VW owners, get the facts!

You may have heard that Volkswagen has agreed to a settlement with the FTC that will provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. VW claimed 500,000 cars had low levels of harmful emissions, but they were actually much higher.

Did you know that VW will buy back affected cars for thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value? That’s compensation for VW’s untrue emissions claims and for the trouble of replacing the car.

And if environmental regulators approve a modification to the cars, people who own or lease will have the option for VW to implement the modification and get money in compensation.

If you own one of these cars, visit VWCourtSettlement.com. At the site, you can enter your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and find out how much you can get. Or you can call 844-98-CLAIM and ask.

It’s particularly important for you to get this information if you’re considering selling your car. Potential buyers may offer what sounds like a good deal, but it’s still less than you can get for a buyback under the FTC’s settlement with VW. Whether it’s a private purchaser or an unscrupulous dealer, those buyers are just going to turn around and sell the car back to VW for more money through the court-approved buyback program.

If you participate in the buyback program, you can use the money for anything you want. You don’t even have to buy a car with it. If anyone tells you something different – for example, that you have to buy another VW or Audi car – they’re lying.

And don’t let anyone pressure you by saying you need to “Act now!” You don’t. You’ll be able to submit a buyback claim until September 1, 2018. Buybacks could start in late Fall 2016, and emissions modifications will begin once approved, so you have time to consider your decision.

If someone makes you an offer for your VW or Audi car, or suggests limits on the buyback program that don’t exist, please report them to the FTC. We worked very hard to get a fair deal for VW and Audi owners and lessees, and we don’t want anyone to undermine it.

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I must say they really stepped up for their customers. I had the 2005 Cobalt that killed people and all they did was a repair that I am not sure even worked.

I am seeing problems, the documents are being challenged and there is no way to fix it, the procedure on webpage does not work, I am IT manager so I know how to navigate through the internet, call waiting time 8 - 12 hours hold time, chat time is ???? never got a tech to talk with me after waiting 2 hours.

I also had this problem today after being told on the 26th everything I faxed was good !! Now I guess I have to resend probably go to the back of the line :/

I completed the online form and uploaded documents today. Before you begin, get a scanned copy of your registration, license, know your odometer reading, your purchase date, Ave if you have lien know the amount. I am curious about the processing time though. Yet, VW is standing behind their name. If possible I would buy a diesel beetle today just because of how VW amicably settled this issue.

My son is getting the run around. How did you get your money back so easily?

VW not helping their cause i received an email on NOV 13 saying all paper work completed and i will receive a final offer with in 10 business days and today is DEC 24th and have not heard back from VW so these people are really full of it .

Ya me too i had mine completed on Nov 2 have not heard anything!!!

I submitted everything and was given one buyback price. Then once everything was finalized, they state if you put more than 1042 miles per month on it from the finalization to appt, your price goes down. Mine has already been reduced by $500. I did not record my original mileage so who knows? My appt is yonight so we will see.

How did your appointment go? We have 2 TDI Jettas.....received offers on both that are over 5 grand less that what my state taxed me on! So, with the penalty fee and what VW says my car is valued at, they are offering me less in total than what I just paid taxes on! I'm trying to figure where to go from here.

I got paperwork in November, scanned all paperwork and uploaded documents 2 days after receipt of letter. Got offer letter in 15 days. No need to rush if your keeping the car, since no fix has been approved no money paid out. :-(
But i have not had issues like the rest of the posts on here.


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