and $3k was for having a new car for 2 and a half years. That's not so terrible really.

What I think I will actually do though is take the $7k restitution and the fix if it is a good one. If not, keep the restitution money and the fix, and I keep my car as is (I'm in one of those states that does not have emissions testing, and in the country too, so Ozone isn't as bad as all those low MPG SUVs' CO2).

Can't think of any other new car I could buy that would be diesel/high MPG wagon, manual transmission and towing capable (I have a 2014 Jetta Sportwagen TDI MT). So I'll keep it for the next 10 years. If we were in Europe I would have like 50 options of cars like that. But in the U.S., American automakers who don't build diesels lobbied the government to make crazy strict diesel emissions rules and super lax CO2 rules, as a non-tariff barrier to their European competitors. That's why VW cheated and probably can't come up with a fix now.

And Bridget at FCC -- you are inhumanly patient. I would tell all those cry babies who think they should get their full purchase price back to get stuffed.

Consider yourself lucky!

I've paid $18000 in nearly 4 years for a car I can't keep without worrying about the federal government banning registration..

who on earth would pay 18000 to drive a car for less than 4 years? And some even have it worse! Excluding the rich who can afford to waste money.

Also many American manufacturers offer diesel overseas. Ford Mondeo diesel. That's a fusion over here but with diesel powered options over there. You can get dodge caravans in diesel in EU. Also Chevy has the cruze and Colorado which are expected to have a diesel option but using UREA instead of DPF. It's got nothing to do with keeping the manufactures like VW out its got more to do with keeping gasoline powered engines in

Sure diesel emits more fumes per gallon but they generally smash the competition in MPG

Let's say 2.0l gasoline powered jetta creates 12lbs of c02 per 1 gallon of gasoline used, gets 25 MPG, and travels 50 miles.. it burned 2 gallons of fuel and put 24lbs of c02 into the atmoshpere

Now a diesel comes along ... it gets 50 MPG(and yes, despite the window sticker stating 34mpg combined the diesel cars generally perform much better, source: All TDI owners) and puts out 18lbs c02 per gallon. drive it 50 miles and you created 6lbs less than the gasoline powered version.. obviously these numbers aren't exact as this is only an example. But I'm using figures reported by the US government.

now you mod the car and lower it's emissions to closer reflect that of a gasoline engine... but you have also reduced the expected MPG of the vehicle to increase emissions performance. So your diesel produces 15lbs per gallon used instead of 18lbs but can only go 35 miles on a gallon. Now you've succefully reduced per gallon emissions but in all reality you are creating more c02 to travel the same distance

The emissions scandal reports that VW 2.0l TDI vehicles produce 35% higher than acceptable emissions.. using the figures from this example this equals to a little over 24 lbs of c02 produced per gallon used.. if that "affected" car was to travel 50 miles on one gallon it would produce nearly the same c02 emissions as that of a gasoline powered alternative before any mod

This is comparing a Jetta 2.0l TDI vs a 2.0l gasoline Jetta if you missed it.

Obviously driver habits and road conditions further affect these numbers but everything needs a baseline for comparison.

Not saying these numbers are by any means exact. BUT this is something you should consider.

So we can establish that eh.. maybe they are producing higher emissions... but to incur a $14,000,000,000.00 Hit? And potentially increase the c02 emissions from what they really were pre-scandal by moding the vehicles.

Something seems fishy when you can visualize the 0's in that figure...

I purchased a car for gas mileage and longevity. A 2013 jetta tdi.I wont get enough from the buyback to purchase another comparable car.The deal is not fair we are left with two choices buyback or fix.the buyback is a joke.If you return something to wal-mart do you get an adjusted price or do you get full money back.The clean trade in is unfair they should give you retail value as of date of the scam.seems to me the consumer is getting screwd we did nothing wrong.what is wrong with pre-scam retail price????

The FTC calculated the amount using the National Association of Auto Dealers Clean Retail value for a vehicle before the scandal broke in September 2015, then the FTC added other losses consumers incurred, or would incur, because of Volkswagen’s deception.  This includes the cost of shopping for a new car, sales taxes and registration, the value of the lost opportunity to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and the additional amount consumers paid for a “Clean Diesel” vehicle feature (clean emissions) that Volkswagen falsely advertised.

Bridget Small should go to any car dealer in America point to a car and say I want to buy that car for wholesale price. Dealer will laff her out the door. Nada is wholesale not retail we should get retail vw is guilty of fraud. Samsung is replacing note 7 with new phones and as of right now it was a defect not fraud. We should get retail + money to pay for sales tax,warranty, keeping car repaired, and cash . We should be able to walk into any vw dealer and get a replacement car +sale tax+ 100000 miles warranty. They were supposed to have to have this fixed 2009 could not fix put in defeat software. As for as I am concerned the fraud started the day I bought the car I want my money back all of my money not nada price.

The FTC's Statement to the Court in Support of the Settlement has information about how the FTC calculated the amount consumers would get to replace their vehicles.

The FTC started its calculations with the National Association of Auto Dealers ("NADA") Clean Retail value for a vehicle before the scandal broke - "what a person could reasonably pay for a vehicle [in good condition] at a dealer's lot." The Commission then added all other losses consumers incurred, and would incur, because of Volkswagen's deception, including the "shoe leather" cost of shopping for a new car, sales taxes and registration, the value of the lost opportunity to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and the additional amount "Clean Diesel" consumers paid for a vehicle feature (clean emissions) that Volkswagen falsely advertised.

Bridget Small you are not telling the truth. I am starting at my vw letter it clearly says vw we will buy back your TDI for an amount based in part on the NADA clean trade value as of separation 2015. Clean trade value is wholesale. My car was retailing for 26000, 27000 in September 2015 not 20000 you are offering + 6900 compensation. Talk to Colin Comer he is Road and Tracks resident used car buff maybe he can set you straight on your understanding of NADA price. I am not getting any compensation. IF you take into account lost sales tax, lost warranty cost, buying new car paying sales tax again buying new warranty again lost millage difference this is a bad deal. You need go back do some research for some tdi owners this could be a good deal but for those of us who bought new top of the line cars and incurred the cost I outline this deal stinks.

The FTC and VW used different methodologies to calculate buyback amounts.

The FTC used the National Association of Auto Dealers Clean Retail value for a vehicle before the scandal broke in September 2015. To that amount, the FTC added other losses consumers incurred, or would incur, because of Volkswagen’s deception.  This includes the cost of shopping for a new car, sales taxes and registration, the value of the lost opportunity to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and the additional amount consumers paid for a “Clean Diesel” vehicle feature (clean emissions) that Volkswagen falsely advertised.

Volkswagen divides this total into parts, including some it labels as “vehicle value” and “additional restitution.” 

The FTC did not divide calculations this way or use the same methodology, but the total amounts are the same. The total amount you get from the FTC charts is equal to the total amount on Volkswagen’s claims website

The FTC has oversight of the settlement, and is requiring that an independent, court-appointed monitor review claims to ensure that consumers receive the correct amount under the settlement.  The monitor will be reporting periodically to the Court about the processing of claims.

If you see or hear statements that contradict the FTC formula, please report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint.

i think the ftc works for vw.

Bridget Small - FTC: What is the scenario should my car become inoperable due to mechanical issues or collision damage between now and final court approval? Can I still receive the buyback?

Please read the information on vwcourtsettlement.com.

The frequently asked questions includes information about what happens if your vehicle has been in an accident, and dozens of other questions.

Bridget, my TDI has minor body damage <$2000, will the VW Buy Back person be making a decision as to how much this damage lessens what VW values the vehicle at?

You can go to VWCourtSettlement.com or call 844-98-CLAIM and ask about that.

I have read the court documents and did not find an answer. I called VW and talked to Alexis who said that a minor dent such as mine should not lower the payment from VW for my vehicle. VW is assuming that the vehicle was OK on 9/15 and that is the value base. I hope she is correct

It is my understand that the buyback value of the car is calculated using Attachment 1A as amended by (added to or subtracted from) Attachment 2A-2C.
When I contacted the 184498CLAIM, they stated that this was untrue.
Parenthetically, the mileage calculations used in 2A-2C could be a negative number if the miles driven since September 2015 were less then the allotted standard mileage. I was very disappointed that the level of knowledge shown by the people at the claim number did not reflect what the settlement specified.

The FTC and VW used different methodologies to calculate buyback amounts.

The FTC used the National Association of Auto Dealers Clean Retail value for a vehicle before the scandal broke in September 2015. To that amount, the FTC added other losses consumers incurred, or would incur, because of Volkswagen’s deception.  This includes the cost of shopping for a new car, sales taxes and registration, the value of the lost opportunity to drive an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and the additional amount consumers paid for a “Clean Diesel” vehicle feature (clean emissions) that Volkswagen falsely advertised.

Volkswagen divides this total into parts, including some it labels as “vehicle value” and “additional restitution.” 

The FTC did not divide calculations this way or use the same methodology, but the total amounts are the same. The total amount you get from the FTC charts is equal to the total amount on Volkswagen’s claims website

The FTC has oversight of the settlement, and is requiring that an independent, court-appointed monitor review claims to ensure that consumers receive the correct amount under the settlement.  The monitor will be reporting periodically to the Court about the processing of claims.

If you see or hear statements that contradict the FTC formula, please report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint.

Bridget Small so you use one method and vw used another method but both amounts are the same. It doesn't matter which method you use I am getting hosed and you don't seem to understand this. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and coming up with the same results. This conversation is over. I just hope there is enough tdi owner not happy with this deal to hire out own class action lawyer and take vw to court and get the deal we deserve.

Question for you on the Volkswagen front - In most states, sales tax on new cars is only assessed on the difference between a new car and the trade in price of the old car. So, in a traditional scenario if I trade in a car for $20,000 and the new car purchase price is $25,000, I would owe state sales tax on only $5,000. With the VW buyback, if I "sell back" a car for $20,000 and purchase one for $25,000 to replace it, would I owe sales tax on the full $25,000? Or does the sell back qualify as a trade in? I ask you because there is a LOT of consumer money at stake. If, for the sake of argument and simplicity, the average buyback price is $20,000 and 200,000 owners sell back their cars, there's $4B in potential sales tax basis on the line. If the buyback can't function as a tradein, the affected VW owners stand to pay about $320M in sales taxes on their new cars (8% of the $4B potential trade in value of the buyback cars). Any opinion? Has the court addressed this?

If you allow VW to buy back your car, you get money from the VW corporation, not a local dealer. (You may go to a local dealer's business to meet the VW corporate representative and get a check, but that representative does not work for the dealer.)

The transaction is not a trade in. The dealers don't take your car, and the dealers don't give you money. That's all handled by VW corporate.

If you allow VW to buy your car, and you get a check, you can use the money however you wish. You aren't required to buy a car from VW, or buy a car at all.

The FTC considered the costs related to buying a car -  including sales tax, registration and other costs -  when it determined the overall payment to consumers.

Could the FTC please publish a spread sheet that shows the Volkswagen arrived at formula for NADA plus restitution verses the FTC formula including the mileage adjustment. I am pretty sure that the 1-844-98CLAIM (VW's settlement website and phone service is offering a different amount than the agreed upon settlement. Thanks

The total amount from the FTC charts is the same as the total on Volkswagen’s claims site. 

For example, after adding and subtracting the proper amounts for mileage and options, your buyback number from the FTC charts might be $14,000.  The Volkswagen website may break that $14,000 into different parts (such as vehicle value and additional restitution), but the total will still be $14,000.  

If you believe that your amount is incorrect, in addition to calling 1-844-98-CLAIM, you may also file a complaint with the FTC. 

It appears that the calculation of the Buyback and Approved Emissions Modification Restitution is different in the two different documents. The documents filed in June verses those filed in August lead to different results. Please see: Case 3:15-md-02672-CRB Document 1607-1 Filed 06/28/16 and Document 1607-8 Filed 06/28/16 verses the Case 3:15-md-02672-CRB Document 1784 Filed 08/26/16 Page 1 of 52. thanks

The total amount from the FTC charts and the Class Action Settlement Agreement is the same. The Class Action Settlement Agreement divides the total into parts, with labels like “vehicle value” and “additional restitution.”  The FTC did not divide calculations this way, but the totals are the same. 

For more information about the FTC’s methodology, please see the FTC’s Statement in Support of the Settlement.

three comments and questions.
number one I understand I will get a date to take my car back to a vw dealer of my choice where a VW rep will take the car back and give me a check. Ok how the heck do I get home? unless I have another car to roll over into at that moment I am stuck and thirty miles from home.
number two: if as we all hope the settlement is finalized how long will it take to get the appointment clearly you will need some criteria set the peckinig order, those of us you make wait longer will have to make at lest one more payment which is not the same as those serviced in October very unfair. Also many of us are dickering on 2016 models and being pushed to the end of the line will result in lost opportunities which is vw's fault not mine.
and finally what will vw do for me in perks over and above those already offered to keep me in another vw? right now I am seeing nothing what ever from you to let me know you want me back

I have a TDI with a rebuilt title that I bought prior to the diesel scandal. I thought that the TDI was an upgrade from my perfectly functioning Toyota Prius. Boy, was I mislead. The vehicle's engine and transmission wasn't destroyed or impacted by the damage to the body work and radiator, and the impacted items have been repaired in this borderline "total." I am concerned that I will be excluded from the settlement and will have to continue driving this smog mobile and be stuck with it as Volkswagen's scandal has made it virtually worthless.

I checked vwcourtsettlement>FAQ on eligibility:

The following entities and individuals are excluded from the class: Owners whose Volkswagen or Audi 2.0-liter TDI vehicle (1) could not be driven under the power of its own 2.0-liter TDI engine on June 28, 2016, or (2) had a branded title of assembled, dismantled, flood, junk, rebuilt, reconstructed, or salvage on September 18, 2015, and was acquired from a junkyard or salvage yard after September 18, 2015;

The FTC site states V. “Eligible Vehicle” means Model Year 2009 through 2015 Volkswagen light-duty vehicles equipped with 2.0-liter TDI engines that, (3) for an Eligible Owner, is currently Operable or ceases to be Operable after the date set by the Court for consumers to opt out of the Class Action or the Effective Date, whichever is earlier;"

I am not sure if these are the saying the same thing or something different. Can you provide clarification as to what renders a vehicle operable/inoperable on what the specific date is? If it were inoperable on said date, and needed a repair and I later repaired it, then it should still be covered, but this legalese makes it seem as if that is not the case.

What should I do if I missed the deadline to register as an eligible seller? Are there any options available to me to get this settlement? When I had initially read through the information in June I saw that the official settlement wouldn't be completed until October so I thought I had until at least October 2016 to get my application in. Can you please explain why the deadline for eligible sellers? It just seems like another hoop to jump through. Thanks

For answers to questions about the class action settlement, please go to VWCourtSettlement.com or call 844-98-CLAIM.

I have a 2009 Jetta TDI and I just want this over so I can buy another vehicle. We will likely lose the vehicle we want to another buyer. Plus October is the month I have to buy my tags. Will we get our money by November 1, or will it be drawn out for weeks. I do not want to miss this 2016 I am looking at and since things change with legal matters, the dealer won't let me put a deposit on it.

We made the mistake of window shopping early and found exactly what we want. Now just waiting it mout, hoping it does not sell before we turn in the VW. I hope we don't have to wait too long.

Time is on VW's side. I lease my TDI Jetta and I am stuck until the court accepts VW's settlement deal. I was offered a ridiculous settlement of $3,700 for my car. It's going to cost me way more to get a replacement. The law is on the companies side here. VW should redeem all my payments and take their car. I want out, can't buy another car and on top am getting peanuts. VW cheated and SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE!! Their cars are 400 times above the limit. That is wrong.

'13 Passat tdi sel - This is my first and last VW product. Thanks for the lesson.

  • month 9 - battery replaced due to failure. $150.
  • month 18 – rearview mirror came unglued from windshield. VW turned me a way stating they don’t make mirror attachment repairs. Peoria VW, Az.
  • month 21 - addblue heating unit replaced due to known early failure of RTD. $1,200.
  • month 29 – Receive laceration on finger while pressing engine start button due to metal decal failure.
  • month 36 – driver side head light failure.

5 Safety recalls to date.

  • Extended warranty for known early failure of core heater.
  • Extended warranty for known early failure of Turbo motors.
  • Emissions scandal – VW welling to pollute our environment and my time dealing with compensation and replacement.
  • Emissions scandal restitution – Penalized for going over allotted annual millage.
  • Emissions scandal restitution – Being place under a $20,000. risk by continue to drive my vehicle, If I can’t drive it in to return the car then VW says NO DEAL.

VOLKSWAGEN RESOLVES CLAIMS OF VW-BRANDED FRANCHISE DEALERS IN THE UNITED STATES Herndon, VA – September 30, 2016 Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (“Volkswagen”) today announced that it has finalized an agreement to resolve the claims of VW-branded franchise dealers in the United States relating to TDI vehicles and other matters asserted concerning the value of the franchise.

Under the proposed agreement, Volkswagen has agreed to make a maximum total of $1.208 billion in cash payments to eligible dealers and to provide additional benefits to resolve alleged past, current and future claims of losses in franchise value. The parties announced an agreement in principle on August 25.

The proposed agreement was filed today by the dealers’ counsel with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and is subject to the approval of Judge Charles R. Breyer, who presides over the federal Multi-District Litigation (MDL) proceedings related to the diesel matter. By its terms, the agreement is not intended to apply to or affect Volkswagen’s obligations under the laws or regulations of any jurisdiction outside the United States, where the legal and factual circumstances relating to TDI vehicles differ.

WOW!!!......so the dealers will get a lot of money after profiting by selling us this cars. Bottom line the consumers got the worst of the deal.....I can't wait to return my car & buy any cars beside VW.

Talked to a VW dealer recently and they are already making excuses about when they might buy back my car. Having to make arrangements for storage and transport of the cars. Unless your buying another VW it might be a long wait. They are not giving any special deals to us on new cars.

Sections VII and VIII of the FTC's proposed Order include information about how the buyback will work. The timing and steps involve may depend on whether you own(ed) or lease(d) your vehicle, or have an outstanding loan obligation.

Why are they allowed to penalize owners for mileage? This is SCANDAL not a Trade-in.

Knowing that Bridget Small will not post this I am writing this anyway. Samsung is refunding the purchase price of note 7 because of a defect in the phone not fraud. VW is buying back our fraudulently sold car's at wholesale prices + cash the cash doesn't cover our losses. This was rigged from the start government/ftc got 5 billion VW owners got hosed.

This FTC press release explains who may receive money from VW under the settlements.

In two related settlements, one with the United States and the State of California, and one with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), German automaker Volkswagen AG and related entities agreed to spend up to $14.7 billion to settle allegations of cheating emissions tests and deceiving customers.

Volkswagen will offer consumers a buyback and lease termination for nearly 500,000 model year 2009-2015 2.0 liter diesel vehicles sold or leased in the U.S., and spend up to $10.03 billion to compensate consumers under the program. In addition, the companies will spend $4.7 billion to mitigate the pollution from these cars and invest in green vehicle technology.

VW should offer for those who opt for the buyback FREE 30 day car rental for the reasons below: a)we need a car to drive back after we turn over the car. b) not all customers are ready to buy a new car right away...they need to shop around. c)I think it's right thing to do.....maybe it will attract back customers to buy VW....I said just maybe:).

Started the claim process in July. VW site said I'd be receiving almost $17k(value + restitution). Last week (no fault of my own) the car was totaled. Had not yet gone to a dealer to have them see the car and get the milage.
Just had to sign the car over to my insurance company already. Now....what do I get? How do I get it?

You can talk with a VW representative at 844-98-CLAIM.

YOU keep telling people to call the vw customer service line...have you tried? Left messages twice to resolve my issues...no response whatsoever! I have filed and with $9800 buyback, plus $5100 restitution, I get my loan of $14,600 paid off and end up with$300 !@! And no car!! The provision I read about states a 130% rule for owners owing way more than the buyback amount...vw is not honoring that provision, and I have no way to speak to anyone about it.can you advise? AND please don't tell me to call the customer service#.

any update on your situation? I may be in the same boat :-/

"We worked very hard to get a fair deal for VW and Audi owners and lessees"... HA! Yeah right.

Tell that to the owners, like me, who have high mileage cars that have required expensive repairs over the past year. Or like my case, have cars that broke down on vacation and aren't financially worthwhile to have repaired. I have been left with a barely running (still meets the bare minimum settlement requirements that define "running" HA!) TDI that has been sitting in a parking lot since May 750 miles from my house. In the mean time I've had to pay insurance on the car I cant use and buy another car until this boondoggle of a "settlement" is finalized eons later.

After the costs of the tow to its final destination, travel home, and the frustration of having to buy another car to use while storing my TDI, and painful experience dealing with VW Customer "Care" (who will do nothing by the way). Subtracting the $1200 I spent to JUST GET HOME from the settlement I'm about $500 more than I had planned on selling the car for in September 2015... then add on the $100 plate renewal fee I get hit with at the end of October and the cost of traveling out to the car to surrender it or tow it home I'm losing money on this sham of a deal. If VW gives me hell about its running condition and makes me repair it I'll end up losing $4,000 on this "fair deal".

So far, after many many calls and emails to VW about my situation, pleading for them to accept the car at a fair value slightly less than the proposed settlement as a trade in, and pleading for goodwill warranty repair so I can at least drive it or at the minimum cover the towing I paid for... their response was "here's the worlds smallest violin, we don't care".

I have a question about things like the dealer installed accessories and my extended warranty (2013 Passat TDI SEL). There doesn't seem to be a place to ask, other than the canned Q&A about leases and repair options. I've apparently lost $1200 from the extended warranty so I'm pretty frustrated, and I have another $1000 or so between window tint and paint protection film that is now a write-off, not to mention trunk mats, floor mats, car cover and so on. I'm guessing I'm just out the money, but is this something that I can take VW to small claims court to recover since it wouldn't have been necessary if they hadn't cheated in the first place, causing the need to do the buyback?

You can find additional information at vwcourtsettlement.com.

The proposed FTC Consent Order (available on vwcourtsettlement.com) has several Attachments. You can use the Attachments to calculate a Buyback or Approved Emissions Modification Adjustment amount.

For example, Attachment 1A shows certain options - like a sunroof or sound system - may affect the potential buyback or modification amount. Attachment 1A may not apply to your car. You have to use the Attachments that apply to your vehicle's model, year, body style and geographic region.

Just had the high pressure fuel pump go out on my 2013 TDI. Car has 63,800 miles on it. VW will not cover the repair, which is @ $6,000. VW did extend warranty on HPFP on 2009-2012, unfortunately mine is a 2013. I was told I cannot be part of the buyback until the car is "operable", which means spending $6,000 to repair the car to make it operable, so I can drive it on to the lot, where VW has to make it "inoperable". Apparently, this is an issue affecting many TDI owners, and is a well known problem. Class action attorney's for the buyback were of no help, even though acknowledged they have numerous owners in the same position.

Will we be able to turn in these cars on Nov. 1? I want this over. I am afraid to drive my car for fear of wrecking it. Need to have the exact date so I can move forward with locking down another vehicle.

As of October 13, the timeline on vwcourtsettlement.com says the settlement program will begin in Fall 2016, pending court approval. You can go to vwcourtsettlement.com or call r you can call 844-98-CLAIM for updated information.

I can't comprehend what is the rush to return these economical high torque little TDI vehicles? Any car you will replace with sure will not provide the fraction of benefits you would get from TDI equipped VW's. For starters, if you choose EV, the fun part of driving is up in the smoke. Second, if you choose gasoline powered engine, may be the fun factor still will be there, but you will have a great fuel penalty. The prudent thing to do is to wait for the fix and see how the vehicle performs.
If there is discernible fuel penalty along with performance, go ahead and return it. Remember you have 2 years to do the return. I just don't get the excitement among some of the owners to get rid of perfectly beautiful car. Driving 125 mile round trip to work my 2010 TDI consistently delivered 45 MPG city/freeway driving. I carpool with 2 of my coworkers, one drive hybrid hyundai sonata, the other one drives 2015 mazda6 the fuel econ of both cars have not exceeded 32 miles. Doing the same commute with them, my little Jetta effortlessly delivers over 48 miles/gal and does so with its lovely low revving engine.

Went to vwcourtsettlement.com and determined I'm an eligible seller but wasn't notified of the settlement. A friend told me about it. What are my options at this point? Can I still participate? Current owners have until September 2018 to decide, why was it such a short window for sellers?

You can call VW 844-98-CLAIM and ask why you didn't get the notice, and what your options are now.

Has there been any adjustment to the buyback option as when I ran the numbers over a month ago on my 2009 Jetta Sportwagen TDI with 170K miles the result was very low. I was hoping to see a return of the $5100 compensation or most of it after my loan is paid off but I was offered under $400. I guess this is due to the mileage but who wouldn't have 170K on a 7-8 year old diesel?!? I thought they were trying to do the right thing and hope I could at least get enough out of the car to put a down payment on a replacement. Thanks

The amount you will receive for a buyback depends on the particular model, year, body style, mileage, where you live, and certain options, like a power sunroof or navigation system. You will be compensated based on the value of the car at the time Volkswagen’s deception became public, as well as for the costs associated with purchasing a new car and Volkswagen’s deception. 

You can use these charts to estimate how much you will receive:

These factors also affect compensation:

The total amount you get from the FTC charts is equal to the total amount on Volkswagen’s claims website. Volkswagen divides the total into parts, including some it labels as “vehicle value” and “additional restitution.” 

The FTC did not divide calculations this way or use the same methodology, but the total amounts are the same.  For example, if after adding and subtracting the proper amounts for mileage and options, your buyback number from the FTC charts is $14,000, that is the total you are eligible to receive.  The Volkswagen claims website may break that $14,000 into different parts, but the total of those parts will still be $14,000

I bought my 2015 Golf on September 5, 2015, less then two weeks before the scandal became public on Sept 18, 2015. I didn't hear about it until a month or so later... VW was knowingly doing this since their 2009 model years, The defeat device and vehicle emissions cheat software issue was first identified by WVU back in May, 2014. Apparently, EPA/CARB contacted VW about this on September 3, 2015. So why is this settlement hinged on September 18, 2015?

My loan for the 2015 Golf TDI is through VW Credit, and to my great personal disappointment included all the extras the dealer sold to me... rust proofing, paint/interior sealant, road hazard warranty, extended service contract, VW Care maintenance, GAP insurance... All of these in the loan to protect the vehicle and it's value for the next 10+ years! And all of these protections for a vehicle valued, as determined by VW and FTC and this approved settlement, to be only 71.7% of MSRP after less than two weeks and less than 300 miles on September 18.

Under the initial calculations and offer from VW back in Aug/Sept, the buyback offer was $1600 less than the loan. They then contacted me and indicated the whole loan would be paid off, since it was within the 130% threshold for load obligation, but with no other restitution. I'm impatiently waiting on VWs final offer, but there is really no restitution here where the intent of the settlement was to get the misled eligible owners the ability to move on and purchase another vehicle. So, it looks like I'm in the situation many are here where I'm out a car, money for down payment, out all the taxes, interest, costs of those useless 'extras', and of course all the time spent trying to comply with the program, and research all the issues about the mysterious and non-existent fixes. I'm rightfully concerned that at any day and time this car could be in an accident (commuting around DC) while waiting for VW to get this thing off my hands. Everything was submitted to them in early November, and not one communication from VW has occurred.

BTW, please don't just recommend the VW Court settlement site, VW Claims portal, and/or trying to call the Claims line. It is a waste of time and exceptionally aggravating. The VW dealer is useless, too. Their "VW Rep" is actually a contractor (Concentrix?) and was sympathetic, but useless. Who would I contact if I believe their buyback offer is unfair given that they are automatically depreciating the vehicle over 28%, when it had less than 300 miles on it Sept 18? At that time, I was finishing up a job where I worked from home and didn't drive much at all. I was starting a new job in Oct/Nov where I would need to commute about 100 miles a day... hence the need for the VW 'Clean Diesel' Golf TDI. The buyout mileage adjustments penalizes incorrectly for what was actual back on Sept 18, 2015.

So how do the misled VW TDI consumers who are not happy with the buyback settlement proceed? Is there an appeal process with VW, and how would it be initiated? With the VW Rep (i.e. contractor)? Would I contact Ankura Consulting, and lodge complaints with the Independent Claims Supervisor? If not satisfied, what are the 'Opt-out' options? Are there other pending class actions that represent those who opted out of this settlement? Maybe I should go sit outside David Detweiler's office in Herndon (the attorney for VW Group of America who signed the final FTC order for VW)???

Thanks in advance for reading and responding to my rant.

I want to turn mine in, because if iI keep it and accidentally wreck it, it is basically worthless.

Any word yet on the outcome of the VW TDI court settlement today?

As of 1 pm EDT today, no.

What happens if you opt for the buyback and you purchased an extended warranty for the vehicle at the time of purchase?

My understanding is that your warranty will be prorated and you will receive money for the unused portion. If you owe money on your car loan, then the refund will go to the lender to reduce your outstanding principal.

I am going with the buy back but i have a question. The vw dealer sold me my used 2014 in may of 2016. I heard about all this on the news in june. So ive been making my payments and parked my car. Ive already purchased another car but ive been told i can use the holder rule with vw credit for my next payment in october. Is this true, i dont feel i should have to pay for a car thats most likely going to be turned in in a month or less. Also should i be seeking a lawyer since they knowingly sold me my car under this recall?


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