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You get a call from someone saying she works for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She seems to know exactly who you are. She might already know your name and address, and might even know what kind of visa you’ve applied for. She says you have to pay a new fee – and, if you don’t wire money immediately, your hopes of immigrating will be lost. She might even threaten you with arrest or deportation. 

Except it’s not really USCIS calling. It’s a scammer who’s targeting foreign nationals, looking for their money and personal information.

If this sounds familiar, it might be because we posted about a similar scam last month. Those scammers also tried to sound like USCIS, and they tried to convince you to pay them. These scammers, however, have taken the scam to a new level.

These scammers have spoofed the real USCIS phone number – which means the real USCIS number shows up on your caller ID, even though the scammers are calling from an entirely different number. They’ve even mocked up the USCIS phone tree, so if you call them back on a number the scammer gave you, it sounds very much like you’re calling the real USCIS. Since these scammers have personal information about you, and they’re calling from what seems like a USCIS phone number, the call seems like the real thing. But it’s not.

What should you do if you get a call like this? 

  • Whatever they tell you, don’t wire any money. “Don’t give payment over the phone to anyone who calls claiming to be a USCIS official,” said USCIS Press Secretary Chris Bentley. “USCIS will never call someone to ask for any form of payment over the phone.”
  • Hang up and call the real USCIS at 1-800-375-5283. Tell them what happened. They’ll tell you what to do next.

Remember, you can’t be sure of who’s calling you. Never give your personal information – like your I-94 number, “A” number, or visa control number – to anyone who calls you, no matter who they claim to be. Hang up and call the real USCIS:  1-800-375-5283.

To learn more about this scam, read the USCIS consumer alert.

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Scary stuff. Hope they catch those so-n-so's soon.

recived a ck in mail claming,that I had won 100,000
it even gave me the number for an I.R.S agent,anyway it was a counterfeeit ck!Someone schould check it out because they claim to be an I.R.S. angent,they wanted me to send 2,180.00 to get my money

I have people who have got me four 1400.00.They supposedly called from the federal reserve commission. What can I do to get my money back?

You can't ever get your money back. Don't send money to anyone.

I received a phone call yesterday purporting to be from the IRS in Washington. Their telephone number came up on my phone and they even gave me a name! They threatened to take away my home, car, citizenship, have me deported, freeze my bank account, hold my wages and that by the time I got home, there would be the IRS waiting to arrest me and keep me in jail for up to 90 days for something I had no idea about. Obviously this was a scam because as soon as I started asking them questions as to what this was about, they pretended not to hear me and hung up. I'll be happy to disclose the telephone number and name to any investigative authority upon satisfactory ID.

How far can they take this on their next try!

For you, Debbie- You will never get a phone call like that from the IRS. You would have legal documentation and you would absolutely know.
Advise on what to say : if you flat out tell them to kiss you _____ and *$%# off, more than likely they will hang up on YOU ! it works also " laughing" at them will get rid of them. Don't make your self a victim. Always take the upper hand in the situation. Good luck and don't take in the b.s. yzrthmost

I got a call at work today stating they were from Federal Trade Commission about some legal stuff I told the caller that I will contact the FTC to see if I had some legal issues in which I don't. These callers have a foreign accent. Also I have received calls from people in California indicating they are calling from the US Attorney office about a criminal matter that involves me I never been to California nor do I practice any criminal behavior I wish the calls would stop especially when they are calling my work number something need to be done about this

I received a call from some stating that I was being sued and the social security dept and he/she had a foreign. I was also scammed out of $900.00

so many deception today, around the world. be careful. money won't come so that easy.


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