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Sunday marks the 16th annual National Consumer Protection Week. The Federal Trade Commission stands with 74 federal, state and local agencies and organizations to stand up for consumers by highlighting the very best in consumer education resources.

NCPW BannerThe NCPW site offers practical and timely information to help you recognize and report scams; manage debt; use technology wisely; evaluate products and services; fight identity theft; and see the truth behind advertising claims.  

NCPW partners are committed to empowering people. Consumer confidence drives our economy. But, fraud, deception, and privacy breaches can shake that confidence. So, please read, use, and share the information housed there that make NCPW such a terrific resource. Order free resources, subscribe to updates from partner organizations, and get tools to plan your own event any time of the year.

Together, let’s make every week a good week for consumers and for consumer education.      

Thanks in large part to the tireless work of the agencies and organizations involved in this effort, consumers are becoming more aware of and empowered against dishonest business practices that threaten their buying power and overall financial health.

We have taken up this charge to fight scams and violations of consumer protection rights by investigating consumer complaints, taking legal action in many cases, and creating consumer education resources to inform consumers of their rights and risks.

So, I can’t stress enough the importance of reporting dishonest business practices and other violations of your consumer rights.


I'd like to say that a magazine company got me for money that I don't have by threatening me. I paid for some magazines that I have yet to receive. Ever since I paid for them I have had solicitors bugging me daily for money. I don't know how to get these people to stop calling my cell phone so I'm trying this website to try and make it stop. I paid thirty some odd dollars for magazines that I have yet to receive. I was threatened by this certain company that if I didn't pay this that they were going to sue me. I think they were called entertaintment international something. I would love to get my money back on my credit card.. Ever since I paid this I have had solicitors calling me daily and bugging me for money.

I been ripped off by the following companies,american resort International oyster bay beach resort pearl development nv sterling bank and trust co.concord servicing Inc.Interval travel Internationalof $60.000 I payedclose to $300.00 a month for 7 years at 14.75% plus maintance fee u to the presentand they never let used it also I asked to send to Puerto rico and they refused to send there instead they sold me a room once a year to a country that is a war hats the Netherlands witch I believed is runs by the French government.

FTC stands by every consumer in safeguarding his interest aganst the deceitful practise of commercial organizations.Our thanks are always with them.

This is a great concept how do I get more information out to our citizens?

Thanks for helping us spread the word about NCPW! You can find tips on how to get involved and a tool kit you can use at the NCPW website at www.ncpw.gov.


moving company scams and overcharging holding furniture hostage if unknown amount may be due

Time share selling tips and advice. Possibly
a list of legal businesses in this specialty.

Thank you.

In the FTC article Time Share and Vacation Plans you can find information and tips about reselling a timeshare. Beware of scams related to timeshare reselling! We’ve written about this before. Check out the blog Vacation Nation.

what's timeshare?

I would like to add a post about hydroderm and their so called money back guarantee. I signed up for their trial subscription, wrote down the date of purchase and when received, tested it out for the trial period, didn't get the results that were presented, so called and cancelled. The representative told me the money would be credited to my account. When I received my credit card statement, no credit and a charge for the full amount. I called Hydroderm again and got an extremely rude representative that said that they weren't going to credit my account and that she didn't know why the previous representative would have said that. Don't buy from this company or try the trial, they will just take your money.


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