What have we done for you lately?

If you’re a regular reader here, you might know the FTC gets more complaints about debt collection than about any other industry. And you might have read a thing or two about what we do about debt collection. Like the giant law enforcement sweep last month, where 70 partners nationwide brought more than 115 cases against bad debt collectors. Or the cases we bring ourselves – and the refunds we’ve gotten for people. Or the nearly 100 debt collectors we’ve banned from the industry.

These efforts have stopped a lot of bad guys: put them out of business, taken the cars and houses they bought with the money they stole, and helped clean up the debt collection industry. But your reports of ongoing bad behavior tell us there’s more to do. So this year, we decided to add a new approach into the mix.

Over the past six months, the FTC hosted a series of three Debt Collection Dialogues around the country – half-day sessions where debt collectors got to hear from federal and state law enforcers and from leaders in the debt collection industry. In Buffalo, Dallas and Atlanta, the debt collectors who attended heard about government agency enforcement priorities, how state and federal enforcement works, and issues for particular audiences – like collection attorneys or debt buyers.

But the government officials also got to hear from industry officials, who raised their own concerns: how to reach people from whom they’re trying to collect, the high cost of complying with many federal and state laws, and the need for clarity in the laws and regulations that affect them.

In the end, the dialogues were a valuable way to share information in both directions – and remind the collection industry that collectors actually can help shut down illegal collection operations by sharing information with law enforcement. That’s where your report matters, too. If you see bad debt collection practices, let us know. Every report makes a difference.

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Any chance you can get the credit card companies to lower their interest rates? After medical and veterinary and auto repair bills cause one to run up balances on credit cards, they raise the interest rate causing it to be harder to repay the amounts borrowed for emergencies....

I would personnally thank you for all the great reporting that you do to protect the consumer. I rely on this site for any future purchases, there are times that I would like to put in a complaint about the bad experiance that a dealership did to me but I doubt you would have any results since it happened this year. that dealership is unfair and rip offs, but there is nothing that this site can do to them. they are professionals, I work for a dealership and what Buena Park Nissan does to people is a crime. if you have time I would love to tell you about it.

If you have a consumer problem, you can report to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The details you give go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

What have you done for ME? As a Disabled Veteran on the verge of Bankruptcy and in need of home care for my wife and I...absolutely NOTHING!!!

I have problems with solitators calling trying to sell you medical stuff or I have been getting a lot of scam calls from St.Johns, MI. What can we all do to stop these calls. I even started turning my fax machine and answering calls that I know, but then I don't get my phone messages from other ppl.

well as a whistblower. federal. n state. subsequent. to millions thousands of my tips. over several. yrs leading. to huge bust from my information. im entitled to.a percentage. of those. funds recovered by law or ill b sueing the ftc the fed gov the cfpb. these hospitals +collectors treators medicare even sickly. corrupt fraudulent. law firms r in it togerher by which ive given "playbyplay"against each theyve all retaliated vs me with no enforcement. no lawyer aide. no tips for me?zdunn rest im out goodluck to yall nextyr not another tip will. u reveiv from me.

Your not Edward Snowden are u? If so u didn't do it for the money u did it to help everybody.

Thank you FTC, you are doing millions of citizens such a service that it is terrible to see someone ask you for money!!! We ought to be grateful for your FREE service and caring enough to investigate these traumatic experiences we've got to endure. Thank you FTC staff.

Always nice to meet a fellow whistleblower. Good Job

EXCELLENT!! Sounds like a productive program and taxpayers finally get some bang for their buck!


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