Is that work-at-home job going to pay?

Are you looking for a job you can do from home?

Maybe you want something flexible to balance responsibilities like caring for kids or family members. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a job, or you need extra income.

Whatever your reason, know this: many work-at-home ads that promise you can earn a great living, even in your spare time, are scams. They won’t deliver on the claims they make. 

Work-at-Home Businesses describes some common work-at-home scams. It also tells you how the Business Opportunity Rule requires people who promote legitimate opportunities to support their claims. Order copies of the revised booklet free, in English or Spanish, to share with friends and family, local businesses, the library — you name it — at

If you’re looking to work at home — whether it’s an internet business, mystery shopping job, direct selling through a multilevel marketing plan, or something else — do your homework first.

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I had a mystery shopping job,it was a scam I still get the check in my locker.I did not spend that much money on it only I paid for the bus to get there,they anyway had a little something .That is a part of the game.

i know just what you maen i have been embarrssed twice with the mystery shopping check. You would think they would get the hint no one who is efficient in there job will cash or deposit it. This guys need to be ran off the internet and thrown in jail

I joined 3 MLM companies within two to four years and only made about 500 dollars and spent at least 4000 dollars on the so called businesses. The only thing I ever got was a ride where I needed to go hear their upline motivate me to spend more money. With all that being said a business that treats its associates like employees should not be able to get away with calling them independent contractors and should have to pay them base plus commission so tired of these scam companies but I am injured and I can't drive so I need a work from home job so I keep falling for the same old lies.

Has anyone also gotten the ones the ask you to add someone to your HANGOUTS account or YAHOK MESSENGER account for an interview.

Yes i have. Then they sent me a check for the equipment and want me to put it in my bank account.

Yes n smith me too, last 3 days

And what happened did you cash the check

Have you been able to recover any of your lost money or find out info about stopping your scammer?

I'm having the same thing happen to me right now. Online Google Hangout interview, full job description, pay info, and a check Fedexed to me this morning. Before I deposit the check, I'm trying to do more research to see if it is legitimate. I had someone try to scam me about a year ago in a similar fashion. I still have the check they Fedexed to me and reported all of this to the FBI. So they did not get me that time.

Do not put the money in your account. I opened a new account within 24 hours came back fraud alert all red across the account. It took me all day at the bank and police station. Thank goodness I did not give money but still. What happens is this. If you put it in your bank account the check clears immediately. Then they ask you to buy things with the money. Within 7 days the check with be fraud in your account.

Has anyone every heard of libra group limited they are sending me a check to give to there vendor so I can buy equipment please help to see if this a scam or not

It's risky to give any personal information - or your bank account number - to someone you don't know, or 'met' online. If you posted your resume on a job site, or got an email with a job offer, take time to check out the company. If you get involved with a money transfer scheme, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.
Scammers post ads for imaginary job openings for payment-processing agents, finance support clerks, mystery shoppers, interns, money transfer agents or administrative assistants. They search job sites, online classifieds and social media to hunt for potential money mules.  For example, if you post your resume on a job site, they might send you an email saying, ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you.’ The ads often say:

  • the company is outside the U.S.
  • all work is done online
  • you’ll get great pay for little work

If you respond, the scammer may interview you or send an online application. He does that to collect your personal information and make the job offer seem legitimate. At some point, the scammer will ask for your bank account number, or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money.

I have been contacted by them and the person interviewing me is named Mrs. Jessica Eastwoods. When I talked to her about how I did not want to send my personal information online she got a little upset. I do not trust this company.

I've just had an interview with Jessica Eastwood, do you have any further information on her or Libra Group Limited?

Scammers post ads for imaginary job openings for payment-processing agents, finance support clerks, mystery shoppers, interns, money transfer agents or administrative assistants. They search job sites, online classifieds and social media to hunt for potential money mules.  For example, if you post your resume on a job site, they might send you an email saying, ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you.’
Read more about work-at-home scams.

Just heard from them and they offered me a job. I called the FBI and the said it sounds like a scam.
Brian Wilkins and Aurelio Wong

Hi Brianna did you take the job? I'm currently chatting with them on google hangouts

Scammers post ads for imaginary job openings for payment-processing agents, finance support clerks, mystery shoppers, interns, money transfer agents or administrative assistants. They search job sites, online classifieds and social media to hunt for potential money mules.  For example, if you post your resume on a job site, they might send you an email saying, ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you.’ The ads often say:

  • the company is outside the U.S.
  • all work is done online
  • you’ll get great pay for little work

If you respond, the scammer may interview you or send an online application. He does that to collect your personal information and make the job offer seem legitimate. At some point, the scammer will ask for your bank account number, or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money.

Yes they just interviewed me is this a scam???

Was it a scam?

How did this work out for you?

I did and desopit the check and I called my bank and they said it's real!! Waiting to see the next thing they say to do

Did it really work I start training tomorrow

Did you take the job at Libra? How did it turn out? They just interviewed and "hired" me through Google hangouts. I was talking to Meredith Wang. I start training on Monday. She said she will be sending me a check for office supplies, but after reading about the scams here I am obviously reluctant to deposit it. Any updates on the Libra group?

What was the out come of this? I received an email and did the hangout, I was sent employment letter which I sent back to them.

I was contacted by this company back in August. These companies are a fraud. I was sent a check for 5k to pay a vendor that does not exist. Do not fall for this. When I received the check and after speaking with my bank, we opened up a new secured account and tracked its activity.
This company wants confirmation that you deposited it into your account by taking a photo of your deposit slip. This gives them all Your banking information and can allow them to clean out your account. Warning!!!! They start by attempting an interview through Hang. Best advice do not respond. Delete all. ( a little heads up) my bank contacted the federal authorities and filed a complaint. Stay away.

I just deposited almost 4K into my account and it's Saturday so my bank is closed. What should I do?

Hi Mich037. Looks like I am in a same boat. What happened after the check is fraud and it is in the account? ty

Is this in Cleveland

Has anyone heard of an online job for McCormick & Company. Sounds just like this other company everyone is talking about.

I received the same message and Google Hangout interview with a job offer list of supplies need and a check Fed Ex to me to deposit and then he asked for a copy of the deposit slip. That's when I became uncomfortable and he knew it and asked me to shred the check and he will mail the equipment.

Is that where you report this? to the FBI? I have a check sitting here right now that I am not going to deposit.

Me, too. I'm expecting a check today.

I am also in the middle of this pre-training where I am waiting for the check for the equipment to become a data entry clerk. What have you experienced so far with this?

I am also in the middle of training for this work at home offer. I received a check for $2,200 today supposedly for supplies. I deposited the check and I no sooner got home and my bank's fraud investigator called to tell me the check was fake. I am still scheduled to "train" tomorrow morning. Can't wait to get on hangouts with my "supervisor"!!!!!!!

Was the person's name Peter Lowy, Sherria Turner, or James Berges? This sounds like the same people who have just scammed me.

Hey! This sounds exactly what I'm going through right now. By any chance was the company using a name called Geneink bio?

Sounds like the same thing i am going through but mine is with mosaic health solutions. anyone ever heard of them.

I had the same thing happen to me. He cheated me out of 1500.00. Offer a "so-call" job and was sending a check for me to cash and send to some person that would release the equipment. We always talked through google chat. I can pressuring him to give me a number for the company and I will call them personally about the fake check. He finally admitted that it was a scam. He had the nerve to tell me "this is how they get food, they are starving." He also told me I was going to be blessed. I couldn't pay my rent and luckily my ex was there so he covered food and gas. I sent some pretty nasty emails about what I hope happens to him in prison. I figured, go turn me in and then we will also have you.

This soubds exactly what is happening to me right now but the guy is Brandon Morgan. There were already red flags but he seems a little antsy that I can't deposit his check today.

I just went through that exact scenario. Someone claiming to be a recruiter for Merck. It was a Total scam. Rhankfully Fed Ex caught the package that it was charged to a known fraud acct. Very disappointing. The so called recruiter wad was named Fran Murphy.

In was just sent a check from someone that claims to be the owner of Merck

I think these people have just scammed me. Have you had any justice with your experience?

The person who interviewed me his name is Peter lowy it's from a steel company so he says .is there anyone else w the same thing?

Someone just recently contacted me on Google Hangouts telling me he works from McCormick Corporation and his name is Quvarious Williams and a training supervisor by the name of Andrea Lee. They sent me a check for $2,450 asking me to deposit it to my account because its supposedly for my training materials and hardware. A few days later the bank game a negative balance because the check the "company" sent bounced. I am now researching McCormick Corporation to see if these people actually work there but no answer.

Yes. Then after the money transaction was completed. The person usin Erik Lance's name claiming to wirk as a recruiting manager for St. Jude Medical Equipment and using company letter heads etc. who interviewed and sent a job letter disappeared. Please be very careful! I am still trying to get justice.

I recently tried a work from home business with Vemma. I ended up $2000 in debt for my training and supplies. I received one check for only $4.00. I was forced out when I ran out of credit and could not afford the fees to stay and work. A big loss. I was foolish then, ignorant of the schemes, I have become informed. Never again will I listen to a work from home marketing call. NEVER AGAIN!

You can report this to your state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission.
You can also contact the state Attorney General’s office in the state where the business is based.

Check the more recent articles, Vemma is listed as a pyramid scheme

yes, I am one of the person that was scam? I have all the documents, and I want to know where we reach our complain? I am not paid of my salary from March 17,2015 when I sign my employment contract -to may 2015. Please let me know?

You can report this to your state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission.
You can also contact the state Attorney General’s office in the state where the business is based.

I have tried three online jobs and so far have spent a lot of money and made no money. I am very disappointed. How can I find an online job that is honest?

Read this article about Work at Home Businesses for tips about spotting work at home scams.
Before you sign up with a company, you could check it out with your local consumer protection agency, your state Attorney General, or the Better Business Bureau.   Check on what people say about the company in the company's home state and in your area.
But remember: even if there aren’t complaints about a company,  that doesn't mean it's legitimate. Some dishonest companies settle complaints or change business name or move to a new location so people can't track them.

Hey Linda do not trying to get money online I just got scammed and lost 300 dollars and they wanted more that's where I stopped. Its an e-loan it's number calls from Texas California, and Florida.

Key things to look out for:

1) Legit jobs won't ask you to pay anything out of pocket. Not anything. So if you have to pay for something to be shipped to you, or some other fees, it's likely a scam. And even if it's not, why would you want to spend money to make money? Real jobs don't ask their employees or contractors to pay for things.

2) Online or work from home jobs paying you via check or direct deposit. This is a no-no. There are secure ways to be paid for online/remote work. Request payment through a place like PayPal or similar service. This way the ONLY information you have to provide to receive payment is the email address associated with your PayPal account (Not the password! Don't ever give anyone your password for anything!). You don't need to give out bank info, tax info, address, or anything else that could be used to scam you. You will need to provide that info to PayPal - as they are required to report your income for tax purposes, but you won't need to give it to the person hiring you.

3) Just use common sense and go with your gut feelings. If something seems off, trust yourself and don't get involved.

Hi! I just started a couple weeks ago with a online company with shipping products, my way to get paid was direct deposit or pay pal. Of course I did pay pal and I am waiting until the first of the month to see what happens. I just wanted to make sure it was legit. I do have to pay anything out of pocket ,just inspect the merchandise and keep record of it and load the invoice on the company website.

The Scammer seeks assistant blog post tells about some scams that involve 'jobs' receiving and shipping packages.

This sounds just like the job i just got hired for. I email him regarding the company contact and he refuse to give it to me because of no contact with the work at home workers didnt make sense only way of contact was through emails. Whats information did you receive?

This is a scam! I started on August 31,2016 and was told I would get paid 30 days after my first package. I asked on Friday September 30,2016 as to when I get paid and they said Monday October 3,2016. Since than, I received no contact from my so called supervisor and have been locked out of the site. I contacted my local police because they had sent packages in my name and several were from ATT Verizon and Sprint. Stop what you are doo b and call the police. Refuse any packages you get from here on out. I did 23 packages in one month so they owe me at least $2300 before taxes are taken out.

Hi looks like I just received the same offer, is it a package handler position? From Emily brooks ? Reply to Fran Clarken? Also pay $1700.00 - 2700.00 monthly ? All they ask me for was my phone number & they will get back to me.... I want to know is this real & have you started? Thanks , savvy A

I was going to sign up with this company today to receive packages to reship and get paid through PayPal. did it work out for you

What company was it and were they legit , I've been making a lot of mistakes with the wrong companies

The company I worked for was TM company (Top Motion) reshipping packages since the end of Feb. and I was supposed to get yesterday and didn't and the company shut the website down. I didn't loose any money but I didn't make any money. Talking to my lawyer later on today.

The company I worked for was TM company (Top Motion) reshipping packages since the end of Feb. and I was supposed to get yesterday and didn't and the company shut the website down. I didn't loose any money but I didn't make any money. Talking to my lawyer later on today.

Is there truly jobs to do from home? If so, what are they. I know it is a lot of scams out there but would love to work from home if I could make decent money.

has anyone took a job that you didnt have to pay anything. they sent me packages all month and all i have was check the content and repack it and mail it. they paid the postal and all. it was going great. payday was the 31st of may and i havent been pai yet. its almost 900 they owe me.

This could be a scam. According to the FBI, some scammers hire people to be “correspondence managers” or “import/export specialists.” The scammers ask people to ship packages overseas. The items you shipped might have been purchased online with a stolen credit card and sent to your address.
If this happened to you, and you gave the scammers your bank account information so they could “pay” you, contact your bank. If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money. If you gave out personal information, go to for tips about what to do.
Please file a consumer complaint with the FTC at Information you provide can help law enforcement.

I have seen you post quite a few times, about how an employer can 'take your money' from having ones account number and routing, etc. Not doubting you, but wouldn't one have full recourse, if a fraudulent charge hit ? Would you be concerned about an ACH, or more of an EFT more? Also, would you be ok if you were using maybe direct deposit, but always kept a small balance in the account...wouldn't this eliminate most of the risk...or am I wrong? Any help to these questions much appreciated..Thanks.

If a scammer takes money from your account, you may not be able to get the money back. If someone stole your money, they probably won't cooperate and return it.

I have recently accepted a job as a quality controller in which I didn't have to pay anything to start. I receive packges in the mail I check the content repack and mail it out. I also fill out a report and send that to the person who hired me at the end of the day which states the persons name where the product came from tracking number how much it weights, day and time I received it and, day and time I shipped it out. they say its a w2 job but I have not received any of that paperwork that you would normally fill out with a w2 job. the place is based in Australia but can another country pay you for work if you live in the United states. what company did you work for.

 According to the FBI, some scammers hire people to be a “correspondence manager” or “import/export specialist.” The scammers ask people to ship products overseas. It might turn out that the items you shipped were purchased online with a stolen credit card and sent to your address so you could re-ship them. If this happened to you, and you gave the scammers your bank account information so they could “pay” you, contact your bank. If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money. If you gave out personal information, go to for tips about what to do.

I used to do this also. they trusted me with hundreds of dollar of equipment getting sent to me.after a month they said the company has shut down.

I just had that happen to me!!! I am so pissed about it. It is a huge scam. However they now have all my info because they hired me. So I had to fill out the w-4 and I-9 forms. So now they are using my info to get credit cards and so on....

You might want to watch it and keep all of your proof that you was scammed. I was 9 months pregnant in January and the police came knocking on my door charged me with a felony and misdemeanor for using credit cards and come to find out it was all from a scam that happened to me while I was doing the packaging thing... Thank God I showed my attorney all of the information and I wasn't prosecuted!

Is this with first delivery services ltd in lithuania?

YES..I'm currently employed by first delivery services ltd in lithuania and I just shipped out my first package 2days ago today I got e-mail informing me about new packages coming I'm getting concern that I have fallen into scam. Worry?


You can also report these scams to the FBI at

I was contacted by someone about a work at home job, they got my info from a resume/job sight. a week later I receive a cashier's check for "equipment" needed. Well long story short, the cashier's check was bad. I had filled out a W4 form, so now they have my SS#, name and address. Luckily I have saved every text, email, and piece of paper. And filed a police report.

Has anyone Gotten asked to going Vipassana? I've heard about how they asked you to give them $100 and you have to sell some supliment and what not someone from that group has to recruit you i think this should be looked more into because it sounds like a huge scam someone asking for money to work? uh that screams PYRAMID SCAM

You can file a complaint about this at Law enforcement uses information from complaints to investigate scams.
Blog comments don't go into the law enforcement database.

Stacia Crane from the Postal Inspector Office gave a speech and said the websites asking you to repackage items could be stolen merchandise. Then you can face criminal charges as you are an accomplice.

I never believed that anyone can make a fortune working from home from such businesses. This goes all the way back when I saw an infomercial for something called "The Internet Toolbox" featuring Richard Karn, who played Al Borelen in Home Improvement. From that, nobody mentioned what exactly was being sold, but kept making the claim that you can make a lot from whatever it is, which made me feel very suspicious. Overall, I never fell for this at all.

This is about an insurance company: After they issued to me a fraudulent check for $2,750.10 through FEDEX, I took it to the bank who confirmed my suspicions. But, the bank was quick to tell me that the best way to identify fraud is 1) paper stock - lightweight; 2) the way the date is printed - differs from the way the actual company would do so; 3) the check signature is feint; there is no check stub - this would be the best giveaway. Never send a scanned bank deposit slip to anyone you do not know. The response I got from the company when I told them that the check was fraudulent: "Well, I'll have to have the company send you cash to buy the software." Unreal...just unreal.

was the company called AmerisourceBergen? I did a interview today via Google Hangouts. I just sent them some personal information not my social and I am suppose to hear from them in the morning and I'm starting to get a suspicious feeling.

It's good that you didn't deposit the fake check.
The best way to avoid losing money to a fake check scam is this: don't deposit a check from someone you don't know. 
Scammers can change the way checks look, and it can be tough to tell if a check is fake or not. Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you within certain time. But just because funds are available doesn’t mean the check is good. It can take weeks to uncover a forgery. If you take money out before the bank confirms that a check is good, you have to repay the bank.

I work from home as a customer service rep full time, full benefits, no costs, for a big online retailer. Lots of really big companies like car rentals, hotels and airlines have work from home, "telecommuting" or "virtual" positions. Always check their job postings on their main corporate site to apply, and never through e-mail spam or something like craigslist. Legitimate openings for companies always post it in their regular careers or job opening pages on their main website.

Did you just go on their website and apply? Do you also set your own time? Thats the kind of job I would like.

Publishers clearinghouse is the biggest scam of all it's a waste of time and energy hopefully they will be shut down someday

I got in with a group of online marketers by the names of Matt Lloyd,Shaqir hyassir, rebecca bracey,abby,lisa,steve,and a bunch more that work for advertising marketing companies called MOBE,clicksure,and a couple more i am getting soaked with fake emails telling me there is deposits in my paypal accounts,which are never there.i called paypal and a card and phone number i didnt know had been attached to my account and had been making subscription purchases that i knew nothing about.these people have been doing this for months!i appreciate the email about onlune work from home scams and phishing.i just never realized it was so common,or that it could ever happen to me.Boy was i wrong!

My father has gotten wrapped up in this same scam. Is anyone pursuing them? is a colossal waste of time and money. Their leads and job board posts are generated by people and business owners who don't want to pay competitive rates for the virtual services they're requiring. is unscrupulous and enforces a NO MONEY BACK POLICY if you're unhappy with their service. Purchasing a 6 month subscription for $100+ gives you 20 credits. Just ONE of the jobs I pursued cost 7 CREDITS. At that rate, it's fairly obvious your credits are burned through pretty quickly....but that's exactly what they're hoping for, isn't it? I filed a complaint with the FTC. Too many sites like give the Virtual community a bad rep. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

I be wanted to work online they ask you to pay a fee everyone wants to scam us out of are money.

Thank you, your posting is very nice.

Guys, please help me spread this fraud activity with Embassy Source. My daughter was looking for a part time job and tried working with the said company unfortunately, she was not paid. Please help me spread this information to stop all of this activity. They dont even have their website. I wonder if this company has ever been registered in US.

Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

Beware of a site cslled MyFlexJobs. Total Scam, promoted by a woman name Sandy. Work at home Scam. Promise pay for work right away. No cost. Can contact no one after signup. Take my advice if you havve signed up. Cancel your prescription with mypcbackup rightaway. you have thirty days. Business is a scam. No jobs, no money and no response

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

Yes myflexjobs is a scam replied off craigslist looks very legitimate they promise no money upfront you will be working data entry no the case at all surveys and ask for money and mypcbackup download required to purchase BEWare...

Has anyone ever heard of Atlant Parcel?

I just got hired for this company last friday , and for some reason I just checked my email and It states that I'm getting my first package from ups. I hope this company is legit because I refuse to work for free.

Some scammers offer jobs and try to get the victims to do things like re-ship merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards, deposit counterfeit checks, and send money to the defendants. A scammer may send an email offering a job as a ‘clerk,’ ‘correspondence manager’ or ‘import/export specialist.’ The job may require you to accept packages sent to your home, re-label them with information they provide, and ship them out. Read more about this scam in this blog post about scammers seeking assistants.

Ever hear of Growing Media Group?

Can anyone tell me if a foreign company called Aquatrius Holdings Limited is legitimate? I have been "employed" by them for an entire month and have not been paid.

Can you confirm if you have been paid from Aquatrius Holdings Limited, for the work you have done?
Did you find out if the company is actually real or not?

I do not believe this company is real and I have reported them to FTC as well as FBI cyber crimes division and suggest everyone else do the same.

What position were you " employed " under? I also got an email from them wishing to employ me also. I haven't completed all the hiring process as yet because I am still wondering if the company is real or not. What say you?

If you post your resume on a job search site, you might get an email from a scammer offering a job. Or you might reply to a job listing from a scammer. The scammer may ask for your personal information, for the 'hiring process.' He may use your information for identity theft.
A scammer may offer you a job that involves using your bank account, or opening a new bank account. He may ask you to deposit money and wire money outside the US. You may find out later that the checks you deposited were fake, and you have lost money.
Or, he may say you will recieve and send packages. You may learn later that the scammer bought merchandise with a stolen credit card, and you helped him by receiving and shipping it.
If you’re thinking about accepting a work-at-home offer, you can read the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule. The Rule provides safeguards to make sure you have information you need, to tell whether a work-at-home opportunity is a risky business. Under the Rule, sellers have to give you a one-page disclosure document that offers key pieces of information about the opportunity.

Thanks for the info. Has anyone reported or has knowledge of the said company Aquatrius Holdings Limited?

I am employeed through them but everything is really confusing and now I am starting to question them. They deposited money into my account and than I was supposed to send the money to people with money gram. One of the people was flagged as a scammer. So I don't know what to think but I called the FBI and stuff. I just don't understand why they were dealing with people in Russia. They also deleted my inbox throught their company. I don't know its just weird. Does anyone find that weird.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
If you give a scammer access to your bank account so he can put money in, he can also take your money out. Contact your bank and ask how to keep your money safe. If you help a scammer transfer money, you can lose money and personal information, and get in legal trouble.

Hi, I recently responded to an ad on Craigslist promising that I will be compensated $750/week to be somebody's inbound office assistant. The VP of the company is supposedly my prospective employer. Has anyone ever encountered Annenberg Foundation? I was contacted by a Charles (supposedly the VP) via email ( ).
Today I received a check via FedEx to my home address. I was instructed to deposit it to my personal account in order to buy supplies at Wal-Mart (no idea for what and why) and also to make reservations and buy plane tickets for his clients. The check came printed on a piece of paper and it was a very hefty amount. My bank would be absolutely suspicious of this so of course I don't plan on depositing it.
It came from a company called Global Fastener and Supply inc, a company in Muskego, WI. The Annenberg foundation is supposedly in Los Angeles, CA. The origin of the package is also in CA but Global Fastener and Supply Inc doesn't have a branch in CA. Fortunately (I'm hoping this is a good thing?), I did not give him my bank account nor my SS number. I've provided him with my full name, phone number, email address and home address. He also said that it was a 1099 position and will make arrangements for a W-2 form. Bridget Small, please reply to me as soon as you can. I'm a 26 year old student trying to go back to school in September and I can't afford it. I was denied a student loan as well. This "job" would've been a huge help, had it been legitimate. Thanks.

It sounds like this could be a scam. You might want to destroy the check, or give it to someone at your bank and explain the situation.
The information you gave (name, phone number, address and email) is information that's often publically available. If you give out information that's publically available, you don't create as much risk as if you give out your Social Security number or financial account information. There are tips for people whose information was lost, stolen or exposed at

Thank you so much for replying! I destroyed the check even before I read your comment, I just had a bad feeling about it. So far he hasn't tried to contact me for not finishing the first "task". Hopefully he gets the idea that I'm onto him.

just had an "interview" on Googlehangouts. Was told I'm hired @ $20.00/hr. Have a long list of supplies to buy for job with Oceanhealthcare Pvt Ltd. Will be sending me a check for said supplies. Needless to say, I don't plan to try to deposit it. Thank you everyone for sharing your troubles to help others!!!

Has anyone had any dealings with AAR Corp? I was offered a work from home administrative assistant position with them. Said they will be sending me a check so I can purchase my office equipment from their vendor? Sounds pretty fishy to me. But AAR Corp is a big business..... What should I do?

This could be a scam. Could someone be using the company's name without its knowledge? You might try searching AAR Corp online, and then give them a call to confirm their offer.

I've researched all day and can't find anything bad about the company. I am going to try to call like their corporate office and see if I can get any answers.

Did you find out anything? I was contacted and asked to message someone via hangouts for aar Corp- said its for a at home customer service position but the way the lady was typing was almost unprofessional and she asked things that sketched me out - like if I have experience with check printing.... Anyone heard about AAR CORP hiring process?

I worked for a company called shipeffic the have a website and everything but I never got paid for the work I did total bummer

This is a scam ! i researched them before they offered me the postion and first there are only posts in specific states and the interviewer never mentions aviation.Plus a thing I noticed is all of the first names have a double letter. The email they emailed from was a gmail,gmail is for personal use or a very very small business. do not deposit the check because then your fraud department will contact you and be a mess!

Have anyone heard of topfulfill. ? I was chosen to ship and receive packages with one day shipping labels to the wisegroup company..I havent gotten paid and it has been 30 days should I be concerned? Is anyone ever successful working from home?

It could be a scam. You can read about one way scammers recruit people to send money and packages.

Do you have any information about Falcon Minerals from Australia? Middle man interviewed me yesterday on Google hangouts. He was head of H.R. of a company called B.T.G. International. Suppose to get a check tomorrow and I am also going to report to Ziprecruiter to let them know.

Totally a scam. They sent interviewed and "hired" my friend on Friday, sent her a check on Saturday for over $2000 and gave her a list of items she needed to purchase. When she called the guy and questioned him about things like why they used Google for all their communication/emails he got mad and hung up on her. She is taking the check and turning it over to the bank and reporting the whole thing to the real Falcon Minerals company tomorrow.

Don't know 22 I work for the same place topfulfill, today makes 30 days, the person I report to told me I should get paid on Monday

Job offer from Falcon mineral limited based out of Australia. Interviewed on Googlehangouts with Charles Hausman. after reading this I know its not legit. to be continued

I just finished with the same person on Googlehangouts, what was the out come with Falcon mineral limited?

Hi, I just did the interview with the same person, too. Is this a scam?

I also was interviewed by the same guy "Charles Hausman". After he asked me for my personal information, I asked him for form of verification because I couldn't find any information linking him with the company. Still waiting, has Scam written all over!

They have changed his name now to Raymond Muskett but they are still trying to scam people

Just did an interview on google hangouts. Did research on company and it seemed legit, but the more I've been thinking about it, the more nervous I've become. It was for aleo solar and the "hiring manager" was Emmanuel Desarmeaux. The email I received was from Sandra Wooten who claimed to be from the Human Resources Department. They said I was hired and would be sending a check for me to buy supplies which threw up some red flags. Has anyone dealt with them?

The FTC has information about scammers who pretend to interview and hire people. They're looking for people who will accept money and transfer it for them. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

aloe solar literally just offered me a position. They sent me job offer documentation, W-4, and I-9 forms and the lady who interviewed me was Danielle Sims. She even gave me an assignment to complete for today. She advised me that she would be sending me a check for the Software I needed (and even listed the software) as a PDF and I was to deposit the check via mobile banking. I told her that I didn't have mobile banking she said that the Accounting Department would just send me the check in the mail through FEDEX or USPS. I have not filled out any forms or provided any information that they couldn't have obtained from my resume. The job sounded way to good to be true and I've had a suspicious feeling in my chest since my initial communication with this company. I've done extensive research on the company and while Aleo solar seems incredibly legit, there is still an unsettled feeling in my chest about the entire thing and reading though these comments just confirms my suspicions. I don't trust this company and I'm not giving them any of my information.

Was it a scam?? I had something similar and it was a scam.

What ends up happening is that you deposit the check and make the equipment purchase. The checks take several days to clear, but the EFT purchase are instantaneous (or near enough). By the time the check bounces and your bank account is in the negative, the entity you purchased from has your money. You will be responsible for the bad check they sent you. My advice is that you just assume anything like this is fallacious, particularly if they don't provide you with a website, legit email signature, etc. If you're curious anyway, wait for the check to clear before proceeding.

Interviewed by H.R. Mr. ROBERT Marc, company B.T.G.International. Interviewed me over Google hangouts for a company in Australia. Falcon Minerals. Any bad news on these two companies? Sending me a check tomorrow for $4,011.00 for equipment.

Interviewed with Paul Ricardo using Goodgle Hangout. Said he worked for Falcon Minerals. They asked me to do tasks then hurried up & sent me a check for $2300 & pressured me to hurry up & put the check in my account & notify him as soon as the check was deposited. I did not deposit the check. Do not deposit any check from any company trying to say that the money is for equipment. It is a scam. I played along with the guy & asked for his phone #. It is 530 763 2190 which is Marysville CA. I called him & he answered. He got defensive & asked me why I was asking so many questions when I explained that I needed to call Falcon & make sure that this check was legit before I deposited it. He said "I am a father & I would never pray on hard working people like you. ". What a bunch of crap & it is so sad how many evil people are in this world. They will call you & say that there was an accounting error & they need part of the money back, then it will bounce later & you are stuck with the debt. Just remember ...... If you work from home ..... The company will send you the equipment. Never trust a company that wants you to go out & buy it!

What ended up happening with Robert Marc?

I too was interviewed but I think its somewhat scammish. Have u deposited the check?

I was just interviewed as well by this company from a paul ricardo @ paulricardo111 . Has anyone fond out if this is a scam?

I don't know why my comment was not posted but warning to everyone PLEASE Do Not accept a job offer from anyone @ TOPFULFILL. COM!!!! This is a complete scam job and it is very dangerous ATTENTION needs to be brought to this matter ASAP!

You can help law enforcement by reporting to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

The company in this scam that contacted me is called Synaspe. I received 4800 check today for equipment and software.

Don't cash it - it's a scam. Report it!!

I'm looking for information about this company JQE-LOGISTICS or this names MARIA JOHNSON AND ANN MEYER they tell me that they work for this company because is a WORK FROM HOME job.

They are the ones who scammed me. After I called the company and talked with a live person who is supposedly an assistant to Anne Meyer or Maria Johnson, I was locked out of the site. On Monday I refused a package that was in my name.

They scam my too.

Anyone heard of a scam with a company called HGS or Hinduja Global Solutions a subsidiary of Tecan. The vice-president is Andreas Wilhelm. I received the cashiers check and deposited it, but for some reason, I got up this morning and thought this may be a money laundering scam. As of now, I have not given any personal information and when they asked me to send them a copy of the deposit slip, I covered the part with the account number. So far all they have is my address which you can find online, but no personal information. Not sure at this time if the check cleared.

It's a scam. They reached out to me. Was the check legit

dathib since you cashed the check was it good? I heard from this company today, saying I was hired. They are paying $30.12 cents an hour 45 hours a week. They are sending me a Free HP Laptop and High-Speed Internet to do the job. A check to pay for all the software I will need, and a $150.00 hiring bonus? so far they have nothing but my address. I was wondering if you found them to be legit. I can't seem to find out anything else online. Their Websites etc seem to be very legit. Thanks

Yeah it is a scam. My brother just got "hired" by them today. He gave them his bank account number and last 4 of social. Then they asked for his password to the account and he realized it was a scam.
Don't give them anything.

Happened to me today - thank goodness I came across this feed while researching. This time the names involved were: ROBERT HEIDRICH, JAMES MARIA AND CINTAS CORPORATION with email: info@                         NOT a valid email, it auto corrects when googled and deletes the - .

Robert Marc is still doing this. His email is robertmarc23        . feel free to send him an email. He just tried to suck my husband into cashing a check for supplies so he can work for falcon minerals. This was today, Sept. 2016.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I received an email saying that I am going to receive a check and that I have to cash it and send some to soemone in France and that I can keep $130, i text them back and said to them to not send me anything that Indont want to received anything and they say its imposiblle cus its on its way, so I said well I am going to send it back to the person who send it to me. What can I do?

It's best not to cash or deposit the check. Tear it up and throw it away.
You are responsible for the checks you deposit, even if you don’t know they’re fake. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check until the bank confirms that the check has cleared, and it can take weeks for a bank to discover that a check was a forgery. Until the bank confirms that the funds from the check were deposited into your account, you are responsible for any money you withdraw against that check. You can read more about Fake Checks in this FTC article.

Has the Libra Group Limited been reported.

Is the Libra group thing a scam? seeing by the posts I am assuming yes. I've tried to do my research but am not having a lot of luck finding out information. There are two websites - libra group and libra group limited with the same moto - found a few linked in pages but no information on indeed.

Had a Google Hangout interview today with Robert Lambart. His email address was a Gmail account. Said he represents Falcon Minerals. Online interview only, no application required. I supposedly got the job. Wouldn't discuss compensation, said that would be discussed on Monday when I'm supposed to start training. They're sending me a check via FedEx to use to buy all necessary supplies. Thought it was all a little strange. I'm going to refuse the FedEx package. I'm not taking a chance!

I recently offered a job from sunseap group pte limited through hangout interview and its almost the same they offeredme a job , asked for my address , sent me an offer letrer to be signed and return to them , its a job from home and they said they will send me details of check for the supplies.

I am confused its Gewin. Jhoson 200 who is doing allcorrespondance from.singapore

I just got offered a job from sunseap group pte ltd from a Gregory Qiang Azzo via Google Hangouts. They were going to send me a check to purchase software and wanted to know how I wanted my name on the company check. His email address was hrm.gregoryazzo . BEWARE!!

I got hired from sunseap also but mine I a little different I guess , mine has been with Jon O'Grady, they sent me checks in which I was suppose to deposit and buy material I needed , I've been given different question task to answer daily and when I told him my bank said the check was fraudulent he told me they were working on it and a representative will be coming tomorrow ?? I did deposit the checks , I was unaware of this , I found the job on ZipRecruiter so I didn't think it was fake now I am questioning everything.. I figured this was a great opportunity since I'm only 20 and can do this from home and finish school, they didn't ask for my bank info or ssn

Same exact thing happened to me except I was hired with sonafi and the check is supposed to arrive in the mail in the morning. Fortunately I found this site before anything could happen, sounds like such a hassle.

Mobe is the biggest internet scam on the internet today.

For the shipping scams: Export-controlled information or material is any information or material that cannot be released to foreign nationals or representatives of a foreign entity, without first obtaining approval or license from the Department of State for items controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). There's lists online of what can't be sent including computer equipment. Scammers may be asking you to ship illegal export shipments so you take the fall if caught.

Does anybody have any dealings with a website called home-job-source?

I've heard of them, no dealings

Hi, has anyone heard of Fidelity Healthcare Limited, they took me throw the online interview through google hangouts and told me salary info, etc. Sent me a fraud check, and it was kinda obvious because it was so flimsy, and was printed on paper that looked like computer paper with WELLS FARGO logo on it. I tried to write the person who interviewed me called, Ms Hope Hernandez but she has not emailed me back. Is it a scam. She just keeps asking me did I deposit it yet?

This is ridiculous, it's funny because a check is supposed to arrive in the mail in the morning for me to buy a computer, fax machine, etc. So glad I researched before doing it because it is way too sketchy. It's sad they prey upon people who are in need of jobs.

Got an interview through google handouts. They offered to send me a check for all the supplies. Said she would get back to me. She messaged me last night said 8am today. Claims there is a delay in the position I applied for and would like to know if I could take the payroll/dispatcher position instead.she was gonna sent me a check to give to a vendor for the accounting software. After a while I could choose to stay or go to the position I applied
For. Asked me to go buy check paper from staples , office max etc. and then let her know when I have it.

Has anyone heard of Is this legit before I fill out my W-2 Form.

I too was contacted by them and I am trying to research if its real.

I too was contacted by them. I'm going to call them & see if I speak to anyone.

Bemis company FRAUD!!!! Claim to be data entry job Ask for bank and personal info

Has anyone heard of Mastek Ltd.?

anyone heard of Greenheals Heaalthcare?????

They texted me for an online interview for tomorrow. I always do due diligence and they have no footprint on the internet or with my Secretary of State records. Their website is for sale. I think I may have to back out of this interview. It is work from home but "they are hoping to set up an office in the area soon." They are a ghost. What do they get out of hiring someone for a company that doesn't exist? I can't figure out the con.

Any heard of Top Motion Company they are supposed to be a logistics company but other than their website (which is very hard to find I might add) can't find anything on Google and apparently they been in business for ten years and they are located in Luxembourg.

If you are on a job search (CareerBuilder. com or any other) be aware of people posing as recruiters. Check the phone numbers they give you to see if they are valid. Ask for Websites and make sure the website actually works. Do NOT give them any of your personal information. The most recent one I have come across is from Horizon Web Group - Tasha Collins and ARC Recruiting Solutions - Cassey Houchins. I have no idea if these two people are their real names or host names but this is a complete scam.

I think I'm being scammed. I responded to a job offer by a company called JRP Group plc out of the U.K. I was interviewed and hired on Google Hangouts by Mr. Patterson Ray. They sent me a check for $4,870 to buy office equipment. I opened a new checking account and deposited the check. There's a 2 business day hold on the check and is't scheduled to release on 3/6/17. After reading some of these posts, I'm getting a little worried. I called my bank and asked them if there's a way to look into the check to see if it's fake. They said they can't but if it's fake, it won't release as scheduled. Not sure what to do.

Some people get involved in scams after they post their resumes on job sites. They might get a call saying ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you." The company might say

  • the company is outside the U.S.
  • all work is done online
  • you’ll get great pay for little work

The scammer may interview you or send an online application. He does that to collect your personal information and make the job offer seem legitimate. At some point, the scammer will ask for your bank account number, or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money.
The scammer might be trying to use you to transfer stolen money. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.
If you think you’re involved with a money transfer scam:

  • stop transferring money
  • close your bank account
  • notify your bank
  • report it to the FTC

This happened to me.

I believe these people are impersonating a company that is legit. The website looked real and the job offer letter they sent me did too. I had to sign it and signatures where on it. They even sent me a long code of conduct and basically sent me everything you must do, read, and sign before getting a job. They also sent me W-2' and I-9 Form. These people are getting smarter. I'm scared now because they have my information. What should I do? They said I'm suppose to get a check on Monday. I'm not going to cash it, because I know it's fraud now. Please help!

This just happened to me! I just got off Google Hangout with Mr. Patterson and they offered me a job as well, and I felt it was a little too good to be true so I've been doing some research and found your post. Has anything new happened with you since? They say they are sending me a check and I'm supposed to report to a supervisor tomorrow at 8am.

Was your job for an Admin Assistant? Just did the interview myself and I'm suspicious

I was also interviewed today, what happen with the check

They sent me the check but I told "Mr. Patterson" that i'm not going to move forward anymore. I told him to cancel the check. Did he tell you you scored a 93% on the test aka the interview?

Yes I got a 93% as well. Haven't heard back from him since

Oh and yes it was for the Admin Assistant job!

Fraud online work with guy named Brian Biggs stating HR with ASE Singapore. He sent me $9000.00 check ask me to deposit thru ATM immediately today. Then tomorrow go thru their vendor to buy equipment for online job.

Pan-Commerce GmbH job position of Procurement Manager. It is a hugh scam using your credit cards to make their so called "company" purchases of WalMart gift cards, and other gift cards. I was scammed for over 10 grand by these people. HEADS UP and steer clear of work at home job offers through your email, especially if they are unsolicited.

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