What does fraud look like in your community?

All of us are part of some kind of community, however we define that. Asian-American. Service member. Latino. Older adult.

Here at the FTC, we’re wondering what the marketplace looks like in different communities, and thinking about how fraud creeps in. We’ve seen some examples of fraud targeting specific groups. In fact, we recently filed a case against alleged phone scammers who targeted older adults, pretended to be from Medicare, and took millions from consumers’ bank accounts. 

But we want to hear from people working in different communities directly: what does fraud look like where you are? What scams are affecting your community, and why do you think that is? Also, what can we, collectively, do about it?

logoThat's why we're hosting a workshop: Fraud Affects Every Community, on Wednesday, October 29, starting at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. We have a day full of experts from many communities coming to share their experiences and ideas. They'll address the questions above, as well as what research tells us about fraud and prevention programs in different communities.

The workshop is free and will be held at the FTC, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. If you want to attend in person, you can pre-register by sending an email to everycommunity@ftc.gov with your name and organization.

It also will be webcast live (the link will appear here on the 29th, and the recorded webcast will live in the same place after the event). The panels will take questions and comments sent via email. Please tune in and participate. We'd like to hear how fraud affects your community!


I've received call for medicare scam, . For continuing education that was not requested , IRS scam that I'm being sued for money . For access to my computer because it's infected claiming to be from Microsoft ,

My account info was hacked and im getting malicious malware

I have already been a Victim of Id Thief however the harassment and tracking of personal information has not stopped!

Herbalife is known to be targeting the Latino community with their "business opportunity" which is an endless chain recruiting scheme. "Nutrition Clubs" is now one of the primary ways in which this is being done. "Trainees" are required to work for free and consume dozens of Herbalife shakes in order to qualify to open their own nutrition club. These clubs lose on average of $18,000 per detailed research. Herbalife is the largest pyramid scheme in history.

Let me tell you what I see in santa
Barbara co.ca. S.B.C.housing authority building frivolous cases against pre-elderly residents and
Evicting these people and kicking them off of their housing support. But,before they do that they engage a pattern and practice of elder abuse. When the victim makes a complaint with an attorney or otherwise, that person is informed that they are not sixtey-five years old therefore the hell that I went through for nine years is not considered abuse. I have heard this same story over and over from countless people, I dismissed
These story's till it happened to me. Feel free to contact me, sincerely R.West

I was a victim of Identity theft in 201, I had to pay high Lawyers fee's and Private Detectives, recommended by ht e FBI, After I paid high legal fee's ,I ended doing all the work myself, Now this is 2014 and my identity has been stolen again and my information is being sold. I have about 2000thousand loan approvals, Reported this to the Federal trade commission and was told they don't really due anything for you.So I requested the help of a local Congressman, and I hope I will get the help I need.I have also being profile by two Banks in my area, and no one cares about anybody but themselves. I believe I will need to take this to the Media, Maybe i will get some help. Please If you can email me back some type of instruction.
Thanking you in advance.
Ms. Dorcas Martinez
Newport News Virginia.

I am a victim of the IRS fraudulent phone call scam 202-241-7182. The caller threaten, harass by convincing and was very aggressive by threats of "putting you in jail" and "there is a warrant for your arrest" for lying in my tax filings. The money was a large sum via MoneyPak Green Dot.

My computer was hacked therefore I couldn't log into my email address. Frustrated that my privacy was being invaded i created multiple different emails to retrieve what was hacked. Emails later connected from my settings i created links of emails like a spider web to recover what was stolen. Its sad because after I retrieved my email. All my receipts and transactions got deleted from hackers. So mad because now my bank account had to close due to insufficient funds and have had to get a part time job to help pay bills. Leaving me to no money and living life from pay check to pay check when the real criminals are still free stealing personal info.

I am sick of opening threatening emails, some containing Arrest Qarrants, court notice and threatening to hold SS checks. They start threatening just about the time I receive my small retirement check and my SS every month. Smart mouth emails about police coming to put me in handcuffs, reporting to my employer, pulling my family into court and my "so called smart lawyer", as they threaten. I've gotten notice to appear in court, court notices to courts with no addressees. I've even gotten emails that say they are holing court but I don't have to be there, the Judge will decide my fate. This is getting to the point where I'm sick. I thought retirement was suppose to be enjoyable, I did not retire, age 68, to have this mess.

To conduct a careful, thoughtful review.
And strict in what will be a threat to the community.
And individuals with no good relationships with the consumer.
And necessities of various fraud.


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