What’s the deal with “Rachel from Card Services”? Your top 3 questions answered.

Have you heard this message?

“Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services calling about your credit card account. It appears that you are now eligible for a significantly lower interest rate on your account. However, this offer is about to expire, so please press 1 now to be transferred to a live representative who can assist you in securing your lower interest rate.”

Rachel and her cohorts — Anne, Tiffany, Michael, Heather and others — from “Card Services” have been annoying people for years with their illegal robocalls. And the FTC is working hard to stop them — both bringing cases and hosting competitions to develop robocall-blocking technology. So, what’s the deal with these calls, and why won’t they stop? We’ve got answers to your top 3 questions.

1. Why does “Card Services” keep calling me?

The FTC has shut down more than a dozen of these “Card Services” companies — including one this past June and yet another in July. But there are lots of other companies, and new ones pop up often. Lots of boiler rooms in the U.S. and overseas use the exact same recorded message by Rachel and friends, running a scam to — supposedly — reduce your credit card interest rate. An active operation can make millions of calls — so that’s why Rachel is still calling you. 

2. What should I do if I get these calls?

Hang up. Don’t press any buttons on your phone. Don’t press 1 to speak to someone — or to be taken off the call list. You’ll just get more annoying calls. And never give any of your financial information, like your credit card or bank account numbers.

Report it. Tell us what happened: visit complaints.donotcall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222. We use your complaints to investigate these scams so we can shut more of them down.

3.  Can “Card Services” actually lower my interest rate?

Nope. It’s a scam. If you press “1,” you’re connected to a scammer who will ask for your credit card number and other personal information.

They’ll make promises to lower your interest rate permanently — sometimes to a ridiculously low 0% — but charge a fee that can be as high as $5,000. But their promises aren’t true. There are no guarantees for permanently lowered interest rates. And it’s against the law to charge a fee up-front for these services. Most people who pay the fee don’t get a lower rate — in fact, they get into worse debt, and may find unauthorized charges on their cards.

In many cases, these companies charge you for things you could do on your own for free. They might open a new card with a low introductory interest rate, or tell you to take advantage of your credit card company’s existing hardship programs. And they often use shady tactics — like telling you to stop paying your bills, lying to your credit card company so that you qualify for a hardship program, and not telling you that you’ll have to pay additional fees to transfer a balance. If you follow that advice, you’ll be in worse financial trouble than ever.

If you need help settling credit card debt, check our article to learn about your options. There are free ways to do it yourself. And if you need additional help, consider contacting a legitimate credit counseling service. Read Choosing a Credit Counselor for more details.


The latest calls are from "Carmen"

My latest calls are from myself. Our name and phone number show up on caller ID.

Me too. This is impersonation

My name and number too. I answer because I'm not sure if it's my husband calling from downstairs. I have gotten many calls from people asking me to take them off our call list. I feel the pain and sometimes they just don't believe it's not us.

The same exact thing as above commenters happened to my parents and I at two different homes.

Try having your husband call from "downstairs"....Ain't gonna happen...

I don't know why you would say that - I can call other areas of my home just by using the hold/flash button on my phone!

Don't feel alone. I do that also

That's your phone intercom, you cant call out and back in the switch wont let you.

See, back in the late 80's people had kids, and land lines, and those two things didn't mesh, then they'd want to use the internet from their only communication network... Point is, many houses have upgraded their phone systems. My new house has a fiber network going in because the only other home network houses the voip system.

Your husband can't call you from downstairs on your own phone -- the line would already be busy. They obviously spoofed your number to fool the caller ID. Criminals lie. How about that.

Yes, you can call your own land line if there are multiple phones connected to the same line. I call our barn phone all of the time from the house by dialing the number and hanging up. Your phone will ring and you just wait for the ringing to stop, indicating that another phone has been picked up. Then, just pick up the phone on your end to talk to the other person on the same line.

When I was younger, we used the "Ringback" number to talk to other people in the house. Basically, you dialed a special number then hanged up. A few seconds later, the phone would ring. I'd wait for someone to pick up, then I'd pick up, and we could talk via the phone.
The "Ringback" was a test feature. But havnt used it in many years as we all carry cell phones now.

Mine to..so I can't block it

They have been using phone numbers in my area.. They are real numbers but innocent people's numbers! This needs to stop. I'm sick of them calling all the time.

Same here!! They have now been using innocent people's numbers and masking their calls! This is just terrible! The woman I spoke with when I called the number back says she's been getting weird phone calls from other people like myself. She plans to go get her number changed. Makes me wonder how long it will be before they start using my number!

I have received literally dozens of calls from Rachel. I have blocked every call that comes in. Now it shows up as if I am calling myself. This is really so annoying. I just want it to stop.

Just got a call from Rachel,,i have zero credit cards,idiots

Why haven't the banks stopped this? Why are they allowing charges on our credit cards to be deposited in foreign bank accounts? Why don't they start issuing United States ONLY credit cards. That way when a fraudulent charge is deposited, they can find the boiler room within minutes and alert the FBI. It's the banks' problem and the banks' complete fault. We should be suing the banks for allowing this to happen.

The banks have nothing to do with this. How could you ever think they do. These calls are random calls made by computers, regardless if you have credit cards or not. If you have some idea as to how the banks could stop this, please let the Federal government know. Maybe they can stop this while providing you with free health care.

The banks have as much to do with Rachael as your car dealership does with carjackers. US only cards make zero sense because even if you never buy something from out of the country that does not mean your information didn't leave the country. Buy something online? Nope because the data may travel outside the US and back before you finish your transaction.

I agree and also to get credit, you have to go face to face to the bank to receive a credit card. No online credit card applications will be allowed.

All the FTC needs to do is make it impossible for the scammer to use disconnected phone numbers to make these calls. Find out how they are accessing those numbers and the call will stop. The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help. RR

They're not all disconnected numbers. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to use your own number to call you.

They ARE using disconnected numbers, because when I try to call them back to play stupid with them, the line says it's disconnected. They have found some loophole with the dead numbers and they can access them somehow, so to always be calling from a new number to continue their heinous thievery.

It's not disconnected. It's another phony recording.

I do press 1. Then I chat with them, telling them I'm driving and can't look at my cards for a few minutes, keeping them on the line as long as possible to waste their time. I don't give any personal info whatsoever, but allude to having many cards with huge balances and high interest rates (ha-I'm zero-debt with locked credit). They'll hang on for quite a while. One just said he's in Orlando and I got him to tell me it's snowing there--idiots in India... After 5-10 minutes they get frustrated and hang up. I'm receiving far fewer calls with this tactic. Has anyone else tried it?

according to the article, this just keeps your name on the list. It turns out that going to the DoNotCall website and registering each call is the best tactic. When they catch these guys (And sometimes they do) they wave HUGE penalties at them PER ILLEGAL CALL they make. The more we register, the more money gets sucked from these guys. I will register every call I get from now on. Hopefully the money they gat will fund the program to make it more effective.

I have reported every single call to FTC. Not seeing a single bit of difference in how many calls I get -- at least weekly for 6+ months. I block the numbers, now they use 800 numbers. How can there be no way to stop it.

I just started getting these calls recently and they are so annoying. I have too reported them as well. But they have not stopped.

Ilook at the number that's calling and don't answer the phone. Works for me !

"Rachel" called again, today, from a local number. Since we are heavily involved with our rural volunteer fire department, hate to not answer what appears to be a local call. Talked to a Jason Davis, from Card Services Group in Atlanta, GA. When I asked where he was born, he hung up on me. I reported the do not call violation.

Yeah same here would like to sue them

THe problem with reporting is that they use real people's phone numbers. So you are reporting these numbers of people who have nothing to do with it.

The site wants the name of the company and their phone number, but for most of the robocalls, telemarketing, and overseas scams [like the Windows Support Desk calls I get several times a week], they're spoofing the numbers, coming up as 0 or gibberish, and I don't know the company name. I gave up trying to file complaints then. The scams, robocalls, and other DoNotCall violators are accelerating now, as is my frustration.

I'll try registering the spoofs and 0-0 calls from now on. Maybe it'll make them more aware of the truth depth of the problem.

It is working. Today the company I work for got shut down. The sad thing about it's a lot of us who you all speak to first knew nothing about it being a scam. We are trained that you all will say what you will and have but it's just to scare us. We was trained to tell you all that the calls are coming from your merchants like visa and MasterCard. The only reason why some of us like myself now know it was a scam is finding out buy calling the numbers printed on our checks to only speak with a person who's signature is not on our checks. Me myself is trying to get to the bottom of this because I help people not harm them and I feel like I was used to harm people. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT. On behalf of others who work as qualifiers AND FEEL AS I DO I sincerely apologize. I will also be more careful with the next job I choose.

I've asked them before- which card to you work for? They always answer: both, Mastercard and Visa. Those are to completely separate companies.

Sorry, just too many stupid, blatant lies. If this is truly from a former employee, I call BS on your "innocence"...you knew good and well what you were doing.

Yes the FTC needs real phone numbers. I occasionally answer robo calls on my cell phone to gather all the info for the FTC that I can. I ask for the web site, address, etc and look their web site up while on the phone.

After I've drug the call out as long as possible (not giving any real personal info), I use the number they used to call me, and attempt to call them back. This is also useful information to add to my data to the FTC.

For example, the call where the scammers tried to sell me a Bermuda vacation, had a recording on their phone that said, sorry, the survey we called you about is over now. I think this type of lie is important to include in my report to the FTC.

So what would happen if in mass we filed additional fraudulent claims that they can't disprove?

The FTC can only use US laws against violators. International scammers don't have much fear of being sued in US court.

this tactic does keep your number in their database but I have used it. When they are selling items, I ask for multiple's if these are things that would make good gifts for various people and try my best to sound excited. Once I have run a tab up with as much wasted time as possible I just tell them no I am not interested. So yes, I waste 10-15 minutes of their time then will not share any information with them. they hang up once they realize that I am not purchasing. Then I report the number and block it on my phone.

I just kept them busy for 15 minutes giving fake credit card numbers. Finally gave up after the second one didn't work:(

I got a call from David. I know about the scam already so I like to have a little fun with them and try to press their buttons a little bit

Bridget from cardholder services 2-3 times a day

My come from Bridget, at 12:10 pm, everyday.

If you have a low-end Cell phone like I do, go on the net and download a silent ring tone. Save the offending calling number as "spam" in your contacts, then assign the silent ringtone and Viola! You won't be bothered by Rachel on your cell.

They use different numbers every time on me. This would have no effect.

I get at least 5 calls per day from Carmen. I have even added a robocall blocker to my phone line but "Carmen" still calls. Isn't there cause for some harassment lawsuit??

Now it is Vincent from Credit Card Services.

I get several robo calls per week from Carmen. The phone read out goes from UMKC (University f MO?) to unknown. It is pure and simple harrasment. I have asked for my number be deleted. No such luck. Have petetioned cngresman and senator. No luck.

I still get Carmen and Rachel.They will not go away.

I get these calls at least 5 times per week. Sometimes I hangup. Sometimes I play around with them, and sometimes I blow my brass usmc whistle into the phone to blow out their ears.

Carmen calls us too, or Rachel. But today, like 10 minutes ago, it was Carmen.

These jerks call me ALL THE TIME!!! And whenever I press 1 to speak with an agent, after I've told them we don't have credit cards, THEY HANG UP ON ME before I can even ask to be placed on their do not call list. SO RUDE!!!!!!!

received a call today @ 11:30 saying card services to be transferred to a rep. press 1. pressed one and got a live rep. after asking who i was calling... (uim) unidentified male terminates call.... no way to return call either.

The calls I get are from Rachael this scam has been calling me for two years I have three phone lines on my account she uses them all. My first call I thought it was a legit company so I pressed one to make them aware I don't have a credit card, nothing they are looking for to pull huge amounts of money in major credit cards .. Well pressing one they hang up I habe never talked to a live person it needs to stop its more than annoying its just childish, and uncalled for in my opinion.

I just started getting theze calls again

We heard about NOMOROBO and signed up. It seems to have worked. Now, just one ring and the call [whatever it was]is gone.

telcom companies have a vested interest in NOT stopping these calls. They make money on every single annoying call.

We need serious enforced legislation to stop this profiteering at the expense of so many people.

We never answer the phone unless we recognize the caller. This seems to have reduced the number of calls but it took quite awhile.

It is already illegal. More laws won't fix the problem if they did we wouldn't have meth and heroin on the streets.

Actually, the big Telecom companies have a vested interest in stopping these activities as they actually COST the big carriers money. It cost them in hardware to handle the excess call volume as well as the charges they pay other small carriers that carry certain segments of the call. The big problem is that these robocallers are using sufficiently sophisticated algorithms that it is virtually impossible to find patterns in the numbers being dialed that prove the use of an Autodialer.

There's a new one--you are a "premier" customer to thank tyou, free vacation if you opt for a paid pacation. A;so the Windows Technical service still calls wanting access to your computer so that they can remove viruses.

Windows technical service is my favorite. I talk to them and keep them online by talking in circles until they get tired of me and hang up on me. I've kept them on line for 20 minutes several times.

20 minutes is child's play. They can be kept going for well over an hour. I find more entertaining that somehow after as many wastes of time, they haven't flagged certain numbers as "hostile" or "waste of time and resources".

They are driving me nuts, please continue to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Thanks....Wayne

Rachel from Card Services has been calling me for years and sometimes 2-3 times a day. I have not heard from her in a while BUT I no longer answer my phone unless I know who is calling. I am so glad you are doing something about this. Thank you.

I receive these calls monthly. The only reason I even bother to answer the phone is my Caller ID informs me that My Name is the calling party, & MY NUMBER is listed as the originating caller number. I only fell for this once, and only once because I was so curious as to whom might be calling.

The FTC recently published a blog post about this very issue. Please see Getting calls from your own number?


I get calls from Rachel,Gretchen and others frequently. They start out with "Your credit is ok but....."that's when I hang up. By the way Bikram, the latest trick of their's is to start off with " Hello William , can you hear me OK?" Of course I can and say "Yes"and Rachel or her cohorts start off... same old stuff. Now I don't answer that question!

but they just keep calling now they just are using pay day loans to get the jobs done

These people call me just about every day except weekends.

You would think that after several hang-ups for 3 or 4 days these scammers would stop ringing there and look for new 'marks.' Maybe, they think that if another person who might live in the home answers that *they* might take the 'bait.' I'm so happy to hear that the government is making progress even though it's like trying to deal with weeds. If the government stops, we will have no hope and there is nothing worse than 'no hope.' Thank You *So Much* Bikram Bandy and the others at FTC that are fighting the good fight for us! Thank you too for this status update. It's good to know of your successes and the reason why the calls can continue. I have been resorting to blocking these phone numbers. At first, after awhile, a new phone number would appear and then I'd have to add that to my blocking list but the last time I blocked a number it seems like ages ago and I haven't gotten a call since. I'm hoping that this is a good sign but I'm still not convinced that at some point they may try again. I imagine that a lot of people don't have the option to block calls like I do (I got a new digital phone service with many bells and whistles and one of the perks was blocking a certain number of incoming calls). Thanks again for protecting and serving us.

They don't make any attempt to sanitize their lists. In fact, they go out of their way not to sanitize their lists. The math for them is simple: just keep calling and someone will answer. It costs them nothing to make hundreds of thousands of calls, and any efforts to sanitize their lists would cost them money.

Here is how they view what they do:

1) He doesn't want our services? Keep calling.

2) He yelled at you? Keep calling.

3) He kept you on the line for 10 minutes then hung up? Keep calling.

4) He threatened to sue? Keep calling.

5) He bought our services? Keep calling.

6) He died? Keep calling.

7) He changed his number? Keep calling. They'll reassign the number to someone else soon.

I've been getting these calls for well over year, complained to the FCC but to no avail. How about tracking 'em down and hitting them with a $250,000.00 or more fine?Just make sure that anyone else who tries it knows he/she will get the same treatment. I get at least 2-4 calls a week from every state in the union. It might not hurt to get the telephone companies to help.They have a vested interest since they're making big bucks charging for these calls. I'm sure they know who the robo callers are since they send out the bills. The phone co's have some responsibility.. make them pay.

they don't use actual phone companies. They use internet phone, voip phone which gives you whatever number you ask for and in any area code through an internet connection. All calls are free even long distance and are not through any phone company

Not true. Numbers are still provided by the FCC. There is software available to spoof the caller id, thus masking it to show whatever the other party wishes to.

The phone numbers may be spoofed, but there is a Point Of Presence. The source IP address of the originating call should be easy enough to read and log for This should not be tremendously more difficult than dealing with email spam (if you know how to read the numbers)

So does your phone show the IP for incoming calls? And the phone companies have no interest in shutting them down because they make money for every call. Especially if they are calling your cell.

I needed to know this. I have been wondering.

I also wish that you could STOP the "million dollar lottery" from Jamaica. I have received more than 200 calls from these felons. Thank you for trying to silence RACHEL.

jUST received a call about lowering my interest rate. Houston TX

My problem is that CapitalOne swamped me with card offers just after a bankruptcy closed. I got conned, with a warning TO THEM that 12/11 year end also ended my Alimony INCOME - part of my card-pay base. They were paid through December 2011; with no charges made on the card after Nov. 2010; but there was no money to pay them with in January, 2012. I stopped; they were not being cooperative with my situation - actually never were - and I no longer could sustain the debt or have a card. THIS YEAR I got 1099C tax forms, but my income is so low that a tax professional ran the numbers and told me I STILL did not have to file a return. I do NOT recommend this. But NO ONE was listening to ME. I did what I had to do to survive. NO MORE CREDIT CARDS!

Dude, this isn't about credit cards, debt, junk mailor anything else like that. This is about TELEPHONE calls. Let's try to stay on the topic of discussion.

I filed complaint after complaint, to no avail. I still have to listen to them at work, but a client showed me how to keep from listening to them on my cell phone. I set up a "Contact" that goes straight to voice mail. Once they call, I hang up, link that number to that contact, and never have to listen to them again.

I used NOMOROBO.COM as 05062011 above did. It works on my landline (Optimum) but not on my cell phone (Verizon). The land line phone rings one time and then stops when it's a robo call. I wish Verizon would permit this service or become compatible. I appreciate the ability to limit robo calls.

Is there a law against skinning people alive? That's what Gen. Patton would prescribe for these low-life bottom feeders.

It's a shame that telephone scamming can be viewed as "Freedom of Speech" Abusing a Constitutional Right could be punished by revocation of US Citizenship and deportation.

About a year ago I got contacted by a company named AVANGATE AVG8.com*Albion PC Care 1-877-769-2427 or 1-855-605-2323 which offered me a program to protect my pc from infection for life. I accepted and used my credit card for two separate billings totaling $1,500. (This was tech order no 31930124). They took control of my pc and made the modifications. Everything was fine for a while. Occasionally someone would call to tell me that my pc was infected and run a cleaning program. They seemed to be good.
Last night Prime Technologies LLC called me claiming to be the same company. However they were not less organized and very very high pressure. I allowed them control of my pc again. They said I needed another filter that would cost $2,199,99 discounted after I told them I do not have that kind of money. On the line with the “billing agent” who would not accept credit card or debit card but insisted I send a check to Prime Technologies LLC, 220 Heritage W CR, Greenwood, SC., 29649. 1-855-605-2323, or 1-855-662-9936. She was actually quite nasty and menacing and insistent that I send the check immediately. They seemed to know what they were talking about but the whole thing made me uncomfortable especially when the technician and “his supervisor” were asking me questions about who uses the computer, was I married, how many kids did I have, who uses my wi-fi, is there someone in the household with a large bank account. Do I shop on line. They needed my email address which seems like they should have on file already. Everything about the call felt threatening. Every person I spoke to had really heavy accents (India?). I don’t have any info such as web site, IP address, IRC Server, as everything was put on a notepad by them.
Numbers that show up on my caller ID: No Name 909-223-5671, No Name 222-222-2245, No Name 586-531-4199. I lost the $1,500 but am now afraid to send them the $2,199.99.
What should I do if they call back harassing me for money.

If someone tries to sell you something and you don't want it, you don't have to talk to them and you don't have to buy.

If you don't want someone to take your money, don't give your credit card or bank account number. Don't tell them the routing number and account number that are printed on your check. If you tell them that information, they can take your money.

You can report the calls to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

A stranger over the phone has no legitimate reason for asking you if someone in your household has a large bank account. Don't let them bully you into giving information that they shouldn't have and will likely use it against you. If someone does this and especially if they pressure you, hang up on them.

Rachel Didn't call me but same company did get a call from 813-728-3846 and press #1. Same spiel about lowering interest rates, conversation was too long told them to call me back. No calls yet.

NEVER allow someone who calls you to take control of your computer.

Rachel has now changed here name to Bridg

What about similar calls; only regarding updating my Google account? I get many robo calls a day from these people!

It is ridiculous that I cannot make a simple request to obtain the REAL information for those that call me. This would not hinder the legitimate use of call spoofing, such as a doctor wanting their office number showing when making a call from their non-business phone. This is such an easy solution to allowing these illegal robocallers to get away with their fraud and yet everyone stands around scratching their head while saying "nothing can be done..." LIES!

FTC can do only so much to stop this from continuing.. It's my belief that all phone carriers should take much of the responsibility of blocking all robo and scam calls from coming into a consumer's home or business all hours of the day and night.. Same companies with different phone numbers.. People have to spend hundreds buying equipment to block calls.. We pay major amounts of money every month for our phone services and yet Companies don't seem to care enough to STOP this madness!
I thank the FTC for doing their job in trying to shut them all down but I also believe our Phone carriers should carry some of this burden to further protect the consumer.

The obvious comments and question remain longstanding. Unremitting Illegal SPAM purposely delivered via telephone, e-mail, other electronic devices are not mere inconveniences, cause for consumer gripes and complaints. SPAM is Organized, Orchestrated Crime On Our Citizenry!!! How long must WE be assaulted and victimized and lose our privacy rights? A generation? How long?

If, should, the FTC and/or FCC pursue any actions, the harshest result typically in Mutually-Agreed Settlements (many of which the perpetrators are not required to admit any/all wrongdoing. Soon enough, they're back in business under NEW Name and Ownership/Management (sic) preying on publics over and over again...Enuff PR. MAKE IT HAPPEN in the COURTS and with pinpoint, effective Congressional legislation-regulation, eh?

I find that this is so true. I get these calls and don't bother picking it up. I send it straight to voice mail and put the number on my reject list. After a while when they can't get through they stop calling. I have received calls from Egypt, Cairo, Japan, Istanbul, and from various parts of the United States. Some claim that someone filed a complaint against me from another city where I have never been. It's really a pain, but you have to put them on the reject list, if possible, otherwise they can make your day begin on the wrong foot. If my phone rings before 8 a.m. I know automatically its a scam call. Unfortunately, there are people who are trying to get a hold of me and I have to send them towards my voice mail and sort it later. Most of the time they won't leave a message, I'll just hear a steady sound of an answering machine so I delete the message. But it is embarrassing when I have to explain why to those who try to reach me and I don't have their number. My rule of thumb is: if they don't have their number on my cell; leave a message and if it's important to me, I'll add them to my contact list.

Instead of hanging up, keep the scammers on the phone as long as possible. Talk slowly, ask to have their spiel repeated, give out only made up credit card numbers and phone numbers. If everyone did this, it would put the scammers out of business. Otherwise, it's just whack-a-mole. Every time the FTC puts one scammer out of business, two more pop up.

did something similar. Kept them waiting on hold for about 10 minutes they were waiting patiently, so I decided to annoy them like they do me, got my air horn and blew it right into the receiver. When I checked to see if I got rid of them the man on the other end asked me why I did that. I asked him if he liked it, when he said no I informed him I felt the same about them calling me. Have not heard from them in a bit.

The more you talk to these people the more call lists you end up on, they record this as an active line. Report it to FTC, the more people that report the faster they can find them and stop this.

SO FAR FOR MONTH OF AUGUST 2015: 800-579-4916,575-666-2882,866-530-8112,336-546-7165,336-848-9554,801-656-6410,805-856-7002

Thank You for you're info. It makes sense.

Apparently the penalties involved in violating the Do Not Call list are not costly enough IF they are even being imposed which apparently they are not. Why even have a Do Not Call register - - - so innocent people can waste their time signing up, then still getting bothered by those callers that are exempt, then taking more time to file complaints about violators that just get 'shut down' and start up again elsewhere?????????

Great Job as always. Thanks again for this useful information. I will pass it on to others who do not have Internet access. I sincerely appreciate the work that you are doing. I only wish we could sue these scammers.

Is there any way to stop all calles from area code 876? This is Jamaica and they call all hours of the day and night. If one phone doesn't answer. they start calling the others. They don't give up and it's getting VERY annoying. We have contacted both phone companies and put blocks on the numbers, but they keep coming up with new numbers. We are also on the Do Not Call List, and there's only so many numbers that can be blocked.
Please help

Rachel l thank you for your advise, unfortunately I use only my bank ATM cards since more than ten years, no credit card as been used even the net spam I don't use. Sincerely,

Regarding credits cards I have someone who use my identity who buy and use my name,make me paid their bills,want to court until the judges give me a notice do not answer at their charge don"t back to court. But now I have problems with my pension check since 2011 I never recieve

Thanks for working on it. I would get those calls daily and at inopportune times. May you have great success in shutting them down and other robocalls.

Bikram, Two suggestions.

Recently my 92 year old mom was the target of a sweepstakes scam originating in Jamaica. Fortunately we convinced her not to front monies to cover taxes etc the scammers needed before sending her "winnings". I reported details to FTC and USPS (the scammers wanted a money order sent to a PO box. Not sure what the FTC does with these reports but it they just get filed away and never looked at. If the FTC was actually using these citizen reports to catch bad guys, you'd expect that they would publicize their successes. You request citizens to report these scams so you can shut them down.

Suggestion # 1 We are dealing with crimes here, not just a minor nuisance. Please add "fine them and send them to jail" Please include on your website stories of successful investigations and prosecution.

On my own, I was able to find on the internet the wireless company the scammers were using. They had a Fraud Manager who was able to confirm the suspicious call to my mom from 4 phones (presumably burner phones)and shut them down. They also had records to show the other numbers the scammers were targeting.

Suggestion #2 Whenever a phone is being used for a scam and the phone company can identify other numbers called from the phone, contact them (FTC? law enforcement?) to let them know that they are the target of a scam.

Thank you for reporting to the FTC. The information you provided was added to the Consumer Sentinel Database which provides network agencies access to millions of consumer complaints. You can view a list of Consumer Sentinel Network data contributors, including state, federal and international agencies.

The Commission's 2014 Annual Highlights report, in particular the Enforcement and Stats & Data sections, provide topline data about the Commission's Competition and Consumer Protection activities in 2014, including number of actions filed, and the amounts of redress and civil penalties ordered. For example, in 2014, 734,111 consumers received more than $65.2 million in redress.

You can also view a listing of recent cases resulting in refunds, and of banned debt collectors (companies and people listed below are banned, by federal court orders, from participating in the business of debt collection).

I get robocalls at least weekly for "the carpet-cleaning company" and a man whose message begins "Hello, seniors!" (I don't listen to the rest, so I don't know wheat he's selling). Rachel from card services was a regular, too, but she's gone away now. A long career of habitually answering ANY ringing phone created a habit that is hard to resist, but hanging up is easy.

Now they are getting "smarter" and instead of a toll-free number, they have been able to "mimic" local area code numbers so you think it might be from someone you know or a local business...

One time, early on, I decided to "play along" asking how they got my info, etc., and they did have some limited financial info - mortgage co or something, I forgot exactly - but then they told me that I had authorized them to contact me because they "service" my credit card and when I signed the paperwork for the card(s) I authorized them to contact me because we have a "working" relationship...

so frustrating!

Have been getting these calls for years, have reported them every time to the Do No Call Registry Complaint form - FTC - ONLY YOU CAN STOP THESE CALLS - have you ever fined these idiots millions of dollars? Get into their money - and then - only then - will you get their attention. Remember - only you FTC our government can stop these calls - we, the consumer, can not.

I can not report them because it is unknown name,unknown number on my phone and they leave a message all the time.

Change your ring back tone, it confuses their systems and cuts down on calls.

I think that the telephone companies could eliminate these calls if they would research companies that apply for a lot of phones numbers. Need to do a Dun and Bradstreet report on them before they issues phone numbers.

Why doesn't the FTC force telecommunication services providers to offer free caller ID (like most cellular and VOIP service providers) and free call blocking? An easy use of existing technology. It is insulting to the consumer to have to pay for these services when not included as a part of basic package. A cell, VOIP and yes landline (still!) user.

I have even gotten phone calls with the caller id as my home phone, the same one I am answering. I stopped picking up any call that doesn't have a number showing such as (private caller), or ones I don't recognize. THe last scam is "the IRS is going to sue me and I have to call back a number.

Got a call today from Steve Martin from 'Microsoft' stating that they wanted to assist with computer security against hackers. Left a fake call back number. When called the caller ID number back to find out who it was, identified as Thomasnet.com. Just saying beware!

why have it if it does not work?

Well, I've been called nearly every day for the past 3 or 4 years. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Nothing I do gets me off their lists (and yes, I didn't pick up or answer anything for months straight).

The truly funny part is: I don't even own/have a credit card. Now, if I have a few spare minutes, I answer the phone, press 1 and consume as much of their time as I possibly can. "Yes, I do have a lot of debt." "About $12K dollars worth." "Yes, I'm still in good standing with my credit card company." ... All the way up to them asking me for my credit card number.

It's very satisfying when they get exasperated and even angry at me for 'wasting their time'. It's also the next best thing to being able to reach through the phone and choke the life from each of those lying, corrupt, worthless, POS excuses for a human being. So, by all means, try and get off their lists. But, when that fails (thanks to the lame corporations and politicians), join me and waste as much of their time as you possibly can.

I love the idea! though it may take up more time of my day that I would ever want. It is sort of the same principle as sending back all the junk mail that is delivered. I am sure that will cost them millions in dollars too. Just write "Send back to sender - deceased" in the envelope. That will show them!

Oh, I have been with you for years. Apparently, I do not lie well because they usually hang up on me quickly. I have instead resorted to trying to shame them. "Does your mother know what you're doing?" sometimes works. "Could I help you get back into school so you could learn something valuable?" is sometimes fun.

After getting these calls daily, for years, and reading many of the replies from other affected people, I found your response to summarize the problem well. It sounds like the real issue is the government, the do not call list, and the phone company are a joke. If we want it to stop the phone company would be mandated by government to implement a system by which they are forced to block a number that they have received multiple complaints against. If they block or impose additional charges every number these idiots call from we my rid ourselves of these parasites.

I think it much easier than that... these calls come from american phone companies... the numbers come from a "non working number" which implies that american Phone companies are selling the right to use these "non working numbers" ... why not hold these phone companies responsible??? HEAVY FINES !!!!

It was Bridget today. I have not answered for a long time but I did today. I listened to the message, pressed 1 and was told that I was caller 23. When a woman answered, she asked me if I owed $2000 and I said "Please take me off your call list". I'm sure she hung up as soon as she heard, "please". So, so sick of these calls. It seems like someone should be able to fix this.

They can figure out that Sony was hacked by North Korea but can't stop Rachel from calling??? Really? They have to prosecute every last one of them....and make the punishment hurt enough to stop this crap.

Pls change the law to make calling a do-not-call number a civil offense as well, so we private citizens can sue these @#$%^&*(+ that are making our lives miserable. You can levy a $11,000 fine per illegal call, I understand, and that would be more than enough to get the interest of any lawyer who is clever enough to round up a few dozen or hundred complainants.

There is a new one for me. Companies are calling me every 15-30-60- minutes. Rotating numbers and states, saying "Do you know about the U.S. Department of Education Debt forgiveness Program on your Student loan, please press one to see if you qualify." Then it is a loan company coming on. They are asking about credit card numbers, banking,and so forth. When i told the very first call that i was already working with the government on this they hung up on me. I did call Navient (Sallie Mae). The fact that they are repeatedly calling and calling. Leaving no legitimate message. The number that is called back has a message that the number is unavailable is a big warning sign.I do have messages on my system, and text system that will detect spam and send a message about the no call list. They still call using multiple numbers.

This is ridiculous - the NSA can listen to Angela Merkel's cell phone calls but the government can't stop these robocalls? If Congress were not so corrupt this could easily be done by the phone companies tomorrow

The FTC, or the FCC should enact rules requiring telephone companies to make it easier for consumers to block these phone scammers, by pressing *SCAM on their phone to block future calls, and if they get a very large number of complaints, they should be required to block the number for everybody.

Agreed. It's a matter of corrupt business people and politicians scratching each others' backs. It will never end.

I have been getting repeated calls from one of the "lower your credit card interest rate" scams. Usually, the call starts by saying that due to violations of FCRA, I am entitled to reduction of my credit card interest rate. I play along and act dumb, but asking many questions, until they hang up on me.

The number shown on my caller ID many times is in a nearby small town. I have called the numbers,many it is always some local individual who has no idea their phone number is being used. Once the caller ID showed my own home number.

I like wasting their time when I am in the mood; otherwise I don't answer. Anyone who really needs to talk to me can leave a message!

FTC, you're not trying hard enough. Robocalls from criminals using false caller ID are destroying the usefulness of America's phone network, which took a hundred years to create. You need to work closely with technicians from the major phone carriers to quickly track and BLOCK the source of these calls. I know they'll tell you it's not possible, but they are not telling you the whole truth. If you can't convince them this effort is in their own and their subscribers best interests, then ask congress for a legislated requirement for carriers to implement "robo call tagging" feature, similar to the star 57 code

The carriers can use that real-time information from their subscribers to trace back where the tagged calls are entering their network. They CAN do this if they have enough calls tagged electronically, because the logs exist or can be created. Since data collection can be quick and automated, the switching points don't need to retain detailed logs for more than an hour or two. Again, you need to convince them that this is in their own customers best interests to preserve the integrity of caller ID and end abuse of the network. What Congress person would stand in the way of legislation that would end robo calls at their source using simple logging technology..this is a slam dunk? Get to WORK!

The FTC could stop this tomorrow by requiring phone carriers to offer free whitelist/blacklist services. Even the winner of the FTC's own blocking contest doesn't work with most carriers - why not make it mandatory?

I am so tired of Rachel! I have blocked her from my phone...but got another call this morning from a different number. The worst part of this - when the call comes in it looks like a local number --- that is the only reason I answer it!!!

Why not a sting operation? Track the funds charged to an operations credit card and fine the hell out of them for all of the laws being broken. I have logged 400 card services calls in two years. FCC complaints do nothing. The only thing to do to fight back is to degrade the hell out of the scammers using allof the foul language I learned from their coworkers. They threaten to keep calling everyday so this is harassment!

This is more serious than just annoying. As you can see from so many comments, people have taken to not answering their phones if they don't recognize the number.

But there are doctors who call you on numbers that are different from the ones you call them on. What if your kid lost his phone and is calling you on someone else's phone? What if it's a police officer? a hospital? If the FTC can't stop Rachel, maybe the FBI can. We have to be able to answer our phones.

The do not call list signup is a joke. The FCC could trace the use of the incorrect number and shut these people down.

Too bad they can do anything about blocking all the unwanted spam text messages which are the same as the phone ones.

I have fun with unwanted calls sometimes which can be risky, but... I keep asking them a question and repeat the question over and over or act as if I am hard of hearing or having phone problems...gotta get your fun when ya can <grin>

We've just started getting various calls from scammers trying to tell us to call a number or press a number, to get a response to their scam; some is for "your Mastercard has been compromised..."; today it was "Marriott Hotels....". Others are from "Expedia" etc. other scammers.

Been getting a whole raft of calls from 813 Area Code, some numbers are repeated. Some I've tried calling back, to learn if the number's real owner knows their number has been used as a Spoof number...they're mostly clueless. No idea if there is any way for FCC to track scammers via tracking the used number.

Today's call from "Marriott's", upon call-back, had a bunch of odd clicking and mechanical sounds--unlike a FAX number...I hung up fast; no idea what they might also be using the number to do...auto-connect and use my number for long distance dialing? No idea. Spoof numbers, Burner phones, and who knows what other tricks, are up their sleeves. Scammers could sign up for Skype or other VOIP numbers, then drop/change those once used too much. VOIP numbers are a huge help to me, allowing calling via online for business and personal use, but scammers are abusing them. Spoof #'s are helpful for certain needs, but scammers are merciless in their exploitations.

I have a new policy when dealing with these idiots. I press one to get me to a human and then speak softly so they can't hear me. They turn up the volume and then I yell in their ear.

they call my at least 3 times a week after hanging up time and time again and reporting it to DNC. I press 1 and i try to listen to background noise and just feed fake information to them. the best is when they start cursing you out. They should pass a law if you knowingly work for these companies you will serve jail time and you have to appear in court.

I have a response that gets them all upset.
After I get some jerk on the phone I use the following: Thank you for calling the Federal Consumer Fraud Prosecution Team! This call is being recorded for quality assurance. Due to a complaint from a consumer at this number the recording and your response will be forwarded to the Federal Consumer Fraud Prosecution Agency with a copy going to the United States Attorney General.
If they stay on the line I ask them to hold...mute my phone and repeat the spiel all over.
They get all excited and hang up.

Got another Bridget call a few minutes ago. I pressed 1 and waited. When the guy answered I told him I wanted to talk with Bridget. He said she was in prison and they were trying to get her out. Made me laugh at least.

How did they know my last name!? A disturbing twist. They call me from 800 or 888 numbers and I keep them on the phone so some other person may be spared.

Rachael has called me over 3,000 times since 2000. I tried talking to a rep several times to get info on the company. One rep i spoke to knew which credit cards I had. I called Transunion to put a freud allert on my account. I also asked how some guy in bum f^&K nowhere knew the cards I have. He told me it was common knowledge in the industry, that Equifax sells that information. It is not against the law in this country for companies to sell data about us. Ever notice when you call a company for product information, they immediately start with questions like name, address, phone number ("incase we get disconnected"). Tell them you did not call to give them info for their database, you'd just appreciate the answers to your questions. Do the same when asked to provide information before you can send an e-mail. Remember, you do not have to buy their stuff, or do business with them. It's all about the data.

Come on Man....the reason Rachel can continue this is because the people who can stop it (our government) is getting paid by Rachel..what a sweet deal.don't tell me Rachel cannot be found. how about looking in one of those black gov. lemos....Wise up you guys. real clear to me.....

I disagree with not punching through to talk to an operator. It used to be that replying verified your number. But that is already the case when you picked up the phone.

On my answering machine I use the 3 SIT tones indicating a disconnected number but Rachael (and other names) don't care (it does work for others).

Fight fire with fire! You may want to do the following: – Hit the number to connect you to an operator (Often 1 but not always) – Set the phone aside … If you want. put in front of a radio or TV speaker – After they hang up, hang up your end

If everyone did this it would bring their system to it knees or worse. It would clog up their call centers making it not cost effective to make these calls. Imagine hundreds of call center folks spending all day answering blank replies :-) I'd like to see a national campaign encouraging everyone to do this!

I agree. Spend as much time as possible with their "operators" without revealing any personal information. Waste their time. It's cruel, I know, but make their time doing this as unproductive as possible.

Been bothered for years by Rachel and Brittany and whomever forever. Now I press 1 to speak to a "Live" operator and when they come on I blow my wonderful whistle as loud as I can and for as long as I can till they hang up. After a year of doing this, my calls have dropped dramatically. I am having fun, they are not. Everyone keep a loud whistle by your phone and use it.

As Nick mentioned, take the call, wait for an operator to get on the phone and ask them to hold a minute, you have to answer the door, or something to that effect. put the phone down and let them wait! Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Received calls from Bridget:
Caller ID Numbers were:
206-708-2849 (Seattle)
74114211 110 This isn't even a legit number

Here's what I do..I tell them "I'm glad you called..I got fried rice with the meal and I ordered white rice!" He starts saying this is not....I repeat the same thing over and over laughing at his/her frustration while I keep interrupting him it's good for a laugh


Why don't you offer a big cash reward for the people in charge? Surely the peons making the actual calls would turn on their boss if the price is right.

I just had the same idea. As a matter of fact, I'll explore this possibility the next time they call me.

Suggestion #2: the FTC should set up a phone number that we could conference-in when Cardholder Services calls. The phone number would serve two purposes. 1) It would have somebody (even a robot of your own) which would talk to the Cardholder Services live representative and try to tie up as much of their time as possible. If they are literally making millions of these calls, turning each call into a time sink for them would make their operation unprofitable (this is why I always press 1 to talk to a representative). 2) It would enable you to gather actual, live information about the operation. You could speak with the representatives, attempt to ascertain details about the operation, and potentially convince them to turn their bosses in.

I get these calls almost daily. I press 1. to "speak to a representative". Then I just set the receiver down for a minute or two and then hang it up. Hey, if we can go drag Saddam Hussain out of a hole in Baddad, our Federal government could sure find the crooks behind these schemes and lock them up and throw the key away.

1/16/16 caller got a little obscene as I was telling him off - said "I know where you are now - in the bedroom" . first of all his English was so bad hardly understand him. used reverse calling with my husband's name. he just died and made me very uncomfortable seeing a call from him. I have not kept count of these calls from Rachael,but many. PLEASE DO SOMETHING - ITS VERY SCAREY!!

You can report these calls to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Reporting these calls is a waste of time. Seems it is simply building yet another useless database. All these problems will end when we stop using computers. Period. Otherwise, you may as well get used to identity theft, actual theft, scams, intrusive calls, emails and faxes, and government surveillance as part of your regular routine.

I had one of these callers ask if he could call me back after hours because he wanted to ask me out on a date. I have been harassed by these calls for at lease 5-6 years. At one point it was at least a couple of times an hour, all day long.

I've blocked numerous calls from these scammers, but today's call showed up as the water company, and of course, you're going to take that call, thinking there's something wrong with the water.

I get the Rachel from cardholder services multiple times a day. The one time I pressed to speak to a representative, I asked to be taken off their call list and he instead told me to expect 1,000 more of these calls.

I get one from so called Rachel about once a week. Like others they use a phone number very close to my own to fool me into thinking it's someone local. I answer because I conduct my business through that number. You can't block it because the next time they will just use another similar number. Very frustrating and annoying !

We get a call almost every day. Sometimes more than once a day. I tried blocking #'s but there are too many to block. It's maddening. I've tried asking them to stop calling and have been cursed at! Something needs to be done. These people are invading our privacy. Using my own phone # to show up on caller ID. HELP!!!!!

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.

Idiots This has been happening for 4 years This is the government stealing your money.

Now I just answer, hit 1, and give them a different trolling response every day. This serves 2 purposes

1) wastes a liver operators time
2) makes me laugh

To date I have tried to order a pizza, sang to them, talked like it was a 1-900 sex call, told them I was Prince Mumboombu of Nigeria and they were my long lost relative, offered them cheap internet drugs, hot lonely moms in their area, and cheap home loans among others

I finally got a working callback number from one of their calls. (904)479-6061, called it and they even answered as cardmember services. Have fun!

FCC is useless... I get harassed every damn day from them.... I've started talking to them so I can waste some time.... which is the only thing they really care about

I get these calls alot. I've found adding the phone number to my blocked list on my iPhone makes a big difference. I get about one a week now. I try to be as rude as possible to the person on the line after I press one - and I make it personal. My favorite pitch is "How does it feel to have a resume that is so piss-poor that you work for a company that hides behind falsified phone numbers and STEALS information from people. You are a THIEF. I recommend you go back to your heroine addition or kill yourself. The world would be better off." I figure they are calling me with the intention to steal from me - so I have the liberty to say whatever I want to these criminals.

I got a call today before I found this website. I've had several over the last couple of years. I did press "1" to request to be taken off the list. The foreign fellow told me to hang up. I didn't. He starts talking in another language and tells me to hang up, then he starts calling me an "F--ing B----". I couldn't believe it. I had it on speaker for others to hear. I guess he couldn't get another call until I hung up or a certain amount of time passes, so then finally, he disconnected. I've been cussed out by a fraudulent telemarketer. That is a first for me.

The real crooks are the US credit cards pedaling companies who hire these Asians VOIP phone based call centers. They make money every time you pick up phone and press "1". Once you pressed "1" the phone will be diverted to legal US credit card pedaling business. US congress and senators are hungry after their Campaign Fund Contributions to get re-elected. So they have provided a big-loophole and have kept them away from FCC penalty. FCC can turn off the Asian Call Centers phone numbers but not the Asian Call Centers and the US registered Credit Card paddlers.

Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

It seems that if you can't stop phone calls that must be blazingly obvious are spam that I can't believe you can stop any other fraud. You haven't fined anyone enough. Huge $$ wasted in everyone's time. Expand the no calls to mean exactly that- no calls from any number doing a lot of calls a day. No exceptions. Get whitelists working on every phone.

Rachel just called, she was gone for a while, but she's back now...

You can't win but you can make it more miserable for them.

Take the call and press 1 (or whatever number they require). Then set the phone down and don't talk to them. If you want to be nice, put in front of the radio or TV speaker. Hang up after they do.

It clogs their phone banks with empty calls and wastes their time. I do believe that I've been getting fewer calls since I started doing this. Down to once a week instead of multiple per day.

Here are two phone numbers used... Rachel called on 321-203-1723... I pressed 1.... the I spoke to foreign guy, then uh...didn't answer him and hung up...lol.. He called back on this number: 978-237-7273....LOL He wanted to know why I hung up... I spoke with his supervisor for about 40 minutes... pretending I didn't understand/could hear him.. .Then told him... Well... I gotta go now, but it has been fun keeping you busy so you can't scam anyone in the last 40 minutes!!! LOL

Get so many calls its unreal. Even from family #s. Even our own #. No calls for cell phones, there is a big fine. Why not home phones too?? I record them now. I recognize some of the voices they have called so many times. I get cussed out after asking if they can look in the mirror and see the thief there. I will keep them on line trying to get information for prosecution. Would be glad to share recordings with FTC.

How many complaints doe it take to stop these people? from 205 605 7612

My mom gets 1-2 calls p/day "Hello, this is Bridget from Card Holder Services"....just had another this am and know another will be about 5pm today as well. We have had this # on the do not call list for 4 years.....never did business with them, nor had we asked for any service....MAKE THEM STOP??

3/18/16 12:45 pm CDT Received robocall on Cell purporting to be from [obviously spoofed number in Florida]: “Hello, this is Jennifer from online rewards services, can you hear me OK?” This was repeated when I attempted to ask a question, I responded “Yes” and the call terminated. I am concerned that the purpose was to get my "Yes" recorded and spliced with a question authorizing a charge to my cellphone number. I'll update if something turns up on the next bill.

Keep getting this call. Pressed 1 to tell Miss Bridget that it was pretty obvious this was a scam. She hung up on me.

I will be putting this number in my contacts just so I can block it.

"Rachel from Cardholder services

How is it that three of these operations seem to spring up every time the FTC shuts one down? Is there some "Scammers 'R Us" outlet selling "Cardholder Services" kits, or do the same exact people just do it again? Whatever is going on, the calls keep coming. We get at least one a day.

I am so sick of these calls. I receive at least one daily. I keep blocking the numbers but that doesn't work. They just call from a different number. Can't something be done about this?

Just got one today, Called ID said Mobile Infirmary...now why wouldn't answer that!!! Criminal! I have blocking on phone but they use same number and change the area code, over and over...I can only block so many numbers. Sick of it.

I tell them I want to lower the interest rate on their moms credit card.. one guy told me I was going to keep getting these calls..I got the same guy again later and when I repeated the "your moms card" he said "Oh man and hung up..I don't mind messing with these people.

Carmen just called. Used a spoofed number to a legit business here in town. I called the number back and talked to the business owner and told her what had happened. Needless to say she was irate about it. The last call I got was from another spoofed number that ended up being a fax number of another business here in town.

FTC, please understand. We don't want these companies "shut down." We want those responsible to SPEND 30 YEARS AT HARD LABOR, and have their trials on TV. I will personally drive the van that takes them to the LABOR CAMP. Do you understand?? Go to Congress and get this made a serious crime. It is hurting our country.

How about a *_ _ number to report the last caller, much like *69 redials last number? the ftc web interface to report takes too much time and requires transposing of info which may not be correct. quick and easy reporting would give more realtime data to shut down the numbers and IP address. I never use to get unwanted calls on my cellphone but the frequency is now out of hand.

I just started receiving these calls this week they keep calling all day. I talked to a rep the first time, and when I asked him more questions he hung up. I was ok with that. This last time, the man on the other line started saying very derogatory things to me telling me to go f myself if I wouldn't give him my card number that I was a B... and many other things. He left me pissed to say the least. Please stop them from calling me, I've reported all of the phone numbers that they've called me from.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

Received call today. I requested our name and number be removed from their phone list. Was put on hold. Woman came back on and stated she would remove our name and number but first she needed to ask me some questions. She proceeded to ask my age. When I declined to give her my age, she asked why not and said it was between friends. Then a man came on the line and ask what I would tell him to get our name and number removed from their list. When I said "Nothing" he said "Why not? I'm lusting for you." I hung up and reported the call to the FTC. I did not get to speak with a live person and was only given 30 seconds to explain the details of the call. I'm not too hopeful that the FTC will do anything to stop these perverts.

It is all because of greedy VOIP companies like Vonage that dole out US telephone numbers to anyone without verifying the credentials. If only US telephone numbers were to be treated like an asset that requires proof of US residence for buying and selling, these scams will come to an end. Also, telco companies that allow spoofing to happen should be penalized.

How am I still getting so many of these calls? Its been months and about 40 calls taking up cellphone minutes. FTC come on!

This is completely out of control. I'm getting 3-4 of these everyday. When I find out who put me on this list I'm going to cancel that service immediately!

You most likely put yourself on that list. If you put your number on the do-not-call list. The FTC has to make the do not call list publicly available so legitimate businesses can see which numbers they are not allowed to call. Scammers get ahold of the list and are free to use all of the numbers on it as they see fit.

Access to the national do not call registry is limited to sellers, telemarketers and other service providers. The registry may not be used for any purpose other than preventing telemarketing calls to the telephone numbers on the registry. Any entity that accesses the national registry will be required to certify, under penalty of law, that it is accessing the registry solely to comply with the TSR or to prevent calls to numbers on the registry. Use of the registry for purposes other than those set forth in the certificate could subject a user to legal action. Learn more at Q&A for Telemarketers & Sellers About DNC Provisions in the TSR.

But it doesn't work!! It all worked much better when Ma Bell had not been attacked by 'Members' who made Billions on the break-up. Phone police knew how to get it done... because THEY were responsible!

I get 10-15 calls a week from them. It never stops. The FCC does NOTHING.

Please do something about this latest round of these scam calls. They just called me and the caller ID had my name and phone number on it! Please put them in jail, don't just shut down the companies so these criminals can re-start them again later.

I tell them my name is Mike Krakhertz, waste their time with phony card numbers, and when they look up the info and say that they can't find my credit card with that account number, I say, "Oh I'm sorry, that was my library card I gave you."

I worked for Cardholder Services. Really bad!!! The people working there are all lowlifes. Some of the guys and even some of the gals swear like sailors. And they seem to get off when a "victim" swears back at them!

I'm so annoyed from these calls! When your investigations leads to the people responsible, PLEASE post they're phone numbers so we can call them every SECOND of EVERY DAY!!!!!!!

I finally contacted my phone company now I no to push star60 to block any number they use I hang up and put it in the phone I'm living better now not so many calls now thank God! Called me 3-5 times a Day! Sicko's

Just got a call from "Cardholder Services".
I listened to the little speech and pressed 9 to speak to someone.
(oh yes, I am gonna have some fun here!)
The guy was immediately asking for my credit card expiration date and card number. (I knew better so I gave him some bogus info) and then I asked him "Since you're calling me, don't you already have my account?" to which he said he did. So I asked if he worked for american express? To which he said he does.
I then asked him for his name "Mike Brown" was his answer (yeah, right). Then I told him I was recording the call and would be sending the information to the FTC. He responded with a very nasty clearing of the throat then said "You can record this call and shove it up your momma's ass".
I wonder if they'll be calling me back. I do hope so, I so enjoy our little chats.

Need a law that holds the people making the calls as guilty as the companies that setup these illegal businesses.

These callers spoof their calling number. They use internet calling so it does not cost much to calls.

The FTC is a joke and has zero control. This is simply a marketing cost to them. It's like telling a bank robber that the penalty for robbing a bank is 10% of the amount stolen. OF COURSE they are going to continue to do it under new numbers and company names. Why wouldn't they. There is simple regulation that needs to be put in place, that is common place even today with email. Employ these same techniques at a minimum. Our country sucks at protecting its citizens, because the bureaucracy can't manage itself and nobody in it cares, they get paid the same.

I get more of these Calls since I signed up for the "DO NOT CALL" list...which leads me to believe that the FTC leaks your phone numbers to telemarketers....I say we join together and file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the FTC for Failing to protect us "DO NOT CALL" list people.

The FTC has to make the do not call list publicly available so legitimate businesses can see which numbers they are not allowed to call.

There's no option to say your own number was spoofed, so I can't report my Rachel from card services robocall (May 2nd, 4:43pm EDT) The FTC should add that as an option so there is some way to make the report.

Does anyone really think the FTC can stop these calls? I am on the No Call List, and receive no fewer than 10 calls a day. It is a waste of time going to the trouble to report calls to the FTC. I highly doubt the bureaucrats at the FTC even investigate these reported calls. Like any bureaucracy in the Federal Government, they are so bloated with middle managers, that all their time is likely spent filling out reports about the number of calls, emails, letters, etc. that they get so neat graphs and charts can be produced and sent up the ladder that justify their jobs. The simple solution is to glance at the name and number showing up on your caller-id when the phone rings, and if you don't recognize it, don't answer the phone. That is, unless as another person's reply states, you want to have a little fun with them. Sometimes, when a caller asks me how I am, I tell them all about my recent psoriasis or constipation problems. They usually hang up on me. Another fun thing to do, is if they are a legitimate business selling some product or service, make like you are really interested in their product or service, and keep them on the line as long as you can by asking pertinent questions feigning real interest, and after getting all of your questions answered, and they are about to close their sale, say, "Oh never mind, I changed my mind" and hang up.

Just submitted a report against the "Card Services" calls. They use numbers that show up with my locations area code, Pressed 9 the first two times they called and got a real person to tell them I am on the Do Not Call Registry and will report them if they call again. They called again obviously so I told them I was reporting them and asked for their information to which they responded by hanging up on me.

I get these calls frequently..."hello, my name is Veronica"...I always press 1 to speak to someone who says I can lower my credit card interest rate. I don't have any credit cards. I am trying to find out the name of the company making the calls. When I ask the caller, they hang up. I have an attorney who will file suit, but need the company name to proceed. Any ideas?

If the FTC would get out of the stone ages and use the power of someone like the FBI or CIA they could END this in a matter of days ..... Government creates more problems than it solves ......

But WHY in the Name of GOD Do they KEEP calling and calling and calling if they are told 1) You dont have credit cards or 2) stop calling if You are not going to go for their scam???

I also blame verizon for removing the features like call intercept

Come on FCC!! Men were sent to the moon by USA in 69 - 47 yrs ago & you can't stop these calls. Pitiful ...

This gets worse and worse. If you press 1 to speak to someone to remind them you are on the Do Not Call list, they get verbally abusive and obscene. A man with an Indian accent. The last call had spoofed my own number. So I was picking up the very phone it was apparently calling from. If they do that, one would think that leaves enough breadcrumbs for the FTC to track them down, if the FTC genuinely tries to stop this.

Imagine if you were sick, or the many people on shift work who need sleep during the day. And this garbage wakes them up. This is a crime, and should be prosecuted as such.

I have been getting 10-15 calls a week for a year.
I used to fill out the forms, but it is just a waste of time.

Come on FTC - Do your JOB and shut this scam down. I'm running out of insults for these people.

Your DoNotCall List is what is feeding them. Within 1 month of registering my phone number, I'm getting calls left and right for a free alarm service and this "Credit Card Services".

The FTC is about as well run of an agency as TSA! Typical orthless Gov't workers where most are all driving $45K+ vehicles...taking home $125K+ a year!

I have talked to them a couple of times, asking which credit card they want to work with. They name off Mastercard, Amex, Visa. I say Oh so we're playing russian roulette and your not a real company... I get it now, they get mad swear at me, and hang up.

Looking for an @admin to ask questions about this scam. I have a blocked caller list of over 100 phone #'s that have called me with the same scam over the last year. I cannot possibly file them individually. I would happily type them out and submit the whole document, but I'd really like this nonsense to stop.

Please leave an email address so that I can personally contact someone at FTC. Thanks

When you submit a complaint at FTC.gov/donot call, you can submit a comment of up to 1,000 characters. You could file a complaint for one of the numbers that called you, and list other numbers in the Comment text box.

I just received a call from "Cardholder Services" saying they could reduce my interest rates on all my credit cards. It was creepy. They knew all my accounts and how much I owed and my current interest rate. I called the one credit card company that we talked about while they were on hold and changed my card number.

Dial America is the culprit for ROBO calls

Easy, piece O cake as a matter of fact.Here is what you do. You keep a log of Date, Time of call, who you spoke to, etc.
You tell them that you want to be placed on their "Do Not Call List", which they daon't do. Tell them that you want them to send you their "Do Not Call Policy", they will tell you that they have 30 days to do so, Bologna, according to the Telemarketers Association that is "FALSE" check their website. Go to their website also, tell them that you want a Copy sent to you with their "Do Not Call Policy" and that you want your name on it and that you are giving them three weeks to do so.

Then, you take them to "Small Claims Court", they will try to tell you that you are Sue Happy, call you a few other choice names, forget about it, when they fail to produce their Do Not Call Policy to you, you file in Small Claims Court about that, that's $500 in your pocket plus Court Costs. Then you also file in Small Claims Court for all the phone calls from them, that is also $500 for each call. They will try to drag it out and argue with you about Venue, telling you that you have to file where they are, GIBBERISH!!! They violated you on your phone where you live, therefore the Venue is in the County where you live. Keep taking them to Small Claims Court each time, Small Claims Court does not require any Lawyer, you can do it all by yourself.

Now take Richards advice here and go make yourself some money, when the Feds Sue them for thousands of $$$ you don't see one single penny of that money, now do you????????

Take them to Small Claims Court, there are plenty of Websites that show you exactly how to do it FOR FREE, plus, the Court Clerk in your County for Small Claims Court will give you all the necessary forms FREE.

Now get off your Keester and Sue them, you ain't gonna see any of that money when the Feds Sue them, then go buy your Wife or Sweetheart something nice with your new found money of $500 each violation they do :) :) :) :) :)

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which is enforced by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), not the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), citizens can bring private actions for Do Not Call or robocall violations and obtain $500 per call, or $1500 if the call was placed knowingly.

All that might be wonderful but just how do you find out who they are? I've never gotten any info from them...

We used to get calls from Rachel, about once per week at one point. Then we switched from a landline to a VOIP line with a different number. Rachel never called us again and that was nearly four years ago.

Been hounding me hard for the last 3 months, despite me constantly calling them out as scammers.

Two calls recently, both with Indian accents. One claimed to be in Atlanta, the other in Harris NY. I think they have shifted this operation to India.

I usually ignore these calls but this one had a caller ID of "Prueger, Henriett" and the number was local. I told the guy that it was deceptive when I answered and it was card services once again. He was not happy. These people expect to be treated with respect working for a scam. What a world?

reply to virginia farmer = all that would be great = BUT = how do you actually find out who they are - they never give out any info...

Today I received the "Rachel" call. The number that came up on the caller I.D. was a local number and contained a name. I called the number. I thought maybe this person was getting paid to make robo calls in our area. She had no idea, said that she gets the calls too, and wondered how they were calling from her number. Any ideas anyone?

Just received a call from a local number, answered the call to hear "Card Holder Services". Since this is a business phone, I hit "9" to speak to someone hoping to get off the "list". When they answered, I asked to speak with a manager, they promptly hung up. I auto re-dialed the number only to find out it was a legitimate local area person. So somehow, they're spoofing the local number. I'd love to DOS (Denial of Service)them!

Keep them on the line as long as possible, giving them fake information. Waste their time, letting them think they have someone falling for all this. When it reaches a point where they see that it's a fake name and number, curse them out with the strongest language possible & tell them that you're on to their scam.
Also, inform you're phone company that you expect them to be doing something about these calls. Tell them that the DoNotCall list doesn't work with illegal scammers.

"the FTC is working hard to stop them" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I received a call from jackson besuz who cursed at me from card services

This free service, called NOMOROBO, supposedly works to filter out most of these calls. I was surprised to see that it doesn't work with Verizon. I called s customer service supervisor at Verizon and was told that they never heard of it.
The only solution seems to be eliminating the ability for these scammers to identify themselves with fake numbers. This should not be very difficult to do technically, so why aren't the phone companies doing this for the benefit of their customers?

I spent a few minutes leading them on and when they asked for my CC # and I ask her why she needed it, she hung up. I love this cat and mouse thing and I hope everyone do the same. A few minutes of our time adds up to their time. Then they may decide to filter us out of their list.

Just received yet another call from "card services". We disconnected our land line because of these calls, and other similar calls. Now they have called on my cell phone for the third time in a month. I block the calls, but they always use different IDs. This one was from Texas, supposedly. This has been going on for years! Unbelievable.

Blocking these calls doesn't work because they call from constantly changing "spoofed" numbers. These are non-working numbers that show up on caller ID. As a previous comment stated, the only way to block these calls if to prevent anyone from identifying themselves with fake numbers. Put pressure on you phone carrier to implement this.

They say to report these calls. Report what? They always hang up when I start asking questions. They won't disclose addresses or phone numbers of the company. There's no way to really stop the calls.

Just play along with them for as long as possible letting them believe you are falling for their scam. Give them fake information. Then later during the call let them know you're aware that they they are frauds. This frustrates them and takes their time from scamming others,

I am very frustrated. They call us four times a week. Not enough is being done and telephone companies should be helping block these companies for free!

I consider them terrorist and should be dealt as such. Submitted multiple complaints to FCC and will submit more.

I submitted a solution to FTC but they awarded it to another bidder. Looking at their solution it won't work because the caller ID isn't the caller device. They are using E164 format or VOIP. The internal MAC address or Service ID is the only way to stop these callers.

So the phone says "Amy Brown" and the call comes from Wakasaw Wisconsin, but Carmen wants to talk with me from Card Holder Services. Is there not some way to put these people out of causing all of us misery?? Like rip their electronic cord.

The government is useless to help stop this. They waste as much time as "Rachael."

Please HELP FTC, my phone is becoming useless. I'm afraid to say hello when i get a call because most of them are from scammers. You need to figure this out because it's only getting worse.

Latest call came up as Xfinity. Apparently they are also stealing business IDs now.

Latest number 786-522-5272 "Carmen" again. They keep using different numbers.

The latest call is from Rachel 248 506 7773

All of this jibberish still dont tell me how to block the B***h?????????????

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

You can also sign up for a service to block robocalls, like nomorobo.com, which won the FTC’s 2013 Robocall Challenge.

dude have a snickers, you'll feel better

I just received another annoying call from this scam on my cell phone. I did connected to them and said I wanted to be off their call list. They hung up on me. I have blocked the call on my phone, which I've done before. It seems like the number changes. We'll see.

I have been getting calls for years. I used to try the "remove me from your list" approach. Then I tried the "really bad words" approach which was interesting because they would use them back and call me 5 or 6 times that same day. Now I use the "whistle in the ear" approach and just got called nasty names and told I would get a call every single day until my last dying breath. They are spoofing individuals and local business numbers. Amazing nobody can stop them.

Why is it you cannot enlist the help of several trusted citizens, provide them with a manufactured set of credentials that when given to the scammers can be used to back trace them?

I get these calls too. It doesn't help to be on the DoNotCall List. They don't observe the list and have no access to it anyway... and also don't want to observe it. Only legitimate companies observe the list. So when you get an unwanted call, then you can be sure that it automatically is a scammer.
This is why my tactic is to viciously insult them in the worst possible way until they hang up. Why do I do this? Well... they are criminals, right? So let's make their criminal activities a pain in the behind until they give up and quit their "job".

Good for you. I do the same, but go one better. First I go along with them, giving them answers they want to hear, all fake of course (credit card number, expiration date, etc.). Then I hit them with the foulest language I wouldn't use anywhere else. It gets them off guard, wastes their time, and makes their job unpleasant. Try it.

Just received my 158th final notice call from Bridget. Expect number 159 tomorrow.

Here is the FTC number. CALL them every time Rachel calls you. EVERY time. Let's get them to DO their job. (202) 326-2222

To report an unwanted robocall, go to FTC.gov/donotcall, or call 1-888-382-1222. 

I wasted my time reporting them to the FTC. Four days later I got an e-mail from FTC telling me that they have closed my complaint, they do not report status to complainants, and no action will be taken. I'm interpreting that as "F you" from the federal government. Really annoyed.

No, they didn't jump up right away just to solve your one call. What they DO do is enter your specifics in their database in order to help correlate complaints against and identify specific callers. Just because they have the details you provided doesn't mean they have enough information to bring charges against, or even identify, any specific caller.

I got scammed today. I was reluctant to give information out and when I'll told them this they kept convert just achingly telling why the info was needed. They would th e n put me on :O l d for 1 - 2 minutes come back and tell me everything about my most recent credit card statement it was all correct.

They said I was one of a minority group selected because my credit score qualified me and because I o at my bills on time and always more than required. This was before I even verified some info. They asked for my card number then my billing zip then my last four of my social. At that point I refused and told them I was not comfortable giving out any more personal information. Once again the reassurance script turned on.

I still refused I was then transferred to her supervisor so to speak. He then continued on pressing for my birth date. I refused. He then told me about my savings I would have over next three years. I asked him how they benefited from this. His tone changed but he told me I would essentially pay 2500.00 for this service but I personally would not pay a dime because they were going to save me over twenty thousand in interest. I still l refused to give anymore personal data and told him he should a already h a 've this Info. He said he did but my telling him validated who I was. I argued that with him so he gave up and said I would receive a call from the financial management e r who would call creditors while I was on the phone listening to negotiate my rate.

I hung up and immediately looked up the number that the call came from. No info other than a toll free number. I t when looked up the federal trade commission and looked for scams on rate reductions. I was amazed at how many there were. I then called each credit card and closed account and got new account number and new card s coming. They all immediately e my suspended my account. They also told . Me that they do not negotiate rates with third parties and I could do that myself for free. While on the phone with creditor the call came from a Wendy Foster in Orlando Florida. The number when looked up belongs to Wendy Foster. It is a land line. I never answered and blocked her call. I am now going to contact every creditor I have and request new account numbers. I don't know what else to do. I have identity theft protection. I am also getting lifelike too. Hopefully this is enough to protect myself. I knew better but they were convincing. I've blocked all numbers and reported to the FTC.

My husband and I have been getting these calls for years. We usually ignore them. One day one of our children answered my husbands cell phone and brought it to him and when he asked to be taken off the calling list, the male responded by saying "#@!&#@!&#", now uncertain if he heard correctly and it was on speaker, my husband said excuse me, and again, the male said the exact same thing and hung up. It's a shame when they can get away with it.

Because they are using VOIP and spoofing numbers for caller IDs. I even got a call from Rachel on the phone I was using. I really believe that the wasting time and melting down their trunks with dead calls is the only way the public can change their tactics. If their expense to revenue increases something will have to give. The next on semi-scam front is the new companies that are buying old written off accounts then tracking down people offering to cut a deal today. The account was purchased for a fraction of a cent on the dollar so the profits are hudge. And many times there was no balance due on the account but if someone calls and said that after an account review you missed a payment on you r BLANK account six years ago for $75. But they will wave the interest and penalty today for $50 because their were in error also. Just give me you credit card number now and we can clear thing up today.

Wow the calls continue and the numbers are amazing. 0, 000000, 0000001, 1, and no caller ID I don't answer. I immediately decline call and they immediately call me back numerous times from numbers I just listed. These scammers stop at nothing. How do they sleep at night. Oh wait , they don't sleep at night because odds are they call from a country where the time is many hours different.

I vociferously disagree that you hang up. If you have a moment, do just the opposite - ALWAYS "press one to speak to a representative". Why? To waste their money! I press one, put them on speaker phone and eventually a person gets on. Remain silent, they'll say "hello" a few times than hang up.

Their business model is based on duping 1 stupid person out of 10000000 to talk to them about CC debt ... while depending on the other 999,999 to just what this article suggests, hang up.

If everyone presses "1" and holds up their phone lines and operators - it DESTROYS their "business" (scam) model! They are simply not prepared for everyone pressing 1, it will severely decrease their chances of ever reaching their actual target victims. If we all do it they will give up making these calls tomorrow.

I get the calls from Rachel every day. I just got one and messed with the guy until he cussed at me. I'm getting a whistle this weekend to see if I can discourage them, I'm done playing.

I was just called an A-hole and told to get off the phone because I asked which specific credit card company he was working for

Lately I noticed that these scam callers no longer use nonworking numbers to identify themselves. They are using innocent people's real cell phone numbers only a few digits different from mine, making it seem that you are getting a local call.
After the call, which I stay on for awhile wasting their time then telling them I know they are a fraud, I call the number to notify the actual owner that their number is being fraudulently used and advise them to notify their phone carrier about it. The more complaints the phone companies get the more they'll likely do something about permitting these frauds from using real numbers. Its basically in the hands of the phone companies to prevent this.

You cannot really report them now because they Spoof the number. Since Card Services is generic there is nothing you can do! :(

Yes there IS something that can be done! The government could supply a fake card, that will still run like a regular card. Once they run it, the government would have their CC processor info, and if a legit processor, could be forced to turn over any and all info on these transactions (where the money was going, who withdrew it, etc.), Or be faced with heavy fines, Pena!ties or shut down altogether. If the processor is not legit; there is a paper trail somewhere leading to the exact address of these people. Let's face it; the government doesn't really want to stop this, as it's all coming from other countries and the US has got to maintain relations with these other countries.

Can someone tell me what happens if these ppl get your real information. I cancelled all cards and talked with banks, but wasn't sure what they were capable of getting. Thanks

Criminals can use your personal information to commit fraud. Here's an overview of what to know and do about identity theft.

They don't have any information about you. They try to have you give it to them so they can withdraw from your account. Just getting a call from these lowlife is no reason to cancel your card. They'll say something like "according to your profile." That's a lot of crap. It makes gullible people believe that they have your information & they want you to give your card number to "verify" it. There really is no such company as "Card Services." Again, it's a scam just to sound legitimate. As other posts have said, just play along, waste their time, give them fake information, then tell them finally that you know they are frauds. Use abusive language. They deserve no respect. If more people did this it would make them see that their efforts are useless.

I have received several calls today from CCS. I am so frustrated. We are suppose to be able to file complaints yet when these crooks use spoofed numbers how are we to ever stop them. I am frustrated beyond belief!

I'm sick of "Rachel from card services" - we need someone in the House to tackle this for us....BIG re-election points. Anyone care enough to tackle Robo Callers vs Harressed Americans?

I get the calls all the time even with NoMoRobo. My understanding is that the majority of them originate outside the US so there is not much our law enforcement can do. I talked to my congressman and suggested that we might put economic pressure (trade sanctions etc) on governments that refuse to co-operate in shutting down these operation (it appears many come from India). His response was that he might consider it if he got enough feedback from constituents. So call your congressmen and ask them to introduce legislation punishing countries that refuse to shut down boiler rooms calling US consumers

they call me every day. They call my skype business number, my cell phone, my home office VOIP number through Cablevision. All these numbers are on the DO NOT CALL list and have been for more than 30 days. This needs to stop! There is no way to report them because often the caller id number is bogus. Only FBI or such can trace them through various TELCOs that connect the call.

Rachel has been calling me for twenty years nearly every day. Pissing them off just gets you more annoyance from them. No idea why they think this is a good business model - what a bunch of idiots. It's a damn shamn our government won't do anything to stop these annoying scammers and throw them in jail!!

Its obvious that MANY people are having problems with this company and NOTHING, NOTHING IS BEING DONE...! Why does the agency even exists if they can to NOTHING and so MANY PEOPLE are getting these call and we know its a SCAM...! Why Are TAX PAYER dollars being spent on this USELESS FEDERAL AGENCY if nothing is or can be done...? This do not call is so much BULL KRAP...!!!

The blog post you're reading is from 2015.

This 2016 blog post announced that the FTC and state of Florida announced a lawsuit against Life Management Services, a company that the FTC says is behind hundreds of thousands of the pre-recorded Rachel calls. The case is one of six recent FTC cases focused on illegal robocalls. Learn more about the FTC's fight against illegal robocalls from the FTC News & Events page.

Now Credit Card Services is faking their caller id to look like a local call.

Call the local number. Tell them their number is being spoofed by these scammers and advise them to report it to their phone company. The more complaints the phone companies get relating to these calls, the more likely they will do something about it - namely, prevent the use of a fake number on caller ID.

OK, the FTC knows about them, They have been at it for a long time. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT !

They are now getting clever. Using local businesses and phone numbers to fake you out. Now I can no longer block them. GRRRR!

I was receiving repeated calls from my area code so I did a reverse number look up. Got a name and address, then called the number and left a message advising them one more call and the police would be visiting them, the calls have stopped.

Daily I receive calls from Cardholder services. I press 3 to be removed from the list and I get a call the next day. My number is on the Do Not Call registry.

They are illegal so they don't follow the do not call list. Also, pressing the number to be put on their do not call list is counterproductive. It's just used to verify that your number is active with a real person using it. It actually results in more calls.
As mentioned in other posts, until the phone companies can prevent this, just keep them on the line as long as possible, string them along then give them fake information. When they say that the card number you gave is not valid tell them you know that, tell them you don't give fraudulent callers real information, tell them they are under investigation, curse them out, anything to annoy them and waste their time


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